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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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melissa: [laughter] ben carson offering rational of for those thrilled not at the prospect of president trump. only four years. david: amazing dream. people have such different notion what is that is. melissa: very true. david: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts now. >> join me in the white house to make our country all it should be. >> we are going to create an economy that works for working people, not just the billionaires. [cheering] >> there is only one campaign in a position to beat donald trump and win the republican nomination. >> we will address our problems right here in our hometown and revive the spirit of america right here. >> you have to be honest, you have to be correct and you have to be truthful. but you can't say whatever you want to say. >> he will be dead in three weeks. doesn't matter, get out vote tomorrow.
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think about your children. think about your children. think about your family. we're going to win, win, win, so much. you're going to get sick and tired of it. deirdre: hours away from the first polls from key states. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. two candidates want to claim their home states. senator rubio in florida, governor kasich of ohio. kasich says he will step out of the race if he doesn't win tonight. rubio says he will stay in very few people see how. we have an all-star lineup, a trump spokesperson, katrina pierson. cruz supporter, former congressman jack kingston, thomas coleman from missouri one of the states in contest. on the republican signed, here is what is at stake. missouri, illinois, north carolina and winner-take-all states of florida and ohio. 367 delegates are up for grabs. about a third, by the way, of
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the 1237 delegates needed for nomination. donald trump, as you can see on your screens leading with 469. on other side of the aisle, 691 delegates at stake for the dems. so far in total, hillary clinton has more than double the number than bernie sanders but without the superdelegates it's a much closer race. we'll go right to the ground in florida, winner-take-all states. my colleague connell mcshane is there. connell, what is the latest? i know senator rubio is saying, well, some of the polls there might not be correct? reporter: well he better hope they're not because donald trump has been leading, deirdre, in all of the polls going back for months. only a question about the margin of his lead. in most recent polls he has been up 20 plus points. that's why you're hearing that type of rhetoric, that type of state from senator rubio who has been insistent to your point, public poll something getting it all wrong. his private poll something showing much closer race.
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he will surprise everybody in next few hours. one thing we do know, we're told turnout is quite large. state officials been saying that to us throughout the day anecdotally, reports from county officials back to the state headquarters. maybe even record-setting it has been so big. on top of that this is kind of interesting, much back and forth among twitter. interesting tweet came in from dr. ben carson who makes his home here in florida. he says any candidate i endorsed would have cause ad backlash. my decision was principled, not selfish. we must unify to defeat clinton. that is just in the last hour. interesting to see ben carson saying that on primary day. he is for trump. must think that trump winning the best matchup for the general election. speaking of general election, deirdre, democrats have primary on their own. talk about bernie sanders doing well in midwest states but here in florida hillary clinton
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expects to win big, one of the reasons she expects to come away with more delegates than sanders. deirdre: connell mcshane live from florida. less than three hours from polls closing in ohio. the democratic primary has total of 1959 delegates up for blacks blacks -- 159 delegates. jeff flock, i saw kasich vote for himself presumably this morning. i assume it is neck-and-neck with kasich for donald trump? >> no normal year this would be slam-dunk r dunk for john kasich very popular for republicans in this state. has tremendous organization in this state. in a normal year he definitely wins. but it is not a normal year. donald trump and governor kasich neck and neck. latest poll says governor kasich
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with slight edge. turnout is high. crossing overtaking republican ballots that were democrat voters so who knows. governor kasich if you thought was in the race to be vice president for donald trump, he put that to bed today, telling fox, that he under no circumstances would take the vp slot in donald trump administration. and also said he may have some nasty things to say about donald trump going forward. listen to what he told reporters. >> why are you waiting? don't ohio voters have right to know? >> know what? >> how do you know what i'm going to say. >> don't they -- >> people will know, when i feel i want to say something i will say it. and that is the end of it, okay? i don't operate on somebody else's timeline or somebody else's schedule. >> could he be potentially thinking about withholding his support for the gop nominee? he has said at one point, though he had earlier pledged to definitely support the gop nominee if it is donald trump. perhaps that wouldn't be so. if he wins tonight though,
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deirdre, he stays in the race and maybe goes all the way to the convention. deirdre: many people out there if donald trump wins ohio and florida, clearly -- >> hard to stop. deirdre: hard to stop. jeff flock, thank you so much, joining us there from ohio. donald trump may make a game, we were talking about this, towards securing the nomination. here he is. >> you know the beauty would be if we win florida, and we win ohio we can go attack hillary. no more attacking each other. [applause] you know, i really appreciate, i really appreciate your question/statement. i even like the statement. but, if we win ohio and if we win florida, then everybody agrees, everyone of these guys it is pretty much over. deirdre: republican pollster, kellyanne conway is with me. great to see you. thanks for coming in. the what do you make of the
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field, as it looks hours to go from the polls? >> field is winnowing by the moment. john kasich, marco rubio struggling to eke out wins in their home states. ted cruz two weeks ago won his home state in texas in five-person race with 44% of the vote. that is a sitting statewide official would expect to run the tables. >> right. >> i think mr. trump is trying to pivot back to general election. he did that in december. three months ago he started to attack hillary clinton and bill clinton for bill clinton's peccadilloes and hillary clinton's casual relationship with the truth. he has attacked opponents as well in the primary. now he will act like general election candidate. deirdre: that was spurred by a young act stress, lena dunham, questioning feminism and whether or not hillary clinton should be the candidate who wears that label. as you mentioned donald trump came out against president bill clinton. let me ask you though, you mentioned senator cruz, he is in florida.
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let's just say to annoy rubio, right? he opened up 10 field offices. so the idea is probably to siphon away votes from marco rubio, right? >> i think it is to show voters you're serious about every vote in every state in this contest. also to tell people who want this all tidied up and finished too early, the will of the voters should persist in states we have not cast ballots. deirdre: that's a great point. >> to rob of all of us of our right. we won't vote in new york and new jersey for a while. after first four contests people were pushing for us to get on with it already. that is not fair to other voters. ted cruz seems to be neck-and-neck with rubio in some polls. definitely had third place, above john kasich. we were poised to run millions of dollars of contrast ads against senator rubio, looked at polls, decided he could lose florida all by himself. he didn't need our help. allowed senator cruz to go to
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states people don't talk enough about, missouri, illinois north carolina. there are huge delegates. this is always about delegate allocation and aggragation. if you win a state it is terrific. you have to get 1237. if no one gets it you go to the convention. senator cruz will be poised to go into contested open convention as if that is the situation, non-trump, really non-trump choice. deirdre: singular. >> members of the establishment coming to him. he won't go to the establishment but establishment is coming to him as non-trump alternative. deirdre: thanks for the great conversation. kellyanne conway joining me there. five state polls are about to close. if you can wait a few hours, we'll bring you all the results. the first exit polls will be published during this hour. we'll show you which way voters are leaning, which candidates could be surging. donald trump making his final pitch earlier today. >> you've got to vote. if you have a headache -- [cheering]
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if you are dying, i mean if you're dying, if you just went to your doctor, although that would cost too much because obamacare. deirdre: trump supporters may give him a floor to win which would obviously hurt rubio. tune in to fox business tonight, i will be with neil cavuto, lou dobbs, we're bringing you all the latest results starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. big money attacks against trump continue. anti-trump super-pac, with women reading his presidential campaign promise. >> women, you have to treat him like [bleep] this is how donald trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. deirdre: some say donald trump opened himself up to that. spokesperson katrina pierson with me next. also speaking of lines crossed and uncrossed, hillary relating to trump protesters,
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talking about lynch mobs? we'll ask katrina about that. hillary clinton being called out for yet another gaffe. this time on benghazi. >> libya was a different kind of calculation. >> no. >> we didn't lose a single person. deirdre: navy seal wonders aloud why she didn't count four americans who died in benghazi in her thinking. he is with me after this. ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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deirdre: donald trump's rivals are slamming him over violence at rallies. last night hillary clinton compared his comments to dark times in american history. >> when you are inciting mob violence, which is what trump is doing in those clips, there is a lot of memories that people
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have. you know, they're in the dna. people remember mob violence that led to lynching. people remember that mob violence led to people beingsho, being mistreated. deirdre: trump national spokesperson katrina pierson is with me now. katrina, welcome back. i'm glad to have you here. >> good to be here, thank you. deirdre: what do you make of hillary clinton's comments? did she go too far? >> well you know, i got to tell you she would know considering it was democrat party doing all the mob violences and lynching. she was just endorsed by a grand dragon from the kkk. we have yet to see the 24 hour fallout of her denouncing that endorsement. this is an example why so many people in this country are frustrated with political leaders and exactly the reason why donald trump would crush her in the general election. deirdre: so, katrina, president obama though said donald trump's language has to stop. essentially he implied that donald trump is hurting the
5:16 pm
american brand of liberty, of freedom, even from the point of view of overseas leaders, saying trump is vulgar and uses divisive language, when the president of the u.s. weighs in, not just a presidential candidate, do you take that differently. >> no. we're talking about a president whose sole purpose in running was to transform america. people don't eknow what america is anymore. this is what you see happening on both sides. you see republicans and democrats who have been disenfranchised from the establishment fighting for the heart and soul of america. obama was one that referred to typical white people. talked about going to, whoop some ass. talked about even all kinds of things, bringing a gun to a knife fight, quoting a movie or not, this is same rhetoric came out of barack obama. the same administration for the last seven years has done constant criticism of class warfare, gender warfare. don't forget about the war on women. and race warfare.
5:17 pm
for anyone on the democratic side to insinuate donald trump is reason for all of america's problems. deirdre: i feel like for full disclosure remind our viewers at rallies for hillary clinton there have been black lives matters protesters there. there have been protesters of the same sort showing up at everybody's rallies. >> correct. all the left. you don't see the right going out to anybody's rallies and protesting and starting violence and ripping up signs. you don't see that from the right. it is all from the left. deirdre: katrina, i want to shift gears if you don't mind, donald trump tweeted earlier, talking about something fishy going on in florida. i will read, a lot of complaints from people saying my name is not on the ballot in various places in florida. hope this is false. have you looked into this? >> yes, actually there was a fox news reporter on the ground tweeting that out. there have been a number of instances people saying that mr. trump was not on their ballot. so we're definitely looking into it. deirdre: right now you have no
5:18 pm
reason to believe that that has happened? you're just looking into it? >> coming out of local media. so we're definitely looking into it. deirdre: okay. i want to ask you about the money that is against your team, donald trump. a republican super-pac put out an ad featuring women reading quotes from donald trump. we're going to play a quick clip. >> bimbo. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. >> a person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. >> i look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. >> look at that face. would anyone vote for that. >> she had the height, she had the beauty. she was crazy but these are minor details. deirdre: okay. katrina, he obviously speaks without a filter, which i would say what a lot of people appreciate about him but is that super-pac ad going to hurt his chances with female voters? >> no. i don't think so and i'll tell
5:19 pm
you why. this is interesting coming from a republican super-pac, essentially playing war on women card here. no, mr. trump has been very consistent. if you criticize him, he will criticize you. there is no separation between gender. they don't play any of what he said about the males, particularly even in this race, little marco, lying ted, low energy jeb. this is donald trump. he has been in the media and out in public for four decades. the negatives are baked in. them just trying to play the war on women card shows you how desperate the republican establishment is. deirdre: katrina, you will have an interesting night. we'll probably be speaking later. katrina pierson with me there, trump national spokesperson. thank you for the time. five states about to close. first exit polls will be published during this hour. we'll bring you that data right away. find out which way voters are leaning. which candidates could be surging. to see if there are any wildcards we can pick out from now. hillary being called out for another gaffe on benghazi.
5:20 pm
>> libya was a different kind of calculation. >> no. >> and we didn't lose a single person. deirdre: former navy seal is my guest. he wonders why she didn't count the four americans who died there? as we mentioned state polls just a few hours from closing. new report that ted cruz is surging in illinois, ohio and in florida. one of his supporters will be with me, talking about that data. new video of cruz getting punchchy with a protester. >> we'll be respectful, one difference between this and donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut.
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may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. >> mr. trump be there may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato knock
5:24 pm
the crap out of them. i will pay for legal fees. when they used to do in places like they would be carried out. he is walking out smiling laughing, would like to punch him in the face. i'll tell. >> you i understand you're very, very concerned about animals. that's wonderful. i think animals are wonderful. i also happen to care about human,. [cheering] isn't it amazing how we can have that conversation without anyone getting violent, anyone insulting anybody in. deirdre: senator cruz hitting donald trump at lally yesterday. protestor heckled. big difference between cruz rally and crumb trump rally, he will not ask anyone to punch a protestor in the face. donald trump for his part he defends the tone at rallies, saying that the protesters are the agitators.
5:25 pm
that is though what he side. you can take my word for it. with me now, former republican congressman ted cruz supporter. congressman, thanks in advance for the time. what does ted cruz's comment say to you how he is campaigning at the moment? >> you know i think ted cruz is a pro. he wants people to feel comfortable. he welcomes dissent. but at same time he is in control. he is tested constitutional conservative, who does make sense when he talks. i think the big difference between ted cruz and donald trump is, trump is just undisciplined, unfiltered, uncontrolled. the idea of him having finger on nuclear trigger an appointing judges a little scary. ted cruz consistently stood for smaller government. he never supported hillary clinton or nancy pelosi the way that trump has. he hasn't supported chuck schumer or john kerry.
5:26 pm
deirdre: congressman, no. donald trump, just to be clear has said, listen he did that as a business person, not in acting with any political view in mind. >> that is exactly what is wrong with the system. that is exactly what the cruz people are fighting against is, really, people who are void of philosophy. only looking to fish their own line. they don't care if the boat stays afloat or not and what ted cruz is saying we don't want those kind of special interests in our campaign because we're taking on the status quo and we're taking on the establishment. which is why in ohio, and in illinois and in florida, we have started to do so well. we were already doing very well in missouri and north carolina. the closer you get to voting time, as candidates start to look who can beat donald trump and who can beat hillary clinton and who is the true conservative, people are coming to us in the cruz campaign. deirdre: congressman, to your point we want to play a clip from senator cruz.
5:27 pm
it is exactly what you were just talking about, this ground well of support, at least from what we can tell right now in illinois and ohio. here is the senator. >> got illinois. we've got missouri, we've got north carolina. we've got ohio and got florida. three of those states, illinois, missouri and north carolina we're neck-and-neck. three of those states we're effectively tied with donald trump. we're campaigning hard an vick russly in all three of them. vigorously. remaining too ohio and florida we're surging powerfully. deirdre: so congressman, you yourself have been through some pretty thick races. what are your predictions for tonight? what is senator cruz need to do, even if we just talk about the math? what does he need to do for a win? >> i think, i think we need to get delegates out of missouri and north carolina and illinois, ohio is somewhat after jump ball right now. and florida may or may not go our way. but what we are finding is,
5:28 pm
we're going to get our delegates. and after that, the wind is at our back. the next 22 states, next 22 primaries, 18 of them are closed primaries. meaning only republican voters can vote in them. republican voters tend to be as you know, maybe better informed and certainly more conservative than the open primary states where anybody can show up on election day whether following elections or not. so in 18 of the next 22 states, we're playing on our home turf. we feel very, very good about it. if john kasich succeeds in winning ohio we don't see how donald trump will get anywhere near the 1237 delegates he needs to get. deirdre: right. >> the 51%. we're very well-organized. our money is very strong. our contributions are were on early. we're not coordinated with her.
5:29 pm
we're feeling very good about things. deirdre: need wind in your sails before the north even states. where many people expect donald trump to play well. congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you. deirdre. deirdre: former congressman and cruz supporter jack kingston five state polls will be closed soon and five exit polls will show you which way voters are leaning. we'll let you know if any wildcards coming up. hillary clinton called out for another goof, this time on benghazi. >> libya was a different kind of calculation. >> no. >> we didn't lose a single person. deirdre: so it is a subject that keeps coming up for her in one way or another. a former navy seal with me next. >> have you always told the truth? >> i have always tried to, always. always. >> some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. always tried to -- >> no.
5:30 pm
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deirdre: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton defended her regime change in libya and said the u.s. didn't
5:34 pm
lose anyone in libya. >> libya was a different calculation. and we didn't lose a single person. >> we have four guys dead and what different does it make it it was a protest or a bunch of guys decided to go out for a walk. deirdre: with me now, former nebraska senator, former navy seal, bob kerrey. good to see you, sir. when you see hillary clinton at a town hall, full disclosure, you say you support her in this presidential race. how toss that make you feel as a former navy seal? >> the whole decision to have a
5:35 pm
regime change was a mistake. the benghazi operation, i'm very troubled by doherty and dan woods calling for assistance and they didn't get it. they broke all the rules to save lives and we can't break a rule to save theirs? beginning with the presumption we don't have boots on the ground, and now it's become a port important site for al qaeda. deirdre:ed the mother of -- the mother of one of the benghazi victim said hillary clinton lied to her face. >> i was there and we were nose to nose at the coffin ceremony. she lied to me. she told me it was the fault of the video. i said are you sure? she said yes, that's what it
5:36 pm
was, it was the video. and she knew full well that's not what it was. i know what she said, i know what i heard. i think i deserve to know why my son is dead. what was the reasoning behind that. can't anybody from my government tell me? deirdre: that is a mom who i clearly were reefed th bereavedr son. >> when you hear an interview like that you think from a foreign policy perspective -- >> she has a vast amount of experience. you think this will be relatively easy. but think was september 11, 2012 in a very unstable, dangerous
5:37 pm
situation, and they probably shouldn't have gone to benghazi in the fir place. but it put an awful lot of lives at risk. to me the most troubling part of the entire benghazi operation is when doherty asked for backup, they couldn't get any. my guess is these guys will back off. >> i like what you said about this being a cautionary tale. in this case what will happen fingers crossed the differently next time? >> these regime changes sounds great. and all the foreign policy gurus and expert sitting around can we get rid of moammar qaddafi. but i don't think we asked the question, then what? you just killed saddam hussein, you just killed moammar qaddafi, now what? what are you going to do to make
5:38 pm
sure this doesn't become a location for al qaeda to fill the vacuum. it's easy to get all worked up, but it's not easy. whatever else you say about qaddafi, he maintained order in libya and we now have no such order in libya. deirdre: senator bob kerrey with me there. five state closing in just a few hours. we have the fir exit polls for you. we'll give you the details. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century.
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deirdre: it's a big night. candidates asking for voters to show up. jo ling has the latest on the exit polls.
5:42 pm
jo ling: we are looking at the ohio gop and what the people voting want most in their candidate. 36% say they want their candidate to share my values which is something ted cruz has traditionally done pretty well, 31% want change. 19% tell it like it is, and 11% win in november. 34% sharing their values is very important. 29% a close second can bring change and winning in november, in florida for republicans doesn't matter as much. 10%. now, let's look at the democratic side of the primary as well. illinois, what do people care
5:43 pm
about in their candidate there, honesty and trustworthiness comes in. bernie sanders has traditionally done well in that category in fast primaries. 2% cares about -- 26% cares about me. finally, missouri, another big primary. 31% of democratic candidates want a candidate who is honest and trustworthy. a close second 29% want a candidate who cares about me. yet again you see this scene jumping out. only 13% say their number one quality in a candidate is winning in november. these are very early polls. we continue to get data coming in so we'll see how this bears out. deirdre: all evening business on
5:44 pm
fox business, neil cavuto and lou dobbs. we'll begin reporting starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. an anti-trump super pac shows women reading the candidate's comments. >> this is how donald trump talks about our mothers, our daughters and our sisters. deirdre: florida polls about to close. 99 delegates at stake. it's a winner take all state. we'll talk about trump and rubio in his home state. >> we'll do what need to be done. we'll win the 99 delegates here in florida. and it's going to give us the momentum we need to go into arizona, utah and beyond because what's at stake is too important. you both have a
5:45 pm
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything.
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>> florida has been strong for me. they know i'm going bring jobs back. marco is weak on immigration and he's all for the amnesty thing. he has one of the worst attendance records in the history of the united states senate. that's not fair to the people of florida. deirdre: in some polls marco rubio is 20 points behind trump.
5:49 pm
>> the polls have been way off. is there not a 20-point gap here going on. but very relevant. deirdre: in florida polls close that 8:00 p.m. florida is a winner-take-all state. eric, what kind of money are you having to spend to protect donald trump against all the pac money coming against him? >> it's not important to try to defend donald trump in this primary election. our message is one of unity. we believe donald trump will be good for the republican party. he will open up the ability to reach out to minorities who haven't voted in prior elections. we think donald trump will help grow the republican party versus
5:50 pm
what the attack ads say that he will reduce the republican party. derequire's something senator rubio does not agree with you on. last night on fox news he said the party can't rally around him. >> the ideal outcome in this race is to have a candidate who can get to the 1,237 delegates the party can coalesce around. so it's why you are in this unusual situation that we now face. deirdre: tons of opinions, why do you think donald trump is the right person? >> he came out and talked about illegal immigration. he's the one who came out and talked about trade. without him we wouldn't be talking about those issues. those issues are on the forefront of every community.
5:51 pm
it doesn't matter what political party, gender or race you are, those are issues that resonate with the american worker. those issues resonate with men. and minorities as well. donald trump reaches out across the whole spectrum. deirdre: he's talking to issues that matter to all citizens. immigration was a big topic for all the states as is medicare and social security. and he is the one person who has been the clearest in s about those issues. we are glad to have you here, thank you, eric beach, great america pac fundraiser. tune in tonight to find out, ohio and north carolina results will start coming in at 7 if 30 p.m. eastern time. neil cavuto, lou dobbs and i will bring you results live.
5:52 pm
in ohio 66 delegates at stake. trump is aiming to take them all. >> kasich cannot make america great again. your governor is totally overrated. he hasn't done a thing. and without oil you would be in worse shape than any other state in the union. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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5:55 pm
>> this is the place i want to win. this is going to do it. ohio is going to make america great again. kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. deirdre: donald trump making his final push to winnow high oh,
5:56 pm
governor kasich's home state. polls closing in 90 minutes there. kasich has said in the past if he doesn't win he will step out of the race. frontrunner donald trump with his view. >> your governor kasich, if you look at him, he goes to new hampshire, he's living in new hampshire. where is chris? is chris around? even more than chris christie he was there. right? even more. i had it to do that. but i had to make my point. deirdre: former missouri representative and kasich supporter. ernest coleman. how strong do you feel about kasich in ohio. >> we are not worried.
5:57 pm
we are confident the governor will carry his home state today and in the process this whole race will be reset and we'll have three candidates left. two of whom wish to insult and name call their way to the presidency, then we have john kasich who has positive common sense solutions to the nation's problems. deirdre: many people have said kasich is clearly the adult in the room. but that said, he's in fourth place as far as the delegate math goes. >> people know he's the adult. i have gone door to door in several states on his behalf. they either say he's the adult in the room or the sane one. he wants to bring people together. and he's not going to get down in the gutter. he pledged he's not going to take the low road.
5:58 pm
once people know more about john kasich it's a three-person race. i think the focus will be on him. just like the people in ohio, he has an 80% positive rating with republicans with all voters democrats, independents and republicans. we need to winnow high oh in november to beat hillary clinton or bernie sanders. deirdre: we are showing to our viewers the republican delegate count with trump in the lead at 469 and kasich with 63. when you say get to know kasich, a loot of the debates have aloud other candidates to suck up the oxygen in the room. but is it too little too late for people to learn where he stand on issues? >> i don't think so. we are going to pennsylvania, connecticut, delaware. these are places where the
5:59 pm
governor there play well. when you get it down to three people the focus will be much more on him. no republican has become president without winning ohio. john kasich will winnow high oh in november. this is not a coronation. it's a convention. if nobody has a majority of seats by the time the convention comes together, john kasich has a good shot at it. deirdre: you don't believe kasich when he says if i lose ohio i stay in. >> i just know what a great president john kasich will be. i was looking at your exit polls. experience was very big in my home state of missouri. if you talk about experience, everybody knows him. i think he will do well tonight.
6:00 pm
deirdre: obviously one of the states in contest tonight, congressman earl thomas coleman with me there. it's a busy night. we have all night coverage for you. charles payne is here. [♪] charles: breaking news. this is super tuesday 2.0. voting under way in five states. we are 90 minute away from the polls closing in northern ohio. here is what you need to know. 367 gop delegate are up for grabs. 69 for the democrats. yankee * and marco rubio must win their home states if they want to remain viable candidate. florida and ohio, they are winner-take-all states. 99 delegates in the sun shine state.


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