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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 8, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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depleted. nobody is more conservative when it comes to trade than i am. maria: will hit much closer to the republican nomination and the marco rubio be forced to drop out. we are taking a close look good bernie sanders and hillary clinton fresh out the facts clinton fresh off the fox news town hall last night. we will take you there, coming up live from michael bloomberg admin via et cetera before he began. by running for the white house is a risk he will not take. breaking overnight, a commuter train derailed into a creek in california. hundreds of people on board, but only 14 people injured. we've got details. a huge payout for erin andrews and her lawsuit over a secretly recorded at a hotel. details on the settlement coming out. fresh market today, concerns about chinese exports down better than 25% last month. the latest sign is the slowdown
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there, asian markets mostly lower. the shanghai composite is flakiness you can see they are. weakness across the board on the china news. mining stocks especially hard this morning. falling oil prices weighed on sentiment this morning. how the action and global markets. in the u.s.a. triple digit decline in the dow industrials futures indicated the at the opening of trading down 124 in the dow 42.0 run an asset. the campaign trail would go a last-minute push in michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. 150 delegates with 166 and played. this is the cannabis ramp-up redrick and attacking each other and anyone in their way. >> you've got to say this about him. he's an equal opportunity attacker. he has attacked mexicans. his attack people with disabilities. he has attacked women. he has attacked moslems. he has just gone after everybody.
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we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> a vote for any other candidate, a vote for marco rubio or a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump because there is only one candidate who has repeatedly beaten donald trump. >> there's a guy running for president now who says he is not taking sides between israel and its enemies. i am picking guide. i am picking sides. we are going to be in israel's side. >> i didn't think you have people like that in north carolina. go home to mommy. five. go home to mommy. maria: michigan polls open at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. not just regular voters on board. billionaire businessmen come ceos from a major republican donors coming around to the idea that donald trump will likely be the republican nomination for
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2016. carl icahn with a courtroom adversary of trump back in 2010, now a supporter and chuck mentioned ted several times throughout the campaign. perhaps no one has put their weight behind trump in a more unique way than my next guest is recently compared backing donald trump to picking up women at a bar during last call. ernie is with us, president and ceo bob enterprises and a donald trump supporter. thank you for joining us. >> thank you your maria: of us that reference he made a picking up women in a bar? >> well, it is the people undecided that had to vote for the people that were so disgusted with what was happening or is happening in more vote. it was a reference to last fact, last song, last call at the party. you have to choose it is time to go. maria: you have to choose if you look at republicans versus
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democrats. you've made your choice. why is donald trump your guy? >> donald trump is my guy because of his many attributes. people talked about it over and over. but i think is almost comical at this point is everybody or it seems like everybody is telling you not to vote for this gentleman. i've never seen it before in any election, local, national. the fortitude that mr. trump has to keep going and try to change this country is amazing. i have been a fan of mr. trump since the 80s. business guy. most business guys respect mr. trump, just an amazing business guy. i think he will be at this point what we need is a gentleman like that in the white house. maria: a lot of people say why not to vote for him and we haven't seen that. but we also haven't seen a candidate that's been so vocal
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in opinion and has said some of the things he has said, but what he said about mexicans, like what he said about muslims. then they gave dagen mcdowell in here. this has been quite extraordinary. dagen: he has. he's going to say absolutely anything. ernie, last call in the bar, the other option many people choose is going home with no one. going home alone rather than getting in the sack with somebody who you are not very attractive to. >> you have to vote. dagen: people can choose not to vote. if that is your concern at this point that people go to the polls and say i'm not voting for either or. i might vote for hillary. maria: and if you don't though, you can do to hillary anyway. dagen: exactly. >> if you go to the polls, you are going to go. i think mr. trump has brought people out that normally don't
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vote. a lot of people are voting and in massachusetts, a lot of democrats turn to republicans to vote for mr. trump. >> ernie, is there anything in particular mr. trump would do from a policy perspective that appeals to you or is it just his character in demeanor that draws you to him? >> i think he is the right guy for the job. >> what does he say he will do that you want to say? >> government waste i think is a big issue. he can say the u.s. a lot less money with government waste. it is time for a guy like this in the white house. it is only four years. let's give him a shot. maria: look at the first four years of president obama's turn. you saw how he completely upended a large chunk of the economy with just obamacare, for
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example. >> ray. that is the chance you take. i am not a big obama supporter. i don't think he should've got elected. he did. but it is time now to put somebody different in there. maria: do you have the confidence in donald trump that he is going to make the right decisions when it comes to national security, when it comes to dealing with adversaries around the world or when it comes to dealing with an economy that has become more complex? >> yes. mr. trump is a machine. he doesn't drink. he doesn't smoke. he will live for this job. he'll do a great job. maria: the only issue is who doesn't give us a lot of substance. we are trying to tap into what it is on the substance side of things but is attracting. where do you feel at this point in time this country needs a task i am it's okay with you it doesn't necessarily translate
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into specifics on policy? >> well, he hasn't really come out specifically on a lot of things. but that is why people are supporting him. i think they are supporting the man. they want this guy in there. dagen: at the end of the day policy matters. people always say they were surprised by what president obama did. well, he is gone after all of these things. we have to have some sense of what is going to do when he goes in. he talks about in the military and how critical that is, but he also -- his tax policy assessment than half of american households don't have to pay any income tax, codifying something nerdy in place. how are you going to pay for it? >> that is true. a lot of the candidates have tax policies that they wanted change. i think people are looking to
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mr. trump to be done to a place that we haven't been. >> you see him as a a conservative and do you see yourself as a conservative? >> i am a fiscally conservative and socially liberal. i think that the gop has almost completely devastated itself in something new will arise. it is amazing. everybody is saying don't vote for mr. trump. his fortitude just cannot be questioned. i've never seen anything like it. maria: what is your take on michael bloomberg officially dashing any hopes. he's out this morning. he's got this op-ed basically saying it's a risk i'm not going to take. >> i never thought he would jump back in. i thought he did a great job in new york city. i really did. maria: you weren't expecting him to join the run anyway?
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what do you think donald trump will talk about when talk about in their summer pulse to talk about and when he is actually in the job? >> again, he is a machine. he will work tirelessly night and day to get the problems that we have fixed. maria: good to see you. thank you for joining us. appreciate your insights. make sure to say on fox business for coverage of the caucuses and primaries. special coverage kicks off this evening at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. lou dobbs the neil cavuto, can't miss. fox news reporter erin andrews awarded $55 million in a lawsuit filed against a stalker who secretly recorded a new video of her from an adjacent hotel room. the jury found the hotel and the stock are responsible for damages. >> they canceled 49% and nader 51%.
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what amount of damages if any do a word to aaron andrews? >> $55 million. >> although they originally asked for $75 million, she was raised with the verdict posted along her date. she posted on twitter after that ruling. don't miss my interview with legal analyst this morning we so we'll coming up at the bottom of the hour. straight ahead, the latest on the train derailment in california overnight, what caused that crash. we will bring it live. one of the highest-paid tennis stars now has more in common than with alex rodriguez and lance armstrong then her people would like. sharapova coming up. ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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injuries while the other four had serious but non-life-threatening injuries. meanwhile, the justice department asking a federal judge in new york to reverse an earlier order that apple did not have to extract data from a drug dealer's iphone. the brooklyn case is seen as pivotal in a dispute between the federal government and silicon valley over issues of privacy and security and was quickly cited by apple in a legal fight over an iphone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino terror attacks. maria sharapova, the highest-paid athlete in the world making a major announced yesterday. the sin. >> i received a letter from the ietf that i had failed a drug test at the australian open. i did fail the test and i take full responsibility for it. cheryl: sharapova have been taking a drug for the last 10 years, but it just became a
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legal due to a rule change this year and several other spores. she will be suspended as the investigation begins in a couple other at a set of russia have also faced the same issue. she claims that she didn't see an e-mail that was sent to her and that she kept taking a drug that promotes oxygen on the body and sent to enhance performance. she's been taking it for several years for her hard and other issues. maria: taken the drug for other issues? she was the highest-paid female bringing a $30 million. obviously a huge blow to her. dagen: nike has 30 suspended ties with her. the watchmaker. here are a few of the issues. this drug is not available in the united states number one. it was developed i think in latvia. so that's not a little funny. it is now a banned substance in tennis.
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and where is her medical team? she is one of the top athletes in the world. you have teams of doctors and other people helping with your physical therapy and physical health. why weren't they on top of this, watching the list of drugs that ultimately fell on her. she said i didn't look at the list of drugs. where were the other medical professionals as part of her career. maria: especially imparted as for performance. do we know that it's for performance? transport helps the body brings oxygen in your blood which will help you athletically. dagen: if they ban act they ban it, it is for performance. the tennis federation has banned it, it is bad. cheryl: i'm a little disappointed by nike and the watch companies because they are jumping to a conclusion. but if it was an honest mistake? maria: well, they are suspending
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it. cheryl: they are just not going to renew her contract. that's a $70 million ten-year deal. her lawyers will have to look at this and say wait a minute. again, she can't fight this. dagen: nike is reacting this quickly because they stood by lance armstrong for years when it was obvious he was using drugs. he denied it, attacked people who accused him of that. you thought the midcourt kammerer in people's lives. nike stood by him until the very end. it is basically the opposite reaction. maria: for her to a drug meltdown and before this news today? dagen: it's been in the u.s. that's the u.s. that i would never heard it. >> it is one of the banned substances internationally. there is always going to be something. for years we talked about -- >> there is a swedish minor who
6:19 am
failed a test and there have been others as well. two russian by athletes that failed this as well. i've always been a big fan of hers. she's a great player. the system being -- >> we have to assume that most of the athletes are taking something to improve their performance. there's so many substances out there that can help you. maria: at or above that is the assumption we are supposed to be making. dagen: i totally agree. i hope that's not the case. the fact she admitted it so quickly and took full responsibility woman she can come back. maria: after a solid rally to start the week, get the latest on the trade throughout commodities. how about iron ore yesterday. take a look at future is extending the losses as well.
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complete market coverage after the sharp rate. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: welcome back to china's exports tumbled last month.
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phil flynn at the cme group this morning after a big rally yesterday. >> it was an explosion yesterday. everyone worried about chinese stimulus. oil prices are aching to the upside. today we are pulling back on concerns about china. the big bugaboo in the market, the experts at the biggest rock would say month over month since the depths of the financial crisis in 2000 down 25%. some of the drop attributed to the china's lunar holiday, but to a massive drought. we have such a big rally. goldman sachs could not but note that said be careful. nothing has changed. this rally is a false start a new look at this as an opportunity or not of the iron ore, but aluminum. fundamentals haven't changed. same between 20 and $40 a barrel. they look more bullish this morning. the other thing you want to keep
6:25 am
an eye on when i look at or listen to tories. the american petroleum institute report today. they will be interesting to see if the market can overcome another record amount of supply. maria: it's all about supply. thank you that much. phil flynn at chicago. john hilsenrath, goldman sachs. they are saying on the minimal side. you're just back just back from a shed. what sense you get from china? >> i get the sense that china has serious problems on its hands. the market has rallied because they expect the chinese government to stimulate the economy. that is what got them into this trouble in the first place. "the wall street journal" was reporting because we are seeing this emphasis on stimulus, suppliers think about cutting back supply. -- i'm sorry, not cutting back supply. the problem in the markets is excess supply.
6:26 am
the prices to recover until they get supply problems figured out. maria, any increase in prices will prompt more supplies to enter the market. dagen: right, absolutely. i think goldman has caught on with this. there has been such a rapid reversal. a lot of this has to be short covering in terms of the rapid runoff in this race is. >> it is a short-term hope that china will be able to stimulate demand enough to balance the markets out. it is not sustainable. they have major oversupply problems and they are not going to get solved. if you look at arcade like shanghai beijing shenzhen, they've got property bubbles building all over. they were up 50% a year ago moving from one bubble to another. at the end of the day, bubbles don't sustain themselves. maria: golden sand oil will be between 20 and 40, which is not different than what they've been
6:27 am
saying for a while. it matters because you're at the top of that. look out below. maria: 37.62 breakout on crude oil. the ecb meeting will be the big story for the markets. >> we will get more stimulus out of the ecb and look forward to the federal reserve next week. they are in a tough spot because while they talk about raising interest rates, we've got the ecb and beijing and tokyo lowering interest rates. so the fed is trapped by what the rest of the world is doing. maria: that is going to be the big talk coming out. cap, marco rubio backers pushing the senator towards the door. new out and seek to challenge donald trump in at least one important state. michael bloomberg is out of the race before he even jumped in. check out this clip of a plume or presidential campaign as we go to break. >> reform the way government works. no nonsense, not ideological central resource oriented.
6:28 am
finally, a new choice. independent mike bloomberg, president.
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maria: welcome back. i am maria bartiromo. top stories right now. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast for states up for grabs. donald trump facing michigan and mississippi. we'll have much closer to the republican nomination and will marco rubio be forced to drop
6:31 am
out before florida. a closer look this morning. bernie sanders and hillary clinton -- off of the fox news town hall last night. clinton facing tough questions on her e-mail scandal. she reiterated her defense. >> i have said it wasn't the best choice to use a personal e-mail. it was a mistake. however, i am not alone in not good many people in the government, past and current have on occasion arrested crack is done the same. nothing i said was marked classified or that i received was not classified. maria: next area look at the criminal investigation of former whitewater independent counsel robert ray. for michael bloomberg is over before he began. by running for the white house is a risk he will not take. looking at global market this morning. fresh concerns about chinese exports down better than 25% last month from a year earlier.
6:32 am
asian markets as a result mostly lower. the shanghai composite did eke out a slight gain of just a fraction as you can see. and europe weakness across the board largely on the china news. mining stocks, for example hit especially hard. find oil prices of course it's a huge commodity yesterday on the upside. in the u.s., triple digit decline for the dow jones industrial average down about 93-point. nonetheless, looking down about 100 points on the doubt. voters in four states heading to polls today to deliver verdicts on the series residential nominee. stay with the largest delegate first of michigan. peter is standing by with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. the big price of the week. everywhere you go they are proud and quick to tell you who they are going to support on what is becoming an important primary this cycle. 59 delegates today in the race
6:33 am
is only separated by 80 for delegates. 80 first-round lead over second-place ted cruz, marco rubio and john casey further behind. in addition to michigan that got idaho, mississippi and hawaii going to the poll. trump is trying to stay on top so he is tailoring his final pitch to republicans who get to vote today. >> blog, i have been fighting hard for cars. cars are going to be made in our country. it is our country. >> we have idaho. we love idaho potatoes. who doesn't love dictators from idaho? mississippi there a lot. >> a picture of ted cruz has become fiscal. they want to stop spreading around because it's trying to attack many people who don't like donald trump to take on the business man one-on-one.
6:34 am
>> a vote for any other candidate, a vote for marco rubio for a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump because there's only one candidate who has repeatedly beaten donald trump. reporter: seven and has spent a lot of time as he thinks he may surprise folks as the rubio team wants voters to know they are not dropping out of the race to save face ahead of a florida contest he may not win despite what cnn reported yesterday. the communications director now pushing back saying cnn does have a complete the 100% made up report on anonymous rumors. as soon as i thought i made my way to cnn to correct the record on-air. it was frankly irresponsible for him to continue repeating the reports. marco rubio getting a bit of a boost today in the four states voting from that romney who
6:35 am
reported a robocall on behalf of the senator who never endorses him in this bobo call upon that hsa is really important that romney had donald trump does not get the nomination. maria: peter, thank you. except for joining us. the 2012 republican presidential nominee sending out a robocalls to voters in the four states holding republican contest today are marco rubio's behalf. urging them not to vote for the republican front-runner while claiming it is not a rubio endorsement. right now political strategist and hillary clinton pollster and review alexis levenson. thank you for joining us. >> hi, maria. how are you? maria: great. tell us your data and what you're looking up in >> i spent the last week to really understand what the impact of that romney's speech last week was. the one conclusion i can say conclusively as the republican plan that snapped back and is so
6:36 am
tone lawyers later. he is so out of sync with the republican voters. had tilted republican voters who have heard about it for trump. he actually enraged the voters who plan to vote for trump. if you look at this graph, the bottom line is the awareness and conversation around romney's beach and the topline is how much it made people support donald trump even more. so by romney going around and having conversations, calling them a phony and a fraud and using hyperbolic superlatives, it is emboldening supporters because that is where the electron. they like them because they have confidence he can shake it up and do things differently. bombay's best days behind. >> the core of trump support if he is attacking the leaves. that aside for a second the fact that he is a billionaire who is sleeping in his own right.
6:37 am
you have someone like romney attacking him. it just confirms what his supporters believe, which is significant the elites in washington and new york. that's exactly it. i am using this very sophisticated dashboard. i'm looking across all traditional and social media. i know minute by minute. i can see the more prominent talks, the more the establishment take rubio attacks trump in these ways actually just dresses support. maria: alexis, have you seen? >> i'm wondering if that makes any difference. to me, that romney was talking to the people who think donald trump is not qualified to be president and is a phony and a fraud. a donald chart is talking to the people who should be president and they are looking for some kind of alternative totally different to shake it all up. i didn't feel like either one of them change the narrative remotely. it seems that everyone talks to
6:38 am
the people agreed with them in the done with our lives. >> with both of you as an antiestablishment anti-elitist campaign enough to take some into the presidency? are there enough people so mad at the establishment that they will bring trump all the way? >> let's look at it a different way. this is going to be an emotional election, not a rational election. this is going to be about confidence to make america great again. i think trump -- what is happening is trump has framed this election right, that something has happened under eight years under barack obama and we want to restore confidence. he is seen as the candidate. >> is this about confidence are anti-of the defense? >> confidence you can overcome that. >> i think a lot of people -- a lot of republicans feel like it
6:39 am
isn't paying any attention, isn't listening. that's the fastest way to set it on fire for lack of a better term. >> obviously this is why you know the election is going to be about restoring. democratic voters with hillary and bernie are also not satisfied. the ultimate establishment candidate. >> while she is picking up the delicate, there is no love for hillary. if i go back to the same data, but i've seen better sentiment is significantly lower than sanders. they like sanders. unfortunately, he really didn't make his case to voters quick enough. he didn't have the resources. he is 10 points behind. i worked on hillary's campaign in 2006 in 2008. voters have never really liked her.
6:40 am
she got things done. maria: trumps negatives are worse than hers among other candidates. his favorability is worse than hers. he put the two of them up together. >> i think that is the one that goes head-to-head so fascinating. it's how are these two unlikable candidate. do you want the establishment candidate for the antiestablishment candidate. more of the same or someone who will give us some thing we don't know what it's going to be. maria: feels that people want something different. >> on the basis of the data now, you can see who has the momentum. whether he can sustain to election day, who knows. maria: kudos to you. you are the first person is that bloomberg would not run. i knew it then. i know it now. to me now here showing the ads
6:41 am
that he would have run. i think i am as pr flack. but as the speed she would've made. enough is enough. let's move on. dagen: you also saw trumps by its very early and said was getting a raw that he was a legit candidate with a lot of legs. maria: thank you. we will see you soon. alexis, good to see you as well. thank you are weighing in. coming up, this video of the shrimp on the treadmill. a new government a study that might just blow that idea out of the water. back in a minute. ♪
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maria: the obama obama obama administration to take effect upon about they expected to return to the battlefield picture of the summer guidelines. cheryl: that is right, maria. 111 of 532 printers released two printers released by the george w. bush administration had also returned to the battlefield. another 74 suspected of doing so. federal government spent more than $400,000 of tax money for a study on the relationship between gender and glaciers. the research by the national science foundation urges scientists to take a feminist political ecology approach with a steady melting ice caps and climate change. the paper glaciers, genocide published back in january. finally, take a look at this -- can video. a garbage truck 3575 feet off an overpass from miami.
6:46 am
the driver lost control after he had a guard rail. he was cited by the way are the driving. a payout and while for sportscaster aaron andrews. >> windsor capital 49% -- [inaudible] what amount of damages if any do you want to award aaron andrews? >> 55 million. maria: a major victory for andrews after a people video for was posted online. fox news legal analyst step three. what is your reaction? >> as she deserves this. 51% -- 230 spent two years in jail. maria: he can't pay it. >> you will go bankrupt.
6:47 am
will she ever get the money? >> not from him. 49% will come from the hotel. of course they have money through insurance. so 49% will come undone. of course it will come from the insurance company. the lawyers are going to take 30% to 40% of their share. so she's not going to get anywhere near 55 million, but she will get a good, and i think she deserves it. >> it's important to understand that the hotel did wrong. >> they were absolutely negligent. when you get a hotel room, you are aghast. you are in a baggie. you an absolute duty to protect your privacy. you are paid money. dagen: layabout. >> she is staying here. whenever i'm asked her. okay, fine. i don't care if you are a celebrity or not, you should not be able to call a hotel and say where's a person stating an sas
6:48 am
will give you the room next to aaron andrews. >> someone liable and will pay millions of dollars. he finds it made amtrak's been made, gets the people there, put this camera in and takes pictures. dagen: he actually took the people out, altered it to see in the room and how the iphone up when he heard her get into the shower. >> he tried to sell it. no one would buy it. he said even if you will buy it, i will put on the internet. and then that is all those people watching. this is a woman who did not want that out there. she was not seeking to have that out there. she did not want to sex tape. she is not someone that wanted to do that. i'm sure some people out there want kim carr -- ian. she did not want that. true through the defense argued and i wonder if this hurt them that her career benefited from escaping and they asked her, is
6:49 am
your income higher. they went through the endorsements. >> they wanted to prove she had not been damaged economically and that was their big argument. but then she went through how she spent a summer back in her bedroom at her parents house. she had to go through how she went to the fbi because they were sure they believed her to get more people to come to her. when she went to the fbi, when she went into the room to be interrogated and there is a female fbi agent there, but she had to leave the room and throw up. she was so mortified. maria: shoes aboard a $55 million issue a walk away with how much? >> maybe six or $7 million. >> believe you me, hotels all around this country, not just the marriott will be listening to this and watching it and
6:50 am
changing -- dagen: they've are to change census been going on a >> as they should be. maria: investors were unimpressed. will share their growth rate which has slowed down. back in a minute. ♪
6:51 am
♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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maria: nicole petallides with the story. reporter: good morning to strong revenue growth in the fourth quarter. identifies the sales outlook that is worrying investors bid the stock tumbling 6% in after-hours trading last night. the burger chain you can see the
6:54 am
drop rate there. the burger chain expected to rise 30% of those below the analysts expectations. also hurting stats. our clays cutting its price target for the burger chain to $40 from $48 they earned not recommending investors buy stock on this weakness. the $21 ipo you remember we said there last january, but they have continued to see the growth. every time i've been there with my kids come at the line been very small. maria: is very popular. john hilsenrath, a lot of momentous favors that led last year. let's take a look at some of these momentum docs which are down big. >> ica because if the economy was falling into the tank, you would see more of the cyclical stocks.
6:55 am
the economy gets back on them and that is what we've seen. maria: these are the high-growth name spat the so-called stocks of face that apple. there's an audience that this is just evaluation. >> people doing the stock trades. not just hedge funds, but people in the market is going up, thereby risking when people get uncertain, they celebrate. i don't think there is a fundamental bet on how the economy is doing. maria: i wonder if the market is trading better for the last couple of weeks as an indication of things getting better or again an indication that things have gotten so low.
6:56 am
i think we are in a market. dagen: yesterday the fed fund futures are back to pricing with 100% certainty at this one fed hike this year, which is something they hadn't done since late january. >> we had pretty good job numbers. inflation numbers firming up a little bit. the market also sees no chance the fed will move at its meeting in arch. april is looking less likely, too. dagen: they got all year. maria: all year. >> they are plenty of time and they will be patient about this. they are not in a rush. maria: will take a short break. let the mudslinging continue. the polls open in a matter of minutes. coming up, making that up, mccann weighing in on the 2016 race and what they think an america under donald trump will
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back to tuesday morning. i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, march 8th. with me, dagen mcdowell. john hilsenrath and fox is a sad fact that your top stories is. for mercy of the progressive to confront her donald trump facing
7:00 am
key test in michigan and mississippi. truck made a last-minute appeal on why republicans should vote for him. >> i don't like labels because it doesn't mean very much. when it comes to being considered, i am very so-called conservatives on the military. i wanted very strong military. i want to build up our military's total be depleted. nobody is more conservative when it comes to trade than i am. maria: will be much closer and while marco rubio be forced to drop out before florida. we have on it this morning. bernie sanders and hillary clinton fresh off of the fox news town hall debate. we'll take you back. michael bloomberg over before it began. he says that whenever the white house is a risky but a risky but not today. breaking news overnight. a commuter train was derailed into a creek in california. hundreds of people on board, but only 14 injured had a huge payout for air and interest in her lawsuit over secretly recorded video hotel. details on the verdict straight
7:01 am
ahead. experts at china fell more than 25%. the latest time with asian markets lower as a result. the shanghai composite economics like it or not. across the board on the china news hard to for an oil crisis averted braynon sentiment. a big rally the last couple of days. the u.s. looking at the clients of trading. the dow industrials almost the worst level of the morning. nonetheless the decline of 80 points on the dow jones industrial average. to begin this morning at this hour in the race for the white house could hillary clinton and donald trump team rolling towards a november showdown. hillary may gain a valve regarding the republican front runner and trump using more tough talk to fend off protesters. >> is that to say about this and a lot attacker.
7:02 am
he has attacked mexican people with disabilities. he has attacked women. he's attacked muslims. he has just gone after everybody. we will announce that a person like that ever become president of maddock is. >> i didn't think you had people like that in north carolina. go home to mommy. via, go home to moderate. maria: the minority focused in many races. fox news exit polling showed on track as -- likewise, they have 80% support in the african-american. from a rational candidate for urban radio and founder star parker. a recent column you had written that made the case that child backers were similar to bernie
7:03 am
sanders hit about it. >> many in south carolina were still deciding between donald trump and/or bernie sanders. but there are a lot of common denominator is. donald trump wants to shut down the borders and shut down free trade. but he says he is a conservative. conservatives -- traditional conservatives want open markets and free trade because we believe competition makes you good. so it is hard to is now between donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton. maria: yeah, but is that impacting his chances? >> it is not impacting chances because when you think a state like michigan, there's a mentality now in our general population a government has to do some things for them at 50% of americans get more than government and they put in. there is an overreach that says
7:04 am
we might not want to go, but we sure don't buy sure don't buy new handling attacker could share handling attacker could share about so we can get better but sinners date. there is a challenge for the american population to say what kind of people do we want to be what we want to be government depended. maria: we keep seeing primary new information coming out of bed hit megyn mccain, what is your take? >> more interesting than this, 75% of the entire vote only 8% were latino or hispanic. right now the republican party the chickens will come home to roost. we have a man when asked about david duke takes three times to say he will disavow it. we have a man right now talking about pitino's are becoming citizens, simply to vote against donald trump. aristocracy of a pathway with the hispanic vote the last eight years a lot of mistakes in the
7:05 am
party bigger and reach out to minorities is deconstructed in front of my very eyes. maria: do you agree with that? if he doesn't get the hispanic vote -- dagen: you lose. do this if you don't get the latino vote. you can correct my numbers. in 2004, it is a huge move out. and then -- >> every year it goes down -- we are talking significant generation jump of numbers. i think it is komatsu golddiggers could talk about how donald trump is going to get the latino vote. >> you are saying he got 45% come but it was a tiny percentage of vote is represented less than the latino population in nevada. >> we're talking about nevada republicans who are nevada republicans who are already republicans in the misnomer that all of these will come out and
7:06 am
dress her donald shot model for incorrect or irrational. as i was going to ask mccain about that elaine. there are some ads being run in florida. i think it is a multimillion dollars ad featured veterans go in after as lack of service in the military. but he talks about and want to build a military command the military strong. how did they fall? >> just look at the recent controversy this week where he is going to ignore the geneva convention in a structured feudal families and children. there are good or you are not living -- yesterday he said guess what, the military is not going to follow these orders. >> you cannot be doing research and send it to the men and women occurred to make you torture and then walk back after a bunch of generals came together to figure that a mutiny against the geneva convention.
7:07 am
maria: you want to jump in there. >> yes. it is not that donald trump didn't serve in the conservative. he dodged the draft. we need to be honest about what we are dealing with. the show decided he needed medical bridge to not go into the military. that is mocking john mccain to keep us free. this is a very serious problem. people are trying to make it donald trump is just the establishment. there are many, many problems. i concur after years of work trying to build the case in this minority community as well as the general population. for him to take that away in one election cycle, it is no wonder people say let's get the convention. dagen: can i throw this out there? something "the wall street journal" touches on today that you could potentially have a lot more white male voters and even
7:08 am
democrats, union voters voting for trump. >> it's not true. dagen: is bad enough -- >> that's not fair. no. dagen: but if we watched is contest in the midwest in the rust belt, that is what we are looking for, right? >> i know people say they are looking for to do looking for to do is talk about a 38% to win. this is a very diverse society now and republicans admitted this in their autopsy, but donald trump is that there's a lot of white people out there that are not participate is going to get done. it is just not true. the math doesn't add up. maria: you think hillary clinton will be the next president? >> there's going to be a come back in. >> would it be ted cruz? >> it could be ted cruz. he seems to be very strong. he's adventurous companies in florida to see whether he could
7:09 am
get some of those numbers. even lindsay graham is taking a second look to work with him. maria: that is what he said this weekend. megyn, thank you. thank you so much. star parker. in the midst of trying to close guantánamo bay, the obama and assertion has developed a number of an ant suspected to have returned to engage in terrorism has doubled in the sixth month of january. the closure plan has closed 13 potential sights on u.s. soil to house the remaining 60 terror suspects being held at gitmo. what do you think this means for the president's plan to close? >> part of the problem with closing gitmo as he has no plan what to do with these prisoners. what americans see when they hear this right now as they see these terrorist being released back into the wild. they will, alas. i think we should keep it open.
7:10 am
i think he knows the most to close as they come at another was unable to enact. maria: is not unfortunate he makes this prediction of promise and now it's all about keeping the promise regardless of how it changes. >> you expect politicians to stick to promises? maria: i would expect you to do what's right. if the situation changes, you do what's right. >> with the rest of my sister with the rest of my sister paula side of the search, the search, to say that people to give us is putting it in the mildest terms possible. maria: it is not cheap to close it. that's been a huge issue that ashe carter and his predecessors have been trying to address. people don't want these people here in the united states. i'm sorry. they are terrorists. for example, osama bin laden's coat was being held at gitmo
7:11 am
released back into the wild. dagen: the leader with al qaeda in yemen. >> there's just no plan. pete of all people who works at fox as well give this great piece. gitmo is nicer than the camp i went to in seventh grade. there is a videos and parks and places for them to go in a go in the housing is really really nice. it's not really what you think. >> it is going to be very hard for him to get it done. maria: he can't do a buy order. it's illegal the way the laws are written right now. >> he will fight it out. maria: sure will. aaron amber is winning a victory in her peephole lawsuit. the $55 million it raised verdict will almost get cut. we'll have more details on not. stay with us.
7:12 am
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which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. maria: welcome back. a commuter train goes off the tracks and northern carolina -- california. cheryl at the headlines. transfer good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. if entrée cost of development of
7:15 am
a commuter train that injured nine people that have been late yesterday. one of the cars tumbled into the small and create. for the dems in serious condition this morning. well, the justice department asking a federal judge in new york to reverse an earlier order that apple did not have to extract data from a drug dealer's iphone. the decision was quickly cited by apple in a legal fight over an iphone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino terror attacks. the brooklyn case is seen as pivotal in dispute between the federal government in silicon valley over issues of privacy and security. finally, last rh or has awarded fox sports reporter erin andrews $55 million for a stalker who secretly recorded her in her hotel room. but she and former operator windsor capital group and the stock are all shared in the blame. the jury reached a verdict after a full day deliberation.
7:16 am
what this means for her at the end of the day. they are likely going to appeal obviously. say it gets down to maybe 20 million on behalf of myriad of partners. then the lawyer gets 40%. take that down about $6 million debut that would go to her because there's so much criticism she was going after this for fame or money. i thought lists made a good argument. dagen: sixes after taxes as well, the chunk the government would take. maria: the headline of $55 million she's only getting $6 million. >> i don't think we are spending enough time talking about the stalker. we are shaming someone who did something so reprehensible. i would like to see his picture up there. he spent some time in jail. he did something reprehensible. let's see his face. maria: he taught at the hotel
7:17 am
and said i want to stay next to aaron enters. >> her testimony is absolutely heartbreaking. i was one of those people who thought she looked beautiful in those videos. maybe i'm a conspiracy theorist. and after this i saw this as clearly rick tabak and it's tragic. >> it hurts women journalists and sports as well. it's been an uphill battle for women to actually report, especially of locker rooms. this has been going on for decades. dagen: it would definitely hurt her. that makes their job more difficult. >> she talks about how his retirement on her personal life. something about being a woman in the public eye and i can even imagine what it's like living with that every day. dagen: this something we can all do now is to watch the video.
7:18 am
don't look at it. i've never seen it. i've seen stills from it because when the story first broke they were in the paper. but i've never watched it. in fact, one of the people who worked for the hotel franchisee was caught in a restaurant during the trial watching the video on the cell phone and a restaurant during the trial. he's like they were looking at it. that is repugnant. >> why don't we have more laws of treating this as a sex crime. but all the big photos of jennifer lawrence came up in the private picture shootout. why don't we treat of women as a sex crime. >> the reason she would get taxed on this is because there is no physical injury done to her. only emotional injury. >> she was sobbing in the courtroom. maria: michael david eric. that is his picture.
7:19 am
keep saying his name. >> you are right. the hotels will go to great lengths to protect people's privacy. maria: hopefully. >> i have a friend if it's a band-aid over the peephole every time she goes to a hotel because of this. maria: good day. good idea. she was tennessee's highest-paid star. she now finds itself in the same company of many patio and lance armstrong. stay with us. ♪ can a business have a mind?
7:20 am
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maria: welcome back to one of tennessee's highest-paid stars making a major announcement of suspected drug use. sponsors are not happy. all the details now. >> maria, here's the question. how do you solve a problem like maria? if you are an i.t. companies say so long for a while. the highest-paid actor 11 years running. maria sharapova's personal purse will be less lofty. she was dumped by two major sponsors yesterday who she's had a relationship with her entire career and beyond. yesterday in january she failed a drug test at the australian open. shortly after sharapova made out of, nike, the largest supporters and she was 11 years old cut ties with the five-time grand slam singles champion in a statement neck he said there was saddened and surprised by the news and they will continue to monitor the situation.
7:24 am
sharapova has or will the clothing line figure that millions of dollars with her ballet flat number one female shoe rubbernecking subsidiary. 2010 sharapova et cetera it would be. the contract is is. hoyer also announced he was parting ways with 10 paper in june 2014 to june 2015th remember it earned $30 million according to "forbes." simon bolivar prize money, 23 million in endorsements. she failed a drug test for a heart medication called muldowney. it was added to the list of the substances, a drug sharapova has taken for 10 years. maria has been the highest-paid female athlete the last 11 years, earning all of this money. and now, what will be -- these are major endorsements she loses. maria: you said it was hard medicine gave >> hard medicine. a lot of athletes get caught
7:25 am
taking a medicine used legitimately for heart medicine. she claims it was an innocent mistake, but it can also be used to help with endurance and performance and recovery. >> i think you just said they added this to the banned list this year. she has won titles before. but this wasn't bad. maria: that was my thought as well. dagen: it doesn't matter. they send you a list of drugs. i pointed out, like where was her medical team that they were on top of this. it's a medicine for angina. heart pain related to heart disease made him a d. a not available in the united states. >> the point i'm making when they look at lance armstrong for a ride, they won titles in broke records while i'd be on drugs. she just broke this rule. i think we have to be careful about indicting her. >> she will get shown leniency. she claimed i was taking it because i was trying to cheat, is a four-year ban.
7:26 am
she is looking at a two year for the innocents here. if they find out she was taken as a performance enhancer, she traveled. you never know the speculation. >> she is not playing well. >> how she make you more money? >> 30 million over one year. 7 million on the court. nike says she's 11. her whole professional -- >> she's one of the greatest athletes. i should make it more money? all of their conversation. i didn't even know she was still playing. just saying. >> as arena. maria: thank you very much. yesterday peyton manning choking back tears as she announced the
7:27 am
end of the scene to be hall of fame career. keeping his announcements short and sweet. >> you don't have to wonder it. absolutely, absolutely i will. maria: congratulations to him. up next robert gray on why hillary clinton is far from clear in the classified e-mail controversy. before we go to great is a big hit in her denial of guilt. >> the state department has rejected name declared 21 a enough classified. 44 classified as secret 22 classified as top secret. you said at a march press conference in 2015, i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone i might e-mail. there is no classified material. could we say definitively that statement is not accurate? no, you can't.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
. maria: welcome back i am plama, it is tuesday a manipulative 8 your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on east coast, four more states up for grabs republican front-runner donald trump facing key tests in michigan and mississippi will he mavrp closer to republican nomination will marco rubio be forced to drop out before florida, florida is next tuesday we will take a look, michigan key for both sides of the race bernie sanders hillary clinton fresh off fox news town hall clinton facing to have you questions on
7:31 am
e-mail concern and resiliented her defense. >> -- i have said it wasn't the best choice to use a personal e-mail, it was a mistake however, i am not alone in that. many people in the government past and current have on occasion or as a practice done the same. >> nothing i sent was marked classified. or that i received was marked classified. >> straight ahead we look at next steps in the criminal investigation with former white water independent council robert ray for bloomberg over before it began why he says running for white house is a risk he will not take, looking at global markets fresh concerns about china economy weaker-than-expected trade numbers s exports fell more than 20% last month the latest of china slow i do know asian markets lower shanghai composite did the eke out a slight gain you can see there, in europe, this morning weak yes across the board on the china news, mining stocks
7:32 am
especially hard, to oil prices weighing on sentiment dhef ron analysts magnet, by the way, in u.s. well off the lows of the mornings futures indicating a lower opening for the o broader averages, but this is certainly well off the lows that we saw earlier in the hour. senate judiciary committee chairmen glass plea renewing request to question under ate to clip aide installed server in her home follows revelation that bryan pagliano was granted immunity by justice didn't for a fox business inclusive former white white water independent council -- former prosecutor robert ray what is your take we know pagliano was given immunity this continues. >> beginning of the prosecutorial phase trying to build a case start with one you think has relevant information you have want to know with a bryan pagliano knows. what information by the clinton camp was shared with
7:33 am
him, how did he get access to the state department system, when did he get the password who did he get passwords from what conversation were had, and, you know, separate and apart from whether things were marked classified, did he have conversations with mrs. clinton or others on this pls clinton's behalf of that indicated knowledge about the fact it was classified. >> the markings are real important we had michael on show last week former attorney general said one had to change markings removing from government server to her personal server will we get a sense of actually someone intentionally changing the markings making things nonliquefied. >> wiping things or coming pasting into e-mail, i mean the question you lodgely have for those witnesses what was said what was known, why did you do this, did anybody direct to you do this, when did they direct you how did they direct you.
7:34 am
and who else has relevant information this is the first grant of immunity you would expect that there may well be others. that will take some time to accomplish, so, immunity has been granted, this person goes into the grand jury you get access to information try to figure out who else had conversations, and then you go to those individuals, and you issue subpoenas and you talk to their lawyers you may have, further grants of incubate in order to you know take yourself up the chain. >> robert is there a precedent for a case like this the public official taking public e-mails government e-mails putting them on a private server? and, if so, what is a crime what would she be charged with if it gets to that foibt. >> i think the overall thing they are looking at i can sort of figure out a crimes later you are talking about misuse of classified information. so that gets to a the question of what the intent was. and that is what has been so difficult i mean you can -- clearly see mrs. clinton's defense because she is sort of
7:35 am
set the mark at well nothing that i saw was marked confidential, or marked classified. and the question is well if it wasn't marked whether irrespective whether marked classified what did she know determined by conversations. >> there is a present for any other case like this in what is the road map that prosecutors the used, in the past? >> quell i knwell i don't know private eechl investor everybody seems mystified by we have never seen anything like that before doesn't mean you can't prosecutor in that area you have to be carefully about prosecuting in that area if defense is good faith well i didn't think i was doing any wrong you have to zero in on conversations find out whether or not anybody thought they were doing something wrong by doing what they were doing just because unchartered waters doesn't mean you can't prosecute. >> this astounding, it is -- investigating this kind of case incredibly implicated if you have to give and community to shl additional witnesses a
7:36 am
lot more investigation needs to happen now in the can they possibly wrap it up in a few months -- >> you wouldn't be able to wrap it up talking about immunity to one pleading to another person that you then prosecute to try to you know, to apply pressure, to get them to coordinate against other people, there is not enough time for that i think the window here is a rather short one, meaning that this investigation if it is going to lead to prosecutions that is going to have to happen before october. there is not time for prosecutions in other words in that space of time. there is time to give people immunity, to find out what they know, and find out whether or not there is anything there that you can use in order prosecute plz clinton or somebody else note both essentially time for one prosecution here. >> my understanding though is that bryan pagliano, is getting incubate because themmue are people know more. >> that would be accurate generally speaking you don't give immunity too high a
7:37 am
level, and so, the yes the i mean that would be typical of investigation to give immunity fairly low level in order to get conversations of other people. and then you can talk about potential prosecutions but to answer your question, there is not time to give immunity at a low level and then have a series of prosecutions brought before you ever get to mrs. clinton that can't happen in space of a few months. >> is -- the endgame here a violation of the freedom of information act? the intent to move this stuff onto private server so you don't have to comply with foia requests. >> that is a separate case. >> i think that is a separate issue i mean could i see that as part of -- of the investigation. i think. >> anyone looking at e-mail. >> i think that was the intent i think she wands to control information release of information i sympathy knew you in to know potentially information could be damaging, in the political arena she wanting to be able to control that rather than the state department. now that is that is a separate issue from whether or not
7:38 am
there was misuse of classified information. >> any comparisons to the whitewater case in we are in middle of an election cycle i issuing a final report in connection with the whitewater investigation, the travel office and otherwise during an election cycle was when mrs. clinton was running for senate. >> wow. >> there with a bunch of discussions between myself my office, and mrs. clinton's counsel about making sure that any findings, that i issued were done well in advance of election so it wouldn't be deemed to be or perceived political unfair. >> what so we have been there before. >> this is the same thing over again. >> wow, that is amazing, great insights we appreciate you joining us robert. >> then there is this a long running promising to chicago united center offers free big max to all fans in bulls wreech 100 points one seemed here would sxaitd about migraine mac excited about big mac.
7:39 am
>> little fellow right there i need that big mac, come on big fellow knock it down for me. >> -- whoa. >> we tfeed the people feed the people. >> -- coming up nfl testing internet waters you may be able to watch a favorite team could surprise you that is next back in a minute. the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere.
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. reiterated. . . maria: welcome back, starbucks issuing a recall cheryl casone with details this morning, good morning cheryl. cheryl: good morning, maria starbacks prepacked egg and
7:43 am
cheese muffins recalled for listeria shipped 250 starbucks arkansas texas, oklahoma. with best buy date of august 7, so far no illnesses have been reported, well, facebook look to go get into the football business, social media company trying to live stream thursday night's football games, interview with variety the vice president partnership stan rose pretty much confirmed the company is bigoted for a estrange package amazon, verizon, other streaming video companies are also very interested in nfl content a lot of interest in that. finally, this, the funeral for form first lady nancy reagan this friday at reagan presidential library simi valley california she was fondly remembered by one of the era's most influential figures mr. t, look at pictures the two of them, so cute, tweeted on monday, i
7:44 am
mourn the death of first lady reagan who was very special to me. also, by the way, first lady michelle obama attending the service maria, this week as well. back to you. maria: thanks so much department of justice now appealing a appreciative new york court ruling in favor of apple, jo ling kent with details good morning. >> good morning, the department of justice, requested a federal court judge reverse a ruling by the eastern district of new york said a federal government doesh government does not have proper authority to ask them to bypass pass code prosecutors appealed saying this case in no, i way up ends balance between privacy and security, fighting citing the kings apple using original ruling to help justify protests at california court ordered to hack into iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists who killed 14 people injured 22. apple meanwhile, responding to the justice department request telling fox business in this state quote judge oren steen
7:45 am
fbi's request will thoroughly underperform principles of the constitution we agree we share judge's concern misuse would start us down a slippery slope that threatens every ones safety and privacy the battle continues as doj and fbi, and apple go at it scomriep what is timing on this -- do we know. >> we don't on ongoing appeals process, so we will see when this particular judge decides to hear -- >> apple vowed to fight to the supreme court, congress doesn't get off its -- end, do something about it meantime. maria: do you have a position on this. >> i don't have a position i mean i think this is a tough case, as a journalist we want to protect private information but at the same time, there is national security concerns at stake. >> pretty different even though apple wants to use the particular case, as a precedent it is ios 7 a 5s in this case san bernardino phone
7:46 am
is 5c ios different software they have different security implications. >> what do we need to know about 245 why important. >> one is able to be hacked into as extensively the other one has more lock more encrypted software. >> ones making now, their idea is eventually make a phone that is absolutely impossible for apple to get into, or anybody else. there is there is a way for even with the current system there is a way they can get in basically reloaded the operating system on it, about those right, but there is -- but ultimately they want a phone that is i am pen trabl. >> hawkers suffered a services to hack into one specific phone. >> john mcafee did -- >> whoa. >> -- into one space, get this information out of it, i don't understand why so complicated. >> sua spontes something bigger than one phone if you ask me.
7:47 am
>> we should point out, the apple cooperated with the government, in multiple cases up until the end of the year. and that is -- >> in this filing it says federal court applications over years company complied every time until now. >> at least 07 cases if not more. >> leon panetta said what snaengsed changed was he had wavered order? density revelation. maria: i don't know if you believe that why companies do not want to comply. >> do you think more to do protecting brand national security at this point. >> that is related to the snowden thing a revolt of. >> i stand by fact if people were that interested in edward snowden rand paul would be president we have have isis hacking heads off i don't understand why we can't get into phones for national security you and i went at it against another -- guest on the show those want to protect national security don't want
7:48 am
to get to us again there are those of us want to protect privacy as well. >> as i think about, i think about the victim. >> the victims and families of this terror attack. >> most valuable company in the world. >> up next oil prices rebounding from lows customers feeling the impact at pufrn. how high will oil go now because former has answers to that will join us coming up back in a moment.
7:49 am
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. >> welcome back gasoline prices steady a dollar 81 cents a gallon overnight, phil phillip at cme this morning big jump in oil and gasoline over the last couple weeks oil
7:52 am
up to 38 what do you think. >> you bet it was, i will tell what i gasoline prices have their biggest one week jump of the year, what is more is aaa, says not over yet when it comes to gasoline prices, their pointing out the fact that refineers were not making much so changing the schedule cut back on gasoline production, on top of that we are getting ready for the summertime blends that also a adds at least 10 to 15 cents per gallon you put it all together, looks like the gasoline prices are going to continue to rise, we also, of course, are shaking off right now that weak chinese economic data overnight oil prices are starting to turn higher once again. a lot of that is because talk of more chinese stimulus talk of a potential deal with opec to cut production and freeze production but object top of that more signs we are seeing global production start to fall, latest was china, cut production by over 20%. back to you. maria: we are watching china particularly after trade numbers last night thank you,
7:53 am
oil prices rebounding from 12-year lows and now iranian crude about to hit the market fissures i delivery in europe earlier this week since sanctions i listed this year, joining me now is former bpceo lord john brown, lord john brown good to see you thanks for joining us we had a pretty good move upwards last couple weeks what do you tribute that. >> i think sentiment i think people are think aboutinging demand isn't as bad as previously thought demand rises because there are more people wanting, to aspire to have things middle class that we have here. so demands looking okay. supply still pretty strong though supply is very strong around the world, it is softening in u.s. and in some of the more areas like -- north sea. >> surprise side of the story is the part of the story that is not going away soon, probably continues to get problematic for prices; right? you've got got shale producers in u.s. battered as much as
7:54 am
they have been, they are still producing. many. we have go to iran russia, issue middle east how do you see it. >> i think a lot of oil around, and it will be produced, russia is doing pretty well because the cost base in rush has come down as a result of the ruble, softening so much, and the around the world plenty of supplies there are some indications of people investing less, certainly investing less for the long term, but the long term will take a few years, to come be evidence in reduced production. >> supply is one piece of the story the other big piece of the story asmara said is children too we have a report chinese exports down 25%, how do you size up what is going on in china right now, how serious a slowdown are they experiencing what does that mean for the rest of the would recalled. >> they are, experiencing slow i do know, but actually the oil consumption growth rate is
7:55 am
hardly changed still consuming oil, because it is transportation primarily, and there is that still needed, it is a staple for the economy so i think it has been a little overrated in terms of impact on oil itself. >> how the broader economy do you think that at the face a serious economic problem. >> it is clearly changing, it is the makeup of the economy, that is changing, obviously. 6 1/2% -- 7%, growth rate is still pretty good. maria: certainly well considering the rest of the world. >> just went -- it can't a patchy over the cracks, the rest of the world has, by having a superfast growth rate. maria: i don't know if i believe that number 3% some people -- anyway it is what they reported what about bankruptcies in the united states from these shale producers small oil companies. >> do we really need to see these companies go out of business get picked up in order to get kind of a -- a bottom supply. >> we are definitely seeing
7:56 am
that the moment, there will be more of those as the -- as the credit season rolls forward. that banks have to redetermine whether to lend and hedges, people production forward at higher prices those off i think weak producers go out of business the strong producers will stay there, they will just moderate the amount they invest, as they reduce the amount they invest long term production will come down, short term, not too much is going to happen, from great producers in the u.s. >> your latest book connects how companies success engaging radically with society. congratulations, you have become quite a prolific writer. >> number four, i had to get off my -- get off my chest why corporate social responsibility as a way of thinking is wrong, it has been left in the ghetto, the it is how you engage with society the heart of your business if you get it right, then i
7:57 am
basically make higher returns that is evident from all the many years. >> very interesting thanks so much for joining swiss appreciate it connect john brown, next hour, senator john and paul admit efl cofounder, on 2016 presidential a races "mornings with maria". we'll be right back. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems, including: neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and low energy. in fact, if you sit most of the day, your risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as if you smoke. prolonged sitting even makes it harder for you to burn calories and lose weight. man #1: fortunately, there's a solution. inmovement, the affordable, award winning, standing desk. woman #1: an inmovement standing desk lets you move effortlessly
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8:00 am
fox business network dagen mcdowell, the "the wall street journal" john. >> 8 km on east coast four states for grabs republican front-runner donald trump facing test in michigan and mississippi. trump made a last minute appeal on hannity last night fox news why republicans should be voting for him. i don't like about labels necessarily a label doesn't mean very much, but when it comes to being conservative i happen to be conservative, i am very, very so-called conservative on military i want very, very strong military, i want to build up you know our military is totally depleted, nobody is summer conservative when it comes to trade than i am. maria: will he march closer to republican nomination will marco rubio be forced to drop out of about florida, we will take a closer look, michigan keeping both sides of the race bernie sanders hillary clinton fresh off fox news town hall last night we will take you there coming up, michael bloomberg he over before it began he says this morning running for the white house is
8:01 am
a risk he will not be taking, breaking overnight a commuter train draildz into a creek in california, hurealth insurance onboard 14 people injured we've got that for you a payout for erin andrews in lawsuit over recorded video in hotel details coming up global markets this morning concerns about china's economy chinese and/or thes down 25% last month, from a year earlier signs of china slowdown asian markets lower shanghai composite eked out a slight gain in europe we are seeing weakness across the board there as well, on the china news take a look at numbers down 22 points ff 100 mining stocks especially hard this morning, and in u.s. year expecting a decline at open of trading as well, the market is off its worst levels of the morning, nonetheless down 50 points on dow jones industrial average, nasdaq s&p also weaker this morning, big news, is this thursday european central bank will hold its meeting, and news conference, voters in u.s. headed to polls
8:02 am
in four different states today what i be senator marco rubio's last chance to salvage his campaign forbes media chairman steve forbes told us if things do not get better for rubio he must drop out. >> this shows why there is pressure on rubio to pull out let some other candidate come up, is that is not going to happen while see what happens in michigan tomorrow. if rubio gets any sign of life there he may wait for the debate this week, to try to salvage his campaign if he looks behind he is going to pull out he cannot lose home state have a career afterward. >> joining us right now john barrasso good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria great to be with you. >> do you think it is time for senator rubio to leave the race at this point to make it a two-man race? >> no, not at all, still four candidates in the race a long way until the july convention in cleveland where you need 1237 delegates to get the nomination, i think going to go on a long time.
8:03 am
>> op-ed in journal today basically saying if the party says that trump is not have number of delegates it looks like the party is stealing election from donald trump. people forget the rules. >> well the riles are you need that many delegates that is the reason they have conventions to come on and nominate somebody that can get a majority of the delegates and bring forth the party to the election in about november, i think that is the best way to assure a republican victory in november is to get somebody with a majority of delegates coming in july. maria: are you expecting a brokered convention. >> i expect i am go to follow rules of convention go with majority i think we are going to see a lot today, next week is the primaries in florida, and ohio. that can have a major impact on the race as well maria. maria: a huge -- huge part of does excuse me. >> can i ask a question senator nice to see you again for those of us on team never
8:04 am
trump, what do you suggest we do now do you think we need to cou coagulate for ted cruz support give him monday looks like biggest opportunity to take the delegate -- from -- >> well i think people ought to listen to debates make decisions on their own i mean that is what the primary process he is is about, the energy is hijack on the republican side now we are up over 3 million votes, in terms of republicans turning out to vote. this time compared to four years ago, the democrats -- energy is poor down to three million votes, so i think there is a lot of enthusiasm different candidacy bringing more people to the polls, certainly donald trump is part of it, as is ted cruz, as is marco rubio we see with -- kasich in ohio. >> will you get behind donald trump if he is the nominee? >> i am going to into are the nominee of the party i have been saying that since last summer i am going to continue to say that, i will be at the convention in many clooevenlgd
8:05 am
suppo cleveland. >> i will support the nominee out of there. >> as minorities become a growing share of eligible voters do you worry given the comments trump has made since -- if you will that that pushes people who you need to vote for the republican nominee, pushes them in altogether different direction? >> people when it comes -- going to have to make a choice between two candidates, the republican nominee and the democrat nominee right now 70% americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, because of the policies of barack obama, and i think hillary clinton is likely nominee from democrat side iss who is continuing that approach of -- of barack obama, we see right now with energy, in the debate the other night hillary clinton came out against fracking, this is she is against american energy on the same day that iran has now ask
8:06 am
exported oil to europe made it from iran, to europe, she ought to be supporting american energy did you tell do you know whether or not i think in november people are going to have a clear choice and going to have to make a decision between two candidacy. >> right she is also very positive on obamacare, she says she wants to build on it rather than change it let me ask you about ted cruz, the senator expected to announce first senate endorsement this week will you be included on that list? >> you know maria i hadn't -- this time i am not going to until after nomination convention in july. but i will tell you they all have lots and lots of support, across the board, all four candidates, and that is why i think there is so much energy so much enthusiasm and also, the fact that so many people -- broadcast center the country is headed wrong direction in terms of foreign policy in terms of domestic policy you just brought up the issue of the health care law. people still find he personally has been for them
8:07 am
one in four americans say they have personally been hurt by the health care law, and for that reason they oppose the obama clinton approach. >> senator, even -- donald trump saying that he is conservative as anyone, on trade, of course, he wants to crack down on trade with -- and mexico raises the question what is a conservative how do you describe what a conservative is particularly when it comes to trade with the rest of the a world? >> i think trade is important, certainly for wyoming my home state twrid is more for products we have i am trying to export more i liberatingfied natural gas great abundance in the united states friend and allies across the world want it, but yet obama administration has made it harder to -- that product i want to export our agriculture products beef number one cash prop in wyoming another truck i am supporting --
8:08 am
>> you have donald trump who is talking i mean 45% tariff on imported goods from china way he talks the about trade with china and japan in particular it sounds like war, so that has to make -- >> i support trade i met with prime minister from japan he wants to i am port our natural gas i think there are opportunities that hope jobs our economy products in my home state, and help upset as a nation, but we feed to be using energy i believe, as the master resource, to help drive our economy and --. >> the question what is a conservative? well, i mean a skrf to me is somebody who believes that the constitution is a rigid document not a about flexible document not a living detect document and grows from there. >> one thing with donald trump
8:09 am
he keeps resonating with people about the fact he is a tough guy going to protect america, and he is is going to make sure the get jobs back from mexico back to jobs from china so are some reason even though there are not specifics in any of that, it is resonating people want aive to person in the quite house after he seven years they feel they haven't had who else represents that did he meaner in terms of going to be tough on allies adversaries around the world. >> i think you are right maria in terms of that perception because people do want to undo the damage that barack obama has done and i think he has done it projecting weakness against north korea vladimir putin, sir, around the world, and as a result, people are very concerned especially in light of isis the terror threat we have in united states people looking for a legislatively of protection, a bodyguard if you will, and they are not getting that from
8:10 am
this president who at times of terrorism calls it work place violence this is incredible what he is doing with guantanamo bay what we are seeing people going into the fight again begins the united states, and he wants to close it down. >> for sure, good to have you on program thanks so much. >> thaufrpgs for having me. >> see you soon. >> look forward to it. >> we do as well, make sure stay with fox business for our coverage of day's caucuses primaries, especially coverage 7:00 pomona eastern on fox business network want to turn to other stop story fox sports reporter erin andrews awarded 55 million dollars, in a lawsuit filed against the stalker who recorded a nude video from adjacent hotel room the jury finding both hotel and stalker responsible for the damages. earlier i spoke with fox news legal analyst on the ruling she explained how pay out would be split. >> i think she deserves this i really do, now stalker cannot pay this i mean, about 51% is liable to him spent two years
8:11 am
in jail, so going into bankruptcy. >> but he can't pay it -- >> going to go bankrupt where does money come from. >> she will not from him but 49% of it going to come from at the hotel, now, of course, they have money through insurance so 49% is going to come from them, of course, going to come from insurance company, now lawyers take 30, 40% of their share so he show a is not going to get near 55 million. >>ks andrews had originally asked for 75 million dollars in that lawsuit that is consider what she sued for pleased with verdict posting a long thank you to the national sports and to her legal team, on twitter, coming up next individuals celebrities to sports leagues nfl facebook pampers up push to stream live video we've got details on u new oest endeavor there back in minute. >> ♪ good day sunshine, good day sunshine ♪
8:12 am
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. ...of fixodent plus adhesives. they help your denture hold strong more like natural teeth. and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. maria: welcome back, funeral services for former first lady nancy reagan scheduled friday cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: getting more details on funeral that for former first lady nancy reagan this friday at ronald reagan
8:15 am
presidential library s simi valley calf buried next to husband, officials say first lady michelle obama will be in attendance. >> a commuter train off the tracks northern california injuring nine people a fallen tree caused the derailment yesterdaying one item intolerabled a swollen creek four victims are in series condition this morning, and, finally, this facebook wants to get in live football business social media company trying to live stream thursday night football game in interview with variety, pet pruch confirmed the company is bidding for the package right now, amazon, verizon some other companies are looking at this, by the way, it is going to be big bucks cbs nbc paid 450 million for tv rights two-year deal with nfl this is going to be a quote bidding war according to facebook. >> video for the social media companies now, right.
8:16 am
>> exactly, and paying talent as well to come to handle the games, going to be a big price tag. >> other corners original content so all merging. >> yes thanks. >> you bet. >> white house a revelation could fuel criticism of plan to close guantanamo bay place suspected terrorists on american soil we take up that next. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ntic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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oil prices down from losses this morning after disappointing trade date from china overnight phil flynn academy what a huge rally not only in oil but oil copper iron ore nine yards last couple weeks yesterday, best move ever for iron ore. >> it was incredible, and a lot of it is because the market ploovz china is going to do whatever it takes is to stimulate economy, and after that trade data today, you are going to understand why are i mean we saw china exports fall over 25% one month that is a huge number, it was the worst performance we've seen since 2008, but the market right now seems looking beyond that right now. talks about production cuts, the chinese construction season ahead of us, expectation is demand will rise as production starts to level off, or even fall, in fact, just yesterday, china's
8:21 am
biggest oil company said guess what guys we are cutting you output capital spending our output is going to fall over 13% even in china where they are i am porting here in record amounts of oil cutting back on production producers can't do it the biggest producers in the world of oil are having a hard time whether exxonmobile saudi arabia or china, they are all saying the same thing we can't continue to produce at these levels that means prices have to go up or production is going to fall geoyeah, maybe phil goldman sachs is out with that report saying some this is just a trade, they are not buying it we will see about that that is what makes a market phil flynn thank you. >> thank you. >> revealing at least one dozen former guantanamo bay inmates expected to have engaged in terrorist activities as of january returned to the fight closetir plan by pentagon proposing 13 potential sites u.s. soil to house the rage 60 terrorist suspects held at gitmo currently, joining us now
8:22 am
former intelligence operator lea gabrielle good to see you what is your take obviously we foe they are going back to the fight. >> well you know i don't think this is necessarily smoking gun but i do think that as you see more reprieve relief you know we no longer have control when released i think we can expect some return to the battlefield world not safer than before i think we can expect this, at the same time, you know, when you look at the numbers, they have gone down since bush 43 releasing prisoners from guantanamo bay i think a lot of people for got that was going on then as well, the report also found that 111 of 532 thrp released in his administration, have returned to the battle field another 74 suspected of returning not a huge number we are seeing but i do think as we see more reflected we will see number go up. maria: yeah. >> where is guantanamo in -- beyond the obama presidency he can't just shut it down
8:23 am
without congressional support so, how does this look in 2017-2018. >> i think looks like going to continue to be a political battle in correct me if i'm wrong now become is where much, you know a battle between revenues and democrats obama administration wanted to close guantanamo bay president obama said in first year in office that he was going to close guantanamo bay the problem he funny is that it is not to easy 20 do what do you do with with these people a number detainees still there, are from yemen, yemen is a country that is in turmoil right now we can't just turn them back to yemen when we had to pull our democrats ou diplom the country a civil war a problem is going to continue president obama makes the case this is a facility that gives u.s. a bad name around the world doesn't represent our values, and to some extent that is true. but then you know if you take detainees, the ones that are considered the most dangerous transfer to u.s. soil, you continue to hold them without
8:24 am
trial, it doesn't really do anything more for -- for the reputation of the u.s. positionings world. >> what do you think response of the u.s. baddest of bad guys in home tendon wherever that may be held down the set too i know i would be wildly uncomfortable with that. >> this is something i think people do not want most persons don't want a gun gain bay closed down and for the wrn you point out right there people do not want these detainees near to hometown at the same time, as i said before the world has become more dangerous now we are in syria now we are continuing in you know the situation in iraq aviation thin afghanistan not better people are going continue to be did he contained what do you do with them. >> -- are there i any left to release? is there a corps they can't get rid of. >> two problems one as i mentioned that, there are a number of -- of detainees, that may not be considered the most dangerous, but they are
8:25 am
from countries like yemen, where they cannot be released back to country a lot of thesis detainees have been released to different countries, for them to be detained there for the country to deal with them there you can't just hand them back over to a government that is in turmoil right now, of course, the ones considered the most dangerous, and as megyn pointing out the ones being considered moved to u.s. soil, to maximum detention facilities, and nobody role wants them. >> against the law in american people don't want it explain is to me why this box on the president's checklist needs to get checked before january? >> i can't explain that braps you can talk to white house maybe they would be able to explain that look there is the case they are making that this is does not represent american values, that is become the symbol of something doesn't represent american values the problem is what do you do with thesis people what do you do with this facility there is no good answer right now. >> then i reject that that we somehow get what we deserve, that we are responsible for
8:26 am
being attacked by terrorists i reject that. >> i reject that as well, i 245 is certain not what i am saying. >> no white house -- >> kind of. >> takes it a berate too far. >> pursuing it because this is what he promised his base feels like he has to make good on promise that -- >> i think that is part of it bush also said in memoir not necessarily representative of this has come to representative something does not make our country look it's best to the rest of the world trade center, so it is a problem it is something needs to be dealt about but i don't think that the answer is necessarily to move the most dangerous people to the soil we are going to continue to have problem of detainees what to do with them, where best to place them, and i will say -- somebody served in milt seals grabbed guys, it is unsettling to see them going back to a battlefield and to just kind of have loosey-goosey attitude what is going to happen next. >> great insights thanks so much coming up senator rubio
8:27 am
gaining ground in are? the question remains whether the senate makes it to home state primary next tuesday paul mitchell cofounder chairman john paul did he juroria will weigh in next, back dejoria back in a minute. ♪ these little guys? they represent blood cells.
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>> welcome back, a last minute push for votes in michigan, missouri, idaho and hawaii. 150 delegates for the republicans, and the most important battle ground is the great lakes stake. jeff flock is in grand rapids, michigan with the latest. good morning, jeff. >> good morning to you, maria. 59 delegates to be aportioned -- to be distributed in a fashion not winner take all here in michigan, sorry for that. outside of a polling place here in grand rapids. this is ward 1, precinct 2, i'll stay out here and give you a look inside, what it looks like in there, i don't want to be disruptive so i'm not going to walk in there. talking to the folks on the way out, double digit lead for donald trump still, but a late surge for governor kasich after
8:31 am
one voted what he had to say. >> trump has divided this country even more than obama has, i feel like he'll do that more if he becomes the nominee and president and i think we'll get four years out of him and 16 years out of a democratic candidate. >> and that supporter, maria, said he thought maybe donald trump would divide the country more even than president obama and that's why he says i've got no problem with a contested convention. proportionally is the word i was looking for how the 59 delegates are distributed. it's not winner take all. we'll have a look at how it stacks up. maria: thank you. jeff. marco rubio closing the gap with frontrunner donald trump in the home state. leading rubio by 8 points, but
8:32 am
if rubio doesn't perfectly we well-- perform well today, will he make it to next tuesday. and joining us john paul dejoria. >> love you out there, thank you. maria: who do you think that business wants in the white house? where do you see it from business's standpoint? >> well, right now, i would say the majority of people in business are rather disappointed in all the candidates and what they're saying. i just say that doing business is dialog, it's not fighting. so, it's really difficult to say who would be the best right now. i think each one wants to be the best and say they'll be the very, very best. obviously, when you go a little bit too far to the left, maybe it's not the best thing for business because people still say, stay overseas with their business. so, i would say, probably more on the right with the republican party, but which one is very difficult to tell right now.
8:33 am
on one case you have a business man, i've always promoted have a businessman in office. but i never was promoting having a businessman that would piss people off, especially in foreign countries. dagen: john, donald trump, in his excitement, if you will, he's just reflecting how a lot of americans feel, that they have been cut out, that free trade has not helped them. their wages are not growing and traditional politicians have not listened to them and i don't mean for the last eight years, i mean the last 30 years, that these jobs have gone to mexico, china and elsewhere. >> you know, and so right. with all due respect to donald, donald, you're right on that, whether it's the democratic party or republican party, they make all of these promises and rarely do they follow through, it's all politics. people want to say, hey, this is not us. let's get somebody that will change it. i don't believe that donald
8:34 am
trump would even have a shot at being president if it wasn't for both sides being rather upset with politics the way it is. a great example is the majority of people are against obamacare. they saw their insurance rates go up, i'm all for everybody getting health care, everybody deserved good health care, but not the way they went around it. republicans said, hey, put us in the senate and house of representatives and we're going to change things. put them in there and little was done. so both parties are, shall we say, not as respected as they should be in the united states, and we, the people, want a change. not just promises, we want a change. i tried to start an accountability pledge and i put it on-line, as a politician, here is what you're promising the nation, will you please write it down and say i will do this, this, this, if elected president. if i didn't do it the first year, why i haven't done it, and what the obstruction is, what is in the way, i will quit.
8:35 am
if i don't quit, impeach me. that's accountability and the american public knows that, and we get disappointed if those we trusted and would make a change. and here comes another person, donald trump, totally from the business world and different from the people we thought would change anything. we thought, well, this guy didn't do it, this guy didn't do it, he may be off the wall, may be he has the strength to pull it off. what people forget is this, there's a certain segment that love donald trump, if rubio drops out. i don't know if they're going to follow trump, if they go more towards rubio-- i'm sorry, more towards cruz, now cruz will probably lead trump in the very, very end. this would be very interesting few weeks. maria: marco rubio is not going to drop out before florida, he's made that clear. not only that, if he were to do that he totally gives it up to trump.
8:36 am
i mean, or cruz, so, the followers will go, some of them may go to trump. i can't imagine he pulls out before next tuesday. >> i want to know what is worse for his narrative, if he loses to trump or cruz. he's not going to be in the senate. a young guy with a bright career, what do you think is worse. >> i think he's a young man with a bright career, if he starts thinking about which would be worse for him, then he's not the man we think he is. i think he's a young man, no matter who jumps ahead of him, if he just stays in there. look at richard nixon, stayed in there, stayed in there and finally got elected. if anything, cruz as a young man has a good shot let's say getting into big politics regardless who tops him. >> do you think that ted cruz can beat hillary. >> ted cruz could definitely beat hillary. >> i agree. >> i don't think our nation wants another eight years of what's been going on in washington and i don't think they want that. >> we always say elections are about the economy.
8:37 am
how is the economy doing? you're out there in the business sector, what are you seeing happening? are people spending money? >> good question, yes, they are. and i can say that from a point of view of beauty salons as well as the spirits industry. patrone is up, people are spending money on higher end tequila to treat themselves. more people are going to salons than eight years ago, that's a good sign. take a look at savings, the average person has about 5% of their income is being saved right now, and that wasn't so, it was negative back in 2008. the economy is getting better, the people are getting stronger, and the people are being more, shall we say, delicate where they spend their money. they're watching it carefully, but they are spending it and we're going to go this year and next year with a great economy. no matter who gets into office, we, the people in the business of america, will continue to grow. i think that the only thing that will slow it down, if the
8:38 am
wrong people get into office and upset people internationally, or upset the business community and bringing more regulations, that could slow things down. maria: it's interesting how the recession fear seems to have faded the last couple of weeks and months. jp, thank you very much. >> always a pleasure. maria: john paul dejoria. "mornings with maria" starts at 6:00 on fox business network. before we go to break, some of the moments you may have missed on the show. >> i'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal. i think that the g.o.p. has almost completely devastated itself and something new will arise. >> this is a woman who did not want that out there. she is not-- was not seeking to have that out there. she did not want a sex tape like to make money to get more people to watch. she's not something like the waun to do, i'm sure some people out there, kim kardashian, she's not like that, she did not want that.
8:39 am
>> the economy was really falling into the tank. you would see more of the cyclical stocks being hit, but if it's really, for instance, tech stocks got hit, it's really just about people reallocating the property and selling last year's winners, then i think that washes out and the economy gets back on its feet. >> right now i feel the last eight years of work we've done to try to get this party bigger is literally deconstructed in front of my eyes. >> akin to a private e-mail server, something everybody is mystified by that. we've never seen something like this before that doesn't mean you can't prosecute, but you have to be careful about prosecuting in the area if the defense is essentially good faith. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million
8:40 am
business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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(announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses have already used ziprecruiter. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to >> welcome back. the justice department now appealing a previous new york court ruling. >> jo. >> the department of justice requested a federal court judge reverse a ruling, you might remember, by the eastern
8:43 am
district of new york which that the federal government does not have the authority to force apple to bypass that pass code to unlock a drug dealer's iphone, which was a meth case, this in no way between the privacy and security. pushing back. apple has used this original ruling to justify its protest of the california court order for the iphone 5 c used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. and telling fox business in a statement, we share the judge's concern the misuse of the act would start us down a slippery slope that threatens everyone's safety and privacy, maria, so this continues to be a back and forth fight at multiple levels, the corporate level, the legal level, privacy, everything. maria: very tough story. very tough position. megan, do you have any thoughts on this. >> anything to help the security and stop the bad guys,
8:44 am
i don't have a problem. i think people think this one key one encryption and hire one crazy guy to hack into this phone. are you going to force the government, force apple to create this soft worry which will enable much bigger access the that's the issue. do you trust the government to have this information in its hand if it wants to do two, three or four cases. dagen: the governor would not have that. the way the san bernardino case is, apple would control the key, the softwear, the government never controls of that. >> that's one versus many. maria: but what apple is saying, once the program is out there, it's out there. dagen: it is, and the government will use that precedent-setting case in all the other cases so in effect, it would lead to the opening of other phones. maria: and other governments. did you see recently brazil jailed that leader at facebook
8:45 am
in brazil, the guy who runs facebook in brazil is sitting in a jail cell because he wouldn't give the brazilian government access. >> the issue here is really the intersection of privacy and security and also corporate and government relations here because you see apple spent millions and millions of dollars lobbying the government over the years for various products and cases, and then now, when they change their position on one thing, it's completely turned things around because it's a case of serious terrorism. that's what's at stakes here and the precedent could be permanent, in fact, if they go through the courts and the other question, do you go through the courts or through the legislature and can the legislature actually produce something in any timely fashion? probably not. dagen: apple wants congress to take care of it so there's a legal standard. i'll point to this, apple needs to talk more about what kind of relationship it has with the communist government in china in terms of access that government has to the phones this that country, 'cause-- >> it's no secret they lobbied
8:46 am
the chinese government for many years in order to build partnerships with the state-owned providers, but also here, you have the fbi-- >> so they've talked about that. maria: and china-- >> i'm suggesting that, if they're not, they should say that. >> for the record, fbi director james comey has said he wants to go through congress as well, but for this particular case he can't because there's so much at stake and they need to access that. they don't know what's in it or could be in it. maria: it's a tough, tough story, jo. coming up next, a garbage truck falls more than 100 feet from an interstate overpass, you'll never believe the condition of the driver, that's next. soon to be ex-hall-of-famer, peyton manning in tears as he leaves the game he loves. >> i love the game so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it, absolutely, absolutely i will. ♪ ♪
8:47 am
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♪ should be dancing, yeah ♪ ♪ dancing, yeah ♪ >> oh, it was one couple's big day, but that did not matter to this little boy. this video shows him pouncing on the bride's dress as she walks down the aisle. cheryl casone with a look at this, good one. cheryl: do you think that mom was upset about that one, maria? oh, man, and i've got to get you this one. people talk about golfers with a million dollars swing. here is a real million dollar swing, this is golfer ricky fowler, he hit a hole in one at ernie els event in palm beach golf club in palm beach, florida, watch. >> oh, yeah, yeah, good line.
8:51 am
go in, go in! o oh! >> it was so cool about this, 111 yeah ared shot and it raised money for autism and the crowd went world. amusement parks mark six flags, the roller coasters this year, thanks to a partnership with samsung, virtual reality headsets are featured at nine six flag parks, you can pilot a jet, mother earth or be superman in virtual metropolis, i'm kind of interested in that one. i usually don't like rollercoaster, but i'd sign up for that one. >> and a garbage truck freefalls 75 feet off an overpass in miami. it plowed through a concrete barrier and plunged into a parking lot, watch it again. the driver lost control after hitting a guardrail.
8:52 am
he had serious injuries, but he was away from the hospital. and nobody else was hurt and he's lucky to be alive, but that video, again, you watch it over and over and can't believe it's happening. >> that's unbelievable, cheryl. we're half hour from the opening bell. >> oil is at 38, and shake shack, when you come out here, this is a stock that quadrupled from the $21 ipo you know what? it's half the share price over the last nine months and the outlook is weaker than expected. you're likely to see it open to the down side maybe 8%, same-store sales weaker than expected. on the same high out fitters are better than expected up 9, 10%. maria: don't forget to start your day with nicole on fbn and
8:53 am
mornings with maria. and we've got this morning's market moves for you. back in a minute. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems, including: neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and low energy. in fact, if you sit most of the day, your risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as if you smoke. prolonged sitting even makes it harder for you to burn calories and lose weight.
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8:56 am
we should be talking about the economy. it looks like we got through a bit of a storm over the last couple of months. maria: it does. >> ecb is going to ease policy more and could be a boost to markets. maria: a big meeting and a news conference. >> we've got the fed in a week and i think we're breathing a sigh of relief that the economy hasn't been hurt more by what's happened in financial markets. maria: we have been talking about this, i think that things have turned a corner. dagen, do you see it this way. dagen: i thought last year because of gas savings. small business optimism hit a two-year low. there's some sense of unease that's still out there. i think as we move through the presidential election season, if there's more uncertainty with who the candidates are and what they would do if elected, i don't think that that helps wipe away that. at least until november. maria: and trump is an unknown. >> right now i'm looking forward to see who, which senators come out to support cruz because two-thirds of the republican party is not supporting donald trump.
8:57 am
there's a break within the party i've never seen in my lifetime and we'll see how many establishment candidates come out to support ted cruz who once upon a time was the most unpopular man in the senate. dagen: i don't know if establishment support, the support from other politicians helps cruz. you know, you get a big-- >> a helps trump. dagen: everything, every spitball, every ball of mud that's been thrown at donald trump has done nothing, but help him. >> and the more the establishment attacks him, the more it rallies his base around him. >> i think it's debatable. i think if you have senators lindsey graham, he said someone could shoot ted cruz on the senate floor and no one would convict anyone, if you have an alignment, against donald trump who many don't believe it not only a conservative, but not a republican. maria: it's interesting, ted cruz went into this as least desirable candidate for a lot
8:58 am
on the g.o.p. and certainly in the senate. >> i would-- i would do-- i will do everything, ted cruz once upon a time was one of my least favorite senators and now he's looking good. i'll support anybody who is know the trump. dagen: trump is a magnet for the working class. exciting to see who in michigan comes out to vote for. i doubled checked this morning and correct me if i'm wrong, this is an open primary versus the four corners over the weekend. cruz does better in closed, republicans only. this is structured today to benefit donald trump, certainly, in michigan. >> the gamble, will there be enough white working class men in this country, apparently this is the gamble he's betting on to be the nominee, but at a certain point in the general election, things are going to get real. maria: and brought the hispanic vote the math is not possible, he cannot win without the hispanic vote.
8:59 am
>> the articles are talking how people are becoming citizens, hispanic people are becoming citizens simply to vote against donald trump. dagen: he has the ability though to tone down the language, we've seen it. in the speech he gave or press conference he gave after the super tuesday victory. he has the ability to sound more presidential. >> and people are coming-- >> it didn't alienate him, i think it helps across the board. >> how much damage has been done. dagen: i completely agree, who knows. maria: great conversation. jon hilsenrath and meghan mccain, thank you very much. stay with us for the coverage of today's primaries, and a special coverage 8 p.m. on the fox business network. tomorrow morning, rudy guiliani, and cyrus vance, jr. and former senate majority leader mitchell.
9:00 am
have a great day, that will do it for us. "varney & company" begins now, stuart, over to you. stuart: monday night, specialist economic nonsense from bernie and hillary. tuesy moing,rumpuns rongor rublins i michan a so es jn kach. goodorni, stt wi las nit's wn hl inetro, mecareor a, th's bnie nder you'll never have to borrow for college, that's hillary clinton. tax wall street and the rich to pay for it all. know the a word about growing the economy and, please, ignore the debt. that's the democrat's pitch, we heard it last night. republican pitching for delegates. they're voting in four states. trump leads, but watch the anti-trump establishment organize to stop him. closed door meetings with billionaires, they will spend big to stop it. and watch kasich's late surge and rubio's sharp decline.


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