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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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fact that cruz is unpopular and the senate is what attracts a lot of voters. charles: a lot of people are saying, hey, that's why you want him in there. he has gone in there and made new enemies. of course our coverage tonight the big time guys lou, neil, . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. voters in four states tonight casting their ballots, idaho, michigan, mississippi holding primaries, hawaii holding republican caucuses. we expect to have the results soon after. republican front-runner donald trump is expected to do well in several of those states. his goal is to widen his lead, of course, over senator ted cruz and perhaps to deliver a fatal blow to senator marco rubio. political analysts also want to know how trump performs in michigan? the biggest prize tonight, 59 delegates there.
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and trump has consistently been leading in michigan by various, various numbers. but, nonetheless, michigan's son mitt romney has been doing everything he can to slow momentum and indeed stop trump altogether. senator ted cruz coming off two big wins in kansas and maine over the weekend but winning michigan could be difficult for the texas senator, and the state has the second largest delegates up tonight. 40 of them. and senator rubio focused on a make-or-break primary in home state of florida next tuesday. polls showing rubio behind trump by 16 points. his campaign certainly could not survive a loss in his home state. here's how the leading candidates are pitching themselves to the voters. >> here in florida. if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz, you're voting for donald trump. i am the only one that can beat
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them in only one that can stop them here. >> i saw polls where i'm 19 and 20 points up and saw very, very good polls. i'm still leading in florida against a failed senator. rubio is a failed senator. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, and if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the president which is the inevitable result of donald trump being the nominee. come join us, let us stand together. lou: governor john kasich is desperate for a breakout win in michigan tonight, but says he will stay in the race until his home state of ohio votes next week, either way. democrats are voting in michigan and mississippi, clinton holds a double-digit lead and both states over bernie sanders. sanders' main job tonight, trying to tamp down talk of clinton's inevitability as the nominee. we have the best election night coverage tonight with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, providing
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analysis for us. fox news monica crowley, former chairman of the south carolina republican party, van hipp, giving us their insight, you don't want to miss any of that. top story, the race for the republican nomination, donald trump is the clear front-runner in all polls now, but he's only ahead of cruz in the delegate count by 84. trump tonight is hoping to widen his margin ahead of critical contests next week in both ohio and florida. winner take all states. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is with the trump campaign in jupiter, florida with our report. >> reporter: thanks, lou, another night of election returns and night with donald trump without a rally and news conference with a handful of friends and family. we're here at trump's national golf club. because some of the races go quite late. hawaii is five hours behind eastern time, it's likely the candidates will be fast asleep when the delegates come in.
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michigan and mississippi are open primaries which democrats may vote. 150 delegates at stake overall. trump leads the race to 1273 delegates with 384 having won 12 contests. ted cruz is second, marco rubio is third with 151 delegates and 2 wins. john kasich with 37 delegates has yet to win anything. trump's in florida tonight where he hopes to knock out rubio and collect all 99 winner take all delegates. trump's first attack ad against senator marco rubio is playing in his home state. >> corrupt marco rubio spent years defrauding the people of florida. >> reporter: trump admitted this morning after double talk that he has not. >> there is a team, there's not a team, i'm going to be forming a team. i met with far more than three people and be forming a team at the appropriate time. >> reporter: trump repeated
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tactic of challenging supporters to pledge loyalty to him. >> do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. >> reporter: ted cruz observed the pledge of allegiance is to the flag and country, not politicians. >> the idea that a candidate running for office wants the people to pledge loyalty to him like subjects to a king, well, we've had seven years of a president who thinks he's an emperor. >> reporter: trump's under attack by a former candidate, mitt romney, who's recorded robocalls on behalf of kasich and rubio and offered to do so for cruz. >> if we republicans were to choose donald trump as our nominee, i believe the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminishedp. >> reporter: the better business bureau says, quote --
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despite two class-action suits against trump's now-defunct online university and a fraud investigation by the new york state attorney general, trump released a video defending the failed enterprise yesterday. >> so much talk about dishonest people about trump university, and i feel i should set the record straight. >> reporter: trump's rivals say he's misrepresenting all kinds of things including his own politics, and still looks like he's poised to get the majority of the delegates tonight, lou? lou: carl, thank you very much, carl cameron reporting. on the democratic side offering hillary clinton a chance to extend her lead. 166 delegates are up in michigan and mississippi. and clinton is expected to win both of those states but bernie sanders certainly is not going down without a fight. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is in cleveland this evening and has our report. >> i hope you'll vote to hire me. >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned in michigan for the
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fifth straight day, and started the diplomatic task of suggesting democrats and primary battle while trying not to offend supporters of bernie sanders. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans! >> reporter: while clinton did not directly call for sanders to get out of race, she's racking up a big lead. clinton is about halfway to the 2383 delegates she needs to secure the nomination with big lead among superdelegates she has a total of 1334 delegates to sanders 499. when the youngest questioner at the fox news town hall asked clinton about her relationship with sanders. >> do you consider him an enemy or ally? >> clinton used the query from 13-year-old samuel to slam republicans and claimed she and the democratic socialist are allies. >> we have differences and are passionate about our differences, and like we saw in
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the debate last night, we air the differences about issues. compare that to the republicans and how they behave. >> reporter: if clinton wraps up the nomination, she may have difficulty wooing backers of sanders who are passionate in their support. >> when hillary reaches out, i feel she's only viewing us as statistics and voters, i don't feel any connection to her whatsoever. >> reporter: though a top sanders strategist tad devine cracked the door open to the possibility of a unity ticket when asked if sanders would be considered a running mate. >> i'm sure anyone would. >> reporter: for now clinton insisted she is focused on the primaries in front of her. >> would you tap him to be your vp choice? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. i don't want to think any further ahead than tomorrow and the michigan primary. >> reporter: pressed by katie couric if he's interested in being vp, sanders says the real
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question is whether clinton will be his running mate, a sign he has no plans to get out of this race. lou? lou: ed, thank you very much. ed henry. hillary clinton struggling to defend her e-mail scandal. clinton had this to say about the state department. >> the state department has a process for determining what is or isn't classified if they determine it is, they mark it as classified. >> who decides? >> the state department decides. lou: fox news today reporting she didn't have that quite right. federal regulations clearly state that the intelligence agency that generates the information as the final say on the classification of the communication. clinton went onto make this claim -- >> what we turned over were more than 30,000 e-mails that i assumed were already in the government system, bret. because they were sent to
7:10 pm addresses. >> sure. lou: but that was also incorrect as clinton and her aides were forced to hand over e-mails by court order. it was not an act of transparency. we're getting new information about what republican voters are thinking in this contest today. fox business reporter jo ling kent is at our virtual studio. good evening, jo, what can you tell us? >> polling data is so fun especially at this early stage. we want to show you what's going on in mississippi right now. take a look, you can see among the republicans, 70% are going for trump, for those who want a political outsider. those looking for somebody outside the beltway, going for trump, no surprise at all, he won this category across the country, in every single state according to exit polling. we want to show you, if you want a president who shares values with you, if you're a republican voting in
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mississippi, you can see those voters are going for ted cruz, the senator from texas. 64%, very overwhelming there. also, take a look at this exit poll coming out of michigan. governor john kasich is getting the late decideers, and this is key as he says he planted his flag strategywise in michigan. 35% kasich. cruz not far behind, 31% with late deciders in this race. rubio is lagging behind here, 10%. that number is note worthy. leading up to this he won late deciders in seven states and kasich only won late deciders in vermont. and taking the lead among late deciders in michigan. that's the latest from the exit poll data. lou? lou: jo will be bringing us the latest as she sifts through all of that exit polling data. we're coming right back.
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there's a lot more going on tonight. four states in primary contests. we're going to have the results for you. stay with us. we're less than an hour from the closing of the polls in mississippi. stay with us. . it's super tuesday 2, and the stakes are getting higher. >> you know that people coming out to vote are up 50, 60, 70%. i will take full credit for that by the way. lou: he's taking full credit, should be giving full credit to the people supporting him. don't you think? can trump rally enough troops to actually win? we take it up with ed rollins and monica crowley. this local news reporters is about to experience one of the hazards of the job. we'll show you the video coming up after these messages. stay with us. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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. lou: a new "wall street journal" nbc poll just released. this is a national poll, and the journal nbc poll has been an outlier, and i think they may have done it again. according to this, trump lead issing the national survey, 30%, cruz in a close second, 27%. kasich at 22, rubio at 20. a new poll has trump 9 points ahead, rubio in third in that
7:17 pm
poll at 18 and kasich at 13. so compare that to the latest "fox news poll" from just last month. trump leading at 36, cruz at -- joining us ed rollins, washington times online editor fox news contributor, monica crowley. good to have you with us. let's turn first to the exit polling, is there anything that grabs you monica first in this data? jo ling kent brought us up to date on a range of the categories. what's your reaction? >> two things jump the out at me watching jo's reporting on the exit polling in. the state of michigan, the number for donald trump for those in the state of michigan who want an outsider, someone not part of the political
7:18 pm
system. this is a huge anti-establishment, pro outsider year, was 74%. that is a remarkable number. the other thing that's jumped out at me across the exit polling, across every exit polling on every election day we've had so far is the weak appetite for marco rubio. marco rubio was the boy wonder. he was the up and coming political superstar on the cover of "time" magazine, very talented, talented young politician, and yet the bottom seems to be falling out in terms of his numbers, and his support, and that tells me that even with the backing of the establishment at this late date, marco rubio cannot deliver votes. lou: need to point out what your thought on precisely the same question, what fascinates you in the exit polling. looks like the establishment screwed up again and again and again in this race, they've thrown their full support and
7:19 pm
their money behind rubio as now the default candidate to oppose and depose trump as the front-runner. what do you make of it? >> poll after poll, including these polls show how unhappy the country is with the establishment. how unhappy they are with washington, washington is the establishment to them. fact you are on the side of the establishment or the establishment's candidate or wall street's candidate is putting a big target on your back. though they have spent enormous amount of money beating the daylights out of trump, it didn't have any impact whatsoever, a little close on the campaigns which people make up their mind late are moving toward somebody else. but trump's base is staying tough and hang right in there, no matter what they say about him. lou: have you ever seen a campaign, ed, where the entire establishment goes after the front-runner and the second place, in most cases, the second place candidate
7:20 pm
hell-bent on destroying them? >> no, i haven't, to be honest. i've been around a long time. the establishment wasn't for reagan but couldn't stop him in 1980, but it was totally different. it wasn't anywhere near the negative, vicious campaign i have ever seen, and our own side doing it to our front-runner, that's the amazing thing. lou: do you think, monica, there should be repercussions from this? frankly everybody from speaker ryan to mitt romney, to the koch brothers for crying out loud. larry page, news to me, he's a republican. >> news to me too. lou: this is a disgusting display of disloyalty to the party, betrayal of the pledge that they forced donald trump to sign for crying out loud. each of the candidates had to sign it and they're reaching, trying to rip his spleen out. >> and the greater their desperation, the stronger the support for donald trump.
7:21 pm
you asked if there will be repercussions, there are. lou: for them. >> there already are. the fact that donald trump has taken an unprecedented pounding in political history remains the front-runner with this core support tells you the amount backlash against the folks you described. we had the report today about the sea island, georgia con-fab with gop leaders, how do we stop donald trump? every time a story like that breaks, it only does one thing, helps donald trump. lou: whatever transpires in cleveland, whether it's necessary for a contested or brokered convention there, ed, i mean, this republican party, i think it's safe to say, will never be the same after this, this campaign, am i overstating it? >> never going to be the same at the national level. we have 30 governors, two-thirds of the legislature, the party is going to get back in the base, what goes on in
7:22 pm
washington is not relevant to the party, and my sense is you're going to find outsiders run for the positions in the parties, and at the end of the days the governors are not going to sit and watch idly by, they're going to go back to their base and play much bigger roles in the future. lou: thank you, both for being here. we'll be talking through the night. extraordinary video out of california. a reporter, alex savage of ktvu reporting live on a train derailment outside of san francisco this morning, and he got the shock of his life in so doing. now that was something, savage was able to jump out of way, luckily he's got dog gone good sense of danger, and peripheral vision. later savage credited a warning from his photographer for
7:23 pm
saving his life. up next, the ted cruz campaign facing accusations of more dirty tricks. what is this? we'll take that up tonight. and miami officials releasing jaw dropping video of a garbage truck, we'll bring that to you in just a moment. what happens to the garbage truck that's so interesting? we'll show you here next. stay with us.
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but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. . lou: we're getting more exit poll information in tonight from mississippi and michigan. showing what democratic voters are thinking. fox business reporter jo ling kent is still at the virtual studio and has more for us. jo, what have you got? >> lou, it's all about the economy. i'm going to show you why right now. take a look at how some of the democrats are voting. in mississippi, we want to show you who cares about what issues, and you can see the economy, 40% is the most
7:28 pm
important issue, followed by income inequality. health care at 24%. a lot of these economic issues are the case. why? the unemployment rate in mississippi is higher than the national average of 4.9%. the same is the case in michigan among democratic voters tonight as well. the economy and jobs dominating the conversation for people going in and voting. it's their most important issue followed by income inequality, yet again, health care, and terrorism 8% there. this is a place in michigan. detroit has unemployment of more than 10%, more than double the national average, lou. it is all about voting with the pocketbook for democrats in michigan. back to you. lou: jo ling, thank you very much. jo ling kent. voters in hawaii in a primary caucus there. rubio accused the cruz campaign of more dirty tricks, rubio spokesman blasting the cruz campaign accusing them of e-mailing voters saying rubio
7:29 pm
was about -- this may sound familiar -- to drop out. >> this is what we've seen from the ted cruz campaign over and over again. ask ben carson, a pattern and culture within the cruz campaign where the truth just doesn't matter, and it is set at the top. lou: cruz claiming his team had nothing to do with that e-mail. >> the nature of politics is that when a campaign is flailing, they attack, and they attack other candidates and they attack their integrity. this particular e-mail apparently came from a volunteer in hawaii, not affiliated for the campaign, not working for the campaign, not under authorization for the campaign. >> i think that he said they had nothing to do with it. the cruz campaign accused of dirty tricks three other times in south carolina and iowa, we're sure this one is pure coincidence. dramatic dashcam video out of miami tonight.
7:30 pm
a garbage truck driver losing control. watch this. a dash cam, whoa. dropping 100 feet off the highway onto the road below that bridge. the driver was thrown during the crash, rushed to the hospital, serious injuries, but it has been since released. we're pleased to be able to tell you, and when you watch this video, you think there is no way. just the sight of that would probably, well, end it for a lot of folks. we're coming right back with much more in the way of politics in the presidential primary election night. stay with us. >> the establishment working to disenfranchis trump supporters secret meetings among billionaires. technology ceos, top members of the republican establishment. joining us is van hipp to talk about the threat of the establishment and where we all go from here. and a father and daughter lucky to be alive after their
7:31 pm
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best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. . lou: a bunch of government leaders, particularly republican senate and house leaders and all sorts of technology folks, a group of pretty big deals, meeting with the republican establishment looking to stop donald trump, according to a report from the huffington post that says apple's tim cook, google's
7:35 pm
larry page, spacex elon musk. the rise of trump, a big focus of the secretive annual gathering at sea island, georgia, that included speaker ryan, senate majority leader mcconnell also there? big doings. and joining us to sort through all of this former chairman of the south carolina republican party, van hipp. van, great to have you with us. i want to remind our viewers, mississippi, the polls are closed in just about 25 minutes. then move to michigan and polls closing there and then to idaho later. we're going to have some pretty exciting races. 99 delegates at stake in just mississippi and michigan. van. what do you make of these folks trying carry off a quote, unquote secret meeting on sea island? >> lou, we've been talking for years about the need to expand
7:36 pm
the base of the republican party, bring in new people. you finally got somebody doing it and they're trying to derail his candidacy. so many of the elites are the types of folks you don't want in your fox hole when the fire fight gins. truth of the matter is they helped create donald trump, whether trade policies, inaction on securing the borders of america, they helped to create donald trump and helped to wake up the silent majority of this country. they need to get out of the way, let the people vote and let the process take its course. >> i was talking with ronald reagan's political director ed rollins, we've been friends a long time as well, the fact he's a tremendous political analyst, but he says the vitriol, that the animus that is so pronounced today doesn't approach the anti-establishment mood of 1980 when ronald reagan took the white house from jimmy carter. this is getting to the point that it's embarrassing for i'm sure a lot of folks to say
7:37 pm
they're even republican. >> yeah, but i think what you're seeing the old reagan democrats, old independents, you're seeing -- we call them the silent majority. president nixon called them the silent majority before. republican party and the democrat party have let them down. and they're common sense people. they want a strong national defense, can't understand why we can't secure the border. everyone knows somebody who is looking for a job so long -- >> i'm not suggest anything way that their frustration or even anger with the establishment is misplaced. i'm saying to you the fact that we have such leaders as mcconnell, as ryan, as those folks at sea island, the establishment of the republican party, they're inept and lack
7:38 pm
talent and understanding of even the direction of the country or what course to set us on and don't apparently realize the american people, the american worker the american middle class is in desperate desperate straits because they said republicans and democrats from bush to obama that they just can't be bothered. >> we need to embrace these new people. by embracing the new people who are adding to that republican base in record numbers and we'. lou, that is a winning combination for 2016. i go back to what i said. we had a law in the country that republicans and democrats, neither one enforced and funded that was the defensive act authored by duncan hunter. if we did, that i doubt donald trump would be a candidate for president today. they helped create what we're seeing right now. lou: and his son, duncan hunter in congress, and talking to congressman hunter's father at the time, and he was very proud
7:39 pm
because he got 750 miles a fence that in his legislation was mandated. it still hasn't been built. >> and lou it works along the san diego-tijuana border. the one place it is built it, works. lou: smuggler's gulch. van hipp, thank you. >> you bet. lou: amazing survival story, father and daughter forced to make a hard landing to say the least in new york's long island after the small plane lost power. fortunately they were in a cirrus sr22 that came equipped with life saving parachute. this parachute is one of the most amazing things, but on the other side of it, it seems to need it from time to time, so i'm in a bit of a quandary about that. i compliment them on the parachutes, i just wish they didn't need it as often as they seem to. up next, donald trump looking to solidify his lead. can anyone stop him?
7:40 pm
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. lou: joining me now, form president george w. bush spokesperson, republican strategist, mercedes schlapp. good to have you with us. host of the mike gallagher show on salem radio network, both are fox news contributors, great americans. good to have you both here. >> great to see you. lou: great to see you. mercedes, what do you make of the republican party right now? is from reince priebus on down to paul ryan to mitch mcconnell are they trying to make damn fools of themselves. >> i think it's a loaded question. lou: no, no, it's really not. [ laughter ] >> you want to hear a more straightforward, simple question than that one? >> you're right. here's the deal. this mitch mcconnell sort of convention coup, the idea that you have the dinners going on in washington about how they're going to take down donald trump, i mean it's really
7:45 pm
happened. lou: are you saying what he did is got tired of the washington diners and decided to go to sea island to meet with larry page and the boys? >> i think he's doing all of it. lou: what do you make of it? isn't it about time the nonsense stops? >> they want to make sure that this ends up in a brokered convention, the establishment. lou: they're working to disenfranchise the voters supporting donald trump. >> absolutely. absolutely. lou: shouldn't there be some shame or embarrassment? >> lou, it is absolutely not the direction that we want our party to go. why? -- lou: good to know, but those are all the people leading it! >> that's what's happening, here's what's happening, too. they are looking at the possibility of changing convention rules. lou: no, they're not going to do that. i want you to hear it here first. they're not going to do that, i'm going bet you on that one. >> i think it's going to happen. and i think it can happen if
7:46 pm
donald trump gets the momentum. lou: mike, what do you think? >> well, you're looking at the death of the republican party as we know it. there's a theme here, lou, and you embrace it every night on your show. i embrace it every day as well. people aren't talking about stopping donald trump. they're trying to stop american voters. and that's what really bothers he and bothers millions of americans immensely. let the voters decide like the great van hipp said to you earlier, watching people being brought to the republican party and the republican establishment and the insiders resent the heck out of it, don't want it to change, and mercedes has a point, when you talk about the death of the republican party, it's being imploded no matter which direction you go. if there's a brokered convention, millions and millions of people are going to flee the republican party and never vote for the gop again. all they'll do is looking at third-party candidates for the rest of their lives. if trump gets the nomination, you'll see the power brokers lose power. that's why they're going out of
7:47 pm
their minds, losing their minds. >> you know, mike, mercedes, not just about losing their power, that's going to happen either way. if trump goes in, they go out immediately would be my guess. >> that's right. lou: that's my guess. the republicans are also guaranteeing as donald trump said, three, four, i don't know how many supreme court justices will be appointed by hillary clinton all because of a vindictive, nasty, petty group of people who just happen to have presided over two cycles of losses for presidential elections. >> right. lou: who are these people and what makes them think they should be tolerated any longer? >> well, we call them the hashtag never trump people, a lot of it is -- lou: those are different people. this is a republican party. >> no, no. it's both. lou: they're donors. >> trump, with trump the situation becomes that it's the other side of the coin which is the fact that there are, the segment of the republicans of
7:48 pm
the establishment who will stay home if donald trump becomes the nominee or vote for hillary clinton. >> but lou. >> this is driving the conversation. lou: mike, go ahead. >> there are a lot of republican insiders who are now being reportedly confirmed that they're going to -- they'd rather pull the lever for hillary clinton than donald trump. >> that's right, that's right. >> i'm telling you something, this is the end of the party and people are never going to return. what an inconceivable concept that somebody who calls themselves a republican would ever pull the lever for hillary rodham clinton? you're right, lou, you talk about two, three, four supreme court justices? the future of our country altered forever? come on! >> if the people are thinking the way you're suggesting, the fact of the matter is that the republican party deserves an entire new leadership, and i think we all know if we only have to say this viscerally, that it's a lot easier to find
7:49 pm
new leaders for the republican party than to find new members for that party. donald trump is finding a bunch of them. >> but if trump becomes the nominee, and i think mike will agree, his job will need to be to build those bridges. lou: yeah, no question. i don't think we're giving him a bulletin in saying that. >> that's i think part of this -- has to be part of a bigger plan. it just can't be -- mercedes, we've got to go. mike, we're way over. constructive as always, thank you, both. >> thanks. take care. >> take care. lou: every skier's nightmare, a skiner austria. there's a tough job being a seer in austria. what did he do? did he go over in help? did he try to cushion her fall? no, he watched as she ran into the rack of skis. she quickly recovered suggesting her biggest bruise
7:50 pm
was to her ego, and by the way, the great thing is she went in helmet first. [ laughter ] >> wearing a helmet, important part of that. good recovery. slow down. up next, another big night in the race for the republican nomination, we have got four races. two and one of those is closing in minutes in mississippi. we're going to count that down, tammy bruce and monica crowley with us next. stay with us. ates. ates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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lou: joining us, tammy bruce and monica crowley. tammy, this looks like this is the night that will define the trump candidates i and how strong mitt rap any is in his robocalls to all four states. >> his speech was a push for rubio. they are desperate. we have seen rubio's numbers go down since that speech.
7:55 pm
i think american are insulted by that. tonight will be more of the say. you will see the say level of support for mr. trump. ted cruz always surprises people for some reason. mr. kasich will perhaps come in second. but it won't be definitive. it will reassert the fact that the establishment is not in control and i'm happy about that. lou: you heard this bulletin by the establishment, you are not in control. >> they have never really been in control. look at the losses. lou: they were in control of those losses. >> it's a delegate game. we are still in the proportional state. ted cruz will continue to rack up delegates. and john case up might rack up some, too.
7:56 pm
but going into next tuesday, you will have the leader accelerated. trump and cruz will be on glide paths. >> trump has been hit by mitt romney. it's a jihad romney is on. it's an appalling display of pettiness and sour grapes in my opinion. how in the world do you expect trump to hold up to it? he's been hit by rubio and cruz. he quarter is firing on hip. >> we are talking about a first-time politician who has not run for anything before, has not been through the crucible of politic. he has taken an unprecedent the pounding from all side, the media, the gop, the left, the white house. the man is not still standing, he continues to be the frontrunner.
7:57 pm
regardless of how you feel about him, it's a testament to his political prowess and the state of the nation. >> i think one reason yes survivors is because he is a proxy for us at this point. i'm not even on the trump train. but as donald trump is attacked by the machine that destroyed so many people's lives, they are attacking the american people. we'll stand up for ourselves. so we are looking for hip as a symbol. that's the strength that he has. that's been misunderand misunderestimated by the establishment. and that's why they don't understand why it's working. people will continue to reject those kind of attacks. >> that's why every time donald trump is hit by mitt romney and the establishment, his support grows. the voters form a rallying protective shell around him.
7:58 pm
>> i still argue it's not about him. it's about the country. we see this as an existential issue and we are not going to put up with it. >> that is the point as you both suggest. the establishment is completely missing the point. this is about the american people, the american worker. the american family. thank you both. we have a lot more straight ahead with neil cavuto. stay with us. noun this is fox business coverage of election 2016. here is neil cavuto. neil: we are a minute 45 from polls closing in mississippi, one of four states up for grabs and candidates hope to continue to roll up delegates on a proportional basis. i want to let my panelists know we are going to wait for wise
7:59 pm
results. so get comfortable and make a long night of it. so we can take a quick peek where we stand. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is substantially ahead of bernie sanders with 673 delegates to his 477. but you throw the superdelegates in and that's when we realize she is more than halfway there with 1,030 delegates. donald trump 384 to ted cruz's 300. will senator cruz narrow that gap? it's anyone's guess. two states are open, and others can cross party lines. not so in idaho. idaho has the double whammy of being a 20% threshold state. to get any delegates you have to
8:00 pm
receive 20% of the vote. if only one person gets above 20%, that one person will get all the state's delegates. that's 32 delegates in mississippi. with a 15% threshold. 59 delegates. and the democrats 147 there. at the top of the hour with pollles just closing in mississippi we can safely estimate hillary clinton will win that state and perhaps substantially. the margin can be very, very big and we are told by early exit polls she is commanding a wide swath of minority vote of and african-american vote. on the republican side we are not willing and able to call that one but we are noticing early on donald trump holds a substantial lead. but it's way too early to


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