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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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deirdre: the markets closing higher on the day. oil closing lower. charles payne has more on all of that right now. charles: the best back-to-back day since august of last year in the stocks. the music plays again in paris as the eagles of death metal play a concert. president obama raising the stakes on the supreme court nomination. can congress hold the line? donald trump continues to go after his gop rivals.
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take a listen. >> this guy
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charles: in many respects it was remarkable. could it be something of a cautionary tale? >> absolutely not. the only person who can beat trump is trump. i think we know who won't be coming in second place. i was laughing when you were
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playing the clip of trump at his rally talking about how jeb says trump can't beat hillary. jeb can't even win a contest. at the end of the day people decide we need to put in votedder's hands and instead of asking who can stop trump, get behind the candidates we like and let the process play out. charles: speak of laughing at jeb, did you see his gun today? >> i did. he's showing people he's a tough guy. charles: even edward snowden took a shot at him on twitter. all the political pundits are saying don't count out south carolina. don't put a checkmark in the box for trump yet. >> you can't come to any other conclusion based on these polls and based on his rallies and social media following. just because he had a
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disappointing performance in the debate. we know that feeds into what his supporters love about him. even with him going after george w. bush. and many establishment voters have come to love. it shows he's even less of a man beholden and they will love him more i think. >> we all agree donald trump is most likely to win. until that mainstream muddles way of kasich and bush, there is on one candidate that can conceivably close that gap. so basically it's trump or bust. charles: coming into this election it was about bringing in a true conservative and fought for the conservative cause for a long time. when i hear donald trump say good things about planned parenthood, and say george w. bush lied about 9/11, he tried
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to walk it back a little bit. it's pretty shock that people who told me he's a diehard conservative are still okay with him. >> i don't think trump can even beat trump at this point because his supporters won't allow it. he jokingly said it, i could go in the middle of manhattan and murder someone and none of my hard-core people would change their vote. he will get 5% to 40% of the vote. the question is who else is in the field, who stays in the race and allows that plurality to be victorious. >> i disagree with you a little bit, guy. i don't think he can say and do anything. the poll numbers continue to go up. he made a valid point about 9/11. the 9/11 commission report said
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george bush was partly to blame. there was a lot of chatter. >> before this election cycle would you have said george bush lied to the american public? >> i didn't say that. as i recall. after george bush went into iraq, you had secretary of state colin powell and many establishment republicans saying that was the wrong thing to do. just because trump is saying it, everybody is outraged. charles: there is a difference between saying someone made a mistake and say something one deliberately lied. colin powell wanted them to go with the powell doctrine. instead he let rumsfeld run the war. >> i think it's great we are having a robust conversation about this. would i not have said it the way he said it. >> i have got to totally disagree with all of you.
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trump is a unique political animal who knows how to make controversy and use it as a political weapon. it almost doesn't mat wear he says. the key is he has a hard-core of 25%. and the on way that's not going to happen is if he gets down to two candidates or possibly 3. the longer jeb bush stays in the field the better it is for trump. >> this isn't about trump's personality. even though that's all we are talking about. this is about as one south krcial voter put it, this is about giving a big middle finger to washington. that what they feel. it's not about what he says about george w. bush. whatever he says, it doesn't matter. it's about showing washington the people felt ignored and are extremely angry. really interesting. princeton university did a study that showed from 1999 to 2014,
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deaths among white people in a lower income bracket, their deaths shot up 22%. it's that middle class white voter that feels they have been ignored are supporting donald trump. charles: are we going back to pre-civil war? there is a poll that says 20% of trump supporters wish the south had won. charles: i don't think black people want to go back that far. >> i don't want to be a slave. but look, i think he also -- trump has supporters who aren't white. he has black people coming after him and he won across all demographic groups in new hampshire. it's not helpful in the debates when the rn cpacs it with
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establishment people and you have boos. when i watched that debate i thought the poll numbers would go up even more. the more he defends his positions that aren't inside the beltway, americans like it. charles: people on both sides of the aisle are upset and that explains the rise of bernie sanders. we are a country that's not the great country we once were. you can argue we peaked in the 1950s. how do we remedy this? we got one big swath leaning toward the socialist side and another leaning toward capitalists. but it's going to be -- maybe perhaps a president trump if he follows through on all of his promises we'll have to buckle up and put on our brass knuckles because we'll be at war with the rest of the world. >> the death of justice scalia should be a wake-up call to a
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lot of people who might be tempted to give a middle finger to washington. i'm in washington and i'm tempted to give a middle finger to the entire city. but when scalia died, just being angry and emoting and trying to send a message to washington, that's not enough. if you are a conservative who believes in the constitution, we have to win the election and having this moment where you can cathart, that's fine. but with hillary clinton in the white house i wonder how good you will feel nine months from now. charles: people are saying i was a conservative nine months ago, i'm not now. his truism and authentic nature drives his success.
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anger on both sides of the aisle is one of the keys to this. >> trump is channeling the anger and he gets to a point where everyone feels it doesn't matter if they know what his positions are. or what they feel about the supreme court. they feel he may be able to get it done because of the way he carries himself and he doesn't take any crap. charles: bret baier said he spoke to the rnc and they say they distributed the tickets evenly. we are looking at an auditorium where donald trump will be speaking. our primary coverage in south carolina is just a couple days away. make sure you tune in. it's live at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. we are covering the south carolina gop results. the nevada democratic caucus
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charles: we are awaiting a donald trump rally in south carolina as his gop rivals look for any way to take him down. ted cruz today winning the endorsement of thomas soule. trey gowdy has launched an endorsement for rubio. vince, you know, they are
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coveted and we talk about them a trying to roll out jerry fall welfalwelljr. charles: why are they so coveted. even donald trump brought up during the debate that ted cruz has none of his colleagues endorsing him. >> if you are talking about public officials, those folks have their own political
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networks on the ground in the state. if you are marco rubio you are delighted to not just have the reputations of trey gowdy and senator tim scott on your side. you want their political networks work on your behalf. it's like a shot of the credibility. thomas soule is an excellent guest for ted cruz. especially in this cycle where the normal rules seem to not apply, i would say the impact of these things are a little bit diminished. but it still matters to some extent. >> i like thomas soule, but if the average person at the winn-dixie knows who thomas sowell is -- >> within a subset of voters who
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care about conservative issues, if you are running a national primary, that's someone ted cruz would be delighted to have on his side. >> i'm talking about moving certain numbers at the margins in certain states. this is winner take all by congressional district. if marco rubio can use his political operation to win south carolina he will get some delegates. with murdoch and donald trump, the point is clearly ted cruz's hit on donald trump's morality must be resonating. charles: we should point out with that cnn poll, donald trump doing even better than cruz with evangelicals. four days before the polls. i don't know if nikki haley is
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going to endorse anyone. the governor of iowa said don't vote for cruz and cruz won. >> sarah palin came out to support donald trump and that was huge. i would argue endorsements increasingly matter less. she has riled out the celebrities. lena dunham, and it's failed for her. but at the end of the day, it's about the candidate. if you look at murdoch web's a prosperity gospel preacher. he's not your conservative deeply evangelical preacher. it's going to be more in line with trump's values. at the end of the day, it's the candidate. >> is there an endorsement everyone would like to get, do you think? >> one of them is probably mitt
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romney. there are a lot of people in if the base who don't like mitt romney, but he still lost. and ford made this point. as long as there are is 5, 6, 7 people in the race that helps donald trump. if it winnows down to 2 or 3, having mitt romney and not just his prestige but a vast donor network behind him that's an endorsement that could make a difference. charles: there are a lot of he goes on the establishment side. president obama told presser, he discussed his plans with the supreme court. we'll be right back.
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charles: president obama promising to nominate a
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replacement for the late antonin scalia, this despite objections from republicans nominating someone this late in an election year. republicans are sure to block the nomination. i'm pretty sure you must have heard obama's prers, if you will. obviously one of the first questions asked, he said it was his duty. he has ability because of the constitution and the senate was obligate because of the constitution. he's right. he has the right to nominate a justice to the court. but it's the senate that gets right to vote on that nominee. this is not a coronation process, it's a confirmation process. so i would say the senators should do their job and their job is to make sure they are a
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proper check on the president. in this case i think it makes every bit of sense to do what they are doing. that toys say we are in the middle of a contentious election season. this is a good chance to let them decide who gets the nomination. it might be a republican nominee who gets the nomination. let's let the people decide. charles: jessica, you will say president obama was elected. he voted against roberts and he played the games he says washington should have evolved from. >> he has talked about his big regret being that he continues solve the polarization in washington. this speaks directly on that.
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he filibustered and voted against, but he didn't come out and say they shouldn't even nominate someone. now chuck grassley says he will consider whether to bring the vote to the floor which is not the attitude we heard from mitch mcconnell. >> what a crowd. you have prime real estate. you have to see what's going on outside. somewhat a crowd in beaufort. the people here, this is the home of perris island within the united states marine corps. and this is the home of marine corps air station beaufort. and the people of beaufort, they love the military and they love our veterans, and they understand electing a commander in chief is what this election
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is all about. what best prepares you to be commander in chief on day one. >> our military has been depleted answer we haven't been building it up the way we should. the drug companies give to the candidates, then we don't go out to competitive bidding with drugs. we are the largest purchaser of drugs and we don't go to competitive bidding. the head johnson and johnson is in charge of the jeb bush fundraising. when that happens and let's say somebody gets in solves. there is no waive it will go to competitive bid. we are not buying the right equipment. you look at what's taking place with our military. it's being depleted. we'll make it the biggest,
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strongest, most powerful. we won't be messed around with anymore we are being messed around with. i looked at general, and he says it's the most depleted it has been in a long time. our vets are being horribly mistreated. we have to take care of our vets. >> mr. trump, just what few minutes ago president obama at thization leaders summit -- at the asian summit web had something to say about you. let me read you have what president obama said and get your response. i'm quoting president obama. i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people
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and i think they recognize being president is a serious job, it's not hosting a talk show or reality show it the not promotion, it's not marketing. it's hard. that's from president obama. >> he has done such a lousy job as president. [cheers and applause] you look at our budgets and spending. we can't beat isis. obamacare is terrible. we'll terminate and replace it. you look at everything. our borders are like swiss cheese. this man has done such a bad job, he set us back so far. for him to say that, it's a great compliment, if you want to know the truth. l we just got a call coming over. bridges were packed.
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we gave one of the major networks a call, and i said you are lucky i can't run last time when romney ran because you would have been a one-term president. that was my statement to him. i was backing mccain when he ran and that was going to be a tough one to win. to win that one was tough in all fairness to john mccain. we should have won the romney one because we had a failed president. i backed romney and backed mccain. i said we are going to do it ourselves. we are going to do it right and win. we are not going to take this stuff any more. our whole theme is make america great again, and that's what the whole deal is. we'll make america great again. >> mr. trump, we have been fighting radical islam for a
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long time. the bombings of the u.s. embassy in tanzania. in 1998 usama bin laden declared war on the united states. if donald trump had been president of the united states in 1998 instead of bill clinton what would you have done. >> first of all i think the world trade center would be standing. if you read my book the america we deserve. i have a paragraph about usama bin laden. one of the hosts said i don't believe it. trump was talking about usama bin laden two years before the world trade center came down. i wasn't even a politician, i was a business person. but i have always been interested. i watched this guy and said he's big trouble. believe me i would have done something about it. the other thing, the terrorists that knocked down the buildings were in florida and different
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places and they were all work on flying and different things. if that had happened with me, it wouldn't have happened with me. we would have had strong policies in place where they wouldn't have been here. they wouldn't have been in the country. many of them wouldn't have been in and we would have found a way to stop it. as far as clinton is concerned web had a shot at usama bin laden and he didn't take the shot. he had a shot at taking out -- i don't know if you know this, they were telling him -- for some reason and he never explained it properly, he didn't take out usama bin laden. had he done that you would have had the world trade center standing, you wouldn't have lost thousands. i have friend to this day, they are dying, they have been dying for years with the problems of the world trade center. so clinton should have taken the shot. he had everything going. and for some reason he decided not to.
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you will have to ask him. very sad. >> we keep reading every day more and more scandals with the department of veterans affairs. how does the department veterans affairs look under a trump administration. what's the trump plan to take care of the veterans. >> nobody has been treated with less respect than our veterans. these are our greatest people. [applause] these are great people and their attitude is incredible. you look at what's going on and the suicide rate which is record-setting and the history of our country. and so much of it has to do with the scandal of the veterans administration. it's corrupt be it's incompetent. it's everything that can be bad about everything and everything that can be bad about government. president obama hasn't done a damn thing.
6:35 pm
and we are going to make the veterans administration so good, so proper, it's going to be run so well. we'll be the best people in the world to run it already. what we need -- when a veteran is waiting in a waiting room for six days and can't get a doctor and end up dying -- you talk about suicide, a loot of them wait for d a lot of them wait for doctors and they die before they see a doctor for what could be a simple procedure or a prescription. i cover this very strongly in my -- we put in policy, and i think it's simple. but they are going to be able to go outside to private doctors, private hospitals, public hospitals, wherever they have to go. because different places have different ways of making you better. and we'll pay for it. and it will be a really good system.
6:36 pm
it will be less expensive and they will end up getting greater service. it's something that's so simple. charles: that's donald trump in beaufort, south carolina being asked a lot of questions with respect to the military. during the intro duck we were reminded that's also where perris island is. we have new folk on the panel. bo dietl. he's a superstar. guy and carrie are still with us. i could barely hear donald trump because bo dietl came in. >> he was just situation i told him to say. veterans should be able to go anywhere tore medical help. it was one of my little ideas to mr. trump. charles: a lot of no-brainers
6:37 pm
have gone by the wayside. i think every american agrees it's disgraceful how we treated the veterans. >> i think when eventually a general election rolls around. regardless of who the republican nominee is, it will be wise for the gop to hammer on. bernie sanders who is the ranking member of the veterans affairs committee in the senate who is downplaying and making excuses throughouted the scandal. hillary clinton is saying it of the's overblown, these are people who cannot recognize the disgrace and failure of what happened at the va. bernie sanders wants to take the va model and 40s on the entire country. donald trump is smart to focus on that issue. >> eagles of death metal returned to paris this morning.
6:38 pm
before the concert, the head of the band reflected on the attack and slammed france's gun control law. >> did the french gun control stop a person from dying? i don't think so. nobody has guns. i saw people die who maybe could have lived. i don't know. but i wish i knew for sure if they could have had a better chance. charles: that was very touching. until nobody has guns, everybody should have guns. >> when you look at the gun control laws, who do the laws protect? they don't protect any of us. look at aurora, colorado at the movie theater. look at san bernardino which you and i talked about. if someone had been in that area with a weapon to shoot back at some of these folks perhaps we
6:39 pm
wouldn't have had the cash and we experienced. charles: jessica, in a lot of these places, chicago, new orleans, you go on and on. tough gun laws are what we see, the piles of bodies piling up. how do you reconcile that? >> i reconcile it by saying obviously we have a mental health problem in this country, that a lot of these people who legally or illegally have guns are insane. charles: if i live in a housing prong in the bronx and everyone in there, 98% of the people don't have guns but the 2 or 3% who do rule that place with fear and terror. >> i completely understand. i find it hard to obviously advocate, i'm talking with former law enforcement here and i understand less about guns. but the incidences of going to go up the more guns we have on the streets legally or
6:40 pm
illegally. charles: there is evidence against that. this could be one of those issues with the potential 8-person supreme court that could maybe come up soon and maybe we could see some things overturned? >> the gun issue is a great example of justice scalia's legacy on the court. in his heller decision he revised the -- revived the second amendment which had been left for dead. justice sotomayor during her confirmation hearing said she would follow the that decision then she followed a dissent saying you don't have a constitutional right to the second amendment. you know the president's position on guns. he won't put someone on the court who he thinks will be a
6:41 pm
scalia-type advocate. charles: we'll be right back. we have four days from the republican primary in south carolina. a lot to hash out with our guests opening set. the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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charles: donald trump huge lead in south carolina. his message is resonating with all voters even evangelicals. can he be beat? we were talking about ground games and why trump is so effective.
6:45 pm
you know trump better than a lot of people. >> i know him for 40 years. i say donald you are on a stage with six people. dr. carson and myself want to change washington and get things done. we are the ones that are different because they will tell you anything. they will say they are going to do this or say they are going to do that. but as donald trump as the president says so he will get it done. charles: either way, it's work. >> donald trump's heart is in the right place, but i'm not sure his message is resonating with everybody it should resonate with. because donald trump gets into conflicts bo was talking about, it takes your attention off the issue and more on to the personal conflicts. charles: you can say what you want to say.
6:46 pm
once -- assumption is once the more candidates filter out there will be a single challenger, maybe he gets some of those people. >> over the last 50 years every president has won by creating a new way to win and a new coalition of people. ronald reagan did that successfully and donald trump is trying to do that as well. you have got to look at the general, too. in these polls donald trump is losing against hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and republicans want this. they have got to consider that. >> i'll tell you in a south carolina poll, republicans said donald trump was the most electable in a general election. >> more people are likely to tell me who two of the seven dwarfs are than a supreme court justice. i think donald trump is the
6:47 pm
second most electable republican behind senator marco rubio. i believe he can change his pitch from the rough and tumble to something more opening because he has the best message to all of them which is make america great again. you can dovetail every major issue an speaks at a third grade level which is easy for people to follow. charles: he was calm, and arctic lapt and there was nothing harsh about that at all. >> so you hear donald trump come out, nobody thinks he's reading the bible every day. no evangelical thinks that. what they think is this guy will and guardian for them. when he's talking about evangelicals, people are attracted to him because they believe he's the most likely to protect them.
6:48 pm
charles: protect them. thanks a lot. the market had its best back-to-back session. is the worst over? my latest when we come back. hes fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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charles: futures were pointing higher. but then we got word of a deal with saudi arabia and russia to freeze oil production. there is a difference between a freeze and a cut. iran is some of what a wildcard. but stocks. the topic was break up the big banks before they spark an
6:52 pm
economic breakdown. taking real big banks and make them public utilities. the fact who ran tarp and was the republican nominee for the governor of california sounds like bernie sanders knocked a couple points off the rally. even purists are probably ready to entertain the motion that american public should never have to bail out the banks again. wynn and under armor and harman. mama ria discussing the dodd frank stuff.
6:53 pm
is he going to talk about that? you won't want to miss our primary coverage of the south carolina and nevada results. president obama was asked just moments ago if putin is out-foxing him. we are losing big time with syria.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
. charles: saudi arabia publicly warning that syrian president bashar al-assad will be removed by force and will establish safe zones for humanitarian purposes. the big question now are we preparing for invasion of syria? major general robert scales and rod wheeler are back with me. general scales, president obama was just asked at a press
6:57 pm
conference whether or not he had been outfoxed by vladimir putin? and remember that president obama was saying russia was entering a quagmire when, in fact, it looks like they're winning a decisive victory there. >> absolutely. vladimir putin is 1-0. remember we're talking about two wars here, charles. the eastern war, eastern syria that we're fighting, the western war that hezbollah, russia and iran is fighting. and about surrounding aleppo, vladimir putin with 70 aircraft, 4,000 russians and one shotdown helicopter and one hotdown fighter jet is about to achieve his strategic objectives in western syria to keep assad on the throne, to allow russia to establish a long-term base to. humiliate the rest, to break apart nato. he has hit every single one of the strategic objectives. done it within a year, and done it literally on a budget.
6:58 pm
charles: he has done it, rod, without regard to human rights, humanitarian rights. >> doesn't matter. charles: doesn't matter to him, but the point is the scorched earth approach, starve or surrender approach while being effective are the things that america stood up around the rest of the world. i understand we're not to be a policeman but saudi arabia is worried, turkey is worried and everyone should be worried about the potential beach head they have at the mediterranean. >> general scales hit the nail on the head when he said we have to take a stand to some degree in terms of what's going on in syria. if we don't, we're taking a stand by not taking a stand, we're going to continue to see the uprisings in syria and putin and assad doing what they want to do until the united states make it clear this is our position. we don't need to be the world's policeman, charles. at the same time, just like general scales said we have to
6:59 pm
take a position. charles: general scales, angela merkel saying perhaps no-fly zones should be imposed around syria, i don't know if that's too little too late especially with the russian aircraft flying all over the place. it's no teeth without us backing us up. >> it's too late. no no-fly zone. turkey will not invade syria. saudi arabia doesn't have an army capable of facing down hezbollah and assad's army certainly not russian airpower. the score is putin 1 and our zero is 0-2. too late to do anything in western syria. game, set and match, victory to putin. charles: what about the folks who say hey, no big deal, let russia kill everybody as long as we are not involved. >> it is a big deal because it clearly shows the position, the strength or lack thereof of our current government. that's really what it shows. and i don't think anything is going to change, charles, until president obama, who's looked
7:00 pm
at as a very weak president when it comes to the issues is out of office. i'm not sure if the general would agree with that. >> i agree completely, rod. >> we have to have a strong commander in chief. charles: keep it there, appreciate your time and appreciate when you watch the show. now lou dobbs himself next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. it's election year, and we have ourselves a barn burner as they say in texas. presidential candidates are calling each other names. one's barking like a dog. another cussing like a sailor as the saying goes, though the practice does go well beyond the navy and one would be president going to court to end the campaign of one of his opponents who happen to be born in canada. at the beginning of the primaries, should only get better from here. four days from the south carolina primary and very clear that the trump-cruz relationship has fallen on hard times. trump


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