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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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people who normally work together are trying to get each other. i think it will be fun. i would like to see more stars and stripes on captain america. i think it will be good. >> thank you both. thank you for watching. charles payne is here "making money." charles: senator can rrp receiving an endorsement from -- senator ted cruz receiving an endorsement from senator mike lee. tuesday they will head to the polls including the two winner-take-all states florida and ohio. meanwhile there are two distinct groups trying to derail the trump train. president obama taking a swipe at republicans, even calling the state of the gop presidential race a circus. >> every time we have a
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presidential election. our friends have to brace for an exodus of americans who swear they will move to canada if the guy in the other party wins. >> what i'm not going to do is validate some notion that the republicans crackup that's been taking place is a consequence of actions that i have taken. i think it's important for them to reflect on what it is about the politics they engaged in that allows the circus we have been seeing to transpire. charles: we have more breaking news. breitbart reporter michelle fields says she was trying to ask donald trump a question when
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someone grabbed her arm and pulled her to the ground. and according to witnesses that was trump's campaign manager. katrina. i saw sit first with jamie weinstein, michelle's boyfriends tweeted it out and he had harsh words to say. essentially that cory grabbed michelle from behind as she was trying to ask donald trump a question and tossed her to the ground. >> i have got to say, that is quite an allegation, particularly one that's made on twitter of all places that did not happen. cory would have never done anything like that. he's man, a husband, with several small children. the fact that the allegation was made on twitter and continues to be discussed in the media is disturbing.
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when mr. trump is in a room, there is a swarm of reporters. i have seen it myself, i have been pushed aside because someone was trying to put a microphone in in trump's face. this is something that should not have been discussed without contacting the campaign for clarification. the people that cleared the path for mr. trump are the secret service. there were hundreds of reports and cameras, and no one seemed to catch it. charles: some 0 outlets got news, some saying they are calling b.s. but the transscrit script is out there for anybody who wants to sight. breitbart has a statement. "the washington post" published a' detailed first-hand account who was an eyewitness to the
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incident. we were disappointed by the campaign's response. we stand behind her reporting, her techniques and call on corey lewandowski to apologize. reporter: corey lewandowski of all people was pointed out on this issue it was said even then that it was not substantiated that it was cory sliewn do you ski. fit was, it was after the words excuse me and thank you for spoken allegedly by corey lewandowski that this happens after the fact. i do bite fact it could have
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been -- i do buy the fact it could have been another reporter in the room trying to get in front of mr. trump. i have seen it myself. charles: tonight will be another gop debate. the race is shaping up. let's bring in the panel. of course, katrina is going to stay with us. fred barns, you have been around for a while, but i'm sure you haven't seen anything like this presidential race. the stakes are high particularly for marco rubio. >> they are high for him. he has declared he will win in florida. and the chances are not very good. he's been 20 points behind and he stayed 20 points behind. cruz isn't helping out. he's not helping rubio defeat donald trump.
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that was an idea going around, the division of labor. it looks like trump is going to win and the opposition will be divided as ever. charles: one could argue if rubio would drop out it gives cruz a chance to win north carolina and perhaps some other states. >> i think this race hinges on ohio and what's going to happen march 15 because you are talking about john kasich and the recent poll is actually off. he's a sitting governor who won his state in 2014 with almost 70% of the vote with an approval rating of 80% as a sitting governor. i think the likelihood of john kasich carrying ohio is pretty strong given that scenario. there is a possibility we are entering into a potential brokered convention for the
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first time in 68 years. there are a variety of scenarios that can play out. each of these contests provide a winnowing opportunity where candidate drop out. that might be the scenario if marco rubio loses his home state of florida. there is a lot of different scenarios that could play out. charles: i had reince priebus on and i was asking about the rule changes. a few trump supporters thought i was going against trump, but i was asking about the proposition of the rnc changing the rules ahead of the convention. to me it seems nut. if is the -- is the trump camp worried the establishment might restack the deck against them?
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>> i'm not sure we are worried. they are exposing themselves for being what the grass root have been fearful of for some time. this is what i do know, particularly with regard to ohio. people who may not like their governor may not want him to be president. it's been agreed pofn even by people who don't like trump, that he has the best opportunity to win collector alley and talk to them about our conservative ideas. the republican party has been absent for generations in many of these community. charles: in a lot of states where donald trump has won, they ask about shared values and the numbers don't match up. that's a narrative tonight in the debate somehow his rivals
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will say i can get the job done. it seems like an uphill battle. >> donald trump may wear business attire on his body. but he said he supported poll figure on both side. but he has trait no one else in the race has. he's uneven cup bored. he can't be bought by anyone. he's a result-driven guy who has gotten things done. you look at his children. he's a strong parent. there are a lot of things about him that voters are finding favorable. and those numbers are catching up. so i think it will be a tough battle tonight, the batman robin thing rubio and cruz have been going on portraying him as the joker. i don't know if that's going to work. you have to win by being the best. charles: this is a new day in politic. for a long time you were
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considered a stalwart in the party on the ideological side. you guys who are so resistant to donald trump, maybe it's time to take a back seethe or join the train. >> the phrase used against me is establishment hack. i do think katrina was totally wrong when she says everyone agrees trump has the best chance of beating hillary clinton or bernie sanders in the general elect. there is agreement donald trump of the four candidates has the least chance of defeating hillary clinton. that doesn't mean he cannot defeat her. it just means when you see all these polls matching up, the republican candidates against hoik in particular, he doesn't do as well as ted cruz or john kasich.
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>> that's not what i said. what i said was electorally trump stand the best chance to win in october. trump is not going to win new york or california. donald trump does pull in supporters from the democrats. i said he has the best chance electorally and polls right now, when donald trump first entered this race he was at the bottom of the polls and managed to turn that around. he hasn't even started on hillary clinton. >> he's running a great campaign for the nomination. he's running away with it. no one expected that. but then we have a general election. but these are early polls. >> let me chime in here.
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we have 12 million votes in a gop primary. $5 million more than the last elect cycle. it's obvious donald trump is a magnet. >> i think we should let the republican voter speak. if donald trump gets the 1,237 delegates he need to clinch the majority of delegates, the republican party should support him. march 15 will determine a lot. i don't think he has ohio down. i think florida will potentially go his way. but that's to be seen. clearly texas voters did speak that they would potentially want ted cruz to be their president. but the reality is donald trump is leading in the amount of delegates. we should let the republican voters speak. but this thing may not be over. could it continue on for a few months.
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>> we also want to talk about marco rubio. i spoke with charlie gasparino, there is a lot of speculation he may not show up for the vote tuesday. a lot can happen. it starts with the debate. the question is, what happens to marco rubio. should he or should he not stick around for next tuesday. we'll be right back.
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>> that is 100% categorically false. i have never discussed dropping out with anyone on the planet earth or any planet for that matter. we are going to fight this thing until tuesday, win florida, and go on. charles: that was marco rubio
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last night attempting to dispel the rumors he's considering dropping out of the race. as the gop hopeful continues to fall in the polls, the question continues. will he even be on the ballot when tuesday comes around? i spoke with charlie gasparino who broke this story yesterday. a lot of major donors calling up marco rubio saying get out now. if you lose tuesday it will ruin any future political career you may have. >> i don't know if it would ruin his political career. if you are marco rubio you don't want to go around letting anybody think you are dropping out before or after florida because florida voters haven't gone to the polls yet. if you start suggesting you are out of this race, they are not going to vote for you.
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we saw ted cruz try to pull a ben carson in iowa. marco rubio wants everyone to think he's staying in. florida is the big test. if he can't win there, there is no reason for him to stay in at all. charles: one state he got double digits. people are saying this will be the ultimate embarrassment. bow out with some honor and perhaps help the anti-trump candidate win. what do you make of that strategy? >> the on people who think rubio has a future in this case are dead enders in the beltway. rubio came in with zero delegates and that's hard to do. by staying in all he does is enable trump to win florida. i think tough lose your own state as the incumbent senator
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it's bad for your comrt political -- it's bad for your political future. if you lose your primary and hand the gop nomination to donald trump you are in a very bad position to have any future. charles: is this all about ego? i started to think about it. it's like jeb bush held on too long. we talk about the establishment all the time, i gets back room guys with a bunch of cigar smoke. but i don't know if they have any power anymore. it feels like ego is driving this. >> ego is a bag factor with politicians. but i don't think when you stay on just for the new hampshire primary and the dozens of other things, it's not staying on too long.
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they just ran poor campaigns and were not successful in the early two states. farce marco rubio is concerned, there is no comaim in losing to donald trump. donald trump is an extraordinary political phenomenon. he has beaten all kinds of people and he will continue to bother republicans in subsequent states. rubio will probably lose to him. at that point he should drop out. i don't think his future career will be harmed at all. he may run for governor in 2018. i think he's quite an impressive politician. he made one big mistake. that was to attack in an unattractive way when he said trump may have wet his pants. that looked very unappealing. charles: he apologized for that and said it embarrassed his
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come on in. >> i feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave americans we lost at benghazi and i can't even imagine the grief she has for losing her son. but she is wrong she is absolutely wrong. charles: that's hillary clinton at the debates claiming she never lied to patricia miller, the mother of officer sean smith
6:25 pm
who was killed in the been gas irattacks. trish regan interviewed the mother and she is not happy with clinton's answer. >> i want the government not to call me a liar. i don't lie like that. she is a proven liar. i want to know why my son was dead when he asked for security. charles: that was patricia smith on earlier with trish regan. she responded to the polls that show the majority of americans, even her own party believe she is dishonest and untrustworthy. >> obviously it's painful for me to hear that. i do take responsibilities. when you are in public life. even if you believe that it's
6:26 pm
not an opinion that you think is fair or founded, you do have to take responsibility. and i do. >> just now big would niece issues be for her there the general election? heather, let me start with you. they are dogging her. they don't go away. do you think she answered them properly? >> the first question, she doubled down on the benghazi thing. the second question, whenever she shows vulnerability, charles, she shows strength. a lot of people site of as a difference from her personality. a lot of people think it shows courage to show vulnerability. she did herself a favor when she said i'm not the politician my husband is. charles: you can play the vulnerability/victim card so much.
6:27 pm
>> i think it's a good point showing vulnerability makes you more real and human to people. when you are calling the mother of a man killed in benghazi a liar, that does not win you favor with people. top watch sean smith's mother on tv. all she wants is answers. parents of people who serve their country wetter in the military or state department, they deserve those answers. and to dismiss it with the wipe of a hand is ridiculous and it won't do anything to win her favor. >> i think the people who are still have much involved in the benghazi discussion, and people like the family members, there are many people who just tend to just gloss this over and ignore it. for these people that's the answer. >> the people who want to gloss it over with continue to. the way she is responding is going to work. charles: the way she's
6:28 pm
responding i think is going to keep it lingering. i'll ask you this because i have interviewed patricia smith. as an interest viert's hard to hold it together. her story is so convincing and her passion is so real, you believe she is not lying and she is telling the truth. >> indeed she is telling the truth. it's an established fact that hillary clinton stood before the castle kets of our dead and lied. she said this was the result of an internet trailer that no one had seen. and that we hadn't been sufficiently politically correct towards islam. we know from the email chain that she told chelsea clinton within hours it was a jihad terrorist attack. the recent poll had hillary clinton 36% of americans think she is trustworthy.
6:29 pm
you cannot fix that. between now and november she is as congenital liar and has been seen as one since the 1990s. charles: the one issue, benghazi, particularly will the email surfacing with her daughter makes everything so questionable. the more we don't believe her. that's her untrust worthiness. >> it was also members of glen doherty's family that all said they were not told the truth about what happened. i know from serving in the military, you don't go to families and tell them what happened to their children until you know. you don't just drop a bomb on them and give them one answer then find out it's not true. >> this all about tone. when we get to the general election it will get a lot
6:30 pm
worse. charles: the opposition to donald trump is running on what i call parallel tracks. you have conservatives but they have all want the same thing. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right.
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charles: the opposition to donald trump running on two parallel tracks right along with that trump train.
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you have got conservatives, grassroots and opponents, and the establishment, they don't find donald trump to be their cup of tea. this morning lisa burke found herself trying to explain the difference. >> if someone doesn't support donald trump, that doesn't make them part of the establishment. i have not indicated who i support. i'm not working for the establishment or the rnc or anyone in leadership. charles: are the conservatives in the republican party going to work the gop establishment? ly a, you were so --l -- lisa, u hated being called part of the establishment. diehard conservatives and religious types say he's not their cup of tea.
6:35 pm
but they get painted with the same brush by trump supporters. >> you can't call someone who supported ted cruz part of the establishment. this is a man who called mitch mcconnell a liar on the senate floor. this is someone who worked to shut down the government to hold down strong obamacare funding. that was the point i was trying to makerrer and also the point i was trying to make is we do have a schism in the party. donald trump is turning out unprecedented numbers. but there is 2/3 of the republican primary voters who don't support him. i'm not a paid spokesperson for the campaign. i'm viewing this from an an political standpoint. so that's the point i was trying to makerrer. stuart and i had a fun conversation. but those are the points i was trying to make. charles: i have watched lifelong
6:36 pm
friends fighting the conservative fight a year ago at each other's throats. katrina you know what i'm talking about. to me it's nuts. can't someone say i'm very conservative and cruz is my man over trump without being attacked and demonized. at some point donald trump has to bring them all together. >> let me say this. it does go both ways. i am a constitutional conservative. i helped senator ted cruz get elected to the senate. but because i chose donald trump as my presidential candidate, i'm called the establishment. donald trump isn't conservative enough and if you are supporting him you must be the establishment. senator cruz himself defines donald trump as establishment which means everyone who supports him must be establishment.
6:37 pm
donald trump and ted cruz are the two candidates beating the establishment and acknowledge that even though we disagree on who we think should be the commander-in-chief. we should understand as conservatives we are winning. charles: the word psychiatrist many was used earlier. the vitriolic nature of this campaign. as a result, people are saying this is it, the disintegration of the gop as we know it. do you agree? >> i don't think that's going to happen. this whole question of whether there are attacks on donald trump from different sources, of course there are. there are a lot of rich republicans supporting super pacs attacking trump, then you have mitt romney and then you have conservatives attacking him. the test is going to be the 8 of florida. march 15, that's where millions of dollars are been spent just
6:38 pm
attacking donald trump. if he wins there handily we'll know the attacks didn't work. charles: i'm not so sure the argument or fight within the big tent will be resolved tuesday. that's the conservatives who feel like it's just donald trump is not necessarily their guy, i would think at some point they have to be whatted back in. i don't know who does it, who extend the olive branch first. but i think you need that before november if donald trump is the nominee. >> trump is not winning in florida just because of super pac money for and against. marco rubio is back door endorsements in a robocall had no effect in places where it took place. the conservative vote is split between cruz and rubio. if you go head-to-head, cruz wins in polls. >> that's an argument cruz is
6:39 pm
making and conservatives are making. we'll talk about the other anti-trump group, that is the establishment. i have got a list. you talk about some of the richest people in america and the world. they don't want donald trump to mess up their money machine. can he change the course of history? we'll talk about it next. t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ charles: folk with more money than countries are trying to derail the trump train. we'll be right back.
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charles: it seems like a win by donald trump will be a serious blow to the old boys' club. these are some of the big hitters that put millions in
6:43 pm
the campaign. george soros. paul singer. he just made $2 billion last week. ken griffin. theley goes on and on. they are doing everything to derail donald trump. the big question is why? peter, you know everybody involved in this play. why are these guys worth $235 billion, $7 billion, throwing so much money at donald trump in this race. >> if you are extremely wealthy the rules have been written for you in this century. donald trump is immune to their influence because of has money of his own. he's a change agent much the way franklin roosevelt was. whether it's trade with china or wall street.
6:44 pm
dodd frank changed one thing. small banks can't make loans and they can't stay in business. donald trump is a threat to the status quo. these people are the status quo. charles: i talk about it in greek mythology. this is the way it plays out in my mind. why are they so intip dated by donald trump? why do you want to -- why do they want to stop him? >> there is a movement in the united states among the working class to overthrow a system they feel is weighted against them. i cover politic. but he look at guys who put money into politic, they are making investments the way they do in other investments. they want to know there will be a return. that's why you see hillary clinton and ted cruz receiving
6:45 pm
these monies. there is a belief they will be more loyal to donors on wall street than a bernie sanders or donald trump will be. there is too much unpredictability for them. collar * the flip side of that is if he's not beholding to anyone, he could not be bee behold together voters. >> i think that has been his point. he wants to help americans. he want to put america and their families first over a lot of these special interests. and he talks about on being behold on the voters. he has the most pro-america agenda out of all the candidate running. these people funding all of the attack ads against mr. trump are putting money inside the campaign of ted cruz and hillary clinton. that speaks volumes about where the people and their support should be going today.
6:46 pm
charles: this is for them an investment. they spread money around. donald trump spread a lot of money around. hillary clinton went to his wedding. i guess the point is. some of these guys are saying. it's not about us. if donald trump gets into the oval office and does the things he says he will do. it will destabilize the entire economy for everyone. >> it's about an investment for their portfolio, not for the american people. all the monti they have has not and will not overcome the strength of the american people. they need to understand and the reality has to set in that they haven't declared war on donald trump. they declared war on the american people. charles: the ecb. european central bank. they threw the kitchen sink at europe's problems and the markets loved it for about an hour.
6:47 pm
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: after months of frustrating the market the chairman of the ecb. there was anticipation they would step in. the financial media wore out the name super mario now that ecb chairman has blinked. equity markets at the open were thrilled. stocks up 150 points. you gift bank your money and you
6:51 pm
pay them for holding it for you. refinancing costs went to zero. marginal rates dropped again. bond buying. 80 billion euros. they are going to be buying stuff from everybody. now the results, the euro has tumbled hard. it's a form currency manipulation. i have got to tell you another thing. you have to start wondering when central banks and central planners are going to get it. is look like this stuff never works. another gop debate, will the candidates be grilled on immigration, trade and jobs? and will the boys behave? we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social.
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. charles: breaking news for you. reports from the "washington post" saying a top ben carson aide says that dr. ben carson plans to endorse donald trump. this again to sources close to carson. the former top former aide for carson told fox business that dr. carson himself said he's leaning in that direction, and more information will be coming. want to point out that dr. ben carson will be on with neil cavuto tomorrow on fox news at 4:00 p.m. in the meantime, donald trump explaining how he's going to pay for that wall. >> you don't expect mexico to say, yes, mr. trump, here's a check for 10 million dollars. >> it's not feasible. >> you think the deals will more than compensate for the wall. >> we may tax him, okay, doesn't make any difference. we lose a tremendous amount of money -- trade deficit with mexico, 58 billion dollars a year. people don't know.
6:56 pm
that the is going to cost 10 billion dollars. that's a trump wall. okay? lou: foreign trade opportunity for america increase u.s. exports. well obviously going to see this tonight. trade, immigration and jobs. i think those are going to be the key issues, certainly if you talk about the debate -- the economy rather, cathy taylor, steve rogers, fred barnes and lisa boothe. michigan was one of the states hit hard by things that have evolved, involving the economy, people blaming trade, and "gallup poll"s show people like the idea of free trade, feels like that's changing rapidly. >> we are seeing some change in the way that some republicans view trade, and as evidenced by donald trump's victory and michigan, in a lot of the dialogue around trade. if you look at blue collar workers, they're hurting in america.
6:57 pm
that's a reality. it's a combination of just modernization and the fact that a lot of the jobs are automated. it's product of the regulatory state of the country and look at manufacturers just can't survive under the regulations, shipping jobs overseas or shutting down. i think there are a lot of blue collar workers suffering. talking about immigration, that's an issue. well that's resonating with blue collar workers at all? seeing the jobs in jeopardy and that's a fear they have and something donald trump has put forward and discussed quite a bit. charles: shift gears because there's only a few minutes left in the show. if this is true, dr. ben carson backing donald trump, steve, what do you make of it? already donald trump was doing very well with evangelicals and those kind of folks, but this would be one heck of a seal of approval. >> boy, do i love dr. ben carson tonight. he's on the train there, charles. i think it's a move from a very
6:58 pm
intelligent man. he's well respected throughout the country, if not the world. that's a great shot in the arm to the trump campaign, and god bless ben carson. charles: what do you think, cathy? >> the endorsements play a role and help, and dr. ben carson is very strong with the evangelicals. trump has done well with them. trump momentum is there no matter who endorses him at this point, that's not to discredit dr. carson any way. i think that's the trade. >> keep in mind, he's not an establishment guy. he's an outsider. that's a big plus. charles: huge blow to ted cruz when. this started, who seemed more alike? you felt ted cruz and dr. ben carson had a lot more things alike. >> i don't think from a disruptor/outsider perspective. charles: donald trump's credentials with the evangelicals, with the outsider image, and dr. ben carson is really still liked very much across the aisle, political aisle.
6:59 pm
>> he's liked by me! he's a wonderful guy. charles: that's it! that's it! >> charles, wait a minute, on the other hand, endorsements don't really matter much, particularly at this stage in the campaign. i mean did anybody think it's a big deal because one senator has endorsed ted cruz? i don't think that matters much either. what matters is i think more than anything else what happens on tuesday. this debate probably won't change it. this debate tonight. if donald trump spoke about anything that would help him the most, it would be to talk about national security and foreign policy and get rid of some of his somewhat odd views that bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and putin -- >> that's what the old establishment knows. i'm not trying to dis you, what the audience wants to hear is free trade, immigration, lisa, ten seconds left, do you think ben carson endorsement helps the trump train become a little more of a locomotive?
7:00 pm
>> i think it helps him. i agree with fred, endorsements mean less this election cycle. endorsing candidates, donald trump include, where they weren't able to carry their statement same for marco rubio as well. charles: since that's the case, i'll withhold mine. i do endorse lou. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs am the republican establishment, gop elites tonight, upping their efforts to disenfranchise millions of voters and create a brokered convention. outside groups and campaigns reportedly are committing more than 9 million dollars to be spent specifically on ads in florida ahead of next tuesday's winner-take-all primary. but trump taking the high road and calling on republicans to unify behind his candidacy. >> if we embrace what's happening and if everybody came together instead of spending all this money on the ridiculous ads that frankly e


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