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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 18, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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$100. dagen: $100 because of bites. >> they're fairly presentable, our diets of terrible. maria: i'm happy she was able to make her debut. >> glad to be on with you. maria: thanks, everybody, have a great weekend. stuart varney right now, "varney & company" begins, stuart, i brought ella bella in. stuart: watch out, she bites. maria: she's lovable. stuart: okay, case closed, thank you, maria, and we appreciate that. talking about ganging up, the anti-trump people are pulling out the stop, legal and legit and otherwise. good morning, everyone, establishment republicans hold closed door meetings, they are plotting. prominent politicians go public and editorials scream stop trump and then there are the anonymous hackers trying to shut him down on-line and even a suspicious package to his son eric. it is a no holds barred dump
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trump efforts in full swing. across the aisle, president obama tells donors it's time to rally around hillary despite her flaws. she does not have to be authentic says the president. bernie says he's going all the way to the convention, come what may. and here is a terrific way to start your day, the dow has regained all of the 2000 points it lost this year, better yet, it's going to go up again this morning in about a half hour, you can watch your money grow right here. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> ♪ i'll be back in the high life again ♪ ♪ >> hey, wait, wait, i recognize that music. pete winwood, back in the high life again. thank you very much. ashley: confetti. stuart: oh, confetti. look at this, and smiles the
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dow positive for the year. it's going up some more today. we've erased gotten rid of a 2000 point deficit. all right, ash, if things are looking so bright, tell me the three stocks that led the way. ashley: this is interesting. let's begin, first one up, verizon, can you hear me now? apparently investors can, up for the year. very nice chart going uphill which is what we like to see, not seeing downhill. stuart: next. ashley: wal-mart, perhaps a tough one, i could be here all day. up 11.3%. it's had a very good start to the year, not great last year, but up 11% and caterpillar gave an awful outlook with, you know, china struggling, which is a big market. caterpillar up on the year. you've got retail, you've got communications and industries, pretty good. stuart: you don't have big name technology.
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ashley: they led for the last year, you want to talk about that. stuart: 30 seconds, people in this unstable and uncertainty, ran for the bank or-- >> producer says move on. ashley: shut up. stuart: price of oil at $41 a barrel as of right now. obviously that's going to help stocks, 41.01 on oil as we speak. politics, the elections and donald trump. a group of conservative leaders meeting for more than three hours behind closed doors, they're discussing a way to unite the party against trump. add that to the anonymous hackers saying they've released his personal information. and the suspicious package sent to his son, eric trump. i'd say he's being ganged up on, wouldn't you? morris epstein, you're a trump supporter, right? you are. they've got a full court press
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to go against trump, dump trump. that could shave a couple of points off his votes which might be enough to deny him the 1237 he needs for the convention. >> it could, but history is showing it won't. he's been a top candidate. up in arizona up over 50 in the great state of new york and trump across the polls, meetings in d.c., the double super secret probation meetings only make him much more agreeable, and threats against his family, make him much more-- >> we don't have the new york primary until april 19th. california winner take all on june the 7th. there's a lot of time for the anti-trump people to organize and get their ten cents in. >> and there were 17 candidates
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all of them except donald trump were anti-trump. the efforts has been for a long time. jeb bush had secrets meetings with marco rubio, ted cruz and kasich. rubio dropped out within a couple of days. stuart: how did that work out? >> didn't go so well. so from my perspective, trump is only going to benefit from both what the maneuver in d.c. is doing, the terrible thing, anonymous and whoever the criminal that sent that package to eric. stuart: we'll see you in a moment. i want to turn to the democrats. bernie sanders conceded missouri, that means hillary won five states from last tuesday. president obama is calling on democrats, a closed door fund raising meeting, he's calling on democrats to support hillary clinton. the nonendorsement that he says that democrats should back her, wait for this, despite her flaws, whether real or perceived. tamara holder is with us. is that what you're going to do hold your nose and support hillary because you have to
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'cause you've got no other candidate and bernie is fading. >> it's a soft, it's a soften dorment. you know, i came back from a ski trip. like landing on a soft bed of snow. stuart: the 1%. >> i had to throw is in there. >> socialist and liberal, that's right. stuart: where was the ski trip to. austria. >> it was austria. stuart: must be nice. >> i was actually working, doing some political work, however, i was-- i was, i really was, but really, this is an anti-trump movement, but also a, just an anti-republican democrat to win thing. stuart: the president says come on you donors rally around hillary, you've got to, flaws and all. >> correct. stuart: why is he saying that, with the possibility of an indictment in the background. does he feel he won't press it
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because he must support hillary. >> this has nothing to do with the indictment. and nothing to do with me defending hillary, and a liar. and hillary is afraid of donald trump, the democrats are afraid of donald trump and unite whom ever. ashley: if the fbi wants to say we want to indict, doesn't matter, game over, if the president says he doesn't want to do it. stuart: trading attack ads, this one came from donald trump, roll it. >> ♪ [barkin [barking] >> . [laughter] >> well, okay.
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we laughed, she has released her own version of that add. let's see if it's as good. roll it. ♪ who are you consulting with consistently so that you're ready on day one? >> i'm speaking with myself, number one, because i have a very good brain and i've said a lot of things. [laughter] >> oh, the dog one is better. stuart: the dog is better. this morning on twitter, donald trump says this, here is the quote. hillary clinton has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life. >> wouldn't he know, takes one to know one. >> oh, come on. >> didn't he pal around with them? now all of a sudden-- now all of a sudden. >> that's why he knows. >> this doesn't make him a sense. stuart: wait a second, that's a taste how donald trump goes
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back at you. you go at him and he'll come back ten times worse. >> she doesn't have a shot against donald trump. he's so much tougher and smarter than she is. she's been involved in a scripted game of politics for 30 years now and she brings nothing new to the table. he is a complete game changer. stuart: we've got to move on, reluctantly, i really have to because listen to this, uberis offering a new trip to california riders across the border to mexico. and lauren has the story. >> i think you'll like the story, just in time for spring break. uber will cross you to tijuana and won't be making you back. and you'll be making a one way trip, but california students might see a drinking opportunity-- >> like donald trump's-- >> they responded candidly to
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angry writers. transporting far fewer people and much of our systems reached the end of its life. this is our reality. that's pretty candid. san francisco is liberal, as you know. bart is government-return. does this seem to be some anti-government sentiment forming? >> no, in california not a prayer. >> finally a pair of tuna fish, bumblebee recalling tune na, 2700 cases of chicken of the sea, sterilization issues at a common plant. it could have contaminated the tune na. no one got sick yet. stuart: now this, i freely admit i don't know much about basketball. something about march madness caught my attention after yale upset baylor. a reporter asked a baylor player about rebounding. here is the rather sarcastic answer.
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>> how did yale outrebound baler. >> you go up and grab the ball off the rim when it comes off, you grab it with two hands and that's considered a rebound and so they got more of those than we did. stuart: well done, young man. ask a stupid question and you get a nice answer. >> hey, i love sarcasm, that goes viral and it's all about. and he wanted to cry. >> no, you do this, do tha >> because reporters do ask the stupidest questions. stuart: hire that guy. >> not that you would know. stuart: are you a trump supporter? we showed you this video of a human-like robot made by google by the way. google is putting the robotics division up for sale. apparently that division is not making money. we're on it. next, second of state john
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kerry finally admits to isis is committing genocide against christians and others. what are they going to do about it? top general jack keane next. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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>> days after new sanctions, north korea fired two missiles into japan. neither was assessed to be a threat to america or its allies. south korea says they flew 500 miles before crashing off north korea's eastern coast. to the middle east where secretary of state john kerry officially acknowledged that isis is creating genocide in iraq specifically on christians, yeazidis and shiites. >> under its control including yazidis, shias and christian muslims. there is no question in my mind
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if daesh was able to establish a caliphate it would seek to destroy mosaic, once thriving in the region. stuart: general jack keane. general, genocide is a strong word. it implies that you're going to did something about it. are we? >> that remains to be seen. this is an important step to make this statement. you know, the u.n. in their convention in 1950, defined and criminalized the genocide based on the holocaust and world war ii. we've only done that two times and this is the fifth time. this is the first time that a terrorist organization has ever been attributed for genocide. so that's historic in that sense, but to get to your specific question, it's largely symbolic, it's important that a civilization condemns the event of genocide no matter where
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it's taken place. i don't believe it's impacting the war because the obama administration constrained the military as we know, nothing more is happening of great consequence during this administration. they are literally passing the ball to the next administration to defeat isis. >> when i first heard this news and broke about 24 hours ago, as we were doing this program, i question why shiite muslims were included in the list, on tomorrow gen side was practiced. was that a political prove, you have to be evenly balanced in terms of the word genocide? >> not at all. it meets the criteria for genocide because the reality is, sunni based isis organization targets shiites because they're shia.
9:18 am
targets christians because they are. and they kill far more shia muslims than they have christians and yazidis combined. this has truly and always has been a war inside of islam. that's the harsh reality of it. pulled into that are christians and yazidis who are living in that area and obviously, have made war on them as well. >> general jack keane, i've got to keep it short and a market day coming up and appreciate you being with us. >> always good talking to you, stuart. >> to stocks, let's get on with it, a wall street has told to buy some stocks and what happened to them today. remember when harry reid lied about mitt romney's taxes on the senate floor. democrats have a new target, that's donald trump and they're diagnose the same thing to him. stuart: you are doing a harry
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reid and made a statement about donald trump's wealth which you cannot prove and you made a statement and you can't prove it. >> let us release the tax documents from the irs and we'll be able to prove it. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. theno one surface...out there. no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all.
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>> remember when harry reid lied on the floor of the senate about mitt romney's taxes while
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romney was running for president? now it seems the same thing is happening with donald trump. unsubstantiated attacks. listen when a hillary surrogate tried to pull that off on this program. roll tape. >> one i think this we all know is donald is not a billionaire, and let's see it. stuart: wait a minute, one thing we all know? >> come on, we don't know his financial circles. stuart: do you? >> whether it's a vodka company or the airlines. stuart: i want to see proof and-- >>. you, sir are-- excuse me, excuse me. >> when you include trump and family-- >> you are doing like harry reid. i repeat he's doing exactly what harry reid did to mitt romney and this time he's trying to do it, the democrats are trying to do it to donald trump. tamara holder is with us, still. i think it's out of bounds. >> i think there were little things that are out of bounds.
9:24 am
stuart: excuse me. >> the company-- >> his financial statement shows he's a billionaire. does the mayor of miami beach does he have a problem with the released statement. >> i don't think that the american people have a problem, what it says or doesn't say. stuart: he made a false accusation. but being unsubstantiated is false. stuart: making a statement that donald trump is not a billionaire, did it for specific political reasons and wants to downgrade donald trump. he's lying and he knows it, he's just lying. >> and why doesn't donald trump bring out his tax returns? why does he say it's the irs's-- >> he's made a financial statement like everybody has and not everybody else has released their full tax returns and donald trump is audited and you cannot tell a man's worth
9:25 am
by his tax return. >> lets me educate you, stuart. stuart: oh. >> his financial statement is the know the same as an irs tax return. plenty of mren men dated and and i say give me your worth. >> and they've given me-- >> the men you've dated, i'm done. and the dow jones average back after a 2000 point plunge earlier this year. the market bears have been hiding. missing in action as the market bounces back. we're going to take you to the opening bell. watch your money grow after this. ♪
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>> i don't believe it will have much impact. frankly because the obama administration as nothing more is going to happen >> general jack keane, top of
9:30 am
the hour in the program talking about the declaration of genocide on christian in cds and shiite muslims. we start everyday 9:00 sharp every weekday that is. you hear the bell ring in. in five seconds ... or trading. five seconds up and we're expecting the doubt to go up 40, 50, 55 points. we have opened up five-point. ashley webster here. liz mcdonald joining us. and scott shellady. we are two points higher. i'm going to start with permit their jets need to. we've not seen him around but we put your face and name on a milk carton. are you sticking with your irish point of view. >> it has been named only 45 days doubletalk to that many
9:31 am
people. but i will say in you have to -- investors have to pay close attention as to exactly what change in this market. virtually nothing has changed with corporate earnings. while we've had was three major central banks with the desperation of money printing, low interest rates, negative interest rate. what we have seen is not only are the central bank smiling to jeopardize the future economies of the respective countries, but they are willing to do just about anything to cover whatever they are trying to gather and save the market. i find that very problematic. stuart: so there is still a huge problem bubbling away under the surface and it comes to the surface much later. >> yeah. the problem is they are delaying the inevitable.
9:32 am
the fed cannot do that with him to raise interest rates, maybe get insanity back, they came out of that raising interest rates is good for us. now janet yellen comes out and clearly is against raising interest rates. and now she's telling us that not raising interest rates is good for us. this is a very confused back then when you have a can is fed, eventually realized they don't know what they're doing. ashley: the market and investors and opponents can see us be a stuart: by the way the s&p 500 just in positive for the year. i want to move on to oil because they think that maybe playing playing a role in the stop market of its morning. where 4088. we have been up 41 just above it. scott stubbs six, maybe we've got a new bottom. forty dollars a barrel. is that a new bottom? what do you think?
9:33 am
>> we've gone through my $40 level, but ultimately we squeeze the shirts out of the market number one. more to jeff's point, we got this dollar here after which i'm had to say in one day. i want to go one step further and make it clear for everybody. but all the central banks on this negative interest rate policy is to try to import and weakened currencies. the fed taking two of the rate hikes off the table. msn they weaken the dollar because it was higher because of the ex-dictation of more rate hikes. it is just undoing all of the work of those to be concurrent these by default. they've gotten stronger. that's the real story, stuart. watch how this plays out. you will unwind badly. stuart: we hear you. we hear jeff sica. i want to bring in -- you do
9:34 am
know what you're talking about. is this from goldman sachs? green shoots for the oil market. liz: in the third quarter you will see oil price higher. that is correct. thank you. this is the case why we want to get up to mideast oil. it is so important they are in the u.s. oil production is going to be down 830,000 barrels a day. that's a quarter million higher than goldman sachs. the international energy agency said the opec talk of capping prices. that doesn't even measure up to the decline in u.s. production. it matters more than anything. >> stock prices go up from where they are now. >> they are talking $40. the big-name tech stocks that will talk about everyday.
9:35 am
one investment firm says they are on sale. these three stocks, google, apple, facebook. these are cheap. >> the capital markets that you've got to have the stocks in your portfolio. solid earning outlook, cheap violations, generally favorable situation. a sailboat, gaseous particular stocks in the text that are in general has struggled this year because they were the standouts in 2015 and a difficult market taking profit and not they believe has made these very good and become a safe haven. stuart: by the way, the dow industrial right now already knew high. though the 17,540. the all-time high came last year. i believe it was 18 -- 18351, something like that. roughly 600 points away from the all-time high. play the music, please.
9:36 am
four arrow post all. 54% down. better explain this. >> it's terrible. the dow is making new highs for the year. suffering greatly. basically they have issues with one of their suppliers. they've had 13 quarters in a row of losses. in their last quarter 16%. they are closing stores and not seeking strategic alternatives. the alternatives may include a sale. and so, this while their competitors, abercrombie and fitch and also american eagle outfitters are doing pretty gray. stuart: with the bricks and mortar operation. looks like it's in trouble. okay, got it. struggles for other bricks and operations as well. downgrading bath and body works and tory secret. they are concerned with too many
9:37 am
stores. these particular brands have 3005 stories and 90% of fletcher in the united states. precious way too many. you should be concentrating on e-commerce, shutting down the overhead and it's something we see across many other retailers. there's no need for this. stuart: i see a lot of stores the link spaces, strip malls closing down. we shop online. >> even i do that. stuart: that tells you some pain. who was that laughing over there? sales down at tiffany. a strong dollar, the stock is still a good work that one out. higher profit at shoe carnival. i've not heard of it, but it's got a 7% gain. what are you laughing at? i've never heard of them.
9:38 am
starwood, debris and include western four points. they signed a deal to sell themselves to china and insurance company pays $78 a share in cash. a 5% and 80 of them. back to google. do you remember those videos we've shown you couldn't get enough of them? robot dogs are stacking shelves with google spelling the division that does those robotics. liz: they bought it for half a billion dollars. this is the robo worker in play at boston dynamics developed. as you noted a dog. if you take either of these robots down they can get back. they are so agile and breathtaking and terrifying as a source of anxiety even though they broke through the frontiers of robotics. the final frontier for boston dynamics are not making money. also reportedly the bad public
9:39 am
relations fear is that these robots would replace workers said they were concerned about pr implications. stuart: how about that. >> also, google has committed to getting rid of anything that would not generate revenue quickly. they had high hopes, but this was something they were going to scrap months ago. liz: truly groundbreaking robotics. stuart: guesstimate ladies and gentlemen. it is friday. wanted to bring this to your attention. >> she knows somebody who could take us from turkey to syria and from syria to mosul. so i decided to go for her. stuart: a kanji hottie caught on the battlefield.
9:40 am
i believe he's from virginia. he said he went over there for love, for a woman. does anyone have any comment this morning? liz: not hiding it. stuart: you're a tough guy. >> it is going to the media to get and send it. this is a vicious killer and somebody who is using this ploy to get out of whatever the consequences going to be. stuart: he never says he saw the battlefield. liz: if he's truly doing it for the love of a woman, then let the woman drive, get a job and not have to wear the scars. stuart: i thought it would liven things up a little bit. all great. check the big word. read this and smile, boys and girls get up 87 points. 17,568. best tie for the dow so far this year. europe desperate for the migrant crisis. a possible new deal with turkey.
9:41 am
give the turks cash and it will stop the boats from coming over here, coming over to europe. more to it than that, by the way. desperate to stop donald trump, secret meetings taking place behind closed doors. the gop hopelessly split. more "varney" in a moment. i love this music. ♪
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stuart: here's the deal that turkey wants to arrange with western europe. the turks are saying hey, we will take in a million of these migrants. in return, you, western europe
9:45 am
will let all of those 78 billion muslim turks into western europe. no passport, no fetus. how about that for a deal? ashley: not a great deal. they've said publicly they are not happy with that. also the bit of the red line to turkey wants to join the e.u. and wants those talks speed it up as part of the incentive for them to take these migrants. i am a how they would do this logistically, but shift the migrant others start between greece and macedonia, ship them back to turkey. every migrant return to turkey, another is then sent into the e.u. to a refugee camp. that's how it works. they would be free and clear, no bees. -- no fees. liz: a separate movement threatening civil war. in one country veto in the e.u.?
9:46 am
stuart: i don't know that if the people of europe will say no way. this is not going to happen. if angela merkel proposes this, she's the one -- liz: the german people don't like it. stuart: polls indicate. so do a few other things. we are up 68.17550. how about that. back to politics. gop ganging up on donald trump. they are holding meetings behind closed doors, discussing how to keep them from the nomination. byron york is with us. it is a full court press, isn't it? do you think it will work? >> so far it has not promised to her. the best way to describe this effort and we have seen a group of really rich republican donors meeting down in palm beach florida. we also sought a meeting here in washington yes or dead among
9:47 am
some conservative strategists all trying to figure out how to stop trump. they're kind of divided at the moment. they put a lot of money into florida. they threw a lot of negative five that donald trump and he won in a blowout against the state sitting in utter, marco rubio. didn't work. i think there are some of the donor class is saying what, not only is it unlikely to work in the future since it hasn't so far, but it could backfire on us. then there are others who say there is still a chance for ted cruz to actually get the nomination. there is a better chance to actually keep trump blow that 1237 delegate arc. so there are some who are keeping hope alive. there are some who are beginning to come around to the real possibility about the nominee. stuart: that is interesting. some are beginning to come around. one strategy for the gop could e
9:48 am
them in. >> what an idea. true to what an idea. at the moment is a terrible guy, we can't have him. he's killing the bargaining. surely a viable strategy was to be obese talk to the guy. let's see what it's got to say. maybe we can have some influence on him. >> i think it depends on the view of the whole race among the particular donors and strategists. if you tend to view this as a moral issue, if you see trump asserted that fatally, morally flawed candidate, perhaps authoritarian, it is very hard to come around. you think that is absolutely completely unacceptable. on the other hand, if you see trump as a businessman who can be dealt with, who has won all of these races and that all of these things, but he has indicated flexibility on a number of issues. then you are more likely to want to talk to them. you have to remember some people
9:49 am
set themselves up in the never trump category. by the way, we haven't mentioned them. they are also considering a third party run. stuart: it just seems unlikely to me. here's the way i see it. we've got this big primary coming up in new york on april 19th with lots of delegates on the republican side. an even bigger primary in california on june 7th in new jersey june the seventh. all three of those states, delegate rich states, donald trump enjoys a wide lead in the polls. i don't think all of this anti-trump movement can stop it. that is my point of view. what is yours? >> well, this may be a little naïve, but i think it is truth. i think the voters during the big-money people around. they go into a race thinking they can put a lot of money into it and you'd like to they want to. then the voters decision brings them around. and certainly look about the race is about the racist rob has won so far in the north east, in
9:50 am
the south and the west in the industrial midwest and michigan. he is proving to be a candidate who can appeal across the country. if it comes than the most degree since you talked about come in new jersey, new york, california, they either come around or in the never trump category. >> thank you for joining us. now how about this. a new law proposed in new jersey would make it illegal to tax while walking on the sidewalk. punishable eventually if you do it enough by jail time. we are on that next.
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stuart: with often that the president is the best gun salesman in the world. the gunmakers up in weston has just had a lifetime high and the gun taker is at a two-year high. thanks to check this out. a proposed bill in toms river, new jersey could outlaw walking and texting on sidewalk. the bill calls for a fine and maybe even jail time if you do it often enough. joining us now is former prosecutor katie fey. very good. >> sorry, what stuart? are you there? i was texting. sorry about that. stuart: that is dangerous stuff.
9:55 am
you could bump into a camera. how could you possibly legislated make it illegal to look at your look at your cell phone as to what the mystery. i don't get it. >> urso law, i am moving to cherry hill, new jersey because of this tape is late because these are the laws the democratic assembly is trying to pass for toms river. the bottom line is to look at the billet health. it actually makes it illegal to text while you are crossing the street in a crosswalk. what is kind of crazy about that is motorists are presumptively supposed to stop for you when you cross the street at a crosswalk. i get it. the motorists are texting and they are going to hate you, too. it's almost impossible to enforce because you can imagine a copy should be taking care of a more violent crime down the street in front of a crosswalk so they can issue a citation. you can get 15 days in jail. i find it to be constitutionally
9:56 am
unreasonable. himalaya kidneys to catch up because the jaywalking statute in new jersey just change. they eliminated the jet component admitted 15 community service hours. i'm all over it for you, stuart varney. stuart: well, watch out. so what do you think was behind the legislation? is it a safety concern? i mean, frankly i walked into a lamppost while doing this. i have. i have done it. i've only got myself to blame, surely. >> well, the public policy behind it is serious. they have an increasing rate of fatalities with pedestrians in new jersey and it's an honorable idea, but i'm not sure if it not sure if it will effectively be the enforcement mechanism. i also don't hope it's the right way for law enforcement to do this. it sends a great message, but it's in a crosswalk and if i'm a pedestrian and i make it into the crosswalk, i should hope that other motorists full text for me.
9:57 am
if the motorists are attacked and injured me, that is a liability the criminal exposure. it shouldn't be a pedestrians crossing the street. i get attacks are not paid attention to you anymore. stuart: your time is up anyway. we appreciate it. thank you remote, katie phang. the high price of immigration, legal and illegal. all immigration. one harvard economist says that migrants are costing american workers to have trillion dollars -- i don't get that, but we'll bring you the story. california's antibusiness policies could help propel donald trump path to victory. explain that one. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
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>> i think we should sound the trumpets, please. ♪ >> thank you. the dow hit a new high for the year 2016. look at that. we've turned around a 2000 point deficit in january and early february.
10:00 am
the s&p 500 is also positive for the year. and look at this, the dow is now up almost 100 points, 17,578 not bad. politics, donald trump under attack from all sides. the g.o.p. establishment, hackers are having a go at it. suspicious packages mailed to his son. it's happening. to the democrats, president obama tells donors it's time to rally around hillary clinton. forget her flaws, she doesn't have to be authentic. is that the new party line? reports much harassment, intimidation and violence against jewish students at new york colleges. we're talking to the state senator who has a plan to stop it. hour two starts now. ♪ >> now, here are the three biggest percentage gainers for the dow this year.
10:01 am
verizon, wal-mart and caterpillar. these are up double digits in this calendar year and contributed mightily to the dow's rebound. it's now at the high of this year. how about the price of oil? that's helping stocks as well. we're nearly at $41 per barrel. again, that helps the stock market. come on in, steve moore, stop economist to the political stars. okay. this is a stock market rebound and a big one. is it real? will it last? >> well, you know, i'm going to throw out something that i find interesting and i don't know if it's causal, but, stuart, bear with me on this. there has been a direct inverse correlation over the last couple of months, maybe two or three months, between how well bernie sanders has been doing and how well the stock market has been doing. so i think that-- think back, remember, in january and early february, when the stock market was tanking, what was happening politically? bernie sanders was soaring in
10:02 am
the poll, oh, this guy is going to win the democratic nomination. correct me if you think i'm wrong. i think there's a bernie sanders effect her, now that he's going away and we won't have to worry about socialists there's a sigh of relief. overall, the economy is just looking a little stronger now than it was. stuart: i stretched, i think, by trying to make an association between politics and the election and what's going on in the stock market. but since you revealed it and since you say it, that as bernie sanders went up, stocks went down. >> that's right. stuart: and bernie sanders sort of stalled, stocks started to go back up again. >> you've got it. stuart: i know you don't like socialist, i know you hate socialists, but are you reaching for this, do you think, just a little? >> here is why i think i'm reaching a little bit for it because i don't think that hillary is much better than sanders on the stuff. so, you know, investors say, well, hillary is going to be so
10:03 am
much better for stocks. show me the difference between these two, really. what sanders has done. we've talked about this week after week on your show. he has successfully moved hillary into the socialist direction, only she wants to raise tax rates to 50% and he wants to raise them to 70, 80%. stuart: you've got 30 seconds left. if hillary reverses trump and starts to look really, really good toward november, stocks go down and if trump starts to look really, really good before november, stocks go up? >> this is what my weekly column is about this week. it will be in the papers on saturday. i'm making the point that wall street is making a bad bet when they say that hillary is better for stocks than trump. i think they're wrong because of taxes. she wants to taxes, trump wants
10:04 am
to reduce. >> a story on immigration and that's cost. i'll be with you shortly. president obama in a closed door fundraiser meeting, he's called on democrats to rally around hillary, it wasn't a full-throated endorsement? >> president obama's endorsement is pretty much a summation of what his administration has been since day one. luke warm at best and not convincing. he was talking to a group of democratic voters from last week, from what we hear, he basically said that this is after bernie sanders won michigan, suggest that maybe we should start-- he didn't think that bernie could win and that we should start getting around hillary clinton, however, he acknowledged the weaknesses that she's not creating much excitement, she doesn't appear or authentic and that's a problem for democrats. he understands that. but the unity, we need to get behind her, what kind of
10:05 am
endorsement is that? he hasn't said that bernie sanders should quit, but in this private conversation-- lurking in the background is the possibility of an indictment. what would the president d how could the president offer even a luke warm endorsement of someone who may be facing a criminal investigation? >> you're raising a good question, would he play a role in that? >> what does he know that we don't know. don't want to get too deep. i do want to go to the republican party. the republican part of the g.o.p. is split. a lot of them are lining up against donald trump. now, democrats love this. democrats are just glorious and jubilant about this. they want to take on trump, but did democrats themselves actually cause trump? leslie marshal is with us. that's my premise. democrats like yourself, you're saying that, oh, we'd just love to go up against trump, we can't lose against trump, we're going to get him and
10:06 am
republicans are responsible for donald trump. i'm saying the opposite. i think that president obama shares a lot of responsibility for the rise of donald trump. he's done nothing about the rise of terror. he told us we are racists if we oppose illegal immigration and that we're islamophobes if we express righteous anger for muslims coming to our country and slaughtering us. >> of course, regardless a president, democrat or republican, when they're leaving and open slot for a new party to take over, anybody is going to point fingers and be angry. when we look at the anti-establishment push, both left and right and especially on the right for donald trump, that's not about president obama. if you look at his approval rating right now and you compare it to that in the house and senate for congress, it's apples and oranges. the american people are angry at individuals on the right, republicans who said we're
10:07 am
going to go to washington, we're going to create jobs, they haven't created one. we're going to go to washington and we're going to do something regarding illegal immigration, an area where you could have bipartisan support, stuart, no immigration reform. as a matter of fact, what they did was try to repeal and replace, repeatedly obamacare, the affordable care act. stuart: yeah, yeah, okay. >> and to obstruct the president and i think not keeping their promises to the american people as washington insiders have caused this anger and helped to 'cause the rise of donald trump. stuart: i here you and i think i give you at least 45 seconds of uninterrupted talking point time. now, am i a racist if i object to 11 million illegals living in this country and nothing is done about it? and nothing is done about the border, am i an islamophobe if i expression anger to muslims
10:08 am
coming to this country and slaughtering us? am i two of those things? i think the left defines me as a racist and islamophobe if i express those feelings and donald trump has given voice to people who feel that way. >> i do not feel that you're a racist for what you've said, but stuart, there are realities. when you look at state of arizona which has most of the fence, if you will, that we have built on our border, when you look at not only what it's done to their economy, but it definitely has not helped their illegal immigration program. so some of the issues are not, oh, the race, that's not-- the wall is not about race, it's comments that donald trump has made about rapists and murderers coming from mexico, mexico did not send us their best. with regard to refugees coming into this country, saying that refugees, you want a hold, a heavier screening process is one thing. saying that anybody of one religion is entirely enough is
10:09 am
not in my opinion what america is about and that does become a bit islamophobic. i learned this this morning, i've got to leave you. i did learn this. since the conflict began in syria america has admitted only six christians and one yazidis refugees. food for thought. i didn't mean to cut you off, but time is limited. >> you didn't. stuart: now this, a special item here, queen elizabeth ii of england says she will not return to london to meet with president obama next month. going to tell me more. ashley: president obama is going to london to back up british prime minister david cameron we should say in the eu after giving what they say are congesti congestion. president obama wants to meet with the queen, and she says i'm not coming to meet you, you
10:10 am
have to go to windsor castle. reportedly the president will go to lunch. there has been a leak from the palace that the queen actually supports britain getting out of the eu. of course, she vehemently deny it, but they're trying to track down the source of that little-- >> that would be the monarchy getting involved in politics, they're never supposed to. >> they never do, but it's been put out there. stuart: quite a story, dian diegression. and workers, legal and illegal cost workers half a trillion dollars a year, steve moore, i think it's utter nonsense, personally, what do you make of it. >> i think it's utter nonsense. i think that immigration, legal immigration is one of our great economic as assets as a country, one of the reasons we've been global economic super power.
10:11 am
we're getting so many of the best and brightest from the rest of the world and hard working people, too, and i think that's an asset for the country. in the 1980's and 1990's when the u.s. economy was really firing on all cylinders under reagan and clinton, we accepted record numbers of immigrants. what happened to the unemployment rate. it was at a record low. we can have immigration and low unemployment because they create business. stuart: you know what you've got to have more for immigrants, you've got to have economic growth. it's been around 2% for seven years running, you don't have the growth required to absorb the immigrants just moving in, you just don't have it. >> i think that's right. and look, i also believe that as pro immigration as i am, and i do think immigrants are the backbone of our economy, the american voters are not going to accept a more generous immigration system until we do get na border secured.
10:12 am
that really is true. americans want the border secured and then i think even donald trump would say yes to the immigrants who want to come here the right way and contribute. anybody who wants to work here in america and that's what the american treem is-- dream is, i'd even take people like you, stuart. i just don't want people coming in and wanting welfare. we should not be giving welfare to immigrants. stuart: thank you, steve moore. >> i'm glad you're here in this country. stuart: cool, thanks so much, steve. [laughter] finally, john kerry acknowledging what we've been saying on "varney & company," isis is committing genocide against christians and other ethic groups. we're on that story. and a special programming note, grand new show on fox business, wall street week hosted by anthony scare mariucciy and garrett comiskey. the first episode tonight, a big interview with general petraeus. don't miss it at 8 p.m.
10:13 am
tonight. i appreciate you coming by. absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> we're going to show you the gun makers again. specifically smith & wesson, that's an all-time high that you're looking at right there and sturm ruger. that's a two-year high. ashley, this is a huge rally. ashley: seven all-time highs because of president obama. stuart: every time he speaks, weather it's in the wake of a particular incident involving guns, it's huge news, not only for the gun maker, but for gun stock investors, they have done so well and it's not just guns, it's those associated with it. ammunition makers, olim has done remarkably well. and when they joke and say president obama is the best thing that's happened to the gun making industry, they're not wrong. look at the face next to you smiling, it's not just president obama that's done this. are you with me or not liz: every time he threatens
10:17 am
executive action, it was a record year since. i'm saying whenever there's a crime or a mass shooting, people get scared and we saw it after the paris shootings as well. >> there have been literally several million applications. >> december through february. stuart: look at the chart, we don't use the chart often. that tells the story. look at that. okay. >> quadrupled. stuart: john kerry officially acknowledging that isis is committing genocide in iraq against christians, yazidis and shiite muslims. i asked general jack keane about this earlier. listen to what he said. >> it's largely symbolic. it's important that a civilized nation condemns the evil of genocide no matter where it takes place. i don't think it will have much impact on the war because the obama administration constrained the military as we know, nothing more is going to happen of great consequence.
10:18 am
stuart: joining us now from the american islamists for democracy, zuhdi jasser. it must be difficult for any minority to live in any muz almost country, is that right. >> that's right, the thugs in charge target minorities. if there's they gain which many have been calling for this to be called a genocide. world knows and makes it known that we will not stand by and call a spade a spade. the crimes against humanity and so many have been calling for. secretary kerry did this why, 393 3 393-3 demanded that they do it. and if we don't defend minorities they will be systematically wiped out. the christians, the yazidis and
10:19 am
shiites, with torture and rape and done for years and didn't say anything and didn't call it genocide and finally did, i think a lot of families, even though it won't bring back their loved ones, it will allow them to know we stood with them. stuart: but it's not just isis that's doing this. over the last 30, 40, 50 years, first jews, then christians run out of town across almost all of north africa. that's been going on for a very long time. not necessarily calling it genocide, but it's getting rid of religious minorities on a mass scale. that's been happening. >> absolutely. and i think what your point is so important, stuart, we ignore the fact, it didn't just start after the arab awakening from iraq to some of the dictators and seen the evacuation of jews and other minorities because they've created an environment inhospitable to religious freedom and the ability for self-expression and worship and
10:20 am
we would be remiss, stuart, if we didn't recognize that samantha power, ambassador to the u.n., the person that wrote the book on genside even before isis sat by even as the majority of sunnis were wiped out. the victims of minority governments, where we sit by and do nothing. what does america stand for in the world and finally, to hear secretary kerry call isis act genocide and now we're waiting for them to call assad's act genocide against the h-them in syria, also. stuart: as always, appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: there has been a rash of anti-semitic attacks at new york colleges. a state senator tells us what he's going to do to stop it after this.
10:21 am
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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10:24 am
>> we have breaking news on what we described earlier. that would be the european union migrant deal with turkey. what have we got? >> we're hearing from a number of leaders from the czechs and the finish the landmark deal has been reached. we don't know the details yet, but we do know, according to some of these deta turkey has made some concessions. >> 0 being, now, here is what they wanted, the turks wanted to free up 78 million turks wanted free access for all of their people, 78 million. ashley: no visas, no passports. stuart: walking right into western europe, stay there. in turn the turks would take in a million refugees in greece. ashley: correct. stuart: that's not a good deal. ashley: turkey has the empty u over a barrel and angela merkel create this had situation. it's interesting to see exactly
10:25 am
what they conceded on liz: is seems like they're moving quickly. stuart: they're in serious trouble. all right, multiple anti-semitic universities at campuses, students harassed and faculty intimidated in the name of justice for palestine. recommend here. what are you going to do about this? >> and putting political correctness aside and do something about the students there just for education. stuart: what things have been happening? >> they've been harassing them, threatening them. there have been some physical altercations and at the end of the day, we can't allow the university to protect those people who are harassing people. you know, just because of their religious beliefs. we have a responsibility to protect our students and there's no place for hate on our campus. stuart: of course not, but it would seem if it's any other small minority group on a
10:26 am
university, they would be protected from this kind of behavior. but not jews. i don't get that. >> it just doesn't make sense. again, these are people who just want to attend school and there's this group. it's entirely constituted by people who want to attack and harass jews. stuart: justice for palestine is the name of the group? >> justice for palestine. they're taxpayer funded, part of the students organization at kne and say, suspend the group, suspend the group, do your investigation over time, but there's no legitimate place in colleges and state universities or anywhere else on hate. stuart: you've got to be on strong ground. taxpayer money is being used and a blatant anti-semitism going on. you've got to be on strong ground. >> we're absolutely strong ground. you're right, but we live in a world where political correctness time and again trumped common sense and we're
10:27 am
going to turn the tables on this one. stuart: we appreciate you being on the program and we're actually reaching out to qne to look at what reaction they have. >> thank you very much. stuart: donald trump's path to the nomination in my opinion goes right through california which has 172 delegates up for grabs and you know california's business killing policies could help trump pull off a big win in the republican primary. we'll see about that and deal with it. more varney after this. ♪ california dreaming on a such a winter's day ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
. stuart: the latest real clear
10:31 am
politics average of polls shows donald trump leading by more than 10 points in california. trump 31, cruz 21 and kasich at 17. voting there june the 7th. loads of delegates up for grabs. and as i heard from the state's own republican congressman hunter yesterday, fed up republicans in california could put trump over the top. watch this. >> i think he'll win california, yeah. i think you have a lot of working class people there whose jobs are in idaho, nevada, arizona, they're all gone. people have left california because california's on the leading edge of stupid when it comes to business. . stuart: okay. well, i didn't quite expect you to say that, congressman from california. but there you go. stuart: you should have seen the response to that on our e-mail and facebook pages. quite a response. now the author of tax an old
10:32 am
friend of ours. trump probably wins the republican primary. he's got a big lead. but do you think trump could win the state for the republicans in the general election? >> well, you know, this is a wonderful question to ask. trump is way ahead in california, according to their landslide poll. he's 16 points ahead crushing cruz, all democratic categories, leading with asians, latinos, young people, old people, men and women in the republican party. so he's definitely going to win the california primary. i believe that's in the bag. now, the question is key put the heat on the democrats in california in the fall? and let me tell you a scenario that could help. in the last election, only 30% of eligible voters in california voted. believe it or not, there's 25 million eligible voters in california. but only 7.5 million came out to participate in that election that jerry brown won
10:33 am
for governor. well, if you have 7% of your electorate that's not voting, and you have a candidate that's making an appeal to first time voters and we saw massachusetts many first time voters came out, 20,000 changed to republican to vote in the republican primary. there is a scenario by which donald trump could put enough heat on the democrats that they could prepare -- stuart: you and i have had this conversation many, many times. i've always said in my time california will never vote republican in a general election. but you're holding out from hope there. hold on a second, james. i just want to bring this to you. one more clip from my interview yesterday with california republican. watch this one. >> california hates business. california hates productivity, california hates ingenuity and the want you to move to arizona that's hire plan. i'm not sure how it works because they want to tax somebody; right? so they're
10:34 am
going to run out of people to tax. stuart: you know, james, i was not expecting to hear that from a california congressman of all people. but he said it right out there and there was quite a response to it. i take it you agree with him, though. >> well, i do agree with him. but i think there's a terrific frustration in that voters have simply given up in the state. we have this dichotomy according to the public policy institute of california. 65% of californians self identify as center or right wing. only 34% self identify as liberal. yet the liberal democrats win election after election after election. i think the reason for this is public employ union spending. the public employ unions have just terrific power in the state, and i think that there are millions of voters that just feel disenfranchised. now, how are we going to motivate those voters? you know, i think our republican party has been in a 25-year decline. but if a donald trump can
10:35 am
start to get independent and democrat voters back into the republican column and back into the habit of voting republican, well, jim, our state chairman of the republican party would be very happy. let me say this. i was a delegate to the 1976 republican national convention. that was the last contested convention of the republican party. i was a delegate from california for ronald reagan, and i have to say right now donald trump has twice as many votes as jarrold ford had in his margin of victory at that convention. i think donald trump is on a path to victory. i think he's going to be our nominee between new jersey and new york, he's going to pick up 300 -- in california, 350 delegates, that puts him at 1,000. and there's still 18 races to go. so this business about how the math doesn't work for trump, i don't know who's calculating the math. i wish they could get steven moore to do it, because he would be able to show you that trump's going to win the nomination. stuart: very good stuff.
10:36 am
we appreciate it. tax fornia. thank you very much. do you remember when harry reed lied on the floor about mitt romney's taxes while running for presidency? well, the same thing happened on this show yesterday with a democrat mayor going after palm beach democrat trump. >> the one thing we all know is donald is not a billionair. stuart: wait a minute. we all know -- >> well, come we all know financial circles. stuart: do you know? >> the vodka company, when it's the airline. stuart: i want to see your proof. you, sir, are doing -- excuse me. excuse me. you are doing a howie read, and you have no right to do that. it kind of went downhill from there. didn't it? anyway attorney and ms. america 2003 erica harold is with us now. erica, welcome to the program. >> thank you pleasure to be with you. stuart: i want to ask you. you're an attorney. and i want to ask you. >> i am.
10:37 am
don't hold that against me. stuart: no, i don't. there are some lawyers that i truly love. now, the mayor of miami beach you heard him right there. i think you could say that that was slander. i mean he's making an unproven accusation about a prominent politician. says he's not got a billion dollars. could trump take him on for slander? >> perhaps. however, when you're dealing with law, public figures have a much higher burden to meet because they are the topic of public discourse. but i think during the election cycle, people do have to be careful making unfounded accusations of people. stuart: well, harry reed can do it because he was on the floor of the senate and you can say whatever you want there. but the mayor was never on the senate floor and probably never will be. so maybe he's open to some legal jurisdiction. do you think? >> perhaps. perhaps so. but i think the line of attack was really about trying to get under donald trump's skin.
10:38 am
because i think they're homing that he feels motivated to defend his status as a billionaire and then release his tax records. because then people will get into the discussion about various deductions and tax rates. and i think that's probably what was really motivating in comments. stuart: okay. we've got it. now, you knew judge merrick garland i believe. you knew him quite well. you worked with him; is that correct? >> i actually got to interact with him when i participated in a court competition at harvard law school. my team made the finals and he was one of the judges in the final rounds. so that's my observation my experience with him. stuart: and he was a good man? very smart guy? good guy in the legal terms? >> i think if you evaluate his opinions in their totality, i think you see someone who doesn't bring a strong ideological bent. he's certainly more liberal than justice scalia. but i think somebody who looks
10:39 am
at the facts as they're before him and tries to apply the law fairly. now, whether that's going to give him the ability to have a confirmation hearing, i don't know. but if there is a confirmation appointee that has the ability perhaps to get to republican votes, i think merrick garland is that person. stuart: erica, another former ms. america on this program. what is it with you guys? you do so well. it was a pleasure to have you with us, and you can come again soon. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. it was a pleasure. stuart: sure thing. all right. back to your money. let's do that. talk money, shall we? market watch jennifer small is with us. first up, jeff. i want to talk retail and what i call the retail ice age. look at arrow and fashion retailer l brands. i am told they're in trouble in part because there's just too many bricks and motor stores out there. what say you? >> well, arrow postal doesn't
10:40 am
have much cash around so they're got an around too much longer. but dodo, we're talking about victoria secret. there's always going to be products for retailers they have. they had a 12% credit in their bottom line. so i have high hopes at this point. stuart: you would pick a retailer -- you wouldn't dismiss a retailer just because they're heavily into bricks and motor. you wouldn't do that? >> well, i don't know what the numbers are for the products that they sell only. but, no, i would not -- that's one of the retailers i would not dismiss. i would not dismiss l brands due to online retailing and the boom in online retailing that's occurring. stuart: any others you like? tell me a bricks and motor retailer you like them. >> to be honest with you, stuart, there aren't too many bricks and motor retailers i do like. i think as a much larger problem i take a look at the top 30 dow stocks this morning and 20 of them had negative revenue year over year.
10:41 am
16 of them had negative earnings year over year. it's not just a problem in retail. it's a problem in our economy that's going to affect retail. so there aren't too many retailers i like at this stage of the game. stuart: okay. worth remembering. jeff, thank you very much for being with us. good stuff. appreciate it. >> yes, sir. stuart: a college professor developed a way to predict the outcome of elections. last month he said a trump presidency is a near certainty. he's walking that back a little bit. his latest prediction coming up. >> how to do against your next strongest opponent. stuart: that's your met theology. >> trump looks great -- that's what i do in the past for elections going back to 1912. stuart: did you predict on those occasions that the same degree of certainty that you're predicting now? >> no. not -- it's -- i don't remember exactly. but 97% i think is one of the highest that i've ever had
10:42 am
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10:44 am
a higher merger offer. we've been covering that, and you can see both stocks with up arrows. the gun stocks, smith and we knew and moving to new highs. lifetime high for smith and we knew. a two-year high for stern. start your day right here at fox business every day lauren and i get your day started fbn . [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
10:45 am
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stuart: i just want to bring this to your attention. it's astonishing. it appears that the turks have worked out a deal with western europe whereby 78 million muslim turks will have free access to western europe by june of this year. no visa required. this is a deal that they've done in exchange for taking in some refugees. i cannot believe that they're actually doing this. more on it later. shaking my head actually. ashley: yeah, i know. stunning. stuart: moving on. my next guest has correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since '96. last time on the show he said if donald trump go up against hillary clinton in the general, he would have a 97% chance to win. he's back with a slight revision. coming back university professor. so 97% chance if he wins. last time you were on the show. >> yes. stuart: what is it now? >> 97%.
10:47 am
stuart: not much of a revision. >> a little bit. but it takes into account hillary clinton and some of the primaries she's done very well in the south. south carolina was a big steppingstone for her after the defeat of new hampshire, and she did much better as i had expected. my earlier prediction was based on some preliminary polling in that state. so now when the data came in, the results she had done much better. and that closed the gap between her and made it a little bit less certain than it was. stuart: so it's now at 87% chance that trump beats her. >> yes. stuart: in the general. >> 87. stuart: now, what do you base that on? performance in the primaries? will go to has been it's a metric of your performance against your opponent or next strongest opponent or if you have several like trump doesn't have one. it's the strength that you get from the metric. stuart: is this a statistical analysis? >> yes. stuart: , or are you looking at specific voter groups. >> no. no. just overall the bottom line in these primaries. what the result is.
10:48 am
and that factors into the formula, and it spits out a number at the end. i should also say in addition to that, i also include a long-term cycle. if, like, something going on for 200 years and it's, like, the two term people can see that. . stuart: okay. >> and it's very clear that in this election it will favor the republicans. even without trump. it's a change election. trump is just the strongest i think strongest change candidate. certainly much stronger than hillary clinton who i don't think has a strong credit of being a change candidate. so donald trump in a change election, the change candidate is predicted to win. stuart: i think i asked you this last time. >> yeah. stuart: you're a professor. >> yes. stuart: you've got -- [laughter] you're risking your job. >> you know, i've told many, many people that. and i think my university, i would have to say is quite accepting. in fact, i should tell you
10:49 am
i've been invited to speak to the board of the stonybrook foundation about my forecast. stuart: really? >> it's going to be a trial to see whether -- stuart: a job interview. >> i should retire early. stuart: professor, thank you so much for joining us. >> pleasure. stuart: come again because i want to know if there any revisions. you'll come back. don't worry. >> thank you. stuart: i want to go to brazil for a moment where police used tear gas to disburse thousands of protesters last night. this is a big deal going on down there. liz, what happened? liz: essentially there's allegations of corruption alleged against the former leader of brazil, who's now in the current leader basically administration. so the protests have been underway for a number of hours now. involving the big oil company in brazil. stuart: and the olympics are in august. ashley: oh, boy,. stuart: yes. i'm about to do something
10:50 am
extremely difficult making central bankers interesting. i'm looking for a buzzer free my take. and it's next here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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10:54 am
campaigning in arizona and utah today where a total of 98 delegates are up for grabs. right now donald trump has 673 delegates. ted cruz has 411. john kasich has 143 with 1,237 needed to win. according to the wall street journal, trump needs to win 57% of the remaining 1,000 or so delegates in 22 states to secure the nomination. ted cruz would need to win 83%. and even if he won all 1,000 remaining delegates, john kasich couldn't hit that number. now back to stuart in new york. stuart: the federal reserve. the bank of japan, the european central bank. oh, please, don't change the channel. i know the world central banks are boring as the day is long. but what they're up to right now affects us all. everyone all over the world. here's the really bad news. they're not doing well. the suspicion is they are lost. they don't know what they're doing. consider this.
10:55 am
in japan, they take in your money, but they don't give it all back to you. it's called negative interest rates. same thing's happening in europe. they're trying to force banks to lend, and it's just not working. over here, the federal reserve has kept interest rates extremely low. but the economy is still very weak. these central banks have tried everything except one thing. cutting taxes. of course bankers can't do that. only governments can and the last thing the governments in japan will do is cut taxes. oh, no, can't do that. these governments all believe in high taxes so that they can buy the votes that keep them in power. the brits are the exception. they did cut taxes and spending and they're doing quite well, thank you. but everybody else clings to the tax and that policy is failing. what we're looking at are the ravages of leftest economics. by central bankers. what's missing everywhere are
10:56 am
tax cuts that boost private enterprise. is this so difficult? the bank verifies printed money and cut rates. governments have spent heavily and run up debt and the world economy is a mess. but think as this as an opportunity for america. this is the world's biggest economy and what we do here affects everybody else. if we cut income taxes, the private sector gets a boost. if we cut corporate taxes, we bring back some of the 2 trillion that stays overseas. another boost. why don't we do it? because we are stuck in socialist mode. tax cut bad. government spending good. it's not working. surely time for a change.
10:57 am
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when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. . stuart: coming up at 11:00 eastern time and why don't we get right at it because look at this. we have a nice rally, again. in fact, the dow is positive for the year. in fact, the dow was recovered
11:00 am
from you 2,000-point deficit earlier in the year. we're now at 17,581. and look who's here to cover it. fiscal time conference liz peek and always of course liz macdonald and ashley webster. has hasn't the market gone up and it has for the last few weeks. >> it has. and it's because the fed are has adopted a more did you havish poster, basically you don't fight with the fed. that's been the result of the investors. and as a result of their posture, the oil markets have strengthened. an up coming supply agreement coming up. that's helped. and also domestically we actually had some very good noise, which i haven't seen much coverage of, which was a philly fed, which is a muchd inf manufacturing activity actually turned higher for the first time in eight months -- or seven months. and the empire state index did the same.
11:01 am
and that was reported yesterday. and i think that may have helped the market as well. stuart: so continuing loose money. ashley: yeah. stuart: slightly stronger economy and the central bankers around the world don't know what they're doing but nobody cares so much about that. and there we go up 102 point at 17,583. great story but do you think it lasts, liz? ashley: i think it's built on sand for that very reason. relying on the fed again to prop it up. i don't think anything else has changed. corporate earnings down three-quarters in a row. the corporate economy not great at all and central banks here and elsewhere that have lost control iraq and we had a consumer read on confidence. so that's not good. stuart: what. stuart: you didn't get the buzzer. it's unusual we start out at the top of the hour with the stock market and the financial news. we don't do that. but let's move on. politics, please. as the gop establishment, they're holding secret meetings aimed at donald trump does not get the nomination.
11:02 am
liz, this is a totally split gop. any way you splice it. >> it is. but we're in the way of primary season. where we're really hearing all of this chatter about the division, the fracturing of the republican party is guess what? the liberal media. democrats want to see a brokered convention. they want to see a really messy outcome here; right? because in 1968 that happened to them, and they lost big time. and this is accidental. stuart: there is a clear path for donald trump to get 1237 delegates he needs. liz: yeah, and here's what's going on. i mean the republican party has lost its way. it doesn't speak to the blue-collar workers that trump is speaking to. since 1992 they realized they're not getting the reagan democrats. they're saying you know what? our trade deals are on special interest. ashley: absolutely appalling. i really do. stuart: what? ashley: i think the way that they're all gathering in secret rooms.
11:03 am
how do we bring down this guy? totally missing the point. he's touching something that they're out of touch with. liz: , yes. stuart: and the more they try to stop him, the more people will go to trump. liz: the trade deals have been hurting. we have to take another look at them. they've been hurting the blue-collar workers, that's who trump's speaking to. stuart: now this also on donald trump. he tweeted this out. this is a criticism of hillary clinton. quote hillary clinton has been involved in corruption for most of her professional life. i think that was senator ted cruz responded to trump also using twitter asking him then why did you contribute thousands of dollars to her? a little confused with all of these tweets. >> again, it's primary season; right? stuart: it's primary season. >> but, look, trump is totally right. hillary clinton is a serious corrupt person and we haven't heard much about this in this campaign season. bernie sanders has been a sort
11:04 am
of hands off contestant. donald trump will not be. we have not heard a word of the clinton foundation. i'm hoping he blows up that issue totally on the campaign trail because americans need to know what hillary was up to as secretary of state. the favors she was giving. the money that came into the clinton foundation just surprisingly at the same time. that is a terrible story. voters need to know about it. stuart: and trump i'm sure will be -- >> absolutely. stuart: let's move on to the democrats. president obama telling a group of democrat donors that they must unite behind hillary clinton as the nominee. now, liz, the president acknowledged that hillary has her flaws as a candidate. but he said democrats -- you just got to unite around this candidate. that's what he says. >> yeah. he wants his legacy continued. and hillary clinton has promised to do that. but she is a very flawed candidate and obama knows that. ashley: not great but we better get behind her i guess . stuart: holding in the
11:05 am
background is the possibility of a criminal indictment. liz: well, she's got three government probes. that's right. so the president does have to walk a fine line here in how he endorses. stuart: but what does he know that we don't know? liz: the fbi is yet to refer to the justice department. stuart: yeah, look, if you're going out there saying we've got to unite around hillary. ashley: uh-huh. stuart: and you know that your justice department may have to deal with a criminal indictment, what do you know that? >> but cannot endorse sanders; right? because he knows sanders is not going to win a national election. so his best bet at this point is to stay in the hillary camp, keep bringing in money for the democrats and hillary. if this blows up, there will be i think another candidate. i don't think it will be bernie sanders who steps into those shoes. stuart: you think that in the event of an indictment that is pushed by the justice department, there will be another candidate? >> i do. stuart: that's what you believe? >> yes. stuart: any ideas on who that might be? >> well, everyone has talked about joe biden forever. that's the obvious person, and he continues to have very favorable ratings.
11:06 am
i think that's a good shot. stuart: all right, liz, developing story for you here we go. the developing union of turkey we hear have reportedly reached a deal on migrants. you've got a headline on this, ash. ashley: we believe of. the eu has agreed to allow citizens free reign within the eu wit end of june this year. in other words, no visa requirements, all barriers are down. come on in. now, don't forget turkey above everyone else, that was the eu over a barrel because they need to get this migrant situation. but that's a huge barrel. stuart: whoa. ashley: this is the country turkey -- it's a terrible human rights record. you can't even criticize the president in public. they've arrested 2,000 people just for criticizing someone on the street. they've taken over newspapers and turned them into government newspapers. the joke is once these borders are down, you're going to have journalists running like the migrants trying to get the heck out of turkey. stuart: but you've missed something.
11:07 am
78million turks. ashley: 78, yes,. stuart: and almost all, 99% muslim. ashley: that's right. stuart: so you face the prospect of 78 million muslims going straight into western europe. ashley: free reign. stuart: no passport, no visa required -- i guess maybe a passport, but certainly no visa required. just walk in and work. liz: and on top of it they get 6 billion euros; right? ashley: 6 billion in cash and for every syrian taken from greece back to turkey, they will resettle another syrian in the eu. that's part of the deal. stuart: i have to predict a revolt on the part of the ordinary person in western europe will not stand for this. >> remember this comes on the heel of decades of turkey trying to get into the eu. basically for exactly these reasons. so this is not a subject that is brand-new. liz: right? >> or that has been not argued in the past. it has. and turkey lost. so this is -- this is basically black mail. ashley: exactly. cheryl: we're just sitting back flabbergasted quite
11:08 am
frankly. this will encourage the brits to say absolutely not. goodbye. ashley: very bad news for david cameron. >> that is the unexpected outcome of this. stuart: you know, i think we've got an agreement around the table. friday morning. it's president obama's last year in the white house. and now he's pushing to increase into retirements. details, please. liz: 3.9 million. that's what the president's budget says. basically overall spending on presidents after they leave office. includes not just secret service but travel, pension, office support staff. that would be an 18% increase from the last prior year 2016 which the president won an increase. so people saying you spend a lot in office. why are we spending more on presidents after they leave? they do speeches, they have foundations, they get a lot of work after. clinton and george w get a million each in allowances. so, you know, the question is -- stuart: i'm not. president of the united states
11:09 am
of america. okay? come on. you need protection, you need some -- liz: this is also travel and -- really? . stuart: it's everything. liz: a lot of money. nearly $4 million on spending on presidents now every year. stuart: we've got a deficit, a debt of 19 trillion. that's a drop in the bucket, isn't it? liz: well, this is. they get nearly a million a year and the first ladies also get 100,000 every year. i'm sorry that's a lot of money being spent. really? when they could get paid speeches, they have foundations, they've got books they've written, their own little companies. stuart: remind me. liz: i don't like spending on presidents, former presidents. that's a lot of money. stuart: i've got it. >> if they need it. stuart: that -- that ends. liz, thank you very much indeed for being with us. >> thanks for having me. stuart: now this. donald trump the clear gop front-runner. can he get the 1237 delegates
11:10 am
he needs to avoid an open convention? come on in, randy evans from the republican national lawyers association. we have no problem with lawyers on this program, randy. okay. you're welcome. >> good to hear. stuart: take me through the process. no candidate gets 1237 delegates in the first ballot, then what happens? >> well, really we just go to the second ballot and the third ballot. the real challenge is every state is completely different on how long they bound their delegates. so here in georgia, as a delegate you're bound two ballots, in florida you're bound three ballots. there are some states that you're bound until the candidate releases them. stuart: overall, randy, i am told -- i may be wrong on this. but i'm told on the second ballot, 80% of the delegates are freed up and they can vote for whomsoever they choose. is that accurate? >> that is.
11:11 am
it's -- i would say 78. not to be hyper technical about it. but there's between 75 and ol'% that free up. stuart: so that's where you get the horse trading. they can't make the 1237 first ballot. they go to the second ballot, 78% of the delegates freed up and they start talking to each other making deals. that's where the deals happen; is that right? >> it is. you have to remember to be supported by eight states in order to get your name in nomination. so it won't just be anybody. it would have to be the majority of eight states to stand up and say we support this candidate. we would like to place that name in nomination in order to even be eligible or receive votes in the convention tally stuart: would you comment on the following? if the candidate who has the most delegates is not the nominee, i say the republicans lose. you say what? >> well, i would say it has happened before. and, in fact, most times when a candidate goes into the
11:12 am
convention and they don't have enough to be presumptively. someone else ends up being the nominee. here -- unless something really strange happens, i think you're going to see donald trump either get to the 1237 or in the alternative based on my calculations, i think he'll end up about 75 delegates short. but you'll have 150 or so delegates that are unbound. he should be able to win it on the first ballot if the current trajectories continue . stuart: i think you're right actually. i think you're dead right. for a lawyer, that's not bad. that's pretty good. [laughter] i'm sorry. i've had a lot to do with lawyers recently. so you know how. randy evans, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much. stuart: sure thing. up next. someone who has a message for bernie sanders. and that message is drop out. let hillary take control. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
11:13 am
then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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stuart: well, well, well. will you look at this? i believe this is the high for the dow for the year. we're up 108 points at 17,589. and president obama, we're going to say it again. he's the best gun salesman in the world, isn't he? look at this. smith and we knew lifetime high. that's because the president reportedly or theoretically might want to take your guns away. so buy them now while you can. mastercard testing new way to pay for your purchases with extra security. by using a selfie? come on, gerri willis, explain that one. >> hi. so mastercard calls this the identity check. who cares.
11:17 am
i call it selfie security. this is how it works. we have a video we're going to show you exactly how it works so you can understand. but you enroll with your issuing bank that issues the mastercard and they give you an aughtization code, and you download the app. the app takes a picture of your face, converts it to ones and zeros, a secret code, password. you don't need a password anymore and then when you shop, you're asked to take another selfie and they match them. and you're wondering why is that woman blinking in the video? and i say to you that's how they make sure it's a live picture or real picture. proof of life. stuart: it's not your younger brother or something. it's really you. >> you're 14 buying a maserat. stuart: i'm told that 60% in america have the old cards with no chip in them. what is that at all? >> well, it's not perfect, my friend. this is going to secure your online shopping because if somebody comes and steals your card this afternoon in your office and goes shopping,
11:18 am
you're not protected. okay? if they go shop in the real world. but this is for online shopping. and, again, here's how it works. there's a conversion of your face to a password, a code. ones and zeros and then you match it up every time you buy online. this is going to launch the summary. it's going to take some kind of sign on by online vendors all over the world. >> i think it's good. stuart: it's the way of the future maybe. ashley: yeah. >> listen, the more you can protect my identity, the more you can protect my credit and my credit card, the happier i am. liz: and a butter fly net over me winking at my computer. ashley: you do that anyway. stuart: gerri willis, thank you very much indeed. to the democrats, please. our next guest says senator bernie sanders just flat out drop out of the race. mark alderman, democrat strategist with us now. all right, mark, he's not going to drop out of the race. he says he's going to stay in the race and all the way through to the convention and
11:19 am
probably will have some influence on the convention. he's not listening to you. >> stuart, this cake is baked. hillary is the nominee. it's over. but bernie may not drop out. he may take this to california on june 7. he may win california because he has the three ms. he has money, he has message, and he has the millennials. so hillary has to stop beating up on him. hillary has to embrace him, embrace his supporters and start pulling this party together. stuart: yeah, but then she moves further to the left, which, you know, is not going to do down terribly well in november, is it? >> she doesn't have to move further to the left to bring bernie supporters on. i've talked to a lot of them. what they want to hear from her is that he's been right about some things where she's been wrong. that she has learned that she has grown. she should do what bobby kennedy advised. he said in politics you need to hang a lantern on your problem.
11:20 am
she has a credibility problem with sanders supporters. she should hang a lanter on it, shine a light, talk about it, and move on. stuart: every democrat i've talked to says the possibility of an indictment is of no cause for concern whatsoever. you're not going to tell me that, are you? >> i am not going to tell you that, stuart. i am going to tell you that secretary clinton is not going to get indicted. this is a republican fantasy. i heard a woman on your show yesterday talking about hillary ending up in jail -- stuart: no. no. no. do you think -- wait it's not a fantasy. there are three separate investigations including a criminal investigation by the fbi. i mean this is not a fantasy to the idea that she might be indicted or a recommendation for indictment from the fbi. that's not a fantasy. >> i don't believe she's going to be indicted. i've talked to people who know the case, who know the evidence, who know the process. there's no air there. but i will say that on our
11:21 am
side too, there is a fantasy that if she were to be indicted, which is not going to happen, it wouldn't matter. of course it would matter. stuart: yes, it would. >> and anyone who says it wouldn't is as foolish as others who say she'll be n jail by november. stuart: okay. we hear you, mark, that's actually coming on the show. let's see how things pan out as they say. >> very good. stuart: up next, 91-year-old conservative icon. she's going to tell us why she is backing donald trump. >> we've been following the losers for so long. but now, we've got a guy who's going to lead us to victory. [cheers and applause]
11:22 am
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hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be.
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11:26 am
>> i did get him to sign onto the republican platform and i think our platform we passed last year as the best ever. strong on her life. strong on marriage, strong on military superiority, which is a key issue with me forever. it is strong and not engaging in these deals, which are so hurtful to american jobs. stuart: a lot of people say he's not a conservative, but he changed his position on all kinds of things. >> well, i can remember when they said that about ronald reagan when he was running. you know, there were a bunch of us who supported no crane nightmare because they thought nightmare because without reagan wasn't conservative enough. but it turned out he was the most conservative president of our time. trends do i know you are 91 years of age. would you travel the country.
11:27 am
>> others will have to do that. i did go on the stage and introduced him to the same crowd. my city has sized -- i was born and raised there and i went to school and college in st. louis and we were happy to welcome him. stuart: phyllis schlafly, everyone peered >> of us, god bless. stuart: god bless you. jessica todd is a democrat well known on this program. she's going to tell us that people are going for donald trump. that should be interesting. a democrat telling us why people are going for donald trump unit don't forget, programming updates. the newest addition to the fox business lineup. wall street week. 8:00 ethan. gary kaminsky, 8:00 p.m. tonight fbn. ♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ stuart: a triple digit rally. 17,582. this trading session the dow hit
11:32 am
its highest or the year thus far. look at casino socks, otherwise known as the main issues, the proper name. a nice pot because of a lot of investment firms are less bearish on the cow. which is the center campaign on the middle southern tip of china. all of them is a nicely higher. former vice president of tourist pharmaceuticals, that the company that raised the price of the life-saving drug at 7%. the executive said he was fired because he opposed that huge price increase. >> he did. he was the vice president. he was also a top lawyer and said you're going to put the tories each to $750 each. that is not good for the company, not good for the brand reputation. turns around and says you're wrong. i know what i'm doing. people don't care about price increases.
11:33 am
so he was fired. liz: by the way, it shkreli didn't pay r&d costs on this drug. that is jacked up the price. stuart: but it got to get back to politics because that way we are. jessica is here. she's a democrat. now from your point of view, i want you to tell the audience why so many people are going for donald trump. >> we will agree on this because i'm going to use this backlash against pc culture largely created by the left but i don't believe president obama is responsible for the rise of donald trump. i think that there has been for much longer than president obama as president he a leadership at the top here they haven't felt strengthened that way. >> what happened to you? >> i just said it's not obama's fault completely.
11:34 am
>> that's the important word. >> there's a culture in washington. >> less than 50% for sure. >> the greatest admission for many democrat on this program. it is a pc culture. the latest is that in manhattan have no understanding of how ordinary people feel about this. >> i do now so i'm starting to get it. i would say for donald trump, when we started out obviously i'm not for a 35 cobol and i'm not for the deportation of 11 million people. democrats i believe are coming around to the fact that border security is a tremendous issue to americans of all stripes. stuart: show me a democrat who says that in public. >> uranium. -- here i am. diane feinstein.
11:35 am
they are fixing the border. respectively they have the mlm last. it's the other way at this point. she talks about how hillary clinton is spoken about it herself. >> i haven't heard anybody say. stuart: fix that border. make it secure. >> that's not true. as part of immigration reform. i don't know we are listening to. you're not listening to the good ones. stuart: they want hispanic vote. you lose the hispanic vote. >> now come you don't lose. but donald trump has shown us is hispanic voters in this country do have a concern as well as illegal immigration. they went to the legal process even more people in the future. they don't want to penalize the 11 million here. that is where the two sides can
11:36 am
come together and say there are about a million people here largely law-abiding. people who take that off just because they want to be on record as doing now. everyone must not relent to open up obamacare to illegals that pay into the system. children are often american. you make them citizens and it wouldn't be as much as a financial strain. stuart: amnesty plan for 4.5 million illegal immigrants. given the green card or certification and put them in social security. >> i don't think they ever said let's get these people. this is intel you are part of the economy. illegal immigrant population. >> you think it was popular? stuart: here's some food stamps and get a job. >> donald trump has a negative 65 approval rating.
11:37 am
you think that's possible? are way about this is more popular. stuart: i just want your prominent democrat elected officials stand up and say secure that border. that's what we want. i'll type them all. come back monday and tell me what she found out. a democrat u.s. senate fix that border, job one, fix the border. okay, forget the job one. >> i'm going to work on it. stuart: i want to get to the economy. >> go for it. it is your show. our next guest is an economics professor here to tell us why the economy is worse than voters think it is. king's college esteemed professor bryan brandenburg is here. voters don't think the economy is doing well.
11:38 am
>> but the type of election this year's campaign is no one talking about it. the long-term picture hasn't changed. by 2040 talks about that were held out of his depth this will start rising this year and keep rising by 2020 to over a trillion dollars. that is a real problem. that crowds out private investment hurts workers wages. voters aren't paying attention to it and the candidates are talking about it. trees do we always hear this is a problem this huge deficit hanging over our heads. our grandchildren can pay it. but never crunches there. >> the crunch comes later. the people in office right now will be ahead of baathists and they don't have to do with it. stuart: a reward for politicians to say watch out for the dead. >> there's very little political reward, but a huge importance. if you don't do with it eventually have to pay the piper. that is what voters are paying
11:39 am
attention to. they are concerned about manufacturing. i think we are overplaying that when a little bit. we have never manufactured more country than we do right now. we are three times more export in 1995. profits of manufacturing are high. is there good things and nobody is that narrative. that's why voter concerns are overblown. they are concerned about employment in manufacturing. i've tried to give you -- come on now. look, if you don't diagnose the problem correctly come your solutions are all wrong. the rhetoric we are getting like manufacturing is off base a little bit. talking about crazy things like 45% from 35% tariffs. it kills the economy. stuart: that is trump's idea. knock it off or also do this. >> i don't like a negotiation. you want to be china. happenings are for business in the u.s. you don't do that.
11:40 am
i had some serious concerns there. anybody looking at the campaign shows. 45% tariff and import product. nobody is thinking through the long-term effects. stuart: the other side of the coin. hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. she wants to spend a whole lot more money, raise taxes and ignore the debt. when you think about that? >> she wants to raise taxes and my big concern is the investment tax. growth has been slow, wage growth has been slow. we need more economic growth. that's not going to happen if you tax investment. the last thing you do if you want the economy to grow. that's where the real problem is with what she's talking about. she reasonable compared to bernie sanders. she looks like she's the nobel prize economist compares to him. that is the real issue we have. >> the nobel prize economist advising her. stuart: i'm talking to bryan brandenburg. [laughter]
11:41 am
>> sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt. stuart: thank you or imagined they'd. sorry for the interruption. >> no problem. stuart: up next come the serious story. secretary of state john kerry sent his is committing genocide. very strong word of course. will the obama administration do anything about it? we will deal with it. professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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11:43 am
>> i am nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average of about 15-point off the ties of the day. worth noting the dow was down in positive territory for the year 2015 missing yesterday and holding onto baking today at five weeks in a row. the s&p 5009, the nasdaq up 21. a look at the s&p movers with the sox doing well. the cow picture looking better. you are also seen health care as a winner. looking at the retailers in particular. names under pressure now be enforced an alternative which could include a sale. tiffany in new york and co. are winners today. oil pulled back and write out the dow was up 99 points. start your day on fox business 5:00 a.m. we have everything their today's darted. -- everything today to get you
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: well, well, well, an interesting and new development. how's weaker paul bryan said he will work with donald trump if donald trump when the nomination. that seems to me, ashley, first opening up the door. ashley: little glimpse of light coming in. stuart: paul ryan, important guy. he is not part of the never
11:46 am
trump knowhow brigade. ashley: apparently not. he says i will defend the very ideas of the republican party is founded on. they said i will work with whoever the nominee is and if that is donald trump i would get behind it. that is a big thing. stuart: it is a big deal because he sees the writing on the wall. donald trump does have a path. ashley: the upper echelons of the gop don't. they are in denial. stuart: i wonder if i'll ran can bring over other republicans who will join him and say without a fight, see who's the nominee. if we lose, we are with trump. ashley: it's an acknowledgment of how badly split the party is. stuart: i think you're right. dow industrials 100 points. a nice rally this friday morning. secretary of state john kerry, acknowledging that basis is committing genocide against christian dvds and shiite muslims. kinley is with us, evangelical
11:47 am
preacher and american veteran. welcome to the program. it is good to see you with us today, sir. i don't think the administration is going to do anything about this genocide against our fellow christians. and i want to see -- this is my preference. i want to see a more muscular response from the united states to what is going on in north africa. how about you. >> well, i agree with you, stuart. the very fact that we have trouble labeling people with this administration and even calling the correct names is mind-boggling in itself. and to try and do something the fact that john kerry finally came out yesterday was genocide in syria. that is remarkable in itself. we can even get the president to use the word islamic terrorists. it seems like we are stuck on labels.
11:48 am
i don't think the people that are committing this horrible atrocity in genocide in syria and iraq, other places across the middle east are too much worried about labels. we are arguing about them and fussing about them. sure into this has been going on for years. this is in the headline for years and years and years. why did it take so long for this label to appear from secretary kerry? >> finally we are getting some pressure. i mean, yesterday congress voted unanimously to call it a genocide. i don't remember the last time the republicans and democrats agreed unanimously on anything. it must be pretty serious good john kerry, mulcher kerry, mulcher liberalist calling it a genocide, it's even worse than what we are told it is in the descriptions. so it is pretty bad. and now it is time to not only issue the fact of what it is and
11:49 am
call it what it is then label it, but to do something about it. so i don't think this administration will do anything about it. it will be up to the next administration to stop this around this atrocity. stuart: what we could do, reverend is bring some of the persecuted christians to america. here is what i heard from the initiate. she is with the hudson institute religious freedom. she said this this morning on fox news that the conflict began over there, only six christians have been admitted to the united states. what is with that? >> yes. the president is so bent on bringing muslims, which we are not betting and we don't know anything about them. we don't know whether they were connected with iss for other terrorist groups are not. we neglect the christian spirit we push them aside. they are the ones getting their heads chopped off. they are the ones put in animal cages and burned alive and being killed systematically.
11:50 am
i think what is going to have to happen is we are going to have to have some boots on the ground. i know people don't like to hear that. there are some things worth fighting for. some things worth dying for. if we continue this to go on over there, it won't be long until we come here. i know people think that sounds like an alarmist that we would let these barbarians come to america. our barriers around field right now and there's nothing to prevent them from coming. my deal is left of boots on the ground. i am in the rain. i am a fighter, so i'm saying let's go alex alec on the street to street, town to town, city to city and with these people out. they need to be killed. stuart: i am out of town. we hear you reverend edward thank you for being on the show today. >> thank you, stuart, honored. stuart: check that market. keep on doing it because it brings a smile to your face. we have seen earlier today a new
11:51 am
high for the year 2016. we are up 100 right now. a dating website exclusively for white people. now the people behind the website are being called racists. that is next. you both have a
11:52 am
11:53 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: our next guest has been called racists because they have
11:55 am
a dating website they created and it is called where white people meet. sam and jody russell created the website in there with us now. i want to tell you, if you cater to people, specifically by race, in today's world you will be called racists. what is your response? >> well, to clear something up, it is not exclusively for white people. anyone can join. and we created this site for a lot ofsons. based on there are other -- they sure can and they sure have. we have quite a few black members. stuart: so what is the point? if i go to where white people meet, i would expect to meet other white people. surely. >> predominately that would be the case, same as if you would expect to wear black people meet or asian dating, but at the same time the site is open for anyone
11:56 am
to join regardless of race. >> big difference. stuart: i am not taking issue with you. i'm sure it's a very successful website. i'm not being critical. i'm raising the issue in this day and age if you put that name on your website, you'll be called racists. i take it business is good. >> it had been good and during this process, people also to state know we are not racist. this is not done as a racially motivated business whatsoever. in fact, if anything we been discriminated against a little more so than we've ever been in my life. we been on the other end of the stick so discreet. stuart: why did you call up where white people meet? >> just based on the great arcanine idea with other websites that exist. we were watching tv, seen as for every other dating website out there.
11:57 am
we came up with the idea why not wear white meat will -- by people as a legitimate dating website and take advantage of that $1 billion space out there. stuart: you are successfully take it. is it free? mac like in a dating website, guess you can join for free, but to communicate you have to pay a monthly or weekly membership. whichever way you decide to go. stuart: how many people have you got in your organization? how many people are on where white people meet? 10,000 to 11,000 subscribers. it is closer to 15 now. i'm not sure the exact memberships, but it is growing everyday like crazy. it has been phenomenal the way it has been accepted. stuart: thank you for being on the show in answering the questions. we appreciate that and wish you best of luck.
11:58 am
>> thanks very much. stuart: we will have more "varney" after this.
11:59 am
here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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stuart: what a day. i was up 110 points. almost 176. my time is that. it is yours. >> thank you my friend pick up this straight week of advances into positive territory as stuart pointed out here. that could be the wind democrat and more important hillary clinton or bernie sanders should he get the nomination. we'll explore that in more detail. let's switch over to other sets of numbers for republicans right now. the latest delegate math, donald trump dating with ted cruz at 413, john kasich of ohio at 143. hillary clinton thanks to the superdelegates she has north of 1600 right now. bernie sanders has 856. it is interesting that sanders has 26 superdelegates himself. so she didn't take them all. again, if he is the rough


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