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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 21, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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maria: i've got to tune into that. he won't be spit balling talking about poll numbers. dagen: this is the nitty-gritty. maria: good to see you. thank you so much, everybody. i'll do it for us. "varney & company" at that. join us tomorrow. then person will play again. have a great show. >> thank you indeed. the president built his legacy in cuba and just look at the stock market go. there is no such thing as a slow news day these days, is there. good morning, everyone. start with trump. this is new, i acted. he meets today with two dozen senior republicans. not quite a trump establishment truths, but in opening maybe. president obama's legacy building trip to have been off to a difficult hour. protesters demand free speech. many arrested. the president of cuba didn't even show up to welcome mr. obama at the airport. your money is making this, too. the dow starts out at 700 points
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from its historic all-time high. looks like we will be up just a little, may be downed a little when the opening bell rings today. gassner $2 a gallon again. we cover it all. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: you know, we were all set to say we would open higher this monday morning. looks like we might be a tad lower. according to the futures market if we ever resell it generates losses. today is the start of spring training. two huge rallies away from another record high. i promise you a much better graphic if and when we had 18,000. donovan at the opening. look at the price of oil back on $40 a barrel. however, 39.56. a tad higher this morning.
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gas keeps on going up overnight in the death. we are very close to $2 a gallon is the national average. by the way, i paid $1.75 in new jersey over the weekend that it was $1.45 and three weeks ago. ashley: it's gone up 30 cents. stuart: enough of this. donald trump will meet today in washington is nearly two dozen senior republicans. perhaps an effort to mend fences? look who's here. congressman billy komar from texas here in the big apple itself. welcome to the program. >> thank you. thank you. build the fence before he can mend it. would he make of this? two dozen senior republicans getting together with trump. is this the beginning but that
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reach out from both sides? i know you're in the cruz camp. this is an attempt to get something going. >> it is. if is. it's a reach at effort to try and come closer. i had everybody check. i didn't get that call. i'm not sure who is mending fences with. i've talked to trump a couple of times. anyway, he's amazing guy. he said cancer endorsement? he said due at the soonest you can. stuart: if ted cruz is not the guy, which you, louis komar komar, your senior republicans, a very well-known guy. would you get behind trump? >> well, my plan was if he's the nominee come absolutely. he keeps: the most honest guy in the race a liar. he keeps calling the honest, honorable ted cruz a liar.
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it is going to be tough. if he wants to mend fences and are glad he does it is a deal maker. that is going to have to stop using the word liar because it is a combination more of the speaker of the word liar than it is at the honorable ted cruz. he's got to stop that. that's just outrageous. stuart: are you with us for the whole hour? >> until your folks threw me off. i know this guy is ready to brown may ride out of here. stuart: they move quickly. thank you very much. the anti-draft protests over the weekend got ugly in arizona. demonstrators blocked traffic with their cars at the heart of thousands of people denying free speech basically for trump supporters. in new york city, every far left group on the planet turned out a couple hundred people who marched on trump tower. that was the weekend. kind of a great staff. what is on?
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>> like a daily occurrence. today speaking to the public affairs committee for a packet they like to call it. we are to understand protests from jewish groups as well. some are going to boycott. others are going to get up and walk at the moment is introduced. the protests are focused on comments about women, immigrants, muslims, disabled and so on. trump calls themselves the most pro-israel candidate of all of them in the gop primary. he says all sorts of things to also speaking today. bernie sanders said no i'm not going to be. he's on the west coast fund-raising. >> donald trump would walk out. ashley: who will protest outside. you can see all of that. the paris terrorist arrested in belgium on friday. he had planned other attacks.
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authorities found a large number of weapons. the colossus did this monday morning. colonel ralph peters. good to see you. this is europe's nightmare. this is a large terrorist cell embedded in europe and the muslim community. this is a real problem. >> the real problem is i've been there. it still is there. it will be there. the muslim community is not interested in coming forward. >> this paris terrorist was sheltered by his family and friends and eluded capture for four months despite an intense manhunt. >> you watch past a police station. >> he was given cover by vocals. extremely bad manners. >> it is. and they met with days, the fbi and others have gotten cooperation from life abiding -- law-abiding muslims. europe's are grave. it is a pernicious -- indeed it
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is a cancer in the european societies where political correctness has come back to bite them like a crocodile. all the intelligence, all the myths about all human beings want the same thing. you know, not everybody wants to beat their daughter forgot. not all of them being spun the same thing. not all cultures are equal. we are finding although the europeans credit them with goodwill, and middle eastern islam is currently cracked this is simply not compatible with western civilization. stuart: hold on a second. turkey has done a deal. the deal is about migrants and letting them back to turkey or over europe. at the heart of the deal is living 78 alien turkish muslims be set free access to western europe 78 million by june of this year. that is a total dealbreaker.
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>> the european union made a deal with to keep out of this. i want to stress i have great affection or turkey. not for president or to one who has got more journalists per capita in prison in china does who is rolling back the constitution. with a mean guy guy with an islamist agenda. my wife and i even took our honeymoon there. i've been there many times for more than 30 years. the tragedy here is it's the wrong place at the wrong time. everyone agenda is not a european agenda. his values are not compatible. even as somebody who loves turkey, turkey is not your. stuart: what is angela merkel going to do? will they too want a super activist or the quick arrival of tens of millions of turks and to western europe? i say it's a nonstarter.
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>> the problem is turkey's economy which had been booming is now slipping towards recession. the tourist industry of course has been all but destroyed by the terrorist bombings. you've got internal chaos for his own political advantage for igniting the word occurs. absolutely brutal. he's also attacking our kurdish allies in syria. this guy is bad medicine. again can the europeans made a deal with the devil. stuart: you got it there. i know you're with us for a few more minutes. president obama as you well know is in cuba. take a look at this. hours before he arrived, protesters called the ladies in white were arrested. they march every single sunday. they were arrested and detained at usual. some thought cuban authorities would back off and respect president obama's visit. that did not happen. ralph, we got nothing from this deal. president obama may be building
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his legacy, are we the people got nothing. >> you know, stuart, there's a point at which i just had to go to christian charity. i felt so sorry for obama. his presidency is so comprehensively failed that were it not for the abuse of dissidents i would give him this one. but his view of cuba is in real estate. he thought in the 1960s liberation. when he got off the plane i don't think he expected rowell castro. >> you should've been there. this is the president of the united states of america making the first visited and 80 odd years in their president doesn't show up. what kind of snob is bad? that is a snap and a half years the mac of course it is. consistent with this president, if you are an evil nation to be the leader for doing evil in the
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world, this administration wants to be our friend. we are going to get your money. we are going to help you. we want more trade with you. stuart, you travel around the world and our friend have run out moderate muslim leaders. why are you helping the muslim brotherhood? they've been at with you for years. this is consistent with this administration. it is different for this administration if you do evil, this administration wants to be your friend. stuart: can we show that the ladies in white. they are being dragged away. they are surrounded by this. one of those protesters, a black lady was dragged away, taken to prison. she was told to strip that she didn't do it. this strip turn the presence of man and dragged her into a cell. that happened as the president was there. moving on. paul kogan awarded $150 million after the website posted video
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of him having. the judge's next. what is this case say about the privacy of those who were in the public eye. back in a moment. ♪ don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six.
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and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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stuart: yours whether you call it arch madness at texas a&m rallied 12 points down with 33 seconds on the clock. they forced overtime against northern iowa. they won the game in double overtime. 92.80. it is called one of the greatest tournament games of all time. shall i describe what happened? here we go. watch this. he should. that is not the winning theme. it was a great moment and a great time at board.
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sorry i missed it, ladies and gentlemen. for all of those who are northern iowa fans. i'm very sorry. paul kogan $150 million a sex tape lawsuit. judge napolitano is here. >> refer restart command of the london school of economics have basketball? sports are virtually unknown at british universities. >> particularly once they specialize in socialism. so have a whole kogan $150 million on the ground that workers should not put the effects back tape out in the public realm. they said hogan is a public figure. after the judgment, where does that leave private citizens and the right to privacy? >> it is unlikely that the
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judgment will withstand appellate review in that mac too. it is likely that hogan would get something. stuart: in principle he wins. >> as a practical matter it comes from a consortium of insurance carriers. he will get a lot of money. the issue is not is he a public figure is the tape a matter of public interest and it is not a matter of public interest unless he makes it a matter of public interest. so if someone says as part of their public persona i am celibate and never had sex with my next-door neighbors house and that person is a public figure, then the existence of the tape would be in the public interest and it would be protected. so by putting this into the public domain on their own,
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where he didn't put it in the public domain, they have put in what the law caused a false light. the behavior occurred but they have no interest shining lie. stuart: the jury gave him $15 million more and he was asking for. the jury came down hard. >> the jury is not told what he's asking for. that might imply his lawyers did not ask for and not. it begins what is known as camille like their british backed down, the penalty phase. today the issue is what is gawker worth? the jury didn't have any information. how much of an additional punitive judgment will it take to punish for what it did? stuart: could've put them out of business? >> i doubt it will put them out of the -- stuart: they will be very >> all of them. all media will be careful about
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taking something not in the public interest and putting it under the light of the public interest. stuart: judge, thank you for joining the all-star cast of cared areas. >> your next her neighbor here is my dear friend from a great judicial system. >> this is a new show. >> back to politics. stuart: hillary clinton. we have her on tape saying i would never have been. watch this.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> we do not think the comprehensive help or benefits should be extended to those undocumented workers and illegal italians. we do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. we know now that too many people come in for medical care as it is. stuart:.times change. chelsea clinton now says her mom wants to do the exact opposite of what she said back in 1994. ashley: as the exact opposite, here's what they have is chelsea clinton thinking about her mother. she thinks it is so important to extend the affordable character people living and working regardless of information status, regardless of citizenship that is.
9:24 am
come one, come all apparently. stuart: louis go mart is here in my right hand side paper from texas. it seems like from what we just talked about that hillary is being dragged to the left by bernie sanders in this contest. >> back then she was not elected officially announce she's trying to be. so it is what people do. they try to give our voters on their side. the key to what she said was in 94 when we go want to encourage illegal immigration. and now, i met with some officials in england and they said we do not use that term illegal immigration. they think it's inappropriate. i said what you use? they set a regular migrant. i said something about a function or sub thing. anyway, we call that now
9:25 am
undocumented democrats. she wants more undocumented democrats in this country. so she's pandering. if you remember, the president said illegal immigrants are people here illegally will not be getting obamacare. joe wilson turns out he was right. stuart: you were in the chamber that day? >> i assumed if anybody else out it was a troublemaker. but anyway, by the way, i went to texas a&m. i am wearing purple. they beat notre dame. official record shows notre dame won by one point. the numeral you can stand the pain as fun as you want to. >> it was amazing if they beat notre dame. stuart: we are totally out of time because you drawn down. will be back in one bit.
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>> not beat their daughter to death for flirting with a boy. not all cultures are equal and we were finding that although the europeans, i credit them with goodwill, middle eastern
9:30 am
islam as currently practiced is simply not compatible with western civilization. stuart: that was ralph peters talking about the migrant crisis in europe. remember, we start at 9 a.m. sharp every weekday morning. you can hear it, the bell is ringing, three seconds from now, the stock market will open, it's monday morning, we're ever so slightly lower probably at 12 points down, 16 points down, not a huge loss. at least not at the opening bell. joining us this morning, of course, ashley webster, liz macdonald and special guest congressman louie gohmert, and keith fitz from seattle, it's not raining at the moment. the dow is pretty close to its all-time high, 700 points away. keith, start with you, are we going to hit 18,000 this week or next week on the dow? >> i think it's going to be next week, stuart. we've got a little bit of adjustment to go and that gives me pause.
9:31 am
let volatility go, but next week i think we'll be there. stuart: why don't i bring in republican congressman louie gohmert who i'm sure is a bear on the stock market? >> not necessarily, but it goes up generally, but we're creating so much money. i was meeting with the fed some years back, how much money are we printing than we've printed, but there's so much more money in the system, oh, verbatim, we couldn't possibly print all the money we're creating. and where is that money going? it's going to the market. so, generally the market has always gone up, has big falls and then comes back eventually, but they-- they've been-- >> you're bearish. >> overall i'm bullish, but the bear is coming. stuart: you can't have it both ways. yes, i can. in the end, it will go up, but there's a bear between here and the bulls. stuart: listen to this one, china overnight, just had a new
9:32 am
move, making it easier for investors to borrow money so that they can buy stocks. keith fitz you know about this, what is that, good news or bad news for them or us? >> well, you've got to tread very carefully here, it's good news because debt unfortunately is how the world goes around these days to the congressman's point. we've created too much of it and that's got to bleed out of the system. in the interim. traders are going to love it and portfolios are going to love it and there's opportunities there. stuart: the big tech, what are they doing this year. facebook, by the way, that stock is up and up again today, 112 on facebook this morning. netflix down 11% this year, to virtually unchanged at the moment. 101 on netflix now, how about amazon, huge loss this year, this calendar year, 18% down off a buck 75 this morning, 550 on amazon. apple, a big event today. we're expecting them to
9:33 am
announce smaller and probably cheaper iphones, what's the story. ashley: a four inch screen and fast processor and better phone. the bottom line, what they're trying to do get into the mid tier market and appeal to those people in china, stu and those in india, the emerging markets where they believe there's a lot of potential and trying to turn around a decline in worldwide sales. instead of a brand new product, they're going cheaper. stuart: as i understand the average price for a smart phone worldwide is about $250. ashley: yeah. stuart: the average price for an iphone is $500 plus. ashley: a range of many in most countries ime countries. stuart: we want to find the price point of the iphone to find people with a cheaper model. ashley: it's interesting because you're cutting your margins and your profits aren't as good, that's a gamble. stuart: what do they want. and then there's twitter. did you know that it's ten
9:34 am
years old as of today? barron's magazine says its best days are behind it. ashley: yeah, basically because they say, unlike facebook, it just hasn't become mainstream. they understand it, they've got 320 million users, that's nothing to sniff at. celebrities love it, and in the news business they love it, but for the mainstream public not so much. stuart: i wonder if louie gohmert likes twitter. >> i have all kinds of great ideas, and i send them to my staff and they go, there's a double antoentendre and that's cute, but the triple is not. stuart: keith fitz, what do you make of this? barron's says that twitter's best days are behind it and the
9:35 am
stock is depressed. >> i've felt that way for a long time. more than a billion people tried twitter and left. that tells you something about the service. stuart: i think it does. how about fedex, barron's had a word to say about that one. it said that fedex stock could go up 15 to 20%. a 7 or 8% gain. >> a 12% pop on thursday, what they're saying is, the moment is over for fedex, the worry was that amazon was going to have its own delivery system. it turns out that amazon is possibly leasing 20 jets to move goods between the distribution centers not to customers so fedex dominates there and so does ups. >> that was true, everybody thought that fedex would introduce its own door-to-door. >> amazon. >> amazon would do their door-to-door. >> not yet. >> the key is if they'll send it to homeland security, the department of homeland security sends it wherever it wants to go, it's what they do.
9:36 am
stuart: we should have a politician on this program liz: we should, it's a reality check. stuart: get a room in new york city, please. look at the price of oil, please. look at it now, we're about 39 and change, 39.66 still below $40, but not by much. how about gold? 1250 on gold and 1245 down a little bit. congressman gohmert, come in, i've got a sneaking suspicious you are a gold bug. >> i think it's got real-- >> i knew it. >> you know, and it wouldn't hurt if we had a currency that was based on something besides creating more money in the system, not printed, but created. but, no, something has got to have value and it's got to be more consistent and gold is there. and, yeah, of course, there's some of my friends that are saying, yeah, it's not near as valuable as bullets because you can't fire gold and the day is coming. i'm going, come on, we're not
9:37 am
there yet. stuart: you're like a guerilla. >> i'm sorry. stuart gorilla, but on the program-- >> an announcement, bill ackman will take a seat on its board of directors. the stock will pop. >> it didn't hit a new low, but then pop. wait a second, now up 3.7%, a moment ago, it was up 7%. this is the most volatile stock for this drug maker. you know they've had to obviously restate the numbers and interim chief executive. they're looking for a chief executive to succeed on the board now. the stock is down 55% this month and over the last 52 weeks, it's down 87. stuart: i'm going to call that a rolling crash, if i may. nicole, we'll take it, thank you indeed. president obama grabbing
9:38 am
headlines for going to cuba. let's not forget, the cubans owe americans $6 billion, for the stuff they stole in 1959. we never got repaid the money, i don't think we get much out of this visit to cuba at all and you say? >> obama, again, if you do evil, you ought to be excited when you're in the white house because he's going to try to help you. and so, yes, cuba's been doing evil and the point you made about this poor woman being dragged off, they're brutal, they're evil and we've got to help them. the people became free and get rid of this regime and what does obama want to do? he wants to give them guantanamo, not only not get paid back, he wants to violate the law, he doesn't have the power to do that. stuart: i think this solidifies the communist government. >> it does. stuart: i've got starwood and air bnb opening up in cuba liz: starwood is going to open
9:39 am
up three motels we haven't seen this since the cuban revolution in 60 years. the problem with doing business there, the laws change daily and no atm's and u.s. credit cards there yet. stuart: an american company can't just walk into cuba and set up a company and do business liz: right. it can only be a minority partner with the government. >> the military runs the hotels and car operators there. it's tough if the cuban government won't-- >> what's it going to do to starwood's stock. >> up 3%. >> short-term. >> and china buying starwood, they could have a foot hold. stuart: i head you in the background, what did you say? >> economic imperialism and they're going to make a move and no different than china, cuba will try to get the intellectual property and we'll pay for the redevelopment just
9:40 am
like we've paid for others. stuart: how about this one. a man in florida razed a car dealership after trying to buy a bmw withstood stamps. keith, this is for you. >> i am so stunned by this, stuart, on one hand we've got a political system where this is okay somehow. it's this poor individual going to buy a luxury individual living off the largess supposed to buy food and-- >> said on fox before, pointed out there was a guy in the grocery store line that was buying crab legs with food stamps. and the left wing nuts said this is ridiculous, you can't-- we've had flown up picture and there was a sign that says,
9:41 am
crab legs place, we take food stamps, this is the national extensienational-- natural extension. if you've been able to buy things, luxuries for lot of us, the bmw is the next extension. this goy thinks surely this is going to-- >> we have been open for 11 minutes and the dow jones industrial average this monday morning is down just 5 points. not a bad opening for the market, if you ask me after five weeks. and unexpected move from donald trump. he's meeting with top republican leaders in washington. trump reaching out to the g.o.p. establishment. how about that? and you don't see this every day. a mall-- frankly, i think this is really liz: awful. stuart: an easter bunny involved in a fist fight. i find it appalling. i don't know why we brought this to you, but we did liz: it's what happened when we take christ out of easter.
9:42 am
>> and now the bunny will have to crawl into the hole where he came from. stuart: disgraceful. back in a moment. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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>> the market just got positive 11 points. and donald trump's family getting threats. his sister. ashley: similar to his son eric, she's at the court of appeals, and no details, but the note to his son demanded that donald trump get out. stuart: this is getting down
9:46 am
and dirty, his family, you should not do that. still on politics and donald trump. he's reportedly going to meet with two dozen center g.o.p. people. the strategist mercedes joins us this morning. is this what i think this might be, an attempt to get together with the establishment, a truce? am i-- i should get the buzzer for that. [buzzer] >> am i reading too much into this this? >> they don't use those type of words in texas, come on, so, i don't think you're reading too much. this is a smart move by donald trump and other candidates like senator ted cruz and governor governor john kasich. it's important to have because trump doesn't necessarily, although he is one of the outsiders, i call ted cruz the original outsider, but he is one of the outsiders. it's important for him, he
9:47 am
never really had said that he's going to separate himself totally from the establishment. he recognizes that the establishment have an incredibly important roll in this process, especially when you're coming down to the convention that could be contested. for donald trump, it's a matter of saying, look, i'm in the race and i'm the front runner and part of it is having to build the relationships, which he's going to need if in fact he's able to win the nomination and win the presidency. >> it's important primacies coming up tomorrow and next tuesday as well. and that's an important move. i should tell you also, mercedes that "the washington post" says that hillary is planning to go after donald trump. she's working out what her strategy is going to be. the quote from the post, they are now focused intently, this is the hillary people, they're focused intently on researching trump's business records and dissecting his economic policies, and compiling a long history of controversial pronouncements. mercedes, okay, they're doing
9:48 am
that, but they know surely that trump will come right back and hit them hard. >> that's right. well, i mean, they obviously-- the hillary camp obviously knows that, the fact that trump is going to hit them harder, but she's got to be on the offense and she's got to be ready to attack early on, you know, this is going to be a very different race if donald trump becomes the nominee because in fact, when you're entering into the general election, here job to expand that base and coalition into the minority community and what they're going to do, they're going to-- hope that their negative ad works, what they haven't worked in the primary going after donald trump, they've spent millions trying to derail his candidacy. that hasn't worked and i think that hillary is betting with negative ads go early on and own the narrative about donald trump and his business record, influence independent voters. stuart: i'm going to ask you
9:49 am
the same question and louie as well. as this monday morning as we start out a new week with primaries tomorrow and the following week, is donald trump on upswing after a weekend of violence and what say you first? >> i feel that he will win arizona. i think that cruz is utah country. and the caucus and endorsement of mike lee and romney came out and strong relationships there in utah so i think it's going to be a battle. it's critical for cruz to win at least utah so he can continue justifying the fact that-- >> how on earth am i going to keep louie gohmert to ten seconds. >> trump is where he is, but the mainstream media is sitting on massive opposition research that they will not use until he wins the nomination, and then it comes out. stuart: thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. stuart: how about this, a new
9:50 am
religious liberty bill in the state of georgia could prevent that state from hosting future super bowls. we'll give you that full story. and what makes atheists cross? apparently seeing crosses. one texas church sued for their cross. more varney after this. your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> a new religious liberty bill is being considered in the state of georgia and it might cost that state the super bowl. explain it, ash. ashley: the religious exemptions there was passed in the georgia legislature and awaiting the governor's signature, but basically protects opponents of same-sex marriage. the owner of the falcons, arthur blank, is now opposing the bill. why? because he's concerned that the nfl will not be picking atlanta to host the super bowl because they believe this bill is not inclusive of everyone in the community. in other words, if it's anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-transgender and that's why the owner of the atlanta falcons is saying, no, i don't support this bill. he's trying to protect himself so the city can get the super bowl. stuart: i got it. all right, a somewhat related, somewhat similar story corpus
9:55 am
christi texas over a giant cross they want to erect. they want to erect it on their property and it's paid for by them, the church. and welcome again, the final five minutes to the program. this is in texas. >> but it's very similar to the story in georgia. it goes back, jesus says you will suffer for my sake. for whatever reason, christians in america have lived in a bubble where we were not persecuted and we didn't suffer for jesus' sake, but it gives credibility to what jesus said, this hatred, this unexplainable bigotry against christians is really coming to the forefront in america now and it's raised its ugly head. that cross paid for with donations on private property and what the christian bigots are saying, we hate christianity so much, so offended by christianity that we don't believe any elected official should be able to be a christian and let anybody know
9:56 am
that they think it's a nice thing. stuart: they simply object to a large cross. >> not disabled, but you do, you represent these people so of course you go to the event. there is he nothing wrong with that, it's a good thing. stuart: the law may say, i don't know how it turns out. >> i'm sorry i used that word. stuart: you could say you are being insensitive to the atheists, reduce the size of the cross. >> no, no, sensitivity is on the part of the atheists, their hatred for christians overcomes any fairness, any sense of really equality, they hate them so bad they want-- they're prejudice against elected officials, religious beliefs and they don't believe elected officials should have it. it's getting back to what jesus said, it's finally getting back to america. stuart: you're a favorite guest. >> i love it, you talk so
9:57 am
pretty. it's amazing. stuart: i wish they could have your accents. i think that hillary clinton is about to come out before she makes her remarks at the jewish group. have we got the video? can we see her. maria: she's about to approach the podium, i believe she's going to attack donald trump. i think that's what she's going to do as she approaches and addresses the american israel committee. she is expected to attack donald trump. there she's entering the room, meeting and greeting, so to speak, walking towards the podium. >> she's going to say watch what i say, forget about what i do. don't think about what we're doing to you. stuart: she's getting a very warm reception, walking straight down there. >> of course, of course. stuart: we're going to be monitoring this, of course and listening exactly what she has to say and you'll be following this along with us. the dow has turned positive,
9:58 am
and we'll take it, 17-6 for the dow industrials as hillary takes the podium. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to be-- bet you can't wait for this.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> you're looking live, washington d.c., hillary clinton addressing the american israel public affairs committee. listen in briefly, please. >> i've worked with and learned from some of israel's great leaders. although i don't think that yitzhak rabin forgave me for banishing him to the white house balcony when he wanted to smoke. now i'm here as a presidential candidate and i know-- >> okay, that's hillary clinton aipac. she's just begun her remarks and we'll see what happens with
10:01 am
hillary and aipac. existing home sales. ashley: annualized 5.08 million, stu, not a great number. down 7%. stuart: okay. jason meister is with us, a go-to guy on the numbers. 5.08 million existing home sales, annualized basis. doesn't look good good to me. >> i would caution us not to put too much credibility to one month's number, but there's been a development boom based on free money and in cities like new york city, miami, san francisco, we've had significant development and there's inventory that's going to be climbing and we're going to have a lot of that inventory. in new york city, we have 15,000 units that are going to be coming on-line to the market between now and 2017. at today's pace, about $5,000
10:02 am
units will be sold. that means we'll have five years of inventory to burn off. stuart: whoa, that's a lot. okay. jason, i'm going to end it there. not real big on this number, 5.08 million, existing homes sold on annualized basis, not a great number. jason, thank you very much. i want to go back to hillary clinton addressing the aipa krchc conference. >> abandon our responsibilities or cede the mantle of leadership for global peace and security to anyone else. as we gather here three evolving threats, iran continues aggression, a rising tide of extremism across a wide arc of instability, and the growing effort to delegitimate israel on the world stage are
10:03 am
converging to make the u.s.-israel alliance more indispensible than ever. [applause] we have to combat all of these trends with even more intense security and diplomatic cooperation. the united states and israel must be closer than ever, stronger than ever and more determined than ever to prevail against our common adversary and to advance our shared values. values. [applaus [applause]. this is especially true at a time when israel faces brutal terrorist stabbings, shootings, and vehicle attacks at home. parents worry about letting their children walk down the street. many fa li-- families livein
10:04 am
fear. a few weeks ago, a young american veteran and west point graduate taylor force was murdered by a palestinian terrorist near the port. these attacks must end immediately and-- palestinian leaders need to stop inciting violence, stop celebrating terrorists and martyrs and stop paying rewards to their families. [applaus [applause] >> because we understand the threats israel faces.
10:05 am
we know we can never take for granted the strength of our alliance or the success of our efforts. today americans and israelis face momentous choices that will shape the future of our relationship and of both our nations. the first choice is this: are we prepared to take the u.s.-israel alliance to the next level? this relationship has always been stronger and deeper than the headlines might lead you to believe. our work together to develop the iron dome saved many israelis lives when hamas rockets began to fly. [applause] i saw its effectiveness firsthand in 2012 when i worked with prime
10:06 am
minister netanyahu to negotiate a cease-fire in gaza and if i'm fortunate enough to be elected president, the united states will reaffirm, we have a strong and enduring national interest in israel's security. [applause] and we will never allow israel's adversaries to think a wedge can be driven between us. [applaus [applause] >> and we have differences, at any friends do, we will work to resolve them quickly and respectfully. we will also be clear that the united states-- >> hillary clinton addressing aipac in washington d.c. you saw briefly the beginning of her remarks, we will go on to criticize, we understand,
10:07 am
sharply donald trump. once she does that, we'll take you back to hillary clinton in d.c. i should tell you that donald trump is meeting today in washington with nearly two dozen senior republicans. ashley, i don't know who these republicans are, but it looks to me like an attempt to mend fences between the establishment and trump? >> this is interesting, could they be farther apart right now? all we're told the establishment is doing everything it can to stop trump and everything they tried up to this point hasn't worked although we're seeing the chaos surrounding him seems to grow with the protest. but can the establishment get behind trump? we've been told up to this point, no. stuart: it seems like a move in the right direction from trump's point of view. ashley: the g.o.p. has been worried about losing the both the house and the senate control, there's concern about that. stuart: i'm sure there is. our next guest is actually, i didn't know this, but he's a registered democrat. however, in a recent article
10:08 am
says through the process of elimination, he will now support donald trump for president. michael goodwin is with us. a, i didn't know you were a democrat. >> i don't talk about it until i-- . [laughter] >> no, you don't. and b, you now can see supporting trump because all of the other republican candidates and the two democrats, you just doesn't find them palatable for the presidency, is that your story? >> absolutely, it's a process of elimination, it's close to choosing time. i haven't committed to trump. what i'm saying in the column is i'm getting more comfortable and here is why. because of the 7 1/2 million people who voted for him are the people who feel left out and they feel abandoned by both parties and trump is speaking to them. these are the people, who fought the wars, who worked in the factories, who teach school and coach little league. they've built a middle class culture, they've been abandoned by the democrats and by the republicans.
10:09 am
trump who on paper is the least likely to speak for them clearly does and the response i got to the column, stuart, from these people. it's overwhelming how they are praying, they say trump is our last hope to save america. stuart: these are democrats? >> they're not ideological. they don't really identify. they may register in one party or another. fundamentally they're independent of the ideologies of the parties, they simply feel that the democrats cater only to the left, the republicans cater only to big business, and nobody cares about the working and middle class. stuart: i take your point. are you in any way put off by trump's tone, some of the things he said about women, minorities, the way he approaches public speaking, and approaches his audience. does that put you off at-- what i'm trying to get at is this, when you vote for the president of the united states of america, you'll see him the
10:10 am
next four years every single day. it's a personal vote. are you comfortable voting personally for donald trump? >> not completely. that's why i'm not all the way. as i say in the column, he's weird and erattic and his attacks on megyn kelly among others are reprehensible and diminish him. his lack of policy and specificity. the complexities of the issues he hasn't touched, all of these are troublesome. on the other hand when you look the at things are how things are going in this country, who does have an answer? hillary clinton i think is the most dishonest person in public life. i think the republican voters the only one still standing is cruz among the republican candidates, a field of 17, it's cruz and trump and kasich by a little. and so i think the choices now are few so you've got to, i think, figure out who can represent what i think is the most important segment of the country that's been abandoned. stuart: michael goodwin, registered democrat thinking
10:11 am
about going for trump. there's a headline. michael, thanks for joining us. president obama is in cuba today. i think he is legacy building basically. his trip so far marked by violent protests, including demonstrations by these women we're about to show you. this is a group known as the ladies in white. they march every sunday to demand improved human rights. if you look at this closely, you'll see the people dressed in white, they're being surrounded in a very hostile fashion. it's palm sunday, they're carrying palms. one of the women, i don't know if you can see the video of her in particular, but one of the women was arrested and taken off to prison, stripped in the presence of men, dragged naked into a cell, that's reported by the wall street journal this morning. the wall street journal's mary kissel is joining us. what do you make of this. >> when you thought the obama administration couldn't go any lower or the president himself
10:12 am
couldn't go any lower, then we have the trip to cuba. stuart, this trip validates and empowers the regime that has effectively enslaved its people, denied them their freedoms, religious freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of speech. stuart: in what way does it empower and keep-- >> because it validates, not only does it validate the regime by giving them the face of the president physically going to cuba, but we're also opening the doors for u.s. businesses to do business with the regime. stuart, let's not forget, cuba does business with north korea, it harbors u.s. fugitives, it enslaves its people. the people that president obama boasted were going to be released because of this great deal, more than half of them, rearrested and most tellingly, arrivals in the united states of cubaen refugees have gone through the roof. 80% up last year. if this was such a great deal
10:13 am
and great place to live, why are these people doing whatever they can to get out. stuart: did we get anything? >> no. stuart: did we get anything that america got-- . the only thing that we got were crony deals between u.s. businesses some on television today talking about their investment with the regime, and this president got pr for his leftist base. that's all we got and the cuban people are the ones who are going to suffer the most. stuart: mary, thank you very much indeed, put it nicely. we've got the dow industrials down 36 points, okay? we opened a little bit lower, we moved to the positive side and now down 36 points, 17-5 on the dow industrials. anti-trump protests over the weekend and dozens of rabbis planning to protest trump's speech to one of the largest groups. we'll talk to one of those rabbis next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
10:14 am
and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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10:16 am
they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. >> all right. look at this, it's the poor numbers on the housing market
10:17 am
that did this. we're down 37, 38 points. we had been on the upside. annual rate selling existing homes, about 5 million a year, down from the last set of numbers. the market took that badly, down a few points on that housing news. valeant pharmaceuticals, a winner, announcing big ackman will take a seat on its board. this is a stock down 86% since last march, down 86% in a year and bouncing back nearly 12% today because ackman is going to be on the board. hillary clinton is now addressing the americanen israel public affairs committee and just went after donald trump and said that israel's security is not negotiatable. that's an indirect reference to donald trump. our next guest is one of dozens of rabbis planning to boycott the trump speech which comes later. this is the aipac people, the
10:18 am
nation's largest pro israel group. welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me. stuart: are you going to walk out when he starts his speech or you're just not going to go in there in the first place? >> i think we're going to see a little bit of both. we have some rabbis, canters, jewish community leaders and members of aipac who are going to absent his talk. and some once he starts will silently get up and walk out. all of us will study outside the antidote to what mr. trump has been, we're going to look at common decency. stuart: what is it you don't like, temporary ban of muslims, statements on women or tone? this is a jewish group, is there something that donald trump said about jewish people tore israel that you don't like? >> well, aipac is not so much a
10:19 am
jewish group as a pro israel lobby. as a jew myself, someone doesn't have to say disparaging things about jews for me to be offended. mr. trump has made as a cornerstone of his campaign, us versus them. he believes in order to win we have to defeat them, whoever is other than us. as a person of faith, i don't accept that, i believe that god created everybody in god's image and that we have responsible to show respect and dignity to all people so just because he may or may not have said something offensive to me specifically as a jew doesn't mean i don't take issue with his campaign. stuart: am i an islamaphobe if i don't want muslims to come to america that would kill us.
10:20 am
>> if you say all muslims want to kill us, if you say all mexicans are rapists or murderers, which he did not say, but if you say those things, when you make sweeping generallizatio generallizations, yes, you're an islamphobe. >> to say that there are muslims to threaten our safety, but he's making large statements about muslims, women, the press, as a cornerstone of his campaign and that's not going that we need to accept. stuart: thank you, rabbi, we appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. stuart: sir, pope francis, you could say he's bringing politics in his palm sunday homily, comparing indifference to the migrant crisis to the betrayal and crucifixion of jesus. more varney after this. you both have a
10:21 am
10:22 am
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10:24 am
liberty mutual insurance. >> we need steady hands, not a president who says he's neutral on monday, pro israel on tuesday and who knows what on wednesday because everything negotiatab negotiatable. well, my friends, israel's security is nonneg ochotiable. she was addressing the pro israel conference in washington. hope francis used his palm sunday homily to address the refugee crisis, largely muslims flooding into europe.
10:25 am
the quote, jesus also suffered on his own skin difference because no one wanted to take on the responsibility for his destiny. he adds this, i'm thinking of so many other people, so many marginized people, so many asylum seekers, so many refugees, so many don't want to take on their destiny. father jonathan morrison, europe, many say, is being invaded by muslims from north africa. and the pope's response is we should take responsible for them, take them in and house them. is that what he's saying? >> you know, he has chosen to basically speak about the urging crisis of those trying to get in. you know? and just imagine for a second jesus looking at these people, you know, if they're in desperation. not all of them, but those who are in desperation, those who are on the boats and falling off, who are dying on their way. the pope is saying, when there was a crisis right there, you
10:26 am
can't get into policy issues of how many, what percentage we can take in, how many-- you have to take care of the urgency. it doesn't mean, in my opinion, that all governments should just open their borders and say anybody can get in. the pope is saying there's an urgent refugee crisis and jesus would take in the urgent, the desperate. stuart: father, i think you're right. we often hear the question, what would jesus do? what would jesus say and i can't imagine jesus seeing the migrant boats arriving and i can't imagine he would say send them back. i can't imagine that, but at the same time-- >> at the same time, exactly. i think that pope francis would agree with so many other popes and catholic leaders saying a sovereign state, however, has not only the right, but an obligation to regulate immigration levels at sustainable levels and secondly
10:27 am
to protect, maybe first to protect its citizens against those trying to do harm. so there's got to be a balance. the pope is always going to leave that to other people to figure it out, name politicians and say there's an urgent crisis. stuart: the european union has just done a deal with turkey. the deal is about my grants and would allow 78 million turkish muslims to go to europe without a visa, just show up and you're in. now you're starting to talk a numbers game. this is by june. these people would have access by june, visa free. it's a numbers game, it's an invasion, it's a massive number of people, and muslims, not the faith of western europe, they would come to europe. that's a threat. that's a direct threat. >> as you know well, stuart, in the european union, people can go freely between countries,
10:28 am
you can walk from one country to the other without passing security. if turkey is part of that, of course, i don't think we should say just because they're muslims, they can't get in. and that's what is the danger, what is the danger. stuart: that's what everybody is saying. >> in turkey the violence is up. stuart: you can't avoid this, you can't say they're just migrants and-- they're not, they're largely muslims coming to an already divided society, divided between christians, judeo-christian ethics and morals and-- >> that's why we need not only prudent politicians, wise politicians to be able to balance human rights issues, they're not going to stop you because you're this color skin or that color skin or this or that religion. at the same time why is it prudent to say we're going to make decisions for our country. stuart: welcome, it's not easter monday, it's holy week and-- next monday would be--
10:29 am
yesterday was palm sunday. stuart: i know that, i went to church. are we done. >> we're done. stuart: thank you, father. we'll be back shortly. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. ....
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10:32 am
speech to tolerate clinton, as of now, just finished her remarks. she just went after donald trump saying israel's security is not negotiable. you have to stand up to a bully when you see one. hillary clinton just left the podium in washington, d.c. now, this. the economist says a donald trump presidency is a major threat to the global economy.
10:33 am
a trump presidency ranks number six in terms of global threats. our next guest helped put this assessment together. the risk manager. robert powell is his name. what are you laughing at? >> he ranks right up in the top 10. you think that donald trump will be a terrible threat. really? >> it is about impact on the global economy. the identity of the president. a spillover effect for the rest of the world. you have a gentleman talking about trade wars. building a wall with mexico. right down. that will have a spillover
10:34 am
effect. stuart: so bad that it ranks right up in the top 10 threats of the global economy. >> it is sad. it does occur at the moment. you would need it on multiple attacks in multiple countries. >> cold on a second. you mean to tell me that the threat to the global economy, it is no greater, no greater than donald trump who may or may not start friction with china and mexico. >> what is the global threat of them launching multiple threats? disrupting the global economy geared we have not had anything on that scale since 9/11. >> after all, he is way ahead in the republican primary.
10:35 am
[laughter] >> there is a no other site to this. we will put in place some significant tax cuts for corporations and individuals. i think that that would galvanize american private enterprise. leaving the rest of the world out of this global economic mess >> i do not think that mister trump is alone in this. you can talk about saving. the health budget. >> the economist -- the economist magazine no longer believes that tax cut, corporate and individual would stimulate corporate enterprise. >> will leave me, going back to 1843.
10:36 am
pushing for free trade. it was the foundation of the organization. a currency manipulator is, in our opinion, a threat. >> 2012. i canceled it because you actually endorsed barack obama for another term in office. >> you work for the of common myth magazine. what were you thinking? endorsing barack obama for a second term. he has nothing to do with private enterprise. >> i cannot give the opinion of the economist magazine. [laughter] >> robert powell. it was a pleasure. thank you for coming on board geared we appreciate it.
10:37 am
>> political. liverpool. stuart: always tell where you are from. you know mine. >> there you go. i knew it. >> that was fun, though. [laughter] let's move along. meanwhile, chelsea clinton. she now says that her mom hillary wants to cover millions of illegals under obamacare. this is what she said at a campaign event. so important to extend the affordable care act to people living and working here regardless of immigration status. regardless of citizen status.
10:38 am
>> already the people pay taxes in this country and they are so under duress. the factor into obamacare. potentially 70% of u.s. households get more in the way of benefits then they pay into the system. that is upside down. it has been upside down for a very long time. that is why these guys feel safe. d.c. spending like vegas drunks. [laughter] >> the last one was the catchphrase right now. >> how about that. look at who else is here, ladies and gentlemen. former miss america. [laughter] in 1994, hillary clinton explicitly said, no, we will not cover illegals.
10:39 am
now, according to chelsea, hillary wants to cover them with obamacare. you say what. >> this shows how far bernie sanders has pushed her to the left. you know, chelsea clinton, she was the one that came out and mischaracterized bernie sanders planned. this is the second time. hillary has yet to hear from her. you ask what kind of behavior are we in fantasizing. come here and you will be able to get free healthcare. we want to draw people here because it is a line of opportunity. you want to come here and see the benefits. not just, get free healthcare. you have to pay into the system. $50 billion per year. that is what this position would cost.
10:40 am
>> federal subsidies. >> right. they would have to buy a plant just like everyone else. they would be in the lower income brackets where you would be getting the lower subsidies. >> not yet taken off his microphone. you would just love to give free healthcare to everybody. >> it is a uk system after all. i cannot particularly common on this. >> a threat to the global economy. >> isis. trump. >> it is the quality of health care that you get geared i have a foundation that raises money to help people.
10:41 am
we get so many applications from the uk and canada. the lines for this kind of treatment is just so long. it is not just mental healthcare. it is all kinds of surgeries. >> i would like to give this maximum publicity. obama benefits. anybody, one and all. i think that that should be a political issue in this election. >> worse than isis or trump. i am kidding. [laughter] they aren't not doing well. >> s-uppercase-letter. >> all right, everybody. down fraction that leave.
10:42 am
no big impact on what chelsea had to say about obamacare. it is monday morning. we are not really going out far thus far this monday morning. free speech under attack. protesters blocked the highway leading to the rally. i want to know what happened to those. back in a moment. >> i think that it is very unfair that he's really, in many cases, professionally and six road testers can put cars on a road blocking thousands of great americans from coming to a speech. nobody says anything about that. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
nicole: i am i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. down 30 points. expected home sales. the dow is up 37. the s&p is down five. here's here is a look at some of your dow movers. nike, walmart. apple on the downside. dupont and intel. and underperformed. merger monday. some updates here for you. hitting a new high. acquiring that. i think this bid for star wars.
10:45 am
$6 billion offer there. you can see an up arrow for star wars. paypal. to the upside. lauren simonetti and i will see you there. ♪
10:46 am
10:47 am
>> if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> our message ended about five or six minutes ago. as you can tell, she was really going after donald trump. how about starwood hotels. they agreed to a $13 billion deal to merge with marriott. they are up 4%. there you go. protesters continuing to target. welcome sheriff joe r pio who is with us this morning. what happened to those people that block the highway with their cars.
10:48 am
>> released on bond. what else is new. i live in that town. i do the law-enforcement in that town. donald trump like i have done several times before. they are going to disrupt that rally. i have news for them. they tried and they are in jail. >> that was outrageous. miles long traffic holdup. a lot of people very. they stopped free speech. i think the protesters raise the hostility level.
10:49 am
trying to exercise. we have thousands and thousands of people waiting. they want to disrupt that for him. we have to do something about what is happening to trump. everyone is after them. >> that arizona republican primary tomorrow. that they are a big issue. donald trump leads in the polls. is he going to win big? >> i hope so. he had his first rally here in july. nobody gave him a chance.
10:50 am
now he has a great chance to be the next president of the united states. >> did he come to you or did you go to him? >> i have been divorced many candidates running for president and campaigned for a couple of them. the first time in july. i like what i saw. i also introduced him and other places and we had a mutual decision that i would endorse him. he was happy with that. marshalltown, iowa. six weeks ago, i officially endorsed him. i have been supporting him from day one. just as president obama rides in cuba, protesters are demanding free speech. my take on the one-sided deal in cuba coming up next. ♪ incentives,
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> i am peter barnes in tempe arizona. republican primaries tomorrow. awarded portion that leave. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders here. clinton will be campaigning here
10:55 am
later today. republicans, winner take all. donald trump leaving here. trump and his rivals have been crisscrossing the last few days. blocking traffic at one of the events here over the weekend. back to stuart in new york. >> every newspaper. every tv rod cass. not to change the cuban regime, but to bolster. what do we get out of it? not much. owing $7 billion. property stolen during the revolution. what about re- speech in cuba? a rest before and during the presidential visit. one of them, a black woman,
10:56 am
pulled off and ripped while men watched and then drug to a prison cell. our companies will make the communist regime a little more efficient. bottom line, in another example of very weak negotiation. the iran nuclear deal. largely, on the other guys terms. they win, we lose. what will the obama legacy really be. and authority and terry and. then again, that may be the legacy this president wants. ♪ [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
10:57 am
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stuart: all right, everyone. hillary clinton taking a job at donald trump. world tape. >> we need steady hands. pro- israel on tuesday. who knows what on wednesday. everything is the go shovel. well, my friends, israel's security is non-negotiable. >> what americans are hearing is something else entirely. encouraging violence, playing coy with white supremacists. calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and supported. we turn away refugees because of their religion am proposing a ban of all muslims entering the united states. >> if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, oppose it.
11:01 am
if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> those were clearly direct good at donald trump. ashley webster and elizabeth make don mulled. apart from what hillary just said, donald trump addresses that same meeting later today. he is not likely to get a nice hearing. what do you say? >> there is energy behind him. we can say whatever we want. what i have seen over and over again, the harder they hit him, the more people support him. they are saying, it you think he is stupid, it is energizing them more and more and more. >> the harder they fight, the harder it is to bring them down. >> he lost all ohio. why do i think that this will
11:02 am
hurt him? there is an emotional cushion here. now the democrats will roll out how his business decisions have her people. stuart: you just heard my take a couple minutes ago. the u.s. cuba deal. >> president obama gets his legacy. we know that protesters were arrested and handled very roughly. thrown into jail very rough. first time he has been there and how many years. the president of that country coming out and meeting him.
11:03 am
>> they are together now. on the left, obviously. demonstrated high the ladies in white. forcibly suppressed. strict in the presence of men and drug naked into herself. that was happening as this is the end administration's longshot. seeing how they are regulated. it will change society. pressing the regime. bullying and beading and murdering people for decades. >> growl pastoral shaking hands.
11:04 am
a formal handshake with president o bomb appeared that is the historic moment that he wants. it has happened right now just after 11:00 o'clock eastern time this monday morning. that is what is happening. a change between cuba and the united states. what have they done fundamentally to make their life better for their citizens. stuart: i cannot inc. of one. i do not know what you have done for the freedom of the people of cuba owned and ran largely by the cuban army.
11:05 am
>> i think it is really important that the people understand this. stuart: they owe us 6 billion, almost $7 billion. we are not going to get it back. that was not negotiated in advance. let's do the next story. top gop establishment leaders in washington today. that is trump, the antiestablishment guy. getting together with the establishment gop guys. what does it mean? >> it is an important one. >> at the same time, the republicans, there is room to do this nominee. that is what he needs to do.
11:06 am
>> the more presidential. it may be able to get closer to you. what will he say to that? >> right. you have to pay attention. there is record voter turnout right now. we really have to look at, you know, we have to say that there is stuff. the aipac conference. that is taking place in washington, d.c. rabbis, a couple dozen of them that will have to be making this. one rabbi on the program earlier today. he says comes message is hateful. he is boycotting. >> some not going to the event at all. walking out. blocking highways and people
11:07 am
from attending the event. hateful towards women. he will argue and have patty is the pro- israel candidate in the gop race. groups that do not agree with that. >> you still think that that kind of protest, any kind of protest urges his own kind of supporters. >> i do that is to be dismissive of what people are holding onto. making america great again. it is not just that they are embracing a hate message. they are embracing a hold message. >> whatever it takes to win. this ugly nastiness. stuart: these people that are politically correct.
11:08 am
today's rapid fire rounds. thank you so much. >> i can bring the time. [laughter] this is a go nowhere. a big economic report came out at 10:00 o'clock eastern. it is about existing home sales. down 7% year-over-year. selling 5.08 million. the markets are rocky. they said, house prices were going up. existing home sales 11% year-over-year. it does not feel good did. >> okay. got it. my next guest wrote an article
11:09 am
saying that while it appears hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee, some left leading pundits. writing the article. he is our guest from washington, d.c. right now. will you fill us in on the full content of the article? it seems like the pundits do not get behind hillary these days. >> many of the liberal commentators do not have any love for donald trump. most interesting, "time" magazine, the clintons for 25 years. comparing hillary's candidacy to a 10-watt and kale salad. also saying that she is the embodiment of the establishment. frustrating with the establishment. shipping and calibrating the positions. she reinforces the notion that she does not stand for much,
11:10 am
rosanna. >> overly calculating as a politician. >> the possible indictment weighing into this. >> in a sense that some of the more honest pundits say that she has the honesty and trustworthy in the poll. the e-mail scandal and other assorted scandals have taken their toll on hillary's candidacy. donald trump is the more divisive candidate. hillary should be looking good. some commentators and not just on the left are starting to reap a fat. stuart: we found a video clip this morning from 1994. we want to cut down the number of illegals coming into this country. we will not subsidize them. chelsea clinton says, my mom will extend obamacare benefits to illegals.
11:11 am
i guess that that is the nature of the article. she will say anything to get elected. that is my judgment on hillary. smiling. i think that it can evolve over the years. when she does it in the space of a few months, appealing to the liberal voters, sure, this will create problems for her. >> thank you very much indeed, howard kurtz. we appreciate you being on the show. up next, a very serious subject. the father of the man that was killed by illegal immigrants. he will tell us why he is supporting donald trump. back after this. ♪
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: we all know the paint maker, sherwin williams. they will by their rival valspar. that is why valspar touched a new high of 105 early this morning. up 25%. now this. murdered by an illegal immigrant. our guest claimed the open door policy. our guest, welcome. good to see you. i would like you to please take us through this story. being that back on 2015, my son had taken a night off. he worked two jobs. he was taking his girlfriend out or her birth date.
11:16 am
he dropped her off. on the way home, less than a mile, he stopped at a red light. a four-time deported illegal billion, done five years in prison for attempted murder, had a brass sheet back to 2001, pulled up next to spencer, pulled out a handgun and blew his brains out. stuart: that is an extraordinary story. i have to add something to this. 124 illegal immigrants were arrested and then released. each of those 124 illegal immigrants went on to murder someone. i do not know if they are illegal or another immigrant american, but they murdered someone after being arrested in the first place. why do you now support trump? >> the reason i support donald trump is because i believe he
11:17 am
has the option that no other candidate has. that is to not have to pander to cheap illegal wavering dummies. he does not have to, you know, make campaign promises but turn around while he is in office the peas the donors who do not want their cheap labor pool compromise. >> what reaction? when you tell your story in the media, i know you have told your story, what is the reaction? >> it is totally shocking. i do not have to do that. the story, itself, is pretty far out there. it is true.
11:18 am
the guy went on to issue two more people and try to kill a police officer. it was random. >> did anybody ever explained to you why this man was not immediately deported? he was obviously dangerous. >> he was deported when he got out. he just turned right back around and moseyed on not to the sanctuary city of houston texas where he knew that he could operate. most of his dirty deeds had been done in south texas. he came on up to houston texas because of the sanctuary city policies. >> i have to tell you, obviously, this is a tragic story. we want you to know that by
11:19 am
telling that story, you may have some impact on the future. we hope you have some impact on policy. what happened to you and your son is an absolute disgrace. thank you very much. next case. the fbi says apple helps the chinese government. why don't they help our government break into the terrace iphone. we will explain it in a moment. ♪
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: starwood hotels agreeing to a $13 billion deal to merge with marriott. they are going with the home team marriott. they are getting together. star wars up or% on that. the fight between the fbi and apple. they have been helping the chinese government to break into its perks. what hope did apple give to the chinese government? >> why aren't you helping us with the san bernardino terrace iphone? 74% of the time, you gave the
11:24 am
china government information on the customers in china. data from their phones. put this on government servers. dave basically put a different wi-fi protocol on that. >> okay. what is the difference between apple helping the fbi crack the terrace iphone and the help that the apple has already give in to the chinese government to do the same thing. >> the government is asking us to write new software. the doj is did at the showdown in the hearing tomorrow over the iphone fight. you were already given the chinese government information. why would china need you to write new software when you are doing it anyway.
11:25 am
>> there is a difference. >> it seems that way. >> a difference in the treatment i do not think that that washes in congress. >> sharp edge stuff on that one. >> beijing is moving fast on a new law that would say any device, we have to be able to get into in our country. stuart: now, this. a group of new york billionaires. governor cuomo. raising income taxes in new york. on wealthy people. why. this was put together. we want this 1%. we want to pay for homelessness.
11:26 am
this was put together with the fiscal policy institute which is a very left leaning think tank. raise. i can afford it. what are they doing. do they care about the strivers of this world. >> do they care about that? tax me, tax meet. >> deep breath. up next. former congressman ron paul on why he cannot support donald trump for president. ♪ by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk
11:27 am
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right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. stuart: listen to this one. the fbi believes that hillary clinton did break the law with her e-mail server, but the fbi's having trouble pursuing charges because of political pressure. charlie gasparino is here. this is his story. >> well, let's be real clear here, this is the fbi staffers who are increasingly coming to the conclusion that the way she handled her e-mails was illegal. there's no doubt. why do i know this? there's a battle going on inside the fbi between the staffers and the political types. the fbi, longtime, long-term people, people who have been there forever, the career types,
11:31 am
are now telling people on the outside this is what is happening. they are making no secret that james comey is coming -- that's the fbi chief -- coming under tremendous pressure not to recommend charges. and this is what they're telling people. and i'll tell you, stuart, this is a cover-up that's pretty amazing, when the staff is out there. and it's not just that, you know -- by the way, the story is not hard to get, i'm just going to tell you. if you know anybody be remotely associated with the fbi, if you know any fbi agent anywhere, they will tell you the staff right now, the staffers, the career guys, the guys that do the leg work, believe that there is sufficient evidence that hillary clinton in the handling of her e-mails and the use of the private server to obtain and send what's known as classified stuff even if it's not marked -- stuart: illegal. >> they don't believe her story. remember, her story centers around the fact that there was no headings on it. but everybody in government
11:32 am
knows not every classified e-mail has a heading on it. stuart: but you could understand the political pressure on james comey not to recommend prosecution because you would be trying to prosecute the standing democrat candidate for the president of the united states. i can understand the pressure. but if he doesn't and the staff have made out a good case that it is illegal, there'll be, excuse my language, hell to pay within the fbi. >> and by the way, this may hurt coemy's career going -- comey's career going forward. >> what if he quits? >> that is what the staff is saying. they believe there's a good chance if they put too much pressure on him, he's going to quit. read my column in the post today, because it kind of lays it out. if you look at comey's record in the bush administration, look at the cases he brought against wall street, and you will see the obstruction cases that he
11:33 am
brought had a far less level of factual intent than this. look at what he brought against martha stewart, look what he brought against frank quatrone. that case was overturned. the bar was so much less, that's just another piece of evidence -- stuart: one last thing. do you have a time frame on this? some idea whether he prosecutes or not? >> no. no one knows. here's the thing, the evidence is all pointing it's heating up. remember, he put this guy that was handling her e-mail server, pagliano, whatever his name is, that kid now -- stuart: he's got immunity. >> the signs are that it's heating up rather than slowing down. stuart: charlie gasparino, everyone, thank you very much, indeed. quickly, look at the big board, we're up 21 points. this is a go-nowhere market thus far today. now, our next guest says he will never be able to support donald trump. former congressman ron paul is with us, a favorite guest. ron, welcome back to the program.
11:34 am
the audience loves you. you know that, don't you? >> stuart, nice to be with you again. [laughter] stuart: now, i introduced you by saying you're the guy that can never support donald trump, no matter what. but i put it to you, you're an outsider, donald trump is very much an outsider. can't you get together with your fellow outsider, donald trump, on anything? >> see, i don't believe trump is that much of an outsider, you know? personality wise and everything he says, he wants to be an outsider because he's shrewd and he's smart, he knows how to appeal to the people who are unhappy. but when it comes to, say, troops in the middle east, he's not an outsider, he's more hawker than the -- hawkish than the insiders. he wants 30,000 troops over there. he's not ready to close down the fed and these sorts of things that many of the libertarians are in favor of and the outsiders really want. so i would say he's done a very good job in fooling a lot of people that he's completely on the outside.
11:35 am
but he's been able to take two positions on every issue. i think he's going to have a meeting today, and a speech. stuart: yep, he is. >> and most of the time when he does that, he takes two positions. maybe today he won't. but if you look back, i bet he'll say something today that contradicts something he said a week or two ago. stuart: is ted cruz your guy? >> no. no, i think, matter of fact, he's more honest with his militarism. trump is a militaristic person, but he's a little more cautious. he appeals, he's able to appeal to the peace segment as well as the warmongering section. but cruz is strictly send in the troops and carpet bomb anybody who sneezes at us. no, he's, he's easy to figure out, and he's up front about his militarism. stuart: but someone who feels like you feel has only a libertarian candidate to back, no republican candidate to support, and i'm sure you've obviously herald this before --
11:36 am
heard this before, but a libertarian candidate is not going to win. it's a protest vote. and in voting for a libertarian, essentially, you're giving a vote to hillary clinton. you've heard this before. [laughter] >> but if we have either one of, you know, republican or democratic, the people lose. nobody wins on this because they continue the same process of big government and spending and militarism and lack of privacy. it's just different flavors of it, different management style. so we always win if we present our case and we invite people in to start thinking about what true liberty is all about. we're in for the long term, and we also realize that elections aren't all that important, you know? it takes a long time -- stuart: but, ron, look, if hillary clinton wins, i'm going to be paying more tax, you're going to be paying more tax, there's going to be much more government, there's going to be much more giveaways. that's not a win for the people, that's a flat out loss. >> no, but it's a loss if that
11:37 am
happens, but, you know, republicans and democrats -- republicans are in charge of the senate and the house, and you automatically say, oh, they're worthless, they won't do anything. how can she raise taxes without the republicans in the house and the senate? so it takes more than hillary. every time she says something doesn't mean that it's going to happen. and i think that she's, she is, she has very, you know, a whole lot of bad ideas, but i think she's really very inept. i think republicans in the house and senate will curtail her. i don't think there will be any curtailing of donald trump as president because, you know, hee controls the media, he controls everybody, and so i think he's going to be the one that will resort to using executive orders much more so than obama ever used them. stuart: okay, that's interesting. ron, you're always interesting. no matter what, you are interesting. [laughter] that's why the audience loves you, i know they do. ron paul, everyone. thanks so much. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: last week on this show
11:38 am
we spoke with the mayor of miami beach. he's a hillary clinton supporter, his name is phillip levine. he made a statement suggesting trump is not a billionaire. listen. >> the one thing we all know is donald's not a billionaire. so let's see it at last. stuart: wait a minute, wait a minute. one thing we all know -- >> well, on. we all know -- come on. we all know in financial services whether it's the vodka company, the airline -- stuart: show me the proof. >> stuart, i think what happens is -- stuart: excuse me! excuse me! you are doing a harry reid, and you have no right to do that. >> dad's money -- stuart: show me records. >> put him over the edge. [laughter] stuart: sorry. lost my temper. [laughter] now, levine did the same thing that senator harry reid did to mitt romney while romney was running for the presidency in 2012. he made a statement about money without being able to back it up with real proof. deliberately.
11:39 am
come on in, penny lee, who was an adviser to senator lee -- sorry, to senator back in the day. all right, penny, you and i always smile about this, but i think you'll agree with me, phillip levine was doing exactly what your old boss, harry reid, did. that is, saying something about a presidential candidate, saying something negative about them, about their money, not being able to back it up, just throwing it out there. deliberately lying. that's what happened, isn't it? >> well, i think, stuart, even you have to admit the irony is very rich. i mean, we're talking about this, about donald trump. i mean, donald trump was the epitome of someone who threw a false allegation out against then-senator obama about the fact that he was born in kenya, was not born in the united states. i mean, the irony is incredibly rich. stuart: so you will agree with me then that phillip levine had absolutely no proof whatsoever? >> we don't know.
11:40 am
we don't know, stuart. stuart: he won't tell us. >> and you know what? there is an easy solution. all donald has to do is release his tax returns. that is a simple, easy way to resolve all these issues. stuart: you shouldn't in a presidential election, any election, you shouldn't lie about your opponent. you really shouldn't -- >> maybe he knows information that you and i don't know. stuart: so what is -- reveal it. >> yes. absolutely phillip should come forward and reveal what his source is. but donald has an easy solution to put this in the background, release your taxes. stuart: mr. levine will not do that. >> don't you have to wonder why donald trump won't release his own tax returns? >> stuart: no, it's the oh way around. -- other way around. >> he wants everybody to know all about him. stuart: i don't think you should be doing it. your old boss, senator reid, i don't think he should have stood on the floor of the u.s. senate and lied. i don't think he should have done that. [laughter] >> stewart, you and i know, we've been around that -- stuart: and phillip levine is wrong to do what he is doing
11:41 am
now. you know, i want a democrat to have some honesty here and say, you know, we really shouldn't be doing this stuff. >> i think false allegations are wrong, and people should not put them forward, but there's an easy way for donald trump to resolve it once and for all. simply release his taxes. and then if people do throw this out there, we have the evidence full and simple of why it was false. stuart: i'd like to see mr. levine's evidence. he made the statement, he should come up with it just like senator reid should have done it too. you know, penny, we enjoy this. i know you do. a little sparring on monday morning, what's wrong with that? [laughter] penny lee, everyone, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: trump protesters block a highway in arizona. question for judge napolitano, can those people be charged with a felony? i appreciate you coming by. absolutely. the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? look jim, we've been planning
11:42 am
for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
11:43 am
♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow back in the green, had been down. back and forth action today, down more than 50 points, and right now we're up ten. the s&p not quite turned just yet, it is down one point at 2048, dow sitting at 17,614, and the nasdaq is off five. here's a look at some of the movers today, right now you are seeing, right now pfizer, that's a mover to the upside. on the downside, sherwin williams and wyndham worldwide also on the laggards. and take a look at the home builders.
11:44 am
has the housing market run out of steam? some of these actually started in the green and moved into the red, this after the national association of realtors said on monday existing home sales dropped more than expected, dropped 7.1%, and that put pressure on the home builders overall. start your day on fox business at five a.m. lauren and i will see you there. ♪ ♪
11:45 am
stuart: protesters in arizona this weekend, you can see 'em, stopped traffic on a major
11:46 am
highway to protest donald trump. the backup went for miles and miles and miles, thousands of people could not get to the trump rally. judge napolitano is here. legally, what can happen to those people who deliberately blocked traffic and interfered with an election campaign and interfered with freedom of speech? >> it is not protected speech, and it's not protected expressive behavior. so if they stood there with placards and tried to slow traffic down, dump trump, that's probably protected. but putting vehicles in the middle of the roadway, you just showed that piece, absolutely preventing movement, it's a crime of some sort. i don't know what the terminology would be in arizona. yes, it's absolutely a crime. if the traffic backed up to another state, then you have a bridgegate thing like in new jersey. when you block the movement of commerce from one state to another, it is a federal crime, the minimum penalty of which is five years. clearly a felony.
11:47 am
if they charge them with disorderly conduct, it's probably 30 days in jail. if you have no prior, they'll give you a deferred prosecution, you walk away scot-free. i don't know what's going to happen with these folks. i think the local law enforcement officer is sheriff joe arpaio. i'm sure he's going to push for as aggressive a prosecution as possible. stuart: but he's not the prosecutor, he's just a sheriff. >> correct. look, here's the idea, all speech is protected, but this is not speech. this is, this is stopping the lawful movement of vehicles. what about people who weren't going to trump, who were going to a hospital or some other event which they had a right to go to on a public roadway? stuart: well said. all right, what about the freedom of speech when donald trump at a rally says -- i'm not sure the exact words -- beat the crap out of him when they're referring to a demonstrator who's disrupting his rally? what can he say that is protected? >> here's the rule. all innocuous speech is absolutely protected, and all speech is innocuous when there
11:48 am
is time for more speech to neutralize it. so if he says beat the crap out of him and somebody beats him immediately, he can be prosecuted. stuart: okay. >> if he says beat the crap out of him and somebody beats him 15, 20 minutes later, his speech is protected. [laughter] well, here's the thing -- stuart: i'm not sure how to take that. >> i'll tell you why, because the measurement here is time. is there time for more speech? because the theory the remty for bad -- remedy for bad speech is not prosecution, it's more speech. stuart: but politically, it is okay for the left to say, look at him, he's encouraging violence. he says beat the crap out of a demonstrator. this is hate speech. >> it is legally acceptable for the left to say that just as it's legally acceptable for him to say they're fanatics, they're trying to drown me out, they're criminals. all of that is protected speech. the first amendment tolerates the fact that people will hate what they hear and express their hatred. and and so it is the job of the
11:49 am
police to protect the right of the speaker to speak, the right of the audience to hear and the right of the protester to protest because protest speech is itself protected speech. not blocking traffic, but shouting at him. stuart: you know what i'm going to say -- >> what are your going to say? [laughter] stuart: no, no, no. if you're a free speech lawyer, business is real good, isn't it? >> you always think of it in this term. stuart: of course i do. >> that's what the show is about. stuart: don't lawyers think in those terms? of course they do. >> i'm sorry to tell you, they do. some free speech lawyers are interested in speech, others are interested in their bank books. [laughter] stuart: ain't that the truth? >>'s the cheapest gas this morning, stuart? [laughter] wherever he's going to fill up his tank, that's where. stuart: are you done? yeah, you're done. [laughter] listen to this one. apple holding a big event at its cupertino headquarters, california, this morning. it's expected to announce a new,
11:50 am
smaller and cheaper smartphone. jo ling kent live in cupertino. what do we know so far, jo ling kent? >> reporter: stuart, we know that ceo tim cook will be taking the stage in about an hour and ten minutes right behind me, and it's during the middle of this ongoing fbi battle. we expect two new products to come out of this, analysts expect a new iphone 6se, perhaps, which would actually be a smaller iphone who are looking to refresh who haven't upgraded yet to the iphone 6 or 6s. of course, those sales very important, as you know, because we may have the first year-over-year decline in sales this quarter. we also expect to get a new ipad pro, a new, refreshed version of the tablet that is struggling, but all of this happens as tim cook prepares for a hearing tomorrow in riverside, california, about the san bernardino iphone 5c that was used before the killing of 14 people and injuring 22. i want to show you a quick poll
11:51 am
real quick, new york times/cbs, on public opinion, 50% say they are pro-apple unlocking the phone, 45% say they are not. stuart? stuart: all right. jo ling kent right there in california. thanks very much, jo, appreciate it. now, how about this? a church in texas sued for putting up a cross on its own property paid for fully by the church. the atheists were behind the lawsuit. back in a moment. opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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stuart: atheists in corpus christi, texas, filing a lawsuit against a church because it put up a giant cross. on the church's own property. paid for by the church. pastor jeffers is with us. pastor, it's great to have you back. i'm exploding on this one because, to me, this is all about the power of the atheists using the legal system to beat up christians. what say you? >> exactly, stuart. this is a bigotry toward christianity that's being bolstered by a perversion of the first amendment of the constitution. look, the first amendment simply says congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. our framers said congress can't establish a state church and
11:56 am
force people to worship in it. it has nothing to say about ten commandment displays or prayers at high school graduations or giant crosses on church property. look, stuart, the first amendment is about the freedom of religious expression -- stuart: yes, of course. >> -- it's not about the freedom from the ree liberties expression of other people. stuart: i believe the atheists are arguing because it's such a huge cross, they're being influenced by it, everybody will be influenced by it, and they are so sensitive to this that they want -- i think they want it taken down or not erected at all. would they compromise with a smaller cross which fewer people could see? [laughter] i'm not making a joke here, i'm just worried these people might win. >> well, look, you're asking the wrong person because we have a 95-foot church at -- cross at our church right in the heart of dallas. so i'm not for lowering the cross at all. people always say what about atheists who are offended by a cross or what about the muslim
11:57 am
who's offended by a display of the star of david? as somebody well said, the framers of the constitution could not have cared less about the hurt feelings of other people. they wanted to guarantee the freedom of religion, and that's what the first amendment is all about. stuart: i have the feeling that america has had enough of this and really wants to see a more muscular christianity and its approach to those who challenge it. last 20 seconds to you, robert. >> i do. and, look, justice antonin scalia six weeks before he died said there is nothing in the constitution that demands that a court choose non-religion over religion. america has been blessed because we've honored god, and if we want god's continued blessing upon america, we need to continue to honor god. stuart: you know why you're a popular guest on this program? because you can say it all in a couple of sentences and go right to the heart of the matter, and you do it so well, sir. [laughter] we appreciate it. robert jeffers, thanks, sir. >> thanks. thank you, stewart. stuart: more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
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stuart: my time is up, so it's neil cavuto who's going to carry you through the rest of this day. it's yours. neil: thank you very much. donald trump is going to be meeting with top gop leaders, we don't know all, but i suspect blake burman does. blake, what is this event for? >> reporter: hi there, neil. donald trump just arrived here at jones day in washington d.c. this is not only one of the premiere law firms here in d.c. but really all across the country. he got here about ten minutes or so ago. the guest list for this meeting really has been kept hush-hush. here's what we pretty much know. we're led to believe that this meeting takes place at about 12:30 between trump and several congressional members here in


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