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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 14, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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about. >> and lexi thompson great to meet you, good luck with the program and this is a must for young people getting into the sport. thanks so much for joining us this morning. and lexi, hope you'll come back soon. "varney & company." stuart: a fine shot, maria. a fine shot. maria: thank you. stuart: watch out, here comes trump and there goes rubio. good monday morning, everyone. donald has a more than 20 point lead in florida. he's so confident, he'll cancel the rally there and he'll speak instead in ohio. he wins both of those states, a clear path to the nomination. marco rubio, he's on the way out, needs a miracle to win his home state of florida. and violence, hillary clinton says he insights it, that would be trump and stunning for
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angela merkel and her open door policy and worse, turkey supposed to stop the flow of migrants, destabilized by another terrorist attack. and we haven't forgotten your money. would you believe another sharp rise in the price of gas. say it ain't so! "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ let's get right to it. election alert. two polls are out this morning, florida and ohio. they vote tomorrow. ash, florida first. ashley: fascinating. in the lead by a long way, donald trump with 46% of the vote, followed way behind, rubio at 22%. cruz at 14, kasich with just 10%. stuart: 24 points ahead for donald trump in florida, they vote tomorrow, a huge lead. he cancels a rally in florida
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and speaks tonight in ohio. give it ohio. ashley: this is interesting, trump and kasich dead tied at 38%. of course, john kasich looking at ohio as his springboard. >> didn't he say, instead of voting for me, vote for kasich. >> the on the side he wanted others to vote for him in florida and i don't think that the candidates are going to play ball with him. that shows desperation. stuart: that's a state of play in the polls, the day before ohio and florida. got it, staying on politics. other candidates are taking aim at trump over the violence in his campaigns over the weekend. roll tape. >> trump is responsible for what happens at his event. he is the person who has for months now been not just inciting violence, but applauding violence.
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>> i would hope that mr. trump tones it down bigtime and tells his supporters that violence is not acceptable in the american mrit process. >> the responsibility starts at the top and it's not beneficial when you have a candidate like donald trump who is telling his protesters, punch that guy in the face. you know, i mean, i don't think you should be encouraging people to violence. stuart: all right, you heard all of that. now, here is how donald trump responded to it all. roll that tape. >> i have by far the biggest crowds, 25, 30,000, last week in alabama 35,000 people. as big as the rallies are, nobody's ever been hurt, we talk and we try and be good and i will tell you some of the protesters are very rough and they're bad dudes and they swing and they punch, and nobody ever talks about that in the media. stuart: all right, mary kissel, wall street editorial board is here with us this monday morning. i want to back away from the scenes over the weekend and bring it up-to-date this morning.
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is donald trump helped or hurt politically by what happened at the rallies? >> stuart, i think that's the wrong question. it's not about whether it helps or hurts a single candidate, it hurts america and american politics, this kind of violence should be roundly condemned and yesterday, instead, what happened? we saw donald trump on twitter saying, let me quote this because i want the audience to hear the words. bernie sanders is lying when he says his disrupters aren't told to go to my events. be careful, bernie, or my supporters will go to yours. that's not how a democracy functions, we function under a rule of law, we don't function under vigilanteism. stuart: if an outside organization is disrupting a rally-- >> stuart, the answer is not to stoke the violence especially from someone who is running for the most powerful position in the world. the answer is to condemn the violence. stuart: whose violence? >> everyone's violence.
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stuart: condemn it all? >> stuart, this has no place in american politics. he offered to pay the legal fees off a guy who sucker punched someone. he's instead of talking to the american people about what happens over the obama era, educating them, talking about conservative ideas, that's not what his campaign is based upon and i'm frankly shocked and disgusted by the violence that i'm seeing on television. stuart: okay. we hear you. you want to weigh in. ashley: yes, i think that everyone bears some responsibility, but there are people out there who do not like donald trump, who will do whatever they can to disrupt his message. >> that's not the right response. ashley: it's not the right response, but you're forgetting who is creating it in the firstplace, you can't just ignore the people who show up in chicago and want to shut down trump because they don't like what he said. >> the president spent seven years dividing the country, and seen it in ferguson and college campuses, but another thing to
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tweet out a veiled threat and say oh, it's not my supporters, maybe mine will come to your rally next. that's entirely inappropriate. stuart: i think that was absolutely wrong to layout a plan to stop and disrupt all trump rallies. totally wrong. >> i agree with you, but you don't see her candidates stoking this rhetoric. stuart: let's move on to germany, why not? big, big gains for the anti-immigrant movement, very bad news for arrange la merkel. ashley: there were electionings in three regions, merkel's christian democratic party losing two of three regional elections, the big winner was the anti-immigrant afd party. so unprecedented gains in three local legislators. secure the borders, stop the chaos. and we had some chanting for merkel to go, but her
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administration is saying, we stand by our policy, we stand by humanity and solidarity. we will not change our position. there's a lot of discord in germany right now over this issue. >> i don i don't want to go overboard, but europe is breaking up on did the established order in europe is totally fracturing. >> why is that happening, stuart? because angela merkel and the leaders in europe are not talking about the problem, which is assad in syria. they're trying to find remedies for the symptom of the disease and angela merkel accepted a million refugees on a humanitarian basis, that wasn't an immigration policy, how do we accept workers and what kind of workers do we want. this is a separate issue altogether. she's paying the price for it. stuart: it's the elites talking down to the people. you'll accept a million muslims from-- >> look--
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america accepted humanitarian refugees in the past, that's what was motivating merkel, but the problem is the-- >> don't you get sick and tired of being talked down to, that you're an islamphobe if you object to illegal immigration in america and-- you're talking about apples and oranges. stuart: i don't think so. >> you're talking humanitarian refugees and immigration reform, two separate issues, stuart. stuart: we're out of time. let's get to your money, what's going to happen to your money. dow futures suggesting a tiny fractional loss down 20, 30 points. well above 17,000. that's where we will open this morning. how about the price of oil? the price of oil is down this morning, quite significantly. out of the ashley webster ratio is not chiming in here. >> give it time, stuart. >> look at this, the national average for regular gas is now
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$1.93. >> i know, yeah, they're blaming refineries and the maintenance of refineries. stuart: i'm not buying it. >> any excuse. stuart: that's up 24 cents. ashley: outrageous. stuart: i'm staying on your money. here is former reagan economic advisor art laffer. art, i want you to speculate, let's do this wildly. >> yes, sir, speculate. stuart: we're all speculators, and if trump wins florida and ohio, what do you think would be the market reaction, if any, on wednesday morning? >> well, i don't know about wednesday morning, stuart, i'm not really good at four minutes, but if you look at trump winning and i think the market would go way, way up. if cruz winning, the market would go way, way up. i think you've got two great candidates in the republican party that will change the economic landscape forever and i think they'll take hillary clinton with ease in november and you're going to get really a very, very pleasant, great
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economy for the next decade. stuart: i mean, donald trump worries a lot of people for all kinds of reasons. >> yeah. stuart: he doesn't worry you? >> no, i mean, you've talked earlier about the lack of civility in campaigns and stuff. you guys should have been around in the '60s and '70s. i know you weren't. if you had been, that's when you have hostilities, the riots, the killings, whole thing that went on. we're far more peaceful country today than we were back then and these rallies, the amount of roughism is much less than it has been historically. i think the story today is now civil people are, not how hostile they are. but that's the long trend of the u.s. i can remember being locked out of the administration building at university of chicago in the '60s, held by the students for a democratic society for what, ten days? i mean, this is amazingly peaceful election process. stuart: okay. quick word on the federal reserve, janet yellen's bankers we like to refer to it on this program.
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what do you think they're going to do as europe and japan start confiscating money with these negative interest rates? what's our response to that? >> i hope it's getting out of the way. the reason we have the long recession-depression we've had is because of fed policy not in spite of it. when you have extra low interest rates, people are unwilling to lend money to the markets and the capital market, therefore they're deprived of the funds and that's why the housing market has done so badly literally the last ten years, you've made it unattractive for people to put capital in those markets. if you were up to normal market rates you would find the housing market coming back very rapidly. a that would be the engine of growth. and i think they would, get the fed out of the way. >> you're wrong, i remember the '60 the and the '70s very, very well actually.
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[laughter] >> do you remember how violent it was? golly gee. stuart: i do. >> well, it was even worse ten, 15, 20 years earlier, mary. it has been getting progressively better. i mean, it's just, you know, this is a couple of very unpleasant events, very true, but the u.s. is becoming much more civil than we were. if you remember the race riots in the '60s and '70s, they were terrifying. stuart: art, i'm going to remind my nine grandchildren i was around for the election. >> it's fun. stuart: five states hold primaries, better watch, 7:00 is when we start. serious flooding in the south after torrential rains. you realize the extent of it when you hear the numbers. thousands of homes damaged across mississippi and louisiana. the national guard has rescued nearly 4,000 people.
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some roads and bridges across both states remain submerged. flood waters could rise even more today. by the way, governor bobby jindal is on this problem later on this morning. if you would have watched, violent protests and hillary clinton, bernie sanders, ted cruz blaming trump for this even though pledged to shut down the rallies. is trump helped or hurt politically by the weekend events? bill o'reilly joins me on that subject next. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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i'm in charge of it all. business expenses, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in quickbooks. now i'm on top of my expenses, and my bees. best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it. >> very special guest joining us on the phone this morning. bill o'reilly, author of "killing reagan", bill, good to have you on. >> thanks for having me back, stuart. stuart: do protests over the weekend at trump rallies help
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him or hurt him politically? >> short-term help him, long-term, depends how things go. but you know, people understand that this far left crew that invaded in chicago and now is kind of stalking him are not the kind of people that they approve of and so trump might even be seen as a little bit sympathetic here. all he's trying to do is have a rally and tell folks what you think and all of a sudden you have the guys wanting to shut down the speech and i'm going to do this tonight on "the factor." it's not what we're about here in america. stuart: exactly, that's what i'm picking up. regards of blame one war or the other. >> the other aspect of the story has been overlooked, i'll point out tonight, the national media coverage totally ignores the organized capacity of these demonstrations. stuart: yes.
9:18 am
>> comes out of a crew called, the farthest left, most pernicious website you could possibly imagine funded by george soros, those are the guys that organize and excite and agitate here, why wasn't that reported? >> i think there's a double standard, bill. the guy who rushed the stage, and trump had to be surrounded by secret service people. the guy who rushed the stage is given very respectful audience on another network. i wonder about the double standard. if somebody had rushed hillary clinton and her stage, that would have been a violent act. >> sure. stuart: when you rush donald trump, it's not a violent act. in fact, you blame trump for his rhetoric that created this. i think it's the other way around. i think it's a dreadful double standard in america today. >> there is, no doubt about it. the let wing media doesn't like trump and i've said this, they're going to level everything they can at him, if he gets the nomination, it's
9:19 am
going to be bloody, but trump has got to understand that he has to fight back in a measured way, because he's running for president. and so, that mistake that he sometimes makes is that he just doesn't sensor himself. stuart: yeah, he takes the bait. >> yeah. you can do that when you're a businessman, no problem when you're running your own company, you can say whatever you want, but if you're running for president and you say publicly you should punch him in the mouth or something like that, that becomes a headline. stuart: i think you're right. >> so he has to understand where he is and i don't know if he does. stuart: bill, i'm going to be watching tonight along with the rest of america because i want to see your talking point right at the top, i think you're probably going to deal with this and we appreciate it. >> thank you, bye. stuart: yes, sir. now this, two terror attacks over the weekend. first one, in turkey, the governor there has been, i'm going to say destabilized by a car bomb. it went off and killed 37 people. very close to the prime
9:20 am
minister's office. that was in ankara, the turkey capital. on the coast, an obama official may have been targeted. big stories we're covering. more next. find fantasy shows.
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>> two major terror attacks happening this weekend. the first will go to the ivory coast, west africa, ashley what happened? >> yeah, three hotels attacked in the resort area, and 16 people were killed. these gunmen, terrorists come on the beach and we have seen this before, where 38 people were killed. machine guns, grenades, like i say, 14 civilians were killed, two soldiers. they were just on the beach there, enjoying a day on the ocean. six gunman men were shot and killed as a result of this. four westerners were killed, a french national, a german national, two others not identified. >> there were reports that the delegation was on its way to one of the hotels and therefore, maybe the attack was going to target them. >> correct. >> well, the u.s. embassy in this country saying that there's absolutely no evidence here, quoting them, the u.s.
9:25 am
citizens were targeted or harmed. now, turkey, that was the one big one. ashley: this is the third big attack on ankara in the last six months. turkey says it's carried out by kurdish rebels, pkk. two people in a bmw packed with explosives and nails to cause maximum damage, ramming into a vehicle near to the parliament building, and at least 36 people killed, they know that one of the suicide bombers was a 23-year-old woman and they tried to back through the car, actually. the response has been swift, they've bombed aggressively kurdish areas in syria as a result of this. stuart: mary, there was a plan announced last week whereby turkey would hold the muslim migrants in turkey and then slowly release them into europe. >> a lot of money for turkey,
9:26 am
and it's not a uniter, less of a democrat more and more authoritarian. i think you can expect to see much more violence of this type. stuart: i think that europe is breaking up and turkey is-- what is going to happen? my opinion. how about this one, chipotle. >> it's your show. stuart: chipotle, punishing its executive for the share price in the past year, the salaries of executives cut in half. another super tuesday tomorrow, five primaries, donald trump may be set up for the biggest break through yet. his biggest break through. how do the markets react to that, we ask? the opening bell is next. [alarm beeps] ♪
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stuart: we are running. the opening bell has sounded. we are up about 13, 14 points. the first few minutes of business today. pretty moderate. checked the big board dealt. we're down 21. let's bring in ashley webster, elizabeth macdonald, scott and keith. keith, for its first to you.
9:31 am
double trouble winning ohio and florida. i think -- if we wake up on wednesday morning and it is the trump sleep, florida and ohio, what do you think the market does? >> i think that it stays flat. they will not go against any which way the wind is blowing. how the wind is blowing is the first thing they have to get out of the way. the second thing is how they deal with it. stuart: you do not think that it would upset the market or excited? >> longer-term, i think that it will excited. those are the questions they have to answer wednesday morning. stuart: what do you think about this same question? >> a lot more other important dating's. i think it does not have any
9:32 am
impact whatsoever. it is still way too early. liz: the rate hike by june matters more. stuart: i always read politics into the market. scott, i hear you laughing. i said, i am usually wrong. ashley: it is way too early. stuart: okay. liz: it was fun, though, while it lasted. stuart: look at the price of oil, please. we are down as of this morning. liz: leave us alone until we do double our output. 4 million barrels a day. tens of billions of dollars still an investment in an oil and gas infrastructure to get there. stuart: what do you make of this? thirty-seven a barrel. what do you say? >> walked in that range between
9:33 am
20 and 40. it is still a surprise story right now. all those tankers out there waiting to come onshore. remember, how excited we were when it went to 40 on the way down. talking about it going back up here and this range will be here for a long time. stuart: $1.93 national average for regular. that is up $0.24 in one month. why are you laughing, scott? >> we just cannot make you happy. stuart: i like cheap gas. you don't? >> i love cheap gas. at the end of the day, look at where we are asked and where we came from. i will take this rather than three years ago. speak to you guys trade gasoline
9:34 am
down there. i know you do. speculators that raise the price of gasoline. >> aren't you mad about the speculators? how come you weren't crying then? >> i am very, very angry, scott. >> moving along. it is my show and i will move along. these are big names. we checked them every day. google. down $1. microsoft is at 52. down just a fraction today. apple. i will say that this thing is churning between 93, 94 and 101. i do not have much interest in a stock that is just churning. do you? >> accumulate and hold for the
9:35 am
longer-term perspective. remember, this is the larger largest. they hold it. that is one of the reasons why this turning right now. stuart: at some point, you'd think apple breaks up well above 100. going up from here. >> psychologically, that is a very important level. so much value locked up in that stock right now. stuart: okay. we hear you. we would love to see that. >> hbo. we want to basically increase the original content 50% this year to take on netflix. what will that content be? here is the secret weapon. its entire if the entire series
9:36 am
all at once onto its website. people really like that. netflix giving what it wants. stuart: i binge watched downtown iv. >> you found the grocery deliveries, two. stuart: star wars. big winner. first of all what brand the star wars have? >> sheraton, westin, w hotels and also the same region. talking about very common hotel names. they have a potential tie up with marriott. a better bid. now, they have until march 17, 11:59 p.m. to figure this out.
9:37 am
this is very much up in the air at the moment. a lot of conglomerates. the brand name lost. thank you very much, indeed. a big one. miniscule bounce. it is a tiny hop. 30%. a very good last earnings report. doing well in asia and expanding the footprint.
9:38 am
as a result, -- stuart: how about chipolte. is accurate or receive their pay linked to the stock performance. does that mean the executive pay is cut? >> whether this will do anything to make it safer, we will see. it will take a while. even though the company was praised that how they handled it. tying their salaries. the stock going forward. they are not looking back. >> a hit above 700. they wipe out your stock options for you guys. >> they take a hit.
9:39 am
>> sometimes when these types of plans are put in place, the dredges are only looking for a quick rally. that is a slippery slope. >> okay. got it did check that big board. down 30 points. around the world, that is what they see. how can you raise interest rates here? >> last friday, i really believe that what drug is doing, janet yellen's work for her.
9:40 am
and interest rates rise here by default. we do not have to do anything. let everyone else do it for us. it really is not good monetary policy. we really need to have some fiscal policy. stuart: the federal reserve meets. no one is expecting an increase now, are they? >> i think that yellen will try it anyway. that is how they will lower it later. there will be damage. this is not going to be pretty. stuart: we are off and running this morning. not much happening on the dow industrials. around 17,200 for the dow.
9:41 am
go pro targeted. they want to shut down trump rallies. any attempt to stop those rallies will energize the trump campaign. pam this. something completely different. breaking onto a soccer field and charging the players. that is in australia. >> oh, my goodness. [laughter] stuart: for varney after this. ♪
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stuart: i might show you this one again. this is queensland, australia.
9:45 am
it was halftime. by the way, nobody was hurt. nobody has seen the bulls since. all right. stock time. look at it. up 120%. why would that be? okay. gw farmar has a cannabis -based drug which has been successful in treating epilepsy. donald trump rally in chicago. canceled. we have our evangelical friend. can i call you back, robert? >> absolutely. stuart: a lot of people are upset.
9:46 am
how do you react to it? >> let's be clear about what was happening. these were not spontaneous, peaceful protest. this was an organized group viewed limiting and restrict his first amendment rights. i do not think that americans like that. those people are usually the most intolerant people when it comes to ideas that they disagree with. the same people that want to restrict elliptical speech, also want to restrict religious speech they find offense of. christianity is billed on all kinds of politically incorrect believes, at least based on today's culture. stuart: you have been carson endorsing donald trump.
9:47 am
trump's response was not to turn the other cheek did bernie, you send your guys to my rallies and i will send my guys to your rallies. that is hardly turning the other cheek. >> what we have going on here, the first amendment freedom of expression. a concern of all americans. i think, mr. trump, is not advocating islands for any peaceful protesters. let me give you an illustration of that. there were hundreds of protesters. outside the arena.
9:48 am
>> what do you think will be that you faxed? do you think that there is a game changer in some way? >> i do believe that it is a game changer. among evangelicals. they just do not want to be made like they are selling their souls. i think the carson endorsement shows that that is really not the case. among evangelicals, trump is that 39%.
9:49 am
>> we broadcast that wildly. appreciate it, sir. hillary clinton criticizing him for fights of trump rallies. trump himself is responsible. judge napolitano on his way to pass judgment. it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts.
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woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. >> hospitalized early this morning. an amtrak train derailed in kansas. the train was on route to chicago from los angeles. violent protests. violent protests at that trump rally in chicago over the weekend. the rally was canceled. motivated criticism from trump's opponents. watch that tape. >> it is clear that donald trump is running a very cynical
9:54 am
campaign. planning groups of americans on one another. trump is responsible for what happens at his event. not just inciting violence, but applauding violence. >> all rise, judge napolitano is here. >> i am sorry to interrupt you before you even start. he rented the space. it is his space. it is his right to say it. get out of here. >> correct and proper. we have the issue of property rights. trump rented the space. who owns the space? the government.
9:55 am
trump cannot exclude people from the space because they disagree with them. >> he can throw them out. >> yes. it is not a crime to disrupt him. he can physically have them removed. the question is, who is the cause, this and that. a purpose of shutting him down. >> delivers an organized rally for protests. >> when the crowd silences the speaker, that is called the hecklers veto. the speaker cannot speak in the speaker leaves the stage. the supreme court has condemned the veto. the police freed responsibilities to protect the
9:56 am
speaker. protect the protesters. the first amendment tolerates some disruption. some interference. we do not know why this was canceled. trump says the secret service told them to cancel it. they denied it. we can protect anybody. it is their job to make this happen. to protect everybody that is involved. that is where mrs. clinton has a point. launching for his people to retaliate.
9:57 am
>> the podium was taken over by youngsters from black lives matter. taking the stage. preventing the hecklers veto. having the right to express their view. you figure that one out. stuart: all right. thank you. angela merkel. the anti-migrant partying three key elections. i mean this, too. a miracle breakthrough in the fight against breast-cancer. second hour of "varney & company" just two minutes away. ♪
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>> 10:00 on the east coast, that would be eastern time. 7:00 in california. another big week in politics.
10:00 am
it's getting started. five states vote tomorrow. trump headed into florida, one of the big ones, with more than 20 point lead over marco rubio, he's so confident he'll win that state he's canceling a rally in florida, moving on to ohio instead. a clear path to the nomination for trump could now be emerging. stages protests at trump events over the weekend. they turn violent. democrats, the media, even ted cruz blaming trump for inciting the violence. and a medical mir in the treatment of breast cancer, may be, it could eradicate tumors in just 11 days? "varney & company," hour two, starts right now. ♪ now this is happening as of right now. you're looking live at the hickory, north carolina, donald
10:01 am
trump will eventually take the stage. i'm not going to say that's the warm-up speaker. i'm told he's been very, very funny thrust far. donald trump will take the stage shortly and we're going to monitor it and we'll take you there if the headlines warrant. all right, got breaking news for you, reports that an american-born isis fighter has been captured in iraq. ashley. ashley: yes, identified as mohammad jamar amine, it's unclear whether he surrendered or captured in northern iraq, but when he was brought into custody he was carrying a virginia driver's license and a large amount of cash. it's believed he got into syria from turkey and fighting with isis in iraq. u.s. officials say they have yet to verify any of this, but heading to where he's detained. >> if they get him and done what he's supposed to have done, what are we going to do?
10:02 am
bring him back in, give him a lawyer? >> we'll get back to you. stuart: i'm being facetious and one does ask the questions. the dow down, the price of oil, way, way down, but the stocks a moderate loss there just 45. how about gw farmer, it has a cannabis drug which is successful in treatment of epilepsy. that stock is up 111% as we speak. starwood, big winner, it's received a takeover bid from a chinese insurance company i should say. starwoods brands include sheraton, westin, four points, that's the top performer of the 500 stocks in the s&p 500. donald trump holding that rally in hickory, north carolina. let me bring you the price of oil. it's a 4% drop. $1.63 down, even though the stock market not reacting in the same way.
10:03 am
we've just got a 40 point loss for the dow. $1.63 down for the price of oil. so much for cheap gas. look at this. a buck 93 is the national average for regular. that is up nearly 25 cents a gallon in the past month. all right, ashley, are these refineries. ashley: that's what they say, the refineries shut down and not as much fuel to be had. supply and demand, the price goes up liz: we were talking 99 cents. ashley: the average is 1.60's. stuart: in new jersey the cheapest gas in the nation, just above a buck 60 liz: a buck 60. >> he gets to live in new jersey. stuart: well, excuse me. oh. and well, well, welcome. you don't like new jersey? >> no we-- >> you have the viewers in new jersey.
10:04 am
>> oh, new jersey, yes, i do. i go to costco there because i can buy the liquor. and i go to costco. you can buy liquor there, you can't buy it in new york at cost costco, it's the law. what we call over the bridge. stuart: so you'll pay the $13 toll when you come back again. >> i didn't think about that, i've got to work in that margin. stuart: can i introduce you properly. >> yes. stuart: so five big primaries tomorrow and two big polls out today, one in florida, one in ohio and let knee give you the results before i take you back to georgette. ash and what's the story. ashley: it's fascinating. trump well ahead in florida, 46%, next in line, mr. rubio at 22% in his home state, almost embarrassing, isn't it? cruz 14% and kasich at 10%. stuart: you can see that kasich is down there in 10%. how to ohio.
10:05 am
ashley: rubio 3%, trump and kasich-- ments it looks like jeb bush and rick scott have yet to endorse marco rubio, they haven't hit. stuart: let me take you to rockford, illinois, ted cruz answering questions from reporters. >> stand with the hard working taxpayers against the corruption in washington. that's why we're seeing tremendous enthusiasm behind our campaign. >> senator, over the weekend you reiterated your support for trump if he were to be the nominee. and over the weekend, trump himself saying he would consider paying legal fees for somebody. i understand you made a promise to support the nominee and at what point do events on the ground force you or at least have you reconsider and maybe look at your position, given the extreme difficulty-- >> i would give you one example i would no longer support
10:06 am
donald trump. if he would go out on fifth avenue and shoot somebody, i would no longer support donald trump. i think the best answer to donald trump to his failed liberal policies for him being enmeshed in washington corruption, supporting the policies that have caused so much damage, funding open border democrats, funding the architects of obamacare, all of which donald has done. the answer is not to cry in your beer about the support-- >> that's ted cruz at a rally answering questions there, that's at rockford, illinois. illinois does vote tomorrow. okay, georgette, the aforementioned, wouldn't be caught dead in new jersey except to buy liquor at costco. [laughter] what do you make of ted cruz there? >> well, you know, again, he's picking up on donald trump and i get that, except that here we go again, we're eating our own in their party and this just-- another narrative about the establishment, and not wanting
10:07 am
donald, but they don't wanted cruz either. stuart: and you're the establishment. i think of you as an establishment republican and you are, aren't you? >> well, i'm not sure what that definition is. stuart: true. >> but you know, you'd have to define it for me. stuart: all right, non-trump both for anybody other than trump. >> oh, no, that's not true. i will support any republican candidate. stuart: okay. >> it is far from the truth. stuart: now, come wednesday morning, if donald trump has won ohio and won florida, has he got a clear shot to the nomination? >> well, he has a clear shot with respect to the fact that he'll have a lot of delegates, but he won't have 1237. stuart: true. >> i mean, so, he won't be the-- go in there with 1237. stuart: but if he wins florida, wins ohio, he's beaten rubio, who really is out of this race. >> right. stuart: and he's beaten kasich, who says he'll get out if he doesn't winnowo. who is left? one-on-one with cruz.
10:08 am
>> with cruz, but cruz is very organized and cruz can deny a lot of delegates to him. so, we could see, go into a brokered convention where it gives them the opportunity to throw in someone else. i mean, look, this wouldn't be good for the party. stuart: it would be-- >>, but none of this is good for the party. so why-- none of this is good for the party. however, would give the party an opportunity to put someone else forward. stuart: okay. can you imagine that if somebody else is put forward by the party, which means donald trump is not the nominee, and all of those millions of people who turned out to vote for him, oh, no, they don't get donald trump as the nominee, they get somebody else foisted on them by the establishment. that wrecks the party and that establishment candidate loses. >> here is the problem with that, there's a lot of people who don't want to vote for donald trump. so the question simply is,
10:09 am
which is more? right? and that's what they're going to be looking at. they're going to be looking at the polls and say what are his negatives and can those negatives be turned around by someone else? who is that swing voter? and is there enough white men and that seems to be the swing vote right now for donald trump, that can come out and negate the hispanic, and the women's vote? many' not sure there is. stuart: back to florida, marco rubio's must-win home state, but trump leads him by is it 23 or 24 points there, a significant margin of leadership by trump in florida. former florida speak of the house, and rubio supporter, will weatherford is with us now. welcome to the program, it's good to see you, but you've seen the same polls that we've seen. i hate to say it, but the writing is on the wall for rubio, isn't it? >> well, look, i mean, that certainly the polling is reflective of what some people
10:10 am
are feeling on the ground. i would never count out marco rubio, i was there when he won the senate race and you never count it out until the votes are counted. donald trump has been a phenomenon in just about every state that's voted thus far and have to admit he's doing it here in fla an and other states. stuart: you're the former speaker of the florida house, if rubio retreats, leaves the race, who do you throw your support to? >> well, you know, that's too early to determine. i will say-- well, i'm very disappointed in donald trump, stuart. i mean, he continues to be a divisive candidate. i'm looking for him to show that he can be an adult. he may very well be the nominee of our party, but he needs to start acting presidential. he needs to stop belittling people and needs to start acting like a leader and i haven't seen it yet and i'm going to have a hard time supporting him under any circumstances until he does. stuart: are you one of those establishment republicans who says anybody, but trump and i will not support trump if he's
10:11 am
the nominee, do you say that? >> i'm not an establishment republican, i'm a conservative republican and proudly so. i've said that donald trump has not earned my vote. i like those who serve, fight for the poor and enterprise and pre market. donald trump has not shown that he's in this to do that. he or for the service of others, and he seems to be in this for his own brand. >> and thank you for being with us. you're banging your fist on the table. who is he going to vote for, hillary clinton? >> it's illogical. he's having a hard time voting for donald trump. what's the alternative if donald trump is our candidate? >> fair question, by the way. on the left-hand side of the screen, that's marco rubio grating potential voters in jacksonville, florida. that's live.
10:12 am
our live coverage of tomorrow's primary starts at 7:00 tuesday night. i'm going to be part of that coverage and hope you can watch 7 p.m. eastern, tuesday, super tuesday, this must be the third or second, to super tuesday 2.0, get it straight. a big political shift in germany. the anti-migrant party won big in three key elections and this is a blow to angela merkel's open door immigration policy. europe splitting apart. more varney after this. >> europe is chronically diseased and there's no cure, you keep treating with different medicines and the migrant crisis is exposing internal weaknesses right and left. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
10:13 am
by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> all right. we're 45 minutes into the trading session this monday morning and with that big a movement, a mere 20 points loss for the dow industrials, but look at this, the price of oil is way, way down, 1.58 lower
10:16 am
and iran says it's not going to reduce its output until it achiefs production of 4 million barrels a day. that's why oil is down so much. to the ivory coast, west africa, beach resorts popular with westerners, a deadly attack over the weekend. and german voters sending a strong message to angela merkel. anti-immigrant party. and a car bomb attack in ang anka ankara. with us colonel ralph peters. what i'm looking at the europe's imminent breakup and i have news this morning that president obama is going to go to europe to urge the brits to stay in the european union. what do you make of all of this? >> well, president obama just needs to stay out of it.
10:17 am
it's not his business. as far as he goes, you and i have a slight difference here, stuart. i don't think the european union is going to go away. it's going to become smaller and goals are humbler. and reviewing briefly how this came about, the european union we know today started out strictly as a tariff-free zone, the old union under-- dropped by jean monet. that's the european union and then the economic goes away and becomes ambitious, utopian. with the fall of the soviet union there is dramatic expansion. in the old coal and steel tariff union, what became of the european union was basically cultural monogamous and financially responsible the last 50 to 60 years, it's become--
10:18 am
the last 20 years, it's become culturally polygamist and financially irresponsible. what you'll see the coming few years is a major retrenchment and a profound change. stuart: a vast reduction in the power of europe and its ability to play on the world stage. it's nearly bank result. it's totally divided and now risks, the brits actually leaving it. i just say it's rapidly diminishing its position in the world and its importance. which will have some, i don't know what, but some consequences for us here. >> well, the real problem for the average voter throughout europe is that the eu, the headquarters in brussels, straussberg, between headquarters, inform' provided sinacures for politicians and the average german these days, as well as the average greek isn't seeing the benefits.
10:19 am
just as you have the angry trump supporters here, you've got a lot of angry europeans and they are the people that threw behind the conservative anti-immigrant party that performed so stunningly well in europe, in germany yesterday. reading the german papers today, the traditional commentators were aghast how well they did, but alternative is key. they're looking for an alternative, as are voters here. stuart: exactly, it's a parallel. the rise of donald trump giving voice to ordinary people and how they feel and the raise of the parties in europe gig rise -- giving rise to the voice of the people. there's a parallel for what is going on there and what is going on here. i know not where it leads. ralph peters, as always good to talk to you. a major break through in the fight against breast cancer. a new drug treatment, it could eradicate tumors in less than two weeks.
10:20 am
we want to know more about this and we'll tell you all about it in a moment. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ this just got interesting.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> happening right now, donald trump about to take the stage in north carolina which votes tomorrow. ted cruz is in rockford, illinois. illinois votes tomorrow. senator marco rubio meeting with voters in jacksonville, florida, they vote tomorrow. the candidates are all over the map as they get ready for the next big series of primaries tomorrow in some big states. all three of them on your screen. well, trump is about to take the screen on the far left there. starwood, you know that name, it's a winner, it's received a takeover bid from amongst other companies, a chinese insurance company, what most people don't know is the brands that
10:24 am
starwood represents, sheraton and others, a 3-d winner, 22% rise for the stock at 14. and so many treatments for cancer coming out this year. when it comes to the treatment of breast cancer, researchers have what they are calling, this is what they're saying, an astonishing and staggering new therapy. dr. marc siegel is here. now, that strong language. is this treatment as promising as those words? >> not quite. stuart: okay. >> i have to be fair and really put this in perspective. if i always come on here and say home run, home run, you won't believe me when i say a single or a double. stuart: okay. >> this is a double. three different kinds of breast cancer, one has a problem with the mutation, there's a growth factor on the cancer her-2.
10:25 am
it's targeted for destruction, guess which company has been involved in that for year. >> genentech, and we're combining with another drug, getting inside the receptor, so we go outside and inside. the inside drug drug is called tiverb. and tsk and the other one together. it's immuno therapy, both drugs are not chemo. both are not poison so you're getting a response, in this case, 87% response without all the side effects of chemo. stuart: when you say an 87% response, that means that in 87% of women that use this combination of drugs, they have shrunk the tumor or gotten it rid of it. >> what surprised and shocked them. in a couple of cases, the tumor was gone completely and you may be able to use this early in
10:26 am
the game or late in the game. but it's a great combo therapy. stuart: the only for one of three kinds of breast cancer? >> right, about 20 or 30% of breast cancer. that's a lot. we're not talking about the ones that are hormone receptor, not talking about the ones that have neither. we're talking about the ones that are making a lot of mutation, where they're growing a lot because of a mutation called her2 that makes the cancer grow. stuart: nonetheless, a series of good news items, they fight against cancer and coming out in the past year. >> genentech and esk, today's news. i'm not in the stock business, but i want you to know that. stuart: dr. siegel, everyone. next up, the miami herald endorsing marco rubio, we're talking to the editor, going to ask him. you're standing behind the guy despite, i'm going to say a dismal showing in the polls? and candidates blast donald trump saying he's inciting the
10:27 am
violence at the rallies. we'll deal with that in just a moment. >> trump was responsible for what happens at his events. he is the person who has for months now been not just inciting violence, but applauding violence. >> i would hope that mr. trump tones it down big time and tells his supporters that violence is not acceptable in the american political process.
10:28 am
.... speed to on your screens
10:29 am
10:30 am
right now, three different screens. the donald trump stage. he is running a little bit late. center screen there. ted cruz. at a rally in rockford,
10:31 am
illinois. on your right, that is senator marco rubio. of course, there is a very big boat there tomorrow. jeff flock is with us. joining us from ohio. john kasich is holding a town meeting right where he is right now. youngstown, ohio. people planning to disrupt trump's event tonight. >> first of all, very different being at 8 k sick event. secret service sweeps. going through metal detect errors. you have to wait. no hate. no anything here. it will be at the airport.
10:32 am
the hardest protesters to be where they get in chicago. right in the middle of a college campus. this would be a lot harder. i would not rule it out. >> he canceled his event in florida today. got this evening going in ohio. maybe he can beat john kasich later. >> he thinks he will definitely win florida. k sick has said, he does not win here, he is out. the best indication, you know, taking very seriously. trump is running a lot of negative ads now. he really did not create any jobs. whatever. that is always a good sign when
10:33 am
your opponents are coming after you. stuart: good luck. the miami herald endorsing marco rubio. way behind in the polls, but in florida and ohio. the miami herald editorial board. good to see you. >> thank you very much. stuart: a lot of people are very surprised. a lot of people are wondering how come he has fallen so far. a lot of people would say it is because he got down in the mud and wrestled. what say you? >> trump surprised a lot of candidates. through this entire election off balance. obviously, we did not expect to see someone like jeb bush. and experience to governor. the fact that rubio is hanging
10:34 am
on is a sign of power and stubbornness. >> how do you account for the rise. the man has come from nowhere in nine months. >> i think that he has tapped into the resentment and possibilities that we have seen and have been nurtured by his party through dog whistles and innuendos. racist bullies regarding sexist elites. regarding lgb t possibilities. he has been able to say it where others have not. they have been afraid to. they have also used innuendos. winks and nods to talk to the
10:35 am
base. >> has your paper endorsed bernie sanders or hillary clinton? >> we do not endorse. it means we buy, it you know, 100%. we only recommend simply because we have to take a look at who is best in a particular race. we have recommended rubio from a practical standpoint as the one candidate that can unite the gop. >> does your paper supports democrats or support republicans in this election? >> in this election we supported hillary clinton in the democratic primary. >> which one do you prefer?
10:36 am
>> we will jump off that rich when we get there. >> not sure if i got that one. i will put you down as a democrat. stuart: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. stuart: the donald trump rally was canceled. trump's response. watch this. >> i have by far the biggest crowds. we have dirty 5000 people. nobody has ever been hurt. we talk and we try to be good. some of the protesters are very rough. they are bad dudes. nobody ever talks about it in the media.
10:37 am
stuart: johnnie moore is with us. i can't remember. i think you support trump, don't you? >> ben carson has endorsed. >> i am working for my spelling -- myspace. i am totally cool with supporting him. i am just letting out some of the nominees. >> supporting trump or cruz. >> i support supported ben carson until ben carson got out of the campaign. i think that when it is all said and done, that evangelical company will gravitate.
10:38 am
on this very program, trump is the nominee. i will support him. stuart: the violence that trump rallies. who do you hold responsible for that? i think in a rally of her day 5000 people, like trump said. they will be crazy people. that is the job of law enforcement. no one condones violence. it is just crazy. this is how he talks. anybody that takes these sorts of comments seriously, probably deserves to end up there when all said and done. stuart: could you imagine voting for hillary clinton or bernie sanders?
10:39 am
>> the difference between hillary and donald trump is really clear. she will not support those issues. limited government all the way to pro-life issues. at least donald trump is clear. i will just take the candidates at their word. >> okay. we hear you. let's not forget that carson has endorsed donald trump. you will not follow him necessarily. >> i am totally okay supporting trump if he is the nominee. stuart: president obama sighting with law enforcement. he is asking the big tech companies to make those devices unlocked. >> the cdc in austin texas. sxsw press conference.
10:40 am
do not make an impenetrable device. he also said, what about tax enforcement? >> he just said that. he said it on friday. forget this encryption stuff. we want to be able to read it. >> are right. if you are planning on traveling this month, get ready for security lines. warning travelers,. the republican party. up next, a former reagan campaign direct her. this is one the most negative ambitious campaigns we have ever seen. yes, it is. more varney in a moment.
10:41 am
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♪ nicole: i have your fox business brief. the stocks started the week off to the downside. coming off the lows. down about 17 points. the s&p 500 down six. the nasdaq composite down about two points. here are a few winners and losers at the moment. a few energy names. pfizer down one and a half percent.
10:43 am
mcdonald and nike. some of those consumer names. social media also doing well today. those are the ones giving it a go. energy pulling back. start your day every day on fox business. we start fbn a.m. all the breaking news you need to start your day. ♪
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10:45 am
>> those streams again on your left. donald trump is about to take the stage there. big boat there tomorrow. on the right-hand side, rockford, eleanor a. l annoy starts tomorrow. all of the candidates will be all over the place between the five states holding primaries tomorrow. politics, right up front. look at this. the dow jones average is roughly unchanged. not much excitement. we are up .89. $1.42 lower.
10:46 am
this is really getting under my skin. cheryl casone says get ready for long lines. >> record travel is hitting the nation's airport. more than 140 million passengers are going to go through tsa check points just in march and april. they are overwhelmed. they went to the senate last year. >> they are overwhelmed? under two hours in florida. i was at fort myers airport yesterday. i flew out. i did see a long line.
10:47 am
>> always one tsa. >> it is like the dmv. >> thank heavens we do not get all the government that we actually pay for. [laughter] it looks like he will be the nominee. the arts are in favor of that. despite the republican. look who is here. lou dobbs show. he is a former reagan campaign director. >> some private jets are being held up, too. >> you are right. if trump wins florida and ohio tomorrow, nothing stopping him. >> they try to stop him.
10:48 am
millions and millions of dollars spent in the last couple of weeks. people are supporting him. he has 35-40% of the vote. he will win florida pretty easy. kasich, it is a close race. it tells you a lot about the movement. >> part of the establishment of the republican party. you have been around for some time. >> it was a great campaign. >> always trying to fight the last five. they wanted the establishment
10:49 am
candidate to win early. by doing the winner take all, they get what they get. donald trump, played by their rules. tapped into an environment that was very unusual. >> i think either one can certainly win. a very weak candidate. i do not see any states that romney carried last time. i think that there are several that she won or the democrats want. >> you think that he has a shot. >> he has a shot. he will run a very good campaign. >> my worry is he carries the
10:50 am
white house down. they lose the oval office. they change the dynamic. >> all right. come on back anytime. a break down in the established corner in germany. huge victory for the anti-migrant party in germany. that is a humiliating loss for angela merkel. my take is next. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
10:51 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> donald trump will host a not there probably today. specifically the treatment of protesters. trump has been non-apologetic and lames ernie say -- bernie sanders. the winner take all. twenty points up over marco rubio and ted cruz. he loses his home state. the calls for him to exit the race will only grow louder.
10:55 am
7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. >> the established order is breaking up here it it is breaking up in europe and it is breaking up here for similar reasons. angela merkel. her open-door immigration policy has ruined. she opened europe's door to a million muslims. that party won a huge victory this weekend. the elites have lost the confidence. all across the continent, immigration is the dividing issue. open the door. ordinary people. close the door. is it the same here? the first issue was immigration. build the wall, he said.
10:56 am
his campaign has never looked back. the point is, europe and america, ordinary people are demanding a voice. until now, anyone who opposed was silence. you are just an islam -- phobos. shut up. times have changed. angela merkel announced her open-door policy without consulting the rest of europe. it is now breaking up. just nine months ago, donald trump announced his run for the white house. many people, rapid changes is frightening. no one can be quite sure where this train is going. the established order is indeed breaking up. ♪
10:57 am
you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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10:59 am
11:00 am
almost 11:00 o'clock here on that used coasts. 8:00 o'clock in california. five big ones vote tomorrow. trump has a 20-point lead in florida. violence at trump rallies. attacks on the resort of beaches in africa. the latest round of elections. the open-door migrant policy. not going well with voters. the third hour of varney & company starts now. ♪
11:01 am
stuart: election alert. look at the polls. florida. donald trump has a commanding lead. marco rubio badly trailing with just 22%. in ohio, it is a dead heat. look at rubio. all the way down at the% in ohio. democrat strategist. after the bell melissa francis and our own elizabeth macdonald. trump, if he wins florida and ohio, he has this thing locked down. would you argue with that? >> no. i think if he takes florida, it will be a very difficult race. also, will of the people stuff. >> is he home free?
11:02 am
>> i am watching a ohio. winner takes all. it looks like florida is going his way. ohio, i think, is the one to watch. trump is getting the early voters. he does not get the late deciders. that matters to the general election. >> okay. i want to focus on florida for a second. the hometown senator is trailing donald trump. twenty-four points. he is finished. >> i think so. he said he was not going to run for reelection because he is focusing on his presidential bid. i did not think that the margins would be this big. >> they do not like this.
11:03 am
they think that it stands for nothing. marco rubio would have done wonderfully. a little bit more progression. young, not an old, white man. he just hit a really unfortunate cycle. >> i was in florida yesterday. driving along the highway. trump supporters, honk your horn. the response of passing motorists were crazy. >> rick scott, the governor and jeb bush not endorsing as of this hour. >> let's move on to ohio. john k's sake is getting help that rallies today. from that romney. what do you make of that? >> that romney calling someone off.
11:04 am
i do not understand how he is helpful. not even saying that he is endorsing kasich. i don't know. that is not helpful at all. >> i think that it has backfired. >> kasich is getting the blue-collar worker. mitt romney is more white-collar worker. >> john kasich kasich will be your kind of god. >> look at his record. it is strange. these guys are really right wing. >> marco rubio was a gang of eight.
11:05 am
>> the other guys in the race. >> it is really interesting that we have got into this place. i think the violence over the weekend will, i know that the pope will tighten up there. i think that it will matter. >> you used to feast -- you practice for your sports teams before school. my mom got really mad. >> you should be careful what you say. [laughter] >> no commercial break. >> what are you doing introducing jobs, stuart? [laughter]
11:06 am
stuart: why are we checking coal stocks? >> i am the only candidate that has a policy about economic opportunity. we will put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> are you kidding me? >> you see that there is a lot more to that story. >> making sure that we take care of those coal miners. >> you will have blue-collar workers suddenly making windmills. stuart: she did say -- she wants to deny cheap natural gas to tens of millions of americans.
11:07 am
>> if you want to see fracking. >> i would say that their entire statement that she does have a concern for the coal miners. she accidentally revealed what she really means. >> now listen to what hillary said about donald trump. >> it is clear that donald trump is running a very cynical campaign. hitting groups of campaigns against each other.
11:08 am
stuart: coming out today and thank trump has every right. he went to that property. he wants to throw demonstrators out. he can. >> i don't understand how you can say that donald trump is not responsible. i will pay your legal fees. we have the older white gentleman that punch dave black protester in the face. he said if it happened again, he would kill him. i do think that trump is responsible for some of the
11:09 am
violence. i was distracted by hillary clinton putting me to sleep there. >> it has to be the civil order. you cannot play to the worst instincts. trump needs to tone it down. >> a rapidfire stock. i am kind of loose. >> coming your way. no energy drink in my life. >> that would be scary. >> let's do it next time. >> claiming that campaign for the violence. headline "new york times." howard kurtz is with us. he joins us every monday morning. welcome to the program. i think that the establishment
11:10 am
media is find out saying that donald trump, it is trump's fault. >> i think that the story is definitely being tilted. going to chicago with the point of shutting down that rally. i think that it is fair to examine trump's words. seem to not try to halt the punching and some of the scuffling that has gone on in his rallies. the other accounts that i have seen, seem to put trump at the center of it as if he is causing it. >> i think that there is a double standard. he has been giving interviews. he has been giving a very respectful audience. they have been very respectful to him.
11:11 am
i feel if you rushed hillary clinton, he would be a vio protester. i just see a double standard here. >> i do not think that there is a question about that. doing harm to the candidate. that troubles me. commentators on ms nbc saying she believes that donald trump wanted this confrontation in chicago because it plays to his strongman philosophy. trump is being negligent and should do a little more to tone down, another thing to say that you deliberately picture cargo as a place where he knew that there would be minorities. i cannot buy that analysis. >> do you think that donald trump gains, do you think that donald trump may actually gain a
11:12 am
little politically because of what happened over the weekend? >> in the short term, absolutely. a lot of the people will see this as an unfair attempt by people to shut them down, to stop him from speaking. if this keeps up, i think it could hurt him in the general election. the violence of these rallies regardless of who is responsible, comes to be seen as a metaphor. he is responsible for tearing the country apart. that could hurt. stuart: thank you very much. i hope you get some sleep over the next 48 hours. good to see you. >> two major terror attacks over the weekend. more on all of that in just a moment. ♪
11:13 am
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11:15 am
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
11:16 am
stuart: that is an interesting way to start the week. we start this week virtually unchanged. look at the price of oil. a 4% drop. look at your screens, please. looking at candidates around the country. north carolina. playing with diverse city to charlotte. john kasich in ojai ale. he is speaking there right now. big primary tomorrow. trump speaks in youngstown tonight. canceling a trip to florida. two major terror attacks occurred this weekend. the first and left west africa. >> 33 wounded. three security officers.
11:17 am
eighteen people killed. >> they came onto the beach. eighty-three people just came onto the beach. >> turkey, a car bomb. what happened? >> turkish officials blaming. absolute carnage. thirty-seven dead now. well over 100 wounded. this bloody battle between the kurds and turkish officials has been going on for some time. heavy bombing within syria. all of this happening. sending a message to turkish leaders. now, this from germany. voters there have sent a very clear message to angela merkel. no more migrants.
11:18 am
let me start. three elections. the anti-migrant party wins really big. angela merkel loses. i say that she can no longer lead a unified europe. >> she certainly cannot lead a unified europe with the policy that she has. angela merkel was worried about this. her worst fears have been realized. this could be the beginning of the breakup of europe. germany needed workers. she imparted a million people. too much for the system. >> comment also on that even in turkey. >> the capital of the country. this surely means that they will be in no shape to take the migrants back from greece, house
11:19 am
them and gradually send them over to europe. >> it is not going to happen. turkey's application for membership be sped up. the last thing that they want is 70-80 million more. this is a complete nightmare for turkey. they were very quick to blame. the kurdish workers party. it is not clear even at this point. this is not also isis. everyone is trying to blame the person who they are politically opposed to. >> i would hate pay to see turkey look like other north african countries that have been devastated. i would hate to see that happen. >> turkey is a nato member.
11:20 am
it is very important that turkey remains stable. doing everything that he can to make that almost impossible. his leadership has divided the country. this is a mess mask that the united states is completely unable to deal with. >> does president obama have any influence in europe? he is going over there to try to first grade the prints to stay in the european union. >> you and i both travel a lot. whether you are talking about the middle east or europe. the lack of respect for american foreign-policy. the feeling that america no longer stands by its allies and friends. it is almost universal.
11:21 am
>> i wonder if he will convince the prints to leave. >> it is a possibility. whether they are in turkey or west africa. this is the new normal. this is the attempt to destabilize economics and two are resolved. if they cannot win on the ground, they will win by destroying the economy. >> i think that you are right. >> i hope that i am wrong. stuart: many apartments. that is a new trend in housing. could you live in a 250 square foot apartment? back in a moment. ♪ [alarm beeps]
11:22 am
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11:25 am
stuart: look at this, please. live pictures coming in. these are migrant refugees. crossing into macedonia from greece. they are leaving greece. that is the opposite of the trend that we had last summer. trying to find a new route.
11:26 am
>> into macedonia. stuart: no way around it. this is what is happening. this we can kick off the south i southwest festival in texas. joe ling kent was there. show me a mini apartment, please >> you are thinking about downsizing. that is what this is. could you live than about 250 square feet? could you do it? i don't know. this is made up of steel and glass. i will show you. it has all the amenities that you may actually need. it is tiny. you have a washer and dryer right here. a little bathroom. everything you may need. and the kitchen doubles as a
11:27 am
hallway. you have a refrigerator bright here. a full on dishwasher as well. you even have an oven, a convention of an, actually. of course, we want to know exactly how it works. the ceo. thanks for having us here today. >> thank you so much. let me make up the bed real quick. we have this couch here. it is a pretty nice space. why did you decide to launch this company here in austin? >> we have all of these folks moving into cities and they have nowhere to live. it happens to be an absolutely huge market. >> demand continues to increase. this is not cheap, though. it costs about the amount of a luxury car. how does it work?
11:28 am
what has demand been like? >> bushwick, new york to soma and san francisco. it is affordable. when you finance that, you are down to six, $700 a month to own homes. >> these pods do not necessarily exist alone. >> different than any other tiny house. when you are ready to move to austin, you can just get on your app. >> when does it become available? >> 40% larger than this. your cosida asap. >> i want to make one point here. profile your dumpster. i wanted to tell you why.
11:29 am
>> you are always wanted to talk trash every time you come around here. [laughter] actually, i lived in a 33 square foot dumpster for a year. it was part of an experiment did what is the absolute smallest space you can live in. we were inspired. >> you are the ceo. we are in a home right now. stuart, i don't know, could you live in it? stuart: guess, i could. i want a dollar price. i do not know whether she can hear me. i don't think she can hear me. >> 75,000. >> just part it. >> violent protests.
11:30 am
hillary clinton, ted cruz. they are all blaming trump. here is a question. we will deal with that question. ♪ [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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11:35 am
>> i is by far the biggest crowds. 25 to 30,000. last week we had 35,000 people. is because these rallies are coming nobody has been hurt.
11:36 am
we try and be good and i will tell you some of the protesters are very rough and they are are very rough and they are bad dudes in a swing and nobody ever talks about it in talks about indie media. stuart: that is donald trump's response to critics who say you are responsible to it. you say? >> is not directly responsible, but the things they say continue check the sun. his supporters are also punching people out. is not only protesters who will find out they've been acting ridiculous, too. stuart: the people from move organized a stopped job, shut it down, shut them all down. who actually is responsible for the violence in the first race? >> but they were cemented in place prior to the move people coming in. just everyone needs to call for home. if donald troubles start acting presidential like his wife rightfully says he should do anyone to do, he needs to show his presidential as well.
11:37 am
because as president you got to govern your own rally before you can govern a country. ashley: et al. rightly or wrongly plays into his message we are not going to put up with this anymore. we are going to fight back. >> but americans shouldn't be coming to. we should be coming to of people who are actually our enemies, like the middle east. liz: he also has to set the tone. we basically said the university of surrey says let's bring in the muscle. this is sort of the same thing with donald trump basically not sitting until the civil orders at the top. that's important for him to do. stuart: i will let you have the last word. liz: you don't have to. >> thank you very much. reports are coming out that president obama could nominate a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia as early as next week. what does judge andrew napolitano know about all of
11:38 am
this? >> i don't know anymore than what has been leaked. the white house leaked the names of the three finalists over the weekend. i assumed that it was a white house leak and i assumed that it was accurate. none of them is an ideologue. they're sort of centrist come is sort of minimalist type of minimalist justices they are. not justices who want to change the world through the judiciary. whether or not they will appeal to mitch mcconnell is another story. but the democrats and the white house will wage an aggressive campaign, targeting individual senators, republican senators up for reelection, whose reelection is not assured and do not want to defend the idea that we are not going to vote until the next president can send a nominee up here. that is a difficult position for some of them to defend. stuart: understood. but they are not going to change that position. >> you will have to stand firm. this is not a vote by the republican majority.
11:39 am
this is determination of one person, senator mcconnell under the rules that democrats change would have made was the leader, the majority leader sets the agenda. not the majority party in the senate, the majority leader. they have to put a lot of pressure on senator mcconnell to get into change. he has drawn a line in the sand and has been lauded by conservatives. stuart: i want your opinion on this one. 124 illegal immigrants are released at the homeland security. after their release they went on to be charged with murder. 120 for murders committed by these illegal immigrants. if you dig down into the numbers, ice immigration and customs enforcement in 2014, 30,558 criminal aliens were
11:40 am
conveyed to the 92,000 crimes. only 3% -- liz: they are not being deported. ashley: we know the numbers are even higher. >> if they're convicted of crimes of violence, they should we deported after incarceration. they are being committed out of a crime. now to get out of jail free card. the other argument is we don't have guilt group in this country. we have individual guilt. to suggest that immigrants are more likely to commit crime, good lord i'm looking at one of the most famous immigrants in the land. [laughter] >> you didn't expect an answer, did you? stuart: wait a second. 124 people were incarcerated
11:41 am
here illegally. they are released and then they are charged with murder. do they have to commit murders after their release? they did? >> scratcher as to why they were deported to it if they are violent criminals in here illegally. >> now you understand why donald trump is popular when he said at the wall. we'll do something about this. >> angela merkel is not. stuart: angela merkel is finished. stuart: judge, you are all right on occasion. up next, a former presidential candidate bobby jindal says president obama is the reason why donald trump is so popular. but trump is that what the country needs.
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i am nicole petallides with their fox business news. back and forth action credit out of cmpd, down over 50. the second as we speak, the dow we speak, the dow was we speak him in the dataset to pay pit the s&p 500 down five and the nasdaq and import. looking at the s&p 500 which includes starwood hotels. we'll get to that in a minute. that is at 7.5%. trip advisor with 5% on takeover chatter, options of the bullish side reacted as well. southwest energy, chesapeake energy, all of these names coming to pressure. it's not going to reduce the
11:44 am
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stuart: was in the baseman john kasich. he says he would work on amnesty for illegals in his first 100 days in office. what does he mean by amnesty? liz: he is backing legalization of the illegals here. not citizenship. essentially what he is saying is we don't want to support the buses to borders. we don't want to break up families. he think this is the right way out of the problematic situation. he's coming way inside the republican party. a moderate position. liz: that's right. there's also has implications that have to do with government welfare programs as well. stuart: that is interesting. is this just in? our next guest says president obama is the reason why donald trump has been so successful. however, our guess is america deserves better than donald trump. bobby jindal joins us right now.
11:47 am
governor, welcome to the program. great to have you with us. >> good morning. thank you for having me back. stuart: briefly, what is wrong with trump? >> are several things wrong. briefly about a man who says everything is negotiable. everything is not negotiable. who need a conservative to fire conservative principles to rescue the american dream from the mass president obama has made. does that mean our second amendment rights are negotiable and religious liberties are negotiable? we were talking earlier -- stuart: if i were to take donald trump's position for a moment, i would say his opening gambit is just his opening negotiating position and he will negotiate towards an end which is in our favor. the voters believe him. they believe he's the only guy they get things done. that's what i like about him. >> well, here's the problem. i don't think he truly -underscore believes in smaller
11:48 am
government. he has no problem in big government as long as he's the one running it. use another policy prescriptions as the assets negotiating directly with health care providers instead instead of trusting the market. using it in his approach to imminent domain and a number of issues. this is not conservative conservative principles been my beef is not the fact is not to negotiate on the margins to get things done. my beef is at its core it doesn't feel like he's got conservative principles. let's take a practical example. the next president will appoint them as justice -- supreme court justice. right now you've got a court date is four for like the second amendment religious liberty on repealing up on the care the sanctity of human life. where does president trump stand on those issues? is it simply to get 60 votes or will he stand firm in a now, i'm going to appoint somebody who will interpret the constitution, not write laws. we have a chance to elect a
11:49 am
conservative. stuart: will you support him? >> i'm absolutely supporting our nominee. we cannot afford four years of hillary clinton. obama has made a mess of this country. we cannot afford four more years. look at it and got the e-mail scandal. she's got a lot to answer. i don't think be the nominee, but i will support the republican nominee. true to one of the time for the floods that hit your stay. i don't think many people appreciate how bad it is. dozens of homes damaged, 4000 people rescued. at the scene. how bad is it? >> this is bad. we think the country for your thoughts and prayers. this has impacted all corners of our state for northwest, many people sought images. southeast louisiana and it's not over yet. we've got rising river levels by kim livingston, north shore. communities in northwest and southeast louisiana have been impacted by heavy rains and it's not over.
11:50 am
our people are resilient. we get through this. we will get through this as well. we thank folks for their prayers and attention to their struggle. stuart: we do realize how bad it is. governor jindal, thank you for joining us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. florida votes tomorrow. make or break for marco rubio way down in the polls right now. a campaign insider. a rubio campaign insider joins us now or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: that is donald trump. this is hickory come in the airline appeared or carolyn has a primary right now. that is why trump is there right now. he had been going to florida but he canceled his event in florida because he is so certain. look at this poll. trump is way off from. he's got 46% support. hometown senator marco rubio is leading a 24 points behind at 22%. common and, please. jason roe. jason roe was rubio senior advisor. i know you've got a smile on your face and not over till it's over. a lot of people are really shocked at how far down rodeo
11:55 am
has fallen in the polls. what is your explanation for this? >> what is even more shocking is how well donald trump has done given the fact that he has offered no real policy prescriptions for the commit domestic callers he and avoided taking any real position on any real issues other than two offers again. it has been a struggle. there's no doubt with an underdog for a long time. you say one poll, but the polls have been incredibly erratic. several polls show within single digits. a poll shows amongst those absentee voters that a verdict has been about with a 25% say. if that's true that gives the cushion going into election day tomorrow. we've got our work cut out for us and we need to remind florida voters that marco rubio is the outsider and reformer they elected in 2010 over charlie crist. he's been a leader in the u.s. senate and the folks over donald trump, they are effectively voting for hillary clinton
11:56 am
because donald cannot beat hillary in november. stuart: i was driving down the street of southwestern florida yesterday and there were a group of trump supporters on the sidelines and they were shouting and screaming and holding up the signs come asking for people to honk. the response from the motorist was extraordinary. it was extraordinary, sir. the level of outpouring was just extraordinary. right there on the street corner. your comment before we close. >> well, we've seen over the last several most supporters behind donald trump are very enthusiastic. i don't think that's anything new. those supporters need to look at donald trump and ask themselves if this is the guy they want to get behind. a guy who's hired illegal immigrants can have 5000 people suing them for fraud for trump university. a guy who hasn't released taxes yet come a guy who hasn't taken any real positions on many issues and personifies everything a lot of people are angry about. stuart: can i ask a quick question?
11:57 am
if marco rubio drops out and if donald trump comes on and say that my presidential shall we say, could you support donald trump wholeheartedly? >> me personally, no. i don't believe he's a conservative and i don't think he has the understanding. stuart: you realize that it's very much a vote for hillary clinton, isn't it? >> i'll tell you what, stuart. but i've seen of donald trump, i take it those seriously. what i do not see if somebody worthy of my vote. he is not prepared to do the job and if i vote for him or support them, i am interesting his behavior, his tactics. i am endorsing someone who's not prepared to do the job and i am not willing to be that casual about my vote. stuart: we do hear you. for joining us. thank you. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> donald trump on the stage in north carolina with chris christie.
12:00 pm
trump appears to be trying to calm troubled waters. he says he doesn't want to see anybody hurt at his rallies. by the way, no interruption yet to the rally that's taking place right there. neil, it's yours. neil: all right. thank you very much, stuart, we're watching that rally too because these days almost any event encourages some protesters. there was one earlier on the day. he or she i don't know which was not ushered out of that room. we're watching it closely. happening in hickory, north carolina. one of the big states up for grabs tomorrow. it's not a winner take allstate, but it will be proportionally handed out. donald trump is favored to win that state. the latest count has 40 to 60 delegates, ted cruz 370, marco rubio 163, john kasich at 63. flipping over to the democratic side where we have hillary clinton thanks to this


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