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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  March 12, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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evening both are achieving success in their mutual goal. john gibson we are out of time. adriana cohen, thank you. >> a living wage, $15 an hour. john: politicians promise. >> we are carpet bomb them into oblivion. >> every 4-year-old in america have access to high quality preschool. >> get private insurance out of health insurance. >> we'll open up those sliebl laws and have people sue you like you have never been sued before. john: our top 10 worst political promises this election. and a few good ones. that's our show tonight.
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john: presidential candidates made some good promises this year, we'll get to them. but much of what they said was terrible. we'll start with the worse promises. the tenth worse promise is from donald trump. >> i'm a free trader. a lot of conservatives say donald trump does not like free trade. i want smart trade. john: smart trade. what's wrong with that? here to help us understand, day began mcdowell and katherine mangu-ward. mangu-ward. what is smart trade. >> when people agreed grow to -- when people agree to trade goods. if we push them across the
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pacific ocean to china, none of that changes. it's still smart trade according to the two people swapping things. john: i guess donald trump means the government decides. >> trade is just a production technology that aloud us to get more things for less in both countries. john: he has a way to decide kinds of on the campaign trail. in trump sometimes got specific about how he would fix trade. he wants a 45% tax on imports from china. and if an american company brings in anything from mexico. >> you are going to pay a 35% tax every time it crosses the border. we have to or we are not going to have a country left. everyone is ripping us. >> this is insane. i don't want my iphone to cost $5,000. if you put a tariff on imported chinese goods across the board,
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you are going to crush lower income america it's easy to say that. we should be worried, because more and more in recent years the executive branch has been hand power over trade to impose tariffs because congress doesn't want to touch it because they moist has a tendency to be swayed by populist notions. >> one of the populist notions is steel workers have lost jobs and they are angry. >> we have been fighting over trade especially over steel tariffs. trump will have no respect for the world trade organization. john: tariffs can change where we produce things and how we can produce them. when we see an assembly line that helps lower costs. >> if you put a tariff on
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chinese goods, that production is not going to come back to the united states where it would be more expensive. it will go to a lower-cost country and you are seeing that with some manufacturing from china to other southeast asian countries. candidates say we are going to bring the jobs back and everyone says great. whatever that takes, you do it. >> i understand it. you drive down through the south, factories are gone and factories are gone. it's been going on for 35 years. people feel ignored. but that doesn't mean the solutions you are hearing are correct. john: free education. >> make every public college and university in this country tuition-free. [applause]
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john: free stuff. >> it boggles my mind that people are looking at what happened with public education in this country k-12 in the last couple decade, increased spending, no better result, and saying let's duplicate that to the preschool and college level. >> every time the presidential candidate promises something for free, a small piece of their soul dies. there is no such thing as free. >> that's why we are soulless. >> what is the cost, who pays it, and is it worth it? if sanders is going to make college free for everybody. it's not free it just means some people will pay for other people's kids to study worthless majors that don't bring them
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jobs. >> i don't want my tax dollars to be used to turn generations of kids to be colded and told her wonderful. john: not all colleges. a quarter million dollars in some. >> it isn't just college they are offering free. hillary clinton says we'll give you have free preschool. free preschool. >> as a mother of two preschoolers i should be the target audience and it still doesn't sounds like a great idea to expand it. >> true story, john. >> but explain why it should terrify other people. a lot of people say i need daycare and some families don't know how to teach the kids.
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>> do you think the k-12 education system is doing a good job educating our children? >> how about parenting? how does that sound? it's free for the taxpayer that are parenting. teach your kid at home. >> of course people want to have something to do with their kid. but i can't imagine the best thing to do with them is to han. john: most people think i don't know what the curriculum will be. this will give my kid a head start. >> going up against that are significant government studies of universal preschool which show kid that very, very small advantages going to kindergarten. some of these studies show by third grade they are actually doing worse than their peers on
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behavioral measures. >> my dad taught me how to build a shed in the backyard. that's what you will learn at home. i'm proud of that. john: people say my dad didn't do that. but what are we going to do for the people whose dads don't. you are right, these experiments haven't worked. oklahoma scores went down. >> i support a $12 national federal minimum wage. >> a living wage. $15 an hour. yawn * what wrong with that. john: what's wrong with that. >> they might launch into that argument, what about $20, $50,
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$100. john: they determined this is the reasonable amount. the federal minimum is $7.25. if you double the federal minimum wage it will be crushing for low skill workers, particularly teenagers getting their first job, trying to build the basic skills of showing up for a job and collecting a paycheck. >> i heard that from the employers. you look at buffalo wild wings. the ceo said in places like seattle where there is a $15 minimum wage we are not going to take a chance on a teenager if i have to pay that person $15. >> critic would say these are fox anecdotes. paul krugman says there is no evidence raising the minimum costs jobs. and the studies are a little vague. >> the studies look at the
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existing changes in minimum wage the last 20 years, which is fingering with the numbers. a lot of these are rollover employment. when we talk about doubling the federal minimum, there will be no ambiguity left. >> when you talk about the democratic party who say they want to help immigrant. can you mawng come to this country legally. checked all the boxes and done the hard work. they might need a little training and extra help. >> this is when the private sector can work on its own. walmart raising its wages for 1.2 million associates. the average pay is $13.40 an hour. john: the unions say they only raised their wage because they saw the minimum going up and
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that prompted them to do it. >> the unions want them to do it so they get more negotiating leverage in terms of work rules. seiu is backing hillary clinton but they are also funding the fight for $15 and behind bernie sanders on that. they will take it where they can get it. >> most union workers aren't making the win mum wage. they want a minimum wage to price out substitutes for the wealthy union workers. john: if you say to somebody, how many workers make the minimum wage in america? some would say 20, 30, 50%. it's 5%. the free market gets companies to pay well above the minimum wage. >> it's across the board.
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john: more our countdown coming up. big promises about stopping terrorism. >> we'll utterly destroy isis. we'll carpet bomb them into oblivion. i don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we are going to find out.
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>> welcome back to our political proisms countdown. the 7th worst promise comes from in my opinion all the republicans still in the race. >> we'll have a reagan-style rebuilt of the united states military. >> it will be bigger and bert and stronger than ever before. >> we'll utterly destroy isis. we'll carpet bomb them into oblivion. i don't know if sand can glow in the dark. but we are going to find out. john: there were two promises made there, let's start with the first, rebuilding the military. >> it's moments like this i miss rand paul. there used to be a guy on stage who would say there is another way to approach this question.
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now they are outbragging each other. i think there is a lot of good reasons to say we need to rethink hour we are allocating our military spending. i'm very sure that the number of raw dollars is not looking. >> the united states typically spends as much as the next eight countries in the globe and thoaft most them are our allies. >> we could probably make ourselves safer if we get out of places where we have been poking hornets' nests. >> donald trump advocates spending more on defense, then in his tax plan he codifies what's already in practice. he says almost half of american households won't have to pay any income tax. that means every one of those of you individuals is not paying one time to our military and not
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paying one time to the people in uniform who are out there fighting for us. john: what about their point about the quantity we are spending it's more than everybody else combined. it's less than a percent of our gdp. >> i think if there is a role for government, it's to defend the nation. john: $700 billion isn't enough? >> that would be a loot of money. but -- >> if you are measuring it as a percentage of tour economy. is it that much harder to defend our borders? it should be dropping. john: marco rubio says we gut the military and have the smallest military since world war ii and the smallest navy in 100 years. they have say so we are going to make government smarterren we
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are going to cut where we can cut. and in the department of defense, that never happened. it has never happened. this is the place where the $800 screwdriver or toilet seat. we never cut defense, we always spend more. no one has given a good accounting of how they are going to pay for it. >> these are market-oriented republicans who think the military can run the post office. >> i do believe we've have a strong military and i would gladly pay nose soldiers more. john: the question is ways strong. cruz talked about carpet bombing them into oh tblifon. he did say we'll carpet bomb where isis is, we are not going to level cities, and he's less
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hawk i shall than some of the on the -- he's less hawkish than the other republicans. when the most comforting thought you can sum money's a candidate for the presidency doesn't understand the definition of carpet bombing. >> he means indiscriminate bombing of a large area to kill everyone there including civilians. john: he says going into libya was a disaster. the sirrian civil war is not in america's interest. >> he's trying to sound cool. he thinks the phrase carpet bombing sounds cool. he thinks americans think killing a bunch of innocent people sounds cool. >> come on. that's harsh, nate. these are awful people. some of them really want to murder us and it makes people say kill them over here before they have kill us over there. >> the them is the problem.
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when he says carpet bomb them. john: and it creates new terrorists. do you not agree our being over there has made more terrorists want to murder us? >> i pushed back on that. then that gets into the very liberal narrative of we deserved 9/11 somehow. it starts us walk down that road that somehow we asked for that. i'm not buying it. >> did you know one republican candidate still in the race promised to create you a new government agency for jeu day oh-christian values.
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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chris capuano: you might feel like there's too many problems in the world or that, you know, you, as a 15-year-old, 16-year-old, can't really make a difference. giancarlo stanton: it's not always about you. it's not just one person, it's a group, it's a team. if we all show up together-- that's what it's all about.
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kari foley: i was a part of helping to build what it is today. neil kirsching: i'm really lucky to get to be a part of that legacy. chris capuano: just that simple act that takes, you know, five or ten minutes of your time is making a difference and is transforming someone else's life. giancarlo stanton: once you get there and realize how much you can change someone's life, it's one of the best feelings in the world. mauricio: i'd do anything to convince you just to be a part of this. giancarlo stanton: you guys keep doing what you're doing-- it's something special. chris capuano: get up and try something--just try it. just go to one event-- one action team event. margaret: it'll just make you feel so good about yourself.
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>> our worst political promise countdown continues. >> anybody killing a police officer, death penalty. it's going to happen. can't let this go. john: what's wrong with this? >> for starters the war on cops, that's a strong concept. john: implies more being killed. >> there aren't more being killed. >> since the 1970s it's been cut in half. john: why not execute those who do kill cops. >> i don't trust the government
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to run death penalty. given the abuse of police power we have been seeing. we should be more worried about protecting citizens from cops. >> i'm for the death penalty and i think it abuse of power by cops is overstated. john: what about the time when they break into a house and some scared home own per shoots a cop? >> how about the dramatic increase in cops just this year in the beginning of february, cops dieing in the line of duty. john: there was a dramatic increase. >> cutting from 1976 to now in half is not a cherry pick. >> you can call your grab why it next time someone breaks into
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your house. >> i'm from texas, i don't call anyone. i go to the safe. >> that's a good point. we can have black lives matter and the war on crops be see you mundane was issues in this election. john: a republican candidate promises to create a new government agency. >> the new agency that has a clear mandate to promote the core judeo-christian western values we and our friend and allies share. >> i'm even doing this. >> we are going to create a government agency ... >> you will not establish --
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john: he walked this back. he said you don't need a new agency. once we defeat isis, then we can engage in the battle of ideas so the radical groups don't pop up. >> people say he seems almost sane. but it's part and parcel with trump saying we are going to put a travel ban on all muslims. the notion we are using people's religious affiliations to dictate our political priorities is totally backwards. >> all these social issues fall by the wayside and there is a quote in the "wall street journal," saying i want a leader, not a preacher. people don't want the government dictating how they worship. john: if they want a leader, they want to be led. that frightens me as a libertarian.
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why would this republican propose a new agency. aren't they into shrinking the state? >> i remember when during gop debates they would talk about agencies they are getting rid of. >> don't we have a separation of church and state? >> it's the first amendment. and the government shall not establish a church and it provide for -- >> governments are involved in counter propaganda, trying to figure out how to discourage people from being recruited by jihadists online. and you have got to seat goat video game the f.b.i. came up with. john: they are already doing this, but now we are going to get more from john kasich. the candidate who promised to investigate ufos and the rest
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of the worst promises.
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john: continuing our countdown of this year's worst political promises. number four for something that sound so good to some people. >> my proposal to provide healthcare to all people, get private insurance out of health insurance. >> get private inout of health insurance. the kind government will take care of us. you won't have to fill out the forms. >> this from the party who during the obama administration says everybody has to buy private understand. yawn * they had to compromise.
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john: they had to compromise because they knew they couldn't get single pair. >> bernie sanders can't do that by himself. >> with a village he can't do that. universal healthcare says i'm going to abolish the laws of scarcity. he will say you get healthcare, you don't. you get it today, but not tomorrow. >> they only tart doing that when the entire system is bankrupt. that's why medicare won't work. john: in vermont they tried this, they passed single payer healthcare, and several year later they study it, and the democrats who were supposed to put it -- it costs too much. could create difficulties. it was unsustainable. >> i argue with my parent all
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the time. you are taking more out of the system in term of healthcare than you ever put into it. around drain on the system. i'm paying for your healthcare. that's why medicare is going broke and it will run out of money in 14 years. >> bernie's prop is are predicated on the math based on the astronomical economic growth. there are economists that say that it's the same as flying puppy dogs with lotto tickets. john: prop is number three cape when a reporter in new hampshire asked hillary clinton, what your stance on ufos. she replied i'm going to get to the bottom of this. >> i used to go to the air and
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space museum when i was a kid. i thought nasa and the space program and flight was such an inspiration. if we can map the human genome we can look to outer space. john: spend your own money on it. >> i'm with da -- with dagen on this one. >> astronauts into space on russian rockets. that's sad. john: what does it have to do with the government investigating area 51. john: worst prop is number two, donald trump will stop illegal immigration and it will be easy. >> don't worry, folks, we'll be building a wall. [cheers and applause] >> are you ready?
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and who is going to pay for the wall? [mexico] >> you better believe it. john: mexico is going to pay for the wall and he's leading. >> if he wants to make sure there are fewer mek cans in the youth he bert make sure his wall have a door. when up grants come to the united states, they make our economy stronger, they benefit greatly, but the native born get wealthier. and contrary to crazy claims it doesn't steal our jobs or depress our wages. >> it warped my heart to hear people -- it warmed my heart to hear people shouting at a trump
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rally, mexico schai schaim. >> sending money, people who come to first world countries send money home. >> it prevent more illegal immigration if they are he loued to send money back to the family members living in their native countries. one crazy thing about the wall. we had to listen to president obama talk about the need for infrastructure spending. that's what this is. a big wall along the border. john: most of them don't come over the wall or around the wall. half the people fly here and overstay a visa. >> he's talking about the big beautiful door he's going to put in the wall and people will line
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up in an orderly manner. >> we should be opening more legal doors so we get more of the benefits of immigration. >> keep envisioning the wall from ""game of thrones"." he said at the debate, i changed my position. i want to keep the talented people in this country. in the early wee hours of the morning the trump campaign puts out a statement reversing the position. john: next, the number one worst promise of the campaign. yes, it's another from donald yes, it's another from donald trump.
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john: there has been so much craziness this election season it's hard to pick the worst promise. the panel and i took a score, and this is the worst from donald trump. he will fix our laws so there
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won't be media criticism. >> i will open up our liable laws so when -- open up or libel laws so when they write terrible stuff we'll sue them like they have never been sued before. john: i kind of like getting sued because i have a lot of money. it's publicity for me. >> you have that in common with donald trump. john: that's right, by the's disgusting. >> getting sued is his hobby. maybe like presidents before he will take up golf. john: he threatened all the time. if you are peer says okay, i can't afford to defend myself. he youd the architect critic and called atrocious, ugly
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monstrosity. used a miss usa contestant for criticizing his contest. he's a mean guy. >> he want to take a hatchet to the constitution. we are built on a free press. how bin vesting in skin balms that toughen yourself up so you aren't so raw to media criticism. >> we had the federalists with the sedition act. they got rid of that. lincoln threw editors in jail. we don't need to repeat this one. john: any promises we left out that we should have included? >> pretty much everybody wants to close the pay gap which i can't imagine the monstrous federal bureaucracy established.
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>> men who don't have educations do the more dangerous work. i think donald trump's promise to make apple manufacture their ipads in the united states shows he doesn't understand manufacturing. it's not able to be done in a global economy necessary wants to close all products crossing borders. >> the hillary clinton making america whole again coming from somebody who is the least trustworthy presidential candidate in modern history. john: one more free speech plan. trump isn't the tomorrow candidate who wants to restrict it. the democrats want to limit speech too, in a different way. >> the disaster rouse citizens
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united -- the disastrous citizens united. >> it's weird because citizens united happens and has corporations bought all the elections that occurred? i didn't notice that. mitt romney won or carly fiorina was able to buy her way to success. it doesn't work like that. >> in terms of free speech to honor justice cal *. antonin scalia. he went out on a limb where flag burning is protected. protected. he side on that case. liberals on college campuses are trying to crack down on our speech this very day. john: corporations saying please
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don't regulate me out of business ought to be a form free speech, too. >> corporations should be able to say we are worried about a bernie sanders presidency. we have this idea that certain times of political speech are not protected. that's the point of the first amendment, is to protect people when they need to say something about their elected leader. >> free speech is dealing with the most repugnant speech. john: on social media i asked for your ideas. he did walk this one back. >> reassuring. on twitter daniel said making america great again. unless donald hasn't noticed american manufacturing is at an
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all-time high. >> most of the cars sold in the united states are assembled in the united states. john: great is better than manufacturing. we are nice tore minorities and more tolerant. >> have you seen the cool stuff on tv lately? john: what does that statement mean? next week i'll do the whole show on donald trump. there will be so much winning you will be sick of winning. but next, finally some good news. the rare good promises from this political race. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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john: what does a promise mean? if one of those businessmen promised things the way politicians do, they would be jailed for fraud. but politicians are special. they can say anything. it's repulsive what the politicians get away with. impossible promises, most which
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will be broken. it's good that most are broken, because as we discussed, most are bad ideas. fortunately there were some good promises made this presidential race. here is our countdown of five of the best. number five goes to donald trump. >> we absolutely have to be able to keep the brain power in this country. >> you are abandoning the position on your website. >> i'm change it and softening the position because we have to have talent in this country. john: skilled immigrants are good for america. good promise number four, marco rubio wins that award for defending innovators like uber and airbnb. >> it's an idea only american free enterprise could produce. the biggest tobs kalts to the growth of this platform is our
4:57 am
very own government. john: it's shameful our government an obstacle to so many good things. best promise number three comes from bernie sanders. >> we need to rethink the so-called war on drugs and take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act. john: he wants to reclassify marijuana and reclassify it. it would allow research on medical marijuana and make jail sentences less unfair. his other point, rethink it war on drugs is a good idea. but it's so wimpy. you would think a democrat would want to ends the war on drugs. >> i'm not advocating that the united states government legalize marijuana.
4:58 am
john: why not? four states already have and the results have been good. bernie sanders disappoints in so many ways. on to best promise number two. politicians always talk about how they are going reduce america's debt. donald trump says he will cut waste, fraud and abuse. gee, what a great idea. amazing no one thought that before. promising to cut waste and fraud is meaningless without a plan. one candidate said this. >> it's easy to say let's cut waste, fraud and abuse. i rolled out a detailed plan to cut $500 billion in federal funding, specifying exactly what i would cut. john: he did. he would eliminate irs. the department of commerce, education, hud and 25 smaller agencies. they should be cut. there are so many cuts that should be made that the normally
4:59 am
eloquent cruz messed up when enlisting his cuts. >> five main agencies i would eliminate. >> i says commerce twice, left out education. although the commerce department is so useless it's worth eliminating twice. this year's best campaign promise, that and i admit i'm being sneaky, that i assume will come in three weeks when this show holds a libertarian presidential form. the three leading libertarian candidates as determined by a poll conducted by the party will debate each other. i'm sure all three will offer better promised than the republicans and democrats have. but we won't know for sure until the debate. it will be aired april 1. april fooms day. but this is no joke.
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if we don't start to retake our freedom soon, america is doomed. that's our show. see you next week. we'll see you here tomorrow. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: happy to have you. i'm watching regrets watch over presidential back runner marco rubio like flotsam and jetsam in the miami river. marco rubio carried so much confidence and money into the race. his attacks on trump have backfired and the anvil is pulling him mercilessley to the bottom of the back.


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