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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  March 20, 2016 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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>> it's natural gas. very good when there's a war on coal. >> stay away, a really rocky picture. everybody is contrarian today. thanks for watching. have a wonderful weekend. we continue with eric in "cashin' in." \s >> i think they have spent $30 million on these adding. you know the truth is the people of this country are smart, they get it. >> donald trump taking on the establishment for taking him on with these costly attack ads. someone says with more primaries ahead on tuesday, establishment times should stop the fighting and save if for the general election. welcome in to "cashin' in." welcome, everybody. michelle fields isn't here today, but we look forward to having her back on soon. rebecca, should republicans --
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or save it and spend it on the democrats? >> eric, it's not necessarily mutually exclusive, right? republicans have plen of money. a lot of donors have been sitting on the sidelines, watching and waiting to see what happens with donald trump, only now are they really starting to spend tens of millions attacking him. i would argued they could do both, but you look at the spending so far, what is interesting is much of it hasn't been effective. this has been an election cycle where super-pac money has not made an impact. so it will be interesting to see, efederally if donald trump is the gnome near. >> what do you think, do you think this money would be better spent on 'democrat? >> maybe a retirement hoop for the gop, abu they're forecasting spending $200 million against their own candidate which looks pretty much inevitable at this point.
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it really is nonsensical at this point. i think it says more about their inwillingness to be prong and give us cushy appointments and things like that. >> the nomination isn't over. the nomination isn't over and likely will be a contested convention, so of course people are willing to spend to taupe up for their ideas. i think to the folks credit, eric, they're not putting party ahead of anything, and that's why they'reling to oppose -- >> and would they therefore rather have a hillary. i certainly would, eric. i think trump would be inexorableably worse than hillary clinton or bernie sanders if you care about capitalism and the future of this country. >> you must be loving it on the
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democrat side, the infight, cruz is jumping in the middle of it. nobody will have the money left to take on your girl hillary. >> i don't know if she's my girl, but i will say this, there's a lot of money out there. don't worry. i think republicans will have money, but the question, eric, is this is sort of premature on your part, this argument? as was pointed out earlier, we still have a republican primary process going on, and people want -- some people don't like donald trump. i think right now it's a quarter of republicans that say they will not vote for trump under any circumstance. what you have is a republican establishment not going off to the golf course as gina was saying, which i think is hilarious, but they're working about maintaining control of the senate, about their majority in the house. they're worried about the damage to the gop brand being down with a gender gap that puts women way out of the reach.
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>> i'm going to bring it around, but i've been on record saying that i think trump is on a trajectory to actually get maybe even 1300 if le keeps up the same rate of success, but let's just say he doesn't get there. i'll start with you, jonathan. if he gets to 1236, you're okay with a contested convention at that point? >> eric, i don't have a whiteboard, but i'm okay with people standing up and supporting the idea that they believe in. i think it's great that people aren't simply willing to get in line and support a front-runner if the ideas are an anathema to him. i notice trump is supposed to be representing capitalism and free markets, but a lot of people can't get behind people who supports tariffs or banning journalists. >> the question was, if he doesn't quite get to 1237, he gets on to 1236, it's okay to -- >> i'll bet voting for hill
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railroad other bernie in trump is the nominee. >> by the way, the whiteboard hasn't been wrong yet. gina talk about all this money being spent going into a contested convention. at the end of the day, if they do contest a front-runner like this and -- was that money wasted? >> absolutely. it will fragment the party inre rachellely. let's not forget that trump is leading by sump a wide margin that at this point, i think cruz would have to get something like 90% of the remains votes even to have a chance. kasich on the other hand has to get like 110. there's no question -- >> now who sounds like the establishment? now you all sound like the establishment. this outsider, this long shot you -- >> no, no, this is about we the people versus the elite. if you're saying you're willing to vote for bernie sanders over a donald trump, that tells me it is still about they the elite
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versus we the people, because we're not going to sit down this time. >> you now the cat who ate the canary, that's what i'm doing. two people on the right who are very good conservatives arguing that they can't vote for a conservative. it's crazy. you must be loving this, democrats. >> let me tell you, first of all, i disagree with gina. i think it's trump and trump's appeal and trump decent democrat gogry. it's not anybody else, but the second thing is i'm not some happy -- eric, you and i have discussed this as pals, but you know what? hats off to donald trump. donald trump has doing something that the political insiders have not seen in generations. people don't understand it. believe me, he can bring the same magic to a general election. democrats will be shell-shocked, how does he get this media attention for free? how is he managing to bring out new voters?
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how does he generate, galvanize the base, potentially? >> let me give the last word to rebecca on that. how is he doing it? >> it's a great question. he has this amazing dominance in terms of media, but in terms of the formula photogot getting the attention, the recipe is kind of a secret at this point. that's kind of the challenge for hillary clinton if we're talking about a general election matchup. it's difficult to strategize around trump. he's so unpredictable, no one knows what his secret sauce has been, except we talked about appealing to working white class, so i will be very interested in it comes to a general election matchup between them. i'll be interested to see what she does. >> you mentioned earned media. that's the media talking about donald trump versus him paying for an ad. the earned media, there's a lot of misconception you have that.
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it's not because he's on air, it's not all positive. there are times he's just getting trashed on air. >> that's true, but even when you're taking into account the negative and the positive, he far exceeds all of the other candidates in terms of earned media, and it helps to be in the conversation, frankly whether it's good news or bad news. it's really hard for thinks others to break through. we're going to leave it there. thank you very much. a threatening letter is the reportedly sent to one of donald trump's sons. would there be more of an uproared if a democrat's child received the same? [alarm beeps]
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an investigation is under way after a threatening letter and white powder was reportedly sent to the new york apartment of one of donald trump's sons. people are wondering why there's not more outrage? >> they threaten his children. he has a little 9 years old boy. i have a 9-year-old boy. the thought this isn't more of an outrage after what we have seen with the way the media has protected sasha and malia obama, the way they protected chelsea clinton for all these years, where is the outrage for this 9 years old boy whose life has just been threatened? >> juan, there a fair and unbalanced with respect to something like this?
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>> of course not. who is in support of sending a threatening letter and potential poison to anyone? i don't know. i find that the idea of saying, guess what? the secret service protects the president's children? that's really -- i don't get that argument at all. but i'm all opposed and hope everything is opposed to anybody threatening the life and safety of mr. trump's family. >> very good. what about you, john? you're chuckling. >> this isn't like patty hearst getting kidnapped here. he was sent some powder, but this is normal for people in the public eye. obama gets something like 30 death threats a day. his kids have been threatened. trump has threatened, but you know what? like the ceo of twitter is threatened. this is just part and parcel of why in fact i'm happy that ob a obama -- or trump and his sons are members of the nra and gun owners. i think that's a positive thing. this is what comes of being in
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the public eye. can't condone it, but it's part and parcel with the territory. >> yeah, the media is covering it, but when it gets into the opinion and outrage, they're completely outraged if something were to happen on the left, but when it happens on the right, it's covered as straight news. >> it's hard to subsequent fill that really, but i agree with jonathan. it happens obvious we have sadly become desensitized. marco rubio's headquarters here in washington was evacuated a few days ago before he suspended his campaign because of a similar incident, because they received an unknown white powder substance, didn't know if it was dangerous, so they had to clear out the entire headquarters. this happens a lot. it's very unfortunate, but i think that's probably why there isn't a sort of shock you would expect. >> well, okay, i'll let you get by with that, but gene, what about -- i'm very concerned,
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just generally concerned what's going on, where people feel it's okay, you know, to have an opinion about a candidate, but then to take it to his family and threaten them, where are we? >> yeah, i completely agree with you. the difference here -- yes, everybody in media gets threats. everybody in politics gets threat. you expect that in the public eye, but the difference here. that's why i'm so glad you're talking about it, eric, is the media isn't covering this the way they did when there was a doll made in the likeness of one of the obama kids or when somebody said something about chelsea's appearance. there's a protective nature for the democrats not the same as it is for donald trump and for the republicans. >> eric, i share your concern. i think that's why it's important that all the candidates speak out any kind of violence, shenanigans like this hurled against any candidate. the debait should be about ideas, not threats, not fists,
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not anything that comes down to force. >> let me quickly add here, you can't ignore the fact that donald trump is a provocateur himself. his events have seen violence, have seen fights, people getting hit. donald trump says he'd like to punch people like in the old days. >> so you're blaming donald trump. >> not at all. >> for some wacko sending threatening letters and white powder? >> not at all. as i said, this is to be horridoly condemned, but when you get in the public arena and there's violence and provocative statements. >> juan, juan, you and i are very good friends. we we come from different political spectrums, but we meet in the middle with things like this. what i don't like you doing is i'm just saying, and then -- there's no way we should connect the two, then don't connect them, juan. >> eric, i want right from the start, my first statement from you is, this is not good, this is not to be condoned coming from any quarter.
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i'm saying is donald trump a provocateur? yes. >> but he doesn't deserve his kids being threatened. >> i agree. >> we agree on that one. a mob boss, the former front man of van halen, a scientology and character of "game of thrones" who think is being nominated for the supreme court when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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contain, and the new ambassador to the u.n. have a good day. as president obama nominates his choice for the supreme court justice, funny man jimmy kimmel
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reaches out to get the public's thoughts. listen to who people think will relace justice scalia. >> how do you think whitey bulger will do? >> i hope he can make it. i just hope. i know the republicans are going to attack hmm. >> reporter: do you think sammy hagar is a good choice for supreme court justice? >> i think the motions he's for and the laws and things, i think he would be a good candidate. >> reporter: what did you think when you heard that president obama nominated l. ron hubbard to the supreme court? are you excited? >> yeah, i am. i thought it was a good choice. >> do you think he'll bring peace to all the king 2k078s. >> i think he'll be divisive. >> even thole he formed an alliance? should we be worried that people are so clueless? >> i think this is the illusion that we have sometimes, those of us who study this and we're kind of -- and we think the average person might actually vote on a
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presidential candidate based on what could happen. i don't think that many people are actually paying taken. i think it would be scarier if we were to ask the question what does the supreme court actually do? i would be willing to bet you most of the people out there don't know. >> that is so true, gina. that is so true. juan, that looked like hollywood, i think, and hollywood is filled with liberals, so would liberals really -- >> it's a comedy show. they chose who they were going to put on for maximum effect. i don't think that most americans could name five of the nine sitting supreme court justices, much less merrick garland who was nominated this week. i think you have to give people a chance to catch up, to be fair for the people interviewed. >> i'm going to take juan and raise the ante on that, and i don't think most americans could name one. >> listen, jo surprise many of
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these man on the streets things anyway. i think people don't know the basics about america. they don't even know that america is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. so, yeah, we need to go back not to school with tv, but to civics class and start educating people from an early age. >> rebecca, this is probably your time, but i much, much prefer david lee roth. >> a bit before mire time, i'll admit. >> whoa, whoa, was that a putdown? [ laughter ] >> i led her right to that one. >> should we worry that young people don't know what's going on with the supreme court? >> really all ages, this is potentially a problem. i'm sure ted cruz' campaign watching that segment was just groaning. they opened and actually predicted that scalia's death and the pending nomination that obama was going to make would help republican voters kind of sober up, become more serious
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and turn away from donald trump with someone with supreme court experience like ted cruz. that suggests that maybe that's not the case. i think the polling suggests that's not the case. >> what's sobering is the thought that the next president is probably going to name at least one, maybe two supreme court justices. that's why elections matter, gina. >> elections matter so much. i have thought from the beginning, we've seen more sinz of this that very likely obama would offer a deal to hillary that he gets a supreme court nomination if he helps her be president, and we're seeing evidence of that just this week. we're going to have to leave it right there. coming up animal activists getting their wish in killing the killer whale shows. what it means for our families and the future of america. pet moments are beautiful,
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. you can head over to, to see jonathan's stock picks. time to wake up, america. it's a sad day, really sad news for the country. this week's seaworld announced they were suspending the killer whale shows. may think i'm kidding about this being a sad day. some liberal group complains a little, shouts cruelty to animals, and a business is brought to its news, an american tradition. who hasn't gone to seaworld to see shamu, and they look like they're enjoying themselves, being performers, well fed,
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clean pool to play in. so what he has to swim fast and jump out of the wart. i'll bet other killer whales are jealous saying, worry, i wish i could get that gig. what's next? zoos? can you imagine america without zoos? they're a national treasure. we love bringing or kids to zoos, and we parents love the clean and healthy learning experience. ever wonder where the bald eagles would be if we didn't breed them in zoos or panda? take away the ability to earn a profit on the zoo side of the business, and the breeding program goes belly up, along with the endangered animals. i'm mad, because this is all because some liberal activist demanded seaworld top doing business. liberals must hate the animals. i'm mad because america is becoming a slave to the activists. how about we wake up, america, for the sake of the rhino, the bald eagle,s panda and countless
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other animals. let's just wake up, america. have a great weekend. \s >> i'm bob massi. for 34 years, i've been practicing law and living in las vegas, the center of the recent real-estate crisis. lives were destroyed from coast to coast as the economy tanked. now, well, it's a different story. the american dream is back, and nowhere is that more clear than the sunshine state of florida. so we headed from the strip to the beach to showyou how to live the american dream. i'm gonna meet real people who are facing serious problems, take you behind the gates of properties you have to see to believe, and give you the tips that everyone needs to navigate the new landscape, because information is power, and the property man has got you covered. [ woman vocalizing ]


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