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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 17, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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and until we figure out how to beat that government, we can't beat isis. charles: all right, well, they are genocidal. erick, sorry we couldn't get to you. at home, we appreciate you watching. we're doing well. now the man himself, lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. the gop establishment tonight is playing a very dangerous game as they have made stopping donald trump a number one priority of their party. these are the same gop elites who have screwed up and lost two presidential elections in a row. and today, a secretive group of republican operatives and conservative leaders met for some five hours in washington. they were there talking about ways to deny voters who want donald trump to be the nominee. this group of conservatives led by red state founder erick erickson sound like ideological
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suicide platoon as they reportedly are considering a number of strategies, including a third party conservative run for the white house. trump, to this point has outwitted his opposition, outmaneuvered them for months, both republicans and democrats. super pacs have reportedly wasted more than $200 million attacking failed republican candidates that include scott walker, jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio, and at the same time, voters have made it increasingly clear, they want donald trump to be the nominee, and by a sizable margin. the gop establishment is equally clear. they won't accept trump and they are now committed to what appears to be a battle, and it might include the death of the party itself. they've already begun talking about changing rules that now favor trump. changing those rules to exclude him. types like house speaker paul ryan who are making a public
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point of talking up the prospect of what ryan calls an open convention. >> there's more likely to become an open convention than we thought before. we're getting our minds around the idea that this could very well become a reality, and therefore, those of us involved in the convention need to respect that. lou: comments like ryan's are only damaging to the republican party and helpful to the opposition, and quickly exploited today by senate minority leader harry reid. >> republican establishment acts bewilders but should not be bewildered. as much as they try to distance themselves from trump now, republican leaders are responsible for his rise. for eight years, they drained all the policy and debate by replacing thoughtful engagement with resentment and hatred. lou: we take up the gop effort to stop trump tonight. we'll talk with former trump adviser roger stone.
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fox news radio host todd starnes and on branding of the trump slogans and candidacy, we're joined by former apple ceo john sculley, and we're going to look at question whether the gop is actually trying to destroy their party. also tonight, pope francis strikes again, going political again on donald trump. the pontiff urging nations to open their hearts and doors to illegal immigrants. we'll be talking about the propriety of the pontiff's insertion again in u.s. politics and the skulduggery of republican elites. and the s end hillary clinton's ambitions worsening tonight. we're reporting that clinton's team aggressively tried to change security rules so she could use her private e-mail server for classified communications. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge will have our live report from washington. our top story tonight, the
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republican establishment's intensifying efforts to change convention rules to attack the candidacy of their party's front-runner, and to betray republican voters who have supported donald trump. it's clear, the washington cartel, the donor class, the gop elites are fully committed to stopping donald trump. but it's equally clear that elitist opposition is in part responsible for a surge in trump's popularity, and even the "new york times" now acknowledges that trump, with an almost 300 delegate lead is in a strong position to win the required 1237 delegates necessary to secure the republican nomination. among the upcoming primaries, arizona, which votes on march 22nd, and a new poll shows trump with a 12-point lead there over senator ted cruz. in california, which votes on june 7, trump has a 16-point
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lead over cruz. and for a broader view of trump's enlarging popularity, consider this. recent polls out of new york, new jersey, pennsylvania and illinois show not only a trump lead, but those polls show trump trouncing his opponents. yet the establishment keeps pushing the idea of an open convention, and conservatives talking up a third party bid for the white house. listen to conservative erick erickson on that initiative. >> there's a strong coalition of looking at going to the existing candidates, kasich, cruz, saying you need to cut a deal. find a unity ticket within the republican party. the final fallback option would be a third party. consensus is everyone would rather settle this on the convention floor. lou: and senator marco rubio adding voice to the effort with first public comments on the race since he dropped out. >> no one ever gets into an
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election saying can't wait to get to the convention. you want to unite the party and the delegates, that's the outcome. it doesn't appear to be headed there perhaps after tuesday night trump gained enough votes to gain the election. we'll see if it plays out. i don't think that's the ideal outcome of the party. you have a nominee and people coalesce around the nominee and gives you a stronger position in the general election. i don't believe donald trump will ever be able to do that. lou: of course, trump has warned that any third party bid would guarantee a president hillary clinton and likely appointment of four liberal justices to the supreme court. politics makes for strange bedfellows and tonight we know the clinton campaign is siding with the kremlin, against donald trump. both upset over this trump political ad that attacked mrs. clinton. take a look.
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[barking] [laughter >> a kremlin spokesman says the ad unfairly demonizes russia. the clinton camp recut the ad inserting trump in place of the barking clinton. all of this isn't likely to hurt donald trump much. when pope francis questioned his faith last month, trump won the south carolina primary by double digits. newly released documents reveal hillary clinton trying to have the state department change their security rules to allow for her to use her personal blackberry to handle even classified communications in secure facilities. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us from washington with a report. catherine, how does this make clinton's e-mail scandal even worse? >> lou, good evening, and thank you for having me.
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these new documents were obtained through a federal lawsuit by judicial watch and leave no doubt right out of the gate clinton and team were trying to rewrite the rules for handling classified information at the state department. the specific request was to allow mrs. clinton and her team to use blackberries anywhere on the executive floor at the state department including what are called secure facilities or skiffs, sensitive compartmented information facility. if you look to anyone in the intelligence community about taking a blackberry or other electronic device into a skif, they'll keel over with a heart attack. the standard procedure is to take all electronics and to lock them away in a cubby hole outside the facility because these devices, if they are infiltrated by foreign intelligence service or criminal hackers can be used to eavesdrop on conversations.
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this fact was made clear to clinton's team in another memo sent by the state department's department of diplomatic security in march of 2009. i have the document right here from the head of diplomatic security, eric boswell. and it reads in part -- so when you speak to people when are inside or retired from the intelligence community, they say the entire episode shows an almost disrespect for the information that was involved, and also a disrespect for the security rules that were in place, lou. lou: catherine, what happened in the end? was it resolved? did the state department give into then secretary of state clinton's demands? >> this was such a top drawer request from the secretary,
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that a special team from the nsa called a vulnerabilities assessment team was brought into see if they could work this out and make it happen for secretary clinton. their recommendation was against it. so was diplomatic security, and the state department official told fox news that mrs. clinton and her team were never given a waiver to use blackberries on that executive floor. what we don't know is whether they complied with that request. what the state department did confirm to us is a special suite was set up outside of her office so that she could check her personal e-mail on the blackberry. of course, the irony of all of this is the blackberry was the only device she was using for government business, and it was an unsecured device that was not certified as secure for state department business, and no one at that time of the request had any understanding that she was handling classified material on that device. they thought all of the requests related to the
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blackberry were simply for unclassified material, lou. lou: catherine, thank you so much, for bringing us up to date on the breaking story. catherine herridge, chief intelligence correspondent. remarkable reporting on the scandal throughout. great to have you with us. >> you're welcome. lou: secretary of state kerry has finally declared that the islamic state has committed genocide against christians in the middle east. >> in my judgment, dash was responsible for genocide against groups in areas under control including yazidis, christians and shia muslims. no question in my mind that if dash succeeded in establishing so-called caliphate it would seek to destroy what remains of ethnic and religious mosaic once thriving in the region. lou: crimes of genocide, the secretary referencing dash, which most of us understand to
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be the islamic state. for whatever the administration's purposes they choose to use that language at the state department. as for what the labeling of the crimes committed by the islamic state means for this country, the state department said this -- >> we hope it will help galvanize communities here at home and abroad to help us do more to defeat this group, as well as help us continue to collect and analyze information about their atrocities. lou: translation, if i may, there will be effectively no change at all to the u.s. policy in the fight against the islamic state. we're coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. pope francis telling the world to open their hearts and doors to illegal immigrants. that's not very supportive of donald trump's view or the view of most americans. we take up the politics of it all with roger stone and todd
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. lou: pope francis asking nations to, quote, open their
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hearts and open their doors to illegal immigrants and refugees and certainly the united states and europe have obliged to this point. the pope declaring those waiting at european borders are made to feel like exiles abandoned from god. but european union leaders say the continent faces an influx of a million more arrivals mostly from syria this year, similar to the number last year. and now warnings that extra almost half million refugees could try to reach europe as a result of the crisis in libya. joining us to take up the issues former donald trump campaign adviser roger stone, political consultant works for president's nixon, reagan, covered conventions for the past quite a few decades. roger, great to have you with us. >> great to be here. lou: author of godless america, todd starnes. great to have you with us. >> pleasure to be with you. lou: roger, start with you, no question the establishment is going to fight donald trump all the way through the convention
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that while at the same time managing the rules of that convention, running that convention, what do you think their prospects are for success? >> first of all, nothing leaks like a secret meeting in washington, d.c., but i think the plotters may find that trying to stop trump is like stepping in front of a hurt ling freight train. clearly the time to stop trump was in the primaries, but the voters overwhelmingly have now spoken. what you have is panic among the lobbyists class, and the purists in the republican party. and therefore, i think the immediate imperatives to stall trump just short of the magic number, 1237 on the first ballot. then much easier to try to steal the nomination by throwing out voters who allow votes from democrats and independents, by ending the binding of delegates as the national committee man from north dakota has proposed and by stacking the delegations
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that are supposed to contain trump delegates, texas, for example, with voters who are not loyal to donald trump, on the hopes that on a second ballot they could break for some establishment white knight. lou: the essential reality here for donald trump is that the convention that he will be in is being run by the very people trying to destroy his candidacy, the other reality in it is that they are in charge of the rules that will be set in the weeks, the two weeks, week to two weeks leading up to the convention, and it's going to depend how much shame they have. todd, trump is again, here comes the pope again, it's not coincidental. the attacks on him by two former mexico presidents and sitting president of mexico is not coincidental. this is becoming very suspiciously a coordinated round of attacks from nearly every quarter on donald trump.
7:20 pm
>> no doubt about that, lou, and quite frankly, mr. trump is not a catholic, he's a protestant. he's not all that concerned with what the pope has to say quite, frankly. >> but the voters are. >> they weren't all that concerned in south carolina. remember what happened there. lou: i'm just saying to you, catholic voters will be concerned what the pope is saying. >> interesting concept. i suspect most catholics are -- most catholics are more conservative than the pope is, when you look at some of the edicts coming from vatican city. i can tell you this, what concerns me is that you've got all of the forces going after donald trump and quite frankly, i think that those forces, the gop establishment hate ted cruz more than donald trump. lou: well, the trump people would tell you that's an appropriate reaction, the cruz people would say why him? you have the only remaining conservative is marco rubio and cruz and donald trump. cruz cannot get to the numbers,
7:21 pm
do you see an alliance being formed, a brokered arrangement between the two in whatever form, that is senator cruz and donald trump? >> well, that could possibly -- lou: as the most likely outcome? >> possibly, but again, the issue here is what's going to happen. you have the conservatives meeting in washington today. not quite sure what that was all about. lou: that's a bit of a -- a small group of people who frankly are not, they're not exactly at the front of the spear when it comes to the establishment, right? >> true, but they wield enough power that the hashtag never trump could be hillary 2016 hashtag. lou: yeah, i don't know about you, roger, i can't make sense of what the conservatives meeting in washington are trying to accomplish other than trying to a very high cliff. >> yeah, it's foolish and trying to form the firing squad in a circle. look, trump is bringing
7:22 pm
millions of new people to the republican party. democrats, independents, millennials, people who have stopped voting because they think the system is rigged against the average man. and the republican party risks all of that. tired of seeing ted cruz saying donald trump can't win a general election. donald trump is the only one who can win a general election. he's demonstrated this in the enormous crossover votes in places like michigan. this is suicidal, and i don't think it will work because the outrage of those who have voted for trump in the primaries overwhelmingly would be palpable. on the other hand, very sadly, there are those in the republican establishment, mostly lobbyists and some purists who would rather have hillary clinton than donald trump. that is pathetic. lou: and it's easy to forget in all of this, todd, the very establishment that is managing
7:23 pm
the convention, managing the rules, has also managed the last two election cycles that are utter disasters for the republican party, and the very same people in the person of capitol hill leadership, the house and the senate who presided over a disaster for this middle class working men and women and their families, and they're not going to be popular no matter what they do. >> lou, year after year after year the american working man has been screwed by the establishment republicans. i wrote a column, and quite frankly they're mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. lou: well, one can understand the first part of it and hope for the second part. thank you very much. appreciate it. breaking news, bernie sanders is not contesting the missouri outcome. that very tight tuesday democratic primary in missouri. hillary clinton is therefore picking up an extra two delegates for wing the statewide vote.
7:24 pm
sanders didn't want to demand a recount because he wanted to save the taxpayers money. senator ted cruz did not make the same choice about the people of missouri. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. we'd like to get your judgment. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news, and if that was too nuanced, refine it. follow me on twitter -- . a california man, video going viral after he took his tricked-out vw off-roading in the streets of san diego. the police department wasn't a fan of the video. it was titled urban assault. that's probably one of the things annoying them.
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as a result of this stunt, the driver, blake wilkey has had his license suspended for six months. sentenced to 45 days of jail time. the police were unamused by the risks he took. not with his life but those of others. up next, have you noticed president obama loves to -- loves to be relevant. >> if somebody told you seven years ago we'd have 4.9% unemployment. 20 million newly insured. gas at $1.80, imagine what trump would say if he had a record like this? instead of selling steaks. [laughter] >> and they may try that wine. how good can that wine be? lou: there's a fellow having a good time. i'll have a few thoughts about our lame-duck president who, well, he persists. my commentary is next along with much, much more that you do not want to miss.
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. lou: few thoughts on mr. obama's desire to be relevant in waning months of presidency. he's looking to be the most active president on the campaign trail in decades. the "washington post" reports he wants to campaign to not only help democrats but preserve his own legacy by defeating trump or cruz. ronald reagan is the most active campaigner in last year in office. reagan hit the trail right up until the election of 1988. in the 2000 race, bill clinton endorsed al gore nearly a year before the election, stumped for gore until the campaign, well, the strategists decided to diminish bubba's role in the fall, mistakenly. in 2008 george w. bush endorsed senator mccain but never actively campaigned for him because in part mccain strategists considered bush a liability.
7:31 pm
again, perhaps wrongly. mr. obama should reflect on whether he will help or hurt the democratic ticket, and all democrats running for the house and the senate specifically. obama has presided over tremendous democratic losses while he's been in the white house. the democratic losses over almost eight years are little discussed but they are dramatic. here is the tally. democrats have lost 11 governorships, 13 senate seats and 69 house seats since president obama took office. but none of that even causing hesitation for mr. obama, who reportedly urged donors to rally around hillary clinton saying sanders' campaign is nearing the end. the white house quickly emphasizing the president was not indicating a candidate preference. >> both of the democrats who are running, because they have
7:32 pm
demonstrated an understanding and a commitment to building on the progress that we made thus far would be far better presidents than anybody that's been put up on the republican side. lou: i would love to see someone diagram that sentence. with statements like that and mr. obama's won/loss recordas president, i would be deeply grateful if for the sake of our great nation president obama chooses to get on the campaign trail and as soon as possible, and it's my guess that millions of us are eagerly awaiting and prepared to welcome his return to the public arena, and let me just conclude, mr. president, by saying, thank you, sir. our quotation of the evening. this one from appropriately president obama, with all the games in high gear now in washington, all the irony, all the sanctimony, the hypocrisy
7:33 pm
and hyperbole and my favorite in washington, skulduggery. mr. obama said and i think righteously -- now, it may be that mr. obama is a man with a highly developed sense of humor, or he may have no sense of irony whatsoever. we'll ponder that. we're coming right back. stay with us. speaker ryan tells boehner to knock it off on all that presidential nomination talk. >> it's not going to be me, it should be somebody running for president. look, i made a decision over a year ago not to run for president. lou: ryan always says no the first time. how far will republican elites go to keep trump out of white house? we take it up with eboni williams and rebecca berg next. and a bold prison break, all the guards could shoot was
7:34 pm
the video. we'll see why after these messages. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: joining us tonight, political reporter for real clear politics, rebecca bird, good to have you with us. attorney, radio talk show host, fox news contributor eboni williams. great to have you with us. eboni, start with you, lindsey graham is now a pal and a pusher of the ted cruz candidacy. and you talk about irony. >> makes sense, right, lou?
7:38 pm
i think everybody saying before, we know that lindsey graham is certainly holding his nose on this one. i mean he certainly seems completely desperate, right, to do anything to stop trump which seems like most of the establishment gop members are, and i mean, i just don't even -- lou: to put it in some context, graham once said this, if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trial was in the senate, nobody would convict, rebecca. that's pretty strong stuff. >> he also once said that picking between trump and cruz would be like choosing to be shot or poisoned. well, i guess he's taking the poison, right? lou: yes, i think it could be safely said. these guys, i mean, this is really amazing to watch. establishment hates them both, and if they were to combine forces right now, they would be
7:39 pm
the irresistible force that would dominate the convention and take over the party. how likely, eboni, do you think that scenario might be? >> not likely, i don't think, lou, i think ted cruz is too close to it at this point to feel like he may as well go full throttle to be at the top of the ticket. i don't think he has interest as being number two. john kasich, i can see that. ted cruz, he wants to take this all the way. lou: what do you think, rebecca? >> i agree with eboni on this. ted cruz is not the type of person who would want to run for second place. he's very much his own sort of, if i but with john kasich, actually, this is now an attack that ted cruz's people are picking against him. calling him trump's vice president, john kasich implies he is running for second place. ted cruz's campaign, i have seen no indication that is on their mind. >> i think rebecca is right.
7:40 pm
the attacks by senator cruz, cruz to go there with trump. once the gloves came off in south carolina, they came off in a big way and the policy attacks have been a little too brutal. >> that was more strategic as well. lou: as we wrap up here, i want to get a sense from both of you. the gop establishment particularly in the person of paul ryan, the speaker, the whole apparatus, donor class, k street, they are selling out for the open convention thinking that somehow, apparently, they can change the rules and disadvantage donald trump and determine who will be the standard bearer. i've never -- i never imagined we'd get to this point where there's a raw reach for power on the part of the establishment that obviously is desperately afraid of losing power. rebecca? >> just goes to show you, lou, how disorganized and dysfunctional the republican
7:41 pm
establishment such as it is, is at this point this time. they've been completely ineffective at stopping donald trump. haven't stopped organizing efforts. lou: they are organized now. >> it might be too late. lou: i'm not pulling for them for crying out loud. >> i know that. if you look at the map and the delegate count to this point, i speak with a number of republicans who are very much opposed to donald trump wing the nomination and saying at this stage it looks very likely he might get to the convention with the nomination wrapped up. lou: it's almost april now, lou, it's a little too late. lou: it is indeed or everything is running right on time depending who you talk to. thank you very much, appreciate it both of you. >> thanks, lou. lou: this next video looks like something -- let me describe what it is. let me show you. here's the video. there's the video. it's a helicopter hijacked by two armed gunmen, they're
7:42 pm
aiding two canadian prisoners in escape from jail. this is video of the 2013 prison break. it was released just this week during the escapees unrelated trial. that was a pretty effective deal. it looked like they made a clean getaway but actually were captured within hours. no fault apparently of the helicopter pilot. that's quite a daring dude. up next, ted cruz, john kasich say trump will never do it. what are the odds trump will beat hillary clinton? just in case he does do it. we have the exact number for you. talking with political science professor on trump's odds, and let me remind you the good professor is never wrong. stay with us. you want to hear what he has to say. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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7:46 pm
. lou: rejoining the broadcast now is helmut norpoth, a political science professor at stony brook university in new york. last with us about a month ago, right? >> uh-huh. lou: which he projected donald trump to be based on his modeling, and before i finish that sentence, i should say, professor, great to see. >> you great to be back. lou: and just so you know the professor has an uncanny,
7:47 pm
uncanny accuracy rate. what is your rate over the elections? >> i predicted five ahead of times, and i got the popular vote right each time. lou: and that is impressive. that's 100% by the way. >> 5 for 5. lou: for those in advanced statistics. even i can figure that one out. so you had what was it 97% was the probability last time we talked that donald trump would win the presidential election over hillary clinton. >> yes. lou: we've had a lot of developments since then. we've got new data for you. your model has chugged over all of that and come up with? >> it hasn't gone higher than 97%, it has dropped a little. after i took into account south carolina, which i didn't have the results for. i had estimates for south carolina. and hillary clinton did very well in south carolina, starting a string of victories in the southern states where
7:48 pm
she has done extremely well. lou: and she was expected to. >> expected to. but based on the polling, she wasn't expected to do all that extremely well, and then sort of cut the lead somewhat between trump and her and lowered the odds to 87%. lou: so down about 10%, i'm having trouble with math. that's a whole 10%. >> uh-huh, uh-huh, yes. lou: so that's still a very strong probability. >> i looked over all the primaries since then, many were sort of like south carolina. we had a total of ten in the south, and she did very well in all of these, yes. lou: you are still closer? >> i don't have a precise number, i would say lower than 87, but it's all done, all the southern states are done, and now you are moving into states
7:49 pm
like illinois, missouri, ohio, michigan. lou: well, actually we've done those. >> right, states like that, more and more like that. lou: like california and new york and pennsylvania. >> yes, yes. lou: i've got to wrap it here real quick. just thinking about the convention rules, the establishment are trying torture, all of the supporters of donald trump. >> you may be called to testify to the republican national committee on the electability of donald trump here. this is impressive support here? >> somebody called from the staff of the security committee. i thought, whoa! i wonder what they want to know. but it was just a personal interest in a staffer about the model, so i wasn't going to be subpoenaed to testify. lou: always looking for a new algorithm at homeland security. >> i guess so. lou: professor, thank you so much. >> appreciate it. lou: we'll talk as these things go on if that's all right.
7:50 pm
get updated on the model and its projections. thank you so much. professor. >> thank you. lou: up next, former apple ceo, pepsico ceo, one of the best marketing minds in the country, john sculley joins us, and we're going to talk about donald trump. his candidacy and whether he can win the presidency. and we're talking about it. we had a quantitative examination, we're going to talk in qualitative terms, the perceptions and the media and the relationship to the voter. we're going to take all of that up with john sculley and may think who he thinks should be president of this country? maybe not. john sculley joins us here next. stay with us. you don't want to miss it. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer
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lou: joining us tonight, john sculley. john is here because he is one of the martest people -- smartest people i know in so much of the business world. former ceo of pepsico and apple, great to see you welcome to the broadcast. >> thank you, lou. good to be back. lou: we got a lot of folks saying that donald trump can't get elected, he has just been lucky, going up against the goliaths, here he is, what is he doing that is working for his brand?
7:55 pm
>> i'm not here to endorse anybody. donald trump or anybody else, but let me say that donald trump has done a brilliant job of marketing that goes back to what i learned in the pepsi challenge era, pepsi o was out sold in the southwest. by coca-cola, we created a pepsi challenge campaign, several years later we passed coca-cola. what donald trump did was he said, reality, is the establishment. perception is the fact that the middle class is disappearing that the politicians just did not understand what was going on in the workforce. the workforce has changed radically, it is on-demand, it
7:56 pm
is people who are part timers, independent contractors, freelance workers 40% of the work force today. it is growing, donald trump, talked to them, he didn't care whether his facts were right or wrong. they knew he understood. it was all about jobs. they knew he was somebody that be get things done, that is why he out maneuvered the politicians, he created the perception he is the president who could do things that politicians have failed to coover the last decade. decade. lou: he had one fact. in all that, they were angry, they were frustrated that 40% of those workers, we add all folks in bricks and mortar who did not have brick or morer to any longer to work with, a huge number of working men and women who are angry and upset
7:57 pm
in the work-a-day world, families working on wages that have not unchanged. if they have not lessened. but they have not grown over the course of the last decade. >> if you look at the facts, the politicians were consumed with the debate of policy, they didn't look the facts at what is going on in the workforce in 2008, still in bush administration, the number of part timers in temporary work, jobs, disappearing doubled. and if you look at the pay of those part timers, for the same job that permanent workers were doing they were getting paid less and without benefits, then you look at cost to the industry, cost them twice as much for a permanent job today because of all of the added regulations, and benefits and things that the government has required, particularly during this
7:58 pm
recent administration, what do the big companies do? they outsource, outside of the united states so, all of these things have impacted the american worker, the disappearing middle class. lou: john, what -- the question now is, can donald trump successfully, manage the g.o.p. establishment that is threatening him from every corner? can he successfully, in your judgment, knowing the man and his talent, can we successfully quote, unquote pivot to the general election. and drive successfully a campaign at hillary clinton or whom ever the nominee is in the democratic party? >> i think right now he has to make a choice. does he try to act more presidential in the context of what politicians like to see a presidential candidate be?
7:59 pm
and to try to maybe peace with them? and unify? he said he is flexible, he is a negotiator, he does not start with an end position he starts in a position that he can negotiate to where he would like to end up, or. or me could say if you want to fight washington, i'll go over your head, the voters will decide, whether he stays in the part or goes independent. he may go out to the people. have we seen any candidate get 35,000 people in a stadium? for a political campaign events? it is unprecedented. lou: john sculley, it is unprecedented to have your analysis of donald trump, we appreciate your sharing it. >> thank you, lou. lou: in on-line poll, 93% of you responded this g.o.p.
8:00 pm
elite try to disenfranchize voters in the convention, you will not support the nominee they choose, that is it for us, be with us material, good night from -- tomorrow, good night from new york. kennedy: heap st. lp. >> happy st. patrick's day. the guy at the bar already drunk by 9:30 in the morning with big ideas and stories to tell he will build a giant wall, and get mexico to pay for it.


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