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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: all right. we have been on a streak that may have been stopping today. it could still happen. it is only tuesday, after all. we shall see. trish: voters in four states casting their votes. the winner take all make or break contest next week. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. mississippi, idaho, hawaii. donald trump leading in the polls. we are asking whether or not ted cruz's momentum could put him on top. the better business bureau weighing in on its rating for trump university. >> the rating was a b.
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2010. it was a result of a number of complaints. trish: today, we set the record straight. hillary clinton challenged on her e-mail controversy. >> taking information that should not be classified as anything. it should not have been classified. >> it was not at the time. >> the media freaking out over donald trump. really scare voters away from trump. howard kurtz is here. he has never seen anything like this, folks. real moving port at some schools in cafés because of warnings that immigrants will be offended i this. couldn't they just order something else? it is never enough. speaking of political correct
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this, the mayor of new york city is raining in executive order. including playgrounds and locker rooms to allow people to use whatever bathroom they want. the mayor says it is all about protecting the rights of the transgendered. what about the rights of women and little girls to use the restroom and locker rooms without been hanging around. we will talk about all of this. let's get back to politics right now. many analysts are saying the billionaire businessman may have that. democratic strategist. starting with you. are they going to be successful in their attempts? >> i do not see how.
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even if he does not make the cut off. they do. i tell you, i feel like the establishment is tone deaf ear. they still go with the will of the majority of republicans out there. >> i totally agree 110%. i think that it is too late. stopping donald trump right now. they are talking about it or trying to do it. >> they are able to effectively stop him in his tracks, they get to ted cruz. you know, the likelihood right now, and landscape. it would go to ted cruz or donald trump. if he does not get it, do you
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think that those trump supporters will come out on the election day? >> no. i dow very seriously that that would happen. they feel that their voice has not mattered in this process. i do not take that we could go to a brokered convention. they want dave rubio x-lowercase-letter. who do you think is a tough candidate? >> i think that we need to take every candidate seriously. i think donald trump is a huge danger. he has brought in people that have been apolitical. some that have not voted in a while. that could be dangerous for us.
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i think that we should take everyone very seriously. >> you talk about the ability. you think about union votes, for example. donald trump is bringing them in. they actually went and registered. they voted for donald trump. redefining the party. will it bring some of the blue-collar democrats? >> i do not think that there is any doubt. you go to a brokered convention. the establishment pulling something like that. a lot of bernie's supporters, i am feeling. i do not take that the establishment gop understands
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how permanent this changes. the establishment control. you know that they will not take no for an answer. >> what does it mean to the establishment? congressmen who are up for reelection. >> i think that it will be a down problem. 2012. they decided we need to expand. they created a calendar that was supposed to help the establishment candidate. trump came in. he brought in new voters. now he is running away with it. rubio and kasich do not look like they have a chance. trish: do not go anywhere.
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shaking his head. this entire discussion. none other than governor pataki. marco rubio supporter. >> that is total nonsense. they are masking behind donald trump. thirty-two, 33, 34% of the votes. trish: more than anyone else? >> you can get as many votes as them combined. it was not even close. >> all for donald trump. scaring us to death. they know that he is a loser. 50% of republicans do not like dom up trump. in 2014, we had great republican victories. we have the house. we had the senate. it was not because of donald trump. the democrats are rolling.
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>> you did not like trump from the beginning. you criticized him from the beginning. marco rubio. i know. he cannot even win right now. >> the last primary. voting in puerto rico. trish: the territory. >> it has been 4 million people. more people in new hampshire. everybody pays attention in new hampshire. he knows. let me say right now, marco rubio will win in florida. donald trump has this. yes, we are angry. yes we want to throw out all the powerboats. >> never voting for rubio. when they hear about the truth of his record.
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his ridiculous comments that he makes over and over. the media right now. trump is great. trish: he gets a lot of attention. >> donald trump. he has done this. he has done that. they will be jumping up and down. let me make a prediction. if donald trump does not get the nomination because he loses, i bet he would go out and endorse hillary clinton. it is not about the republican party. >> that is kind of what people like about him. >> i agree with that. republican conservative in new york state. winning so big in florida. could not be a party guy. trish: let's talk about this. marco rubio and hillary clinton. he is young.
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he is not necessarily, let me say this as nicely as i can, he is not projecting quite the image that you want. he ran against new york. crossing almost as a little boy next to hillary clinton. >> the american people know that she does not tell the truth. mind you, she has broken the law. the probation that will result in obamacare. they cannot continue to use taxpayer money. >> and insignificant position. >> enough of the hillary and bill. >> fair to say.
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we elected a one time senator. the entire time. a controversial issue. >> that is the other criticism. he knew nothing about foreign affairs. the best strategy to deal with isis and radical islam. i just think that he is the right guy to bring in. >> my second choice is marco rubio. >> he does not get it. who would you support for the nominee? >> he will win florida like he won puerto rico. >> let me ask you this. if donald trump succeeds in gets the nomination, who will be there to support?
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>> i will support the nomination. trouble not be the nomination. trish: if he is? >> the republican voters have too much sense to nominate an egocentric guy. >> if they do, the people of the republican party. >> i certainly will support the republican candidate. it will not be donald. >> so many republicans have such a hard time with that question. >> it is not because and i establishment. it is because of donald trump. he has no political philosophy. mexico will pay the bill. he does not care. he is fighting the people as he did with trump university. as he did with the casinos in atlantic city.
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this is not the right guy. we want to change washington. do it with someone that knows how to bring it together. trish: thank you so much. tell us how you really feel. do not forget, everyone. tune into fox tonight. michigan, idaho, mississippi. taking off here at 7:00 p.m. eastern with lou dobbs and neil cavuto. i want to know what you think. i want to know what all of you think regarding today's primaries. cast your vote. we want to hear it. media freak out over donald trump. the top language. scaring voters away from the front runner. plus, the latest on agreeing to
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taking back all migrants that cross into europe. some public schools are moving. never enough with the politically correct activist. >> we will see you right back here. don't go away. ♪ ♪
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a sleep number store. feedback we have some breaking news to get you to right now. one of which made its way onto cnn. that was a rumor about marco rubio dropping out of this campaign. the advisor went on to that network and said no way, no how, no truth to this.
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we are getting word that may be those rumors may have actually been said by the ted cruz campaign. now, of course, there are some concerns about this in part because we learned that the cruz campaign actually said some of the rumors initially about ben carson. taking off and going to florida. continuing to compete and win the iowa caucuses. i am joined right now for more on this breaking story. how we kurds. fox news media analyst. i would like to get your take on what we are hearing right now. ted cruz's people may have said incorrect information to cnn? >> i do not know the source. pulling back on this. talking about the cnn report. i spoke just moments ago with a
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campaigns director. no one from cnn call for comment. some unnamed rubio advisors were talking about the senator getting out of next week's primary. >> you generally do not go with something. trying to verify it. >> i am very surprised they did not do that. they called it fiction. bumped from a later section he had been scheduled to do. talking about one advisor. someone in the inner circle. nobody has discussed getting out. calling once a week.
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>> does the rubio campaign actually think that ted cruz is responsible? >> i cannot say that. we do not know what the genesis was so cnn reporting. obviously, there has been a lot of whispering back and forth. one of the reasons this story is so damaging, a big headline in drugs. even though, the denials have come out. some of whom are voting today. exposed to the possibility. >> we do not report on a bottom of the polls. in part because we want to this. going and bulk for whomever they so choose. there is a lot of sensitivity surrounding these things.
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president trump is now a possibility. it is terrifying. two out of the washington post, the front runner to hitler. reading, trumps flirtation. donald trump. you know, why is it that the media has been reduced to this. it seems as though, a lot of publications have taken on some real anger and fear regarding
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child. >> commentators and columnists on both sides of the contest. desperate to stop donald trump. the appeals to this. we must not let this happen to our country. i have never seen anything like it. also, all of this helped him. he runs against the press. his supporters will not be displayed. the way media harps on him. the more some people feel like they can go out and register to vote. they can cast their vote for trump. >> great to see you.
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trish: i will beat you back on the fox news channel at 11:00 a.m. every sunday. great show. check it out. breaking up your up. bringing back all migrants across europe. the flash of cultures here. it intensifies. some schools are removing products so they will not offend muslims. you would think if you don't eat pork you would just say, i will pass on that one. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. trish: we have breaking news coming in right now. an american to arrest attacked and killed. also wounded 10 other people. this is actually the third one
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we are told within just a few hours. we will continue on. we will bring you the latest. expected to arrive on israel still soil. requiring visas to cross the border. it will close that border to migrants trying to make their way in. this is all happening amid fresh controversy today. turkey taking back thousands of muslim migrants. the un's refugee agency says it could actually be illegal. not allowing migrants to get kicked out of the country once they are in. this all happening amid so many reports we have been covering for you. also, some schools and public cafés.
2:28 pm
this is new here. they may have stopped serving. culturally sensitive to the millions plus muslims that are now in their country. >> we are talking about the land of brought were stand sausage. totally changing their culture. they are trying to kick these migrants off. kt mcfarland. joining me now. once these migrants arrive, on european soil, why is it so hard from a legal standpoint? >> there are a couple of reasons for it. united nations. if a migraine comes to your shores, he cannot be returned to his original country. his original country is an unsafe place. he does not get sent back to the
2:29 pm
middle of the war. the problem with a lot of the migrants coming into europe now, into italy or to greece, once they are there, whatever paperwork they have, they may tear up. when they ask where are you from, they will all say i am from syria. >> some of these refugees are coming for prosecution reasons. >> it is not really fair to call them refugees. even the german development. we think that there are eight to 10 more million headed our way in 2016. the crime issues. what this means is it is now
2:30 pm
totally overwhelming. >> more than a million in. there is a new study out. 50% of swedish women are afraid to go out at night. the raise capital of europe. people are really terrified. getting ahead of the un today. he is concerned. these migrants, their feelings are being hurt in all of this. people are not being sensitive enough to them. a reality of protecting your nation. >> here is the thing. if the world really wanted to be humane, they do not speak a language. they do not have job
2:31 pm
opportunities. it is like putting them on the moon. they really do not fit in and they are not going to fit in. leave it in the middle east. create safe zones for them. not refugee camps. leave them in the middle east where there is at least a chance of the simulating. >> you are sending the money anyway. in absence of this, assuming we will go down the path we are on, taking 10,000 migrants here into this country and europe doing what they have done with their millions, what happened to europe as we currently know? >> i think that it will never be the same. mass suicide. the cultures that we think of our european cultures. they are going to change. the problems with the europeans is the united states. they have not assimilated.
2:32 pm
they say we are a multicultural society. at least in the past, we have always said you are an american now. the pledge of allegiance. you can have your allegiances to your former country and your culture. you are all americans now. >> you do not have to have that enforced. just pass on the brought words. you do not have to eat it. [laughter] kt mcfarland. this is a very scary experience. we will continue to stay on this. thank you, again. hillary clinton put on the spot. containing classified information.
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trish: hillary clinton facing direct questions on her e-mail scandal. bret baier trust her on her assistance. >> here is what happens. the state department has a process. if they determine that it is, then work it it.
2:37 pm
>> what about you when you are typing an e-mail? >> your contention now is the 2100 e-mails that should be classified at any time. now or then. it should have been classified. >> what i am saying is it was not at the time neared. >> here with analysis. gina, you would think she would have a more perfected answer at this point. is there a real answer that there is not any kind of good answer here. >> if you look at hillary this entire time, she has never really had a very good answer. they continue to ask questions. you have to really wonder what is going on here.
2:38 pm
nothing has actually happened with hillary. >> a few things have happened in this. set up the whole e-mail system. >> it is a good point. it is a political process. you are going to tell me why. nothing was really classified. >> here is the thing. did she make a mistake in the optics of this? she said, look, i made a mistake. i shouldn't have done this. she will have to work very hard to regain the trust of the american people. >> i kind of screwed up. >> the republicans are piled on. okay, now she has done something. >> it is not as easy as that.
2:39 pm
if you look at all the information, all the information that we have today, i do not know what will happen six months from now. i do not know what will happen tomorrow. just looking at what we have. >> 104 e-mails that have been deemed classified. the state department did not need them. >> only deeming them classified afterwords. >> they are in danger here. this is not about republicans affecting hillary. this is about american lives. how many people are sitting around the world wondering if they were included in one of those e-mails? >> the private server in the first place. the united states of america.
2:40 pm
you will be dealing with sensitive information. you make sure that you do not use your own paying. tash cruises now being accused of dirty tricks. much like he did in iowa. taking the report on cnn. doing so, you know, at a very sensitive time. we have four states voting today. >> i hate to see that we are at this critical point. the establishment reviewed anything against ted cruz and donald trump. kasich and rubio again rubio are in the race to pull votes away so that they cannot get to that magic number. they have to do a brokered convention. i do not think the gop establishment has a neat plan of letting the people have their
2:41 pm
say. >> i think that there will be a ruffle. something that we can all agree on. a lot of people right now. understandably so. no, we will foresee this. what happens then? >> you are absolutely right. it is on both sides of the aisle. a political operative. bernie sanders is going to take off. have tons of money. >> a $27 donation. >> over and over again because they have not maxed out. better than president obama did in 2008. >> it is amazing. i am sorry. both sides.
2:42 pm
they feel like the last eight years have sent them absolutely nowhere. these are the ramifications. thank you so much. good to have you guys here. coming up, everyone. the mayor of new york is issuing an executive order. allowing people to use whatever bathroom they want. depending on what gender they identify with. what is the right for women? how about the right to little girls to use the restroom in the locker room without strange bid hanging around. i am not talking about transgender. i am talking about other men that could be invited under the protection of this law. my intel next. ♪
2:44 pm
♪ trish: all right. let's take a look at the markets. trading off. down about a quarter of a percent. the s&p trading down 12. thirty points. we have some earnings. shares, for example of steak shack. they are dropping. reporting results. not looking so good did disappointing investors for
2:45 pm
sure. major sponsors cutting ties with sharapova. i can never say that. all distancing themselves. five-time grand slam winner. we will be right back. instead, --
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>> we are ensuring that transgender can use the facilities in city government till things and it is consistent with their gender identities. that is important. trish: mayor bill de blasio, mayor of new york city, has just signed an executive order. based on the self declared gender identity. as a man. as a woman. if you do not consider yourself a man or woman. public playgrounds. hey, even locker rooms. it is all being done so that we do not discriminate against transgender people. .002% of the population here in new york city.
2:48 pm
what about the likes of the 99.998% of the population did apparently, i am not part of this population. keep out child pedophiles. i am sorry, usually men hanging out in the ladies room at playgrounds. if you are dressed like a woman, no one will care if you go in the woman's room. i certainly don't. do what you need to do. a lot that could be abused. here is a practic all question for you. what is a father of a little girl supposed to do? in new york city, with this new rule, you will not be able to send your child into the restroom and wait outside for her. you do not know what kind of a man could be in there. let me speak clear.
2:49 pm
i have no problem with a transgender using the restroom. i have a big problem with some random man being there and using it as a cover. kids will not feel safe. once again, our children, our children get short changed. they cannot vote. they do not vote. they are throwing away the best interest of our youth. i suggest to mayor bill de blasio and friends, that they spend less time worrying about bathrooms and more times on how to improve our economy, reduce crime and fix our public school system. my intel for today. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> apple in the federal government heating up today. the government does not have the authority to force the company to bypass its own corruption. are we ever going to be able to unlock this san bernardino terrorist phone. good to see both of you. >> basically both sides are doubling down. involving the drug dealer. once again, his iphone. the magistrate judge said, no, you cannot do that. you are broadening the use of borders. a constitutional remedy here.
2:54 pm
a congressional commission. the biggest, the legislation that it will support. studying this issue further. >> you basically do a hamster wheel for a couple of years. >> still sitting there with potentially valuable information >> i get that. apple and all of us want to know as much as we can about this cowardly couple, about these murderers. >> completely enabling you. buy an iphone. engage in illegal act to the date. and apple iphone.
2:55 pm
>> the government clearly has a right. what it does not have the right to do is compel companies. a master key. we promise we will never use this for any purpose. i am not willing to give the nsa or the obama justice apartment a master key into our homes. >> it is not a master key. they are saying apple would obtain custody. >> right. is apple admitting to that? where does this end up? this could point towards all devices being covered by surveillance or wiretapping or
2:56 pm
be broken into. not just the phone networks. we said it again and again. your question is a good one. can your company manufactures something that is outside. trish: just because i buy this thing, just because i buy this thing does not enabled me to criminal act to video. it is good to see you. it is fascinating. we thank you. ♪ rice, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. trish: thank you so much for joining today. make sure you tune in tonight at 7 p.m. eastern, we're going to be bringing you breaking analysis from hawaii, michigan, idaho and mississippi, all primaries that are happening today. you know what?
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i just want to point out it doesn't stop here. go to my facebook page, tell me what you thought of today's show, or my show page @trishill intel. liz, over to you. liz: thank you, trish. i will be there tonight with team fox business. lou, neil, everybody, and we have a lot to talk about. romney robocalls, loyalty pledges and cheating accusations against senator ted cruz again highlighting republican day on the campaign trail. four states set to vote today as the democrats and republicans hold primary elections in michigan and mississippi. plus, a caucus in hawaii. donald trump and hillary clinton still the clear front-runners at this hour, both expected to take the majority of delegates in today's contests. but the other campaigns are fighting, kicking, scratching to land more delegates tonight. senator ted cruz sticking with the theme that his campaign is,


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