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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> i think we should give full credit to the ashley webster oil stocks and oil up, stocks out there that is what you have right now. oil at 34.63. the dow up 256. our time is that. meal, it is yours. neil: i was made by the last guest. that is really cool. thank you, my friend. appreciate that. speaking of flatulence, we have candidates across the country making their presence known. this is do or die for anyone if your name is not donald trump and hillary clinton, steak super high for ted cruz who is voting at the very hour in his home state of texas. the bottom line is he's got to win here. you hear much the same from the likes of john kasich in ohio when their home states are up for grabs.
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take all voting primaries. for today, all eyes in the lone star state. but the very latest. >> hey there. this is the single biggest voting day of the campaign so far. the single biggest prizes here in the state of texas waiting for senator ted cruz to arrive here and go for himself. an exciting day for the senator. he may be arriving as we speak with the houston area just miles from where he lives not very far from where he grew up here to your earlier point, nobody in this race has higher stakes today than senator cruz with all the pressure building on him and the narrative of the campaign as it has been changing. not only have emotions been so high coming out of south carolina and moving in super tuesday with the sec across the south. the delegate math is getting difficult for senator cruz. 155 republican delegates at
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stake here in the state of texas today. it wasn't very long ago there were stories talking about ted cruz getting more than 50% that would allow him to sleep the 47 statewide delegates feared that is how the math works here. even in congressional even in congressional district of the vote total is higher than 50% am you can essentially make a large state like texas winner takes all. no one is talking that way if anymore. senator ted cruz is looking to hold up his chief rival donald trump and at least take one big tree away from super tuesday. it would be here in texas. we are told by staffers for senator crew should be arriving any moment. there's a large group of supporters also on hand at the west great community center. once he does, he will be joining us later as well. exciting day for senator cruz to vote for himself or president of the united states. neil: in his home state. thank you very much.
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a little bit of controversy among donald trump in what is more interesting to me as all the people insane raising a red flag over the prospect he just might be the party's nominee. a statement warning against endorsing donald trump, more like threatening candidates who might be looking at doing so. congressman and the like. of course senator bill of nebraska says you can not and will not support mr. trump saying has message is not the party's message and it's not very keen on helping them out. hobby lumbered founders said it is not very godly religious. the message of donald trump was so far to say i had my brothers. i would go for nobody. i would sit out the election about for donald trump. the former governor of new jersey was very disappointed in one of his successors, chris christie saying she could never support donald trump can vote for hillary clinton about was
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the only chase. john mccain is one about the coarse language back and forth including marco rubio. they were not ready to conduct a presidential campaign. all of that. if i remember coming you are not necessarily keen on donald trump. you are looking at jeb bush. he did say in an you would support the, whoever it was. >> look, i know one thing. i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. i know she stands for in a stands for nothing but the same policies we have now. i am hoping it is going to work out between ohio, texas and florida we will have some idea who the candidate is. look, i was supporting jeb. jeb bush would've been not really qualified to be president of the united states. right now i think that rubio is
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probably better qualified. i think that trump had better get its act together if he's going to get republicans to vote for him. i can tell you about my friends who are republicans. many of them now say they are not going to though. this is a very serious matter. neil: and curing the bottom different things that they'd rather not vote at all. you are improving odds of the democratic nominee voters for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. there does seem to be a revolt among some. some on the religious right argue he just isn't right. donald trump is not right. the sun is okay with donald trump and other evangelicals in states like iowa and south carolina is pretty clear. what do you make of this division? some call it a revolt within the party. we like it is a recall.
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if you go back to the last election, they say that romney lost 5 million votes. 5 million republicans did vote in that is why obama cannot elect it. if the same thing happens here, it basically puts hillary clinton in the white house. i think that the only thing donald trump could start doing to start mending fences, which he doesn't seem to be doing. i think he has to do it as quickly as possible. he is a very bright guy, very smart, calculated. this is not a guy. he is usually a winner at what he does. this is a case of not dealing with another contract. he is dealing with the american people and he better understand the american people are very diverse and they don't like to hear some of the things coming out of his mouth and i think my advice to him would be start changing your tone and start correcting what you've done in
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the past to alienate a lot of people. neil: it is is alienating also after the republican former nominee, that romney. paul ryan saying the gop doesn't crayon people's prejudices. clearly he's talking about donald trump. i'm just wondering whether this gets to be so fractious that it's going to be hard for the party to come together, even if trump makes amends or tries to, he might conclude in the end my wallet you guys. i don't need you and i'm sick and tired out at you guys preaching. >> you now, there are two sides of this story. number one is the election of the president of the united states. we have to look at the other side which is the congress, senate and house. if in fact, which i hope happens at the senate is won by republicans in the house
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continues to be republican, donald trump could talk about all the things he wants to do. the truth is you can't do it without the congress unless you do an obama and become a dictator and start passing executive actions on everything that you do. i don't think he is going to do that. so you need the congress and i think it is important that he understands. i never hear any comments from him talking about the fact he has to work with congress to pass all the things he wants to do. i think it is a very essential part of our democracy. true to very quickly to serve as a tease for my next segment. the market is up almost 300 points. i talked to a lot of people getting ready for this. i've actually heard positive reasons his optimism that trump can get this economy out of its doldrums, whether through tax
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cut, some have scored substantially to the death of her years. it would be different. it would be galvanizing, not so much reagan like as very much on obama like. some of the reasons for this minute. would he think of that? >> neil, i've been around the market for 50 years. i never understood the market and i still don't. between now and january 1st and november 2nd, i don't believe this. i don't think that's where the market is running a period there are other reasons for it. to think that the market reacts long term, the market is short-term. they look at the next quarter as being the end of the world. so i wouldn't count that. neil: i thought the same thing
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myself. bernie, great insight as always. cofounder of home depot. as i was telling you, ted cruz is voting in his home state of texas in 155 delegates at stake on the super tuesday. winner take all can build up a big enough lead. we are on it. he is coming to join us.
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neil: bernie pooh-poohed this has been anything related. he is probably right. it is just positive among all the different guys out there.
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the market seemed to be coalescing at least on a near certainty of the hillary clinton and democratic nominee. donald trump is republican nominee. i don't buy that, but if you look at donald trump, they tend to favor economic policy more than bernie sanders. the fact that china is stabilizing. even one incident, we don't catch the cold from their sneeze. who knows. super tuesday. they try to help this country out. backing marco rubio in this case. congressman, i'm going to raise the issue with a little bit. some of the market guys i talked to were very good about talking about guys who make money. you have made money, so maybe you are a better source.
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they'd like at least in the broadest terms the economic policies of donald trump cut taxes, do the kind of things they like. others argue against it. where are you on this whole market like a republican winner, even if it is donald trump? >> neil, i think your point is good. they want somebody who they believe they know, they understand. as you know all too well, marcus certainty is important. to donald trump say he's going to build a wall? he's been saying that for a long time. if you say he's going to do different trade deals? nobody much believes we are going to return to protectionism. you have somebody who understands how capital markets work and appreciate that they have to work and that they cannot be government run, but rather they have to take their own risk. and not spent on the republican side, marco rubio understand.
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but donald trump to his credit has lived it. he understands what leverages on the risk of it, and even as bankruptcies let them know the private sector pays a price if you don't perform for government never does. >> i think with car alarms, devices and the rest when you made when you made the move to run for congress, the argument was that takes a guy who knows business, how to hire and how to grow businesses to make it in washington. but i'm sure is a former ceo, and you found out maybe the hard way it's a little easier to be ceo where you can call the shots and a member of congress -- i would say president of the united states thinking you can call the shots. you are a much more crowded pool. >> well, the idea and ceo that you can make things happen
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certainly is as a matter of the force of who you are. let's understand you can't make a customer buys. you can't make people come back through the door the next day to work for you. you certainly can't guarantee you get lower prices from vendors or on-time delivery. >> the reason i brought it up as that's the argument that he doesn't know what he would have to face. he was so used to doing things his way, that he might not share too nicely. that might be a rude awakening. >> you are exactly right. there's a huge transition if it comes to government and finds out the speed of the bureaucracy is no speed at all. people in government are used outlasting people there longer than he has been there, that it takes an army of political appointees just to begin moving an agenda if the agenda is clear, well articulated and has the support of congress. there is a lot to learn if he happens to be our nominee could
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have very clearly comes in knowing the other, but he is going to need an army of people who understand the bureaucracy and sharon desire. neil: i know your support for senator revealed. you will support the nominee whoever it ends at dean. running for office to be endorsing donald trump. he can't do it. hobby lobby founder saying he just can't do it. the former new jersey governor can't do it. in fact, she would vote for hillary clinton over at donald trump. that sounds to me like a bit of a party revolt. >> well, it's portions of the party and christine todd whitman, you know, to make her own statements. i will support the nominee just
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as smith they become president. i have to try to make the presidency on behalf of the american people successful. he cannot ideological differences within your own party at bar with the other party. once the people is spoken in the campaign as hard as he queued for who you believe in, you've got to make america succeed. i came in the early days with george w. bush is getting elected and i saw a lot of people feel like they did not disappoint them because it was a close election. nothing could be further from the truth. we as republicans need to support the nominee. if we can the system so donald trump at 36% of the overall vote becomes the nominee, shame on us. neil: is that the same about marco rubio who by the way is just arriving in columbus, ohio super tuesday, would you say that rubio, talking about donald
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trump is a con man and just a laughingstock, how could he ever come out and support donald trump having said that kind of stuff. >> well, if you remember voodoo economics. he became the vice president under the man who he claimed was the founder of that. neil: donald trump as saying the other way, not that we are anywhere near a nominee that he would never entertain marco rubio as his running mate now. >> i make it a point to avoid that never whenever possible. the fact is i support marco rubio because he believes in this country as it is, wants to make it better. he's positive than he can unite our party and go want to unite, something we desperately need. having said that, if donald trump is the nominee, i will be talking to him about marco
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rubio, someone who has a positive vision and can be a great right hand man. i think that is what whoever -- neil: if you can close that deal, you are not only a successful business -- benghazi, but we will see. >> the people who need the most up in washington are those who come in to change it. the fact is that marco rubio is our nominee, i'm going to want him to have somebody who has other asset to bring to a team and donald trump certainly needs an insider, somebody who can get things in the house and senate. neil: daryll issa, always a pleasure. very powerful influential republican on capitol hill. right now, donald trump has arrived and ethical plane of his. columbus, ohio. that huge plane seats all 46 people -- 46 people so they can spread out.
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neil: andrea. as you might imagine this big day i've been mentioned looking more and more like a ticket together. donald trump and chris christie and columbus, ohio. of state john kasich has said i've got to win it. 66 delegates up for grabs make or break, you win you got all the delegates two weeks from today. ted cruz is under. how he hopes to do it. it is a must win for him. >> is certainly as. a must win for ted cruz. he's been spending a lot of time on the ground, which is all of your guests have been saying shows how much you need to win the race and how much he feels
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that. if a polyp did not cover you know this better than i do, texas is a huge prize. all the delegates, 155 up for grabs in the great state of texas and of course these four cities i am tracking throughout the evening. i'm if you are the early hours. of course you have austin, on the second many silicon valley. you have some democrats, but libertarians mixed in. houston, energy capital of the world, dallas finances that. and of course to the south west san antonio which is traditionally do candidates can do. this is the big prize. texas this evening. >> ted cruz in his own state is proportional voting. you'll hear a lot of emphasis tonight did he grab it, if he does when i buy a big enough margin silly doesn't have two
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essentially split the delegates at donald trump. there are figures to worry about as well as certain districts we had districts we have to get a minimum of 20% of the vote so you could have the irony being marco rubio pulling around 18% in the state, not getting any delegates. and then we are back to a conundrum for senator cruz raised essentially is that in the delegates at donald trump. he will argue properly so they went properly so a win is a win is a win. the big thing here is racking up delegates in closing the gap with donald trump is safe to say at this hour that the issue is trying to contain the delegate lead that one donald trump is looking. that is an issue i will be raising to mr. cruz himself who will be joining us on fox business. after this.
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neil: i want to keep you abreast of the fbi director prepared remarks before the house judiciary committee. the house and senate both wayne and i missing they've got
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something to say about whether apple should be doing more to share data with government authorities. without getting into all the little details here, i want to quote from something i found interesting in the remarks made to target those free speech privacy advocates famous as a government assault. we are not asking to expand government surveillance authority, but rather we are masking to ensure that we can continue to obtain information and evidence pursuant to the legal authority that congress has provided to less to keep america safe. i have a feeling there will be a lot of aggressive back-and-forth on this issue in washington once the issue resumes. in the meantime, trouble for donald trump. the endorsement, you'll have problems with us. obviously a super tuesday but got close to 600 delegate. we are told that donald trump
12:33 pm
stands to get it these half or more of them. obviously come aside their set on the next round of big events in florida first among those. two weeks will be the winner take all primaries. blake burman in miami with the latest from there. reporter: hi there. back and forth during this entire election cycle it renewed again today the club for growth, which built the south is a progrowth organization. they back conservative candidates. now they have released what is amounted to a blanket statement out there for candidates running for office saying essentially a few in doors donald trump, that could be a major factor whether we the club for growth decide to support you. you might wonder why does that matter. some candidates often amount to money. one of course is the fuel are
12:34 pm
invited to a logical candidates. now these candidates might have to make the decision, do we end up endorsing donald trump likely seen in the last couple of days, or do we back off potentially saving some support for an endorsement on around for the club for growth. the club for growth just about as nature of a decision as they could make possibly when it amounts to whether or not to support a candidate. meantime on capitol hill, paul ryan injected himself once again into the political race. he is often shied away from this. he's talked about white supremacy and of course denounced it. this also goes back to donald trump on sunday. denouncing david duke and the. trump later blamed it on a bad earpiece. here was the house speaker paul mine earlier this morning. >> i want to be very clear about something. if a person wants to be the
12:35 pm
nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on people's prejudices. reporter: the last time paul ryan wade into this race announced last december when donald trump announced his ban on muslims at this time and he jumped in. donald trump following this is a rally right now in ohio. one of the crucial march 5th to winner take all state he will eventually make its way back here. so to what marco rubio and hillary clinton. we're in downtown miami where clinton will be speaking later. super tuesday is the thing today, the issue appeared candidates for different reasons or another have their own game plans and why this is important for trump and clinton. they are clearly looking forward to super tuesday as they know
12:36 pm
how important it will be on march 15th. neil: thank you, my friend. we have a busy, entertaining long night of that. ted cruz coming up fighting fire with fire. not only in his home state of tech this going into today, we shall see. that is upping the ante when it comes to taking on mr. trump over taxes, over all of that while still avoiding some of the night for tat we've been seeing with margaret rubio exchanging rather nasty shots at donald trump. why is he doing it that way? we will ask him because ted cruz is coming on. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk
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to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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neil: you might remember what marco rubio was unloading on donald trump.
12:40 pm
this is on this concern at trump university. or the senator was a legitimate chance and people at work for their money in court cases pending on this. one has just come down. but you have? >> i've got to read the whole thing, but apparently let's be clear. several counts in this case brought by eric schneiderman kind of the new york attorney general that jeannette trump university was a civil fraud commending and it did not live up to the promises that alleged to bring people in the paid thousands of dollars for the course is. what they are saying is trump appealed. the appeal has largely been objected by appellate courts in new york. from what i understand, i've got to read it to make sure i've got everything right. the core brands dated some of the accounts that were thrown
12:41 pm
out. what donald trump is facing if this is accurate, what i'm saying, he could be deposed during the presidential campaign of this case. this case is going forward. >> there were civil suits from people were ripped off by them. we've had the spectacle like we've had with bill clinton with bill clinton be deposed on the monica lewinsky staff -- excuse me, paula jones trial which led to monica lewinsky. it's not a president, but to add a little more spice to this. >> a lot of these guys in ted cruz i'm sure will follow up on a stance on illegal immigration, if he's as tough as he says he is in meeting with the editorial board. it's a lot faster on this issue.
12:42 pm
but both of these guys, senator cruz, senator rubio, that by speaking, what do you think? >> it's easy for them to go after things that is known. what did he possibly say to "the new york times"? it is unknown. it's an easy jab, nec punch for them to take like making fun of the guy's hand size. if you listen to the interview trumped it with hannity last night, i thought he sounded pretty reasonable about a lot of issues. neil: at this point. that is what the trump folks like to say. dagen: i don't know what will drive the car into the ditch. >> i got off the phone with some rubio people. they're trying to gauge voter sentiment post-. they told me that there is a
12:43 pm
positive trend here i have to get into those numbers a little bit. i do want to say exactly what they were because they need to know more about it. what is scaring rubio tonight and i am sure ted cruz and you can ask in this. there is a positive trend so trump voter sentiment trend following those remarks. i'm not saying it is causality or confluence. i don't know why that is occurring. that is what they said and that's a scary thing for ted cruz and marco rubio. neil: you always wonder whether it's a trump university saying and legal challenges across the country. you have that other people questioning whether he hires illegal. they are throwing out if anything they hope and maybe give voters in states today pause. >> it is to my new shot at this point. a little bit here, a little bit there. i don't know if you build a wall
12:44 pm
of an urgency in terms of donald trump. >> you sued for fraud and create a trump university. dagen: charlie, like all of this, i am not saying it's not a valid story to be covering. it most certainly is. the people firmly in trump's camp, it doesn't get in his way. club for growth, now representative steve king could back hillary. if they win the nomination. this makes a different core republican groups. the latest last night. but you make of that? >> moderate republicans, not just the establishment. this into their calculus. this is sort of the calculus with the contested convention
12:45 pm
that could hurt the party going forward not supporting trump and a bloomberg going forward. they believe by affecting donald trump the party features that date. >> they are not who they say they are. >> let's be clear here. i like donald personally. i don't believe he is a bigot. when someone brings that david duke, there is certain absolutes in life. death taxes, holocaust, is evil. >> the gop doesn't prey on people's prejudices. clearly a friend of donald trump. regardless of your respect your views on these issues, do any of them change the course of this nomination? dagen: maybe they don't change the course of the nomination, but they change the course of the general in november. these are sports hack digs. these are parents trying to score the kids from biting their
12:46 pm
fingernails when they are little. all of these establishment candidate. i am not talking -- they are trying to scare the voter into not voting for donald trump. >> they are trying to save you vote for this guy, you are crazy. on "the wall street journal" goes even further. if that number goes over to 50, it won't matter how much scare tac tics may have. if it doesn't, they are going to challenge them at the convention i guaranteed. dagen: i grew up in the south. you don't need to tell me how creepy and scary the has. >> is john mccain, making fun of the guy who has epilepsy. >> i have been on this since day one with the comments about women and veterans and prisoners
12:47 pm
of war and immigrants and handicapped people. >> used 39%. neil: 49%. you've been dismissing them from day one. i love you dearly, but you're wrong. >> you know why? because i'm scared. it depends. if that cnn poll is right, which is the first outlier. it's always been 35% until then. he will get the nomination and it's a dark day for the republican party. dagen: on the other side, the scare tac tics, like them or not that they are coming from people that the voters don't trust in the first place. they are shoving -- neil: here lies the difference. we are getting a little bit more on this loss for donald trump. there are two other cases pending. we haven't gotten that yet.
12:48 pm
bottom line, another potential black eye for donald trump. we shall see. a guy who isn't focused on donald trump as much is doing well for himself in the state of texas. ted cruz.
12:49 pm
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neil: this is a weird one. donald trump in ohio. john kasich must win state in a couple of weeks. 66 delegates.
12:52 pm
and you've got john kasich right now in arlington, virginia. all the marbles it would appear to do to be on hand in ohio. i know that john sununu is endorsing the ohio governor. out of manchester, is that an error for a handlebar for governor kasich -- i apologize, for him not to be in ohio 24/7 because that's where all the marbles are? >> well, no. you can't do that. ohio is two weeks are now. as you know, john kasich, donald trump running neck and neck at the best opportunity and one of these winner take all states in ohio. first we have got super tuesday. massachusetts, vermont, he will win his share of delegates. and then we go to michigan, another state that stacks up very well for john kasich.
12:53 pm
this is about winning delegates and proportional states. in two weeks we have ohio winner take all in florida. i hope marco rubio wins a winner take all state like florida. we have to because donald trump is the weakest republican and john kasich, let's face it, he's the strongest republican we can put up in november. he beat hillary clinton by double digits in ohio. yesterday in new hampshire he be pilloried by double digits in new hampshire. those are must win state that republicans will win the presidency. neil: obviously, there is growing concern, almost frantic concern, expressed by the lake says steve king. you know what these names. really urging to think this through. some of them going so far as to say either find a third-party candidate, third-party option for the new jersey governor goes so far as to say i will vote for hillary clinton over donald
12:54 pm
trump. is that extreme? >> i think that's getting a little foreign fun of ourselves, but it reflects the fact that poll after poll, and donald trump, who is the leader of right now is shown to be the republicans weakest candidate, whereas john kasich is the strongest. we need as republicans to win the presidency. barack obama has taken us in the wrong direction for seven years on taxing and spending and regulation in the courts. we need to get control of the white house and turn the country around. john kasich is the one candidate left in the race with the experience and skills and temperament to be commander-in-chief and most important he has done that stuff. neil: could you live with anyone. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, you could do with any of those over hillary clinton on the other side? >> well look, we are at the beginning, the front end of the
12:55 pm
nominating process. this isn't about titling. neil: i know, but that is not what i asked. if they came to that, would you support -- >> yes. yes i think so. i think i can support the republican nominee. i hope that is the case. unless they are in a position where they get flattened. there are other alternatives. we are far away from that. the key is for people to understand that this is about winning delegates in finding the candidate who will be our strongest one in november. john kasich -- i was saying he cut taxes by $5 billion. donald trump has cut nobody's taxes. we've got a strong difference here and we are in a position where the party can head in the right direction, choose the nominee and win the election in november. neil: senator, always a pleasure. thank you very much.
12:56 pm
>> i have my mother's personality. neil: a warmer side i guess good senator, a pleasure. >> good to be with you. neil: ted cruz coming up. all or nothing in the state of texas. he put a lot of money, time and effort. will it pay off today? the question becomes if it does, by what margin? you know these pundits.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
neil: are right. taxes. a dozen states voting on this super tuesday. that is the home state of ted cruz. and a lot of the marbles into this. does he get a lot of those delegates. allowing very strong, close to 700,000 texans making it their duty to get those ballots in
1:00 pm
early. anyone's guess. lieutenant governor dan patrick with us now. margins. >> spoken to about 4000. donald obviously not supporters. 1 million votes more than their last republican primary. most of those votes -- neil: the last republican primary. >> yes. a million more people.
1:01 pm
that, too, is a record, i am told. what do you make of that? what that may say? what do you think? >> not that many more people. just more voting. not by another million republican voters in that short of time. people are energized about ted. traveling with ted everywhere. when you look at the early vote, two things. first of all, those are people that made up their mind. that will be very good news for ted. number two, because we have so many boats in the can before south carolina and nevada, there were some people that voted for jeb bush. maybe marco rubio, who knows.
1:02 pm
there could be 25-30,000 posts. if you do not get 20%, you do not get any delegates. >> when did the voting begin? >> the tuesday before south carolina. a big difference. two weeks of early voting. the momentum out of south carolina or nevada, or lack thereof, kind of how you want to look at it, the returned did not come until that night. you cannot take back. maybe as many as 60% of the people. something happened last night on hannity on fox.
1:03 pm
someone new has been in office 10 years, i listened very closely to what people say. he says, well, even know, there can always be flexibility. hannity said, what about wanting all the people here legally wanting to leave the country. he said, you have to be fair. that is 180 degrees opposite of everything that he has said. we will set all the people out. we have to be fair. a tape really does exist. maybe it will not happen exactly as i am saying in the campaign. it did not sound nearly as aggressive.
1:04 pm
pushing on the part of your candidate. i was wondering on that same issue, whether this had been an effort by donald trump. positioning himself for the general election. this is all part of a bigger strategy. i think that it really will impact him moving forward. ted cruz will be strong on the border. we will really not do this. it is just part of the campaign. he will come off as a phony and a huge disappointment to his
1:05 pm
supporters. >> you are right. maybe this is that. you argue very eloquently for your candidate. thank you very, very much. fox business does not have any infomercials. you are right. they are horrible. >> this is big news. you are so right. >> i am with you. outlaw. why don't you try that. governor, seriously, great to have you. >> you are guaranteed to return. the fine state of texas. some news that could jar the democratic front runner right now. the latest on the female troubles. after the state department
1:06 pm
released the last. one e-mail shows. leaving the u.s. consulate. another e-mail from clinton political pfizer is. this will be a quote. loretta lynch about the e-mail controversy. >> matters being reviewed for anyone like it. they look at all the facts. they look at all the evidence. they come to a determination in due time. >> we use our doj service.
1:07 pm
>> you would not have a private server at home. >> i use the department of justice e-mail system. >> the state department reviewed pages of clinton e-mails. tens of thousands deemed private e-mails by clinton. not turned over to the government for review. there are still several lawsuits. >> thank you very, very much. apple, the fbi, all talking to a key house committee. donald saying, pride of conversations. information with the right to keep us safe. elizabeth macdonald monitoring all of that. >> it should be pointed out that the fb i has always been about the constitution.
1:08 pm
it is about protecting constitutional rights to privacy. there is an extremely complex problem of what is going dark. all criminals basically communicating via the encrypted devices. there is no one sides fits all solution to this. expecting questions from them to james call me and to apple's attorney. what he has also said is that the code that they are talking about only works on one phone. the idea that it would work on all phones is really not a real name. also, apple doing a pretty good job of protect ingots code and not letting it out into the public. >> tim cook was invited. that is a separate committee. what is also interesting is
1:09 pm
reuters is reporting that this same committee could file a brief with the court in this case saying that it is congress to basically write legislation. what the court order was basically violating congress legislative powers here. we also have a friend, watch this. one of the san bernardino victims. in support of apple. he is a husband. his wife was shot. he had a work iphone. he is questioning whether or not there was a an attack plan detail on an iphone. having the details exposed. a bigger thing. this is getting underway right now. >> all right. it is crazy. we will track it.
1:10 pm
tracking the developments for you and bring it to you. >> we have ted cruz on this. his reactions in washington. among at least some high and mighty tides. not so fast on this trump guide. senator cruz, what does he think of all that?
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1:14 pm
>> a must win for you today. texas is undoubtedly very important. i am very encouraged where we are. we have tremendous support. i believe that we will have a very good night. we are running neck and neck with ronald trump. at this point, it is all about turnout. voters have a clear choice. someone to go to washington, cut deals. give away our constitutional right. you have several choices. someone who has honored the commitments he has made to the voters. you have a clear choice as well. i am very encouraged. uniting behind our campaign because they want a republican candidate that they can trust and to can and will beat hillary
1:15 pm
clinton. >> marco rubio beginning any delegates. what do you think of that? >> what i think is likely to come out at the end of the night is that donald trump will have a whole bunch of delegates. i think everyone else will be way, way down. about 65% of republicans recognize that donald is not the best to go head-to-head. just today, cnn put out a new poll showing hillary eating him bad. the same cnn poll shows me beating hillary clinton. i want to take a minute to speak to your viewers. recognizing that donald is not the best candidate against
1:16 pm
hillary. the only campaign that has beaten donald trump is our campaign. we beat him in the state of iowa. tonight on super tuesday. we are running neck and neck in the super tuesday states. if you want to stop donald trump, maybe you are thinking of another candidate, good people in this race, no other candidate is in a position today to beat donald trump other than us. i ask you to stand with us. stand united and get behind a candidate that we know will defend the constitution. >> a lot of people looking at him. he was finishing second two donald trump. widening his delegate lead over both of you guys.
1:17 pm
marco rubio is a good man. i disagree with him on immigration. he is a good man. i like marco. marco has not won a state. tonight, he will not win a single state here on super tuesday. texas, my home state was leading by double digits. down by 20 points in florida. if he cannot win a state anywhere, you will not be the nominee. you will not beat donald trump. if you look state by state by state, though polling, donald and i are neck and neck. >> he may surprise people in minnesota. we do not know. no results are in.
1:18 pm
>> we do know the first four states. historically, no one has ever won the nomination. donald trump and i. >> all bets are off. having said that, i do want to step back and look at your criticism of donald trump and what appears to be a softening position on immigration. you think that you cannot be trusted on this issue. is that correct? >> donald had told us he cannot be trusted. he said he could be the most politically correct person on earth. yesterday, there was apparently this secret tape that the editorial board has. donald sat down and said, hey, all of this stuff that i'm saying on immigration, i do not believe it.
1:19 pm
i do not intend to deport anybody. they will not release the tape without donald's permission. yesterday i called on donald to have him release that tape. maybe this report is false. releasing the tape may prove his innocence. he went to manhattan and told the "new york times" editorial board that he is lying to the board on immigration. they deserve to know that. i am the only candidate in this race that has a consistent record that led the fight against the amnesty bill. marco rubio pushing for amnesty with barack obama. five of the eight members. over $50,000. i lead the opposition. i think that the voters --
1:20 pm
stuart: he did not dial back. he did so often, we are told on immigration. you come back to this issue that he cannot be trusted. you heard the likes of mitt romney. you have to release your tax returns. you land marco rubio release to her tax returns. i know a number that come back. just releasing the two pages of your 1040. it really does not say much. they give you credit for doing that. the first five years i released everything. i am happy to release everything, if the other people do that. donald trump has released nothing. >> you argue that he should.
1:21 pm
i will ask you what i asked mitt romney. >> may romney raised the obvious. there is a bombshell. something really damaging. one thing that it could be was maybe donald does not make nearly as much money as he tells everyone that he does. maybe it is the case that may romney makes more money than donald trump. he is terrified of releasing his taxes. maybe donald has for years. maybe it has also been supporting left-wing groups like planned parenthood. giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to planned parenthood. if that is the case, that would suggest that it is not exactly true. he released 10 years of returns when he first ran.
1:22 pm
he regrets doing it because people pick it apart. it was a feeding frenzy. he regrets doing it. >> every serious presidential candidate releases their tax returns. the people have a right to know. if donald is still hiding his tax returns, this will be a huge issue. listen, donald loses to hillary clinton in november. this tax return issue is a huge problem. i will tell you what is another problem. the clinton foundation. i think that it is an enormous scandal. it will take hundreds of thousands or even millions of
1:23 pm
dollars from foreign heads of states, foreign governments, foreign businesses. making decisions that benefited those companies. going after the clinton corruption. donald cannot make that case. if you tried to, donald, you gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation. neil, if we get this wrong, if we nominate donald trump, i think it has the potential to be a disaster. losing elections up and down the ballot. all likelihood losing the senate. we cannot risk that. we cannot gamble with that. the only candidate in a position to do so on super tuesday is our campaign. we are running neck and neck.
1:24 pm
>> chris christie supporting donald trump here it some people say that these guys campaigning today in ohio, that is the next ticket. what do you think of that? >> where we will be late tonight is to candidate candidates will have a lot of delegates. everyone else will be way, way down. >> finishing this night with more than marco rubio. >> i think that it is clear. >> is people think that they will have more delegates than you. >> let me say this. not winning a single state who has an inconsequential number of
1:25 pm
delegates for me. neil: ben carson should step out? >> i'm talking about any candidate that wakes up tomorrow morning that has 10 states. >> if rubio was in that position, john k sake is in that position -- >> let's be clear. >> you one in iowa. you don't win texas tonight, you should quit. >> any candidate that cannot win their own state has their own problem. it would be a real problem if you do not win your own state. we need to get this one-on-one. not only do i be donald trump, i beat him by a big margin.
1:26 pm
donald benefits from the field being fractured. we end up with him having a bunch of delegates. me having a bunch of delegates and everyone from way behind. if we stand together, we can and will be tim in the primary. we will beat hillary clinton in the general. as president, i will repeal every word of obamacare. abolish the irs. all of that together will bring back millions of high-paying jobs. raising wages and young people will be coming out of school with two, three, four, five job offers. we can simply do this if we stand together. >> the latest to say that he did not like this nasty tit-for-tat. it demeaned the process.
1:27 pm
just having fun. they are getting in this guy's face. you opted not to get into the personal stuff. senator rubio has had larger crowds. consequential meetings and gatherings. that translates into votes. do you regret that you did not return fire with tom up trump? >> i do not remotely regret taking a tone that reflects what the voters deserve. following a path and taking the high road. we resolved to follow the highest standards of integrity. i have not responded in time. >> you have. when you referred to donald trump. >> to be clear, many have
1:28 pm
reported that donald had extensive business dealings with the mob. i promise you, cnn has reported that. helping build trump plaza. that is a factual matter. owned by two of the five. a matter of public record. i am not insulting anyone's there. he had business dealings with the mob. maybe the reason he does not want to show his taxes. it is not a surprise to anyone watching this that the mainstream media is treating donald with kid gloves. they want donald to be the nominee. they can destroy him in the election.
1:29 pm
>> if he did become the nominee, could you support him. they could not and would not. what do you think? >> i will support the republican nominee, whoever he is. we are likely headed toward select oral disaster. neil: speaking favorably. you know, you are just the guy i need on my ticket to calm people down about me. >> i am running to be president. we will win the nomination. i am not interested in being anyone's running mate. let me answer really quick. marco and donald are engaging in nasty personal attacks. i think that that is a mistake.
1:30 pm
it is focused on policy and substance and records. i think that that is what the voters deserve. marco rubio led the effort with barack obama. donald trump funded the gang of eight amnesty efforts. >> he gave money to 405 of the senators involved. it just so happened to be on part of that group. part of that group. i am not excusing it or describing it one way or another. implying that that was his push to get a gang of eight stuff through. >> of course it does. >> some of them, a gang of eight members. >> for four years, donald has
1:31 pm
supported jimmy carter over he supported john kerry over george w. bush. you keep writing checks to open border democrats. people intend the natural consequences of their actions. donald was a huge financial supporter. giving the democrats support of congress. we discovered number one that donald trump has had a court management. even last week, his hotel in florida brings in hundreds of foreign workers because they do not want to hire american workers. taking advantage of of american workers. >> as a businessman, he sued all
1:32 pm
the time. >> last week right after the debate, he went on to cnn. americans are not qualified. you cannot find any americans that want to be my dad began in this country washing dishes making 50 cents and hour. what "the new york times" reported, is that some 300 americans applied to work at that hotel, donald hired only 17. he wanted to bring in foreign workers, to pay them less, they were captive and they couldn't quit. if you want someone you can trust, donald trump is rolling dice. if you want conservative you can trust, super tuesday state, come pick up the phone, call your friends and family. call your loved ones. super tuesday is the most important day of this whole primary. harris: that must be today. i think it is today. >> it is indeed. harris: senator, thank you very much. appreciate you taking time. >> thank you, neil. god bless.
1:33 pm
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1:36 pm
at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. harris: we are keeping eyes on the dow. might not be anything happening on super tuesday. might have to go with growing optimism that china may stablize things and worst of asia is over. rumored corporate pairs and the like. some like the growing clarity
1:37 pm
that seems to be coming together on our presidential race. i don't quite buy that last one but it is out there. let's talk to former texas senator phil gramm. you might think as texan he would endorse ted cruz on this show. instead he is going to marco rubio. senator, always good to have you. why rubio, not your home state senator? >> well, look, i've got nothing against ted cruz. i'm for marco rubio because i think that that he has strong love for america and free enterprise both in his head rand his heart. i think he is the most articulate candidate, and like reagan i think he can sell the program to the country and congress. i think he can win the general election. marco rubio, against hillary clinton is lay down hand. we'll win presidency, we'll win the senate.
1:38 pm
we could even increase our numbers in the house. and this is important election, neil. if we don't win this election, and we don't overturn the obama program i'm afraid my five grandchildren, the america of land of opportunity and freedom i've known. so this is a big deal. harris: why do you think donald trump couldn't do that? he trails in some polls against hillary clinton but he used to trail her months ago by 40 points? >> i think first of all, as a candidate in the republican primary who never voted in a republican primary, a person who takes stands with no evidence he ever held those positions, i just, i think by every measure, i ever used to judge a candidate
1:39 pm
he is not the right choice. i previous he has a lot of vulnerabilities. nobody attacked him on stained basis. nobody believed his shortcomings would become obvious and he would stayed of his own accord but you can be sure that when hillary clinton runs against him -- harris: could you support him? could you support donald trump if he ended up being the nominee? >> would be hard for me, neil, taking jobs back when japan hasn't created a job in 25 years. i don't know what to make of somebody running for president for a year, who knows nothing about the health care debate. knows nothing about obama care. you know, knowledge, at some point is important. so, i have a profound respect
1:40 pm
for mr. trump as a businessman. but it's clear that he is not going to take the time to understand the problems we have. and i think that these knee-jerk reactions that are kind of comical in the debates, and on the campaign trail, just won't work in government. we -- neil: what do you think of way senator rubio responded, what do you think of the way senator rubio responded to donald trump? some are dismayed including your own colleague senator john mccain that is childish, not presidential. talking about a guy's hand size all that? you're in the gutter. >> well, look, he was responding in kind to the kind of stuff he has been hit with. i can understand why he did it. would i preferred that he be talking about balancing the budget and strengthening social security and medicare? yeah.
1:41 pm
but, i'm not the guy who's been attacked over and over and over again in this kind of nasty language that apparently the american people like. i don't get it -- neil: we don't know. way too early. i still think it is early. thank you, senator, very much. always good chatting. >> it is very early. a lot will happen between now and decision. neil: thank you, my friend. former fine senator from the state of texas, presidential candidate at that. remember when we talked to ben of ben & jerry's? it is jerry's turn. it is jerry's turn. he is next. so what else is new? how's your mother?
1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
reporter: good afternoon, from the floor of the new york stock exchange i'm lori rothman where, wow, talk about march in like a lion, markets up 2%. nasdaq outperformer of benchmark three up nearly 2 1/2% right now. the dow up 332 points but as you
1:44 pm
know, not nearly enough to make up for the rough year it has been. year-to-date the dow is still down about 3%. why the rally today? well we got good u.s. economic data. construction spending, unbelievably strong, if you consider the number came out in january, not seasonally strong month for construction. manufacturing data, not too shabby either. dow winners, you can see this is broad-based rally. jpm, apple, chevron, all higher. utx is laggard on the dow off 2%. honeywell, scrapping offer to buy utx. oil rallying. so goes oil, so goes the stock market. more "coast to coast" after this.
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
neil: all right. last time we had ben of ben & jerry's fame, ben cohen. we have jerry greenfield. of ben & jerry's. he like ben a big backer of bernie sanders. jerry good having you. thank you for your time. >> thank you. i hope i'm as colorful ben usually is. neil: he kind of stunk, but hopefully set another kind of bar. i kid. i kid. you like bernie sanders. you like the fact he is straight-shooter. no one would deny the fact he is consistent. i covered him since his days as beryl link ton -- burlington mayor. he doesn't talk about controlling government spending
1:47 pm
if anything adding to it. does that trouble you? >> no. i think bernie is very fiscally smart. he has plans for all of the policies that he is going to put in place. he has ways to pay for them. even as mayor of burlington he was very thrifty. neil: you say he has ways of paying for them but a lot seems slapping more taxes on well to do. not saying he can't get it all to the well to do so he expands with taxes to middle class arguing that they will get more bang for the buck than the buck they're paying in taxes but don't you find that a little worrisome? >> i actually don't. you know, for me everybody paying their fair share. neil: what is your fair share? what is fair share to you, jerry? >> for me, it sort of depends where i fit in with everybody else. for example, one of bierne any's plans is to have a very small financial transactions tax on
1:48 pm
wall street. i happen to think that is fair. if i were a person speculating on wall street i would feel fine about that. >> you would be surprised some of them don't but that -- >> i might not that be -- neil: higher marginal rate, jerry. you know the top rate now is closing on 50% if you think about all add-ons for medicare and health care all of that i heard some express, senator himself backed away from 90% rate. he does seem to be open to a rate close to that. i'm just wondering what is fair for you and ben? >> well, for example, during the eisenhower years, you know who was certainly, you know, a very popular president, the marginal rate was around 90%. i seriously doubt it is going to be anywhere close to that. neil: three people in the country paid it, right? >> i don't know how it was then. neil: but they wrote off a lot -- i guess what i'm asking you this.
1:49 pm
i just see -- by the way i criticized republicans a well. beef up military, got to do all of this, they don't find a way to pay for their stuff either. does anyone see the $18 trillion debt? does anyone see by osmosis, sitting there the debt will grow another 10 trillion in 10 years? >> i think, you know, on to bernie it wouldn't grow anymore. what he has plans to pay for his programs. i mean another example. neil: how do you know that? how do you know that? >> well as much as anybody knows anything. neil: but he is paying for free college for kids of all sorts. do you think that you need to pay for my kids college? >> for public university, i don't mind if everybody gets to go to public university for free. i'm happy to pay my fair share of that. neil: even for my child? if i can afford it, you to fork over, that all americans have to fork over for rich people's kids to go to college? >> you want to go to public
1:50 pm
university and public college i'm fine with that. neil: you think bernie sanders's goals are realistic? you don't fear, government some people say gotten a little out of hand could get really out of hand? >> no the thing about bernie's plans and bernie's programs it is not going to happen easily. as bernie says, it is going to take millions of americans to rise up and say our government needs to represent the will and needs of the people. neil: but if he doesn't make it to the finish line, gets clobbered tonight would you be able to support hillary clinton in that event? would she be your backup. >> i'm happy to answer. he will not get clobbered. neil: if he does, if he does? >> bernie is the by far the are person that motivates me. ben and i have never campaigned for any other presidential candidate before. neil: that's true.
1:51 pm
>> bernie is unique. neil: all right. >> he is the only candidate willing to talk about how the political and economic system is rigged. he tells the truth. and, you can either choose to want to do something about it or not. but if i want to choose something to do about it, bernie is the only guy willing to take it on. neil: could i ask you a very different question that i raised to ben? >> yes. neil: your ice cream is delicious. i'm a fan of chunky monkey myself. some say that is pejorative on my weight. i get annoyed when they do that. does it bother you on every level so many republicans love your ice cream? >> i love republicans as well as democrats. you know. we may not always agree on things. neil: right. >> but i have nothing against, you know, what is it half the people in the country? i mean, no -- neil: everyone has a sweet tooth. everyone has a sweet tooth.
1:52 pm
>> ice cream is great uniter. neil: jerry, thank you very, very much. my best to ben. be well. >> thanks. great talking with you. neil: all right. now we have musician lee greenwood with us. he is not backing bernie sanders. he is backing marco rubio. the country sensation with us right now. good to have you. how are you feeling? >> great, neil, thank you. neil: do you still get royalties off your hits? god bless the usa, that one, is sung at more places and at more event, i think than, than most songs period, save happy birthday. >> well you know, i wrote it in 1983. so it has been awful lot of years. i sank it every year. somebody asked me how many times i sang it. i can't remember. early years, once every day for at least 10 or 12 years. neil: we're on 30th anniversary of hit songs.
1:53 pm
hearts are not made to break, they're made to love. been 30 years since that came out? >> thank you for that. we had over 31 country albums at mca. then over to capitol nashville, liberty records. we've recorded the american patriot at liberty after mca put it in catalog. during the attack on america in 2001, god bless the usa was -- neil: not kidding. >> it came alive again. neil: to the purpose, you like marco rubio. you know he has been trading some nasty tit-for-tat. talking about the size of hands with donald trump and other stuff. some people say you're getting in the gutter, senator, you shouldn't be there. what do you say? >> he is not doing that. everyone likes to be defensive. super panel on one of the tv shows, may not have been fox but they were asking questions of each candidate. one of the gentlemen asked ben carson i want to sigh some fire, some strength in you. i think that is what american people like, maybe about trump, cruz and rubio is that they have some, they show some strength.
1:54 pm
i don't blame rubio at all for being defensive when he gets attacked like that from trump. neil: so, gutting on that level, exchanging barbs, i think they were very funny. donald trump's are funny. >> you think? neil: some argue it has no place if politics. you say what? >> i don't think so either but in tit-for-tat, that is what trump campaign is doing all along, getting public support for him being unique. being able to throw the digs. neil: you're okay. so you look at it, you could live with donald trump if he were the nominee? >> well you know at this point, as some of the other candidates you asked that same question to bedy, they always dodge it. you better not dodge me young man. >> i won't dodge you. i love senator rubio but i think he would be best candidate, as far as conservative on republican side, i will whoever run against the democrats. we have to take this nation from the democrats. neil: lee greenwood, real pressure. -- pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil.
1:55 pm
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>> i say each candidate that cannot win their own state has a real problem. neil: if you don't, you dropped out. >> it would be a real problem if you do not win your state. neil: not just senator cruz. they are proportionately awarded. john kasich and marco rubio have to win their respect it states. sixty-six delegates in ohio. two ted cruz's point, a lot is at stake.
1:59 pm
he will emerge from this day with the second largest delegate to donald trump. of course, delegates. it is all about acquiring the 1237 you need to meet the republican nominee for the united states. 595 delegates at stake tonight. we begin with charles pain at 6:00 p.m. and the whole gang joining me at 8:00 p.m. taking youth to midnight or afterwards. judging who will be the party's nominee. even after today, we are roughly one third of the way they are. it is important.
2:00 pm
it is not the endgame. doesn't trish regan know it. >> i will see you tonight. triple digits. up 308 team points. voters head to the polls. this is the most critical moment. voters in 11 states testing their ballot today. the two most polarizing candidates. they could be in for some big wins. nearly half of the gop candidates, gop delegates are at stake today. it is a do or die time in his home state of texas. plus, the war of words between donald trump and marco rubio. it is getting pretty ugly. >> his pores are clogged from


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