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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 17, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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focused as we are in our port operations, very focused on a global basis. it's all about relationships. >> it sure is. john, great to have you on the program. thank you, michael block, steve cortez, dagen, always great to see everybody. that will do it for us. "varney & company" starts now and stuart, to you. stuart: you're about to see senator reid unload on donald trump. yes, the man who lied on the senate floor about mitt romney's taxes is about to discuss hatred. it's all hands on deck on the anti-trump crusade and lining up, and trump is the villain. his path to the nomination is clear and runs through delegate rich california and new york primaries. big deal from janet yellen, read between her lines and looks like maybe two rate hikes this year, know the four. oil and gold up big today.
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and then there's chipotle, sending 21 million coupons for free burritos out in the mail, desperate to fix their image problem. rarely has any company taken such a hit. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ and how about this? secretary of state john kerry will officially acknowledge that isis is committing genocide in syria and iraq, specifically christians, shiite musli muslims, they're going to use the word genocide and apply it to christians, muslims.
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>> as to christians and tiny minority sects is correct. it's stunning to say that half of islam is now the victim of an attempted isis genocide. remember, here, we're talking about an international convention, american statutes, t constitute genocide. i don't think that that applies to the shiites in this case. there is conflict, but not all conflict constitutes genocide. stuart: they've been resisting the use of genocide toward christians and only until muslims-- >> the subject is sensitive and to politicize it and that's what this inclusion of shiites is about, as you're saying. risks make the process a fraud down the road, something for those who remember where this comes from in world war ii, it's appalling.
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stuart: thank you, mr. ambassador, stay there. more in a moment. senator minority leader harry reid, yes, the man who lied on the senate floor about mitt romney's taxes while romney was running for the presidency. harry reid will take direct aim at donald trump, he would layout an aggressive plan to respond to, quote, republican's platform of hate. monica crowley is with us. well-timed performance i'd say. welcome to the show. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: it occurs that this could back fire against harry reid and against mitt romney, bearing in mind what harry reid did a couple of years ago. >> this is particularly rich coming from harry reid, given his track record, but what he is saying today is the perfect representation of the bipartisan establishment freakout over donald trump. remember, we're not just talking about the elite donor class establishment in the republican party, which fears donald trump because they can't control him, we're talking about the bipartisan establishment represented by harry reid. they know if donald trump is
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elected president of the united states, they lose their power, control, and their gravy train. >> do you think they really-- do you think that democrats truly worry about donald trump or do they really want him-- >> the conventional wisdom they want him because they think to beat him. he's a street fighter than any they've seen. they're extremely worried because he doesn't play by gentleman's rules. stuart: and organizations related by soros related groups, what about that? >> my column in the washington times is about this. the left gets the band back together for 2016. this is the same olinski crew that's been roiling america and the west now for decades. this is the same occupy wall street group that we saw in 2012. they have success as far as
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romney-- >> they're not haters, according to them. >> i would take issue with that. ashley: thousands of arrest and they've been training for this. >> and it's not about donald trump, this is not about. ashley: democracy and-- >> this is not about donald trump, this is the same revolution led from the 1960's, against the wto and then in 2012. they're getting the band back together and regardless who the g.o.p. nominee is in-- >> i like that expression, getting the band back. stay there, monica. let's get to your money, shall we? five minutes into the show,let's talk finance. a little later on this morning, litter i 24 1/2 minutes. the dow will open slightly lower. we're only one rally away for the dow being in positive territory for this year. where are the bears? they surfaced in january and hibernating now. oil, pretty close to $40 a
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barrel. 39.26, but the big move thus far is the price of gold up 38. ashley: it's remarkable, why? because the fed decided know the to raise rates and therefore, that's pushing the dollar lower across the board, the dollar falling against all the major currencies, and dollar denominated oil, that's the reason why oil is going up and also, it's riskier money now into gold. it's up $38. all of the commodity sector is up. money going in there because the fed will keep the cheap money going for a little while longer. >> another development in the hillary e-mail scandal. >> fox news reports that less than a month after becoming secretary of state, hillary clinton's team tried to change existing security protocols so she could use her personal blackberry in secure facilities for classified information. mr. ambassador, is this okay, security-wise, to try to change those protocols? >> absolutely not. i've been through this all the years i have a been at the state department and in fact, i
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am afraid that the e-mail controversy is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to secretary clinton's security violations. foreign intelligence services can take the phone in your pocket, can take a laptop or an ipad that has a microphone in it. they can get into your unit, they can turn that microinto a transmitting to them. stuart: they can? >> they can listen to every conversation you have. so, that's why when you go into a secure facility, i take your phone out of your pocket and put it in a metal box, so if somebody does have control, they can't listen to what's said. the extraordinarily sensitive things being said inside the classified facility. but honestly with the secretary of state, it goes well beyond that, if the phone in her pocket book is transmitting everything she says, this is a gold mine for an adversary foreign policy. the e-mails may simply be the tip of the iceberg. she want today change the protocol so she could have
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secret information on her blackberry or smartphone she could take into the state department. >> anything on an unsecured device, phone, laptop, whatever it is is subject to being hacked, that's why her argument that the e-mails she's turned over now being classified are being classified retroactively is wrong. it was classified from the beginning, simply not marked in her computer because if you had marked it secret you would have been confessing to guilt right there since you cannot put classified information in a nonclassified channel. stuart: okay. happening thick and fast, i'm glad you're here, mr. ambassador. i want to stay on hillary and look at donald trump's new campaign ad that attacks her directly. roll tape. ♪ [barking] .
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[laughter] >> i did laugh, i'm sorry, but i did laugh. ashley, didn't mr. putin have something to say? >> yes, he wasn't laughing in reality. but russia saying they're not happy being demonized. i think thatted bromance between obama and putin is saying that-- >> it's a brutally effective ad and by the way, this is just the beginning, because the point we were making earlier. donald trump is a street fighter, he's a competitor and wants to win. he's not john mccain, not bob dole, not mitt romney. he's not going to take his foot off the gas. he's gone after the clintons in personal ways before, bill's women and so on, and that's why they feel him. >> i thought the best part of the ad was vladimir putin
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laughing because that shows exactly what he thinks of hillary clinton it's what he thinks of barack obama, why we need somebody who will pursue policies internationally. stuart: he needs somebody to go after. that was funny. this was dramatic prison escape in quebec, canada. the helicopter is over the prison guard and the two are scrambling in the chopper above and danger to are a while, not sure what's going on there and then move off screen. the chopper took them to a waiting car. they escaped. however, eventually, they were caught. we're using this because the video is pretty good. how often do you see an escape from a prison good video. >> like a movie. stuart: well, you do on this show. the senate refusing to consider president obama's supreme court nominee, a former clerk, a
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north korea sentencing an american tourist to 15 years hard labor. he tried to take a souvenir from a hotel in pyong yang. ambassador bolten, i remember when an american taken captive anywhere was big news. 15 years hard labor? >> this is not a judicial process, it's a show trial from start to finish. the kid did a silly thing, should have been given a slap on the wrist and released. north korea know they were
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removed from the list of state sponsor terrorism by the bush administration and they know the obama administration wouldn't do a thing about it and they have a bargaining chip against us as we grow increasingly concerned about the nuclear and ballistic missile programs. this is absolutely cold-blooded terrorism on their part and they know they can get away with it, that's what you get after seven years of behavior by us. stuart: thank you, mr. ambassador. they think they're in the clear. >> they're right, too. stuart: next case, the senate will not consider president obama's nominee to the supreme court. listen to mitch mcconnell. >> we're following the biden rule, when joe biden was chairman of the senate judiciary committee back in 1992, he pointed out that no supreme court vacancy created during a presidential election year should be filled. the next president will be making the choice. the people will decide who should be the appointing authority. so, no, he will not be
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considered by the senate. stuart: regardless of whether he's considered by the senate or not, our next guest clerked for mary garland. now, nyu professor of law, erin murphy is here, professor, i should say, welcome to the program. >> thank you very much. stuart: you say that judge garland is everything that a judge should be. may i draw your attention to today's wall street journal, two articles. an editorial says that judge garland's tenure is reliable, he's been reliable for progressive causes, and the ceo of independent small business organizations says judge garland is a friend of big labor and regulators, not small business. it appears that he's got a bias on one side of the fence. did you see that? >> absolutely not. i don't think he has any kind of bias of that kind. you know, he really embodies everything we want in a judge. he's fair and balanced, he's not an ideolog. the president could have appointed somebody like that.
9:17 am
and when you heard orin hatch say he's the concensus candidate, he's a judge's judge, looks to the legal precedence and decides cases on the law and the presentation before him. stuart: the n.r.a., the national rifle association, those wicked people, they're going to come out with a big campaign to say, no, don't appoint this judge. don't put him on the supreme court. they say that he is anti-gun. is he? >> you know, i think you can look on both sides at the extreme rhetoric and the left will say. look at the firearm cases where he's upheld convictions and you know, look at this on the left look at these cases. the thing is at that both sides will make statements, but when you look at the body of records, you'll find a judge who faithfully applies the supreme court perspective. >> you say appoint this guy, put him on the bench. have the hearings and put him on the bench. >> absolutely. stuart: would you say the same thing about justice scalia.
9:18 am
>> i would say if a republican was in power and appointed justice scalia-- >> and you say the president in power and that person's politics which dictates should be on the supreme court? this is a political question, isn't it? >> that's the great thing about judge garland as a nominee, he really isn't a kind of political choice. he is a choice for someone who believes in democracy and the structure of law and the system of government that we have. i think we see that in his judging and in his philosophy of judging and see that in the cases he decides. stuart: well, professor, we disagree. >> respectfully. >> another quality of judge garland. stuart: professor murphy, you're wearing the green. i was born and raised in english, i'm wearing the green, we can agree to smile on this. >> fair enough. i hope you get the luck of the irish. stuart: you're all right. thanks, professor, we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: europe's migrant crisicrisis now, it's growing worse daily.
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152,000 migrants arrived in greece and italy by sea just this year, march 17th. that's ten times the daily number compared to last year. that region is in chaos and we've got more on that coming up. donald trump named by the magazine, the economist, as one of the top ten global risks, listing him alongside jihadis. no wonder i canceled my subscription. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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>> european migrant crisis, listen to this: 150,000, actually 152,000 migrants crossed into italy and greece by sea just this year. 2000 migrants a day, ten times the number of last year. ambassador bolten, i mean, i don't know where this ends. can you give me an end game for this? >> no, i don't think there is one as long as it looks like the door is open to europe, people are making decisions. these are not just people coming out of syrian refugee camps, these are people as far away from afghanistan, from in europe, albania and kosovo moving. and coming to summer, the sailing season mediterranean from africa, from libya, tunisia, and descending into anarchy, going into italy and spain and other places in europe. i think these official numbers
9:24 am
understate the nature of the problems. stuart: the brits are going to say, we've got a referendum, do we stay in the european union? it might impact the votes. >> i think the polls show a close vote on british export. they may be missing the tides we see growing, but it will be an impact across european continent and you can see it in recent german state elections. stuart: i don't see how it ends. that's what i have a problem for it. they don't have a plan for it, don't know how to handle it. nothing gets done. >> that's the european union. i think the effect is going to be as people come in, that they're going to be changing the face of europe. there's no doubt about it and if that's what the european really wanted then it's open to them. ashley: that's a live picture. >> this is not a conscious decision, this is chancellor merkel's decision to prop it and others are powerless to stop it. stuart: europe is split,
9:25 am
culturally it's divided. ashley: borders were going up that were never supposed to be there. stuart: the pictures there, there's a million migrants actually in greece, i believe, and you're seeing live pictures right there. >> they're overwhelming countries on the path to germany which mrs. merkel opened and i think that's going to cause further resentment inside the eu adding to their existing problem. stuart: we have reports that italian troops are moving to a border, not their border, some other border. what a story. all right, mr. ambassador, thank you very much indeed. check the futures again, we should because we're going to open just a tad higher. okay? maybe that's the result of janet yellen yesterday. we're pretty close to being positive for the dow for the year. you'll watch it in a moment and later this hour, one of the stars of the passion live, a music cal interpretation of one of the bible's most passionate story, it's on tape-- no, it's not on tape, but it is on fox.
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.. i appreciate you coming by.
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absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> they want him because they think he is easily beatable. that is incorrect. the clinton campaign is extremely wrote because donald trump as the streets that are unlikely to avert encountered. he gets in the gutter with them. there's a bigger street fighters
9:30 am
than the clintons. they are extremely worried because he doesn't play by gentlemen's rules. stuart: monica crowley spelling it out at the top of the hour. we do start sharp at 9:00 a.m. eastern every week they could get near the bell ringing. we are going to start trading in a couple of seconds. we strangely enough are going to open slightly higher. future is earlier said we would be down. we will be ever so slightly lower. just wait a couple seconds the ability to the bottom of this. let me introduce everybody. they're that the name david greenspan a nice bath yesterday. guess we did. we will be a tiny fraction when we actually get moving this morning. is that all about janet yellen thing yesterday reading between the lines to rate hikes this year not four. is that what this is all about?
9:31 am
>> they talked about being data dependent and they looked at the data and therefore it has to reflect the turmoil in the softer energy market. true into larry levin, i notice she was paid close attention to foreign markets and foreign central banks yesterday. >> this is definitely going from a possible site help in the markets go up for a long time. ben bernanke did it the longest time and now janet yellen is doing it. they've got my room on the upside as far as i can turn. stuart: we are down a little bit at the moment. i want to bring you into the sad thing yesterday. am i reading that correctly? to rate hikes this year? >> possibly turning to 1% by the end of the year. worries about global issues. the thing as we set up a doom
9:32 am
and gloom, worst of the year after. we retrace 5 million of the 9 million losses. taken a pretty good. >> it is lower and not us but in the whole dow industrial down. right now we have about three points. caterpillar is not a big loss. that was wrong. sure into he was down about 72 or later. sherman the price of oil because we are very close to $40 a barrel. upon thames insisting that. 39.34. what is with oil, larry? >> is certainly one to keep going. certainly in the 20s is really out of the question for right now. another thing to keep in mind is getting closer rollover. the april contract authority trading above $40.
9:33 am
very soon you'll see us us at the $40 against next month is trading above $40 spirit stuart: we shall do goal because it has a big game today. after about $40 an ounce. what is the story? >> the fed rate hikes, lose the money, better for oil and gold because the dollar has gone down, which is friendly and the commodity fact year. gold, silver, platinum, and all doing very well today. golden particular. the markets were so turbulent. it was kind of like a safe haven. since the markets have stabilized, the money hasn't come out. stuart: ceos generally less oldish. this is a survey of the economist beard ashley: service by the business roundtable. they are saying look, the u.s. economy not gray. let me get this quickly from
9:34 am
doug ober held in the ceo of caterpillar. the american economy continues to perform. when a stronger, more robust economic wrote and better prospects for higher employment. we are not in the recession, but it's a very slow moving economy. stuart: i'll show you how week away. how do you do things in america? prosperity, please. now i want to talk about chipotle. a disaster story with the e. coli thing. today was not news that they are going to give away millions of free paris does to get you back in the restaurants. liz: if they tried this before and realized customers are coming back. spooked by internal data that shows 10% of its customers would never come back. the stigma of the foodborne illness still rocking the stock lost a third of its value since august of last year. they still have not figured out what food product was the source of the contaminant for e. coli
9:35 am
enterovirus. true to that chart didn't tell the story. she fully one stage was about 704. now it is just under $500 a share. it dropped. higher profits at fedex and higher profits over the holidays. is that some kind of economic indicator? >> in addition to that, their outcast is up 7% and late in the s&p 500 stocks its number one in the s&p 500. better than expected forecasts. they will be charging some of the retailers with a lot of effort to get all their goods to the customers and increasing fees on some of the big shipment such as kayak. stuart: i like the way messiah tran you say it. stuart: be careful, nicole. you are on tape.
9:36 am
we watch it every day. start with apple. flat pretty much where the year. it was done in the mid-90s now. 105. that is apple. facebook up 7% this year up again this morning 112. netflix down 13% thus far this year. netflix this morning is out the day. it is up $1.65. amazon is down 15% this year. i think i know why. apple is using google for its cloud computing directly with amazon. amazon loses money nightmares. >> absolutely. two of the biggest tech companies teaming up with apple and google joining forces. that's not good for the amazon cloud business. where is the dividend promise to
9:37 am
her? see world have announced an end to captive orca whale breeding. what's wrong with breeding orchids in captivity? liz: the criticism was they were cruelly small tanks they were breeding and holding his orca's captive in. animal rights activists basically said this is wrong. black this wrong. black fish documentary expose a lot of problems of the world. now they are ending the breeding program in ending the theater shows as well. this is an in a historic change happening in the world. the market value has lost half of it over the past two years that exposé appeared stuart: now they are trying to get in line with the animal rights folk than the stock is up a tiny fraction. liz: that could put a floor to the stock. stuart: his first official note
9:38 am
tying sneakers. i bet you need them. the one that is in fact to the future. not really getting a clear picture of self tying. it is not a mechanism that ties it. trim or it is a button. it's battery operated and the laces loosen or tighten. ashley: when the heel goes into the shoe, not debates. ashley: and you press a button to get it to tighten. that's when they are coming out. sure into more big names that you now. we've got news on them. first of all, as the desk of a lower profits. a turnaround program not doing that well. williams-sonoma, there is a story down 6%. disappointing sales apparently. peabody energy was down 40%. there were maybe talking about bankruptcy protection in chapter 11. they've rebounded a fraction of
9:39 am
a percent. 237 on that stock is a peabody energy. that's the biggest corporate user in america. the forecasting of the economist magazine puts a trump presidency on par with jihadist terrorism in terms of global risk. for 35 years, i have a subscription to the economist. i canceled it in 2012 when they supported barack obama for a second term. ashley: feel good about it now, don't you? liz: stunningly and tentatively foolish for them to come out and say that. where is the covers on their war on women from the islamic jihad is overseas and where is the democratic party on that issue? you hear first lady laura bush talking about it. where is the economist on that issue? stuart: the exact same as islamic terrorists.
9:40 am
>> for my stock respect that i like the fact they would better know who our candidates are going to be. i think that takes one risk of the table. obviously would need to know more about what the policies are going to be or not be. ashley: the survey says but don't worry too much with the article says because they do not believe donald trump could ever beat hillary clinton. turning to want to bring larry levin back in. you are a commodity guy. do you have anything to say about trump doesn't equal jihadist? >> the economist is the mass national enquirer. they sell it in the grocery stores. that is ridiculous. it's just a way to sell magazines. i'm not surprised he canceled. a lot of people should cancel now. stuart: universal agreement. one final check of the big word down eight points. that much of the 17,000 index. we are pretty close to breaking
9:41 am
even for the year of the doubt. donald trump. i say is passed to the nomination is looking about her clear. it runs through the delegate rich new york and california primaries which are coming up. he's on track to winning the delegates. meanwhile, the anti-trump crusade marches on. groups such as move planning huge protests. plus the chaos. more "varney" in a moment.
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stuart: a small loss from the get-go on the big board. down 20 points. much higher profits at fedex
9:45 am
taking off 7%. that's a very big game. free burritos coming from chipotle. not helping the stock much. down another nine bucks at 491. two politics. donald trump has a path to the republican nomination and it leads to the delegate rich new york, new jersey and california primaries. steve hayes for the weekly standard. i've been looking at it, he has a pretty clear path to getting the 1200 delegates especially if you throw in california, new york 95, new jersey 51. that's a pretty insurmountable clear path to the nomination. the >> of you believe donald trump will get all 172 delegates, certainly. if that happened, he is far and away my likely to be republican nominee to be denied. i don't necessarily believe that's going to happen. california primaries have been a fairly everyday primary state
9:46 am
going back a number of years. i'm not commit its going to happen. there is a strong possibility of short at 1237. i guess i put myself somewhere in between. i think it's got a pass. it's a pretty good path, and that it's not the case is going to get done. stuart: when you make all of this chaos at the convention if it doesn't arrive 1237 delegates? >> drum's comments yesterday were unfortunate. some people have read them as threats. that may be a little strong. he's been in violence in the past talking about illegal faith that people who punch out protesters. it's unfortunate to raise the possibility. having said all that, i do think this talk of bringing in a candidate who's never been a part of this presidential
9:47 am
campaign, whose not parachuting in someone like paul ryan, it doesn't make a lot of sense. it seems to me pretty clear but we've seen from voters this time, the candidate should be one of two people, donald trump or ted cruz. some of the other candidates in a brokered convention that goes to the 10th delegate for the 10th ballot may be able to make the case that they can come in and bring the party together. the idea of bringing in somebody totally outside. >> you explain to me, maybe it's my imagination i haven't seen that much about ted cruz. i see all kinds of coverage of kasich and a clear path to victory, et cetera, et cetera. cruz has not been getting that much ink and i don't know why. >> i do think it is not you. you're right about that. it has been true back to the very beginning of the process of cruz went silent and the
9:48 am
story -- -- understandably pistorius marco rubio does much better than people expected him to do in iowa so he is seen as searching. he went silent, so he gets a lot of attention. the guy actually won iowa didn't get that much attention about it. we have seen is pretty consistently. the cruz campaign is happy to have sort of a slow and steady whoever wins the race approach to this. they've done their homework, have a good ground game. they are getting the delegate like none of the other campaigns. they have a six person team working right now i'm making sure delegates to go to cleveland back ted cruz, stay faithful to ted cruz and continue to back them or switch to ted cruz on subsequent browser they get to that point. stuart: wishful thinking ranks internal. it really does. i know where you're coming from. >> i am an optimist. you have to be. stuart: jack, and i'm an
9:49 am
american. thank you for joining us. we appreciate you being with us as always. one politics. let's live in chaos and civil disobedience on a mass scale to protest donald trump. give me more. ashley: they intend to march across the east coast to spark a fire that transforms the political ally of -- political client including george soros funded groups like move the democratic socialists of america. they say watch out. they are expecting their members to be arrested. they are ready to go. let's save our democracy, but only the democracy of which you agree with. stuart: sarcasm is a fine form. now imagine this. 1000 people marching in the streets of new orleans carrying a giant cross. that is going to happen on palm sunday. it is five candidates on fox. a live musical production of one of the most powerful stories.
9:50 am
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9:54 am
stuart: palace from the passion. fox's live musical airs this sunday which of course is palm sunday. come on in. michael w. smith, award-winning finger who is playing a disciple in the five extravaganza. you are a committed christian i believe. >> yes, i am. stuart: what part do you play? >> i play a disciple of jesus and out musically as well. pretty incredible how this whole thing went with the whole concept. this is very nice -- very much current as jesus came back in 2016 and recounting the last days of his life.
9:55 am
stuart: what gets me is the idea of the spectacle. i think you've got a thousand people walking down the street in new orleans carrying the cross and its allies into some thought. that is an extraordinary spectacle. what else have you got for us? >> from the superdome through the french quarter. most of all is his life for new orleans. i think it is somewhat strategic and parallel in the city that pretty much died during katrina and came back to life. tyler perry who is married and is from there as well. it was an incredible time. three parts and sunrise and you've got interviews and people carrying the cross through the french quarter in new orleans and then there is this movie part which he sees some footage of jesus and his disciples that was filmed on the river walk on the french quarter in a coffee bar. hanging out with his band of brothers.
9:56 am
it is extraordinary my time on the set was somewhat life-changing. it really was very, very special. stuart: why do you say was life-changing for you? >> because i think i saw as we were in character, i think it all happened to me when we were at this fountain and the man who plays jesus was doing the last supper. this one moment -- he would always say don't forget we're a band of brothers. we've been together for three and a half years. i think i just saw the humanity of who jesus was. during the scene he put his hand around my neck and he looked at annie's got the kindest eyes. whatever, i just felt like this flashback like i was a disciple 2000 years ago and that was jesus. i just started to leak. i couldn't stop crying. it just became very, very real to me. i've been a christ follower for a long time. this was on another level for
9:57 am
me. this guy really loved these guys in a loved the world. stuart: michael w. smith, thank you for joining us. we really appreciated and will be watching the last celebration on palm sunday, this sunday. thank you. appreciate it. stuart: check the big boy bed flat. down two points. 73.23. almonds are now, senator harry reid, the man who lied about mitt romney taxes on the senate floor. he's going to launch an all-out attack on donald trump may not his plan on how progressives should respond to the republicans planned to pay. second hour of "varney & company" is on its way.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> moments from now, senator harry reid will take to that podium and launch an all-out attack on donald trump. he's going to layout his
10:00 am
response to what he calls the republican platform of hate. we'll have some commentary on what he has to say. let's bring in lisa boone, this will be an allout attack on donald trump, basically calling him a hate monger. what do you make of this? >> it sure is. this is what we see from democrats all the time. what they did the whole war on woman's play book and these are the tactics that democrats use. we know that the democrat and the committee is launching something called the party of trump. what they're looking at is a map inarguably tough for republicans, republicans are defending 24 seats to democrats ten. several of the seats obamacare i had in 2008 and 2012 and all the democrats need is to pick up four seats, five if democrats win the white house, so republicans are facing a tough one. what is going to happen, they're going to send out press releases and say does x senator
10:01 am
agree with donald trump on this issue. and what's going to happen, the they'll have the media, and go to the senator and ask them about every thing that donald trump says and doing, if he ends up being the nominee. stuart: we may or may not like what harry reid has to say, but i would say he has been a very effective politician and strategy which you've just outlined would appear to me to have a large chance of success. >> it could potentially because here is the thing, we knew that donald trump-- donald trump is like teflon. he is this political entity that nobody can understand and you know, nothing he says sticks to him. he just-- he is a shrewd -- actually a shrewd politician even though he's not a politician. he's someone who is a master showman when it comes to the media, but not every candidate is like that. and so the problem is, some of the things he says might stick to some of these senators and
10:02 am
so, their best to keep it local, focus on their state, focus on the issues that are relevant to their state and try to carry through. when your he a -- you're looking at is state like wisconsin, essentially a blue state in a presidential year, senator johnson could make the path to getting reelected difficult. stuart: on a national level, local you're talking about, on a national league, there may be some negative reaction to senator reid and not popular with someone center right, and maybe something against him. >> i think that democrats overplay their hands. koch brothers would say the national polls say many people don't know who they are. and they're job creators. donald trump is known as an entity and a lot of voters know who he is. and donald trump has been able
10:03 am
to turn out, you know, democrats, turn out voters to have previously not voted in elections. we don't know if that's going to carry down the ticket. if someone is voting for donald trump who has previously been a democrat or voted in previous elections, we don't know if they'll vote for republicans down ticket as some voters do. that's the big question mark, if donald trump wins the nomination, how that carries down the ticket for many of these races, with a difficult electoral map for republicans. stuart: thank you, we're still waiting for senator reid and exactly what he has to say about donald trump. you'll know when we know. i'll move to another attack by trump. i think it's from the forecasting of the economist, a british-based magazine. they put a trump presidency on a par with jihadi terrorism in terms of global risk and threats to the globe. ashley. >> believe it or not says donald trump, if becomes
10:04 am
president could have a dangerous impact on the global economy free trade, a the one point would like to move troops into syria to remove isis and takes its oil. all of that makes donald trump a threat to the stabilization of the economy, they say, they rank one to 25, 25 being the worst and he ranks with a rating of 12, which is the same rating as islamic terrorists. stuart: this is the establishment on a global level, all ganging up to say, we don't want trump, we can't handle trump i think they're worried about him liz: they are, and less risky, than the collapse of the entire euro zone, i say take this with a grain of salt. stuart: a little less risky
10:05 am
than the collapse of the euro zone. ashley: they say he couldn't beat hillary clinton on the ticket. they say we're not that worried because he can't beat hillary clinton. stuart: despite all of these attacks, donald trump, in my opinion has a clear waft to victory. and george w. bush, now i know you. you've not been on this policeman often and now i know you. all right. here is my opinion. i think that trump has a pretty clear path to the nomination and it runs through the primaries in new jersey, new york, and california. come up on april 9th and june the 7th. that's a pretty clear path to victory and getting the delegates. >> if you read the best book in the world second to the bible,
10:06 am
"the art of the deal", one of the important parts of the book is closing the deal. he has net to do it, i agree with you, he's certainly on a path to do that. the question is, can he close the deal before the convention? and that's a real open question. stuart: but it's a much more up-hill struggle with ted cruz. >> it is. stuart: and certainly john kasich. >> no doubt about it, but if trump wants to stay true to his own principles, then he's got to close the deal. he can't be talking about the fact that he's ahead now and everybody should get out of the race. they're not going to get out of the race. it's up to him to close the deal by winning these states. stuart: i think you're branded as an establishment guy. you may reject that label. i'm thinking of you as an establishment guy. why don't you turn around and back trump. not back him, but engage him. have some influence on him. tell him to tone it down and be
10:07 am
more presidential, don't create a trade war. if you weren't with him, as opposed to demonizing the guy, maybe you'd have influence. >> i don't demonize him. what i do do, i speak-- i have a lot of friends on his campaign and i certainly converse with all sorts of people. i'm an establishment guy, i'm a traditionalist in the party. that doesn't mean i'm anti-trump. i'm going to support the nominee and i've come to the conclusion, it's much better to support a donald trump than to lose to hillary clinton or bernie sanders or somebody else if hillary has to lose the race. i think you make an excellent point, we should be burning bridges within the republican party, we should try and come together as one party to defeat a democrat in november. stuart: brad, you just slipped something in there, in case hillary has to leave the race. >> yes. stuart: if she is indicted or if the fbi recommends indictment regardless whether it's taken up by the justice department, you say that's cause for her to leave the
10:08 am
race? >> absolutely. there's no way she would be able to continue, if in fact she's indicted. look, the justice department is going to take on a life of its own if that happens. the process will prevent her. she will not have the time, the effort and i believe she's not going to have the support. we're seeing it now, stuart. you have to be liked and trusted before you ever get to policy. she has a deficit within her own party in those areas and that would magnify if she were indicted. stuart: don't be such a stranger to the show. >> i love being on your show. stuart: you do? careful, you'll be back. [laughter] >> thank you for joining us, brad. >> thank you. stuart: we're following a developing story that broke earlier this morning. john kerry, secretary of state, officially acknowledging that isis is committing genocide in iraq and syrian, against christians and yeazidis and
10:09 am
shiites. >> and i think against christians and other sects is correct. it's stunning to say that half of islam is now the victim of an attempted isis genocide. stuart: ashley, you have more on this. ashley: first time that the united states has actually declared a genocide, by the way, since darfur back in 2004. it's been 12 years. there's been increasing calls for this. certainly, you remember after the mass slaughter, the yeah yazidis trapped on the mountain and the women-- this is a major step. stuart: why did they have to include shiite muslims, genocide, surely. this is pure politics. president obama refuses to inject religion into this, and can't say that christians are being slaughtered. >> isis is slaughtering people of all favorites, many favorites. what this triggers is international criminal actions, be arrested and put before
10:10 am
court trials, it's an international crime now. stuart: i wonder why they have to bring in shiite muslims to balance out the yazidis and the christians? >> it's a good question. stuart: steer clear of that one. we're up 25 points thus far. see on the bottom of your screen, senator reid has begun to speak and he's going to come out and blast donald trump. we're listening carefully to what he said. we'll drop into it when he says something really dramatic. you'll hear it. the price of oil, got to look at that. we're now at 39.40. right around the $40 per barrel mark. that's a benchmark indeed. here is another big mover today. that's the price of gold. it's up $37 an ounce. and right now, we're at 1267. ashley: with the fed saying we're not going to raise rates four times this year, and gold
10:11 am
18%, and other precious metals dragged higher today as well. stuart: we're going to listen to senator reid who is calling republican politics, trump in particular, an embarrassment. watch this. >> this is exactly the kind of mindless behavior that's hollowed out our political debate and allowed conditions for trump to rise. republican leaders created the drought conditions. donald trump has simply struck the match. republicans began charting the path of donald trump eight years ago and recall where our nation stood at the end of 2008. president bush was on his way out of office after a failed presidency that left the nation teetering on the brink of disaster. president obama came into office with a broad mandate promising pragmatic bipartisan solutions that the nation needed. republicans were looking to their leaders, bringing them together, sadly republican
10:12 am
leaders chose the opposite path. instead of focusing on common sense solutions americans with the great recession, republican leaders chose obstruction, and president obama's first inauguration, a group of republicans, senators, strategists met at a nearby restaurant to plot the new administration. those were on a two-fold mission, first, republicans do everything in their power to keep president obama from being reelected. second, they would prevent president obama from reaching any of his policies. and manifested in one big lie that they repeated different ways, over and over and over again. this is the line. the economic hardships americans face could not be targeted by policy solutions if those solutions were proposed by obama.
10:13 am
again and again republican leaders told americans that simply because it came from president obama. we've seen this big lie-- >> what you're watching is senator harry reid, who is launching an allout attack on republicans and in particular donald trump. he'd just begun his presentation and begun by saying it is republicans who set the stage for donald trump and all what senator reid calls the hatred that followed. he says that the republicans have repeated a lie and the lie being that economic hardship could not be resolved by any policy from president obama. some people would take the exact opposite point of view. some people would suggest that maybe president obama has set the stage for donald trump. that would be another opinion from what senator reid is saying right now, but the venom is definitely flying. any comment? liz: harry reid has been in
10:14 am
office since ronald reagan has been in office. trump talking to the worker w who-- the anti-fracking jobs that they don't like. it's not that the republicans can't like the policies simply because they came from obama. no, they're from obama and hard left policies that almost put the economy into insolvency. ashley: it sounds like he's playing the blame game for weak and tepid economy, saying it's not us, it's the republicans. stuart: we can debate that. you've heard a little from senator reid and you'll hear more later on. the dow is off 24 points. a lot going on today. hey dad.
10:15 am
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10:17 am
>> we have had reports of large numbers of democrats in states like pennsylvania or in florida switching parties so that they could vote for donald
10:18 am
trump in their primaries. joining us now is congressman, a dem-- sorry, he's a republican from ohio. i'm sorry about that, congressman, a slip of the tongue, sorry about that. now, how many democrats switched parties in ohio and maybe because of the war on coal? >> well, stuart, i would believe many did. in listening to people in my district, many democrats switched over, many people are frustrated with what's going on down here in washington and there was a big turnout of-- much more turnout than expected democrats moving over to republican to vote for trump. stuart: i believe the amount of democrats were literally cut in half, 1.2 million turned out in this primary, 2.4 million in 2008. that's a shockingly low turnout for the democrats. look, you're a republican, you want to comment on that? >> well, absolutely. even in my district, i noticed a lower turnout in democrats.
10:19 am
a much higher-- we have over 100% more republicans voting in my district than in the last presidential election, so, it shows the turnout was definitely very big for the republicans and definitely more smaller for the democrats. stuart: are you, sir, a trump supporter? >> at this point i'm the supporter-- i believe in the process, i believe the process has to work its way and the people are frustrated. if the people are supporting trump, i'll be supporting trump as the nominee. stuart: is there one single issue in ohio that pushed people towards trump and away from the democrats? >> well, i think it's jobs. i think it's jobs on the economy and gets back to what clinton said when he was running, it's the economy, stupid. and that's really what people are fed up with, their wages, not being able to make-- even the affordable care act has driven them they can't make their deductibles, can't pay their premiums and they're upset in ohio and they want to see changes.
10:20 am
stuart: okay, republican from ohio, thank you, joining us, sir. >> thank you. stuart: the push for renewable energy, while democrats are waging a war on coal in coal country, i should say. adam shapiro is with us, and he says or you are reporting that this war on coal may not be necessary. >> yeah, the market has been moving away from coal for years, coal will be a part of the electric story for several more decades. no one will dispute that. for two years in a row, the amount of carbon dioxide, everybody is worried about because of greenhouse gases, for two years they have been flat. the global economy grew, despite the slowdown. the united states grew though tepidly. we're growing and our emissions are flat. and 90% came from renewables. that's not natural gas, that's renewable. wind mills think about the uj hoo giant wind generating
10:21 am
devices that create electricity. i was in spain two years ago and down the ana lucia, the region in spain, autonomous, that's 90% of all new electricity generated according to the iea. does that mean that fossil fuels, coal and goes are going away quickly, no, but they're pushed away by the market. stuart: 90% of new electricity on the market is renewables. >> the key is here, hillary clinton is saying we're putting coal and coal miners out of work and then the largest mining company, bankruptcy. the government is speeding up the transition which is happening through the free market, but they're speeding it up. stuart: adam, thank you very much indeed, sirment looks like donald trump, this is my view, my opinion, i think he's got a pretty clear path to victory and runs through the delegate rich states of california and new york. a california congressman who is
10:22 am
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10:25 am
call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> look closely at the delegate count and you can see that donald trump has a pretty clear path to get all the delegates he needs because that path leads right through delegate super-rich california. look at the headline in the l.a. times. california's june primary just became critical -- i should say crucial in the race for the white house. joining us from california one of the first congressmen to endorse donald trump, congressman duncan hunter. welcome to the program. >> stuart, thanks for having me. stuart: june is the california primary. do you think that donald trump will win that primary in california?
10:26 am
>> i think so, by the way, stuart, i'm the people's representative, i was in the marine corps, got into congress and i'm not doing any delegate math whatsoever right now, so i don't know about what he needs to win. i think he'll win, california, yeah, i think he'll have a lot of working class people there whose jobs are in idaho, nevada, arizona. they've all gone. people left california because california is on the lead being edge of stupid when it comes to business. i didn't quite congress you to say that congressman from california. >> well, they are. stuart: on this program we've kind of given up hope on california. i don't expect in my lifetime ever to see a state-wide vote in california for a republican. do you think things will change with donald trump? >> no, things will change in the way that he can get people motivated and get people to vote who would never otherwise, they wouldn't vote for me, wouldn't vote for anybody with
10:27 am
an r next to their name, but they'll vote for him. yeah, i think so. who knows, it's still a liberal state. put it this way, you have 53 congressmen in california, 13 republicans out of 53. california hates business, california hates productivity. california hates ingenuity and inanother evaluation and they want you to move to arizona, that's their plan, i'm not sure how it works because they want to tax somebody, right? so that they're going to run out of people to tax is the problem with california. stuart: this is my idea again, but i would say the best hope of bringing people into the republican fold in california is probably donald trump, what do you think. >> yeah, true. yes, but we had arnold schwarzenegger, right? so arnold schwarzenegger was a republican on thursdays, on the third week of the month, every other month and that was it. he was a celebrity governor of california. so hopefully trump is more substantive than that, but i think that he has the same appeal that arnold schwarzenegger had. stuart: but it's really nice to see california having the chance to play a role in the
10:28 am
presidential selection process and i think you've got a role. congressman hunter, thanks for joining us, sir, we appreciate it. >> thanks, sir. stuart: how about this? a former green beret climbs to the top of mount kill man -- kilamanjaro. and i'll tell you, whether president obama's nominee will get a supreme court -- hearing. >> the senate judiciary committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the nomination until ever-- until after the political campaign season is over.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
speak. that was a little clip from five or six minutes ago. come on in, republican from wyoming. i believe that senator reed is launching this attack. local raises for the senate around the country. that is where hugh believes that the republicans are vulnerable. >> harry reid has been carrying for barack obama's water in the senate for the last seven years. we have more debt in the healthcare law where one out of four americans say they feel seriously hurt by the healthcare law. that is why republicans are doing so well. that is why harry reid, under his leadership, lost the senate. we have picked up 97 seats. the failure in leadership.
10:34 am
>> okay. do you think that he is being a little extreme? this is an all out attack. the republicans that laid the groundwork. that sounds like a pretty sharp edge to me. >> well, i think that harry reid's responsibility for where we are as a country is significant. that is why the republicans will win the white house. coming to the excitement. the republican side. the enthusiasm is on our side. it will be a very strong nominee. i am supporting the ticket. the majority says, no, not going to consider him.
10:35 am
holding firm on that. judge garland. >> absolutely. it is about the principle, not the person. you played the joker. there should be no hearings. there should be no vote. said that when president bush was in office. joe biden saying nothing. the announcement of president obama's source. the american people, did the american people have a voice in this? the president was real like did in 2012. a pickup of nine and 2014. let the people decide. whoever wins the election in 2016. i believe it will be a republican. whoever wins the election, that person should be the nomination. the justice was there for 30
10:36 am
years. i do not think that a lame-duck president should be making a lifetime appointment. this is what it is all about. this is a key point. >> welcome back today. i am going to switch years. the last time former green beret and nfl hopeful was on this program. roll it. >> the highest mountain in africa. are you going to do that? >> i am going to do it. i am going with a marine buddy of mine. we are climbing kilimanjaro. we are leaving the day after the super bowl, actually. we are raising money in tanzania. stuart: he is back in two tears on the show and he is going to tell us about it. >> good to see you.
10:37 am
stuart: i climbed kilimanjaro on easter sunday 1967. that was a long time ago. back in my day, it took me three and a half days from the baseline to the summit. how about you? >> and then how long back down? stuart: i am guessing 24-36 hours. it was a lot easier, obviously. i was 18. [laughter] >> i am about twice that. not bad, though. i did it in two days, actually. all the way up and all the way down. there are people that do it a lot faster. i just kind of put my head down and grind it it out. did everything i could to be stuart varney's time.
10:38 am
[laughter] stuart: when i did it, launched the last leg of the climb at midnight. it was all frozen. as you got closer to the summit at 19,000 feet with no oxygen, it became harder and harder. i would take three steps and rest for a minute. three steps and rest for another minute. how about you? >> i rested after the 48 hours were over. no rest on the way up. stuart: i got chronic altitude sickness. the pressure outside is so much lower than the pressure inside. everything comes out. i don't want to get draft pick with it. is that what happened to you? >> i do not know if it is considered cheating, but i did take something called diamox. i do not know if they they had that back in your day. it helps oxygenate the blood and
10:39 am
whatnot. maybe that is one of the main reasons that help me. that's part of it was getting down to the bottom and dedicate those clean water wells and see the people that it helped. that is what meant the most. stuart: you have to help him to the top? >> yes. he is a single leg amputee above the knee. he just got his leg a month before we left. he got sick the day before we were supposed to climb. he did not make it to the top. we are to have a plan to go again next year. stuart: i think that that is a terrific name that you did. you are the guy, the long snapper. that is you, isn't it? >> yes. i am the long snapper. [laughter] stuart: are you trying to get back into the nfl?
10:40 am
>> i absolutely am. i am still working on it. i got drafted by this newly called major league football. the season will end before the nfl training camp starts. i am not sitting by my phone staring at it or anything. stuart: you are a good man. thank you very much. we wish you the best. a long time ago. thank you, nate. a big check of the big board. up 165. we need to hit 174,252 be positive for this calendar year. market watcher dr barton is with us. he has some pics. stocks that he likes. i am starting with lazer
10:41 am
international. i know tasered as the stun gun people. what else do they do? >> they started going down, down, down. putting a lot of time, energy and money. that is paying huge dividends for them right now. the body camera is a great saying. they already have people in law enforcement world doing the stun gun. the electric gun sale that you already talked about. here is the really cool thing. go pro. they have a service. most of the revenues are going to come from long-term. their long-term contracts are 80% of what their revenue for the whole company was last year. i really like this as a longer-term play. stuart: i know that you like
10:42 am
facebook. how much more, how much higher do you think that this thing will go? >> in the short term, stuart, it is a give-and-take. i think we can get back up and test those highs. i think that this is another one of those stocks that you and i like to talk about. the stocks that you have to have in your portfolio after the long haul. if the stock that you want to nibble at on every pullback, you continue to buy. they are doing so well. they just did on the nfl thursday night, nfl streaming rights. bringing a really good demographic for them that they really have not tapped into as well with the moms and grandmas showing their pictures. >> dr, thank you very much for joining us. we will see you again soon. senator harry reid reporting all
10:43 am
morning. donald trump calling the platform of hate. we will bring you more of that in a moment. ♪
10:44 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. fifty-eight points to the upside. s&p 500 up three. the nasdaq is still in the red beard down about 10 points. nike and ibm. on the downside.
10:45 am
procter & gamble gained. an interesting story. going higher. we saw the greenback tumbling. look at our commodities. the gold miners. up 1.8%. randall's up 3.7%. the mover to the upside, sea world says that it will and it theatrical shows. it will focus on or cut exercises and work up overall health. start your day at 5:00 a.m. i will see you there. ♪
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10:47 am
stuart: senator harry reid. there he is launching an all out attack on republicans. joining us right now is the "wall street journal"'s very own dan henninger. we had a little clip of it on the program this morning. harry reid is saying that it is the republicans that set the stage. you make of that what? >> harry reid is saying about seven republicans. the seven incumbent republican
10:48 am
senators running for reelection in november. new hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio, illinois, wisconsin. trying to define those people as associated with donald trump in a totally negative way. harry reid sees it to take back the senate in november. >> i do not think he will retake the senate. targeting those republicans up for reelection in november. >> i think it is a good strategy. >> it is a pretty standard strategy. i think it reflects what will go on in the general election as well. you will have surrogate. they will be the fining the republican party as associated with a negative image of donald trump.
10:49 am
negative advertising works. that is what they did with mitt romney. mitt romney will have to start answering this attack. probably in television ads in all of those states. he will have to start spending some big money. you cannot let it get hit you the way it hit mitts romney. >> i do not like speculation. stuart: who do you think wins. >> anything could happen. at 73%. her negatives are well over 53%. no one in recent history has ran for president above. it has always been above that.
10:50 am
the question is, which one do we think will be better at that? i suspect if he puts his mind to it, donald trump will be better at it. hillary is not that politically at depths. turning around. do i just say anything? >> no. >> okay. hillary clinton's path in the white house may not be as clean cut as some democrats may like to think it is. my take on that is next. ♪ no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media?
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and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> i am peter barnes in washing and. the fight is moving west. i had of them, ted cruz's urging john kasich to drop out. off from cruz. he needs to beat donald trump and keep him from winning the nomination. next tuesday, 98 delegates.
10:55 am
showing trump leading with 36% of republicans support. there are no recent polls for utah. >> hillary clinton is now a shoe in for the white house. they say she will be sitting in the oval office this time next year for sure. debbie wasserman schultz says game on. hold on. there are some flaws in the shoo-in argument. enthusiasm program. just not showing up. the turnout in democratic primaries is down by about 25%. in ohio, the turnout was half of what it was in 2008. millennium is overwhelmingly support bernie. not all of them will switch.
10:56 am
the african-american vote is not solidly behind hillary. how about this. hillary's gap with men is much bigger than donald trump's gap with women. here is another problem. trust. 37% say she is trustworthy. 57% say that she is not. shortly, you have to trust the person that you are voting for. the fbi issues his judgment on a criminal indictment. harry reid ripped into donald trump with his very own brand of then him. beginning next month, there will be civil disobedience on a mass scale. you are in for a sustained anti-trump barrage. will that turn voters to hillary?
10:57 am
maybe. it is no sure thing. do not count to her chickens. trump has barely begun to attack. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> the republican announcement acts bewildered. the leaders are responsible for his rise. for eight years, they trained their policy by gauge meant. resentment and west asia. this is the kind of mindless behavior. created the conditions for trump to rise. republican leaders created the drought conditions, donald trump has strictly struck the match. beginning to chart the path of donald trump eight years ago. >> that was senator harry reid unloading. the last hour. though then him definitely
11:01 am
flying. kirsten powers, ashley webster and the real story host gretchen carlson. harry reid getting really nasty right there. look, donald trump is a result of all of you republicans. >> donald trump is the result of the republicans. very much the result of the republican establishment. upsetting and letting down the republican base. stuart: harry reid is the senator that stood on the floor. he lied about romney's taxes. he knew he could not be sued for libel. >> rebounding against him. i agree with about heart of it.
11:02 am
donald trump is going to be talking about hatred and resentment and etc. going back before civil rights and all of this. i do agree with kiersten on all of this. americans being troubled on both sides of the equation. all the people are fed up with politicians in general. stuart: president obama president obama and what he has done in various areas. >> no. surgeon made the people supporting donald trump do not like barack obama. they could have chosen another. >> however you want to phrase it. they could have chosen another republican. donald trump is against the republican establishment. stuart: are you making a list?
11:03 am
hillary clinton wants the state department to change security total calls. are they impose ashen the state department does not allow her to have a blackberry to use it for classified information and anything else. to me, she knew in her minds that it was very sensitive. numerous times until it all culminated in the meeting of some eight-nine-10 people.
11:04 am
they came out of bed and said that it is just very inconvenient. it is secure classified information. ambassador john bolton told us this morning, before any high au fait show goes into any secure meeting, they take a blackberry out of their pocket. they put it into a box. she is behaving in a very entitled manner. she thinks that there will don't apply to her. it is true that people use their on private e-mail. is she a viable candidate for this in her backgrounds.
11:05 am
it has been a nonissue among them. the question is whether becomes an issue in the general election. stuart: speaking of which. donald trump is indeed going right after hillary clinton with a new campaign ad. ♪ [laughter] stuart: it was entertaining. >> many people have advised donald trump to start going after hillary now. this is an example of doing just that. this will be the first of many of these kinds of ads. just wait until you see what is coming down the pike. he will also go after bill clinton might nobody else has
11:06 am
ever done before. trump, clinton, he will be winning that race in a very short period of time. >> you laughed at that bad. >> it is an effective ad. it is embarrassing. he will be very effective at attacking her in a way that no one else does. normally turning it around on other people. he does not care. he will just say what he has to say. >> you always want to demonize us. >> yes, they did. >> that is crazy. there will be a lot more statements.
11:07 am
>> an intelligent man. a very strong leader. chicago white sox player. he left $13 million on the table. the team wanted to limit how much time, how much time his son could spend with the team. >> no, no. being with the team out on the field. apparently, his son has been with him in the clubhouse extensively. look, could you curtail it just a little bit. they were at odds. making a final decision. what goes on in the clubhouse maybe is not for a young kid. the second point is, do we bring
11:08 am
our kids to work every day? it is work once a year. [laughter] >> any comment on the general -- [laughter] it is surprising that he was able to bring him as much as he was. most people cannot bring that to work. it would be nice if people could accommodate it. bring your child to work. i would still like to bring my dog to work. [laughter] >> you got him. what kind of dog is that? >> she is lovely. we will have to plan a play date with our dogs. >> she is a little dog. she is about this big. i can bring pictures and make them put them up.
11:09 am
>> no, no. >> in the break, i will show you bella. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much indeed. back to politics. donald trump seems to have, in my opinion, a clear path to victory. new york, new jersey and california. brett baier is with us. i stole one of your stars briefly. your all-star panel. i like it. i see trump's path to victory goes through new york, april 19 and then onto june 7 with california and new jersey.
11:10 am
>> this momentum leads to him getting to that magic number. he has to win the remaining delegates on the table in the 22 states remaining. you are talking about states that he is well-positioned in. there is a chance that he falls short. some of those western states do not line up for donald trump. crews, while not getting magic numbers will surpass trump in the plurality. that is a possibility. >> that would be chaotic. do you agree with that? >> totally agree with that. i think it would be crazy. the scenario is getting to the
11:11 am
magic number. a long time between now and june seven. that gives establishment republicans a great deal of time to organize their attempt to dethrone. this situation will last way into the summer. >> not great. taking some of those delegates away. the help and the hurt to donald trump. especially in those northeastern states. kasich does not help somebody like ted cruz. it is all about the math here. it becomes a decision at the convention.
11:12 am
marco rubio, suspending his campaign. still has a decent haul of delegates, he could be a king maker. >> you are telling me that no matter what our viewers will be tuning in relentlessly to see what we have to say about this. >> it is just watching it unfold. it is pretty amazing. stuart: it is fantastic. love it. stuart: if you would like to join our all-star panel on a permanent basis, you can do it here it hillary clinton. she has a lot of problems as a candidate. voter turnout kind of proves that. watch this. it was allowed by the state department. >> e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding where my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends as
11:13 am
well as yoga routines, family vacations. >> what difference, at this point does it make. >> i believe that i have met all of my responsibilities. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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11:16 am
.... ♪ >> live pictures for you from the white house. they have died the north lawn fountain green. the left-hand side of your screen. it is st. patrick's day. i thought that that was terrific. we are up. eighty-seven points higher. 17,400. we are very close. ten points away from going positive for the year. by something, somebody. [laughter]
11:17 am
174 is where we are now. lower profit at the closing. they have a turnaround program that is not working that well. now down 12%. secretary of state john kerry says isis is committing genocide. here is ambassador john bolton from our 9:00 a.m. hour. roll tape. >> christians and possibly other minority sect or is this possibly correct. it is stunning to say that half of islam is now the victim of an attempted isis genocide. >> that is important. she muslims was included in the list. the areas controlled by isis. not just half of the muslim
11:18 am
population, wherever they live. it is those under isis control. stuart: they could not just take christians. >> they have to bring in a group of muslims. >> the united nations started investigating genocide by isis one or two years ago. >> does not legally obligate anything. more pressure on the obama administration. nothing legally binding about it. it is genocide. stuart: can we hear that spoken loudly? to the democrats. the turnout. in ohio, there were some democrats that voted for trump instead of hillary. the mayor of miami beach. i hope i've got that correct.
11:19 am
you are a hillary supporter. some of the negatives. the turnout is very low for democrats. some groups have not voted for hillary the way they have voted for democrats in the past. a little worried in the background there. >> thank you, stuart. not worried at all. who needs to be worried these days? donald could not even carry all higher which is a really sad sign for his candidacy and nomination for a republican gop. stuart: i appreciate your attempt. i have to draw your attention to something. missouri, illinois, ohio and michigan. it was bernie sanders that 113th of the african-american vote. that was supposed to be a voting
11:20 am
block solidly in hillary's camp. what do you make of that? are you not at all worried about that? >> no. she won all states. the first female nominee from a major party in america. stuart: hold on a second. turnout. in ohio. the turnout of democrats was half what it was in 2008. down about 25%. is there a little bit of a cause for concern? hillary is not enthusiastic we supported by her party. >> one is over. though 1%. secretary clinton.
11:21 am
stuart, getting that to one. i think that we are all concerned about donald trump's investigation scandal. we do not know what is happening there. what is happening with this audit. i think that the whole world is watching. >> you were determined to get that in. >> absolutely. stuart: the floor of the united states senate. you just brought in this serious argument that there is something going on with donald trump's taxes. interesting. >> full either audit from the irs. we would just like to see donald release. the one thing we all know is that donald is not a billionaire. let's see it. stuart: wait a minute. one thing that we all know.
11:22 am
>> the vodka company or the airline. stuart: you, sir. >> excuse me you are to include harry reid. >> putting him over the edge. >> you may put them over the edge. >> you are doing a harry reid. >> let us release those tax documents from the irs and we will be able to prove it. >> you made a statement. you cannot prove it. >> just the entire financial world in new york knows it. the world of new york.
11:23 am
>> we know what is going on with donald trump. >> okay. we will leave it at that. i really would like to see you prove that you are not doing a harry reid. >> all being able to make a statement. a hacker group taking on donald trump says he must be stopped. sabotage his campaign. full details on that one next. ♪ ♪ every breath you take ♪ every move you make ♪ i will be watching you ♪ everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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11:27 am
call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: there's a hacking group called anonymous to set its sights on donald trump. i want to know what anonymous is going to get a donald trump. reporter: they are threatening that they want people like hackers and people who don't know how to hack to attack donald trump on mine, to basically take down his campaign. this is what they want. this is a call to our faith is in the youtube video. shut down his research and expose what he does want the public to know. we need you to dismantle the campaign of sabotage is grand.
11:28 am
i reached out to the campaign and they say no comment on this story. this is not the first time an anonymous has tried this. back in december, things that attack is there website. and it was taken down. stuart: this is a serious threat to knock out his online campaign. >> sinnott admitted to the broader campaign. that is the change here. so far is not effective as you can see. except where it didn't really work. we will see what happens. it is a threat and specifically april 1st they call for an attack on the chicago property owned. liz: when this has become personal? ashley: that's a good point. stuart: we are showing you the doubt because we are moments away from going positive for the year. if we had 17 for 25, we are
11:29 am
positive for the year. donald trump is getting all the attention in the media, grabbing all the headlines. in this media circus, where it ted cruz? ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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11:33 am
stuart: we are off to a close. a nice rally going on here. if we had 17 for 25, we are even for the calendar year 2016. nice rally today. 17450 at the moment. let's get back to politics. donaldtrump, the gop front runner. senator ted cruz is clearly the strongest threat, but cruz seems to be pushed onto the back burner. you don't hear that much about him in the media frankly. come on man. farmer in eisner to carly fiorina who is now backing ted cruz. i don't see ted cruz very much in the headline. i see trump, rubio, kasich, hillary and bernie.
11:34 am
cruises on the back burner. is it me or my imagination? >> i don't think it's your imagination. donald has been a master at manipulating the media. santa cruz has been running a good campaign on the ground. look at either write off the bat and most recently ted cruz has been on the ground meeting voters and i think you responded really well to that. stuart: you are a now i believe along with carly fiorina. nobody likes the man in the senate. i know you're laughing. but he hasn't got a friend in the united states senate, has he? do not well, might we did endorse him. setting that aside, ted cruz has been fighting the status quo, dining establishment in d.c. judge him by the enemies he's made. he is not catalog type guy. if you're angry the system isn't working for you, which a lot of us feel that the cave, ted cruz
11:35 am
of the lot more your guy than donald trump pier at stuart: when i vote for a presidential candidate, i know i've got to see that person on tv literally everyday for the next four years. an element of personality to the vote. i put it to you. ted cruz is not light. not just in the senate. he is not liked. i've been very pejorative. we don't like the guy. >> i have no ted for a decade at this point. ted cruz is a very likable person. his wife heidi, his daughter caroline and katherine. they are wonderful family. as americans get to know all of them they will fall in love the cruises. you obviously have a tv show because you are so likable. there are slightly different qualities for a president. ted cruz is a conservative that can be donald trump and the guy
11:36 am
who won't go to d.c. and cut deals. he is going to fight for his tires which are our values as well. stuart: if it is trump is the nominee, and will you support him? >> i was not. it is not a vote for hillary? >> no. i will not be voting for hillary clinton. donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. donald trump has deadlines by enough people like hillary clinton and hillary clinton has made millions of than the government selling influence. neither one will fix what is wrong with their country. neither one have the conservative value to about four. i am a conservative before a republican. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. we'll talk to you more ensure. >> thank you. stuart: the former governor and author of the book turning point. his name is bob ehrlich. he says trump should call john kasich right now and make him as
11:37 am
vice president. >> that's the wrong answer what you just heard. that's a vote for hillary clinton. hillary clinton is watching the show right now laughing, smiling. farmer years of progressivism is the last thing we need. the last answer concerns me. i like john kasich a lot. i'm going to support the nominee. the democrats fear which candidate you most? the trump is kasich k-6 looks pretty good. stuart: john kasich told me on this program no way. >> marco rubio told you a couple days ago he's going all the way to utah. john kasich was in the driver seat. he was my budget chairman. he really was the driving force time an actual honest to god balanced budget at the federal level. he knows his stuff. he's got a major following around the country. both he and trump have some in the ted cruz does not.
11:38 am
urban crossover appeal. making sure hillary clinton -- not another four years of barack obama. you have to think about winning ,-com,-com ma not about if you're upset that i is not conservative enough. 3 million republicans did not show up for mitt romney and we've got four more years of barack obama. stuart: i will tell you something else. i don't think people like or gravitate towards ted cruz is a personality, but they do gravitate towards john kasich. i think they like that guy pierce that guy. >> ask republicans and democrats. the president had in the senate there for a cup of coffee. you are there to run for president. you are not making friends. that is not actually how you get things done. that is not your job description. stuart: i like your take on this earlier in the program today. philip levine appeared on this program and he accused donald
11:39 am
trump of shady finances. roll tape. one thing we all know. whether it's a vodka company, whether it's the airline. >> you, sir -- excuse me. you have clearly -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: show me your evidence. you are doing a harry reid. you've made a statement about donald trump's mouth, which he cannot prove. you can't prove it. >> literally stacked documents that will build a prove it. stuart: i'm told that is what i look like when i was my temperature. i thought i was reprehensible. he made a statement donald trump is not a billionaire and he couldn't back it up and won't back it up. >> i love your reference.
11:40 am
precisely what the moderate left does. death by 1000 cuts. it is do whatever you have to do because there's a bottom line and the bottom line is hillary clinton. another four years of progressivism. that is a preemption from washington d.c., high taxes, $23 in debt, the whole nine yards. that's why so upset with the previous answer concerning cruz. you have to support the nominee. major difference between hillary clinton banana republican nominee. stuart: you are for john kasich, but you understand he's not going to be the nominee. >> most likely not. bottom line is that voters still have primaries and caucuses and let it play out. that's what the process is all about. i am not running to cleveland right now. i would like to people to and make statement.
11:41 am
stuart: do you have anything to believe that donald trump has reached out to john kasich or john kasich would entertain the idea? >> it is likely -- if the likely nominee calls you and says look, i want you to become vice president of the united taken by the way, here is your portfolio. by the way, i want you to do it. >> which you don't know. >> of course not. as long as the game is on, they played nine innings for a reason. so let's play it out. stuart: ben carson surgeon general. and john kasich for vice president. >> way politics is important. read this book. the stakes of what has happened in this country needs to end. that is why republicans have got to win this race. stuart: we hear you.
11:42 am
robert ehrlich, what a pleasure. thanks for joining us. apple versus the fbi up next. judge napolitano is on this case and he has a very interesting development. don't miss it after this. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
11:43 am
>> i am nicole petallides. so close to turning positive for the dow jones industrial average. one point away. keep an eye on 17,000 or 25.
11:44 am
right now 17,004 of six. the down is up and that nasdaq is down nine. dow leaders procter & gamble with exxon. the pressure of materials and industrial entertaining farmer stocks. the kanata name they came out with earnings and that is really hanging. 13% hitting a new low. regeneron analogs on hitting new lows as well. williams-sonoma, biggest sellouts. take a look at this pottery barn brand. 6.5%. thursday "fbn:am" at 5:00 a.m. i will see you there.
11:45 am
11:46 am
stuart: house speaker paul ryan moments ago said the presidential convention, the republican convention in cleveland is more likely to become open. right back, i believe he means that no candidate look at the 1237 delegates required for the nomination on the first ballot. that means it is open. paul ryan said that is now more likely. apple still fighting the fbi over encryption. general david petraeus on spn's new show wall street week on that subject. roll tape. >> if you ask me, do i want our government to have the ability
11:47 am
to decrypt what someone has on our phone, i was a gas. do i want apple to make a back or to enable that? i would say no. i didn't like the ncaa director, i don't think admiral should be compelled to make it back door because they would make the entire technology so much more unsafe. stuart: there's a rough interpretation of that is general petraeus is on apple's side when it comes to encryption. judge napolitano is with us and he said the intelligence community is siding with apple. have i got that right, judge? >> you do, stuart appeared there are a broad array of news and the intelligence community on many, perhaps all of intelligence related issues. nobody can say for sure that everyone is. i can tell you that fox news has learned on this is the first time this has been reported, stuart that there is a concerted effort on capitol hill by
11:48 am
members of the intelligence community to lobby members of the house and senate to persuade them to either publicly announce that they are on apple's side or remain natural stated differently, not to support any legislation, which would directly authorized the fbi to do what it wants to do. and apple versus justice department case, there is no statute that authorizes the fbi to do it. the justice department is making arguments based on the const duchenne. both apple and the justice department has said his congress, what do you think? this lobbying effort by the intelligence community is intended to influence so it does nothing because the folks with whom i spoke to him he general petraeus in the clip that you ran, just like general hayden on fox and friends earlier today, they fear that this key that the
11:49 am
doj wants apple to make once made him want to use will be available via the internet for our friend and foes alike and that is the last thing the intelligence community wants. stuart: i've got to say i don't get it. i without you can make a key to get in the terrorist iphone in san bernardino. i would've thought you could block that a period of the way of isolating that key so no one else could get it. >> it's very interesting you should say that. one of the arguments the government has made and the thousand of braves five read in my career. one argument the government has made his apple is intentionally dazzling the government with technical information they can't figure row, doesn't understand but apple is saving and apple is doing not intentionally because it has a superior knowledge of the technology than the government does. that is one side. the other side is this.
11:50 am
this is what these folks with whom i've spoken told me. if the key is made, once it is used once, it will leave a footprint on the internet that is not a race of old and that footprint can be hacked by friend and fellow and that is what the intelligence community fears. the intelligence community is looking up for the country's national security. it's also looking out for. if you're out what they key is used anywhere, it will provide a footprint or blueprint to hack into the intelligence communities. stuart: does it not make the engineers at apple who could figure out the key as strategically very important people that they said in a position of extraordinary power, don't they? >> you know, they do. it's hard for me to accept the government argument with the limited resources they can hire engineers that know as much as he apple engineers know.
11:51 am
the issue is can the government conscript apple again fits well? on the face of it, the answer is no. national security concerns, marriott conscript and apple again fits well. a lot of national security offices say yes, a lot of them have now changed their minds after this name to this lobbying effort by the intelligence community just a couple blocks from where i am now. stuart: extraordinary. great story, judge. you brought it to us and we appreciate that. thank you, judge napolitano. president obama will visit cuba. an official state visit. should we be opening up relations with the country that really does still harbor terrorists? ♪
11:52 am
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11:56 am
been a gas of the caster is for three decades. i've been working since around 1992 to have him returned. we ain't giving up. stuart: you think the president will raise this with the cubans? >> i don't think without being pressured the president will raise us. he has shown no ability to take this issue on. >> you also visited guantánamo. and your cousin, your father was killed and 74. your cousin was killed on 9/11 and the terrorists there was a symbol for and guantánamo bay. >> yes, i said the pretrial with collegiate mohammed and other value detainees. when i heard about obama wanted to close down guantánamo bay or push it back to cuba, i am appalled. we have the best people in the world working there. we are trying to get justice
11:57 am
there. we have a president who drowns people with no due process at all, and yet cause the due process providing these terrorists as anti-american. it's completely hypocritical and it needs to change. stuart: do have reason to believe the cubans will want it back? >> i think they will in that concerns me deeply. we have a president who doesn't negotiate yet he's capitulated the entire process as they once to normalize relations. he does get nothing in return. we are pouring billions of dollars into cuba as a society and he gets nothing back and i'm afraid he will allow guantánamo bay to go. it's more than disgraceful. stuart: you can come back and visit us anytime and give us a progress report. thank you very much. we will have more "varney" for you after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> i'm showing you the big board, that will be the dow jones industrial average
12:00 pm
because we're about six points away from the dow industrials going positive for the year. go back to january the 1st and we were around 1,742,537 if we go to if we get back just another six points, we will be even on the year. neil come on in because i always like to hand a heal to you. neil: i was going to wish you a happy st. patrick's day. >> happy st. patrick's day. neil: are you wearing any green at all? >> can you see this? . neil: no. >> dual noted. neil: all right. welcome, everybody. and he's right. the rally here going in and out of breaking even on the air and maybe even a little bit positive. but that says a lot about a dow that had been off better than 10% on the year. and a lot of people said it was going toward bear market territory. well, that was then. this is now. the dow now looking at a flat performance on the year, which is an enormous come back. nicole petallides joining us later. in the meantime keeping track of very different numbers, these are delegate n


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