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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 15, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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shootout. new developments of the nfl concussion controversy. for the first time ever in adding a connection between brain injuries. michael jackson downsizing the sake in a music catalogue for $700 million. the bank of japan holding rates steady as they been it meeting this morning. it didn't cut the economic outlook for japan potentially opening the door for even further monetary actions. the shanghai composite but the japan at two thirds of a percent. also weakness in european. the ft down half a percent. cacm dax each negative this morning. the researchers indicated markets are today. the average open by 70 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 the negative column. they read on retail sales. the february sales report added 8:30 a.m. eastern. the number expected to be down
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two tenths of 1%. all of that and much more coming up with us this morning. dagen mcdowell. wall street cause derek minsky back with death and morbid or take us. good to see you. great to see you again. we will look at the names will be speaking with us. trump campaign cochairman said she will be us. maybe hasan dain to say about adding ben carson to his cabinet. mike huckabee joining the show says the media should not lend donald trump for what he calls a bunch of thugs on the street. more than 100 illegal immigrants released from jail later charged with murder. maricopa county sheriff joe r. pio will be here with us to talk about that. our top story with the first polling stations for super tuesday to point out open in less than 30 minutes. john kasich, ted cruz, marco rubio as the republican
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standardbearer in key states including winner take all ohio and florida. where we stand in terms of the delegate count, 66 delegates up for grabs in ohio. 99 and florida. that is where we find blake berman on the ground of miami beach hall. good morning to you. >> are there, maria. full miami beach city hall behind it this morning. election day here in florida and one of the very many headlines coming and of course have been donald trump and the themes at his rallies. trump had two brothers yesterday in north carolina and florida and the protesters did not stop. >> i do know this has been in tampa. i love tampa. i didn't know this has been. they will go home to their moms. reporter: trump was joined on the campaign trail in florida by sarah palin, former alaska governor and vice presidential
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candidate. she addressed what is happening at rallies and she did not miss more. the >> will we don't have time for itself that had a podcast little thuggery stuff that has been built by non-with this quote, unquote protesters. reporter: critics have been pouncing on what has been going on at these rallies. many say in that trump been either an apologetic for that species play out. hillary clinton was asked about this and she went a step further during a town hall in illinois. >> when you're inciting mob violence, which is what trump is doing in those clips. they are in the dna. people remember of mob violence that led to lynching. people remember of mob violence lead to people being shot, being grabbed, being mistreated.
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reporter: berea, we will see if any of this has any effect whatsoever on voters in florida and the other four states in play as well today. donald trump in florida according to the polls leads huge roughly by 20 points or so depending which believe the cap. precinct 37 i miami beach and threat state of florida, the polls open an hour from now. back to you. maria: thanks so much. blake urman in miami. former senator scott brown, fox news contributor and donald trumps supporter. also joining us, ken blackwell, senior spokesperson fighting against trump. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good to be on. maria: senator, how important it is today for donald trump? is this really make or break? >> of course not. he's putting the delegate count is yet there's a long way to go. if he carries florida and ohio, that basically sums it up.
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if he carries florida, marco has to obviously drop out and if he carries ohio, the governor said he will in fact drop out. they changed the rules for florida where jeb bush as the winner take all situation. in retrospect, marco was saying why did that happen. a lot at stake today. a lot of energy. i was in collier county over the weekend speaking to activists and a lot of energy down there. maria: the bigger question is how important is this for ted cruz and the others given donald trump's dominant. >> well, i think stopping trump in ohio is of paramount importance. look, donald trump has never been a conservative standard ms republic and he has been here today, gone tomorrow. the object is here is to slow this train down, move it to a
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contested nomination in cleveland, ohio in july. but it all sorted out. the reality is donald trump has a substantial gender gap and while he has got about 42% of the votes cast, he in fact has put together some of the highest negatives of folks who say they will never vote for him, who died in the war republicans. this is a real challenge and letting this process play out in a very transparent way i think is important and we intend to shine the light on donald trump's record. >> senator brown, good morning. as you know, he's raised a lot of money right after jeb left the race and then he went negative and a sort of blew in his face. i'm curious why you think
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happening. when you reflect on what is happening in the last for weeks, going negative come up a booklet that. what does that mean for money raising. it has its own implications. >> sure, first of all the money just that if he loses florida. he admitted himself and i thought he was gracious and saying he made a mistake. his wife in kids were embarrassed after him getting down in the gutter. that is not his style. i thought he made a big calculated mistake. unfortunately, it is easy to be a monday morning quarterback in that respect. with regard to what the former mayor said, with all due respect, not everybody is a conservative and that is the beauty of what is happening right here. reagan democrats coming out of the woodwork. ohio is truly open. you cannot democrats go vote in ohio and quite frankly that helps donald trump. if you see the sitting mayor
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very populated in the polls have it tied, usually that means that the mayor -- sorry, the governor will lose almost every single time. i would advise the mayor here in a cornice to save their money and unite the party. >> it's unbelievable. morgan, i know you have feelings about this. it is unbelievable to me trump is given segment accommodation in ohio. they are neck and neck right now. dagen: the very day that marco rubio started making the sweat stashed jokes, i said on air, not authentic. that is not the marker may be away now. even watching the campaign trail yesterday, all of the other candidates are running in reaction to donald trump. it started to >> of desperation. they are addressing him and not voters. >> i don't think florida will be surprised at all. ohio is where we are going to
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be. i heard people discussing what happens to kasich in ohio going for it. assuming he wins. a lot of people saying the money would get behind him. i don't see it happening. people are exhausted. i see people focusing on senate races, especially donald trump to win both states tonight. i don't predict a massive amount of money going to kasich tonight. >> let me respond to the governor. i am a conservative and republican and i am in this to protect the integrity of the conservative party. at the end of the day, donald trump. to conservatives.
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it is for universal health care. he's not an abrasive property right and as such, and i think he is in an existential threat to what has made america great. and the market system that works what our cronyism. he's the dealmaker, a crony inside baseball player, political player and as a consequence, the question is are we ready to redefine the republican party and lose what i consider to be the essence of what has made this country great. maria: scott brown. >> berea, first above news alert. the republican party is changing
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because people are upset at this president break down what he's he's done to this country. by the conservatives going to show everyone a lesson apparently? the last time they showed a lesson to mitt romney and others who lost the presidency in former years of president obama. by the way, donald is the only one who signed the front of the check. in terms of being a crony capitalist, i guess the sky is falling. listen, the only way donald trump -- >> senator, i have signed the front of a check. >> but you're not running for president. >> i have signed the front of a check. do you speak for the republican party. i will speak for the moderate movement. maria: that they get to hillary for a second. you brought this up in the truth is hillary clinton made some interesting comments yesterday
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at a town hall about to be. listen to this. >> libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a single person. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. is it because of a protester cries outside who decided to go kill americans. what difference at this point doesn't make. >> the two sound bites back to back. could it be that she forgot that september 11th attack happened at the compound? that was bizarre. what a bad name when she said she didn't lose anybody in libya? >> i think she is going to be the great unifier in the final analysis as we go through this big tackle and get all of our differences. hillary clinton will be the great unifier of the republican party, the conservative movement and the opposition to a third
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term of barack obama. maria: scott brown come your thoughts on your thoughts on what she just said about libya. >> listen, i hope he's right. i love when they say donald trump a boost to hillary clinton. the only way that happens is if we don't unite his party. she's out of touch when it comes to comments like that. people don't like her. they don't trust her. she is going to come out at the nominee and a damaged nominee. if we don't win, shame on us. dagen: i just wanted to say can and a lot of republicans and conservatives to talk about the contested convention, the last time the nominee that was named at a contested convention when the presidency was 32 and it was fdr. be careful what you wish for. >> this morning i have to say beware the ides of march. maria: okay. >> i'm a republican and conservative activists.
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we will get our act together and put a candidate in place that will beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. we cannot take a third term of the socialist -- socialism. maria: today marks an important point in the process we will be watching and covering this. scott brown, ken blackwell, good to see you both. coverage tonight begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight with myself, neil cavuto, lou dobbs. join us as we navigate the night of super tuesday to point out. stay with us. a lot to cover. we will be right back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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maria: welcome back. taking this out of chicago. three officers injured in that shootout. cheryl casone about the details. >> another officer involved shooting. in chicago a man opened fire on the three chicago officers when he was approached by them. this happened late last night. the male suspect was killed during the shootout. the female suspect was with him that she was not injured. all three officers with lower body injuries but none are life-threatening. some incredible pictures to show you after the front collapsed in a fire fighters and that come in maryland. this video posted by the montgomery fire department captures the same as the front of the home and the entire second floor so on 208 taken to
6:18 am
the hospital, but luckily after all of this is expected to make full recovery. the big headline with a abundant beauty company started 130 years ago moving headquarters from new york to the u.k. cutting 2500 jobs. the move not considered a texan version. the primary renovation was to centralize core company functions. i want to show you the stock closed up more than 4% yesterday in the near stock exchange. 40% over the last year. they said we wanted to cut taxes, but they could not do the inversion. to look in at 30 million from this change. >> part of the issue is an announcement that turns this company around. one of the issues that operations in latin america. obviously, emerging markets have
6:19 am
been under a rock including latin america for a long time. is that the big album here? >> if you go b and see the tremendous pressure for a long time. also because they had the online competition. moving overseas for a nontax aversion, given what is happening in business. every company has to try to make the bottom line is looking at ways. this is the tax investment. the house corporate tax rate of any industrialized country. >> companies that makes you, u.s. maria: we had the ceo of allergan a couple of months ago. i said to the ceo, what was your tax rate last year?
6:20 am
the corporate tax rate is 14%. i said okay. that alone tells you why. but the effect of the corporate tax rate when you strip out all the other stuff, 4%. who can compete with that? you cannot compete with that as an american company. dagen: ireland is offering sweeteners and no incentive for research and development. >> he made the point right here on this desk that is running a public the need for the public shareholders all around the world. institutions that are democrat, republican. it doesn't matter. we have to run a public company. >> this is not trumped policy. this is the story. >> when it comes to corporate inversion.
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dagen: is not the policy. it's the overarching message of i understand you were paid. maria: we've got a job on this. rally violence following donald trump from chicago to ohio. we will bring you that macs. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in.
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maria: welcome back to a series of questions that don't trigger irking criticism of campaign rhetoric. in chicago this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. a chaotic weekend for donald
6:25 am
trump in ohio over the weekend. each cancel the rally over safety concerns. we saw some video of people pushing and shoving. punches thrown on the inside. a typical donald trump fashion seems relatively unscathed. analysts we talked to say it may have even heard an trump support and gave him even more publicity. i was at trump's rally in bloomington, illinois after they canceled rally in chicago. the liberal protesters of chicago and voters don't represent the crowd and they certainly don't represent the entire state of illinois. one supporter we spoke to says what happens in chicago was may be unfair for donald. >> picture shows there is polarity going on right now in the united states. it is good because people are expressing their view. it is freedom of speech and protesters have the right to say what they want to. donald trump should've been given the same right to speak.
6:26 am
reporter: the average postal indicates donald trump is the front runner in illinois. ted cruz has been closing in on the lead. the campaign reorganized schedule yesterday setting up five last-minute events statewide. the polls will be opening in a half-hour, maria. voters will have final say as to whether the trump drama will affect their vote, maria. maria: thanks very much. we will be following that. coming up next come the stakes are huge as voters go to the polls in five states today. especially for ohio john kasich. futures this morning indicating a lower opening for the broader market. take a look at where we stand ahead of a fed meeting today and tomorrow. with the antiestablishment candidate continued to score wins and how will the markets react? we will check in next.
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maria: top stories at 6:29, voters head to the polls with all eyes on ohio and florida. those results do or die for john kasich and marco rubio. ted cruz highlighting his momentum in illinois. >> three of those deep, illinois, missouri and north carolina were in neck in neck, three work effectively tied with donald trump and we are canvassing heart and vigorously
6:30 am
in all three. the remaining two, an ohio and florida, we are surging powerful. maria: hillary clinton at risk of losing three states to bernie sanders but bernie sanders has his fight with donald trump. >> what you are dealing with, i said this without any joy, the guy is a pathological liar. maria: four ever 21 forced to take his t-shirt off, backlash over the sheriff's message coming up, turning to markets, bank of japan held rates steady as expected. however they did cut the economic outlook potentially opening the door for further action on terms of monetary stimulus. markets were lower across the shanghai composite which was up a fraction. in europe as well, mining stocks are leading the way lower, the
6:31 am
s&p down 3/4%, the s&p, the dax index down. in the u.s. futures indicate lower start, dow jones industrial average opening 80 points, today kicks off a two diskette reserve meeting and later this morning, we look at retail sales, retail sales expected to be down 0.2%. to the kitty in trail, opening moments ago john kasich, ted cruz, marco rubio fighting to slowdown donald trump especially in the winner-take-all state of ohio and florida. here is the number, trump with 460, 66 delegates up for grabs in ohio, 99 are up for grabs in florida, ted cruz right behind donald trump at 370. on wall street volatility is the underlying theme for investors especially in this election cycle, how would markets react to big wins from anti-establishment candidate like bernie sanders or donald trump. joining me is political analyst
6:32 am
teena porter, good to have you on the program. what are markets looking at in terms of the focus on these ear elections? how would markets traded the anti-establishments win? >> we haven't been in a place like this before so let's back up a little bit. driven by the fed and china for all the last year. now they just look at the spectacle of this race, talking to growth investors and their question is have americans lost their minds? maria: we get those comments from foreigners who can't understand what is happening. in terms of investors do they want to buy stocks, if the gop person is in the lead it might mean rolling back regulations, to market straight down whether hillary clinton wins? >> hillary becomes the establishment candidate the way things are going and is the most market friendly in that sense
6:33 am
just in the broadest macro sense. typically even as presidential races don't move markets hugely. if we had a republican president and republican controlled congress that is the only way to get much legislative action. now we have a fragmentation we see elsewhere in the world. >> european institutions 80 you have americans lost their minds, what are they doing as a result? have they done anything different with the allocation? >> not yet. markets are driven predominantly by what is happening with the fed and china policy slow down. will there be a u.s. recession began anti-establishment outcome, trump presidency the initial reaction would be a sell-off. >> trump when the nomination you expect these institutions to say this? >> people will look more closely at trump policies. i get questions from investors,
6:34 am
what would not trump foreign policy look like in the back, talking about bombing iran, trade deals, this is about globalization fundamentally and u.s. rates testing whether it is bernie sanders or donald trump, our commitment, 45% tariff on chinese goods. tracy: i have to take issue with one thing you said, hillary would be a positive for the markets, we already show what markets think of hillary when she came out and said i am going to hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable land make sure drug cases -- >> and impact for sure. talking about the s&p, the time we have been alive you haven't had huge rallies one way or another, short-term rally following a republican presidency. markets, the republican establishment is having kittens looking at the state of this debate and the rest of america
6:35 am
appears to be energized. maria: hillary clinton wants to raise capital gains, change the whole thing period to receive the long term capital jeans. maria: federal reserve. >> to isolate the variables. dagen: attacks goes directly to stock ownership in this country and you are going to change the holding period enrages the reit in the short term. don't know how that will be beneficial. >> a question of trump versus clinton in that lineup, clinton becomes the establishment candidate. >> democrat convention in addition to the republican convention, that nomination may be decided, we are all talking about hillary as it is given and we may see bernie sanders in two states but what i am looking at is what you setter earlier, the
6:36 am
senate which is up for grabs this election, john mccain, senator to me, people in tight races, but you could see a hillary presidency, the senate or vice versa, don't you think there is some nuance that not only hillary's presidency but -- >> let's think about the effect the other big sign post is the u.k. referendum and unthinkable that the british would leave the e.u. ended is a growing concern. we look in these rates, markets don't start getting really nervous and positioning until much closer. >> if we believe the market started the year before because of fears of recession in the united states and what happened in politics, why have we rebound in the last four weeks if trump has picked up steam?
6:37 am
>> the, not not connected. >> candidates this summer, looking at one day moves like that in a sector after directing and you mentioned about pharma, until the summer i don't think you would see a lot of that. dagen: all the overseas investors -- >> why are americans so easy. >> look at germany and the regional elections over the weekend. it was a slap in the face to angela merkel and her open border policy. similar to what is going on here to investors who point to was and go eat they are crazy. maria: everyone else around world, when we are having a domestic fight about health care i remember being able in italy, many italian people, americans are so stupid you don't even want free health care. they don't understand. >> summer of 2007 i got the same thing.
6:38 am
>> people don't want health care, they didn't once -- they looked at as health insurance and not health care. us saying. >> from outsiders, at the moment it looks as though people are not necessarily the voting with their pocketbooks any way they might have markets rational, the pitch for a moment going on. rallies and things, looks like 1968. doesn't look good. maria: i want to bring up another issue, former presidential candidate ben carson announcing plans to work in the trump white house, should the gop front-runner win that election carson said he would serve the trump administration in an advisory capacity but failed to provide details on the position or whether he will serve in donald trump's hypothetical cabinet. interesting comment because ben carson reportedly sees himself
6:39 am
in an education advisory to donald trump. donald trump has not confirmed it but they must have had a conversation about this. >> when you see former candidates endorse, we normally expect they will serve, the language ben carson used where he said i have been promised that position, made hair stand on my arms because that is illegal. you can't promise people a position for an endorsement. perhaps he doesn't understand the nuance of what he said. if he is going to advise donald trump we have carson, sarah palin, chris christie, i would rather see a brilliant surgeon like ben carson advising trump than some of the other colorful people. maria: any market bets on a potential trump cabinet? a lot of people talk about chris christie being the attorney general. >> the term when you said that -- again we are not there yet, we are not there yet. one supporter -- we have
6:40 am
candidates, we will talk about all the excitement initially when sarah palin, a colorful character, was named running mate and then we got to know her better and sort of -- >> from will surprise us with this vp pick. he is going to unite the party. >> he is no dummy. in terms of what is going to take. dagen: he will pick someone as a running mate who would get him get to the white house in november. >> did he say a political person? maria: do you think the u.k. will be the e.u.? >> not the best case scenario but it is a probability, more than a tailor risk. we are living in uncertain times. you have to keep your eye on the ball. maria: thanks for joining us. don't miss our all-star coverage, action starts at 17 eastern with myself and neil cavuto and lou dobbs. we will be navigating the race for supertuesday tonight
6:41 am
beginning at 7:00 p.m.. coming up a battle of his deal, nfl commissioner roger del could be losing his power. chinese companies scooping up american businesses, billion dollar deals could be a national security nightmare. back in a minute, we are talking about it. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
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maria: welcome back. dagen: rock and roll. . maria: a link between football and brain disease, acknowledged for the first time by an nfl official. orca sony has more. cheryl: jeff miller was asked by congressional leaders if there is the link, his response was, quote, and out of boston the nfl has refused to confirm what many researchers believe to be true. frank gifford separate from ct e. the co commissioner roger goodell made the strictest in duties. making progress towards the deal that would take away his disciplinary power with off the field infractions by a players. apologizing for this controversial t-shirt being worn in this ad by a michele has the words quote makes don't say may
6:46 am
be if you want to say no. on the front of it, the critics say it promotes trade. michael jackson's a stage in selling its remaining stakes in a massive music catalog to sony for $750 million. jackson's a state has half a share of the catalog which includes the works of multiple music legends such as the beatles, bob dylan, benefits his mother in three children. back to you. maria: oil prices extending losses on persisting oversupply concerns better than 2%. now $36.22 a barrel. phil flynn at the cme group. looking at a decline but when you're at $37 a barrel you have to feel better than where we were earlier in the year. >> you sure do. we propose to $26 a barrel and it seemed the world was going to fall apart, $37 you could call
6:47 am
that stability but there are still a lot of years in this market, concerns about the demand side of the equation, we got that report from japan overnight about adding more stimulus but they lowered their economic outlook and when they do that ahead of the fed meeting it raises memories of what we saw in the beginning of the year after the fed raised rates and we saw weakness in asia that heard the energy market, and you look at gasoline prices they haven't been going down. we give seen the biggest run-up in gasoline prices we have seen in over a year and prices are back at 194 overnight, the highest price we have seen in three months. the refiners are cutting back on production, that will keep gas prices high as oil falls. maria: thank you so much. more and more chinese companies investing in the united states, should americans be worried about national security risks behind these moves is.
6:48 am
one of the top stories, china threatening a deal with marriott. but first donald trump takes the dig at his campaign champion chris christie in ohio as he makes his case to voters there. >> your governor john kasich if you look at him, and being totally impartial, goes to new hampshire, is living in new hampshire, living, is chris around? even more than chris christie, he was there. right? even more. i needed to do that but had to make my point.
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maria:. chinese companies looking for folds in the united states. yesterday blackstone group selling its luxury hotel business to a chinese ensure a starwood getting a group of chinese companies, should americans be concerned about this being a security risk? joining us is north carolina congressman and vice chairman of the bipartisan task force to investigate terrorism financing, robert pittenger. thanks for joining us. we just saw china last year acquired all waldorf-astoria hotel in new york. that was a big deal because a number of heads of state stand at the waldorf-astoria. right after that deal was locked up, president obama said i won't say of the waldorf and more because the rooms are tapped. what is the latest bid yesterday
6:53 am
for the chinese companies to try to break up the star would marriott deal? >> chinese investments are very healthy. we have chinese investments in north and south carolina. the care group, a chinese company, acquired textile firm across the border from charlotte that creates jobs. it will be in my new district, a chinese firm. we are not at all displeased with investments. maria: do you worry with the chinese government obviously even if it is a chinese company, you could say chinese government, could get involved at any time, do you worry the chinese government would be running some of the largest hotels in america. do you worry because of taxing and national secrets do you worry about that? is that one industry to look at?
6:54 am
>> certainly, swept the head of state will go in there, those are security prudent advisory role in it. and arkansas relative to the chicago stock exchange is the company has chinese ownership, they be acquiring the company, we don't know much about it. that is the nature of the chinese. that in itself was involving currency manipulation, cyberwar, corporate espionage and for all these reasons it is prudent to get a strong look at what the objectives are and the concerns. maria: jump in and make sure we get the facts, a group offered to pay $76 a share in cash, starwood tones sheridan brandow.
6:55 am
>> they bought the waldorf -- it is all part of the cement indeed. maria: china would unknown waldorf, sheridan and westin brands. >> it is not actually physically and hotels because the management contracts, operating contracts and properties on the building as well as the hotel but the bigger picture here is much more related to the fact that the chinese are offering cash. what investors will decide here is will they want the cash keep the chinese companies have a lot of cash they are trying to deploy it out of china into this country. maria: this is why we have been set up in washington, i would like to hear your take on this. there are three hundred cases every year. the treasury's the department,
6:56 am
all the intelligence agencies. they are going to have do have the intel industry. dagen: it is the nature of the company and the security risk of having a chinese organization and running it. >> that is our concern, that is the objective. there objective is to seek out any acquisition that has a national security intended. the acquisition of the stock exchange could play enroll in that. that is why we need a robust -- >> chinese industries are deemed off-limits to foreigners. no matter how much people think it would be a good deal they are off limits, they cannot acquire defense company in china or an oil company, there are certain things. do we have that in the united
6:57 am
states? >> in terms of what we want to acquire. those restrictions, we have restricted china from acquiring western digital, semiconductor firms, very important component for military equipment and all these things are relative to security interests. maria: good to have you on the program, appreciate it. more mornings when we come back, stay with us. ces you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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a sleep number store. maria: welcome back, maria bartiroma, is march 15th, supertuesday 2.0. it is 7:00 a.m. on the east coast, voters head to the polls with all eyes on ohio and florida. of last-minute push including republican front runner donald trump. >> if you go to your doctor and he tells you is over, it is done, you are done, you will be dead in three weeks, does it matter? get out tomorrow and vote. maria: on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders speaking at a town hall had of the primaries without rage after hillary clinton said this. >> libya was a different kind of calculation. we didn't lose a single person.
7:01 am
maria: we know four americans were killed in the september attack in benghazi police carried pictures out of ohio where a tornado touched down near dayton. a look at the damage in the program, march madness upon us, get a look at my pick for the n.c.a.a. bracket. the bank and japan held reit city overnight, it did cut its economic outlook for japan, potentially opening the door for further action. markets in asia mostly lower, we are seeing some weakness, mining stocks dragging down 2/3%, the cac rundown 1%. we expect some selling at the opening of trading, futures indicating a decline of 75 points. later we get retail sales, that is expected to be down 0.2%. today kicks off a two day third meeting. all that coming up in the
7:02 am
program and to break it down dagen mcdowell, wall street week co-hosted gary kaminski and morgan ortega, good to see you, lots to talk about but to the campaign trail. the first polling stations opening a moment ago, ted cruz, marco rubio fighting to slow down for a runner donald trump. especially in the winner-take-all state of ohio and florida. look at where we stand in terms of delegates with 416 trump's corner, ted cruz with 370, 66 delegates up for grabs in ohio, 99 in florida. live with more in miami. >> reporter: it is spring break and miami music weeklies now that it is 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning it is also election day here and throughout florida. for marco rubio it could potentially be winner go home in florida. this is his home state, he is
7:03 am
sitting senator but polls show he trails donald trump big by as much or even more than 20 points. there is early voting, absentee voting polls opening early as well and marco rubio leaning on an early vote as much as 1.1 million republicans so far have already early voted and that is what marco rubio is hedging his hopes on. >> we feel good about the early vote. a lot of strong supporters throughout the state of already voted. i am doing -- the only thing i know how to do is work hard and keep pushing forward with our message and see what it needs to. >> reporter: 99 delegates in florida, winner-take-all. donald trump appears to be locked in a heated battle in ohio with the sitting governor john kasich but donald trump said yesterday he feels he wins florida and if he wins ohio later tonight it could be lights out.
7:04 am
>> the beauty would be if we win florida and we win ohio we could go and attack hillary, no more attacking each other. i really appreciate -- i really appreciate your question/statement. i even like the statement. if we win ohio indeed we win florida than everybody agrees every one of these guys, it is pretty much over. >> reporter: three more states, illinois, missouri, north carolina, in florida of the polls are once again back open this morning. maria: blake berman republican presidential hopeful making their last push for votes. >> this is the place i want to win. this is going to do it. a high hell is going to make america great again. >> our campaign is the only campaign that has been donald trump over and over and over
7:05 am
again, not just once, not just twice, not just three times, but nine times all over in this country. >> we are going to do what needs to be done, we will win the 99 delegates here in florida. it will give us the momentum we need to going to arizona and utah. >> i will never take a remote road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. maria: donald trump leading the way with the highest number of delegates. want to bring in sam clovis. good to see you, thanks for joining us. clear the donald trump continued to do really well across the country. how is he going to take ohio knowing john kasich has such a strong foothold. >> you will be interesting to see what the turnout is. a lot of factors are in play. it was close. we have the opportunity to edge it out.
7:06 am
we were pulling behind john kasich in michigan and we end ed up with the double digit win. i am not one of those to hang my hat on a pole. i could tear the statistics to pieces. everybody can, we have to wait and see what the voice of the people will pronounce tonight when polls close encounter those votes. >> let me read something to you from someone who doesn't like donald but is in florida right now and is going to vote for him. republicans are fed up with the party giving them the house and senate and not doing anything, ted cruz cannot win the general election, at least donald trump has a shot. is that what this is all about? >> one of the things we have been talking about, since i joined the campaign in august trying to get people to focus in.
7:07 am
the ruling class in washington everybody seems to have turned at tin ear to the american people and the american people ice speaking and i am part of that movement. to get people elected, worked hard in 14, ran for office myself. and help folks get elected. we were betrayed. get the ink signed on the ballots and come to washington d.c. what do they do? they pass this incredibly horrible budget, incredible horrible spending plan and finding that their nose at us and patting us on the head for the last few years and the american people are fed up. this is the point. >> i am a proud native floridian. one thing i was struck with yesterday is that attorney general pam bondi came out for donald trump, she's incredibly popular, what i am looking for in florida would be a miracle for marco rubio to pull that
7:08 am
off, a miracle. because florida is a closed primary, can donald trump get 40%. all the pundits that he can't do well in closed primaries, can he get 40% in florida in a closed primary? >> that to the polls, this notion of putting an arbitrary cap on performance of donald trump again is wishful thinking. we have performed well above 40% in a lot of polls, running 40% of the national polls, and no pushback on this, the idea that when we put an artificial cap, we say we hope he doesn't get above 40%, that is what it really is is wishful thinking. maria: to hillary clinton she made bold comments on libya during a town hall last night. listen to this, want to get your reaction.
7:09 am
>> libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a single person. >> we have four dead americans. was a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided to kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> it goes right to the heart of what is going on with a total lack of denials here. as a former member of the military one of the things lived by, my father before that, my son was in the service today, we never left anybody behind and this is a clear example of people who are competent, no sense of obligation, they left people behind and there is nothing as unforgivable than civilian leadership than that.
7:10 am
this is despicable. maria: in libya last night, what do you -- dagen: and it talking point people will forget the truth, don't know she was talking about the way she was trying to characterize these rallies and protests out there. if you listen on the radio you can't see it that this is what i heard from that. >> i should describe for the radio. >> listening on the radio when your facial expression is. dagen: my mother says i look like i am selling something awful. as part of trump's campaign you look to her. if you wind up running against -- if you wind up running against hillary clinton what about the fund-raising? have you talked about how much
7:11 am
money, getting a war chest to get there? >> that is out of my job jar, thank god because i know we have been talking to the i in see, we have to go out there, probably need $500 million for the campaign, maybe more. this becomes a real issue but again, thank god that is not in my lean right now and i will get is that. we win a nomination first and then we will worry about the money. maria: what about his cabinet? talking earlier about he would use chris christie on his cabinet or ben carson, ben carson made the comment he has a position in trump's cabinet? >> i haven't been involved in those discussions but if you look at the best the republican party has displayed through this presidential process you see the tremendous amount of talent and
7:12 am
only so many departments. we won't have trouble filling those positions. maria: donald trump said he would go for someone political, you think he looks at the gop, the bench we have been hearing and seeing the last week months or so as a place to candidates for his cabinet. >> it is going to certainly we have a great bench did from but also there are going to be surprises, some business people will be brought in, people from other areas because we have departments that need a special hand and i am not sure political people on the ones we need. thanks to all of the. maria: see you soon. don't miss all-star coverage tonight of the superis a 2.0, action starts on the east coast, neil cavuto, lou dobbs and myself beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern on the fox business network. hope you will join us. tornadoes with 100 mile an hour
7:13 am
winds tearing through a town destroying homes, latest on a wild whether it coming up next.
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: russian warplanes have started to leave c rea. a little surprised. cheryl: a big surprise yesterday from vladimir putin. the president of russia ordering with the role of most of russia's forces from syria, surprise to many. this follows a five month air campaign by the russians.
7:16 am
all of this says peace talks between syria and the opposition are set to resume for a secondary inert geneva. just-in-time for the primaries and incredible picture to show you out of ohio after a tornado blew through yesterday about twister tore the roof off of a home and damaged several nearby bars. the national weather service said it was packing winds of 105 miles per hour. the test of hamilton at the white house yesterday. >> this is so fun ♪ ♪ cheryl: president obama looking at cue cards as the creator of hamilton freestyleed in the rose garden. a 2-story alexander hamilton, the nation's first treasury secretary, the president having a good time at the white house
7:17 am
yesterday saying it, quote, brings all the folks together. dagen: folks are not seeing this. people who can get their hands on tickets and can afford to pay in the secondary market or from scalpers, $1,000 or $2,000 a ticket, folks are not going to see this. putting the show as side i think people are so frustrated with the president's taking out with celebrities all the time. beyonce, j.d. hamilton. day of the seinfeld thing he did, whatever. >> i would rather he be doing this than more executive action. >> the tournament is coming up. he will have his bracket coming soon and a lot of stuff to focus on. he could go to a couple games. maria: a few things he might
7:18 am
take care of like what is going on in syria. >> do nothing else, go to hamilton. dagen: i am convinced he will have a television show when he is out of the white house. he wants to have a lot of voice. maria: you think he wants his own show. dagen: i think he wants his own late-night show, yes. that is my prediction. >> he is not funny. dagen: he has good -- everybody -- maria: he is jamming at the white house. thank you. take a quick break and we will look at a quick business inert, challenger gray and christmas releasing its productivity report on the march madness tournament that 15 million workers in the u.s. will participate costing employers $4 billion in lost productivity. speaking of march madness,
7:19 am
breaking down who will be the winner and how this will go. back in a minute. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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maria: the n.c.a.a. men's basketball tournament is on. the kicks off this week, jared mack, preview of march madness. >> battleground state ohio, the first week for games of the 2016 n.c.a.a. men's basketball tournament but no need to fill
7:23 am
out your brackets yet. the first four games are freebies to determine who will compete for the fields. college basketball takes over television and every digital platform imaginable. basketball fans have greater access than ever before to the n.c.a.a.. any games will be available on desktop, smart phones, tablets with no registration required. watch what you want, the games broadcast on tnt, through tv, there's registration required. six years ago they signed a 14 year contract with cbs and turner sports for tv rights to the n.c.a.a. this deal valued at $11 billion break down to $740 million annually. talk about big money. big money? how about bashing on the n.c.a.a.? everyone does the bracket. all-american have been on march madness, $262 million in legal bets. there will be 9.2 billion debt
7:24 am
total, the majority like we have our brackets in the pool, be careful what you say a round your boss because they are probably not legal for many changing hands. one in ten americans will play a bracket in the n.c.a.a. and sports gambling, this is national gambling awareness month because of the n.c.a.a. most sports gambling addicts make their first bet on the n.c.a.a. tournament, first four days of the tournament there is more money. maria: national gambling awareness month. >> you said one in ten would make a bet or played a bracket and in the first four days of the tournament there is more money wagered on the n.c.a.a. and the entire superbowl. >> my guess is five of ten will attend a social function in the next three weeks. they are walking the games.
7:25 am
it helps the board and it is a huge economic -- dagen: real basketball fans watch at home alone. when the games were on, don't ask if i want it. maria: is that what you get? dagen: you have two or original teams, carolina and virginia. which is incredible. maria: call you at what time tonight? dagen: 64 or so. >> don't get too cute picking no. 16 seed. they are 0-124 against no. one seeds. if you pick kansas, north carolina, probably not a bad way to go. loss of productivity, $4.2 billion but look at the money that comes into the economy. it is a wash. maria: companies to embrace it.
7:26 am
dagen: embrace it. >> marianne has a bracket here. maria: i have my own picks. don't tell my last coin. my trusty steed manager will reveal my final two picks, the final four picks. i spent so much time doing this. >> miami in the south. and xavier. maria: it was a good pick. a couple people go to it xavier. what else do you do when you are considering taking teams? michigan state -- >> it doesn't matter. >> much better than charles
7:27 am
barkley the other night. i take based on if i like the name of the school way it sounds to me. maria: you like xavier too. dagen: a good way to pick wine as well. >> we entered the bottom of murray's bracket. maria: revealing all my picks? thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. the real cost of love, finding your soul mate is costing you big, candidates are making their final push in five states including florida. we will take you to south beach to look at the battle for the sunshine state, stay with us.
7:28 am
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cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. maria: welcome back good do you see morning i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, march 15 super tuesday 2.0 top stories 7:30 on east coast, voters headed to the polls in five states with all eyes on ohio and florida. results do-or-die for john kasich marco rubio, kasich explained his path to the nomination. >> i am not running to block anybody from anything. i am ring for president
7:31 am
because i have the foreign policy experience and domestic experience and success -- that is why i am running for president i am not running to block anybody. the math is real. maria: the race tightening on democratic side bernie sanders closing the gap, it could win three he midwestern states, on sanders sidehill hill backlash after comments. >> because we're going to put a lot of coal miners coal companies out of business. >> this morning her campaign is backpedaling. >> the uber driver cured of going on shooting rampage in michigan blaming ride sharing service for allegedly crime bank of japan rates steady the news out of the meeting was that bank of japan loader economic outlook potentially opening the door, for further stimulus action. markets in asia most lower we are seeing weakness in european mining stocks are
7:32 am
leading the way lower, for the ft 100 down two-thirds one per cent majors week in u.s. futures indicating a lower opening for broader averages dow jones industrial average expected down 70 points the nasdaq s&p in red. later this morning we look at february reading on retail sales retail sales expected down 2/10 of one percent kicks off a two day fed meeting we hear from janet yellen tomorrow in news conference, tourniquet back to the campaign trail republican candidacy making a finalizing push for voters in five different states, big prides out of florida and ohio. live in ohio right now with very latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning, the polls are open in buckeye state a lot of suspense i think tight both sides aisle republican side dead heat governor kasich crisscrossing home state joined on trail by former massachusetts governor 2012 nominee mitt romney kasich has yet to claim victory behind in delegate count depending on a pig
7:33 am
winner take all win to keep his campaign alive, donald trump has not allowed the governor to have the state to himself, shifting schedule to make a last minute stop here, canceling a rally in florida holding a rally outside youngstown ohio. >> we are going to win, win, win we are going to win so much you are going to be so proud of your country again, i love you all ohio, you can make the difference! you can make the difference! tell your friends, vote for trump, i promise you i am going to so a great job you will look back two years from now, 10 years from now, 20 years from now, you are going to say that is the single greatest vote i ever cast. >> i will not take low road to highest office in the land we can't unite america by dividing america. >> race right to for a diplomatics hillary clinton leading bernie sanders in michigan primary was up
7:34 am
ultimately sanders won there, the question can sanders do it again another victory in the twest, more than 400,000 voters have already voted here, in ohio, the absentee ballots we are seeing line here forge o one of the biggest counties in the state very steady here polls close 7:30 back to you. maria: thanks so much joining us from washington, is fox news distributor town political editor benson with us on set strategist fox contributor julie joining us in studio good to see you thanks for joining us. >> i wondered what you think about this backlash against trump and this idea that the gop establishment is trying to tarnish -- to get somebody else in there, won't that -- have a negative impact on the overall establishment itself if people feel we go to contested convention, once they feel stole from trump.
7:35 am
>> they will be they will be right the majority plurality in this case voters cast vote for trump establishment comes in snatches that away from trump, that is to me seems something republican party do you know whether or not want to deal with on the other hand do you want to go against hillary clinton and general election with donald trump as your stad bearer he said you look what he just said in earlier clips 10, 20 years from now you are going to look back on this vote look back realize the pryinged over demise of the republican party that may be something supporters want at the end of thday u ne inastrturestabshme wi you thi the reblic par is mmedf yodo dmed you don't depending what happens in july, the republican convention. >> how do you see it? >> oh, i think it will become irrelevant if donald trump has big day continues forward wracking up delegates we have one call, on seoul tuesday good start for him 9 delegates northern marianma islands the
7:36 am
big prize ohio florida 1635 bound delegating winner takall at stake ins two states if donald t did i for anybody else, to win the nomination why people who oppose trump rooting for marco rubio in florida, maybe a longer shot down there, and then john kasich who is surging in ohio according to some polls, has a small lead. maria: dagen. dagen: -- to the point, and julie touched on this in a way, and no knock on other candidates, but in a away it would it be better for the party as a whole if donald trump could win ohio, in florida and really get to 1237 and so it won't become an issue at the convention. >> yeah, i think you are right i think a great point, i certainly would think if upper -- priebus to have cohesion probably needs trump to win on the other hand you have marco rubio john kasich saying we're
7:37 am
not going to -- support in generally, mitt romney coming out anointed himself brb establishment, coming out saying, this is a disaster i am not sure could i vote for him so on, so forth, you know either way the republican party iss is to fractured i am not sure will be able to put it back together. dagen: they are doing that they all said would you support him if nominee back pedaled trying to win two states. >> i would like to -- talk to somebody on fifth avenue. >> talking about the republican primary, i think there is a very good chance this democrats primary can go to convention yesterday in florida, the young k democrats did a straw poll sanders abate clinton 88.5%. >> young democrats. >> not super delegates pledged delegates leeds 00 numbers on screen if you include super delegates, sanders has a very good shot the states the money
7:38 am
to keep going, it is not going to convention because of the stupor delegate -- >> impacts from bernie sanders has been how much he is pushing her to the left. >> hillary clinton, and campaign this morning, is playing defense, after her comments on already struggling coal industry listen to what hillary said then tell you response to campaign. >> i am the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key in the coal country. because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> now, i don't know -- if that wasn't clear but clinton's press secretary brian is accusing the republicans of twisting her words. >> he says, quote no candidate in this race is more devoted to supporting coal communities than hillary clinton. any suggestions otherwise are false.
7:39 am
>> gary we know what is going on this coal companies under president obama, she was very clear in that sound bite, but the campaign says no, she didn't say that at all. >> it was pretty clear what she was saying. let me go back one second, i keep i am sure many advisories are hearing this as well, establishment, establishment. what does the establishment mean other than raising money at national level i don't know what you mean establishment. maria: career pongs. >> one way to put it party prus wh apparatus, the medics of mechanics of election. >> donald trump is winning, winning. >> donald trump. >> without about establishment. >> he is in a general election -- >> why? >> wln, why? because look at his numbers look at fact he is winning the plurality of -- >> he is winning. >> come on tv, you can't win a general election without the establishment how do we know. >> we are about to find out
7:40 am
poll numbers you see clearly that he is not even holding on to majority of republicans this point are they going to coalesce. >> i mean that is it has a ceiling 34, 35%, are they going to coalesce people listen are guy benson going to coalesce, behind nominee donald trump i think answer probably yes for most not a lot of them. >> what do you think. >> i think a lot of republicans eventually if nominee will get behind him a chunk of skrconservatives will not independents young voters hispanics big problems in general election two polls last unique national polls show that his disapproval rating is minus 37 and minus 39, those are unelectable in general election i think better once republicans start coalescing the fact trailing hillary clinton on hopelessnessity trustworthy, is sort of a breadth taking indication of the struggles i
7:41 am
think ahead for the republican party if donald trump is nominee. dagen: i can connect hillary to trump to the coal comment, because if you look at those coal counties, in the states that have voted, southwestern virginia or an kentucky, cannon county in virginia trump took almost 70% of the vote, so i think did there is an astonishing connection with a lot of people in this country that i think that establishment republican and democrat is continuing to underestimate. >> let's not quite a few what happens in primary with general barack obama, was never going to win those coal counties in 2008 he was never going to win coal counties in 2012 won national selection. >> hillary clinton is not going to win those in a general election no democrat would there is no way. >> west virginia places like that no matter what happens in primary for her to say what she said about coal companies, doesn't really hurt her going into general election. >> talking down to -- a bigger
7:42 am
i think a bigger churning chunk of working class blue collar guys and gals. >> they were never voting for her. >> the problem republicans misunderstoodstand a democrat has not won a majority of the white vote in i don't know several decades if not more, so, you know, democrats win with quote/unquote obama could listing minority voters younger highly educated voters, they don't win with white voters anymore they haven't since lyndon johnson. >> she can't beat bernie sanders in michigan. >> barack obama lost michigan as well to her 2008 she won the primary. >> i feel like the working guy and gallon is going for trump i do i feel the working guy and gallon even unions are going for trump, you wanted to jump? >> i was going to say, i think many points of julie is make aring on point but one thing that might give trump a chance in the general is just how testicular of a candidate hillary clinton is.
7:43 am
it is not just that coal remark that she made recently she made three major gaffes last 4 hours talked about bankrupting coal putting people out of jobs out of business her campaign denied it we all saw the tape she was asked by a democratic voter in ohio about skyrocketing obamacare costs and basically told the woman, you got to shop harder a terrible answer, and then last night she said of libya that the american military the american government did not lose a single person in libya totally ignoring benghazi and four people who died on her watch the at state department that terrible event, she is a flawed deeply flawed candidate. maria: we will leave it there thanks so much -- a pleasure come back soon don't miss all-star pg coverage action twinge 7 pm eastern east coast neil cavuto lou dobbs myself, we will be there, on the fox business network tonight beginning at 7:00 pm eastern we hope you will join us coming up ncaa tournament
7:44 am
prepares for tip-off other final four picks, back in a minute. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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7:47 am
. maria: welcome backub uber driver killed six people in michigan last month said he was controlled by the uber app, cheryl casone with more. cheryl: yeah, so, according to a police report, jason dalton said he sensed an artificial presence from his cell phone the man fatally shot six weem woundeded two others in and around kalamazoo, been odded to undergo mental health competency exam. >> mascot of cheerios missing in canada general mills temporarily dropping mascot to draw attention to declining number of bees found the population falling in north america no clear explanation.
7:48 am
>> and we're all about numbers at fox business, check this one out about the cost of love according to a new survey the average person spends more than 5 years, more than 20,000 dollars, on dating before they get married, survey found average amount spent on date 43.50. activists dinner movies but disparity between men and women woman reported spending 93. >> what restaurant they went for 43 dollars. >> national survey not in new york, obviously. >> -- how much did you spend on dates before you got married gary. >> i got enengaged at the deck of pan-am terminal jfk 28 years ago it will was i had to pay for the park to go get through taeerminal you know my wife. >> fantastic, i know.
7:49 am
but going into that, how much do you -- spend a lot on dates. >> i will say my -- well we were very simple, you know shared dirnz went to movies. >> it is a small percentage of total of total gdp so to speak. >> wow, the -- proposal was nice night a keeper. >> i spent more than -- any of you i have been married twice. >> so -- to go snoo. >> you spent money. >> moved across country for fis husband a chunk of change. >> -- that counts. >> jonathan bought dinner would i by. >> dinner movie lunch walk cooking at home, popular date activities single person on panel i had to thoroughly research this before coming on
7:50 am
air with the facts, and those are them. >> thank you. >> still a showdown in buckeye state kasich takes on trump the latest shows two neck and neck live report from the ground next ba minute. ♪
7:51 am
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7:53 am
it is make or break for ohio governor kasich in home state kasich taking on donald trump, today, 66 winner take all
7:54 am
delegates at stake in ohio. it may not be enough to launch kasich above the pack it could give campaign new life to jeff fixed capital outlay outside a polling station in north homestead ohio with latest good morning to you what can you tell us how does it look? reporter: outside cleveland basement of the church saint clarence perhaps is see these stocks at the tables, the state of republican presidential race in hands look what happened yesterday donald trump, big rally at youngstown airport hangar, rolled up in airport came down the stairs typically dramatic fashion this could be a knockout punch for him john kasich yesterday bringing mitt romney, in, and some had questioned whether or not that will be helpful or hurt full to governor kasich in ohio you know he has a favorable rating from 8 out of 10 ohio republican voters but in normal year you get that would
7:55 am
do it but this is not necessarily normal year you talk about delegates, if you put the numbers up, if governor kasich were to winner his home state ohio would double his delegate count and give him nice boost, going forward keep his campaign going. he has said quite clearly, that if he don't know win here he is done ep. maria: he isdone but if he does take ohio that is a big deal, i mean, we will see what that means, for the rest of the race trump is still in lead even if he takes all those delegates; right? >> s. reporter: i think obviously, it is a huge boost it will may be sets him up as main you know, moderate or establishment alternative to donald trump could count for a whole heck of a lot forward a race go. >> jeff flock in ohio, this morning, in the hour we showed you my first two picks for the final four in ncaa tournament i have more picks go to board
7:56 am
trustee stage manager nat is standing by, and nat, we know that i chose miami and xavier out of the western region i have chosen. >> oregon, number one seed. >> oregon ducks. >> i love oregon so beautiful that is why i picked it. >> [laughter] >> a lot of people -- love oregon should not have been number one seed correct. >> absolutely, should have been michigan state. >> out of midwest region i went west team nobody wants to play secede michigan state. there you go, dagen that is my that those are my picks. dagen: how long do we have to wait for the rest of them later in the hour. maria: later in the hour i have -- for making these did you put telling your -- dagen: i have not sat down to do my bracket i am going to copy you -- >> choovg my boss made me do it what a is the cutest players, ranked literally. >> i came in like second or third.
7:57 am
>> when my age they are all acu cute. >> what about you? unc my jon james graduate 2014 had four years of tough unc baseball the fa basketball number one for heels. >> i pulled for cavs first and foremost where my father went to school. >> michigan state i have virginia -- winning it all. >> you are on the wrong side of that trade, nat, we will break on that, stay with us. [alarm beeps] ♪
7:58 am
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maria: good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromotize march 15, super tuesday 2.0 top stories 8:00 a.m. on east coast, voters heading to polls in five states all eyes on ohio and florida, results do-or-die for marco rubio and john kasich republican respect front-runner donald trump making a last minute pitch to ohio voters. >> this is a place i want to win, this is the place this is going to do it, ohio is going to make america great again, [cheers and applause] kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. maria: on democratic sidehill hill bernie sanders, speaking in town hall ahead have had primaries last night, but there was outrage after hillary clinton said this. >> it was a different kind of
8:01 am
calculation we didn't move a single person. >> keep that in mind, of course, four americans killed in september 2012 attack in benghazi libya breaking moments ago a car bomb in berlin one person has been killed, terrorism not riled out, following this development and we will bring the latest. a startling report on more than 100 illegal immigrants released from jail later charging with murder! mile-an-hour copa county sheriff joe apio with us the bank japan rates steady it cut outlook in japan potentially opening the door for action in terms of monetary stimulus out of japan, markets in asia moment of lower take a look at europe, stocks trading lower there as well as you can see fractional moves across the board mining stocks, by the way, the lead losers in european trading this morning, in u.s. futures indicating a markets will open lower ahead of lot to come at 8:30 a.m.
8:02 am
eastern a, by the way, we look at february reading on retail sales this is important because it is the consumer as bright spot in the economic growth retail sales expected down 2/10 of 1% all that much more here to brake break it down dagen mcdowell, departh gary could minuteski, morgan, before we get to the rest you gave a shout-out to your son james. >> three sons. >> my son who is on way home from spring break was upset we mentioned james you know tommy. >> i remember. >> maria says good morning. >> third. >> william in school right now. >> not going to get upset that you didn't give him a shout-out. >> good morning. >> campaign trail top story john kasich ted cruz marco rubio all fighting to supplant donald trump as republican is it bearer winner take all ohio and florida delegation for
8:03 am
grabs, 66 in ohio, 99 florida, both are you winner take all states, blake burman owing in miami polls open for on the ground polls open about on a hour. reporter: good morning to you, five states across the country in play, among them, the biggest of them, is florida, 99 delegates here, there are so many headlines heading into the voting among them the is a atmosphere going on at donald trump's rallies in the last month and weeks but specifically in the last days and how protesters have been treated there, trump made three stops yesterday, ohio, north carolina and florida. and as we saw here in florida, at the protests did not stop. >> i didn't know this happened in tampa! i love tampa! i didn't know this happened, all right. they will go home they will go home to their mom soon.
8:04 am
>> trump was joined on trail, in tampa by former alaska governor former vice presidential candidate sarah palin wade in on protesters did not mince words. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty stuff that has been going on, with these quote/unquote protesters. . reporter: critics have been allowed as well, saying essentiallyly trump has not been apologetic for what has been going on hillary clinton was asked about this took it a step further last night, during a town hall in illinois. >> now, when you are ininciting mob violence what trump is doing in those clips there are a lot of memories in dna people remember mob violence that led to lynching
8:05 am
mob violence that led to people being shot being you know grabbed being mistreated. reporter: of course, big ghe all one really maria is will this matter for voters at all, when they head into the booths like that precincts 37 here on miami beach we will see but in florida, the polls show that it is trump who leeads big into election at a. >> blake burman in miami, joining us former 2016 -- for candidate arkansas governor mike huckabee, governor good to see you thanks so much for joining us. reporter: good to be here maria thank you. maria: what are your takeaways what strikes most about such an important moment in the election? >> i was in miami, in fact i was in little havana saturday i was go doing part of a media thing over there, i just assumed, sitting there at the cafe versailles epicenter cuban american community marco
8:06 am
rubio would run away with support was shocked to find out most people were trump supporters was kind of -- a very startling reality that trump is doing well across the state. today i am in northwest florida panhandle most predictable he may go over 50% i don't think there is doubt about florida i think the big question is what happens in ohio. and -- if -- if trump wins ohio, i think it is going to be hard for the best efforts of the republican establishment to stop him. maria: i want to talk about ohio because i agree with you i think that is really the more important area to look at but let me stay in florida for a second, because, it keeps coming up that trump doesn't have hispanic vote and that he needs of hispanic vote to win the presidency what is your take on that given his comments on mexico, et cetera, do you think he has the support of the of hispanic community? he certainly has among people
8:07 am
i have talked to northwest florida as well as south florida, now that is not scientific, but look a lot of people who worked hard to come here legally, recognize that the country boards are broken we are all for legal immigration we understand this country is great because people have come from all over the world to fulfill hoepz and dreams like our ancestors did but if the illegals immigration issue that has been very troubling and there are a lot of people that go to the construction sites they ever workers, they want a job, they say, do you have any work for me, and they are told no, and they look and entire force people who do not speak english, and they are pretty sure that you know they are not exactly residents and having green cards. that iss what is causing people to be upset if everybody in america had a good job people wouldn't worry so much about illegal immigration, are but that is the problem -- people don't have jobs. maria: right.
8:08 am
>> governor what about thissid of establishment old school now doesn't make sense do you consider yourself establishment first of all, are you in an establishment member of the party? >> no. i think it is pretty ev dent by fact hugely targeted by some establishment, millions of dollars of ads begins join me iowa south carolina, back in 2008. because i wasn't establi you know. i spoke out for really breaking up what i considered to be a growing oligarchy in our government, and it is out will control and i think that is what we are seeing today you -- >> so is the trump is trump candidacies braking the establishment that it is only ant all about money who can ray of most money raising the money this cycle has been a complete disaster for has to have raised the money if you think of it as ab typically investment?
8:09 am
>> well what's happened the money which is normally the rule of politics, has been trumped by message. and this is a disruptive election traditional politics honorable left right liberal conservative democrat republican where everybody lines up this is a political election people could carry less where you are horizonly are you going to take us up or down the perpetration is america on its way down because the political class has failed us. they failed us because they have been so sensitive to the donor class not sensitive to the working class, working class people have taken it in the gut, i got a friend just sold his house in the washington d.c. area, he had it on market three days he had five offer every one overlist price, washington, d.c., the only recession proof place in the world, richest counties in
8:10 am
america vournd beltway. >> you say political conclaves on bothsides. >> absolutely. >> in democrats we got to get to news about ben carson governor ben carson reportedly see z himself as some sort of of educational advisory to trump anyone comes to mind when speaking of donald trump presidential cabinet he said basically suggested that he will have a role in the cabinet, now have you been asked to be in the cabinet or has this conversation come up with you -- >> no, it has not, i am not initially endorsing anybody i have stayed out of an endorsement of the primary i know a lot of people think that i endorsed i haven't. i try to tell it like it is and tell it like i see from it the perspective of someone who has been down there on arena floor. look, i think chris christie is probably in a good position, perhaps, whether for the vice president or maybe attorney general he would be terrific ag i this i there is going to be a lot of people
8:11 am
trump will look to who have political experience that may be he does not a have. >> good morning governor this is morgan you have been a respected member of the evangelical community representing republican party for a long time my pafrnts love in you florida puck aing about trump not cruz, i know you -- in primary he is drawing a lot of evangelical support, in this primary, even until today, tell me where you think he evangelicals are coming down as we go forward i know a lot of evangelicals that believe in family values have a problem with one married three times talks about his sexual exploits when married with other married women. >> don don continues to win with evangelicals he beat ted cruz in south carolina, and all southern states supposed to be ted cruz's firewall he based his campaign on that notion. that he would win south carolina, in a big way, he
8:12 am
would win the sec states a big way because of the he evangelicals where as many as 75% of the voters in those states are evangelical. but, again, this is an election evangelicals i heard at my you church on sunday, yes, they understand all the -- the flaws and the -- the he blemishes on donald trump they get it they are tired of seeing jobs disappear feel their country is getting away from them, they don't pretend donald trump is one of them, they know he is not but else this are kind of -- maybe refreshed for the fact he doesn't pretend, he doesn't say one thing does something different. >> those people with christian heart and mind judge the man standing in front of them today they don't judge his past do you agree with that? >> absolutely. and i don't think that for many of them, they are voting for donald trump because they say oh, you know he will be swith me in church next sunday they are pretty sure he
8:13 am
wouldn't about it they are willing to say that he will defend their religious liberty so they won't be harassed because they did go to church that is more important to them than who they elect to be president. >> for evangelicals cruise has have a lot of evangelical support, a ton of evangelicals in florida today who still have a problem with still think familiar values matter more than you are describing them. >> the people who supported him throughout the south -- he didn't win cruz did not win southern states. >> right. look it does matter to many people there are a lot of evangelicals who are apoplectic that there are christian people leaders god of trump that blows their mind i think if they talk to voters, look evangelicals had never been monolithic in voting patterns i am pro-life voter a pro family voter, that matters to me, but, also, it matters to me that we are a country that protects
8:14 am
ourselves secures our you boarders treat people fairly justly that hasn't happened in america there is a different set of rules for people in the ruling class, and the people in the working class, and those of who is have lived in the middle america know it and a lot of people are just flat sick of it, and they are willing to forgive a lot of things in donald trump's personal life, if they think that he will punch the lights outfyi out, if i gotively speaking. >> thanks for being with us this morning see you soon. >> great to be to be with you. thanks a lot. maria: we'll be right back.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
figuratively ii. maria: we have breaking news right now emergency crews responding to car bomb s explosion in berlin cheryl casone. cheryl: that is right investigation under way this was a powerful explosion killing one person this happened downtown berlin, the blast destroyed one vehicle driver of that vehicle was the victim, investigators right now trying to find out the name of that victim at this time though we should say terrorism has not been ruled out by investigators. there. also, this headlined this morning, congress taking action against isis, the house he overwhelmingly approving a resolution that condemns isis atrocities, against christians and other minorities in iraq, about in syria, as genocide
8:18 am
nup binding measure would create international tribunal to try isis members accused of war crimes. >> 12 minutes from now checking out the consumer bottom of the hour retail sales coming occupy economists looking for sales to decline by 2/10 of a percent from january, sales including autos auto parts also expected to fall, by 2/10 of a percent again that number going to come out 12 minutes from now we as many say a lot of big name retailers have been closing bricks-and-mortar stores last month or so could affect the numbers back to you. maria: possibly market moving thank you very much next hillary clinton collage u.s. did not loss a single christian in libya during her time as secretary of state. the controversial comments at last night's democratic you town hall meeting details sneaks 2.0 super tuesday has begin ohio governor john kasich fighting for home state as voters head to the polls live coverage of the hello
8:19 am
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into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. buckeye state kasich hoping to secure a win fending off donald trump investigating his pain new hope for the future 66 winner take all delegates for grabs in ohio. jeff flock at polling station right now in ohio with the latest. good morning. reporter: good morning, maria. big push yesterday sort of interesting to see, donald trump rally big rally i hadn't
8:23 am
been really inside to donald trump rally before so it was an interesting experience, this one in a big airplane hangar at the airport heavy security though that is really changed, in the trump rallies, not as many people perhaps because everybody had to go through metal detectors, no protesters or any problems, kind of interesting, interesting to be part of the press corps here him point out all the liars in the press corps i never have been called a liar that way before i guess that is the way it goes trump campaign, as for kasich he brought in mitt romney yesterday. some questions whether or not that was good idea or not, but you know, this is make-or-break, i mean it is a bit of a cliché, but kind of how it is for governor kasich, he said he is out, if he doesn't win, but he says he is gonna win he says very confident about it. . so we will see. >> we will see, because delegate count if kasich gets
8:24 am
those delegates double his performance, we're taking it -- jeff thank you very much what would a trump win in ohio mean for the rest of the race if kasich doesn't win ohio what other states can he win. >> i think the market of political pundits softer factored in trump is going to win florida that is a given. >> what about ohio. >> you look at ohio, i think you know, it is still arable if he can get to 1237, before the convention he could probably get there maybe by june, i think what it does is gives minimum plurality what it does we are talking about this makes donors say i am not spending any more on cruz not spending any more money on kasich he has it wrapped up it will be more i think a donor class unwilling to throw good money after bad if he wins florida and ohio. >> in delegate if trump doesn't win ohio very difficult to get to 1237 even if he wins ohio can still get there winner take all states arizona, trump could do very
8:25 am
well in cruz you are getting into northeast states, delaware winner take all you get into new york and new jersey those certainly benefit trump but, again, can we give kasich credit for a what he has done on the ground this perform connecting with voters very powerful successful in his home state, maybe he would be asset to -- nomination -- >> i think we should give kasich credit for what he has done in ohio, by the way, you look at unemployment, right there lover than national you look the way he handled budgetary issues he has done well the other day when i heard trump say john kasich can't make america great again, he did make ohio great. >> john is a great guy but time and place issue. as you pointed out this is a very different time and place. and a candidate like that, is just -- years ago, maybe even four years ago, there would have been more traction, i want to talk about money,
8:26 am
because we have talked about this off camera a lot, and morgan, a lot of people say why is wall street you know why are they happy about trump why are they sort of quietly dirty secret pleased about what is happening to trump the answer not pleased nell that trump is going to be the nominee in fact many people don't care what they do care about is that they love the idea that what he has bust up is this idea that money politics work together, i have told you i know i can speak on behalf of numerous people they are so tired of having to give money to politicians as a quid pro quo, and if trump is able to blow that system up, then god bless him people - >> that is what sis occurring, a lot blown a lot of things have been in place a long time because of the establishment. >> if kasich wins in hello as i said if dagen historically trump coming in three points less than they think late breaked voters every primary state are not going with thim
8:27 am
i still think kasich wins looking at math. >> i think the other side of that trade not based on anything other than gut. >> that is what makes a market, you might remember these famous words, from hillary clinton listen. >> or -- americans, because of a previous to or was it because of guys out for a walk one night decided they would would go kill some americans what difference at this point does it make? >> now the democratic presidential front-runner is at it again latest comments on libya, last night, next, stay with us. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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8:30 am
>> welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. happy tuesday, tuesday, march 15th, super tuesday 2.0. all eyes on florida and ohio. do or die for ted cruz and marco rubio. >> three of those states, illinois, missouri and north carolina, we're neck and neck. three of those states we're effectively tied with donald trump and we're campaigning hard and vigorously. the remaining two, we are surging powerfully. >> on the other side of the race, hillary clinton at risk of losing three states to bernie sanders. yet, sanders has his sights set on donald trump. >> but with trump what you are
8:31 am
dealing with and i say this without any joy, this guy is a pathological liar. >> a stunning report on illegal immigrants released from jail and charged. we'll talk with sheriff joe arpaio. the futures and broader averages, the dow jones industrial average pretty much steady. retail sales for the month of february just hitting the tape, posting a decline of 1/10 of a percent. the expectation was for a decline of 2/10 of a percent, this is better than expected, not a good showing. democratic front runner hillary clinton with some controversial comments last night. we're talking about the situation in libya during her time as secretary of state. >> libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn't
8:32 am
lose a single person. maria: we didn't lose a single person. the former secretary of state failing to acknowledge the four american lives lost during the 2012 terrorist attack during the u.s. consulate in benghazi. and the mother of one shall patricia smith, says that hillary clinton lied to her about her son's death. >> i want the government not to call me a liar because that's incredible. i don't lie like that. she's a proven liar. maria: joining us now is former intelligence operator and fox news correspondent lee yeah gabrielle. thanks for joining us. were you surprised when you heard hillary clinton say we didn't lose a single person in libya? >> there's a sensitivity chip missing there, it seems, because four lives were lost as you mentioned, there are mothers, there are daughters, there are children of these people who still want answers and still want accountability. and at the same time i think it's important not to take out
8:33 am
of context what she was saying. she was really talking about military intervention and i think, you know, what she was trying to say is that she was talking about syria versus libya, and the fact that military, large scale military operation took place there. it was essentially a clean operation in that u.s. people were not lost in that military invention that ultimately resulted in regime change and i think that was the point she was trying to make. but you cannot take that separate and apart from less than a year later the ambassador was killed in the line of duty and three other americans were lost and still to this day, we still don't have answers why that happened. >> i thought her comments with incredibly strange last week, the president very vocally criticized the british and french for what happened in libya. i don't know if that's her way of trying to salvage reputation there, but the president himself was exceptionally
8:34 am
critical of our libya and of our allies. >> when you look at libya, she said that libya isn't perfect. libya is far from perfect. you essentially have two competing governments in libya trying to operate right now and isis controlling territory along the coast, and we've seen beheading videos from isis take place in libya. libya is a mess right now. there's a power vacuum and power vacuums are never good, they've become hot beds of terrorism. at the same time she does have a foreign policy background and has that experience. when you've been the person in the arena, compared to some of the politicians who have never been in the arena, you're going to have to defend some of the decision the. >> that's what she's doing right now. right now it looks like an albatross around her neck rather than a torch in her hand in terms of winning over voters and using this as something that she's running on, instead, it's something that she's trying to re-- quietly rewrite what really happened.
8:35 am
>> yes, well, she knows that. every decision she's made is up to be looked at in this political cycle. as she's saying, she has a record compared to some candidates who don't really have a foreign policy record, but as you're putting it, this is not something that is going to be good for her going through this political cycle and she knows it, decisions that led to what happened in benghazi, the whole e-mail scandal, these are things, of course, she wants them to go away because they're not good for her political future. at the same time it wouldn't be fair to say that politicians don't use bad experience to try to degrade her background and her experience level and she knows it, she knows that some of these have become political issues and trying to squash them as much as she can, at the same time she has to be able to defend the decisions she made, some were good, some were bad. maria: i think you made a point that no other candidates have the foreign policy experience, that's one thing she could trade on in terms of being a positive, but when you actually drill down on that experience,
8:36 am
isis got stronger, we are talking about the situation in libya. >> yes. maria: you know, we've lost a lot of friends overseas, you know, the saudies, the qataries, is america behind us. >> the israelis. maria: a great point, the israelisments that's why on days like today, especially, it's so important for people to really listen to candidates and what they're saying, what the substance is behind what they're saying. how conversant they are on the topics on foreign policy because it's going to be important in the future, the next president needs to understand foreign policy, needs to understand the nuances of working with different countries around the world, building coalitions, and if they don't, we're going to have a problem. some of these politicians you can listen to them talk when they're interviewed and hear how conversant, some there's no substance and it's important for anyone going to the polls today or any other day to really pay attention to how conversant, what the real knowledge it. >> if i'm a hillary clinton
8:37 am
supporter in a general election, do i care about benghazi? do i care about the e-mails? >> i think that's a great question. if you're a republican you probably do. if you're a democrat and you support her, then you're probably not really wanting to. that's kind of the way that people operate when it comes to politics, when you like somebody you see the good he wh you don't like somebody you want to see the bad. and bottom line as a former intelligence operator there's something to the e-mails. we all know there's something to the e-mail, but she has a defense lining up, it's going to be plausible deniability. i can't control everything people sent me, i can't expect to know everything classified. when i was in the intelligence community and i spoke to a senior officer there will be time when you're not sure. he said intelligence, secret intelligence is like porn, you know it when you see it. maria: and the excuse she uses a lot, everyone had their own private e-mail and look at colin powell and condoleezza rice.
8:38 am
there are arguments that people had an e-mail, but nobody put a server in their basement. >> classified markings-- . dagen: in an election season when people are judged on big picture personality issues, it points to bad judgment, two words, bad judgment. >> there's no way to deny that and she even admitted it, she said i shouldn't have done it, i did it. maria: all right, leah, good insight. the producer price index, inflation down 2/10 of a percent. more than 100 illegal immigrants released from jail, later charged with murder. sheriff joe arpaio will weigh in next. take a look at a live polling station in ohio as voters in the buckeye state cost their votes in the primary. keep it here, the fox business network. ♪ you can go your own way, go your own way ♪ ♪ you can call it another
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>> welcome back. immigration reform a top issue on the campaign trail as republican front runner donald trump introduces his tough plan to curb the flow of illegal mexican immigrants coming to the united statesment now, a new report revealing a staggering number of illegal immigrants have been charged with murder after being released from jail. joining me right now is arizona sheriff and trump supporter joe arpaio. good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> well, you are on the front lines, obviously, and your teams are on the front lines and you're seeing what's going and coming through the border. what's your take on this most recent report? these people were in jail and they were released from jail and then they were convicted of murder. >> well, you know, that's been out for a while, but i have
8:43 am
more shocking statistics than nobody will talk about except neil cavuto. he did bring it out. maria: tell us about it. >> they are my statistics. i'll tell you what it is, i also run the jails. we average about 9,000 people in the jails every day and every month they take statistics of those in our jails charged with all different crimes, here in this country illegally, 8, 600 have been turned over to ice for deportation and over 3000 keep coming back to the same jails that i run. now, think of that. they keep coming back. one guy came back 20 times. so, what's going on? are they going to the border and keep hopping the fence or keep coming across or are they let out on the streets of maricopa county? i think-- >> what do you think is happening? how is it possible that they were-- that they're coming back to your jails?
8:44 am
>> good question. i've written to the homeland security secretary, to other officials, i get bureaucrat particular responses. i never get an answer, but i got the facts, you're talking about a hundred, that's bad. but what about just in my jails, 39% keep coming back to the jail and charged with many different crimes. so it's very disgusting, something has to be done about this illegal immigration problem. maria: what's the answer though, sheriff? i mean, obviously, donald trump is talking about this wall that he's going to build. is that going to be enough? is that going to be the solution or is there something else? i mean, this is clearly the dividing issue right now within this country. >> it's very simple, you deport them. you get them out of our country. why are they roaming the ck? they should be back in the country that they came from illegally.
8:45 am
so, that's very simple. you deport them and then you try to do something at the border. maria: yeah, but dagen, is it that simple though, just to deport 11 million people? i mean, this is the whole argument that we're having right now. how can you deport all the illegals in this country right now. >> well, i tell you what, we did pretty good just my office, i think, they accused me of 100,000 people leaving because of our crackdown during the past years, but it's very simple. you deport them and when you come across those here committing other crimes, you lock them up and send them back where they came from and that can be done. so why should we surrender the greatest country in the world, we can't take care of this problem? so i support trump and by the way, if you look at all the politicians here is what they say, we must secure the border. then they say first, and then
8:46 am
we'll look at the internal problem. no, what about talking about those here illegally already? why say secure the border first, you know the border will never be completely secure. i've been on both sides of that border as a top official. so you can't surrender, i like what trump says. i had bernie sanders wife in my tent city last night and she learned something about, she didn't like the tents. her husband is here today in phoenix, i'm sure he'll bad-mouth me, but that's okay. dagen: in terms of donald trump, sheriff, arizona a critical and later on a winner take allstate. can trump win it? >> oh, well, i'm sure he's going to win it. he did his first rally here seven months ago. i introduced him at four or five rallies. you talk about all of this heat he's taking because of what
8:47 am
happened in chicago and he made some comments. he's a big police supporter. he worries about police being assaulted when you have to remove some of these demonstrators, whatever you want to call them. so, and he speaks out. he's not pro programed. because he says some things, one thing that makes me angry, the former president of mexico making vicious, vicious comments about trump. where is everybody? our country, how come no one is speaking out defending a presidential candidate, yet, they nitpick on him making a few words on these demonstrators? where is everybody? so you can see the double standard around what's going on in this campaign. maria: sheriff, thank you very much for your thoughts on this very important subject. we appreciate you weighing in. thank you, sheriff. >> thank you. maria: sheriff joe arpaio there.
8:48 am
turning to other headlines this morning, forever 21 apologizing for a controversial t-shirt. . cheryl: maria, forever 21 apologizing for the t-shirt as you can see worn by a man, it has the words "don't say maybe if you want to say no" on the front of it. critics say it promotes sexual assault. and forever 21 removing the shirt from its website. the headline this morning, a nfl official confirming, the lynn between cte and football. nfl vice-president for health and safety jeff miller was asked by congressional leaders if there's a connection and his response was, quote, certainly, yes. he was heading research out of the boston and the nfl greats like frank gifford suffered
8:49 am
from cte. >> a bullet from an ak-47, high-tech doors are available on police interceptors vans and meeting the justice department's highest standard for body army which is basically an s.w.a.t. team vest. this is good news for police who lately found themselves on several cities throughout this country. back to you. maria: thank you so much. ahead we'll break down the biggest movers as you get ready for a busy day on business and wall street. and the corporate activity tanks around the country. and march madness kicks off this week. i'll reveal my championship game matchups. keep it right here. ♪
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>> breaking news. the united states easing some restrictions with cuba, this coming ahead of president obama's trip to the island this week. individuals will be able to visit cuba for educational travel and cubans will have expanded access to american financial institutions. we're just about 35 minutes away from the opening bell. before we get to the stocks on the move i want to bring you the latest economic data. retail sales hitting the tape. they were down 1/10 of a percent. xhifr economists were looking at 2/10 of a percent. morgan stanley says iphones kaels, strongest growth from china.
8:54 am
morgan stanley overweight apple. and this company is going to see the lowest level of stock in three years, cut the sales forecast for the year by about 12% or 1 is.5 billion dollars so that pre-announcement is hurting things this morning on valeant. avon, the beauty company started in this country 130 years ago and tried to turn around its fortunes, moving its headquarters from new york to the u.k., cutting 2500 jobs. it's clearly not an inversion trying to get a better tax rate. because you don't have much better tax rate in the u.k. coming up, as the ncaa prepares to tip off, i will tell you who i think are the march madness champs. ♪
8:55 am
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i'm spending too muchs for time hiringnter. and not enough time in my kitchen.
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(announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list. you put up one post and the next day you have all these candidates. makes my job a lot easier. (announcer) over 400,000 businesses have already used ziprecruiter. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to >> okay. i'm showing you my final four picks. now it's time to reveal my national championship game matchup and who i believe will take home the crown. let's go to nat. after deliberations, i decided to go with miami. >> miami. maria: hurricanes pulling out a win over oregon. and on the other side of the bracket an old reliable. >> good luck with that. maria: tom izzo returning to
8:58 am
the game. [laughter] >> and in a pick that is sure to make legends like magic johnson proud, i'm picking the spartans to take home their third ncaa crown in school history. how did i do? >> i think that izzo will get them there, but i'm going for virginia. maria: i know, you're only other side of that. and gary, you did not fill out your bracket. >> no. maria: i had fun with that. >> i think you have a good bracket, i'm going to follow it closely. maria: thank you. [laughter] i'm going to follow it, too. dagen: if you have a bracket, it makes you want to follow the games. even though they're out-- >> i don't think it's going to make me watch them. that's just me. maria: and you say whoever is-- >> i like going in person and eating the hot dogs and nachos and the experience, but watching the game is like
8:59 am
tertiary. maria: be sure to promote wall street week. congratulations. >> and you anthony scaramucci, you'll be part of the fox business family. >> couldn't be more happy. maria: i'm happy to be with you on launch night. 8:00 friday night fox business, be there for wall street week. final thoughts on this day? >> morgan, what you're saying about rubio. i think the flameout going negative will be historic that it did not work. >> you know, i'm looking at rubio today, also, in florida because i want to see how many absentee votes are in there. absentee votes were going out before jeb bush was out. he could be on the ballot. dagen: cruz has got to do something in missouri, outside
9:00 am
of ohio and florida. maria: be here when i join neil cavuto and lou dobbs. great to see you. thanks for joining us, ashley webster is in for stuart varney, "varney & company" starts now. ashley: a big political day ahead. five states of voting and marco rubio is taking a last stand in florida and the same for governor john kasich in ohio. the big factor, of course, one mr. donald trump. on the democratic side, bernie sanders gaining momentum in ohio and illinois, could mean another upset could be in store for hillary clinton, remember michigan? staying on hillary, two big gaffes from her on the campaign trail. she links donald trump supporters to lynch mobs and then says no americans died in libya, while she was secretary of state. and a complete surprise from vladimir putin, russian troops


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