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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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they have ruined this country. neil: whatever is on mitt romney's mind, going with the flow. he is also saying, you know, stop trying to stop the guy. what ever. >> the republican establishment is ringing in his hands. and unstoppable donald trump. former presidential candidate mitt romney. a major address on the state of the 2016 collections. a huge critic from the front runner donald trump. is the establishment starting to panic? no doubt about it. donald trump had a heck of a night winning there. a bit more presidential. >> i am a unifier.
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once we get all this finished, i will go after one person. that is hillary clinton. >> is this a new sign to trump. ted cruz was victorious. including in his home state of texas. now he is urging other candidates to get out of the race altogether. >> the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not wrapped up significant delegates. i ask you to consider our coming together. uniting. >> marco rubio. one win last night. just two weeks away. the latest on the standout between the fbi and apple. forcing it to help the government unlock the san bernardino terrorist.
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admitting to unlock other iphones. we will talk about all of that. plus, we get to politics now. the executive director. political strategists with us. you would think that we can actually say at this point that donald trump will be the republican nominee. >> a great day to be in the gop. millions more voters in 2012, millions showed up to vote yesterday. 20,000 in the state of massachusetts. the democrats, you know, millions that voted in 2008. the second wave of the revolution. donald trump is the likely
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nominee. i think he had a perfect night last night. if prolonged it. eric: you say that this is a republican revolution. you have, mitt romney now coming out. some kind of press conference tomorrow. the expectation is that he will come out and tell us once again how much he does not like trump. what does that mean for the overall party when the establishment just cannot stand the guy that is in first place. >> they say that the race is over. governor huckabee said, it is about power. it is about control. they are used to being able to direct this and change it and control it. this is why it is such a great day to be in the republican party.
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voters are the ones telling pe leads that you will get kicked to the curb. they cannot direct it anymore. it is the voters that are fed up. >> they are fed up. they are coming out of the woodwork. registering to vote. they could vote for him. looking ahead to how this all played out. assuming that trump is the nominee. assuming that there are people kicking and screaming continuously about this. >> well, i think that hillary clinton and the democrats are excited to have a general election contest against donald trump. let me be clear. it is not about the people that support donald. i think hillary would tell you this.
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there is real anger and frustration did an influx of people. at least voting republican in this. >> you talk about this anger among the elect rick. that exists on both sides. i do not know how hillary will bring in a lot of those people. we heard from donald trump last night. he made a pretty good way. look at where we are, folks. >> you listen to donald trump. yes, you look at hillary clinton's numbers. extraordinarily high when you're talking about her experience.
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able to actually find solutions to problems. >> i do not know about this. last night in palm beach in florida. it seems to me very much a move to the center. >> for millions of women. i will say it. they say that is really -- i am a conservative. i am a commonsense conservative did we will not allow and we will not find as long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood. eric: was that an attempt to make happy if it pushed to mark on things like women's issues.
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>> running a general election campaign. the exit polls show he is building a very broad coalition. bringing new voters into the process. this is really no different for him. the clintons have never seen anything like this. donald trump is just rubbing his hands together. hillary clinton and barack obama created the problem. >> i would absolutely disagree. >> i will see you a little bit later in the hour. what exactly would this battle look like between hillary clinton and donald trump? maybe hillary clinton should be fearing donald trump a whole lot more than she is letting on.
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>> we are going to break down barriers. [cheering and applause] build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. so that every american can live up to his or her potential. >> really being that confident. our economy has nothing to show for it. absolutely nothing. wages have not grown at all. what exactly is this great record? joining me now is cohost of outnumbered. great to see you. i want to point out to the viewers that you called this way back when. he will do exceedingly well. >> you have a heck of a memory.
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it is all playing out. who would have thought that he would have been running against hillary clinton. i think people are excited to watch that take place. what are her accomplishments? even she herself couldn't name an accomplishment when she was asked. why? because she advanced the needs and wants of one woman. herself. eric: a trump hillary clinton race. i think he has a lot of opportunity to get a about it these blue-collar democrats. they lost their jobs. perhaps under her husband tenure. can he bring those people in? >> no question and he already is. especially men. it does not feel like the
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republican establishment connects with them. they are not beliefs. they do not have a voice. donald trump has given them that flies back. just spin around and talk to construction workers. donald trump seems to resonate with them. the way he speaks. talking about marco rubio choking. reaching out to the blue-collar voters. expand that reagan coalition. eric: breaking news that we want to report right now. ben carson will be dropping out of the race. ben carson saying how he was going to stay in it. he was going to go for the long haul. he performed quite poorly. just last night, really no performance there. he is choosing to drop out.
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where do those votes now go? andrea is still here with me. >> i think a lot of them still do, trish. he is an outsider. he is a softer outsider than donald trump. a lot of evangelicals voted for donald trump. these are evangelical voters. if they have not gone to trump, they went to ben carson already. ted cruz or a donald trump. i do not take that he is a pathway. trish: you have mitt romney now that will say something tomorrow. he will come out and make some kind of news. blasting trump and trying to make this effort for the republicans to rally around someone else. why are they fighting this so hard right now?
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the american voter has spoken. >> they are so out of touch. they have not left the washington, d.c. beltway for a long time. they did the same thing to john mccain's campaign. they are blasting onto their own power and their own privilege. they never sought trump running. the last 15 years of what they have done wrong. i feel very strongly about this. mitt romney is an embarrassment. he is an embarrassment. mitt romney's record. not only did he not have the guts to go after barack obama, he could not. on romney care, the blueprint,
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he has planned parenthood on the board. he used to be pro-choice. you handed us john mccain. you handled us a liberal with their romney. that is what they will say to mitt romney tomorrow and they should. >> they have expressed their lack of interest, to put it nicely, in trump. >> i think that they are rendered irrelevant. they squandered them. so many other things. mitch mcconnell and everyone else. they are essentially tacking their voters. they are calling the republican voters racist, bigoted, sexist. it does not help them. it does not help the party. >> it sounds remarkable.
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the republican establishment or the democratic establishment for that matter. coming out against a candidate. >> i can't. not the way they have against donald trump. it has been astounding. it has not hurt him. he should be doing better as a front runner. he is doing pretty well. hillary clinton should be noted not above. i think the general election matchup should be the worst. >> i played the planned parenthood i because he seems to be making this overture. i care about women. i care about women's issues. that could be where she has an advantage. >> it is neutralized.
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you look at what bill clinton did and it is awful. bullying victims of assault. women are very smart. the one thing they do not like is a woman that bullies other women. trump, i think it takes that issue off the table. trump will do it. i think it will be an incredible matchup to watch. trish: andrea, thank you. make sure that you tune in. 12:00 p.m. eastern. super tuesday sweep. donald trump. fox news debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. fox business will be live. kentucky, maine and the brass got. kicking it off at 7:00 p.m. eastern. you do not want to miss it. the war between apple and the fbi.
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the company finally gets appeals against a court order forcing it to unlock a san bernardino terrorist iphone. the government will use the same strategy to unlock other iphones. herman cain will be joining us. establishment republicans need to get over it and embrace donald trump. back in a few. ♪
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trish: a late-night appeal. unlocking the san bernardino terrorist iphone. after james komi did admit that the government will use the same strategy to unlock other iphones. i mean, they probably should. our very own elizabeth take
2:20 pm
donald and morgan reagan. get us up to speed on where we stand right now. >> is essentially saying, what the government wants, what the fbi wants is limited judicial power. basically saying that any court would be able to get into iphones. expecting apple to write new software. >> you telling us to write this new software. it is an overstep. overreach of government. >> exactly. >> it is amazing to me that this software does not already exist. i want to get to our technology expert.
2:21 pm
>> they have been doing this since a year ago. a security conference. twenty-four hours ago. i talk to a professor. southern california. basically five lines of code we are talking about here. suggesting all phones. tiny bit on top. only three things. putting their computer up to it. guessing what the password is. the way the iphone works right now. to me, quite a big change of the policy. i am just reporting back.
2:22 pm
he said, yes. this court order does stand. we would use it to get into other phones. getting into even more phones. that is what apple said we would have to build a forensic site. trish: basically trying to create a level of privacy that does not currently exist. trying to create a product that would endanger people. don't they have some obligation to protect us. >> the telecoms in the banking institutions have worked with the government. potentially, having all devices not just subject to wiretapping's.
2:23 pm
listen, the attorney could say, it you know what, a code getting out. what would prevent the government from saying we have access to this code. >> i used to teach computer crime safety to the fbi. sending a phone to apple. prior to this, they would have unlock it for you. this is not anything new. even the rattle lynch said can they do anything more? she said that it is very simple. follow the law. a much bigger issue then everyone is trying to portray. trish: you are saying no. >> the phone belongs to san bernardino.
2:24 pm
if belongs to the county of san bernardino. another thing that i thought was very instructive. do we allow that on any other industry. >> it seems a little crazy. something that would effect if we'd be beyond the law. there is no recourse for it. liz: the ownership of that iphone is the san bernardino county. that prevails. >> that is a fascinating point. thank you. good to have you here. reports today that so-called establishment republicans are freaking out. we know they are freaking out. a lot of them, no matter what, just the nominee. what would that mean for the
2:25 pm
party? they cannot unite behind the candidates. what did it do to the republican party. does it get broken up? where does that leave them? ♪ when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> i want to get back to that breaking news. dan carson has issued a statement. tomorrow night in detroit. he went on to say that he does not really see a path. i do not see a political path towards an light of last evenings support. he has not said he is dropping out of the race. the language being i do not see a bullet of coal path forward. it may be the case.
2:29 pm
where might ben carson supporters actually migrate to? would they go to trump? would they go to cruz? would they go to rubio. making a statement tomorrow. he will be increasingly criminal. the democratic party. first i want to deal with the carson news. i will clarify that he is not officially calling it quits. it sure sounds like it. i do not see a political path for it. as such, i have decided not to attend the debate tomorrow night in detroit. if he is not in the game, where does your support migrate to?
2:30 pm
>> i believe that ben carson will endorse trump. there is no way that he will endorse cruz after what happened in iowa. i think he is going to want to be a part of this movement. the natural place for him to go. the natural place for his voters to go. percentage wise, how much will that mean for donald trump. really providing him with that winner take all ability. >> e ted a look yesterday. there will be some races where that percentage will make a significant difference. meeting a threshold. there may be professional shares of delegates.
2:31 pm
>> it is privity inevitable. we know that he is not the establishment's choice. puzzling me, but with the establishment the. three months ago. five months ago. having the opportunity. it is a little late. he was picking up a lot of traction. do you go out and attack him? >> if you do not want him there. >> they waited in waited and waited. guess what, they absolutely did. >> more evidence of ineptitude. look at the last. people are frustrated with the establishment republicans because of the last eight years
2:32 pm
and all that president obama has been able to do. >> the gop elites are part of the problem. they cannot possibly understand the solution. take a look. trish: and established democrat. she has been there. part of the washington inside. take a look at the democrats. war in charge of the white house for the years. they look at the american voter. truthfully, they will be more like clinton in fatal attraction. stewing that bunny on the stills. >> we will leave that aside. do you think that mitt romney
2:33 pm
will come out and basically say, here. they will silence themselves so badly. that they wind up putting hillary clinton in the white house. >> the party will be bigger. it will be better. republicans and the democrats. putting up a tired old establishment candidate. >> this is what the republicans do. the reality is, -- trish: they are not taking credit for him. >> the republicans are possible for the turnout. donald trump is responsible for the turnout. >> might as well just, you know, share the love.
2:34 pm
>> they will throw a lot of money in support. >> i have to run. thanks a lot. good to have you here. former presidential candidate. they need to get over it. support the front runner. donald trump. ♪
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>> former presidential candidate, herman cain sending a message. get over it he says and get behind donald trump.
2:38 pm
it does not sound like they are listening to you, though, right now. you have mitt romney coming out and making some kind of speech. >> i anticipate that he will probably come out and endorse marco rubio. rad sensed a couple of signals that he is supporting rubio. so, probably going to do a following endorsement of marco rubio. however, that will not cause people to stop voting for donald trump. whoever the nominee is should be supported by all of the republican party. whatever you want. it looks like it now may be donald trump. there is still a long way to go. my beef with the establishment
2:39 pm
is all of this anti-establishment trump stuff. get over it and say that you will support the nominee. that is my point. >> you want to do what the voters want. you want to represent what the american people are telling you that they want and need. i have been saying this throughout. they had an opportunity. they had an opportunity months ago to take down donald trump. now, all of a sudden, it is going into high gear. they are moving so actively. >> eventually, it would flame out. surprise, he did not flame out. he got stronger and stronger and stronger. he connect it a lot of the american people.
2:40 pm
i think they want something different. something that would shake up the establishment. it is for real. now, all of a sudden, they will panic. now, what do we do? they ought to say that we support the nominee. that is exactly right. >> you are not making any endorsements. >> the people are speaking. generally speaking, they do not listen to the people. tired of you not listening from us. even from who we think the nominee ought to be. >> herman cain. thank you so much. >> jeff flock will be joining us from an ohio coal mine.
2:41 pm
amongst the lineup. this industry is really challenging. the obama administration. shedding thousands of good paying jobs from this industry. how that will help fuel the rise of donald trump. jeff flock from ohio. next. ♪
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2:43 pm
>> okay. let's check these markets. trading up. seven points they are. head of the biggie. all right. oil. closing the day. of three quarters of a percentage point. typically, that would provide more optimism. all around the world. cutting their output after energy information. bigger than expected increases in inventory. crude prices expecting. the energy giant saying capital spending. 25% this year. ♪ (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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(patrick 2) pretty great.
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(patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> president obama's war on coal as decimated the coal industry. job losses all across the united states of america. talking to the workers about their futures. these miners have had a really tough go of it. what are they telling you?
2:46 pm
>> it is very important. the ohio primary is right around the corner. focusing on coal. 200 feet below the surface of the coal country. i just picked this a little bit. can i do that? there you go. it is on the ground. that is what coal looks like when you mine it. a mind that has been shut down because of the situation. how does this impact to you are going to vote for? your job depends on it because it does. >> the administration we have had, it is just devastating our coal industry. used to have 1200 people for it. today we have less than 600.
2:47 pm
a sister of ours right here in ohio. >> you look at those jobs numbers. you go down almost 30,000 jobs. i have the ohio coal association here. look at bankruptcies. trish mentioned bankruptcies across the industry. >> we do not know where it is going to stop. we hope we can have some good relief. we know that that will not come with president hillary clinton and bernie sanders. allowing these miners to get back to work. we will need a change in washington. >> definitely republican. i am for any republican that we have right now. >> under a lot of pressure. a lot of jobs lost. they are hoping for better
2:48 pm
times. >> thank you so much. hearing it from the guys themselves. it is good to be able to connect the faces and the names with the people. shedding nearly dirty thousand pounds since president obama took office. environmentalists and governments war on coal has fascinated this industry. use all jeff there in ohio. lots of bankruptcies. lots of job losses. throughout the country. not just in the coal industry. throughout everything. is it any coincidence that ohio is trying to prove trump territory. this incredible ride. so many middle-class jobs have just been disappearing. real anger. real economic pain.
2:49 pm
he says, this voice of the working class. this voice for people who have seen their jobs disappear. move overseas. it has been challenging. especially challenging for white working-class men in their 30s and 40s. you know, laborforce participation in this group, it is falling from 96% to 79% in 2015. that is really a huge drop. it comes with all kinds of consequences. we have seen it drop in the white middle-class working mail population. also a drop in marriage rates. 41% of a piece are being born to single mothers. that shows you how the economic challenges are also being met
2:50 pm
with real social challenges. this is part of what trump is talking about. part of what he is trying to appeal to. people who realize that the future, livelihood and families depend on our economy. it has been a challenging eight years. that seems to be the result of this. they have missed this. you heard andrea talking about this at the beginning. they somehow miss what america is really feeling. this is a result of missing that for so long. that is today's intel. i will take a quick break. we watch markets barely hanging on right now. we will be back into. ♪ . and we'll keep evolving things.
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>> super tuesday is all wrapped up. fox news debate. ben carson will not purchase the paint. he said in a memo to everyone. he does not see that. debating, of course, on stage. campaigning across the state of michigan. i want to go to mike told now. john kasich has indicated that he will stick it out. at least through march 15. hard to tell exactly what they are told. they do have their debates.
2:55 pm
they are angry. they are frustrated. imposing regulations. looking to that antiestablishment candidate. a continuation of the insult. >> it is childlike. very childlike. i think that they need to grow up and be more mature. >> i think that it disrupts the electorate and disrupts whoever will come out of this group. >> next tuesday, the number of states are up for grabs. very relevant. we will be watching. what does donald trump do? we will all be tuning in. how he will handle questions.
2:56 pm
republican strategists. how he would advise. if the questions are hard, you can expect that they will be. they will be accepted and challenging. >> going into detail on certain things. talking more about immigration. talking more about healthcare. >> you do not think that he puts up the dukes and comes out. >> marco rubio continues this challenging game. this is so bad for marco rubio. get back to the future. not ready for reelection in the senate. >> it will be an interesting night. make sure you tune in. we will be right back. ♪
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. trish: all right, everyone,
3:00 pm
make sure you join us, it's going to be another rocking saturday night. 7:00 p.m. eastern, i'll be joining neil and lou as we look at louisiana's primary. kansas, kentucky, maine, nebraska, caucuses, you do not want to miss it, liz claman over to you. liz: we will not miss anything, not a second of the major breaking developments. this coming from the gop campaign trail. dr. ben carson sending a strong signal he's leaning toward dropping out of the race. in a statement released just moments ago, the retired neurosurgeon saying i do not see a political path forward in light of the super tuesday primary results. however, the grassroots movement on behalf of we the people will continue. i appreciate the support, financial and otherwise. carson did not win a single state primary or caucus, and only amassed 8 delegates compared to 316 for the gop front-runner donal


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