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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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how far does this go? how bad does this get? if there was any other candidate, you think he got a little bit different attention? cheryl casone taking us through the next hour. >> thank you. breaking this hour. one of the world's most wanted men. caught in bell jump. on the run since the belgium attack. the only one that is now still alive. hello, everyone. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. confirming to fox news. the fugitive has been captured. we are getting some breaking details. we also have retired navy commander who served under secretary rumsfeld. first to you.
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some new details about the injuries. >> been on the run. eighteen weeks today since those shooting that claimed the lives of 130 people in paris. apartments in the mall and back area. radical terrorists in bell jump. finally got him surrounded. more importantly, he survived. what can he tell authorities? that is the question. surviving in one of the safehouses. quite surprising to say the least. earlier this week, counterterrorism units were doing a routine check on an apartment that suddenly blew up into a gun battle. he was there at the time. managed to get out the back window.
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escaped out the rooftops. his dna was found in the apartment. taken alive. >> i want to bring commander gordon into this whole thing. all of these months. these terrorist that went in and attacked paris, unfortunately, this was pure luck that they found him. why are we not advancing war on terrorism? >> well, you know, i think that this is terrible. it represents how europe is being killed with political correctness. europe is so concerned about appearing to be racist that this
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guy gets a path, essentially. this is the ticking time bomb. i spoke to the parliament in the last few years. there are pockets where extremists are normal. if you dare to challenge that, you are called out. this is the tip of the iceberg. >> refugee crisis which could derail angela merkel, of all people. >> i will get to that. europe is free and wide open. no one stopping them. getting too serious and getting the odds. it is not easy. this is very organized military operations. the individual countries are not sharing information. it is absolutely horrendous. the belgium said that they still have not shared it with us. each individual country wants to
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go through that information. they do not just send it out. it continues to be a massive problem. >> how can we americans feel safe? they are much more free and open. they are using, whether it is greece or turkey or other countries to infiltrate europe. how can be so sure? >> we cannot. speaking of turkey, they have 2.5 million series ends in there right now. it is actually being destabilized. living in the pinocchio nose. turkey issued an arrest wire for him. trying to topple the government and replace it.
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america ought to deport this guy today. plus, the fbi has been investigating this guy. a federal court case now. that is one way. the other way is we have to defeat political correctness. the reason why the san bernardino killers were able to patch their plot and actually kill people is because the neighbors were afraid to be called islam a faux -- phobic. we cannot just cower because people are afraid. >> .load trump is the one that dialed into this anger. well, you know, it is racism. we are finding that americans are afraid of refugees coming here.
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look at what is happening in europe. >> absolutely right. europe just did a deal with the devil. part of getting this migrant crisis settled out. they have been giving free reign for 77 million turks to travel freely. this is 77 million muslims. compounding the problem in the security risk. >> we will can -- we will continue to follow the breaking news. we will continue to get updates from our partners. commander gordon, thank you as well, sir. >> thank you, cheryl. turning to our other major story. we have to go back to politics. big wins expected for donald trump on tuesday.
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polls have been leading by 13 points. despite being second in the delegate race, the party has not rallied behind cruz as a trump alternative. he would have to win on 80% of the rest of the delegates to reach that critical number. 1200 dirty seven. peter barnes in d.c. he has all the latest and the rhetoric coming from the trump campaign today. >> hi, cheryl. ninety-eight of those delegates will be up for grabs. as of today, trump needs 54% of the remaining 1000 or so delegates in the remaining states to get to those numbers. ted cruz needs to get 78%. even if he won all of the remaining 1000 delegates, john kasich did not get to the magic number. a group of leaders that oppose
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trump met in washington on thursday. could include a contested convention that could nominate cruz or k sick. battling over convention rules. some favoring changes. making the election process more transparent. fighting to keep them the same which could hurt him. >> there is an all out effort to stop donald trump from the established power brokers. the question you have to ask is why. the failed political class is trying to hold onto power. >> the trump campaign plan around all of this that it is to just power through the remaining primaries and with enough additional delegates to head into the convention in cleveland this july with at least the necessary 1237. ashley: thank you, peter barnes.
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i want to bring in progressive radio host chris haun and former bush speech should writer ryan. you have to wonder when it comes to republicans right now, if they are finally kind of realizing that the republican party, these delegates love donald trump. are they about to move into except ends? they have got to accept what the republican party delegates are telling them. they like donald trump. >> conversations taking place. they come to that level of acceptance. we are looking at the numbers. up 265 delegates right now. heavily favoring trump. actually will exceed. i think you'll probably be in the 1260s. i do think there are a lot of
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people that have been perplexed. he will probably be the nominee. i know how these things work. faced with the choice. if the democrats are not does celebrating, it seems like a gift that just keeps on giving. you have a north dakota delegate. you know, actually, it is not really all about what the voters want. he is kind of thumbing their nose at what these voter delegates are saying. they want from. handing this to hillary. >> yes, they are. there is a significant portion of trump voters that really were not at this in a republican
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party intel now. that will lead an open path to the democratic nominee. talking about judges. donald trump becomes president of the united dates. be ready for howard stern. >> for some reason, going to the convention. >> nominating someone else. >> called on the bed. this is strictly the union. seriously. they understand that this may be the reason why they had eight years of barack obama and the white house.
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they may be shooting themselves in the foot again. it is somebody different. laid out by the party. it can be the nominee. he will come into cleveland. it can be political this morning. a brokered convention would be asinine. not having met the mark. being in the lead by hundreds of delegates is not the nominee. >> the republican establishment does not understand. a lot to donald trump's candidacy. it may actually be better in the general election. >> i think that he is that much different candidate.
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may really go for a guy. it may be equally terrifying. that may be good. >> maybe they should be. i think that that is my point. donald trump has passed into something in this country. you have democrats coming over to the republican side. the establishment seems to be saying, no, no, no. >> cheryl, the parties are the vehicle for democracy. they are not democratic institutions in and of themselves. they do get to pick their own nominees. there are rules. he did not hit the magic number. the convention has ruled to deal with that. they will never explain that to the supporters. >> talking about changing the
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rules. >> here is the thing. we can have these conversations about rules and delegates and all these things. guess what. the people that have been voting for donald trump leading up to this point, they will walk. also, you find yourself coming out of cleveland was somebody running third-party. they have been involved in the gop primary. i think that it is a devastating thing for the party moving forward. it should come, it should come to a brokered convention. >> donald trump says that he is the master of the deal. negotiating his way into the nomination then. a lot of delegates that he can convince. you are the master of the deal. go ahead and make a deal, donald. cheryl: he probably is.
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that is donald trump. thank you very much for taking up. coming up, folks, we will have more on the standup. taking a surprising new turn today. cracks on san bernardino terrace iphones. it is okay. plus, serious over president obama's upcoming trip to cuba. hiding out there four decades. just for the crimes. bringing the killers back to the u.s. to face our justice system. that is coming up as well. back in a few seconds. ♪
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speed eight we are getting for news out of brussels, belgium. there have been explosions. plural. the most wanted man was taken into custody. police captured him. the lone surviving suspect in the paris terrorist attacks from november 15. he has been on the run since. this is coming from reuters. there have been explosions in the same neighborhood. the same neighborhood where he was actually taken into custody. the deputy mayor confirming that one of the suspects was him. again, that maine fugitive on the run. it is believed that many terror
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cells have been hiding in this particular neighborhood. routine checks were being done. key focus for investigators sent november. that is what we know right now. we will get back to you with more. there are reports now that some apple engineers say that they will not help the government hack into the san bernardino terrace iphones and they would rather quit and comply. considering there are options. quitting their very high liquidity jobs all to avoid helping law-enforcement even if they are under order. elizabeth macdonald. what are they thinking? >> you know, pretty hefty fines. if it goes to the supreme court.
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they could base a lot of fines. the "new york times" is reporting a half a dozen engineer. some of them are really expert on what they do. they are very adept in software engineering. you know what, we would rather quit than comply. it is so counter to apple values. the hearing coming up on tuesday. a day after new product. it is going to have witnesses. both sides. we have heard that apple will have the top privacy and security testified. he is now saying that if apple engineers do work in this new code to get into the terrorist iphone, they, themselves could be under threat of criminal
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hacking, personally. their own workers could be under fire and under attack. cheryl: treasure coming from tim cook. from one of the muckety-mucks of apple saying this is why. he basically said, my bosses right. i support my boss. we are standing behind tim cook on this big fight. >> all the experts we talked to were saying that apple could higher other engineers to get into this iphones and build a code. sticking fast to its information that it has. three quarters of the time in the first half of last year. the chinese government data from chinese iphone users. also, government servers in china iphone user information. also putting on iphones in
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china. the wi-fi protocol. >> i understand that. i just have to say, you have the app di get a hold of a laptop of that camp is shooter out of california. people communicating. the fbi found that. we do not know what is on that phone. >> here is what you can expect. hundreds of millions of people can be at risk if we do what the government wants. a very emotionally charged argument. it can protect the own code of bills. having custody of it. we were not saying what we said on the internet. you can destroy it after you build it. cheryl: thank you very much.
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you have great fbi sources. donald trumps family threats. a letter with white powder and a letter threatening violence against him and his children. coming up next. outrage. a country that has been harboring for american cop killers for decades. why has president obama not demanded more in the coming break. ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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>> just days before president obama's historic visit to cuba. making their vacation plans to the island. american cop killers are living freely there. the new jersey state police wrote this. please be careful. some of america's most wanted terrorists are living openly in cuba. they are still dangerous
2:28 pm
revolutionaries. why hasn't this president done anything to bring these killers to justice? why haven't they? >> that is a great russian, cheryl. his answer in a moment. i want you to hear what he has to say about the notorious terrorists and killers enjoying freedom 90 miles from key west. >> it really is an insult to everyone in law and force meant. >> angry and frustrated. living free in cuba for decades. now, warning tourists to use caution if they plan to visit the island nation. sentence to life in prison for a trooper. killed in a gun battle. on the new jersey turnpike in 1973. >> she escaped from prison in
2:29 pm
1973. allegedly protected by the cuban government. >> there is no intention on their part to change theirs .us of political asylum. they are coddled them and they are walking around the island openly. american tourists will open into them. they are still disenchanted and hateful of all things american. that is a risk for american tourists going to cuba. >> wanting the white house to be tougher. >> is this a slap in the face to law enforcement? >> it is a staff in the face if we refuse to make them part of the negotiated settlement to normalize relations with cuba. yes, it is.sking josh earnest ae campaign. here is part of the answer.
2:30 pm
>> certainly a priority. we have raised our concerns repeatedly. there are concerns for update american justice. we are seeking their return. there has already been a law-enforcement dialogue are ready established between our two countries to seek the return of the fugitives. >> it is a priority. members will be urging the cuban government to return these fugitives to justice. he did not explain why they did not set this as a firm turn. >> i am hoping that you will follow this into next week. the president is on his way. to cuba. we will get all of these photo ops and shaking of the hands. >> domestic terrorists. cheryl: great story. thank you very much.
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coming up, everyone. there are new rights to donald trump and his family today. and envelope with white powder was sent to eric trumps all. that is the latest on that coming up next. ♪ ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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cheryl: more details out of well jump right now. prosecutors announcing they will be holding a news conference about one hour from now.
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we also have new reports of explosions and bolan beat. we are just getting pictures and, by the way. you are seeing images of the rate that was down in brussels today. this is the neighborhood. the lone surviving suspect, back in november, they captured him in this neighborhood. they do have him in custody. we will be staying on this story. bringing you any of the latest details. it happened in that same neighborhood. the suspect is in custody. we do know that. we also want to focus on this. the fbi and police department investigating a threatening letter that was sent to eric trump.
2:36 pm
the letter contained white powder and a note threatening his children. anonymous claims to have posted the front runners. his father, donald trump. now, his secret service is investigating that. that side of the story. anonymous act committees. >> the secret service now investigating the online threats by donald trump -- by anonymous to donald trump. they stole personal information. all of this is happening after the group also threatened to go after trumps chicago website. trump spokesperson tells me in response "the government law-enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hacked mister trumps account and telephone information.
2:37 pm
last night, also, eric and his wife received an envelope with the white powder in it. according to officials, the letters would be hurt. a chicago event was eventually canceled. cheryl: as well as his family. thank you for the update. all of these threats directed to donald trump and his family. why are we still blaming? there is a lot of anger out there. is it really fair to blame this on donald trump for his rhetoric when we see an escalation in the last year on several levels.
2:38 pm
>> with chicago being the most recent example, it is a shame that it has come to some of this. the protest has put it to place outside of chicago. at the end of the day, the american people will choose who is the president. let's do what the american people decide. it looks like trump will decide. >> you are seeing this escalation. i know he has denied this violence has anything to do with them. if you do become the nominee, do you dial down the rhetoric? do you do that on purpose to become more center to appeal in a general election?
2:39 pm
>> i do not think it can be saying that there will be rights if you do not get the nomination. in the old days, we used to carry people out on a stretcher. rising this high and politics. i do not think that he is intentionally trying to do anything. i do not and keep things people will actually go out and commit violence. when you are leading a movement like this and you say things like that, you are attracting all sorts of people. may be influenced in a bad way. he has no choice but to unilaterally renounce any violence happening at his rallies or anywhere else in this country. that is what leaders do. cheryl: they are going after his children. they are very valuable to him. i say that in a very loving way. there is a love affair. eric's family, his kids being friends. that has to bother him.
2:40 pm
>> it has to. alternately, at some point, the family will get drug into it. it is a shame, though, when it becomes personal. you know, i will not disagree with chris. as trump is moving forward with this, relatively new, i do think that more and more people will get around and say, okay, becoming the general election nominee, let's make sure that the rhetoric can be passionate. it can be strong. certain terms and phrases that he could and should avoid. he is tapping into something that has been building out for a couple years, in response to how they feel like they're being cut up by the government. being used and abused. he can still tap into that and not use some of the rhetoric that he has been using. cheryl: thank you so much for
2:41 pm
all of your time today. thank you. coming up, republicans that do not want donald trump to get the nomination. keeping him from being the party. some are talking a third-party candidate. would that simply guaranteed the next president is going to be, let's just say it, hillary clinton? we will talk about it next. ♪ [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies.
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>> live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. picking up speed. doing very well. the highs of the day. we are positive for the year on the s&p 500. 20:06 a.m. some of the stock swimming today. deutsche bank raised their target rice. when is up almost 5% right now. star wars. we cannot talk enough. china purchasing the resort. sheraton, westin. $13.2 billion. right now it looks like a chinese investment firm. also, home depot. $150. some of the stocks down today. microsoft is down 2%. caterpillar. not good.
2:44 pm
down 21%. more intelligence report. ♪
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here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. for more on this, let's bring in matt welch. the establishment taking some big chances here.
2:46 pm
talking about a congested convention. >> it has been astonishing to watch how badly the establishment has read this the entire time. the establishment block, the rubio, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich, they have never pulled above. never. a really long time. in new hampshire, the fight over this. john kasich is still in the race. why? what is he doing. >> looking at the numbers and thinking he will be the one being the contested candidate. >> 112% of the vote from now on. you may get close to it. he would have to rely on a contested convention.
2:47 pm
there's just no scenario to where he can be a possible candidate. cheryl: we will see you. i'm going to play you this soundbite from maria. listen to what he said about the republican party. >> it is obviously threatened by trump. they are orchestrating. they like to control people. they will do whatever they can to practice this little trick four years ago. they changed the rule. they would not allow us to have a token amount. rich: is outlining it right there. the last minute before the 2012 republican national convention they changed all the rules. rick santorum people and the two-party people had spent the previous four years learning. they do not want any unpredictable results.
2:48 pm
a last ditch effort. everything that they have done now, even e of representatives voted against it. calling everybody else that is not going with them. preventing them as much is a can from doing anything. this is huge. the people who support trump and ted cruz will not rest until there is no establishment left. >> this seems to embolden trump supporters. we are sick of the establishment. we had eight years of barack obama. enough is enough. we want somebody that will come in strong. donald trump comes on strong whether you like him or not. >> a lot of trump supporters that i know will say, look, he is, candidate, he is my murder weapon.
2:49 pm
you can understand how they got there. >> incredible. thank you. it is good to see you. we have a major comeback on wall street right now. the fifth straight week of gains. so much for that january issue. off the february lows. nearly 2000 points. we have seen this before. bringing in the experts. next. ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
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the eight stocks in rally mode. the dow and s&p 500 officially and positive territory. wall street history. remember that? let's bring in travis brown.
2:53 pm
author of how money walks. our viewers have with flash again. january was awful. that is when you do not want to trust the market. what do you say to people that are worried about their retirement? >> lightning here. not choosing to raise interest rates. most people predicted that that will continue this part of the year. it does raise some interesting questions about the future. a bond bubble that could be out there looming long-term. is this all because the fed signaled that they will raise rates? if it is, then that is not really a true market in a true economy. oh, great. more easy money to keep us going for a few months. >> the rising oil prices as well.
2:54 pm
i think that both of those phenomenon's are helping boost that confidence level. i do think that we are not in a very positive growth mode. something that we will have to watch carefully. cheryl: dirty 951. it was nice while it lasted. it has been somewhat good for the u.s. consumer and u.s. businesses as well. >> i think that that is part of the reason you are seeing a shift in attitudes. different changes. we are looking at oil prices needing to be over $40. it looks like they may hold there. you have other things happening. some questions about the shanghai. whether or not these currencies are being used in this equation. generally speaking, stocks will be good in the short run.
2:55 pm
cheryl: those gas prices good for the consumer. good for businesses. i like to dollar gas. it is nice. will that go away for the summer driving season? >> i do not think that you will see big changes in the price per tarot. that or above $40. reasonably, next week, more contraction on that to try to stabilize that. by no means are we in a global, stable economy. trying to play the tricks that they can to stabilize at least the equity market to give them some sense about needing to raise rates. >> the stock market staying on track in a good way. do you think that that is good for the election? who will take credit for this? >> we are waiting for superman. there will be serious need for a new real growth plan here.
2:56 pm
a lot of what we see with instability. it comes from not being able to take these tax hikes off the table. it would be very strong for the republican ticket to have that opportunity. we have a question for the uk coming up this summer. the act of terrorism that could destabilize current sea had any moment. cheryl: walking away and doing their own thing. europe economy overall. all of this factoring into the american market. travis, thank you. >> thank you. >> we are heading once again to the last hour of trading. we are not afraid to show you the numbers. they are actually strong today. be right back. ♪ help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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. cheryl: we're just getting this in.
3:00 pm
looking at this together, folks. an arrest has been made in brussels, belgium. that's what we know. the lone surviving suspect in the paris terror attacks and another suspect captured by police. now we're getting this video, you see the suspect coming out but covered. i'm going to bring in liz claman, she obviously is going to have more on this, and again, a lot of breaking news coming in out of brussels. liz: in fact, cheryl, we can go back to the video and show you. this is the neighborhood in brussels directly connected with the paris attacks from back last year. you can see, and by the way, this is earlier video, right now it's about 8:00 p.m. eastern in brussels at the moment. you can see special forces with dogs are searching the neighborhood. they have already shot and then captured europe's most-wanted man. salah abdeslam. he was captured in that neighborhood inside an apartment where he had been holed up.


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