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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 16, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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runner hillary clinton on the democratic side. she took at least four states. the missouri race still too close to call on both sides of the aisle this morning. we are waiting on the latest developments there. president obama set to announce a supreme court nominee today. the likely choice in how they stack up. more strong words for apple and encryption case. the founders of this company would be appalled. airport workers tied to terrorism. we have the details. turn to mark this morning. blue look at news that about 2:00 p.m. eastern time when the fed has a press conference. in a shed, no major moves on the day. the nikkei average down 1%. in europe, gains across the board this morning. london stock exchange announced a nonstatic merger creating a company worth $80 billion. they still apparently going through, even though there is
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talk in new york stock exchange owner would try to get involved. in the u.s., showing markets higher as you can read the major averages expected to open up. the dow jones industrial average looking up 20 points. all of that coming up to the program. did you break it down with you this morning, dagen mcdowell. in proactive solutions mark sereno. good to see everybody. lots to talk about this morning. take a look at the nature and the program this morning. kasich advisor trant duffy is with us. bruised advisor alice stuart does. newt gingrich as well. and don't miss my one-on-one with u.s. attorney general michael mckay c. onto the campaign trail. our top story today. senator marco rubio suspended his campaign last night after a disappointing loss in his home state of florida. donald trump walking away with three states including all the sunshine dates 99 delegates.
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an upstate for trump in ohio. john kasich pulled out a win in his home state capturing the 66 delegates, breathing new life into the kasich struggling campaign. hillary clinton walking away with four states maintaining her delicately never bernie sanders beard 1561-800. blake or menace in palm springs with the latest. reporter: here we are in florida with marco rubio had said not only would he win a stay, but if he didn't he would his candidacy going forward. rubio last year in his home state by 19-point yesterday and dropped out immediately afterwards. while addressing supporters in his hometown of miami, rubio essentially said the political climate this go around with out what he needed to run. >> i want you to know there's nothing more you could have done. you worked as hard as anyone worked. i want you to know we worked as hard as we could.
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america is in the middle of a real political storm, a real tsunami and we should've seen this coming. reporter: donald trump traditionally has not gone the route of what candidates do traditionally in congratulating other candidates when they drop out. last night he made an exception for the candidate he had been calling little marco in the days leading up to this. trump actually keeps praise upon rubio. >> i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough, he's smart and he's got a great future. trinitron talking about rubio's future. he will be in office in the senate until the end of the year. maria, rubio was just 44 years old kid he's been in politics for the better part of the last 18 years. what does he do from here? the possibility he could move to tallahassee. the governor's mansion is open come 2018 or just enter the
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private life and cash in there and set up shop for a potential round two at some point down the line. back to you. maria: a lot of discussion he may run for governor. thank you so much. want to bring a political analyst in donald trump supporter. your main takeaways from last night. your guy seems to be sleeping with the exception of ohio last night. >> missouri looks like it is as well. the bottom line, my takeaways simpler is better. everybody keeps saying he's not saying anything, not detailing anything. we don't it make her analysis of his policies. everybody loves what he says because the last seven years have been noble chamberlain style appeasement. we will put america first now when it comes to the border, the second amendment, when it comes to so many issues people just have their wits end about. he needs to maintain a simple presentation. he needs to say when in his
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grave. making america great again is wonderful and i think he will ride this out. he's got wonderful states come in ahead. maryland, rhode island, pennsylvania, many states that are winner take all. last day, california he is leading dirty ape% to 22%. i think he is going to ride it to the end. he'll get the necessary delegates to get the nomination. maria: that is good analysis because the upcoming contest is well-positioned for. anthony scaramucci, you were an early chip bush supporter. scott walker first and then jeb bush. do you think jeb bush will endorse somebody? >> i think it's super tough for him to endorse somebody. congratulations to donald trump. he is when a non-message and relate ability.
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imagine not. a billionaire from new york city and is winning on message and relate ability. the one thing we need to talk more about us policy and hopefully we will get closer as we get through. it would be a mistake for governor bush to endorse anybody. i did say this about governor romney's weblog up to him. i like the governor great deal. that was a mistake to go against the front runner. i don't think that helps their party. i'm a republican. i disclose that to people on the air. i'm supporting whoever the eventual nominee is. we have to come together as a party, whoever that person is. maria: david, do you think what anthony a stable ring true for trump? is he going to start focusing on policy on trade policy? >> when it comes to trump versus clinton i guarantee he will. anthony is right. i'll tell you why. ultimately, if you don't like trump, it will be hillary
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clinton. virtlly ery republican will jump on board eventually on the trump train. but you know, he does have to give more specific that he will get more specific. right now he's building up such a force with just the frustration of the voters the the voters the last seven years that he doesn't need to get specific. why bother? big money can hire great advisors. that is coming up soon. >> david, will you be handing out xanax to establishment supporters? >> i think they are already under the prescription as is to establishment pundit and journalists and bloggers right now are at their wits end. they don't even know what to say anymore. they are just so frustrated by this man's unbelievable success. i'll tell you something. as i said before, the ultimate reality is if you don't, you are hurting hillary clinton appears
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>> by headline from last night because i was taking notes. the establishment will not have a republican candidate for president. boom, drop the mac. maria: i think you are right. the republicans are shocked at donald trump. maria: because trump has a path to winning days. dagen: a couple things. why is donald trump resonated with voters? close to four in 10 are angry that the government and trump won more than half of the voters in every state except michigan. u.s. voters feel betrayed by the republican party. he continued to win with us. six in 10 voters in tonight's contest. trample in this betrayed voters in every state. it is the government, the republican party. maria: that is absolutely right. >> trump is not going to bring
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in consultants. he has his own consultant. he has been all along. what is interesting, the shift in his remarks last night if he's talking about economics, taxes. that showed in the exit polls. people were talking about immigration. they were really talking about jobs. that is the shift i see coming. >> here's the reality. when donald trump talks about the welcome of this linkage between the economics of jobs, linkage with terrorism, illegal immigration, all without wall. he killed three birds with one stone. it is genius even though it sounds simple. maria: regard to get into this. without naming names, president obama commented on the recent mudslinging between candidates in election cycle. listen to this. got to get your reaction. >> reverb will bring divisive rhetoric and women and minorities and americans who
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don't look like us or pray like us are both like we do. and we've heard silence from too many of our leaders. maria: meanwhile, the president is no stranger to this type of talk. look at this quote from the president in 2008. this is when he was on the campaign trail. he says they are going to try to scare people. they are going to say that obama is a scary guy. if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun. because from what i understand, folks in philly like a good rall. as dane eagle stands. it's that what we are seeing today? business as usual. it's extraordinary powers commentary back then. >> the only difference is it is not business as usual because donald trump is not an elected official of the dance of the other elected officials. what is happening now is these guys are super scary. i've met with several donald trump people in his organization over the last several months and
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one of them said to me, imagine when he gets a hold of the budget and looks at the budget and has no special interest that can grip him and sway him in a certain way. that is what these people are scared of. >> the president is doing hillary clinton's bidding. this is a guy who oversees has condemned republicans. internationally he's been on an international trip in his condemned republicans. maria: and then i'm so sorry can bring people together. >> you never attended to. >> just really quickly, you would think the president talking like this doesn't want hillary to win. but the pope coming out against trump, mitt romney, throw whatever you've got it donald trump because it helps him. >> a cruel irony for him is barack obama and his policies are the spark that created
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donald trump. as much as he has a stain, he is the creator of donald trump. it's amazing, but true. maria: john kasich, obviously takes his home state of ohio. what does that mean for him going forward? is this victory just about had slowing down the rise of trump? >> he is the third wheel now. nobody likes a third wheel. in this raise, he can talk all he wants. think of the argument. everyone has voted against in his primaries, but i will take this race to cleveland. that is an absurd argument. you can make a race to build a coalition. dagen: think there's something a little more heartfelt. john kasich has been able to connect with voters, particularly in his home state in recent weeks and months. he owes it to his supporter to stay in it. numbers two, he didn't want to lose his home state. if you want any political future
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at all, that is a hokey can hang his coat on. maria: would look at this video of the victory. it is like where's waldo. they totally disappear. >> at this point, it's more about if more about his ego than anything else. he had zero chance of winning anything. he goes to the convention. he's not going to get nominated. he's putting himself before the party and is doing the wrong thing in any change. i would suggest maybe in the next weeks of good advice and drop out. maria: adult think that's going to happen, but good to see you. thank you for joining us. the video of the victory speech from kasich. dagen: it's like you've got some staffer like we made confetti.
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maria: president obama reportedly finishing vetting supreme court candidate sandpit announces nominee as early as today. cheryl casone. transfer good morning, everyone. while u.s. court appeals judge reportedly the top two candidates to fill the seat. republicans have vowed not to vote on the president's nominee until after the november election. 21-year-old university of virginia's didn't in a warm has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in north korea for crimes against the state. arrested for attempting to sell propaganda -- the 21-year-old confessed to the crimes say in a church group passenger bring back a souvenir from the strip. former new mexico governor bill richardson trying to negotiate
6:18 am
the release. new developments in the battle between apple and the justice department. the tech giant now saying our founding fathers, quote, would be appalled by the government's order to unlock encrypted i found. issuing a final brief yesterday ahead of the court hearing, apple criticizing the department's understanding of modern technology and accusing them of government. technology companies back in them. real quick on the u.s. attorneys say this. apple has overblown security fears linked to the unlocking of the phone. this is a big diversion. they say this is a modest and targeted request to a microphone. marithis is heating up now. mark serrano, here is a quote, under the government fears, they could force an artist to paint a poster, or not there to read a book so long as its purpose was to achieve some permissible end. you agree with that?
6:19 am
>> it is persuasive. i am looking for ramp on to get involved very quickly because he's looking for something to do since he is no longer running for president. i think it is very persuasive argument that apple made. they will put a lot into this. they will run a campaign of their own around his arguments that says the camel's nose under the tent. >> in 1984, the most celebrated super bowl commercial was a woman running towards the glass 1995 decision throwing. apple has stayed true for the last 32 years. they want to be in the counterculture antigovernment, anti-establishment. i think it will work for them. cheryl: if we were having this argument in october 2001, would we still be having this argument?
6:20 am
families in san bernardino are supporting the doj. they want to know what was in the mind of this terrorist. it's a valid argument. maria: we go back to the same issue software for a lot of break-ins for other people. it is not just one phone. dagen: going forward, it will be about a month worse than execute valid search wars end quote orders in a major is what i want to point out. it's not just about phones anymore. apple has refused to help open the phone in san bernardino. doj, fbi got the data off the cloud. but apple is working to bolster encryption so it won't be able to decode user information stored in a tight cloud. so it is going a step further to make all of that data out of the hands of law enforcement talk to the victims and families of the guns and try and make that
6:21 am
argument. again, the fourth amendment. valid search and seizure. they are making it impossible. cheryl: what she said. maria: hillary clinton may have come out victorious [-left-bracket exit poll suggests an appetite for third-party alternative. get the exit poll data coming up next. stay with us. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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♪ maria: major victories for front-runner donald trump in the presidential primaries. good morning to you.
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reporter: a big primary night. florida and ohio winner take all states. governor john kasich winning his homes they'd been here as part of the reason why a mandate to fighters in 152% of the vote compared with 27% for donald trump. also looking at florida, a different home state story. that mr. marker rubio. part of the reason why, donald trump did very well among those who tell it like it is dominated with 80% of the vote. also looking at missouri, a very tight race continues to be a story. getting 48% compared to donald trump's 23%. but donald trump women among voters who want equality of change being brought out how you can. trapped in an order 7% to cruise 37%. what happened in missouri overnight. a tight race on that side as
6:26 am
well. voters actually went for hillary clinton at 53%. the candidate they thought would be the most inspiring for a change in the white house was bernie sanders at 53% to hillary clinton's 45%. a very big night's super tuesday part to determining the future of a lot of candidates. back to you guys. >> thanks so much for the metrorail shut down. have one regular giant plans to help. donald trump not only dominating polls. the republican front runner has a stranglehold on the social media part of the story. shocking evidence next. ♪
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. . .
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maria: welcome back, happy wednesday. it is wednesday march 16th. supernight for donald trump and hillary clinton. candidates extending leads over competition, john kasich did take home of ohio and rubio, well, he suspended his campaign. >> we are going to win, win and not stopping. >> america needs a vibrant conservative movements, not on fear, not on anger and not on praying on people's frustration. >> we are moving closer to
6:30 am
securing the democratic nomination and winning this election in november b. >> we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls, we have come a long way in ten amongst. maria: even one day later the missouri race still too close to call on both sides of the race. transportation shutdown in washington, d.c. this morning. metro system faulted for checks. new details on airport workers try today terrorism. some employed at the country's reserves. we will find out if fed janet yellen is going to raise interest rates, which is unlikely. we will see if she has hints of june interest rate.
6:31 am
higher opening nonetheless for major averages on wall street. it is looking more and more like a donald trump versus hillary clinton matchup for the white house w. the two front runners dominating, trump taking home wins in three states, clinton sweeping four states, missouri as i mentioned still too close to call. joining us right now former campaign adviser mike berlin who has interested data to show us regarding how social media users view the front runners. also with us this morning good to see you doug. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. maria: what was your take last night? >> one we learn that had john kasich is a winner and donald trump likes winners, if we are thinking about the next version of celebrity apprentice john kasich -- >> he never cite -- criticized
6:32 am
him. dagen: he has a heart and sensitive and a different -- >> he makes him approachable and i like -- maria: maybe he needs an adult in the room too. [laughter] >> i won, can you believe i won in my home state. i tried to slip in the restaurant. second thing we learned is that 2616 will be the first social media election and that is absolutely critical because negative tv ads don't work and how pathetic was mike murphy last night, $40 million spent against trump in florida, it didn't work. so maybe negative tv ads are not
6:33 am
going to be part of it. >> it made polls go up. maria: doug, jurch in here because i know you weren't trump guy going into super tuesday 2.0, how are you feeling today postthe wins we saw? >> i didn't take the metro here, i walked here. nothing was going to stop me from being here. maria: you are a prince. >> last night was a big night for kasich carchian. they're saying it's a whole new ball game. he had a big win last night. john kasich is a winner and reframes the race a little bit. certainly a big night for donald trump. it's hard to get to the delegate level which means we could have an open convention going in. maria: we have to talk about this. >> this is the same
6:34 am
old-establishment line that you and i have been dealing since august. we have gone incident after incident and they are going to take trump down. they want trump to go away. i respect what doug is saying but quite honestly, i think he's wrong. this is going to be a trump-clinton showdown. this is going to be the ultimate reality tv show. america is engaged in this election. they are not bored for the politics. maria: look at the voter turnout. dagen: gop turner vote was 2 to 1 over the democrats. 3 to 4-point win turns out into dade heat. he was talking about the democrats. i thought that david is saying, she has -- maria: obama administration. >> the age of social media. this would be the first social
6:35 am
media election. is this the end of teleprompterring. she's going like this and like this. [laughter] >> with that eight years of that and we are going to have her doing that too. >> he doesn't do that if you haven't noticed. >> let's look at the social media analytics. look at what's going on. donald trump has a 3 to 1 lead. he's getting 77% in the last month. he's getting 77% in the conversation versus 23%. hillary is going to up her game and start to make a case of why she wants to be president and if i'm advises the campaign, stop responding to why you are not trump and sanders won't work.
6:36 am
>> trump has increased followers on twitter by a million almost six to eight weeks. >> i'm having an establishment unanimous meeting if you want to come join me. [laughter] maria: doug, you said we could have a contested convention. we were talking about that during a commercial break. so you need 1237 delegates. if donald trump let's say has 1100 before the july convention, you think that the gop can say, you don't have the 1237 so we are going to a contested convention. i mean, it's going to be such backlash, anthony, so do you, wouldn't it look like they are stealing the election from donald trump? >> i think we can agree. if donald trump is within a hundred or so delegates, it's going to be difficult to deny him that.ersations that republicans and democrats are having right now, it's all about the delegates and if donald
6:37 am
trump can't get to that number or really close to that number, that opens up the door for john kasich, that opens up the door for ted cruz. same thing that hillary is saying. i don't think we know right now. anthony: what number do you think puts him in play? does a thousand numbers put him in play? >> it's an open question right now. one of the things we've seen and i know you, maria, alluded to earlier, if it's a trump versus hillary clinton, they're not going to be voting for trump. in my state of north carolina 40% said that. that's not a good sign if donald trump is our nominee. maria: exactly. dagen: they would consider -- maria: you hand it to hillary. dagen: no third-party candidate has gotten and electorate
6:38 am
college vote. [laughter] dagen: not even ross pero,t. >> when i look at the sentiments of the conversation they talk about hillary is unfavorable. the sentiments for hillary and trump are exactly the same. i'm telling you now, this is an old-school discussion. if we go into a brokered convention, social media is going to go crazy. maria: yeah. >> it's going to reveal what happens. this is a brand new ball game. dagen: i'm going to make him a t-shirt. >> kasich has less delegates.
6:39 am
dagen: i told you so and you can wear it every time because he has been right from day one on this whole thing. >> what i saw last night is throughout the -- i was looking throughout each and every one of the tapes, the social media and that's why i knew what was going on. i can see hour by hour what's going on. the other thing, maria, i know we have to go quickly, we saw that the whole protestors disrupters once the true came out on friday that was negative by trump. maria: it was bernie's voice. he said it was bernie's boys out of here. >> spoke against trump on that. >> exactly. maria: great conversation, thank you so much. mark berland.
6:40 am
>> thank you. maria: a ride-sharing app by lift and uber. would we see a shift in policy? what we will hear from janet yellen and company? the two-week meeting ends. we will anticipate and tell you what people are looking for. we are getting new life on the fox business network. hosted by our very own anthony scaramucci, catch it right here on the fox business network. anthony: you're going to be joining us. maria: i am joining friday night. back in a minute
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you can fly across welcome town in minutes16,
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or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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maria: welcome back. flooding in louisiana and texas causing misery for thousands of people. cheryl casone with the headlines, cheryl, good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria, record flooding in louisiana reported causing caske, the -- thousands of residents in texas forced evacuate due to swollen rivers there. a dozen workers sportedly had ties to terrorism. those workers are just a fraction of 37 private employees at nearly 40 airports across the country possibly tied to terrorist, that's according to homeland security inspector's generals office. it promises to be a tough commute in washington, d.c. today.
6:45 am
has been shutdown. the system was hit with major delays on monday following a fire on the tracks. maria, the cause of the fire appears to be similar to another one last year that killed one passenger and injured 86 others. maria: thanks so much. one of the stories, uber setting a cap on pricing to 3.9 times the normal rate while dc metro is shutdown. dagen, i'm glad to see they're not taking advantage of the situation? dagen: they've become under fire in a big way. maria: anything that happens they take prices up. dagen: even events of violence. i mean you could cap out not do surge pricing. i know that you have to do it because it balances out supply and demand and we are about free markets, 3.9 times. >> it's about image. signals are shift on their part
6:46 am
which is very wise. it's a single market for 24 hours. bottom line is not going to be hurt. it's wise on their part. maria: if they don't do it, they would be hated. anthony: i'm still mad that i missed on the evaluation. maria: look, i need money. 800million-dollar valuation, $50,000 worth two and a half million. maria: you had a shot. anthony: no way i'm letting my daughter emilia on uber. my credit card is off the charts. two years lathe i was wrong again. dagen: you're falling on the floors and you're talking about scott walker and jeb bush. maria: you're good. [laughter]
6:47 am
maria: coming up, markets are anxious what janet yellen has to say when she speaks today. what to expect from the two-day fed meeting. donald trump take to go twitter to put the finishing touches on marco rubio's campaign with this video. >> i believe with all of my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify.
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maria: welcome back. we are waiting on the federal reserve to come out of its two-day meeting. u.s. futures indicating a higher
6:51 am
opening today ahead of this meeting. it's a fractional move. anything can change. on a potential shift in policy, it's due at 2:00 p.m. eastern today. joining us adviser and michelle gerard. michelle, are you expecting any change from the fed today? >> nobody is expecting any change today. for the fed to surprise us with a rate hike would be uncharacteristic. are they going to stay on this path of continuing to gradually raise rates, they indicated in december that moving rates up maybe 25 base a quarter would be appropriate but because of everything that happened in january and february, i think they want to wait and make sure
6:52 am
the u.s. economy is okay. i think her message today is, we've come through it pretty well and more or less we are still going to be on that path of gradually nudging rates higher. maria: do you agree with michelle? >> yes, i do. i don't expect any fed tightening today. i do think they'll reassert that the u.s. economy is on a moderate growth path and some of the fears about sharply negative financial conditions that occurred in january have ebbed, inflation expectations, they are starting to perk up in the direction that janet yellen and the feds have expected and as a result they will continue to nudge in this gradual normalization trajectory that they started back in 2013. they've already moved a bit as
6:53 am
fed expectations have increased from early february. there's more room to go with one or two tightenings coming this calendar year. maria: i see. anthony: if you were chairman yellen, would that worry you -- you have the tug of war on the fed. [laughter] anthony: she's getting pulled in two different directions, what would you do? >> how much of the national situation is supposed to factor in the fed's decision, more or less when we see the u.s. economy holding up well and suggesting that, hey, at 25 to 25 basis points, rates at this low doesn't make sense for the u.s. i think that the fed has to sort of continue on the path that makes the most sense with what's going on here, taking into account what's going on globally, of course, it's not clear if the fed deviates that
6:54 am
actually help it is overseas situation. they are going negative and taking rates lower so they weaken the currency and borrow a little growth on the u.s. anthony: policy is make the dollar great again? >> well, you know what, a lot of what we have seen the dollar move up and undermining of manufacturing activity. there's no question that adjustment has taken place and we have given growth to economy. it's ultimately global growth picks up, we will see the benefit of stronger export growth. i mean, we are all better. we don't want to give our growth overseas clearly. but if the overseas economy do better, in the long run it does help our exports as well.
6:55 am
dagen: i want to ask you, michelle, retail sales last month and then lowered again for january, doesn't that give the fed pause in terms of the strength -- maria: dunn one-tenth of a percent. >> there were and big division in january but then december up allot. on net we weren't as weak as it looked. i also think it's interesting, though, consumer confidence has held up pretty well. consumers are spending on -- we talk about areas they don't have to, restaurants and cars. so i think you're right, we kind of have this one month better. on the other hand, the consumer is held up very well in the face of all the increase and uncertainty that we've seen. a big reason is the low energy prices. maria: what about that, the energy story, at $36 a barrel it's looking pretty good based
6:56 am
on what we saw earlier in the year, with that recession fears have begun to fade? what do you do with the portfolios? do you want to buy stocks here or not? >> we remain more economically assets. bonds seems as if they were radioactive to some. the recovery value there in equities as well. in fixed income, our best case is we are not headed towards recession, there's recession risk a couple of weeks ago. we understand the discussions, we don't think that's the base case. we like assets that are economic sensitive. maria: should we talk about very quickly, anthony scaramucci, valiat losing 50%?
6:57 am
anthony: guys have fundamental on the company. when you get a restatement like that you're going to see a drop because everyone is going to evacuate the stock. this is the thing i have a problem with billionaire egos, you have three or four hedge funds that dug their heels into the stock, we are going to have a no billionaire rule going forward because the egos are such where they actually believe their own, you know what, and causing tremendous amount of pain. maria: $35. michelle gerard and r.j. gallo, good to see you both
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday march 16th, your top stories on the east coast. republican took three states last night. john kasich, one, home state of ohio. marco rubio latest to dropout after losing in florida. >> we are going to start winning again. this country is going to start winning again. >> today my campaign is suspended. the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> to those who supported marco, who worked so hard, we welcome
7:01 am
you with open arms. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the nomination. maria: big night for hillary clinton as well taking four states. missouri too close to call. we will bring you the call when it comes down. president obama has made his choice for the supreme court. he will announce his decision at 11:00 a.m. eastern time today. we will bring you that live when we get the news. it is confirmed, he's made his choice. the war on police, another officer shot yesterday, details on the shoot outcoming up. chipotle under pressure. it hires james to help address the issues. not that james you're thinking of, no. [laughter] maria: investors are waiting for the federal reserve at 2:00 p.m. eastern. swra jason -- janet yellen after
7:02 am
meeting, no one is expecting a rate hike today. dow jones industrial has been moving up but well off of the highs, it is flat right now. all of that coming to the program. here the break with it with me fox business dagen mcdowell, anthony scaramucci, proactive communications mark serano and mark. thank you for joining us bob. >> thank you. maria: donald trump walking away with three states yesterday including all of florida's 99 zleggates, senator marco rubio suspended campaign after a disappointing loss in his home state of florida. an upset meanwhile for trump in ohio, john kasich pulled out a win. on the other side of the aisle hillary clinton walked away with four states, man taken delegate lead over bernie sanders. missouri still too close to
7:03 am
call. looks like it could be a squeaker on both sides. blake: good morning to you as well. in the lays leading up to the race here in the state of florida we are in palm beach this morning. marco rubio had predicted that he was going to win florida and if he didn't he would continue campaign in the days following. yesterday the freshman senator lost his home state by 19 points and dropped out immediately afterwards. he addressed supporters in hometown of miami yesterday and essentially said that there wasn't really the political climate that's going around for the kind of campaign that he want today run. >> ii just want you to know there's nothing more you could have done. i just want you to know we worked as hard as we could ever could. america is in a real political storm and we should have seen this coming. blake: donald trump hasn't
7:04 am
really followed with the tradition of most candidates of congratulating candidates when they drop out of the race but yesterday he made an exception for the candidate that he had been calling little marco in the days and weeks leading up to the days in florida. yesterday trump kept praise on rubio. i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough and smart and he has a great future. [cheers and applause] blake: for that future for rubio, he will finish out his term which expires at the end of the year, maria, marco rubio is just 44 years old, he has been in the political arena for the better part of some 18 years, what does he do going forward? the governor's mansion opens up here in florida 2018, that's certainly one possibility or go into the private sector, cash out and make a little bit of money and potentially set up for
7:05 am
a round two at some point down the line, back to you. maria: we will be watching that. bob, your talk on last night's results? >> it's amazing, very big night for trump and hillary. if my math is right, though, for trump to go in on an uncontested election, he has to win about 55-# 54%. cruz has to win about 70-something percent and john over 80% of the delegates to have an uncontested convention going up. i think it's still -- it's still up for grabs. maria: wow. >> i know trump has a good momentum and can run the table. i thought it was interesting john last night adding a couple more advisers. people that have been involved in uncontested -- tested conventions in the past. he clearly sees himself a player yet going into this convention in cleveland, i think.
7:06 am
anthony: they are going to do everything that happened, if it were jeb bush and scott walker, they had the delegate count lead, do you think we would be having the discussion or behind that person? >> i think that's a great question. i think even if he has not the majority of votes, i think they're going to hold to that number and i think they're going to see what happens in the first round, second round and i think there's going to be a real fraction going into that convention, unfortunately, it hasn't brought the party together totally. >> i think what throws off the numbers for cruz and kasich is the winner-take-all states. trump is able to overcome the 58% that you're talking about. spencer and charley black worked for ronald reagan. that's the kiss of death bringing guys like that.
7:07 am
dagen: it's a minority so they're not that many. the first one that donald trump will do very well is arizona which is next week. >> yeah, that'll be important. maria: i think he's winning in california. >> by double digits. anthony: i think the guy is brilliant and not as old school as he would think. but he, myself and others have been dead wrong about trump. i said he would be out by labor day, i said he would be out by thanksgiving. >> you ran out of holidays. [laughter] maria: do you think donald trump can beat hillary clinton? >> yeah, you take a look at clinton this past week on her libya policy and she's, you know, you got pa,tricia smith.
7:08 am
donald trump is going to take an issue like that and paint her as a liar that has created this opening opportunity for isis in the middle east. i'm telling you, he will take her on and the clintons won't know how to deal with it. >> i mean, it's interesting, i understand you play to your audience, changing your policy state to state is an interesting dynamic? maria: we want to bring kasich campaign communications adviser trent. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: congratulations to you and your campaign for winning ohio. a lot of talk this morning saying, yes, great for john kasich, he's a leader, we expected him to take ohio, but where does that take him next? >> well, it takes him today to
7:09 am
pennsylvania and we expect him to do well and off to that we go to utah. we have another debate in salt lake next week and john kasich is shown that he is the only presidential leader on that stage and now it is only down to three candidates, we think that the more people get the hear john kasich and message and how he's balanced budgets, cut taxes and got people working again, that's going to continue to build support in our favor. maria: people have ignored the fact that we haven't had policy discussions. trump is not talking about policy solutions and john kasich, he's the adult in the room because he has done all of this, he has balanced a budget. do you think there's a path for him? >> no, if you take a look at the exit polls, people are absolutely aggravated with the federal government. they feel absolutely abandoned by the republican party. i think john kasich is running a good campaign. trent, i believe every candidate
7:10 am
gets to pick when he decides to leave the race but your guy has won one state. he may not win another single race moving forward so i really believe he can continue on and possibly have that policy discussion which might help the republicans overall but it's going to be a very difficult argument and frankly from an investment standpoint, i'm not sure who is going to continue to invest in a campaign that's got that sort of path moving forward. anthony: good morning to you, trent. my god, you're hitting him pretty hard this morning. >> that's all right. people are investing in john's campaign, we are getting fundraisers across the board because they know that kasich is the only one that can actually do it. john kasich has been in columbus, ohio getting it working again, taking from an
7:11 am
8 billion-dollar deficit and his path is a steep path, there's no question about it, i don't disagree with you that it is challenging, look at where john kasich has been, no one expected him to be here today. no one expected him to be in the last three standing and no one certainly preponderated for him to be the last governor in the race. national polls show him really climbing because he's getting that platform and it's basically a three-way tied going forward. >> i wouldn't be so excited just to have a billionaire, they haven't done fairly well in some of the financial investments, have they? anthony: these guys are friends of mine. maria: police. anthony: congratulations and i give governor kasich for running a high-mighty campaign and not getting in the mud. maria: totally agree. anthony: what do we learn from donald trump in this experience about the way he is
7:12 am
communicating and has he changed the future of campaigning in presidential elections? >> boy, i'm not sure about that one. it's way too early to make a judgment on that. he's representing the anger that a lot of people have at washington because frankly as we know, washington has been broken for working men and women, the economy continues to underperform and continues not to hire enough people and give right high-paying jobs. i think donald trump is going too far and that has start today show in the polls, not just in ohio but other places, i think you're going to continue to see that his numbers are right around 35-40 but they're not growing. 60-plus percent of the republicans are not voting for donald trump. maria: bottom line is you want a contested convention? >> the bottom line is john kasich wants to share his message of bringing america together and going forward we think a contested convention is
7:13 am
all but inevitable because no candidate is going to have the 1237 to win on the first ballot. maria: do you worry about backlash from trump supporters, look, you stole the election from donald trump if there's a contested convention? >> well, maria, the convention was set up to ensure that the delegates of the republican party get to choose the nominee they best think represents the party, that best represent it is lat form of the republican party. 60% plus of percent aren't voting for donald trump. maria: that's the number. anthony: the only billionaire that gets away from being a billionaire. >> that's true. maria: thank you so much for joining us. we will see you son. -- soon. coming up next, president obama appointing supreme court replacement for scalia. next
7:14 am
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7:17 am
that raid was connected to last year's attacks in paris which killed 130 people. president obama commenting yesterday on the recent mud slinging between republican. >> we have heard as a vulgar at women and minority and we've heard silence from too many of our leaders. cheryl: the president is no stranger to this type of talk. take a look at this quote from the president back in 2008. here is what he said then, they're going to try to scare people, they're going to try to say that obama is a scary guy, well, if they bring a knife to the fight we bring a gun, but what what i understand fans like a brawl. a little bit of a difference in rhetoric, maria.
7:18 am
chipotle my step back. sources say the company may cut back or eliminate pathogen test on some ingredient's. first-quarterly loss at public company, sales dropping more than expected last month. the company under a lot of pressure from the street this morning. stock to watch this morning. maria: i don't know why they would pull back on the safety measures. the food safety at the company dr. james, meat safety expert, there he is -- [laughter] maria: it's not the well-known actor. dagen: they need to hire the well-known actor to put a fantastically beautiful face on the brand to distract consumers away from this litany of problems. he's fantastically beautiful. look at the smile. [laughter]
7:19 am
>> i was looking at you. [laughter] >> they think they're out of the woods. >> maria: people are still getting sick. >> they think they can move on. dagen: extreme arrogance in how he has managed the company and the brand and people that have been in --i guess close contact with and were talking about closing the investigation. maria: breaking news, president obama done vetting the supreme court candidates. he will announce nominee today. dr. ardala will join us. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
7:20 am
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maria: breaking news this morning, president obama will announce his pick to fill the vacant supreme court seat today at 11:00 a.m. eastern. that seat, of course, has been opened since the death of scalia a month ago. both judges sit on the u.s. court of appeals. republicans in congress have vowed not to vote on the president's nominee until after the november election. let's bring in new york attorney and fox news legal analysts, arthur ayala. >> good morning. maria: looking at the two pix, do you think it's the one? >> it's exciting those who
7:24 am
follow this. >> maria: he's the president of the brooklyn bar. >> i will tell you, i don't know if you're going to see two italian americans any time on the supreme court soon again. i think first of all the u.s. court of appeals for the dc circuit that's like the minor leagues to get up there. chief justice roberts, it's really -- that is an awesome qualification to have and then this particular nominee whose last name i don't want to butcher, sheri, he worked for o'connor who was appointed by ronald reagan. if you're a senator, you're at this point saying, well donald trump can become president or hillary clinton give us somebody we really don't want in no shape or form. this guy is in the middle of the
7:25 am
road. maria: that's a really good point. >> the indian american factor, 98 to 0, ted kenny -- kennedy voted for him. there are senators that have indian american constituencies. 97-0 to go to the court. the court of appeals. so i think the president and his advisers, they did their vetting and looked around and they said if we have a shot, this is our best shot. it has to continue -- >> the republicans can't take the bait. you put a moderate forward and they're allowed to go through the process. let's say the democrats bail out on them, then the republicans have agreed to let a nominee come forward and they would have to bring another nominee forward. anthony: you're assuming he's
7:26 am
the guy, they called him, now you're going to go into this mud-slinging fight and i'm up for it. >> it's interesting that you -- well, i don't know, he's 49. he's a kid. justice scalia was 50. maria: you were very close with him. >> he told me after the thomas nomination, he said, if i had to go through what he just went through and then again after justice alito got beat, i don't think i would put my whole family, everyone around me through that drama and stress, just a negative situation. yeah, it's different now with 24-hour news cycle. he's going to get destroyed on everything he has ever done from high school until now. dagen: we don't know much about him on affirmative action,
7:27 am
abortion. >> that's a benefit now. he did not get confirmed because they did know where he stood on everything. shortly thereafter they put david sutter in. she served more left. anthony: is he going to get it? >> they're going to make a decision on whether, you know, do we get involved, but i think if justice scalia was here, he was an originalist, in the constitution, the president is supposed to fill it, that's the process. i come confident justice scalia would not want barack obama appointing a nominee. maria: shari represented the head of enron. >> he was also in george w.
7:28 am
bush's justice department and stayed over into obama's justice department. so it seems like he's someone who is on both sides of the aisle and maybe that's not a bad thing. anthony kennedy is the most powerful -- was the most powerful person on the bench because he did go in either direction as o'connor, this particular justice who is being considered. you could see him on certain issues he would lean one way and other issues the other way. for me that's not personally a bad thing. anthony: does he get it? >> i don't know the answer to that question. >> this is the test for the republicans in congress. the test. maria: here is the other choice, judge garland. thoughts on garland? >> when you have what the presidents do, when you think of
7:29 am
ronald reagan, the first thing you wouldn't think of is scalia. ronald reagan had years because of justice scalia. maria: you're right. >> if you put a 49-year-old in the united states supreme court, he's going to be in the same position, so the fact that the other nominee is 63 versus 49, i think the trend and george w. bush put roberts on. presidents -- that's one of the biggest most powerful decisions they make. maria: by the way, mitch mcconnel said they won't make a decision till november. anthony: he's also calling donald trump. that's what donald said on the press release. maria: okay.
7:30 am
>> this is going to be very interesting. >> watch the establishment get -- maria: that's what i'm saying. >> if he backs off of that -- >> he's going to have constitutional lawyers around him advising him, this is what you want to do politically but this is what the law says and this this is what we did, you're either going to follow or spit in his face. >> it's a 30-year decision. he will use the same reasoning. >> i understand. i had a brief conversation with ted cruz about this particular topic, i said, look, he is a constitutional and don't you think that the president has his obligation and his exact terms were, well, there's no mandate on the exact timing of it. but you know, history makes the
7:31 am
decision on what the exact time is on it. you usually don't wait a year. it would be a whole year with the united states of america having a divided 4 to 4 supreme court. every case that goes before them is a tie, it goes back. >> that's a brief period of time. >> well, sir the constitution scholars would be the ones making the decision. maria: thank you, arthur. >> great to be here. maria: be sure to tune varney & company for president obama's announcement. we will take you live. we will be right back. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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cme group: how the world advances. . maria: welcome back, happy wednesday i am maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, march 16 your top stories right now, 7:35 east coast, a super night for donald trump and hillary clinton candidates extending leads over competition, john kasich took home his home state marco rubio well he suspended his campaign. >> we're going to win but, more importantly year going to win for the country we are going to win, win, win we are not stopping, we are going to have great victories for our country. >> this is the right way forward for our party. this is the right way forward for our country. >> but after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side.
7:35 am
>> we've got one more trip around ohio. this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton, and i will become the president of the united states. >> only two campaigns have a plausible pathogen to the nomination ours and donald trump's nobody else has any mathematical possibility whatsoever. >> the missouri race too close to call this morning bought sides of the races we will bring that call when it comes down, the war on police another officer shot, we've got details on that shoot-out just ahead. harrison ford spielberg teenage up to bring ban indiana jones coming up markets this morning investors waiting on federal reserve decision happening 2 pm eastern today federal reserve chair janet yellen holding a news conference 2:30 pm eastern we will see whether she sets interest rate increase in june ahead of futures indicating a mixed open for broader averages very
7:36 am
little expectation, the fed do they ray after two-day meeting. >> pain trail top story big night for donald trump republican front-runner walking a i with ai with 3 states, including all of florida 99 delegates, he did lose ohio to john kasich. on democratic sidehill hill walking away with at least four states, the missouri race too close to call, want to bring in outsider advisory to president orange county 32 advisories founder ceo roll earth wolf thank you so much for grange joining us your team had a good night. >> -- >> somewhat mile off your as if he. >> 4 against 1 i know i am going to do well usually you have to have 5. >> -- cameraman -- >> -- where is -- >> i have to my steps since obama won in 12 and '08. >> why it was harder in areas than a lot of people thought bernie sanders still giving a tough time we still don't have missouri. >> well, i think first of all, after michigan, for her to win
7:37 am
ohio a great thing. >> big deal. >> to win illinois a great sign, she showed what she could do in florida if you look at florida polling, 50% of the people said they wouldn't vote for trump on republican side, ohio, as kasich said the nation goes ohios goes highly unlikely you will see kasich as head hill won ohio if you look at swing states into general, hillary did incredibly well in ohio and florida, you can't disregard that into general i think not to quote rubio but he said the winning side looks like the dplablth party the not gop. and so i think it with a as great night for the secretary of state and i think she can pivot to general whereas on your side i don't mean to say y'all but g.o.p. side as bob said, earlier, there could be a tested convention who knows what happens, so, i think, the next three months, there will be a little more straightforwardness on the democratic side she could start talking policy, where republican side will still
7:38 am
have a lot of the -- you know, debates and matches. >> didn't she have to swing from michigan to ohio, on trade? that is a big issue, in the -- campaign this year, she really had to step back, say let me reassess my position on trade in ohio? >> so i would say didn't pivot on trade where she pivoted was auto bailout if you look at correlation of auto sales as you know the best -- to ohio unemployment, it is completely correlated the most correlated state out of all 50. is auto sales ohio unemployment you will see took on auto bailout i supportedt auto bailout even though top two -- senator sanders did not i think that pivot after michigan, where you kind of got the diagonally away from trade a huge win for her. >> this really is the subject that is ripping apart the gop i think trade and he immigration.
7:39 am
so, where -- what do you think she is going to be emphasizing in termsch trade most gop voters will say free trade has not worked for them, open borders has not worked for them. >> right. >> you know -- listen, i'm on the president export council i am for trade for tpp, working with secretary on economic advisory stuff she is not. >> but yeah now thinks she is not -- >> when she saw details of the tpp, okay they have been very straightforward, jake sullivan policy person said listen, they are for trade when it has to do with right labor and environmental issues overseen, i think with secretary on tpp had problems with pharmaceutical output so there was he certainly issues that she didn't align with. i think at the end of the day, that you cannot put a mode around the united states you have to look at trade in a positive way. we are the lowest developed country as a percentage gdp on exporters only way to affect
7:40 am
any manufacturing up, is to really get trade going again. >> as a business person bob nardelli, tpp. >> yes. >> said it is no good, i mean, you know, this is going to take jobs from americans, obviously hillary clinton as well. >> i think a lot of the business community is for it, bob's point in fairness, you know, a global economy now, and to be being restrictive hard one way without acquitted pro would interesting topic in this campaign. >> i think where secretary has done incredibly good job talking infrastructure, i think has been right now the republicans are not really talking about the economy. they are debating about a lot of -- national. >> formula economic plans. >> they haven't debated on it yet, i think right now if you see the secretary is going to be able to pivot talk about the economic issues. if you look at the polling, it is all about jobs and wages that is where people are nervous.
7:41 am
>> she has not yet robert -- i haven't heard any commentary about jobs. >> she has, if you look at her infrastructure, plan. >> talked about -- jobs lost at coal industry talked about that. >> says going to be more. >> we can talk about coal industry, she was the only one that wrote an op-ed in the formally of 2015 in west virginia paper talking about how we've to transform cooler minors into 21st century to talk clean energy shale so on, she is only one put in health care plan 0 plan for health care for minors, and top pension, we can talk detail who is the only one -- >> -- ask you a potential flip-flop i want your take on secretary clinton making gaffes on issues from, about obamacare to libya to already beaten down -- >> all right. >> i know obama told that you say we would be paying a little more, but doubling overdoubling health insurance costs has not been a little
7:42 am
more. it has been difficult to come up with that kind of payment every month. >> one thing that i would like you to do i am not saying it is going to make a difference, but i would like you to just go shopping, on that k exchange. >> libya was a different kind of cancellation, and we didn't move a single person. >> i am the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as key in coal country because we are going to put a lot of coal minors coal companies out of business. . >> ouch! . >> well let me respond to each. for obamacare we have over 20 people, that were previously unyou insured now insured. >> other 0 million. >> -- 20 marine layeillion infl health care slowing no won said overnight health care costs would not rise but the inflation health care costs is slowing, everyone agrees
7:43 am
health care costs is too high no won is challenging that, so the question is that we better off than where we were the answer is yes with libya, ridiculous everyone knows talking about 2011 the overthrow the nato with gadhafi we did lot lose american soldiers. >> at that time. >> no each also knows shot talking benghazi in 2012 with ambassador stevens of course she snows benghazi probably better than anyone in the country number three, with respect to cool mooirpz that is accurate going for 20th century coal to 21 century shale clean up energy renewable she says we have to terrorism that i don't think those were gaffes. >> specification. >> details don't matter so much specification she is out of touch. >> i don't agree. >> frustrated in this economy. >> no disrespect america went five or five. >> how many gop. >> bob nardelli myself hillary
7:44 am
clinton, as well as joe biden all from same area, are cool mining area -- stran ton going to beat donald trump has dexterity to do that. >> no -- >> the answer is yes she guysing to beat donald trump but the question is will it be donald trump i think actually -- bodes very well for democrat. >> do you avoid voter turnout down so much democratic said to up much on republican side. >> expungement with republican campaign there no question about it but i think with donald trump, if he is the candidate, get out the vote for the democrats will be highest ever is. >> do you want a job in clinton administration. >> no, i want a fob with fox good-looking people like you -- with fox good looking people like you. when you think about success,
7:45 am
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7:48 am
shooting, to tell you about. officer matt suffered life-threatening injuries in forth worth it has trying to arrest a sr., wander on three felony warrants he died in the exaggerate of gunfire 20-year-old was with him captured hours later a spokesman asking for prayers this morning for officer pierce. >> we want to tell you about a recall from pure i wanta recalling some 10 ounce doing food do not contain the recommended levels of vitamins and mirnldz -- prepared meals, chopped blend and savory meals, this an airplane transferring patient between million facilities had to do belly skid landing l.a. airport last night the beechcraft king plane had faulty landing gear pilot forced to land without it happened at van nuys airport none of the peel onboard the
7:49 am
aircraft were injured. >> thank you so much, we are watching this election, major victories for donald trump across the board last night's primary voting dagen mcdowell breaking down the exit poll data from voters over to you. dagen: i love to the polls lets you noe what voters are thinking i think this is critical telling you why donald trump is winning the way he is among prosperities people who would prefer the next president to be a political outsiders look at majorities north carolina florida missouri illinois, the only state where this wasn't the case in ohio among people trump won substantially, 5% of the outsider vote north carolina, went for trump 67 missouri, 68 ohio, a whooping three-quarters of this vote went for trump in the at a time of florida, 57% of that vote, but there is a problem. if donald trump may be a problem if donald trump gets
7:50 am
nomination faces off "gunz" hillary clinton in november out of in four out of five states, four in 10 republican voters said they would fiercely considero he is seriously consider a third party candidate in november if you it is you trump versus clinton you see percentages here let me point maximizing out, ross perot, not one electoral college vote last to get it was george wallace third party candidate think twice. >>. maria: does anybody expect a third party candidate to win basically giving the election to the other side. >> bloomberg was 40 billion dollars sees not a good investment there won't be a third party candidate. >> exactly. >> i don't even think donald trump would run as third party candidate if they contested -- >> amazing but that exit poll data shows so much thank you so much, out of he contenders running who will give us the best chance of operating a
7:51 am
thriving business next four years the best candidate for your money, and business, next. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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welcome back presidential field narrowing with marco rubio dropping out of the race for the republican nomination last night he said he suspended his campaign, button nardelli with us bob your thoughts, on which candidate is best to promote economic growth and good for business. >> i think if we just focus on those two points, i think i got to go with donald trump. if you look at his position, on a lot of these things relative to trade growing jobs within u.s. general consensus in the business community right now maria is that gdp is about 1.2%. maria: very slow.
7:55 am
>> very low, slow day heingen talking retail negative last month probably down o through the middle of the year i think we got to get stimulus i think donald will support energy independence i know robert talked about, you know hillary going back that way this administration stifled, exports oil and gas would have kept production up going to take months to go back to that if you look at the auto industry i think wined of peaking out what think of done relative to leasing up to 32% ridiculo i think donald will support biggest community more than any other candidates. >> he want corporate taxes down criticism how do you pay for it? >> well, i think. >> how do you pay for tax plan. >> if you take corporate taxes down we would be in other dploenl competitive, therefore maybe some jobs would stay here, maybe we need to get repatriation back on the table, so that we can reinvest in capital in r and d make --
7:56 am
increase capex a lot are did he previoused major m&a consolidations for companies to try to get growth not getting it out of gpd. >> this point perfect reagan's administration gdp 7.8% with a democrat congress is to i think, this election is one first time in generations we can get he corporate tax rates down probably the a flat tax that growth will come from that could be-unprecedented. >> trying to let me knows late inversions as opposed to fixing the problem fundamentals. >> i that i huge boone for the stock market don't up if a viable tax plan. >> but i do think you are going to have to keep the house and senate, if you get a republican presidents to make that happen maria. >> absolutely. >> so i think that is the -- >> 4 seats worry about, are is not -- 24 seats. >> turnout will help. >> great to have you shout-out to michael nardelli son on
7:57 am
netflix. >> congregates to him. >> like his mom. >> -- he looks just fine. >> bob nardelli, check out the film. >> thank you. [alarm beeps] ♪
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maria: welcome back good wednesday morning everybody i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, march 16, your top stories right now
8:00 am
8:00m a.m. east coast super night for donald trump, he took three states last night, john kasich won his home state of ohio, marco rubio 2 latest to drop out after losing in florida. >> avenue tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side, this year we will not be at any o winning side. >> the fact is we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. [applause] >> we have -- [applause]. -- we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> tomorrow morning every republican has a clear choice. only two campaigns have a plausible path to the also nomination. >> i want to remind you again tonight that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. applause. >> -- hillary clinton as well at least 4 states last night
8:01 am
missouri race still too close to call, at this hour, on both sides. we will bring developments breaking news president obama, has made his choice for the supreme court, he will announce his decision at 11:00 a.m. aerospace today we bring that live in varney & company stay with us for the pick to replace antonin scalia. >> iran allegedly seizing thousands of pages intel from the captured american say willors this year, what it means for our national security, coming up. turning to markets investors waiting on federal reserve toto decision 2 pm eastern federal reserve chair janet yellen holding a news conference 2:30, we will see whether she hints at june interest rate increase and what is next for rates, 8:30 eastern, we will be getting reads on housing starts and the cpi, the inflation data, ahead of all that we are looking at mixed market opening of trading this morning as you can see dow jones industrial average excepted to open down a fraction, all of that coming up in program this morning, here to break it all down fox business network dagen
8:02 am
mcdowell, wall street host anthony scaramucci proactive communications mark steerano. >> good to see you thanks for joining us donald trump hillary clinton, big winners last night trump taking at least states, clinton at at least four states, missouri remains too close to call for both parties, senator marco rubio suspending can i after a disappointing loss in florida. and john kasich meanwhile, pulled out a win, in captured 66 delegates in ohio. new life into this is campaign, we've got team coverage with blake burman in ma'am jeff flock ohio blake first florida not home sweet home for marco rubio that is for sure. . reporter: yeah, no, not at all maria marco rubio had predicted in days in weeks really leading up to florida that he would win his home state here, and yesterday he was adamant even if things didn't go this way he would continue on. in the campaign. and go on out west as pain moves that direction however, yesterday, he lost here in
8:03 am
florida by some 19 points and then immediately dropped out afterward, rubio told supporters last night he didn't feel there was the kind of climate needed to run the campaign he wanted to this go orn. >> i just want you mo to know there is nothing more you could have done you worked as hard ads anyone worked i want you to know we worked as hard as we ever could, america is in middle of a real political storm, a real tsunami we should have been seen this coming. ch. >> accounts candidacy drop out normal for toerz release statements tweets -- praising the others donald trump has not done that, at all this election, cycle however last night, he made an exception for the candidate he deemed in the previous days and last weeks little marco last night he actually praised upon rubio . >> i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he is tough he is smart and
8:04 am
he's got a great future he's got a great future. >> as for future the question is what is rubio do next just 44 years old, term expires end of the year possibility fz mansion in florida open 2018 could go into private sector set up any point another presidential run down the line. >> long career ahead for sure thanks so much, the latest there meanwhile, a win for governor kasich in his home state ohio big riging knew life into that campaign jeff flock in ohio with more on that good morning to you. reporter: the campus of baldwin wallace university the governor celebrated last night what he thinks is a reset of the campaign, maria here is their thinking go being forward. they say, nobody is going to get to 123 they admit they don't have a clear path to winning the nomination before you get to cleveland but they think, that rubio voters will break their way by 3 to 1, there is 1,000 more delegates
8:05 am
out there, and they are going to get money coming in going to get endorsements coming in because you may not like it but this -- call it at a accomplishment part of the party or perhaps the more moderate part of the party but this is their guy. he is going to need that money though, governor kasich said last night because he is pretty much tooed out right now tapped out listen what he said. >> then i am going i don't know all over the country, okay? and many of you have traveled around the country trying to help me. you know what? -- look. it is this is all i got okay? this is all i got. all i can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. but i want you to know something. we're going to go we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> look at delegates maria way behind i tell you big states
8:06 am
coming up california 172 delegates new york 95 delegations he thinks if he can win lion's share of delegation going forward has a shot at nomination, at the contested convention. >> what an election jeff thank you. >> jeff flock the latest there, marco rubio bowing out of the races last night leaving ted cruz, texas senator john kasich front-runner donald trump left to battle it out for the republican nomination, downplaying kasich's win in ohio ted cruz said the competition is now a two man race. >> i think this election was a very important election, because it narrowed the field it made clear, that this is effectively now a two person race a clear two person choice, and in the head-to-head choice, we win and we beat donald trump decisively. >> joining us right now cruz campaign communications director good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me we appreciate. >> it what about that, is it really a two man race when
8:07 am
looking like cruz did not win a single state last night? >> well, this is all about delegates he did a fantastic job doing that last night, all about winnowing the field, and now people have a choice, a two man appraise between a true tested proven conservative consistently on issues, and donald trump, the washington cartel, it is a clear distinction, just indicated john kasich has no statement viable path forced in order to achieve the 1237 delegates, look, i even common core can make this possible has to win 112 percent remaining delegates not possible no pathway forward. >> the message out of last night is unite behind the true conservative in this race which is ted cruz, in order to defeat donald trump and hillary in november. >> have you heard from jeb bush have you heard from marco rubio? do you need those two to come
8:08 am
out publicly endorse ted cruz >> well, ares all confessed on right now continuing to part of acquiring delegates and continuing the momentum that we have last week we had a fantastic week, receiving the endorsement of carly fiorina we also have snovr mike lee congressman wagner, the "national review" has come forward with endorsement, been a lot of conversations talks from those two, recently dropped out of this race others who are fine outstanding conservative republicans having conversations we expect to have more endorsements, i understand that this is a critical election, this is an important time, we need to have the strongest consistent conservatives to as if he head-to-head against the donald trump in order to defeat him to have the strongest candidates to beat hillary clinton, pollat poll has shown toed ted is person good thing we know mass works
8:09 am
for us moving forwarding next 22 remaining primaries, the math the -- layout of that looks good, 14 of these are close primaries and those are with republicans going to vote in this the most favorable to ted cruz, only 4 of them are what we call trump primaries democrats can go in and vote for him, about moving forward the math looks good for us in terms of layout of primaries we are looking forward to carrying out process have money to execute. >> you talk about if it is dagen mcdowell you talk about endorsements, but in the exit polls time and again, you see voters who are betrayed by republicans, accomplishment republicans want outsider not a political insider, do these do these endorsements actually hurt you rather than help you?. >> one thing for sure you are not going to get ted cruz to sway, in order to pacify one going to come endorse him or
8:10 am
support him. and made a name for himself in washington as one who has fought against the washington establishment. hadn't and he will continue to do so. >> yeah. >> we welcome anyone 20 come to the table and join our team unite behind ted to defeat donald trump it is not going to sway who he is with a he does where he stands fighting against the washington cartel, are, no matter who comes -- >> maria cruz actually had a victory yesterday and that was to take marco rubio out of the race. >> that was clearly a serious strategy on the part of the cruz campaign they set up 10 z offices across the state wasn't because they thought they could win florida i think a very significant achievement. i think alice i think you know your campaign clearly would have much pressed to have seen a victory in missouri although i think that is not called yet or illinois or north carolina. the thing that troubles me
8:11 am
story said u.s. senators from gop are have said to ted cruz if you can apologize to mitch mcconnell you might get our support in this race and new hampshire knows i hope ted cruz never takes that bait. >> well, look. as we said he made a name for himself in washington, as fighting against bids as usual, breaking up the washington cartel, and every now and then, it is going to create situation where you have to stand firm, you have to call you have to call call out washington for activity that you campaigned to the people of texas that you would fight against that is stall what he did, that is why overwhelmingly he won here in the state of texas because he campaigned to fight washington, as he effectively done so, recessed support of people in texas that know him as man of his word that is what you say more people are going to understand that they would much rather have one promise to fight warrant does it as opposed to going there, and going along to get alone.
8:12 am
>> he has principals. >> you are going to election in deadlock between trump people, and cruz people, what is going to be your strategy related to winning over some trump people? >> well i think the key moving forward is as they understand this is a critical election, as we are seeing fine honorable outstanding candidates in this race difficult decision for their supporters to okay who is next person i want to stand behind, and what weem will see, moving forward and seeing as they see the candidates head-to-head on debate stage, is that ted is someone focused on the issues, who has run a positive issues based campaign, has not resulted to attacks to get ahead and that is working and we've seen more and more as if you look at the way the exit polls have come out, early on, a lot of folks may have are supported donald trump when it comes to election day they see the tone of the two different
8:13 am
campaigns, they have been breaking for ted, that is what we've seen in many, many states. we expect that to be the case moving forward. they want to see someone who is positive, actually provides solutions on important issues whether it is a job or the economy, or foreign policy and when it gets when we have a head-to-head matchup, between ted and donald trump, things will break our way, we are unequivalentically believe so as a candidate has taken on washington as opposed to one has a lifetime of donating to democrats supporting democrats liberal causes issues it is a no-brainer for republicans and conservatives because they don't want someone what is not going to have a contract with hillary clinton exactly what donald trump would provide. >> tax plan has been applauded, good to have you on the program this morning thanks so nuch. >> have you have a great day. >> from cruz campaign.
8:14 am
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maria: welcome back more fallout from iran, detaining of u.s. say willors this year a cheryl casone with that and we remember that video with the sailors like this with hands behind her heads. cheryl: iranian officials keep playing that over and over and now they are saying they retriested 13,000 pages of information from sailorors information in japan not clear
8:17 am
if classified or exists, europe military officials have said previously that the only equipment taken was two damage cards satellites. >> officials fired from troubled veterans hospital in phoenix arizona triggered a scandal over seating waiting litsdz deaths of inadvertency, hospitals chief of staff, associate director chief of health administration services will be able to appeal their dismissals under va rules, out of the south residents are evacuating southeast it has heavy rains cause rivers to flood all that water forcing a major interstate to close record flooding along the river that borders texas louisiana for being for more rain, by the way, no deaths or serious injuries reported they had 20 inches of rain last week, again there is more in
8:18 am
the forecast, back to you. maria: about unbelievable, thank you, former speakert house newt gingrich what donald trump apple may be unstoppable following a win in florida president obama, has made his choice. he will announce his pick to fill the vacancies 11:00 a.m. eastern we bring that live fox business network 11:00 back in a minute. when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them.
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8:21 am
. >> welcome back it was big flight for donald trump, gop front-runner winning at least three more states, adding to delegate count, despite lead some are still questioning if the party will accept him as nominee. next guest says after his big win in florida they simply cannot stop him, joining us
8:22 am
right now he former presidential ked former speaker of the house newt gingrich, good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> always good to be back with you. maria: is that the case is in a he is in stoppable right now what are take-aways from last night. >> well barring a major mistake by trump himself pretty close to unstoppable, his victory is 8200 miles, from miami to the northern marianna islands saipan nine to zero in northern mariannas, 99 to zero in florida, he won north carolina he won illinois, he is basically tied slightly ahead in latest count in missouri. but in delegates ahead 29 to 5, in missouri. and the only place really loss to kasich in kasich's home state an honorable thing kasich is rationalbly particular governor 80% approval carried 86 out of 88 counties, in last -- i think
8:23 am
made the case that he is probably the ideal vice presidential nominee no wrp has won the president 70 without ohio, so trump clearly is in the commanding role cruz can should fight on, about i think it was smart of rubio to suspended his campaign not recess delegates drives him a bloc if he it comes doumgs to negotiated final sploougs rubio will be negotiating as kasich, but i think ironic, that we are now down, to ted cruz a clear outsider donald trump clearer outsider, as two choices. >> what about this exit poll data in four of five states 40% of republican voters said they would seriously consider voting for a third party candidate if trump and hill are party picks. >> well look i think trump is going to have to communicate to a broader audience and i think he probably will, this is a guy who started june 16
8:24 am
has led every pol, he has done a remarkable job of getting a nomination nobody you know none of the accomplishment in june thought he had a prayer, he now clearly has far more than a prayer, he is going to have the think about general election a bigger o border issue going to have to think about reaassuring people put off by rhetoric or he is new a genuine outsider, you know we haven't seen somebody this completely outsider since abraham lincoln in 1860, came from nowhere as one time congressman, won the republican nomination this is an extraordinary achievement. >> i i mean, are you expecting jeb bush to endorse ted cruz now if goefz aren't off before last night really off now; right? if you are going to endorse you got to do it soon, to get behind ted cruz expecting that? >> look, i suspect everybody who wants to represent a last stand against trump should get
8:25 am
on cruz's bandwagon i think he makes effective case, i love john kasich like a you younger brother we have done a lot of great things balancing federal budget together cruz is only nationwide candidate has a plaushl chance of stopping trump and i think anybody wants to stop trump cruz is the only realistic alternative. people meeting apparently in washington to talk about an independent third party candidate, just called elect hillary team the fact is two person race cruz is the legitimate alternative how to trump. dagen: if accomplishment figures people hate establishment if they get behind ted cruz does he want them i feel like you keep your endorsement, you just go down, the turks and caicos until december. >> i think romney for example, doing robocalls for rubio probably hurt rubio i have friends in florida told me that it hurt rubio. people don't want people are
8:26 am
in rebellion against very people who want to pile on if upper cruz would i be cautious about howeringly i want to embrace people the reason the rebellion started. >> newt one thing you taut republicans in he 2012 race how to turn tables on news eddy no one has done so well as don ton the reason why even from the chicago event friday made to able to command media all weekend long ted fed would have to compete with the that in order to change the dynamics and i don't see hillary clinton able to pete with in a in fall do you agree. >> i watched cruz last night, i mean i watched trump rather last night couldn't break up laughing guy won 8 00 mile arc he goes off on watching negative commercials about himself, standing at the golf tournament he is a great -- people you know nobody in washington has slowed down
8:27 am
enough to stop and look at why is he doing so well. the he is a great enter container prepared to engage audience last night we got the new reif you are bishd donald trump happy entertainir fad to speak well of rubio he will go back to amuse media again i think hillary has extraordinarily hard time competing with him i think people are going to be very shocked, are, by what a trump general election will be like, because it will be unlike this is nomination campaign has been on anything in-like anything we've seen i suspect his general election campaign will be unlike anything we have ever seen. >> very interesting, so then do you think he could beat hillary clinton. >> insure i think hillary is as flawed a candidate assuming doesn't get indicted all she has to do is carry 2100 secret can he feel e-mails clinton
8:28 am
foundation other scandals if that is all just like this week said we didn't lose anybody in linnia somebody had to say do you remember benghazi she can't help hers getting in verbal trouble. >> good to talk with you as also a thanks so much see you soon you newt gingrich coming up next president obama announcing his pick, for the supreme court set a 11:00 a.m. eastern the latest at youring varney & company president will tell who he is nominating for antonin scalia former u.s. attorney general here to weigh in next, then talk about living on the edge how one thriller seeker took a kay ukraine down a water fall lived to tell about it. >> whoa! when you think about success,
8:29 am
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>> welcome back, good wednesday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, march 16th. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. a super night for frontrunners, donald trump and hillary clinton. they extended leads over the competition. john kasich did take home his home state of ohio and marco rub rub rubio suspended his campaign.
8:32 am
>> only two campaigns, ours and donald trump's. >> we've got one more trip this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states. we can't do this without you, so if you've been waiting for the right moment, now is the time to come join us. >> are you tired of a handful of billionaires running our economy? well, if you are, you've come to the right place. maria: missouri is still close to call on both sides of the race, amazingly. we'll bring you that when we get it. we're looking at social media reaction to the results this morning. breaking news, president obama has made his decision for his choice in the supreme court. former u.s. attorney general michael mullcasy ways in. >> we'll bring you the decision
8:33 am
live during "varney & company," stay with us for the president's announcement. a different gridlock, the morning commute busier than issue as the city's metro system has been shut down for emergency security checks. onto markets we go. the investors are awaiting the federal reserve decision today 2 p.m. eastern time when we'll hear from fed chair janet yellen and she'll hold a news conference, and we'll see if she hints at an interest rate in june. it's unlikely that she'll raise today. trading down about 20 points on the dow. breaking news, president obama has made his decision and choice and will announce his pick to fill the vacant supreme court seat at 11 a.m. this morning. the top names floated this morning
8:34 am
morning, both are judges on court of appeals. i want to bring in michael mu mullcasey. your thoughts? >> the president has the responsibility to nominate. and the other hand the senate has the responsibility to act or not act. that's the way this laid out. the question of timing came out at the constitutional convention in 1787 and alexander hamilton, a great proponent of presidential power wanted a deadline on the senate acting or else the nominee would go through and that was voted down. >> wow, i mean, mitch mcconnell has been very clear, they're not going to take this up until after the presidential election after november so the new president can choose the supreme court nominee. given the names, if the three we have been talking about, the judges we've been talking about
8:35 am
somewhat moderate does it make more sense for the senate to go along with this now rather than later? >> that's a political decision for them to make and that's the way the constitution, the way that the people that wrote the constitution planned it. i understand the arguments of holding a quicker hearing because the court has been deadlocked. but the nature of the issues that the court has been dealing with has been more political. and there's an argument for the political process to play out and the people will debate which kind of person. maria: what if the president has the nomination and they say no way. what are the implications? >> the implications, the court can continue to conduct the business and to the extent cases could be decided by a majority, they will be decided. this chief justice has within his power either to take the cases that can't be decided,
8:36 am
that is those that are split on 4-4, and either issue 4-4 opinions in which case, what happens is the lower court opinion is affirmed, but it doesn't have any precedential value or put them over to the lower court until the seat is filled. maria: what could the people want to see? is it better for the g.o.p. to accept his nominee today or wait and perhaps get hillary clinton's nominee if she wins the election? >> that's a political decision. that's exactly the way the constitution planned it and i'm a lawyer, not a politician. maria: and so, going forward, whatever cases are up against the supreme court, if they can't be decided by a majority, they just sit there. they're not decided. >> they can be decided based on the opinion below, but they won't have any precedence in any other cases, they won't be binding on anybody, but in that
8:37 am
case or put over for reargument later on. tell me about the two gentlemen we're talking about. do you know them? can you talk about what kind of approach they would take on the court? >> i don't know sinvasten well, and i know the other a little better. they are two people well qualified as well as others. these aren't the only two qualified to sit on the supreme court. maria: there could be a longer list as time goes on. >> there are talented legal minds out there, some of whom who may not be on courts. maria: given the vitriol against the so-called establishment, if mitch mcconnell would roll over and say we'll take these up, won't that be the people who feel
8:38 am
they've been rolled over? >> that's the decision for them to make. maria: and apple the fbi, apple said it was appalled by what the government is asking them to do. >> i can't discuss that because of business. maria: okay. so, no comment whatsoever? you've talked about it before. >> you and i have. maria: yeah, okay. because you're involved, yeah. >> can't get into it. maria: we've got-- any thoughts from last night. any take aways from last night? >> i went to sleep early. maria: michael, great to have you on the program. thank you so much for joining us, appreciate that. be sure to tune in to "varney & company" before president obama's announcement, we wi'll bring it to you live. and donald trump blowing up on social media. we'll be back. >> welcome back to another bnp
8:39 am
paribas opening to fox business. the men's draw packing his bag. world number two andy murray went down in three sets, and the first big upset on the men's side. two time major champion leveled it after taking the second set 6-4 to take the deciding third. there was a tie break and held his nerves for one of the biggest wins of his career. meanwhile, on the women's side, number seven seed melinda is out. closing out the win after two hours on court. the tennis channel continues.
8:40 am
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♪ i'll get over you, i know i will ♪ ♪ i'll pretend the ship is not sinking ♪ ♪ i'm the king of wishful thinking ♪ >> welcome back. a big night last night. i want to take a look at one of the key exit points from super tuesday 2.0. a top phrase among the electorate. jo: we're looking at the polls late last night and we want to show you the visual of free trade and the economy and how that resonated with viewers. we can pull that up here and i can show you the percentages. until then, how the republicans in florida reacted. we saw marco rubio losing it in florida, suspending his campaign. what we saw among illinois republicans, 49% went with trump. those people who are concerned that trade takes away u.s. jobs, jobs potentially going to china and overseas as well.
8:44 am
we can also flip to the next graphic, we can show you here, but the point i was trying to make earlier, when you look at the broader republican base and those who say they will never vote trump, a lot of those were rubio supporters in florida. i'd be interested to see how they end up playing in the general electionen that front. another one we want to show you, who is worried about the economy right now. among ohio candidates. you have a strong economic focus issue here and if you look at the broader exit polls on the top issues of all the republicans states, all of them were the economy. maria: the economy goes together with trade and together with jobs. anthony, i think it was so brilliant of donald trump to go into trade and these two issues have divided the republican party. >>, but i think the bigger questions are the people going to migrate over to him and galvanize a base big enough to
8:45 am
win the general election. i'm going to say he can, i'll explain why. everyone's gone through shock, anger, rejection denial, the five steps you have to do when someone is dying, the establishment is dying right now. okay? i'm through the denial stage and over the anger and into the acceptance stage. >> that's an interesting point, when look at the trail and exit polls in ohio and florida, republicans more than 50% felt they had been betrayed by the republican party, but he see a migration. >> i'm going to betray some of my establishment friends on the air, but telling many of them are going to quietly and secretly supporting for donald trump. dagen: that's why cruz shouldn't want the establishment endorsements. and florida and ohio to name them. economy and jobs was the biggest issues, it was government spending second and
8:46 am
then terrorism and immigration in many of these key state, immigration only got single digit percentages in terms of it being the most important issue in the country. so, the immigration issue might be resonating for trump, but it's bigger picture, it's not the immigration alone, it's the overarching economy. maria: immigration as relates to trade-- as relates to jobs, rather, when you look at immigration, isn't that the most fundamental issue for any election for any country, who gets to live in this country, who gets to work in this country, who gets to participate in our democracy. >> what does it say about our citizenship, and also welfare state. >> if the border is open, what does it say about citizenship here? it ties into national security, it ties into jobs. maria: that's what dagen is saying, because foreigners have taken the jobs of americans and that's connecting the dots. >> another theme i want to touch on. i started the elections since the primary modern system and
8:47 am
every time the democrats had a fresh new face. the republicans time and again have picked a prior runner up. the democrats are making that mistake this time, and the republicans are the ones with the fresh face. i'm telling you, the democrat race is flat. republicans have got record turnouts, a million more voters over 2012 and that's what's going to define this race moving into the fall and donald trump's command of the media. maria: and we see that with the voter output. >> absolutely. maria: the numbers in terms of people coming out to vote are way up on the republican side and way down on the democratic side. dagen: voters can take to create enthusiasm and energy for hillary clinton and the democrats are doggone worried about it. jo: if you look at ohio the moderates that went for kasich didn't support the temporary ban on muslims immigrating into the u.s. and look at the vice-presidential landscape, potential nominee being trump. how does he win over those people and potential
8:48 am
vice-president in john kasich. >> and said no way, no how to the vice-presidenty. >> what is he going to say? he's running for president, i asked him. i asked him and he said no way. i said come on, you have to say that. >> i think he's going to be-- >> i think that kasich will be trump's pick. we're about 40 minutes away from the opening bell for wednesday. take a look at stocks on the move. talk about a bad burrito, chipotle shares down in the premarket. the company is expecting a steeper than expected slide. it could post its first ever loss when it reports earnings next month. the casualty on the war on coal, down about 50% in the market. having a rough session at $4 at the closing value, bid and ask, 192 to $2. the largest coal producer may have to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy after a delayed interest payment due yesterday.
8:49 am
washington facebook, shaking up the instagram app, changing user fees to look look facebook's home page. new software will only share content it thinks that users care about. anthony scaramucci, your thoughts on the markets and what will driven things? >> i like where the markets are relates to where the fed is right now, and where oil is, i'm a little more constructive on the market than three months ago. i think that the merger activity is going to continue to stay at the same pace as last year. 4.6 trillion in merger activity last year, and that's good for the market and we pointed out on monday, a lot of buying going on right now is from the corporations. they're taking advantage of the super low debt and putting it up on the balance sheet and repurchasing shares. maria: the buybacks. >> and very favorable still. maria: there are earnings, what, two weeks away from the end quarter, march 31 and
8:50 am
they're saying, a lot of the analysts the worst has been seen and maybe we'll see growth in earnings for the first quarter. dagen: my one prediction for end of winter and early spring, particularly high end retail is going to continue to be awful. it had an awful christmas season and neiman marcus is pushing inventory back to the vendors and dine designers, you're going to have to take it back. and the fashion is ghastly. >> haven't looked at my credit card bill. >> caution on the part of consumers and-- >> they're saving not spending. >> that to me is a long-term positive trend for the market because it's pentup demand. >> the savings rate increases. after the election if the
8:51 am
americans are confident in the presidency, they'll did $. maria: it will be powerful. >> companies hiring are in the same mode, waiting mode. maria: check out this incredible video of a kay yakker going over the edge of a water fall, how this kayaker got into trouble next. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic.
8:52 am
cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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>> welcome back. an admission from fifa, soccer's governing body. cheryl casone with that in the headlines. cheryl: fifa says that there was pay, and they're trying to reclaim tens of millions of dollars illegally taken by fifa members and other soccer organizations. fifa has been rocked since allegations of corruption surfaced last may which forced its president, sepp blatter,
8:55 am
you see there, resign. check out this video, it's gone viral, two professional kayakers riding down cumberland falls. after posting that on social media, they got ticketed for a couple hundred bucks for tresspassing. they hope they'll be able to do it again legally. and then finally, maria, there's this. [laughte [laughter] >> who are you again? >> assistant to the travelling secreta secretary. george costanza finally has his own baseball card. the seinfeld character says he was the travelling secretary was one of the top cards.
8:56 am
i was not a seinfeld fan because you were at jerry's apartment hanging out. >> that's right, it was fun when i went and i interviewed the soup nazi because i actually remember the original soup nazi. >> the really one. but you were at the apartment. maria: yes. >> here are the cards. maria: i can use that, thanks, cheryl. we'll be right back. stay with us.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> welcome back.
8:59 am
final thoughts here. anthony scaramucci starting on friday night. first episode at 8 p.m. can't miss, congratulations. >> thank you. we have a great guest host sitting in, maria bartiromo. maria: glad to join you. >> and general petraeus, running the cia and centcom, iraq and afghanistan and talking about national security and impact on your portfolio and what it means for the 2016 election. maria: he's an american hero. >> a great guy and a down to earth and a revealing interview. maria and i will get a lot out of him. maria: 8 p.m. fox business network. dagen mcdowell. dagen: that gets a double thumbed up for me. >> be there. dagen: my wrap-up, the republicans will not have an establishment candidate for the white house. >> if you want an outsider for president, today is a day to rejoice, it's terrific results. cruz and trump are going to battle it out. trump has got the lead and the advantage and this is going to
9:00 am
be a phenomenal thing, taking on hillary clinton. maria: the contests to come are important, california and-- they slow down a lot. only two more dates, april 26th and june 7th where there are more than one state. maria: dagen and mark, great to see you. that will do it for us, "varney & company," stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, maria and good morning everyone. here is what happened. trump won three states, including florida which he won by a big margin. marco rubio dropped out. hillary clinton won four states including florida. and bernie sanders faded badly. >> and john kasich won ohio. >> hillary clinton looks like she has the nomination sewn up. >> donald trump close. down for the democrats, way up for the republican


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