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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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december was very much on the table and then they acted. think the same thing happens this time. they won't raise rates in april but give us conditions for raising them in june. they will raise rates in june and sit back to wait until after the election. [closing bell rings] then they wait until after the election. liz: here we have the closing bell. as the fed says, no move. david, melissa right here. david: thank you very much. as you can see stocks rallying with a dovish fed but losing a bit of their rally. here is where we are ending the day. all markets are in the green but again, a little bit was taken off the top at the end of the day. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." new at this hour -- the fight for the supreme court is heating up. strong reaction is pouring in from both sides of the aisle. now all in response to president obama's new nominee. not republicans are standing firm on their word to block any one of the president's puts
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forth. john kasich is hitting campaign trail, hot off his big win in ohio. how his campaign affects donald trump's chances of getting the nomination. trump is sitting his sights on hillary clinton with a brand new ad, fending off attacks from both the left and the right. david: meanwhile "the donald" is striking back to harsh warping to the republican establishment if he is denied the party's nomination at the convention. take a listen. >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention but i can tell you, if we didn't and if we're 20 votes short or if we're, you know, 100 short, and we're at 1100 and somebody is at 500 or 400, we're way ahead of everybody, i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think it would, i think you would have riots. you would have riots. i'm representing tremendous, many, many millions of peo david: wow, he said it ties, riots. top conservatives attending a closed-door meeting in washington tomorrow. on the agenda, how to run a third party challenger against
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trump in the fall. we'll speak to one of the meeting's organizers coming up. melissa: wow. meantime to weigh in on trump's comments. monica crowley, things are flying off the shelf here in the studio. on line opinion editor at "washington times" and fox news contributor. monica, are you okay? >> i'm fine, yeah. melissa: now the two main candidates from each party really turning their fire on each other at this point. you see donald trump talking about hillary clinton. hillary clinton talking about donald trump. let's start with donald trump and an ad we're seeing right now against hillary clinton. we'll run that. get monica's reaction. ♪ [dog barking] [laughter] melissa: okay. so that is, that is an ad we saw on line.
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saw it live when she did barking at rally. republicans were fighting with each other. this is what is happening in the debates. turned it back on her. do you think he can amount a effective narrative against her? be honest in the past not a lot of people have been successful i guess exempt for barack obama? >> here the difference. that ad is very effective. just the beginning. both mrs. clinton and mr. trump are pivoting toward a general election campaign already. this ad is first of many to come. here is the difference between people who have taken on clintons in the past and donald trump. previously only seen politicians, melissa, take on the clinton and they have been so afraid of the clinton machine and what might be thrown at them or "new york times" or "washington post" will say about them. donald trump is not a politician. he is a completely different breed. and because he doesn't need the job of the presidency, because he has business empire, supermodel wife, he doesn't need this. he is doing it out of love for his country, that liberates him
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to literally say and do anything. that had huge traction in the primaries which is why he is winning but i think in the general election mrs. clinton, from what i'm hearing in my sources very worried about running against a man who has no qualms about saying and doing anything in order to win the office. that means telling the truth about the clintons. melissa: so that last part is definitely true. as far as he doesn't need the job. he clearly wants it, whether for love of country or he is egomaniacal wants to run everything we'll leave that for another time. play with you, hillary clinton how she is mounting her attack against donald trump. tell me if you think it is effective. let's listen. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from enterrering -- entering the united states. [booing] when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it
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makes him wrong. melissa: want my "green eggs and ham." we're rhyming. what do you think, monica? effective? got a lot of cheers. rehearsed it. well-delivered. >> from her base she got a lot of cheers. it's a truism in american politics at least in recent history that every presidential election is reaction to the previous presidency. so whether it was jimmy carter after richard nixon, whether it was ronald reagan after jimmy carter, i think after, george w. bush, then barack obama succeeded after his presidency, i think the pendulum is swinging and if not just, doesn't have to do with the republican base. it has to do with moderates, independent voters and disaffected democrats who are attracted to donald trump because he is selling strength. and after eight years of relatively weak president and home and abroad, who sought fundamental transformation of the nation, i think a lot of folks are looking at trump, they're willing to for give him a lot out on the campaign trail because he is projecting
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strength, authority and confidence. melissa: and at same time putting a label on her he doesn't think she has strength or energy, what you're saying to be president. we'll see if it works. monica, thank you so much. david: why charlie likes him so much. melissa: right. david: republican delegate count is still in flux because of a close call in missouri. here is where the republicans stand at this hour. again these things are changing. donald trump is in the lead with 673 delegates. he is more than halfway to the nomination. ted cruz has 411. john kasich now has 143. there are about 1,000 delegates still up for grabs. next the race heads to arizona and utah with nearly 100 delegates at stake in those states. melissa: another big story we're following this hour. president obama setting off a political firestorm today when he put forth nomination to fill vacancy on the supreme court. fox news's kevin corke is live at the white house with more on this one. kevin, how is it going? reporter: melissa, always nice to talk to you.
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very interesting selection. you and i talked on number of occasion who is the president would ultimately select to be his nominee to replace the late justice antonin scalia and he came up with an absolutely awesome pick, you believe that experience matters the most. let me tell the folks at home all about him. we're talking about of course chief judge of the d.c. circuit court merrick garland. now he is harvard law graduate, magna cum laude and harvard grad. tremendous intellect. left the private sector to enter the public sector to serve his community. by all accounts he has done so admirably. listen carefully how the president describes him and how hopes the process ultimately plays out. >> because of justice scalia's outsized role on the court and in american law, and the fact that americans are closely divided on number of issues before the court, it is tempting to make this confirmation process simply an extension of
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our divided politics. the squabbling that's going on in the news every day. but to go down that path would be wrong. reporter: argument, right? if you politicize the high court like you've seen done at lower court levels you're really looking at potential tit-for-tat. maybe not now. but maybe when democrats are running the senate they could do very same thing to president trump, for example. i want to share with you, what chuck grassley, judiciary chairman has to say about his thoughts on the president's selection today. i'm quoting now. a lifetime appointment that could dramatically impact individual freedoms and change the direction of the court for at least a generation is too important to get bogged down in politics. the american people shouldn't be denied a voice. did you see how he put that? the american people.
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he wants to hold off until january. find out if republican is elected. although you heard from the white house on number of occasion, by the way, melissa. the people spoke in 2012. when they elected president obama. that is the battle that will be playing out over the next few weeks and months. i for one can't wait. melissa: yeah. absolutely. you heard the president say all that squabbling going on in the news, just in the news. it is our fault. kevin, thank you so much. david: just as kevin explained politics playing a big role in the president's nomination of judge merrick garland to the supreme court. take a listen. >> once voting has started and presidential election campaign and that particular toxic environment especially one we have today that is very toxic, we should not be bringing up a supreme court nomination. >> the decision the senate announced weeks ago remains about a principle and not a person. david: so republican senators say they will not consider the nomination until after the presidential election. here to weigh in, peter johnson,
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jr., fox news legal analyst. now president obama, peter, says it is betrayal of our best tradition, not to take up this nominee and vote on it but i'm wondering what would happen if the shoe was on other foot, if republicans were in charge of the nomination? >> exact same thing. and that's the point. it is a purely political determination. david, he would like all of us to believe that it is a constitutional obligation, that it is mandatory for the senate to exercise their advise and consent powers under the constitution. it's not. he has an obligation to get approval from the senate but they don't have an obligation to give the approval. david: but, peter, it is even more political than that because garland was picked specifically because the president knows republicans will not vote on it. he is much more conservative than any nominee the president would pick. why don't the republicans call his bluff and vote on him?
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>> that is what he is hoping for in some way. david: but he doesn't want garland on the supreme court. >> doesn't want garland. he wants issue, wants to make republicans look bad and embarass them or say he won. that he did get his appointment. what he has done here is political let's make a deal. so he is saying to the republicans in effect, listen you have cash in hand with judge garland. he is a stable, moderate, maybe. he is stable conservative, maybe. but you have curtain over here. do you want the cash or the curtain? you get zoinked behind the curtain if hillary clinton wins. david: is there a moment, small window, would there be a small-time before she is actually inaugurated, republicans say we'll vote on garland, we'll vote him in knowing hillary would choose somebody far more liberal? >> i suppose so but i think so ingrained at this point. and they would have to have expectation they were going to
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lose. david: quickly you questioned whether or not he is moderate or certainly whether he is conservative. the heller decision was justice school yaw's 5-4 decision he wrote leading opinion, individuals, not just militias have right to bear arms. would a justice garland overturn the heller decision? >> there is concern based on dissent he wrote at in 2007 circuit court in earlies of washington, d.c. regulation of handguns. giving a lot of people in the conservative community pause what his true bonn feeds was. david: your best guess, would he overturn heller? >> he might. he might. better than 50% chance. david: peter johnson, jr. thank you very much. come back. melissa. melissa: s&p 500 enjoying or ending at highest level of the year getting boost this afternoon after the federal
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reserve announced it would hold interest rates steady. the fed indicating when it decides to lift rates it will be gradual, penciling in only go possible hikes this year. now down to four hikes in december. down from four hikes. david. david: new details after an american student sentenced to 15 years hard labor in north korea. his crime? allegedly stealing a poster. more what happens now. melissa: wow. john kasich hitting the ground running today. he may have won ohio last night but can he snag enough delegates to make a difference? we'll ask the expert, larry sabato breaks the numbers down for us. that is coming up. david: you heard earlier, warning of riots if republicans try to steal his nomination in the convention this summer. key conservatives are still coming together in a secret meeting to plot his demise, weighing a third party option. erick erickson one of the men leading the charge against trump. he joins us later in the hour.
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follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. david: donald trump is running away with a lead after super tuesday 2.0 as we call it hire. the front-runner increased his lead last night, leaving remaining competitors in the dust. trump's lead isn't discouraging john kasich from coming to the convention. first of all could trump reach the magic 1237 number before the convention? >> david, it's possible but only if he improves his average performance in primaries and caucuses. he is going to have to win
4:18 pm
approximately 60% of the remaining delegates, a little over 1,000 delegates remain to be selected through the primaries and caucuses. that is tough to do. david: but, larry, with one fewer candidate running, there are only three now. then there were three. reminds me of that old movie. with only three running aren't his chances improved at getting more of the vote? >> they're improved but most of the data that we have, david, suggests that rubio's support, mainly, not totally, mainly will go to the other two candidates, that is ted cruz and john kasich. and that has been true more or less for some of the other candidates. so, you have to look at it from the perspective of the supporters of candidates who have withdrawn. they're disproportionately supporting non-trump candidates. is it possible? but unlikely. david: this is not just a normal race for the presidency. we've got a strong anti-trump contingent among the republican
4:19 pm
party. we'll talk more about it with melissa. do they now focus on kasich? what is their, what is their solution as an anti-trump candidate? >> the great question, david. and the answer is, it depends on who you talk to, which tells you they are still divided. the ted cruz campaign even before the primaries last night said bluntly, to anybody who would listen, if john kasich stays in because he wins ohio, he is an essence supporting donald trump because he is dividing opposition and you know, i'm not saying it is kasich's responsibility to get out. that's his choice. he has every right to stay in. he won the key state of ohio big. it is his home state of course. but the cruz people are correct if you have a divided opposition, it does make it easier for trump. david: what kasich is saying now, he doesn't expect to win on the campaign trail. he expects to win at convention. he expects to win at convention.
4:20 pm
there is a rule, rule 40-b, if i'm not mistaken, in order to be nominee, you have to have won a majority of, at least eight states, am i not correct in saying that? and therefore they would have to change that rule. that would give all kinds of ammunition to the trump folks to say, wait a minute, you're changing rules midstream? >> and that is going to be a political moment, david, you stated it exactly correctly. the rules committee which meets the week prior to the convention has the power to change that rule. there will be people pushing to change it. there will be others insisting that it not be changed. so, you know, it is just going to be one long fight. i would pack some extra underwear when you go to cleveland. melissa: my goodness. david: again, if they change the rules a week before the convention, trump just said there will be riots. there will be something close to it. there will be a lot of frustrated people. larry, actually i can't wait to tell you the truth. as newsman i'm excited by all of
4:21 pm
this. i'm sure you are too. >> i am. thank you, david, right. melissa: millenials rocking the boat. polls say most are not in favor of donald trump at this point. can trump get youth to unite him. our millennium panel will weigh in. plus the metro mess in washington. we'll take you live to the nation's capitol and a shutdown causing chaos for commuters. that is not fun, that's next. >> i think it is poor management. >> total chaos, people figuring out how to get to and from work.
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arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. melissa: tire straits for university of virginia student detained in north korea. he is sentenced to 15 years of hard labor by the nation's government. fox news's benjamin hall has latest. >> another complete sham of a trial from north korea. when that country is really provoking pushing threatening the u.s. and some countries in different ways. today the 21-year-old university
4:25 pm
of virginia student was paraded in front of cameras after learning that he had been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. simply for trying to take a banner from his hotel as souvenir. the trial lasted only one hour. the court saw cctv footage of warm brier as he walked down corridor and taking down the sign. showed it had his finger prints an clothes he was wearing. >> please safe my life. -- save my life. think of my family. think all of my family. reporter: unknown where he will be taken to serve his sentence. kim jong-il oversees vast network of labor camps. estimated 200,000 people are held in them including children. defectors have been told how torture and abuse of the worst kind. warmbier was arrested as
4:26 pm
he tried to lee the country. he told officials in pongyang he wanted the banner as trophy. he admitted to go to north korea to destroy the country's unity and been manipulated by u.s. government. little doubt this confession was coerced. now called it the worst mistake of his life. the north has a habit of bartering back western prisoners. bill clinton visited the country in 2009 to help secure release of two other americans but that took a very long time to arrange. relations between the two country are at all-time low following nuclear missile tests and ballistic missile tests. seems like otto warmbier will be there a long time. melissa: unbelievable. benjamin hall. thank you for that report. david: possible terror attack thwarted in france. they have four sussex in custody and that posed imminent threat and they have been planning
4:27 pm
another attack in paris. this after counterterrorism raids in belgium that left one suspect dead and several police officers injured. melissa: trump has three more states under his belt. the establishment is helping to stop him with someone not even in the race. >> battled with erick erickson, people like him and mitt romney included don't quite see the big picture. you have something very special happening around this country. to think we'll give it up because you don't like somebody after they battle from 17 down to one is laughable. melissa: coming up erick erickson weighs in on the search for a third party candidate. david: also senator marco rubio's exit from the race could be a loss for a larger group. what is the writing on the wall for the gop?
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melissa: conservatives take on donald trump. influential heading closed-door meeting tomorrow, plotting to stop the gop front-runner weighing a third party option. trump has message for republican elites. >> third party will mean an absolute total victory for democrats. will mean four or five very liberal judges and country will never be the same. you will never recover. that will be the end of the country as you know it. melissa: the end of the country. erick erickson is one of the three organizer of stop trump
4:32 pm
movement. resurgent editor and fox news contributor joins me now. there were reports on line about the meeting takes place and closed doors on thursday in washington, d.c. one. people that is planning it. what will you talk about and who is coming? >> a lot of conservatives actually were looking for a bigger space because more are coming than we thought. melissa: like how many? >> well, i'm not sure the exact number but we're looking, we were thinking about two dozen. looks like four dozen people now. and, from all walks of conservative movement. fiscal and social and national security. and you know the first goal isn't a third party. the first goal is to see, can everyone wraparound ted cruz as nominee and set aside grievances between people who picked different candidates and see if there is enough movement to try to figure out a way cruz and kasich and figure out a way forward there. melissa: let me dissect that out of the gate because it seemed like from the outside that ted cruz was almost as offensive to conservatives or to outsiders as donald trump.
4:33 pm
maybe not conservatives but the establishment. that ted cruz was somebody who had no friends in washington. who wasn't palatable. that you know only kasich and only marco rubio was somebody that you would like. there was some question at the end would you go for cruz or trump. your side says cruz is palatable? >> why some lashes are meaningless, republican leader and republican establishment. when you look at exit polling in the swing states of ohio, north carolina, missouri and florida, 40% of non-trump republicans said they would vote elsewhere. they will have to rally to ted cruz or third party option just to come out and vote for down ballot races this ising per than just the presidential race. there are a lot of down ballot races where the donald trump is republican nominee he would lose. melissa: looks like there will be very difficult. there is a, not a lot of numbers folks, larry sabato and others who think it would be almost impossible for ted cruz to get over number of delegates. you're talking about going to brokered convention possibly or
4:34 pm
contested convention. are you worried what that would do for the party? >> donald trump is the nominee would be far more damaging when you see exit polls showing 40% of the republicans go to different party if trump was nominee. essentially a party is in tatters now. the question where do you go forward. do you try to rebuild within the republican party or go elsewhere. donald trump as the republican nominee is unsaintable to 40% of the republican voters and we're really worried about down ballot races. will voters turn out for down ballot races if trump is only guy on ballot. >> the what about argument he brought a lot of people in the party who will be furious? he said there will be riots if taken away from him, that people stay home and might vote for hillary clinton. doing what you're saying you would insure that she is elected? is that preferable to her? would it preferable to you her or donald trump. >> in most recent polls, trump is tied with hillary clinton. she is beatings him than everywhere else.
4:35 pm
melissa: is it better for her than him in your opinion if youd that to choose between those two. >> i wouldn't choose between either one. asking me to choose between hillary clinton or one of her best friends. i wouldn't choose either one. melissa: so you wouldn't prefer to have him over her? if those were only two choices, if those were only two choice. >> luckily we live in country where there are bunch choices. i don't have to choose between those two and i wouldn't choose between them. melissa: thanks for coming on. let us know how it goes. >> sure. david: melissa: thank you. david: here to weigh on establishment hope for third party candidate, and we have a republican spokesman for newt gingrich. i get filing your old boss newt gingrich says let the process play out. anti-trump forces are so against it. even if trump got to the 1237 is the nominee number. i'm thinking they would stage some kind after revolt. what would happen?
4:36 pm
why can't people let process play out until the convention? >> i'm not speaking for newt. i have not talked to newt about this but speaking for myself, i think that between the end of voting in, on june 7th, last primary day. and beginning of republican national convention, on june 15th, if he is 50 votes, 40 votes he has enough time to collect random delegates, unaffiliated delegates, delegates with somebody who is no longer in the race. he may not have the number he needs when the voting end but i will be surprised if he doesn't have the number he needs when the balloting on the floor of the convention ends. david: interesting. adolfo i heard you agreeing? >> i think that's right, the notion we get to cleveland is undecided is highly unlikely. old famous brokered conventions,
4:37 pm
19th century, before iphones, internet and rest of it. people had to do this person-to-person. i think we'll probably have that lined up. that interview with my friend erick erickson revealed something. there are three factions in the republican party right now. there is the trump faction. there are conservatives represented, very conservative element by ted cruz and erick erickson and then there is the establishment. sort of the mitch mcconnells and so forth. david: right. >> so you have three factions here competing. at the end of the day i think determining factor will be polling data. if donald trump is polling well against hillary clinton in june, and coming into july, you will see the so-called establishment and others start to rally around donald trump. not a strum trump supporter. david: you may be right, adolpho, but rich, there is this showtime documentary called the clowns, the circus. i want to say the clowns because they focus on these republicans, i think they have had a couple of drinks. real establishment republicans. one of whom says, well all
4:38 pm
donald trump really has are the votes. that is what democracy is about! if you have the votes, rich, you have to go where the votes go. you can't be directing it from some cabal. >> i agree with you.o there is f republican party me. i'm in full curmudgeon mode. i hate them all. i'm other guy. >> that's awe too. saw in eric's interview he couldn't decide between hillary and donald trump. at the end of the day people are going to have to make a decision and i think, i think you're starting to see it with pam bondi, attorney general of florida. david: people are making decisions. rich i have to give you the final word on this because adolpho had a lot of time. >> i'm sorry. david: in terms of independents and democrats that donald trump has brought over i i don't see anybody else, i don't see ted cruz or even john kasich having that kind of pull from outside of the republican party, do you? >> no, i don't. kasich comes a lot closer.
4:39 pm
i have to tell you that part of what we may be looking at is who trump chooses to be his running mate, assuming he is the nominee. david: right. >> that might cool a lot of these tempers if it is somebody like kasich they know, trust and he understands how the process works. david: if kasich would accept the job. he says he won't. >> everybody takes the job. david: rich, adolpho, we have to go. thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: metro armageddon. washington, d.c. commuters facing a commuting nightmare as the subway shuts down for emergency inspections. of the fox news's peter doocy at a metro station with the latest. peter, have they found anything underground to warrant a shutdown? reporter: sounds like they have, melissa. a brand new report by "the washington post" they already found at least half a dozen damaged cables present the kind of danger to the lives of passengers that officials were warning about yesterday at
4:40 pm
completely unexpected press conference this. is something that really came completely out of nowhere. this report by "the washington post" also says that the damage to the cables they found already can be fixed today but if more are found this afternoon or this evening, repairs could take longer that would mean it is possible the metro would not be ready to open on time tomorrow either. the reason these so-called jumper cables that power rail coarse are of such concern is because one of them caught fire at a station near the white house on monday and the cause seemed to be similar to a fire on a different track on a different line that killed someone last year. that is why officials did not think they could wait until the weekend to make these repairs to the second busiest subway system in the country and shut it down for the first time for something not bad weather related. there are extra buses to try to relief some of the congestion on roads that are running. some of buses are free. some of them are not. uber anticipated would be a lot more users than normal this morning and they were right but
4:41 pm
they did cap their surge pricing at 3.9. which means rides could be quadruple the normal cost. will not be much higher than that when they could have been without the cap. ride sharing app, lyft has discount for new customers with promo code about metro mageddon bike share are offering free 30 minute rides. that is how i got to work. look little longer than normal. can't beat the price t was free. despite all the news and alarm about metro being closed. we've been here for a few minutes at a time. people still keep going down the escalator even though there is nothing for them down there. melissa. melissa: wow, peter have fun on the bike ride. at least the weather isn't terrible. that is something. david: your government at work. melissa: thanks a lot. david: as ohio goes, you know the rest of that, john kasich pulling off a victory in his home state but can the governor win without home field advantage. history could be on his side.
4:42 pm
take lacen. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. we have got one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we will beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states. [cheering] david: devastating floods in the south forcing an interstate to shut down, an entire interstate. there is more rain in the forecast. >> at one point the river was the fifth fastest river in the world, there was so much water. at one point it was over three times amount of water coming over niagra falls for days. that is a lot of water coming down the river.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
david: so happy last night, congratulations. it was ater win for you. >> it was. it was a great night. there was so much excitement and energy in the courtroom room governor kasich very much appreciated all support he got. david: everyi have never seen in new york city on new year's eve. we don't have that much confetti. i've never seen that much confetti. i doesn't want to get too much in the weeds here, going overrules with larry sabato at top of the show. there is a rule, rule number 40, republican committee that states no candidate can become a nominee if they haven't received at least majority of 8 states. governor has no chance of getting that eight states. is he that dependent on a rule change which could cause a walkout at convention? >> the way i understand it is, when the rule committee meets in july just before the convention in cleveland they will establish the rules. so as i understand it, again,
4:47 pm
that's an old rule. that may or may not be changed. david: hold on a second. it ain't that old, lieutenant governor. it is only four years old. if there is rule change just to accommodate the anti-trump forces in the convention, there is going to be a riot, maybe not a riot. i don't want to use donald's term but there will hell to pay from the trump supporters. >> i think i it is possible we'll go into the convention no delegate has, no candidate has enough delegates and in that case, then you're going to see democracy in action at convention level where the individual delegates will choose who the nominee will. david: understood. understood. but again with this particular rule, if john kasich does not have a majority of wins in at least eight states, which is the current rule, that was developed only four years ago, is he going to ask for a rule ching. >> i can't speak to that.
4:48 pm
i haven't asked him directly his thoughts about that. i can tell you what he will focus on. he will focus on winning. we knew in beginning as we went deeper into primary calendar would go for states more favorable to john kasich later in the primary season. i expect he is going to do very well in upcoming states. we saw it in new hampshire, saw it in michigan where late deciders were choosing to vote for john kasich. decisive victory in ohio was significant last night. and ohio is an important state. david: okay, now lieutenant governor, final question, there has been a lot of crossover vote. john kasich, i know the guy. used to work with him here at fox. very nice guy. he gets people democrats and independents as well as republicans that like him but nobody has been doing that like donald trump. if donald trump walks out because there is a rule change and he is upset where do his people go? where do trump supporters go? do you think they stay in the convention? >> look, i don't expect that to happen. i think we'll handle this in
4:49 pm
very democratic way and rules will be set such that it's not an unfair process. so, i have a lot of confidence in the individuals who will be setting the rules at the convention in july. and there are people like us. they're republicans from across the country, on the rules committee, setting the rules for particular convention that we will be heading into. david: lieutenant governor, again, congratulations for last night. stay safe on the trail. thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much. thanks. david: melissa. melissa: new video coming in showing historic floods submerging orange, texas, and parts of interstate 10 remain closed at the texas-louisiana border. texas governor greg abbott touring orange declaring a state of disaster for nearly 20 county. look at that water. david: unbelievable. talking about this generation, how first-time voters might be donald trump's biggest rival yet. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
4:50 pm
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: millenials are on the stump but not for the gop front-runner. majority of voters under 35 would vote for hillary clinton than donald trump. according to new "usa today." we have a millenial political strategist and a spokesperson for the young americas foundation. thanks to both of you for joining us. sal, let me start with you. everybody thinks they know what millenials will do when election time comes. you tell me. >> this poll was troubling for the donald trump organization especially but when it comes to 2016 i don't think we know exactly what they will do yet.
4:54 pm
this poll shows a trend but we don't know, when looking at 2016 the big issue is economics and hillary clinton and bernie sanders reaching out to millenials. when you saw to hillary's speech. we have yet to hear anything from the republican side. there has been no alternative to democrat positions. we don't know yet until we have republican nominee and they really define those positions. melissa: when she is more tempting to millenials. emily, let me ask you, a lot of younger came out for bernie sanders in the primaries and such, if it is hillary clinton versus donald trump, do you think millenials really still have the same energy will go out for hillary clinton or do they just stay home? >> i think a lot of them would stay home. i think what is really interesting about this particular poll, in it, hillary clinton is trailing seventeen point to bernie sanders in this poll right here. millenials value ought thin activity. nobody comes across as less authentic that secretary clinton.
4:55 pm
that is huge issue she has with millenial vote years sal, donald trump, like him or not comes off as somebody who is saying what he is really thinking. who isn't holding back and isn't being fake. that is what a lot of people say. not that same old washington bs where he is telling people what they want to hear. in fact he is saying whatever, and that can hurt him or help him. sound like what emily says, young people are hoping for? >> exactly. and also what emily said when you look at the left, and you have bernie sanders doing really well against hillary clinton with millenials, if they view her as stealing this primary nomination from bernie sanders, a lot of the left millenials who are so passionate might not show up for her because they view her as she said inauthentic and having stole this from bernie sanders. when you have trump over here, he comes across very boisterous but he is ought thennic when he says even though might not agree with it, comes across more authentic than she would.
4:56 pm
melissa: we're out of time, unfortunately, guys. david: if you think disney world is the happiest place on earth is, guess again we'll tell you where the happiest place really is coming up next. ♪ this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats to treat erectile dysfunction the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. i don't know about at that name. wonderful,. david: here is others. switzerland and iceland, are you kidding me? norway an finland? no way! i mean this is, united states by the way came in number 13. i happen to know that finland has a winter that lasts about 13 months. melissa: great. david: there is no way you could be happy with winter as long as
5:00 pm
they have in finland. melissa: deeply suspicious of the study and also the -- we'll have to follow up. this is supposed to be a light little kicker. david: i like copenhagen an danish in the morning. i am sorry the u.s. is better place. that is it for us. melissa: "risk & reward," try to take over now. starts now. >> we'll go forward and win, more importantly we'll win for the country. we'll win, win, and not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination. and winning this election in november! [cheering] >> it is not god's plan i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, my campaign is suspended. [groaning] >> only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times but nine times across the country.


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