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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 4, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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ted cruz in marker revealed, swinging with the top moments of the night. >> donald trump has marked everybody with personal attacks. he's done so about people that are disabled. he's done it about every other candidate in this race. >> he had my hands. no one is ever had my hands. look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> i don't think the people of america urges did in bickering. it is easy to say make things better, make things scrape. you can even print it and put it on a baseball cap to the question is do you understand the principles that make america great in the first place? >> last week on tuesday i was half a million plus higher than
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him. i was a million plus higher than marco. that is a lot of those. >> i can get the crossover vote because throughout this campaign i've talked about issues. i've never tried to go and get into these kind of scams on the stage. people say you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> that is not what she said is not donald, please i know it's hard to interact. breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. i know it's hard. >> when they are done with yoko, can i answer a question? >> either about ronald reagan rebuilding the military. i was there. i worked with him. i was there when ronald reagan rebuilt the economy. i was there and i worked with him. >> detroit is a great city with a magnificent legacy that has been under the estimated by 60
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years of failed (-left-paren politics. >> i am changing. >> we need highly skilled people and if we can't do if we look at them in. and silicon valley we absolutely have to. >> if you don't like amnesty and the gang of eight, donald trump funded by the da king of numbers. donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once, not twice, not three times, 10 times. for those checks were not to her senate campaign. it was to a presidential campaign. >> 2008 i supported hillary clinton in many other people. that is because of the fact time and is this. >> suggestion is do you think donald trump is naïve about the threat that vladimir putin represents? >> have not died in. let me take you round the world. this little guy has lied so much
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about my record. >> you definitively say tonight that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president even if it is not you? >> even if it is not me? the answer is yes i will. maria: many highlights coming out. the race going forward and key primaries to come. our other top story this morning. it's morning. the february jobs report out this morning. calls for 190,000 jobs created in the last month and the unemployment rate holds steady at 4.9%. this got all that coming up this morning. investors on edge ahead of the job numbers although we bounced a bit this morning and asked her to hire a name from the broader averages good dow industrials to open up 15 points. our top story right now, presidential candidates facing off a red-hot debate last night in detroit.
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blake burman is they are the highlights. good morning to you. reporter: hi, maria. two things abundantly clear. donald trump remains the firm owner. last night he was being hit from all sides here at the debate. that is indeed life is the front runner. i can't generally speaking nominees and eventually get to the primary they start to move towards the center. last night potentially be starting to see donald trump inched that direction slowly but surely as his top about being able to have flexibility. that is when marker rubio called it out. >> either there is to be laid. i have never seen a successful person who was inflexible, who did not assert greater flexibility. >> there's a difference between flexibility and telling people what you need to say to get them to do what she wants them to do.
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that is the donald has done with his career. >> ted cruz did not sit by idly when it came to the attacks on donald trump. he tried to portray him as someone who once had in potentially still has unwavering support for hillary clinton. >> why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008? it wasn't for business. how can you stand on the debate stage now and say you don't think she should be president? reporter: this debate started on an interesting note the size of donald trump's hands. i will let you get into that one should you choose amended on political substance with both marker rubio, ted cruz and john kasich day that they nominate they would eventually support them. maria: by the debate. really exciting and really telling us well. thanks so much. great work as always. we want to bring in "washtington examiner" ceo of david drucker. good to see you. thanks for joining us.
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what is your reaction? >> it was different. i'll tell you that. things we don't normally expect to hear in a presidential debate. don't north america cares to hear. they did get around substance of the attacks on donald trump did i do. i cannot but impact going forward. one impact i'm not sure yet, but clearly things over the coming days we will hear more of them see how this plays out. maria: that is what i was going to ask you a lot of shots taken at donald trump. you think it impacted his leadership role in the election so far? >> every time people have said what he says is going to hurt in that house them. the flexibility issue whereby the way to new york times is not going past "the new york times" to release the conversation he
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had a record although he wants to make it easier to sue "the new york times." as he said last week or the flexibility issue i don't believe what he said about h. one b. visas. i don't think that is why people like him and love him and are so inspired by him and support him without fail for flexibility. you know who has helped last night? it helps hillary clinton in the democratic party. maria: it did? why? dagen: it was just a mass. there was a lot of tacky know very. they didn't talk about her enough. frank luntz talked about in the first half an hour of the debate her name came up one time. they had the opportunity of another person at the state department is basically going to talk to the fbi. maria: they are of a different
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moment. this is the 11th hour in there trying to take out trump as much as they can. he was accused by his opponents of being a flip flopper. let's listen to trump defending himself and then your reaction, david drucker. >> i've never seen a successful person who was inflexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. >> there's a difference between flexibility and telling people what every imputed to say to get them to do what you want them to do. that is the donald has done throughout his career. maria: what do you think? >> this is something that should her donald trump and could hurt donald trump. the question is whether or not this is coming up too late in the campaign to have an impact with the voting underway. when you are flexible and things, voters understand when
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you flip flop on a key part of policy, said the giving your campaign so much girl that's another thing. something else that deserves attention to wonder if it will happen. donald trump was asked essentially, why do you ask victor military commanders to conduct war crimes if you order them to do it? he said at a later period the listen to me. first of all, they won't. it's a very big deal. what is talking about is not just collateral damage and members targeted by the united states military. he's talked about purposely targeting family members to send a message and that is something military commanders will do. to give lott in this debate to have a candidate for president who is the front-runner talk about the senate getting lost because there's a bit more aspects of the debate. maria: i felt like this was taking some bloom off the rose for donald trump. i don't know if i was reading that right, but i felt the
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attack on him, some of it was seeking. kudos to the moderators. excellent job. he shot out. megyn, kristin brett, amazing job. >> is that the ending. yesterday was an interesting day because we started out with mitt romney coming out so strongly that i had he handled it well. i thought his response when he was in maine, he came up ross is okay. last night watching and ending on that note, it was evident and i thought the moderators did a great job with this, david pointed out he flip-flopped and changed his opinion any of that now he's talking about being flexible, there's big differences there. his numbers were way off last night. i kind of felt like the night ended. i agree with you, maria. it took a little bit of the shine off of said and maybe the american people might look into this more.
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maria: i thought it was donald trump's first debate. mitt romney is shaping up to be one of the most outspoken opponents. the 2012 presidential nominee himself attacking the front runner in this speech. >> if we republicans choose donald trump is our nominee, the decks for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. maria: david, you first between trumpet romney, how you see it? >> website for republicans who oppose trump is keeps the attacks on him but have a chance to work in the bloodstream. the downside is a lot of voters are tired of the idea that people from on high, people like mitt romney telling them how to vote. there is a plus minus here. i have to say if nothing is going to hurt trump company
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might as well speak out and let the oppressed as you have and try to do something. when you look at the pass of the debates in the campaign, have been high-minded debates and focus on hillary clinton palomar policy focus, didn't do them any good. they were all losing and they were all on track to lose to him. try this, number one expected to lose. if anything will work what they were doing mass of working. dagen: i stand by what i said yesterday. they're from duval street to come out and say this at this point, you are only backing up their reason his supporters love trump. these are politicians who were completely out of touch with a big chunk of the republican party, how the voters feel. not even republicans in many cases. independents and democrats are coming out from voting for trout.
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i made a list of all the hits on trump or the contradictions and policy proposals. he shifted on these has been no shift this david. pop record "the new york times." contributions to democrats and that is a short list. those are big deals. they are big deals if you are on the fence. how many people are on the fence? maria: i think last night was the worst debate. people are looking insane is this where i want to be? >> yesterday i was thinking okay, that romney's attack on him that kind of bat by in my opinion. but then i thought you know what, trump was so distracted all day with out. that impact his debate? from a strategic standpoint when you think of strategy come you wonder timing of it bathroom often skim a little bit last night. maria: female voters don't care about your manhood.
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>> so an approach where it. we don't want that in a candidate. maria: you know he couldn't wait to bring that issue out. come on, guys. david drucker, good to see you. we will keep talking about this. don't forget fox business will outlast coverage. breaking on the primaries at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we will be right back. hatever ie care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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kim jong sub for order in the arsenal to be ready for preemptive use at any time. cheryl casone what the headlines. >> that is right, maria. this is adding to tensions on the korean peninsula. )-right-paren that are organized country to be ready to use weapons while asking the military to be an preemptive attack mode after some of the toughest u.n. sanctions were put into place. north korean state media say they were due to growing threats from north korea's enemies. meanwhile, tech industry leaders united to back apple in its encryption battle. among the names off of its google, facebook, microsoft and at&t and two dozen internet technology filing legal brief ask a judge to support apple. finally this beard out of politics. hillary clinton's tax or postal place in a burden on the highest earners. new analysis showing japan's raise 1.1 trillion in new revenue over the next decade by
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acting taxes on the top 1% by an average of $70,000 per person are based on analysis of the tax policy center. she is proposing a tax cut it though in middle income families. a couple of things that matter to investors. in particular just a gross income. if you have a million or more you'll pay a minimum of 30%. if you make 400,000 she wants her capital gain. right now you could pay on it after a year. she was to take that out to six years. a lot of it is very punitive fund investors. a lot of it. i thought anybody making 400,000 or more, which is the country's largest cities is a pretty substantial swath of americana. maria: you have to believe that involves small business support double impact jobs. >> it will also complicate, it will complicate tax returns in
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particular. tranter and every candidate talks about simplifying the tax code can make it easier and more understandable, she goes across a bridge to nowhere. in terms of making up our complicated. it is mind-boggling. does it share the surtax on people making more than $5 billion? she is raising the estate tax, lowered the exemption level. the six-year holding. what are you doing? tax deductions which everybody uses. especially if you have a business. eliminating that a 20%. >> it really does impact small business and that is that they'd bellowed really fueled the of the economy. people say them entrepreneurial. i look a lot of start up his nose. some people say is it really worth it? will it make for money at the
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end of the day? >> small businesses are keeping employees to 49. >> at a higher 50th person, they get stuck with these fees and forcing them to have health care benefits. it's an immediate impact. >> obama carries not going anywhere. and so start of the difference in conversation. the conversation is knighted a terms of what they are looking out. we will take a short right. coming up next, the top issues for voters this election year. how did the plants tend to stack up to create jobs. who is best suited to put americans back to work? take a look at this moment from last night's debate. >> let me point out at donald actually cared -- i know it is hard to not interact. breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. you can breathe. i know it is hard.
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>> i am going to bring jobs back to the united states that nobody else can. >> i've had tens of thousands of people working for me, almost 98, 97, 90% of the people from this country are proud of it. hire as many americans as they can. they don't want part-time jobs. maria: taoist donald trump standing by its density is the only candidate that has created jobs. you are talking about february jobs report today. 190,000 jobs created is what we
6:25 am
ask it. who do you think is the best plan to create jobs? >> great question. i would have to say kasich in my opinion has the best knot on the plan but he's done it before in ohio. he's done a fabulous job of creating jobs. to me when you look at this, even though you can make a case that donald trump is a successful businessman and he's created jobs are not asked back. from a presidential standpoint and a look at the track record of heidi really put the right policies in place, how do you get businesses incentivize to higher, i was a kasich is the strongest. dagen: i think donald last night -- donald tried to make a case of why he would be a good president for job creation in terms of his hiring. maria: and he has hired.
6:26 am
dagen: 10 of these candidates compared to what hillary clinton is her cousin in terms of reducing regulation and simplifying the tax code to lay a foundation for more businesses to hire. it is something your guest alan yesterday was talking about. there are more small businesses being destroyed that are being created. the water is going in the bucket as he described, but water is flowing out of the bucket faster. something has changed to stop that. maria: and the journal today about how the number of troubled businesses is rising when you look at companies that are highly indebted and perhaps on the brink of bankruptcy. dagen: another one which is mutual funds are cutting the value of their startup investment at an accelerating pace and making fewer new investments which is jobs at the heart of the tech sector. >> pat job creation for sure.
6:27 am
maria: we see more and more of these stories in the last couple weeks. dagen: at the start of solid 90s he said not on the facts. maria: we'll get into that. we've got our special jobs report this morning at 8:00 a.m. stay with us. hillary clinton facing more than bernie sanders in her quest for the white house. but the fbi has in store. we will turn our attention there. things got testy last i would candidates asked each other for specifics on policy proposals. here is mark reviewing donald trump. >> don't worry about it. [cheers and applause] to worry about it, little marco. >> okay, big don. >> don't worry about it, little marco. this just got interesting.
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>> maria: welcome back, it is friday march 4. republican presidential candidates squaring off last night in detroit for the fox news debate. ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich wasting no time going after front runner donald trump. >> you all wrote me off, it is march madness and we are heading up north to my turf, okay, let me just tell you this, i will win ohio. this. >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go. >> have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible, who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility.
6:31 am
>> there's a difference of flexibility and telling people whatever you want them to say to get them to do what you want. >> the people from florida wouldn't elect him dogcatcher. >> donald, i know it's hard not to interrupt but try. breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. i know it's hard. i know it's hard -- >> when they're done with the i don't i don't yoga, can i answer a question. >> you cannot. >> he's very flexible, so you never know. [laughter] >> maria: more highlights about this coming up and how this is going to shape the race. 8:30 a.m. eastern, we will have the numbers, expectations call for 190,000 jobs added to the economy last month. the expectations for unemployment rate to hold steady, we will see how that affects markets going forward.
6:32 am
we are expecting a higher open, nasdaq and s&p in plus column. top story donald trump's republican rivals going all in to try to bring him down still pledging to support the front runner if he win it is republican nomination. >> can you definite i will say you will support the republican nominee even if that nominee is donald j. trump. >> i will support the nominee. >> yes, because i gave my word, i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president . >> maria: democratic strategist, nomiki. thank you so much for joining. hillary clinton was tweeting, he was one of the winners of the debate. >> yeah, it was infomercial for
6:33 am
the democratic party. donald trump has been dividing the republican party but only benefit it is democrats, so i think she faired on top. participate maria ben, how did you see it? >> it was trump's debate. i thought it was very a good night for ted cruz overall. marco rubio was hampered a little bit by seeming to be under the weather. it doesn't change the stage of the race all that much. it was interest to go see the kind of discussion that is you don't typically see within states. i disagree with miki. >> i agree. >> unpopular politicians in the history of the united states and she's going be nominee without having been tested. this is going to make an
6:34 am
breasting contest and regardless of who the republican nominee is going to be exploited. >> maria: i agree with all of that. you don't think it's going to shake the debate going forward? you don't think that he loses anything long-termer in terms of him as nominee? >> i do think that he represents a significant and -- and sizable group of people across the country who want to see dramatic change when it come to gop and they're getting their voices heard. >> dagen: hillary clinton is ten foil at this point. >> i mean, it's crazy. >> dagen: these candidates from the gop need to be worried about that, though, they have an tuned, i know that cruz and rubio are focused on trying to take down donald trump because
6:35 am
this is their last gasp, if you will, if he wins ohio or florida the next week after that, it's pretty much over. >> maria: the 15th. >> dagen: the state department employee has gotten immunity. they went half an hour in this debate and her name came up one time. he's talking about something i'm going to to have to explain to my mother lawyer in the day. >> the democrats can take those clips and put them in ads. >> maria: and the mitt romney speech. i was thinking, all of this is going into democratic ad. >> i would putting those clips away, memorizing the quotes and getting ready for attacks on donald trump, there's no doubt about it he's going to attack her and she doesn't do well on the defensive. >> maria: why aren't they focusing on the real enemy and that would be hillary clinton. isn't it the time, they have two weeks f marco rubio and ted cruz
6:36 am
are going to try, the republicans, the establishments are going to try and make a dent in trump's rise, they only have two weeks. march 15 is florida. it's over if he wins in florida. >> within the next ten days, marco rubio needs to get out of the race if he wants to have effect of stopping donald trump of being nominee. >> maria: you think rubio should endorse cruz? >> not typically a fan of ted cruz admitting that he was the one who could potentially block donald trump. i think at the same time this is a situation where the republican establishment is waking up far too late to make a difference in the situation. they have not been running the kinds of ads against donald trump that they could have at this point. it's kind of the situation, mitt romney, this was a nice thing to say, why weren't you saying three months ago. >> the party has been at sleep in the wheel.
6:37 am
>> dagen: how about 40 years in terms of many voters in this country who lost their jobs and lost their businesses. >> and they had an opportunity last night that they could have gone hillary clinton much more and they just didn't go there. we are at a crucial point where they are going after each other. >> maria: they want to take donald trump down. >> it's going to hurt the gop, ultimately a negative impact. they are going to be running all those clips and ads and it's going to come and backfire on the republican party. >> dagen: ted cruz got donald trump to say in 2008i supported hillary clinton. >> beautiful. >> dagen: i'm sure it's running somewhere. >> on hillary clinton's twitter. >> dagen: he has a big war chest. he doubled the amount of money going into february than rubio did. >> maria: can he do it, can he take donald trump? >> dagen: you have to prevent donald trump from winning ohio and florida.
6:38 am
their caucuses are coming up this woke. kentucky. donald trump has not been doing well in caucuses. >> maria: that's right. >> dagen: it'll be interesting to see. maybe this hurts him. maybe flexibility is not what his supporters want. >> i think the american poem saw a different side from last night. if they pay attention to that, this could be a bit of a game changer. >> is there a feeling, do you think that the feeling is ted cruz or marco rubio's support? their support will not go down so his support will not go up, meaning if marco rubio were to endorse ted cruz, will that support never -- never move away from ted cruz? nobody knows. >> maria: i would say the support goes to ted cruz, marco rubio support, but you never know. you just don't know.
6:39 am
ben, great to see you, nomiki great to see you. you'll find out next. first, though, john kasich doing his best to separate himself from the pack last night. watch this. >> ci get the cross-over votes, you see because throughout the campaign i talked about issues, i have never tried to go and get into these kind of scrurves -- scrums on the stage, people say you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> maria: plus cruz and rubio hitting donald trump. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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>> we have to be there on the ground in significant numbers. the fact is that cool, calm, deliberate, effective, take care of the job and then come home, that's what we need to do with our military foreign policy. >> when i am commander in chief, every militant on the face of the earth will understand that if they go and join isis, if they weigh jihad against the united states of america, they are signing the death warrant. >> the next president of the united states is going to have mess of a foreign policy to clean up, why can't it be someone who has not shown the intellectual curiosity and interest about learning complicated issues and donald simply hasn't. >> maria: that was from last night's fox republican debate where they sparred including united states policy.
6:44 am
joining us right now the nato commander, admiral, good to see you. from your standpoint who recollects was the best candidate, best suited to deal with our interests abroad in. >> first of all, as senior registered officer, i'm an independent. i will say that i was struck by the lack of acuteyin mr. trump's comments. he doesn't have a grasp of the issues that are facing the nation. >> maria: do you think he's speaking to anyone of consequence in terms of policy, informed individuals that would help us in such a situation. >> if he is, it doesn't show in the debate and secondly i have not heard of anyone in the national security sect o that's advising him.
6:45 am
>> maria: how do you explain the rise that he is continuing to be at the top of the leader board? >> i can't particularly in the zones in which i am engaged, international security, military, foreign policy, it is inexplicable. >> maria: putting the debate aside for a moment, what do you see as our biggest challenge when you look at our foreign interest abroad? >> this may surprise you, maria, i think cyber would be at the very top of the list, the level of threat and preparation are quite mixmaxed. >> maria: when you see trump, he doesn't have a grasp on things, what about the others, marco rubio, ted cruz, john kasich, did they have a better grasp? >> they were better prepared in the sectors, you heard some level of specifics. >> maria: they didn't speak as much on cyber, they were talking about the ground games, air
6:46 am
strikes. >> the north korean bombs, all of these are concerning but i put cyber at the top. >> maria: you don't get a sense that that is known from certain donald trump's standpoint, what about the others in terms of cyber? >> well, it certainly didn't come up in the debate, it surprises because we are in a national debate with am, iphone and the fbi, but i think that they did do a good job in the debate. i thought the moderators did a particular good job of bringing all the foreign policy issues up. >> maria: i agree, they were excellent. republican national security have come together and written an open letter condemning donald trump for what they say is inconsistent and disastrous foreign policy. your thoughts on the open letter. >> first you have to look at the list of names on the letter. these are significant serious thinkers. i will pick one name and that's
6:47 am
fren townsend. >> maria: tell tus worst case scenario, he gets to be commander in chief and he's going to have to deal with a lot of issues, cyber number one, in terms of the most immediate challenges and issues that he will have to deal with that he's unprepared for, what? >> i think all the things that we talked about but i will add one other one, maria, that's europe and essentially the european unwinding which will have an economic impact. >> maria: so important. >> i want to close on one point, how does this look outside the united states and what are our colleagues in europe and asia thinking when they watch all of
6:48 am
this unspool and very concerned. we were in davus. nato current supreme general, russia and syria are deliberately driving syrian migrants as a form to weponized migration, to overwhelm european countries, do you think that's true and what do you do about cincinnati. >> i have great respect for general, on this one he might be overstating it a bit. certainly vladimir putin sees benefits to the waves of refugees, i think it's a stretch that he's deliberately weponized them. >> maria: they see as their final 11th hour, last couple of weeks to either take him down or come to the fact that he's a nominee, do you think that he'll
6:49 am
be able to do that or is it too late? >> i will leave it to commentators, whoever the next president has got to buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy road for the next president. >> maria: good to see you. up next, sparks flying at the republican presidential debate. ted cruz attacking donald trump over financial pledge to hillary clinton. >> i would like to ask donald, why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008, it wasn't for business and how can you stand on a debate stage now with her and you don't think she should be president. >> actually it was for business, it was for business. [cheers and applause] >> maria: latest job's number this morning in about two hours, we will break everything that you need to know. 8:00 a.m. eastern. we will identify where the jobs are right now and where the growth is, that's coming up, mornings with maria next.
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>> maria: welcome back, jeff sessions joining donald trump's team. cheryl casone with the headlines .
6:54 am
>> cheryl: staying with politics, first sitting senator to endorse trump last sunday. he will advise trump on foreign policy and national security. two women that attacked before hiding in a building in a city of istanbul with a shootout with the police. the women were allegedly members of the revolutionary people's liberation army front, it's a very dangerous group. finally this, cosco is set to raise minimum wage. they are going to $13 an hour. minimum wage in 14 states over the last few months and cosco saying in conference call this is going to cut for earnings for a penny but they have to get competitive and wal-mart is doing the same thing.
6:55 am
>> maria: so important story, i agree in terms of the impact here. wage growth a major issue. 15-dollar wage movement across the country now. >> wages are definitely still an issue. i mean, of course, this cosco story is very interesting because it's speaking to those lower-level jobs, more retail worker, it's getting more and more exert toif tash competitive to find talent. so it's getting extremely competitive. they have having to do this to be competitive with wal-mart and keep up and make sure they have the people working for them. we need to continue to see wages move, not only at a lower-level hourly wages but across the board. we are starting to see movement. i predict it's going to spike up because unemployment is, you know, coming down quite low and
6:56 am
i see companies are getting very aggressive with signing bonuses, relocation packages, trying to get people that maybe left the company, they are calling them boomeranging, i think that will drive wages in the right direction. >> dagen: average full-time worker makes 13.38 an hour at wal-mart. this 15-dollar movement, it's funded by unions because unions want -- they want to use their negotiating power to try and lure workers, not just benefits but workers. >> maria: hiring new workers because of the pressure to pay more. >> dagen: wal-mart is closing smaller stores in the united states. they try to distant that from the wage increase but you are seeing with the wages going up you are seeing costs cutting in other places. >> absolutely, it's going to
6:57 am
have a big impact and on small and mid-size businesses that might not be able to afford and compete, but it's absolutely impacting their ability to grow. >> maria: i think the estimate is up 2 and a half percent in wages. we want to talk about all things job in the program. more of the top moments of the fox news republican debate as we look for expert analysis from republican pollst, er, keep it right here coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
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>> maria: good friday morning, everybody, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday march fourth, with me fox news dagen mcdowell and jack, first top stories on the east coast. republican candidates squaring off in detroit at the fox news debate. marco rubio and ted cruz come upswinging against donald trump. here are some of the top moments of the night. >> donald trump has attacked on people, he has done it about every other can date on the race, anybody who ever deserves to be attacked that way is donald trump. >> nobody has hit my hands. look at those hands, are they small hands. [laughter]
7:01 am
>> and he referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small, i guaranty you this, no problem. >> i don't think the people in america are interesting in bickering school children, they are interested in solutions and not slogan, it's easy to say make things better and make things great, you can even print it and put it on the a baseball cap, do you understand the principles that made america great in the first place. >> last week, i was a half a million votes higher than him, i was a million votes higher than marco, 1 million votes, that's a lot of votes. >> i can get the cross-over votes, throughout this campaign i talked about issues, i have never tried to go and get into these kind of scrums that we are seeing here on the stage and people say everybr -- everywhere i go. >> it's not what you said.
7:02 am
>> breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. [laughter] >> i know it's hard. i know it's hard but just -- >> when they are done with the yoga, can i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> we talk about ronald reagan rebuilding a military, i was there, i worked with him, i was there when ronald reagan when he work it had economy, i neuron eald -- ronald reagan. >> 60 years of failed left-wing policy. >> i'm changing. we need highly-skilled people in the country. if we can't do it, we will get them in. in silicon valley we have to have. >> if you don't like amnesty, donald trump funded five members of the gang of eight $50,000, donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once, not twice, not three times, ten
7:03 am
times and four of those checks were not to her senate campaign, it wasn't that he was the new york senator, it was to a presidential campaign. >> at 2008i supported hillary clinton and many other people, by the way and that was because of the fact that i'm in business. >> serious question is do you think that donald trump is naive about the threat that vladimir putin represents? >> i'm not biting, let me give you a take around the world. >> this guy has lied so much about my record. he has lied so much about my record. >> can you say tonight that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president even if it's not you? >> even if it's not me, the answer is yes, i will. >> maria: more highlights of breaking it down.
7:04 am
top stories this morning. 190,000 new jobs created and unemployment to hold steady at 4.9%. we are expecting a higher opening. dow jones continue to spin at momentum that we have had. dow jones 30 points and nasdaq higher. back to politics, red-hot debate last night. blake berman right now with the highlights, blake, good morning. >> blake: hi, there, maria. donald trump continues to be the front runner on the republican side t delegate score board shows it and he was being attacked from all sides last night here in detroit, second, and this is more generally speaking, once the nominee is able to get through the primary, they always for the most part start to move toward the center, not suggest that trump is as nominee at this point, but last night we start to inch potentially a little bit more on the direction as he was talking about flexibility, that's when
7:05 am
marco rubio called him out. >> i have a very strong -- but i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. [cheers and applause] >> there's a difference between flexibility and telling people to say whatever you want them to say to get them to do what you want them to do. >> blake: ted cruz got in on the trump action as well. trump donated to hillary clinton. >> why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008, it wasn't for business and how can you stand on a debate stage now with her and stay you don't think she should -- >> actually -- >> blake: perhaps the most revealing moment at the night, maria, at the end of the debate when marco rubio, ted cruz, kasich, if trump becomes nominee
7:06 am
that they would support him. >> maria: yes, they did. i want to bring fortune columnist nene, with strategist founder. nene, did anything change as a result of last night? >> well, of course, the big question, we don't know that until we see more polls. donald trump face it had incoming artilery that he has faced yet. let's take the flexibility question, he has been flexible on positions he has given to democrats, the core trump voter is not self-identified as very conservative, they're not necessarily looking for flos -- consistency, the trump voter is somebody who has been hurt from the economy, look at what trump
7:07 am
cites all of the time, immigration, china stealing jobs and spending trillions of dollars in iraq, these are the issues that drive the core trump voters, you don't niecely see movements after strong attacks on trump. >> maria: lisa, look, we don't have specifics when it comes to foreign policy, this is very troubling, you had the open letter that was sent that trump is not prepared for the foreign policy issues that we face, did that come out and do you think that would resinate with the trump voter as nina described. >> we have seen some of the attacks before and specifically with mitt romney speech this full-on assault on donald trump and laying out the indict of donald trump as you know, there were questions about his sort of transitions on the things like immigration and also hitting him on his business dealings and
7:08 am
some of those things, but it's to be seen if this is going to have an impact. i mean, the biggest problem with republican that is are leading this, this antitrump movement is a problem they don't have a defined candidate running against them. field is still very crowded. if you remember looking back at supertuesday, let's look at a state like virginia, marco rubio had lost about 2.8%. john kasich picked up 9% in the state. you look at public polling it would indicate that marco rubio would be beneficial of the drawing-kasich voters. the biggest problem is you are going to have someone like john kasich pulling from some of those marco rubio voters and same thing for john kasich in ohio, that's the biggest problem is the field remains as crowded as it is and donald trump is going to be the beneficiary of that. >> maria: that's the point, john
7:09 am
kasich took votes from marco rubio. >> dagen: rubio would have won't by decent margin. i wanted to pick up on something that nina was talking about, the core trump supporter hearing from them frequently, they hate the media and they blame the media -- >> maria: they don't want any criticism of trump. >> dagen: also for basically not standing up for the little guy and the way they feel about establishment, i thought trump hurt himself when he would say the off--the-record conversation, "the new york times" can release that, soften position on visas, he had to put out a statement i'm going to end visa abuse and make american hire u.s. workers first. i thought those two things might
7:10 am
have shaken some of his base. >> maria: what do you guys think? >> i thought ted cruz said it best, by the way, i thought markio -- marco rubio really did not do well for him. i feel like i was back at home with two young boys many years ago fighting with each other and he was a little brother, you know, being the tattle tale. when he said that donald trump is part of corruption that you are voting against, so please come join me and, again, he cited not only changes on immigration and so forth but of course, the checks that donald trump has written to democratic political figures including hillary clinton in her presidential campaign, that's an effective, should be an effective attack on donald trump, the problem is it just -- we always think these are going to be effective attacks and they're not. we will see, yeah.
7:11 am
>> dagen: i agree with you 100% on that nina. >> i'm sitting there watching this debate thinking, i'm on the board of directors, i have to go back and come up with my recommendation as who we are going to hire as ceo, you hire donald trump or ted cruz, by half of the month, you have half, i can't work with these guys, marco, little brother. i have done the stuff before, i know how to work with other people, i have my strong beliefs, he was the only guy who i said, yeah, i think he could walk into the white house tomorrow and take control. >> maria: you think kasich won the night? >> what i'm saying is my reaction is that is the guy who is prepared to do it. he was below unfortunately. i think ted cruz sucked most of the action of the group. he had the most performance. maria more he won the night, ted cruz. go ahead, nina.
7:12 am
>> the problem with that, john kasich has been the adult but hasn't been the beneficiary and hasn't benefited him outside of vermont and new hampshire, but he hasn't been the beneficiary being the adult in the room, like we mentioned earlier with some attacks on donald trump, mitt romney speech yesterday is going to bold donald trump and to a lot of his supporters, mitt romney is the machine, he has seen as the establishment that attacked him on the stage last night. they are not hearing the attacks and if they are hearing it, it doesn't matter. ted cruz, marco rubio, john kasich's, mitt romney represent what they believe is wrong with the country, the typical politician who has been lie to go them and promising things that they failed to deliver, these attacks are falling on deaf ears. we are going to know real soon with michigan coming up, florida
7:13 am
and ohio, the winner take all states. >> maria: for sure. we appreciate your time this morning. coming up next, hillary has her problems with the fbi, now more than 100,000 people are calling for president clinton to be arrested. we will tell you why. donald trump taking heat for allegedly flip-flopping on the issues. >> but let me point out -- that is not what you said. >> donald, please, i know it's hard not to interrupt, but try. breathe, breathe. you can do it. i know it's hard. i know it's hard but just -- >> when they are done with the yoga, can i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> i really hope that we don't see yoga on this stretch. >> he's. >> flexible, so you don't know. >> maria: much more on the con contencius break. ♪
7:14 am
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♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
7:16 am
>> i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexible who recollects didn't have a certain degree of flexibility. you have to have a certain
7:17 am
degree of flexibility. >> there's a difference between flexibility and telling people whatever you need to say to get them to do what you want them to do. that's what donald has done throughout his career. >> maria: more on the debate coming up. apple is getting more supporters over the night of security. >> cheryl: tech industry leaders uniting to back apple on encryption battle, at&t and other dozen all filing legal briefs asking the judge to support apple. nearly 100,000 people in massachusetts have signed a petition calling for the arrest of former president bill clinton , the drive was launched by supporters of bernie sanders, violated massachusetts election laws on supertuesday by campaigning close polling
7:18 am
places, photos proved that clinton violated the law and entering polling sections in two communities. new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, security logs from the former secretary of state private server reportedly showed no foreign evidence of foreign hacking, this is after the time aid turned over records to fbi and also they've been talking with him since the fall but this kind of helps her, if you look at what times is reporting, it says, no foreign governments tried to attack, there were some spam that was in there, we all get that. >> maria: so we got lucky. >> dagen: doesn't renuif -- remove the issue of why was top-secret information that was sent to her and i don't like --
7:19 am
the fact that this wasn't just hammered, hammered, hammered at that debate last night was a missed opportunity. >> maria: i agree with that. her name did come up about who could beat her. >> dagen: right, by the way, donald trump in a number of the head-to-head matchups does not beat hillary clinton, rubio and cruz do. trump does not. >> maria: he kept saying he does. >> dagen: ted cruz knew the exact number, percentage that he trails hillary clinton. >> maria: i love how prepared everybody was last night. >> dagen: yeah. >> quick story, first election that i voted in 1986 on the courthouse steps i was walking to go polling, it was bernie sanders running for governor in vermont. i had a nice chat with him, i didn't vote for him, i think that's a violation, i don't think you're allowed to approach somebody on the steps when they go into vote, i never thought
7:20 am
about it again until the story about bill clinton. he was a really nice guy, bernie. [laughter] >> laws about the distance you have to keep. >> maria: really interesting. >> honest to god. true story. >> maria: just when you thought the deflate scandal might be over, appeals court weighing in and why the quarterback might not be out of the woods just yet. we will be right back, stay with us. ♪ ♪ i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try,
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7:24 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> maria: welcome back, deflate game yesterday, jared max with the developments in sports. >> jared: tom brady is known for comeback victories than losses. the jury is still out. the allegedly role he played in deflate game. judges heard in manhattan as the nfl tries to have the four-day suspension reinstated. actions were dissected. the commissioner had convened, parker broke down the evidence
7:25 am
as a laymen, he says as an educator looking at the facts, it seems to me, might conclude that the cell phone had incriminating information on it and the team of investigation that was deliberate latly destroyed. with all due respect, mr. brady's explanation made no sense whatsoever, parker wondered why brady wasn't suspended for destroying cell phone. evidence was compelling if not overwhelming, no decision yet, wide open again, wide open again. >> maria: that's unbelievable. the whole phone issue. >> dagen: i don't know, it proves what i thought all along, that he's a cheater. when i heard the decision yesterday, i cried sanders -- sandra's name.
7:26 am
>> how will this play out if he's guilty? >> jared: he will be suspended the four games of the decision -- season. image like week six of the season. that could take place. there's still a lot of time to go. dagen, big nascar weekend. >> dagen: las vegas motor speedway, i predict matt wins for all the nascar fans out there. it is on fox, the race is on fox sunday. >> jared: how about the warriors, golden state, they just died michael jordan's bulls . >> maria: championship fight between mcgregor and nate díaz.
7:27 am
mcgregor took a swing at díaz that was eventually stopped by security. who shine and who faded. john kasich try today separate himself from the pack for sure. i can get the cross-over votes, you see, because i talked about issues, i have never tried to go and get into these kind of scrums that we are seeing on the stage. people seem to say everywhere i go, you seem to be the adult on the stage. but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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stand up for your health. maria: welcome back, it is friday, march 4, your top stories 7:30 aem on east coast, welcome back everybody, republican presidential candidacyering squaring off last night in detroit the fox news debate, ted fed marco rubio and john kasich wasted no time going after front-runner donald trump. >> donald trump is basically marked everybody with personal attacks. >> so did anyone ever deserve to be attacked that way it has been donald trump. >> don't worry about it little marco i will. >> don't worry about it little marco. >> and let's stop fighting. >> hit myhands even in ever hit my hands i have never heard of this look at those hands are they small hands? is is this the debate you want playing out in the general election. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> you can do it you can breathe. i know it is hard i know it is hard but just -- >> done with can i answer a
7:31 am
question you wrote me off. >> guess what not march of mad northeast heading up north to the place to my turf orange county. >> show you this shakes race in the program top stories of the morning february jobs' report coming up, in about an hour the consensus expectation called for 190,000 jobs, to have been created last month and for unemployment rate to hold 4.9% take a look at markets ahead of jobs number this morning expecting a i higher opening from broader averages take a look, dow jones industrial average up 30 points right here nasdaq s&p 500, in positive territory, we are looking at the jobs number on heels of economic data out this week, do you feel of jack that things are getting better in the fundamental story. >> fundamental macrostory i would say yes a little bit,there is some indications spreads are narrowing between high yield bonds and stocks. i don't think that is going to translate to this jobs' report i think we are going to have kind of a weak number. >> i think so. >> fed officials have been
7:32 am
very dove iraq i we're in if they know not guilty unemployment number weak below 50 not good sign i don't think a strong number, i do think that the panic that opened this year is settling down a little bit, everybody looks aftermath from pessimistic view maybe not all so bad what i will look at i think mentioned earlier waingz anybodies are not going to be debilitate if we see a wedge growth very pof. >> probably what i am feeling late the panic is gone. >> exactly. >> let's get back to fox news debate gop debate frank luntz in detroit this morning good to see you my friend. >> really cold here, colder than where we were a couple weeks ago. maria: you are a sweet hart standing outside, what are some favorite moments from last night let's look at hot moments. >> well, to me some of the best actually were marco rubio and donald trump the fact they could not answer a question without attacking each other,
7:33 am
little marco little marco little marco sounds like -- that than really debate i liked what ted cruz did last night to challenge the other two that fighting he asked the question of the yes and nos they applauded 29 seconds is this really what you want the american people to see, is this really what we want debates to be, but the winner last night, is governor john kasich by staying out of the anger staying out of the controversy three weem walked into 25 puerto rico session, supporting kasich, 18 of them felt john kasich won debate. >> really did have impact? >> do you think this is going to play out that way in the next couple weeks in contests. >> i am not kwibd of it let me be candid with you donald trump has not won a single debate, and yet continues to perform well in polls, just don't think trump voters care about these debates they respond in speeches, they
7:34 am
respond to him in interviewed on fox news, not debates. >> frank i just want to ask, do they -- i thought that there was some issue that he was weak on. that are hard-core for his supporters. the h-1b visa issue he said i am changing my opinion put out a statement changed back hardened, harder again. about the "new york times," he is hammered mainstream media said off the record i honor off the record, it is sacred if you will, i felt though don't hurt him do you think? >> well people are not paying attention, i know this sounds like here he e heresy they feel they know where candidate stands ordinance, paying attention to persona, how they carry themselves, somebody needs to teach donald trump, don't take the bait every time marco rubio attacks you just look at him, and look away.
7:35 am
you don't have to respond about you noticed every -- i felt like i was arguing with my cousin i knew that every time i would poke them thanksgiving they would throw food at me parents would catch them they would be the one punished. >> jack is with us from bar reince was watching with his three -- his third grader, and what did he. >> i rubio attacks trump says you are down the have maturity of third graerd my son said i am a third grader i am more mature than donald trump true story, frank's point, i have a similar impression as people you polled did in terms of kasich's performance i also think it probably won't resonate with people does he have chance is there any way he can take that a message, hay i have been chief executive balanced budgets get people to actually vote on that argument? >> let me do the math are for you if kasich wins, michigan, ohio, and does well in several other industrial states, if
7:36 am
rubio can win florida a winners take all state, then you start to deny trump the votes that he needs have to win a majority, and then the possibility of a brokered convention comes no i have to be kandi at this point, do i think kasich wins ohio, i don't think at this point, that rubio wins florida and in fact if you are a florida voter, you are going to see marco rubio a lot over the next 10 days a hell of a lot better than detroit, michigan. >> so it is too late what you are saying frank? i mean some of the attacks seem to be turning he some people and sort of is a put it earlier taking the bloom off the rose a bit in terms of donald trump but it is too late in the process, you are saying, to actually put a dent in his rise. >> let me be specific here, there are billionaires considering spending tens of millions of dollars next 10 days to try to influence this race not only are they too late they were actually turt up of trump favor hillary clinton if you bet donald trump's reputation just before he gets the nomination, you
7:37 am
then become responsible for electing hillary rodham clinton president. >> that is frank that bitch-fest we watched. >> you can say that? are we allowed to say that. >> i think you are -- >> as a verb, you are not calling somebody a name you are using it as a verb, they. >> my mom is now asking what does she mean by that. >> explain is to my mom. >> -- listen to question go ahead dagen. dagen: what did focus group say? did it hurt g.o.p. what was their reaction to what they saw? >> okay, they called it childish, i'm mature embarrassing destructive devastating in our group of 25, not one of them thought that this debate would help the republican beat a democrat and they were angry at the candidacy how they behaved. here is the challenge you have to distinguish yourself, if you want to win this nomination, but you have to do it without success about disagreeable without voters
7:38 am
hating you your description is a good one frankly last night, the voters who were watching embarrassed by what they saw. maria: is gop blowing it yet again? are they going to lose this election again? because they waited too long to have the right strategy? >> let's make some news. at this point, hillary clinton will be elected president of the united states, if these republican candidacy continue to behave this way they need to be held accountable, voters are frustrated if not furious when you watch democratic debz they stick to issues they don't tear each other apart they provide substance for people watching, on the republican side, it is a food fight it is embarrassing. >> you know frank i got to purchase back when a minute the conversation is so different. right? i mean when you look at democratic debate the republican debate at least republicans are talking about real things to move needle on economic growth and real things in terms of national security, that is not the conversation you are having at
7:39 am
the dem debate. >> yes but you are letting your own personal vie point in analysis we may disagree with everything they say they are take being, quality they are talking about trade they are talking about the substance, we may hate the intubts it is substance based, on republican side little marco? that is substance? -- donald trump hand that is the substance i needed help from a fox colleague to explain to me what that that hand comment was about i like to sie explain that. >> good point income inequality did not come up thank you, dahdahday amen all i was going to say. >> it will republican nominee delivered a litle bitering speech on opposition to trump mitt romney from yesterday. >> i predicted despite his promise to do so first made over a year ago that he will never, ever release this is tax returns.
7:40 am
>> romney sits down with neil cavuto today got to watch at noon, trump's reaction coming up back in a moment. ♪ ♪ i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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7:43 am
>> need definitively say or not that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president, even if it is not. >> you the answer is yes i will. >> yes you will support the nominee of the party. >> yes. >> i will. >> we are bringing to highlights from debate the tensions continue to rise on korean peninsula, cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: flex president may have to deal with north korea leader kim jong-un ordering country to be ready to use
7:44 am
nuclear weapons any time also to have military be in a preemptive attack mode media saying due to growing a threats from north korea's enemies after harsh new sanctions against north korea. u.s. chamber of commerce, is suing the city of seattle, the chamber says ordinance that allows drivers of upper and lyft to unionize vitalities federal on it trust lace, seattle first uscity to pass a allow giving drivers the right to collectively negotiate pay and working conditions, finally this, the secretary john kerry, canceling a trip to cuba before president obama visits the nation this month the secretary wanting to have a human rights dialogue with cuba u.s. cuban officials deep in being negotiations on issues, clig which dissidents president obama might meet the first u.s. president to the visit cuba nearly 90 years, back to you.
7:45 am
>> thanks so much we are watching the republican presidential debate highlights this morning, ted cruz attacking donald trump over financial pledge, to hill him, 8 years ago listen to this. >> i would like to ask don yoold did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008 it wasn't for business and how can you stand in a debate stage now with mur and say you don't think she should be -- >> actually it will was for business it was -- it was. it was for business. >> bring in family research council pet ted cruz spror tony perkins thanks for joining is. >> good morning. maria: like ted cruz was the winner of the debate last night, your a big spror do you feel he moved the needle for his own campaign? >> well, i think about i was listening to frank's assessment i agree with frank generally speaking when it comes to debates but i would say that last night i think ted broke through the schoolyard pushing and shoving, and actually made some i think very good points,
7:46 am
in casting more of a vision, for where he can lead america. and i think that is extremely important so i think that is what voters are looking for is. >> it too late tony. >> i mean you know a lot of people are saying many things that were raised last night are completely plausible but in 11th hour contests left ohio and florida, did he actually make a difference to his campaign in this final moments before the nomination is made. >> i think that is a good we 20 ask i still have faith in the american people look at what is happening even today north korea under the policies of this administration, this that world has become a volatile place middle east melting down russia reasserting itself as world leader, north korea unhinged china flefk flexg muscle you can't negotiate with kill kim north korea or talk about putin's body parts hope to
7:47 am
keep america safe, last night, and i have, i have endorsed ted cruz personally last night the reason why i am confident he can keep this nation, and, therefore, my family safe, in a very hostile world today i think we i think in voters are going to take consideration of that as they go to the polls and vote even in louisiana this weekend. >> is to i'm going to ask you about this weekend so you've got louisiana primary maine caucus kentucky and kansas. give is a sense how ted cruz is doing so far and how you think he will perform because, again, iowa trump -- didn't do well in the caucus. >> yeah, i think when voters have a chance to interact with each other it favors ted cruz when you look at who is voting for ted cruz it is the more conservative voters, it certainly is he evangelicals attend church on regular basis it looks like trump has stalled there is no question that he has tapped into angry that is out there, frustration, with the
7:48 am
political establishment, that is overpromised under performed but, again, i think when people begin rationally look at election it might be one thing to negotiate a deal to build a casino or hotel fall through you can do a restart with with the bankruptcy, the same is not true for national security. if you get it wrong americans die, as we've seen with this administration, so, i do think that last night's debate helped draw a clear line of distinction between the candidates, and i do believe again, i have endorsed him and not just because i have done that, the reason i did endorse toed because do i think he stands out headed and shourdz above others which i when it comes to national security solid dmoefk policy will get our economy moving. >> do you want to see marco rubio step down endorse ted cruz at this point, to narrower the field is that what we need to see in order to get a better reading to know who could go against trump? >> well, the polling suggestion that ted cruz and head-to-head with donald trump
7:49 am
wins we have seen that polling, marco rubio does not have a way forward, and it would make sense, if we want to have a strong serious leader, leading the nation forward that ted cruz is the one that i believe people should begin to rally around. >> quick jack. >> a quick question -- why is it that trump has had such good traction with evangelicals whether you like the guy or not you know, looking at -- seven sins most each of them we are on record what is it evangelicals seem flocking to him for. >> first two issues to that one i think evangelicals like the rest of voters in this country they are fear full of what has happened if the last search on years frustrated with the republicans have prommed to solve these problems down very little so they are looking for answers. and donald trump has come along with answers, not sure i can trust those answers because i think past performance is the best indicator of future perform that is why i think as people begin to look he closer at don doss's record will change the
7:50 am
other thing is the -- the -- elasticity of term evangelical i think a stretched somewhat when you see it broken down reuters has done this in terms of church attendance those who attend on regular basis take faith seriously live according to faith they break for ted cruz. maria: tony good to have you thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> have a great week end. maria: see the you soon donald trump waistedz no time firing back at mitt romney, after the former nominee delivered a scathing create dooifk trump's campaign yesterday donald trump responds next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
here is what i know donald
7:54 am
trump a phony a fraud, his promise worthless as degree from trump university playing the members confident american public for sickers gets a free ride to the white house we get a lousy handed. >> that was mitt romney yesterday, slamming donald trump in a speech, the republican were for that reason, the addressed comments head on last night fox news debate. >> he failed miserably it was an embarrassment to everybody clig republican party look like he wouldn't away on vacation last month i don't take that i guess obviously he wants to be relevant he wants to be back in the game. >> a lot of talk that this is desperation do you think more about him regreting not running again. dagen: i think regreting mot winning in 2012 i don't know how you get nomination lose general election try to run again, i don't know. if he did that, he would have it would be a jeb bush
7:55 am
scenario because the people who are energized in this election season are the people who don't connect with mitt romney. i can't imagine it just -- >> i just can't -- i don't think that this goes anywhere. >> even if you agree with some of the things that mitt romney said, it still looks like he is the establishment he is sour grapes, and doesn't look good. he is establishment, i mean this guy is establishment as you can get, but also a gentlemanly guy i suspect truly finds this offense told sons not to act this way hates to see the standard bearer of his party acting -- >> but your thing about bain he was a businessman donald trump is a businessman. why didn't -- why didn't voters connect with mitt romney the way that they are connecting with donald trump? we've got into -- half americans -- taxes, that is in donald trump's plan they like the tough guy image.
7:56 am
>> also but donald trump is a marketer a showman he doesn't have a business he has a brand, and the spokesman for that brand. >> have and resonates on reality television when he runs for president, it -- bain's work is taking companies firing a lot of people making them more efficient putting them back on market, that is a very good business, but it doesn't really work when running for president. >> romney sitting down with neil cavuto that i at noon, right here on fox business network can't miss that interview, today, 12 pm with neil, next hour february jobs' report will be revealed the number will modify markets we will tell i analysis coming you mean commentary from business world's biggest, brightest as we identify where the jobs are, coming back.
7:57 am
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friday, march 4 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, "barrons" on line editor jock, johne courtney 7:00o on east coast republican presidential candidacy squaringoff in detroit last night, at the fox news debate, ted cruz and marco rubio coming out swinging against front-runner donald trump some top moments of the night. >> anyone who ever deserving to be attacked that way has been donald trump, he hit my hands nobody ever hit my hands never heard of this look at those hands are they small hands? [laughter] >> and he referred to my hands as a something else month --
8:00 am
small i guarantee you there is no problem i guarantee. >> it is easy to say make things better make things great, he can even print it put on it a baseball cap. the question is do you understand the principal that made america great in the first place? >> last week, in fact ontize, i was a half a million votes higher than him. i was a million votes higher than marco one million votes, that is a lot of votes! . >> i have never tried to go and get into these kind of scrums that we're seeing here on the stage people say everywhere i go, you seem to be the adult on the stage. >> let me point out donald actually. >> that is not what you said in the -- >> donald please i know it is hard not to up into. >> that is not what you said. >> -- >> lying -- >> breathe, breathe, you can do it you can breathe. >> i know it is hard i know it is hard but just -- >> when done with yoga can i answer a question. >> you cannot. >> i am changein, i am chaininging we need highly
8:01 am
skilled people in this country if we can't do it will get them in we do need silicon valley, we absolutely have to have. >> donald trump has written checks to hillary clinton not once not twice not three times, 10 times! four dhekz not to senate pain. >> 2008, i supported hillary clinton i supported many other people, by the way, and that was because of the fact that i am in business. >> serious question is because of the suggestion is do you think that donald trump is naive about the threats of vladimir putin represents. >> not biting let me take you around the would recalled. >> this little guy lied so nurture here we go. >> about my ro reasonable doubt. >> here we go. >> he is lying -- >> so much, about my record. >> can you definitively say tonight that you will definitively sport the republican nominee for president, even if it is not you? >> even if it is not me? >> yes i will. >> can you definitively say you will support the
8:02 am
republican nominee even if that nominee is donald jai.. trump. >> i will support the republican nominee. >> yes because i gave my word that i would, he ends up as nominee, the sames he makes a little bit hard but -- you know i will support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> we will break down what it means for the race going forward certainly key primaries coming up top story of the morning february jobs' report, coming out in 30 minutes the consensus calls for 190,000 jobs added to economy unemployment rate to hold at 4.9% markets ahead this have number 30 mines, we are expecting a higher opening broader averages dow jones industrial average average has been rising throughout the show this morning up 40 points right now highings of the morning, of course, we have been talking about politics all morning presidential candidates faced off last night in a red-hot debate in detroit, michigan. blake burman with highlights good morning to you. reporter: am i good morning to you as well there was no doubt
8:03 am
about it life is good, as the front-runner in these races donald trump is just that, right now, the one exception though could be what we saw here last night, a debate where you only get four people on the stage and donald trump was the focus of this throughout. despite that, though, he was taking what you could almost read into as potentially a long-term view as he was somewhat inching more and more and more towards potentially the center as talking bb flexibility last night, that when is marco rubio jumped in and called him out. >> i have a very -- >> i have never seen a successful person who wasn't flexibility who didn't have a certain degree of flexibility you have to have a certain degree of flexibility. >> there is a difference between flexibility, and telling people whatever you think you. >> they had say to get them to do what you want them to do, that is what donald has done throughout his career. >> well ted cruz jumped in
8:04 am
fracas as well trying to pit donald trump somebody once had uni aware ofering support for hillary clinton. >> why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008 it wasn't for business, and how k you stand in a debate stage now with her, and say so he. >> actually it was -- >> now over the last several months or so, the month or so, maria, ted cruz has been painting donald trump, as basically a closest liberal as democrat, and in last week has been calling trump, a con artist, last 24er7 asked if trump is presumptive nominee would you support him they both along with john kasich said yes indeed. >> back to you. maria: blake thank you so much blake burman outside fox -- in detroit,joining is house majority leader to many delay good i have to on program thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: when asked if you would support donald trump, you said you have to search your soul. did last night anything in
8:05 am
terms of whether or not you would be able to support him, or if in fact, he is still in the lead in the polling? >> i felt last night was very embarrassing for donald trump what is not being reported is embarrassing questions about waist fraud abuse, where he has no clue what that means nor is it real about lowering spending of the federal -- was -- about foreign policy, his switches, those are very important things that i saw last night, and donald trump it was embarrassing trying to answer those questions. maria: do you think that the people -- >> for me. >> nothing changed for you -- >> no nothing changing for me, dwrofrng he is o going to be nominee, what -- to go, and so a lot can happen between now, and then. and the fact is that -- of the people voting in republican primaries are not voting for
8:06 am
trump, and that is romney speaking about, and that is who rubio and cruz are speaking for, so a lot can happen between now and -- and the convention. maria: interesting, because so far, that lack of substance that you know lack of detail when it comes to waste fraud and abuse the entitlements, spending, national security -- with very core followers. >> that is true but his core followers is only 35% of those voting. i think when romney did what others are doing the conservative movement is doing this, they are trying to hold donald that the plateau of 30 to 35%, if he is 35%, there is 20 more states that are positive portional allocating delegates if donald trump stays at that 30 to 35%, he is not going to be that -- >> interesting.
8:07 am
>> but congressman if donald trump wins florida, ohio he only has to win half of the delegates thereafter. >> well that is -- >> go ahead. >> that is true. that is true. but -- for every state that he losses, it is less likely he gets the delegates, but if he losses if trump losses florida, ohio, there is no way he is going to be the nominee. is not a but i want to push on that, so if he doesn't get the [inaudible] of them we get to convention, i mean that i mean a part of the already almost looks irretrievebly broken will be broken at convention like that? >> that is what conventions are for, this is a no morenating process, this no morenating process this is not electing a president -- party no more inmates who they want nominates who they want to
8:08 am
representative them doesn't change the fact -- they decide who is going to be nominee voting a majority of the delegates that had been picked, because of the primaries that is what is happening here, and unfortunately, american people don't understand that. we are not electing a president. we are nominating a candidate. >> what do you want to see happen do you want -- rubio, or cruz or kasich to say look i am out, and i am supporting the other one so that the field narrows and we can see the consolidation of support? >> if you want -- a candidate to go into convention with majority of the delegates and they should get out but they are not going to get out and if they don't get out, then it is more likely that the nominee will be picked in convention. >> here is jack from "barrons." >> so a month ago on the show i said no way republicans are going to let this guy get nomination if brokered convention will happen so far history is only half proofing
8:09 am
me right but lots of angry people send tweets my way said no way the party can go against the will of the people it will destroy the party, so my question to you is, should it end up with a brokered convention? mow do you get the republican party the voters to be excited about who ever comes out of it? >> first of all, it is not going against the will of the party. 65% right now have voted against trump. 65%. ch trump is only gotten 35%. maria: he said -- he said the will of the people. >> will of the people no, it is will of the republicans when you vote in a republican primary, you are a republican, it is not a will of the people the will of the people expressed in the general election. that is what people are not getting here. maria: fair enough but he is also getting votes from the dem side, so are you handing it to you hillary clinton if you -- you continue attacking
8:10 am
trump? >> no you are not handing to it clinton, clinton is a flawed candidate the democrats are voting in our primaries because they want a flawed candidate to run against, there is no bigger flawed candidate than donald trump. >> okay. >> his character, his -- business practices, his -- he is not a conservative, they would just love to run against donald trump. because that will cover up the fact that they have a -- >> where weren't three mince ago mitt romney three months ago. >> where was i? >> exactly because you are -- he -- >> maria. >> but i am just wondering if all of this is too little too late mitt romney made -- >> that is ridiculous. >> okay. >> that is ridiculous, i have been i called the for convention in september talking about donald trump ever since he got into the race. because you have not been listening to me i guess you
8:11 am
don't understand that, but the conservatives have been meeting for a year. concerned about donald trump. and they came out in october. unified against donald trump that was never reported. >> i gus i feel like marco rubio just started to fight back last couple weeks i am wondering -- >> no. >> no? >> it is the media won't report what is really happening on the ground. that is what is happening here, they -- they will not investigate donald trump. when have you seen a when have you seen a story written about donald trump's business practices there is plenty of stories out there about that media is protecting donald trump either because they want him to be the nominee begins hillary clinton or big buddies of his most media from new york they are buddies. >> "the wall street journal" editorial page all over this, congressman in terms of not listening will you admit that you guys didn't listen to at least part of the part of the
8:12 am
republican party and he conservatives over the last it literally has been 30 years. >> who is you guys? i have been screaming about the lack of leadership last four years in house and senate screaming about the fact we are in this mess, because of the republicans and house and senate not standing up and fighting for what the people sent them there to fight for. >> it is not four years it is 30 for some people. they are mad because of the way that they were ignored for decades. . >> you come on now. balancing the boij mad about welfare reform paying down an debt that was all happening in republican -- >> look at the towns that have no jobs. the factories are gone, and that is why that is why they like -- >> i push back on criticism of the media when you look at the debates first of all, the debate moderators last night the media employ were incredibly prepared pushed back a lot when he did not
8:13 am
answer questions, even in my debate fox business network with neil cavuto we asked be dent deficits specific questions about jobs media has been there it is people really -- don't necessarily want the specifics on this stuff they are going with trump. >> 35% are going with trump. 35%. there is 65% that are not going with trump, and the media refuses to speak up and -- talk to the 65% that are not voting for trump. >> i think the concern has been here, that -- you know, yesterday, about was probably one of the we have bigs days that we saw the conservatives the gop party come out mitt romney, really getting aggressive not so conservative, getting aggressive coming out swinging hard is it a little too late. maria: .
8:14 am
>> this hole mantra little too late this is politics. and we have done 15 states, and 35 states to go. this isn't little too late, yes, they should have done it earlier, they should have defined trump earlier. i totally agree with that, but -- would you stop and let the american people know who donald trump is? just because it may be a little too late? no. this is the process. this is what we are this is why we have primaries. maria: funny that you bring the media in you look look at hal headlines media dwooking trump over and -- of again you are right on a lot of tv shows headlines in newspapers totally pointing out things you are he pointing out so i -- >> come on come on, look at the backlash over romney speech yesterday even fox news, everybody on fox news -- trashing romney, for coming out and speaking the truth and frankly the debate last night
8:15 am
proved him to be true. proved everything he said was true. >> yeah. >> everybody in the media trashing romney he came out as america as leader of the republican party, and -- spoke the truth. maria: congressman good to see you thanks so much come back soon. >> thank you. >> tom delay there, we'll be right back. need to hire fast?
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8:17 am
go to and post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to away from where february jobs supporter expectations here 190,000 jobs expected to have
8:18 am
been created, in the month of february. how much of that is priced in what are you expecting out of this number. >> there is lot to look at i mean i think that you know, we have been averaging in 2015 averaging about 230,000 jobs a month, so january wasn't very strong month 1151,000 we need a stronger anybody a number north of 200 but there is a lot of concern, it seems some of the economists actually put estimates out there 245 just might be lower than january, we could see a 140 number, and we did see from the ism report reported yesterday, the nonmanufacturing service sector employment was significantly down, for the first time in two years. >>. maria: yeah. >> there is concern this anybody may not be as strong as we need it to be. maria: ? a fragile moment i say there is so much pentup demand activity on the shelf that as
8:19 am
soon as sentiment changes recovery will be powerful i don't feel it yet do you i know your cover story. >> cover story looking back to politics, where we got sucked in looking at hill versus trump, in terms of about what wall street thinks plooevent. >> what does wall street think. >> hifrl wins two reasons, one because the trade policies of donald trump scare thank you know what out of people, i mean -- all over again, the fear that it could lead to second depression if you were able to do it he wants to do, number two unknown quantitity hillary is clear what she is going to do kind of her husband redux. >> i don't know mow you come to that because she hasn't been her husband at all. >> i think most people don't believe her an credible problem might lose election in fraelt she is a little bit just barely to the right of obama, a fairly interesting we
8:20 am
sat down with ceo of a very large financial firm a few months ago, he said, and wrong but he said there would be bush or clinton, and didn't care that much when one he knew which a they were going to do main stwraem to the right mainstream to the left but to me what to expect. with trump you don't know what you are gettinging. maria: going to talk more about this i think pushback on cover story we will be right back, stay with us.
8:21 am
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hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. . maria: welcome back less than 10 minutes away from a february jobs' report joining us right now special jobs panel, heritage foundation distinguished fellow steve moore bgc capital partner steve cotees darrell, good to see you thank you for joining is a expectations from wall
8:24 am
street first steve, you up first what are you expecting out of jobs' report. >> what should we be focused on. >> maria a lot of other called distinguishing i don't get that title. maria: you are -- distinguished. >> hey, all right listen i am going to go low largely case of what joanie said worried service sector has been strong part manufacturing we know weak, service employment down first time two years, so i am going to come in 155. >> 155 estimates 190, you are on the other side of that. >> i think we are a little higher than that certainly the economic data has improved lately, i would say, fees corrected february first cold month of this winter so when you think construction, you think overhanging from a holiday season retail side there could be weakness there but actually the economic data improved now of, jobless claims low enough, these are hiring, still, i think it is still a a little north 2600. >> what is the headlined for you steve, we have been talking about wages, is that what you are thinking.
8:25 am
>> yeah, by the way, i am not as gloomy as i was, a month or two on anniago i was down on tr thought looking at you know declining employment i think between 150 and 200 that is still way too week but with what that is telling us, i think is that we're not headed towards a recession thank god it looks like we are in the one and a half to 2% growth range but, we are not headed to zero. >> i agree with you recession fears have begun to fade, a bit, but should we buy into that. dagen: i this i to jack's point quickly even if it looks the like there is firj in the xi you are not going to have that real takeoff until after november until some certainty as to what is coming down the road the next four years in terms of policy. >> we need -- >> it is absolutely wrong, that hillary is better for investors how can you make that argument hillary wants to raise capital gains to 45% how can you benefit from a tax
8:26 am
twice as hi under hillary than trump. >> makes no sense. >> going to talk about that jack, cover story hold that shot -- to raise in taxes stay here we've got feb jobs report after this break. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> we're moments away from the february jobs report. futures showing modest gains. the market is expected to open up ahead of the jobs number. expectations call for 190,000
8:29 am
jobs added to the economy in the month of february and unemployment rate is expected to stay where it is. 4.9%. joa joanie courtney you're the expert where the jobs are. where are the jobs? >> probably most in the business and service sector and health care. health care is one of the best performing for jobs growth. registered nurses, physician assistants are some of the top job titles out there. retail has continued to do well. unfortunately, we probably won't see anything happening in manufacturing, but i do expect to see some job growth in the construction area. maria: what's wall street looking for right now? what are the important points you want to look at in this report? >> so, i think it's less about the headline and more about average hourly earnings. does wage inflation continue to tick higher and labor participation rate, are workers coming back in the work face. maria: the estimate wages are
8:30 am
expected to be up 2 1/2%. this is obviously one of the big issues that everyone is focused on wages, dagen. we're going to get the numbers momentarily. let's get right to peter barnes from the labor department. peter? >> 242,000 new jobs in february, maria. the economy created 242,000 new nonfarm payroll jobs last month, more than expected. the unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.9%, january and december were revised upward by a total of 30,000 more jobs as reported and the labor force participation rate rose to 62.9%, the highest rate since january, 2015. more than a year, as hundreds of thousands of people came off the sidelines and reentered the work force. a couple of negatives, average hourly wages fell to 25.30 or
8:31 am
10.1% giving back some strong increase in january, year over year, wages, hourly wages are up 2.2%, and the average work week fell to 34.4 hours from 34.6 hours in the month before. looking at sectors that added jobs last month, education and health services up 86,000, retailers up 55,000, leisure and hospitality up 48,000. construction up 19,000, sectors cutting jobs included mining and logging, which includes oil production, down 18,000, manufacturing minus 16,000, transportation and warehousing down 16,000, maria. maria: peter, great story there. thanks very much. 242,000, much better than expected, a handful of all of you were right. steve moore, you were feeling it a little better this last month. so was i, feeling like the sentiments we're getting a better feeling out there. what changed in the last month to indicate this much better than expected showing for jobs?
8:32 am
>> well, this is a really good number, given what we were all expecting, and so, i'm very cleared by this number. i think there's just a little bit-- it's the animal spirits, i think they picked up in the economy. i'm worried about the fact that the work week is shrinking, that's a negative thing. it's a good thing that more people are in the labor force, and one other quick thing, you know, for the last couple of years, we've seen high job growth in health care and education. and look, that's fine, but you know, you're not going to create a big growing economy by hiring nurses. we need more manufacturing jobs, we need more business jobs and so on and that's where the economy has been weak, i think, in areas where you would expect, you know, a kind of collateral benefits from these jobs. maria: yeah. >> we can't build a first class economy on education and health care. maria: what you're mentioning is where the weak spots were and have been the last couple of years. darrell, you were right on the
8:33 am
money, you were expecting a number in this neighboring, markets are rallying, would you sell into the rally or buy it. >> no, i'd buy it. it's strengthening as steve said. important to take away, too, the manufacturing sector is hitting an inflection point. we're seeing stronger industrial production and durable goods orders, that has been so weak of late. it's starting to tick higher and the consumer is coming down a little bit, but overall, data is strengthening not weakening. >> that's because of lower oil prices, lower energy costs are good for manufacturing. and i made that point month after month we're seeing it. >> we're finally seeing some reaction to the oil price. >> you're seeing the reaction in the stock market is because you have the very solid job gains, but wages fell. so there isn't that inflationary pressure that some people have been talking about and writing about, that the federal reserve wouldn't worry about coming up. >> yes. >> and a question, instead of obviously, fuel is an input to
8:34 am
manufacturing, that's a good thing, but to me that doesn't create jobs, they need customers and everyone overseas is paying with more expensive current current-- currency. this economy is growing slowly. to whom are the manufacturers selling? i'm surprised by this number. >> i think it's outside of energy and mining specifically. we've seen industrials, the biggest benefactor of cheap energy prices and a moderating dollar, remember, the dollar this year hasn't strengthened that much. it's kind of been flat trend lined and industrials got too far oversold, the transports have taken off again lately, right? so there's some signs of normal sae ization, to dagen's point we've got 5/10 of 1% in january, minus 0.1% and average out hourly earnings, that's decent wage growth.
8:35 am
maria: joanie, let's talk where the jobs are, you did call it in terms of health services, that's definitely one of the areas we're seeing jobs. >> and construction came back as well. we did expect that manufacturing was certainly going to be an area of concern, but i think one of the best things i'm seeing in this report is the labor participation rate moving up to 62.9%, having hundreds of thousands of people saying, you know what? i'm going to participate in the work force, it's really a step in the right direction, and even though we did see wages fall, we have to remember, these are hourly wages that are reported in this morning's employment situation report. so, you're looking at the wages today are more of the level leveled skilled hourly positions so it's not wages across the board. so, overall, i think the report really is a step in the right direction, i mean for years, we've been seeing labor participation move in the wrong direction, so, hopefully, you know, this is two-months in a
8:36 am
row that we've actually seen it tick up nicely. maria: i'm glad you mentioned that on wages, i wondered if that's a worry for you. steve cortez, you were on the low end here. are you buying this rally here? >> you know, no, i'm not. i don't mean to rain on the parade, or sound too gloomy. i think there's something for everyone on the report, the bearish side, the work week diminishing is a problem. wages are a monster problem and a recovery, in previous recoveries, we get wage growth year over year, up to 4%, 4 1/2%, in this recovery, we struggled to hold 2%. you want to connect the dots between politics and the economic data we're getting. if you want to explain the donald trump phenomenon, i think it's 100% about low wage growth. americans, joanie is right, generally lower skilled people, a huge, huge part of our country are not seeing their wages grow and they're seeing the tuition soar and they're angry. >> and quickly, because steve moore brought this up, in terms
8:37 am
of the health care jobs, it becomes dangerous because the government, with obamacare and the size of medicare and medicaid, controls health care, so, you have an entire industry that more and more people are part of that is driven by government and government spending and comes a vicious cycle you can't break in terms of funding that. >> and maria. maria: obama-- i'm sorry, steve. >> but obamacare has been great for the health care sector certainly, but it's also the aging population, which is also creating a lot of these jobs, and the demand. dagen: they're taken care of by the government, basically by single payer, medicare. >> and there's a point there. >> steve. >> i'll jump in, go for it. >> the demographics that joanie and dagen are referring to causes another problem. lower product divot. we haven't seen good
8:38 am
productivity for years, i'm afraid because of the aging work force, we're not going to see the growth. look way back from 1900 to 1970, 10% high school graduation to 80% high school graduation, we can't make that up again. an older work force that's not seeing that education acceleration, you're not going to grow productivity and that's going to hurt wage growth and gdp growth. >> that's why we need immigration, this is the worse time to shut down immigration, immigrants are young workers coming in. right now, maria, i'm in florida and amazing, i'm in orlando and in miami the other day, the growth in this state is incredible. the construction cranes that are going up. there's a lot of development here and i think there are two factors behind that. number one, low interest rates make it less expensive to build things and that's been a positive. and number two, the strong dollar, you know, we always complain about the strong dollar, but what that's causing
8:39 am
is an infusion of capitalism in this country and what people are doing is building things here. i want to make this point. there's a positive element to a strong dollar. >> i know, but are we looking at that territory when it comes to real estate and where we are, steve? >> that's a good point. one other quick thing, the difference between the median wage in this country, and the average wage, so, what's reported in this report, maria is the average wage. you have a lot of wage growth at the high end, and the median wage is not rising and i think that's what's, you know, causing trunkism and so on. the median average wage for the middle class family hasn't risen in ten years. maria: darrell cronk. >> the economy is creating jobs at 200,000 jobs a month. if you do the math on population growth, we only need about 90 to 100,000 a month to hold 4.9% unemployment rate so
8:40 am
we get kind of whacked out about, is it 150, 250. dagen: that's a slow recovery. >> we're above the population growth. maria: he said the dollar plateaued, does it go higher from here? >> it goes higher, but marginally. maria: joanie. >> there's one thing that i do want to point out, it's a number that i'm watching and it's temporary growth. steve moore talks about this, that the employment situation is more of a lagging indicator, but temporary growth in this report is more of a leading indicator. last month, we lost over 20,000 jobs. this month, it looks likes we lost another 10,000, so-- >> are you saying temporary. >> in the temporary sector, so that usually, if that trend continues, historically, that is showing we're moving into recession. maria: is that obamacare, is that a result of obamacare?
8:41 am
>> it's not just obamacare, we're seeing companies are cutting back on talent. they're letting people go. they're watching their salary costs. they're trying to drive profitability and earnings. so, a lot of times the temporary jobs will be the first to go when they start to cut back. so, two months in a row negative growth in this area does concern me a bit. >> any chance, joanie, i'm trying to be optimistic, that those temporary jobs are turning into full-time jobs or whistling into the wind. >> yeah, i think that's whistling. >> go back to the higher dollar thing, i think, is going to be a problem because the global economy is so weak. you know, china right now, they're accused of trying to manipulate their currency and make it lower. they're desperately trying to keep it up from not falling as hard as market forces would push it down. japan, obviously, they're as low as they can go unless they push it further. maria: no, he's not going to do
8:42 am
that. >> europe is in a deflationary spiral, so for americans to try to build stuff in our manufacturing sector and sell it around the world is tough. i don't want to be john deere or caterpillar right now. >> we'll hear from draghi on the ecb roles. maria: the 10th. >> and gold is rising, and maybe see some inflation and the government wants, but-- >> gold something nothing about inflation, and the gold freaks say safe harbor because it's a-- >> and it's a safe place to a-- supposed to do well with inflation and deflation and it does neither. maria: you said draghi is speaking on thursday, what is he going to say? >> probably going to lower the deposit rate. i doubt they will expand the purchases. maria: will at that be market moving? >> yeah, because it will be very dovish comments. he will come, know the with a
8:43 am
bazooka, but he'll come in-- >> and this rally goes on next week. >> yeah. maria: the futures rising a bit on the better than expected jobs number. we have our all-star panel. we'll be right back.
8:44 am
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>> welcome back. we've got the february jobs report coming in better than expected this morning. 242,000 jobs were created last month. compares to the concensus of 190,000 jobs. the participation rate was up. joanie courtney likes that. wages were down, but people on the panel are not feeling like that was such an issue. and the unemployment rate right now at an eight-year low. pretty good numbers? >> very good. we were talking on the break, because the participation rate edged up, that in some ways the number is better than the headlines, so the household survey shows 530,000 jobs created. >> that's a lot, wow. >> very, very strong.
8:47 am
dagen: i've got one more number thrown in there, everybody on twitter they dismiss 4.9. so the u-6 number that we cite includes people who are underemployed who want more hours and can't get them is at 9.7%. that's the lowest since may of 2008. so right before the financial collapse. >> that's a 2/10 drop in u-6 which would be consistent with the labor force participation rate spiking up and more discouraged workers entering the work force. maria: one thing i'm very interested in, too. >> seeing, you know, over 550,000 people decided to opt back into the work force and we start to look at where these jobs are. i believe the on demand economy, you know, is really starting to impact people feeling like, hey, i can participate, i can take a job, and i just don't mean just the ub uber drivers. >> the stay at home mom that says i'm ready to go back to
8:48 am
work, i don't want to work full-time, but i'm going to find opportunities out there. i believe that the on demand economy could really boost these numbers and get us back in the 70%, you know, or closer, not to 70%, but, you know, in the higher 60, 60% for people actually feeling good about participating in the work force. maria: i like the graphic, steve, this is a services economy, 230,000, retail 55,000. 245 in service. construction continues to show the rebound as joanie mentioned, 19,000. >> the headline here is no recession on the horizon immediately thank god because we were talking about that, remember, maria, a month or two ago, we were worried about this. the other thing i would say, you know, it's a real testament to american businesses and employers that given the fact
8:49 am
there's almost no global demand, our export demand is so low, they're able to make a profit and hire workers, for the problems in this country, we're still the kick-ass country when it comes to economics and others are struggling, we're still growing. maria: steve cortez, you were not buying this when the market was up almost 100 points in the futures and we're coming off of that, up 26 points and we're expecting a higher opening for the broader averages on this report, but certainly nopt-- not blow away. >> i don't believe it's market moving, it's a goldilocks report, not too hot, not too cold. it's a nice headline number, wages not good at all. enough to keep the fed on the sidelines. the market likes it, but not loving it, because we're not talking about breakout growth. i think you're right, i'm generally dour on the economy, but if you want to put a shine
8:50 am
on it, i think it's amazing what american business has been able to do given two things, global growth is miserable, the global purchasing indices are tanking. number two, government, washington d.c. is doing everything it possibly can to deter growth and particularly via regulation and nonetheless, the american spirit is so indomitable and ingenuity so dynamic, we're still growing albeit way slower than we need to. >> darrell, want to jump in here. >> one other number we didn't talk about is the trade deficit numbers, trade deficit widened a little above concensus, that's good news for first quarter gdp. if you look at the first quarter gdp, the first quarter is growing somewhere north of 2%, 2.1, 2.2, that's a nice consistent growth quarter coming off a weaker fourth quarter. maria: i want you guys to do some research in the next two minutes while we're on commercial break to see what the heck is going on with this market. we're losing it fast.
8:51 am
more now on the february jobs report and the market reaction. stay with us. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> our monthly jobs report is in. dow futures are pointing higher. traders now mull through the numbers to decide whether or not this is food for an interest rate hike. the into um -- number 242,000 jobs. and the estimate was 190,000. better than expected. unemployment rate stays at 4.9%. monthly wages, we have up
8:55 am
arrows for j.c. penney, smith & wesson, for "mornings with maria" after the break.
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> we are back with an all-star jobs panel this morning. market have come off their highs, steve cortez. to what do you attribute this. we're looking for highs on the broader averages. we're looking at yields, and the market up 20 points here. >> you know, maria, in pop culture, there's a phrase that people can be a monet, when they look really good from far away and not up close.
8:58 am
i think this jobs report is a monet jobs report. it was a nice headline, but once we dig into the details particularly wages going down month over montfort first time in over a year, that's very, very worrisome and i'm guessing that's what the market is reacting to. maria: you don't have a big issue with the wages? >> i actually don't. i disagree, steve, although the hourly wages are a concern i would predict in the next two to three months, the trend will reverse, costco is coming out and giving employees an increase in wages. there's so much pressure right now at this level so hourly wages are going to move. maria: darrell cronk, how do you see it. >> i agree with joanie, wage pressure builds and we had twice the normal wage growth last month and walked it back. maria: what's wrong with the market up 12 points now. >> people are worrying about the fed coming back to the table. maria: and federal reserve,
8:59 am
dagen, we hear from them dagen i have one final thought, but i'm going to hold it. maria: steve mohr, final thoughts from you. >> 30 days ago, 60 days ago, all the political discussion was my god, we're going to elect a socialist president, bernie sanders and businessmen were worried about that. i think there's an aspect of bernie sanders going off into the horizon and i think that people are a little more bullish now. maria: jack writes about that this weekend? >> and certainly agrees. they don't want bernie, they're not going to get bernie. we have he a talked about maybe upward increase, and the journal says a few tiny signs that they're picking up and they'll have etf's. maria: dagen, final thoughts dagen if last night wasn't enough craziest for you, frank underwood and his
9:00 am
administration are back today. maria: house of cards, raising the roof. house of cards. happy friday, everybody, have a great weekend. steve, jack, joanie, see you. stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, everyone. you know, it was pile on trump day, wasn't it? mitt romney started it with a well publicized attack speech, he threw at kitchen sink at him. rubio and cruz did the same in the debates. insults, putdowns. trump isn't the kind of guy to sit back and take it. he tried to look presidential at first and then gave back as good as he got. john kasich stayed out of it. and then at the end, perhaps the most important item of the night. all the candidates were asked if they would support the eventually nominee, even if it's trump, yes said cruz, rubio and kasich, they would not split the party. they would abide by the ll


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