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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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significant ground game, donald trump is really behind. charles: thank you all very much. thank you so much for watching. we appreciate it. if you if you can't catch us you can always dvr it. now lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. donald trump is halfway to the nomination. one has fewer delegates than senator marco rubio who suspended his campaign last night. he now has 673 delegates and is ahead in the vote count in missouri. trump leads by two tenths of a percent. sen. crews has a week to decide whether to insist on a recount.
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his 1st and is only when come all of which increases the likelihood of a contested gop presidential convention this summer. >> we will when before getting to the convention, but if we didn't and if we are 20 votes short or a hundred short and we are at 1100 and someone else's at five or 400. i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. he would have riots. lou: riots. trump now needs more than half of all the remaining delegates. it is a high bar. favored to win an upcoming state. setting his sights on hillary clinton.
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>> a tough pass. 132 delegates. crews would need to an 80 percent of all remaining delegates. well, he may have 175 delegates last night, but the only way his campaign stays alive is through its contested convention. hillary clinton one for the last five states. missouri, like as with donald trump.trump. simply too close to call. sanders says he still sees a path to the democratic nomination, and it remains elusive to most observers. when dealing with an endorsement she does not
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want. into the ku klux klan, the grand dragon california who says clinton has a hidden agenda. therefore he is endorsing her and has retracted his endorsement of donald trump. also tonight, president obama sparking another fight with republicans by nominating federal appellate judge merrick garland to the supreme court. he will not consider the nomination. >> it seems clear president obama made this nomination not with the intent of seeing the nominee confirmed but in order to politicize it for purposes of the election. >> we will take up the prospects of a contested broker gop convention with former reagan white house political director ed rollins and republican strategist a little later tonight we take up the
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lighter side of politics. our top story, donald trumps big night. a lot of reason to celebrate. not only did he add to his lead but he knocked out rubio. john roberts is in miami with a report. >> this has been very exciting, this whole process >> the more donald trump begins to look like the inevitable nominee a lot of the drumbeat grows to stop him. trump born there could be serious consequences if the party trust to take the nomination away from him. >> i think you would have riots. i think that things would happen. >> trump had a huge nighta huge night on super tuesday winning three of the five states outright and leading in missouri. his biggest when was florida, 19 point blowout.
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>> i want to congratulate donald trump on his victory. no. guys, we live in a republic commando voters make these decisions. it was a big when. >> a big night for governor john "moneyline". he is vowing to stay in the race all the way to the convention with no hope of collecting enough delegates to be the nominee out right. >> i don't think anyone will have enough delegates. i think cruz has to get 70 percent of the remaining delegates and we are going and where my strength is. cruz says he is not against a contested convention as long as it is not brokered by the party bosses. >> if we both go in with a whole bunch of delegates than the delegates decide which is actually democracy.
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>> a big difference between contested and brokered. a couple of other people in business, republican debate is not going to happen after donald trump said he had a prior engagement. it is likely there won't be any more republicans debate. ted crews is not yet decided whether it will contest the results. they can't actually file aa position for recount until after the results have been certified. lou: thank you very much. former reagan white house political director, fox news political analyst, republican strategist. and we have got a lot to cover. getting fascinating and complex. the reality for donald trump
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has brightened considerably. >> he just has to keep going. the winner every single night. last night he had an enormous night. you know, my sense, come to my church. his turf he won yesterday. he sat down in vermont and came in second. said down new hampshire and came in 2nd, but nowhere else. i don't see where his passes. peaked when everything and not be a viral candidate. >> and trump now needs 54 percent of the delegates to win. >> and he can get it. obviously is not do very well in new york which is his home state. you know, my senses right
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path. lou: and it is interesting. there with his hundred and 43. rubio had 163 delegates. >> you can give his delegates which is what is going to happen. he just as a long way to go. lou: he is the operative candidate for the establishment. >> that is not a good rope to where the cycle. four weeks ago the establishment candidate was rubio. so the last thing i would want is to be an establishment candidate. lou: and it is the year of the outsider. there is only one true outsider remaining. >> one conservative. and i think to a certain
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extent every democrat no space run against crews but not trump. lou: and you hear various representatives of the establishment whether be some of the major donors, make noise about a fight in the convention. if trump is out of thousand 21100 delegates meeting 1237 what are they going to do? >> he can't get on the ballot right now. you have to when the majority. he will come near that. they aren'tare going to change the rules to let him be nominated. these are the two guys that will have the votes in be nominated. one of them away and. lou: it seems to me one of the most foolish and provocative things that could have been said. a member of the republican
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national committee. he said every delegate to the 2016 republican national convention is a completely free agent. is -- does it seem like he is either from washington state or colorado? >> that is not the way states have chosen these people. lou: in most cases they are bound delegates. >> you're bound for three. everyone is going to go and be picked. is going to feel an obligation to support the delegates, the candidates. otherwise they will go back home and explain why to voters and why to the party establishment people i committed to do this and didn't. lou: your thoughts? who will be the nominee at this point in your judgment? >> i think it's going to be trump.
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>> an insurmountable. >> test account. >> all right. always appreciate the insight. we are coming right back. a lot more, and this is going to be a political season of perhaps great frustration but also great fun. you don't want to miss a minute of it. donald trump winning big last night and building on his momentum. >> to win by that kind of number. >> the delegate math is working. party elites are battling to disenfranchise voters. we takewe take it up with guy benson and tony sinecure next. a man and his truck stuck on railroad tracks.
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lou: this may not shock you, but donald trump is not too worried about his republican opponent.
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setting his sights on democratic front-runner hillary clinton. >> an embarrassment to our country. under federal investigation. does not have the strength and stamina. where has she been? we can't even beat isi s. lou: whatever you think there is nothing quite like the trump treatment when it comes to his opponents. joining us now, townhall .com political editor. republican campaign strategist. first water blowout last night was for hillary clinton. not too far behind her in terms of impact obviously. donald trump, the path forward seems not clear but certainly easier than it has been. >> you will be the democratic nominee.
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sweeping super tuesday. in key states winning a huge raft of delegates. ultimately with the delegates in the superdelegates it will be errors. donald trump at a very good night. not quite the presumptive nominee the way that she is yet. >> i think that's a fair addendum. even though he talks about getting into his country, i don't see the same country. >> i agree with you. there is similar to neighboring ohio. pennsylvania does not vote until april 26. if you look at the counties, donald trump one those.
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that complicates this notion in order to stop donald trump you do need a consolidation behind one non- trump candidate. he can play man-to-man. i don't think you can beat donald trump from getting that number if you do the zone defense. it's going to get messy and complicated. lou: it is not simply political strategy at work. we are talking about philosophy, ideology, values that cannot be more distinct and powerful as you look at the governor of ohio. and senator crews, fair to call him an arch traditional conservative. social conservative, religious conservative. and the establishment is
7:19 pm
hesitant to make a choice between the two as a person to be the champion against. it looks like the result is a foregone conclusion. >> more modeling by the rest of the field. lou: was pleased to a victory. >> every single step of the primary there have been various people boxing each other out trying to play to their own interest. in the process enabling and helping donald trump. we will see that with the showdown. i think he's a very stubborn guy. he literally has no mathematical path to be the nominee. he doesn't want to hear it. >> all that does is set him apart. i wonder, has trump pivoted to early?
7:20 pm
the truck treatment being reserved. >> as someone who thinks hillary is the only unacceptable person running. lou: you are in a rare group. >> i will say i am happy to see her get the treatment. that being said, it is not as foregone conclusion is i think trump would like it to be kemal be at he is mistreatment -- tremendous strength. it isit is mathematically possible, but let me make sure voters understand something. it is not as if the system has been rigged to stop him. he's a been the rules for decades. he has no obligation to meet the threshold. lou: the most important role set in place four years ago following run these problems it was for b.
7:21 pm
>> right now this preempts anyone stepping forward. do you think the republicans would have the audacity? this is playing by the rules it is representative democracy, but this becomes the establishment reading the game. >> the role he is talking about his long-standing. which is pretty intuitive. we can call that -- >> that is the main one. the threshold that trump has to earn. if he gets a plurality that would go to a contested convention. lou: the word earned the art of the deal. i don't think trump automatically loses.
7:22 pm
>> makes terrific deals. >> thank you for being here. breaking news. governor "moneyline" will appear on the ballot in a suppor argued he did not submit enough signatures, but the senator withdrew his objection. still has an average ten-point lead. april 26. be sure to vote. try to disenfranchise voters will you support the nominee i choose not to.
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we will take that up. the effort to stop it will most certainly backfire. take that. >> third-party will meet an absolute total victory for the democrats, four or five very liberal judges in the country will never be the same. i will be a disaster. >> a lot more to say in my commentary coming up.up. i do think trump seems to be making it clear to the establishment they have a limited range of options i would say. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: a few thoughts on another republican trying to jump into the middle of the gop establishment mess and leaving just about everyone shake their heads at the craziness of this year's race. former speaker john boehner decided to poke his head out
7:29 pm
from his retirement telling a conference quote if we get to the convention and we don't have a nominee that can win on the first ballot, i'm for none of the above. they all ran, they all had a chance to win so i'm for none of the above. i'm for paul ryan to be our nominee. just what the grand old party need, a boost from boehner. boehner trying to walk back his remarks claiming they were off-the-cuff comments about a hypothetical. but i think the establishment wants a president ryan. and ryan tomorrow fueling speculation by saying he would not categorically rule out accepting the nomination. a spokesperson later claimed the speaker really is not interested and will not accept the nomination. but don't forget, ryan won the
7:30 pm
speakership of the house by insisting he didn't want that job either. speaker ryan will preside over the party's convention. and any possible rule changes in the event of a contests convention. something trump warned all these clever lads about. >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention. but if we didn't and we are 20 votes short or if we are, you know, 100 short, and we are at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400 because we are way ahead of everybody, i don't think you can say we don't get it automatically. i think you would have riots, i think you would have riots. lou: so far the establishment's attempts to subvert the will of the people has made them look silly and ambivalent. it's time they start thinking
7:31 pm
about going after democrats rather than fellow republicans. but the republicans have a fondness for screwing up their political chances. freedom of expressionen rule of law. if you don't have those two things you don't have a free country. >> we are going to win, win, win, and we'll have great victories for our country. lou: what does it mean for these primaries coming up next. donald trump's senior advisor with us next. this high-speed long boarderrers about to take a turn for the worse. the road ahead is highly uncertain. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: donald trump looks to be the only republican candidate with a true shot at the republican nomination. but he has a ways to go before he can claim victory. he has won 673 of 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination. john kasich and ted cruz are
7:36 pm
working to keep trump from winning the number of delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. joining us tonight, senior advisor for donald trump's presidential campaign. sarah huckabee sanders. some people may not know that the kkk endorsed -- i don't know if they caught golden dragon of california. has endorsed hillary clinton. and as far as we know -- i want to double-check. has she yet denounced that endorsement from the kkk? do we know? >> not as far as i'm aware. and i want to know where the outcry is from the media and all of those that were after donald trump who did denounce several times over and over david duke. so hopefully those same people will be calling on hillary clinton over and over again until she does that.
7:37 pm
lou: the fact is, did we ever establish as a result of experience with donald trump what the requisite number of denun --of denunciations there s you denounce something my guess is donald trump didn't know david duke was alive. it's just a wild guess. >> i think you would have to get into double digits before it starts to sink in. i always heard repetition is the way to make people remember things. so i guess you have to keep saying it until it sinks in. lou: i guess lesson learned all the way around. donald trump today used the word riot. used it twice. he likes the dwiestles repetition. this one where maybe he shouldn't have. talking about people would riot
7:38 pm
if he doesn't get the nomination. was he being figurative or cause he being literal calling on millions of people to riot if things go bad for him. >> he wasn't inciting riots by any stretch of the imagination. what he was asking for was a free and fair election which should be expected. i don't think any pushback would come because donald trump used that word. i think the d.c. establishment and the washington, the wall street axis of power continues to tell squall treat how to vote. and if they don't do it the way they want, they say we'll just fix it with the process piece. i don't think any stretch of the imagination that donald trump was inseason waiting or trying to incite riots. but it's southern that we have a fair election process. lou: the republican opposition
7:39 pm
will be trying to play up the language figurative or literal, his meaning. and there is an attempt to roll back all of the political correctness that i believe donald trump is responsible for pushing back. he has been on an offensive against political correctness in this country. i believe it many healthy, i think it is in points of fact promising for our future, and public discourse that he has done so. i would like, if you would, to listen to hillary clinton today and her language. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, bang all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong.
7:40 pm
lou: your thoughts. obviously using his language and partial thoughts in many cases is a weapon against him. >> you know, i just think it goes to show that not only do republicans are starting to realize donald trump is going to be the republican nominee, but so does hillary. she is clearly singling him out and going after him and starting to engage as if this is the general election.he big take awy for me. hillary clinton has her sights set on donald trump, i think she is terrified of him. she wants to start chipping away as best she can against someone who will be an extremely strong contender who i don't think he has a chance of beating. lou: i want to ask you, where are you? we are looking at a beautiful beach and ocean behind you.
7:41 pm
it's making us all think about going into politics. >> i wish i could say this is because of politics. it's because i'm a mom and it's spring break. taking a quick break off the campaign trail to be a mom for a week. lou: good for you. have fun. thanks for being with us. lou: long boarding on an open road can be exciting. but apparently you have to obey the rules of the road. watch this terrifying moment. this is fun. the long boarder speeding around the turn. he was on the wrong side of the road. that full body slam into the oncoming car took place in russia. it's cringe worthy.
7:42 pm
the long beard may have a new perspective on rules of the road and long boarding itself. russia's putin pulling out of syria. a surprise for the world and president obama and his national security team. ambassador downbolton with us. we'll be right back.
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he. >> president obama slapping new sanctions against north korea as punishment for its recent ballistic and nuclear missile tests. it prohibits u.s. businesses from conducting trade with any company in finance, and industry. more sanctions against north korea. i suppose the north core rans will surrender within week. >> we had essentially no economic dealings with north korea since 1953. the real issue is what china
7:47 pm
will do. lou: you mean china is not rolling up it artificial islands it's built in the south china sea. it's no longer asserting territorial claims and working in league with russia to challenge u.s. military and geopolitical dominance? >> there is no chance any of that will happen before noon january 20, 2017. lou: we showed the ad -- let's see the ad again if we couldw that donald trump is running against hillary clinton. do we have that? here we go.
7:48 pm
what your reaction? >> i think the when part is vladimir putin laughing at hillary clinton barking like a dog. she did it. she did voice shop it or whatever the equivalent of photo shopping is. she thought it was a joke when she did it. the ad raises a critical issue. can she stand up to russia and china? she didn't when she was secretary of state. there is he reason to believe she'll continue obama's failed policies of the last 8 years. this is a critical elect issue. lou: yet it's not at the top of voters' consciousness. that's reserved for the economy and jobs. but terror hasn't receded entirely from the top concerns.
7:49 pm
why in the world should anyone right now -- how can anyone evaluate donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, none of them with true foreign policy experience, against the presumptive nominee of the democratic party, hillary clinton who has been secretary of state. >> i wish in the so-called debate we have been having there would be more on national security policy. it's not just how the candidates respond to the crises we see today. we are going to face risks and challenges we can't even predict. so the debates appear to be over it's up to the remaining republican candidates. lou: did you say percent any? >> i think there are two possible nominees in the republican party, ted cruz and donald trump. senator cruz gave a speech on the defense budget.
7:50 pm
let's hear more from both of them. lou: john bolton, it's always good to hear from you. last month john kasich complained there wasn't enough confetti at one of his event and so they took care of that yesterday. we'll take that up next. you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ shall we say, unnecessarily complex.h back cards are, limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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. lou: let's start with this week's best dressed celebrity. it is what some would call an unconventional choice. there it is. my goodness. what is he wearing? a veteran racehorse modeling the world's first three piece tweed suit designed specifically for a suit. this suggests the owner of this horse has far too much money. the ensemble took four weeks to finish, requiring 20 yards of tweed. you can see the tweed. commissioned for a british horse racing event. the festival took place this week. that looks like first place, i don't know for the run or the wardrobe? joining us from red eye andy levy and former miss new york, miss usa joanne nosuchinsky.
7:55 pm
>> hi! that was a great news alert. we needed to be alerted for that news. lou: we moved it up in the show. what do you think of three piece suit on a horse? >> i love it because it was tailored well. tim dunn, the man who knows fashion, critiqued that the fit was excellent. and men take no. not you men, you look great. a fitted suit, some of the men are wearing oversized jackets. tailor it. >> ted cruz had that problem last night. lou: did he? >> his suit was all back here. lou: he's trying to look unestablishment. >> looked like dad's suit at a confirmation. lou: do you remember john kasich saying this is all i got. it was either the suit coat or the shirt, i couldn't tell, it was the gesture. and speaking of kasich, let's roll video from the celebration there in ohio, and here it
7:56 pm
comes. look at that. because his staff was a little upset, i guess, or either fearful because he said he hasn't had enough confetti. what's interesting about not having enough confetti. this was his first win, guys. >> there's no such thing as too much confetti. this is a giant f.u., if i may say that on the show. not enough confetti! you're going to get enough confetti. i thought it was quite nice. >> i'm not sure the best message to send to a presidential candidate, look how excited i am, i won a state. it will probably be the last time he needs confetti. use all of it. lou: great point. great point. rubio, not to add to the indignity and the pain, but if you would roll video on an unfortunate. >> the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be
7:57 pm
the nominee of the republican party. lou: rough stuff. >> he's right. he was absolutely right. and he didn't take long to withdraw, did he? >> no, what else was he going to do? lou: he went on far too long. >> it's just especially sad because he didn't just lose to trump. he really lost in his home state. i think that kind of stings even more. lou: you know one of the things i took note of and in a strange way appreciated. his concession speech was good for you, donald trump for savaging me, and he was gracious. he was terrific, and also betrayed great vitriol that remained in his system. he was -- that was a begrudging moment. >> really? do you think so?
7:58 pm
lou: i do, i think it was one of the darndest ad mixtures of race, seeking revenge. all of us we should come together, it went everywhere. >> you can call that a negroni and i think he had a few sips before then. lou: maybe. >> everything coming together into one nice package. lou: savving, the pain. this is a commitment to a candidate. the tattoos somewhere getting for their chosen candidate. let's take a look at some of these. you can recognize who that is? >> i think that's elvis presley. >> definitely elvis. wrong. that is trump, trump slogans, make america great again. this looked like it's just an injury. again, they're having trouble with the donald's hair here, and make america great. >> i think we all are. lou: a bunch of folks who have
7:59 pm
the tattoo are thinking, mr. trump, could you get a shorter slogan. >> anyone who gets a tattoo of a politician is a deranged individual and probably should be locked up. doesn't matter who the politician is, by the way. >> it's a great expression, what i like about the faces is as you age so does the candidate. so the wrinkles in your tattoo will match the wrinkles in the candidate. especially bernie. but he ages well. >> see the one that is the glasses and the hair, that's all right, you can always say it's someone else. lou: gives you an out. >> that's not bad. the rest are insane. lou: joanne, thank you very much for being here. andy, thank you so much for being here. >> see you on red eye. lou: looking forward to it. tonight. or tomorrow kind of. in our online poll we'll tweet out the necessary details.
8:00 pm
85% of you predicted donald trump would be the republican candidate on the republican side. thanks for being with us. john sculley, former apple ceo among my guests tomorrow. be with us, please. good night from new york.. kennedy: and then there were three! i'm watching the remnants of the republican field get whittled down to a few odd men who can now all comfortably fit in a canoe as marco rubio drops out of the race and a rambling mostly uninspired display. >> i take great comfort in the ancient words which teaches us that in their hearts humans plan their course. i want you to know there is nothing more you could have done. america is in the middle of a real political storm. a real tsunami. >> i chose a different route and i'm proud of that. kennedy: okay. i was trying to figure out if he was making the ultimate


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