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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they have in finland. melissa: deeply suspicious of the study and also the -- we'll have to follow up. this is supposed to be a light little kicker. david: i like copenhagen an danish in the morning. i am sorry the u.s. is better place. that is it for us. melissa: "risk & reward," try to take over now. starts now. >> we'll go forward and win, more importantly we'll win for the country. we'll win, win, and not stopping. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination. and winning this election in november! [cheering] >> it is not god's plan i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, my campaign is suspended. [groaning] >> only one campaign has beaten donald trump over and over and over again. not once, not twice, not three times but nine times across the country.
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>> we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls. we have come a long way. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love ya. is all i can say. [cheering] >> a trifecta for donald trump. last night he won big in three key states. illinois, north carolina and florida. he is warning of riots if he is not handed the republican nomination. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. trump is assuming a moral majority with his delegate count. >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention. but i can tell you, if we didn't, and if we're 20 votes short or if we're, if we're, you know, 100 short and we're at 1100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400 because we're way ahead of everybody, i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think it would be, i think you would have riots.
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i think you would have riots. i'm representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people >> with me now is somebody that knows business, steve forbes. >> great to be with you. >> his spokesman said he didn't mean physical riots, meant it as figurative member of speech? >> nice to see donald trump establishment spinning for donald trump. i think trump made a mistake making that statement. everyone knows tempers will be very raw if he got denied the nomination unfairly but that doesn't mean you have to say that. statesman are not supposed to say those things. so -- >> meaning if he were more presidential he would not have said there would an riots in the streets? >> people behind the scenes say you have a lot of people will be very upset if seen, nomination stolen from him. he is right
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if he is far ahead in the popular vote, winning primaries he will be very hard to deny. if the other candidates have not been winning primaries and trump still a little bit short, he will get the nomination. only way -- deirdre: going with the moral majority then? he doesn't technically need the 1237. he has 1100, far ahead of other con dates good enough. >> if he win as couple big states like california and pennsylvania and has more popular votes than anyone else will be hard to deny him the nomination. deirdre: gop official told neil cavuto that the party chooses the nominee, not the voters. here's that comment. i want to get your thoughts. >> republican voters go out and elect delegates in the same way that you elect a member of congress or elector to the
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electoral college. it is representative democracy. those delegates then go to the convention to cast their ballot on behalf of those voters. in some states they're bound meaning if candidate gets vote of that state they must cast their ballot for that candidate through the first round or the second round. sometimes they become what they call unbound after the first delegate. deirdre: he essentially explaining to the voters it seems like, well, you count but just a teeny bit less than the system. >> he is talking like this is a back in the days of the bosses before we had television, when you had smoke filled rooms. smoke filled rooms are illegal. you can't smoke in hotels anymore. you can't do it that way. what you're seeing equivalence, we're whistling past the graveyard. if you want to stop donald trump start winning primaries. one of the things ted cruz is waking up to, he has to put real substantive positive proposals out there like flat tax, lead with that. start debating donald trump on issues like trade. 45% tariff.
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that is a 45% sales tax. explain that. as you say, want to pay thousands of dollars more a year in terms of what you -- deirdre: cruz, love him or hate him is obviously 100% qualified. he is excellent debater. >> he is excellent debater. i think there is disappointment that debate monday night in utah has been canceled. but if cruz does well in arizona and utah which comes on tuesday, then i think you will see debates again, especially if it looks like cruz could beat trump. deirdre: donald trump said i had enough. i had enough of the debates. let me say -- >> keyed audience has not had enough. voters especially want to hear more. deirdre: to your point about substantive issues we've been sort of been in personality contest for a little bit. now we want to hear more. >> exactly. deirdre: speaking of cruz, cruz and trump advisors say they will block kasich more or less from participating or prevailing at
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contested convention. here is senator cruz himself. >> we had that in '76 between reagan and ford. if donald and i both go into the convention with a whole bunch of delegates but just shy of 1237. then the delegates decide. that is actually democracy. that is how the democratic process is supposed to operate. deirdre: he sounds like he is more or less with the rnc on that. what do you think will happen in july in cleveland? >> this is where all the speculation is kind of silly right now. the key thing is, can cruz start winning some of these primaries? he had a very poor night last night? deirdre: are you for cruz? >> i'm not endorsing anyone just yet. i want to see a real debate on these issues, especially in the fluid environment, trump has his core but above that i think it is wide open. deirdre: trump certainly has a core. at this point at least we saw last evening more than a core. if you look at florida, he trounced senator rubio. here is a clip of rubio's concession speech.
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>> i asked the american people do not give in to the fear. do not give into the frustration. we can disagree about public policy. we can disagree about it vibrantly, passionately, but we are a hopeful people. we have ever right to be hopeful. for we in this nation are descendants of go getters. in our veins run blood of people who gave it all up so we would never have chances they never did. we are all descendants of someone who made your future the purpose of their lives. deirdre: i was doing interactive map all last night. when we blew up florida, the only county, one county that marco rubio got was his home county of miami-dade. all the rest was purple. every other count went for trump. this is mini version from last night. what do you think of that? that is extremely defeating obviously for rubio. we saw him give up. but what does this mean for his delegates going forward. what does this do to the equation?
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>> that again espends on circumstances if backs cruz, i think delegates go for cruz. if cruz demonstrates he can win contests especially winning big states. in terms of rubio everyone knew, we all know polls have been volatile. deirdre: they have been wrong in some cases. >> michigan sensationally. trouncing he took last night he has a lot of work to do. had gracious concession peach. had aspirational and inspirational approach never followed up with proposals on taxes how we can do this. deirdre: he flip-flopped on immigration. seemed like -- >> that underlines something very important. trump made immigration the big issue. the other candidates missed their opportunity to establish another issue, like the tax code. like obamacare. as big issue. deirdre: i'm glad you said. >> trump defined agenda. you let candidate defined the agenda you're automatically
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behind. deirdre: talking about things people care about, immigration, certainly top three, medicare, social security. when you look at that florida map you saw all retirees, if you look to the gulf coast, they all went for him. which brings me to the next point, trump versus hillary. if it ends up being like this in november. what do you think happens. i think they both have obviously a lot of support. they also have high negatives? >> what you're going to see, first of all, what you got a taste of in 2012 you will see nastyiness at level we haven't seen in long time. they try to tear each other down. on clinton side they know they have real flaws. they have to make people think that donald trump will be worse than hillary clinton with all her past and present baggage. with trump he will not hesitate to go back and give in kind. the question what resources will donald trump have at his proposal. the democrats will raise a billion dollars or more to go after donald trump. can trump get resources?
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he will have to open up his own checkbook in way he might not have anticipated. we'll see. key thing for trump especially gives nomination and acceptance speech at convention, whole nation will be watching. that i can guarranty you. the question will he put forth a reaganesque kind of sunshine, we'll move forward in substantive way, i had some doubts maybe i'll take another look at this man. deirdre: people are waiting to see who he may place to be around him. cabinet advisors. >> what kind of team is he going to put together. not to mention his vp, choice for vice president. so all of that people want to be reassured this will be real team. this is reagan did, one man can't run the federal government but you have to have a team to make it happen. deirdre: go to your experts. steve forbes, glad you're one of ours. thank you very much. steve forbes with me there. kasich won big in ohio. ted cruz calling for him to drop out of the race saying that kasich has no path to the presidency.
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former george w. bush special assistant turned supporter ron christie is with me at the break. democrats are rallying to his cause, a self-proclaimed lifelong democrat is my guest next. she is now supporting trump. she will tell me why. >> we're going to go forward and we're going to win but more importantly we're going to win for the country. we're going to win, win, win and we're not stopping. we're going to have great victories for our country.
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you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we have a great opportunity. democrats and independents are coming in and people who never voted before.
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>> donald trump says his campaign is attracting new vote toarlts republican party. 20,000 democrats in massachusetts switched parts why is. my next guest is a lifelong democrat house now supporting trump. why the change and why now? >> thank you for having me. the pivotal point for me to change was the kat -- was the ke steinle case. he was an illegal immigrant hiding out in a sanctuary city. the president obama has refused to acknowledge her and donald trump acknowledged her several
5:16 pm
times. that changed my entire course. deirdre: that was a tragic loss for her and her family. immigration then became a number one subject for you. do you have imagine, was in a visceral reaction like this could happen to me, this could happen to my family? >> of course it could. the perception right now with the perforated borders we have, it's sad we are in a so sight where you kind of feel the need to again profile, but then you don't want to because if you feel guilty. but you are always looking over your shoulder.
5:17 pm
deirdre: donald trump says he feels like people who want to be political lire correct are actually ruining our country. >> exactly. we introduced you as a lifelong democrats. i'm assuming your parents are and the people around you are. have you told them you are supporting trump? >> everybody knows. deirdre: what are they saying to you? >> they are supportive of me. i grew up with a grandpa who was a staunch democrat an threatened our family if we voted anybody but a democrat he would come back and haunt us. i think in today's world with the candidates we have, he would be voting for trump as well. deirdre: even after three generations you feel your grand taught i shall would change his mind. >> right, as i said before. these where not my grandpa's democrats. they are not. deirdre: we talk about this fear factor.
5:18 pm
i want to play a quick clip from donald trump. here he is. >> sure. >> there is anger. they are not angry people. but they want to seat country properly run. they want to seaboarders, they want the see good healthcare, they want to see things taken care of and our military rebuilt. deirdre: we talked a lot about immigration. but there are obviously other subjects. are you in line with donald trump on those other top sniks. >> yes, i am. have much so. deirdre: we thank you very much for the time. it's a pleasure to have you with us. thank you very much. you heard her story about how one murder in san francisco made her switch time. we we come back arizona sheriff joe arpaio joins me.
5:19 pm
judicial watch announcing 8 hillary clinton aides form and current being questioned by the federal investigation into her personal seem scandal. the judge will weigh in on how taken indictment could shut hillary's run in the general election. >> i am 100% confident. this is a security review that is being requested. it's being carried out and will be resolved. ♪
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>> today i'm nominating chief judge merrick garland to join the supreme court. deirdre: merrick garland is the current chief judge on d.c.'s
5:23 pm
u.s. court of appeals. he's considered to be a center-right moderate. >> the senate will continue to observe the biden rule so that the american people have a voice in this momentous decision. the american people may well elect a president who decides to nominate judge garland for consideration. and the next president may nominate somebody very different. either way, our view is this. give the people a voice in filling this vacancy. deirdre: you heard the senate majority leader bringing up the bind rule. >> the senate judiciary committee should consider not scheduling hearings on the supreme court nomination until after the campaign season is over.
5:24 pm
deirdre: judge andrew napolitano is joining me. judge napolitano: i'm chuck manying because he hates that that rule has been named after him. deirdre: judges are complaining he's not liberal enough. he's a great pick, right? >> it's high stakes poker here. senator mcconnell is playing high stakes poker that a republican will win. if mrs. clinton wins and judge garland is not from the court, far, far to the left of judge garland who is a very well-respected almost universally liked serious professional career judge. been on the bench for 19 years. he's clearly the most conservative nominee to the supreme court since 1941 when
5:25 pm
fdr put his own attorney general robert jackson on the court. why would the president do senate he doesn't want judge garland to be on the court. he wants to pick a fight with the republicans, and he hopes the fight will cause the senate to fall in the than of the democrats and he hopes he will be succeeded by a democrat. we'll have a democratic senate who can put somebody in there far more to his liking. deirdre: a jedi mind trick. judge napolitano: it's high stakes political poker with the court. it will cause his good and decent man to twist in the wind and cause the court to be part of a political process when it needn't be. deirdre: you said hillary clinton will be indicted. i want to ask you about this. judicial watch is filing a motion that 8 past and present
5:26 pm
state department officials linked to hillary clinton's email scandal have been named and not yet announced. judge napolitano: this motion asked judge sullivan, a president clinton appointee to the court presiding over the freedom of information act case that judicial watch brought to the state department. he has already said, i'm authorizing you to take a deposition, an examination under oath, not in the courthouse, but in the lawyer's office of mrs. clinton's closest aides. you tell me who they are. and i'll seen it order. here is your charge, i -- this is the court speaking, want to know if there was a conspiracy in the office of the secretary of state to violate federal law.
5:27 pm
the espionage laws exposing secrets and the keeping secrets secrets that aren't suppose to be exposed. and if they are they ask per mission to depose mrs. clinton herself. * what are the chances she'll have some to answer to this before november. judge napolitano: the chances the f.b.i. will present this to a grand jury to seek an indictment are very high. deirdre: 8 out of 10? judge napolitano: out of 10. if the fines the justice department to present it evident. it's corroborated. it's not to indict her and prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. if the political arm of the justice department says no, expect a sample indictment to be leaked.
5:28 pm
expect the evidence to be leaked. expect f.b.i. whistle blowers to be blowing whistles and expect resignations among senior f.b.i. people. if the scenario i just described happens. it will be just as devastating to mrs. clinton as if she is indicted. why would the democrats want somebody at the head of their ticket that the f.b.i. thinks is a criminal. we got it all in. deirdre: we have a pop quiz for you. which of these candidates are endorsed by the klu klux klan. a guest says media bias is why you are not hearing about clinton's endorsement. a trump spokeperson told us similar comment were made when he ran for president. >> obama referred to typical
5:29 pm
white people. talked about going to whoop some ass. talked about bringing a gun to a knife fight. this is the same type of receipf rhetoric that came out of president obama. deirdre: sheriff joe arpaio is with me next. >> sheriff joe arpaio recently endorsed me. there is nobody tougher on the borders than sheriff joe. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. seize it! only flonase is approved to
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>> there is anger. they are not angry people, but they want to see the country properly run. they want to seaboarders and proper healthcare, they want to see things taken care of. they want our military rebuilt. deirdre: 40% of voters in north carolina andio expressing why and ohio expressing anger in the way thing are run. with me now, arizona sheriff trump supporter joe arpaio. you have been a long-time supporter of donald trump because you are on the front lines, you understood how important immigration is as an issue. what did you think of last night
5:34 pm
many results? >> it was great. it's not just illegal immigration of why i like mr. trump. he has the courage to speak out. he has some great ideas. right from the beginning i knew that this was a person that was special. he's tapped into the anger of this country, and i would hope that theo-lledstabshme d an-tru peoe unrsta thatt's e pele tt cot, the oplehat te. he's goi to be the nominee. i guarantee you, he will take care of hillary. deirdre: when you say it's the people who vote, that's exactly what's going on right now. there is a groundswell of support for him, but we still have the rnc saying it's kind of the people who vote, but by a process. as a voter, how does that stke
5:35 pm
and i'm sad at what they are saying. they will say anything to get rid of trump and that's sad. there is a silent majority out there. i first introduced him in phoenix. but i took away silent. it's a majority now and people better start understanding that and stand by him and forget the petty politics whether they like his conversation and i can go on and on. deirdre: just moments ago i spoke with someone who herself was a lifelong democrat, third generation democrat. and she said she is changing her mind and voting for trump. here is part of why. >> it's the way the democratic party hand the case and president obama has yet to acknowledge her and donald trump has acknowledged her and her family several times. it was that very instance that
5:36 pm
changed my entire course. deirdre: that was because of that beautiful young girl who was killed in san francisco, san francisco being one of the cities that is a so-called safety for illegal immigrants. what else your take on that and other cities like san francisco? >> well, you know, the illegal immigration problem is a big problem. thanks to donald trump he opened the door. nobody wanted to talk about illegal immigration until he did, now everybody is talking about it, which is great. maybe something will be done about it. you forget the drug problem. he talked about the heroin about two months ago. he wants to put up the wall. the wall should not be there just for illegal immigration. we are being flood with drugs from mexico. we ought to be talking about that problem we have, too. he's talking about it. i don't see anybody else talking
5:37 pm
about drugs. it's always illegal immigration coming across that border. deirdre: in new hampshire people came out and voted for him exactly for that reason. local community leaders said we are sick of our kids dying from heroin overdoses. >> i supported a lot -- i have bent campaign manager for bush and mitt romney and many of them come to me for endorsements. but when i talked to him, something was special in my gut. he's different than all the rest. i know he will make a great president and everybody is taking shots at him. not literally. everybody is going after him. media, you name it. people believe in him and the more people go after him the higher his polls are going to get. deirdre: we thank you as always for your time. sheriff joe arpaio with me there.
5:38 pm
trump is tweeting he won missouri. it's not official. but according to unofficial result he is ahead. but it takes for two weeks for all result to come in from all the local precincts. guess which presidential candidate was endorsed by the klu klux klan? you might be sphriesd hear it's both. president obama is criticizing donald trump for his campaign rhetoric. my next guest said the president made similar comments when he was running. >> i believe that public colleges and universities should be tuition free.
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>> considering it was the democrat party doing the mob violence and lynchings. he was just endorsed by a grand dragon from the kkk and we have yet to see the fallout from that endorsement. deirdre: she is speak of hillary clinton and her comments comparing recent violence at trump rallies to lynch mobs. kat, it's great to see you. what do you make of katrina pierson saying about hillary clinton's comments, that's not fair. >> that's flatout race baiting. there are many things you can
5:43 pm
attack donald trump on. but that's a low blow. deirdre: there is also this question of media bias. when the kkk came out and endorsed donald trump, it was a circus. he said i couldn't hear because i had a bad earpiece. the kkk has endorsed the head of the california chapter, has endorsed hillary clinton but we haven't heard that. >> she doesn't to deal with how to handle it because nobody is asking her by the at all. of course the whole idea it's this conspiracy where she is going to secretly once she is president undertake it with the kkk. deirdre: that's the baseball card of the klu klux klan california order.
5:44 pm
he says he likes clinton's behind agenda and he says he has sources to back that. the points she is not answering for it. >> she is not being asked to answer at all it's totally different than what happened with trump. she is constantly coddled by the media, and as soon as someone says something that's fair, it's sexist. deirdre: president obama said trump's language is vulgar, divisive and leads to violence. but the president was referencing recent trump rallies, but he made similar comments to his supporters back in the day. wheel we have one clip we'll show. >> i need to you talk to your friends and neighbors. i want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are republican. i want you to argue with them
5:45 pm
and get in their face and if they tell you well we are not sure where he stands on guns, i want to you say he believes in the second amendment. they tell you well he's going to raise your taxes one say know, going to lower them. you are my am balances doers. he's not encouraging people to fight, but he's encouraging people to be confrontational. he's also been divisive his entire presidency. there is no doubt about that. but just like only republicans can be racist and jerks and divisive and inciting people to be violent. that's what people assume so they will only look at it in terms of trump and not obama. deirdre: a lot of people i personally know took offense to when he said it's like typical white people grabbing their biebles and their guns. >> there is no reason to say that other than to incite
5:46 pm
dislike and hate. but again, donald trump is a republican. deirdre: same rules for everybody. thank you very much. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders calling for a political revolution. >> phoenix, are you ready for a political revolution? deirdre: my next guest receives not so fast. last night's poor performance for him does show that bernie's socialific policies -- socialistic policies are being rejected. columnist steve moore is with me next. >> we'll raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. we must strengthen and expand social security. i believe in a mefd i care for
5:47 pm
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>> phoenix are you ready for a political revolution? well, if you are, you have come to the right place! deirdre: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders after he lost big to rival hillary clinton last night. hillary in the lead 1,132 delegates. senator sanders, 818. senator sanders still pushing his economic agenda.
5:51 pm
>> we have a constitution that grants us a lot of political rights. but i believe we have got to go further than that and i believe we have got to guarantee ourc r. if i remember the great leader dr. martin luther king jr. -- deirdre: steve moore with me now. steve, you said socialism is what lost last night. it did. the revolution looks like it's in the republican party, not the democratic party. i have been tracking the stock market with bernie sanders' numbers. you can check this out. as bernie sanders falls the stock market goes up. a pretty interesting inverse relationship. investors werner vowls a few months ago with the big rise in bernie sanders.
5:52 pm
i think he's done as a candidate right now. but i'm not so sure that socialism has been rejected by democratic voters. we talked about this. hillary adopted a lot of his rhetoric and proposals. deirdre: i want to play a quick clip from hillary clinton that essentially under lines what you said. >> this isn't just about donald trump. all of us have to do our part. we can't just talk about economic inequality. we have to take on all forms of inequality and discrimination. deirdre: is that income we distribution or is that just because sanders is forcing her to move a little bit more left. >> i think she thinks it's good politics. i think it many a stuff sell for democrats because the income inequality increases happened
5:53 pm
under barack obama's presidency. but i also think she has been very genuinely worried about losing this primary to somebody on the left. it hpeneto h 8 yrs a. she s dermin noto le th hapn agn. that whyhe iusinthis rhoric buproposals, t. look at what she is talking about on taxes. she want the capital gains tax to go up by 40%. she wants to increase the minimum wage. she came out against fracking. she came out and said she didn't think we should be doing offshore drilling. i could go on and on. but she has dramatically moved to the left and her positions from where she was four months ago. i think that will hurt her in november because she'll try to pivot that to the middle.
5:54 pm
deirdre: all the candidate agree, they hate wall street. all right. quick break. nor cruz drop out saying there is no path to the presidency. >> you better believe it's about america, about pulling us together, not pulling us apart. it is about usa. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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>> we have one more trip around ohio this coming fall where we'll beat hillary clinton and i will become the president of the united states. deirdre: a big victory for john kasich in his home state last night. he has 143 delegate and confidence he can get the nomination.
5:58 pm
>> they can't come into ohio with the philosophy they have and win. i'm running to be president. i'm not out to stop donald trump or anybody else. by winning yesterday in ohio i dealt him a very, very big blow to being able to have the number of delegates. deirdre: ryan christy and kasich supporter is here. i want to ask you about a comment senator cruz made earlier. he said john kasich should drop out of the race. here is the senator. >> a clear path to winning. it doesn't make sense to day in the race. i would note every day john kasich stays in the race benefit donald trump. deirdre: what is your take on that as a kasich supporter. >> senator cruz doesn't have a path to the mom nation either. this is all about a race for the
5:59 pm
people in john kasich has 143 delegate now, but it's growing. he can make the case strongly. new york state, pennsylvania, arizona, new jersey, areas that i think kasich will do well and cruz won't do as well. you need 1,237 delegates. donald trump won't get that before the nomination. john kasich gives a seasoned experienced alternative to voters. deirdre: i want you to come back to the program if you can. donald trump has some branding in those states, too. i want to parse through the issues with you and have you back. hopefully we can continue the conversation. in the meantime we needed to correct something we showed earlier. the graphic. con there are legal advocacy group filed a motion seeking to
6:00 pm
question 8 of hillary clinton's aide. this is just a request. there are no plans for those people to be questioned. we just wanted to clarify that point in case it was misleading. thank you for joining us. charles payne is here. charles: the fed blinks and stocks pop. i'll tell you what yellen saw and what you need to own. a big night tore donald trump and more decisive victories for hillary clinton. is the gop underestimating her? trump picking up three states. he's got florida, illinois and north carolina. john kasich securing a much-needed win in his home state of ohio. missouri still too close to call. time to handicap her against donald trump and ted cruz. if no republican candidate


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