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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 1, 2016 8:00pm-1:01am EST

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neil: that's a winner take all state. 56 delegates which is where trump was campaigning today. >> campaigning today, not a super tuesday state. the republicans are obviously split. it is madness on the part of the republican party if they reject donald trump as the nominee after he's won three straight primaries and god knows how many tonight. you reject him, you are crazy. neil: we are comfortable in saying that tennessee is going to go to donald trump. we can also say alabama to donald trump. massachusetts to donald trump. in the state of oklahoma, we see that ted cruz has a slight lead over marco rubio and donald trump. remember, there was a late-minute poll surge for ted cruz in oklahoma. again, he was largely and is largely expected to do well, that is ted cruz in his home state of texas.
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no garity there, if he does well in texas, it would stand well in oklahoma he could do well there. for the democrats, alabama for hillary clinton, tennessee will vote for hillary clinton as well. massachusetts still very close to call. at least in massachusetts, bernie sanders has a very slight lead there. back with my colleagues and friends, stuart varney, maria bartiromo and lou dobbs. lou dobbs, if you can hear me, there you are in the studio. i always confuse this, lou, we did this in the weekend. do you get a sense, stuart and maria saying the trump folks wanting to talk about inevitability. we give up enough delegates, enough states. you cannot deny us this nomination. lou: i don't know that we're there or be there by this evening. i know that a lot of people are talking about anywhere from 280 to 300 is enough start talking about inevitability,
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invincibility. but that sort of thing doesn't always work out. clinton started out as being, it was a coronation, and then she lapsed. we may see other lapses on the trail to the nomination, but i think anything approaching 280 delegates tonight for trump is irresistible for the establishment. they have gone far afield. this is a man, we're talking about in massachusetts, 20,000 new republicans registering and voting in the state. this is an argument for the establishment to kind of calm themselves and understand that they are not the end all and be all of the republican party. it's about those who are identifying and registering as republicans, and trump seems to be well on the way to pushing that effort forward as the establishment seems set on committing suicide. neil: you want to say something?
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>> if it's not trump after all this, do you think the republicans can possibly win? all these extra voters who have come out to the primary, flooding to the polls. neil: massachusetts was wild, 20,000. >> 20,000 democrats left the party. most became independents, so they can vote in this particular primary. if you think you can now deny trump this nomination and still win for the republicans, i think that's crazy. >> especially when we see that the people are voting. the people want trump, bottom line. neil: he took a real shellacking over the past week, if you think about it. we don't know if rubio's attacks helped him. we do know at least as far as trump, it hasn't hurt him, the margin, if you are marco rubio, you are hoping you pick up some states. >> yeah, i think rubio's performance is impressive. he came out with his deux up. it's terrific the last couple
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of days. too little too late? >> i disagree. i don't think marco rubio came across very well at all. you get down in the mud and wrestle with donald trump, you're going to lose. neil: you didn't think it was funny? >> this is a presidential candidate talking of mocking his opponent because he has small hands. neil: is donald trump much better? >> he just does it better. [ laughter ] >> that's an interesting point. >> doesn't he? you're voting in a presidential election for the person who's going to be on your tv screens every single day for the next four years, very personal thing. donald trump can dish it out and do it well. when rubio does it, it doesn't work so well. >> it's desperation. lou: can we debate being on television every single day? just because obama has done it? couldn't we do it biweekly? [laughter]. neil: we want to go to cruz headquarters in stafford, texas, connell mcshane is
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there. obviously, as the senator said repeatedly today to me, look, i realize i've got to win my state, that's obvious, so obviously they're confident they can pull that off, right? >> yes, they're hopeful they can win in texas, but there is more too it, neil, than that, that's why the issue reported a few minutes ago senator cruz has a slight lead in the state like oklahoma will be welcome news to supporters. he needs to do well in other southern states. needs to pick up delegates in other southern states and the proportional allocation of the delegates is very, very important. in texas, it's a must-win. everybody said it, sometimes that's an overused cliche, but today, it's a fact for the senator in texas. we were with him when he voted in houston earlier today and said as much then and said it in the interview, if somebody doesn't win the home state has real problems. will ted cruz have problems tomorrow morning? he's hoping when he wakes up tomorrow morning and when we
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all wake up tomorrow morning, it's a two-person race. that's what he said, he and donald trump going at it, toe to toe, head-to-head. he will have a lot of delegates, trump will have a lot of delegates, cruz's words, everybody else will have very few. that's what he's trying to set up tonight. we expect to hear from him, from campaign officials after the polls close in the state of texas about an hour from now. i should say we're coming to you from a place called the redneck country club on the outskirts of houston. you might hear behind me, we have live music from a local band called market junction. i'm glad they sent me, and not you, neil, you cavuto would stick out like a sore thumb. neil: like you don't, mcshane. that would be interesting, hear what connell is saying, concurrent press announcements or speeches on the part of ted cruz in texas and, of course, we're going to be hearing from
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donald trump at 9:00. any idea, maria, what we could hear from trump? >> only imagine another big donoror someone joining his team. i can only think what it is. neil: remember his announcement, he stopped that whole wave of attention that marco rubio was getting with the chris christie announcement. perfectly timed. >> really smart. >> looked like he was going to slide in the discussion. he had a rocky performance in the debate, and to add insult to injury, rubio going at it. >> 9:00 on super tuesday night, all the results, analysts are there, donald trump grabs all the attention, healdsa news conference. neil: remember he tried to do that in iowa. >> he skipped the debate and did his own show for veterans. neil: blake burman at hillary clinton headquarters. it's about racking up all the delegates and keep in mind,
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they have 865 up for grabs, about a third of what you need to clinch the nomination. she's a quarter of the way there with super delegates, could this ice that, couldn't it? >> yeah, this is potentially the night for hillary clinton if things break her way, say she were to win 7, 8 states where she could make the argument that she's on her way or at least her supporters would certainly make that argument. neil, this is about as quiet as this massive warehouse in downtown miami has been all night, over the last couple of hours, because as the states come on the board for hillary clinton, this place breaks into applause, loud of applause i've heard at the campaign events. four states on the board. virginia, georgia, alabama, tennessee. a few things to note there. the first three, virginia, georgia, alabama. states in 2008 she got crushed by then-senator barack obama. she lost virginia by 29. georgia by 35. alabama by 14. tonight those are three states
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that are in her column. it was also friendly territory for clinton in many ways, the sitting governor there in virginia is terry mcauliffe. longtime clinton confidant. and you look at georgia, alabama, tennessee, those three southern states, a large african-american population there among democrats, and as we've seen in race after race so far in the cycle, african-americans are going to clinton time and time again. one thing i will leave you with, neil, as i read off those states and we've got 11 super tuesday states. we are in miami, that puts us in florida, which, of course, is not a super tuesday state. this is clearly for clinton looking forward. i've been talking over the last couple of days to democrats and couple top democrats in florida. clinton surrogates say this is clearly a play, not only just for the primary for clinton but potentially the general election as well.
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neil? neil: thank you my friend. just to do the math for you because fox business, that is what we do. you know you're going need ultimately 2343 delegates to be the democratic nominee for president of the united states. if you're a republican, you need 1237. so the minimum estimates going into today is that donald trump would pick up 300, and with the 82 he has, depending on the reports you buy, he would be about a third along the way. maybe more. maybe more and, of course in the winner take all states, he could ice, that easily double that if polls stand and reflect in the final counts. for hillary clinton, the super delegates are very, very crucial for her, without the super delegates it would not be even stevens but very, very close with the super delegates. she's got about 500+ delegates now. now, that's going to go up exponentially today.
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maybe to about 800 delegates, so she would be about a third of the way there, if everything stands to reason, and again, this is a proportional allegation of delegates. in other words, you get a minimum requirement wing the state outright and based on how you do the congressional districts. that gets in the weeds here because in some districts, for example, in the state of texas, if you're republican, 20% of the vote there. the same in virginia. if you don't get, that no delegates awarded. in a perverse sense, you have a situation where in texas where ted cruz would do very, very well, let's say he wins the state outright but marco rubio does not get that 20% threshold, then donald trump looks to grab some of the delegates so the proportionality doesn't quite jibe. you see a case where the 155 delegates, of course, the biggest prize tonight is evenly divided, if that rings a bell it should, in the state of south carolina, donald trump got a third of the vote, he got all, all 50 delegates.
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jo ling kent is keeping track of what's on folks's minds via the exit polls. what are you finding out? >> finding out a lot. we want to take a look at cruz here and what he's been able to do. among very conservative arkansas republicans, cruz no surprise taking 43% there. donald trump taking a good slice of the vote at 28%. we want to look at how donald trump is doing in some of the issues as well. let's flip over to that graphic and see how the businessman from new york city is doing on immigration. trump big advocate of building a wall, he says he'll build it higher after pushed back from the former mexican president. and you can see 52% here, but cruz not faring so badly himself. 27% among the tennessee republicans who say the top issue for them is immigration. i'll take a look at marco rubio, the senator from florida as well. we want to show you here that immigrants, the question with immigrants, should they be
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offered legal status, 30% of alabama republicans say, who like that, support marco rubio here. we know marco rubio's stance on immigration certainly a bit more centrist or has been in the past. he's been questioned about his position there, but trump surprisingly 28% in this particular exit poll, alabama republicans. so neil, lots of interesting data on the issues as we look closely how this may shake out in a potential general election for the candidates. back to you. neil: thank you, jo ling. i want to go to pat buchanan, former senior reagan adviser. you endorsed no one, we were chatting about the phenomenon, donald trump. lou was getting into it in the last hour, but obviously something must be worrying some folks for lack of a better term in the establishment. paul ryan says the gop doesn't prey on people's prejudices, making a veiled or not so veiled swipe at donald trump.
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the candidates that might leap to do that. bill sassaman of nebraska can't support folks who support donald trump, and the hobby lobby founder et al. what do you see literally in the last 48 hours? >> i don't think it's all that significant right now. haven't seen major voice. i saw john mccain this morning saying he would support the nominee. i think people better wait until march 15th, because it could well be that donald trump has virtually wrapped it up by then, and before people say i'm going third party or i'm not going to support him, they better realize that the presidency and the congress and the supreme court are on the line, and given this massive turnout for which donald trump is primarily responsible, record turnouts in iowa, record turnouts in new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, and some of these states. i think there's a real potential here, if the republicans get together, especially with the anemic
8:15 pm
democratic turnout. i think they could really win this thing in november, but can't do it if they rip each other apart. neil: you know lou dobbs, one of the arguments republicans are raising is yeah, you can sweep to our nomination but a loser in the general election. lou: which is silly. first of all, the head-to-head polls that we see, we know we're to be wary of them because they're the most unreliable of them. neil: the head-to-head polls in 1980, jimmy carter and ronald reagan. lou: yeah, 20 points. as a result, he had a great future. [ laughter ] >> the reality here is the people making the ridiculous claims are doing so out of their political and usually economic interests as well. think about who we're hearing from, mitt romney and paul ryan, and they are playing filthy tricks politics. and it's beneath them. neil: he is mentioning the duke thing and the kkk thing.
8:16 pm
lou: who -- the man disa vowed it instantly. neil: he went back and forth. lou: he did not go back and forth. he never went back and forth. neil: what happened in the interview? lou: he says he didn't hear. neil: you believe him? lou: you know what i do believe is if tapper disa vowed he knew about it in different times and did so on twitter, the man is not fulfilling his responsibility as a journalist. what gives him the entitlement to hold forth. neil: you think that wasn't fair to jump on him. lou: of course it was, it was manufactured and it's nonsense. >> they're looking for a wedge. they're looking for a way to go at donald trump because the establishment is absolutely panicking. lou: who the hell knew david duke was still alive? neil: a good point. >> romney said to you there is a bombshell in donald trump's
8:17 pm
taxes. what's the bombshell? when you said what do you mean and you pushed him on it? he said we think. first it was an absolute bombshell and then -- >> the other candidates give their tax returns, pat buchanan, that became an issue. lou: he was talking about harry reid. neil: to all of these guys's point, what is thrown at donald trump, he's been able to expand, it hasn't he? >> let me say, look, i'm in northern virginia, i've never seen such savage ads as they have against donald trump all weekend, for the last five days, they're on constantly, and i think the republican establishment, the attack groups and the super pacs are coming after him, and the late deciders are turning to rubeio. i don't think it's going to be a big day for rubio tonight, but i think we're going to find that in the next two weeks it is all going to come down heavy and it's not simply the anti-trump media. neil: do you think -- while i
8:18 pm
have you here to talk about virginia, that's a close state. one that marco rubio and his people would secretly with a wink and nod think we have a chance there. if we can show ralph, the way virginia is looking. right now that does not look like that will be the case. that is rubio placing a strong second. notion, pat, that he can rack up a lot of delegates without winning anything outright, what do you think of that? >> i think there's a number of things that have to happen tonight. cruz absolutely has to win texas or he's gone. seven, eight, nine states, come in first in delegates and votes. if you take out texas, rubio has to come in a strong second in the total vote totals and delegates, especially if cruz stays in the race, and especially if he should pick up not only texas but oklahoma. neil: patrick, thank you very, very much.
8:19 pm
both of the guys saying we're going to be -- that is ted cruz and marco rubio, we're going to be the second place candidate. no one is going to come close to be. i will be the alternative to donald trump. who's going to have that by the end of the night? lou: i expect it will be because of the size of his home state with 155 delegates, i've got to believe it's cruz. i could be obviously proved well wrong on that, but obviously, rubios hat advantage of the republican establishment. i love the fact the republican establishment hates it when we say that republican establishment. i should say business roundtable, u.s. chamber of commerce, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and the boys. the fact of the matter is they're behind marco rubio. neil: don't forget about nikki haley. one last final push for marco rubio. >> he's got to do it. that's what he's doing the last couple of days. i agree with you, lou, i think
8:20 pm
ted cruz, the way things look, he's going to be the number two winner of the night. neil: if he gets two states confident he can get texas and pick up oklahoma as well. >> he's got to get texas. neil: and iowa already. >> are we seriously considering a person who comes in second in one state, seriously being considered as the republican nominee for the president of the united states of america? neil: you can keep talking about the delegates. that's what it's all about. it's a quest for 1237 delegates and we can recent that ad nauseum, as i often have, but sometime the way that you do that by getting a couple of first place finishes or bit by bit keep pushing these through second place finishes and the like. here is an opportunity to build on that, even if you don't win, mathematically, you can pull that off. when it's the big states you have to win outright. all or nothing, florida among them. sheriff joe arpaio, who early
8:21 pm
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. neil: okay, we are back on this super tuesday, john kasich is speaking right now. he's put all his marbles, really, in the state of ohio. that's where he wants to win. telling my friend and colleague stuart varny, he's not entertaining the number two spot. they all say that. do you buy that? >> he's still running, he can't actually say, yeah, i'll take number two.
8:25 pm
who knows what he's not in the race for. >> i think trump is going to pick him as the vp. neil: you do, really? >> yeah. i think he wants to make christie ag. a lot of people are expecting chris christie's strength to be there. neil: don't you think christie would want vp? >> it looks like that the way they're walking around. it feels like donald trump needs some substance as a partner when it comes to economics. we know john kasich is best. neil: what do you think, lou? lou: personally, i don't see it, but i don't see anyone else either. neil: you don't see? lou: a running mate, i don't see kasich as a vice president, because i think we have to look to diversity first here because you're talking about, you have two exciting hispanic-american candidates, cuban-american. neil: wouldn't give it to cruz because he says he's not a
8:26 pm
citizen, would he ever give it to rubio? the lightweight? lou: that is ted cruz taking the donald's advice adjudicating procedurally today. there has to be other considerations, broad considerations, and i think, well, it may not seem his nature, certainly donald trump can be a very careful man, in particular where his political fortunes and those on the country are in decision. neil: very good point, if he ever gets to that state, an established politician, by that i mean a governor, senator, might enable him to go outside the washington petri dish, that's why a senator mike make sense. deirdre bolton, outside a crucial must win. >> texas is the big prize of tonight, of course, 155 delegates, as you know. that is worth more on the gop side than all the other states put together.
8:27 pm
we can't overemphasize that enough. you can see just 17% of the votes in so far. right now, have you cruz in the lead. i know you've been discussing this all night. cruz said if you cannot win in your home state, it is a problem. all eyes on texas for that. interestingly enough, we know that donald trump won massachusetts, and i want to highlight. that the idea was this was very much the acid test for him. could he, in fact, appeal to moderate republicans, you can see he won 49%, 42.3. tallying the results, but that is a clear win. in a few moments, we're getting the final results from arkansas. this i'm told by a lot of people is a slight interest that rubio could be picking up a few delegates. people say he needs 100 to stay in the race. following. that and texas closes at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. back to you. neil: thank you very much. in some of the states where you
8:28 pm
have a close call or a 55-45 or 52-48 split of the vote. that does not translate into a 52-48% of the delegates that are there. stuart varney, we found out the case with donald trump in south carolina and other states, if you can pick up each district, you have the delegates, it is a winner take all? >> it is. we can do the delegate math all night long and probably will take all night. it's a complicated equation they've got to work out. i don't think this day and selection about the delegate count. i think it's about turnout, and i think it's about momentum. that's what's going in trump's favor. massive turnout for the republicans. if every single race counted so far, including today, near record turnout if not record turnout in every single case. the democrats are down roughly 30% in 2008 from the last competitive primaries. down 30% versus almost doubling
8:29 pm
the turnout. neil: that's a donald trump phenomenon. >> the interest and the fire that donald trump brought to the table, which hillary clinton is not bringing to the table. neil: who are these people coming into the tent? lou: that the point, massachusetts, former democrats. we don't really have a good measure of that, but one thing about it is they are showing up to vote in a primary election in numbers we never, as stuart suggested, never seen before. the nevada caucuses, you're watching donald trump get more votes in that caucus than the record number that preceded this cycle. i mean, it's extraordinary. >> last time we saw this was obama, eight years ago attracted incredible crowds. >> had the fire going. lou: this is more fun. >> the top officials in massachusetts think there will be 700,000 people who vote in the republican primary in massachusetts today. there's about a quarter million
8:30 pm
people who are not registered republicans who are voting in the republican primary. neil: they have votes from republicans, they have a republican governor now. but this is sweeping what's going on here, this shift to donald trump never happens to the republican party here.
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>> you know, i supported him from day one. something about him that really hit me hard. he's got guts, he's got courage. and he earned every victory. he worked hard. and i think the republicans should get together and quit bad mouthing him, and also when you have the ex-president of mexico vincente fox calling him racist and everything else, where is the congress? where is the outroar of this country allowing that guy to get involved making these derogatory remarks against someone running for president. so that's what they should be
8:37 pm
doing and backing up donald trump. listen to the people. they are the ones who decide, not the politicians or the so-called establishment. so they are going to come around. neil: i think it's maria bartiromo's fault. what did you think when it was joe biden apologizing to mexicans for donald trump, and not for what vincente fox said. maria: you have fox coming out cursing on national television twice. i was stunned he said what he said when he said it. there is a question about paying for this wall. we are looking at a situation
8:38 pm
where now you have got two former presidents. calder ron said the same thing. and whether this means a trade war, i would like to get your take on that. are you going start putting up fights with mexico when this is our major trading partner to get them to pay for this wall? lou: i believe trump said something that's exactly correct. he said we are looking at a $58 million trade deficit. they are huge. they have $50 billion in estimated drug trade with this one tritri. mexico is the largest plier of all of those drugs. then you have remittances to central and south america. this is not a good bargaining position i may say after
8:39 pm
re-reading the art of the deal. >> we have enormous leverage. lou: think about who trump has run into in the last two weeks. he started out with pope francis, he went to felipe calderon, he then went to vincente fox, and the principal owner of the "new york times." maria: these are issues that resonated so much with the people. most people, the average gop voter thinks all of this free trade is creating lower wages for them. neil: your quick take, sheriff, on what a trump presidency would mean. you are fighting it on the border every day.
8:40 pm
you get dragged into court on the way you fight it. joe biden apologizing essentially for donald trump. would it make your job tougher if all of a sudden the mexicans are furious? >> no, i went through this in 1969 where we closed the border under nixon. what the next president should do is send the secretary of state. neil: i love how you get excited and animated over these issues be you are as a great guest. joe arpaio and early backer of donald trump. maria: one of the stories on drunk. the border patrol agents who object to obama's amnesty told to look for another job. that's on drunk. neil: the deportations, the
8:41 pm
courts ruled stop. lou: can i interject to the border patrol agents? hang on to the job. you will be getting a new boss in january. you can ignore this nonsense knee * hillary clinton donald has set his clock to this one. hillary clinton is rack up impressive victories about the only state we know at this juncture, vermont. there is a possibility that some miracle could happen in colorado. but for now it is hillary clinton's night and donald trump's night. we are 20 minute away from donald trump speaking, 5 minute from hillary clinton peaking. it's an amazing night for racking up delegates for both these folks.
8:42 pm
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neil: this was looking like a possible pickup for ted cruz in oklahoma, they are very, very close. we are not comfortable declaring that for anyone. so, too, in vermont for republicans. bernie sanders picked up the hope state for him. but for republicans it's too close to call.
8:46 pm
then there is virginia. this is one the rubio folks said we think we can win this. donald trump end up likely picking that up. george allen with us on that. senator, you were a big backer of marco rubio. it's looking he doesn't close any deal tonight. what do you make of that? >> i was with marco all over virginia. if you look at the late-breaking deciders, marco did very well. people get to see him and hear his message. what you need to look at here, we are in the second quarter of this contest. in virginia it's purely proportional. assuming it's 36 for trump and 32 for marco. that means marco gets 16 delegate votes and donald trump
8:47 pm
gets 18. we were looking in our internal polls, marco is running neck and neck with donald trump. john kasich who will get 9%, 10%. if you put that together it will be elite. we were talking about this as if it's all over. once you get to march 15, that will be important. that's your two-minute drill. you are getting winner take all. but the frontrunner, donald trump and i congratulate him on his victories he's getting. he's not getting over 50%. so as things winnow down, i don't know how long john kasich will stay in. but we feel most of john kasich's support offers will be for. martha: . he's got positive constructive ideas.
8:48 pm
>> if he's got a base as big as ronald reagan. to your point. it's still close. but nationally it's looking like he stands in these 11 states up for grabs a pickup of minimum 300 delegates. if you keep to these percentages this evening. much closer to 350 to 375. >> right. marco will pick up -- he will be at 113 to 170. but also the key, though, is that you need 1,237 delegates to get the nomination. neil: donald trump is closer to that by the end of the night than your guy is. are you worried about that? >> true, but it changes by the time we get to march 15.
8:49 pm
he's got to win his home state no question about that and he will win florida. and he will get all the delegate votes there. it won't be proportional. and that's important. lou: people told us he was going to win virginia. he's got a 20-points deficit with trump and he has 10 days to close it. >> in virginia? and he will. people in florida know us. the internal polls have it close. neil: a poll today has trump up 20 points. >> what matters is what happens on the islandon the on on the i.
8:50 pm
what i tell them. elections are about choices. ronald reagan said it's a time for choosing. the future of our country is at stake. i think marco rubio can unite our party and get more independence and win. virginia is a pivotal state. all these states are wonderful states. but it come down to florida, virginia, colorado and ohio and the key is battle grounds states. marco does very well in virginia. marco would win virginia. we'll find out. neil: this is the headquarters of the marco rubio folks in
8:51 pm
florida. very excited. there we go. texas results are 10 minutes away. we might have an idea what happens there. oklahoma is too close to call. if ted cruz were to pick that up it would be a surprise. we were thinking the extent of it would be texas. and he had been saying earlier today that he ted cruz will be the default donald trump alternative. we shall see.
8:52 pm
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8:54 pm
call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: hillary clinton with supporters in miami, florida.
8:55 pm
she is going to run the table with all states but vermont. but it's too early to say. >> we have to fill in what's been hollowed out. [crowd chanting "usa"] >> we have to shake strong the broken places, restitch the bonds of trust and respect across our country. it might be unusual as i said before, for a presidential candidate to say this, but i'm going to keep saying it. i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [cheers and applause] because you know what? you know what? it works. instead of building walls, we
8:56 pm
are going to break down barriers and build ... build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. so every american can live up to his or her potential. because then and only then can mayor today live up to its full potential. now, it's clear tonight that the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. and we are not going to let it work. [cheers and applause] >> whetherrer we like it or
8:57 pm
not -- whether we like it or not, we are all in this together, and we all have to do our part. but unfortunately too many of those with the most wealth and the most power in this country today seem to have forgotten that basic truth about america. yesterday i was at the old south meeting house in boston where nearly 2 1/2 centuries ago american patriots organized the original tea party. and i had to wonder what they would make of corporations that seem to have no loyalty to the country that gave them so much. what would they say about tude loan companies that overcharge young people struggling to get out of debt? even young men and women serving our country in the military. or corporations that shift their
8:58 pm
headquarters overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. like johnson controls an auto parts copy from wisconsin that all of us, we taxpayers, helped to bail out with the auto rescue in 2008, now they are turning their back on america. i'm not interested in condemning whole categories of people or businesses. i'm just interested in making thing right. let there be no doubt, if you cheat your employees, exploit consumers, pollute our environment or rip off the taxpayers, we are going to hold you accountable. but if you do the right thing, if you invest in your workers and in america's future, then
8:59 pm
we'll stand with you. we all need to work together to break down the barriers holding back our families and our country because the middle class needs a raise. add more good jobs, jobs that pay enough for a family to live on. even put a little away for retirement. jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. that's why we have to invest in manufacturing and infrastructure and small business and clean energy. enough clean energy to power every home in america. don't let anybody tell you we can't make thing in america anymore because we can. we are, and we'll. and together we can break down
9:00 pm
the barriers that face working class families across america, especially in struggling rust belt community and small an -- l appalachian towns. neil: my apologies to my colleagues, stuart varney wanted me to stay on that. texas polls closed and ted cruz has won. that was largely expected. the only details in the margin. but fox can comfortably say ted cruz has won his home state of texas. a must-win for him. they wanted it and they might have picked up oklahoma, but this was a must-win for them. reporter: the people here just
9:01 pm
as you were starting to make that announcement. there is country music playing in the background. they needed a win, they get it tonight. is there much more to do? sure there is. these people worked hard. of them contributed financially to the cruz campaign. without a victory in the hope state of texas there wouldn't be a cruz campaign. he said he would be in a lot of trouble if he can't win his home state. the network news is getting to these people. the celebrations are getting louder. now we tart to think about what comes next. the senator will speak with this crowd relatively soon. he may have a dueling donald trump news conference to deal with. tomorrow's headlines. a lot of people as we have been
9:02 pm
talking about, they are worried about what he will do in oklahoma. neil: marco rubio speaking as well. i want to take a look at that texas board. marco rubio is under 0%. that's crucial because he doesn't get any delegates if that's the case in these other districts. but a big point, it would be ted cruz piling up the delegates and no one is is getting extra in those extra districts. we'll go first to marco rubio. >> it's great to be hope. it's great to be home. we are so excited to be home, and we are excited about what lies ahead for america. we are so excited by what lies ahead for our cap pain.
9:03 pm
you see, just five days ago we began to unmask the true nature of the frontrunners so far in this race. five days ago we began to explain to the american people that donald trump is a con artist. and in just five days we have seen the impact it's having all across the country. we are seeing in state after state, he loves to talk about polls. we are seeing in state after state his numbers coming down. our numbers going up. and two week from tonight right here in florida we are going to send a message loud and clear. we are going to send a message that the party of lincoln and
9:04 pm
reagan and presidency of the united states will never be held -- neil: donald trump is running the table tonight. donald trump has won in alabama, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia, and in can he placed second. and because he has over 20% of the vote he's going to get a share of the delegates from that delegate-rich state. so it just depend on the eyes of the beholder. he's the guy hurting right now. >> i think losing texas to cruz helps donald. because the first thing the republican non-donald trump candidates have to do tomorrow is get in a room, sheet out. who are wins days, the other two have to go. by that victory cruz is not going to go, and the most
9:05 pm
electable of those guys is not going to go, meaning marco rubio. donald trump is going to win with 35-40% of the vote for the rest of the type. this i it for them. if they don't get in the room tomorrow and sheet out or flip a coin, maybe shoot each other. maria: do you think one of them has to endorse the other. >> the republican party will be handed over to donald trump and i hate to say it because i personally like donald. but a man who would not disavow when asked about david duke, that's a scary -- >> that's pure poppycock. >> he did disavow him. >> the next day he didn't. the next day he didn't. lou: that's not actually correct either. please look at the text. he did disavow it. >> after awas called out. lou: this become a matter of
9:06 pm
integrity. why is it that a man who disavows the klu klux klan or david duke once, but then does it numerous times. let me finish. the reality is he did disavow it. >> after being called on it. maria: he did it multiple times in tweets. >> maybe he thought he was being asked about paddington or daisy duke. >> how do you not disavow that when asked. neil: is it hurting him? no. >> not among his core supporters and that's a scary thought it's not hurting him. i think he's pandering. neil: he's running away are
9:07 pm
this. maria: running away. this is a sweep. cruz takes texas, cruz needed to take texas. good job for cruz, but trump was expect ited to have this sweep and that's what's happened. this was priced into the market and we are look at donald trump being the nome knee. >> rubio's intern polls show donald had a surge after the kkk flap. they showed momentum going to him after that. i'm not saying it's as youality. ad'scauseality. maria: he's sweeping the table. >> i'm telling you -- i said when he made those comments, the internal polls showed an uptick
9:08 pm
for donald trump. that's what i'm saying. neil: i want to bring tony perkins into this. he's a big supporter. tony for your candidate this is a very big win. he has positioned himself earlier today as the alternative to donald trump. people have to rally around me, not this guy marco rubio. certainly not john kasich or ben carson. but the devil is getting those guys to concede if that's the case. do you think they would in that environment? >> it's always difficult. everybody is in the race to win. but the numbers look bert for te --look better for ted cruz. he has won two state and marco rubio has won none. he has the money in the bang to go the distance and he has the infrastructure across the country. donald trump is probably going
9:09 pm
to have the lion's share of delegates going into the convention but he may not have the requisite numbers. i think. >> the option is the campaigns get together to see how they stop and block donald trump from having lock on this going into the convention in cleveland. neil: other news organizations are calling oklahoma for ted cruz. we are not quite there yet. if that is the case, that will obviously push your argument he is sort of like the alternative. we are also seeing marco rubio, that he and ted cruz could have a fairly even night in terms of delegate award. i know that sounds weird, but it is what it is. >> the motivation of many in the establishment, they want to stop donald trump. the largest portion of cruz
9:10 pm
voters goes to trump. the same is not the case for rubio. if cruz get out of the race, you are not going to see his votes go to rubio. they are going to go to primarily to trump. >> again we are having other news organizations declare that oklahoma has gone to ted cruz. obviously a neighboring state of texas. we are not quite in that position yet. we are waiting to hear from donald trump. he's hear to speak in five minutes. he's about to make a statement we are told. we do know he will be making it in florida and palm beach where we'll find our peter barnes. any idea what he's about? >> well, neil, security here is definitely amped up in the past knew minutes. we could see him coming out in the next few minutes. no confirmation of what he's
9:11 pm
going to say. but i would speculate based on what we have heard from other republicans about the possibility of their unhappiness with trump as their nominee and talk about maybe splitting off and going where another party, a third party movement or something like that, we might hear ted cruz -- donald trump push hardback against that notion saying, hey, i'm out here fighting this fight fair fan square and i'm racking up the delegates. i wouldn't be surprised if governor chris christie joins him at this press conference to try and reinforce that message. other than that we are on stand by, and your guess is as good as mine. >> are the trump people trying to make it look inevitable. he racked up all these
9:12 pm
victories. he's going to pick up 350 delegates? i think that's conservative. in that case he's well on his way. i also heard from a republican insider telling me if donald trump is run delegate shy of the 1,237 he would need going into the republican convention, we'll fight him. if my memory serves me right, mitt romney was 200 delegates shy going into the republican convention and they had wide latitude for him. so it could be bitter, couldn't it? >> it could. but remember that going into these conventions when there have been candidates -- potential nominees coming up short, of course everybody talks up their -- talks up that game. but which it comes back to a
9:13 pm
choice, if the party goes into this thing divided, does that mean you want to elect hillary clinton? usually the party comes in behind the nominee. neil: what do you have guys think about that. lou: you are numbers are much higher than the minimum. i'm just saying. most of the experts are suggesting that if trump comes out of this with 300 delegates, that it's almost insurmountable over the course of between now and the convention. secondly, i want to compliment george allen saying he would go along with whoever the party's nominee is. i would like to add back one person into the conversation when we talk about the establishment coalescing. we have one of the most effective people imaginable will make that happen. that's governor chris christie who is at donald trump's side
9:14 pm
daily. he will play a big role. neil: did it make a difference when christie came out? >> allen said nominee. i think your source -- here is what i think the count is when i talk to these guys, people close to cruz, rubio and kasich. they are saying is the senate in the balance? will we lose the senate with donald trump at the top of the ticket? is hillary clinton going to destroy our party with him at the top of the ticket? and that remains to be seen. if they believe those two things are in effect, that they lose the senate and the presidency. if they are one vote short there is a better than even chance they will contest it. neil: i think to love's point, you think more of the george allens to say you can see this
9:15 pm
happening. maria: lou makes a good points of possibly being insurmountable. but cruz could be the spoiler of the night. he's winning oklahoma, he won texas. when you have got this kind of success, the reality is you cannot write off ted cruz. neil: bernie sanders won oklahoma as well. maria: ted cruz winning oklahoma wasn't expected. you know, the spoiler reference could be -- i know you advised donald trump on tax-related matters. but part of that spoiler argument that you don't necessarily win the for yourself but you have slow the momentum for the guy who has the big lead, or is it too late for
9:16 pm
that? >> what i think you are seeing here is you are seeing the two best economic plans doing the best tonight by far. i don't think these other issue ofs whether you have small hands or david duke, that's ridiculous. neil: i thought that was fascinating. >> i thought it was funny, too. trump and cruz have by far the best tax plants. they will create the prosperity and that's what the general election will be on. charlie is off on this one. this time seriously, this is about economics. trump can do it and so can cruz. >> i would just like to ask you, i would like to hear trump talk more about economics. maria: as it relates to immigration. that's his whole point. that's one of his points on
9:17 pm
immigration, the fact we are issue offing all these green cards, more than a million every year and they are taking american jobs. that's one of his issues. >> you can't have open borders and a welfare state. but that's not what he's saying. maria: the average gop voter out there is talking about all of these immigrants coming and taking their jobs and open borders and open trade leaving lower wages for them. that's what's resonating with the people. >> cruz has made that argument much more efficiently than donald. maria: true. lou: i don't feel qualified to counsel donald trump so far on his campaign. he seems to be doing well without it. neil: on an economic plan, it
9:18 pm
will dramatically add to the deficit over the years. >> i'm not sure how you score that. if you have refuse individual tax rates, corporate tax rates, would i have thought that gives a real boost to private enterprise and brings in more tax revenue. i don't think the markets are looking that closely at the election at the moment, but they will. when they get hold of the idea that donald trump's plan and ted cruz's plan, when they get all of that, that they are going to go for growth. maria: there is so much pent-up demand. there is so much on the shelf. as soon as this sentiment changes when people feel we have a candidate who is focused on moving the needle. >> will the markets like
9:19 pm
protectionism? your guy preaches protectionism. but what you are talking about is you have all of a sudden switched the topic to growth. once they hit against hillary or bernie that growth argument plaifs really well. >> what do you think of his protectionist stuff. >> i'm a free trader all the way 100%. i don't see him putting on tariffs. i really don't. lou: i love the fact you are a free trader. here is my problem. we are looking at $16 trillion in external trade debt. we are looking at half a trillion dollars in deficits. whether it's fiscal policy or trade, it's a disaster. and we are not look at free and
9:20 pm
fair trade simultaneously, whether we are talk about the european union or china. we have to find balance or the country's growth will not be assured. do you agree with that? >> you need the growth first. to do that you need a low rate, broad based flat tax. spending restraint. free trade and minimal regulations, and cruz and trump are by far the two best on these issues. >> why doesn't trump take about his tax plan more. he hammers home the yesterday's going to remove the helping fund managers manipulating things. but you don't hear him hammering home about that tax plan. why not? >> because he's hammering home against people with similar tax plans. it's hard to separate and make distinctions here. the 15% corporate flat rate is
9:21 pm
perfect. he lowered the personal income tax rates. with that economic growth you will get trade brought in as well. it's growth, growth, and growth. that's the issue. but that's the issue against hillary and bernie, not against cruz. neil: you have to be up in two hours. maria: i'm pulling an all nighter. good night for donald trump. a surprising good night for ted cruz. the delegates are proportioned and that might help marco rubio. he might pick up more delegates than earlier thought. they were thinking they could pick up 100. in oklahoma, he will get a percentage. he will so far being denied in
9:22 pm
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: at the rate it is going, it's a good night for donald trump. >> it's a very good night for donald trump. i like your notes better. this is a digital version. you mentioned it's a good night for trump. in the state of texas, senator cruz did win his home state.
9:26 pm
we know how important this is to him. basically he implied if you can't win your home state you should just go home. you can see on the screen where senator rubio did not make that 20% threshold which means he doesn't have access to any of the statewide delegates. you have austin and dallas and different economics, and then more hispanic in the san antonio region. minnesota closed at 9:00 p.m. there are a lot of people saying this could be good for rubio. santorum back from 2012 actually was very strong and santorum endorsing rubio. that could be a place where rubio could pick up quite a few delegates. then alaska.
9:27 pm
it's a little bit of a wildcard. but it closes at 1:00 in the morning. just as far as some trivia goes, this is one of the least religious states in the nation. 62% of the population identifies as christian. as far as the economy goes, a huge oil concern about those falling prices we have been covering the fast 6 months. neil: stuart varney has volunteered to say through the alaska returns. stewart: what i just picked up from deirdre is rubio did not get 20% of the votes in texas.
9:28 pm
that's big because he didn't get any delegates. neil: i just reported that. stewart: but i'm reinforcing it with a british accent. he's not had a very good night. if he picks up a little bit here and there, that may be a little bit better. >> their end games to deny the ultimate number. 1,300 something. neil: 1,237. >> that's their game. they are not going to beat him on actual numbers or delegates or popular votes in a split race. that's their game plan. if he doesn't get that number, their calculus has to be senate and white house. if you see them losing both you can see them challenging.
9:29 pm
>> he will get that number probably. there is a chance he gets that number. lou report winner-take-all. neil: there is no reason to leave early. rubio -- >> but you are hands it to donald trump -- you are handing it to donald trump. winner-take-all he gets all those delegates. if he gets that magic number it's really hard. >> sanders won vermont and oklahoma. so again he has got oklahoma and vermont, a surprise, i don't think anybody expected anything more than vermont from bernie sanders. stewart: otherwise it was a
9:30 pm
clean sweep for hillary. trump flat out won in a large turnout. cruz won texas by 11 points, an won oklahoma. at the moment it's trump's night surely. >> what is the percentage in virginia? >> a significant margin. >> the other ones are divide. >> what was divided? neil: did you find donald trump doing anything well tonight? >> he's winning. when you only get 40% of the vote -- you get 40% of the popular vote there will be another -- get ready, it's coming. neil: donald trump is 30 minutes
9:31 pm
behind what he said he would do. he's been doing that. neil: he's not speaking to crowds or a campaign rally. maria: there is a great endorsement he's going to make. stewart: what's he going to say now? what's he going to do today? we all look and concentrate on donald trump and he steals everybody's thunder. neil: ted cruz to a circus much dancing bears. maria: i don't understand when people say it's a circus. when hillary clinton ... >> i think that -- maria: that was horrible. on the democratic side, hillary and her supporters will always
9:32 pm
say the republicans, it's a circus. nobody in this so-called circus is being investigated by the f.b.i. number two is these -- all of these candidates even as the field has their overred have couple with economic plans, tax reform plans, actual ways to create jobs and move the needle on economic growth. neil: expectations we were discussing earlier, you were with burton or something when i was gone. >> i'll make it 41. neil: the carter folks were looking at ronald reagan as easily defeatable and swampable. and he won by 20 points. are we playing off this notion,
9:33 pm
democrats zealously coveting donald trump as a nominee -- >> it's an act. the number of people he opposed whether it be a pope or former mexican president. and. >> it's an impressive list. >> it is. really? you want to try him out? >> the negatives with him. i love donald. he's a great guy. when you start going out there saying i need to water down the first amendment because, you know, we have to make it so reporters can't beat up on public officials, which no offense, if you start worrying about the first amendment i think donald might be open to liable charges and some of the things he has said.
9:34 pm
stewart: nobody takes him as face value, charlie. neil:
9:35 pm
he is winning. he's running away with it. people like what he's saying. they don't take it at face value. they think this guy will make some real changes at long last. we'll win and he's going -- >> that's a none he question you are. p -- that's a none he that's a . maria: they are sick and tired of being told you are a racist. you didn't build that. they are sick and tired of it and they want somebody who will be a tough guy and fight for america and that's what donald trump comes across. >> they are coming out in droves. him
9:36 pm
are higher than a mitt romney dropping out.
9:37 pm
>> we have a clear wish on super tuesday. but the win is important for our country. tonight donald trump has won georgia and massachusetts, alabama, and virginia, and he's also won the great state of tennessee. tonight is the beginning of donald trump bringing the republican party together for a big victory this november. tonight is the beginning of donald trump bringing the people of our nation together to help america win again. [cheers and applause] >> tonight in all those states who supported mr. trump today, all the ones who voted across this country, our message is to
9:38 pm
begin to get ready for the fight coming this fall. the fight this fall is to make sure that a united republican party and united american people make sure that hillary rodham clinton never gets back in the white house. june 16 when mr. trump declared his candidacy he has shown himself to be tough and strong and bold. he showed himself to be a fighter, a leader who speaks plainly to the american people. he has listened to the american people. the american people are listening to him. and he's bringing the country together. that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a campaign, it's a movement. [cheers and applause] >> america wants to come together, america wants to be
9:39 pm
stopping and successful again. but they know that to do that they need a strong, bold, tough, decisive leader back from the oval office, and they have that man after tonight. ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the next president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] >> chris, thank you very much. i appreciate it. this has been an amazing evening. we have won five major states, and we could win 6 or 7 or 8 or 9. it's really great. i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas. he worked hard on it. so i congratulate ted cruz on that win.
9:40 pm
that was an excellent win. we are going to make america great again. i watched hillary's speech and she is talking about wages have been poor and everything is doing badly -- she has been there for so long. if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years. she wants to make america whole again. what is that all about? make america great again is going to be better than making america whole again. this was an exciting evening. it's so great to be in florida it's so great to be with friend and the press and the media and everybody. i not was a tough night for marco rubio. he had a tough night. but he worked hard, he spent a lot of money. he is a lightweight as i said' times before. but we are going to go to
9:41 pm
florida and spend so much time in florida. we have a 20-point lead. a lot of the special interests and lobbyists, the people that want their little senator do exactly as they want, they will put $20 million to $25 million into it the next few week and that's fine as far as i'm concerned, it's fine. if he wins they will have total control. but he's not going anywhere anyway. but we'll spend a lot of time in florida. the virginia win was a great win. it's a place that's spectacular, a place that we have big investments in. we have thousands of employees in florida in miami, and it's been an amazing place to invest. it's been amazing to have so many employees, some of whom are here tonight urging us on. i have thousands of employees all over the world. but for purposes of tonight
9:42 pm
we'll say all over the country. it's been so beautiful to watch this company grow and watch it grow so strongly. recent articles came out talking about how great a copy we built. we want to put that same aby the into doing something for your nation. our nation is in serious trouble. we are being killed on trade. absolutely destroyed. china is taking advantage of us. i have nothing against china. i have great respect for china, but their leaders are too mart for our leaders. our leaders don't have a clue. the trade deficits are too much. no country can sustain that kind of trade deficit. it won't be that way for long. we have the greatest business leaders in the world on my team and we are going to redo those trait deals and it will be a thing of beauty. you look at mexico where they are killing us on the border.
9:43 pm
they are destroying us in terms of economic development. companies like carrier air-conditioner moving into mexico. ford moving into mexico. nabisco closing up shop in chicago and moving into mexico. we have to stop it. we are going to lower taxes. i have a plan that larry ku -- low and many others think is a great plan. it was the predominant factor in make our country into a country we love so much but we have foish gotten the middle class. we are lowering taxes. we are lowering taxes on business. when you see pfizer moving to ireland and so many other companies, they are leaving. they used to move from new york
9:44 pm
to florida or from new jersey to someplace else, chris. but now they are moving from here -- not that's people are leaving new jersey. but chris understands the problem. fully understands. they are leaving from places they used to move to other parts of the word. we lost our manufacturing jobs. we lost our manufacturing. millions of jobs, thousands and thousands and thousands of plant, manufacturing plants, warehouses. we are losing so much we can't let it happen. i tell the story about a friend of mine who is in the excavation business. he always ordered caterpillar. he ordered tractors from japan because they devalued the yen to receive an extent that it was -- to such an extent it was virtually impossible for
9:45 pm
caterpillar to compete. we are the source. we have great, great power. the problem is we have politicians that truly don't know what they are doing. so we are going to work very, very hard. i'm so honored by this evening. if you would have told me on june 16 when i was with my wife and we came down the escalator in trump tower and it looked like this. you have a lot of cameras here tonight. it looked like the academy award. i never saw so many cameras in my life. it takes a lot of courage to run for president. he never done this before. i have been a job producer and done a lot of things. but i felt we had to do it. when you look at the incompetence of the iran deal, we give $150 billion, we get absolutely nothing. when you look at the problems our country has and our military being rapidly depleted. we'll make our military bigger
9:46 pm
and better and stronger than ever before and nobody will mess with us, folks. nobody. so it's just an amazing honor to have it with me tonight. if you want, press, i think we told you it would be okay if you want to ask a few questions. go ahead. questio>> there i a lot of suppo support or reject you. strongly worded statement from a senator saying if donald trump end up as the republican nominee conservatives will need to find a third party option. >> they can always do that and they will lose everything. that would be the work of a loser. if you have seen what's happened whether you go to south carolina
9:47 pm
where i had a huge victory, where we had a tremendous victory in new hampshire tremendous in nevada. you look at what happened, and tonight is the best of all. they are projected i guess six. but we could mean 7, 8, 9, and major states, georgia,al basma, massachusetts. tennessee. virginia. and these are amazing state. we are going to probably get a lot more. we are projected to have good additional numbers. but i'll say this. we have expanded the republican party. when you look at what happened in south carolina and you see the kind of numbers that we got in terms of extra people coming in, they came from the democratic party, the democrat party and they are long-time democrats and they were never going to switch and they were independents. we expands the party. look at the number of votes we
9:48 pm
had in that area as an example. four years ago they had 390,000 votes. we doubled it. we are almost 800,000. the democrats went down. there is much less enthusiasm for the democrats. i'm a unifier. people will find that a little bit hard to believe. i'm a unifier. once we get all this finished i'm going after one person, hillary clinton on the assumption she is allowed to run. i don't know if she'll be allowed to run. i think that's going to be an easy race. you see the polls. i beat hillary in many polls. i don't think marco will be able to beat her and i think ted will have a hard time. but ted has a shot because at least he has won a little bit. we are going to be a much finer party and we'll be a unified party. to be honest with you. we are going to be a much bigger party.
9:49 pm
and you can see that happening. our party is expanding. all you have to do is take a look at the primary states where i have won. we have gone from x number to a much larger number. that hasn't happened to the republican party in many, many decades. we'll be more inclusive, more unified, and i think we are going to win in november. okay. yeah. >> [inaudible] planned parenthood [inaudible] are you trying to suggest [inaudible] >> i'm just doing what's right. planned parenthood has done very good work for some for millions of women, and i'll say it. i know a lot of so-called conservatives -- i'm a conservative but i'm a conk
9:50 pm
common sense conservative. but millions of women have been helped by planned parenthood. but we won't find it as long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood. we'll see what happens. but planned parenthood. millions of people and thousands of letters from women that have been helped. this wasn't a set up. this was people writing letters. i'll be good for women. i'll be good for women's health issues. it's very important to me. and maybe that's not a perfect conservative view, but i can tell you one thing, i'm more conservative than anybody on the military, on taking care of our vets on the border, on the wall, on getting rid of obamacare and coming up with something much, much better and getting rid of common core and bringing education to a local level, they will have good education for our children who are being sta beind
9:51 pm
for proper education. >> [inaudible] >> i feel awfully good. i'm watching your people. i'm going to be very nice. i'm watching your people on cnn and the fox people and the msnbc people, too. see, i'm becoming diplomatic. and they are certainly being very nice to me tonight. they are being very strong. they are declaring marco rubio the big loser of the night which is true. he didn't win anything. he has fnts won anything period. i have to tell you. he was very, very nasty. i have never heard anybody get and speak on anything like this and be nasty. but i do congratulate ted. i know how hard ted worked on
9:52 pm
texas. that's a big gap. i also did well in texas. i came in second. one of the things my son eric told me is not only did i win most of the states, some * coming in and -- some are coming in and i'm expected to win them. i came in no worse than second. the worst i had was a second. so i'm very, very honored by the turnout. yes, go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> i disavowed. chris gave meet honor of joining the campaign. he called me and said donald what you have got is a movement. we spoke today in kentucky.
9:53 pm
you have never seen a crowd like that. there had being 25,000 people inside this massive convention center. every place we are speaking, if we have 10,000 people it's like a small group. we had 30,000 people in alabama. chris called and said this is a movement. and a lot of the press have said the same thing. they have never seen anything like it. i'm honored by it. when chris joined we had a news conference. and i said i disavow. right after the program we were talking about, we were talking about groups, groups, groups. i have to know the name of the group. but right after when i reviewed it i put out a tweet and put out on facebook that it totally disavow. everybody knew of i did that but the press refused to look at that. i disavowed then, and i disavowed today on abc.
9:54 pm
i disavow, and hopefully it' the final time i have to do it. but if you look at facebook and twitter right after the show, i put out a statement because i want everybody to be sure. yes, go ahead. >> [inaudible] *. >> there is always going to be some negotiation. it will be a good negotiation where we'll tart at certain levels and -- we'll start at certain levels where hopefully i'll make great deals for the american people. you can't go around signing our little notices that the president signs, executive orders. it's almost like -- does he ever deal with congress anymore? does he ever speak with the senate or congressmen and get into a room and get things done?
9:55 pm
a good example of this is something that's very, very important to me. corporate inversion. carl icon endorsed me. it bothers him so much, he calls me by the all the time. we are losing companies. we have the highest taxed nation in the world. and very importantly they have trillions for companies, trillions of dollars outside of this country. the democrats agree it should be brought back in. the republicans agree it should be brought back in. everybody agrees it should be brought back in. i could sit in a room or the oval office for a period of a half-hour and i think i can -- they don't agree on healthcare or common core oh they don't agree on other thing and they will fight. here is something every single -- almost everybody agrees. these trillions and trillions of
9:56 pm
dollars should be brought into the country. the president can't make a deal. the reason is he don't know how to make a deal, he probably doesn't work at it, he probably doesn't care. so when you have something that everybody wants and you can't make a deal, there is something going on that's really wrong. what it means is you have the wrong leader. we are going to have a wall. i can tell you. we are going to have a wall. i watched the ex-president of mexico. the arrogance of this man. i get along great with hispanic. i have thousands of people that work for me right now that are hispanic. i have had thousands and thousands over my lifetime. these are great people. the mexican leaders are too smart for our leaders. you saw it. vincente fox used a word you should never have -- if i used
9:57 pm
that word you folk would have never let me get away with it. nobody talked about the word he used. this is the ultimate word. but he was angry at concept of somebody saying mexico is going to pay for the wall. we have a trade deficit with mexico of $58 billion a year. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. it's so easy. i have had these guys on the stage saying you don't really mean mexico is going to pay for the wall. 100% mexico is going to pay. 100%. the reason is i'm a businessman. i know how to do this. poll figures are all talk, no across. except for chris christie of course. it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen with these people. then they say you will never be able to build a wall. it's 2,000 miles but we really need 1,000 miles.
9:58 pm
the great wall of china build 2,000 years ago is 13,000 miles and they didn't have caterpillar tractors or john deere. but they didn't have tractors, they didn't have cranes. they didn't have he can today vaition equipment. the wall is 13,000 miles long. we need 1,000 miles. and we have all the materials. we can do that so beautifully. this will be a serious wall, it will be a high wall. we'll stop drugs from coming into new hampshire. incredible to me. and you wouldn't believe it, because it's so bucolic, it's so beautiful, everything is so beautiful, and yet you go to a meeting in new hampshire, their number one problem, their number one problem is heroin. the heroin is pouring in, and they have so many of their young people and other people
9:59 pm
addicted. and i told them, i'm going to stop it. i'm going to stop it. we're going to have a strong border, and i mean strong. and by the way, speaking of people, people are going to come in. they're going to come into this country, but they're going to come in legally, okay? [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> i have a lot of respect for rick scott. i don't know about his endorsement, but he's a friend of mine, i have a lot of respect for rick scott. [inaudible conversations] >> what? >> your plans -- >> got to find out what's going on -- >> [inaudible] >> we have a big, big problem. finish i'll tell it like it is. we have a big, big problem. we've got to figure it out. we're going to figure it out. radical islamic terrorism, big, big problem. not only for us. you take a look at germany, you take a look at sweden, you take a look at brussels. you look at some of these places, it's like a disaster. and we're not going to allow people to come into our country who we have no idea who they
10:00 pm
are, we have no idea where they come from, they have no paperwork, they're young and they're strong. you look at that migration line, they're young, they're strong, they're powerful. and you say why aren't they back fighting for their country? now, with all of that being said, i feel strongly -- i have a bigger heart than anybody. we're going to build a safe zone. it's going to be in syria. and i'm going to get the gulf states who have more money than anybody. we've got to loosen up their wallets a little bit. but they're not accepting people. we're going to -- wait, wait, wait. we're going to get the gulf states to pay for it. because they should. okay. >> i'm not speaking on the refugees, i'm talking about -- >> you heard what i said. i gave you a good answer. you heard what i said. yes, go ahead. >> mr. trump, if you are the nominee -- [inaudible] what are you going to do to bring back some of these -- [inaudible] >> yeah. we're going to bring them back. we're going to bring them back.
10:01 pm
look, i'm telling you you know how we're going to bring them back? first of all, we're going to do great with the african-americans. i had one poll where i'm up 25%, and one of the commentators, who i think is in the back of the room, said, you know, if donald trump gets 25% of the african-american vote, this election is over. you watch. and the reason i'm getting that -- and i'm going to do great with the hispanics, i'm going to do great with virtually every group. the reason is i'm going to bring jobs back. i'm going to get apple to start making their computers and their iphones on our land, not in china. how does it help us when they make it in china? [cheers and applause] so i'm going to create jobs. [applause] go ahead. >> marco rubio cannot win florida, is it time for him to get out, and do you plan to spend the -- [inaudible] >> well, look, i always likes marco until about a week ago when he decided to go hostile. he decided to become don
10:02 pm
rickles, okay? but don rickles has a lot more talent. [laughter] honestly, i did. i always liked him. but he became -- somebody told him you're losing very badly. the only way you can possibly win, take the hail mary -- they called it a hail mary -- and go hostile, it's hurt him. in fact, one of the newscasts said he went down 15 or 20%. this really hurt him. look, i'm not going to tell him what to do. he had a bad night. according to cnn, fox, i watched their broadcasts, they say the loser of the night was marco rubio, and it's true. he didn't win anything. he hasn't won. at least you can say that ted has won something. and, you know, marco has not won. you've got to be able to win. you can't talk. you know, these politicians, all talk, no action. you've got to be able to win something. he hasn't won anything. and he actually hasn't come very close. so we'll see what happens. yes, go ahead. go ahead. >> [inaudible] president obama for not working
10:03 pm
with congress, just criticism from speaker ryan and from senate majority leader mcconnell -- >> i wasn't equivocating. let's not ask it again. listen, who are you, by the way? who are you with? >> [inaudible] >> okay, very good. good job. look, i don't want to waste a lot of time. i've disavowed -- okay. i'm going to get along great with congress, okay? paul ryan, i don't know him well, but i'm sure i'm going to get along well with him, and if i don't? he's going to have to pay a big price, okay? [laughter] go ahead, go ahead. on the right, go ahead. >> mr. trump -- >> yes. >> [inaudible] >> i'm going to be a good president, but we have a country that's in big trouble. our infrastructure's going to hell, our roads, our highways, our schools, our hospitals, our airports. i go throughout the world, i mean, you go to qatar, you go
10:04 pm
to -- some people say qatar, but you go to qatar, you go to -- so many places, you go to different places in china, different places in asia, different places in the middle east, you look at some of the airports they have, you look at the roadways they have, you look at the transportation systems they have and the trains they have, we're like a third world country. so i am going to be very good for the world. i'm going to get along with the world. you're going to be very proud of me. even you will be very proud of me as a president. but we have to rebuild our cup. our country is going to hell, and people don't understand that. and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue. she can't do that. she's talking about -- one of the things that has really bothered me is that people, you take a look, people -- the middle income groups are making less money today, less money than they made 12 years ago. and in her speech she just said they're making less money. well, she's been there with obama for a long period of time. why hasn't she done anything about it? practically everything that she was complaining about.
10:05 pm
she's picked up what i say. the difference is, she's been there for a long period of time. why haven't they done anything about it? then you look at her record as secretary of state, it's abysmal. you look at what's going on with syria, with everything, it's a disaster. so we're going to have an interesting period of time. i don't know that she's going to be allowed to run. what she did is a criminal act. if she's allowed to run, i would be very, very surprised. but if she's allowed to run, honestly, it'll be a sad day for this country. because what she did was wrong. [applause] and what she did, let me just tell you -- [applause] what she did was wrong. and other people have done far less than her, and they've paid a very, very big price. okay, one or two more questions. yeah, go ahead, jeremy. >> tell us about how you plan to -- [inaudible] deport all the undocumenteds living in this country, and you
10:06 pm
said yesterday everything is negotiable -- >> did i say that, jeremy? where, where? tell me where? >> [inaudible] >> yeah, i'll negotiate. if the wall's going to be 50 feet, i'll take 2 feet off the wall. you didn't listen, jeremy. >> [inaudible] would you consider allowing -- [inaudible] back into the country, would you allow them to stay in the country without having to -- >> at this moment, absolutely not. no. we have a country or we don't. we have a country or we don't. we have borders or we don't have borders. [applause] and at this moment the answer is, absolutely no. okay. how about one or two more questions. david, go ahead. make it a nice question, david, please. [laughter] >> [inaudible] a few of your former aides that some people inside the republican national committee are considering monkey wrenching with your delegates at the state level, trying to clear you away -- >> i think, you know, david -- okay, go ahead. >> the other night you may haven sewn up 10, 15 states, is
10:07 pm
that -- [inaudible] >> well, look, i don't expect. i have a lot of respect for reince and for the group, and i like the rnc. i don't know that i've been treated fairly or not. i really don't know. i can't tell you that. i can tell you that i do respect them. what i really have is a great number of people. i have millions and millions of people. and when i was watching those broadcasts just a little while ago before i came in here, because i wanted to see exactly where we were before i started speaking, i was amazed at the kind of numbers. the republicans have tremendous energy. the democrats don't. they don't have any energy. their numbers are down. our numbers are through the roof. and people are making the statements they've never seen in modern times a party that was so energized. i think if somebody is doing as well as i'm doing -- and i'm not just speaking for myself, whether me or anybody else -- but if i'm going to win five, i've already won five, but maybe it could be six, seven, eight, nine, could be nine.
10:08 pm
could win nine states tonight. if i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers, and if i'm going to come in the worst is second in the two or three that i might not win, i think, you know, we're a democracy. i think it's awfully hard to say that's not the person we want to lead the party, right? you know, it's very hard. but i really think that -- i think it's a great question, david, because i really think that one of the biggest things that everybody is seeing happening, and everybody, is the republican party has become more dynamic, it's become more diverse. we're taking from the democrats, we're taking from the independents, we have a lot more people. i mean, take a look at south carolina. look at the numbers. look at the numbers from four years ago when nobody even wanted to waste their time and vote. and then you look -- i was there. you had lines that went a mile long. and it was virtually more than doubled. so we have a very, very dynamic party, and i think we're going to be able to unify the party. i hope to be able to get along with everybody.
10:09 pm
i don't know paul ryan well, but i hope to be able to get along with him. i do know mitch mcconnell a little bit. but i hope to be able to get along with him. but remember this, i have millions and millions and millions of people. this isn't like it's a close match. i mean, it's only too bad that winner didn't take all. because if winner took all, this thing is over. we're just having a celebration. [cheers and applause] you know? we're having a celebration. so anyway, i would like to -- look, i just want to end by thanking everybody. this has been an amazing period in my life. my wife just called, and i vanning ca, as you know, is going to be having a baby very soon, and she's a special person, and we looking forward to that. she's back in new york. they all wanted to be here, but they're with ivanka now, and that could be, certainly, within the next week. this has been an amazing period of time. even from an educational stand point. and i think, honestly, we've done something that almost nobody thought could be done. and i'm very proud of it.
10:10 pm
and i just want to leave you with this: i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there's nobody, nobody that's going to beat us. thank you very much, everybody. [cheers and applause] thank you. neil: so there was no big announcement outside of saying, hey, come on, i'm looking inevitable, you know? what are you waiting for? but commenting on some of the party leadership that isn't quite square on donald trump just yet. he did say he expects to get along very well with house speaker paul ryan. if not, ryan will have to pay a big price. he's also saying he's confident the same with mitch mcconnell, leader of the senate. two gentlemen, of course, who have come out and expressed reservations, i think to put it mildly, about mr. trump. [laughter] obviously, saying, look, i'm inevitable. even saying some nice things about ted cruz who right now has picked up the states of texas and oklahoma. do want to switch very quickly
10:11 pm
to the state of minnesota. there could be a bit of a surprise. right now that is a state where marco rubio is doing very well. still early. there are 38 delegates up for grabs there. as i told you at the outset, that was one of the states that the rubio folks thought they could do well. we'll see. we're not comfortable in calling anything. i've got trish regan here, dave ramsey -- dave ramsey, what am i doing? david: wow. there's a blast from the past. neil: i'm sorry. [laughter] there's nothing wrong with being called dave ramsey. david: how's my 401(k)? [laughter] neil: he's so petite. end it with you, david, i apologize. your thoughts on this, the tone of that press conference. david: oh, it was -- well, he ended by talking about being the unifier. how many people would call donald trump the unifier? the interesting thing, you mentioned mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate. mitch mcconnell has been very critical of donald trump. but he mentioned -- i thought it
10:12 pm
was very interesting, the juxtaposition. he talked about the millions and millions and millions of people on his side, and then there is mitch mcconnell. it's sort of like, okay, membership mcconnell, paul ryan, okay all you leaders of the republican party, i've got millions of people. you are one person standing against all those people. this is what democracy is all about. neil: very good point. the lieutenant governor of the state of texas, an early backer of ted cruz, is getting set to introduce him. trish regan, i mean, we were all noticing here as trump was talking, he has toned down a lot of the harshness. still had some zingers for marco rubio -- trish: calling him the little senator. neil: and all of a sudden, look, i've got to congratulate ted, we had a good day, good night, very complimentary -- trish: more diplomatic, more presidential, more about unification, about how the party needs to come together. and also i would say more substantive. i mean, we heard a lot in the way of the iran deal, on china
10:13 pm
and tariffs. we even heard him talk about corporate inversions. there's a scary word for you and how, you know, america is getting ripped off by all these inversion deals and all the money that's sitting overseas. so he got into some you could say rather complicated topics there tonight. but it's what he needs to do now. he's got to pivot from being sort of, you know, the circus act as some in the media have referred to him as to being the president and being the one that can go up against hillary clinton. and i think we heard some glimpses of that in that speech. neil: before we hear from senator cruz, herman cain is with us. herman, you've not endorsed anyone yet, but what do you make of that? donald trump maybe he's growing into this role or seemingly more presidential? if that's the case, still early. he's a long way from winning, but he's picked up a lot of wins tonight. what do do you make of that?
10:14 pm
>> i think he did a very good job of strategically touching on some key topics that he doesn't ordinarily get an opportunity to talk about. i thought that his comments were spot on, and i think they're resonating with people, and he talked about replacing the tax cold, repealing obamacare, reducing the trade deficit. he didn't get an opportunity to explain how that helps bring jobs back. he talked about repatriation of profits overseas. those are very important issues that i think are resonating with people. but the biggest thing though, neil, that i think is resonating is he talks about winning again. that's what's resonating. neil: herman, thank you very much. ted cruz picked up two victories in texas and oklahoma, and he'll have a nice cache of delegates as well. ted cruz. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, texas! [cheers and applause]
10:15 pm
god bless the lone star state. [cheers and applause] and god bless the great state of oklahoma. [cheers and applause] in 324 days marine one will depart washington d.c. [cheers and applause] with a very important dignitary onboard. former president barack obama. [cheers and applause] this much is certain, january 20, 2017, will be president obama's last day in the office. [cheers and applause] and on that day, we will have a new president of the united states. [cheers and applause]
10:16 pm
>> cruz! cruz! cruz! cruz! >> tonight, tonight this campaign enters a new phase. we began with 17 republican candidates. through the first four states, the race narrowed considerably. tonight was another decision point. and the voters have spocken. spoken. [cheers and applause] tomorrow morning we have a choice. is so so long as the field -- so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives.
10:17 pm
and for the nation. and after tonight we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> i congratulate donald trump on his victories tonight. but we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice, three times! [cheers and applause] fifteen states have now voted. every one of those states so far
10:18 pm
has been won by either donald trump or myself. [cheers and applause] republicans, together we have a choice. we are blessed with a deep, talented, honorable field. percent candidates who have no -- for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. uniting. [cheers and applause] for those who have supported other candidates, we welcome you on our team standing united as one. [cheers and applause] that is the only way to beat donald trump. [cheers and applause]
10:19 pm
head to head, our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly. [cheers and applause] but for that to happen, we must come together. and the republican primary voters in upcoming states, you too have a choice. in our nation's darkest hours, fdr told us that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. jfk told us to ask cannot what our -- ask not what our country could do for us, but to ask what we could do for our country. [cheers and applause] america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. [cheers and applause]
10:20 pm
our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. [cheers and applause] we can nominate a washington dealmaker, profane and vulgar, who has a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain, or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the constitution. [cheers and applause] >> ted! ted! ted! ted! ted! ted! >> it's our choice.
10:21 pm
donald trump has pledged to expand obamacare into socialized medicine. with the central government controlling and rationing your health care. as president, i will repeal every word of obamacare. [cheers and applause] donald trump promises to cut deals with democrats and to continue the washington cronyism. just like he supported obama's t.a.r.p. wall street bailout. i will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare. [cheers and applause] adopt a flat tax and abolish the irs. [cheers and applause]
10:22 pm
donald trump funded the gang of eight. with your help, i led the successful opposition to the gang of eight's amnesty plan. [cheers and applause] donald trump supports planned parenthood. i will direct the justice department to investigate planned parenthood. [cheers and applause] donald trump promises to compromise with harry reid and chuck schumer on supreme court nominees. i will never compromise away our religious liberty. [cheers and applause]
10:23 pm
and unlike donald trump, i will never compromise away our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] donald trump pledges to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. as president, i will not be neutral. america will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. [cheers and applause] donald trump says he will keep in place the iranian nuclear deal, to try to renegotiate it. i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal on the very first day in office. [cheers and applause]
10:24 pm
if you're angry with washington, i understand. but donald trump has been part of the washington corruption for 40 years. he's harry reid's favorite republican candidate. and jimmy carter's. just yesterday it was reported that "the new york times" has a secret tape recording of donald saying that he doesn't mean what he's saying on immigration, that it's all flexible, that he won't build a wall, that he won't deport illegal aliens. but donald -- neil: all right, we are monitoring ted cruz here, but we do have a confirmation, massachusetts has gone for hillary clinton, we can safely estimate hillary clinton has won that state. there was talk that bernie sanders might make it competitive. indeed, he has, but we can
10:25 pm
estimate when all is said and done, it is hillary's state. we're also keeping a very close eye on minnesota. the reason why we're doing that on the republican side, marco rubio could pull out a victory just yet in the state of minnesota. it's too early, we're not ready to commit one way or the other, but he has a slight lead over ted cruz. now, remember going into this, we were mentioning it earlier today, all three of these guys were essentially even in that state, and that does seem to be the case. trish regan, i'm looking at that, i'm thinking, well, that would be saving grace right there. trish: he needs to win something, right? he can't really stay in this race and not win a state. you know, this would be very good for his campaign, if he can at least look to this and say i have one victory. >> i don't think so. i mean, no. if your going to give him -- look at it fairly. minnesota is one of the most liberal republican statements in the country. so think about the one state he wins, he wins in a state that is the anti-bellwether of the
10:26 pm
republican party. that is -- trish: my point, charlie, is he's got to win something. you can't continue -- neil: to be fair, he's had a lot of strong seconds. not all, but he's racking up delegates. >> winning a liberal state like that -- neil: well, you go for the w. lou dobbs, what do you think? lou: i think minnesota is your suggestion. we check that box for a state won. i think rubio though now is in a very difficult position. i don't think that's enough now. people have said, you know, get that one state win. are you kidding? i mean, cruz is sitting here with three wins, trump may end up with another nine tonight. you're looking at, it's looking very difficult. david: can i just switch over to the democratic side for a second? we had a stock market rally today that was pretty impressive. particularly nasdaq, it was up
10:27 pm
almost 3%. i think the market is somewhat relieved. perhaps a lot of our viewers are not relieved at the situation right now, but hillary clinton has pretty much decimated bernie sanders. for whatever reason he had, he decided not to go for the jugular with hillary. he could have. he didn't do it. she is winning. it's a bit of a relief, i would imagine. of course, she's spoken about going after the banks. neil: do you think it's still a little early to start characterizing -- david: i don't know. i would just say that today is a is very important day. we're covering it, and i think that the market noticed that hillary clinton -- >> i think you're right. david: -- hillary clinton is beating up bernie sanders. >> there's other reasons why the market was up today, including the higher oil market, but there's a is thety to the fact that we're not going to have, at the very least, a socialist. neil: i don't mean to jump on you, but marco rubio's till polling under 20% in texas. that's important because it means in texas at least he's not going to get any delegates.
10:28 pm
>> well, he went down. neil: what's that? >> he went down. neil: you have to get 20% to get any delegates at all. lou: by the way, i think the market rallied today because it's a trump rally. it's not a socialist put aside rally. just joking, guys. [laughter] i wanted to see david and charlie's faces. david: he's really trying to poison the well. neil: arkansas, we can now say donald trump has won that. one, two, three, four, five, six states have went to donald trump. david: wow. >> why would he say anything? i found it interesting. he said positive things about ted cruz who's been beating him up pretty badly. i think the reason why is he wants ted cruz in there. he wants marco rubio in there. he -- neil: he doesn't want any of them to quit. >> yeah. he knows if ted stays in there, the best chance of getting rid
10:29 pm
of him is someone like rubio facing him one on one. and that's going to be a tougher road. donald trump is brilliant. the backdrop was amazing, right? he looks so presidential. his speech was great. i thought his -- as someone -- neil: do you think that was a planned announcement though? do you think he was counting on the rick scott thing, that the florida governor was going to support him? >> i don't -- neil: because it was trump -- i had the feeling it wasn't -- >> he turned lemonade into lemons. it was so presidential. and the fact that he actually sounded unifying to me, as someone who's been critical of him talking all this time. and, you know -- neil: you now agree with lou dobbs. >> no. i'm just saying he did a great job. trish: you heard what he said about women as well -- neil: that he liked women. trish: we know he likes women with. david: he likes really attractive women. trish: apparently. [laughter] he likes women, and he thinks
10:30 pm
that planned parenthood is very important for women's health issues. neil: we were talking about that, that was a pivot to the november election. trish: absolutely. i thought that was a direct sort of pivot. neil: the wall might be 2 feet shorter, all this little noise -- lou: he came back around again to that. i think it's been clear that deportation has always been an initial bargaining position. what it will mean, ultimately, we're likely to find out, i believe. the wall is the cornerstone of what he's done. everything, that is an edifice upon which he has built all of his other vision. and he -- neil: if he were president, do you think he would build a wall? lou: i do. neil: and the mexicans pay for it? lou: why not? >> how do you get them to pay for it? neil: they pay out of the surplus we have with them in the trade -- lou: there are billion of dollars at play -- >> i'm sure we give them a lot of aid, right? but do we give them $8, $900
10:31 pm
billion a year of aid? neil: he's saying he would extract it out of that. what do you make of that? lou: well, the fact is there's still a lot of disagreement in the united states about the effect of his trade policies because we don't know exactly what it will amount to. his tax plan is clear. we know he's going to have four rates, we know he's going to have a 15% corporate rate. that's why art laffer loves it, a ray gab-like boom. -- reagan-like boom. "the wall street journal" is scared the death. today they had a huge editorial about how trump's trade policy is going to kill the united states. i just don't think that he -- i think he's being vague in that area for a reason, because he knows when you're negotiating, you've got to be vague. neil: i do want to bring him into the mix here, don peebles, a close friend of barack obama, they went golfing together, had -- can i would say, don, your doubts about hillary clinton, certainly the leftward lurch of the democratic party.
10:32 pm
hillary clinton seems to have solidified her position tonight with multiple wins. she's picked up at least eight states of the eleven that were up for grabs. we don't know the delegate portion there. she seems inevitable. let's say it's hillary clinton and donald trump. where does don peebles go? [laughter] >> well, that's an interesting police station. look, i think -- by the way, neil, you mentioned hillary clinton. think about some of the states she won tonight. with pig margins. she's not -- big margins. she's not going to win those states in the general election. she's never winning alabama or texas. if you look at, you know, these other states where they are in reach of the democrats, you know, bernie sanders is much more competitive. you know? so -- neil: she had, it's her nomination to lose -- >> it's always been that way though. neil: so do you think that her people have been saying here, you know, hey, we would love donald trump to be the guy we're facing. are they just getting ahead of themselves? >> you know, or there's an old
10:33 pm
saying, careful what you wish for, you may get it. i do not think trump is the best opponent for hillary clinton. i think trump is going to be very difficult for her. i think you're going to see donald trump evolve as we've been seeing him tonight. and this is not the first time, for example, he's talked about planned parenthood. he did it in the debate last week. neil: do you think he's positioning himself for a general election? >> absolutely. he now believes he's got the pathway to the nomination, and now he's gearing up for the general election. think about it. someone gives a victory speech like ted cruz, and he's talking about his opponent, and he's begging the other candidate to get out of the race so he has a percent chance to maybe slow down -- better chance to maybe slow down his opponent? and marco rubio has not won a primary yet and is attacking donald trump and saying let's wait til florida where he is almost certain to lose there as well to donald trump? you know, jeb bush, i think, got out because he didn't want to have the humiliation of losing
10:34 pm
his own state. neil: all right. you look at that scenario right now and the math is still, you know, anyone's guess here, but donald trump's going to pick up a lot of delegates tonight. he's going to pick up at least half that were up for grabs. >> how much is that? neil: maybe more. it's 300 or whatever. >> that's a lot. neil: what do you make of just that? if he's inevitable and his tone tonight was to sort of be kinder to ted cruz, he had a couple of zippingers, certainly -- zingers, certainly, for marco rubio. he had good things to say about paul ryan, but in his best tony soprano impression, reminded paul ryan it'd be nicer if we got along. [laughter] what do you make of that? >> i think it's an olive branch to, again, talk about how he's going to govern. you know, someone said earlier on the program about negotiations. you've got to think about where donald trump's world is. it's my world, the real estate development world. everything's up for negotiation. and some of the best negotiators make their ask so unreasonable
10:35 pm
so that the other side has so far to come to come over to their side, i think that's part of what donald's doing. neil: all right. don, it's always good seeing you. thank you for sticking around through all this breaking news, my friend. all right, in the mean time, we've got the oklahoma governor -- so far, no enforcement out of her but, governor, you have to look at this, you have to look at the new math here that so far seems to even more prohibitively favor donald trump. there are many in your with party, as you know, leery of him, not the least of which are paul ryan, the speaker. you've seen much the same out of the majority leader. they're not quite onboard, right? >> well, i think
10:36 pm
certainly, donald trump had a strong performance. neil: that's not quite what i asked in terms of do you think that these other guys who have been resisting trump, for a variety of reasons, they've got to get onboard here?make sure ht elected president of the united states with. neil: are you of the opinion that some in your with party, governor, that donald trump can't get elected? that he would get blown out by hillary clinton?
10:37 pm
in other polls he's competitive with her. be that as it may, is it your view that if donald trump were the nominee, he would be both have -- neil: who's both, hillary clinton and donald trump? >> and donald trump. yeah. absolutely. so they're both going to have to state to the american people and tell them why as president they're going to make the nation better. of course, i'm going to be for the republican, and if it's donald trump -- neil: you're taking this like a kid who was just given castor oil. you want to do it but you're not quite convinced, right? [laughter] >> well, you know, i think
10:38 pm
donald trump has grabbed hold of what we're seeing across our nation. people are angry, they want to see change, they want to see something different. they want to see people who are bold and strong and stand up for our country, defend our country from isis, from national security threats, certainly improve our economy, and i think that's why you're seeing the numbers you've seen. we saw a strong turnout of a lot of people coming out. in fact, we had a lot more people come out to vote on the republican side than the democrat side -- neil meehl well, that's very true. enthusiasm's there. >> hillary lost oklahoma. neil: yeah. and ted cruz won it. governor, thank you very much. i know we were breaking in and out of speeches, and we appreciate your sticking around. >> my pleasure. neil: what do you think about what she was saying? say what you will of the candidate, the cause, whatever, enthusiasm for republicans is certainly there. lou: and that's something that we've got to be reminded of. this is not simply a turnout and
10:39 pm
a great night for donald trump. he is bringing out more people, and i'm saying "he," there is certainly some shared credit there as well -- neil: right. lou: -- for the other candidates, but primarily donald trump. and it is, as he likes to say, and he quotes others, but it is a movement. because we're watching numbers like we've not ever seen in the republican party. this is, this is approximating a ronald reagan in the numbers that he was drawing. >> you're right. lou: and drawing that parallel, there are arch conservatives, whatever that is. you can't say the name reagan and -- but, of course, we can. and the fact is this speech that we watched, and i think we're all in agreement here, the speech we watched him give tonight and the press conference he held, impromptu, extemporaneously, the guy handled it brilliantly. it's an entirely different tone. we've talked about clinton's pivot? this was trump's pivot.
10:40 pm
>> you know, bill clinton -- if you believe "the new york times" -- thinks donald trump is the toughest guy to beat out of all of them. it was an interesting report. it was funny because trump, i think, attacked the story. might have been -- i can't remember if that was the story he said was the reason why he wanted to hype up the libel laws. but the story, if you read it, it was bill clinton in a room with a bunch of clinton advisers, and half of hillary's people are saying we can't wait to run against this clown. we're going to crush him. here's how. and it was bill clinton going -- david: bill said, be careful. >> careful what you wish for. david: let me just say one thing about turnout, because i think lou's point is right to the point. we have seen a turnout -- i mean, texas may have over two million voters. they had 1.5 million during the last election. could ted cruz or any other republican candidate come anywhere near bringing out the enthusiasm -- >> wait a second -- david: -- just the sheer number? that donald trump has? >> 70% of the people voted
10:41 pm
against donald in texas. david: the point is donald trump is responsible for bringing out this enormous turnout in virtually every state -- >> bringing out a lot of people to vote against him. david: do you think there's any other candidate that could do what trump is doing? neil: did you see what donald trump did tonight? >> buddy, 35 percent of the vote. trish: neil makes a valid point. he has won state after state after state in a way that we haven't seen -- i mean, think about other elections. has there ever been a big super tuesday, okay, this guy has won this many states? i mean, it was -- neil: i have no political experience. a man who has never been elected to office in any way, shape or form, whose speeches are scriptless, wings them -- [laughter] and right now he is a phenomenon. >> yes. and he's got -- listen, what i love about donald trump -- neil: alabama, arkansas,
10:42 pm
georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, virginia. whoa. trish: yeah. >> just burst your bubble a little bit. he's hit on some amazing issues. he's also demagogue -- neil: are you the dad with the one a- and the kid -- >> i like donald -- lou: we can tell. neil: yeah, we can tell. >> but he says things -- neil: i'm saying put in perspective. is it not remarkable? i'm not saying as someone who likes him or or dislikes him, i'm just looking at numbers here. this is amazing. >> who's the chilean dictator -- neil: i would like to leave you with a chilean dictator -- lou: how in the world did you come up with that? >> guess what we with had to do? the cia had to kill the son of a -- neil: all right, we are going to find a chilean president.
10:43 pm
there's a lot more than this. for that matter, remember, these are portioned votes here, but it is looking like a very good night for the afore mentioned donald -- well, it's not that impressive. >> j.. [laughter] dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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10:47 pm
at ted cruz headquarters. i imagine they're very happy with that. >> reporter: they are, neil. there's been a festive, you know, maybe even a party-like atmosphere here throughout the evening because, as you say, they think their candidate not only did what he had to do, but maybe even went a step further with that oklahoma victory. add to that the fact that marco rubio has remained below the 20 percent threshold, and if that stays that way -- i don't know if it will, but if it stays that way, that helps cruz in the delegate count. that said, the speech that wrapped up just a few moments ago to stood out for its lack of subtlety. cruz really laid it out there. sure, there were the shots at barack obama, at donald trump, but there also was this call for all of his rivals, speak -- you would think -- too rubio, possibly to kasich and even carson as well to get out of this race, let him have a
10:48 pm
one-on-one shot with trump. the candidates, he said, who have not won a state, i ask for you to prayerfully consider coming together. and that's been the case cruz has been making throughout, that he needs everybody else out so he can go one-on-one with trump. the case he thinks he has to make. neil: you know, you think about that, connell, we know for a fact that ben carson isn't going to do that, he said as much tonight. we have a pretty good hunch. to the believe that john kasich's not going to do that. he's in and out of what's going on in vermont, he might have a state at actually winning, but it's way too early to tell. so he's not going to quit, certainly, ahead of ohio and march 15th and the 66 delegates he could pick up if he won that winner-take-all state. so they're not going to leave. i don't think marco rubio's going to leave, especially the way things are looking in minnesota where marco rubio might take that state and have a fairly nice allotment of dell gates for himself -- delegates for himself. i don't see anyone dropping out
10:49 pm
in that environment which benefits donald trump, right? >> reporter: 100%. and cruz knows that. he knows time is of the essence. this was always going to be his big day, march 1st. not only in texas, but the other southern states. he knows the big day for rubio and even kasich comes on the 15th, so he's making the case forcefully. his supporters are realistic in knowing that owl of those thing -- all of those things you said are true, and these guys aren't going to drop out, even though it was a good night for cruz. neil: all right, thank you, buddy. ted cruz picking up two states. how the delegate breakdown goes in texas especially now with rubio not amazing the 20% minimum he would have needed, anyone's guess. on the phone with us right now is carl icahn, the investor friend of donald trump. we're told mr. trump has been talking to carl from the very, very beginning. carl, he always mentions your name as serving in some sort of role in his administration. would you? [laughter]
10:50 pm
>> yeah, neil, i told you from the beginning, i, you know, maybe in the background, i certainly would be happy to talk to donald and discuss different problems with him and possibly be an adviser, but i'm certainly not going to get into the government. but i do believe that donald is what this cup needs at this time -- this country needs at this time and washington needs at this time. you have to get away from -- and that's what the people are saying, that you have to get away from this gridlock and this bureaucracy that we have. and i think donald will accomplish that. neil: what did you make of, you know, donald trump's remarks to the press there that, a message to the paul ryans, the mitch mcconnells, you know? we can get along here or we can't. >> look, you know, it's sort of a no-brainer.
10:51 pm
you have to build a consensus in washington. we have to do things. to say that you don't need fiscal stimulus at certain times in any economy is ridiculous. and, you know, i just don't quite understand when we keep talking about the fact that the government should do nothing, it's almost the same. at certain times you need the government to be involved. donald's the consensus builder, and he is a conservative. he's a republican. but now you finally have the people in the republican party -- and i sort of lean to the right, you know? i've been a republican for many years, but now i'm certainly right in between because i'm really completely upset with the way the republicans are acting. and right now to say that now you're, now you're going to wake up and build a super pac and fight donald, it's the first time that people in the party
10:52 pm
have finally come together, finally are speaking out and finally voting in big numbers, and now you have this establishment say we want to keep it. it's really like the last days before the french revolution. neil: yeah. [laughter] >> and it's sort of insane. neil: he seems to be saying, carl, to that point -- that is, donald trump -- you either get along or go along here. and i'm wondering what message that is sending or that the leadership gives up this kind of battle if you argue they're the establishment -- >> i really don't think, neil, in all respect that he is saying that. i think he's sort of reaching out and saying, hey, let's all get together, and let's get this thing moving. neil: they're resisting that overchurch that's fairly clear. >> oh, yeah, i think they are, and i think that's crazy. i think that there's an establishment in new york that for one reason or another in that top one-tenth of 1%, and let's face it, a lot of the money that's been made, you
10:53 pm
know, we have to consider hubris, is real luck. you have people in new york that have made a great deal of money. some legitimately. so i don't mean any -- i'm not talking about anything that's criminal. neil: right. >> but, you know, there's been a great deal of luck. and now donald is speaking out, and he's saying we have to do something, we have to help the little guy. and there's not even the little guy. i mean, if you see what goes on in this boardroom, the boardrooms of america with many, many, many exceptions, you have a lot of mediocre ceos that are making hundreds of millions of dollars for doing a mediocre job. and i think donald is saying, you know, we have to change the rules. we have to have real elections in corporate america too, and these are the people that now are trying to join against him. and i think he's absolutely has touched a nerve, and it's time the republican party coalesced.
10:54 pm
and donald is a consensus builder. say, okay, let's get hillary clinton. and i think hillary clinton, if he was elected, would be a horrible decision for america. i mean, you know, i listen to her speak, and she keeps talking about the fact that, oh, you know, we have to do manager for the little guy. well, where the hell has she been for 20 years? [laughter] then she says we have to do something for the veterans. where was she in benghazi? it's insane. i'm a little bit like donald in that sense. i tell it as it is. i listened to her speech tonight, i mean, it is the most -- [laughter] ridiculous speech i've ever heard. we have to do this, we have to do that. she reaches her hands up, and where in the hell she's been for 25 year withs. neil: so you don't buy the view that a lot of the establishment figures say that he would get blown out pitted against her, that it could be quite the opposite? >> oh, i think he's no bernie
10:55 pm
sanders. i think bernie sanders made a mistake in not bringing up the problems that she has. and she does have problems, and legitimate problems, and donald's not going to do that. now she's going to be up against pros. she's going to be in another league with donald. neil: okay. >> and well she should be. well, anyway, this is -- i'm really feel that, hopefully, we can do manager to safe our economy -- something to save our economy. look, i've talked to you a number of times, neil, about the problems that we have. and we still have a lot of problems. we have a schizophrenic market that goes up and down like a yo-yo, you know? neil: we do. >> and i think what donald's saying about building a strong military is very important too. neil: well, i will give you credit, carl. long before, you know, trump had become this force of nature, you said that he would. and that he will touch a nerve. and, gosh concern. >> i always believe that you need somebody like donald trump, somebody that would touch a
10:56 pm
finish and get something done. and what is really completely absurd is that now the republican party and these so-called leaders, the establishment are now going to stand up against him, and this is what they want. you want somebody who can beat hillary. tell me who else in that party who can even touch her. neil: carl eyeing can, i want to thank you very, very much for calling in. >> good talking to you as usual, neil. okay. neil: carl icahn. he called it very early. we have a lot more. we're keeping a very close eye on what's going on in minnesota, because marco rubio could a victory tonight. a little early, but we'll see. you're watching continuing fox business coverage of super tuesday which is turning into a super day for donald trump. ♪ ♪ so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got insurance savvy you can count on. you chipped my birdbath!
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at this is fox business coverage of election. here is neil cavuto. neil: we are calling it superlong tuesday. we are going to break out in song pretty soon. we want to sort out all the things we think about democrats and republicans. where do we stand now? >> i feel like i should have a tap dancer talking about music. anyway here we go. you call that a huge night for donald trump so we organized it so you can see just the range.
11:01 pm
from alabama to arkansas but it essentially proves what you have been discussing all evening. donald trump is one of the west. he is one in the north and tonight clearly winning in the south said ted cruz as we have been talking about taking the home state of texas which we know was so important or ham which the point he said if he can't win in their own stadium as to go home. rubio still not on the board so still for the moment no wins and of course just saying florida you are next and we are okay being the underdog. if we flip to the other side of the aisle you will see a lot of hillary clinton's pictures so you know the one thing that baby was a surprise to some people is that she clearly won massachusetts. a lot of people said senator sanders could have a good run there in the sense that he is vermont in the area but as you can see she took that. neil that's where we stand right now. alaska closes at 1:00 a.m. eastern. back to you.
11:02 pm
neil: lou dobbs said can we just stick around for alaska? kennedy is joining us now. we are waiting on minnesota which could be a saving grace for marco rubio. >> he could go fishing tonight in celebration. neil: it again there's no way to add up all the delegates and we are just going by my guesstimates which are always dangerous. >> your math and your psychic abilities are unparalleled neil. >> i'm really impressed. neil: if he doesn't win his state, preview and the pressure is on to win his home state of florida two weeks from tonight. i think that's why ted cruz is playing up the texas when although it's not that significant of the margin.
11:03 pm
he was talking about getting to the 50% mark at one point. he can say if you can't win where they know you you you're not going to win the rest of the country. you are certainly not electable and back to marco rubio has going for him a lot of people who tuned into the presidential election find his electability to be the one attractive thing about him. for marco rubio i don't think that's true. neil: we can now put up my little chart if you will excuse me. sanders wins colorado. >> i wonder why that is? lou: i better not say that. colorado was not a surprise. >> colorado is one of those places that don't give delegates in support of the vote. >> may be edibles. >> i just got back connie.
11:04 pm
i don't know. it's looking like if you are hillary clinton you piled on the big-league tonight. trump is trying to sound inevitable early on and clinton was trying to sound inevitable. to make hillary benson can sound inevitable. i think the whole sanders phenomenon outside of vermont and colorado may be put to bed at this point. she did phenomenally well in the south as she was anticipated to do so this is a victory lap for him. for donald trump is a huge victory lap. this does start to cement, march 15 will be an important day. here's what i wonder. if cruz starts to falter and that will be the question, does he stay in this? i think with the success in texas and oklahoma he's going to want to and his supporters want
11:05 pm
him to. so long as he is in merit makes it hard for trumpeting. if he were to bail the word of those votes go? if so where will the votes navigate to? >> give a much longer argument saying that if cruz stays in the race you will be the benefactor of a lot of rubio support as we know this is not a zero-sum game. neil: they'll stay in the race. he is sending anonymous love notes sent with dirty dollar bills sent by ben carson. neil: by the way i have to ask kennedy what those pens are for. kennedy: thank you for asking. neil has his form of color coding. you all have a laptop.
11:06 pm
i'm using the power that the good lord gave me. i paint with my heart. that's how i save each and every one of you. lou: with all coverage to the ladies i have to say i agree totally with what you say about ted. i know we are going to get the twitterers lighting up the fact is donald trump when he was speaking tonight he was speaking to the nation. when ted cruz was speaking you speaking to a small limited% of their public and hearty. god love the conservatives in the republican party. now is because he's looking for conservative support. he doesn't want to disassemble a space but trump is looking far beyond. >> i'm talking about cruz and rubio. if one of them gets out of the race it makes more sense for ruby had to get out of the race. donald trump hasn't locked up.
11:07 pm
donald trump had to go to a press conference tonight. he wasn't just talking to the nation he was talking to the nation as a president. he promised to appear more presidential and that's what he did tonight. love him or hate him. i don't think cruz has the foresight to do that. if he had he would have done it tonight. kennedy: here's my question, where do those voters go? it's very easy in the case of bush to assume they would migrate to rubio but i don't think you can assume they will migrate to cruz that i don't think the establishment likes cruz so where do they go? >> they like trump so much they go to cruz create what happens if cruz gets out the anti-establishment people that are so disaffected that it didn't hit so hard economically that hang on that group as they see them as a constitutionalist tea partier they will take that disaffection and take more of their support to donald trump than they would to marco rubio.
11:08 pm
lou: the exit polls reflect precisely that. to what degree we don't know but one thing i think we need to stipulate nobody is getting out anytime soon and certainly not before -- kennedy: this fall so. everybody gets a corsage on republican prom night. neil: to david's point on colorado he's right. the colorado democrats are caucuses. it is bernie sanders and by the way when you win the vote that doesn't mean you are guaranteed delegates and hillary clinton found that out the hard way. it was barack obama who picked up the delegates from that state. newt gingrich is on the phone with us now. you are going back and forth about donald trump trying to step back. a little more gravitas than little more presidential. what do you make of that and the
11:09 pm
effect it had tonight? >> i think you can sense donald trump analysis of the race. entirely this is a presidential style press conference. it was not a campaign victory event. and frankly when you win in massachusetts and you swing down down -- neil: we can now say that marco rubio has won the state of minnesota so marco rubio gets on the board was wednesday. i apologize. continue. >> rubio won a caucus of minnesota. cruz and take credit for texas is a very big state. look at the trump achievement tonight. he is winning massachusetts by a big margin and by the way
11:10 pm
there's an article of some 20,000 democrats switched to the republican party to vote for trump something that will be worrying the democratic party. trump goes across the -- he wins in virginia despite what looks like a close race. he wins georgia in a landslide and does very well in alabama. he does very well coming out the way across and frankly a strong second in texas. my only point is there is one national candidate in this race in the republican party. his name is donald trump. he is gradually building up the votes. there is any reason to believe believe -- and cruz has a think a better argument staying in the race to rubio is not going to get out and kasich is not going to get out of carson is not going to get out. it's not elegant but very powerful and it's going to graduate moved towards disability.
11:11 pm
and rubio's great crisis is if he can win florida and think he has no rationale for his campaign. that's why today was life and death for cruz and frankly ohio for kasich. trump keeps grinding along. he can't afford to win. >> in terms of delegates do you believe tonight trumbull have enough to make it extraordinarily difficult for the others to catch up mathematically? >> the only way you could imagine it is if somebody began to sweep the winner-take-all states. because it is a movement, because he has so aroused insiders and frankly more than anger their fear because they will change their world if he comes then at 45% it will be an
11:12 pm
enormous energy to block a revolution of the party. >> that's why think it's the moment where the actual ground roots grassroots movement is so big. but trump will be very dangerous to try to stop periods. lou: new dword franken talking about those republicans that somewhere they would never vote for donald trump and he said that's a vote for hillary clinton if they sit this one out. do you get any feedback and you think some of the folks are saying that now once they're faced with a choice between hillary and donald trump they will vote for trump? >> i think so but look i think part of the burden is on trump. he was positive and praising ted
11:13 pm
cruz. he was even almost nice to marco rubio. he made a little bit of a mistake and sort of asserting a threat against paul ryan. working with paul ryan which is the right thing to be saying. what trump bases in the crossroads of being added old water or reagan and he came closer to the reagan standard to say let's all get together. it not save i'm going to beat you guys out. >> i don't know if reagan sounded like tony soprano but trump said he hopes to get along well with ryan in the republican senate leader mcconnell. he hopes to end he hopes they
11:14 pm
will be replying in kind. i don't want to get into trouble but let me suggest to you christie from new jersey and trump from manhattan standing on the stage their talent tends to be a little different than ronald reagan. >> you think you have a problem with those from new jersey? their idea of how are you guys a little tougher than reagan. neil: thank you very much my friend. i do appreciate it. starting a big old revolution, newt gingrich. with us is pennsylvania congressman -- one of those early establishments votes and by establishment i mean an elected official period coming out in favor of donald trump. i suspect after today
11:15 pm
congressman moore are going to join you. what do you think of that? >> i think that could happen. some of my colleagues on the floor today hinted to that. >> congressman, just damaged you think members of the republican establishment have already done to their party and donald trump's chances at winning? >> i think there is more talk than i do not want to hear but i think these people are going to coalesce. i hear it from my colleagues. i hear it all over my district. i'm from our world district hard-working taxpayers and farmers and one thing i emphasize is whoever the republican candidate is we are going to support that. >> does that include paul ryan? he came out and slammed trump accusing him of not disavowing and that's been quite a controversy.
11:16 pm
trump a nuclear that he did in that initial press conference with david duke and the support he was getting from him. in other words will we start to see real members of the republican establishment support trumpet the fact he's going to be the nominee? >> paul is not going to run for president. i've talked to him a great deal. we have a lot of work to do in the house but donald trump was presidential tonight. he talked substance. the people in my district are tired of the policy. the people that made policy and hard-working taxpayers are hurt by that. an example that the policymakers protecting themselves. they have good health care, they don't need obamacare but their constituents have obamacare. they're talking they want to take away the 2nd amendment from these policy people here. they live in safe neighborhoods where they have an abundance of
11:17 pm
police control. as far as schools are concerned policymakers want to send their kids to the best schools but they do not want us --. >> this is what peggy noonan was talking about, there is an elite class protected and they don't recognize. lou: congressman, lou dobbs. the fact is paul ryan is the one who is getting up on his high horse and condemning the rhetoric from unmentioned folks referring indeed to donald trump but of the same time he wants to set the agenda for the republican party rather ambitiously so when in the world are folks in the house going to tell him that's not your job and it's not the agenda we want to? >> he already does that.
11:18 pm
the members of my class in the two classes after me we made it clear that we will legislate from the bottom up and there are more than half of us and i want to make this very clear. we took one speaker out and we can take another speaker out. i don't think that's going to be the need. paul speaks very clearly -- neil: one goes in the others could follow. lou: we don't want you to take what neil has said in fighting a policy discussion in marginal tax rates. neil: congressman thank you very much. very good having you. everyone is coalescing around this guy trump now. kennedy: or reminds me of being in los angeles when the lakers make the playoffs and all of a sudden everyone is purple and yellow flags on their cars.
11:19 pm
neil: the orange bowl. we'll take a quick break and we have two states to hear from me republican side vermont and alaska later on. right now and kasich county donald trump picking up six states, cruz two, marco rubio, one and delegate breakdown looks like a third of the delegates at a minimum up for grabs tonight will be going to donald trump but that could considerably break down in some states. i don't want to bore you with the details. a minimum of 300 but it's still close by my math that says 350. it's getting late and i can't see clearly. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
11:20 pm
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11:23 pm
neil: a good night for hillary clinton. that was largely expected but it is turning into a great night for her. blake berman at clinton headquarters in miami. what are we talking about here partner? >> first off bernie sanders just put a third state into his column. the caucuses out there in colorado going his way. that's a win on top of his home state of vermont and oklahoma as well but no matter which way you look at this this was a fantastic night for hillary clinton all the way around as she put seven more states enter column and more importantly all the delegates that come with it. this was a win across the map for hillary clinton.
11:24 pm
the northeast virginia in the mid-atlantic and the states in a south georgia, alabama, tennessee arkansas and texas as well. two points i want to make real quickly neil about clinton. the first speech lasted 13, 1415 minutes and she only mentioned bernie sanders by name one time. it was to congratulate him on his win tonight. from there this was a more forward-looking speech. this was really directed at the republicans and directed squarely at donald trump. >> it's clear tonight that the states in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we are not going to let it work.
11:25 pm
>> the second neil after hillary clinton gave her speech she called -- called up working the rope line taking pictures or whatever they do down there with her supporters. we were just sitting here 20 minutes later and i looked at my producer and i said is she still here and we both got up out of our chairs, god owner to because to look over the crowd and 20 minutes later hillary clinton was still there shaking hands with hundreds of supporters that have come here to listen to her speak tonight. i think that's important for those of us who follow this you know that's an awfully long time for candidate that the stature to do that. it goes to show how good of the a night this was for her neil and probably how relieved she is for picking up all those delegates. >> a few hours ago all those people were behind you seem to be backing up. >> breaking it down. they are packing it up. neil: great job lake.
11:26 pm
what we are learning at my folks are thinking. >> neil that's right. we are taking a look at what's happening across-the-board. you heard from carl icahn the billionaire investor he said that donald trump has touched a nerve with voters. 33% who think the economy is important when for trump followed by cruz 26%. you saw him dominate it, me. georgia and i want to show you how donald trump resonate on economy and jobs, 40%. and he went on win an economy in massachusetts and tennessee as more and more voters look closely at him perhaps closer to the nomination. as an outsider all of those
11:27 pm
tended to go for donald trump tonight. neil: thank you very much. i'm seeing that others are calling minnesota for bernie sanders. we are not quite willing to make that call here but that would be in that case the caucuses in colorado's. we have just called it. kennedy you don't have orange been there. neil: what do you think of that? kennedy: we can underscore that ernie has ignited some passion. is he going to be the democratic nominee? is not going to happen but it's goes to show that it's not just republicans that have fishers and their party.
11:28 pm
neil: the bernie sanders people were pushing hard, can you back us? does that make them neutral? lou: it has great attractiveness even with the democratic already but this is bernie sanders deal. he's leaving his version of a revolution however narrow it may be. to this point i think it's been vigorous in the scott braid -- brought great energy into it. if you would have told everyone a year ago that democratic socialist or socialist democrat it's been remarkable. here's a 75-year-old socialist who is energizing college campuses.
11:29 pm
neil: he keeps hillary clinton on her toes. >> the biggest thing that he has said she doesn't his believability. he may be dead wrong about this very. some might think we could argue that that's mostly true but he believes them. >> he believes and anything and do people trust that she she believes and how the stuff that she says? kennedy: he reminds me so much of ron paul. here is ron paul who made a big impact in 2012 on the younger voters. this certainly democratically it didn't seem to make a lot of sense but here you have someone who is incredibly passionate bringing people into politics for the first time in a lot of those ron paul supporters weren't going to let go of those delegates. the bernie sanders delegates, talk about bringing people into politics for the first time that's what you are seeing on the other side with trump. that's authenticity and
11:30 pm
enthusiasm that's getting people with more geisha and they political process. that is what this season seems to be about. you are seeing this record number of voters going to the polls. lou: in part the pain is authentic. the frustration is authentic and the anger. this is the country right now that wants change and we are going to believe we are going to see one way or another an election that's going to evolve with all the ambiguity. going to be roughed up. kennedy: my question i look at 2080 people were so hungry for that same kind of change. they were already war weary and people were ground down by this new economic -- my question is.
11:31 pm
>> he was a change agent. neil: with a lot more coming up after this. maybe we will get a sense of the gop -- you never know. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
11:32 pm
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11:35 pm
neil: this is vermont right now. we are waiting for vermont and alaska coming in after midnight eastern time when the polls close. it's too close to call but it's looking like donald trump is going to lose in vermont among republicans and bernie sanders has won it. former governor scott brown endorsing donald trump. i would imagine after tonight everyone loves a winner and it will follow. what happens now? of course we branch out to the republican leadership to paul ryan mitch mcconnell and the senate. do you think the role responded in kind? >> or hurt -- certainly hope so
11:36 pm
neil. mitch mcconnell made it his job to make sure president obama didn't get a second term. he was stuck with president obama and now hillary is an extension of the same. now they will go back and say they would rather have hillary. being the president being a republican you have obviously cabinet positions. you have the ability to really push forward your agenda as a republican putting the genie back in the bottle. neil: it's an effort to many the party leaders who find it a little bit to pragmatic, little too willing to make a deal with the other side. there is gridlock in washington. i know you're shocked to hear that and the people, the voters that have spoken have spoken quite loudly and i would suggest to the leaders in our party that they listen maybe not to donald
11:37 pm
trump at but how about the voters the amazing amount of energy and voters are turning out to him and believe in his message him order security on isis that any economic concerns we have been reestablishing our trust with their allies in fear of our foes, doing a lot of the things they haven't done. veterans died before they pass the bill. that's unacceptable. there are so may things we could talk about for hours and hours as to why is important to get a president as a republican in charge in the next election. kennedy: senator brown, kennedy. it's donald trump going to be surprised how much more difficult it is getting stuff done in washington where there's this incredible gridlock whereas for chin with the leaders of his own party as opposed to running a multibillion dollar corporation? >> when you're in charge of the corporation you have the board of directors but clearly he's in charge and he has family support
11:38 pm
there. he has to obviously support himself with people like reagan people trust and their respect on capitol hill to have those liaisons is an critically important. that being said there are going to be -- there's going to be head knocking. i wanted to go down there and shake things up and i want people in washington step out of their comfort zones and get the people's business done. they have an end doing it kennedy. you talk about it on your amazing show all the time. neil: don't feed the beast. [laughter] blume first of all we don't want gridlock removed. we would still like to stop the mediocrity that nonsense on the negative but we would also like to have your view as to whether or not trump is sufficiently motivated to move the business
11:39 pm
roundtable to this site so they are supporting government and not managing it. the u.s. chamber of commerce so they are supporting government and not managing it. do you think he has the capacity to do that and you think the leadership of the house was speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell the majority leader can be brought to heel to make it ambitious and blocking him? >> to be frank the one thing i like about donald trump is the fact that he spend doing this for seven and a half, eight months and the saudis learning and growing. it's kind of fun to see someone as a neophyte getting in their being excited in the learning process. there's going to be a learning process in that and if he's going to learn how to speak to the press he has to learn how to speak better with his opponents. that's all good. if mitch and paul and my former colleagues who don't support our eventual nominee after he's gone through this incredibly historic process of 17 down to one all of
11:40 pm
a sudden they say oh we don't like him. lou: they are already saying it. >> if they want to hillary clinton as president than they get what they deserve and we will have mediocrity and gridlock and i'm sorry that's the way it is. people when you pull them they don't like her and they don't trust her. neil: no reason to be nasty. we are going to take a quick break. reading some the tallies by the "associated press." on the democratic side looks like hillary hudson will grab half 65 delegates up for grabs not including superdelegates which is an anomaly but it looks like 235 delegates for donald trump so more coming in and
11:41 pm
reporting. by my math that it is at least 300 and i guarantee you it will be closer to 350, i guarantee you that. lou: excellent, noted. neil: i have no idea what i'm talking about. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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listerine® power to your mouth™ also try listerine® floss. it's advanced technology removes more plaque. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
11:45 pm
neu we are waiting on vermont results and that should wrap it up. avon will make it up to 90% of the precincts reporting they're not going to call it. i'm telling you nickelodeon has called this race, and pd has called this race and we are not. that's why goes. tom delay former house majority leader no endorsement just yet but do you think a summer trying to say tonight it is looking more and more like donald trump's nomination and the party is going to get behind him or are they going to -- to fast? >> they have gone way too fast. everyone on your show that i've seen tonight talking about donald has swept the table and he's the presumptive nominee
11:46 pm
could have egg on their face. neil: what you see happening? >> first of all he's not going to get more than 300 delegates atsoni. he still stuck at that 35, 40%. 20 more states that have proportional voting and if he continues like he's going he will end up with 600 delegates. he needs 1237. on the 871 left in the winner-take-all states to every state that cruz or ruby or kasich wins makes it harder for trump to get a majority. neil: elites in every one of those winner takes all states, he leads in all of them. >> you are right. he led in oklahoma and lead in oklahoma and he was supposed to be tied in texas.
11:47 pm
things are changing. kennedy: it was a three-way tie and it's a state where they don't do a lot of polling so i don't think he was supposed to. >> everybody in the media were saying he's leading in every state except maybe texas. i've heard that for the last two weeks. things are changing. rubio is doing better. cruz is doing better. if they convince donors to stick with them they have a chance to go to the convention and win. neil: you favor through more than others? would be closer to cruz, closer to rubio? >> i don't know. they do well in different parts of the country. what i do know is 60% of the people voting or not voting for trump and in this case because of the rules changing a
11:48 pm
candidate that is getting 30% is not going to be the nominee unless he breaks loose. neil: if he's polling at 49% he's just an outlier? >> that's a nationwide vote. neil: i understand that but he will have a gap after the super winner takes all states. you argue the -- are going to come back. >> he has to have 600 delegates going into the winner takes all states because that's only 871 delegates in the winner takes all states. lou: let's go to the brokered convention right now. where do you think all those cruz delegates would go if the deal had to be done? do you think it's going to go towards rubio or trumpet if
11:49 pm
that's the case could they already be anticipating those possibilities? what do you think? >> you can answer that because you don't know who the delegates are yet. we have a long way to go and there are only 300 some odd delegates awarded so far. you have braces next week and the following week. neil: in this week. >> when you get to the dash and trump doesn't have a majority then have to start putting in 60% of the delegates could very well be against trump and you're going to have somebody else. kennedy: and you will see a real revolution. we have been talking about this tonight. if cruz and rubio stay in the race neither of them can get the nomination. it's mathematically impossible. one of the mass to get out. who should get out? >> you need to add trump to that
11:50 pm
kennedy: the two of them in the race together and not enough to bring trump down so which one has to get out to take on donald trump head-to-head? >> that's because you want the nominee to have a majority of delegates going into the convention. neil: they want to know what's going on. we lost that seat. i was not delivered. kennedy was the one that started it. by the way here's what's more distressing. apparently gasparino is watching us from aybar and did not appreciate my using his name in vain. he is two martinis in and -- [laughter] lou: could you ask charlie woody's going going to do about it? neil: we have a lot more ahead.
11:51 pm
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11:54 pm
neil: we can't call it yet. we have 83% and we still can't call it. it's very close, very close. how many delegates are at stake stake -- at stake for republicans? democrats have a stake in this state. ken 1-800--- kennedy: i'm not surprised by that. kasich is an app phenomenon but one of those people that a lot of people are saying i actually like him. he has got a message that resonates.
11:55 pm
neil: it would be interesting if he picked up a win if it came to that. kennedy: i don't think it's going to come to that. i think donald trump is going to win vermont. i think he's going to get -- aren't you surprised the margins aren't vaguer? new hampshire and vermont are different places but you are talking about republicans from the northeast. neil: two states couldn't be any more different. >> there are's a joke after the university that the economics professors, they all live in new hampshire. english professors live in vermont that the reason economics professors are living in new hampshire is because we have no state income tax. this. >> the northeast is interesting because donald trump is from new york and could be one of the first republican presidential nominees to win new york and i
11:56 pm
don't know how many gears and there are other states that happened the past couple of election cycles very democratic. trump could turn the states around. kennedy: especially considering who is vp pick is. he's going to be analytical about who he puts in that second slot. joe biden i don't know what to get out of the vp neil: a slap at our vice president more no reason. you just threw him under the bus -- kennedy: i threw him under the amtrak train which he's very fond of taking. he's an every man. neil: well, look at this, we're going to go into the next hour, because we can't delare vermont. -- declare vice president. more after this. yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got insurance savvy you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks.
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of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. ♪ ♪ neil: okay. it is now midnight on the east coast, we're still not comfortable making a call on vermont. we are supposed to get, i think in about 30 minutes, the first poll closings in alaska. i understand the whole state doesn't close at the same time. that's a big state. but vermont is a little state by comparison, and even with -- what is that? 84%, we till can't make the call -- still can't make the call. my producers are now telling me each when we get 100%, we're not going to call it. kennedy: no. we have to get 111%. big night, neil. neil: that's exactly right. donald trump has won vermont.
12:01 am
kennedy: what do you know. neil: donald trump has won vermont. you know this area well, you're from new hampshire. surprised? trish: i'm surprised it was this close. yeah. i mean, kasich, he also came in second in new hampshire, but there was a much bigger distance between trump and kasich. neil: i feel bad for kasich, because that was where he was hoping -- trish: yeah, for sure. new hampshire and vermont, they're so close. it's like being in one state, not even. but anyway, that was his best shot. neil: i know new hampshire is live free or die. what's vice president? trish: i'm surprised they have any republicans, to tell you the truth. [laughter] it is a beautiful state. but, you know, you drive over the border -- lou: a little patronizing. neil: well, she's -- trish: they have beautiful signs, beautiful green signs, everything is quite lovely. you drive into new hampshire, and there's a giant walmart. but, you know, people are very
12:02 am
practical in thely -- the live free or die, no sales tax state and a little less practical, shall we say, in the bernie sanders' state of vermont. so i think kasich was very much loved in that part of the country, and i, you know, commend him for -- [inaudible conversations] kennedy: he was going for these moderate enclaves -- neil: there wasn't a pile-on that you've got to quit, governor, you've got to quit. no reason to quit ahead of ohio, right? kennedy: a huge state like that? he sees what cruz did tonight in texas -- neil: the best he can hope for in one shot is 66 -- lou: john kasich has been saying throughout, neil, that this wiz of him -- this business of him getting out is preposterous. at what point do people say, you know, this is getting
12:03 am
embarrassing? david: what about ben caron? kennedy: i was going to to the same thing. david: we love dr. carson, but he has less chance than john kasich does, and i don't see him -- [inaudible conversations] neil: i think we have how the evening went. for donald trump, seven states. for ted cruz, two states. for marco rubio, one state. still waiting on alaska, and don't even think -- i don't even want to posit -- kennedy: could be close in alaska. much harder than even nevada. neil: as juneau goes -- let's look at the democratic breakdown. for bernie sanders, not a very bad haul tonight. he has won in four states, including vermont and oklahoma and minnesota and colorado, the caucuses there. david as match, what do you think? david: well, i think what kennedy was saying, where do his
12:04 am
votes go? if, in fact, hillary does pull it out, will shellac -- will any of the enthusiasm that accompanied bernie sanders come to hillary? and i don't think it will. do you? kennedy: i don't think it does. no, absolutely. no and, especially, we have to talk about the elephant in the room for the donkeys, and that's the looming indictment. you know, what happens if that comes? neil: what if it doesn't? kennedy: well, she should thank allah. she should get on her knees in processations because she'll be very, very fortunate to skirt slippery justice. neil: let's say then it does. is it the party turns to someone other than bernie sanders or bernie wins it? >> no, i think you're going to see the democrats do exactly what they're doing with trump, and they're going to turn on bernie sanders -- neil: you know, he doesn't do that bad against these republicans. in fact, he he does even better -- i know it's all, you know, but these matchups --
12:05 am
lou: well, he'll do just fine, i'm sure, as a socialist. [laughter] neil: but don't you find that odd that he polls better against the republicans? lou: i do, but i have absolutely, as you know, no faith whatsoever in these hypothetical matchups. neil: could you just play along in the last couple of minutes? [laughter] lou: for goodness sakes, i love those hypothetical, and i think we should tremble -- neil: in other words, you guys think if it's looking like she's in trouble, the last person they're going to -- david: i think it'll be biden and liz warren. joe biden will satisfy not only the moderates in the democratic party if there are any left, but also perhaps some moderates in the republican party that are afraid of trump. kennedy: and you know what? maybe that's exactly what they talked about when she went and visited vice president biden at his residence. maybe he said, listen, i'm not going to run right now, but if she gets in deep yogurt, will
12:06 am
you be my vp, he might have said, yeah -- neil: how does your head work? david: you write a good script. kennedy: thank you very much. i'm the aaron sorkin of fox business. neil: yes, you are. trish: i think what would be interesting is how trump plays among some blue collar democrats. you think about some union workers who have lost their jobs, there might be some crossover appeal there, and given that hillary doesn't seem to be the most, shall we say, inspiring candidate -- otherwise a socialist wouldn't be doing as well as he's doing -- he might have a shot in taking some of that voter share away. neil: what do you flip it around, the fbi can recommend -- lou: that's what they do. neil: and then the justice is free to -- lou: prosecute or not. neil: let's say justice says, no, wouldn't that be just as damning? i mean, you could see comey and the ohs quitting -- others
12:07 am
quitting. lou: i think they would have to, because this is a very -- no matter how much it's dismissed in the liberal national media, this is a very big deal. we're talking about, you know, the most powerful political family in this country on its face, rudolph giuliani, the former mayor of this great city, saying point-blank 13 -- at the time, 13, he's since raised it, 13 violations of federal law. prosecution on its face, whether you've heard of david petraeus. imagine if it goes -- neil: a lot for a hot less. david: but imagine if it goes into clinton foundation stuff, actually trading whatever it is for a clinton donor, you give me a couple of million for the foundation, maybe there's not a direct e-mail that acknowledges this, but there is a quid pro quo that is proven that certain things that are detrimental to u.s. security were traded for -- kennedy: yeah. and now we may see those deleted e-mails if the district judge gets his way, because that's
12:08 am
where he's leading with that judicial watch -- neil: time for you to pack up your markers and leave. kennedy: thank you, neil. neil: seriously, i want to thank all of you. it's been a long, long day, and it doesn't end. of course, this weekend we have kansas, kentucky, louisiana, maine, nebraska, caucuses and primaries. a lot more coming up between these winner take all states. lou: what day is that? neil: saturday, a long night for you. ken cp march madness. neil: another basketball analogy. touche. that'll do it here. have a great night, everyone. we'll see you tomorrow, everyone. tomorrow's today. have a nice today. ♪ ♪
12:09 am
12:10 am
12:11 am
>> so, what stuffed horse fetched $266,000 at auction? >> so what stuffed horse fetched $266,000 at auction? it's a, trigger, who belonged to roy rogers. ♪ ♪ jamie: with the help of his new friend and dog trainer, tyson, and a year behalf of intense training, sam simon's rescued 140-pound corso is under control. so you've given colombo a stay of execution. >> nobody else has been bitten,s so the first part is amazing. 21 secondly, he's a happier soul.-u jamie: but in 2012 sam'shas diagnosis of stage iv cancernths changes everything.
12:12 am
after being told he has onlies to live, the simpsons'gone co-developer launches a campaign to save as many animals as hebej can before he's gone. >> as his body began to fail him, he'd be jumping on a lear jet and flying off.e th so somebody had to watch out for him. >> here was sam simon ready to do all of these things that seem unthinkable. he rescued all of these bears from roadside sir uses -- circuses, he shut down a mink farm.put >> so the money is kind of gone. >> you gave it all to peta. >> no, no, no, no. i put it in a trust to save the children and pee -- peta.e wa jamie: for two years sam beats the clock, but his disease neve. relents. >> i got a call that he was inburd the hospital, and he had summoned me to his bedside. he just said, i'm sorry to
12:13 am
burden you with this, but will you please take my dog? i said, yes. >> tyson looked at me and said,s i've got to do this for him. if we don't, they're going to put colombo down. >> i was asked to train him to climb steps by sam's bed. colombo was with sam right up until he passed. i was asked to be on the property when he passed to make sure colombo was taken off the property immediately. jamie: why immediately? >> well, colombo couldn't be on the property with an influx of people coming in just because it wasn't safe. jamie: arguably even less safe, bringing this strange inheritance home to your wife and kids. >> i met him, he's fierce. you let them hang out with colombo? >> supervised. colombo cannot be unsupervised around my children or around anybody.
12:14 am
when he's uncomfortable, he's grumpy. you don't want to be anywhere around him. and i don't want my kids to be anywhere around him. jamie: your kids could get help. you're willing to the take the risk. >> we make all the precautions. we make sure they're never alone with column e bow, we make sure that they train him every day. and us as a family, we made a commitment to healing dogs and showing other families how to do it. jamie: a noble commitment, but who's going to pay for colombo's ongoing $138,000-a-year medical care? was there some sort of verbal agreement between you and sam? >> sam just basically said, listening, don't worry about this. everything's takennen care of. jamie: uh-oh. is it possible that he made a promise to tyson he didn't intend to keep? that's next. >> here's another quiz question for you. santa's little helper, the simpsons' family dog, is what breed? a mutt, a greyhound or a vishla.
12:15 am
the answer in a moment. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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12:18 am
♪ ♪ >> so santa's little helper, the simpsons' family dog, is what breed? the answer is, b, a greyhound homer rescues from the dog track in the simpsons first episode. >> the italian mastiff is an aggressive breed, sometimes called a pit bull on steroids. colombo, a 140-pounder who belonged to sam simon, was actually deemed too vicious for psien mono's dog rest rescue shelter. hollywood dog trainer tyson kilmer says one of psi mob's
12:19 am
last requests was that he take colombo when simon died. >> one thing sam said is that every animal's life has value. tyson assumed simon's multibillion trust will pay for colombo's costly medical treatment, including acupuncture and electromagnetic therapy. was there some sort of verbal agreement between you and sam? >> sam took care of everything while he was alive. when sam said will you take colombo, i didn't say, hey, how much, buddy? i just said, of course, i'll take care of it. jamie: then in june 2015, tyson learns those vets and therapists will no longer be paid, and all those hollywood-style treatments will be discontinued. tyson reaches out to the executor of the simon trust. i'm a dog lover, don't get me wrong. but the tell me how much you were asking, money wise, to take care of colombo in the style sam -- >> i didn't ask for money.
12:20 am
i was asking for them to send the vets over. i wasn't asking for money. jamie: either way, tyson says he's told there's no money earmarked for colombo. >> i first thought there has to be a misunderstanding. but at some point you'd think even if that were the case, they would have an allegiance to what sam would have wanted. jamie: radio host mark thompson was a longtime friend of simon's. jamie: is it possible sam made a promise that he didn't intend to keep? >> of course not. sam would have wanted money to go for the continued care of colombo. jamie: the executor of simon's trust doesn't return our phone calls but has ripped tyson in the media. the trustee issued a statement that we got our hands on, and it starts with it's truly sad that someone would try to take advantage of sam's generousty to unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of other causes. >> i'm just an outsider, but the same money that sam was paying
12:21 am
for colombo when sam was alive is all tyson is asking for. and it's about his therapy, not a dollar more. i think that's a reasonable request. jamie: how much is it costing you a month besides your daily time to take care of colombo? >> it costs me approximately $9,095 a month to take care of him. jamie: tyson has custody of a dog that is considered very dangerous, and we have a trustee unwilling to disburse money for the dog's care. end of case? >> if they're willing to go to court, tyson might be able to assert rights on colombo's behalf and get the court to construe the trust. jamie: underscore "might," says ken, an l.a. lawyer specializing in pet inheritances. he says it's telling simon apparently did not set up a trust fund to pay for colombo's care which is allowed under california law. >> you want your trusts or any
12:22 am
other document to be very clear that who was ever in charge of the money needs to support the pets. jamie: case in point, ken's client in palmdale, california, a widow who wanted to provide for her faithful companions when she was gone. hi, yvonne, i'm jamie. >> hi, how are you? jamie: i heard you're the bird lady. >> i am that. would you like to meet my kids? jamie: i would. oh, hello there, who's that? >> he says, i'm the senior bird here. jamie: bogey is a 34-year-old double yellowhead amazon parrot. while he's older than yvonne's old cock feelses, he's still a young one among the parrot breed who can easily live for 60 years. when yvonne first adopts bogey from a bird sanctuary in 2013, she worries about making a commitment to a pet that could
12:23 am
very well outlive her. >> at my age i thought how am i going to make this work out. these guys can live to be 60 years old. i'm not rich. jamie: so will bogey become a strange inheritance? yvonne is worried that her cherished parrot will get discarded like colombo. and what about colombo? it must be costing you a fortune. >> colombo's not cheap, and we never, ever, ever, in a million years, thought we'd be here. jamie: how can the kilmers get the funds they need for his care? >> i agreed to take sam simon's dog. i didn't agree to take on a billion dollar estate. jamie: that's next. what's your strange inheritance story? we'd love to tell it. send me an e-mail or go to our web site,
12:24 am
12:25 am
(two text tones) now? (text tone) excuse me. (phone tone) again?
12:26 am
be right back. always running to the bathroom because your bladder is calling the shots? (text tone) you may have oab. enough of this. we're going to the doctor. take charge and ask your doctor about myrbetriq. that's myr-be-triq, the first and only treatment... its class for oab symptoms of urgency... ...frequency, and leakage. myrbetriq (mirabegron) may increase blood pressure. tell your doctor right away if you have trouble emptying your bladder, or have a weak urine stream. myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions. if you experience... ...swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue or difficulty breathing, stop taking myrbetriq and tell your doctor right away. myrbetriq may affect or be affected by other medications. before taking myrbetriq... ...tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. common side effects include increased blood pressure... ...common cold symptoms, urinary tract infection... ...and headache. it's time for you to make the calls, so call your doctor to see if ...myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. >> now back to "strange inheritance." >> now back to "strange inheritance."
12:27 am
jamie: yvonne eubanks loves her parrot, bogey, who may very well outlive her. will bogey get the special care he needs when she's gone? >> a lot of pet owners do not know that they can plan their estate to include their pets. jamie: yvonne doesn't just want to make sure her pets always have a caring home, she wants to make sure they have her home. >> the trust provides immediately for a caregiver to come in, and this is someone who's familiar with my birds. they will live here in the house, basically rent-free, and they take care of the birds. i will take care of the utilities. jamie: that could theoretically last for decades. you understand people will watch this, and they'll say, okay, you're the bird lady -- >> yeah. jamie: -- and you've left this beautiful home to birds. >> yes. i don't care how wacky they think i am. i just want to protect these
12:28 am
guys. jamie: the executors of simpsons co-developer billion dollar trust reportedly have no intention of providing a penny for his care. where does that leave animal trainer tyson kilmer? in anything outside of just seeing columbo cared for. i really don't want to be in court over the next five, six years. i'd far rather raise funds for him and just move on with my life. >> sam was his mentor and hero. and, sometimes, you don't write the script on how it's gonna come out, but we're doing the best we can and we're gonna handle it. >> i wanted to put a call into you to see if i could rely on some support from you guys. >> today, tyson hopes to raise enough funds through a network of friends and supporters to finance columbo's care.
12:29 am
you made a promise. >> absolutely. yeah. >> that's a big promise. >> i'm gonna keep that promise. you know, sam was one of -- he was a mentor to me. he was one of my best friends. i'm gonna honor my word to my friend. >> bogie or columbo can only dream of the fortune of the so-called world's richest pet, a german shepherd who's really rolling in the dough. turns out that when a german countess named carlotta liebenstein died, in 1992, she left a $124 million trust for her trusty pooch, gunther iii. well, when gunther iii met an untimely death, carlotta's riches passed to gunther's son, gunther iv, and by then, the trust was worth $372 million and included a villa in the bahamas and a mansion once owned by madonna. and, at that rate, gunther v could be the first canine billionaire. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance."
12:30 am
thanks so much for watching. and remember, you can't take it with you. >> treasures stashed in the attic! >> they hadn't been touched for 40 years. that was like [gasps] shocking and exciting. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> history saved from the trash! >> she was a dumpster diver. >> she absolutely was. >> can these heirs cash in on their startling discovery? >> it's hard to believe that you had an ansel adams lining a drawer. >> and your reaction? >> "wow." [ chuckles ] [ camera shutter clicks ] >> but it's not so black and white. >> did you say to yourself, "uh-oh -- legally, maybe i can't do this?" >> i was concerned about that. >> will this photo finish... bring riches...or regrets? >> i was also feeling like, if i sold too many, then i would lose that part of my mother. [ door creaks ]
12:31 am
[ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] i'm jamie colby, and today i'm on staten island in new york city. so, picture this -- a packrat mom spends a lifetime stuffing her home. her kids wonder, "ma, when are you ever gonna get rid of all this stuff?" of course, she never does. and then a classic "strange inheritance" tale comes into sharp focus. >> my name is jaye smith. our mom, carol, had an expression -- "never forget to look in your attic." we thought she meant it metaphorically. now we know she meant it literally, as in, "there really is valuable stuff in our attic." >> hi, jaye. jaye, an executive coach, has invited me here to her mother's house. shall we? >> yeah. come on in. >> thank you.
12:32 am
in 2011, jaye's mother, carol, a retired editor of a photography magazine, dies at the age of 86. jaye and her brother, lee, inherit her home... along with the task of cleaning it out. and there is lots to clean. was mom a hoarder? >> [ laughing ] yes, she was. her motto was, you know, "waste not, want not." >> the most daunting challenge is the deceptively capacious attic. >> whoa! jaye... there's so much space in here! it's like a secret hiding place. it's cleared out now. not back then. lee, are we talking a hazmat situation? >> pretty close. >> paint a picture for me, jaye. >> well, when we came up it was overwhelming. it was just boxes and boxes and boxes -- broken lamps, several vacuum cleaners, old irons, you know, all kinds of crazy things. >> working through the heap,
12:33 am
they spy some curious items in a corner. >> and i thought, "oh, god. what's this?" >> what we saw was... piles and piles of envelopes... and tubes. >> lee and jaye open them up to find a mysterious assortment of photographs. >> they were kind of random -- different types of images, stills and biographical photographs. >> more than 1,500 of them! did you know immediately what these were? >> no, i didn't. some of them i knew that they were well-known people and they were probably shot for newspapers or magazines. >> unraveling the mystery demands a closer look at the career of jaye and lee's mom, carol carlisle. >> she had a great job. it was with popular photography magazine, and, at the end of her career, was the managing editor of the magazine, which was unusual for women at that time.
12:34 am
>> carol is also smack in the middle of the golden age of photography in the top magazines of the day, including life, look, and national geographic. outside of work, carol, a twice-divorced single mom, is just as passionate about photography. her two favorite subjects can attest. >> she was a very good photographer herself. she had a light meter that she carried with her everywhere. >> you ever get tired of her taking your picture? >> oh, yes. [ both laugh ] >> but is carol someone who literally brings her work home with her? what did you know about where mom found these or acquired them? >> well, i do recall as a child, growing up in this magazine office, in the back by the freight elevator, there were these huge canvas dumpsters. and they were filled to the brim with photographs.
12:35 am
so, i imagine her passing by them and, you know, looking across the top -- saying, "oh, that's attractive," "that's nice," and collecting them over a series of years. >> after carol's death in 2011, the photos just sit for several months. what you think you'd do with it? >> we really didn't know. >> but everything changes when jaye holds a garage sale to sell off some of her mother's stuff. >> just toward the end, a man came up, and he asked me if i had some cameras to sell, and i said, well, no, i didn't have cameras. >> but jaye does have mom's old photos. >> so i pulled out one. it was of a little old man with birdcages and doves. i showed him the photograph, and his eyes popped out of his head. he said, "may i take a picture of it?" and i looked suspiciously at him, and, "why?" >> he tells jaye he recognizes the print as the work of
12:36 am
henri cartier-bresson, considered the master of candid photography. and that old man with the birds? that's the renowned french painter henri matisse. >> he said, "i have a friend who worked with cartier-bresson, and he would know the value of the photograph." so i said, "oh, in that case, sure." i didn't have any expectations of it at all. it was curiosity, really. >> a few hours later, the man calls jaye back. what did he tell you? >> $12,000. >> $12,000 for one? >> "oh, wow." i was shocked. i was really shocked. then he said, "what else do you have?" >> what else did jaye and lee have? had they stumbled across a treasure trove? >> when i saw this, it was the most exquisite thing that i could possibly have hoped to find. >> that's next. >> but first, our "strange inheritance" quiz question. where was this 1826 image --
12:37 am
the oldest surviving camera photo -- taken? the answer when we return. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth™! >> so, where was the oldest surviving camera photo taken? the answer is...
12:40 am
titled "view from the window at le gras," the photo is of this estate and the surrounding countryside. >> in staten island, new york, jaye smith and her brother, lee, are piecing together their strange inheritance -- 1,500 rare and possibly very valuable photographs, found hidden in their mother, carol's, attic. >> they hadn't been touched for 40 years -- just stuffed in the corner. >> the siblings assume their mom saved the prints from the waste piles of the photography magazine where she worked for three decades. did you have any idea what they were worth? >> not a clue. >> but jaye and lee want to find out. they call in photo appraiser elizabeth eicholz from christie's to make sense of the snapshots. as elizabeth examines the collection, she is first pleasantly surprised, then amazed. look! there are those classic
12:41 am
shots of brigitte bardot... winston churchill... and ernest hemingway... hundreds of famous images by some of the most renowned photographers of the time -- richard avedon, ansel adams, cornell capa, and more. >> it was extraordinary in its vastness -- the number of photographs, the number of artists, the span of decades. >> and each individually hand-printed by one of those masters, using now-vanishing darkroom arts... selecting just the right contrast paper to expose under a carefully calibrated enlarger, lightening and darkening isolated areas with dodging and burning tools, dipping each sheet in developer and fixing solutions for exactly the right time at precisely the right temperature... and still not knowing what you've created until each has
12:42 am
drip-dried and the light comes on. those were the days of darkrooms. how much of a role does the quality of a print play in selling photography of that era? >> a photographer's negative can be compared to a composer's score, where the print is the performance, so that can give a sense for how important the physical print is. >> it makes it art. >> exactly. carol certainly knew that there was something more special to these than just pieces of paper. >> a few really stand out, like this nighttime manhattan cityscape taken by pioneering female photographer berenice abbott in 1932. >> this is one of abbott's most well known, if not her very most iconic, image. she had to wait until the shortest day of the year in order for the light to be just right.
12:43 am
when i saw this, it was the most exquisite thing that i could possibly have hoped to find. vintage examples are extremely rare. it's a diamond in the rough. >> that diamond in the rough could buy a gemstone from tiffany's. elizabeth appraises this single print for $20,000. bing, bing, bing, bing, bing! >> that was like [gasps] shocking and exciting. >> this image of two bullfight attendants was shot by candid photography pioneer henri cartier-bresson with one of the first fast, hand-held cameras that let photographers work in dangerous locations, like bullrings. >> this image definitely could stand up to the vintage examples that you would see in any of the museums today. >> the appraiser estimates this print at around 10 grand. she then selects 22 pictures she feels are the most marketable for auction and values them at
12:44 am
around 120k. and your reaction? >> "wow." [ chuckles ] >> but jaye and lee can't head to the auction block quite yet. while their mother may have had the prints in her possession, true ownership may lie elsewhere. how can jaye sell photos that she just happened to have the prints? don't the photographers own their own images? >> well, that's a good question, and it's one of that comes up time and time again. >> will their strange inheritance be someone else's gold mine? you go to all the work of uncovering and archiving, but there's a chance you don't own them, you can't do anything with them? that's next! >> here's another quiz question for you. why are 19th-century photos dominated by stony, solemn faces? were the subjects typically... uncomfortable from the hot lights...
12:45 am
self-conscious about their teeth... or mimicking painted portraits? the answer after the break. so strap yourselves in for action flo! small business edition. oh, no! i'm up to my neck in operating costs! i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got insurance savvy you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me. ♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things,
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12:48 am
>> so, why are 19th-century photos dominated by stony, solemn faces? the answer is "c." these early photos mimic traditional european portrait painting, where smiles were only worn by peasants, children, and drunks. >> a stash of original photographic prints in mom's attic -- the strange inheritance of jaye and lee smith -- may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. but there's one big problem --
12:49 am
they may not be able to sell them. did you say to yourself, "i have 1,500 or more images, but uh-oh -- legally, maybe i can't do this"? what are the issues? do you own it? >> i was concerned about that, as some of them are very, very famous and well-known images. >> enter the lawyers for a nerve-wracking evaluation. ultimately, they conclude the photographers no longer own the physical prints. on what basis did the lawyer tell you you have legal ownership? >> "a," that i've had them for 40 years, but that all photographers who submit photographs to a publication do so with the expectation that it will not be returned. >> so you own the print. you don't own the image. >> correct. i do not own the image. >> but what about the magazine? shouldn't it own the photos, not carol carlisle's heirs? again, the lawyers opine that
12:50 am
once the magazine placed the photos in the trash, it surrendered its rights to the prints and jaye and lee can sell them. >> i think a lot of people in carol's position are probably kicking themselves, knowing what had sort of gone through their hands. what was somebody else's trash, at that point, was her treasure. >> she was a dumpster diver. >> she absolutely was, yeah. >> with their rights now clearly in focus, jaye and lee race their mother's photos to the auction block. in october 2013, an auction of 22 of the most valuable prints takes place at christie's in new york city, with the whole family in attendance. >> the photos are a smash hit. the shot of those bullfight attendants, appraised at 10k, brings in almost $30,000, while the portrait of matisse goes for a more-than-expected 18 grand.
12:51 am
and the berenice abbott cityscape, valued at $20,000, earns $90,000! in all, the group fetches 200k. it's a lot of money. >> it's a lot of money -- a lot of money for us as a family. it was a very wonderful, exciting evening for everybody. >> bit by the auction bug, the family's itching to sell off more of their strange inheritance. >> i felt like now i had a responsibility for the family to sort of keep things rolling along. >> but a second, smaller auction doesn't draw the same interest. two of the photos fail to sell, though a third brings in $4,400. >> even christie's was surprised. what they were worth and what they actually sell for is, of course, two different things, i've learned. >> maybe the family was rushing things so soon after their mother's death. >> it did start getting me to think about, "well, maybe i should slow down and stop this right now," and i was also feeling like, if i sold too
12:52 am
many, then i would lose that part of my mother, so keeping the images close to me and to the family felt more like keeping her around. so i just stopped everything for quite a while. >> with still more than 1,000 rare photographic prints, jaye and her brother, lee, trust their next step will present itself in time. and it does, after another discovery, this time in mom's hall closet. >> it sort of re-energized me about the whole thing. it was like another part of the treasure hunt, you know? "what is this, and what is it worth?" >> the answers, next. what's your "strange inheritance" story? we'd love to tell it. send me an e-mail or go to our website -- if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business.
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12:55 am
>> now back to "strange inheritance." >> jaye and lee smith are at a standstill with the 1,500 photographs they found stashed
12:56 am
in their mother, carol's, attic in staten island, new york. they've sold some of the most valuable ones, and now they're having mixed feelings about the whole thing. >> i felt like i was losing her. it felt like they embodied her. if they were going out to strangers, what would be left? and so that memory of her was walking out the door. >> did you ever say to yourself, "maybe we're rushing?" >> i think it was, "let's take our time and let's back up and re-evaluate." >> but in early 2015, another discovery nudges them back into action. >> i was clearing out our hall closet, and there, tucked in the corner... >> was...? >> another envelope of photographs. inside, there were other celebrities, so a lot of well-known, recognizable people. i feel like, somehow, my mother is pointing us toward these things, like "don't forget this,
12:57 am
and don't forget that." >> or maybe their mom is saying, "don't!" so this time jaye signs up with a virtual cultural arts center called poba. the site features creative types who've died without full recognition of their talents or legacies, says managing partner jennifer cohen. >> we connect people with all the resources that they need to archive, to catalog, to preserve, to appraise, and sometimes even to sell and promote their work. >> over the next few months, the organization sorts through the prints carol rescued and curates them in a permanent online gallery. >> some of these photos are iconic. it really shows the entire range of great black-and-white photography over a very important period of time. >> including, from the hall-closet prints, this marilyn monroe... >> jumping quite high, actually. >> it's a great, great
12:58 am
photograph. >> it certainly seems like a happy and magical capturing of the '60s. >> ...a candid snapshot of pablo picasso... >> eating a fish, obviously, or, having eaten a fish. >> yes. all that's left are the bones. >> ...and another landscape by ansel adams. >> it's hard to believe that you had an ansel adams lining a drawer. >> yes. [ laughs ] >> have you given some thought as to what you'd like to keep, what you'd like to sell? >> i'm not just considering myself. it's my family's collection, as well. but i think the idea is to get them out into the world and let other people enjoy them. >> classic prints created by some the world's most innovative photographers, saved from a pile of trash by a sharp-eyed editor with a love of art who, for reasons of her own, leaves them for her kids to discover once she's gone. you think mom was revealing
12:59 am
something to you from the grave? >> i feel like i'm reliving her steps, you know, for those 30-something years that she was really entrenched and engrossed in photography. >> what was that old saying of carol's -- "never forget to look in the attic"? now her children are thinking, "maybe mom didn't mean it so literally, after all." >> the older i get, the more appreciative i am of what she did and who she was. [ camera shutter clicks ] you know, when carol first became interested in photography back in the 1950s, it was estimated that the whole world was taking about a billion photos a year. now it's more than a billion a day. i'm a lot like carol. i can't bear to see a snapshot go in the trash, but, fortunately, i don't have an overflowing attic -- just a seriously clogged hard drive. i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching
1:00 am
"strange inheritance," and remember -- you can't take it with you. >> announcer: the following program is a paid advertisement for the dashcam pro, brought to you by inventeproducts, llc. yep, they're out there, driving recklessly, causing accidents, and driving up your insurance rates. now protect yourself and capture it all in full high-definition video with dashcam pro, your personal portable security camera. today, we're going to hear from people who have been in accidents and used the dashcam pro to prove their case. learn from essex county sergeant arnold bernard, a law-enforcement expert, to hear the secret to protecting yourself from tickets and lawsuits. you will find out why he calls the dashcam pro the most significant advancement in dash-cam technology and why everyone should own one. we're also going to visit a car show to check out some really cool rides and discover how their owners protect their cars wherever thego


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