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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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remember -- you can't take it with you. with the man lou dobbs. keep it right here on fox business. lou: i am lou dobbs, washington cartel, republican establishment, and one of their leading tools and hinge men in reversal of historic proportions, mitt romney, who lost presidency in 2012 to a president who could hardly have had a worse record or been a weak are candidate, today decided to take on the role of a tax dog in 2016 presidential election. but he attacked republican front runner, instead of leading democratic candidate.
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romney did help further explosthe workings of washington cartel, republican alliance among establishment, marco rubio and romney it was all apparent in the scathing attack against trump, strikingly similar to the rubio attack. >> there is evidence that mr. trump is a conman, a fan. >> he is a con artist. >> he inherited his business. >> he inherited $200 million. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> what he did to the students at trump university. lou: trump returned fire at a rally in maine. >> mitt was thinking about running again, he ran a horrible campaign, a campaign
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that should have never been lost, you are running against a failed president, high came up with perch -- 47% of the people. he let us down, he should have won, mitt is a choke artist, he choked like i have never seen anyone choke that are than rubio when chris christie was grilling him. lou: we'll talk with fox news juan william, monica crowley, david bossey among others, later oi'll talk with two congressmen who have very different views about who should win this november. >> justice department granted immunity we'll have the report. lou: don't story, always
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entertaining republican race for the white house, donald trump will have a chance to submit his path to the nomination, as he meet his rivals in fox news republican presidential debate tonight in detroit, where senators ted cruz, marco rubio, and governor john kasich, perhaps their last best chance to stop trump's momentum. so far they have not been successful. today had they had help from a man who has not been able to win a presidential election but has a lot of thoughts about this one. fox news chief political correspondent, carl cameron with our report in detroit. reporter: mitt romney game a 20 minute speech at university of utah today, taking downtown don. saying only serious politicians issue ted cruz, marco rubio, and john kasich, and republican nominee should be one of them. >> let me put it plainly, if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the
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prospects for a safe, prosperous future are greatly i didiminished. reporter: slamming a litany of trump's failures. >> whatever happened to trump airlines in how about trump university? thin there is trump magazine, trump vodka, and trum steaks and trump mortgage, a business gingenius he is not. >> would make america the world less safe. he has neither temper am or judgment to be president, think of don's personal qualities, the bullying, greed, the showing of off. the absurd third grade theatrics. reporter: before romney speaks trump called him a loewser and
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a stiff, and pointed out romney begged trump for his endorsement in 2012 about he was begging for my endorsement, i could have set mitt drop to your knees, he was begging. >> i just want to tell you, he came out, very nasty, i will address it quickly because it is irrelevant, mitt is a fail candidate. he failed,. reporter: suggested that romney is looking for a role at convention tour perhaps nomination if no candidate receives the delegates to win. >> i think he has a desire of maybe at convention to try to get some kind of a thing. >> john kasich weighed in. >> if i win ohio, he is not going to be the nominee. because i don't know whether you noticed or not it held in ohio. ly plottewe lotted this out. >> rubio who picked up endorsement of governor martinez of new mexico and cruz will be on either side of
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trump as they worp in last two debates had they attacked trump from all sides. said today his wife urged him to quote act more presidential . lou. >> shocking. >> carl thank you very much. mexico officially responding to trump's promise to build a wail could make mexico pay for it mexican finance minister telling press that quote, mexico will under no circumstance pay for wall that mr. frump trumtrump is proposing. frustration mounting in europe over relentless flood of illegal immigrants and refugees there in to european union. crisis worsening by week,
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neither member nations or the e.u. are the u.n. has found a way to stop the flow of millions of people, $1,000 illegal immigrants and refugees in greece today, you see here, from the drone video. they blocked a train over macedonia's refusal to allow them to cross the border and continue their way to western europe. that freight train just crossed from mass don't macedonia was trying to go south. 10,000 illegal immigrants, hundreds more are arriving we're told each day. authorities will allow in as main as neighbor serbia takes. >> turning to new of development in hillary clinton's e-mail.
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>> brian who took -- work at state department i-t specialist, set up and maintains hillary clinton a server, fox news independent confirm a washington post report that he struck a deal with the justice department expin te and interviewed by fbi. >> immunity is granted to witnesses in criminal cases. >> a source said that fbi's investigating whether clinton 's aides share the computer passwords. >passwords. or jump the gap. gave them access to classified systems. >> we need whoever was doing it, they knew they would take highly classified information
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and move it to a system that was not protected from all enemy. >> fox news learned investigator have a short list for interviews. source said not uncommon in high-risk, to fbi to sign off. >> this week on hill, james comey said he is -- >> i am very close personal to that investigation to ensure that we have resources we need, including people in technology. that it done the way that fbi tries to do its work. >> spatwork. >> because agency question them about classified e-mails. >> i will not speak for other agencies that may be involved.
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we're going to cooperate to degree we need to. >> attorney general said there is no artificial deadline for concluding, justice department decisions on they could face consequences has national security. >> thansecurity. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back, a lot more tonight. stay with us. >> mitt romne mitt betrays the republican party, and the man that went on endorsed him. romney and ryan turn out to be the tick fre tick -- ticket from hell, they won't go away. juan williams and monica crowley with us next to take up the effort to subvert the will of the voter. >> these thieves come up with
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>> running ads in sunshine state's solicits donation from wall street. including paul singer, american future fund. been linked to koch brothers who said they were staying out of this. whthey reserved about $2 million of commercial time. another attack dog outfit posing as i don't know what. hasan ad out against trump. trump maintaining 20 point lead over mark in in florida. >> joining me now. juan williams, washington types on-line editor.
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monica crowley. attacking frontrunner of your own party. you could not get anything done as a presidential candidate. >> it really is amazing. mitt romney is symbol of republican establishment. every time a member of the establishment has been after donald trump, it has had one affect to drive donald trump's numbers up, i believe his supporters are so devoted to him, no matter how much money wall street throws against him. it does not work in this case. >> what in the world romney and his losing running mate paul ryan attacking trump, they are the pab lemm twins
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they have nothing to say, they have no original thought, they are masters of cliches. >> you know. >> they are attacking front-runner. >> a government voice, i think that there are a lot of republicans who are unco uncomfortable with donald trump. lou: this -- from establishment juan. >> this is. no question. lou: they are trying to kill trump, kill cruz. this is outrageous. >> well 92 it has never happened. >> wait, you think that cruz and trump are not trying to kill the establishment the people in power who have interested in washington, including chamber of commerce. lou: quoting our speaker of the house. paul ryan, who said, he is going to stay neutral. >> he is not neutral. lou, of course, not he said it. >> neither is romney, today john mccain said he would support whoever the nominee
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circumstance he is not neutral either, they are all -- >> absolutely mccain's credit he said without hesitation or reservation he will support the nominee. >> he is swallowing his tongue, when you have trump saying -- >> he being honor able. >> what? >> honorable. >> mccain? lou: >> correct. >> oh, i thought you meant trump for a second at times he has not been honor able in what he said. lou: if you attack trump i'm going to attack everyone else on the feel, romney and ryan, they are despicable, they are dishonorable, and betraying their party and votes of every american that vote for trump, they are disgusting elitists, i can't -- >> i am going to let monica
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get in here. >> what you see is, it is semi coordinated and desperate flailings ofs establishment, they are terrified of trump and cruz, they know if they are elected their gravy train stops they can control them, these two men cannot be controlled. that means en of the establishment power, and money. that is why they are throwing spa gety -- p spaghetti against the wall. >> now, what mitt romney said today was he can't stand hillary clinton. he thinks that hillary clinton is not going for america and he wants a republican who can beat hillary clinton, this guy who makes excuses for saying nice things about david duke is not the one on reach out. lou: come on juan, that is a low blow you know it. >> what. lou: david duke.
11:20 pm
>> so okay, what about today's language. language. >> say i'm wrong. there are so many other examples, including today? his language in which he insulted mitt romney. lou: that insult too mitt romney, as far as i'm personally concerned, i would prefer he act in a different way on that moment. >> i'm glad for that. lou: but i'd rather have a man who has accomplished something, not a professional politic, stand up for working men, women in this country, families and small business, middle class, take these elitists who have some idea they should be deciding who the president circumstance rather than the voters and primary, and tell them to go it hell. >> what this the voters are misled by what rubio called a conman, and. >> let's let the voters make that determination, they are
11:21 pm
intelligent. g.o.p. establishment for decade told republican voters and others, who they should accept as nominee. bob dole, john mccain, mitt romney, take your medicine, with a dose of sugar, suck it up, now the voters are says we are dismissing that, taking tower back in our hands they will make the choice. lou: this is a new republican party built, it is constructive destruction. >> what happens if he loses? lou: you know, i have -- i you right, a big risk to put trump in to to think of him as had the i would rather va republican establishment continue to to what they have done . they have been abjec fools. >> that is enough says our producers. >> i want to continue. >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> my pleasure.
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>> breaking news, pentagon has just responded to north korea leader, kim jong-un, ordered hid nuclear weapons to be readies for immediate use, pentagon is warning north korea to quote, refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensions, north koreans change to an offensive posture comes one day after the united nations imposed what they term tough new sanctions. we'll keep you up-to-date on this breaking story. and be sure to vote in our poll, is it time for republican voters to take back their parties from g.o.p. elites? the donor class and washington cartel? what do you think? cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twitter, like my on facebook. links to everything. thank you monica and juan
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great discussion. >> great. lou: turn to this unbelievable video. out of texas, 10 masked men, caught on surveillance video. they are ripping the doors off of a houston gun store. they then smash wind does attach a chain to the iron security door, here they are, how many are there? about 10? at least 50 weapons were stolen in less than two minutes they break cases, and in less than growt 48 hours, 3 of the suspects have been brought into custody. >> a few thoughts on a failed presidential candidate who knows a lot about reversing course and intervention. we'll take it up. >> donald trump has shown a ability to understand how our economy works to create jobs for american people.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the republican establishment and the elites who are working not only to ruin the candidacy of donald trump, but also subvert the will of voters. voters have supported trump, giving him victories in ten of 15 primary contests so far, who does romney think he is? romney is nothing more now, obviously, than a tool of an ossified, far too entitled republican establishment. a washington cartel of k-street and wall street lobbyists led by the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable. that's right, the same cartel that orchestrated two presidential election cycles of losses.
11:29 pm
most recently that of mitt romney and paul ryan. both of whom have attacked trump with greater energy than they ever mustered for president obama, for example. romney today spent nearly 18 minutes savaging trump in his speech in salt lake city. trump was quick to swat romney away as irrelevant and a failed candidate. meanwhile the other half of hell's ticket, paul ryan as spewing cliches and distortion. >> i'm going to keep my powder dry, i'm speaker of the house, i'm neutral in this race, as you know, the chair of the convention. people in the party are speak their minds while we are selecting a nominee. everything is fair game on the way to the nomination. >> reporter: ryan and romney hardly giving a thought to attacks against trump, amounting to campaign gift to hillary clinton, don't worry your heads about that, they said. after romney and ryan lost the 2012 election, the rnc
11:30 pm
conducted an exhaustive study on how the republican ticket managed to lose the most winnable election in decades. and among the recommendations of that report, this -- do they read their own reports? of course not. the republican establishment, the party elites and donors don't get it, and so they defend a stagnant, failed status quo. romney and ryan blew the election last time throwing it to a president compatible with culture of failure. but this time, they're up against a winner. and trump is the people's choice to this point, and the twosome from hell is about to lose another one if they have their way. guess what? trump's already begun making america great again. now the quotation of the
11:31 pm
evening, this one from hunter s. thompson. one of my favorite folks. he said -- . lou: the establishment, the washington cartel have just found trouble, his name is donald j. trump and he is among much else, a winner. we're coming right back. hillary clinton's worst nightmare coming true. the justice department just gave immunity to the man who set up her private e-mail server. what's next? who's next? we take it up with citizens united president david bossie coming right up. and a driver attempting a u-turn on a busy interstate didn't notice the rather large oncoming object that was about to ruin his day.
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11:36 pm
>> it's because sean hannity is on right behind me. lou: sean who? tell him to go a little easy. the clinton aide granted immunity by the justice department, this is a major development, it suggests that a process is now under way that will ever tighten, if you will, a squeeze on hillary clinton herself. your thoughts? >> lou, exactly right. look, you and i have visited about this many, many times. i have utmost confidence in jim comey, the fbi director. i believe his integrity see completely intact in this investigation, and that he's going to put loretta lynch and those at the justice department in a very untenable position very soon. look, giving immunity to one of these key individuals in this case is very important and telling. one is we may learn soon whether or not there's a grand jury impanelled. that's a very important
11:37 pm
element. lou: i want to turn if we may, from the clinton probe to romney's attack today. conservatism on parade. i mean, all of a sudden in this country, romney is a conservative? a conservative? are you kidding me? >> yeah, look, mitt romney's never been a conservative. he said he was a severe conservative here at cpac a couple of years ago. i think that tells you all you need to know. look, mitt romney coming out and attacking donald trump only helps donald trump! i don't know what these people, what memo they did not get. lou: monica crowley was saying exactly the same thing here earlier, and i think you're both right. from what i can see, the more the establishment reveals itself to the electorate and the republican party, the more disdain, disgust on the part of the electorate for the establishment. >> look, lou, and i just want to explain this real quickly to your listeners, viewers.
11:38 pm
look, this movement that donald trump is really riding right now, and ted cruz for that matter, started in 2010 when the american people stood up and said we're going to take our house back and kick nancy pelosi out. and four years later took the senate back because the house, john boehner was saying we can't do it just ourselves, we need the senate. and, of course, the senate was republican and still did nothing, and kicked john boehner out because of it, in 2015. and this movement has been going on for a long time. the more anti-establishment you are, the more popular you become, especially as a nonpolitician like donald trump. lou: give us your best judgment. do you believe that trump is on his way to the nomination? >> well, look, i think that -- lou: in other words, do you think he'll be able to overcome the establishment attacks that are going to ramp up mercilessly in florida and in ohio? >> look, i think that he's ready for these attacks.
11:39 pm
once again, i think it's only going really help him because it crystalizes his effort to say he's not a politician. he's not all talk and no action. he's the opposite, and that's what he's been able to find a pulse on. let me just say this, you know, ted cruz is still a very viable alternative. lou: absolutely. >> those people who want to stop trump are the same people who are supporting mitt romney -- supporting marco rubio, and they can't have it both ways. for an anti-establishment guy like me, it's a delicious conundrum for them to be in because they can't have it both ways. >> and cruz and trump not equally but reviled by the elite agust establishment. >> absolutely. lou: great to have you with us. tell sean thanks for keeping it down while we were talking. >> you bet. lou: a reminder to check your
11:40 pm
rearview mirror. a driver in north carolina made the grave mistake cutting off a big rig as unintentionally we're sure, but unintentionally or not, he paid a severe price. that was a kick in the rear end. apparently trying an illegal u-turn when he was rear ended. hopefully the accident convinced him to drive more carefully and we sharing this video, well, i'm sure we find it interesting, and hopefully there's some edification in it all, or not. up next, congressman mark meadows says we need a president who will not bow down to the washington cartel, and he's supporting ted cruz. >> we're here to make sure that one thing happens, that it has a constitutional conservative at 1600 pennsylvania avenue next january. what about that? [cheers] >> congressman meadows, our guest here next. stay with us, we're coming right back after these quick
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. lou: joining me is congressman mark meadows. congressman meadows serves on the house oversight and foreign affairs committees, a member of the freedom caucus, endorsed ted cruz for president, and
11:45 pm
great to have you with us, congressman. i want to ask you, paul ryan today saying he's neutal, after he attacked, very directly, if not by name, donald trump. he is, part of what i called in the ticket from hell. these guys lose in 2012, anyone should have been able to win that election, and now they won't go away. what's the deal? >> well, i think what washington, d.c. needs to do is go silent, lou, you and i know that the more endorsements, the more support that you get from inside the beltway, the worse off it is for those they're supporting and the better it is for the opponent. i believe donald trump is not my enemy. right now he's my adversary, i'm supporting ted cruz as you know, certainly at this point it's up to the will of the people to make the best
11:46 pm
decisions and hopefully rallying around, we're seeing it rally around ted cruz right now. lou: back to the speaker and his neutrality, so-called. you were the first to make a move and take the step toward replacing john boehner. now we got speaker ryan. do you see your work as completed? >> i think the jury is still out, certainly, as we start to look at bold agendas. the critical things, lou, as you know is not just to speak it, but to actually do it, and we're in the middle of a budget process right now. if we're going to return this country back to its rightful owner, the people, then what we have to do is make sure that we act. a lot can be focused on whether the speaker is the right guy or not. really, it's all about results, i'm hopeful that the next couple of weeks and months will show those results. if not, i mean, there will be a
11:47 pm
day of reckoning, and that comes in november. lou: and we further have, as you say, a day of reckoning over the spending bill. is that going as you would have expected? as you would have hoped? >> we're not there. i can tell you the plan that was rolled out today talked about cutting mandatory spending, which obviously, if we could follow through on that and actually enact that, that would be a good thing, lou. so many times what we do is pass a bill in the house and doesn't go anywhere in the senate it. needs to be attached to something meaningful that ultimately gets signed into law so we can get on a fiscal responsibility with regards to where we're going in this nation or, if not, we'll end up with our children trying to pay the debt that we continue to incur. lou: and as your candidate and donald trump are basically
11:48 pm
almost alone in the field of discussing it, with that $19 trillion national debt, it's time to get serious. >> and needs to be discussed, lou, as you know, i've been real close to ted cruz, seen him work it. he's not just a guy who talks about it, he actually does it. so those than him best, know he's someone who follows through on what he's campaigning on. lou: and he's got an excellent advocate and supporter in congressman mark meadows. good to have you with us. appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: in ecuador now, a volcano called throat of fire is spewing smoke and ashes high as four miles into the sky. and nearby areas are warned of falling ash. there are, the volcano is indeed active. 36 active volcanoes around the globe right now. up next, one of the few members of congress to have the guts to endorse donald trump.
11:49 pm
>> hard working taxpayers from across america that had enough of the heavy handed established policymakers. lou: congressman tom moreno joins us tonight. stay with us, we're coming when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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lou: joining us on the phone is
11:53 pm
congressman marino. we'll get your reaction first to the romney attack on your candidate. your reaction. >> i was disappointed in romney. he should have come out and talked about bringing the party together. in trump was good enough to support him 8 years ago. lou: the gop establishment now is exposing in a way it never has before in any election, heavy landedly disd heavy handedly dismissing the voter and swatting at them aside. how does it make you feel as a republican to know that the elites of your party, k street, are trying to crush your
11:54 pm
candidate. >> romney has turned into the quintessential d.c. insider. we republican voters are tired of it and we are not going to let the insiders try and steal the primary. that's just not going to happen. the numbers are very high for mr. trump. i think romney did a favor for will trump today. because if you have think donald trump's numbers were high, incredibly high before romney made the tirade, they are exploding now. they will double and triple. lou: congressman, thank you so much. congressman tom marino. joining us is "the weekly standard" senior writer steve hayes. , the blaze tv anchor amy
11:55 pm
holmes. you just heard congressman marino. he's obviously fired up as a result of what romney did today. a gratuitous and inexplicable attack on the frontrunner. >> it is a primary contest and there are other candidates campaigning against donald trump and he against them. it's disingenuous to suggest ted cruz is a member of the establishment or marco rubio who came out of the tea party came out of the establishment. lou: i'm talking about mitt romney and paul ryan from 2012. intersnreeng the 2016 election. >> paul ryan is staying neutral? lou: what was the word you used? disingenuous? steve hayes, your thought?
11:56 pm
>> i agree with amy. lou: i hate it when you guys gang up on me. >> i knew you were going to say that. on substance mitt romney made a number of points that are not being made by republican candidates. they have been made by tough opponents. they will be made in a general election if donald trump is a nominee. it's worth having the debate about these things now. lou: two candidates who failed to win the most winnable election? 2012 suddenly have big opinions of themselves in an election of which they are not apart. this is a betrayal of a man whose endorsement he sought. >> why isn't he allowed to have an opinion. i heard your interview with
11:57 pm
congressman meadows. but he's made an endorsement. paul ryan hasn't even made an endorsement. i think it's well within his rights to pick out things he doesn't like. lou: don't you think it would be more manly to speak trump's name than make allusions? >> isn't that what mitt romney did dan you are criticizing him for doing it. in 2012 they were competing against a sitting incumbent president. 2/3 of gop primary voters have voted for someone other than donald trump. this is still a contest. and there are strategies about how to proceed. lou: amy and i are agreeing.
11:58 pm
we agree this should be a matter for the voters. where do you stand righteously. >> i'm not anti-voter. i think it should be ultimately decided by the voters. and i think it is being decide by the voters. you have paul religion and -- you have paul ryan and mark meadows endorsing and advocating for donald trump. this is the kinds of debate we ought to be having. lou: and i think it's important that we understand whose interests are being made by each of the advocates. mitt romney was standing up as paul ryan alluded to, they both represent the establishment voice whether it be k street, wall street. would you disagree with that, amy? >> the "new york times" had a story that k street was willing
11:59 pm
to make their peace with donald trump. i think this is still a battle tonight. you will have a great debate. lou: are you ready for a much more subdued donald trump? and a less raucous affair tonight? >> i think he would like to be more presidential. i don't think marco rubio and ted cruz will let him do that. he should be prepared for more incoming. lou: i have never seen him not prepared. we are getting a sense that the public is getting tired of wide open combat throughout. is that me being -- >> donald trump was the one doing it all along. cruz and rubio just joined the fight.
12:00 am
cruz and rubio really just joined the fight. it's been a rather tame affair until the last couple weeks. lou: steve hayes, thanks for being here. holmes. kennedy: and then there were 4. we'll be watching perhaps the last of the wild and unplea detectivable debate as marco rubio will continue his on salute against donald trump and ted cruz being wingman from the side. people have feigning outrage over the verbal fight. libertarians have given up on substance in this case. we know our issues will never be serviced. it's not like marco rubio


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