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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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including this panel. thanks a lot, guys. also want to say thank you to the folks at home. we've been doing extraordinarily well in part because you've been watching and supporting us on these important nights. you've got the best following me, lou dobbs, neil cavuto and the crew. keep it right here, fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: we are now minutes away from the first results of this i super tuesday primary election day. north carolina and ohio polls will close in a half hour, 7:30 eastern. some polls in florida will be closing at seven, but the part of the state, in the panhandle, closes at eight, and those results must await the clock. we'll have the results of the early precincts, they'll start showing up here in a matter of moments. you know, barring any unexpected eventuality in florida. illinois and missouri also closing at eight. so let me say good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, and
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welcome to what will be a fascinating evening, we are sure. high stakes tonight for the republican presidential candidates, particularly front-runner donald trump. he's already added the northern mariana islands' nine delegates to his side of the ledger. if trump is able to win florida and ohio, it would put significant pressure on establishment rivals like marco rubio and john kasich to drop out of the race. and while trump is running close to kasich in ohio, he believes he can pull out a win. >> be he has lost -- he has lost every single state he's been in, and i tell you what -- in terms of the presidential. he's done very, very poorly, and i've spent a lot of time in ohio. i was there last night in youngstown, and i want to tell you, he is not such a popular guy. he approved nafta, he's now trying to approve tpp which is a total disaster. nafta destroyed ohio, took the businesses out of ohio, and he voted for it.
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you look at what he's done, he's in favor of common core. he's just now come out in favor of amnesty and open borders. i think the man is just not very popular. lou: well, we're going to find out tonight just how popular he is in his home state, the favorite son, governor john kasich. senator ted cruz running second to trump in the delegate race, 370 to trump's now -- with the addition of the mare mariana islands -- 469 delegates. the texas senator hoping for a strong showing, of course, in north carolina, missouri and illinois where he made five campaign stops yesterday. so cruz says, don't count him out. >> three of those states -- illinois, missouri and north carolina -- we're neck and neck. three of those states we're effectively tied with donald trump, and we are campaigning hard and vigorously in all three of them. the remaining two, ohio and florida, we are surging powerfully.
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lou: and senator rubio and governor kasich are fighting for their political lives tonight, each in desperate need of a win in their home state to rationalize, to justify remaining in the race for the republican nomination. and both are saying they will beat trump. >> polls this election cycle are horrifying. and i'm really, quite frankly, i think a lot of people are going to be embarrassed tonight and are going to want refunds from the money they spent on these polls, because we're going to win florida. >> we're going to move across this country with a positive attitude of bringing people together. lou: well, on the democratic side, bernie sanders is looking to pull off more upsets. an upset win at least over hillary clinton, much as he did last week in michigan. sanders is hoping that his anti-free trade, anti-wall street rhetoric wins over blue collar voters in states like ohio as he did in michigan. we'll have the very best
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political analysis for you here tonight. we'll be talking to former reagan white house political director ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the new york post, michael goodwin, the national review's rich lowry among many others. also among our guests, the hill's a.b. stoddard -- easy for me to say -- conservative strategist lisa booth, and howie kurtz on, well, the media side of this story, and it's a big part of the poll information in tonight showing what many of the voters are thinking as they're going to the polls in these five states. fox business reporter jo ling kent is in our virtual stewed e owe, and good evening, jo. what have you got for us? >> good even, lou. i'm looking at florida, women voters right now. they're actually going largely for trump right now, edging out, you can see, rubio. 41 percent of women voters in florida going for trump in the republican primary. we also see that happening in north carolina and illinois as well.
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we're also taking a look at late deciders in ohio. what's happened over the last few days? you got boehner endorsing kasich, rubio saying kasich is the biggest backstop to fighting off trump there. kasich doing well, no surprise, it is his home state. 54%, followed by 28%, but that 54% is over the majority line though, some pretty significant numbers there. something to pay attention to as we watch that vote in ohio. we're also looking at the florida gop race among hispanics. how are they voting? 51% going for marco rubio. he's absolutely trouncing donald trump among hispanics, cubans especially really going for rubio. another race we're paying very close attention to, north carolina and senator ted cruz and what is happening with the very conservative vote. he's been struggling over the past few states and few races with very conservatives, but doing well in north carolina, 52% to donald trump's 37%. he's also winning in illinois and missouri among very conservatives as well.
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lou, you see factions moving in favor of different candidates, and we'll be watching because this exit poll data is still very early. lou: jo ling, let me go back for just a second to the vote there, you mentioned cuban-americans in which, as one would expect, marco rubio would be doing well. but he did not appear to be doing as well as i think most would expect, 41%. is that the correct number? >> yeah. so we're looking at this right now, and you can see the hispanic voters, 51% we're looking at right now. but he actually is doing pretty well among cubans, so so it is a pretty strong support. maybe not as much as originally indicated. if you look at the broader polling data, of course, rubio suffering in florida. but he's trying to say that those polls are not indicative of what will happen, lou. lou: i think it's important for us to take note that ted cruz, also cuban-american, is not polling as strongly as donald trump, jo. and i think 29, 30% represents a pretty strong percentage of the
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hispanic vote in florida if that does hold up. jo ling, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we'll be talking with you just as soon as you get some more of that exit polling data for us. thanks so much. joining me now, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for "the washington post," michael goodwin. your thoughts on -- let me start with you, michael. your thoughts on those hispanic votes in florida. that looks to me like a stronger number, you know, for a man who wants to build a wall -- >> right. lou: -- 29% isn't bad, is it? >> well,, and if you're marco rubio, you would think that's the one area where you really had to run up the score to have a chance statewide. that is largely a southern florida phenomenon, and so the rest of the state, i think, does not look good for rubio. lou, too, you know, i just want to say again that with the idea that rubio and kasich can
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survive this night as national candidates, i just think it's a fiction. i mean, at most -- lou: well, if they lose. >> yeah. but even if they win, i think where do they go from here? lou: right. >> i think that their import down the road is very limited except as, you know, having some delegates to take to a contested convention. lou: ed, your thoughts on -- >> my thoughts are, obviously, cruz is doing -- trump is doing very well with women voters. historically, the women voters in the past vote for smaller number than the men, so it tells me he's got a big win coming in florida if he's doing as well as he is right now in the women voters. the spanish voters, the interesting thing, the cubans have always been a very strong base for us til last election. younger cubans are voting differently than their fathers and grandfathers -- lou: right. >> they want to be with a winner -- lou: a little diffusion taking place. >> i agree totally with michael. even if kasich wins ohio, which
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certainly is very possible, he's still at the bottom of the rung. even if you give him 66, there's no place fce for him to go. even -- lou: that'd give him 129 delegates which would still put him well behind rubio -- >> still puts him at the bottom, and rubio losing tonight, no place for him to go. every single poll i've seen in the other states he's way behind, in fourth place. so i think it really comes down to the cruz/trump race and depending on how well cruz does tonight. lou: let me, michael, go to you, but first let our audience know now. on the lower third of the screen where you see first results shortly, we'll be getting in those precincts that are beginning to count in florida. as i said, we will not have the state's entire closing until 8 p.m. eastern. but the 7:30 numbers are also coming up, and we'll be following those as well. those are now about 20 minutes away. michael, your thoughts as -- what does it look like to you tonight?
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>> well, look, if the polling is at all close, then you would have trump taking a big lead, winning florida outright. you would have maybe kasich winning ohio outright, and then i think the question for cruz becomes does he -- those are the only two winner-take-all states, so does he get a lot of delegates in north carolina, illinois and missouri? lou: right. well, either way no matter what happens here, it looks like it's going to be a very, very interesting evening, and we thank you both for sharing part of that evening with all of us. and, of course, we thank you for sharing your evening with us. ed rollins, michael goodwin, thank you. we're coming right back, we've got much more on this exciting election night. the polls are closing, a lot of winner-take-all delegates at stake. will kasich win ohio? and will tonight's results mean that donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee? live coverage and analysis of the primary elections coming up
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next. florida's republican party chairman, blaze an goal ya, will be joining us. we're coming right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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lou: florida record-breaking early and absentee ballot turnout, more than two million
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early and absentee ballots cast in florida since february 2-9dth, including votes from nearly 1.2 million republicans alone before today's primary. that's just a warm-up in florida. and joining us tonight, the chairman of the republican party in florida, blaise ingoglia. blood to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: this has got to be a monumental task for you. how much do you think you're going to exceed the turnout in florida, your records? >> it may be by a lot. as of right now, we are seeing record turnout, as you alluded to, 1.2 million votes were cast, republican votes were cast as of yesterday. we are seeing some counties reaching almost 70% voter turnout which is reaching general election levels. most counties right now are over 50%, so it is very, very brisk out there, and it's going to continue to be so in the panhandle until 8 p.m. lou: yeah,s this is -- you got a
7:16 pm
sense of who is turning out in the greatest numbers? do you have a sense of the pockets of enthusiasm, if you will? >> yeah. let me give you a layout of -- lou: sure. >> -- florida. northern florida -- lou: part of which is still open, we've explained that to our audience, that we're waiting on that. >> yes. so northern florida demographically can is more like georgia and alabama, and we are expecting that area of the state to go heavily for trump. southern florida, where you have a lot of hispanic voters, most notably highly concentrated in miami-dade and broward, that is going to be breaking marco rubio. so where we're going to see this thing play out is this the i-4 corridor. and the candidate that can turn out the vote in the i-4 corridor, i think, is candidate that's going to come away with the win. but we're also seeing a very large number of first-time voters, and we're also seeing a very large number of white voters over the age of 65. so it is, it seems to be right
7:17 pm
now a pro-trump electorate. lou: and a little something for everybody demographically, which is a great thing. blaise, we know you haven't endorsed anyone, but you've been endorsed for attorney general by marco rubio. what are your thoughts as we turn to counting votes here tonight? >> yeah. well, you know, the party has remained neutral in this, i've remained neutral in this. just because we haven't been involved in this primary does not mean that the florida republican party hasn't been active. what we're doing is making sure that we have our grass roots operation ready. we've been knocking on doors, we've been in the communities, and we're doing everything we can because the most important thing we can remember in this election is that hillary clinton cannot see the inside of the oval office. among other things, we just can't risk having a 5-4 liberal majority on the supreme court. lou: you better get reince
7:18 pm
priebus and the boys up in washington on the phone, because they don't seem to quite have that figured out. thanks so much for being with us. >> my pleasure. lou: have a great evening. up next, we're just minutes away from polls closing in north carolina, ohio and, yes, in florida. but we're also going to be bringing you those precincts as they are counted through the state as we await the closings up north in north florida. also scenes of chaos break out at trump events, but it's not his supporters causing the stir. we're going to take it up with the way the national media is covering these events and incidents. media buzz host howard kurtz joins me here next to talk about that issue. much more as "lou dobbs tonight" continues on this beautiful election evening. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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lou: as we're counting votes now, we're beginning to see they're coming in from florida
7:23 pm
as the polls are closing there, and we're seeing trump with a slight early lead. again, these are very, very early numbers, but we are watching it. we'll be updating those and getting ready for the poll closings also in north carolina as well and in ohio, of course, at 8:00. joining us now the host of media buzz on the fox news channel, howie kurtz. great to have you here. >> good to see you, lou. lou: i know you have been -- >> immersed. lou: -- immersed and energized by the manic national media that doesn't seem to have any understanding of how to cover this story; that is, the most amazing republican primary in history. >> and the worst media performance in a political campaign in my lifetime by a lot. you'll remember all the months when the press didn't take donald trump seriously, didn't know what to make of him, and now we have the violence at the
7:24 pm
rallies. and i'm all for holding trump accountable for his rhetoric, maybe he needs to soften his rhetoric, but the focus has not been on the protesters, the people who plot and go to these places and try to shout him down. lou: right. and even the same national, liberal media that is reporting at least -- to their credit -- that and other radical left organizations are taking responsibility. not taking responsibility, they're divining credit from the heavens for stopping, shutting down a man's first amendment rights x. that man just happens to be a presidential candidate. >> it's amazing. and the free speech part of it seems to have been almost ignored, overlooked, overshadowed -- lou: by people who live by the first amendment. >> that's exactly right. lou: insane. >> it's also really striking, if you want to take a quick overview, is that i've never been in a campaign where the republican candidate was getting pounded by commentators on the right as well as the left. [laughter] of course, a lot of traditional
7:25 pm
conservatives don't like trump, and i think -- lou: establishment republicans. >> yeah. lou: who claim conservativism, but it's just a vague concept. >> trump told me some of these people just have personal hatred for me, they've never met me. i'd say it's mostly ideological, but it's gotten thermonuclear as he gets closer, and we'll see how he does tonight in these five states to possibly having a hammer lock on the nomination. lou: it is fascinating. do you see any sense of shame or recanting in the suggestion they're going to rehabilitate themselves, those among the national liberal media who continue to blame the victim here who is none other than donald j. trump? >> i have read many, many comments by journalists that start out by saying, okay, i was wrong, now i'm going to predict the future on everything else. there has been some mea culpas just to retain some shred of dig thinkty. lou: i'm shocked, because ours is such a modest crowd. >> yeah, you know, we're not self-centered at all.
7:26 pm
lou: exactly. howard, great to have you here, howard kurtz. we have a hot more election coverage on this super tuesday. we're counting down to the first poll closures in north carolina and ohio. results just on the other side of this break, stay with us. ♪ ♪ i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ . lou: our election night coveraging here on the fox business network, we're talking
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with a.b. stoddard and rich lowry here in moments, and we are just moments away now -- seconds away, in point of fact -- from the first poll closures in ohio and north carolina. those are coming up, i can just take a deep breath and exhal and tell you it's right now, 7:30 eastern. and breaking news, it's 7:30 in ohio where polls are now closed, and fox news exit polls show governor john kasich has a slight lead over donald trump. it is much too early to say whether kasich will hang on to that lead and win his home state. the polls had him up by six points, a couple had ties, but primarily a margin of 5-6 points over trump. if he does manage to hang on to what is being described as a his first victory of the entire campaign. it is also much too early to project a winner on the democratic side where hillary clinton right now is leading bernie sanders according to fox
7:31 pm
exit polls in ohio. clinton is also ahead of sanders in north carolina where polls have just closed, although again, it is much too early to project a winner in that election as well. back to the republican side. trump slightly ahead of rival ted cruz in north carolina, although we will need much more before we can declare a winner in north carolina. that's how close it is. and joining us now, the associate editor of the hill, a.b. stoddard, editor of the national review, fox news contributor, rich lowry. a.b., it looks like we've got ourselves, as they say in texas, a barn burner. i got to use one of those, i've never been able to use one of those, we got it tonight. what do you think? >> yeah, i think it's going to be exciting either way. if kasich wins his first state and declares himself a real winner in this race, or if trump
7:32 pm
wins it, it's kind of surprising. looks like he's going to take florida, mr. trump, and it looks like the end of the line for senator rubio who's said all day he's going to go on to utah, but that's what they say before they end their campaigns usually. there could be, also, surprises from senator cruz, so this is a really interesting evening not to mention if there's some bernie sanders surprises along the way in ohio, illinois, missouri, other places. so it's -- i think the outcome, unless hillary and trump won everything, i guess that would even be surprising. so it's going to be an electrifying evening. lou: there's no way that we can escape a surprise and a few delights and perhaps a disappointment here and there this evening. what do you think, rich? >> well, if anyone had said a month ago that trump would win florida going away against the sitting senator, few people -- except for maybe you, lou -- would have believed it. and it'll be very hard for rubio to go on. they will think, i believe, about what happens to their
7:33 pm
delegates if they actually get out. will they be released and potentially could they help get trump over the top in cleveland. that might complicate the calculations some. ohio, obviously, a big deal. if trump wins there, the delegate math, still difficult, but it gets doable to getting 1237. if he doesn't win there, then it's much harder. lou: i don't want to get too far into the weeds here, a.b., even though mr. lowery is taking us right up to the edge -- [laughter] but this idea of expectations about what will happen based on whether trump wins florida or ohio or both or doesn't, it seems he has such a significant lead, and if kasich were to take ohio, he would have, what, 129, i think it's 129 delegates, fewer than rubio, for crying out loud, who's getting out of the race. aren't they left looking like bottom feeders here no matter what they do if they persist in the campaign? >> well, we're not talking about senator cruz.
7:34 pm
i mean, even if rubio and kasich win their home states tonight, combined they would have fewer delegates than cruz has right now, and he will get some tonight. lou: right. >> so he's been sort of out of the picture here. but he is going to say all night and all week and going forward this is a two-man race, he's the only one who can beat donald trump and stop him, he's the only one who has. but you know what? ted cruz has to beat donald trump in an open convention fight as well. so i don't know how he gets to 1237 and stops donald trump at the ballot box -- lou: isn't that a bit of a chi let, a.b.? gets to 1237, mathematically we're going to get to the point very quickly where, unless trump sweeps here tonight which he still could, we don't know how this is going to turn out, but none of them at some point here very soon could get to 1237. so the issue becomes whether the powers that be within the
7:35 pm
republican party want to have a brokered convention or a contested convention and how ugly they want it to be. >> that's right. and they are really willing to put everything they can on the line to stop trump. look, lou, the republican party is completely broken. it's on its deathbed. it's either going to end one of two ways; donald trump is the republican nominee and many republicans who refuse to be in a party led by donald trump leave and call themselves something else, or they stop him at the convention, and they lose his voters and risk having hillary win. to many people, that would be okay. it would be a one-off for four years in which they save the party. last time you and i spoke, it might not be rational and it might sound desperate, but it is the intention of many republicans to do all they can to stop him in an unpress kented and historic -- unprecedented and historic convention setting. lou: i guess the good news for those who would like to see the republican party continue, the
7:36 pm
establishment would commit accept a cue no matter the path they take, they have less power and show less effectiveness than ever before, so maybe they would mess up their own suicidal ritual. [laughter] >> there are no brokers anymore. this will be, if it actually happens, will be a wild, chaotic process. every single committee chairman from every little county in america will be on tv talking about whether trump gave him a ride on his helicopter last night or whether he had dinner with cruz the night before -- lou: starting to sound delicious now. >> and at least good tv if nothing else. lou: well, and therein lies the future of the republican. rich, a.b., thank you both. appreciate it, talk to you soon. we're getting more exit poll information showing what the voters are thinking. we're going back to jo ling kent in the virtual studio for the very latest. good evening again, jo. >> good evening, lou. we've got exit poll data on ohio where that race continues to be very tight.
7:37 pm
we're looking at the economy -- actually, we're looking at immigration right now. for the people who care most about immigration as their top issue, 75% of those people are going for donald trump. but then if you look at the economy, which is, of course, a big point of conversation and concern in ohio, you've got 52% going for john kasich, the governor, and then 35% going for donald trump. it's very interesting to see how these issues are shaking out as we get more exit poll data. we're also looking at the florida gop primary as well. we want to show you about candidate qualities, for those who care about who shares their values, 39% are going for rubio, 27% are going for cruz. we're also looking at candidates who tell it like it is, and donald trump -- no surprise here -- taking the cake, 80% of florida republicans are voting, are supporting him while 8%, 2 president for the rest of the gang. we also want to show you a very interesting stat that is just coming in right now, lou. exit polls asked who feels
7:38 pm
betrade -- do you feel betrayed by the politicians in the republican party? and in florida 60% say, yes. and you should also know that in ohio it was also majority saying yes as well, 57 percent. lou? lou: wow. that's significant. and quite a statement on the leadership of the republican party and the behavior, really, of the establishment, its donor class. by the way, the cheers you heard as jo ling was reporting on those numbers about tells it like it is, that was none other than rich lowry. [laughter] he couldn't contain himself. jo ling, thanks so much. we appreciate it. up next here, it's still too early to project a winner in ohio or north carolina, but we are counting down to the next poll closures in florida, illinois and missouri. just about 21 minutes away. also marco rubio, once touted by "time" magazine as the savior of
7:39 pm
the republican party, but if he doesn't win florida, he may lose savior status, and his campaign may be at an end. what went wrong? we take that up and much, much more here. stay with us, we're coming right back. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪
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lou: breaking news now, just about 17 minutes short of 8:00 poll closings. let's take a look though at north carolina where donald trump is now leading ted cruz 41%, 41.4 as you see there, to 30.9%. that race still too close to call. let's turn to florida, trump with a significant lead over rubio. all of the florida polls will be closing at 8 p.m. eastern. what you're looking at are results from early precincts from the middle to the southern part of the state. again, showing trump with a significant lead, 45.8% right now. but, again, it is just much too early, and we lack sufficient data for our decision desk to be calling this race. and so we are going to continue to watch here as the numbers start to add up. joining us back again, former reagan white house political
7:44 pm
director, ed rollins, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the new york post, michael goodwin. both fox news contributors. great to see you again so quickly, appreciate your helping us out here tonight. give us a sense of what this looks like. north carolina, too close. the numbers are all very tight across, we're told in the exit polling, are very tight across these five states. yet what are your thoughts about who -- will we see, let me try to put this in establish, -- in english, will we see this thing narrowed to two candidates or three or four as a result? >> it's narrowed to two candidates now, it's cruz and trump. even if kasich wins his home state, a state he's got a 71% approval rating, he is struggling to have a single-digit win in his home state where he's been congressman for 18 years, governor in his seventh year, and he's not even -- where can he go after that?
7:45 pm
so the fact that cruz and trump are having a real battle in these other states, every one of these states with the exception of illinois is a battleground state come next november. and the fact that one has a good campaign x that's cruz, one has a great marketing effort, and that's trump. that's where it's going to be the rest of the way. lou: you know, michael, i can't help myself but fantasize if kasich does win in ohio by single digits or, you know, something very narrow, mitt romney going on national television to declare he saved the day for the establishment by boosting kasich. do you think that'll be, in fact, the correct interpretation? >> i think -- again, romney just defines bizarre. i mean, he goes there with him but doesn't endorse him. [laughter] none of this makes any sense. romney has not made a lick of sense, you know, in the last three weeks. but what's new, right? be you know, to ed's point about a two-man race, i'm struck too
7:46 pm
by the fact that there's kasich pulling something in low single digits in florida. now, florida is a must-win state for the republicans in the fall. he essentially didn't campaign there. so how could he ever possibly be the nominee? lou: i think he thinks if he were to be in the position of the nominee, that the establishment would do all the work for him, and they would hand it to him just as the nomination. >> maybe romney could help him again. [laughter] lou: well, he hasn't got a great history -- >> if we're depending on the establishment getting a winner across, i go back to dole, mccane and romney as -- lou: the trifecta? >> no disrespect to the men, but the establishment can't do it in a year like this. this is the anti-establishment year on all sides, so you need to mobilize those supporters and make them work for you. lou: but yet the establishment rise and resist and tries to recoil and come back again with like a 19 -- what would it be -- a 1970s version of the party
7:47 pm
when it's 2016. it's mind-boggling. >> yeah. their ox is getting gored, and all they can do is try to cover the wound. lou: i think we've got to be very straightforward about this. what is at issue here is power, pure -- it is a pure, raw battle for pure, raw power. >> sure. lou: and we're watching a transition. the american people are saying we don't trust you any longer on trade, we have too much pain, too much people have lost their jobs, there's too much debt. we do not trust republicans or democrats with our government, and and something new has to be found in the way of a direction and those who would take us in that. i don't think there's -- do you think that's an incorrect interpretation? >> and i go back to the point, the anti-establishment elected the congress initially, it's what elected the senate, and they don't feel the senate or the house have done what they want. now they're going to try to elect a president, and we'll see. they're still frustrated by the system that's not working for them. lou: and these are trump
7:48 pm
supporters out here. some people talk about the tea party, but i think we have to be straightforward about that. the republican party subsumed nearly all of the tea party and it is now, in most cases, the tea party organizations are functions of the republican establishment itself. >> well, yeah. and this time you see cruz, who's really from the outside in terms of washington -- lou: right, and a tea party favorite. >> and trump, of course. but they are treating the establishment republican party as a special interest. and they are plowing right through it in the way, making them part of the problem, i think, has been a game-changing for the party for a long time. lou: a game-changer well due. thank you, michael. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it, ed. up next, we're just moments away from the second round of poll closures on this super tuesday. next stop, florida, illinois, missouri.
7:49 pm
and we're going to take a quick look here. the delegates, cruz now running third in florida where, my goodness, trump seems to be running away with florida. but, again, far too early to tell, 45.9% of the vote. lisa booth, mike gallagher join us here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. mccain and romney as --
7:50 pm
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max breaking news an suv expect the numbers are starting to add up. in ohio governor john kasich has a slightly paid this is what we define as a slight lead. you are looking at 38.8 to 36.1 right now cruz in third place. it's early and bye-bye early main 2% of the precincts being counted too close to call in north carolina. donald trump is leading senator cruz but narrowly 41 -- 41 to 34%. the race is still too close to call. in florida trump has a significant lead over marco rubio some polling areas in florida's panhandle don't close until 8:00 and this is just a guess but i think with that spread perhaps our decision desk at 8:00 might venture forth and estimate that again too close to call. 6% we are looking at, 6% so you
7:54 pm
know it will be interesting to see what happens here in just a few minutes. neil cavuto is coming up with our election coverage at 8:00. joining is now the president of high noon strategy contributed to the "washington examiner". good to have you with us lisa. anthropost of the mic gallagher show, mike gallagher. he's also a "fox news" contributor and a great american. it's good to have you all here. let me start lisa with you. this looks like a tight race in a number of states. the pool reflecting some of those. your reaction. >> it is a tight race and i think what we are seeing tonight especially if you look at the exit polling in states like ohio and florida just anger we are seeing from voters in feeling that the republican party has betrayed them. we have seen this all along throughout this election cycle and 530 it did an analysis that shows john kasich and marco rubio combined have only
7:55 pm
received 28.2% of the entire gop votes so far this election cycle , so even as john kasich wins ohio the path is not clear for him. there is clearly this anti-establishment. >> people are angry and they are getting angrier. you look at the numbers out of north carolina people feel that trump would be even close to cruz and a heavenly evangelical state tells you this something that's going on that's different. lou: i think i keep hearing about the negatives with trump are sky-high but i keep seeing polls that show him within 3% of of -- so it's not just a factor it's an anti-machine factor. >> it's an anti-leaf factor. even with 2.6 john kasich should be beating the death of a donald trump in ohio based on his record alone. not in close.
7:56 pm
lou: that is breathtaking and your thoughts lisa, the idea that kasich would claim some sort of mental with a 129 votes bottom feeding and winning a 1% argent if indeed he does when his home state? >> i think margins matter here. ohio is winner-take-all so you clearly want those 56 delegates. it's unlikely proportional where obviously the winner -- lou: we know what that is. >> but i agree i do think it's tougher for john kasich. he has an approval rating of 80% that's a difficult argument for him to make the. lou: that's a far cry from the first race. >> goodnight kasich and goodnight ruby on hello trump is what this means. cruz and trump in a two-person race and on the democrats of side watch bernie sanders perform much better up among non-african-americans that hillary clinton does.
7:57 pm
lou: the latest 45.5% in ohio for kasich and we are looking at the numbers. that may try that again, 31.9 per trumps those separation, 6% of vote and early without question but decidedly a widening margin for kasich in this early stage. so it's going to be fascinating. your thoughts lisa, do think kasich is going to pull it off in ohio? >> i think you will but i think it's going to be really tough and again that's a tough argument. a republican depending on happens republicans be -- could be on top at the convention in 68 years. lou: this is an election not a selection and what's new to hysteria and let the people decide create. >> account is an unknown. we are watching people have a voice.
7:58 pm
we haven't seen that in a long time whether it leads to a contest or broke her convention i don't know that it's great to see. >> we are watching history here potentially. lou: lisa thanks so much and sean combs thanks for being here might tell at they're always good to see you. thanks for being with us. a lot more ahead. neil: we used to bind up because it sounds cooler and we are glad to have you. again we are minutes away from the polls closing in florida and illinois and missouri. of course the cruz show earlier this morning northern mariano islands. nine delegates awarded to donald trump this morning to kick himself so there are 358 delegates for for republicans
7:59 pm
and in ohio governor john kasich has a slight lead over donald trump. north carolina donald trump with a lead over ted cruz and in florida which we are maybe minute or so away from getting a good idea how things will wrap up there. switching to the democrats ohio hillary clinton leading bernie sanders so not comfortable yet by how much or whether that's going to hold north carolina clinton is leading bernie sanders. florida we are waiting to see what happens and you heard a great deal on the democratic side. bernie sanders may pick up a few of the states but when and by a substantial margin. hillary clinton clinton is hardly halfway there with the delegates necessary to become the democratic nominee raid it's not good enough. he has to chalk up some big vague dairies and given those superdelegates that's a good example. he stabbed her by 20 points but handed up splitting the delegates thanks to the awarding of those superdelegates and also he has got to start putting
8:00 pm
together some very big wins and not just wins on the republican side the issue is slowing down. they have tried it in the past and the big question today what happens in florida what happens in ohio winner-take-all states where it is so crucial. in florida right now we can comfortably say as the polls closed at donald trump has been marco rubio in his home state again by roughly the margin that the polls had so again a big blow to marco rubio. he said he was confident he would win the stated he was saying to me earlier he was confident that he would go on even without florida. it was pointed out no republican has been nominated without winning florida furs so it's a bit of a catch-22 weathered he goes on to campaign is anyone's guess. his staff has reportedly recommended with the laws he may


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