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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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making it harder for law enforcement to tap into conversations. chaos in miami over the weekend. thousands of spring breakers filling streets and fights breaking out on the streets of south beach. we'll have all of that for you. market action, investors waiting two central bank decisions. bank of japan and federal reserve on deck. markets are expected to open lower. fractional losses. retail sales out tomorrow. between that and fomc meeting, lots to digest for investors. markets in europe look like this cac? paris and dax index also fractionally better on session. in asia, shanghai, composite up 1 and 3/4%. all those stories coming up and breaking it down with me, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, skybridge capital founder, wall street week host anthony scaramucci, an riverfront chairman michael jones.
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happy monday to you. all that coming up, top story, violence at republican presidential donald trump rallies dominating conversation ahead of next 2016 battleground. six remaining candidates fighting for five key states, i were concluding winner-take-all, florida and ohio. blake burman in the miami with blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria, to you as well. we are in miami and that puts home to florida 99 delegates in winner-take-all state. donald trump has been in and out of florida traveling around states up for grabs on tuesday. the consistent theme throughout over the weekend has been interruptions at his events by protesters. of course nothing more highlighted than what happened friday night in chicago when his event had to be canceled for massive protests there. trump has been somewhat unapologetic for what is going on. bernie sanders has accused, he
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has accused trump of basically inciting this. trump called bernie sanders, called donald trump a pathological liar. trump as i mentioned pretty much unapologetic for what has been going on at his rally. >> nobody has been hurt at all of. as big as these rallies nobody has ever been hurt. we talk and try and be good. i will tell you some of the protesters are very rough and they're bad dudes and they swing and they punch. nobody ever talks about that in the media. reporter: here we are in miami. this is the hometown as well to marco rubio. he is fighting for his political future here on tuesday. he will make four stops throughout the state of florida, starting in the north and ending here in miami later tonight. his last minute goal is to try to sway as many trump voters as possible. >> we must win here. we must win here not only because it will launch our campaign but we must win here, we must send a message to the
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country, we'll knot allow the conservative movement and republican party to get hijacked by someone who is neither a republican nor a conservative. reporter: here in florida over the weekend, maria, polls are consistent showing trump 20 points ahead of rubio. "real clear politics" average puts trump up 18 points here. 99 delegates so far, the second most in play behind texas coming up here on tuesday. maria: big day. thanks so much, blake burman in miami. want to bring in michael warren, staff writer at "the weekly standard." good to see you, sir. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. maria: your take on growing violence at donald trump rallies. trump is saying most of the protesters coming from bernie sanders, a claim that sanders denies. listen to this. >> a lot of them come from bernie sanders, whether he wants to say it or not. if he says no he is lying. bernie sanders, they have sanders signs all over the place and made by the same people that make the regular bernie sanders signs.
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they're professionally made. >> to say that we organized that totally untrue. mr. trump i think is getting very nervous. he is catching on to the fact that the american people do not support a candidate like trump whose verbiage, whose language, whose rhetoric incites violence. maria: michael, good morning to you. what is your take on all of this? >> i think donald trump is definitely wrong when he says that bernie sanders campaign is sending these people. i don't doubt that a lot of these left-wing, agitation groups are supporting bernie sanders, the type of people who might be supporting bernie sanders but they're definitely not being sent by the campaign. they're also not really, there is no right for them to come and disrupt these campaign events. and i think donald trump is right about that. on the other hand, donald trump has said some i think incendiary rhetoric and encouraged a lot of
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his supporters to go ahead and fight back. i think that is a big break the politics as usual or normal politics is done in this country, when there is some kind of a outbreak of, you know, protests at a political event, a lot of times political candidates say, let them say their peace and move on. donald trump is different. he says punch back. that caused a lot more problems than there would be, talking about a ted cruz rally. maria: really important point. anthony scaramucci made the point during the commercial break. you would think you're allowed to go to have a peaceful rally without being interrupted but the response of donald trump, how do you see it? >> i'm just, me, i'm, michael would say that they had to know there were going to be paid protesters at these events, going back to occupy wall street, maria. you know that is the game. i'm surprised by his response. and the whole, throwing gasoline on top of it, how does that look presidential? how does that help him win the
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independents and more moderate people that he is going to need eventually to be president, if that is where he want to go with this. >> this kind of rhetoric, listen i find it repugnant what the progressive left-wing liberals have been doing on college campuses trying to shut down free speech, trying to shut down conservative speech. maria: i agree with you. >> however, to your point, when you're whipping these supporters into a frenzy saying punch them in the face, talking about, my campaign will look at paying legal fees of that old dude who basically elbowed that protester in the face down in north carolina. it might gin up support with your most fervent supporters and get them to the polls. if you win the nomination and have to run against maybe hillary clinton, it is not going to help him. >> i also think, you were talking about paid protesters but there is also a natural attraction, if internet is full of protesters being bullied, that will bring people to your
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events, saying i hope you try to bully me because i will fight back. it is like match to gasoline. you will bring to the event the people who will most likely cause a problem. maria: yeah, even when he says, michael warren, trick him out, go home to mommy. nicole: comments he has said in response to some protesters has been fueling the fire, hasn't it? i remember just last week, anthony said, go home to mommy. getting everybody ramped up to fight. >> yeah, i thought marco rubio over the weekend actually had the best analysis of this, which is that donald trump seems to bring out the worst of everybody, of his opponents, of his supporters and i think that a lot of people in these states, again we're only halfway through the nominating process here. a lot of republican voters in these states may look at this, think, gosh, we want to blow up washington, i don't know if we want to blow up the entire country. >> i will point out something that "the wall street journal"
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notes in editorial today, not like donald trump has been a champion of free speech himself because in recent weeks he talked about changing the libel laws making it easier to sue the press. he likes to threaten to sue the press. he doesn't find room, so again, he wants to go after the first amendment in the same way that the left-wing protesters on college campuses want to go after it. >> michael, let me ask you something. we've waited all year for something to actually slow trump's momentum down. every time he says something over the top or there is some event that would derail almost any other candidate, causes him to pick up momentum. do you think this might be the final straw where this really turns off a broad swath of potential supporters? >> i'm not going to wade into that minefield trying to predict this. there has been possibly a cumulative effect of all of this. let's not forget.
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i do think donald trump is a good example of somebody who can manipulate media coverage to get things off of the things he doesn't want to talk about. just late last week we were talking about a reporter from "breitbart news" who now resigned from "breitbart news" who was roughed up by the campaign manager of donald trump's campaign. that was starting to look really bad. i think media was starting to at least reconsider its coverage of donald trump and now we're talking about something else. you know that is the way it goes. this is something donald trump is master of us distracting us from talking about things he doesn't want to talk about. >> that is not trump's responsibility. all of these presidential candidates, i'm saying hillary clinton and bernie sanders have to come out and say don't go to the rallies. do not protest. maria: get your take on comment from hillary clinton, talking about how she is quote, already getting endorsements from foreign leaders. listen to this, michael. >> donald trump is responsible for what happens at his events.
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he is the person who -- [applause] who has for months now been, not just inciting violence but applauding violence. i am already receiving messages from leaders, i'm having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop donald trump. i mean, this is up to americans, thank you very much. maria: unusual tactic there, michael. >> yeah. i mean, if you're an anti-trump republican you want to tell hillary clinton stop talking. you're only helping donald trump. i don't know it's a weird thing. hillary clinton is wrong that donald trump is completely responsible for what is happening here. those left-wing agitators who are trying to stop people from hearing what he has to say, you know they're in the wrong too but you let's, everybody's, the worst of everybody is coming out here. i do think that this will be a different situation if the republican front-runner were anybody other than donald trump.
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maria: we'll see if this impacts number, anthony in florida and in ohio. >> i spent last week in florida, anyways traveling for marketing purposes. hit six cities. the guy is universally liked in florida. maria: bottom a lot of property. >> great businesses. people think he is very effective guy. very likely he is going to win florida. he is probably going to lose ohio at this. maria: they're close too. >> it's close. if he wins ohio and florida, then we have to have a whole other conversation. maybe we need anger management class for the campaign. maria: we'll see. michael warren, good to see you sir. thank you. >> thank you. maria: don't miss our all-star coverage of tomorrow's action begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. with me, neil cavuto, lou dobbs here on the fox business network. we'll be tuning in ahead of the 7:00 p.m. special coverage right here on "mornings with maria." coming up the justice department has new target,
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facebook owned what's app, under fire for its encryption technology. oil rebounding over the last month pretty strongly. could the prices trigger another downward spiral? keeping right right here watching markets. stay with us on "mornings with maria." ♪ the ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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that's how i own it. maria: welcome back. amtrak train derails in southwest kansas early this morning. cheryl casone with details and other headlines now. >> good morning, maria. good morning, guys. five cars of a amtrak train derailed in kansas just after midnight sending more than two dozen people to the hospital. amtrak statement saying the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when the passenger cars came off the tracks just after midnight. that was about 20 miles west of dodge city. we're going to keep updating you this morning on that breaking news. well the war on terror escalating. turkey carrying out airstrikes against kurdish rebel targets in northern iraq in retaliation for car bomb attack in the turkish capital of ankara, it killed 36 people and injured 122 others.
6:16 am
two militants believed to carry out the attack at a bus stop yesterday. that is the second deadly attack blamed on kurdish militants in ankara in past month. fox news learning from diplomat take source the attack most likely target ad u.s. delegation led by the assistant secretary of commerce. finally this. six teen people are dead after an attack on popular ivory coast beach resort. a group linked to al qaeda believed to be responsible. in this country, war on encryption heating up. "the new york times" is reporting that the justice department is going after facebook owned messaging service whatsapp because it allows users to send encrypted messages. investigators can't descript messages, messages or phone calls. end to end encryption. the sender and recipient can see this but doj can not. they don't have a case yet. "the times" is says they're looking to for the right case to sell to the public even better.
6:17 am
they're comparing this to wiretapping. if you can wiretap somebody in investigation, why can't you get into the whatsapp messaging to build a case against them. maria: you mentioned that as well in terms of wiretapping over the last several weeks that we've been talking about this. anthony, does this show the encryption problem is not just apple issue. it is entire technology industry. you can go back to wiretapping? >> again i've said this a few weeks ago, this is public relations stance by these technology companies. they will eventually give in to the department of justice and the fbi to allow this to happen. they sort of needed to go through the process because of way they market their goods and services maria. this will eventually happen the way the department of justice wants it. let me tell you something, south by southwest, president obama is more or less saying the same thing. he is on the side of those guys. maria: what about people like general hayden who pushed back, darrell eisnaugle is a is has pushed back.
6:18 am
at same time there is broader issue about software to impact anybody's technology anywhere? >> well, again i don't want to get all distopian on everybody here -- maria: not at 6:00 a.m.? >> this is going to happen, whether you want it to happen or not happen, you've got other problems in the united states right now. tough deal with the whole donald trump issue. what do you think will happen if the department of justice is run by donald trump in this situation and comes to the -- >> let me ask you a question. what happens when the chinese go to facebook and whatsapp -- maria: they already are. >> want to spy on americans. that is the other side of this. >> in the case of apple they rolled over for them and moved their servers inside of the great firewall, have all the data you want. so i think you're exactly right. >> apple will push back on that. the justice department in the latest motion in the san bernanadino case accused apple, basically essentially being in bed with the chinese government. apple went, we don't know what
6:19 am
you're talking about. there is a lot of he said/she said. maria: how do we know the truth? how do they operate in china a communist country without giving them access to information? i think it is hard. >> i find it hard to believe they could allow unencrypted device they couldn't break into. maria: not just the u.s. cheryl, thanks for bringing that to us. former congressional budget office director douglas holtz-eakin thinks is the bass candidate for your wallet. latino vote heating up in florida. why latest polls not looking good for marco rubio in his own home state. we're back in a moment. ♪
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♪ maria: welcome back. oil prices falling this morning. highes for the year. top story in the "wall street journal" reading, oil price rise could be its own undoing, warning of a possible production boom sending prices crashing once again. phil flynn at cme group with latest this morning. phil, we have got a pretty good move. >> we've had a really good move in this market. a lot is on the fact that u.s. production is falling. a lot of trackers have taken wells off-line. we're seeing signs that opec is actually freezing production already but there is a lot of question mark about what is going to happen. last year when we saw oil prices
6:24 am
come back on, we saw the rigs start to come on in a big way. you know the question is, is that going to happen again and crash prices? that is the big question in this market. there is a even a term they're using in energy industry so frack wad. if the frack wad comes back down zooming they have the money to bring them back on. back to you. maria: we're watching oil, michael. we're looking at 20 to $40 range for a while. >> i think less chance that oil prices actually crash and more they have been capped. face it the frackers pump because they can make money. great roe putting oil well in the ground. as prices rise above the key threshold i'm reading more than $40 a barrel, they will put oil online. when it drops below it, they take it back off just like they have done over the last 12 months. what we're looking at is pronounced and prolonged trading
6:25 am
range in aisle, somewhere between mid 30s and 40s. maria: dagen, this is just a trade then. >> it is just a trade. i love "the wall street journal" story, to the point these new age oil companies haven't gone out of business, not a lot of them yet. they're still there, still struggling to stay in business, with ramp up, oil prices are up 45% since the february low. maria: pretty unbelievable. >> couple of things are temporary supply disruptions happened in iraq and nigeria sent crude price to recent highs. once those problems get cleared up you see a drop back in prices. >> anthony. >> we reported here about three weeks ago about the conversation between the saudis and the russians. then lo and behold three weeks later oil prices are up 40%. maria: that's true. the agreement was a freeze. >> it was. so i get what "the wall street journal" is saying and i understand the supply demand but at the end of the day the saudis are still controlling the short-term interimmediate price, maria.
6:26 am
it got too low for even their taste. that is why we're ratchets up here. maria: okay. coming up, florida senator marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich fighting for their states in tomorrow's winner-take-all primary votes. we'll be in young town, ohio, with our picks for. spring breaks at it again. how a wild party in south beach turned into a full-scale riot. [shouting]
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maria: good morning a morning and welcome back. i maria bartiromo and top stories ahead at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast this morning. the countdown to super tuesday to pinellas on. making final pitches to voters, especially the crucial states of of florida and ohio. donald trump holding a lead over marco rubio in his own home state. donald trump says the sunshine state is his second home. the key voting bloc in the sunshine state, latinos know what the votes are likely to go. john kasich believes to take his own citizen. we will take you you back to ohio coming up in a plane headed to the u.s. for details on how that happened to me now. more on police is heating up. a cop killed in an unprovoked attack right outside a police headquarters in market action this morning investors looking forward to two central bank decisions this week.
6:30 am
the federal reserve two-day meeting tuesday and wednesday. the u.s. futures markets are expected to open lower ahead of all that. weakness across the board, fractional moves. in europe they hire showing up the markets throughout europe trading at between two thirds of 1% and one into 3% in dax up 161.3 now. market higher across the board, particularly in shanghai. real estate stocks at the shanghai composite up 2%. back to politics this morning. candidates on both sides that in their sights of an ohio ahead of the winner take all primary. mike emanuel is in youngstown with the latest. good morning to you. >> maria, good morning. donald trump shifting his focus to ohio. trump is scheduled to have a rally this evening. he canceled a similar event scheduled for miami and it sounds like he's feeling pretty confident kerry. >> we love florida.
6:31 am
you've got to go vote good interesting. you could elect to the senate. you've got to go vote on occasion. he set a record, one of the worst records in the last 10 years for no voting in the senate. we don't have to go into bit too big, but you know what is going to happen? we are going to make america great again. >> as for ohio, john kasich predicts he will lead the buckeyes a period kasich says trump will not be our next president with polls suggesting kasich meeting trump in ohio launched this attack. >> in ohio, it is pretty even with kasich. people don't understand what's happening in ohio. in cleveland i look in the business being drained out of ohio. >> senator ted cruz on the stump in north carolina says he is a real alternative to trump.
6:32 am
>> donald trump and my our effectively tied. we are neck and neck in the state of north carolina. renominate donald, hillary becomes president and with the supreme court for a generation and list the bill of rights. kids are buried in debt. >> lots ahead of these critical super tuesday number two contest. interesting to see where candidates are choosing to invest time and energy in the final hours. three candidates coming to youngstown including governor kasich, bernie sanders in donald trump. maria: my comic thank you a republican front runner donald trump but just in the economy in florida while taking stabs at fellow presidential candidate john kasich ahead of the primary in ohio. >> in florida he had a 21-point lead over a no-show senator, over a senator that doesn't work.
6:33 am
what is the deal? so i say do me a favor. let's not tell the crowd that we have a big lead. let's tell the crowd -- we could never lie. but let's say it is sort of tied everyone to get out and vote. remember this. in ohio, it is pretty even kasich. people don't understand what's been happening. they've lost a tremendous amount of business. maria: bringing former congressional budget office said douglas holtz weekend. good to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: let's talk economics at what you think about the plan? tell us the details that instruct you about his tax reform and regulatory ideas. >> well, i'm not very impressed with what he is talked about on the economy. the first and foremost probably will face is getting the federal
6:34 am
budget under control and stopping the unsustainable rise in debt. his statement as he will not make any reforms, those at odds with the budget chair reality. that's not the right direction for the country. pair that with a big tax cut. an enormous cut about 12 tone dollars over 10 years. some of the details are also not the right direction. he's promising to end deferral and go back to taxing income with the rest of the developed world to on those two friends, he's clearly going in the right direction and then he's had this populist anti-immigrant, anti-trade barrier had in the sand approach in international economics. if you look at the facts, those are at odds with the united states needs to do. maria: michael. >> dive into that. one of the more controversial popular planks in trump's platform is the anti-immigration and particularly the anti-trade component.
6:35 am
what do you think the potential economic impact of his positions would be should he become president donald trump? >> if you look at the immigration issue, the key fact is demographically the united states doesn't have enough 80s to grow. the nativeborn population has suffered name fertility. the essence of that is our future population growth all comes from immigration. but that immigration may look like japan. the shrink of the nation and as an economy. the key to our economic future, i understand no one should be in favor of illegal immigration. he's also proposed a possible legal immigration when i think we should be looking at a good tool of economic policy to get a high school labor force in the night is that competes well internationally. what is the point of having a grayscale if they are going to enter markets around the globe? we most untrue no 95% of the
6:36 am
income growth over 75% is likely to be outside the u.s. let's get in most markets. to say i'm not going to engage in trade is to go in the right direction. tree dagen: you know what the support is coming from. people have been at guard by washington, by the establishment, republicans and democrats for 30 some odd years. for years her readers or break him from the it started in the 80s and those jobs went away. what were they told by politicians? job retraining. don't get me skills. now it's coming back to roost. >> i don't disagree with that. there were two different things. one is is this an effective campaign and be elected president? yes, very fact day. everyone spent the morning talking about donald trump. is it a good platform for helping the people that haven't generally been her?
6:37 am
no. there is no commitment for education reform. there's no commitment for defense the infrastructure projects that both sides agree are necessary. there is a lot of headlines. i am looking for the substance. >> just quickly, we aggregated the pay-as-you-go laws after 9/11 and traced back over it there where we exploded in deficit spending. it seems like the economy does better when the government is that 20% of gdp. where do you think you should be and where do you think it's going to matter who the next president is. >> i think that is the key fact. it's where it's going. a-alpha clarke to 2024. whoever is elected president of well over a trillion dollars deficit under current law. 5% of gdp due to the big spending programs. a government with 23% of the economy rested inextricably.
6:38 am
you have to be realistic about social security, medicaid, medicare. the programs cannot continue as they are right now. there are budgetary threat from the economic threat and are not that great for seniors to medicare is not particularly good program. we can do better than that. maria: bottom line, do you expect tax reform in year one of the next resume? certainly on the gop side. >> the only way to get tax reform is for republicans to do it. you need the house, senate and white house to be in republican hands. progressives have no interest in tax reform. maria: in that regard, gop takes the white house tax reform your 12017. >> that could very well have been. it is a tough thing to do. maria: thank you it good to see you. douglas holtz-eakin.
6:39 am
>> listen, probably the only thing i learned in law school it is you have to reform the taxes. one of the first thing i learned is not to be a lawyer. the second thing i learned is you have to refund taxes every 25 to 30 years. where the 30th year since our year since i last checked or foreign producers 75,000 pages of virus code since the last reform. it has to get done. the other thing i was trying to address, bill clinton picked ronald reagan, anybody that looked at this. we are at about 20% government spending relative to the gdp. we've been over that the last five years and that is a big crimp on growth. it becomes an octopus fishing growth of the private economy. >> the problem is i agree with a lot of what doug was saying. but it just isn't telling in this election cycle. dagen: and never sold. you will not win any major election.
6:40 am
>> for allowing my generous immigration or better free trade agreements. none of that is selling a selection. as we look out into 2017 markets, we have to anticipate not friendly and impairment for tax reform and certainly not an iron that are trade. >> marketers to believe tax reform is coming in year one, markets rally ahead of that. that is a game changer for corporate america. dagen: i put money on that. that's what i'm saying. >> the political forces have been what they are makes it unlikely. i absolutely believe you need to set up in the house plus a republican president to get the reforms. it shifts to high bar given to patients the republican party right now. love to see it happen. it's a big surprise to me if it does. maria: spring break gone wild. not that she sang. had to get the police involved as well.
6:41 am
we will tell you about it. having said that with hillary clinton over the weekend. behaving more and more like bernie sanders. coming back in a minute. ♪ you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help
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make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back. north korea searching for a missing submarine. cheryl casone with the details on the headline. cheryl: that's right, maria. the north lost contact with the sub pop in off the east coast. not clear whether the submarine has solved. tensions very high throughout the region. the u.s. is holding massive military exercises with south korea following the nuclear test on a long-range rocket launch.
6:45 am
two people in custody this morning after a maryland police officer was killed in what is being called an unprovoked attack. prince george county police say the shooter opened fire on the first officer he sought outside headquarters yesterday in landover. the suburb of washington d.c. the alleged shooter was wounded is expected to survive. finally, probably with some apparent that their kids to be doing for spring break. it's chaos. police were called in and thousands of partiers like the beaches after sunset and swarmed across the road, ocean drive to be exact. objects were thrown, people started to attack the cops, maria appeared police had to call for backup. there were a lot of rest. finally, order was restored. not for spring break i remember. back to you. maria: i guess we all remember spring break, right? >> i remember parts of it. some of it a little hazy. maria: yeah, i think so.
6:46 am
i make light of that, but it's really not funny. what cheryl just brought us. i want to look at markets this morning. two major meeting cap in this. things are pretty quiet on the major averages this morning. the dow industrial expected to open lower today. we have retail sales numbers coming out tomorrow. consumer prices and a janet galland news conference later this week. any expectations out of the federal reserve? >> the federal reserve to hold fire until their june meeting. this game more interesting is what comes out of the bank of japan. i think mario draghi and the packages he gave last week to corrode bank of japan effectively and not scare markets where they did at their last meeting. maria: how are they going to do that? >> initially there was a big selloff on thursday in the big rally on friday.
6:47 am
by friday, people figured out the way that draghi structure the package of european banks make loans, they can avoid the charges that the negative interest rates on excess reserves and borrow at negative interest rates which means any loans they make or alter profitable because they are funding in the negative rate. this is powerful stuff. that is super important to explain. bell is a great explanation. more simply they are getting paid to make those loans, maria. so there you go. that the ultimate in liquidity. once the market fully understands that, the market will rally. they're getting paid to make the loans. dagen: one quick point in "the wall street journal" was noting and reading as the subprime auto loan cc early defaults on subprime auto loans because the lenders on the car companies have been increasingly reaching trying to continue to grow sales
6:48 am
in your having these early payment defaults on these loans. you read the story and that'll make you think twice about that part of the economy. maria: the only bright part of that story because i brought this up with a number of lenders. the oddest subprime market has been the area people questioned for now. it is a small part of the overall market. that's the only issue to throw when because you are right. the auto reminding us to worry spot, but it is small overall. >> i would be the canary so to speak. the subprime starts going stand-alone startup problems. >> in july 2007, bernanke gave testimony saying he was only at $90 billion problem. if you don't control it, it becomes contagious and look what happened. the $90 billion.
6:49 am
in august of 2006, the month after home prices took two years to grow up. >> is a big difference. in addition to the size, you cannot leverage a car loan. we've got better n. better racers against the lindane. >> that could be a market mover. >> yes prices continue to go into retail sales. we think we will see it. they start to get long enough at the gas prices low enough that the consumers confident and ready to spend. maria: republican presidential front runner donald trump with the space-bar entrance are stacked in florida tomorrow after boasting he can win the hispanic vote. truck has to beat out marco
6:50 am
rubio in his home state next. the writers of "saturday night live" think hillary clinton is feeling the burn. take a look. >> i know you millennialist. you are fired up. you are angry. i'm angry, too. the top 10% of the top 1% controls 90%. ever since i was a young boy growing up in brooklyn. when it comes to about wall street, i've always believed no break can be too big to fail. you know the rest. it is the same as mobile as incentives that works on you guys that i have been saying this whole time. so thank you for lending your support to the biggest outsider in the race. hillary rodham clinton.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> scrivener florida head of the primary vote with the latest polls showing sanders trailing. donald trump and senator ted cruz in his home state. joining us this the former administrator of the small business association. good to see you. thank you for joining us. obviously, the hispanic vote is critical in this election. candidates are covered in this key area. what do you think the hispanic population is thinking right now about some of trump? >> it's been a unifier because hispanics are now looking at this candidacy. the negative so over 75%. i think it is going to be very tough to get the vote in general. what we stand for republicans,
6:55 am
you can't win the white house without a modicum of the spending vote. you've got to break 35 to 40% a maria: but he is getting the hispanic vote. look what happened in nevada. >> you talk about a hundred voters that will reflect itself on a national basis. you saw what happened in texas. third in the hispanic vote in texas. >> you or his campaign manager. put you on the spot. you are in a room where you could give him advice he could take, what would it be? >> one of my big things as you talk about small business. the fastest-growing segment of small business in the united states is over 3 million companies generating 500 billion in revenue. those numbers could double every five years. >> on the candidate should be talking about it. >> how does the anti-trade tenor that this campai
6:56 am
an entire election cycle, how does that play into talking the needs of small business? >> it is concerning. 97% of all companies involved in international trade are small businesses. they only represent 30% of the trade dollars here that could grow significantly. obviously, a lot of concern and fear about what needs to happen next. not positive. >> is being that they plot and background colors so important to the latino voter, why is marco rubio in a distant second of other polls. the latinos voting just care about the economy. you see donald trump running away with it in florida. >> your recipient. the hispanic community doesn't feel they've been part of the conversation in a positive way during primaries. this is typical in general.
6:57 am
often times it is too late. i was involved in the romney campaign and of course we were reaching out to the hispanic community in the primaries ever tried in in the general end it was too late. maria: the hispanic unemployment rate is higher than the national average, six to 3%. what is the one policy you want to see implemented? >> the number one thing is we talked about creating a small environment. how are they going to get more contracts? how are they going to grow capacity? we need to talk more about that. maria: italy that they are. hector barreto. michael jones, great to have you this hour. come back soon. thank you so much for joining us. we will be right back. stay with us.
6:58 am
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maria: welcome back. it is monday, march 14 at top stories right now at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. account down to super tuesday to put our son. making final pitches to voters in key states of florida and ohio. temperature rising as violence erupts petroff rallies. candidates play the blame game when it comes to who should be held responsible. >> bucket that person person, that foolish person. get him out of here. get him out. send him back to bernie. >> trump has to get on the tv and tell his supporters that
7:01 am
violence in the political process in america is not acceptable, and the discussion. maria: latest in the campaign trail coming out. an amtrak train derailed in kansas. five cars on the site. dozens of people injured. we've got the latest. a scary scene on the north carolina highway. ensuring later this hour. the running of the bulls on a soccer field you thankfully no one was injured. we'll tell you about this. marcus' morning. investors went wait on two central bank decisions this week as the bank of japan and the federal reserve for the two-day meeting. features indicate a broader average. fractional moves with higher gains -- higher performances in europe and asia. seventy-six dollars a share of the hotel chain.
7:02 am
"star wars" favors the proposal from marriott will consider this software. this stops jumping more than 9% on the news. hotels and resorts looking higher this morning on the take out big. all of that coming up with me breaking it all down. dagen mcdowell, wall street host anthony scaramucci in "the wall street journal" had about the central bank meetings for the war and terrorism escalating with a series of attacks over the weekend. turkey carried out airstrikes against rebel targets in northern iraq. retaliation for a car bomb attack in the turkish capital ankara that killed at least 37 people and injured 127 others. learning from a diplomat says the attack most likely targeted u.s. delegation led by the secretary of commerce. al qaeda responsible for an attack on a popular ivory coast resort of the 16 people dead.
7:03 am
joining me now the chief of staff under president obama, bill daley. it is here thank you for joining us. so much going on and it brings me back to the day when you're in the situation room with president obama in new got the news of osama bin laden's capture and killing. want to show the picture because it is relevant when you consider all of the attacks have been aimed as terrorism gets worse. >> the ivory coast of africa are right for a terrorist action and most of these primary pieces of economy. there is a collapse in some of those countries. thank goodness not many of those people were killed in these attacks. this is the world we live in, which is a sad commentary
7:04 am
spreading throughout africa. >> d.c. a foreign policy for a viable to implement in the face of what we are seeing? >> obviously very difficult because you've got these small cells popping up all over it and you basically playing whack a mole in a lot of these countries. some are not part of an organized global effort, but are based in these countries better very racy as far as their ability to fight the sort of things in their homegrown terrorist. dagen: we are releasing guantánamo bay prisoners. -- but you had the cook released and now he's running as a leader in yemen of al qaeda. >> if you look at what's going on the terrorism in this country is, there is no organized top-down as there was with al qaeda. this is a very different
7:05 am
terrorist war. different than al qaeda that is very much proven after osama bin laden. >> is very different strategy or tactic that we need to deploy or are you okay with the current dod pentagon white house plan? >> these are popping up all over the place. we do well kind of fighting a structured organized enemy. as we did with al qaeda. now you have these mini al qaeda, ice is popping up all over and some with no connection other than social media. >> if you could change something, what would you change? >> difficult parts with economies decimated for a whole host of reasons. there is fertile ground. it adds to the same period the biggest challenge for the next
7:06 am
challenge for this president. no question that will be for whoever is president over the next four to eight. dagen: we want to talk about who will be the next president and what you see happening in this important primary date tomorrow. stay with us. pilot that donald trump's rallies over the weekend dominated the conversation ahead of the battleground states. six are many candidates fighting for five key states including a winner take florida and ohio. blake burman live with the latest day. good morning to you. >> are there, maria. we are in miami beach. this puts us in florida, the largest data per play here come tuesday. 99 delegates winner take all. this is thought to be a two-person race between donald trump and marco rubio. but for running republican has business interests all up and down the state. rubio is the sitting senator here fighting for his political survival as poll after poll shows he is running well behind trump.
7:07 am
the latest poll of the weekend of florida comes via cvs. up 20 points and not over rubio, rather over ted cruz. rubio running third. another state in play on tuesday and a big he indeed is ohio. john kasich is the sitting governor there. 66 delegates in play once again winner take all. all you have to do is win by one vote. the latest called from over the weekend shows it is kasich and trump deadlocked in ohio. we will see what comes of it on tuesday. ted cruz campaigning today in illinois two different socks maria, for in the morning here on miami beach which means two things. one of the sunrise over the ocean. it is beautiful. and two, 24 hours until the polls open in florida. maria: awesome. maybe her cameraman can show us the gorgeous is behind you.
7:08 am
>> can you do it? there you go. not sure if you can see it, but there you go. maria: we see it. absolutely gorgeous. blake burman was built daily this morning. that's a conversation about rallies over the weekend. your thoughts on the race. >> tomorrow is unbelievably important because you have this continue when it went down. trump has been averaging 30 -- high 30s. you are talking 60% to 70% of republican voters against them. what happens tomorrow for many candidates leaves its hard to imagine him continuing. the fewer numbers there are come numbers there are, the harder it is for trump to continue to at least make the case is a strong candidate in the general election. he's got very little ability to pull people over not only promote the ends, but surely the
7:09 am
different electorate that comes out. [inaudible conversations] >> i will bet you whatever you want to bed. >> this is an important point the fact that donald trump is in the lead on the gop side. when you look at the broad population of the country, dirty 5% favoring donald trump is 65% saying we don't want them. >> about 27, 30 american people self identify as republicans. >> high floor, low ceiling being. once they got eliminated he will gravitate more independence, more democrats, more blue-collar democrat as well as republicans. >> his ability to reach out for that. if you talk about the old reagan democrats come he's got them all right now. you're talking about a different america than when ronald reagan ran. a young america not going to go
7:10 am
for donald trump. hispanics as was talked about earlier in the show that has a hard time with donald trump. >> look at what he did in michigan. >> units or 7% of the workforce today. getting unions of reagan democrats with very different to let dry. >> looking beyond these primaries, you were there as chief of staff. whether it's hillary clinton or bernie sanders to actually govern washington in an environment where obviously there's a lot of very good people. how hard is the next job? >> it's been difficult to get anything done. when we look to the election if we don't want the people who can address that, military terrorism.
7:11 am
unless they are summoned coming together, it's going to be extremely important. if you want a change in the economy has to be based on atomic plan >> anybody out there capable of creating this coming together. >> just as polarizing. he's pushing her to the last. no doubt about it. watching her, knowing her over the years. the success of the presidency is getting something done. not just getting the office. i watched her. dagen: bell, her taxman complicate the tax code in terms of the holding period for capital gains for preferential
7:12 am
preferential -- we have a minimum tax for people make 2 billion. we got a surcharge. >> when ronald reagan put out his tax plan in december 84, but ended up passing congress to enact years later was very different than what he put out, very different. my sense is whatever their attacks -- not just the idea. this has to be dealt with, the tax code to help the economy. >> president obama hasn't been able to work with republicans in congress. how do we manage things differently? what would be different in her approach? >> first of all, she obviously comes to the opposite she went for the greater experience in washington. i was there under president clinton with a divided congress. he and mrs. clinton who is there saw the value of trying to work
7:13 am
together. the times are different. >> it takes two to tango. i would hope after this republican election of democrat once again, maybe this didn't work for the last eight years. maybe it didn't work to just say no. maybe we've got to get something done and not be the whole of him. basically the new members of congress, the tea party candidate said no way, no how. >> how many times have you heard obama say no way no how? >> that's a big difference. no matter who gets elected, things will be different. [inaudible] >> i doubt it. i don't think so. and there done that. maria: how about a trump administradministr ation? >> i'm not going to worry about it. >> underestimate mr. trump.
7:14 am
the republican candidates. >> this is a small sliver of the electorate. it shows up in the general election. you can go through electorate. very large, very diverse, very different. i'm talking about last people who don't pay attention to this game. maria: a lot of people are beginning to pay attention right now. the voter count has been on of all. the people coming up to go to some of these states. >> four years ago or eight years ago. good to have you, thanks so much. back in a minute. thank you. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
7:15 am
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and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. i'm massive pileup shutting down parts of north carolina. police say more than 100 vehicles were involved. at least 20 people were injured in this crashes.
7:18 am
we are just getting some breaking news coming in. moments ago, nearly 9% of the premarket right now. receiving its unsolicited takeover bid for a group of companies offering 76 bucks a share for the full proposal from area. a $12.2 billion stock and cash deal, maria proposed in november merger, acquisition, the new proposal specifically going after starwood. if you think about it, these companies have been doing very well in particular in china. both of those companies have been really focusing on china. now this come in lots morning. maria: the starwood very idea would've made it the largest hotel company in the world. >> it's not clear it's not going to still have been. they could up the ante. this is also playing into the
7:19 am
macro story that more deals will happen again in 2016. we had $4.6 trillion of merger activity last year. a ton of cash on the balance sheet of the s&p 500. look for more synergies like this. >> i wonder if this is a sign we are getting deep into the cycle. they are not seeing investment opportunities on the ground. the verdict on so much. dagen: the beginning of the end, decline in the hotel business. train for really quick comment marriott saying they are still committed to the deal. they just released a statement as well. maria: developing situation. we will be watching it. from the basketball court to the boardroom, how one found his college sport running a multi-billion dollars investment firm. one of the major league movies, wild bull charges a soccer field. barak curiously, no one gets injured. back in a minute.
7:20 am
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7:24 am
$3 million. good to see you. welcome. >> nice to have you, maria. train to how did you make the transition? >> my whole life i loved numbers. in college i found out it was different. now we are broken. i'm very found of a a year and half ago i fast forward now to years and it's our $33.5 million. it's been a fun read so far. maria: in terms of your clientele, do you think they are coming to you because they know your reputation as the forward? >> i believe my ability to invest the money because they've done pretty well the past two years in the market. i've had a great read so far and will try to keep moving forward.
7:25 am
the past two weeks actually my first two nfl guys, so it's been fun. maria: it has been fun. the teammates are thinking well, look at you up the core. what are your teammates have to say about how successful you've been away from the courier? >> i'm like a huge team player, so i kind of shared by wealth in the way. six months ago i took my whole team out -- i rented a limo and took them all to a huge dinner in malibu. we had a great time over there. i picked up the tab of $5000 had a great time over there. maria: he picked up the tab. dagen: are you going to play the game against providence? >> we fly out friday morning to raleigh, north carolina. dagen: a friend or teammate,
7:26 am
unlike focus on the game, the core. enough of the business. >> what are you better at? >> they are pretty well. maria: what about her comment? >> to a great job for the is. keep them from being bankrupt. it would be the best advice i could get you. >> i want to focus on having love for life and grow in the wild. i focus on asset management. a safe and risky way as well. they can have fun. go pro. eventually save you money over time and invest that. the career of three to four years sometimes.
7:27 am
it is how you save your money and keep the wealth. about 7% 8% of athletes go broke nowadays. if you can prevent that from happening, it's an amazing accomplishment. maria: we've had a number of athletes on. give me so much money. how did. how to choose at all? that's an important part of your story. characterize this moment in time. how exciting this march madness for you? >> i am over the moon. it's been years. it hasn't been the best and now march madness and this is amazing. a long time coming. looking forward to playing in the tournament and experiencing it. maria: how do you get ready for that? >> we have practice today. we start at 11:00 a.m. the nba player and one of the
7:28 am
best in the country. we should be prepared hopefully. hopefully they can make a strong run this year. maria: will be watching. good luck. thank you for joining us. we will be watching quest investment firm. we will see you soon. tran 11. violence continues to break out of donald trump's rallies over the weekend. judge napolitano will join the discussion on how trump plans to use legal action to stop future outbreaks. at the moment. >> yesterday in chicago we had a little bit of a problem. we were not allowed to exercise their first amendment right. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
7:29 am
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. . . maria: good monday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, march 14, your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. east coast, the countdown to super tuesday 2.0 on candidacy making final pitches to voters especially in the key states of florida, and ohio. the temperature rigs as violence erupts at trump rallies candidates on both sides blaming trump. >> i think he has created a toxic environment the american people do not support a candidate like trump who -- whose veer beage language rhetoric insights violence. maria: we also following results on the of germany this morning migrant crisis dealing a blow to german chance wlor
7:32 am
merkel, what it means is for her political future on heels of a million migrate immigrants coming into into germany throughout eurozone as well, political uprising in brazil millions protesting president, the largest demonstrations calling for her ouster. >> pro golfer in studio, she has played with donald trump her take on his game on fairway the campaign trail, on to markets we go investors waiting on two central bank ziksz the bank of japan and federal reserve in u.s. futures indicating a mixed market lower opening broad averages a fraction shunnal loss start of trading down 10 points in europe, stocks are higher this morning, edging higher, we are, of course, looking at gains for the german dax up 1 1/2% ft cac quarante in paris highers gains in asia
7:33 am
overnight higher across the board in particular shanghai real estate stocks led game sending a shanghai composite up 1 3/4 percent threat of also very focusing cancellation of trump rally friday night saturday a protester adjourned the stage during a speech, he focusing the secret sr., intersection at another you trump event vowing to press charges on future you go disruptions blaming bernie sanders for momemom fomenting unrest. >> a lot come from bernie sanders when he wants to say it or not if he says no, he is lying bernie sanders sanders signs all over the place made by same people that make really bernie sanders stay ons, professionally made. >> joining senior judicial analyst judge napolitano good to see you -- >> interesting blaming by thoses. >> i am smiling, because there are so many allegations on both sides of this, and you never know what the facts are i don't think all of us -- is going to come to litigation,
7:34 am
but here is a couplech bases the clash of property rights he leasted that for a purpose unusually for that purpose first amendment rights he can conclude people from coming in there, but not on the basis of what they believe he can't stop bernie sanders, or john kasichor ted cruz supporters from coming in, but he can toss people can when they are behavior prevents him from using the property, for the purpose for when eliseed -- he leased it the first amendment requires toll rates contemplates room it tolerates bait of disruption disruption as a traditional a first amendment expression as is giving a speech. so we don't know what happened, in florida. donald trump says that police told him not to come in police said you can go in we we will keep you safe the law is, the police have to protect his first amendment rights, they
7:35 am
have to protect have rights of the people in the room to hear him, and they have to protect the rights of the people who want to protest to a lawful nondisruptive pro tenacity running on australianing disruptive and criminal standing outside chanting whatever they want to say about him is protected speech the police are o obliged to protect them. >> drupgs within venue you pointed out it is end of the war on conservative speech going on college campuses has it not judge these left wieng liberalize whatever you want to call it trying to crack down on speech. >> the supreme court said many reminds roichld for hateful speech is not censorship it is more speech. >> right. >> we have this issue of he rented the space, so he can have his security, or even chicago o police tossed people preventing him from using the
7:36 am
space for the purpose for which he went it can't toss a button because they hold a soin says dump trump but if behave is you disruptive. >> he couldn't hold a rally, in chicago. >> that is a -- is a matter of did is putin he said so disruptive he couldn't hold the rally the secret service says we will protect you chicago police said we told him we could protect him. >> a judgment call in environment like that. it is it is a fluid dynamic environment in which you have to make a judgment call for safety of the candidate the maximum safety for -- >> the "the wall street journal," has a great story on the front page today about the litigiousness of donald trump filled with examples including, the case of him against miss usa contestant
7:37 am
disparaged his content on social media is this a sign where we are going with a you trump approximatedcy going to use courts aggressively to get his way. >> i hope it is not. and i think, that -- a case like that, a lawsuit against somebody disrupted the a speech in a political environment, will be dismissed on a motion. the courts are not going to get involved in something like that they are going to say this is a political question if people will resolve this at polls. >> even you know, his -- his detractors cop pet tore carly fiorina on sunday said look, i am supporting ted cruz but i have to defend donald trump and his supporters for being able to be out there and have a rally, listen. >> look they may not like donald trump, or what he has to say. and they may not like donald trump's supporters, but donald trump has a right to be there, and donald trump supporters have a right to be there, and these protests are really broob gaiting rally sports first amendment rights it is a
7:38 am
shame. >> if litigation, the court would want to know, what prevented trump from holding the rally, what those it people blocking him people on new where he needs the space was it people in the streets, where he can't control what happened was it advice of the police what those it advice of the secret service or just a gut feeling that now is not the time and place to force this issue? >> but don't look for litigation to happen. >> we leave there it always great insights thanks judge andrew napolitano -- fancy footwork at soccer game in cleveland australia check out animal taking to field with young players running for cover. >> nobody was hurt during the match. >> unlike all of you, i know people would have been gored by a bull it is extremely, extremely dangerous. >> so i just wanted to point that out. >> you know summon gored by a
7:39 am
bull. >> are you saying we should not laugh. >> i mean i am not laughing at that situation, it is not funny. >> gored by a bull was i think his leg very damaged years ago i know more than one actually. >> reminded me of my wife -- >> the bull -- pamplona. >> never do that i am not fast enough judge. >> a little soccer players out there pretty fast. >> prior to that time fast got out of the way really fast, up next one sports star knows donald trump from fairway golfer no moreson in the studio her take coming up on the program stay with us. ♪ ♪
7:40 am
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7:43 am
. maria: welcome back maryland police looking for answers after one of their own was fatally shot cheryl casone with headlines. cheryl: that is right, good morning, two people are in custody this morning, after a maryland police officer was killed. when is called unprovoked attack prince georges county police say shooter opened fire on first officer he saw outside headquarters yesterday in land over a suburb of washington, d.c., at a alleged shooter wounded expected to survive. >> millions taken to the streets across the -- holding nation wide protests against the country's president, angry over massive ascented and economic crisis facing impeachment as down prepares for the summer olympics. >> this is federal reserve, the amount of equity americans have in their homes rose to 86.8 trillion dollars fourth
7:44 am
quarter 2015, you that is highest level in a daikd,this is home and stock prices, i am sure you read electorthoroughly mortgage rates still low, you still see a lot of activity and this is the spring selling season right now across the unk, the numbers are coming in, better so fed may be can take a victory lap for that. >> the problem with the figures so concentrated not a big pick up in spending the difference between economy day and experience a decade ago or more than a decade ago, when wealth was being driven by in part by home prices rising so much people taking it will out spendings it on cars everything else, so he concentrated right now this economy is not responding agent why we are very interested what comes out tomorrow, from the retail sales number we could not to see if that drop-off in oil is impairing people to spend
7:45 am
money, what are expectations fomc meeting tuesday and wednesday trail sales anybody tuesday. >> on fez meeting not going to do anything relates to what we're seeing on the housing sector interest rates staying low for a while, 10 ulterior rates have come down since fed moved rates up in december want to keep options open, if economy does rip-roaring well next couple months may be move in april looks june or later in the year, but they come out of this meeting they say, feeling okay, growth and jobs, they are not so assure about inflation, and then they keep pumping ball down the road. >> well -- the fed said in december, three or four market is saying one at most. so take the middle on that, maybe -- >> maybe. >> i was thinking the other day i said okay if they are not going to move in march, then we go to june, they are not going to -- september they
7:46 am
are not going to move in september, two months off a a major presidential election. >> i am going to -- >> okay, so then i have to say it is june you are going to disagree you say they would raise rates in september. >> i am in your camp he knows the fed. >> there is a particular myth that med never does anything around elections let's to the forget faded loud lehman brothers to collapse just a couple months before 2008 election. >> i don't know that they had a lot ofings options back in 2007. >> well, they did it, and they had enough options on the table to take care of bear stearns before election. >> aloud lehman to go bankrupt i don't know. >> you know bernanke well he was here would tell you he is not -- lehman -- >> 2008 bernanke launched qe 3 in september 2012, 2004 greenspan fed chairman fed raising rates. >> o you know maybe -- maybe
7:47 am
you are right. >> maybe theed federal reserve might raise. >> in 2004 they started in june 2004 kept going through the election, in 2004. >> they raised in 92, hurt bush -- >> it is a myth that fed won't act in months before an election they have done it over and over again -- >> i am defending your area. maria: thank you. >> i don't think they raise. >> i think they have to raise some point trying to figure out when. >> -- i think gives. >> a lot of issues looking at right now, inflation inflation expectations, growth, jobs, markets, china, the presidential election is -- is not coming up in this conversation. >>. dagen: republican candidates don't want -- another term. >> that is true. >> you've got a year after inauguration in january. >> bernanke couldn't wait get out of the job, so it is not the easiest job might not be end if she goes four years.
7:48 am
>> you also want janet yellen out. >> i am trying -- >> whoa. >> who would be worst thing in the world. >> from perspective look the way bernanke left was ready to run out the door after his 8 years, i am saying, her calculation is not i doubt being driven by do i want to get another term here. >> all right bank of japan federal reserve. >> bank of japan not doing anything. >> we hope not. >> further into negative territory. >> that -- >> explaining policies. of the you know, the average person, really doesn't ins the consequences of negative rates, john. >> it is true you all had a very good conversation earlier about what ecb i go doing you summed it up saying banks are being paid to lend to skwon elegance a lot of worry negative rates is going to hurt banks what it forces them to do make consumer loans
7:49 am
industrial loans real estate loonz look out for a boon or bubble there. maria: you said prices rising. >> not the middle housing market or lower. >> high end. >> high end. >> commercial real estate. >> thank you for bringing that to us up next another big planer day ohio one of the top prices jeff flock live on the grounds with the buzz that votes are talking about keep it right here on the fox business network. [alarm beeps] ♪
7:50 am
♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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7:52 am
. maria: welcomeback on to campaign trail we go six remaining candidates fighting for five key states winner take all florida and ohio, tomorrow where we find jeff flock, jeff governor john
7:53 am
kasich in the do a or dye contest for his campaign for sure. reporter: that is like running a about gubernatorial campaign in ohio crisscrossing the state focusing big time in that bus back there behind me, escapable out of the hotel any time almost 8:00 local time here, in youngstown ohio. big rally tonight a two-man race here in ohio, though. donald trump, john kasich, both very close in the polls, mr. kasich taking a lead in the last couple polls, really started to take the he gloves off on donald trump he is famously run campaign of positivity not criticizing any of his rivals but after that rally that we attend in chicago, the trump rally on friday night and the violence that has taken place at other trump rallies mr. kasich began to talk about a spirit of toxicity that has pervade it had trump campaign he and marco rubio raised question
7:54 am
whether or not they would support the republican nominee if it was donald trump. want so that remains to be seen. we've got, three kasich events in youngstown ohio, today one youngstown jim trussel ohio state football coach brought national title and mitt romney campaigns with john kasich not endorsing him but campaigning with him today, and then he will have an evening event so will donald trump back here in youngstown. tonight at the airport, so we will see how that turns out those are always good time. maria. maria: jeff thanks so much wow what a couple days, dagen i am blown away how close ohio is, ohio, pardon me ohio. not just john kasich, right trump on -- on john kasich, cruz not so far either. maria: in ohio kasich "the wall street journal" marris nbc poll up 6 percentage points 39 to 33 don, cruz is 19%, so cruz is -- in third
7:55 am
place but, again, winner takes all critical state 79% approval rating for john kasich in that state, about those. >> according to the fox news poll, and you know i love more than all of those guys, jeff flock, for him covering those what was going on in chicago on friday night he was on the news channel, so it was nice to see fox business's own jeff flock in the mix covering what was that you trump rally. >> john kasich running for president ohio the real story rubio running for county executive in florida. >> unlying unlikely for him to win a situation last two days matter april 26, june 7 two dates 21% delegates get allotted the last two dates for the primary i think goes down to that. >> rubio is going to have to get out when he losses florida. how does that change the mix here where do those people go. >> you listen to -- to richard
7:56 am
daley saying trump stays flatlined high ceiling at 35, 40%. >> a democratic honey. >> i understand that, are i don't think that is going to happen i think trump will -- is a guy figured out how to adapt himself, in every situation, and he has been woefully underestimated by two candidates i supported and party. >> good or lucky. >>. dagen: -- is good people understatement him. >> democrats underestimating a very good chance to win general election. >>. dagen: yep, yep. maria: pretty unbelievable trump looking like florida that close to ohio as well, where john kasich has this you know 79% -- >> going to appoint i fedchair, get ready for that. >> i don't think. >> kevin mccarthy with us to discuss at the terror threat at home and abroad his take about can when presidential contender will improve u.s.
7:57 am
foreign relationships female gulf pro lexi thompson in the house to you to improve your short game coming up. need to hire fast?
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8:00 am
the temperature is rising at trump rallies candidacy playing blame game. >> look at that person, that -- foolish person. get him out of here get him out get him out, [cheers and applause] . >> send him back to bernie. >> trump has got to get on tv and tell his supporters that violence in the political process in america is not acceptable end of discussion. >> we will have latest on trail in the program breaking news overnight in amtrak train derailed in kansas five cars on its side dozens of people injured a high-speed chase in los angeles, after someone stole a cop car! chase ending in a shoot-out. plus images out of london a bird hits a jet the entire kno
8:01 am
nose replaced. >> lexi thompson in the house played with donald trump her take on his game on fairway and campaign trail. >> futures indicate market mixed the opening of trading a lower opening for broader averages dow jones industrial average down 30 points, nasdaq and s&p 500 also now at lows of the morning, one stock to watch, starwood hotels, the company this morning, receiving unsolicited take over bid, complicating things with planned emerge already, marriott star with skwood shares shooting up 9% already in the deal, that would create the largest company in the world starwood marriott now this take over bid this morning. a pare of terrorist attacks overseas this weekend has many concerned about whether the u.s. is next target. democratic front-runner hillary clinton says globally threat has ladders around the world reaching out o to her about the 2016 race. >> donald trump is responsible about for what happens at his events. he is the person who -- um --
8:02 am
has for months now been not just inciting violence but applauding violence. >> i am already receiving messages from leaders i am having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop donald trump they know i mean this is up to americans thank you very much. >> joining bhee right now talk more about that house majority leader kevin mccarthy in studio good to see. >> you thanks for having me. >> as you so you much is for joining us what do you think about that the rest of the wolf you were in definitive oz i was in definitive oz people saying what the heck is going on in america right now do you get that from other leaders as well what hillary clinton is talking about. >> i get that not only from world leaders but when what is going around in this country every place, i go, there is no place for hatred bigotry or violence in politics, think about, as republicans we are the party of lincoln and reagan. the country was very with
8:03 am
divided then they called to know better angels of the individuals to unite this country i hope all candidacy do is that. maria: what about that you are seeing big assault on trump, from republican party you've got people, are like mitt romney, and so called establishment trying to take him down, saying look, we don't think he is going to be able to take out hillary clinton we need a different nominee. >> the way i look at it, anyone of those candidates republican is going to be better than what we have had last 8 years what i am focusing on in the house, and all house members are would i like more policy we've got real problems in this country we've got to get growth happening that is why having a tax plan, what is our health care plan instead of can have snust repealing object compare what are he we replacing it with, poverty, upward mobility too many people especially angry middle class lack of growth 8 years lookatrist attacks national policy so is week for world to be safe
8:04 am
america needs to be strong the issues we are bringing forward, and i hope, who ever becomes the nominee can grab those policies and make america strong. >> i am glad you mentioned this because you have a solid agenda right now, and gop he voters in particular want to know if they are a not getting rolled over you are going to complement that solid agenda when you talk with poverty i am happy you brought this up because this is one of the biggest issues the country phases right now but the approach that is different on the two sides. >> yeah. >> what is the right approach. >> well the right approach should be from you start from a fundamental basis, where you were born doesn't mean that is where your lot in life ends up, that america, gives you an opportunity to rise to different place a different opportunity. for too long we have had democratic approach to war on poverty locked people into poverty, so looking from a tax basis, from overall review of the movements what government had instead of forcing to keep you down shackling keeps you back -- unshackling.
8:05 am
>> we are walking through these a complete agenda of about you go into the convention we have been working on all year so america can see the difference, between a you future, and one that is just talking about the past. >> part of that is taxi he reform. >> tax reform you've got to have growth we have had less than 2% or less last eight years middle class earning less more frustrated growth solves so many problems national security policy health care look how much money even though your gasoline price is lower where is money going to higher premium doesn't have to be the case we could provide a health care system that you are in power of instead government premiums go down looking from standpoint of all these powers of the presidents from executive actions, pull that back article one, what is the power of the house, agencies have become too big they legislate too power. >> part in terms of the right approach is tax reform, is
8:06 am
reform for health care, and also rolling back certain regulations, that has been small business and hurting businesses ability to create jobs. >> when i was 19 i created first business three lessons. >> kevin's deli. >> i was first to work last to leave last to be paid very rewarding, small business creates more jobs, than any other place, and we are at our lowest point, of small businesses being created in the last 17 years, because of regulation, if people walk across america, and listen to small businesses they will tell you regulation is one of the greatest hardships of being able to enter business. >> are we hearing this from the candidates, i have read a couple of your comments about donald trump you basically said look i could work with him i would work with any of these so what policies are you hearing and from whom touching exactly what you are is a i go. >> number one thing with i am hearing is government and agencies are creating regulations they can't start small business if you can't have you are not having
8:07 am
growth, so the income is lower they i think the tuptsdz are not there, then they every day they turn on tv, and watching, america empower iran or that russia is stepping someplace else in expanding territory, chooirn -- the world unsafe wondering if allies trust us because looks like enemies do not fear us, so, the world to be safer america needs is to be stronger. >> a great point lemon ask you about iran, and where we are there because we know that they have already violated the agreement, last week we are talking about these missiles that they were launching, what is the answer do you want sanctions? >> yes. >> implemented again? against irsnoon the first i never wanted should have never been in agreement it should have been a treaty never would have been ratified like jimmy call your attentioner -- the president said he would hol iran accountable if they broke the treaty especially with u.n. others there should be
8:08 am
sanctions we have a bill in the house, from our chairman a bipartisan that will be coming to floor we should put sanctions upon because they are breaking the agreement of what was written. maria: yeah he said that, by the way, the president many times. >> he promised. >> -- many times. >> american people he promised that to the world promised to that our allies. maria: so far -- we're not seeing any pushback, how important is tomorrow? >> when you look. maria: at states having primaries particularly the winner takes all in florida, and ohio what is your take is this going to be it we are going to know after tomorrow. >> i trust the voters, i think what is more important, is the policy. because okay. we are going to have elections going to keep going if we don't have elections about ideas we're not going to change the country that is why what house is doing in my view is most important thing inident debates are hard to watch, i want to talk about the ideas and challenges for america, so
8:09 am
when this election is decided, it is decided about the path we want to take, and the future we want to change, and then we can move forward. >> what was your thought about mitt romney coming out the way he did against trump. >> well, everybody has gone a -- ability to come out with whatever place they stand, that is america, we believe in that view but i rather people talk policies, let's talk about tax policy for the growth talk about what is your request health care answer, what is the national defense going to be more importantly, how are we going to answer and have middle class actually grow in america have more small businesses. maria: now this new worry about republicans possibly loving senate how serious. >> the senate has been competitive, think about this, there is more senate republican senators up elected 2010 a great year nonpresidential year wind at your back, that is always a competitive one so if we are talking about policy, and things that we've achieved, of i don't think would be that worried about the senate being reelected that is why i think,
8:10 am
what we work together we work with the senate, and the house together, on retreat laying out this agenda. maria: a great point, but for example, does a donald trump in the white house help you with those particular races. >> look, i don't know when one is going to help i will tell you this whoever the republican nominee is going to be better than last eight years. >> one thing focusing on while you have been traveling throughout california, i know you have been from silicon valley to all over the state, is start-up activity, is start-up activity, as strong as it was today? then let's call it five years ago. >> because start-ups i think things slowed down quite a bit. >> things have slowed down, you had dodd-frank, but innovation is so important in america, it keeps us ahead of everywhere else i will tell you i am from california, i don't represent silicon valley but i go there often i was just in a company, looking adacity gives you education
8:11 am
you know what their education a guarantee if you don't have a job you get your money back, can you manuallyiimagine if we t to colleges in 2010 uber had three cars worth more than 60 billion dollars we need this brought to government could you imagine in 1930s va was created, they took your disability by pencil we got air-conditioning by a fan, and our news by radio. today we get our news by a phone get central air still writing down disability claims what if we brought he noeflgs more efficient effective accountable. >> why you are focused only rolling back particularly as relates to small biggest, is it surprise you that this is not conversation happening on democratic side you look at bernie sanders, i -- the s&l this weekend, i am like everybody follows me all this money and i have -- grabbed plans no idea how to pay for any of this.
8:12 am
>> doesn't surprise me how long has been elected since 09's what has he ever done man for his honeymoon didn't he go to soviet union? >> [laughter] >> soviet union. >> look at -- >> that is funny. >> democratic party two debating are about the past what is why i want republicans to rise to higher equation to best of america unite us -- >> candidate. >> i was not endorsed anyone i just know my role in the house and what i can change, is putting the policy out there, to change direction of this country, focus on building more small business pull back the power of the executive action of the president, and agencies, that is not their role that is not their job, and enhance and grow, so doesn't matter where you are born, you have an opportunity about to rise to the gravest that is the greatness of this country. >> good to have you on this program thank you so much,
8:13 am
majorityer leader kevin mccarthy. >> a train off the tracks we've got details for you next facebook -- apple fighting federal government over deprives we've got that story coming up back in a moment.
8:14 am
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california. cheryl: this is something else good morning, good morning southern california police shot and killed this thief stole a police cruiser after a police vehicle rammed into the stolen car, following hourlong high-speed chase that crossed l.a. county not clear at this point, how the criser was stolen, but anyway a at the end i want to make sure you saw that, because you've got the guy that stole the police car hit, rammed by two police vehicles, also following nutrition on amtrak, they are looking for answers right now after one of the trains went off the attract from southwest kansas traveling from los angeles, to chicago. seven cars, derailed. >> should be a side door, and
8:17 am
ended up being a door on top of the train car, and so we had to take and lift the patients up, then, set ladders up bring them down on ladders. >> 130 passengers 14 crew onboard over two disease people taken to area hospital, none have life-threatening issues. >> and after apple the justice department reportedly going automotive facebook, the particular messaging application has added encryption basically impossible for feds anybody to eves drop on conversations could be a call, a message, a billion users particular with international fox europe, whatever, it is free so particular, but basically the doj is looking to you know liven listen on conversations. >> probably a string of other
8:18 am
companies what would stop any technology company from saying make i go it harder to listen in on conversations. >> that is why justice department knows the battle that is happening with apple, right now, is so serious. because you have increasingly devices are becoming c you don't be able to touch them justice department are really dealing with apple right now, and i think everything else will fall into place after that is o he -- >> the "new york times" is reporting that waiting for the right case they want the right pr basically, out of this they want a case that the american public can get behind, likes san bernardino, a lot of american public want to see iphones unlocked. >> increasingly the numbers are going the or way americans don't want privacy messed with if you look at numbers recently. >> if i know if i my child has been murdered, and here in new
8:19 am
york for example this is happening, and the information on the suspect is on a phone unlock the phone i lost my child give me information i think -- human side of this we have to remember. >> if something horrible happens will shift back in favor of giving law enforcement the ability to do their job, right now i think -- apple point blaifrpg has waged got caught flat flooded the on this case with san bernardino phone waged a mighty battle with the press in terms of getting the press coverage on its side justice knows that why justice was so, so tough in recent motion basically said, you don't cooperate with us how about us taking your source code that is what a filing says last week. >> -- >> the source code? >> it was a threat it was -- a threat. maria: are there you go. >> david he goers wrote a book
8:20 am
about it called it be circle everybody is in full transparency at the end of the day, there is no privacy left in the world, and exposition of what the world looks like in that scenario everyone silicon valley reading this book i know it is a lot of conversations. >> i find it ironic crowing loudest are people who hand over most personal information, and let companies like google and facebook monetize it, then they -- they don't want to give law enforcement the ability to execute a valid court order. >> that is a good point, by the way, i have to add if we're talking about one phone. >> right. >> we'll be right back -- from south by southwest as youin texas next the headed of a he movie studio how he is appealing to millenials the latest buzz in tech industry next. >> violence from several trump events over the weekend the latest from the fallout next.
8:21 am
stay with us.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
welcome banning creative minds in austin, texas for the south by southwest conference jo ling kent live with one taking on big hollywood, one youtube movie at a time good morning. jo ling: good morning, that is right live in austin called spring break for nerds south
8:25 am
by southwest tech conversation this year more political spin to it president obama, was here last week, first lady michelle obama arrived on wednesday, to give a speech the big themselves jumping out virtual reality taking over south by southwest this year plus looking in more into more live estranstreaming video how reach millenials in the age so many people cut cord youtube, millions of followers on youtube, twitter snapchat i asked why he is here debuting his first film how big companies can debut and reach millenials. >> i think, the -- the thing about youtube is to be as honest as you can, to engage with the audience, and if you are sticking to honesty read scripps find a script you are completely like, into, i feel there is no trying grabbing them pushing to watch this if you are true to it they will
8:26 am
watch whatever you do. >> now he is head of the studio putting out first movie, he is president of the films came from a very established studio i asked why on earth would he leave take a basining about risk to appeal to younger people. >> it felt stifling at older studios this way they operate i feel we are opportunityistic this engagement is going to be what future studios look like. >> themes out of south by southwest later day on varney exploring a house that is solution for urban housing also going to fly brand new drones, stick with us we are going to have fun in after you iran show you what you should be looking at, coming up, in technology, going ahead. maria: sounds awesome jo thanks so much we will watch throughout the day jo ling
8:27 am
kent in texas. >> candidacy hit the trail for last minute votes especially nd hitting the green, golf the peoplon lexi thompson happens to be donald trump's playing partner, by the way, is going to show her skills coming up. back in a minute. ♪ e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause)
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>> happy monday. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. it's monday, march 14th, top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the countdown to super tuesday 2.0 moves on. and crucial states of florida and ohio, this after protests at donald trump rallies. and demonstrations near a town hall event. front runner hillary clinton has her sights set on one industry. >> because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. maria: i'll talk with murray energy ceo robert murray coming up straight ahead about that. march madness arrived. the bracket set, but not without controversy. it was leaked on the internet before the formal announcement. the ncaa is investigating this. turning to markets this morning, investigators are
8:31 am
waiting on two central bankers this week. the bank of japan tomorrow and the bank reserve and we're not expecting much out of the meetings. the broader averages, dow jones industrials down 20 points off the worst levels of the morning. one major story we're following and a stock to watch today, starwood hotels. the company received an unsolicited takeover bid from a group of chinese companies, complicating the merger already in place with marriott. it looks like china wants more ownership of the u.s. we'll talk about it. and violence at presidential frontrunner donald trump's rallies, headed into super tuesday 2.0. watch. >> look at that person, that foolish personment -- person. all right, get him out of here, get him out! send him back to bernie's.
8:32 am
if i have to do it myself, i know it's not -- >> joining us now is the blackspear, kevin jackson, thanks for weighing in here, good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> what's your reaction today, over the weekend, these protesters disrupting trump rallies? >> well, a deep step back for democracy for sure. you know, donald trump having his first amendment rights curtailed is probably the most glaring part of this whole thing. even if you don't like what somebody says, you need to let him be able to speak it. obviously, it's orchestrated and i think if trump handles the right way he'll handle it pretty well, but i think it speaks to sort of the nature of liberalism in america, unfortunately, where people
8:33 am
decide that it's a one-sided conversation, they don't want to hear the other side of that conversation. trump, they claim, said a lot of incendiary things, but the fact of the matter is he speaks for millions in america. maria: you think he's handling that okay right now? that's the debate whether or not thinks reaction to this or his rallies in general, are inciting this kind of violence. >> well, it's ridiculous to say that he's inciting it. we're living in a time right now where barack obama could have easily quelled a lot of this. they say it's based on racial text, but it's really based on political tension and the fact is, in america right now, the intolerant left don't want to hear the other side of the argument. donald trump's talking about things like immigration and the fact of matter is, there are millions of americans who believe we should be protecting our borders and quite frankly, it's a drain on the company of mexico to allow their most precious resource to come over to america because there is no opportunity there. america puts a the lo of
8:34 am
dollars into the mexican economy and they should be able to have the people there to, you know, to work that economy. the other side of it is around the muslims and donald trump didn't say anything that a lot of americans don't think, which is we should have a better policy that allow us to vet these people correctly so that we aren't putting american citizens at risk. and those are considered incendiary comments when it's just common sense. so, as far as inciting this, it's not trump that's inciting it, it's the left that's inciting it and i said earlier on another program, maria, that the way you turn a billionaire businessman, a successful businessman into a racist and xenophobe is to put an r behind his name and ben carson uncle tom put an r, and become a republican. maria: well said. dagen. dagen: what's going on with the
8:35 am
democratic candidates, they should be calling out people and saying don't disrupt these events. and they're not doing that because they are quietly hoping, and this is my idea, they're quietly hoping that these protesters make donald trump look bad. >> sure. dagen: that's why hillary clinton and bernie sanders won't tell their supporters, don't disrupt these events. if they think they could win they should stand on their own merits, but they're encouraging these people to go to these trump rallies. >> absolutely. look, there's no reason why you would disrupt the system and in fact, it's a slippery slope because the intimidation isn't going to stop there. the intimidation will probably bleed into the polls. it's politicized and the left is good. you take donald trump the star of the apprentice and put the r
8:36 am
behind his name and suddenly the democrats are trying it demonize him. donald trump has been called a lot of things, but to my knowledge hasn't been a racist up until now. and really, it's a statement more how politics devolved in this country where people are not allowed to say what they want to say and all of it, honestly, maria, is part of the politically correctness, if you don't agree with what the left has to say, then you need to be shut down. peaceful protests, no problem. but the disruptive protests like this, you never see this come from the other side. you don't see the tea party, you don't see anybody that has a conservative banner disrupting-- you may speak out at a rally, but you certainly won't disrupt a rally of hillary clinton or bernie sanders, even though most certainly conservative americans think these guys, i like to call them want crazy. if they have something to say and people want to hear it, let
8:37 am
them hear it. maria: everything that kevin is bringing up, anthony, is what is empowering trump follow,by the way. >> i have a question related to tactic and strategy. the left play book is to disrupt the protests and probably someone getting hurt there and in general, the american, the independent says, whoa, this is too violent for me, i'll vote for the democrat and your response to that is what? and what should donald trump do in response to that to combat it? >> i don't think they're going to vote for the democrat. i think if there's any shift you'll see them shift over towards one of the other candidates, but i think a lot of people feel as if they do realize on the right that this is not something that's occurring spontaneously, it's an orchestrated thing and these people are targeting donald trump in his events and it's kind of like in football where the second guy gets the penalty even though the first guy slapped him. so that's the way this is beginning to look, but i don't think it's going to play very well with conservatives. quite frankly, i think a lot of
8:38 am
the left even see that these types of tactics are not working. you can't, no matter what you think about donald trump and his rhetoric, as you put it, there's no reason to disrupt him. now, as far as the tax particulars -- tactics and saying fight back, believe it or not, there are overwhelming number in america who say the left have been bullying us and pushing us around with the political correctness, the tippingpoint, is it going to tip in trump's favor or not. i think in this case it's going to tip in his favor. maria: it sounds like you think that donald trump can win the election? >> it's funny, maria, if i make a comment i'm going to get people from the other side, the cruz people will be mad at me. maria: haters on both sides. >> exactly. look, in this particular case, you know, i will tell you trump would not be my first pick, i'm not endorsing anybody else, but i will vote for him if he's the person, but what i will say is
8:39 am
a lot of people are beginning to see the tactics that are being used and how the left is trying to paint donald trump in a particular way and i think that that's what's going to backfire most. maria: you're right. kevin, good to see you, sir, thank you so much. >> you, too. maria: kevin jackson there. it's looking more like a two-man race in ohio where governor john kasich is facing off against donald trump. jeff flock live on the ground with a preview of the big event. back in a minute. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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8:42 am
>> it's basically a two-man race in ohio where governor john kasich is facing off against donald trump in the winner take all buckeye state. jeff flock in youngstown. good morning. >> good morning to you, maria.
8:43 am
on the campaign bus doing a round robin with stations across ohio and as well as a few others. important to win the state. he says he will drop out if he doesn't. donald trump looking for the knockout punch here, have a big rally tonight in youngstown. of course, his rally in chicago continues to be a big focus of the talk. governor kasich over the weekend saying donald trump has created a toxic environment in which these sorts of scenes that play out like they did in chicago on friday are wont to take place. just for a note, i was at the rally and donald trump keeps saying we were going to have 25,000 people there. important to note he had booked a 10,000 seat venue, not sure how he was going to get 25,000 people there, there you go. also in terms of the organization of that protest, certainly, some people were there, planning to be there, but as i said, i was there, thousands perhaps outside and a lot of folks, a diverse crowd, young, old, black, white, i even talked to a number of
8:44 am
republican anti-trump protesters in the cloud who says he doesn't speak for their party. there you go. a little perspective, maria. maria: thank you, jeff. we need that this morning. jeff flock on the ground in ohio. the war on coal is escalating. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton last night at the ohio town hall said that her policies will have huge implications for the already struggling industry. had listen to this. >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. maria: right now, joining us, murray energy founder ceo and president, bob murray. good to see you. that wasn't a surprise to you, right? she's going to be putting your industry out of business. >> that is correct, and good morning, maria. to not way to run for president to tell folks and citizens that you're going to destroy their jobs and family livelihoods,
8:45 am
but more importantly, i'm an expert on electricity, i'm an expert on energy. she is not. and what she is advocating is a destruction of the most reliable electric power grid that the world has ever seen. electricity, maria, is a staple low cost reliable electricity is absolutely needed for anyone on fixed income or anyone that produces a product for the global marketplace. statements like that, by hillary clinton, clearly indicate to me that this woman is to be very afraid of. she has no idea what she is saying on this particular subject and she frightens me very much, maria. maria: well, i mean, we've already seen the beginnings of this, right? president obama was very clear on this issue as well. they don't like coal, they want renewable energy. how many jobs would you say have been cut and companies
8:46 am
gone bankrupt in your industry since this campaign has begun? >> there are 49 coal companies, in bankruptcy, 2000 active miners before barack obama, today we have 60,000. the wind and solar power that she advocates is 22 cents a kilowatt hour with a 4 cent kilowatt subsidy from the taxpayer. coal fired electricity is only 4 cents a kilowatt hour and that's why i would say be frightened of hillary clinton which will drive the rates out of site and destroy the reliability of our power grid. >> you talk about the reliability of the power grid. how vulnerable are the power grids with the reduction in coal that we've seen. can solar and wind come up in
8:47 am
the summer? >> no, in fact, every power grid at the country say they're at minimum levels right now, very close, if we got heavy summer loads or heavy winter loads there could be brownouts and blackouts in power generation. solar power only works if the sun shines. wind power only works if the wind blows. it's not reliable source of power. you need gas, you need nuclear, you need coal to cover these periods where you can't depend on wind and solar and remember, it's 22 cents a kilowatt hour with subsidy from the taxpayer. >> don't we have enough natural gas to fill that in? >> no, we don't have enough natural gas. natural gas is limited by the size of the pipeline. it's a gas inside, carbon coal is a solid hydrocarbon and it's there when the loads go up and down every day and around the seasons. natural gas will not fill the bill.
8:48 am
there has to be at least 30%. coal-fired electricity in this country or else people are going to be cold in the dark. maria: thank you. great to see you jon hilsenrath. we'll hear from you after we hear from the federal reserve. >> looking forward to. maria: a scary moment in the air after a bird strikes an egyptian air flight. and we're breaking out the irons. pro golfer lexi thompson on success early in life, plus her golf partner donald trump. plus, floor director nat taking on a new role. ♪
8:49 am
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>> welcome back to mornings with maria. i'm cheryl casone with your headlines. voters in germany expressing anger over chancellor angela merkel's handling of the immigrant crisis. the first major political test, more than 1 million refugees last year. and the next year national election is due in late 2017. okay, we all know about the problem of birds striking planes, but check out these pictures. an egyptair boeing 737 on approach to london's heathrow airport, when a bird hit the nose of the plane leaving a huge hole. there were no reports of injuries, but the plane was grounded for repairs. to the groaning of bosses
8:53 am
everywhere, march mad neness isn the air. but someone couldn't wait and got their hands on the bracket, tweeted out in the middle of the selection show and of course, went viral. and the ncaa looking into it. cbs, by the way, declining to comment. all right, more "mornings with maria" is coming up after the break. guess what? maria is getting her golf game on. nice! . [laughter] we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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>> welcome back. at the young age of 12 years old. my next guest was the youngest golfer ever to qualify to play in the u.s. woman's open. turning pro at age 15. today she is the top ranked american on the lgpa tour competing in more than 20 events last year alone, raking in some 1.7 million dollars in prize money. we're thrilled to have phenom lexi thompson in the studio. and you also happen to be donald trump's playing partner. that's pretty amazing, how did that come about? >> yeah, when turned professional at age 15 we were kind of looking for a spot to practice at down in south florida and my management company contacted his organization and got back to us pretty quickly. trump international in palm beach is my home course and gotten to play with him a few times. maria: how is he playing as your partner as a golf player. >> a lot of fun.
8:57 am
he loves golf and with all of his courses and especially women's golf. it was huge to be able to play with him down in florida. maria: i know your two brothers were influences on you and continue to be and your brothers played in professional golf tournament. your brother, donald trump, who is better? [laughter] >> well, both my brothers play. both of my brothers play on tour so i have to go with my brothers. maria: okay. >> but we make a good team. maria: and so, when you're playing with donald trump, does the campaign trail and happenings going on right now come up in the conversation? >> not too much, actually. it's a lot of fun to go out and play with him, he's very entertaining. it's a blast and we get paired up together, i play with him on his team and against my brothers. maria: what's he like behind the scenes? >> i would say what you see on tv is what you get, but like i said, he loves golf, him just being out there, you can tell he generally like loves the game. maria: and you, starting to
8:58 am
play pro at 15, was that largely an influence from your brothers? i mean, how do you go pro at 15? how were you so good so young? >> i started golfing when i was five years old. lived on the golf course and growing up with two older braers brothers that played, got interested at a young age. when i made it to my first open at age 12 i knew i wanted to go on tour. maria: and you are working with young children to get them involved in the sport and i had lessons from hank haney. good. maria: at a fantastic conference and the american century championship is where hank haney. i'm not so great, but give me a tip or two. >> okay. maria: let's see-- >> you want me to putt first. maria: you go first. >> this is my practice for the day. o ooh-- >> the program, tell us about
8:59 am
the programming as you putt. how old are the kids? >> the drive children putt, well, it's happening this sunday before the masters and it's about growing the game and getting kids involved. there are qualifiers in all 50 states around the world and not only just to play and have the competition, but it encourages them to play with kids around their own age, boys and girls. maria: okay. >> yeah. >> it's all about getting kids involved. maria: probably much better than me. >> let's see. maria: am i standing the right way. >> widen your feet a little. maria: here we go. >> there we go. >> oh! that's just not fair. >> that was not fair. that was not fair. i like the aggressive speed though. >> try once more. is my grip okay? >> yeah, you can grip down a little bit more. >> there we go. >> see?
9:00 am
>> that's what i'm talking about. >> and lexi thompson great to meet you, good luck with the program and this is a must for young people getting into the sport. thanks so much for joining us this morning. and lexi, hope you'll come back soon. "varney & company." stuart: a fine shot, maria. a fine shot. maria: thank you. stuart: watch out, here comes trump and there goes rubio. good monday morning, everyone. donald has a more than 20 point lead in florida. he's so confident, he'll cancel the rally there and he'll speak instead in ohio. he wins both of those states, a clear path to the nomination. marco rubio, he's on the way out, needs a miracle to win his home state of florida. and violence, hillary clinton says he insights it, that would be trump and


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