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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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but nonetheless it is important that john kasich win his home state. he said as much if he doesn't, he's got to pack up. so the latest on the delegate map we're going to go to connell mcshane with that. >> in early this morning, neil, neil: whoa. whoa. whoa. >> i like to use -- neil: the chain? >> that's right. mcshane coast to coast. neil: no, it's not mcshane coast to coast. how childish is it. you just wrote your name. >> i'm a 12-year-old. neil: over mine. >> exactly right. that can sneak away. neil: there we go. >> the scorecard that we talked so much about. stands today after a strong night tonight. donald j trump up to 240 delegates, a 100 delegate lead almost exactly over ted cruz 359. marco rubio with a disaster last night, not picking up a single delegate. so he still stands at 151. john kasich is at 54. now, on the democratic side before we talk more about the
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republicans and the big day next week, hillary clinton even though she was surprised by bernie sanders in michigan last night, netted more delegates, which is important because it expands her lead at over 1,200 when you count super delts, senator sanders at 571. now, let's come back and go to the pap here forward to the next big day that we have in this race and that will be the 15th. the states that we've highlighted are the states we've talked so much about. we'll go to ohio and florida in a second. a lot of people are talking about north carolina. one thing about that state, you'll get proportional allocation of delegates there. so maybe if you're ted cruz, you pay a lot of attention to north carolina next week. illinois is take all. missouri could be, depends on whether somebody takes a majority of it. if not, you'll be allocating them proportional exactly. now, let's jump into ohio. and everybody seems to talk about and everybody knows the very popular in the state of ohio needs the 66 delegates. throughout the week we'll be talking about the political geography of ohio.
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but it's winner take all. 66 delegates. if kasich can do it, the stop trump movement gets a little bit of moment there. the polls have been telling us, and neil just showed you them that a kasich win in ohio is more likely than a rubio win in his home state of florida. but speaking of political geography, all of us know paying attention to the 2000 race in florida the political geography down here is fascinating with everybody else. but the southern part of florida is home for marco rubio in more ways than one. he's been polling very well there in the polls that have given us data about the southern part of florida in the neighborhoods counties as well. now, here's the problem for ruby. there aren't as many republicans in some of these neighborhoods counties. so although he's expected to do well there, that may not lead to as much success in what they call the i4 corridor coming out of sarasota into st. pete and orlando. donald trump in the central part of florida was absolutely dominating and maybe that's
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enough to take the lead from rubio from the southern part. so that means northern florida, the northeast section or even through the florida panhandle, these are going to be very important in this race. and what they say about florida the more north you go, the more southern of a state it comes. so a place like assistant rosa county beware donald trump perform there in a similar fashion he has performed in neighborhoods counties in neighborhoods states. remember howl trump has done in a state like alabama. all the purple is all trump. trump has dominated in these southern states that border florida. similar situation is true when you move over to georgia. purple all trump. if trump can do as well there in the state like this here, then he's going to have a very good night, neil, as we go back four years ago to 2012 the green, mitt romney won the state easily represents romney. but up here you'll see that the bluish colored in for the
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former speaker of the house that may profile to the similar states remember he did well in georgia as well. so it would be fascinating to see next week how it sets up the geography of florida. but trump looks good right now. oh, you want me to go back to that? i could. neil: no, i don't want that. no. you're done now. >> circle your name if you would -- sorry it's not really working that will. neil: all right. thank you. that's lovely. thank you, connell if we find anymore updates -- thank you very much. you know, and people love him. i have no idea why. we have a lot more here. picture it this way as connell puts out. if you're donald trump and you pick up that state, then you pick up ohio. you really only need 40% of the remaining delegates, about 42, 43 to be exact. and you are the nominee of this party.
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you are well on your way to 1237. you don't win either of those states, let's say you lose both of those states, all of a sudden it becomes a steeper -- though, not impossible, he would have to get 70% of the remaining delegates. so you can see how winning some of these crucial states even piling them on does change the math dramatically. so where are we going from here, gabby? looking at this, you can say, gab would he be all right. well, the polls show donald trump with a lead -- not as much of a lead in ohio, but still in florida. he could well be on his way in that event, couldn't he? >> he absolutely could. and for donald trump to win both florida and ohio, that's a real blessing and a curse for somebody like texas senator ted cruz. it would almost certainly bring the race to a two-man race between donald trump and ted cruz, which is what that -- the texas senator patiently awaited. but it would also make it
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difficult for ted cruz to reach that threshold of 1237 delegates in order to get the nomination with donald trump winning two winner take you will states. that would hand him an additional 165 delegates. neil: you know, gabby, once again you're hearing all of this rumbling underneath the surface from the rubio folks and all of those. we talk to charlie gasparino who says the polls continue to look bad in florida. there's the slightest possibility that marco rubio steps out of the race before florida. how likely do yo do you think that is? >> i don't think that's likely. i know we're hearing a bunch of rumors about that. but i think the strategy here is -- if nothing else even if rubio does lose florida, at the very least, he could prevent donald trump -- or i'm sorry prevent ted cruz from, you know, winning florida, winning ohio. neil: right. >> his presence in the race does have some impact, even if he loses florida and gets out after that contest. but it is really difficult to
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see him having invested all the resources and all the time he has in a state like florida in his home state for him to exit the race before that contest. neil: there's also been talk that maybe the remaining tough challengers combine ted cruz, marco rubio join forces maybe. cruz rubio ticket to stop the trump train. even if that were the case, and i cannot see that happening. would that do anything to shift the sentiment within the republican party? >> well, i think that there is -- i mean we've already seen there's a great deal of republicans who lean towards those two candidates. there is an argument that donald trump is attracting new voters to the party and he's really -- you know, his casino hinges on that antistatement -- antiwashington sentiment that's being shared among a number of republican voters. but if those two candidates were to team up, their combined support would certainly give donald trump an increasingly difficult time to reach a that threshold in order to run away with the gop nomination. neil: all right, gabby.
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thank you very much, gabby. >> thank you. neil: all right. well, there are two interesting things that happened in the dynamics of this race we were covering last night for fbn. one was charlie gasparino eating on air and eating and talking at the same time while he was discussing the campaign. the second was neil coming out on our show for ted cruz. kneel bush, brother of jeb bush, brother of former president george bush, son of the first president george hw bush. that neil bush. take a look. >> my wife and i have joined the ted cruz bandwagon and we're happy to do so. we're fellowt with ted and know he will be a fellow president. neil: did you discuss this with your brother jeb? >> i did not. he may be learning this for the first time watching your show, as a matter of fact. i'm an independent -- neil: really? >> yeah. i'm an independent-minded guy. i haven't talked to any of my family about this.
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i think they found out yesterday that i joined the ted cruz campaign. but they didn't know that i was going to be heightening my advocacy by being on your show. but, you know, this country's at a critical turning point. you know what's interesting to me, neil? this is the time when normally the republican party would be unifying around a candidate, and i think it's pretty clear there's only one candidate left in this race that's actually talking about ideas. i just saw the press conference slash, you know, celebration in florida that mr. trump did. you know, some people say he's kind of narcissistic, i'm not going to get into that. but you can judge for yourself. he talked about his food, he talked about everything but issues. and i think -- neil: you really should try to -- a lot of people have been waiting to hear from your brother as to whether he would make an announcement or support anyone in florida, ted cruz comes up, marco rubio comes up.
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do you know -- i know you didn't bounce this off your brother or anyone in the family, but do you know whether he is poised to do anything like that? >> i really don't know what he's thinking right now. i'm sure he's enjoying his private life. my brother's never made a habit of calling me for political advice. so that probably doesn't surprise anybody out there. and he's a good man. i tell you i'm so proud of the campaign he ran, though. because he stuck to issues, he ran with a servants heart. can you imagine? the president of the united states is the most powerful division in the world. we are the greatest country. neil: are you surprised? i mean obviously the mergence of donald trump, there was so much surprise of your brother being rusty. that was a -- >> i don't particularly like the use of the word botched. i just have a feeling -- i know it wasn't his time that year. and there are a lot of political dynamics around
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that. it doesn't change the fact that he was clearly the best qualified -- neil: well, it didn't happen. he's out of the race to your point. you like ted cruz. >> yeah. neil: but if it were donald trump who got the nomination deal. >> let me be clear. i like kasich, and i like rubio. rubio has a great future. neil: but if it were donald trump, if it were donald trump, would you support -- >> just a second. let me finish my point. but at this time in the party's process, we normally consolidate. and when it becomes -- by next tuesday, only 60% of delegates would have been selected. it becomes a one-on-one race, ted cruz versus donald trump. there's no doubt in my mind that the republican party will send a devoted prind courageous conservative. and it's not easy for me to jump on the bandwagon so strongly. but the -- the bottom line is, you know, i don't want hillary clinton to be president when we have so many critical issues that need to be. neil: that's fair enough. but, neil, i guess what i'm saying is all republicans have been asked if you don't you
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don't see it with your candidate, would you back donald trump if he is the nominee? >> i would have a very hard time backing donald trump. here's the one thing i've learned from watching my brother, my father, my other brother jeb, ronald reagan. people are called to serve out of humility, out of a -- they serve from a servants heart. and when you serve with humility, that's an important value of our country. so, no, i couldn't support a guy -- neil: so what would you do in that event, neil? would you sit out the election? or vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders? who? >> i definitely would not be for bernie sanders and definitely would not be for hillary clinton. neil: so you would sit it out? >> i'm afraid i would be sit it out. maybe a third party candidate, i would hope. neil: not that would hand it to a democrat. >> first of all, donald -- i don't necessarily believe that. i don't think donald trump is going to get more than 40%, 35% of the vote anywhere he
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goes whether he's a rapport an independent. and someone with a larger polarity is going to beat him neil: your family, any of them, are any of them inclined to even like donald trump? >> anybody in my family? . neil: yes, the bush family. >> you know, i can't speak for i believe so. neil: how about mom? >> definitely not. neil: how about dad? how about dad? [laughter] >> i don't really know. i'm not going to speak for my dad. i'm not going to utter anything about my dad. neil: all right. your brother? obviously not a fan. i'm talking george bush. >> yeah. i mean, you know. neil: so no one in your family likes donald trump. >> i'm not going to say that. i can't speak for anybody in my family but me and my wife i believe shares my views. . neil: all right. well, neil bush wouldn't take the bait, but he is taking a liking to
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ted cruz. so you can already see this lining up between these top two candidates here you're with trump or against him or with trump or ted cruz. and i'm with carly fiorina today. you you're going to see more of that kind of thing. meanwhile the shocking side on the democratic side hillary clinton losing michigan. why she might have lost michigan? what the polls were not getting that bernie sanders was pounding? what if i told you trade deals that a lot of michigan residents maybe voters will let go. deals that have hurt them. have they? after this i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people.
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the shocker of the evening. bernie sanders ending uptaking michigan. i say shocker because virtually all the polls prior to including one just a day before had hillary clinton up north of 20 points. but it's the reason for that we're told now after the fact. a lot of residents in the state of michigan and maybe this for the course throughout not big fans of trade agreements. ironically the very trade agreements orchestrated largely on the part of then president clinton whose wife hillary clinton has started repudiated them including other deals put together by her last boss, president barack obama. also former economic advisor to president obama on that. also it's always good to have you. it's weird that hillary clinton is maybe getting hurt now by these deals that many claim her husband first orchestrated president obama pursued, and a lot of core
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democratic voters are annoyed. what do you make of that? >> well, i think that's accurate. i mean this is certainly a morale boosting win for the sanders people. they had not expected it. and i -- my read of the data and the exit polls suggest two things. one you had a large and open primary -- you had a larger turnout of these nondemocrats/independent voters who were big for sanders. and two, i think you're right in michigan there was a lot of antitrade sentiment. you saw that also coming through from donald trump, which historically the n trade deals than theeen less republican party. but you kind of saw in michigan both sides rising to promise with this -- what i consider a bit of an economic isolationist message, and i just think that's reality where the country, you know -- that part of the skun feeling
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. neil: i agree with you. i think you articulated that very well. and it worries me in terms of reaching out to trade deals. i understand what donald trump is saying. certainly can understand the angst that bernie sanders is raising. i fear that we're swinging the pendulum the complete other way. literally walling up ourselves against the world. and i don't know if that's the answer. it doesn't help when you have a half-trillion-dollar trade gap with the chinese and the mexicans. they can all argue as donald trump has, what have we gotten for all of this? i understand that. but i don't think that the alternative is to put up -- quite literally walls or for that matter trade walls. what do you think? >> well, look, i agree. we've talked about this many times. and i'm an economist so, you know, it can -- all of the economists are not going to be for let's put up walls, trade walls, regulatory walls, or, you know, physical walls --
12:22 pm
neil: that's what people want. i mean that's what people want, you know? >> yeah. that is. that is what it seems like people, certainly have been expressing they want in these primaries. i think it's -- the fact that you saw in in michigan, maybe you see that same sentiment strongly in ohio. i don't know. it's likely since you're seeing it on both sides. on the republicans and the democrats. i bet you're not going to hear a lot of people outchampioning let's try to have barriers or promote u.s. exports. it seems we're going for a little bit more turn inward. neil: yeah, i think this trade deal, by the way, is dead in this environment. real quickly your thoughts on donald trump and how much of a threat he could be whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders. the prevailing wisdom a little more than a few days ago was that they could roll over this
12:23 pm
guy. now these odd coalitions that he's building are way beyond the typical republican base. a lot of them are democrats moving over. what do you think? >> yeah. i would say most of the democrats i talked to, they don't know. they don't know what it means . neil: yeah. >> and at first it seems like by the conventional rules of presidential campaigns, if somebody proposes a 10, 12-trillion-dollar tax cut that would blow up the deficit or advocates things like a wall or says offensive stuff about this, that, or the other group, that would be disqualifying. but it clearly isn't. and reshuffles the deck in a way that i just don't know. does he have more people? or does the -- does the new coalition of america. you know? the new demographic collation have more people? i certainly hope that the new coalition has more. but as you say, there are a lot of reshuffles.
12:24 pm
neil: well, two things that i have concluded. you're a nice, smart, decent, honorablable man. >> don't say that out loud. really going to come after yo. neil: you could never, ever be president of the united states in this environment. that's the way it is. >> thank god. neil: thank you very much. austin. >> thank you. neil: here is how brilliant donald trump is when he's harolding another tuesday night victories. he markets himself and the products. his critics said he didn't have anymore. that includes steaks and water. even when polls underground. somebody picks it up, and somebody buys it i think. or worse. or worse eats it. raw. after this
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neil: all right. we always say whatever starts here can make or break a lot of careers. we suggest go on and their copied onto other shows and
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everyone gets on them because we -- it starts with us. the earthquake starts with us. and the tremors are felt everywhere. even when it comes to our own people. we had david here last night. a few minutes. you know, on the race. and look where he is now. well, he hasn't changed into it. but that's him in the middle. he's on fnc right now on outnumbered. so he's one lucky guy. all thanks to me. i want you to know that. connell a second ago right on the map that it was coast to coast mcshane. i tell you they all get ahead of themselves. just pointing it out. is he saying anything intriguing on outnumbered? no. okay. nothing. well, way to go. don't forget your roots. all right. in the meantime peter barns who never forgets his roots. been going through donald
12:29 pm
trump's victory statement last night. and it was interesting, peter, it started out very diplomatically, very and then you tell us. >> that's right. trump has an army of advisors now and pr people, even his own wife trying to make him more diplomatic and more presidential as he gets closer to the republican nomination. so we heard a little bit of that side of him last night. take a listen. >> i want to thank the public. i want to thank the people of michigan. i want to thank the people of mississippi, and it is such a great honor. >> so how's this project going? you know, to take the edges off of the donald? well, the crowd loves that. loves that combative donald, the punching donald, the sarcastic donald and, boy, he let some of our colleagues in the media have it last night
12:30 pm
when they tried to and him some tough questions. listen to this. >> oh, you're so politically correct. you're so beautiful. look at you. awe. you know what? okay. i know what you're going to say. let me just -- i can't because nobody's listening to you, jeremy. okay? nobody ever listens to you. aren't you perfect. aren't you just a perfect young man. give me -- hey, give me a break. you know what? it's stuff like that that people in this country are tired of. okay? go ahead. let's see if she'll finally give me a decent after 12 years. i'm not going to finish with her because she never asks a decent question. >> and his supporters last night and everywhere just continued to eat it up, neil, and i don't have that problem with the donald because, you know, i'm trying to sell his trump natural spring water and his steaks last night and his wine and his golf course. and, in fact, not only did he not pick on me, he came up
12:31 pm
afterwards and shook my hand on the way out the door. back to you. neil: who got the steaks? >> they went back into the fridge, one of the guys from the kitchen came out and hauled them away. and, you know, this whole thing about the trump steak business. well, he was trying to sell them on the sharper image. he stopped selling them. so these are trump steaks that are sold at trump's resorts and properties. neil: yeah, the point being that that business is alive and well. by the way, that steak that fell to the floor, we've got that for azmond. >> i have his water. neil: we have a little congraduatetory gift here. peter, thank you very, very much. we have a lot more after this. say what you will of all of these antics or marketing techniques for the donald, they are working. and can you imagine the press conferences of bb king, the
12:32 pm
president of the united states how they would go? whoa. get ready. it's going to get fun
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12:36 pm
roger ailes, boy. he was with me for a few -- a few minutes last night just a few minutes on the big primaries and caucuses. and low and behold they ask him. dave, we saw you on neil's show, and would you like to be one lucky guy? and obviously he doesn't even look back thank his friends, runs over to fnc and there he is. one lucky guy. so we got a little congratulatetory gift for david. we can show you that now. that steak thing. yeah, that one. one lucky steak for one lucky guy. so, david, when you get off the air, we have it all wrapped, ready to go. a little bit carpet lint poth. but i'm sure that will just barbecue right out. horrible. we are horrible human beings. someone who is not a horrible
12:37 pm
human being and now wondering why he's on the show this particular moment. the congressman of the state of california. darrell. great to have you. >> great to be on from quite warm florida. neil: oh, good. rub it in. rub it in. i know you're a rubio backer. but he is really up against the gun here; right? he has got to win. a lot of polls. of course polls are showing bernie sanders was way behind in michigan and he turned them around. but there's other talk that maybe rubio steps out even before next week. what do you think of that? >> no. i mean right now it's crunch time. the latest poll puts marco eight points behind trump with 27 points in that poll going to either kasich or cruz. so out of those 27 points that are being wasted in a winner take allstate, about eight of those have to come to rubio to -- by people who might
12:38 pm
prefer another candidate perhaps. but ultimately realize if you don't vote for marco, you're voting for trump in florida. and that's really what's happening. neil: even allowing for that, congressman, let's say he pulls that out and wins and gets the 99 winner take all delegates. he would have at this point maybe 240 and you're looking at donald trump who no doubt will be picking a lot of states up that night who could be up to who knows. 605, 700 delegates by that point. >> you're absolutely right. if donald trump wins outright, he wins outright. and that's our system. but right now you have two favorites. two people who have been good to their start and worked hard. marco here who deserves the people of florida very much get behind him, give him that able to to go to cleveland with that win. to be candidate in ohio you have john kasich who has been
12:39 pm
a good governor, and i expect he has a real shot at winning ohio. there's no question this is an outsiders year. you have four outsiders left in this race. people who did not fit into washington who have been bucking the status quo, marco being my pick. and the voters are trying to decide who is a better person to be candid -- better outsider to lead our government in a direction very different than barack obama. my choice is marco rubio. i think he can unite us where obama's been a divider. and i think he can get things done where quite candidly obama once he lost absolute authority, he can't get things done. neil: do you think that the only answer sometimes they talk about a superhero combination where cruz and rubio hook up. maybe that's the ticket to counter. trump i hear all sorts of crazy stuff like that. would it be too little too late for anything like that? >> well, there's one thing for sure. there have been some bad choices of vice president in the last few elections.
12:40 pm
president obama has never given a joe biden the opportunity to work with congress, something he's quite good at. obviously we could have a discussion about sarah palin and what she did to the republican ticket. whether she was effective. the reality is whoever our nominee is, one of these four men is going to have to pick a vice president that can help do things actively. because there's a lot to be done both foreign and domestic that is one of the advantages to a win here in florida for rubio. somebody who's superb on foreign policy, establishes a front row seat after cleveland as the next president, which might be rubio or might be one time of other candidates starts putting together a cabinet. we need to heal the nation, we need to heal the world. we need people who care about the world and have studied it. and i think even donald trump would admit the quality of his cabinet is going to be essential.
12:41 pm
rubio is prepared to name that cabinet. i think donald trump better be equally prepared or john kasich or cruz because we've had a very ineffective government for seven years, the world has become much more dangerous. when you and i look at business, you know, the world has become very complex to do business in. you're seeing no reaction to companies leaving with nothing from the white house. neil: that's what these guys are pushing. we'll have to see. congressman, thank you, always good seeing you. i appreciate it. >> thanks neil. neil: all right, congressman. this came up in our discussion last night when we were going around the clock looking at these races. and i've got to tell you david was giving a lot of keen insights on fox news channel outnumbered great, great show, by the way. opposite of us and look who's taken advantage like in a nanosecond.
12:42 pm
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neil: keeping track of the number of times david asmand is saying thank god for neil cavuto last night on fox business he is right now one lucky guy outnumbered and no need to thank us, dave. but we would expect to hear. but there he is. one lucky guy. thanks to the opportunity we provided him last night. a few minutes of insight, and he is parlaying it to what i'm told is an application for "dancing with the stars." we'll keep you posted on that. all right. governor greg of the fine state of texas, he's among those endorsing ted cruz. just won the governor's cup. that's a big deal the governors generated the most jobs in his state. so he has two things to be very, very proud of. right now, governor, congratulations on that. how are you doing? >> well,, neil, i'm doing fine. let me just show you this real quick. this is what we just received today. neil: beautiful. >> this is the fourth year in a row that texas has received
12:47 pm
the governor's cup as being the number one state in the nation for new corporate facilities and expansions. texas continues to grow its economy, despite the downturn in the price of oil. neil: well, you obviously ted cruz, that was a win to his back too. likes to take some credit for that and the texas environment that provided that did win the state, accounts for a third of the delegates he's gotten so far, governor. but he's in a real fight with donald trump and a lot of people say there's no roadmap for him unless others drop out. do you agree? >> well, i think you've articulated the road map. and as he has shown over the past few elections whether it would be yesterday or saturday or before then, ted cruz is picking up momentum. he's beginning to win states. and ted has proven he's the only person other than donald trump who can win states. if you look at the percentages and this is hugely important for everybody. if you look at the percentages, donald trump is not winning over 50% of the vote.
12:48 pm
whenever he wins, only in the high 30s typically. and as a result, most of that vote if the others drop out is going to be going to ted cruz. so the fastest -- neil: donald trump argues much of that will go to him as well. and the establishment saw wasn't too keen on tuesday. in fact, i think it was bob who said i dislike ted cruz more than trump. >> i can show you the mass of it and look what happened when people like ben carson and others dropped out. ted cruz who has been elevating. donald trump has stayed flat after everybody else dropped out. with each person who drops out, ted cruz rises more and more. the same thing is going to happen if and when marco rubio drops out. if and when kasich drops out, they're going to rally -- there are supporters who rally behind ted cruz. and there's a reason for that, neil, and that is because ted cruz is the only proven conservative who is running for president. he's the one who believes in the ideas just like what we have in texas that promotes
12:49 pm
job opportunities and job creation. get this, neil. and that is despite the fact that oil hit -- we're scraping bottom in january, we added 30,000 new jobs in january. we have the formula that ted cruz understands to get our economy going and get jobs growing in the united states. neil: you know, you've done a lot in your brief run as governor now. and obviously have a lot longer to go. but what you do, governor? just curious when a staff member sees and takes credit for your success? the reason i'm asking is david asmand who i'm sure you know, an anchor here. wonderful guy. >> sure. neil: he was on my show yesterday. always great insight. runs over after great success on our show, capitalized on it on fox news channel and i'm wondering what you do when staff members try to glom off your success aka like david asmand and never thank you for providing that opportunity. what would you do? >> well, neil, you put me in a
12:50 pm
tough position because, see, it's usually between you and choosing like you and two children. i love you both. neil: you should love me more. i'm just saying. so you think david is perfectly within his right running over like the opportunistic fiend he seems to become; right? >> well, the approach i take is one of a team approach. and that is with each team member performing well, the entire water rises. and so i think with both you and asmand doing great, it's going to make fox even better . neil: you know, that's a very good answer and this is why you're a governor and i read a prompter. congratulations again odd cup. that guy might have saved your hiney. but not with me. more after this ♪
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♪ neil: all right. the president has narrowed his list of supreme court nominee choices to about six we're told. you already heard the senate committee is deciding on this until after the election. but it is planning a hearing to discuss maybe a nominee possibility or nominees of their own. kind of confusing. but former deputy assistant attorney general. general, this is getting really weird. but has there ever been the case where a committee has come up with names of its own to presumably cancel out whatever the president is recommending? >> neil, i'm not aware of it. it certainly would be an unusual approach. i suspect that what's going on here is the committee basically wants to say, look, here's some great candidates. if the president wants to select one of them, maybe we can talk. but of course under the
12:55 pm
constitution ultimately the nomination has to come from the president, not the committee. neil: i was just going to ask you as you're very smart, i know that. and there is no constitutional basis for what the committee is attempting to do; right? >> well, as far as making the nomination itself. i would say they're on thin constitutional ground. but i suppose you could say they're offering up some names that in the committee's view would be acceptable and if the president were to select from that list, they could move forward with the nomination. neil: is it unconstitutional ground or are they, sir, reducing to even take up his pick? are they on constitutional ground doing that? >> absolutely. at the end of the day it's the senate that has to vote "yes" or "no." and if the senate doesn't want to make a vote, it's the senate's prerogative. now, it's a debate about whether they should or shouldn't, but if the senate doesn't want to vote and confirm a nominee, that's his prerogative.
12:56 pm
neil: but the slippery slope argument holds here, does it not? that the same thing could happen to them if you have a republican in his final year of the office and the opposition party is saying no. no. no. because we don't want to entertain it. i mean careful what you wish for; right? >> well, that's true. and as we know from vice president biden's past approach, the president staked out that exact position. neil: i just get tired of the baby antics on both sides. i guess if you don't like a president's choice, you could always reject it. but by just not even holding the vote or doing stuff like democrats did in the past because they've both done it to your point, it just seems silly. >> well, it's unfortunate to the extent that you're politicizing what would be an apolitical institution. namely the supreme court of the united states. neil: well, you just said it. a lot more articulately. thank you very, very much. very good. >> thanks, neil,. neil: great seeing you. so tomorrow they're going to lay this out. we'll see how far they're going to go. you are watching fox business.
12:57 pm
you are watching coast to coast. we'll have more
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: all right. we are setting up what -- what are they calling it? super two tuesday? super tuesday 2.0? or super # .0 tuesday? super tuesday 2.0. i would have thought super tuesday because you have all of these winner take all states. anyway we're preparing for that on the 15th and you can see them setting up for this because now you have candidates quickly lining up carly fiorina today endorsing ted cruz. last night neil bush doing the same on his show. so yothey're doing it on the dividing lines all the establishment republicans lining. you ahead of that big event. what's at stake? blake? >> hi, there, neil, yeah, you talk about carly fiorina.
1:01 pm
the timing and location certainly interesting on this one for senator ted cruz today. keep in mind these campaigns can roll out an endorsement the placement and time they're choosing. well, today he announced the endorsement of carly fiorina, and he did so in the backyard of marco rubio. cruz is campaigning in miami today. that is rubio's hometown. and kind of grabbed a little bit of the attention down there in south florida when he unveiled the fiorina endorsement. cruz is trying to make the case that the math simply does not add up for marco rubio and john kasich going forward. of course the two of them are pinning their hoping of going forward next week whatever you want to call it, super tuesday too in their home states of florida and ohio. in that case fiorina trying to circle wagons around cruz. >> it is time now to unite
1:02 pm
behind the one man who can beat donald trump, who can beat hillary clinton, who can beat the cartel, it is now time to unite behind ted cruz, ladies and gentlemen. the next president of the united states. >> well, a couple of interesting polls out today, neil, as well involving those two states florida and ohio. we'll stick with florida. this comes from quinnipiac university and take a look. it shows donald trump up 23 points in the state of florida. doubling up rubio there. and then when you move on to ohio, it gets tighter. but then again trump up over john kasich up six points in that state. cnn released polls as well that pretty much mirrored that quinnipiac poll as well. so it could be once again another big night for donald trump on tuesday. and then that leaves many questions going forward for rubio and kasich. neil: your thoughts on super tuesday 2.0. the name. you like it?
1:03 pm
>> how about a two? two sday? . neil: right now the graphics are done. they're done. so. >> next hour. neil: i think that's brilliant. i would have run with that one. but -- >> change ralph's mind. i'll e-mail him or something. neil: you've heard about david asmand off the success of this show, running over to be on outnumbered as the one lucky guy. i've never seen you do that. >> i'll go wherever you want. neil: you're going to go far. david stops right there at the coach. kidding. i'm getting serious e-mails from people, like, you abusive jerk. and that was -- all right. adam here, donald trump, is a brilliant marketer. that we know. and we saw proof of it last
1:04 pm
night, guys. i want you both to react to this obviously the time. this is last night from donald trump. >> it got up. i mean really shouldn't have done it. it wasn't becoming honestly, and he talked about the water company. well, there's the water company. trump stakes. what are the steaks? do we have the steaks? we have trump steaks. he said the steak company and we have trump steaks. and, by the way, if you want to take one, we'll charge you about what? $50 a steak. . neil: all right. what he was alluding to is this criticism from mitt romney that all of these other business trump, they all failed. obviously to the point of that they didn't. denene, what do you think of that? >> well, perception is reality and donald trump is perceived as a winner. and what he has done, he stands behind all of his business endeavors whether they were successful or not. and that is something that i think america is gravitating towards because he's not
1:05 pm
shying away from anything that he has been -- that he has perhaps failed in where you have mitt romney who did not come out in the forefront when it came to capital. when you look at it, donald trump his success and popularity in mitt romney's face. neil: yeah, had he owned the fact that the wealthy guy was mitt romney and i'm not going to apologize for that. maybe would have been a different outcome. it is what it is. but a pretty accomplished gop strategist, have you ever seen anything like this? >> it's bizarre. donald trump is completely new ask breaking the mold in terms of how to run a political campaign. why he's going out and talking about the success is because he has nothing else to offer the people. he has not offered any detailed policy prescription. and even in his successes, he's not -- listing his full business résume. the trump casinos, which folded, the trump vodka which
1:06 pm
folded, the trump airlines, the trump mortgage. he's painting a partial picture of himself as a successful winner and we all want to have a winner but he's not a winner. he's a loser when it comes to business. neil: you could say he's a rich guy and not all businesses are a home run. but he's had enough. >> well, he's not rich enough to release his tax returns apparently. neil: well. >> what he is interesting about this campaign it's not all on substance and really with donald trump it's about popularity. it's, like, the character gladiator my favorite movie he has bin able to win the crowd neil: denny, you are the first guest who has brought maximus from gladeiator. touché on that. enter our gladiator james rosen in washington d.c. taking a look at the possibility that there could be a very nasty coliseum fight
1:07 pm
for control of the republican presidential nomination. take it from there, james. >> that was such a spirited extended metaphor, neil, i hardly know what to do with myself. well, listen, until now, it's mostly been journalists who have rapsized about the convention because you had to be since 1980 as jimmy carter as the nominee to uncover such event. today with donald trump steaming toward the 1237 delegates needs to secure the texas nomination and only senator ted cruz to blunt that progress, it is the so-called republican establishment, which loathes ted cruz only marginally less than donald trump, but is most actively considering changes to the rules to engineer some other nominee. >> i think it would be absolutely catastrophic to have a brokered convention where they try to parachute in some dc establishment candidate. you would see an open revolt.
1:08 pm
[cheers and applause] and it would all but concede the location that hillary clinton. the voters need to decide thi. neil: at the 2012 republican convention nominated mitt romney the rules were changed to ensure that on the first ballot, no votes would be tallied for any candidate who see has won the majority of state delegations in at least eight states. the move was designed to curve the influence of ron paul and outraged that the votes other than romney weren't counted. >> i've got to tell you that these campaigns are already courting delegates, talking to delegates, they're making these cases to different delegates. they're well aware that this could end up in a convention. >> tonight on special report with brett bear, eastern on the fox news channel. i'll tell you which insiders are leading the charge to stop donald trump in cleveland. neil. neil: james, you're promoting
1:09 pm
an appearance on this show, fox business network on fox news. correct? >> i like to think that there's a great collegity between us. perhaps i'm mistaken? . neil: maybe. i'm not sure if you're aware to feel kerfuffle that we have up until now with my was a good friend david asmand he was on my show and now he's the unlucky guy in the middle on outnumbered and i dare say you're not a lot different. it's kind of weird, don't you think? >> kerfuffle, is that some sicilian term that i'm unfamiliar. neil: trust me. it will be. so your thoughts on david asmand doing this. because it appears blatantly opportunistic. but being on brett's show, our good friend charles payne has a show on this network to which made no reference, which
1:10 pm
is fine. is there a little bit of guilt on your point. >> do i get a lawyer at some point in this deal? . neil: no. no, it's not a fair and balanced fighting venue. >> i -- listen, i think the ladies of outnumbered are very lucky to have david asmand, and i have been privileged to do that show once myself. and i've been said i've been watching the show at the beginning, and i'm very grateful to be the one lucky sigh, i mean guy. one lucky guy. neil: are you weary that david asmand is now trying out for "dancing with the stars"? >> i am not, mr. chairman. neil: okay. very good. thank you. we're reaching out to david asmand to get his response. making his last appearance on the show. with brett bear and those guys. that's fine. fine by me. okay. whoa. okay. we're trying to reach out to david asmand. he doesn't even return our calls now. last night, it's a big story
1:11 pm
here. and now we reach out to him to explain his despicable self. nothing. really? i would suggest you pick up the phone right now, davey. okay? more after this ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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1:14 pm
neil: all right. and a lot of people wondering what will happen to those super delegates. right now, hillary clinton. probably not right away. i want to get the superdelegate in our own right. joining us right now. christine, very good to have you. >> thank you.
1:15 pm
>> what is your role of superdelegate. you could change your mind. reat two years ago and was campaigning for her ever since. feeling the burn. i am with hillary. we wrote together with youngs of mom children. we wanted to show them that we could be in conflict over a candidate and not with each other. everybody come together on june june 15. all the superdelegates ought to go with the winner of the pledged delegates. we call it team democracy. >> eight years ago, hillary
1:16 pm
clinton had the vast majority of those same superdelegates. as the campaign season ensued, many began peeling off for barack obama. what would it take for you? the so-called russ filed maybe the tides would be turning. our superdelegates down to a candidate? what does it take for them to become unbound? >> we are not bound. elected members of the democratic national committee and other officials. we are called super because we are unbound. a four-year term to the national committee. i worked hard all four years. i also think that, what i ought
1:17 pm
to do, what each of us ought to do is let the people speak. let the american people vote neared once they do, the winner should have all 712 of the superdelegates votes. either way, that includes superdelegate bernie sanders and -- neil: don't you think the presence of the superdelegate man, if you are to look at it that way, such as yourself, why am i bothering voting? she's already got it. >> 2009. i testified that they ought to reduce the role of superdelegates. caucus states have automatic vote by mail. moms of young children like me, seniors, people that cannot go to caucus instat caucus, could have a vote.
1:18 pm
move the conventions two weekends rather than weekdays. no offense. the superdelegates ought to be clear. we do have a role in working at the party in shaping the platform and working at the candidates. neil: all right. >> they did not take all of my advice. i am hoping that this renewed interest in the democratic national committee and the democratic party will spur the reforms that i've been asking for. >> well, we will see. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. appreciate it. neil: david asman. what has been going on? >> why were you outnumbered? >> it was very simple. where was i last night? neil: here.
1:19 pm
>> all of the producers that are involved. we demand. not carried when it was not a spectacular success. demand it here it they demanded it. what was i to do? i understand. a very big show. >> that guy up there. look at what connell did. childishly, coast to coast. he is a grown man doing this. >> i had barely gotten over
1:20 pm
that. and then you. david asman. though one lucky guy. twenty years from now. >> you look so happy. >> looking back not on this appearance, saying it was neil cavuto that propelled. >> it only took 12 hours. neil: how long did it take you to say yes to the producers? >> about a half second. >> may be you should have said i will call my buddy neil or i will check in with ralph. the people that make me the celebrity that iam. >> i do have a show at 4:00 o'clock here.
1:21 pm
[laughter] >> i always thought that that ought to be a female anchored show. listen, if it was, considering melissa francis is doing such a spectacular job. >> money with melissa. >> ever since don imus left. is it true, connell? neil: connell, how do you feel about the actions? >> quite frankly, i think that it is embarrassing. i am so dedicated and loyal to you. connell: i am not even supposed to be on right now. >> all right. >> you are lucky that we love you.
1:22 pm
just a reflection of your greatness. >> is it true that you have an agent about dancing with the stars? is that true? >> yesterday, i saw the woman that he would be dancing with. why i should be on that show as well. neil: remind me i have to call dave's wife. we can easily crop right out of that. thank you. speaking of vindictive by italian's. gasparino is next. i wonder what his thoughts are. after this. ♪ ♪
1:23 pm
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neil: all right. i am glad we broke the peace agreement with david asman. the constant monitoring of connell mcshane. there is no time limit on that. a seven-year bull market. seven years young today. it is amazing if you look at this. a little perspective from elizabeth macdonald. this snuck up on us.
1:27 pm
>> it has been hated lows. you remember that one. every year, the next shoe to drop. commercial real estate. >> everybody missed it from the beginning. you know, when they say that this is -- you look at the names that are still firing. the diehard apple. home depot. i was just thinking about it. what companies were created the last decade, though. it is really about social media. they were creative in the last decade. >> i want to be courageous. 215%. 159%. we have gone 2000 days now.
1:28 pm
>> there is no 20% for action. that hits them worried. >> it does not really. people who make their investment decisions based on something like that, i have people now who have reached out to my office. i am waiting for the next pullback. neil: what kind of a pullback does it have to be? >> that is the irony. what we are doing now came off of a perfect double bottom. the bottom of the market going up. going down 1000 points. >> these people that went to cash in stating cash, i do not date that they are ever coming back in. neil: a lot of money spread over a lot of things.
1:29 pm
they just want to protect what they own. >> those things have cost people a lot of money. right now today, all time highs, scotchgard. all the time. lawnmowers. coca-cola. campbell soup. kimberly-clark. you do not have to have the hot sizzling thing. maybe they run out of options. >> you know what to do. playing a guessing game. you get in there. you develop a portfolio. you do not always have to be 100% in the market. >> it is a dividend value stock. everything but the kitchen sink was thrown out. a lot of foam on the runway. we know that.
1:30 pm
neil: now the foam is gone. >> every year there was a black swan floating by. >> talking about donald trump making impromptu remarks and shaking emerging markets. that is the latest variation. >> it is not something you're supposed to be able to predict. >> nobody does. listen. i just think, again, part of this network at the right time. they ultimately, this is not about trying to pick winners. best money and quit trading. by scotchgard. by scotchgard. ibm is looking cheap to me right
1:31 pm
now. i think you will be happy. >> going on to another network or appear on a popular show. one lucky guy. [laughter] >> some other added fringe benefits. that is all i can say. some very intellectual conversation. >> thank you. happy st. patrick's day early for you. >> i was expecting them to play along with me. david asman on my way and told me, whatever you do, do not play along. [laughter] neil: we have a lot more coming up. growing pressure in the rubio camp. really? after this. ♪
1:32 pm
1:33 pm
. .
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
neil: all right. charlie gasparino with us. i get more comments on his appearance to get special coverage. like to talk about marco rubio. here is what i got a lot of comments from, charlie, you eating on our set. there you go. >> wasn't the scruff on my face? neil: no, it was you eating on the set. other times, if he gets bored
1:36 pm
with the conversation where he is ordering dinner reservations. were you bored last night? >> no. speaking about dinner, sir, please come out. we have a special treat for you today. kind of like lunch. neil: what is this. >> this is, i got my own waiter, a trump steak. neil: this is a trump steak. >> with trump mash the potatoes. neil: this is not a trump steak. his were very thick, thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> thank you, sir. neil: very cold. >> by the way that is actually -- neil: no heat at all. >> better than a trump steak. it is from ted's. your favorite. full disclosure. from ted's. i would rather eat one of those. neil: what was he trying to prove. >> it was bizarre -- neil: businesses alive and well. mitt romney saying therm dead. >> yeah. neil: this isn't the one he dropped? we got this. here is the footage.
1:37 pm
>> i wonder if he served that. neil: gaspo's people picked it up. now, here it is on a plate. thank you very, very much. >> i think this is what average voters grapple with. i understand why trump had so much, so many people like him. why do people who like him like him. working class feel abandoned by the democratic party where you have bernie sanders running around saying white people aren't poor. think about that. what that says to the trump people. establishment of the republicans ignoring all their issues. there you go, guy walked in the middle, said i'm your guy. as much as i like donald. remember what he does? he sells stuff. never particularly cared about those issues. sells wine. sells vodka. sells steaks. neil: all viable businesses that haven't failed. >> he sells, who know. why is billionaire selling
1:38 pm
steaks with his name on it? he sells trump university which is not quite a viable business. he sells all these weird things. neil: people are working for him, right? >> certain people. neil: things are not going so well for marco rubio. >> i did what normal reporters. do. when candidate gets his rear end kicked which, remember these were not winner-take-all states. didn't win any state, no delegates. i called him his top donors. what do you think? they told me they believe, unless the polls change and they're not changing, point out not just the public polls, the private polls, that he is going to drop out, they belief he will drop out, some of them told me that he will drop out before the florida primary. let me just make one other thing. others point out that he will probably drop out after gets his rear end kicked which is looks like it is happening. we should point out he has,
1:39 pm
campaign advisors are probably telling him not to drop out. i understand one of his biggest money guys, paul singer, hedge fund manager, is advising him to stick it out through florida. that is where we are right now. but i'm telling you -- neil: what would be value quitting now or next week? >> what some of the money guys told him, value we think you save yourself embarassment. we think you will be in the white house at some point, okay? we think if you embarass yourself now and get crushed in florida, as the polls now suggest you know, it is not good for you long term. we should point out one other thing, neil. those ads, those attack ads pacs will throw at trump in the next, coming now. so his polls could change and he could see some glimpse, some pathway to win florida and he will stay n this is all caveated. neil: trump will have attack ads of his own. >> but the amount of money, 40, $38 million is raised.
1:40 pm
donald is not spending that much. that money was not used in michigan. it was not used in mississippi. it will be used in florida. before rubio people go nuts if he sees a pathway, a glimmer, he will stay in after florida. but if he loses florida -- neil: he said he would stay in even after florida. >> not a single donor who gives him money will give him money again. maybe paul singer will. neil: thank you for the steak. >> it is a kind after tum trump steak. it is ted's. for trump supporters -- neil: where did you get the plates? >> at fox news and fox. neil: wait a minute. got it, threw it in a bag, got a fox news plate in. >> exactly what donald does at trump university. neil: you're worse than asman. >> thought you were going to say i was worse than trump. neil: not a fox business plate?
1:41 pm
>> does it matter? neil: yeah. does it matter. what difference does it make? >> my opinion is trump actually gets his steaks from tad's. neil: okay. >> gets his wine, manischewitz. and gallo. combination of manischewitz and gallo. a blend of manischewitz and gallo. neil: apparently no one on my crew is interested in this steak. it is not a trump steak. >> how do you know that? how do you know that? neil: well i know those trump steaks. >> no, you doesn't. you saw one fall off a plate. neil: saw one fall off a plate. not unless they shaved it in two or three or four. not all millionaires are feeling bad about the whole tax thing. i want to pay more -- some want to pay more, a whole lot more. i want you to meet one next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. reporter: okay, it is now time for the fox business brief. they have taken my telestrator privileges away from him. jump right in to talk about stocks with you. beginning with chipolte which is down by about 2%, in the news, back in the news for all the wrong reasons again. down at one of its locations in massachusetts had to shut down. one employee got sick there. one tested positive for norovirus. some others are not feeling well. stock has been under a lot of
1:44 pm
pressure over last year. look at downward trend. 20% down not only with norovirus but e.coli outbreak. we're seeing energy strength with the spdr, supply data come out. market was already up, the oil market. continued to go up after that. devon, chesapeake, console, some energy stocks as examples higher today. neil coming right back with more "cavuto: coast to coast" in just a moment.
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1:46 pm
neil: well you often hear the view of very rich they don't want to pay anymore in taxes. not all the rich. there are hollywood rich, likes of bernie sanders, in that community like hillary clinton as well. then there is the patriotic millionaires. actually a large and growing group. morris pearl is the chair of patriotic millionaires. their view the rich, millionaires more to the point indeed should pay more than they are now. he joins me right now. >> thank you, neil. neil: you don't have a group a cabinet but personally like hillary clinton and bernie sanders, right? >> i would vote for one of the democratic candidates, yes. neil: okay the top rate now is 39.6%. if you throw in stuff for health care and rest, gets into the mid 40s. how much higher should it be?
1:47 pm
>> what we're proposing right now, carried interest fairness act tammy baldwin and congressman levin proposed. basically would require that people earn carried interest to pay that 39.6% just like you do. neil: right. >> instead of 20% rate they pay now. neil: that is good point. nothing to espouse, beyond those in your club but feeling seems to be, that your group would sooner endorse higher taxes than retraining spending. what do you say? >> well we believe the tax should be more progressive. neil: isn't it progressive now, don't you think? >> well it could be more. we created group late 2010 when it was only 35% to tell the president should let bush tax cuts expire for wealthiest and let the top rate go to 39.6%. neil: indeed he did. troubled more than half the people in this country, retirees, don't pay any federal taxes. they pay taxes, many are
1:48 pm
retirees, take nothing away from that, but that number about, the non-paying number has doubled since i was in grad school. i'm wondering that can't be a productive move going forward. >> well, we're looking for, we're really focusing on the fact that the wealthiest, are really taking advantage of the system by using their money to get more political power and using political power to get more money. neil: that is a separate argument, right? you want to rein them in by taxing them more. >> we're looking for more fairness and more -- neil: you don't think someone paying close to 40% is fair? >> well, you know, we think that is fair. the ones who are only paying 20% and earning a lot more than those paying 40%. neil: do you want to bring, whether it is carried interest, are you fan of "buffett rule"? >> yes. neil: millionaires pay at least 30%, all of that? >> we were with president obama in the white house when he made his "buffett rule" speech on april 15th, 2012. neil: we still don't have that.
1:49 pm
but the argument being the rich should pay at least a minimum amount, right? higher than they do now. >> we're looking at this, opportunity, one issue we're focusing on to give senator hatch and congressman ryan the opportunity to show they're not owned by wall street. that they really can do what is right for the people -- neil: here is what i wonder. i understand when i hear democrats or progressives talking about raising taxes, they are far more creative coming up with ways to get money than to control the spending of money, you know what i mean? i don't see, maybe in your case you're different, the same skill set being applied to reining in the size of government. grown out of control where we do need to pay more taxes to be able to afford it. >> we think there are things that government does need to be done. we really believe that lots of things have to be done collectively. neil: but if you do everything, say college tuition for everybody, mortgage relief for everyone who has been screwed, i
1:50 pm
mean, it is endless, right? you could argue you would need a top rate of 80% to cover all of that? >> i don't think that would be appropriate. we've not talked about those issues at all. neil: don't you think you should? don't you think you should talk about ways to control spending before you talk getting more money to continue spending? >> we think certain things are necessary, like clean water for everyone in michigan, for instance. we think efforts to reduce government is really hurting people. and hurting -- neil: don't have to worry about government getting smaller, under republican, democratic presidents it gets bigger and bigger. 18 plus trillion dollars debt. >> i think america is doing great. we have more people employed -- neil: debt will choke your kids, your grandkids, everyone. >> it is not choked me. american debt. neil: you're obviously savvy what you do. obviously very good with money. you can't live with that growing at rate it is growing? >> i disagree. neil: keep printing money and
1:51 pm
keep -- people? >> millions of people in this country who don't earn enough to afford to buy silk ties like we're wearing -- neil: that is not my point. you just doesn't think debt is a problem. >> no. i don't. u.s. government is borrowing money, interest rates at lower rates. neil: do you think that will last a while? >> it will? it will. neil: how did you get your millions? how did you get your millions. >> mostly by investing. neil: okay. >> i worked for investment management first. i invested my own money did very well for myself. because of infrastructure america haas, people send their money to new york because of our strong regulation, our strong -- neil: i don't see that continuing. we're piling up a lot of bad stuff. you're doing very well. morris pearl, putting your money where your mouth is. you're willing t >> i am. neil: you frighten me with that. i appreciate that. you're a good sport. morris pearl, pate patriotic
1:52 pm
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neil: all right, pressed for time. i apologize, democratic strategist, but had a guest on saying rich should pay more, we have to deal with that what do you think of that? >> well, i know, i think that sometimes too much is given, you know, too much is deserved. i don't know, i'm not sure, in what context, neil? neil: this guy was arguing, morris pearl, patriotic millionaires, rich should pay more, minimum amount. i understand some don't pay that. others raise the right 5%age points. hillary clinton surtax on the rich. bernie sanders as well. what do to is acceptable top
1:56 pm
rate for the rich to pay? >> topping historically, historically rates as high as 80, 90%. neil: please tell me you don't want to go back there. >> i'm not saying i want to go back there, neither is hillary clinton, bernie sanders or niche else. neil: what are they saying? what is a fair rate to you? >> what you have to look at is what, companies like apple are trying to pay now which is almost nothing. you see effective tax rates of something like 0%, right? neil: do you think companies should pay a minimum amount, rich should pay minimum amount. what would that minimum amount be. >> i don't think it is up to me to say what the minimum amount. could say 30%, 25%. neil: but everyone pay it. >> companies, everyone pay it. neil: everyone not paying federal income taxes now, nearly half of americans are not should pay as well, pay something, everyone? >> they do pay something, half of them don't. they pay fica taxes. do you think everyone -- >> certainly. okay, listen, yeah i think that when you have a lot more to give
1:57 pm
that actually matters a lot more to our economy. neil: okay. >> obviously the poor that you're saying don't pay anything, pay sales tax, and -- neil: not the poor but half of them. christie, want to get you back. apologize this is so tight. more after this. >> no problem, neil. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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steve breaking right now. looking at live pictures of nancy reagan's motorcade. it just arrived at the reagan library. she will be lying there until her funeral on friday. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. a prior prayer service. paying their respects to the former first lady. the public will be invited to pay their respects. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest


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