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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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it is not the endgame. doesn't trish regan know it. >> i will see you tonight. triple digits. up 308 team points. voters head to the polls. this is the most critical moment. voters in 11 states testing their ballot today. the two most polarizing candidates. they could be in for some big wins. nearly half of the gop candidates, gop delegates are at stake today. it is a do or die time in his home state of texas. plus, the war of words between donald trump and marco rubio. it is getting pretty ugly. >> his pores are clogged from the spray tan.
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not making america great here it he will make america orange. >> he is a con man. in florida, where he jumps from, this guy could not be elected dog catcher. eric: a slowdown on capitol hill today. the company did not have to unlock the iphone. the latest on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. no deadline in the government investigation. despite looming election. could hillary clinton be indicted after receiving the nomination? it is all on today's agenda. i want to go to miami florida
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where our own plate birdman is. this is a very big day. there is a lot at stake. correct? >> you are correct. republicans, about 25% of what you need. about 20%. if you believe the polls here, it could very well be a big night for donald trump. a big question tonight is texas and where that rose. ted cruz is the sitting senator there. just that way. a more long-term view. being in florida later tonight.
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>> senator rubio is on the air. desperate. desperate. with every -- senator cruz is on the edge. we do not need to to enter from washington, d.c. in the oval office. >> on the democratic side, we know of one voter that is suspect today. earlier this morning. vermont is very much at stake. five states that they believe. massachusetts. oklahoma and colorado. hillary clinton. what she thinks, what she may be able to pick up on. they expect to do well.
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she thinks that there is a path for sanders to the nomination. she kind of just steered the other way. even though super tuesday is incredibly important. eric: thank you so much. i want to move now to connell mcshane. at his home state of texas. cruz has the advantage. still going to be pretty tight. >> it could be very tight. that matters the most. these delegates are awarded on a proportional basis. ted cruz worrying about how much he will win by. earlier today, here is cruz. >> tomorrow morning, you will see a clear choice.
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two candidates. a remainder of the candidates very close. >> there it is. the same exact argument that we have heard from other candidates. easier said than done. crews will have to win big here. that is my point about marching to victory. about 155 delegates. cruz, 50% of the magic number. all 47 statewide of her grabbed delegates. that is not likely to happen. 50% is the magic number. cruz needs to win big here. >> i take any candidate that cannot win theirown state as a real problem. >> it would be a real problem if
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you do not win your home state. >> of course, trish, it would be. tonight, it is cruises turn. back to you. eric: our all-star political panel. former campaign direct or for obama in florida. good to see you. it seems to me, what i would call some kind of panic mode right now. trump may actually win this thing. why did we not hear more from them early on? why is it all coming down to this final moment now? we have -- >> the very life of the political patronage, capital
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cronyism. keeping, keeping them from having a job for decades now. this is very scary. your whole job is about who you know in d.c. being a better part of the establishment than anyone else. it is very scary to think of a trump presidency. >> it seems to have taken them a while to realize this. what kind of damage do you think the republicans are really doing to themselves here? they go after trump. he eventually becomes the nominee. thing. i actually think that trump is a little bit scarier of a candidate. >> some establishment republicans.think that this is a
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different kind of year. >> whether or not they are shooting themselves in the foot. he most likely, assuming he performs as well as the as seen in the polls recently, he most likely will be the nominee. any of these last-ditch efforts trying to stop him seem to be pretty futile. are some republicans okay with that? >> i think that the media has in particular this week have only helped trump. they are the enemy to the base of the gop vote. every time that they attacked trump, i have gotten text just randomly this week did they want to know my opinion.
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every time, i just feel like maybe i should vote for him. is that crazy? really since reagan, the gop has managed to coalesce around to ever be establishment crammed down their throats. >> we have had enough. we're going to go with the guy that none of you like. they do not like politicians. they do not like the media. everything against that so-called establishment. i want to move on to rubio. he is part of this. he is trying very, very hard in this last-ditch effort. we will see how this all plays out.
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he needs to win an early stage. winning florida, the 29th contest. shot in minnesota tonight. i think he has to be a win sometime. maybe in kansas or sometime next way. john k said. dropping out. ultimately being donald trumps vice presidential take. watch him here. let's see what happens.
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the situation is, you are in the arena with people. donald trump endorsing david duke. of course i would not endorse him. let's see where this goes and see what happens between now and then. >> john kasich. joining me now with more intel. it did to see you, senator. you are, you are a man who believes what he believes i know you are supporting governor bush. neither one of them seem to have a real shot of going the distance. are you running the risk of wasting your time? >> no, i do not inc. so.
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there are other talented people. i like marco rubio. john kasich has proven to govern. he also has a very optimistic. the candidates that are out there, the guys a wonderful nominee. the pathway is charging. this whole question about that. donald trump on the freeway. johnjohn k -- there are still options there. controlling the delegates. controlling the nomination. being a very viable option. >> we may actually be in an open convention. it will have to be procured.
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>> the only way that donald trump does not become the nominee right now. if he runs the table tonight, he makes a big surge. the winner take all states are still to come. enough of those states do not fall into that category, john kasich wins it in ohio and california. then he could go in the convention with the second most number of delegates. certainly, crews will go. depending on what happens in florida. neil cavuto saying you have to. >> if you cannot win your home state, you really cannot read the nominee.
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>> let me ask you why you did not go for rubio. falling in line. i think that he is charismatic. i was really disappointed on this weekend. >> i agree with you. >> the deciding factor for me was i have known john kasich for a long time. i have watched him balance the budget. they were not nearly as close. i have watched him as governor. i think, a president has to be able to govern. it is very important to being a good president. >> if this plays out with a brokered convention of some port, how do you think you will convince more, establish republicans to go for k sick over rubio.
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>> well, that assumes that he makes it to the convention. i think he would be a very strong force. the polls are not too good right now. i do think that if this is a brokered convention, it will be relative to donald trump. in the states before convention, a lot of them out of his momentum. the party will be looking for somebody else. >> would you support, would you support trump for president if he does indeed become the nominee? >> yes. i will support the nominee. i thought he did send out the david duke thing. it was first probe. i disembowel him.
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a city that was confusing him, i guess. we cannot have anyone leading our party that supports anyone like david duke or the ku klux klan. coming up, new reports. a record discussion that his tough stance on immigration is more flexible. is he trying to play both sides of the fence? what does that say about the integrity of the "new york times"? journalistic integrity. a showdown on capitol hill today. squaring off on the refusal to help him up the san bernardino terrorist iphone. national security. stay with me. i am back into. ♪
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>> albright. super tuesday. we are sitting near the highs of the session. a positive sign for the economy. you know, a big part of this. oil moving higher. can we see an oil chart? oil trading up there almost 2%. there is a feeling that we may have around 30, 347. people like the sound of that. we are seeing such a recovery in the market. donald trump. his stance on immigration. donald trump off the record conversation. discussing it with the time. a position on immigration is more flexible than he let on publicly. how is it somehow making news? joining me right now, fox news
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analyst. good to see you, let's back up. what exactly may have happened and how this story has materialized in the news. >> donald trump said down. at least part of that was off the record. you were saying, you would go to jail before you would give up the source. a buzz feed. not a trump fan. it is a legitimate story. smith did not claim to have actually seen a transcript or an audiotape. indicating more flexibility on immigration. >> we can get to that in a second. if in fact they had an off the record conversation. it gets leaked.
2:22 pm
you know, "new york times." is this an example of shoddy journalism? >> i do not want to indict the entire newspaper. somebody telling me what is going on. went to a website. it does sound like a bit of an underhanded move by somebody. >> let's talk about what he may or may not have said. making him a little bit more flexible on this law thing. using a negotiating tool. i will put up a wall. i will take 11 million people out of the country. starting with the most aggressive stance as possible. >> i think it is nothing. living off the record for each year.
2:23 pm
politicians as i am taking a stance. trump has actually gone to other interviews. he takes a stronger stance as he can. i understand why ted cruz and others are attacking him. i dow that donald trump campaigns openly against the press that does not have a high regard for the "new york times." >> no, to your point, the moral of the story is what exactly the "new york times" did or did not do. anyway, good to see you. thank you very much. do not forget to watch media buzz at 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern every sunday. all right. coming up.
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these candidates attacking each other in the ugliest of ways. who has tiny fingers and who is little or a liar. my intel. checking on the playgrounds. the highest in the land. that is next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. >> light weight rubio. total lightweight. you know, little rubio. this die is a fresh mouth. he is a very nasty guy. i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar. rubio is worse. >> you cause me little rubio. i do not understand why his
2:28 pm
hands are the size of someone that is 52. have you seen his hands? you know what they say about men with small hands. [laughter] you cannot trust them. >> is this really what this is coming to? it is unbecoming. it is detrimental to the overall process. coming from rubio, it does not sound authentic. it weakens his position. they have an opportunity to act like this months ago. to rubio's credit, talking about the size of his opponents hands, it was the needs him then. i would argue, it still is. trump can get away with this kind of chatter, less than presidential chatter.
2:29 pm
he is like though. a fighter. he is a big street fighter from queens. it sounds a little more believable, perhaps. trying to talk like they are talking. they are trying to play trumps game instead of playing their own. i get it. they want to win. they are fighting back with everything they have gotten. what is critical in this election is that this stay true to themselves. if they lose that, there is nothing left. if we have learned anything in this election cycle, wanting authenticity. what they see is what they get. if we start changing the personality, i do not think that it is going to work. coming up, a showdown on capitol hill. squaring off over whether or not
2:30 pm
apple must help the fbi unlock the iphone. we have the very latest. a new york city drug case. having major implications for the federal case. that is next. i will see you right here. ♪
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everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> the fbi and apple are squaring off whether apple must help the government unlock the
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iphone's. this after a new york judge ruled that apple does not have to help investigators cracked the iphone. elizabeth macdonald joins me right now with the very latest. elizabeth. >> good to be with you. concluding his testimony just moments ago. general counsel from apple. testifying after this concludes. the fbi director put through a grilling here. questioning him on whether or not the fbi wants to get into one phone. that work phone that was used by the san bernardino terrorist. take a listen. >> i do not see that. there are issues about that doors. there is already a door on that iphone. take the vicious guard dog away. >> that is right.
2:35 pm
the software that apple would create to get into that phone would work on only one phone. sticking to its position that they only want to get into one phone. congress not really buying that. the fbi and law enforcement want to get into all sorts of phones. james call me will not say whether or not he will back off the court order and say that this is an issue that congress should take a crack at. this is according to reuters. members of this committee in support of a congressional solution. there is also questions being raised to mister call me as to why a terrorist would put a plan on a work iphone.
2:36 pm
apple's top lawyer will be saying a testimony coming up. back you. eric: elizabeth macdonald, thank you. how are they connected? >> without getting too much into the weeds, it is persuasive and it is helpful to the trial judge in california. two federal magistrate judges. the circuit court of appeals. the second circuit in lower manhattan. it sits all over the western part of the united states. >> it is helpful. the research has been done. in my opinion, it is brilliantly written. i do not see how anyone can get
2:37 pm
around it. >> reject the decision. it is not binding. eric: the judge in california. it does not vote to that. it goes to the authority of the government to force apple to create something that does not exist. that he can be put into the phone and opened up to the phone. if apple had the plans, the government could subpoena the plans. the government wants apple to work for it and create something that it does not want to create. no. we will see what the federal judge does.
2:38 pm
apple trying to create a level. a little privacy does exist. we cannot get in. the level of product exists. you certainly heard what elizabeth macdonald said a few moments ago. >> how is that possible? rise and having to turn over the text messages from your phone. >> the government subpoena power releases things that already exist. it reaches things that already exists. the applicant for a search warrant can show it is relevant to a criminal investigation. the evidence that they want will help convict somebody or
2:39 pm
exonerate somebody. forcing apple to work against its will. director call me. asking congress to pass. what is left of our privacy in this world did completely of liberated. >> i don't know. i have a feeling we do not see eye to eye on this. i am out of time. coming up, former presidential candidate rick santorum is joining me on why he is supporting. the insults that the candidates are throwing at each other. whether he would ever support donald trump. that is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ let's check the markets. we are up more than 300 points. markets getting a boost here. pointing to the roof cover here on super tuesday. construction spending and even troubled ring. it does not hurt. forty-four a barrel. honeywell is ending united technologies. winning negotiations.
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revealed $9 billion. the owner of the new york stock exchange. according to reports. a bit as well. i will be right back with rick santorum to get his take on the all out brawl among the gop candidates. i will see you here. ♪
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>> super tuesday. marco rubio campaign up attacks. it is getting personal. deeply, personal. the home state is not on tonight's outlet. it could make or break his campaign. here, with what is at stake. one of rubio's top endorsers. rick santorum. welcome back to the show. good to have you here. it is good to be back. let me ask you first of all, you have seen the attacks over the week. i find that this does not really sound like marco rubio. he is trying to get down into the gutter and slug it out. in a way that i do not find silva coming. >> you have to fight fire with
2:45 pm
fire. i cannot say that i am enamored by some of the things that have been said by both of these candidates. if someone is coming after you at that level, at some point, you just have to respond. trying to respond in a different level. it has not really been very effective. donald trump is on a roll right now. i agree, i do not think that that is marco rubio's sweet spot. you have to fight fire with fire. >> you still want to be true to who you are. the voters are a leg in you. a scrappy guy from the beginning. >> at some point, you have to adapt.
2:46 pm
it is who you have to be sometimes. you are put in a position where you really have no choice. i think that that is really where marco is. he has been treated rudely. you can try to continue to dismiss it. or you can just visit back out. senator rubio will do what is the right name. continuing to fight the battle. >> he has to win something to do that. >> look, if you cannot win florida, how are you going to make it to the convention? what is at stake for him tonight? >> i would look at a couple of states. minnesota was a state that i campaigned in four years ago. we had a very strong organization up there.
2:47 pm
some really smart people up there. all in for marco right now. i am actually quietly optimistic. i think that that may be a surprise finish up there. i am predicting that marco will do better than people are predicting at some point, he does. you cannot finish second place. some of these other candidates who are not performing very well right now, ted cruz is an example of this. he said super tuesday was his firewall. the fact is, the likelihood, only one state tonight. that is not a firewall. that is your home state. >> very good. if donald trump becomes the nominee for the republican party
2:48 pm
-- marco rubio will be the nominee for this party. i will support whoever the republican nominee is. i really think that the republican voters in this race gets down. hopefully john k sake and cars and think better of it going forward. maybe they need to step aside and get this down to a two-person race. calling for carson and kasich to step back. >> thank you. tune in tonight to fox business. we will be here with our analysis of super tuesday here at i will be joining our special coverage with neil cavuto. make sure that youwatch. renaming e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. continuing classified information.
2:49 pm
the attorney general telling fox news that there is no deadline to wrap up this investigation. could the democratic front runner be facing indictment?ad that is next. ♪ so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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>> the state department releasing the 14th and final batch. bringing the total amount of e-mails. more than 2000. hillary clinton storms into super tuesday as the front runner. could achieve end up facing in indictment? here's what she told that they are just last night. >> the matter is being reviewed
2:53 pm
like any other like it. they look at all the facts. they look at all the evidence. they will come to a determination in due time. >> we used our deal share a service. >> you would not have a private server at home. >> you would not. you use doj servers. >> good answer. here with analysis. the heritage foundation. albright. i am just a simple girl, i guess. e-mails that should
2:54 pm
is no precedent for a exclusive electronic mishandling. everything else that we know about this is from david the trays and written documents. does the fbi and the department of justice want to use this case when they go to court. that is the kind of thing that lawyers and judges worry about all the time. do you really think that the justice department wants this on the race? i do not think so. they will take their time and hope that this goes away. >> i think that you are right. this is kind of an easy one. you are not supposed to transfer classified information on your server. there are secrets that you could have. you do not want the thread of
2:55 pm
somebody hacking into that. it seems pretty easy. you pile on the politics that surround the clintons in general. you have yourself a real mess. >> because it is hillary clinton, that is why. this is the kind of thing back up the trays into trouble. i do not think the chances are pretty close to zero. i talked to a lot of republican donors. they said, no, i will stand on my head if she does. it is completely politicized. if she she has to prosecute herself.
2:56 pm
>> what happens? humor me. let's play this out. if she winds up getting the nomination and getting indicted, what do they do then, steve? >> i think that they would look at maybe going with someone else. getting elected president of the united states. >> it is just an indictment. it is not like she is actually going to jail. >> i think that the american people understand what is going on here. >> i am coming up on a break. wonderful to see you guys. thank you so much for joining i will see you right back here.f
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>> keep it right here because special coverage of supertuesday's kicking out at 6:00 p.m. eastern. i will join our political a team, late night, we will beat year through all of it. liz claman, over to you. liz: you don't want to miss this. march is in like a lion on this supertuesday. major rally on wall street, nasdaq jumping 100 points but on capitol hill brawl between apple and the fbi. voters in 11 states casting their votes in primary elections could turn the 2016 race for the white house upside-down. when folks get off work in vermont, georgia and virginia will maybe lining up to vote. donald trump lien in polls in most of the supertuesday states. we will


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