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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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what do parents need to know whether it's cyber or a physical threat like that? >> it's important for parents to tell their kids don't put what school you go to on facebook or the internet. the more information parents and kids put on the more people know. >> apparently expert area cats. charles payne is with me now. charles: a tennessee jury award erin andrews $55 million over a secretly recorded nude video. michael barrett record the video. operators of the marriott hotel in nashville. >> the amount of damages awarded
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to the plch erin andrews. $55 million, correct? >> that's a judgment against mr. barrett for and $26,755,000 against marriott. correct? charles: the anti-trump crowd is pouring millions into the winner-take-all states to force the race into a brokered convention. feeling more confident after ted cruz wins maine and kansas and picks up more delegates over the weekend than donald trump. now he's emboldening his stance asking about the only one that can beat the donald. >> what we are seeing happening is we are seeing republicans
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coalesce around our campaign because ours is the only campaign that has repeatedly beaten donald trump and on the campaign that can and will beat donald trump in this race. charles: the trump train certainly slowing down as senator ted cruz gained momentum. the frontrunner picking up louisiana and kentucky where marco rubio was able to pick up puerto rico. joining me now, tammy bruce, and steve rogers. ford within let me start with you. cruz had huge margins. where the margins of trump's victories over him saturday were relatively small. >> this weekend was a big "w" for the trump forces.
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trump has to take home 58% of the remaining delegates. rubio's folks did go to cruz in louisiana. will they coalesce behind ted cruz? we'll find out tomorrow. charles: one of the knots was the 35 per prr bar. >> i think you will see that change. there will be a big change i believe in the next few weeks and those people that were not supporting him i believe as your guest just said, the trump train is on the way. it made a stop to tree fuel and people will jump on board. charles: in the stock market when there is a pullback, they call it the pause that refreshes. >> it's a wake-up call for mr. trump. what's appealing about him is he's always himself. i don't know what he would
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change. his team might have to work heard and get more people on the ground. the club for growth put money into oklahoma and arkansas. and cruz won oklahoma. what you are looking at is mr. trump has to i think ramp up his game on the ground, and tomorrow look you have got two closed contests, two open ones. he will projecto probably struggle in the closed contests. the delegates will be split. it will be proportional tomorrow. charles: what you see is what you get with donald trump and that's parts of his appeal. they want to broaden that appeal to a certain degree. when you have open primaries. but this big tent theory, is there something he may have to do to tweak his approach that gets it even bigger? >> donald trump has to be presidential.
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he might have short finger likes a child but he can't fix that. >> come on. i thought we were past that. >> he has to stop acting like a child. that's what's happening him. when he unless the lead and says i'm -- he starts talking about this his hands, we don't want to go over it. charles: you are a rubio guy. rubio picked up that line of attack and it looks like it hurt him and it hasn't hurt donald trump. >> i think donald trump has been hurting himself. i was at cpac and the conservative movement is firmly united against donald trump. the pun did and others -- the pundits and others are saying donald trump is hurting himself. but he has been winning. he has drawn more people, i believe, to elections and the polls than any other people. >> all the late deciding voters are going to rubio and cruz.
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i do think evan is on to something. in louisiana cruz had more votes on primary day. donald trump banked a lot on early voting. but is there something to the notion there is some sort of reflection going on here? >> i think there is a reflection among what we call card-carrying conservatives. i think he should be doing more on the ground than he's doing. the map starts to look better for him. it looks more like massachusetts. i'm telling you donald trump is still in the best position. unless everyone in the entire party gets behind ted cruz. he will walk into that convention with the nomination outright with the most delegates. charles: i put a picture of bumper cars up.
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it's mumbo jumbo. if you are an establishment, they hate cruz, they hate trump but they may hold their nose and go for cruz. >> senator cruz is going to announce endorsement of several senators. there is a realization. this is a total tea party victory. the establishment has to accept someone like ted cruz. this is fabulous. it's something every one should be excited about. but they are going to coalesce because necessity realize ted cruz means change. donald trump they are afraid means destruction and let's have some genuine conservative change for a change and that's what they are going to come. it could be ben as. lyndsey graham. core anyone. rand paul. it's going to be an interesting cross-section.
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charles: what role would rubio have? it feels like a rubio-trump race. does he want to be spoiler? what do you think he's trying to achieve here? >> john kasich has said his only path to the nomination is through a brokered convention. as ford note and tammy noted in the green room. 58% of the delegates need to break for trump. rubio is saying i have the polls that show me consistentlying about the candidate to beat hillary clinton. charles: former new york city mayor michael bloomberg just officially announced he will not run for president. bloomberg criticized some of the gop candidates, specifically donald trump and ted cruz. he said he's not ready to endorse a candidate, but he would not stay silent about the
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threat that partisan extremism poses to our nation. we had a guy, establishment guy, left leaning, probably would have hurt hillary more than the gop had he run. what do you make of these comments? they dovetail with the same kind of things we heard from romney. >> in this election not a lot of folks are going to pay attention to michael bloomberg. does it matter when we are talking about trump's genitalia or hillary clinton's emails. michael bloomberg is a bystander in this. >> whether you are a democrat or republican. there is a war been those in control at the moment and the american people. you will see the american people via trump come out on top.
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charles: he's got momentum and the numbers on his side. unless something really interesting happens tomorrow or next week with respect to ohio and florida. >> there has to be a unity between mr. cruz and someone else. the mayor cans are getting a little exhausted with mr. trump. as people get information and think about it, they don't vote for hip. the longer this goes on, the worse it is for in trump. we have terrific enthusiasm for the republicans but that was registering in double digit before mr. trump announced. for ted cruz his leadership has to come through in getting mr. rubio to understand this and getting in romney to understand they have got to do it on the ground. charles: how does cruz go beyond the core conservative base? where i his appeal to a broader audience? how does a ted cruz win over the
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same people donald trump is winning over? >> you heard it begin in new hampshire. when rand paul dropped out, he's a constitutional list. he's tea party. this is about a conservative ideal. that's the message that has to be moving at this point forward that all of us understand and embrace. we can have revolution and it can be velvet and strong. >> trump has confounded everyone. everyone said he wouldn't be this far. i think he will continue to confound these people and this is done. >> i'm sorry, i'm going to tell you something else. ted cruz has to make the case he can win a general arecollection. >> the democrats have a 30%
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decrease in turnout. the republicans even without mr. trump will have at least a 20% increase. >> i think you are being extremely optimistic. i like to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. char rar the polls consistently show ted cruz doing well and often beating hillary in a general elect. you don't want to miss tomorrow night's primary coverage. we'll have the results for you minute by minute. it start top at 7:00 p.m. right here on fox business. as mentioned earlier with club for growth launching a multi million dollar ad to take out donald trump. will it work? we have the president of club for growth to debate it with one of our trump all stars. due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
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>> which presidential candidate support higher taxes, national healthcare and the wall street bailout? it's donald trump. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. charles: club for growth is planning to air ad in i now, the same ones that aired in iowa. donald trump lost there to the surprising loss to ted cruz in the hawkeye state. will these political ad be effective in stopping trump? david, club for growth is adamant about to being donald trump with mixed results so far. are you emboldened by what happened over the weekend? >> absolutely. i think what republican voters are realizing, first donald
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trump isn't the conservative savior they thought he would be. and they are starting to realize donald trump will lose to hillary clinton and we could lose the senate and supreme court as a result. they want a conservative champion who can win in those cases. in illinois rubio and cruz are coming within shooting distance with that one. >> are they missing the fact that a lot of people are saying this is the new gop. the elders of the party said they went for it for a long time. they are drawing in independence and democrats. why is the club for growth missing this, the people would ask. >> they are out of touch with the american people. this is the problem of the established rnc. these attacks about well he's favoring democrats.
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he wants to work with democrats, ets. he said he would be flexible. you need a person who will negotiate with people. if someone can point to what washington has done for the american people in the last few years i would say all right. but they are dead wrong. charles: in other elections flexible is a four-letter word. this type i guess it's good. but some people are asking about this core values. >> they need not worry. they will find out real soon as this race progresses, he will solidify those core values. that mess and will come out loud and clear. the point is, the establishment, these groups like club for growth, they lost touch with the american people and you will find that out real soon. charles: david, i know it pains you when you hear the club for growth is considered establishment. >> the rest of the establishment wouldn't say that.
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charles: you were never establishment before. but now everyone who is against trump is labeled with that. are you afraid if donald trump is the nominee, that all of his negativity harms him and hurts the party overall in the general election in what part of that concerns you? >> what the club really stand for is free market pro growth policies. we are about the candidate who are true champions for that, and donald trump is not. charles: are businessmen fueling you? >> no, it's mostly entrepreneurs, people who made it on their own. we don't get the big business kind of establishment money. your question is a good one. what happens if donald trump gets the nomination? we believe and we look at the polls that that is a vote for hillary clinton winning in the fall. so what we are saying is stop his before it's too late. you have got real champions for small government, free markets
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and good economic policy in ted cruz and marco rubio. charles: if done is the nominee will the club for growth back him? >> at this point we would have to tell people he's not a true economic conservative. charles: he's not a far better candidate for the economic health of america and hillary clinton? >> what donald trump has said is he will cut deals with nancy pelosi and the democrats. charles: the president has to negotiate some sort of deal news want more gridlock. >> baron ando connell have tried to cut deals and it's been a disaster. charles: we'll come back later on. we are talking about the battle for the gop mom nation and it's heating up. all the numbers are turning to a brokered republican convention. what does that mean?
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it means more of the fireworks. we'll be right back.
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>> marco rubio had a very, very bad night and personally i call for him to drop out of the race. i would love to take on ted one-on-one. that would be so much fun because ted can't win new york, he can't win new jersey, he can't win pennsylvania, he can't win california. i want ted one-on-one. charles: the battle for the gop nomination keeps heating up as trump calls for rubio to drop out. cruz showing a lot of life with those wins. but can he earn enough delegates to win the nomination? looks like no one can right now. joining me, gilliano connell.
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the issue of a brokered convention. the notion is it's an attempt to steal the nomination from donald trump. >> that's been the narrative. and talk of a revolt if that happens. 40% of republicans say no matter what, they aren't voting for hip. if they hand it over to trump we mayen dealing with re -- we may be dealing with a revolt, too. some are saying if donald trump gets the nomination, this is not my party, he doesn't represent me. charles: you have got to really go back to ronald reagan to find this enthusiasm for a general election. so would this be stealing from donald trump even if he does average 35% or 40%.
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>> chairman priebus may be looking for a brokered convention. i think if you have a brokered convention it's like flying an airplane into a volcano and hillary clinton will walk back into the white house in the front door. the best way is for one of niece guys to get the delegates. some people went home after ford and nixon. everyone will come away wounded if their guy doesn't win. charles: 1944, you had dewey, robert taft. douglas macarthur. dewey went on to one of the biggest just sets in history. it's hard to believe whoever
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comes out of that, even if it's donald trump, winning the general election. wouldn't it be a formal suicide? >> there are more voters who would vote against donald trump and hillary clinton than vote for them. charles: according to polls? >> they are both unlikeable candidates. charles: they both overwhelmingly are winning in their respective party. >> if you look at the trump situation. the republicans are trying to figure out, how do we get this guy out. do we divide and conquer or do we prop up cruz. >> who has the biggest argument. the trump other non-trump going into the non-trump. >> i say the non-trump. unless we have a war or a major
6:28 pm
recession, 45 states are already decided. let's remember i don't look at national polls until we know shot two nominees are. that's how narrow the electoral map is. the fact that donald trump is able to do well with african-american voters and blue collar workers. charles: i'm not sure he will be doing as well with african-americans by the time the election comes around. the big battle tomorrow is for michigan. there is a lot of polls out there but they all have one thing common. there are food steps. kasich may bring it tomorrow. we'll be right back. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. charles: the battle for the white house continues. michigan had 59 delegates at stake. in michigan according to north polls he's winning including the new monmouth poll. i want to bring it audience up to date. monmouth had a poll that stretched over a four-day period.
6:33 pm
donald trump was 39%. then saturday and sunday he dipped to 32%. picking up those votes was kasich. went from 17% to 26%. it feels like the momentum is beginning to shift. you could argue back to this weekend, tammy, and it shifting away from trump. but you have wonder who is going to benefit from it. >> especially with the late voters, they break for cruz and rubio. this is tough with michigan. you have got the blue collar vote that's there. these are people who have been abandoned by the system. the economy of is denying them. these are people who are angry. they know with john kasich we are not going to hug our way through this. they want somebody who is a real leader there this is classical
6:34 pm
trump voters. marco rubio is good on the stump and he was good at cpac. charles: michigan you consider part of the result belt situation. the jobs report beat us except in manufacturing. top 10 states in manufacturing. michigan is right there. makes michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. donald trump made concise overtures to this voting bloc. it seems to me it's resonating. >> but he's sort of peak as well. if you look at the attacks against donald trump it's he makes his clothes in indonesia and china. all hillary clinton has to do is run an attack ad showing donald trump's own labels showing his clothes are made in indonesia
6:35 pm
and china. charles: kasich is going you will out here. cruz i think really trying as well. what do you make of it? is there enough time for it to turn the tables? donald trump was leading in all the polls in all those states going into the weekend. >> this is a different situation. this is michigan and exactly the play trump is making with respect to the blue collar voter trade. i think trump will win michigan. by how much, i don't know. i project 74 delegates for trump tomorrow. but he won't take home a majority of delegates allocated tuesday. he will do well in mississippi because it looks like alabama. charles: maybe some of these other states. we come out of michigan, and then all eyes are on florida and ohio. but this will inform ohio to a
6:36 pm
large degree, wouldn't? it. >> you are looking at trends here when it comes to -- you saw with the texas and oklahoma. you can see blocks of where the country is going and what they are thinking. but it also matters technically. mississippi and michigan will be better for trump because they are open. hawaii, we can't kiss miss anymore than we can dismiss puerto rico for mr. rubio. all of these states matter. charles: let's check out a donald trump rally going on live. we want to take a peek at it. >> the entire field is packed with people. we put out speakers. would anybody like to switch places? i don't think so. i walk in, look at this, the key to the city. the key to the city. where is mary the mayor?
6:37 pm
vote mary, right? vote mary. i will put that very nicely, mary. i will put it very, very nicely on a place of honor in my office in manhattan. we all have a lot in common. i love this. that's a great honor, thank you very much. i'll put it over here so i don't forget it. we have charles evers here. where is charles? i won't say how old he is, right, charles? but i'll tell you he is in good shape. it gives us hope. it gives us hope. charles thank you very much. what a great family, great name, great man, everybody loves charles. i signed the hat for him. i didn't want to take it off. usually if a person is wearing a hat. it means you are missing hair follicles.
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sometimes i'll take it to sign it for somebody. i took his hat off and he has a beautiful head of hair. he says charles, that's great. 92, 93. trace staples, trooper. where is trey. get him over here. quick. i have all night. do we have all night or what? come here. come on over here, trey. i'll tell you. how great are the police? in this country. and bring your wife over. get some of those offices. i'm a little angry. get some of the officers up here. we love our police. they take care of us, they are not appreciated like they should be appreciated, and we love our
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police. trey, thank you very much. hit with a bullet but he's still the toughest guy on the force. they told me that, that's very good. look at these guys. thank you, appreciate it. >> a lot of great place, mississippi. i have a lot of friends that live in mississippi. there i a lot of wealth in mississippi. you have some people, however, that are not doing so well because their jobs are being taken away, their jobs are going to foreign land. charles: that's donald trump showing off the key to the city in madison, mississippi. he has done extraordinarily well in the deep south. he's certainly in his element and he's shining big time. i want to shift gears and welcome in our next guest. a broadcast legend joins us tonight.
6:40 pm
larry king. thanks for joining us. >> happy to be here, charles. charles: the passing of nancy reagan. your thoughts. >> well, she was a great friend, a terrific lady right from the start we hit it off. she invited me and my daughter years ago to a concert at the white house. marvin hamlisch was conducting. we sat with the fir lady and the president. it was never political it was friendship. we loved to talk. we would meet. we had dinners and luncheons. later i got married and she presented my wife with the mother of the year award. last type i spoke to them was probably a coup months ago. i think she was ready to go. she was very frail and she
6:41 pm
wanted to be back with ronnie and she believed she was going back with ronnie. she talked about like talking with hip, believing he was somewhere in the spirit around her. she was very spiritual. there was a fun side of her. she was enormous and gossipy. she would like to know about what the hollywood people were doing and the political people were doing. she was have much a beverly hills lady. she was just terrific. she was a force behind it. charles: we keep hearing that the old saying behind every great man is a great woman, and in this case nancy reagan was more than that. she was a soulmate, a con i -- a confidante, that she helped ronald reagan with his rough
6:42 pm
evenings and winning the cold war which he is credited with. and the knowing that her passing is the passion of a by gone era. what are your thought on that? >> you have might be right. it's a different time. nancy was a moderate. she saw things -- she saw the future better than a lot of people in her party. we would have never gotten that nuclear treaty at the end of the cold war without nancy reagan. she pushed hip, she forced it to happen. she got rid of those in the administration she can't like, and she was saddened by what politic had become. two months ago the last type i spoke to her, i said how do you feel about all this?
6:43 pm
and she said i'm embarrassed. i think she hit it on the head. there is a lot that's embarrassing about what's going on. you have got a good point. it's a different age and different era. there was class. it was a different era. we heard they can in these debate that nancy would have been hard for her to take. charles: a lot of people are saying one the reasons for this is because of frustration of main streamed america on both side of the aisle where these politicians have for decade made these promises and never fulfilled them. you have gotten career politicians who typically go to washington and stay there forever. butter in deliver the goods and incomes have gone down. it feels like our preeminence is not where it was. so perhaps our politicians
6:44 pm
reflect angst and the anger out there in main street. >> of course politic reflects us. but politicians should lead us, we shouldn't lead them. it's fallen off quite a bit. we -- people say you get the government you deserve. but there is a lot of good, too. no one want to hurt america. no one ever wanted to say i'm going do a bad job. they don't comb their hair in the morning and sayy not a good guy. they try to do their best. but the conflict has gotten so bad, you know that you know barry goldwater and john kennedy were best friend? best friends. and that doesn't happen anymore. you don't have that. you don't have a republican senator and democratic senator who lunch together.
6:45 pm
that cop rad are you doesn't exist any more. a congressman comes in on a tuesday and leaves on friday. once you are elected you one and stay in office. people used to get things done. they were arm traitors and the lyndon johnsons of the world and the everett dirksens. lyndon johnson called hip into the oval office. dirksen had been floundering over whether he was going to support and lyndon johnson put his arms around it and said you know why you are going to vote for this? because it's right. and dirksen voted for it. charles: we also knew about the legendary relationship between ronald reagan and tip o'neill.
6:46 pm
they found ways when it came to it to have a drink of scotch together and discuss it like gentlemen. they say it's cyclical. we go on these cycles and maybe this is where we had to go as a nation. how hopeful are you that we'll find the right path again that ronald reagan and nancy reagan took us down? >> i don't know how to answer. hopeful. i try to remain hopeful. i asked williams whether he was optimistic or pessimistic. he said of course i'm pessimistic. i'm smart. i don't know what to base our hopes on except we have a great constitution. we have a government that survived. charles: i want to thank you very much.
6:47 pm
we appreciate you coming on the show. >> keep on keeping on.
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>> of course i voted in the one senate vote i had the opportunity to vote to support the automobile industry. way did not vote for was the bailout of wall street. and that is essentially what senator clinton was talking about. she did vote for that. >> would you put u.s. troops on the ground in libya.
6:51 pm
>> no, not u.s. combat troops. we are as you know from the headlines and stories using special forces and airstrikes to go after isis leaders. but leaving -- charles: that 79 bernie sanders and hillary clinton -- that's bernie sanders and hillary clinton moments ago at a town hall in michigan. hillary has a 13-point edge over bernie sanders. here to discuss, jessica tarloff and judith miller. bernie sanders, if he continues to needle her and needle her, and he's not going away. >> no, and i don't think he should. i think a big healthy primary challenge would be the greatest thing as she prepared to go into
6:52 pm
a very contentious general election competition. it's not over it in many over and hillary clinton knows that after what happened in 2008. >> you were watching some of this. >> i have to tell you he's just pushing her further and further to the left. and that's not a comfortable place. charles: give me and example of that. it seems like she drew a line in the sand. >> they were talking about libya speak of lines in the sand. she would not admit she made a mistake or take any responsibility for that and she echoed bernie sanders' position which is i'm not going to put american combat troops on the ground, even though this is her mess and she has got to clean it up. charles: didn't bret bring up abortion? >> yes, and it's the same position. >> the party position.
6:53 pm
which is 20 weeks which is commonly agreed upon as viability. after that which we know only 2% of abortions occur after that, life of the mother, life of the child, serious genetic deformity. i certainly understand why the question was asked. charles: when bernie interrupted, maybe that's a preview of a hillary-donald trump debate. did she handle herself well? how did she come across. >> it's the people around spinning bernie sanders as the biggest sexist south of donald trump. this is something that she has got to be careful of. she is so boring in these debates. bernie sanders has passion about the poor, passion about doing more for the middle class. >> her answers are also much more nuanced.
6:54 pm
charles: right now we want excitement. thanks a lot, guise of. the anti-trump crowd pouring millions of dollars into the winner-take-all states hoping to force a brokered convention. is that fair to donald trump ani the 60%? this thing is starting to getpo heated up. we'll be right back. is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. lemm breaking news mississippi governor bill bryant is endorsing ted cruz. meanwhile i'll eyes are on florida. we are talking not deny delegates at stake according to the latest bottomless pool -- pool. trump is now ahead by 15 points. david let me start with you. is it enough time for rubio to face this kind of comeback? >> i think what the poll shows is he has cut trump's lead in half in the last week that you mentioned that other groups. i think is the voters are laser to see what donald trump is all about that is not as conservative as they thought it
6:58 pm
frankly in some cases they have been victims of what he has been doing. i think rubio does have a chance. it really is a do or die moment for him though. charles: we have on the screen early voting. rubio 48-23 as a sampling site that that's unusual in this election. >> it is. that's trump's strong point people who made the decision a while ago to such a small sample. i think that's an outlier so i don't think we believe that but let's remember that trump has such a strong presence in florida. south florida has been hit by this economy. obviously there's a reason why he's been doing well but the club for growth ad has clearly made a difference in oklahoma. this is the kind of thing that is new. but then there's a split between rubio and cruz. think it's going to be tough for them. charles: would you make of that julian corrects cruz putting out ads to knock rubio out so he's making it so he could not got any momentum that rubio has said
6:59 pm
is that a smart candidate on his part? >> i think he's trying to make it a two-person primary. he doesn't want the fragmented scenario. it's a high-risk scenario for him. if you look at how many votes he has his catching up on trump and i think especially if he can't figure a couple dashed. charles: but if he says i'm going to help you get the biggest price next week that i understand. beer are strange tragedies going on. >> you figure florida's going to take all rubio would have to leave and you know i think it's an interesting dynamic that the establishment set up with romney's intervention but it's not, could be helpful for him. >> i'm not sure who do you guys want to win this thing quickset know who you don't want to win. were you banking on? >> i have got strong members who are for marco rubio in strong members for ted cruz. either of them would be great strong economic conservatives. charles: we are spending a lot
7:00 pm
of money. we will see what happens. thanks a lot again a real tight race in florida. michigan is tomorrow and that's tightening up. this thing is going to be a bachelet through that we have got you covered. keep watching every night. we appreciate it. here's the man himself lou dobbs. lemm good evening everybody, i am lou dobbs. the latest polls show republican presidential front-runner donald trump with a big advantage leading into tomorrow's primary races. critically important as his lead in michigan. one of several midwestern states that supported democrats in recent presidential elections and trump aims to change that with a strong message against outsourcing of american jobs and the destruction of our middle class. trumpet those messages hard again today. >> you look at what's going on with this country. we are losing our jobs and the politicians until you that.


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