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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 25, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> the words that he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let them prove that he has paid taxes as he has said. maria: we will talk about the impact to the campaign. apple ceo tim cook speaking out of the debate between privacy and national security. and it ended with abc, coke said it would be bad for america if the company complied with the request to unlock the iphone used by the san bernardino terrorist. >> could the fbi fully in this case. they came and asked us throughout this information we had on the phone and we gave everything we had. this case is not about one phone. this case is about the future. maria: run session overnight china to the shanghai composite better than her son. 6.8% concerns about liquidity ahead of the start of the g20
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meeting in shanghai. the nikkei average was the standout rising 1.5%. that's where the good news was in asia. european markets looking to snap two straight days of losses. gains this morning europe good finance is rain monday and after announcing a will pay a special dividend. major averages between 1% in 2%. the u.s. expecting a higher opening. but you're where we stand up about four-point dow jones industrial average. also really flat when you look at the s&p and nasdaq turning negative. getting the latest reading on durable goods orders. that is the last report with a 5% decline in december. we will see what they said they never poured it about in about two hours. president obama of being anti-militant in court justice antonin scalia.
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reportedly died in the republican governor brien sandoval for the nomination come in after the top senate republicans said yesterday he will not hold any meetings or hearings that they nominate president bob puts for. the campaign show with ernie clayton and -- hillary clinton a bernie sanders. turning towards the 11 states for grabs this tuesday for super tuesday. lieberman in washington with the latest. reporter: lots going on here. one more day to go for the democrats for the south carolina primary is this saturday. bernie sanders has not spent much of the week as polls show hillary clinton wins big. hsu fundraising campaign in the palmetto state yesterday and will be very good today. >> i know south carolina is considered a red state. i'm aware of that. but i'm determined we will make progress this year at november 2016.
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>> the focus for republicans is squarely on super tuesday appeared 11 states up for grabs on election day. roughly 25% of the delegate total. double double shot of vendors with momentum that texas had its 155 delegate could potentially provide tape crew simulated. crews expressed with any candidate or with megyn kelly. >> donald wins the general election. who knows what he would do as president. we need a president we can trust. >> even marco rubio began to stepped up his attacks yesterday on issues like obamacare, national security and israel. so far, no response just had on the rubio front from trump. back to you. maria: we will be watching that. blake irving from washington d.c. fox is distributor. in studio a desk and a democrat pollster and strategist jessica tarlow. thank you for joining us.
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thanks for being here. your take on the democratic side of things right now. hillary up against a bernie going up into a red state, south carolina. >> south carolina looks like it's all good news for hillary clinton which is great coming off what happened in iowa which i feel is the loss or her new hampshire where she got shellacked or whatever the appropriate term is. nevada was a good thing. her fire while she had been talking about how the african-american vote would turn out and they did 3-1. there is controversy about whether they want the hispanic voter not good the message can resonate or than we thought, but i think she's very strong going into more diverse states. super tuesday could be phenomenal and some people say could even be over. he's raising a ton of money and he certainly believes he can go further. i think the next few days are
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really good for hillary clinton. >> mercedes on the republican end of things? >> it not as rosy on the republicans died. we are looking at super tuesday for ted cruz. an incredibly important day for head because he has big to strategy on the southern states. he's tried to coerce evangelical voters as we know, donald trump has been able to break through and when a portion of the evangelical voters in south carolina and nevada. for ted cruz, this is a very important moment. marco rubio will continue with his message that he's the 11 that can unite the party. but they've got to really take it to donald trump. tonight's debate is important, also testified in spanish. it's going to be interesting to see to reach out to
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conservatives, but also the hispanic community. maria: good point. jerry baker, "wall street journal." what is business thinking about? do you think the guy behind trump on the republican side? >> no, not right now. people still trying to figure out what it's going to mean. they've heard what donald trump has said about immigration. they don't really know what else he stands for. there are some questions about that. i do think the one good day here that does look like this compass will be very quickly. howard spent an extraordinary next week as jessica says on the democratic side, frankly it is going to be donald trump. i think mercedes to explain what exactly -- what mckinney said
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state place for donald trump to be denied. is marco rubio quartet cruised going to step aside and say, you know, for the good of the party or because we have to unite around at unite around the other candidate and stepping aside. it seems extremely improbable. do you think that's going to change? >> he is looking to florida. we are looking at the march 15 states. florida, iowa, illinois. is their winner take all states. very critical for marco rivera to win his home state. winning is obvious way that they just affect here for these candidates. they've really got to start transforming their races. we know by march 15 to attacking about 50% of delegates allocated. if marco is able to win florida on march 15th, it does give him a wind of 99 delegates. he's also accumulating delegates
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throughout march 1st and threw march 15th. so then it becomes other states are california, new york. other states coming into play, which means we can end up in a convention of candidates are not reached with the important number 1237 delegates. >> with the section of texas he is tied with ted cruz. he slid in every single state next tuesday. dagen: ted cruz only want texas, pressure builds for him. >> texas allocated delegates proportionately. so trump will actually -- even if you can't ted cruz and he will come away with a significant number of delegate. he is leaving barker review in florida by a mile. i am just not seeing. >> the fifth stage of grief for
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the establishment. it is acceptance. it has completely changed. >> i think they are still convincing themselves they can be stopped. >> any just one candidate. marco rubio is that candidate from a democrat point of view, saying this is your obama basically which i know is not a hugely popular thing to say. but he has hope and change, the perfect family, the values down. he certainly knows his foreign policy speech probably too well. it is a good-looking option. ted cruz is not palatable to independents, moderate and you need them to win the election. >> while that is all very true, the question whether marco rubio can pick up supporters that bush had in kasich had, not a huge one. for the markets, if donald trump as a candidate, we certainly do
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have concerns on immigration and certainly on trade because imposing a tariff is not good proposition for multinational companies. stopping the flow of immigration with a population growth problem in the 90s state that is leading to a decline in gdp. also not a good opposition for the growth of the economy. that would have to be supplemented by other measures. >> one of the issues here is trade because it is a very different opinion when you look at all the candidates as it relates to the tpp. >> is anastasia said of the window donald trump is in favor of terrorists. there's a lot of anger in the country and we need to understand what is perceived to be the loss of jobs to overseas with mexico, china and there is an anchor and desire for washington to do something about it. donald trump is promising to do
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that. the reality is probably to a trade war. the united states or not they like to impose the tariffs on mexican desert chinese goods without china but i'm being and we know in the 1920s, 1930s we had a trade war and the great depression. >> specifically the tpp. do you think the trans-partnership is on hold? where do you think that goes? this all of a sudden not a slam dunk. >> right now it is in congress. it doesn't look likely that congress will move on it. it would be a pretty bold thing to do. heather clinton has come out as the democratic candidate. he's almost certainly the republican candidate. a pretty old move for the congress ,-com,-com ma for the senate to ratify tpp when the country is already up in arms about what they see as washington not listening to the country for them to do that at the time treatise such a big
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issue. maria: thank you so much. don't forget to tune in to our special coverage of the democratic primary at 5:00 p.m. eastern right here live on the thoughts as if that were. the countdown on to super tuesday. delegates in 11 states. sudan on thursday, march 1st. with a special coverage that kicks off. join us for that special coverage. apple had tim cook sticking to his guns, taking his message to the masses. can he swing public opinion apple's way? that is all coming up. testing the resolve of the chippy friendly replacement for sprint court justice antonin scalia. that is up next. ♪
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trench at the u.s. amended draft resolution to the security council that would expand sanctions against the career. cheryl casone at the details. >> good morning, everyone. according to council diplomats
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come within a week in china have agreed on a draft resolution that would ban the security sanctions against earth korea and the break of pyongyang's latest nuclear test in rocket launch. but expected to come in the coming days. meanwhile, florida health officials reported three new cases of zika among pregnant women in the state. the world health organization was the outbreak will likely worsen. that is of course the zika virus epicenter. former republican presidential nominee matt romney attacking donald trump or the tax return he has so far refused to release when he spoke to thought business neil cavuto last night. >> we have good reason to believe that there is a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. i think there is something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he has or hasn't been paying the taxes we want to pay or perhaps he hasn't
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been giving money to the bank or the disabled like you've been telling us he has been doing. >> possibilities here, guys or google talk about whether he did not pay taxes in full, the hotel business is a risky business. there's so many things that could be in tax returns. they've romney, one of the things that hurt him again barack obama was on his tax returns were revealed. so he's got a dog in this fight again. maria: when i first heard it, i thought that sound like me desperation. dagen: desperation is the worst cologne. this is thursday when trump's direction. harry reid did the same thing. he hasn't paid his taxes in 10 years. ted cruz and marco rubio have at
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least taxes either. >> i have the reaction which date is as this is desperation. no evidence we have do believe, speaking for the irs. my other reaction is given what we know, perhaps the bombshell if donald trump has paid a higher rate of taxes. romney paid an extremely low tax rate. >> this is dangerous or donald trump. we are talking on a platform that says i'm one of the greatest businessmen in the world. your tax returns will tell us whether or not you are. >> it is true that historically presidential candidates have released their tax returns. remember donald trump has done nothing everybody else has done. the boss said history suggests his going to do x or y.
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he can't insult prisoners of war, he can't do this. he does it all and nobody seems to care. dagen: district is rolling. the longer he waits, it is sent up a bowl. >> things that could get donald trump away. not reading not. maria: good discussion. apple ceo tim cook taking a stand against the government saying his fight over encryption is not about the san bernardino shooters. what it means to the future of your privacy. back in a moment.
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when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. the maria: welcome back. apple ceo tim cook told david
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made that complying with the government request to be bad for america. >> capital has cooperated with the fbi fully in this case. they came to us and asked us for the information we had and we gave everything we had. this case is not about one phone. this case is about the future. maria: the encryption battle between the fbi battle heads to capitol hill with the house intelligence committee at a hearing on the u.s. if the list of witnesses include fbi director james komi. apple is making a new version of the iphone software that would actually make it even harder to break in. what is your take. >> a very interesting case. the issue i have is the government is not asking for mass records. as they can explain this morning, i understand the software could intentionally be used to unlock other phones.
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later in the show we talk about cybersecurity and if you do create stuff for a wide they protect the software. that's a risky proposition . i do agree that the government has delayed a stand on. one phone, one case. maria: that is the thing. is there one phone thursday going to enable much more? >> it is about one phone. i am concerned. he's making an argument people will understand. this is about national security. there is no privacy issue because the guy himself was in a minnesota. it's not about prices. it's about national security. think about 9/11. if the fbi had some information, had been able to access can imagine the terrorists led to 9/11 had been available, can you
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imagine if you take that phone to apple and say openness. we know you can do it. we know the implications and we will deal with those. apple said no. could you imagine what would happen? that is the risk here. there could be information to me directly to create the ability for the authorities ended the end that is going to trump whatever tim cook says. dagen: that interview was so heavily focused grouped in terms of the phrases tim cook used. i watched the 30 minute interview online. tim cook referred to the government asking for the software equivalent of kids there. so he was really trying to go after the american people, like this is something potentially that is deadly. that was the message he that carefully crafted. i heard from a lot of people in the military. he emphasized that.
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he kept emphasizing over and over again that on this phone, this is the location of your family members. this cannot be compromised. right now it is a pr border. he was upset president obama did not contact him ahead of time. we will fight it to the supreme court forget congress to make laws. i have a feeling of congress intervenes, to make laws on what is required of these technology companies, i don't think they're going to like it. true to what about the nsa and the cia? >> so the problem is as we know david sage advice on the phone that if you try to enter the phone company do it 10 times, they then shut it and then encrypts and you never retrieve it again. apple has very, very talented software and hardware, and the
6:27 am
best in the world. we know that. they paid a fortune. they have the capability to do it. if you put it in the hand that the fbi or the nsa for five years, they'd know apple can do it in a couple hours. why on earth should they give in the interest of national security fellow at leave me to do this. maria: still had good debunking millennial myths. we have details on what really matters to millennial next. back in a minute. stay with us.
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>> maria: good morning, everybody, welcome back, happy thursday, it's thursday february february 25th. republicans are racing for supertuesday. 11 delegates awarded this tuesday. donald trump may have something to worry about. mitt romney going on the attack over trump's refusal to reveal recent tax returns. this is what he told niel cavuto yesterday. what do you mean? >> he is not as near as he says he is. he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been given money to the vets or disabled like he's been tell ugh us that he has been doing.
6:31 am
>> maria: what bomb shell. turned out not to be true. tim cook speaking out again over the debate between privacy and national security. it would be bad if the company applied with the government's request to unlock the iphone used by san bernardino terrorist . shanghai composite down, concerns of liquidity. nikkei average in japan to stand on the upside, up about one and a half percent overnight. european markets looking to snap two straight days of losses up between 1 and 2% depending on the major average in europe. financials are leading the way. special dividend and that put a pretty bid. here in u.s. future, looking flat.
6:32 am
not a lot of direction so far. we are in the column with a fractional move as expected. we will get the latest reads, investors will be watching that one, last report showed a more than 5% decline in december for durable goods orders and indicate e of the industrial side of the economy. on the front page of the journal this morning, threat of oil prices, a glut, cutting back on production. fill flynn at the cme group looking at oil prices, phil, good morning to you. >> phil: good morning, maria, yes, refiners on the midwest and across the country, we are having cheep crude, you make a lot of gasoline. they produced gasoline at a record pace. they could do it because they were making a lot of money because oil prices were cheep. that refining margin has come in and now because there's a lot of crude they have to cut back on production. this comes just as demand on the
6:33 am
u.s. is exceeding expectations, what that usually means, guess what, gasoline prices will edge back up. >> maria: following yesterday's chope trading session, let's bring in jon hilsenrath and hank smith. good to see you, gentlemen. good to see you. >> jon: hi, maria. >> maria: if we get another bad number, jon, does this change the plans of the fed and where are we in this so-called recovery? >> jon: the fed has a meeting in three weeks. highly unlikely that they'll raise interest rates. their plans have been changing. they started coming this year that they would race rates.
6:34 am
you're hearing more and more regional fed banks talking lately. >> maria: we know what jpmorgan last -- earlier this week that they are going to have one billion of dollars reserves if oil is at 25, setting aside 600 million for the energy losses and minding and metals' losses, does this get worse for the sector? >> maybe at the margin, i don't think there's comparison of the '08-'09 crisis. i don't see systemic risk from writeoffs on energy loans. it might get a little worse. we tend to forget that lower oil prices, lower heating prices is good for the majority and good for the developed world. >> maria: yeah, we've been waiting to see that manifest but we haven't seen it anastasia in a big way.
6:35 am
>> anastasia: the question that we are seeing is that the dislocation in oil is a lot worse for the industrial sector than the big benefit that you get in the consumer sector. there's a few things i wanted to comment on, here, is that we are seeing question marks about the demand on gas -- gasoline and diesel. while u.s. consumers are driving out cars and suv's, the on highway necessarily not necessarily. that has everything to do with manufacturing slow down. so the big question in our minds right now is will the manufacture slow down and there's a few channels, one is a banking sector because credit is contracting when it comes to corporate financing, and the other channel is businesses, will they stop hiring. now we didn't see that in the
6:36 am
service's pmi yesterday, but this is something that we are watching closely. >> maria: implications to banks is real significant. jared, how do you see it? they were telling me that there's not a lot of support. many of the large pm's, portfolio managements are holding banks, they have gone down in value, they already own them and you're just seeing increase worries that the lending story gets worse because of energy. >> so far from a fr what we've seen it does seem that the pain of nonperforming loans seems to be confined to the energy sector. tremendous fall in prices. you haven't seen that spread. you've seen major banks announcing resultings, actually taking down some of their loan lost provisions outside the energy sector. so we know how serious the pain is in the energy sector. we haven't seen it spread. >> maria: right.
6:37 am
>> they are so much better capitalized than 2008. much tough a regulator environment and in overall better financial condition and big questions on european banks and pulling money out and putting so-called cocos. the european picture different picture. american banks, nonperforming loans, they're actually -- they seem in pretty stable shape. >> jon: if i could throw another point in there, the u.s. banks are lending, you know, there's a lot of talk and worry about banks right now, if you look at loan volume, consumer loans and industrial loans, they're actually holding up pretty well, they're are doing about as well as they have in the expansion. what we have seen with the market is we have seen concentrations of problems, we
6:38 am
have seen volatility in stock markets, we have seen the cost for junk bonds going up but we are not seeing concentrated at the core of the financial system which is the banking system. >> maria: dagen, you want today jump in. >> dagen: if you have the fed that keeps raise rates, that's harder on the banks and maybe harder than energy and loan exposure, jon. >> jon: this comes back to the point i was making. one of the effects is it forces banks to go out and look for higher margin loans which is consumer and commercial and industrial loans. >> dagen: as long as they are not garbage. >> jon: well, you have to worry about that in commercial real estate. the fed was getting worried about that. one of the things that's happened with all of the tur
6:39 am
turbulence in markets is there's a little bit less worried about bubbles today than they were a few months ago because some of the steam has been taken out of the system. >> maria: hank, what do you want to do in terms of market here? when you look at this market understanding that there could be a recession in '16, there's debate right now, we will see what the durable good says, what will you do in terms of allocating capital? >> here is the opportunity when equity market sells off and we know that we are in aallow-interest environment for a longer period of time, it's invested in high-quality companies that xied not only ten-year treasury but debt. you can have a diversified portfolio, you just don't have to be in utilities and telecommunications, you can be in every single sector. there's plenty of 3-4% juicy
6:40 am
dividends that you not get in the bond market. >> maria: by the way, do you think we'll see a recession this year? >> we do not. it would be highly unusual. that would be a first. we don't see a global recession without the u.s. going into recession. the u.s. has always led the globe into the recession and we don't see that this time. >> maria: good to see you, gentlemen, thanks so much. we will see you so much. facebook getting emotional these days. nicole petallides is on that story. nick, good morning to you. >> nicole: facebook is bruising five new ways for users to show their feelings on posts rather than just liking them with a thumbs up, these are called reactions, emojis designed by facebook, love, laughter, surprise, saddens, anger, won't worry the like button is going away and doesn't ipped for facebook, making changes to
6:41 am
instagram as well adding view counts this week instead of just likes, the idea is to attract more brands and content for users and get them to pay for for advertising, but this idea with having more options has been around for some time and they finally decided on the five to put there, sometimes you have a story and you don't want to hit like you still cared for it but not liked it. >> maria: nicole, thank you. millennials will not move from parents homes. there's a lot more that meets the idea. we will tell you about that
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choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale. right now find our c2 queen mattress starting at only $599.99. know better sleep with sleep number. >> maria: look at these pictures from storm damage. powerful storms in the east coast including deadly tornadoes in the south. cheryl casone with more on that
6:45 am
and the headlines, cheryl, good morning. >> cheryl: yeah, maria, four people are dead in virginia from a storm that knocked out power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses across much of the east coast. this comes after two dozen tornadoes along the gulf coast killing three people and damaging hundreds of homes. tiger woods tweeting a video of himself practicing his swing on a golf simmulator. he basically can't even sit up straight, the author writing that he could barely sit without pain and no return to golf insight for tiger woods, but pretty good. back to you. >> maria: put that guy or quiet him down, i guess. thank you, cheryl. millennials labeled as misguided generation. particularly focus on how they
6:46 am
save for retirement. joining us frederick, good to see you fredrik. thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about the survey. what did you learn? >> millennials have so important from a retirement and savings perspective all we know 401k's, that means that they own the outcomes. we have to get it right. we have to help them make retirement work and that's what dedicated the survey to them and we have interesting myth that is we debunked. >> maria: like what? >> for example, one of the emergencies that all millennials want is an app and the truth is that they want to app and they want the check, you know, more so than other age-cohorts, millennials are looking for new technology, they like that but at the same time they also more
6:47 am
so than other age cohorts one in-person conversation each year. they want engagement. >> anastasia: the robo adviser is not going to be the all, but you still want that financial advice from a financial adviser to make sure it's still the right allocation? >> that's exactly right. for most people across the board, they are looking for -- in order to use those will beo advisers they need the knowledge and interest and they need the time to spend on this and i'm thinking simple ways of engaging like find some common shared believes, like living longer means the need to start saving earlier and so forth. >> anastasia: are they starting
6:48 am
in are millennials starting? >> they are in greater extent, large sponsors and large corporations. you're automatic when you join the corporation, you're automatically enrolled in a saving's plan as well. >> maria: i like myth three. most people are over the financial crisis. >> it's just not true. 54% of millennials saying that the financial crisis is something that take into account in every financial and investment decision they make. >> dagen: in what way? they are too risk? >> that's part of it. they don't live through that, but they did it through their parents so one is, we asked specific questions around risk
6:49 am
version and similar to classes and expect same return for equities as they do for cash which seems unattractive, it's particularly important that they get in these well-diversified portfolios. >> they are all for bernie sanders, 85% so far, millennials, does that mean they have antiwall street, are they counting on the government to support them, what bernie sanders is telling them, government is going to out and support you. >> this does not come out. they like portfolio and the communication from a plan sponsor around retirement savings is very important but more confident more so than other age cohorts, maybe a
6:50 am
utahful optimism here for them, but that's -- they are also to your comment, they're also in raw retirement saving's plan earlier than older generation were. >> maria: fredrik, good to see you. coming up on from the grid iron, football star eddy george, success after hanging up the cleats. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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>> maria: welcome back, isis
6:54 am
posting a video threatening the ceo of facebook and twitter. jo ling kent. >> jo ling: good morning, maria, showing graphic with bullets in mark zuckerberg's head. they will shut down both flat forms and create ten accounts for every account that's closed. neither company is commented, but both have ramped up suspension of terrorist accounts with twitter shutting down with more than 25,000. it may be working, a new study by the george washington university say suspensions had effects on the repeat offenders shringking size of network and activity. we do see the pressure from washington paying off a little bit. >> maria: really interesting. this is a sign that it is partly working, how is the drive with apple, you think?
6:55 am
>> dagen: this is so tough. they are doing -- facebook has antonio a step further. they have a division within facebook to tackle this problem. in fact, they have people working in counterpropaganda and you have a movement on committees in the government on how to counter the propaganda of isis. they are doing a lot. again, it's the threat. i think it was the threat of government. it was the governments that you need to do more on your own and we will come in and help you do it that has cause themed them to act, it's a different fight. it show that is the companies have have a serious impact. >> jo ling: groups are saying that they can hack of thousands of facebook groups and accounts. it's not just an issues of creating accounts and recruitment, it's taking over existing accounts for those who may not be in favor of the islamic state. it's a two-sided coin here.
6:56 am
>> anastasia: we know isis have the oil resources, the money, do they have tech resources to follow up on the threat. >> dagen: look at this. it's about the banking network of isis and how effective they are at basically moving money around. >> you'll get your fee later. [laughter] >> i read your front page. i read first every day. >> thank you very much, i'm delight today hear it. [laughter] >> look, that story is a fascinating story, details how the banking network, how people in iraq in particular using channels through turkey and elsewhere to make sure the funding continues despite the squeeze and attempt to shut them down. what this shows again, jo, you can talk about this a little bit, i don't know if they have the technology to take on facebook frankly or in a serious have.
6:57 am
they continue to be able to find ways as latest one is to get attention and to not only to get attention, you know torques people like us but to sort of crazy people who might be mind today support them, targeting mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey, actually go out and do extraordinary things. they have a remarkable ability unlike any previous terrorist organization we have ever seen to actually self-promote. joe -- >> jo ling: they do. so we encourage you to watch this development. >> maria: thank you so much. we will be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody. february 25th, i'm maria bartiromo, with me this morning fox business dagen mcdowell, answer amoroso and jared baker. tonight will be the final debate before voting contest on tuesday where delegates are up for grabs in 11 states. front runner, donald trump may have something to worry about this morning. mitt romney going on the attack over trump's refusal to reveal recent tax returns, this is what romney told niel cavuto yesterday. >> we have good reason that
7:01 am
there's a bomb shell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> he's not as near wealthy as he says he is or pay the kind of tax that is we expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving moneys to the vets and disabled like he's been tell ugh us he's been doing. >> maria: move to what senator harry reid to romney in the election. >> so the word is out that he hasn't paid taxes for 20 years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> maria: we will talk about the possible impact to trump's campaign. in an interview with abc, cook said it would be bad for america if the company complied to unlock the phone used by a san bernardino terrorist. >> this is not a position that
7:02 am
we would like to be in. it is a very uncomfortable position, to oppose your government on something doesn't feel good, and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberties which they are supposed to protect, it is incredibly ironic. >> maria: turning to markets, rough session, shanghai composite down 6 and a half percent, concerns over liquidity. just start of the meeting. european markets this morning are higher, they are looking to snap two straight dais of losses, doing good job of it. one and a half or 2% depending on which average you're looking at. here in the u.s. futures look like this, we were looking at a higher opening earlier, things have picked up speed in the
7:03 am
upside. 8:30 a.m. eastern latest reads in durable goods order. investors will watch that one after last report showed 5% decline for doable goods orders. president obama amping the anty, the president vetting nevada's republican governor, brian sandoval for nomination, they will not hold any meetings or hearings with any nominee, president obama offers. meanwhile the campaign trail hillary clinton and bernie sanders preparing for the weekend in south carolina, on the republican side campaigns are turning their attention to 11 states up for grab this tuesday, supertuesday, blake berman looking at all the latest. >> blake: one more state for the democratses before supertuesday. south carolina primary is coming saturday. bernie sanders has not spent much of the week there as poll shows hillary clinton leads big. she fund raised and campaigned
7:04 am
in the palmetto state yesterday and will be there again today. >> i know south carolina is considered a red state, i'm aware of that. but i'm determined that we are going to make progress this year in november of 2016. >> blake: as for the republicans they will all converge before supertuesday in his backyard yesterday ted kris called texas the crown jewel of supertuesday due to 155 delegates, that is more than first four states combined. here is the real clear politics polling average. cruz has a lead over trump in texas, however, maria, recent polls suggest that gap could be narrowing the, number to watch is 30%, that's the threshold to get any of those 155 delegates.
7:05 am
>> maria: blake we are having a discussion onset about trump versus hillary. can trump beat hillary in a general election, do you think? >> blake: each point to polls with all the polls out there, you know, ted cruz was talking about the other day, polls show that i'm the only one that i can beat hillary. >> maria: right. >> blake: they're all over the place. with trump six months ago to four months to two months ago the numbers keep moving up and up and up. >> maria: they sure do. people are angry. >> blake: absolutely. >> maria: mitt romney stop story this morning that there are problems with donald trump's tax returns similar to claim that harry reid made against romney in 2012. a must-watch. >> we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell
7:06 am
in donald trump's taxes. >> neil: what do you mean? >> he's not as near wealthy as he is or he is not paying the kind of taxes we expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or disabled like he's been tell ugh us he has been doing. >> maria: former presidential candidate and adviser to president nixon, ford and reagan, thank you so much for being with us. >> maria: what's your reaction. >> my reaction is governor romney is trying to be helpful here. [laughter] >> look -- >> maria: yup. >> this is the establishment stepping in, it's a measure of deseparation, i think, i don't know if he knows about the tacks but he certainly raised $6 million for the veterans i think when he skipped the fox debate. i think in a sense this can raise questions governor romney intends but at the same time it validates donald trump as outside the establishment as the
7:07 am
man the establishment wants to kill and beat, the man washington really does not want. so in that sense, it really helps donald trump to a degree because folks say, look, the establishment is after him, he's our guy. >> maria: see t problem is there was nothing to back him up, dagen, he's there saying there could be a bomb shell, where is it? it sounds like desperation. >> dagen: totally unfair and tries to use it on trump. here is the problem, candidates have been standing around waiting for donald trump and i was guilty, people aren't going to like what he said about the war, veterans -- >> maria: everything. john mccain and méxico. >> dagen: everybody has been dog-on wrong.
7:08 am
and so they're still standing around. [laughter] >> maria: it's cable. >> dagen: thinking that somehow the american voter, the republicans are going to turn against trump. >> maria: this was a big risk he took. >> they better look at reality f ted cruz loses texas he's out of the race and if kasich loses ohio he's out of the rois. donald is going to get more than 20% even if he doesn't win it f he wins it, cruz is out, he's going to go forward with a huge bag of him and i'm not sure which of those other ten states donald trump is going to lose. you're going to have a -- an incredible day, i think wednesday morning when they say donald trump won so many states and so many delegates. >> anastasia: pat, i wonder ted
7:09 am
cruz is attacking donald trump, but marco rubio's is not necessarily attacking donald trump, it's focusing the message on president obama. i wonder if this is a round-about way to help marco rubio. >> i don't know if it's coordinated. there are a number of columnists along with fox news who has been raising the issue of donald trump's taxes. unless they have gotten into the irs or somebody has leaked it, they apparently seemed to know something and they are trying to use this issue to break him. as somebody mentioned a second ago, it's a deseparation. >> maria: yeah. >> if the government is after donald trump, that's the government we would like to see overthrown. >> can you tell us what you think, i completely agree and it does sound like desperation. do you think it's time to -- do
7:10 am
you think it's time for the republicans to acknowledge as you say that this -- that he has unbelievable advantage, instead of attacking, get behind him, persuade him, is it time to come to terms with him now? >> not yet, jared. if he wins say, ohio or florida, on the 15th of march we will know. i'm conservative and would like to see a republican win, they would start to make a move toward him, look at what's at stake, it's not only the congress in the united states and now the u.s. supreme court for the indefinite future. and if the republican party cannot unit around the nominee, my prediction it's going to be trump, i think there's a -- i mean, they would be making a real fatal mistake that would be
7:11 am
almost irreversible given the demographic changes going on in the country. >> maria: ed rollins said yesterday, okay, it has become cool to admit that you like trump. it has changed and you're talking about what we say earlier, accepting. >> dagen: five stages agree. [laughter] >> they haven't moved past denial yet. >> dagen: that's what jared said. more and more people who are in the fifth stage, acceptance stage. >> jared: the problem is there's a point maybe it's not quite now, maybe one last here but a point where they have to stop attacking and they have to say, he is going to be the nominee, how how do we make that work. i know republican that is say i will not vote for donald trump. with the supreme court up for grabs and democratic congress
7:12 am
and senate, certainly a possibility. >> dagen: eric said on maria's show. >> maria: he's definitely talking to more people now. you see the conversation changing. somebody has -- >> dagen: rudy giuliani said i'm on the phone with him. it's a two-way street. >> i heard he's going to name foreign policy people by the 15th of march, i would hold off doing until march. let me say this, look at the other side, hillary rodham clinton is not the same like in 2008. people want change. there's a tremendous number of things going for the republican this year that they didn't have going in 2008, and again, they're going to have to get together or they're going to blow one of the great
7:13 am
opportunities they've had one of the greatest since 1980. >> maria: yeah. grate to see you, sir. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> maria: the greatest comeback, we will see you soon. don't forget coverage for the democratic primary. supertuesday delegates in 11 states are at stake. tuesday march first for special coverage of supertuesday at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here live. coming up, powerful storms sweep ago cross the east coast including deadly tornadoes in the south. a state of emergency has been declared in virginia. we will tell you about it, next. ♪ ♪
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>> maria: sheriff deputy gunned down in colorado. cheryl with the story, cheryl. >> cheryl: incredible story, maria. a man opened fire in a colorado mountain community yesterday, a spokesman says that the shooting occurred as they were going to
7:17 am
serve a eviction notice who was killed, massive system brought tornadoes to the state killing a toddler. 15 structures destroyed. we want to take a look at u.s. stock market futures as we move to opening bell. look at the dow reporting higher by 45. s&p pointing higher by 5 and nasdaq by 10. you have to look at oil. that is the story, maria, really, oil right now at 32.08. huge reversal from yesterday in the afternoon. futures -- excuse me, markets a complete turnaround and close higher. >> maria: yeah. >> cheryl: chesapeake closed higher. it was crazy. >> maria: i wonder if equities will start to decouple from oil,
7:18 am
anastasia? >> anastasia: i think for that to see you need to see the consumer strength. earlier i was saying that one of the best leading indicators that we have right now is that consumer credit has been strong, if you can get credit, you can buy a car and do all of that. so if we see consumer data come in strong, i think it's possible for that to decouple, but at the same time as oil prices keep tumbling and banks have to provision and wall funds are selling, i think the consumer-bright spot is happening against a pretty darn back-drop. >> maria: you think they're still selling? >> anastasia: absolutely. the amount of public equities will be double what they sold -- >> dagen: it's very small, though. in the u.s. >> anastasia: small percentage. .5% of the global market cap but the thing is that you have
7:19 am
actors that are joining, the sovereign wall funds and others joining in as well. >> maria: that's what hurt the banks. they were owning credit swift. only european banks. >> jared: sovereign funds, norway, massive redemptions in all kinds of areas selling equities in banks. look, i think that's been a lot of the selling pressure now. we have seen perhaps a sign that that's kind -- that's exhausted itself. >> maria: that's what i was saying. >> jared: remains supply, there's still too much supply. they're not going to play back supply. >> cheryl: at this point the stock market fall has not hurt the economy. >> maria: it is a cycle. vice chairman saying it's not
7:20 am
impacting us yet but -- >> anastasia: yeah, but. i believe the markets knows something and specially the bond market snows something. that is another channel of impairment. >> maria: one positive here, guys. 5.6%. incredible amount of cash on balance sheets. it's going to be strong. a positive turn, do you agree with that? >> there's certainly the capacity. wage growth has been picking up too. there's a possibility of more spending. i don't know. i think the question is exactly as anastasia said, they are going weigh on the economy for some time. >> maria: we will take a short break. cheryl, thank you. jason pier paul and espn, the defensive end is suing the network and top reporters. be back in a minute.
7:21 am
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>> maria: nice shot there. suing espn after posting medical medical records. >> jared: good morning, maria, imagine that you have doctor's appointment and then information is shared hours later. nearly eight months since the
7:25 am
talent known as jpp blew part of right hand in fireworks accident. they filed suit yesterday espn because shareed and according to florida statute, patients' medical records cannot be given to or disdowses anybody that's not involved in the care of the patient. while the amputation may have been concern the chart itself was not. he could have and should have done even for to protect the medical records. it's become common place to disseminate so-called news on social media. in this case, it's one of the world's largest broadcasters who has come under the microscope. is this possible that could lead
7:26 am
to regulations on social media regarding accountability. >> maria: i think that's out outrageous. i'm big on privacy. >> why do you have to have regulation, there's a chance of winning the statute? he's going to win because you can't share medical records with anybody outside -- that's not involved in the patient's care. there's going to be a lawsuit. he wins a prove against law. there's no need to regulate. >> jared: twitter can be a double-edge sword. newspapers or even the wires can get to it, on the flip side, we have to respond. >> dagen: you're asking regulation of the press. you're asking for freedom of the press. all the guy had to do sources are telling me he had this done.
7:27 am
that's all he had to do. >> maria: instead of showing -- >> anastasia: how did he obtain medical records in the first place, and yes, there's going to be a lawsuit and probably not more than one defendant. he took that misstep of posting it on social media. there are several people. >> if he wins the lawsuit, jpp wins lawsuit and gets punitive damages, that's going to concentrate their mind. >> that will send a message, be careful what you do. i thought, am i going to get arrested if i download a metallica song. i will just tweet this. social media has power. we spoke about tiger woods the other day. all of a sudden -- >> dagen: the record companies and industries, that solve it had problem, lawsuits. >> jared: people dye think they
7:28 am
were doing anything wrong. a response to two people who tweeted over the weekend about his medical condition and tiger goes and posts this video to say i'm -- >> dagen: you don't see his face in there so is it tiger? [laughter] >> dagen: he's not on a course, he's playing video games. >> it's an issue speculation, you can like it or not but that's different from actually exposing someone's medical records. if there's anything that's secret -- >> maria: yeah, absolutely. jared max. tim cook speaks about the encryption battle, comments about unlocking the iphone would be bad for america. first, asking the connecticut supreme court for 2002 murder conviction of kenny cousin
7:29 am
michael skakel on the death of martha moxley. he was freed on bailed in 2013 after a lower court judge ordered a new trial on misrepresentation claims. we will be right back. choose world.
7:30 am
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good thursday morning. welcome back.
7:32 am
your top stories at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. republicans are racing towards super tuesday. tonight will be the last debate. donald trump had something to worry about this morning. mitt romney went on the the attack over trump's refusal toll release certain tax returns. listen -- >> we have good reason to believe that there's a bomb shell in donald trump's stack. >> what you mean? >> i think there's something there. he's not as wealthy as he said he is or he's not paying the taxes we expect him to pay or he hasn't been given money to the vets or disableed the like he's been telling us he's been doing. >> it turned out not to be true. we will talk about the tim pact of trump's campaign coming up. ceo of ap the tim cook came out in an issue over national security.
7:33 am
cook said it would be mad for america if the company complied with the fbi's retkwo*eupbs lock the iphone used by san bernadino's terrorists. >> the shanghai composite down better than 6% over concerns of liquidity. over in japan, the nikkei average on the up the side was up 1.5% overnight. european markets between 1%-2.5 a%. financials are leading the way this morning. check out the u.s. futures indicateing a higher opening for the broader averages here and we are now close to it and at 8:00 a.m. eastern we will get the reading. the last goods order report in december was down 5%. tonight front page of the journal this morning the new threat of oil prices the glut of gasoline. midwest refineries say they are
7:34 am
swimming on gasoline and cutting back on production. last hour that means gas prices could go higher. >> it could. this happens quite a bit. ree finers produced more gasoline than they ever had in the history in the month of january ray but produced too much. they couldn't help themselves. refinery were excellent. they were producing a rot of gasoline but because they produced so much they were a victim of their own success. those margins came down and now have to cut back. this comes at a time when we're getting ready for the big switch over to the summer of gasoline. that's around the corner. when that happens, prices start to tkpwoup and you will hear about expendableed maintenance. >> the dispute between apple and the fbi is heating up. the technology tried to
7:35 am
resistrd erd the by the government. tim cook told abc that unlocking the phone would be bad for the country. >> what is at stake here is can the government can tell apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s. >> joining us now is chairman and ceo john waters. good to see you. thanks for joining us. where you sit on issue stpheurb. >> i think people talk about the blend between national security and privacy and have to consider the economic of our tech sector. i think everybody epl a thaoeuzs that law enforcement have a tough job to do and have a lot of authority to do their job and do it well. with respect to privacy, people are or should have a right to privacy. here abroad. niece phones today are no longer communication devices. they are a bank in many ways and
7:36 am
all of our comments and our business details so they become core to the way we operate and live our lives. from the economic vie ability side of this, you look at the amount of wealth in this country, it's our invasion engine for the economy and the snowden effect already had an impact on these tech exporters. >> you are siding with apple. >> no doubt about it. i think the economic lie ability of our tech sector, if you force them to degrade the technology of the technology that they make then it puts most of our privacy and financial data at risk. i think that's bad for america. >> even though this is national security? >> i think national security an issue for sure. that's a point on a continual. i think privacy and economic is -- you to look at both of them. >> on the other side of the train. >> i think that -- here is one of the issues that telecom companies and traditional phone
7:37 am
company. -- they have to make their data accessible to law enforcement agencies. they have to have commitment that is designed to court orders. apple has question equipment and phones so you never have to comply with the court order. tim cook is asking congress to step in and get in the middle of this. don't they need to be afraid that congress does something that maybe hurts their business and hurts their brand? >> well, at least at that point in time the despwaeut public scene with the congressional authorities, it's not paid out by the judicial system like the way it is now. i think this is a debate that should be had. i think america and the rest of the world would like to site. the national security apparatus has a tremendous amount of authorities and cape abouts. the only way they would deliver success is by creating a srupber
7:38 am
ability in one of the the most widespread in the world. that's the only avenue that's in front of us here. >> . jerry tpr* the "wall street journal" is here. weigh in here. >> the point is i don't believe this will destroy or asking ap toll create the software or destroy the u.s. tech sector. body understands that there is a national security and it's up to the law court and also up to the judges. >> the key thing is here -- what tim skaobg saying, i understand what he is wanting to do. what she saying is not correct. this idea that if we do this the government will be able to open any phone that it wants at will it can't do that it has to get a judge's warrant to do that it's a strong case here for them to open this. just as the technology exists
7:39 am
for the government fit wanted to to bash down your door and walk in and take whatever it wanted to. he can't do that legally because of the the constitution. >> that's what we thought of the irs, too. >> the government cannot conduct unreasonable services. it has to demonstrate probable cause. the idea that the government can just march in is not correct. >> i don't think issue is what the government can and cannot do. if you create a vulnerability in a court tech thenology product other people will figure out a way to exploit that vulnerability. >> like china. >> correct. or other criminals around the world. >> the criminals are cheering the fact that the fbi and law enforcement will not be able to get these phones based
7:40 am
on what the design plans that apple has. >> you got a lot of moving parts here. the clear and the secure communications and all the business capabilities that are enabled through phone, there's real economic requirement to do that. by the flip side, it's not the only requirement. the notion of law enforcement being able to gain access legally to information is also viable. i think there's a balance here but to me, it's just -- it's really hard to swallow that the only mechanism that we have for a law enforcement the intelligence economy community is to crack a phone. >> it's extraordinary, you're right it's unbelievable that apple is the only who can do this. >> and tim cook called that software a cancer. is he going to win over more fan boys and fan girls with that interview he did. >> thank you. appreciate it.
7:41 am
>> you're welcome. >> the doctor is in. look that the adore tabl video of a lit thisle girl decided to give a check up to her dog checking his blood pressure on his hind leg. the dog doesn't seem to be too happy about it. coming up, isis setting his sights on silicon valley. the new threat between mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey. we will look that the. back in a minute.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> welcome back. fox reporting a terally till army veteran for veterans. >> an exclusive story by fox. decorateive combat saying the va has abandoned him after he became terminally ill from cancer over burn pits in iraq. the va denied his covery and testified stating a lack of evidence. they will review marshal's case after being contacted by fox news. >> reporting three new case of zika among pregnant woman in the the state. out break will worsen. with margaret chan making comments at the end of her visits to brazil. that is the zika virus even center. want to bring you the latest developments, attorney general loretta lynch that career
7:46 am
justice tones are involved in the criminal investigation it shows the fbi probe has progressed beyond the initial referral stage. >> colleges are known to be -- so what happens when a public university bans a conservative one. adam shapiro with the story. >> a lot of people need to pay attention to this. he is a well known author and journalist, he's on a ten-city tour speak about microaggressions and trigger warnings an this phenomenon we are witnesses on colleges to shut down free speech. after protests from liberal groups, the president of the university banned him. i got to speak with ben shapiro. here's what he said. >> thiss tpw-pb going on far very long time. when the left on campus decided
7:47 am
that feelings are more important than fact and that controvert people's feelings. they require trigger warnings. i'm of the opinion that america is a safe space. you don't feed your magical racially safe space in order to feel safe in america. >> and the ben shapiro is not listening to the president of the university. he is going to speak at 2:00 p.m. california time. they say if they are forbidden to speak on the campus, they will sue the university. universities and colleges are afraid that the federal government will cutoff their public funding if they don't stand up top people like ben shapiro who comes from the department of education and civil rights office. reason some craziness where they are shutting down free speech taking place is the schools are afraid of losing their the funding. >> unbelievable. >> you would think
7:48 am
that universities would want diversity of conversation. >> it's when diversity becomes a problem. diversity based on skin color or based on other things than ideas can lead you down this path and can be a problem. >> their idea of free speech on college campuses is speech they agree with which just defies what this country is based on. and reading some of about antonio after his death, he said the majority of this case that said that burning the american flag is protected under the constitution as a form of the freedom of speech and expression and i wonder, he went to that extreme to say this the protected but now look what we sr-pl put up with. there's a complete blackout of freedom on college campuses and it's disgusting. >> free speech getting shut down.
7:49 am
ben shapiro are standing up for free speech. we will see more of this. this is only the second of a ten-city tour. we have a camera out in state university to see if he delivers his discussion. >> you can see the spotlight on him. >> you can speak along as you agree with with me is their motto. that is free speech. >> as we head to the break, saturday night live star kate mckennon appeared on "ellen" check this out. >> that's nice. i'm ellen. i'm ellen. i'm ellen. i got this. step aside. .
7:50 am
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7:53 am
you have 20 different countries where there's different acts of terrorism. >> that was tony blare's in yesterday's program. isis posting a video threatening face tpwaobg mark ceo tk-rbg face -- facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. in this video posted this week, this group threatens to shut down both social platforms and create ten new accounts for everyone that is shut down it shows a graphic with bullets in both dorsey and zuckerberg's head. it is after pressure from washington, d.c. maybe this is working. a new study out this month by the george washington university
7:54 am
said they had a significant effect on these repeat defenders shrinking the size of their network. twitter has suspended about 125,000 accounts since february. or as of february. >> after the san bernadino attack, wasn't it mark zuckerberg said we will protect your data. your data is safe with us. he came out in favor of muslim americans as well. they do have significant counter terror teams as we came out earlier. there are different components to fight this message. question is this is not the only way that isis recruits. there's a dark web. there's other areas of the web that are not apparent to normal every day users. >> true. >> i think -- it's a interesting that study there is some indication that if you shut down
7:55 am
their facebook accounts that clearly you will limit their ability to spread their word. i think the question is, how much are facebook doing. facebook was criticized heavily because they seemed to express more concern for muslim's sensitivities than they did some of the victims than the terrorist attacks. i think they are taking much many steps now. >> you commission the white house has taken the lead on here and trying to create anti-terrorer content. you cannot tell whether that works. >> i looked at the fbi site and it's become a counter from tkpwapb propaganda site. it is ridiculously bad.
7:56 am
there is a video game with a goat looks like something like 1985 that you would make on an old commoador people not joking. it's called the slipry slope it's a goat it makes no sense. they attracting these games. you want to find a hook to get involved in this quote/unquote movement. it's easy to do that avoiding all oaf that video. >> -- all of that video. >> thank you. he may have called it quits on the foot wall field but this heisman trophy winner is not giving up. we are talking to football super star eddie george on his broadway hit "chicago." back in a minute. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning. the wall street journal editor and chief jerry baker. republicans are racing towards super tuesday. tonight will be the last debate. donald trump had something to worry about this morning. mitt romney went on the the attack over trump's refusal to release certain tax returns. listen -- >> we have good reason to believe that there's a bomb shell in donald trump's stack. >> what you mean? >> i think there's something
8:00 am
there. he's not as wealthy as he said he is or he's not paying the taxes we expect him to pay or he hasn't been given money to the vets or disabled the like he's been telling us he's been doing. >> so it works out he hasn't paid taxes for ten years. let him tpro*f that he has paid taxes was he hasn't. >> let's see if there will be an impact from mitt romney's claim. tim cook spoke out again over the debate over privacy and national security. cook said it would be bad for america if the company complied with the government's request to unlock that iphone used by one of the san bernadino terrorists.
8:01 am
>> this is not a position that we would like to be in. to impose your government on something doesn't feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating for civil liberty which they are supposed the to protect is incredibly ironic. >> yeah, it is. turning to markets this morning. the shanghai composite sold out 6.5% on concerns over liquidity. it comes to the start of the the g-20 meeting in shanghai. the nikkei up 1.5%. european markets are trying to snap two straight days of losses. you have gains between 1.5%-2.5% across the board in europe. in the u.s. look at futures indicating a hire opening the. we are waiting on the number
8:02 am
which comes out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. the market is all off the size of the morning than it is the durable goods number person this will be a durable goods number. they were down. they call far gain in january. we will be watching that. president obama uping the anty in replacing the late supreme court justice. the republican veting nevada governor sandoval for the nomination. they will not hold any meetings or any hearings with any nominee president obama puts forth. off to the campaign trail they go. mitt romney attacking donald trump over tax returns. he has refused to release. joining us now is west virginia senator shelly moore. good to see you. thanks for joining us, senator. >> good morning. nice to be on. >> do you think there's a bomb
8:03 am
shell coming from donald trump and his taxes? >> i don't know but i think he needs to to release them and needs to release them soon. i think the american public expects that so hopefully the pushes that are coming toward him will cause him to do this. it does give them an indication of how u many taxes he's been paying and how much charitable giving i think the american people are entitled to see. >> we are eventually going to have to get them but why does he have to give his enemies ammunition at this point? he will wait until he has so much momentum heading in the the year and maybe clenches the nomination and then he'll release them. >> that could be. he could be stalling a little bit. i heard him say they are working through it. i'm sure it's complicated. i do think in the end he will have to release them and in my view it's always sooner than later is always better. hello, you say it's
8:04 am
complicated. what is complicated because one of the the points that mitt romney said these are not future tax return, these are past tax returns. how complicated can it really be? >> i don't know. i'm not a billionaire. i would imagine that there's all kinds of forms and deductions and different pass throughs and everything else that he's built himself of. mine isn't that complicated. i think he needs to get on with it, quite frankly. if there's something bad in it, better find out now. >> let me move on and ask you about the antonion reports that president obama is veting sandoval to replace scalia. you said next president should make the nomination. what would be wrong with veting the governor of nevada? >> i think that we are such a
8:05 am
decisive time now. we are in this hot election year. i don't want a president to make a lifetime decision for the supreme leaders pup i think you heard vice president when he was senator make the same statements. who s-fr elected and the people's voices are heard in november whether it's republican or democrat should make that nomination as soon as they become president. i think that would be in the best interest of the court. these are going to be important decision made by this court especially when you see t flit is four to four. i would rather see us move forward and have that put forward in january. >> do you worry that this will make the senate look bad and the judicial committee look like it's more politics? >> that's one question and the other question is we are seeing a fight to the end for the president's last days in office. who out there is going to unify this country and bring us together? >> i think that is the question
8:06 am
for the next election. do i worry that this will make the senate look dysfunctional? that is a light worry for me but because it's such an important decision i think the american people understand that the president can't make a political nomination and we can't make a political statement in return. i think this is better to just wait and we will have the full trust of the american people. >> should pheufpl mcconle have waited before saying anything? it feels if you weren't going to vet anybody anyway wouldn't it be better to not only raise the subject but it looks like the senate the s obstruction. >> i think that is a strategic decision that senator mcconle made. one of it in my view is it's a certain decision. i don't think that tphoeuf does question his -- i don't think that any of us question his result in hold back on this. it will set up and you have already seen this, disagreements
8:07 am
but we will move forward through this. senator baker from the "wall street journal." >> do you think one of them should drop out so it becomes a straight contest between donald trump and one of them? >> i think super tuesday coming up is going to separate a few more of our candidates out. i'm on the side of this has been an exciting primary season. we've got more people voting, more people coming to rally, higher turn out, younger people voting. there's a lot of enthusiasm here. i don't either one of them to drop out after super tuesday if the results come in as we predict. when you watch the democrats debate an it's just one on one, it's just so much more informative and meaningful and detailed i think because you really get to the lot of the topics. >> your own state of donald
8:08 am
trump seems in the polls does seem to have strong support taking them out the white working class somehow very frustrateed with the political process. what's the move? how are voters looking in your state? >> the state of west virginia has been decimateed under this administration. were a heavy state. we have lost thousands of jobs. our schools are losing students. i can't even over describe the despair that we feel and really the administration just slapping us around. so we want somebody that will revitalize and make us connect to the internet and build our infrastructure and have jobs in the future and transition and have clean more efficient -- so i think that's not going to be hillary clinton. i think republican will definitely win west virginia and if it's donald trump he will win west virginia. >> you support quickly. you support donald trump if these republican nominee?
8:09 am
>> i support somebody who will get west virginia back on its feet and also support somebody who will be hillary clinton, yes. >> good to talk with you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. coming up, apple ceo tim cook speaking out between the fbi and apple heads to capitol hill. his comments on why unlocking t*eu phone would be bad -- iphone would be bad for america. >> and taking his fine final bow in broadway "chicago." next weekend. stick around. my interview with him at 8:45 to find out about his next endeavor. back in a minute. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
welcome back, the zika virus increaseing in florida. >> three new cases among pregnant woman bringing the total number in that state to 32. this warns that the out break will worsen before releaseing the a vaccine.
8:13 am
the father of sports the caster aaron andrews giving emotional testimony about his daughter after a stalker made nude recordings of her 8 years ago and posted them on the internet. >> she's terrified. she's depressed. she cries. she's full of anxiety. she is not the person she was before this happened. >> andrews getting emotional. she is suing for $75 million in damages. >> a nurse accused of participating in an emergency surgery in pennsylvania while drunk. police say the 59-year-old has been charged with reckless endangerment and public drunkenness steming from the incident back on february 4thth. person was readmitted and admitted that he was drunk during the surgery to police. back to you.
8:14 am
>> thanks very much. we are waiten on some important economic data out this morning. want to talk market farce moment. up 2.5% the estimate. china was down last night. >> i think china is the one to watch. i think europe is moving on those numbers and the dividend raised but china is the story that will not go away any time soon and the thing that is happening in china now is the inner bank lending and it's rising which means that the banks are burying the brunt of all that is happening in china and again, we really need to see a catalyst and we need to see a fiscal to reverse it and we are not seeing it. the treasury secretary said this is not crisis measures and don't
8:15 am
expect crisis response at the g-20 meeting. this the might not be full-on crisis in china but they do need to see greater response that we've seen so far. >> yeah, china was predictable far long time. this was the place where we were seeing growth. this is the place that american companies wanted to seal their goods. >> the -- sell their goods. >> the distances of the banks and there's concern about real state and the tradition from the model and see the growth. and the biggest wor roeuf all is wherever in the the past anybody said there's a problem in the the banking system. there's a real estate bubble and too much lending. the authorities say it's -- they have control and the economy and they say they thought the economy crashed and thought that the markets crashed and they will step in and to my mind there is bizarre respect with this chinese management that they can do everything and that
8:16 am
they can control things. >> . >> the last show that ought to be true that they are in disarray. they don't know what to do about the banking system and they need to be in the markets one day and push the markets out. that sends that misplaces the sense of confidence that people have and at the end that people find will get otherwise. i think there's some of that misplaced confidence in central banks around the world. so if you want expand that to broad central planning and so there's tin this inse -- insecurity and that adds to involve -- >> yes, eventually central banks act. yes they eventually china will figure out thousand transition this economy in smoother economy but eventually is the key word.
8:17 am
it take market pressure it takes panic some time for the policy makers to figure out and what that means for investors is we do gear brunt. >> i want to know about the u.s. now. we get a report out tomorrow. . it could be negative. we have a bad print tomorrow. we see another big sell off in stocks. >> i think durable goods is -- i think it is less important. the second reading and we know that there has been a big inventory drag in the the fourth quarter which st-t one off. so don't suspect in the the first quarter. we do expect a rebound. but if we can see a rebound from the 5% decline in december. there.
8:18 am
>> there's been an assumption that was put in more liquidity and push interest rates in negative territory. it's like wizard of oz. they pull back and have this rather insignificant figure doesn't have the full effect. >> their pants are down is what we found out. it's like uh-oh. the feds blue it this year. they should have raised rates sooner or not raised rates at all. they blew it. by november we knew we were going in to a bad economic story. >> they had to change the play book. were focusing on the legislation. were focusing on the degree of improvement. what they have been focused are the markets as well. now they are shifting the focus and the policy. >> just one quick thing to wrap is i want to say -- i don't think we should write off central bankers just yet. they are not out of policy but communication needs to be refined.
8:19 am
>> bank of japan needs talk about negative risks. now just trying to -- they just run out of things and people understand the structural changes that things need to make in the economy in there and in europe and in the united states. that's why we need the g-20fiscal tools. >> coming up next. tim cook trying to force apple to force civil liberties at risk. details next. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems, including: neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and low energy. in fact, if you sit most of the day, your risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as if you smoke. prolonged sitting even makes it harder for you to burn calories and lose weight.
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welcome back. apple ceo tip cook speaking out about his fight with the fbi. >> am ceo tim cook said it would be back for america if apple could rise the can court order to hand over the iphone used by san bernadino saye tk*e -- sayeed farook. >> the only way is to write software that is equivalent to cancer. think about this, if in our view, the software equivalent of cancer. >> the engineer hasn't written it it this hurt hundreds of millions of customers-year-old wide. he is surprised the white house didn't contact him earlier to resolve this the earlier with b hind closed doors. >> this is not a position that we would like to be in. it's a very uncomfort tpabl position. to impose your government on
8:24 am
something doesn't feel good. and to oppose it on something where we are advocating which they are supposed to protect is incredibly ironic. >> that's a number of supported e-mails across the country and also emphasize that he says but that apple would follow any new laws when it's passed, maria. >> whose recommendation was it to change the password on the iphone initially. >> it seems like the this was government recommendation to the county. that's what tim cook was saying. >> that was big mistake then nothing could be backed up in a cloud. >> they changed the password so they could access what was on the cloud and it turned out it was a foul up in hindsight and he points the finger and acts
8:25 am
like the fbi and government investigators are in. he was upset the white house didn't contact him and said in an interview, have not talked to the president. hi talk to the president. >> this is something we talked about off air. that was under court order by the government that was defined and you had a bank ceo saying this is a republican. ly call the president and talk about this. do you know how much outrage it would be? it would be the hop dead line. oh, he would l call the president. he finds it funny that he wasn't part of the the discussion.
8:26 am
the question stp what will they say in the deadline tomorrow when they formally challenge the warrant. how will they make their case. he is ready to make this all the the way. >> he is trying to make america great again. >> breaking news. look at these pictures out of malibu, california. threatening one home so far. were following the story as it develops. we will be back with more develops there. >> then a deja vu moment. a target four years ago. mitt romney is now one attacking the donald trump over taxes. why he might have a case next. . ♪
8:27 am
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8:31 am
we know the overall picture for manufacturing is weak. and of course, you've got weak growth, and weak demand overseas in the last year, it's been weakening and you have a very strong dollar, a lot of manufacturers have been hit hard by that because it raises the price of goods manufactured in the united states. so the overall and by the way on top of that, you've had
8:32 am
extreme weakness in the energy sector and some of which is a buyer of durable goods, so, you've seen the big trends that are pushing down the manufacturing sector, if this is a number that suggests that it's still growing, when you take into account the december number and january number, then that is a positive. the overall picture for manufacturing is not very strong. maria: some of the details of the report actually do show the capital goods orders are nondefense and ex-airlines are up 3.9% versus expectation of 1% so that is a positive development. it's not just a snapback in those aircraft shipments, but i suspect some of the strength is in the consumer driven part of the economy such as consumer transportation, such as autos and also, some of the passenger airline traffic, but it's likely not in any sort of manufacturing that is tied to the energy sector. maria: go ahead, dagen. dagen i was going to say it's one data point and it's enough through the market to send a
8:33 am
message that we're not going to hell. maria: the market needed something. dagen: yeah, and one data point, but still, take it. maria: markets certainly moving on the durable goods number, it's up, it's not a major move, but you're looking at strength from really a flat showing earlier. and we should point out that december was revised to show a decline of 4.6% versus the-- >> kind of the key number. look, these numbers are very volatile and the aircraft, i'm just looking at, rose-- the aircrafts production rose 54% on a year ago, having followed by a similar amount the previous month. what economists do, they strip out transportation and strip out defense, without transportation, orders rose 1.8% in january, which is not fantastic, defense-- >> so transportation. >> 4 1/2%, look, it's not a great number, not a terrible number, it does -- it's certainly, i think, staves off fears that manufacturing is
8:34 am
going into a very serious recession. so far at least, there seems to be enough demand for them to keep manufacturing, at least growth going. maria: we want to get out to former presidential nominee mitt romney on donald trump's refusal to release tax returns. >> donald trump has not been bashful when it comes to mitt romney and now romney has entered the frey. the 2012 republican nominee telling neil cavuto yesterday that he believes trump has not released his tax returns because there is a, quote, bombshell. >> we good reason to believe there's a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. >> what do you mean? >> i think there's something there. either he's not anywhere near as wealthy as he says he is, and he hasn't been paying the kind of taxes we expect him to pay or perhaps he hasn't been giving money to the vets or to the disabled, like he's been telling us he's been doing.
8:35 am
>> well, trump took to twitter to blast romney in the aftermath. here is what he wrote, mitt romney, who totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy. he goes on to say, mitt romney was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of the republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. dope. ironically it was romney in the 2012 cycle who had to answer to accusations of shady tax returns when harry reid leveled this claim. >> so, the word is out that he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. >> that of course turned out to be untrue. now, when interviewed by cnn last night, trump would not commit to releasing tax returns, he said he'll make that determination in the upcoming months. he said his tax returns are extremely complex due to the
8:36 am
many companies he owns and that he gets audited every year. back to you. maria: thank you, so much. host of power play, chris stirewalt, good to see you. >> good morning. maria: is that a move of desperation, not accepting donald trump and wanting to take him down. >> what? that was a move of desperation by who? don: mitt romney. is there a bombshell or not? >> i have no idea if there's a bombshell. the question for donald trump is how long can he wait to release his tax returns. if he releases them now before -- he could -- donald trump can lock up the republican nomination, he can take his minority stake holder share of the republican party and use it to lock up the nomination as soon as the 16th of march. he could be a few weeks away from being the presumptive or the defacto nominee of the party. he needs for these kinds of things to come later because it's still soon enough, the republicans could unite behind
8:37 am
another candidate and topple him. i think for romney, who trump has budgened repeatedly over and over again, he's been one of trump's favorite punching bags and romney has not spahned to-- responded to him. i think for romney, it's given marco rubio and ted cruz a little door to get trump on a weak spot. maria: the first reason to believe and then i think. i'm looking for evidence of a bombshell. >> i think that's trumping, trump. this is romney adopting trump-like techniques, i don't know if he's eligible for president, heard he's the canadian sleeper cell. and-- >> that's a great point. >> i just think that, i think once again trump's tweet probably trumps you will a-- all. and romney is a decent,
8:38 am
honorable man. he failed and lost the election, and anybody who thinks that mitt romney has any influence right now, you know, with trump or people who vote for trump. i think they're in the wrong place. they're not going to-- i mean, chris is right, there is going to come a point where trump is repeatedly going to ask about his tax forms. is he able to put it off until march 15th, at some point he's going to have to do it. maybe as said earlier, trump doesn't play by any known rules, maybe he'll be able to get away without doing it. of course, it's a reasonable point. romney is not the strongest person to make the case. dagen: and, hey, chris, you mentioned that maybe mitt romney is teeing this up for cruz and rubio, they've waited too long to go after trump, don't you think? cruz was trying to draft donald trump and stay out of his line of sight too long and now it's too late. >> certainly in the case of
8:39 am
cruz, his strategy was not going to work. his strategy of being a pilot fish and swim under donald trump, and wait for the opportunity that somehow trump would self-destruct. we see this in exit poll, after exit poll. trump doesn't gain voters late for trump, but people who made up their minds months ago, looks like the summertime. they don't care what donald trump says, you can dip in pig's blood and say anything and they'll come back for more. in the case of rubio, rubio basically has a week to ten days to change the contour of this race. it's a moon shot that he needs to get past trump, but he still has an avenue. maria: that's a good point, chris. what do you think, can you navigate for us this next couple of days as we go into south carolina and nevada? >> enormously consequential debate tonight on some other networks, that's not as good as this one, but the debate is
8:40 am
enormously consequential because every time the stage shrinks, it gets tougher for the frontrunner. when you go down to fewer and fewer candidates, there are more questions, more scrutiny for the frontrunner. the case for trump tonight, i expect, will be that cruz and rubio will both, yes, they'll take shots at each other, but the central line of fire is on trump, his business record, taxes, bankruptcies, all of that a big part tonight, in addition, the idea is this the nominee, does this person stand for the republican party and are you guys ready to do it? don: and romney teed all of that up, actually. that was ahead of this. chris, thank you so much, sir. >> have a great day. maria: "mornings with maria" starts every day 6 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. before we take a break, take a look at the best moments you may have missed from earlier in the program. >> fifth stage of grief for the establishment, it's acceptance.
8:41 am
>> i think that it's denial. >> it would be highly unusual with recession with declining oil, that would be a first and we don't see a global recession without the u.s. going into recession. the u.s. has always led the globe into a recession and we don't see that this time. dagen: everybody's been doggone wrong, i was going to use an expletive and i didn't. >> why not? >> cable. >> and trying to use this issue to break him, but it is, as somebody mentioned up there a second ago, it smacks of a bit of desperation, you know? i don't think it works, but the middle americans, it doesn't work. it means, you know, that the government's after donald trump, well, that's the government we would like to see overthrown. >> these phones are no longer communication devices, they're banks, storing information, business details, so they become very, very core to the way we operate and live our lives and that from the economic viability side of this, i mean, you look at the amount of wealth in this
8:42 am
country that's been created to the text sector, it's our innovation engine for the economy. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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♪ quit playing games with my heart ♪ ♪ with my heart, my heart ♪ ♪ i should have known from the start ♪ >> you're looking at pictures from one expensive proposal from china, a bouquet made up of 100 rolled yuans, worth roughly $11 for each one. she said yes. cheryl: i've got more good stuff for you, maria. first start with this, check out the video. and releasing this drone footage of michael jackson's 2700 acre neverland ranch and the company is handling the $100 million listing in california on the market for nine months by the way. this woman as happy as a clam while eating her seafood dish
8:46 am
he. at a local italian restaurant in washington state, she bit down on a pearl worth $600. a gemologist confirmed, 100 carat gem quality. she has plans to sell it and wants to make a necklace. of course she does. and listen to this, a doctor, i'm i'm obsessed with that, this is cute video. a girl decided to give a checkup to her dog, taking the blood pressure on his hind leg, he doesn't seem that happy about it, but-- or he's thinking, whatever. i'm fine, i don't care. once the future doctor gave the dog a complete bill of health she ended with a hug. maria: how cute is the dog sitting there. dagen: i have to work on sir charlie's eyes every day and he has eye problems and doesn't like it. he does his elvis presley, where his lip goes up and shows his teeth, anyway. maria: oh, cheryl, thank you. we're just about 30 minutes
8:47 am
away from the opening bell, let's get to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we've got the durable goods number better than expected. what are we seeing. nicole: we're seeing oil back to the downside. the gdp tomorrow, the dow futures are up, slightly nasdaq down slightly. jobless claims are off the three-month lows, capital goods orders on the rise. here are some of the movers, best buy is relatively flat, but gave guidance for the first quarter that's weaker than expected, and we're looking for-- i do see a slightly higher now, but certainly one to watch, dominoes. well, they beat and one of the reasons was they have good u.s. sales, 117 and change and bid-ask in the 125 range. wayfair, they're lower in the premarket down 9%, this is likely to be a laggard big time. we're seeing sales force higher and hardware lower, those are some of the movers we're
8:48 am
keeping a keen eye on. maria: next, from a heisman trophy winning running back eddie george on remarkable turn from the gridiron to the stage on broadway. here is comes, stay with us. ♪ you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horse power, torque ratios... three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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8:51 am
>> from the field to finance, many football players hanging up their cleats and headed to wall street. our next guest doing just that. former tennessee titans running back, heisman trophy winner and current star of the movie "chicago", stepping away from broadway to run his own wealth
8:52 am
management company. the wonderful eddie george. good to see you. >> thank you. maria: so much to talk about. >> yes, where would you like to start. maria: to start on broadway, how you made that transition? >> well, i started acting ten years ago, once i stopped playing the game of football, i went through my bout of depression and the arts were to find my next passion and find my voice and fell in love with the art of story telling. it felt the same way i felt on sunday and saturday mornings playing the game of football and the same way i felt about jumping on the stage and one thing led to the next, i did, i performed in shakespeare festivals in nashville, the whipping man and so forth, audition was afforded to me in 2014, november, and i came up on the ambassador theater stage and belted out some notes and acted a little bit and for them
8:53 am
and fell in love with it, let's give it a shot and gave me this opportunity. maria: and now you're looking to expand into wealth management? >> well, it's hand in hand. it's not like well, this morning, i want to be a wealth manager, over two years ago, i went back to school, got my mba, went to kellogg and i was always interested in business. i started my own landscape architecture firm in 2003, the edge group and expanded and mature and principals that run this business so i wanted to do something that would give me the freedom to still pursue my acting endeavors, but also i could build a business and wealth management was the next best thing because now i can help other athletes, you know, from a cradle to grave model, from the time they come into the nfl and certainly thereafter, maintain and sustain their wealth and also give them insights to finding their next passion, their next second act, if you will. dagen: when they're not playing
8:54 am
football. and this is not a universal problem, but is to convince guys when they first get the big paychecks to not spend the money, not and not give it to their family 'cause you want to be generous-- >> that's a difficult thing, especially when, you know, you trust your family to make, help you make certain decisions, finding an agent, finding an investment advisor, who else are you going to defend on. education has to really start at home and a lot -- from my own personal experience and having dealt with certain recruits and families, it's tough to really get them to understand the difference between an agent, investment advisor and a c.p.a., you know. maria: wow. >> understanding these three different roles, three different functions is difficult and it has to start there. >> from your experience, does it take a starting athlete to find that team, to build out that team, a few years, or does an agent help you do that?
8:55 am
>> well, it all starts with, you know, you first point of entry, you introduce yourself to investment advisor will get to an athlete while they're in school and an agent and this is the thing i'm doing as well, teaching ohio state with the school of business about this, you know, the business professional sports, the differences between the two. the questions you should ask. the various scenarios you're going to come across in this business because it's something that they need to understand. if you're going to come into a multi-million dollar business, you need to understand how it functions, and who has the power and ultimately should be you. you should be educated on that. >> you're a true renaissance man, politics and-- ments . >> no, no, no. >> an amazing resume'. >> taking one step at a time, i built the business first, politics, i'll leave that up to the experts. >> that's not worked out so
8:56 am
well. >> right, right. maria: was it hard making all of these transitions in your life? >> oh, nothing is ever easy. i wanted to be perfectly clear that the last two yea-- ten years laying a foundation through my education and other passions and again, working with a kt acting coach relentlessly, went back to school, mba, got my 66 license and this is not something that i'm just doing a bucket list to see what i can conquer next. it's methodical and well thoughtout and it's a part of my brand and something i want to do. no, i feel sorry for titans fans. >> the number one pick this year, and they're not-- they've had some rough years the last years, but i follow college football now mainly.
8:57 am
[laughter] >> great to see you. this is your last weekend in "chicago"? >> yes, it is. maria: congratulations. >> hopefully come out and see the show. >> any other plans? >> a couple of road shows with "chicago" in the near future around the country. maybe back in new york, and hopefully if i'm back in new york for an extended period of time you guys can come down and maybe i can come and swing a gig over here. maria: yeah, anytime. thank you, eddie. go see eddie in "chicago" in weekend, his final weekend. we'll be right back.
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>> i'm back with just enough time to say thanks, guys. up next, "varney & company," back to you. stuart: thanks, indeed. mitt romney telling there may be a bombshell in donald trump's taxes. we have good reason to believe that trump isn't as wealthy as he says he is or pays low taxes. mitt romney threw that out there. it was reminiscent of harry reid four years ago who said that mitt romney doesn't pay his taxes. that hurt romney in the election. now, romney goes after trump in exactly the same way, surely romney should come could clean and tell us what the challenge is based on. he said we have good reason to believe. stuart: okay, what reason? what's your evidence? what do yo


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