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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> i'm a unifier. believe me. when we unifier, nobody is going to beat us. >> they've gone too far to stop now. they've got to keep going, keep working, keep raking down barriers. >> our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can andhat ll bdona trum theundi saye ar undeogs all exct that. we've all been underdogs. as a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs. this is a country of underdogs. but we love him. maria: the future of the race at the program could stay with us on that good markets coming off of a big rally. major averages of more than 2% on the session. the rallies going over to asia. the nikkei average in japan in
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the shanghai in china up better than 4%. the nikkei average of the 4% and the hang seng in hong kong in europe this morning, markets edging higher as oil prices put a cap on things as oil prices declining and that has to market coming off the highs. looking ahead to the open on wall street comics i.t. week this year. anything can happen. waiting on the latest development in the economy. the adp number this morning will be one or the moving of the two watch. latest developments on apple's side over encryption. apple hardly filing appeal against the order to unlock the iphone is by one of the san bernardino attack to after james colby testified yesterday yesterday before the house judiciary meeting a mistake was made early in the investigation. the details plus former cia dirt
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leon pitt not as take coming up on the program. hillary clinton and donald trump last night in super tuesday states. click vermin live with all the details. >> good morning to you as well. every sunday night. donald trump and hillary clinton will begin on the republican side for trump one state over the map anywhere from the northeast to the south. donald trump picking up seven more states less than super tuesday. said cruz won three states including his home state of texas. marco rubio at this first it are in minnesota. plus the trump did not have a major election night rally. and rally. instead he held a press conference here in florida when he tried to make the case at this point for the republicans he's the guy. >> if i'm going to win five, a 315 maybe six comes out in an eight, nine.
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nine states tonight. if i win all three states a tremendous numbers and i commend the worst is second in the two or three that i might not win. we are a democracy. it's awfully hard to say that not the person we want to lead the party. "fbn:am" just like trump, hillary clinton once seven states including asleep in the south. bernie sanders won four states including his home state of vermont. hillary clinton had a rally in miami. she didn't go after sanders about only naming him once. she's taken a long-term approach and she focused on two things. donald trump and the republicans. >> it is clear tonight is safe in the election have never been higher. we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we are
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not going to let it work. reporter: the only thing that matters, the bottom line is the delegate count. went to dan trump appeared to both the padding their lives after last night. that year. maria: thanks much. like urban. donald trump supporters scott brown with us this morning. good to see you. reaction to last night. >> first of all obviously a good wind up about or seen. a large turnout on the republicans type. five great candidates. i'm questioning the person is going to do. is he going to stay in? marco did win his first day. but the other four battle it out. i said months ago this to be solved in the convention the convention. fortunately it's probably the case. marco intact and obvious he
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kasich still in. obviously if they don't find their home state, they have some very big decision in an almost looks a little selfish as to why they are staying in. we'll see what happens. donald in his press or come his speech looked presidential. i don't want to belong, that you have a combo and brien in the so-called establishment complaining about we want to make sure obama doesn't get elected to a second term. we don't want her, don't want her. now we've gone from 17 down to one. now all of a sudden you want hillary? the vice president is a potential tiebreaker in the senate. brulé? we've got to do some soul-searching. maria: how do you look at the ted cruz picked jury, certainly claiming a lot of big prizes. texas is really. but then alaska and oklahoma. but our history and it is?
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>> use the definite number two. he's working very hard. he took the threat of losing texas very serious you did a great job. competitive right down to the end of them hopeful that top of the candidate, but all marco rubio and focus on the things come about as the primary and start to unite our party. if you want hillary or bernie, president of vice president, we've got to start getting iraq together. dagen: and he was in his beach. that press conference this genius. the tone of it was so much. he took a shot at rubio, but it was the way he spoke without saying hey, i'm going to be the nominee, he was able to turn to the general election if you will. i watched it and next time i am praying to the lord, eric trump, could you move over and stand in the camera view.
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rather than chris christie. maria: i felt watching chris christie that he was in pain. i feel that way when he's out for trot that there's something about it that i just feel he's upset about. >> there's my future right there. maria: do you think he's the vp candidate? >> he was the number one trending topic on twitter at 3:00 in the morning though. i was a discussion point of the late evening. >> a few weeks ago he was a serious candidate. now he is behind trump. standing at the podium, looking presidential. it's not giving a speech in which he says i lost these days but we are going to win. he's acted like it was done.
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this book as much as i can. dagen: it struck me because he was in florida and he was literally talking to the people of florida fan i employ people here and create jobs and that is not something that their politicians -- >> there's the trump and that trump was so good trump last night. when his rhetoric so insulting if you turn off. the big story was the giant thud you heard was the republicans, should fall in on the back. what the rubio people have wanted his to get a race with trout. and it now looks like that isn't going to happen. if i was ted cruz, the person you should not in this race is rubio. ted cruz has one more delicate. the republican establishment today is hyperventilating. >> one way to be trumpeted well, that's what the goal is here. to get rubio to endorse ted
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cruz. >> here's the interesting question. if it does come down to a ted cruz versus donald trump raised, who does the establishment get behind russian mark maria: 79 really caused rubio trouble. he took a lot of those from rubio. he came in number two. that's what i'm talking about. >> kasich is staying in until ohio in the hat make decisions. maria: as it too late at that point? >> a day when i don't think it's too late. it is -- >> one thing that surprised if he thought it would go to a convention. the one right state, blue states, purple states, he won in the south. >> the reason they are being honest to use the convention
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rules to manipulate or users strategize, whatever words you want to use, it is going to be fascinating. i have said this on your show. we need to find a way to put it all together, calm the rhetoric down. dagen: have you told donald duck? >> i've told everybody that. >> he saw the evidence. he's their adapter is that i can work paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. maria: but then he said paul ryan will have a hard time. >> that a ticket back back and almost in the next radke said forward to meeting him and working within. if we unite as a party, it is over. when you knock on the white house of the vice residential mansions during you don't get
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reception like you don't get rained out and walk it with hillary clinton to push our agenda and deal with the issues faced in our country, you are on another planet. maria: lindsey graham made fun of the most important, that most important comments in the senate most important, than the senate's immigration brokenness party apart. >> it is ripping our country apart. maria: database of jobs. >> i am open-minded. i disagree the most on immigration. this is the picture. >> do you believe he will do well in negotiating the deal better than the president and john kerry on trade? maria: i agree with you. senator scott brown, always good to see you. i'm glad you are here for the three-hour, steve. you've got to talk to us about trends that are in. he never taught about it. why? up next time the sparks fly between the fbi and apple playing out in the house judiciary committee.
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details of his >> this is a major case to supreme court arguing for both sides of the abortion debate considered the most significant. a texas law requires abortion clinics to make the same reasonable health and safety standards as other outpatient clinics in this day. we will of course all of that today and thought business. meanwhile, the rolling stones will perform a free concert in cuba on friday, march 25th. this is the first concert in the country. the first country in the caribbean. finally this. talking that apple. filing an appeal they choose to dispute with federal investigators over demands that create for to help the fbi break into an iphone used by one of the terrorists in the san bernardino attack. during yesterday's congressional testimony, fbi or james comey admitted there was a missed day when they had the terrorist
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account change. >> i don't see that this way. there are issues about that doors. there is already a tour of the iphone. we take the vicious guard dog away. that is the a lot. reporter: "the wall street journal" coming out in an editorial defending apple. app was right on encryption. the fbi doesn't want another one for and it's warranted legally suspect. the journal goes on to challenge the act singing congress is to intervene. maria: not just congress needs just congress is suing of income but the journalist taking it and go in on the side of apple. >> my editorial colleagues of course. not on the news side of things that it's a rather strong editorial. surprising that someone is given a very strong and national security as they say.
6:17 am
it's also about proper roles of congress. the fbi has to change of law. dagen: the editorial says without no one in defense of anti-terror programs is total popularity waxes and went on surveillance. this case isn't about privacy. this is engineering security and implications for security of all americans. >> ultimately asking apple to create new software which will make americans vulnerable. >> the editorial makes the comment that these could be used for things that have nothing to do with crime and terrorism going forward. >> if you are creating a new software for apple, you are giving the government and ability to look at the information and data regardless of the terrorism related or not. i was uncomfortable with it from the get go.
6:18 am
>> he went much further saying they would be at a sitting here. it's been a bad few days for the government. >> i work for the journal editorial page. i was surprised by this editorial. they have always taken the position of the government and anti-terrorism cases. they made a very strong case about why this was excessive. maria: this is the grass that i was sort of moose bites end quote. when he spoke about the all right diets, making it easier to unlock your iphone, bird reaching germany was divided and extended reach it privacy and demand to intercept messages and access health records, financial data, track your location can even access your funds microphone or camera. dagen: they are calling for congress to act.
6:19 am
apple is calling congress to act. fbi wants congress to act in congress publicly won't. this is something that hangs over us for not not yours to come. >> we want congress to make a lot because they have done not by telegraph. true to what are expecting congress to come up with? >> that you need, you can honor the first amendment? >> what about apple and the fbi making an agreement. i think that would be a superior outcome. maria: this has been two years. >> you would think they've tried. maria: we will keep talking about this tough one. if the peak with former cia to leon panetta. his take on the election, not. -- coming out.
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it's not used not
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into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. >> i think that is something we've never done in our history is a lack of a president who tries to divide this country through hate and fear and loath sin through racism. i'd hate that is something this country as diverse to do in the past and hopefully will not in the future. maria: that is a clip from the interview with former secretary leon panetta. donald trump looking more and more like a republican nominee. what is your take on who trump is right now? >> trump is unbeatable.
6:24 am
as i said, yes one in all the dates right now. he keeps defying every prediction. everybody said when he jumped out of the gate, he's going to go away. he hasn't. if anything he's picked up strength. he did lose a little bit of momentum. he would've happened even bigger super tuesday if it hadn't been for a incident. rubio is the big loser last night. the question is whether the party can coalesce. dagen: because of our need -- that was kind of a hot but on the what the maverick trump hash tag, the problem if you will. erick erickson, coming out and say that i think the republican party. every court yesterday about the anti-trump super pac to the equipment and todd ricketts actively trying to raise money for her.
6:25 am
is this horse out of the barn so to speak? even if he changes his tone, can they bring it back in? >> the one thing that rubio could say for himself last night is the late rakers would strongly. there was a bit of a trend, but it wasn't nearly enough. maria: at least he took minnesota. i don't know if he's going to take florida. >> even if rubio or cruise submerged, there's a difference in the republican party which is the candidate for donald trump. he's got the turnout higher than it has been. he's got something going. it's hard for anyone else to bhutan. >> the frustration is they have this golden opportunity. hillary is weak. we've seen this. all they have to do is keep it together. and i don't know if they can do that.
6:26 am
maria: they are coming around. too bad cheekiness screaming. >> you just said it. i've got a get on board got to get on board with the donald trump coalition. >> emigration was not as high up as he might've thought. by the way, evangelicals again going with trump. maria: don't you think it is resonating in terms of the job part of the story. most gop voters feel that free trade, for example, makes their wages lower or open borders makes others take their jobs. all roads lead to jobs, but he has enveloped with immigration. >> i'm not even sure geo debuggers is it that these are people hurt by free trade deals.
6:27 am
>> if trump can reach out and grab those people, he's really got something. i think to some that stand the paradigm of the gop voter, these are people that feel left out. they feel he's going to be honest and they are calling her head. >> the word betrayal came out in exit polls. why are you fighting for trump? i've been betrayed by republicans. they wanted obama's agenda stopped in the ascent. >> the 25 year agenda for both parties had obama has crystallized a lot of it yet but they are feeling it. maria: really quickly, four in 10 voters in several states. virginia, texas, arkansas, georgia. voters would be unhappy with the new york billionaire at the top of the gop ticket. he's got to bring all those people. maria: you can catch my fall interview with leon panetta
6:28 am
tomorrow on "mornings with maria" mornings with syria. we will ask them about the races for apple's urchin five at the government. a lot to say on that. how may not. a string of victory putting donald trump and hillary clinton closer to the brink of the nomination. rival still putting up a fight to keep the battle going. the latest from the campaign trail next. ♪ e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it.
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is wednesday march 2nd. it is 6:30 on the east coast, donald trump and hillary clinton expanding their indeed on the presidential race, donald trump racked up means in 7 states, marco rubio took his first state, minnesota. ted cruz scored a key victory in texas along with two as, ted cruz projected to win the alaska caucus as well as oklahoma. hillary clinton won seven states, bernie sanders 4, sanders got a victory in oklahoma, clinton and trump are pivoting to the general election. >> not to make america great again. america never stopped being
6:32 am
great. [cheers and applause] >> we have to make america hole. >> what is that all about? make america great again is going to be much better than making america hole again. maria: the rally in asia overnight, the nikkei average in japan and china, markets seeing some strength, mixed performance, the s&p 100, dax index in germany of 21 points call oil prices are lower putting a cap on gains and taking the wind out of some steam. we expect some weakness there as well, futures indicate a lower opening for the broader averages. we will get a first look at employment when we get the adb report ahead of the friday labor department report on jobs for the month of february and the
6:33 am
latest developments on apple's fight over encryption. the giant following its appeal against the order to unlock the new iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers after james comey testified of the house judiciary committee and many mistake was made in your the days of the investigation. >> donald trump and american have big night that ted cruz has a winning his home state of texas. >> reporter: it is safe to say there are a lot of reasons for ted cruz to be celebrating this morning. he walks away with a large chunk of those oh so precious texas delegates, sweeping win for the texas senator by 17%. look at the numbers. he won with 43.7% of the vote, donald trump getting 26.8%. marco rubio in third with 17.7%.
6:34 am
senator ted cruz not only celebrated and thanked texans for their support but also talking issues, listen. >> i will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare. adopt a flat tax and abolish the irs. >> reporter: even though it was the second place finisher donald trump he walks away with 20 texas delegates because the lone star state awards them proportionately based on overall voting totals and also based on their performance in texas's 36 congressional districts. ted cruz winning oklahoma and alaska with supertuesday as well. tracy: joining us is virginia attorney general and ted cruz supporter, good to see you,
6:35 am
thanks for joining us. what does ted cruz need to do to continue the momentum he got last night? we were talking on set earlier. some people feel like ted cruz has the goods that is not liked by colleagues in the senate and that is one of the overarching things hurting him but they would rather go with ted -- donald trump van ted cruz. >> since this campaign began, ted cruz's favorability ratings which are outside the beltway have become some of the best in the republican field, far better than donald trump. it is true that he has locked horns with every special interest group and the leadership and the establishment in washington but frankly, that is what voters want. i was listening to you all talk earlier. if you think about this race in terms of its it were one on one, what happens?
6:36 am
if ted cruz gets out, then half or more of his support goes to donald trump. he competes with donald trump for those individuals. no other candidate competes to keep them in the republican fold. if marco rubio gets out the vast majority of those votes come to ted cruz, not donald trump. that changes the race dramatically. that is not intense control but winning last night in three states including texas, which is a huge delegate vote hall has brought him well out in front of the rest of the pact, second to donald trump. that is why you heard him talk about those issues, the issues that make a difference, two voters upset with washington and in their lives looking forward. maria: dagen: what happened to ted cruz in your state? in my home state? he came in third.
6:37 am
marco rubio drew a lot of leet the seiters with my parents were inundated with robotcalls in the days leading up to supertuesday. when is your candidate? >> we were not doing robotcalls in virginia, we doing volunteer phone calls and a truth is in my humble opinion being from virginia, jeb bush getting out turned loose a lot of what i will call government republican voters. a lot of people in northern virginia, the bush network, they have all been associated with government for a long time. they naturally went to marco rubio, the establishment candidate in a race. this was a purely proportional state, first time for virginia. in terms of the delegate difference we were not hurt terribly bad in virginia. we would rather win every state but if you look down at alabama, marco rubio didn't make the threshold in texas. maria: here is steve more. >> it was a good night for ted cruz, a terrible night for marco
6:38 am
rubio. you made this point it is time for marco rubio to get out of the race. is that one of your pitches? do you think ted cruz will make the pitch that marco rubio should get out and secondly you said some harsh things about donald trump in recent days. if donald trump is the nominee could you get behind him? >> donald trump has said some unusually harsh things even by donald trump standards in the last few days. you were talking about that earlier. i have a great level of discomfort with someone comfortably and knowingly quoting mussolini. that on top of the kkk david dukes, that is a real problem. he can win people like me back if he cares to do that but he doesn't seem to care to do that. i have real concerns about what that means for republican candidates, for this election
6:39 am
cycle. i agree with what you said, all things being equal it is the republic advantage to republicans, but we can give that away. no one is better at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than republicans. in 2012 we nominated the one guy who couldn't prosecute the obamacare case. donald trump has an issue with that too. >> let me ask on that point, ted cruz has won texas and oklahoma which is right next door, he won some states. what state does he win that is outside his safety zone? donald trump is showing he can bring new voters in, producing turn out everywhere, he won in the northeast and the south. of marco rubio dropped out today, and ted cruz has a real chance in florida, where does he make a difference to show he can win beyond what he is
6:40 am
comfortable with? >> donald's biggest wind was in massachusetts, donald is not going to wind massachusetts, not going to happen. they get delegate votes in the republican national convention but ted cruz is competitive in all the state's republicans have to be competitive in. rubio is getting killed in his home state. is true that we are heavily reliant on volunteer base down there and if marco rubio gets out, that changes the dynamic in florida dramatically and that is what i hope happens. i have not talked to ted cruz about that but he was talking about unity, bringing people together last night and when you have had a week late donald has in the last week, where you are making some really harsh, divisive, ands, that unique focus is something of a lot of republicans be on the conservative base of looking
6:41 am
for. maria: do you think the plan for chris christie is attorney general? or mvp? >> the plan is something with chris christie. the union leader drawing the endorsement, he knows the paper well. that is an amazing thing to see. if what he said was is true, he shouldn't be saying what he is saying, as the newspaper position, in new jersey liberal endorses new york liberal. in some ways it makes sense, but mostly from a personal perspective for chris christie. he doesn't really bring votes. endorsements and that bring networks and votes matter. his own supporters are appalled. what chris christie has done. that is not bringing votes to donald trump. gets a nice big attack dog to join him which is what chris christie has been doing. nonetheless he doesn't bring
6:42 am
networks of votes to the table. maria: a few newspapers in new jersey asking to resign. >> they are kicking them in the teeth. maria: they don't like what he is saying. good to see you, thank you so much. coming up, let me try again, american astronauts got kelly coming to work after a year in space but the hard work just beginning. what nasa has in store for the space man next, back in a minute.
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6:46 am
maria: donald trump with a huge victory on supertuesday, the front runner won seven states extending his lead the ted cruz and marco rubio. trump getting support from early doubters who said he has no business being next president of the united states including my next guest, david and senior strategist steve cortez. you were once a donald trump daughter and now you are supporter. what happened? >> i am here with the zeal of a convert. i spoke at times on your show vehemently against donald trump and isil have some reservations particularly as the hispanic conservative, there are things i don't like about donald trump's message but he has won me over and done will tell you why. the sentiment out there is palpable. the crowds are showing up at his rallies, turn out for the election, there's something going on in this country that is meaningful and material.
6:47 am
there's an energy that is significant, he is growing the party, growing the base, that is important. even more significantly i was made a conservative as a kid by ronald reagan and i see a lot of the same unfolding sentiment now as we saw in 1980 and since ronald reagan conservatives have been getting our heads handed to us, we haven't won any thing for the last 25 years. government continues to grow. we have slow growth in terms of the economy and that tells me we need not just to nudge washington but below washington up, donald trump is the person to do that. maria: that is behind this euphoria for donald trump. >> there is a growing case to be made, trump got more delegates than the other candidates combined. even a 1-on-1 race which everyone claims the need to have to get the nomination. that may not be enough to stop donald trump. to his credit you don't run a casino company or in media
6:48 am
company and not learn what is on people's minds and how you market to people and he is using that to his advantage, he is speaking a language to americans that they want to hear and are buying into their message and that is why you see his success. >> one of the things that worries me is how republican establishment is using this incredibly over the top and side trump rhetoric. one says he is not fit to serve office and so on. i wonder if both of you think this party can't unite around a political black swan event. not necessarily a bad thing that something we never thought was possible. do you see the party unifying? one of the unattractive things i find out from is he is bringing in all these people to the party that have probably not voted in 10 or 20 years. what do you think about that? >> you make a great point from broadening the party, this is
6:49 am
important, i like paul ryan, not such a big fan of mitch mcconnell. what have they done for us? they control capitol hill and what have they done for conservatives? what can be point to and say we won here? government shrink here? all i see is government getting bigger. more wars, higher taxation, higher regulation. this is not the freedom agenda conservatives want that the middle class wants, their income has not grown in 15 years and they are in green and they should be. dagen: bigger government, from wants to build our military and spend money on the military. his tax plan, he code applies more than half of american households will not have to income-tax and i don't know -- i don't know how you say that because that means that half of america gets not one red cent from the military. >> they pay their fair share of taxes in other ways. dagen: the roll, that is a
6:50 am
benefit to them. >> that will get worked out, that is why we have this presidential campaign and governing is another aspect. rough-and-tumble doesn't have to be a bad thing. did didn't hurt barack obama. here is what is outrageous to me and we did leon panetta talking about it. we have an attack by democrats, some republicans are using about how donald trump is divisive. we had seven years of divisiveness. democrats talk about -- maria: that is what i said to leon panetta when i spoke with him, we will run this interview tomorrow. i said wait a minute, trump is more divisive than barack obama? i couldn't believe it but he said yes. >> good talking point for them. are republicans going to rally around donald trump if he's the nominee? absolutely. equally important, there are more birdies and his populists who will vote for donald trump than dissatisfied republicans will vote for hillary clinton.
6:51 am
maria: we will leave it there. steve cortez, see you soon. thanks, gentlemen. we will be right back. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder.
6:52 am
so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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6:54 am
maria: apple investors getting a break at stockbroker above $100 a share. the company took its encryption fight to capitol hill. nicole petallides with that story. nicole: apple breaking above $100 per share during yesterday's congressional hearing against the fbi after remaining in double digits for over a month. stock closed at $100.53 a share indeed in an extended market rally and shares climbed back as apple's lawyer made the company's case opposing the judge's order to unlock one of the san bernardino shooter's
6:55 am
iphones. apple value has been dropping since the start of 2016 after posting disappointing fourth quarter earnings report. apple's stock still down 25% from its all-time high of $1.34 and change back in february. maria: new york times reporting a number of major business leaders are trying to find an anti trump super pac, cheryl casone with that. cheryl: those leaders holding a conference call to discuss funding an antitrust efforts. fund manager paul singer, chicago cubs owner taught rickets and meg whitman were on call, not clear if they agree how to proceed. astronaut scott kelley returning to worth waiting safely in kazakhstan yesterday. kelly and the russian cosmonaut than 340 days aboard the international space station. kelly spent 520 days in space, four missions more than any other american astronaut.
6:56 am
scott pelley's body, former nasa astronaut mark kelly. imagine this happening to you. maria: this happened in south africa. a female lion walked up to the car, opened the door, they shut that door. who knew? good video. for democratic presidential candidate bob kerrey weighing in on hillary's big victory in new york city mayor rudy guiliani with us for the entire hour, his reaction to superto as a result, back in a moment.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, supertuesday in the books, donald trump hillary clinton tying their grip on the presidential race. trump racked up seven sticks, marco rubio took minnesota. one state, first primary victory, ted cruz won three states including texas. hillary clinton won seven states to bernie sanders's four states, clinton's leading the south but sanders got a victory in oklahoma. as results came in, they rallied supporters and looked ahead to what is next. >> i am million a fire. people find that hard to believe but i am a unifier. there is nobody, nobody will beat us. >> we got to keep going, keep working, keep breaking down those barriers. >> our campaign is the only campaign that can beat and will
7:01 am
be donald from. >> we are underdogs, i will accept that. we have all been underdogs. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs, this is a country of underdogs but we will win. maria: we are breaking down results looking at the future of the race, the next important contests in the next couple weeks, a major rally in asia overnight, nikkei average in japan, ranking, gains of 4%. hang seng and hong song up on top of a big rally yesterday. markets are off of the best levels mix right now because oil prices are trading down and that has taken steam out of a rally but the indeed down 20 points, dax index in germany at 40 points. looking at the open on wall street we expect some weakness at the start of trading, dow industrials down 35, nasdaq composite expected to open down 5, we will get a first look at jobs and where they are with a
7:02 am
dp number is coming ahead of friday's labor department report on jobs for the month of february. the latest developments in the fight between apple and the fbi over encryption. apple reported the filed an appeal against the order to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers after james comey testified before the house judiciary committee admitted mistake was made any of the days of the san bernardino investigation. big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump in the supertuesday states, bleak berman live in miami with the details. >> reporter: this was a resounding night for both the front runners in this race, donald trump bent hillary clinton will begin on the republican side where trump picked up 7 more states last night, his victories were all over the map, he won in the north fence, the mid-atlantic and the south, ted cruz won three states including his home
7:03 am
state of texas. marco rubio picked up his first victory in minnesota. trump did not have one of these massive rallies last night. he opted for a press conference. in it he tried to make the case that this point for the republicans he's the guy. >> if i am going to win five, already won five, it could be six, seven, eight, nine, could win nine states tonight. if i am going to win all the states with tremendous numbers and come in, the worst is second in the two or three i might not win, i think we are a democracy, it is hard to see that is not the person we want to lead the party. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton won seven states, she swept the south. bernie sanders picked up four states including his home state of vermont. hillary clinton have a rally here in miami and she really was looking past bernie sanders wishy focused much of her time
7:04 am
on donald trump and the republicans. >> it is clear tonight is that the states in this election have never been higher and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we are not going to let it work. >> reporter: while we talk about the stakes, the bottom line is the delegate count. both clinton and donald trump will be padding their delegate lead after last night. maria: joining me is former presidential candidate and nebraska senator bob kerrey. thanks for joining the conversation. is this hillary's best case scenario, running against that trump ticket? >> he is strong, her experience and competence and the issues she's campaigning on will make her formidable in november.
7:05 am
that is what produced her victory last night. maria: what really take aways? >> it is all over but the shouting. is likely kentucky on saturday, mich. following tuesday and four big states the following tuesday and from is leading in all of the embedded will likely be hillary and donald trump. >> if you spend a good election season for hillary. just killed sanders. a huge percentage of note minority voters. oklahoma, i was surprised she can't beat bernie sanders and i wonder -- >> democratic senator in oklahoma. so popular with minorities. >> quite impressed with what
7:06 am
senator sanders has done in this primary. as superliberal if not a socialist will win in november is a preposterous idea. i think what is happening is almost always, the democratic party has this left-center argument going on and the center is winning and the center needs to win or there is no victory in november. dagen: waiting to get this in. i am reading not bubbles over your head. >> the candidate i would want to run against. she evokes the past, she has criminal problems we have yet to deal with. i am shocked they are taking so long to finish the report. dagen: is that by design? >> it astounds me. i did that job in one way or another for four years. can't understand why it would take so long to investigate the
7:07 am
revealing of 200 confidential pieces of information. any one of which would have put my 15 u.s. attorneys in jail. >> i was reading from republican consultants and they are apoplectic, the washington insiders and they are saying donald trump has, quote, hijacked the republican party. >> if running an election and winning is hijacking. the legal definition of hijacking does not include winning an election. >> when frankenstein made his monster the thing turned on him. it exposes what you got in the republican party which is again evident opposition to trade, significant opposition to lots of things. it exposes that. maria: these issues are ripping of the party apart. the first question -- >> democratic party has its own
7:08 am
challenges. my own view of the justice, i am not a big fan that a situation where 90% of cases are brought and never brought to trial as a consequence of people are out but that is a separate conversation. i don't think it is likely to happen. more likely will get a straight up significant differential between what donald trump represents and what hillary clinton -- going to have a really good choice. to muddy the waters with all sorts of extraneous things. >> i don't think the revealing of 200 confidential top-secret documents is muddying the waters. i think it shows gross irresponsibility on the part of the secretary of state of the united states. when i was in the justice department of i had revealed one of those documents i would have gone to jail. what she did was outrageous,
7:09 am
absolutely outrageous. this is an embarrassment to have run the democratic ticket. tracy: her course is not buying into that at all. >> i have been on this show critical of setting up the server but i do think it leads -- bid has not led to what i think needs to occur which is a serious examination of the freedom of information act which makes it exceptionally difficult for the executive branch to function and if you don't think it does, ask why congress exempted itself, and we haven't had that conversation and the over classification makes it difficult. is not nonsense. >> i was in the executive branch 16 years and sat in my office until 33:00 or 4:00 in the morning and read top-secret documents and approved the pfizer wires for four years, if any of my assistants had taken one of those documents home he would have been fired and put in
7:10 am
jail. this is absolutely critical situation. she demonstrated gross irresponsibility. now to get to the clinton foundation, you want to talk about the $1.2 million in money that clinton got from the swiss bank when she was calling up the secretary of the treasury asking for special favors on the part of ubs. tracy: that is a bigger deal than the e-mails. >> let me finish. >> you have been here for an hour. >> i wasn't a prosecutor for too long to figure out what that was about. you do not get the one$.2 million in speaking fees, the secretary of state doesn't call of the treasury department and say go easy on ubs, describe treasury employee has a very unusual conversation from the secretary of state. >> if that isn't circumstantial evidence of a crime and if you
7:11 am
want to know why she did that, she destroyed the e-mails because those 34,000 e-mails show a connection between her and build on those millions of dollars she was collecting. tracy: this is a big deal. >> is a big deal. i can be critical of that and i have been critical of it, use whatever word you want. what is going to happen in this campaign, you'll get a real debate on the issues. there will be efforts to discredit donald trump on things he has done in his past, some of his behavior, and left creditors in the lurch. all those things will get brought up on the campaign but the most important issue in my view is who is better for the economy and to has the right approach for solving -- tracy: how can secretary clinton divorce herself from her years under president obama? when you consider having read people are. >> i don't think she has at all. tracy: she is not talking about
7:12 am
it. that is why people are upset. they have been rolled over. what does she say about that? >> one qualifying adjective, that is why republicans are upset about last seven years and there's a lot of a anger. tracy: and independents. >> to modify and say some independents as well but the increase mostly centered in the opposition. mitch mcconnell who i like organized before barack obama was sworn in. tracy: why is donald trump doing so well? >> because a lot of people are sick and tired of being told -- tracy: that is what i said. >> immigration is good for them, trade is good for them, technology is good for them. if they just go to a job some of their life will get turned around. that is why he is doing well. tracy: what does she say? she was in a position of leadership to change that. >> we will see that in this campaign. i don't have her answer on all those things.
7:13 am
she has been critical of the trans-pacific partnership. i think one of the great unifying things america had in its political system, ronald reagan was free trade, he was for immigration, he believed in technology. it was one of those areas, multilateral military effort and we are losing that. >> you are one of my favorite democrats of all time. i don't think -- you were a moderate conservative democrat, i don't think you could run in the democratic party. >> libertarian, full disclosure but my campaign promise would be if i get in power i will leave you alone. dagen: and legalize marijuana. >> free tuition and legal marijuana. maria: thank you so much, senator bob kerrey, donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating their supertuesday wins. >> this will be a much bigger
7:14 am
party and we are going to win in november. >> imagine what we can build together, at every american will live up to his or her own god-given potential. tracy: what lies ahead for the two front runners next. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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7:16 am
tracy: former new york city police officer was killed in a texas shoot-out yesterday. cheryl casone with the story.
7:17 am
cheryl: officer david hopper had relocated to dallas and was responding to a report of a suspicious person and possible gun fire. footage obtained by the dallas morning news captured the sound of those gunshots followed by shouting. listen. officer hovered joined in the nypd in 2009, left in january 2014 to join texas. the supreme court hearing arguments today on what both sides of the abortion debate consider the most significant case in generation. hole women's health, the justices will consider, to obtain an abortion. bill haas threatens to the ten abortion critics leave the state
7:18 am
in total. a strong performance by donald trump and hillary clinton solidify their lead in the presidential race. clinton has 1,000. delegates up for grabs on march 15th, morgan 350, the gop in 600 for the democrats. senator ted cruz, oklahoma, texas and minnesota, the rest of it went to donald trump. tracy: we know where we are. stay with us.
7:19 am
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7:22 am
tracy: mayor rudy guiliani, ted cruz won three states last night including his home state. does he have a shot long term? can he take this from donald trump? >> is not over. donald trump has a good lead, he is on his way to the nomination. people who stumbled before on their way to the nomination, it is not locked up. ted cruz has a powerful appeal
7:23 am
to the republican party. the fact there is both ted cruz and marco rubio and dividing things up, a tremendous -- john kasich and to some extent -- a few folks from ted cruz. all of that is helping donald and by the time it gets down to one on one donald should have a big enough lead. >> you are making the case that lot of republicans saying trump has a ceiling. and as a conservative man is my reservation about donald trump, at 50%. >> getting close. a couple states were in the 40% and a four man race or five memories it is hard to do better than 43%. some of those showings in the south which is pretty conservative were very powerful. he didn't won by 1% or 2% but by
7:24 am
10% or 15%. by the time you get it done to him and ted cruz, the final two people standing, he will be far enough ahead. dagen: we were talking about donald trump vs. hillary clinton and we discuss the reason there is antitrust sentiment and more organizing within republicans. and won't use the word establishment. his rhetoric is not only 5 recent times that he is insulting to people, individuals and groups of people and that gives hillary an open door, at we need more love and kindness in this country. keeps handing her an opportunity she otherwise wouldn't have. >> maybe this country wants a tough guy. maybe this country after eight years of trying red lines in the stand that became yellow lines and threatening bashar al-assad
7:25 am
with action 12 times in a row and not doing nothing. maybe a country that has vladimir putin pushing us all over europe and the middle east, maybe a country that gave up the nuclear poll in the czech republic under hillary clinton and got nothing in return, four years as secretary of state who made everything in the world worse. and i don't care if they like us. all over trump. i want them to respect this, i want the ayatollah to wake up in the morning and wonder what this guy is going to do to me. maria: have you ever seen a leader in china say we are watching donald trump closely and in mexico, i am not building that wall.
7:26 am
people looking at donald trump and getting scared. >> we are getting a push back. >> i want to be feared. >> languages diplomatic. there are times he makes mistakes but who hasn't in a presidential campaign? the basic idea that america is firsting for 8 windier. we had two years of leading from behind and the definition of leading from behind is following and americans are not used to be in the world followers. not if hillary is in the race. it would have to be ted cruz and bernie sanders, all right/are left even with trump in the
7:27 am
race. tracy: the lien is closing. it is getting late now. michael bloomberg, now or never. >> how does he put together enough states to make a majority. is a republican house. tracy: news alert, astronauts got kelly returning to earth, pumping his first and first following the sale of landing in kazakhstan yesterday, an unprecedented 340 day trip in space, he spent 520 days in space over four missions, more than any other american astronaut. paul ryan calling out donald trump for failing to denounce david duke, donald trump fires back. >> paul ryan, i don't know him well but i will get along great with amanda i don't people have to pay a big price, okay?
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
maria: good morning, is wednesday, march 2nd. share your top stories on the east coast, donald trump and hillary clinton expanded their lead in the presidential race last night. on the republican side donald trump racked up 7 wins in seven states. marco rubio took his first state, he won minnesota. ted cruz won three states including texas. on the democratic side hillary clinton won seven states to bernie sanders's four states, clinton's sweeping the south but bernie sanders got a victory in oklahoma.
7:31 am
clinton and trump are pivoting to the general election. >> not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. [cheers and applause] >> we have to make america hole. >> she wants to make america hole again. i'm trying to figure out what that is all about. make america great again is going to be much better than making america hole again. maria: looking at the open on wall street we have a pull back underway in the future of the market, dow jones industrial average opening 30 points, later we get a first look at employment for the last month, the adb report ahead of friday's important labor department number for the month of february. we will bring the anticipation of those numbers coming the. we are following the latest on apple's fight with the fbi over encryption. the giant filing its appeal against the order to unlock the
7:32 am
iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers after james comey testified that a mistake was made in the early days of the san bernardino investigation. the economy a major factor in how the elections played out. fox news exit polling data shows voters in georgia, tennessee, virginia and texas believe donald trump to be the best candidate for the u.s. economy. donald trump victorious in all the states except texas. i want to bring in from campaign co-chairman sam clovis. >> good to be with such an august group. maria: let me ask about economic issues. the number one issue for most voters, you don't hear donald trump talking specifically about his economic plans. can you explain them to us? >> if you look at our tax plan, it is one almost every candidate
7:33 am
has issued. we look at our tax plan as extremely pro-growth. the anticipation is get the economy back on sound footing. if we get these tax reforms through, the centerpiece is the corporate tax reform. that is where we need to bring offshore capital back and it will incentivize foreign direct investment in the country which adds to our gdp. all of this tends to grow, and clear the backlog of 9 million people who should be working but aren't. we have agreed 16 to 25 million jobs as we go along. all of this is part of that plan. maria: let you mentioned tax reform, that is what voters want to see, they wanted done in year 1. do you agree with sam's assessments? >> helped put that together a little bit. brings rates down. 15 or 20. >> repatriation --
7:34 am
>> you will bring a lot of money back but i will challenge you. trump is getting hit, how do you pay for this. a $10 trillion tax cut over ten years, donald trump hasn't been very specific about where he wants to cut the budget and a lot of conservatives want to know. >> a great question and i will be happy to answer it. we are going to take a hard look at freezing spending. when we get into office we have simply a six weeks to prepare a budget, have a budget prepared. the budget process is the purview of congress. we want to offer the large suggestion to freeze spending where it is until we have an opportunity to see where we are going. with that we will start the assault on fraud, waste and abuse, bring people into the government with no stake on special interests. this is huge. a thousand page bill is filled
7:35 am
with every transportation bill. this is what we are going to start. 10% savings, $400 billion. dagen: you mentioned stakes but when you have more than half of american households not paying federal income taxes, donald trump codifies his plan, they are not stakeholders or have any interest in controlling government spending because it is not their money. >> it took the 1983 budget before we started to see any recovery. it took two years to get the economy turning back around after the jimmy carter fiasco. this is the thing a lot of people don't understand. it takes time. it takes patience. unemployment lags nine months to 12 months behind investment recovery. i am been sitting here with the best panel in the world to talk about these issues. >> i lived through what he is talking about, was cut by 15% by
7:36 am
ronald reagan. ronald reagan. havliwin$w, the board, biggest cut for a
7:37 am
couple reasons we can't come rushing in like a bull in a china shop and throw stuff around. >> what i did with my commissioners and ronald reagan did with his secretaries, i expected 15%, you give it to me. then-director went in and got it. hopefully it gets done in an intelligent way lauren: secretary of the interior has to do a 10% cut. if you don't i take my pencil out. >> our own meet director. >> that is what worked for ronald reagan. maria: would you accept the position in the drug administration? >> i am not running for
7:38 am
anything. exactly like sam is talking about, we cut the budget, cut taxes and it took two years to have it -- we had a big boom in the united states and new york city. >> 4% growth for ten years. that is what we have. maria: nice to see the focus on economic growth. it has been gone for a long time. thanks for joining us. sam clovis. a terrifying moment for a family in south africa. shows just how smart animals can be. >> i didn't know they could do that. maria: i think a lot of doors next time. fbi director james comey and
7:39 am
prepared for a technical questions by darrell issa during yesterday's iphone encryption hearing. congressman darrell issa will join us live after the break. >> do we ask apple for their source code? not that i am aware of. i have no idea. i did not ask the questions you are asking me here today and i'm not sure i understand the questions. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ]
7:40 am
but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:42 am
>> we have to find a way to get this done. i believe in my own experience that there are ways to do this. at the same time can protect their competitive interests, their interest in the business
7:43 am
they are running but at the same time provide the information necessary to law-enforcement to protect this country. maria: leon panetta optimistic a compromise can be reached between the fbi and apple to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the rest of that interview will run tomorrow as james comey admitted during the first time in his testimony to the house judiciary committee that there was a mistake made when the agency changed the i cloud password. joining us is house judiciary committee member darrell issa, good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on and playing that excerpt from leon panetta because he is right. this really is the way out, come up with something that attacks this one phone. i am sure kabul would help in the effort to attack one phone versus creating a back door which is what the fbi director
7:44 am
is asking for. maria: why can't we zero in on this issue and just one phone? most people agree that apple should just unlock this one phone, the government could look at who the terrorists is communicating with, the government is not asking for that. >> exactly. that is why i went through the series of technical questions with the director but obviously he is only asking them to perform functions to change their code so he can attack not one but lot of phones and do it quickly. the reality is you could attack this phone by the method i suggested or is possible you could and you could have gone it done in 30 or 40 hours. is that desirable? if you want to unlock 175 phones or thousands of phones, no. when it comes to months ago having gotten the information that was there to be gotten, if the director had been looking in those terms as former cia and
7:45 am
secretary, that cooperation was certainly possible but as you saw yesterday in the testimony the director didn't even ask for the source code, didn't have an answer to did you ask some smart stanford graduate if he could do it for you? the answer is what they want is what they wanted, they want a back door not just from apple but all the companies in america. maria: using the apple situation as a way to have broader reach. >> they want the ability to essentially buy pass their own systems and do it in a way that is quick and easy which is exactly what's we want to protect the american people from. i showed this yesterday. it is only comical because it is a brand new patent on its of distracting safe. even today there is a demand for people to have their documents
7:46 am
destroyed rather than captured in an old-fashioned safe. that is not something obsolete and by the way this isn't something new that people want their privacy maintained. in the past certainly nobody would have said you got to make that save the tells your customers one thing but does something different. >> the fourth amendment makes the way for reasonable search and seizures and a valid court order, even apple is calling on lawmakers to address this. going down the road where apple and all others cellphonemakers are making phones that will be inaccessible by law enforcement and phonemakers themselves so there has to be some sort of legal half to execute valid search warrant said they want you guys to do something about it. >> you are mostly right. i couldn't agree with you more that i am for law enforcement and apple wants a solution just
7:47 am
as leon panetta said but let's remember, not everything that you think belongs to the government. everything on that phone pretty well pass through the air at some point as you saw a few months ago your government wants to capture everything that passes through the air and store it forever. that is not what our founding fathers believed was the sensually the fourth amendment means only if you can hide it, destroy it and the government can't find it. just as the courts have ruled that you can't survey in advance all of america so that when you need it you go to a locker. you also cannot assume everyone's personal belongings are there for you to rummage through. do we want to make sure this phone can be unlocked if there may be some evidence there? sure but as you saw yesterday, the fbi director hasn't gone through the process of one phone unlocks which he tried to order
7:48 am
and succeeded in getting an initial order that would undo the work people are depending on with the iphone beach and 9 series. tracy: can you explain the mistake that was made? we keep talking about a mistake made by governments off the bat, they change the password and made it impossible to back up everything on that phone. >> exactly. if your iphone, if you hook it up to a wi-fi they could go to the house and find the of wi-fi that they had. took it up to an open wi-fi or the one the attacker had, you lock it, leave it powered up, it will once a day go ahead and give a backup to the cloud. to do that you need those conditions, you power it up, you have is hooked to a charger, it is on a wi-fi and sinks to the cloud. they know that was the setting.
7:49 am
unfortunately they change the cloud setting and that cause the phone to say i can't do it anymore so they did have a path, had they worked with avalanche said how do we preserve data on this phone? the director said that wouldn't have gotten everything we wanted and i think what he was really saying is what we really want is we want the text messages the don't back up. we want other things and we are not averse in congress to the fact that apple should help to the extent they have something, but starting down the road of telling people they have to execute the process of thinking up and coming up with solutions for the government when the government hasn't even looked to other contractors and that is one of the questions for the director, did you go to your own labs and other contractors? is apple the only one that could dream up a solution for a one time harvest of this? maria: these other questions we
7:50 am
have been asking the last couple weeks. how much of this is about international? did you see how in brazil's they threw a facebook executive in jail because brazilian lawmakers wanted facebook to give them data of people they were investigating? how much about this is apple is also worried china is going to say give us all the data because you have people's data through these phones? >> you are right. one country in the world will follow us and demand essentially, they may not have our fourth amendment, demand they have an open system they can look at their citizens for us if we enter the country and one country of the world probably will say may be one that would give ed snowden a place to live, would say we will give you software nobody can crack so if you want to do bad, use our software, and both will occur. brazil is a good example, we
7:51 am
have a number of countries who very much want to make sure all their data is localized. and this case is one of many in which we could end up with 204 countries all demanding that our companies post locally for them and that is an economic impact to the united states in addition to the data that is out of our reach. maria: thanks for those questions. we will see you soon. congressman darrell issa. we will be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
maria: the rolling stones head to cuba. cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: the rolling stones will perform a free concert in havana on friday march 25th, the first open-air concert to happen in
7:55 am
that country and the stones' first concert in the caribbean, leading donations from musical instruments for the citizens of cuba. the president heading to cuba to see major league baseball during his historic visit later this month, the president will attend a candidate based exhibition game against the cuban national team are twenty-second, happens in havana. a fraud lawsuit against donald trump over from university can proceed after a new york court rejected trump's requested this is the 2013 suit, he scan students into signing up for the university but failed to deliver on promiseds that he made to those students. of course donald trump denies any wrongdoing in this story. maria: final quote from you in terms of what is happening next with this election? >> what happened next is florida. that will determine --
7:56 am
>> they are all in miami right now. >> marco rubio has to win florida the way ted cruz won tx to keep going. if marco rubio loses florida years out of the way. right now donald trump is ahead. marco rubio has shown capacity to come back. a couple of those primaries last night he did better than polls indicated. it will be a heck of a race. you have a populist center, a popular guy in florida. my guess is from wins it and it becomes trump and ted cruz the that is a guess rather than who knows? maria: your guess is trump goes all the way. >> my question for you is can this man unified this party? is so divided. >> we fight like cats and dogs. >> under no circumstance will i vote for donald from. what do you say to those people? >> the six guys who attacked
7:57 am
mitt romney last time, they left mitt romney almost fatally wounded which is one of 10s me. i wish the republican establishment would get the idea that republican party is native people who vote and the people are voting voted for donald trump. how about having some respect for them? all those people voting for him. maria: go people. >> we are a party native people, not a bunch of -- maria: bureaucrats. we are finally hearing from the people. thanks very much, big show ahead. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
maria: welcome back. it is wednesday march 2nd, your top story, a.m. on the east coast, supertuesday in the books, donald trump and hillary clinton tying the book on the presidential race, donald trump racked up wins in seven stage, marco rubio took minnesota, his first primary victory, ted cruz won three states including his home state of texas which was important for him and the democratic side. hillary clinton won seven states to bernie sanders's four states, hillary clinton's sweeping this out but bernie sanders got a victory in oklahoma. candidates took the stage to rally supporters and look ahead to what is next. >> i am a unifier.
8:01 am
people will find that hard to believe. i am a unifier. when we unify, nobody is going to beat us. >> we have got to keep going, keep working, breaking those barriers. >> our campaign is the only campaign that has been, that can beat and will be donald trump. >> the pundits say we're underdogs but i like said that. we have all been underdogs. this is a community of underdogs. this is a state of underdogs. this is a country of underdogs. but we will be in. mary neck breaking down the results, looking at the future of the race throughout the program. a lot to come. on markets we expect a lower opening for the broader averages, the gdp number coming out in 15 minutes, we get a first look at the jobs market for the month of february ahead of fry of labor department report on jobs for andy reid,
8:02 am
190,000 jobs created is the number we are expecting, 15 minutes away. following the latest developments on apple's fight over encryption, we spoke with darrell issa, the technology giant filed its appeal against the order to unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists after fbi director james comey testified yesterday before the house judiciary committee admitting a mistake was made in the early days of the investigation. back to politics, big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump in the supertuesday states. blake berman live in miami with the details. >> reporter: good morning. it is good to be the front runner and last night was no different for both donald trump and hillary clinton on supertuesday. we will start with the republicans were donald trump picked up seven more states last night and won all across the map. he won in massachusetts in the northeast, virginia and the mid-atlantic and many state in the south as well. ted cruz won three states
8:03 am
including texas, marco rubio got his first victory in minnesota. last night from did not hold one of his traditional major rallies on election night. instead he held a press conference here in florida and his message was very clear to the rest of the ebert public an electorate and republican bees. at this point he feels he has the right to say he is their guy. >> i have already won five but maybe to be six, seven, eight, could be nine. i could win nine states tonight. if i am going to win all the states with tremendous numbers and if i am going to come inert worst second in the two three i might not win, i think we are a democracy. it is awfully hard to say that is not the person we want to be the party. >> reporter: just like from, hillary clinton won seven states, swept a 7 states, bernie sanders won four including his home state of vermont. hillary clinton held her rallies
8:04 am
your in miami and she did not focus on bernie sanders at all, just to congratulate him at one point during that speech. she took a much longer term approach focusing on donald trump and the republicans. >> the stakes in this election have never been higher. and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower. trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we are not going to let it work. >> reporter: while we talk about this is important for headlines, momentum and the like, it is really the delegates and the delegate count that matters. last night both from and clinton extended their lead. maria: want to focus on the delegates with former house speaker and former presidential .
8:05 am
8:06 am
the fact that he >> donald trump is the most likely person to win the nomination but it is not over yet. he has a little over half the delegates, but he has only got less than a fourth of what it takes to win the nomination, he ribbon 300 and it takes 1237. we have a long way to go. he had a very good day yesterday and one of the things that is encouraging for republicans, record turnout everywhere. we are seeing a lot of people vote who never voted in a republican primary before, keeping those people in november is very important so that is clearly a posture when you see the size of the turnouts and
8:07 am
democrat turned outs word nor -- uniformly down below what they should be. maria: will you support donald trump? >> i will be for whoever wins the nomination. vote republicans pick this nominee. of voters, in all these states, will get their chance and whoever's they pick i expect to support. maria: great point. when you look at voter turnout, it was bigger than barack obama had four years ago. >> one of the most sobering things if you look at massachusetts were 20,000 democrats switched parties to vote for donald trump, southwestern virginia has an open ballot and that turn out in its west virginia where conservative democrats were picking up the republican ballot, in every state i have
8:08 am
seen yesterday the republicans are up 125%. democrats are down in every single state. if you are a strategist you look at that and think there is real trouble brewing in the general election for the democrats. maria: let's talk about that. when you look at the actual number of delegates, trump versus hillary clinton. do you think that trump can be hillary clinton? >> sure. the republican nominee can be hillary clinton. you just saw for example in the e-mails released in the last two days at the white house was telling hillary they are lying about obamacare. you have seen all this stuff about national security in heres and public corruption involving the clinton foundation in her e-mails with i am surprised sanders has been unwilling to talk about her vulnerabilities but they are all there but polling numbers yesterday showed the highest disapproval in her history as a public figure going
8:09 am
back to 1992. that will get worse as people read more about this. maria: when you read it out real politics polls, it looks like hillary beats trump. low only gop candidate she actually beats. do you believe the polls? >> that is one of the reasons a lot of republicans are worried about from. what we don't want is the essentially a third term for barack obama. this country can stand four more years of obama's failed policies and that is what we will get from hillary clinton or bernie sanders, either one so people want to win because the country needs to get this administration out. that is what concerns a lot of people, trump's negatives are very high but hillary's negatives are high too. people concerned about from, a lot of it is just practical, we
8:10 am
need to win. i want to support somebody who wins, they are saying. they have a real point. maria: let me ask about the potential for a brokered convention. do you worry this is where it is headed? >> we are old enough, we go back to the ford/reagan convention which was an amazing convention, but i think that is unlikely because the difference in numbers are so great. you don't have an incumbent president or a two man race but i was very encouraged by donald trump who was much more conciliatory, made sure he had chris christie on stage, did a presidential press conference, trump understands he has to move towards reaching out to the whole country and not just dominating the angry wheen of the party. that is important for beating
8:11 am
hillary. i also would say we have not seen from turned full bore on hillary. given what we have seen him do when he turns on people that should make an amazing collection. maria: both sides i getting ready with the mudslinging and whatever they can, clinton as well as trump. >> the idea of a brokered convention is a mythology. there is nobody to broker a convention. the days of the smoke-filled room with a bunch of why is men telling people how to vote, that day is long--long gone. we may have a contested convention. it may be nobody has a majority of the votes. i think that is unlikely but it won't be a brokered convention. it will be the people elected delegates orting, at, not somebody from above saying here's what we're going to do. maria: thanks for your insights, appreciate your time. newt gingrich and haley barbour.
8:12 am
donald trump is claiming victory after supertuesday but the gop front runner seeing no such talk in the courtroom. details on from the university. more supporting sterling there at the height dappled in the fight with the fbi. the latest after this short break. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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that's how we own it. maria: fbi director james comey testifying before a congressional committee about a court order against apple. cheryl casone has more. cheryl: in his testimony comey admitting there was a mistake made when the agency's terrorist password change making it more difficult to get a backup of the device. comey is determined to get into that iphone. >> people talk about keith and back doors. i don't see it this way. there are issues about back doors. there is already a door on low iphone. we are asking them to take a guard dog away and let us pick the lock. maria: another blow to authorities happened when the new york judge ruled the government can't force apple to hack the iphone of a local drug dealer. that decision could play into
8:16 am
the case. the pentagon is looking for a few good hackers is the goal is to identify problems before hackers can breach networks. finally, a fraud lawsuit against donald trump. actor in new york court rejected from's request to dismiss the 2013 suit, n.y.'s attorney general trains could from scan students signing up for the anniversary but failed to deliver a promise he made to them. trump denies any wrongdoing and that is the story we will be following as we follow all things donald trump after the supertuesday win. maria: we got very private payrolls, better than expected. february saw them to 14,000 jobs created in the month of february, that compares to the
8:17 am
estimates which call for job creation of 190,000 new jobs. futures are still indicating lower opening for broader averages but these numbers are better than expected and it does bode well for the important number typically market moving on friday. which is the expectations call for 190,000 jobs created in the month of february for the february jobs report. futures are weakening further from here down 30 points on the dow industrials. still to come bernie sanders securing wins in four of 11 states, confident he has the ability to unseat hillary clinton. my next guest is taking aim at his economic policies. the costs of socialism, one of my favorite subjects next.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
maria: bernie sanders doing a victory lap after securing wins in four states last night. >> at the end of tonight, 15 states will be voted 35 states remain. let me assure you, we are going to take our fight for economic justice and social justice for environmental sanity, for every one of those things. maria: joining us is princeton
8:22 am
university professor alan krueger. you recently wrote an op-ed taking aim at bernie sanders's economic policies. let's talk about that. what is the issue you have with bernie sanders? >> it is the analysis of these policies and together with other chairman of the council of economic advisers, austan goolsbee, laura tyson, we wrote a letter asking all five to use economic analyses. we saw economics, the disaster that cause for the u.s. deficit, we don't want to see it from vermont for voodoo from republican candidates and we asked all sides about plausible economic analysis. there are many things in bernie sanders's economic plan and i agree with the investing more in infrastructure, bringing economic justice, but the notion
8:23 am
that it would lead to 5% growth like the notion that donald trump's ridiculous tax plan where he doesn't even specify spending cuts, would lead to 6% growth is absurd. a standard deck, reddick analysis -- maria: is it the fact that he will raise taxes so much? that he is promising free college and free health care? what specific is most onerous to you? >> what i admire about his plan is he pays for what he says he's going to do. maria: what don't you admire? what i am getting at is what is the issue? >> the issue is the economic analysis that the campaign embraced which concluded that there would be multipliers from government spending which are ten times higher than are possible from past experience. that is what we criticize, the same criticism applies to republican tax-cut plans that
8:24 am
they growth would magically be 5% or 6%. we have seen when we cut taxes before it didn't lead -- maria: doesn't want to cut taxes, right? >> on all sides we would like to see plausible economic analysis. >> we did tax cuts and there have been cases where we have gotten more revenue and this will be a big issue if donald trump or whichever republican candidate, they are all talking about cutting tax rates and i agree on the craziness of the standards, but the republicans are going to make a plausible case that if we cut corporate tax rate, make america more competitive we will get more jobs, more growth and more revenue. do you have a problem with that kind of dynamic analysis? >> the problem with it as you know is it doesn't accord with reality. president clinton raised taxes, we had stronger gdp growth, stronger job growth under president clinton than under president reagan.
8:25 am
obama raised taxes -- >> reagan cut tax rates and redoubles tax revenue over the next week years. >> the deficit expanded under president reagan. the revenues went up. we had a surplus under president clinton and the economy did better. making these fantastic claims about how tax cuts will grow the a economy don't accord with what we have seen for the last 35 years. maria: higher taxes goes the economy? >> smart investment rose the economy. making good decisions about spending, improving our tax code, there is plenty of space for improving the corporate tax code. maria: why didn't you do anything when you were in a position of power at the council on economics working for the president, things were going on then, there was a lot of money overseas, how come there wasn't a change in the tax code to
8:26 am
encourage companies to bring that money back and encourage companies not to make their headquarters in ireland? >> president obama has comprehensive corporate tax reform proposal. the proposal we could have worked with was held up by the house of representatives. i think there is some scope to improve the corporate tax code no question but the idea it will lead to 4%, 5% growth is fantasy. we need a possible economic assumptions and not mislead the american people about what these proposals will achieve. >> president obama was the one with the $30 billion stimulus bill and the unemployment rate was higher than you predicted even if we hadn't done the stimulus. all presidents do this. obama has been most egregious, $1 trillion deficits under barack obama after the stimulus plan. >> you got to recognize the deficit relative to gdp is lower than it was at the end of the
8:27 am
bush administration. we created more jobs than under both bushes combined and gdp growth is strong in spite of the massive bush tax cuts which blew up the deficit. maria: a fair point in terms of job creation. i understand what you are saying but in terms of secretary clinton's plan, real quick on that i want to get your take on why you believe that plan is going to be economic growth. >> one of the cornerstones of her plan is a strong proposal to improve our infrastructure, invest in roads and highways. maria: how do you pay for that? >> he has a proposal which is paid for. there are elements of investment like bringing back former build america bonds which helps to pay for these types of investments, investment bank, infrastructure investment bank would lead to smarter investment. >> you haven't said how they
8:28 am
will pay for it. dagen: i dare you to tell the american people we need to raise the gas tax for the first time since the mid 90s, i dare you to tell her that because she will run on it. >> look at her proposal. maria: thank you, good to see you. breaking news, the u.s. geological survey, saying and be.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the indonesian island of some offer. there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties. this is happening as we are getting it, we are bringing you any developments as we come in here. we're earthquake hitting indonesia. we will have more, my "mornings with maria" next, back in a minute.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
cruz 25. and here in georgia. trump got 39% with marco rubio
8:32 am
tied at 24%. there has been heavy turnout particularly among g.o.p. voters and part of trump's success is his ability to attract evangelical christian voters. and how is he attracting these voters? earlier today on fox and friends, conservative radio host herman cain weighed in. >> evangelicals or people of faith want the same thing that everybody else wants. they want a strong economy, a strong military, they want a
8:33 am
8:34 am
joining me is madeleine albright. thank you for joining us. first, your reaction to last night's exciting primaries and caucuses. >> i thought that was terrific. pleased with hillary's really good victory and the whole process moving on. i thought it was great. maria: everyone is watching not just around the world. you're just back from a trip to the middle east. who were you meeting with and tell us the reaction from that part of the world. >> well, i went to tunisia, to egypt, jordan and saudi arabia to dig deeper there. and in the process people asked hee what are going on in america. they're very nervous, because i think the message is coming out from donald trump are quite scary in terms of, you know, keeping people out of america, and building walls, and
8:35 am
threatening and saying we'll make them do whatever. that's not the language of a commander-in-chief. maria: how do you justify or explain this amazing popularity that donald trump has had given that he is resonating with people who are just done with government because they feel that they haven't-- their goals haven't been addressed at all? >> well, frankly, it's hard for me to understand, but i do think that people are concerned about gridlock and president obama has tried very hard to work with congress, that automatically kind of said they wouldn't do anything. so, people look at what we're doing and wonder, i mean, the american people, why nothing is happening and i think that it's-- i'm very upset about that myself. i believed in the importance of government and executive legislative working together and the supreme court being involved. "we are the world's" greatest democracy and we are not behaving in a way that
8:36 am
actually-- compromise is not a bad word. maria: when you see our efforts in the middle east, fighting isis, trying to encourage peace throughout the region, how would you assess the u.s.'s position right now? >> well, i think that we are in a position where we're trying to be helpful, but not alone. i think that's the important part. one of the aspects of being a commander-in-chief and president is develop coalitions and work with others, that's certainly what president obama is doing and hillary clinton, i think, has been from her experience as senator and then as secretary of state, somebody who knows how to reach not only across the aisle, but across the ocean, and i think that's what we need and not a bunch of yelling, frankly. i find it, you know, one of the hard parts being a diplomate when you go abroad, you don't want to criticize your country so trying to explain what's going on to foreigners is hard, but they're looking at us as if we've lost our minds.
8:37 am
maria: what about explaining to americans? what about explaining to americans their wages haven't moved in so many years, they didn't want obamacare, 60% of the people didn't, the president did executive action. what about explaining to americans. >> you just had a segment, really, explaining how many jobs have been created and that there really need to be a better equity. i think that people are talking about that, certainly secretary clinton has been talking about having a way where some of the inequalities that have taken place, but a lot of this has been built up and i think that, again, as that previous segment said, under president clinton we had a budget surplus, and one cannot put aside things that happened during the bush years. maria: let me ask you, miss secretary, you made headlines back in february when you made this controversial statement when you were campaigning with secretary clinton, listen to this, like to get your reaction. >> just remember, there's a special place in hell for women
8:38 am
who don't help each other. that struck a chord with a lot of women, a negative chord. they basically said, okay, so i should be voting for hillary to help hillary instead of voting for the right person to lead the free world? what did you mean by that. >> i meant to say this, maria, i've used that statement now for two decades and it even ended up on a starbucks cup. i should not have used it in the context of voting, but i do think that women should help each other. i think it's not that easy, we should have a discussion about it, i should not have used it in that context. maria: why is voting for hillary clinton helping women? >> i actually believe that she has done more for women and wants to do more for women than anybody else. she has got it-- she's equal pay for equal work, she wants to make sure that we have choices about what we do. and women's health issues generally being supportive of
8:39 am
women, there's nobody that's running that's more-- has a better record on women, but i should not have said it in terms of voting. maria: why do you think she's having a problem with trustworthiness, people don't trust her, women and men? >> well, i do, and i think the bottom line, she is somebody that's worked on behalf of her country for a very long time, she is somebody that is dogged in pursuing what is right in terms of helping in this country and in terms of jobs, women, health issues, children, that's what she's been doing and i know what her reputation is abroad in that she knows how to respond to foreign policy problems. you know, we have an opportunity to do something we haven't had before, which is to have somebody that can be president on day one, who can be commander-in-chief and understand what is going on in domestic and foreign policy and there are not a lot of people that can do both. maria: one of the issues is this fbi issue over her e-mail. you were secretary of state.
8:40 am
do you think that hillary clinton put the nation at risk by having a private e-mail server in her home? >> i do not, no. but i think that she has said that she doesn't-- she's sorry that she did this, but i think that it's overstating the case and the whole intelligence issue is that different agencies rate intelligence in different ways. i think hillary clinton is totally ready to be president of the united states and she is smarter about what to do and she is somebody that has america's best interests at heart. maria: what do you think it says about america that she's competing with a self-proclaimed socialist, bernie sanders and that donald trump, a nonpolitician has the popularity that he has? >> well, i think what's interesting about our system is people can compete. that's what it's about. we do not want authoritarianism in this country because that's going on in other countries, where people can't compete. i think the competition is fine.
8:41 am
i also do think that our voters are people that want to know what's going on. i wish that there were ways to have them be more informed on the issues and what i'm upset about in this campaign, i love issues, obviously, and i love politics. i don't think politics should be about people calling each other names. it's-- i think it's really disrespectful, the kind of language that's going back and forth. i haven't seen anything like this and i think it lowers people's interest and it brings out kind of the type of activity that is not our democracy should be about. maria: and yet, you had record turnout in some states last night. people are coming out in droves, both on the democratic and the republican side. so this election is incredibly energized. people want to have their voice heard. >> well, i think they definitely need to have their voice heard, but i would like to know more about the issues and i bet they would, too.
8:42 am
at the moment, i think people, you know, i don't want to speak on behalf of other voters, i don't know what i do. but i do think that this is an exciting election, but it needs to be about the fixing of various problems. we're a great country, but things need fixing. infrastructure needs fixing. jobs need fixing, and our reputation and our work abroad is something that's very important. stuart: let me real quick turn back to policy a moment before we say goodbye and that's the policy around isis and our middle eastern policies right now. there is a feeling that we do need a coalition, that our middle eastern friends need to work with us to take down isis and yet, lindsey graham, john mccain, others said in order to get this coalition we need to take assad out of syria. do you agree with that? >> that's something that we want today do, but the question is when and how and secretary kerry is working on a transition of some kind.
8:43 am
we can't do it by ourselves and now they're looking at cessation of hostilities over syria. there are attempts to work this. i think we will do it and we have to keep working at it, but i have to tell you, it is difficult because there are so many factors out there dealing with this issue. and we have said that assad needs to go. the question is how and when and under what circumstances. maria: ms. secretary, good to have you on the program. secretary madeleine albright. we'll be right back. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems,
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stand up for your health. ♪ >> a terrifying moment for a family visiting a safari. a lioness gets too close for comfort. shows just how smart animals can be.
8:47 am
watch this. cheryl casone with us, can't miss clip, tell us more. cheryl: we saw that before and lions can open doors with their teeth. well, bringing you some of the headlines this morning, donald trump clinching a big win last night, but chris christie has taken the internet by storm. social media blowing up with countless memes blowing up with the facial expression at the trump rally. as you can see, my favorite, the moment when you question your life choices, there's a lot on the internet, i'll fine some tomorrow. turns out that braces aren't just for teenagers, check out the gold retriever wesley with a mouth feel. braces for dogs. he couldn't eat and now he has a dazzling smile and become a huge sentation, yes, on the intern internet. >> drop to the river is--
8:48 am
2000 feet. cheryl: had a was a white knuckle ride. a british tourists were on a road. they were moving slowly around the road and on vacation, well, i'll go ahead and videotape it in case the van goes over in nepal. maria: thank you. coal continues to be bleak across the industry. i want to get to jeff flock live at the mine 200 feet below ground in ohio. >> good morning, giving voice to an industry that's been underfire for i think it fair to say the past seven or eight years during the obama administration. this is the tusklt--
8:49 am
tusky mine. we've lost jobs during the obama administration, you worry the next one is yours. >> definitely, my co-workers and i feel like we're under attack by the government regulations. >> you don't get it? >> not at all. i want to put up the coal stocks. you've heard about the bankruptcies and you take a look at some of them lost almost 100% of their value and i've got gary here of a company called rose bud mining. by the way, this is coal, that's coal right there and that's been firing this nation or years, for decades. gary, how hard is it to be in the coal business right now? >> very. steve mentioned the assault from washington with overregulation and in addition to that, we're facing very low natural gas prices that are causing us competition. >> i want to put the numbers
8:50 am
up. natural gas almost generating as much electric power now as goal, right? >> that's correct, yes. and to add to our woes, there's not a big demand for electricity, not a lot of manufacturing going on, so the actual demand is down. so it's bad news for coal. >> they need, maria, the nation's economy to come back and need somebody to be sensitive to coal. donald trump was here yesterday in iowa wearing the heart of coal country, talking about bringing this industry back and talking about washington's war on coal. i leave you perhaps some miner's lights in the face of the coal industry. we'll be giving them voice all day today on the fox business network, an industry under fire. maria: it is. jeff flock with the latest there. back to my panel this morning, thoughts on that? >> there is a war on coal and a lot of people concerned about global warming, they think we have to move away from coal. while we're shutting down the coal mining plants in the u.s., we're both from virginia, from
8:51 am
a coal state where you see whole towns decimated, but, maria, while we're shutting down our plants, china and india are building about 500 new coal plants. what we're doing is-- >> this plays into the election. you saw how trump sweat west virginia -- kept west virginia and kentucky. maria: we'll be right back. ♪
8:52 am
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8:55 am
revised lower to 193,000. the bright spot certainly was construction that was one area for jobs, for other movers, abercrombie & fitch, up 8% after earnings and zynga after the new ceo is a good natural fit for the company. much more on "mornings with maria" coming up after the break. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox.
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>> welcome back.
8:58 am
steve moore, dagen mcdowell, matt murray this morning. final thoughts, matt? >> maria, you've had a lot of talk about the next stage in the party, and republicans come out, and a whole separate coughingses with business leaders we never got into. donald trump for those business leaders who know him, doesn't get a lot of support from had i am. hillary clinton has some wall street ties, but part of her campaign she's moved to the left. a lot of business people feel out in the cold. we've seen peter sayerses hedge fund manager-- >> paul. >> paul singers, and that's something to watch. maria: some business people are wishing they had a different choice. >> look, the buzz last week, politically was marco rubio, he's the new thing. he had a terrible night last night and now, the guy who had a good night, obviously, trump, but you've got ted cruz who can
8:59 am
make a case, look, i'm the one who has won a lot of states, i'm the one who can beat trump. the other thing i would say about this, if trump wins in michigan, and then the week after we have ohio and we have florida and if he wins those states, this is over. it's over. maria: it's absolutely over. i feel like it's almost over now, dagen. dagen: it would have been if cruz hadn't done as well last night. texas, yes, but also the other two states certainly helped him. this is my personal plea to eric trump, please, for the good of the nation, the next time your dad is on stage, move christie over, move chris christie out of the camera frame and you stand behind your dad. that was one of the most-- >> what we saw last night. dagen: that's not the shot we saw last night. we saw chris christie, looked like somebody who had been a bridesmaid in 15 weddings.
9:00 am
>> no mud slinging, talk about issues. dagen: number one on twitter. maria: and tuesday was a big day. thank you, that will do it for us, see you tomorrow. "varney & company" is next, stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much, maria. here is how it stands the day after. hillary pulled away and she almost had it sewn up. bernie won four states, but that race is just about over. ted cruz, hanging on, he won three states, including the big prize, texas where he won big. marco rubio had a tough night, but yet again, donald trump was the center of attention. he won seven states, and then he held a news conference. just as the results were coming in, trump had all the cameras turn his way, i'm a unifier, he said, i can get along with everyone. he was more conciliatory and to some more presidential and again, he did win big, seven states. and then the turnout. more records, big increases in every republican contest.


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