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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 11, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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one person not attending, president obama will be going back to south by southwest festival. breaking out in a spirit airlines flight, all caught on tape. by five women got into the fight later this hour. one final hurrah for kobe bryant and the prime james. lakers fans remembering how great a player he really is. turning to market this morning. a pretty good rally in asia following the european central bank decision yesterday. it really was nick's performances after the move. investors shaking off initial concerns that mario draghi sent mixed messages of the measures yesterday which is five the rally sold off. optimism fluttering u.s. is low with a pretty strong opening this morning with the dow jones industrial average to open up 106-point. all of that commitment. it is for me to break it down, sandra smith. we can't cap about kevin kelley
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and barron's online editor jeff potter. the five of four remaining republican candidates strike in a different tone during last night's presidential debate that in most the bickering of writing and the review mirror. instead focusing on policy and party unity. ted cruz and marco rubio make their case as viable alternatives to pat peter donald trump heading into tuesday's important primaries. >> i've been watching the debate today talking about radical islamic terrorism, but i will tell you there's something going on that maybe you don't know about and a lot of other people don't know about. there's tremendous hatred announced it was exactly what i said to andersen cooper. >> here we go. i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> you believe you done anything to create a tone or violence to be encouraged? >> i hope not. i truly hope not.
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i will say this. with 25, 30,000 people. people come with tremendous passion and love for the country. when they say protest in some cases, one case i haven't been. i heard about it which i don't like. when they see what is going on in this country, they have anger that is unbelievable. we have some protesters who were bad news. they have done that means. they are swinging. they are really dangerous and they get in there and start hitting people. we had a couple big strong powerful guys doing damage to people. not although the loudness. the loudness i don't mind. but doing serious damage. if they are taken now, i'll be honest we have to run something. and it's not me. >> i know what a good deal is. it's hard to codify. cuba has free election. cuba stops putting people in jail for speaking out. cuba has freedom of the press.
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cuba kicks out the russians and the chinese. cuba stops helping north korea invade u.n. sanctions. cuba takes fugitives of american justice including the top killer for new jersey and sent back to the united states. you know what, then we can have a relationship with cuba. >> senator cruz, if you overtake donald trump at the convention, what were you due to take his passionate supporters and keep them from bolting the convention is sabotaging the fall election? >> will come under some folks in washington -- [cheers and applause] >> donald, you're welcome to be present and the smithsonian. >> the republican party has a great chance to embrace millions of people but it's never known before. they are coming by the millions. we should seize that opportunity. these are a people. these are fantastic people that love our country. these are people that want to see america the great again.
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i'm just saying, embrace these millions of people that now for the first time ever loved the republican party and unified. be smart and unified. [cheers and applause] tranter republican strategist in "washtington examiner" lisa booth joining us to weigh in. >> maria. maria: he makes a point. donald trump has brought a bottle of the republicans that democrat. people who are independent. people who are not going to vote republican. what do you say? >> there's no question about the fact that donald trump has turned out different voters. we are reversing historic levels of individuals, republicans and individuals turning out to vote in the republican primary contest and we are not on the fly. they are saying historically low levels of turnout. absolute truth is that donald trump is singing. last night what you did is highlight the term.
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i'm so glad we were hopefully done hearing about people stand in the size of their hands. i don't know about you but i'm tired of hearing about things like that in about the candidates kept the issues more focused on policy. it is only the republican candidates have kept the focus on policy throughout the election cycle. a must of some of the petty bickering. >> is certainly did have a different tone. >> i think you that the change in tone must say. it was really him making an effort to go all out to appear in sound more presidential. >> which he had to do. after the last election -- the last debate he didn't come off better well. nobody thought the dialogue he was having back and forth with
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rubio and cruz went very well. everybody got really turned off by that. the rnc is getting people back into the party. >> i think their mothers taught each of the candidates and that if you don't have anything nice to say, does they appeared one interesting dynamic is that i no longer looks like the only adult on stage. all four of them looked like adults last night and that could hurt kasich. maria: kasich has been called field adult in the room. sandra: you are about to see israel true test where he is leading donald trump. his favorability ratings are very high and this will be as big as does most marco rubio facing his big test. he is not leading in his home state. maria: in fact, trump is leading in ohio right now. >> florida and ohio are incredibly important dates because the reality if you look at the map, donald trump carries both days.
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it's difficult to catch up with him on the delegate count. i do think marco rubio looks like he's in a tough son of bowling. the senate time and time again. co-author paul donald trump and mark are rubio with the exception of one outlier poll. ohio will be the big test. a lot will hinge on ohio. sander pointed out john kasich is a sitting governor with approval ratings of 80%. wanted to say candidly and 2014. he's created a lot of jobs in the state. there is a strong likelihood that john kasich at the end of kerry end of carrying his home state of ohio. >> admitted he made mistakes but he promises not to drop out of this race anytime soon. listen to this. >> tuesday night i didn't do as well as they wanted to announce a little bit disappointed when i got home. my wife told me stories than that which is the reason i can get up the next day and keep
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fighting. there's a gentleman in south florida who just got out of surgery and his doctors told him he needs to be home resting. every afternoon he takes his aluminum he takes is a limit insurance have decided in early polling center and holds a sign that says mark are rubio. for him i symbolize all the sacrifices that his generation made so their children can have a better life for themselves. that gentleman has not given up on me and i'm not going to give up on him. maria: good comments, but is he splitting the party at the same in this race? we'll know if he drops out, his supporters will go to cruz or trump and we will get a clearer idea for the one-on-one race. >> i think marco rubio started the election off with all the promise in the world. he's a great spokesperson. a very strong-willed and the general election. they feel they have minnesota under his belt, i don't believe
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the past is therefore had in this election. it's difficult to make the case that you are credible candidate if he don't carry her home state of florida, what is your pet to the root? the establishment of land is more on his side. it is very difficult for mark are rubio to continue making the argument two daughters, to continue to make the argument to voters. i wouldn't be surprised despite what he is saying if he does end up topping out if he loses florida. >> who is the candidate that can hit hillary for her against him in the e-mail scandal. who can carry themselves in the republican party during the general election? >> that's a good question, a tough question. it depends on a couple different things. if you see basic head-to-head matchups, mark are rubio and john kasich at the best against hillary clinton.
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if you look at candidates of the more probable chance of winning the nomination, donald trump, mark are rubio. donald chatman 54% of the delegates to win the nomination. ted cruz and 62% and john kasich intent grew substantially below that. ted cruz does make for a particular case and it lays out his indictment. we saw that last night weighing out the policy differences between him and republican candidate and donald trump. donald trump is highlighting some of the populist tones that are really popular right now in the country. not to be a pun on words, but we are seeing it also is bernie sanders and some of this rhetoric that is resonating with young voters on the left who are dead, college loans, debts been substantial. there is a lot of time between
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now and november. right now it looks like it is donald trump. we would know a lot on tuesday. the dynamics of the race could change. maria: we should mention the speculation that dr. ben carson will endorse -- he did come out. >> during the debate -- he dropped the bomb shelter of the debate. that's me with the biggest moment of the night. good takeaways part away as hard as the reviews i've read, there was managing changing moments for candidates last night. the endorsement would be a big one. maria: exactly. we are waiting to hear from ben carson. lisette, thank you gave the candidates make final pitch to voters. they look ahead to tuesday. peter barnes of the preview. reporter: hey, maria. last night you are right it was
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high on civility and no insult. mark are rubio making his last stand in his home state asking voters last night to keep his campaign alive but they win there. >> not the moment has arrived for a generation to do our part. i >> not the moment has arrived for a generation to do our part. i tell you tonight if you vote for mid florida and never across this country and tuesday when unelected resident, the generation will do its part. >> the real color politics average of donald trump with a 15-point lead over rubio headed heading into the last weekend of campaigning. trump last night after night the presumptive nominee saying his campaign is attracting new voters who can help him win the white house for republicans in november. >> the republican party has a great chance to embrace millions of people that has never known before. they are coming by the millions. i just say, embrace these millions of people dead now for the first time after love the
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republican party and unified. be smart. >> as you mentioned, trump announced last night in the debate that dr. ben carson will endorse him this morning it back to you. maria: peter, thank you very much. dr. carson will be on your world today with neil cavuto. don't miss our coverage of super tuesday is average to .0 by john on the fox business network. that coverage at 7:00 a.m. on tuesday. historic flash flooding with parts of the south under water. dramatic images come in. department of justice lashing out with apple in accusing of much more instruct teen investigation. back in a minute. ♪
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the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> 20 inches of rain in southern united state. dagen mcdowell at that no-space been a good morning. great to see you to see you. heavy rains in parts heavy rains in parts of the south causing massive flooding along the mississippi river.
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flash flood warnings issued across the louisiana, texas and arkansas and mississippi. louisiana bearing the brunt of the storm with water levels rising so high. those are fish you see swimming along a flooded by bob. moving onto this story, cesar milan, the dog whisperer, now under investigation for possible animal cruelty. reports say this is caught on camera. the investigations done spread an investigation of the show were a live was attacked by a dog that cesar milan was trying to train. he wasn't killed, but it's pretty bloody based on what i watched. the dog in question has a history of attacking pigs feared he was trying to train him and didn't have the best of luck. no true spirit the battle between apple and the fbi is heating up. federal prosecutors violated osha to force apple to break into the san bernardino's iphone saved apple deliberately raise type of logical barriers
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who stand between a warrant and an iphone containing evidence related to the mass murder of 14 americans. apple fire back at the doj's remarks calling it a cheap shot. but this is getting hot. if you read into this, this is in response to a point by point rebuttal of apple's motion trying to get this order dismissed. the prosecutors go after apple and a few sample helping the cheney's government access customer phone data while refusing to help the united states and apple called the ridiculous and desperate. maria: that's unbelievable. jack announcing they will hold their next event a day before they are court hearing. it is sort of in-your-face on both sides. >> you think it is played to its customers in china and russia say we will keep you safe in the
6:19 am
government out of your phone. you are exact today. the american government is learning from the tactic you identified and saying we are going to play the patriotism card and apple you hurt america by doing this. you and i disagree on this. i said that the government. if i put my iphone code on a post-it note and stick it up in my closet, if the government gets a warrant, they can look and my ipad as long as they have probable cause. there is no know. if you have probable cause you can't get in. they should be a little go into that. >> at not just one phone. along with other company you can see back enough bowl. the vast majority as well as -- maria: we are split right here on the set. >> they take her most personal private information and make
6:20 am
money off of it. if apple does this for the u.s. government, they've got to do it for the chinese government. then it got to do it for the russian government because they did it for their own country. maria: it does do that for the chinese government. apple freaked out. maria: how does apple operate in china if it is not -- >> i go back to what bill gates said. you have to point out the bias that bill gates has towards apple. he is basically siding with the government paying asking for apple to let the government into the iphone whether it's a one-off that we ought know at this point they can't if it's basically providing a key for all iphones. okay saying this is no different than asking for phone records or bank records. i think it is really telling the general counsel told reporters.
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apple really is feeling like this is intense pressure from the government. maria: wishers. let's not forget general hayden is on the other side. it was sterilized that. we'll be right back with the nation is mourning the loss of the former first lady commented a ragged. , nancy reagan.
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maria: welcome back good life and legacy of nancy reagan will be celebrated today in the ceremony she planned herself in the programs to participate to the details like flowers, peonies are favorite. eulogies will be given by her two children, ron reagan junior and patty davis. there is one touch she didn't request will be part of the celebration. president ronald reagan's blood pipes and they will be played as a tribute to him, but also for their love of one another.
6:25 am
hey nancy was written in the sky of above the reagan library were the first city lies in repose through dozens of dignitaries including george w. bush, jimmy carter, four of america's first ladies expected to attend. there is one that will be skipping out as we all know. president obama going to the festival. sandra: is scheduled to speak i'm hearing from my sister that traffic jams. they are canceling her work. what a celebration of a beautiful life in beautiful piece of united states history. nancy reagan sharp as a tack to her final moment. as you said, she planned this day. except for the back types. bethany part. bethany power because president reagan loved bagpipes. they have been at his funeral service or not they will end her life the same way. i think it's a beautiful sentiment. maria: i love the partnership they had when you look at the
6:26 am
pictures of how she is so caring and taking care of president reagan. she is so elegant. >> she really set the tone for how a first lady should carry herself as well. going off of what jackie o did as well. it is a shame the sitting president could honor because she did a great job for this country. >> and apparently with a key player behind the scenes. i haven't heard people criticize it appears she gets credit for doing stuff behind the scenes. maria: she sure does. one of voters within influence on the election. we talk about candidates young people lean towards macs. later it is official. spring break. see how hotels gets ramped up for marketing. spokesperson, cap to not be a soldier cap to nontheists will join us alongside one of the company's topic beckett is coming up. >> hello. i am captain obvious. when i heard there was a race for president i decided to run.
6:27 am
i saw the other candidates and 91 was fit to run. they didn't seem very good at all. and i knew i would need to stay in a different hotel every night so it's nice to have the support of plus i always really wanted to visit florida.
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>> now, wasn't so clear yesterday. we are seeing aurally this morning as well. initial concerns that ecb president sent mixed messages. you remember as soon as the news was out that they were cutting interest rates the market rallied to negative and then come back again this morning. it's being felt here in the u.s. here. future indicating with the dow jones industrial average, fight for the white house heats up in the debate last night in florida with the remaining republican candidates as they went head to head before primaries in considerable states last week, phil in miami with the highlights. >> good morning. this being the final debate
6:32 am
before florida, missouri, ohio, illinois and north carolina. even donald trump the front runner and often considered the lead fire fire-crack thrower commenting on how civil everybody on the stage was but the candidates did make their points. >> there are other only two of us that have a pas about winning nominations. >> the reason why we watch it is because what's true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> i think frankly that the republican establishment or whatever you want to call it, we have millions of extra people join, we are going to beat the democrats, we are going to beat hillary or whoever it may be and we are going to beat them soundly. >> cuba has free elections. cuba stops people in jail per speaking.
6:33 am
cuba takes fugitives including the cop killer from new jersey and send her back to the united states into jail where she belongs, you know what, then we have a relationship with cuba. that's a good deal. >> florida is the third most popular state in the nation, has a lot of television markets in the past week or two. rubio has been spending a lot of money much of it criticizing trump. it appears on new polls, showing trump what had been a 20-point o over 10 points over rubio followed by cruz and then kasich. also this morning 9:00 a.m. big endorsement is expected up in palm beach county for donald trump, dr. ben carson expected to put his backing behind the
6:34 am
billionaire. back to you. >> maria: all right, phil, yes, we heard that light night at the debate where donald trump told us before dr. carson told us. >> sandra: dr. carson is expected to back this up this morning. >> you can see that, of course, he's going to support trump because it's coming to a two-person race as a lot of people are seeing, you know, he's, of course, going to support donald trump. >> maria: let's talk what who young people are supporting, emily and washington examiner reporter gabi, ladies, welcome, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> maria: let me kick it up with you, gabi. who do if millennials want to be
6:35 am
president? >> particularly not donald trump. i know i still wonder how donald trump plans to rain in healthcare costs. there's a number of questions that donald trump has yet to answer to, while last night debate was more civil as donald trump pointed out, there was still glaring lack of policy discussion on his behalf on a number of issues related to an important to millennial voters. >> maria: fair voters, america's young foundation, who would you like to see in the white house? >> i'm going to push back on debbie a little bit. i work with young people every day. one thing that people react very well to is humor. the youth misery index is the foundation calculates through
6:36 am
the roof. they want someone who is talking jobs. trump is talking jobs. one thing that's important, marco rubio put an absolute clinic on how to talk to young people last night. he's so clear and framed things positively, i'm not interested in being politically correct, i'm interested in being correct. i think that was pretty powerful and we have the clip. >> maria: we just ran the clip a few moments ago. >> i'm not interested in being politically direct, i'm interested in being correct. in order to be correct on this issue -- >> what's so important about that is what the gop has been trying to tap into. they haven't been able to articulate it. senator rubio did. >> sandra: gabi, can i challenge you on something, you're obviously hitting on something that we hear republicans for not addressing the debt crisis that millennials are facing right now and many currently in college or about to go into college.
6:37 am
what is it that you want them to say? what do you want them to hear because we are seeing millennials backing bernie sanders to promising free education for all. >> well, you know, marco rubio is one candidate that has stood out as somebody who has offered a number of policy prescriptions to address student debt and bring down the costs of attending college. he's talked abincome-sharing agreements, making sure that college students are burden with debt going into college but they have to pay back a percentage of their income coming out of college. he's talked about responsible borrowing. donald trump, however, has talked about creating another government program. i think that's something that hasn't attracted much attention in media and should. one more area where conservative millennials for that matter
6:38 am
should be paying close attention to the policies by these candidates particularly somebody like donald trump who said, you knowinger in order to address the college affordability we need to create, quote, some government program. >> one of the biggest things facing millennials, # 0 trillion -- 60 trillion unfunded liabilities, are they representing it, how is it fairing with millennials? >> we have done polls, the top three issues that young people care about, education, they care about jobs and they care about unemployment. that's where -- that's where their mind is. there's a major cliché. millennials are all for bernie sanders, that's just not true.
6:39 am
that's the myth and cliché. they're out there complaining about climate change or marriage or whatever. what's really important to them, education, jobs and student loan debts. student unemployment is so high right now. >> maria: sure is. emily and gabi, thank you so much. coming up next a country flight turns into an all-out brawl, watch this, we will have more for you there. two nba legends meet for the final time. kobe bryant may have had the last laugh on that one.
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>> maria: welcome back, a major frozen foods recall by nesle. >> dagen: maria, nestle recalled. the source of the glass is a common ingredient in the brand. degiorno pizzas, lean cuisine and stouffers. this was the 22nd meeting between the two and the superstars have never faced off against each other against the playoffs, these two gentlemen battled early on but it was
6:44 am
lebron and the cavaliers that came out on top, lebron finish it had game with 24 points while kobe finished with 26. and five women brawl on a plane. witnesses say this started, hopefully we will get the sound for you, two of the women were playing loud music without headphones and according to spirit airlines the two appeared to be intoxicated. imagine that. baltimore arrived at los angeles international airport this fight broke out. police say they were taken off the plane by law enforcement but police say no charges have been filed. >> maria: can you imagine? incredible video. maybe they were getting frustrated because the spirit airlines were so cramped. >> sandra: maybe they were so drunk. they are going to ruin it for
6:45 am
everyone. i'm projecting saying no longer serving alcohol. >> they need the revenue. [laughter] >> maria: you're ruining it for everybody. >> sandra: i like a glass of wine when i'm in the plane. >> dagen: people get intoxicated and they get served and the flight attendants. >> maria: bring on the wine. jack, we would like to get a preview before it hits newsstands. it's taken kind of a value approach to investing and it has been a frustrating nine years for invests or, this is not the actual final cover. >> maria: what's that? [laughter] >> in any effect, as you guys probably know, one way to divide the market is value versus growth and for nine years for many reasons, growth stocks have been in in the lead.
6:46 am
>> maria: facebook. >> netflix and google. those stocks have done so well. the growth index, higher faster-growing companies. small value is beating small growth by 9 percentage points which is a huge spread. the spread has been going the other way for so long, so there could be outperforming stocks. >> maria: it's time to buy value. >> everybody who is a value investor this could be frustrating. >> this is the type of environment where you need to be in value stocks, we are in a lower return, higher volatility
6:47 am
environment and we are starting to see that. we are starting to see that global growth is coming down, we are starting to see the monetary policies are not working only fiscal policies, how do you invest in that type of market and value is a place where you can go for that? >> and the problem is that people have been willing to pay up for growth in a slow-growth environment. i think that's why growth stocks have been doing so well. at this point you are paying just a little too much. you have decent companies yielding 4 and 5%. i think there's opportunities there. >> kevin: they tend to be more defensive. >> yeah. >> maria: energy and financials. >> so i think they're very different. energy has hit because of price of oil. people have been betting that we are going to see a rebound. now, it could go back to that but it's already priced in.
6:48 am
>> maria: buy values and energy. >> financials more attractive. the balance sheets have been stronger than memory. the stocks are very cheap. >> kevin: it's hard to find value because they are trading at such high multiples. where the areas that you can find value? >> financials would be one. people are flock today utilities and now you're paying an awful lot. >> sandra: how volatile being election year? >> maria: how about the fed next week? >> i don't think they will cause in the value space. if anything you see a steady ride. >> we traded at least 1% in either direction for 25 out of the 45 tradings sessions this year. we've never had that since 1938.
6:49 am
>> maria: good stuff. take a short break. dagen, thank you. coming up the story of the passion. michael will be with us next. former new york governor no longer in presidential race but not stopping him from weighing in. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm really disappointed. i don't think donald trump -- hillary clinton has broken so many laws. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. >> maria: fox news caught up with pataki. we will be right back. can a business have a mind?
6:50 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> maria: welcome back, networks torn broadcasting live musicals with big-name stars. fox is no stronger to live performances. it's been a leaders in the field in the yield of the successful grease live production. live is setting trend, passion is set for "passion. ". >> there were hundreds of people gathered around listening to the songs and there are some powerful, powerful moments and
6:54 am
scenes that i don't think we've ever seen jesus in this way and as human as this portrayal. i'm feeling it right now. [laughter] more -- >> maria: that was a passionate interview. >> big star in latin music. >> sandra: he was selling it. >> you get a lot of emotional when you talk about jesús. >> maria: looks really exciting. >> this is a big deal for fox. huge success with grease live. this is going to be live rain or shine to the streets of new orleans. it's the story of christ, crucifixion and the thinking and the hope, i hope it's going to
6:55 am
plan out that they can do this year every year with a song set and the song set is available on i tunes and this year in new orleans because as tyler perry says, new orleans knows a little bit about resurrection. >> maria: doing it all in new orleans has to create risk in. >> the reason networks are doing this is because they are fighting the future. consumers are on demand and create platform commercials and can create all revenue screen with the music. >> maria: hosted by tyler perry. that's going to be big. >> some of the music when love takes over, we don't need another hero, calling all
6:56 am
angels. >> maria: wow. >> even if you're not that religious, there's something here for everyone. >> maria: palm sunday. >> fox network. >> maria: it was great to see you, thank you so much. let's get to dagen mcdowell etf report. >> dagen: yes, maria, in fact, steel, steel etf, so we are tracking higher steel etf in what is a down week for the broader markets. ak steel is up 11% this week. why production is declining and so supplies are drying up and steel is going up. mornings with maria more after the break.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> maria: welcome back, good friday morning, it is friday march 11th, top stories on the east coast. republican candidates going head to head on the last debate before crucial primaries next week. daytona last night very different than what we heard last night. donald trump weighing in on why he is resinating with voters. >> when they see what's going on in this country, they have anger that's unbelievable. they have anger. they love this country.
7:00 am
>> maria: two executives fired over spending. fish are swimming in the streets, look at these pictures. plus captain obvious running for president literally t spokesperson top destinations across the count roy for spring break. turning to markets in asia, following the european central bank decision yesterday, we are seeing aurally across europe. investors shaking off that president mario sent mixed messages. in the futures this morning indicating dow industrial will open up 40 points higher, that is off of the highest levels of the morning. all of that and much more coming up here with me this morning torques break it this morning sandra smith, recon capital kevin kelly and jack otter. republican candidates making
7:01 am
appeal before super tuesday next week. peter barnes is in washington with all the highlights. >> peter: hey, morning, high on civility and limited with interruptions and insults, some candidates will insert u.s. combat troops in the iraq and syria to fight isis. donald trump put a number on it. >> we really don't have no choice, we have to knock them out and rebuild our country which is falling apart. i would listen to the generals but i'm hearing numbers of 20 to 30,000. >> peter: here was one of the few interruptions. >> senator cruz if you overtake donald trump at the convention, what will you do to take his passionate supporters and keep them from sabotaging the fall
7:02 am
election. [cheers and applause] >> donald, you are welcome to be president of the -- >> peter: trump announced last night that he will be endorsed by his former rival dr. ben carson. >> maria: there are only two likely candidates left in the republican party who can mathematically win the nomination. >> if somebody doesn't have the delegates and i guess there's two of us that can and there's two that cannot at the moment -- no, that's just -- by the way, that is not meant to be a criticism, that's just a mathematical fact, okay. >> maria: joining me right now tim miller, sir, good to see you, tim. >> hey, maria, i don't agree with the math. obviously ted cruz at this point is most likely of the three ore challengers to reach 1237, here
7:03 am
is the reality n a head-to-head cruz is up 13 and john kasich is almost up. as the field narrows, there's going to be a surprise. >> maria: a surprise comeback from one of the nontrump. >> rubio, kasich or cruz. you guys are anointing donald trump. >> maria: okay. >> sandra: nobody is anointing donald trump. he happens to be the front runner of the gop party. he's leading the conversation. he continued to on the stage last night, we can't deny that. can you speak on behalf of jeb bush, i mean, what's he doing right now? apparently all the candidates have been spending time talking to him. >> look, i can't speak on behalf
7:04 am
of jeb anymore. i'm with the super pac, as far as jeb is concerned, he made clear donald trump did not have the temperament to be the president of the united states. >> sandra: dr. carson on the campaign trial and he's expected to endorse trump this morning. i don't know if we can rely on the fact -- >> really, jeb was the one that was taking donald on every single time. chris christie took a pass on attacking donald most of the time which speaks poorly to his character, somebody that said that was run to go tell it like it is, never really told it like it is with regards to donald trump. >> maria: i understand, what you're saying, he has 37% support when you look at the overall country.
7:05 am
you know, i don't know that it's the media aonointing is a better protocol than not just following what the voters want. >> i guess what i meant, i wasn't picking on your show in particular, if you look at this race right now sometimes you're following the coverage you wouldn't realize that over half of the voters haven't had a chance to vote yet. >> maria: right. >> the person who ends up being nominee grows the support as the race goes along. donald trump isn't. he's stagnant. he's not bringing on additional people. you saw mike lee endorse ted cruz yesterday. if donald trump was a strong runner he would get conservative endorsements and gave a lot of people to be concerned that he would be a good general election candidate and he shares republican values. >> maria: what happens if he wins florida, you're still in this position?
7:06 am
>> you know what, there are a lot of paths forward. it depends on what happens on tuesday. our group is focused on putting up ads about his record in states like ohio, illinois and missouri in addition to in florida talking about all of the times that he left regular people with 50,000, 60,000 in debt while he use it had bankruptcy laws to enrich himself. he's not a guy that throughout his career has been looking out for average americans, what he's been doing is lining his own pockets at the expense of people. more people hear about that, the more you hear unfavorable goes up. nothing comes close to it. so, you know, i think that this is going to be a very competitive race going ahead to june. condition condition which one of the candidates can take on hillary and defeat her in the general election? right now we are starting to see six signals in polling.
7:07 am
>> i don't know what he was talking about polls beating hillary. it's hard to find one. hillary is whopping him. his favorability, 67%, two-thirds of the general electorate does not like donald trump. that's bill cosby territory. he's extremely unpopular. you can't win a general election like that, with the treatment of women and hispanics, you saw the campaign manager man handle a reporter and donald trump not apologize for -- >> maria: so who can. >> i think all three of the other candidates can. if you look at general polls, ted cruz is up on hillary by 1 by donald is trailing, marco is up about 2 or 3 and kasich up 2 or 3. >> when people try to criticize trump on the issues, which you
7:08 am
just have and a lot of us can take issue with him, we are kind of missing the point. he appeals people via their gut and nobody else whether it's hillary, ted cruz or john kasich seems to be able to appeal to voters guts in the way that ted cruz -- excuse me, donald trump can. how do you get pass that? >> that's why our group is advertising and educating voters about what i was talking about. his history of hurting regular people. and so if it's in your gut, i think donald trump is looking out for you, he's been alive for 70 years, look at his record. what has he done to help a regular person and not himself? i thought last night the one moment telling about donald trump is when he was asked about the strong leadership of the chinese. no, i'm sorry, donald, it's not strong to kill innocent civilians who are out there protesting fighting for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. it was protestors that showed
7:09 am
strength and donald trump's values are not in line with the party. as people are making that case, that's why you see negative ratings to be so high. >> maria: tim, who are you supporting right now? >> right now i'm supporting anybody but donald trump. i think whoever ends up with the best chance to beat him i'll be on board with. >> maria: thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks, maria. >> maria: we are expecting that dr. ben carson will officially confirm that he is endorsing donald trump. heavy rain hitting parts of the south, flash flood warnings across louisiana, texas and mississippi with water levels rising so high that fish were seen swimming along a flooded sidewalk. look at this, meteorologist maria molina is here. >> maria: well n the northeast this weekend coming up it's going to be absolutely beautiful. you're going to have sunshine and pleasant temperatures and
7:10 am
things will begin to improve in places like the gulf coast and the lower mississippi valley. ain and that's why up more than you're seeing images with fish on sidewalks and evacuations that have been under way. the rain is continuing here. pressure that's pushing a lot of moisture and been producing the heavy rain and the storm system has been stalled out over méxico. it's now starting to move out of the region so we are going to be seeing a drying trend. overall for today the heavy rain will continue out there in parts of louisiana andologist mississippi with several inches of rainfall. that will worsen any flooding situations going on across the region. but you can see how extensive these flood watches and warnings are in effect out here, anywhere from eastern texas into parts of
7:11 am
mississippi. and now the forecast for this afternoon in terms of your temperatures, they're going to stay very warm yet again across parts of the southeast, feeling a little bit like summer for some of you, look at raleigh, north carolina, yet again today. across the northeast we did have cooler air move in. nonetheless, again it's going to be beautiful out there, 62-degrees for the forecast in new york city. not bad, maria. >> maria: good stuff, maria. maria molina. propane explosion rocking the ohio town. details on the dangerous blaze coming up. things getting heated at the donald trump rally, why a supporter is defending decision to punch a protestor. fox news bill o'reilly will join with his take. forget last night's debate. we have a presidential candidate, it's not who you think. keep it right here in the fox business network
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. >> maria: welcome back, a massive explosion. dagen mcdowell with the details. dagen. >> thank you, maria. a propane gas exploded in ohio.
7:15 am
ten fire departments responded. no serious injuries have been reported. investors trying to find out what caused that blast. the parent company of men's warehouse is closing 250 stores, the company has not been able to stop sales declines after an ill-advised merger of the two two years ago. it will close 80 to 90 stores as well as 58 outlets, it will also shut 100 to 110 tucks locations as the company shifts to men's warehouse and macy's. a probe by the justice department finds out that iran was responsible for a 2013 cyber-attack on a damn in the new york city suburbs, a u.s. official says an diet soon.
7:16 am
about 20 miles of new york city that's used for flood control, then the hackers were able to probe the system prompting this federal investigation, a state department spokesman decline today specific comment on the prospects are iran would be charged in the cyber-attack, but maria, this is the nation that we have brokered a nuclear agreement with. >> maria: it's so extraordinary to me. we have time and time again that they are abusing the united states, whether it's through breaking the agreements and we are not seeing any sanctions, we are not seeing any pushback from the u.s. >> dagen: of course 2006 obviously this happened some years ago and it was knowledge. it raises the bigger issue of state-sponsored cyber -- >> kevin: iran is not the only country doing. we have korea doing that and they are defying us.
7:17 am
>> maria: particularly iran. >> kevin: we were going to give them $150 billion anyway back. >> this is close to home for me. i'm looking at maybe buying a house right near where that happened. that's scaring me now. you know, i will say that i think there is a certain, you know, kissinger, nixon, obama, a certain diplomatic logic to taking nukes and putting them in a box and saying, this is a solution that we have to solve. in the cold war russia was doing all kinds of terrible things but we said, you know what, this could destroy the world so we are going to have a nuclear agreement even while we are fighting russia all over the globe with spies, with hot wars and cold wars, again, there is a logic. >> maria: you're justifying the iran deal. this is a different conversation. this is a keep-breaking the agreement and they are not
7:18 am
pushing back. >> we have to push back. we are being way too weak. >> dagen: once money is slowing into iran -- >> kevin: exactly, they're going to continue to defy us because we are doing nothing about it so why wouldn't they? >> sandra: the only thing we are doing is blaming them, right? >> we did that. >> dagen: a worm in the nuclear facility. >> maria: coming up next two wounded warriors are fired over spending, president obama blaming the republican party for the divisiveness across the country. o'reilly factor with thoughts on that. every day you read headlines about businesses
7:19 am
being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals.
7:20 am
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hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business.
7:22 am
you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. >> maria: welcome back. top military charity wounded warriors' project firing top executive amid scandal. jerry lewis the details. >> good morning, maria, this is an appalling and sad story, the managers really using money that came from the front door from all over america, regular americans to make themselves look better. let me give you details here. normally what we like to do that is what proportion goes to the cause, right, you look at disabled american veterans, 96%, the fisher house 91%, look at wounded warrior project, 60%,
7:23 am
40% going to overhead, 40% going to salaries, conferences, yaw name it, expenditures that made the management look good but did nothing for the veterans who really needed the money. i want to dig into this for just a second because conference spending was something that soaked up a lot of the budget at wounded warriors' project. 1.7 million spent on conferences in 2010. these conferences were held in fabulous locations, five-star hotels in colorado, in jacksonville where the organization is based. that is the amount of money, by the way 26 million that the organization would spend on stress management for the veterans. this is a huge proportion of their budget. they are spending it for fun, the ceo of the organization would ride in on horse to these events, i mean, he was really,
7:24 am
really flashy. i went to his profile just to see what he thinks of himself, right, i have never seen such a snassy profile. he raised $85 million, television ads, just shocking. >> kevin: heads are rolling, though. >> they are going to stop people at the organization flying first class. i was shocked by that. really, you're sending people first class. >> sandra: i think it's important to say it's okay for the heads of these organizations to be paid well and have nice benefits because you do have to retain and attract top talent to lead these organizations, right? i think there's a big difference between abusing the money and abusing the -- what?
7:25 am
>> don't you think this is over the line? >> for sure. >> kevin: the issue is conferences. i mean, that is an outrageous number to be spending specially when you see the jump from 2010 to 2014 specially considering all the talent that's donating time and money to the organization. >> people should realize when you are giving money, you should look them up. it's easy to find online what share of the money the donors actually gets at tend result. >> maria: this is a very good charity and you want to support this charity but you hear stories like this and now you don't really know where the money is going. >> kevin: those charities at 96
7:26 am
and 91%. >> fisher house and disabled american veterans charitable trust at 96%. >> kevin: people should be looking at these organizations and supporting these organizations. >> i bet there's going to be a raft of changes. i just want to quote what one of the veterans said about the organization. this is a guy with a purple heart, a bronze star and a really good guy that worked for him. he said, you're using our injuries, our darkest days, hardships to make money so you can have these big parties. he called them out doing once again service for the country. >> maria: thank you with the story there. coming up violence erupted at a donald trump campaign event yesterday. it's all caught on tape. fox news bill o'reilly will join me next. he will tell us why. here is trump's reaction to the
7:27 am
sucker punch seen all around the world. >> do you believe that you have done anything to create a tone where this kind of violences has been occurring? >> i hope [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. not. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:31 am
where people were impressive on policy, but the voters, you know, they are trying after 12 times, i think it was a 12th republican debate still trying
7:32 am
to figure out what this is and what person deserves a nomination. i don't know if it vances that cause. >> maria: yeah, people would like to see a little more substance but sort of the circumstances taken out last night. let me get your take on what trump said on the republican voter or the independent voter now loving the republican party, embrace it, he was basically sending a message to the gop to back off. what did you think about that? >> i thought you were going to run a clip about him saying that. >> maria: no. >> i don't really understand other than winning the states this the trump nomination is going to employ. i don't understand it right now. the emotional appeal of donald
7:33 am
trump, we have done this on factor, there are americans who believe that this guy is the only guy who is going to right the wrongs that they perceive, okay, that's why you are ahead and that's why you're a phenomena because you're able to caption the anger, but you know, he's going to have to pivot now if he gets nomination of a coalition of democratic voters and independent voters which is a pretty powerful coalition, you have minority voters, you have women, hard-core liberal people, it's hard to believe that anybody voting for bernie sanders would ever vote for donald trump and sanders is racing up some pretty good tallies, i don't know what the strategy is for trump to win other voters because everybody knows who he is now.
7:34 am
>> maria: what about the pushback? we heard from tim miller who used to run jeb bush's campaign. look, it's the media putting him out there, he has 35% of the country's support, that means 65% of the country does not want trump. >> yeah, but you can make that argument for any candidate. so i don't think that's a real fair argument because, you know, when you have primary, people pick their favorites and if their favorites aren't there anymore, then they'll take a look, i mean, we have ben carson on tonight on the factor who apparently is going to endorse trump, that's a surprise. >> maria: yeah. >> i don't think that's a fair analysis. what is fair because he's such a powerful personality donald trump, are there people who are still considering him, you know, it's almost like we like you or don't like you. last night he put on a different
7:35 am
face. >> maria: he tried to be more presidential. >> right. >> maria: one of the issues for rnc and the rome anies of the world that are pushing back on trump is they don't believe he can beat hillary clinton. >> i don't think it's so much he can beat hick i think a good
7:36 am
moment for him last night. when he said you mother i hope i am not inciting this. he was almost humble there. >> i don't think you can hold candidacy responsible for their actions of insane people, in the crowd goingnuts on twitter one market tweets
7:37 am
man hit protester at rally a moron next time might have to kill him for protesting wtf, your take on obama yesterday i was watching that president obama press conference known how you felt but the president basically was claiming the the party. listen to this, i have to get your reaction. >> what i'm not going to do is to validate some motion that the republican crackup that's been taken place is is a consequence of actions that i've taken. i think it is very important for them to reflect on what it is about the politics they've engaged in that allows the circus we have been see to to
7:38 am
transpire. >> i used the clip on my program. it's a prettily complicated issue that he's talking about here. i make the point that if president obama had not been so polarizing and certainly he is, now, is he going admit it, no, but he is. he's a polarizing guy. people don't like him and they turn and say, what are you doing about it, well, you know, and the people you didn't do anything about it, so i'm going to vote for trump because he's an avenger and he's going to come in. that's it in a nutshell. if the president wants to feel
7:39 am
that she's not responsible for any stuff, when you consider he's had the executive, went around congress on immigration and did back-door deal on iran deal and he came out in the state of the union and said, one of my regrets is that things are so divisive, i don't know how that happened. >> people like this don't see the world the way it is. they're all living in a bubble. i'm sure the president sees he thinks he has done the best job for america, i know he believes that but, you know, the folks are seeing it in a different way. not his supporters, the supporters are right there with them, you wreck the country, the worst president ever and now we
7:40 am
need a guy to dismantle anything that you did. >> maria: do you see hillary sees it that way? do you think in her heart of hearts, feel because of the reaction to president obama here we are. >> here is where i always go back to the clintons, remember in south carolina when bill clinton came out when hillary clinton was running against obama in 2008, this is a fantasy, he doesn't know what he's doing. i think they still believe that. i think the clintons still believe that. >> maria: right. amateur. >> they need the african-american vote to win. they are going to cling to president obama till he get it is nomination. after nomination they still will be respectful but i don't think you'll see a close a tie.
7:41 am
>> maria: i agree with you. let me ask you, can trump win if he doesn't have the hispanic vote? >> polling on this, only 12% of american hispanics have a favorable of donald trump. >> maria: exactly. >> it's almost like the other independents and people like that. he has got to be able to employ his carisma after he get it is nomination if he does to then strike a different tone keeping the people who love him in bay, in place and then starting to cultivate another line where you would persuade people to come to you. it's not an easy thing to do but certainly it's possible. >> maria: yeah. >> you can't make a prediction right now but as i cede earlier, it's going to be very difficult for donald trump to do it. >> maria: all right, bill, we will see you tonight when you speak to ben carson.
7:42 am
>> all right, maria, thanks for having me on. >> maria: 8:00 p.m. in the fox news channel. still to come apple's fight with the doj. it's not lawless to unlock iphone but ordered liberty. plus, not so honest after all. why jessica alba's company is in billion delay water. stay with us.
7:43 am
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and now you can use zip recruiter for free. go to . >> welcome back the battle between apple and u.s. government heating up dagen mcdowell with more on
7:46 am
headlines. >> maria attorney general loretta let us knowch late show with steven colbert saying the government is not asking apple to create a backdoor, into the iphone. of the. >> we are not asking for a backdoor, nor are we asking him to turn anything on or asking them to do is to do what their customer wants, the phone is the employer of one of terrorists now dead, we are asking them to do is to help us disable the password erase function. >> federal prosecutors issuing a new motion yesterday, saying that complying wit would not be an undue burden for apple. >> conk damage by tornados storms in texas a local news crew was off guard when they spotted a dog, sitting up right on a lawnmower the dog unfazed by crew had his paw on wheel looked like ready to help in the cleanup effort, it
7:47 am
went viral had some worried dog was injured news team responded that it was in a area seemed okay. >> how honest is honest? the honest company that is, the company cofounded by actress alba, in less than four years, honest company surged to 1.7-billion-dollar private market valuation, companying markets cleaning supplies diapers other consumer products at that you says are safer, and more ecologically friendly than other brands two lab tests commissioned by "the wall street journal," found that honest liquid laundry detergent contains an ingredient that tops the list of things that the company tells consumers to avoid. it is in a wide range of products maria company, by the way, disputes the findings in the "the wall street journal" two, independent tests, this sls is in laundry he detergent
7:48 am
in toothpaste, soap did is wash liquid could cause skin irritation the issue here is if you read whole article a terrific article front page of "the wall street journal" today, it there is some question whether they have a good handle on its supply chain, and where the chemicals are coming from, and who is actually manufacturing liquid detergent. >> this is not the first time that they have had this situation. >> second lawsuit but this is like the fourth tile findings of them including ingredients they should not have goes back to those start-up evaluations situations not seeing them come to market in january we don't have a single ipo not one this year venture back deals. >> black eye. >> shows vulnerability of a company that calls itself, honest -- put yourself out there. >> made in -- >> irony. >> good for journal for doing work. >> a short break secrets of
7:49 am
the he hotel sfrooi how company marketing campaigning is impacting bottom line back in a moment. has when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. a combination of see products..
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7:52 am
hotel dem marketing campaign running for president turning into a viral sensation. in first three weeks a positive impact on the brand, and engagement hotel booking web site hopes will help sprint past the other competition ha-ha joining us in a headed josh good to see you -- >> good to see. >> you talk about this
7:53 am
campaign because we have been washing watching captahow is it resonating the response greats out a couple weeks, and really the latest chapter in our attempt to bere relevant running this for a couple years, we have seen last couple years, continued increases in unaided brand awareness more traffic we are seeing great business results from our biggest fan loves to travel to state object see very us nice weather feeling spring break give the destinations what are you seeing impacting travel, you said earlier in the xerl break foreign occurrences move in dollar. >> economic trends allowing customers to travel confidentialityly, first off you have lower oil prices oil,
7:54 am
ticket prize coming down cheaper to fill up your car people getting out traveling, while hotel prices recently found in our hotel price study are up mostly cloudy totally package down customers hitting the roads the skies need hotel in that happens, and foreign exchange what better time seeing double-digit major iconic destinations paris venice rome anyone expensive. >> so many reports congestion out of trips stopped buying tickets we did see a different travel you didn't see that? >> very shortly lived hard to measure, overall but we have seen continued demand for paris customers still going, has been resilient. >> dollars getting more in europe for sure. >> we are starting to see consumer use mobile devices a lot more, how are you competing trying to get the customer to find you whether
7:55 am
on web site or using app. >> mobile is increasingly airfare important for us the entire travel industry, currently one in three actually happen on mobile twice, we are seeing 50 plus percent year growth on mobile platform, so customers seek it out great way to make bookings on goal when looking for inspiration trying to book we continuously invest in platform to make sure simple easy to book as possible few clicks as possible to get done you get a collect loyalty points, a great way to get rewarded for all travel. >> everybody wonders how far in advance to book probably last minute maybe a summer trip or fall, when is a cheapest time. >> it comes down to supply and demanded for nation you adestinf destinations ample supply great deals, if you just wanted to take last-minute trip to vegas the number one destination we find, for
7:56 am
americans, you can get 5-star hotels on a strip on-site for less than 00 a night, good to go this weekend. >> let's do it. >> -- >> hoteliers going to milk americans any extent are there tricks to get a price in local currency. >> we officer ability tor customers to pay now or later, on many properties so by paying now you pay u.s. dollars, and lock in whatever that exchange rate is on a lot of hotels you show up pay in that euro british up and down get there not have exposure. >> any other destination. >> beach popular mexico resorts great all-inclusive customers love that represents great value. >> good to see you thanks so much, next hour former reading political director ed rollins with us former reagan budget director david stockman as
7:57 am
well back in a minute stay with us. voiceover: studies show that sitting at a desk all day can lead to serious problems, including: neck and back pain, high blood pressure, and low energy. in fact, if you sit most of the day, your risk of having a heart attack is almost the same as if you smoke. prolonged sitting even makes it harder for you to burn calories and lose weight. man #1: fortunately, there's a solution. inmovement, the affordable, award winning, standing desk. woman #1: an inmovement standing desk lets you move effortlessly between standing and sitting throughout your day.
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8:00 am
showing a trump supporter sucker punching a he protester had trump responded. >> do you believe that you have done anything to create a tone where this kind of violence would be encouraged. >> i hope not i truly hope not. >> recall for items that may be in your freezer, lean could you see ip dejourno, off he shelves, new captain america trailer blowing up on social media, find out the new hero, joining the fight. turning to markets this morning, asia gains across the board following european central bank decision a rally in europe as investors shaking off concerns that ecb president draghi sent mixed messages on stimulus measures felt in u.s. futures indicating a gain the open of trading 140 points, as markets digest the remove. all of that coming up this morning, with me this morning to break it down fox business
8:01 am
network sandra smith, recon capital kevin kelly online editor jack issues over insults last night ahead of supertize peter barnes in washington with details good morning. >> the florida primary is shaping up as marco rubio's last stand last night's debate he tangled with donald trump, double down on statement to cnn this week that quote, is lamb hates islam hates us watching debate cad rally islam terrorism i will tell you there is something going on, that may be you don't know about, maybe a lot of other people don't know about, but there is tremendous hatred and i will stick with exactly what i said. to anderson coordinaper. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in donald trump he says what people wish they can say the problem president can't say anything they want they have consequences here around
8:02 am
the world of a rubio reflected on performance in fox news debate tuesday why he won't drop out of the race. >> on tuesday night, i didn't do as well obviously as i wanted to i was a little bit disappointed when i got home my wife told me a story that night, the reason why i can get up next day keep fighting. there is a gentleman here in south florida, just got out of surgery doctors told him he needs to be home resting every afternoon he takes his aluminum chair sits owed a polling center holds a sign that says marco rubio for him i symbolize all sacrifices his generation made so children could have a breather live. >> have that gentleman is not given up on me i am not going to give up on him. >> latest polls shows rubio trailing trump in florida, by double digits. >> joining is gop campaign consultant former reagan bush national campaign director ed rollins good to see you you thanks for joining us you
8:03 am
wrote op-ed to fox news highlighted how the candidacy got out of the mud focused on stu substance i thought i would you are turn on gratuitous a while it was good for rubio basically, this is his last stand, he will not -- in a good way, he is tremendous debateer great asset to our party hard to make up 20 points in florida, certainly it is i think if you got to go out go out with style. >> trump was very great did he mennor no water no wine basically poised he sets the tone no question sets the tone. >> how might this change the race at this point up until now, trump has been riding on this tough guy image, with not a lot of substance, and he is gotten lots of popularity. >> i don't think anybody moved off, but i think from trump's perspective people starting to look at him serious maybe
8:04 am
nominee maybe presidential candidate this serious i think a good performance for him. >> i think one of the things that trump is resonating to mentioned last night bringing a lot of people to the republican party starting to come out and vote again, do you see the party coming around in the establishment really coming around should he get the nomination because he is starkly different from hillary clinton who you know, people are -- really upset right now because they think the government serving themselves not people do you think the party would come around. >> a long this is one performance last night, pretty out of the ordinary for him. i think up to him if he reaches out as started to do a couple times doesn't basically lecture the other people in elected of these legislatures across the current i am part of the team and if you get substance bottom line he needs to have answers to these things, and you know no reason he can't he is plenty smart, up to this
8:05 am
point has been total -- smash anything in front of me i think he made that case, now let's try and -- be seriously start opening up on some serious issues that the country cares deeply. >> in your piece, on the gop debate, you say all right. it was a good flight for gop, bring on hillary. who do you think is best suited of these accounts to beat hillary clinton. >> i think any last night can sfand on the stage with her trump is front-runner, probable nominee but certainly anyone can debate, kasich has substance, rubio great debater national college debate champion cruz. >> interesting you he mentioned kasich democrats said they fever kasich the most. >> i keep saying all my democrat friends you guys -- each says the one i vote for you are not going to vote republican primary so -- >> john is a wonderful guy great governor, just got a very narrower path at this point in time i assume may
8:06 am
quinn ohio where do you go from there antelope valley have a snowboard what struck me last night trump came out and said, well favorite, you've got independents, wanting to vote, republican. >> right. >> so embrace it cheer cherish it a message to people pushing back. >> a lot of people said exactly the way he performed that he should, so tells me he is listening to someone i think that is very, very positive. >> you can't run a campaign by yourself you need a good team that advises you well. >> democratic side bernie may be bringing new people millenials in whereas the turnout hillary clinton has been extremely i mean in millions kind of low really, really low. could you see a situation where trump brings in, his fans to general election where as hill maybe doesn't get -- >> she is not are energizing her base not all the a difference (a primary and general interesting thing you look at vermont, 20% of the
8:07 am
voters in vrm couldn't decide between trump and bernie, you have extremes they are both outliers the angry representing angry voter out there, a lot of angry voters out there. >> let me switch gears nancy reagan remembering her today ahead of funeral this afternoon you were close with reagan family, what are of favorite memories. >> an extraordinary woman, and the she was criticized harshly for things absurd today brought great class to the white house to the country, but the most important thing is she was a very solid advisory to the president and longest serve advisor he had five chiefs of staff 6 national security advisors she was one constant he was very secure man obviously very confident very ideological trying to pass on to white house, she was extraordinary,
8:08 am
team together was very, very critical. >> when you see pictures you see such care and elegance that she the way she treated him touched him, and beautiful. >> i can tell you -- i told the story usa -- i was walking behind them this is during the don regan thing he was very gracious to her she was nagging him big time. >> now. >> i was ten feet behind i shouldn't have have been ebb turned said i heard you first time i heard you second time i don't want to hear you a third time, she looked at him he kind of put arm around her i walked down the rad just a extraordinary relationship that many of us have those kinds of republicans wonderful. >> best friends. >> thanks so much, ed rollins see you sunday, up next not delivery it is being recalled dejourno pizza, products off the he shelves we will tell you why then it was punch around the world what donald
8:09 am
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. maria: two top executives at wounded warriors project fired for spending. >> the leading veteran charities ceo and chief operating officer dismissed amid criticism about how the organization spends 8 hundred million dollars raised over last four years, according to the charity tax form, spending on conversations meetings rose from just 1.7 million dollars in 2010, to 26 million dollars in 2014. and some events the ceo reportedly rode in on horseback arrived by segue even repelled down a wall military officers report being considered to take over that organization. >> nestlé usa recalling nearly 3 million boxes of digiorno pizza lien cuisine staff youers because the food might contain glass nestlé says source is spinach common
8:13 am
ingredient in all three brands no injuries reported, recall includes digiorno pizza, lean cuisine, stouffres. >> a 78-year-old man charged with zaument disorder conduct after he attacked black prefrt at donald trump rally in north carolina victim punched in the face to face protester removed by deputies again, if you act this way to going to get on camera, and you are going to get punished for it. >> look donald trump commenting on the incident, during the debate last night -- said people are angry, and out of 30,000 people attending a rally there is bound to be a few bad apples. >> true can't be blamed for that, but you look at hillary clinton and her response and she has chosen to weigh in basically saying it is donald trump's fault she is appalled by news, of this man getting
8:14 am
punched she says count me among those truly distraught even appalled by a lot of what i see going on, that is a bit unfair. >> well this goes back to pow polarizing this election is people upset the government has been serving themselves not people, so much around when barack obama was elected president, people are expecting hope and change, they ended up getting more of the same that is why you are seeing the rise of bernie sanders, donald trump, surging. >> -- a -- don ton needs to come at you and basically say this is not what we want, like -- >> he doesn't want this. and this is not you know. >> looks like relative of campaign trying to run. >> that is another question does he need to say something about this, not just be asked about it. >> he spoke about it bill o'reilly touched on this you can't the candidate can't take
8:15 am
responsibility for these tens of thousands who show up permanent responsibility if you are actions rest on candidate you are supporting regardless who that is, keep hands off people. just this is about the individual, old man hit the guy look like. >> there is no place for that, at all. >> elbow what it looked like. >> i don't think we can this doesn't take place in a volume vacuum can't i go ignore they are tang whether bernie sanders on left or ted cruz last night all -- >> what do you want to see happen. >> i think all thesis people should say look we should have a civilized debate we disagree strongly very different solutions debate on the merits not throw punches. >> take itton out on digiorno pies awe. >> don't touch people don't even you know, just keep hands to yourself, in every way.
8:16 am
>> war, thousands of job cuts, what direct effectuate the cuts have on your home, then president obama using the state dinner as an opportunity to poke fun at one republican presidential hopeful. >> after all where else could a boy born in calgary grow up to run for president of the united states? [laughter] i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. . maria: welcome back war on coal continues jobs numbers labor department says coal mining industry lost almost 20,000 jobs, since president obama took office 8 years ago
8:20 am
the future does not look bright live this morning in a cool mini in kentucky with more good morning to you. reporter: that is right we are -- in kentucky eastern kentucky heart of coal country for a lot of people kentucky lost the 7,000 jobs, since president obama took office, went into e4-2 mine from perry county coal company jed we spoke to minors we talked about job loss because the -- association will tell you for ever mining job loss, three jobs get lost 7,000 kentucky 21,000 we spoke to a man named josh sale this man lost his job with trucking company now can't apply his son sneakers take a listen. >> the hardest thing about this, is when the kids cry. and they want to know if you
8:21 am
are going to have as much -- and what -- you have to tell you have to reassure them everything is going to be okay. and, my kids cried over it my son, are i checked -- plays sports, and i offered to apply new shoes. and he feels the burden, of being unemployed wearing shoes from last year because he is afraid to spend money, because i am unemployed. >> so here is one of the problems this community faces going to be possibly another 100 coal miners laid off april 1 we spoke to coal miners employed and unemployed very did i future for them. >> thank you,ed a a.m. shapiro jack with us coal stocks hit hard under president obama, if
8:22 am
hillary clinton is elected, same situation do you think she has been supporting the president i proposal. >> i think the single biggest factor is market forces, supplies national gas look at oil, 100,000 jobs lost across u.s. 60,000 texas alone, so, yes, the coal policies are not helping certainly hurting, but the biggest single factor is market forces natural gas not cheaper, then you see more coal industry, think about this, fighting two hardest forces right now government, and the market, which you know, i mean that is why you are seeing what happened but has been all out war from epa especially coal industry there is lawsuits, all over the place. >> i don't think you can call coal situation market he forces coal ceos say this administration but -- >> donald trump has taken
8:23 am
advantage of that big victories in taking a very conservative stance to this saying we killed off jobs, destroyed this industry and it is done very well for him taking that stance. >> yeah i mean listen in coal is actually still being used pretty significantly, still to produce power so it is -- >> 50%. >> 50%, is -- coal so i mean still significant source of our energy, so we need to consider that especially because if we depleting it now infrastructure with workers and companies we may be out of luck if a problem with natural gas in the pipeline what we do that situation. >> you've got a cover story on "barrons" magazine, looking for value, value in coal? >> i think that is going to be a tough one if you think about not only policies, but, also, natural gas mepg but also getting more efficient, i mean, a problem because cars get such good gas mileage tax on gasoline isn't enough to
8:24 am
support infrastructure of the road we are seeing it all over the economy, solar wind tiny gut growing rapidly say 10%, where as what is going to take biggest hit is coal. >> the value isn't really in energy sector we kind of talked about that early, earlier. >> value in market we've got federal reserve meeting next week on thursday, you expecting anything out of the fed he each of them this is march meeting. >> this is the march meeting everyone expects them to stay. >> no rate hike. >> no rate hike market expecting 66% at least one rate hike throughout the end of the year the data is backing up that thesis from february to now is that all the short sellers are getting out of the way because you still have, yesterday with ecb, next week with the fed, nobody wants to take on excess risk right now especially short side. >> "barrons," feels like big
8:25 am
questions right now about how investable this market is for average investor they have concerns fears, in reasonable plea so about market. >> one of the jokes no visibility -- visibility in 1999 no one has visibility out there i do think there is something to fact you can make a good bearish argument right now and market moving the other direction, and the bearish forces relaxing a bit we've got good jobs, 4.9 -- for every one say participation is low. but the job -- >> really unhealthy market market moving within 88% correlation to oil unhealthy the credit stays look at -- >> credits mahogany right directi-- moving right direction. >> not going into a recession
8:26 am
but the u.s. isn't going to lead out of the flobl growth may mail aye. >> i think recession feers are fading not raising in march, then there is june, september. would they raise in september two months before election. >> probably not, assumption, still same time this is a market that is saying, because it does it matter if they go up one more quarter of a point. >> i know you are right you are right but it is -- an indication of way things are going. >> the rest of the world, an issue for manufacturers, dollar getting stronger. >> monetary policies by central banks are not spurring growth, all they are doing is raising risky assets. >> well -- in a campaign that has on occasion turned nasty the economy one of the biggest concerns for voters, from a reagan budget director will join me a brand-new captain america trailer lights up social media avenue a major
8:27 am
surprise is back in a minute.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> good friday morning, i'm maria bartiromo. it's friday, march 11th, your top stories on the east coast. a debate, the tone last night
8:30 am
different than before and even the candidates took notice. so far, i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. embrace these millions of people that now for the first time ever love the republican party and unify, be smart and uni unify. maria: donald trump jumping the gun with his latest endorsement from dr. ben carson. the announcement is expected at 9 a.m. eastern, we'll bring it to you live. how about what average americans think about the race? what she heard. the captain america trailer, find out about the new hero joining the fight. in asia, gains across the board following the european central bank decision. we're seeing a rally of knocks in europe and investors shaking off initial concerns that ec bchb president mario draghi, a
8:31 am
higher opening for the broader dow jones industrials averages expected to open up 130 points. last night the republican debate focused on issue, and plus marco rubio and john kasich weighed in. >> they're worried that somebody will tell them at 54 years old that they lose their job a man and a woman. that they should be able to hoard up the visas, and used only to directly hire workers and we should be stricter how to enforce it. it is illegal now, a violation of the law now to use that program to replace americans, if a company is caught doing that, whether it be disney or anyone else, they should be barred from using the program in the future. maria: which candidate has the best plans for jobs and growth in america? joining me now is former budget director under president reagan, david stockman. good to see you. >> good morning. maria: have you heard any plans
8:32 am
from any candidates who you think will move the needle on growth and jobs? >> i haven't. they were civil last night and we should be thankful for small things. when it comes to the heart of the economic issue, they ignored the elephant in the room. the elephant in the room is the fed. it's out of control. zero interest rate for 85 months are destroying savers. they're encouraging massive speculation in the stock market. well, in another huge bubble that's going to burst any day and take the economy down. that is a threat to millions of jobs. all of this easy money, that massive qe has done nothing for main street and i didn't hear anything last night about how they're going to get the fed under control, one, or second, what they're really going to do about our 19 trillion of national debt. we have wasted the last eight years, we've had a recovery of sorts, as weak as it's been. but we are now heading toward another recession, i believe
8:33 am
sometime this year, when we get into the next recession, and believe me, the fed did not abolish the business cycle. congress has not passed a law against it. we're going to be back into trillion dollar deficits, we're going to be adding, i think in the next decade. 15 trillion to what we have. we'll be at 130% of gdp, did debt to gdp and we'll be in the same soup of italy and greece and the rest of them. maria: what do you want to be done. >> what do i want to be done? >> this is what everyone has the jobs in the economy and all of these candidates have tax cut plans, they want to lower taxes, corporate taxes and this is going to cost money and add to the debt and deficit. so what do you propose? >> i would say, i would like to get rid of the corporate tax as well, completely, just get rid of it. >> how do we pay for it? >> we pay for it with a value added tax. at least cruz is right on that.
8:34 am
we tax imports, we do not tax exports like the rest of the world. now, i know the republicans and conservatives go nuts about a value added tax, but we have way too much taxation on wages, the social security tax is killing jobs, too much taxes on investment and earnings and effort and not enough on consumption. so, one, go the consumption route. second, let's stop pretending we're the policemen of the world. i listened to this thing last night and it sounded like the war monger's jubilee, they were going to tell china how to run sand bars in the south china sea. meddle in the ukraine, which is none of our business, have regime change in syria, how many times did we do that disaster before we learn a lesson. we need to massively cut defense. every one of those candidates wanted to raise the fed spending. what are they thinking? the pentagon, as i said in 1981, is a pit of waste, even then, still is, even more.
8:35 am
we're putting out a new $13 billion aircraft carrier, why do we need an aircraft carrier? nobody else in the world has any. third thing, every one of them lied about social security. every one said no cuts or no cuts for anybody over 50. maria: and we know that that's where the money is. >> the money is, 1.5 trillion in social security and medicare. if you don't tax the wealthy, all donald trump's friends down in florida, the duffers living near the golf courses retired and collecting 30 or 50,000 a year from social security. they should be cut off. they should be means tested, and none of that came up last night. maria: all of these people are afraid to say, look, i'm the one who took your social security checks awayment this is why they're afraid. we know that, but you're right. something needs to be done. >> there's 55 million on social security, 45 million need every
8:36 am
dime of it, but 10 million the affluent part of our society and nobody's earned their full social security or medicare benefits. they have to sacrifice like everybody else. so, unless we dramatically means test now and reform the entitlements, drastically cut defense by 100 or 200 billion, not raise it, and if we don't find some new way to raise revenue, this 19 trillion that we have now of national debt is going to be 25, 30, 35 and we're going to be so far in the soup that you can't be rescued. maria: you mentioned the federal reserve and its issues. the fed is meeting next week on the 16th. are you expecting more stimulus? you have the european central bank yesterday come out with all of this stimulus. you thought that was what the market wanted and after an initial rally things sold off. it looks like the market is settling here and we're going to see a different reaction this morning, but what's your take on the federal reserve next week? >> well, as i say, all the
8:37 am
central banks in the world are out of control. negative interest rates is almost criminal, taking money from savers. maria: will the fed raise rate? >> out of the way, they say raise rates, 25 basis points, what's that? what's important is 86 months of zero or near zero is a huge windfall to wall street gamblers. wall street gamblers go out and use it as carry trade money, they can buy a bond, take the spread. buy a stock, going up. take a short-term game. the only thing that negative interest rates, or zero interest rates do-- >> the fed is not going to raise interest rates. >> the fed ought to allow the interest rates to go up and normallize, how long are we going to wait? we're in month 86. maria: today, nancy reagan's
8:38 am
funeral. you worked in ronald reagan's administration, and you have fond memories of nancy reagan? >> i do. people say she was an extraordinary person, that's true. we was the model first lady, she understood what her role was and did it well. and she understood that her job was primarily in the east wing, not the west wing, to conduct the pageantry of the capitol and the nation, not to meddle in policy, two people whom i think of now, and one running on the grounds she said she'd been president and one who thinks she's co-president. maria: you're talking about hillary clinton and michelle obama. caught up in the drama of the wild presidential race, straight ahead we'll ask working class new yorkers who they're supporting. marking the end of the chinese
8:39 am
new year, the children are cutting their children's hair. the haircut is supposed to be good luck. many children are not happy about celebrating this annual tradition. back in a minute. ♪ i want to break free, i want to break free ♪ ♪ i want to break free from your ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ it's all right, out of sig sight ♪ ♪ baby, everything is all right ♪ ♪ uptight ♪ >> welcome back with the 2016 race front and center. dagen headed out to the streets of new york to ask construction workers who they want to be their next president. ♪
8:43 am
>> who are you thinking about voting for more president? >> to be honest with you, i don't think i'm going to vote. dagen: why? >> i don't know, they go back and forth with each other and trump saying what they want to hear. >> they inherited-- >> redwing, wrong. >> i like trump he means what he says. >> i like john kasich, but i don't think he stands a chance. >> i will win ohio. >> bernie sanders has the young people. >> not the young people, but. >> i like free education, i don't like paying 40 it is for school. >> he's going to raise your taxes. >> it doesn't matter, tax money is going to be taken anyway, i'm not rich, but-- >> this is a good job. >> for now. >> he could raise your taxes. >> why are you yelling at me? >> we need somebody who is not going to lie. >> i can't lie!
8:44 am
>> what can they do to make you like them? >> oh, man, free massage. >> it's a technique i learned in hawaii. >> and how about trump? he's a new york guy. >> i don't know if he's really a republican. i like his personality, you know, demeanor, my wife and mother-in-law, father-in-law, they're voting for trump. dagen: they like his pizzaz. >> he keeps a lot of people working, i can't complain about that. >> work, work, work, work, work. >> trump, a builder? >> he's saying the things he's been saying for years. >> you're on the trump train? >> i'm on the trump train. >> do you think he can beat hillary >>. >> i don't think that hillary has a shot. >> i like hillary for the democratic policies that we all assume the democrats stand for and now-- >> hillary, so far she's saying that's for the union and bernie is saying he's for the union.
8:45 am
we build america. hard working men and women. >> and comes to wall street, maybe. >> for real? >> i'm for real, i'm for real. >> which channel do you watch? >> i watch cnn. >> what do you watch for your news? >> fox. >> you do? >> yeah. >> but you're a hillary supporter, we love that. >> i always watch fox news. [laughter] >> fox is first. >> yes, yes! >> i don't watch anything, i haven't watched tv in over four yea years. dagen: bill o'reilly is for the fol folks. any candidate who is kind of like bill? >> i had'd vote for bill o'reil. >> show time!
8:46 am
>> come on, i don't -- i don't smell! ♪ >> that was awesome, dagen. dagen: thank you. maria: what was the most surprising answer that you received? >> i wanted to say all of these people, gentlemen and women were incredibly gracious. i want to point out, i didn't ask-- the first question i asked everybody i talked to and chasing them down the street with a stick mic was who do you support for president, i didn't ask any leading questions initially and it's divided. it's trump and it's sanders, you have some hillary clinton supporters, but ted cruz name never came up. not once. marco rubio's name never came up. i understand that, trump is new york, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are union supporters, but this is over at hudson yards project so this is all union. this is the biggest construction project in new york since rockefeller center was built in the 1930's, 23,000
8:47 am
union construction jobs, but you see-- >> and able that was their focus, who is supporting the unions. dagen: this is a microcosm though of what you're seeing in the rest belt, even in the coal mining counts in western virginia and eastern kentucky, these are union guys, but they like trump. >> were you surprised? you asked that one gentleman, who are you supporting, he said i'm not voting for trump, but my wife and my mother-in-law are. were you surprised by that? >> i was surprised and also, there were a lot of people who were disgusted by politicians in general and that they have lost interest over the years. and so we had conversations about, you've got to get back in the fight. maria: and for trump? >> a lot of them are like, i'm not voting, i'm not voting. sandra: i loved how up on the election they were and how politically charged and motivated they were. >> here is my concern, for the union, okay, because they work in the union. did anybody say i'm worried
8:48 am
about this, i want someone to solve this problem? >> now what comes, a little bit of that, you know what comes up? it's the issues what trump is hitting on, it's the issues of trade and america's position in the world, about keeping jobs here in the united states and then also, immigration, because if you're in the construction business, if you've got a union job, you're okay. but in construction there's that illegal immigrant factor where they do take jobs potentially away from americans. so, that's where-- >> that was fun and cool, dagen. a great piece. dagen: it was very fun. maria: i like the ends of the segment with o'reilly, dusty waters will be back next week, maybe. >> we love that, too. maria: dagen, thank you. we're just about 30 minutes away, 35 minutes away from the opening bell for a friday. take a look at stocks on the move this morning. also forecasting better sales, the stock popping premarket 12%. as you can see the department of justice calling out apple in
8:49 am
its fight to unlock an iphone of one of the san bernardino's shoo sho shooters, calling apple's claims false. and taco bell upping the ante in the breakfast wars, a nationwide $1 breakfast menu, $1. and pulling a super hero in his web of friends. and it has comic book fans rejoicing. donald trump is expecting an endorsement from dr. ben carson. "varney & company" will bring that to you live. we're waiting for that announcement. back in a minute. ♪ was engineered...
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>> final warning. >> i could do this all day. ♪ >> on the roof! >> hey, everyone. maria: nice. that was a brand new trailer from the movie "captain america" civil war, a prime appearance from spider-man and marvel finally getting the rights for spider-man. and it's actor tom holland wearing an old school costume that pays homage to the original comic book. way nt to see this what about you? >> i can't wait. i don't know why it took sow long. >> as long as toby mcguire is not playing the character everyone will be satisfied. maria: what's wrong with toby?
8:54 am
>> toby is hard compared to the rest of the characters, let's be-- >> he almost didn't take that role, i heard from insiders when he first got the role, toby mcguire. he had to be convince today take it. you don't say no to spider-man. dagen: this is awesome. >> and look at these, disney is so great at monetizing the assets. phenomenal they can pay up and still make so much money off of this. and they're doing it with "star wars," too. >> doing a fantastic job. i'm uncomfortable, spider-man doesn't feel right with this group to me. i like the relationship that all of these guys have. maybe they can make it work. maria: what does your four-year-old say? >> they don't know yet. check it out. they are marvel fans. maria: check with the experts. >> i was going to say, there are people mildly obsessed with spider-man, you really can't go wrong here. maria: that's what i was thinking. >> come on, the guy got bit by a spider in the lab, not like bruce wayne or tony stark,
8:55 am
right? these guys are, i don't know-- >> or captain america. maria: real life, okay, a passenger brawl on an airline caught on camera. could tougher restrictions for alcohol sales be on the way. check out this brawl on a spirit airlines flight. >> whoa, whoa. >> b.y.o.b. anyways on planes. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> welcome back.
8:58 am
time for the final thoughts. we're expecting a rally on wall street this morning. and next week bank of japan meets and then the federal reserve meets. >> you know, it's an interesting market especially when it comes to the central banks and we saw it yesterday, how they influenced the market with the ecb, you're seeing actually the bank of japan has gone negative interest rates, so we're in an interesting environment. maria: that didn't work well. >> it's leading to volatility. actually the bank of japan issued 10-year notes that have negative yields, and that's fascinating. maria: no information-- no moves out of the fed? >> the fed is not going to move next week, they can't. it was a choppy time to begin with, but the market is pricing in one more rate hike this year at least. maria: i say june. jack, what are we going to do? >> i think do a gut check. how you felt in january, if sold, on the verge of selling, now into a rally is a time to
8:59 am
get comfortable with in bad times, if that means selling go ahead and do it now, but make sure to stick with that plan. the number one mistake is is people chase markets, buy into the rally or sell into the dip and they end up losing money that way. >> and you're talking value, too. >> i do see opportunities in value, but it's most important to have a plan and stick with it. maria: that's the cover story. waiting for a press conference >> he says i love florida. >> he's going to try to beat marco rubio in his own state. and he's expected to announce he's getting the endorsement from dr. ben carson this morning, that's going to be huge, super tuesday two next week and a game changer in the election, watch out politics and numbers at noon. >> quick value stock, microsoft a dividend yield and-- >> wow, value. we'll see what happens in miami
9:00 am
and ohio, right? the two to watch on tuesday. sandra smith, jack, don't to erth to spring forward. set your clocks ahead one hour at 2 a.m. on sunday. spring forward, yeah, baby. that will do it for us today. thanks for joining us. "varney & company" begins right now with charles payne. >> moments from now, donald trump will take the stage you're looking at at mar lago, florida and accompanied by dr. ben carson. that's right, dr. carson looking to endorse donald trump for president the g.o.p. front runner picks up another deendorsement. and days away from winner take all states that could make or break in election. we'll take you to that podium live. and i'm charles payne in for stuart varney.


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