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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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news. if brussels under attack. here are the facts. of these two explosions at the airport, reports of another three additional explosions around the city including a metro station. at least 23 people are dead, dozens more injured according to sky news. flights have been suspended and the public transportation system is shut down. reports say this is like a terrorist attack. [inaudible] maria: belgian prime minister calling on people to stay where they are. the terrorist alert raised maximum. in the meantime, french president is holding a meeting on the attack. we'll bring you developments through the morning. we are covering the breaking news which is happening this morning. herewith me, "the wall street
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journal" editor in chief, jerry baker. there are several "wall street journal" but porters on the scene which we will go through. good to see you. thank you for joining us. the very latest on the breaking news reports this morning about 25 explosions in the city of brussels killing at least 23 people this morning, injuring dozens more. this is coming to us this morning. belgium's prosecutor confirming the explosion was a suicide attack. reportedly carried out in retaliation for the rest of the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks. all flights out of the airport have been grounded. and that's like they're diverted to neighboring airports at this time. another explosion has been reported at a brussels metro station close to european commission headquarters. joining us on the phone is the wall street. thank you for calling in. can you tell us what you're
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seeing right now? >> we have multiple attacks and there is one confirmed that the metro station is very near the european institutions at the heart of the center in brussels. police are looking into this been suicide attacks and it is likely an retaliation of the capture of salah abdeslam last week. maria: yesterday when we were watching the capture of that individual, it was well known that he was telling authorities there were more attacks on the way. do you believe this is related? >> yeah, exactly. there is information this is what he told the authority. but it could also be just retaliation for the authorities capturing him as well. the authorities put out a war and they are looking for a
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fugitive whose dna was found for the suicide vest are made for the attacks. they could also be related to the bear apparently looking for. maria: with your colleague of that, jerry, we know he also said he wanted to sue prosecutors because they release the information that he chickened out in the paris attack. >> that's right. he's obviously singing like a canary because he sold them all kinds of incentives and in custody, exactly as you say, that he was supposed to get people at the football stadium and he chickened out as you say. he's also told them about the possibility of other attacks here to wonder exactly whether this is straight retaliation, whether the fact he's obviously telling the police and authorities all kinds of things, whether that is precipitated these attacks, whoever was planning this, presumably a
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catalyst of salah abdeslam. they've decided to move quick paper for the police can get further intelligence. it is all speculation at this point, but it does look as though these were connected. maria: victoria, we know 23 people are dead and the level has been raised maximum in brussels. what does that look like on the ground from your standpoint? >> the level has been raised to the maximum. there is already a heavy police presence in november. there's irony everywhere, they've quarantined a lot of major areas, particularly near the attacks. the prime minister has called you to stay put, but also the european institution is canceled pretty much everything happening, every meeting, every event and to stay put as well. maria: the metro station has been shut down. >> a metro station is very close
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to the headquarters. >> is up with the closest one. one of the two e.u. workers. dagen: clearly whether this was planned in advance or retaliatory attack is a symbolic target. the headquarters of the european union, the headquarters of nato as well in terms of what is going on across europe, security has been tightened at the frankfurt airport, which is germany's largest airport. a hub of travel activity for the globe. also, securities have been tightened throughout friend at airports and train stations. to this point, you also have the defense counsel prime minister, also the interior minister acted from david cameron with his cabinet. you have to look at how many potential terror suspects are in europe right now. we heard from the head last month that they were 25,000
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european born individuaindividua ls who have gone to terror camps and have been trained by the islamic state and are back on the continent. this is the gravest terror threat. this was last month we heard to the continent in at least a decade and can they get their hands around the threat of being a briefing on the continent. maria: we know that travel is free throughout the continent. you can go from london to brussels to paris, to anywhere. we know after the paris attack, earlier in the year, brussels was in fact a block down because we learned that was in many cases the centerpiece of the operation for this group. >> hackley. it was a lot partly for security concerns to conduct the operation. just on your point, what we observed no and let the police
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sources are telling us is there is a new sort of trend or a new thread of the combination of the home-grown terrorists, the people coming from syria helping him with expertise as well. >> you are right about the issue of internal travel within the european union. you can travel to london, they've essentially abolished border controls. you can travel between france and germany, france and italy. this is a real problem now because countries feel many people feel they don't have control over their own security. once one of these people get into one of these countries within the so-called area, they are free to go anywhere and work with other people. either way, this will feed into the debate in the u.k. whether or not to remain a member of the european union because it is outside the no-caps port area, the free transit area. there is grave concerns of
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britain is still inside the european union that it could increase the exposure of written to attacks like this. this will have significant implications for the future of europe, for some border controls and whether or not he stays inside. >> we saw the implication right away after the terrorist attacks because the mastermind of salah abdeslam was able to set up the paris attack with the others there. >> key hidden in plain sight in this neighborhood in brussels, one of the largest north african populations and belgian mep europe. but he hid in plain sight for armand without being detected. a mystery series of regular gumshoe work including someone who was a pall bearer at his brother's funeral last week about a word is to salah abdeslam.
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maria: the idea that there is no border controls throughout several european countries. >> brussels was the central point of planning. remember the cause that we used to transport the terrorist had also my sims plays. maria: they got right back to brussels. >> just to save salah abdeslam is largely thought to be the logistical chief of the operation in nablus to have been not a brussels as well. >> they recommend brussels should shelter in place. the attack of cores is being followed but the paris mastermind. the terror threat at maximum level and the reports are right now that arabic was shouted for the actual airport last. do you have any insight on that? >> i've seen reports, but she's been speaking to the people they the people they are. the authority mentioned it
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oceans. she hasn't mentioned about the gunshot yet. maria: that was one of the comments from the belgian officials said it was shouted before the airport last. >> that has been a familiar pattern. obviously we don't want to jump immediately. >> sorry to read about spirit our reporter on the ground just in the senate permission about a witness before the blast went off. >> that is then the patent pending outcome of business carry out attacks like this it wouldn't be surprising if this were exactly in patent. dagen: victoria can correct me if i'm not, but this is the departure in looting the american airlines. and i can't speak to europe, the third man united states, at the departure level you do not see security there. it is wide-open. >> u. of crowds waiting to check in. given the security tightened at
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airports, that is a major point of vulnerability. maria: at any airport. this is the actual departure lounge. dagen: i would expect to see armed police officers security officials, professionals of every major airport. >> whether through public =tranfour at the entrances where cars get into. you can get explosives into a car and drive right up to the terminal and kill a lot of people. it is interesting that we've seen after many years after 9/11 airport security was tight. we have seen in the last year a revival by the terrorists as air target. london attacks 10 years ago or
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in public transport on the ground transportation, subway stations and buses. the airline has grown up with the russian airliner. we have seen these attacks on the airport here. we had a bomb on a plane out of mogadishu last month. it does look as though once again that airlines and airports, air transportation seems to be a juicy target for terrorists and reviving that kind of tag it. >> bring out the initial blast came out. tell us more about the timing. obviously this is key timing for people in their commute to and from work. >> the airport is busy all day, but in terms of solo is sort of the busiest time during the day.
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maria: in terms of usage for metro, that is among the busiest time and the matcher has been shut down. public transportation. dagen: the belgian prime minister is telling everybody in the country to simply stay where they are. there is complete paralysis across the country at this point. but again, he speaks today are trying to get their arms around her growing threat and developing threat and this is a last blast of attack and suicide hamas today in that country. maria: belgian officials are calling this a suicide attack. reports of suicide vest on on the ground. >> would have reports again at the metro station is based on bass. there's no more information at the moment. they are basically calling this a terrorist attack. maria: in terms of on the ground, looking at pictures is bad news earlier today.
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what is said in terms of column or lack of it around the ground right now? >> we are very near the matcher blast as well. it's a heavy police presence of the army presence. there were policemen going towards the site of ambulances. i think everyone in the parameter is to shut off completely. maria: is interesting because the prime minister of belgium is also saying to urge residents to wait making phone calls. all the lines are down because the mobile networks are getting saturated. can you not make a phone call then come of it for you? >> no, it's been impossible. we can only use internet and lan plans so far. they been done for quite some time. maria: brussels officials say mobile networks are saturated. make contact through data message like facebook, twitter.
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avoid making phone calls. >> the systems can't handle that kind of traffic. maria: if you are tuning where following a developing story. we have reports of two explosions happening at the brussels airport. reports of another three additional oceans around the city including a metro station. at least 23 people have been killed. dozens of others have been injured. according to sky news, flights have been suspended. the public transportation system has been shut down in work reported ultimate officials are telling people to avoid using the phone. we have the doria on the telephone. "wall street journal" reporter. what can you tell us? >> as you said, the multiple attacks at the airport. there's a terrorist attack.
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it's hard to have search and see and we're trying to get more information from the prosecutors to seek the nature of the attacks. this is what we have now. maria: dagen mcdowell, we know they are holding an emergency meeting on the attack and we know yesterday with the arrest of the paris mastermind salah abdeslam, he said more are on the way. dagen: absolutely. victoria references that another accomplice has been identified because of dna on explosives that they found in last year's attacks in november. but the arrest of salah abdeslam, he was hiding in open sight in the neighborhood and belgian. he was on the move for four then they only just were able to apprehend and cared report are
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that he has been talking to prosecutors and authorities. >> when the immediate horror -- when the emergency response, when the law enforcement entities are now conduct it, there will be a manhunt for many suicide attacks. other people were involved. the big questions being asked or there is very thousands of people in europe who have been radicalized in train to commit acts of terror. they will be big, big questions about the future of europe, the way in which -- >> thank you so much. >> the way in which -- what effect does this have on the war against the islamic state in the middle east. does this require europe have united states to step up the attacks on islamic state. despite progress made in the
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last few months they are so powerful and people go in there being trained and equipped to come back and conduct acts of terror. what does that mean for the way in which -- maria: but they're a thousand investigations in the u.s. it is absolutely could have been. in europe the thread is so enormous. maria: partly because the open borders. >> the use and which they get into between the e.u. and turkey to essential is top many migrants coming in from the middle east or greece which they've been doing. but this is -- unless it is still a source, multiple sources.
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this is what is so devilish. there's many different sources. it's not simply law enforcement. therapeutic medical policy decisions that have to be addressed. dagen: just to add to the meeting today, prime minister david cameron of britain is also chairing an emergency meeting, especially his cabinet later this morning. maria: address is going on in brussels. maria: a suicide bomber struck the airport. were shouted in arabic. two blasts were heard. the american airlines check-in desk with the departures lounge near the american airlines check-in desk. joining us on the phone or brussels is just earthly, an eyewitness to the attack. and so much for calling in. were these he?
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[inaudible] -- a loud at version. people were running around, shouting and getting together out of the building. people on the floor. maria: this is happening at 8:00 a.m. local time. we saw passengers fleeing or their lives. and he said he saw smoke? >> soon after that people were running out of the building. maria: imuran airport at that time? [inaudible]
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is going into the airport building. maria: you were told that all fled there can't obviously after this explosion. teacher immediately leave the airport and run for your life? >> everybody was aware, so quite some time and the security asked does. maria: said they were injured people on the ground. we know there were 23 people have been killed or is there a dozens injured that we hear reports. what specifically did she see of people on the ground?
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i do not some people were killed, but a lot of people were damaged. maria: jeff, thank you for calling in. an eyewitness to this breaking news. the brussels attack, at least two explosions at the airport. reports of another three oceans around the city. i want to get to cheryl casone with the very latest. over to you. reporter: good morning, maria. we are monitoring services trying to keep you updated. where's the love for 23 people confirmed dead at this point. dozens injured obviously. five separate explosions in brussels and of course what happened at the airport. belgian officials are confirming explosions are part of a suicide on an attack. like the guy was carried out in retaliation for the arrest of the mastermind.
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we are just getting in a statement now. one from american and one from delta airlines. here's what i get from delta airlines right now. basically all fled to new york to brussels in particular delta 42 have been diverted to amsterdam. by doug delta is diverting flights to amsterdam scheduled to land in brussels also. they had planned from atlanta to brussels. they parked the aircraft remotely at the airport because they want to make sure they keep other aircraft personnel passengers away from the terminal. we are also looking at some other headlines out of "the wall street journal" confirmed that there were people shouting in arabic moments before the explosion at the brussels or port. we should say the prime minister yesterday had warned of possible revenge attacks after the terrorist attacks. remember, as mentioned a few moments ago, he is cooperating
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with doherty's good we are also getting new set of friends. the president currently has an emergency meeting underway with the french interior minister. as i mentioned before, if statement in the american airlines. this happened in the departure lounge. at this time of the employees and contractors working for them have been accounted for with no injuries. all of the headlamp cramming to. the latest about the t. in particular with the cavity around russell's. arena, back to you. maria: thank you so much for that. following developing stories and looking for a reaction out of the u.s. we know the n.y.p.d. in new york will be security across new york and respond to terrorist attacks. apparently a spokesperson say we should expect a larger police presence in other notable landmarks. that is the new york good we are seeing the reaction in the u.s.
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this morning. holidays offense affect voters headed to the polls today? it will change opinions of who they want in the white house. bring a daily beast politics reporter jesse woodruff from washington this farmer mac in presidential can an advisor, worse at night joining us in the studio. good to have you both with us. we know we are talking about upwards of 20 plus deaths here on this terrorist attack. does this change what you are expecting that the voting booth today at arizona and utah? >> not in arizona. i was expecting a big wind by trump in the polls. on a morning like this it definitely helps trump in the polls and underscores his message of strong national defense. it hurts cruise because he's been so wishy-washy wanted to cut national defense. in arizona, trump is overwhelmingly likely to win.
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so most likely no immediate change going forward it continues to be good for trump in california and new york. not a game changer, that does sort of give trump more to talk about and underscores his position, talking about what we can do. maria: what about that? any reaction from your standpoint of u.s. officials and how does this play out in the polls today? >> in terms of polls, boris is right. that said, for context it is important to bear in mind just how much long-term this could help -- can help candidates like donald trump. part of the reason for that is during times of people are concerned about terrorism, they prefer candidates who are louder, more mass killer who come across as more strong and candidates to talk about immigration. a cnn poll from december that
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came in the wake of the san bernardino in paris attack showed that 40% of respondents thought terrorists were actually winning globally. more than 15 percentage points higher than the previous record high which came in august 2005. as the seers foment, supersede terrorism is sending more likely to have advised an immigration is something connected to terrorism, a perception emerges about perception emerges about a down and absolutely helps trump. we don't have any more republican contest for a couple weeks. if this keeps him getting momentum, it is upside. that's the fact. maria: we are checking the twitter files of candidates to see if there's any reaction. dagen: there hasn't been any reaction on twitter from donald trump. nothing from ted cruz, hillary clinton or bernie sanders. maria: no reaction so far this morning.
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>> boris, you have to think this place into a general sense of insecurity that seems to be driving so much political sense meant in this election season. economic insecurity, social and security and of course national and security and the person who probably is most benefiting if we can put it in those terms from this great and of the country and indeed the west are those of us who believe in western values being under siege is probably donald trump. maria: we should point out the president is in cuba. we have not heard from president obama on this peer is of parties on the ground in cuba. ..
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we have to pool up the drawbridge, especially muslims and that will resonate. >> people on the left said the proposal was to kick people out. it is not.
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and we have to be careful about it but nevertheless immigration authorities and homeland authorities have to be much stronger. maria: the point we were talking about in europe, jerry baker, with the exception of britain. >> the court european countries impose border patrols after the terrorist attacks, you can travel around. this is a real fundamental challenge to the european union, the idea of europe, people can move around, have freedom of movement and you were creating almost one country. that was their ultimate objective, to create one state. people are realizing they are individual countries and want to protect themselves and have their own security operations and if you can't control your
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borders -- dagen: these were known threats. the location of the architect of the paris terror attacks hiding in open site four months, the head of europe saying they are facing the highest terror threat in decades last month and authorities could not prevent these attacks. you want to add to the uncertainty and fear across the continent, this does that. >> this hurts hillary, she was secretary of state for a long time. the responses, he has not been good in the past, she fumbled it in november in the past. it will hurt hillary versus donald trump. >> he did fumble it. in turkey gave the terrible response where he got more
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animated and upset that republicans were blocking syrian refugees and was more concerned about that than -- maria: completely out of the zeitgeist of america, no doubt about it. thank you very much for weighing in, very important story. delta has divergent to amsterdam, facebook activating safety checks, 1600 french police deployed to belgium in the france border, stepping up the present at key locations including the transit hub and bombs went off in rapid succession. we have on the ground passengers, told us the bombs went off in rapid succession. at 8 am, the peak our belgian police said there were 23 people
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dead at this point and dozens injured. belgian prosecutors confirming this was a suicide attack. the airport was evacuated and flight suspended after two explosions at the brussels airport, additional explosions including metro station and transport has been set up. from fox news, breaking news headlines. >> france and belgium may be shut down in response to remembering the paris attacks, able to escape after those attacks. making mistakes since last time, still getting out, thousands of police to the border. after those attacks waiting for
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another attack in brussels, an imminent threat, four months later, all along they said there was an attack imminent and easy to see how they hide in the district of mozambique, the sentiment that the paris attack has taken place, retaliation, in syria. there support, we are seeing heightened security presence, the train stations beating up security trying to learn from what happened, trying to prevent any more from happening. across europe heightened security alert, desperate search for anyone else who may be thinking about committing more attacks because simply after november the attacks in paris not enough was done, people were able to continue to plan these operations and get hold of explosives, some guns found last
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week, we know they are still out there, networks being driven by isis and the hunt is on to find anyone else who is out there. >> there will be serious questions about brussels, many all over the continent, slight exaggeration to say they are no go areas for police but in the same area after the paris attacks one of our reporters was doing terrific reporting, was threatened and warned, a lot of sympathy for the attackers, don't come here, these are communities within europe, living within and enjoying freedom of europe has been enjoying, everything the west stands for, liberal values and respect for freedom and people's individual privacy, within our own midst.
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maria: no go areas? >> police in these areas are very reluctant to go into these areas. they stepped up activity and got this guy salah abdelslam, there are many areas. maria: dangerous areas. >> paris have them, parts of england have them, there is intense support for islamism, in schools and communities they teach radical islam, not a peaceful religion at all, people are nurturing a culture that creates terrorism in their own midst. maria: this is rooted in culturalism -- multiculturalism, and muslims were allowed to live in many of these cities and don't have to assimilate in groups of their own and become
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part of the greater community. >> there are schools in the united kingdom where state schools are funded by that. publicly funded schools, cases in the last couple years there are boards that run the schools, girls and boys separately, allow women, any woman comes into a classroom, this is not a private institution or public institutions, it is a real problem, a tolerant multiculturalism where they come too far. maria: we are following breaking development in brussels, brussels is under attack, two explosions at brussels airport, three additional explosions
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around the city including metro station which is a short walk from the european union headquarters. sketchy report on the number of dead, but in double digits, the bombs went off in rapid succession, the peak check-in hour for morning flights in europe at the belgium airport which was near the american airlines check-in desk in the departure lounge. joining us is terrorism analyst matthew graham. talk to us about what you are seeing and your reaction. >> we are seeing further continuance of a jihadist terror -- we are seeing very ability to hit at will targets. we can call them all targets are
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soft. when you can walk into the white house that is not a hard target. we are seeing exploitation of target where people congregate and people are going to exploit it. maria: after the mastermind of the paris attacks, salah abdelslam, was captured yesterday, he gave authorities information about further attacks. connect the dots in terms of what we heard from that individual and how close it is in terms of what happens next. >> it goes to how there is a nontraditional aspect, individuals gather based on shared sentiment of the religious system. they say we will exploit as many targets as we can and strike when we have the ability to do that. everybody has been, quote, hiding in plain sight.
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it is easy to do because we, western society and even eastern society at the whim of when terrorists act, we are all subject to when they choose to act. for four months they could move about freely because they hadn't exercised that choice. being taken into custody, it could be one of the things we look at and say when the leader of our group is taken we choose to. it is easy to exploit targets that were hit this morning. you can see a track among what was going on at the airport, congregate where people congregate. once that happens you just choose to exploit. i will go to the train station and you go to the next terminal
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or a hotel, literally becomes the choice of the attacker where they want to go. maria: french police are appealing for any information about another suspect killed, telling people to stay where they are. the attack happening this morning at 8 am. peak time in terms of check-in at the brussels airport near american airlines check-in. dagen: i want to bring in some reporting by catherine heritage of the fox news channel, we are interested in what authorities will be doing in response to these new terror attacks in brussels, a us government official telling catherine, briefed on preliminary intelligence, the us threat
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posture, not changing since the advisory earlier this year, new and recent intelligence has been reevaluated, no specific credible plots targeting the us domestically was known. homeland security secretary has been briefed by department operations center, focusing on soft target, airport, public areas, government official telling catherine heritage the front level in your europe was high but this raised existing plots, something we knew and accelerated. maria: that is what we are talking about, two explosions ripping through the brussels airport. the two blasts happening in rapid succession. a third blast hit the metro system which was close to the e.u. building which was headquarters of the european union. jerry baker, interesting that this third metro station bomb was so close to the european union headquarters. >> seems to be symbolic attack,
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closest subway station to the european commission headquarters but also huge amounts of traffic going through, people commuting to work. going back to what we were talking about, this is a big challenge for law enforcement when the arrest -- there was concern this would lead to a threat. searching for the suspects some of which they found, literally shut the place down, told people not to leave their homes for 48 hours. could they have prevented this? to be fair what do you do? do you shop an entire city down?
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or do you try to increase security to deter the threat, a difficult balance. >> it is an insurgency. based on this belief system the terrorists have taken out what is an insurgency, among those neighborhoods like we saw in san bernardino, at the outset normal people going about their daily lives, we can't believe that. maria: thank you very much, matthew graham, terrorist analyst on the phone. we have news that 1600 french police have been deployed to the belgium, france border. the belgium france border has been frozen, people are fleeing, 1600 extra police deployed around france at the airport border, the interior minister of
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france, one eyewitness called it the floor collapsed and the glass was falling like rocks. peak travel time at the brussels airport where two explosions happened and reports of an additional three around the city including metro station for the european union. joining us is fox national security analyst kt mcfarland with her insights on this. good morning to you. >> what we have to understand is this is the new reality. the head of europe found 5000 europeans who have left europe, gone to the middle east, train with isys, in syria and iraq and have come back into europe and spread out throughout europe, 5000 is a guerrilla army, hiding in plain sight. what we are seeing in paris and belgium is the beginning of a
6:46 am
bigger war. maria: we were having a conversation about open borders, give us a sense of what you know in that regard because after the paris attacks in november, the mastermind, salah abdelslam, who was captured yesterday was able to leave paris and get back to his hometown without a problem. >> this was predicated on two assumptions, peace and security and open borders, goods could travel, currency would be common and people could travel from one country to the other, that was the good news. what they didn't understand was radical islam would exploit that and use it to their own advantage. you could drive to germany and various parts of europe, nobody stops you or look that your passport, nobody checks you.
6:47 am
a terrorist -- terrorists have left european countries, smuggled themselves into syria, they don't get a passport to say you have been with isys. they get back into europe. what i worry about in the united states is once you have a european passport that doesn't have the stamp saying i went to syria. you present yourself at an american checkpoint and you don't need a visa. you have a visa waiver system. you can come into the united states without anybody's knowledge that you are a potential terrorist. maria: that is an important point. from global figures like david cameron, he tweetsed i am shocked and concerned by the events in brussels. we have not heard from any of the candidates or president obama. john mccain is reacting and will
6:48 am
join us. jerry baker, this idea of open borders and syrian refugees going through out the euro zone has undermined on merkel. >> we should talk about germany. very publicly and consciously, 1 million or more syrian refugees, more could be on their way. on color merkel has said we must be humanitarian and bring this in. many of these people, vast majority are genuine refugees seeking asylum but of course they will be there, open borders to come across people with nefarious intent to do that. on color merkel is suffering politically as a result. her party suffered heavy losses and then anti-immigrant party,
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did extremely well. this -- these events have implications in germany and the european union more broadly. you control your own borders, when you have a situation like core european countries to essentially abolish their borders, if you are in germany you are no longer able to control your own security. your security is outsourced to the outermost country in the area. you are relying on good offices of greek immigration authorities for your own security and that causes enormous resentment in germany and other countries. maria: the terrorists have gotten their hands on a tax port
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making machine. >> they throw it away because they say i am from syria, i am a refugee -- maria: we want to get to the prime minister of brussels under attack and we will be joined by the prime minister to get the latest, who is speaking now. train change the belgian prime minister is saying the priority, the investigators are trying to figure out how this happened but they have no information on who is behind today's attacked. brussels is being hit by violence, cowardly attacks, seriously injured in these attacks. this is a day they did fear could come and it has come to
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pass, brussels is in lockdown, on the right can lockdown since those attacks, 7:00 uk time, belgian prosecutors believe there is one suicide bomber, there were two blasts, ten people have been killed in the attack at the airport by an attack on the metro station, let's go back to that press conference. >> to deal with families of the victims to take the wounded to hospitals and deal with security situations. it is very sensitive. we don't have any further
6:52 am
information about that. the terror level has been heightened to level iv. that has been in place for several months now.
6:53 am
>> we don't have any information about that, the situation is very serious. the victims, the families of the victims. the investation is ongoing. >> for the rest --
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>> >> thank you very much. >> we are listening to a press conference to the prime minister of brussels, what we feared has happened. attackers are blind and cowardly. today is a black day for belgium. we are following breaking news, two explosions, reports of another three additional explosions in the metro station. the headquarters of the european union. and sketchy reports in terms of the exact number depending on the media but several have been wounded, and in brussels, dagan mcdowell -- dagen: until 6 am tomorrow local
6:55 am
time. maria: reporter from the wall street journal in and around brussels giving us the scene as brussels has been under attack at this point. 1600 french police have been deployed to the belgium france border and the prosecutor has confirmed that it was a suicide attack. the airport has been evacuated, flights suspended, delta said it diverted a new york to brussels flight that went to amsterdam. no doubt throughout europe we are seeing security levels raised in a big way, at the highest level of security, it is under attack. we are watching for any reaction from candidates and the president was no word from president obama who was on the ground in cuba and argentina. dagen: there was the attack on
6:56 am
charlie have no, not by the islamic state but the meeting of european leaders in march, our president didn't go. he did not go to paris then. this is prior to the paris terror attacks in november so there has been this distance and lack of connection between our leadership and what is going on across europe. >> this is not an accident of playing down the threat, fascinating interview in the atlantic a couple weeks ago. talks a lot about this. the islamic state, the jv outfit, they acknowledged that was not a solicitous use of language, it is part of the white house strategy to say calm down, terrible events, an
6:57 am
existential threat is climate change. we said that in the interview, these people inflict that much damage but climate change can. maria: quite extraordinary, that article was fantastic, the obama doctrine is the story you are referring to. let's talk about reaction from markets for the moment. markets turning lower on the news, the wall street journal chief economic correspondent john hilsenrath and chief investment officer david, thank you for weighing in, in terms of reaction about global markets. >> european stocks under pressure, european growth rates, this type of activity guarantees the interest rate in europe will be 0 for the rest of this decade. there is no choice in a condition like this but to
6:58 am
maintain negative rates and expand with more zero interest rate financing, this hurts the banks, the sector and the market. maria: we have not heard from too many leaders throughout europe but the belgian prosecutor confirmed it was a suicide attack and we heard a press conference from the prime minister who said today is a black day for belgium. >> three points. we have experience with this, a sense of how markets and economies will react. the first thing i would say is the don't cause recessions when we see attacks like this. it is not enough to throw the european economy or the global economy into recession but it is the kind of thing that creates uncertainty and risk aversion which slows economic growth, slows economic activity, makes business leaders less willing to
6:59 am
invest in new equipment and go out and hire people. this is part of the sand in the global economy and we will see markets react to that. what you see on days like this is risk off trade so they are going to sell talks -- stocks and sell safe haven investments like u.s. treasury bonds and riskier investments like junk bonds and corporate bonds. last thing i would say as we think about the us economy, a terrible thing to think about on a day like today when there is a loss of life, i think people rethink where they will take their next vacation. we see people nesting in moments like this, staying closer to home. maria: very nationalistic, happening throughout the world. thank you very much for weighing in on this important story. we are getting word from havana that president obama has been
7:00 am
apprised of the brussels blast. us officials are in close contact with belgian counterparts according to a white house official. the president is traveling in cuba and argentina this week. he has been apprised of the blast and they are two explosions at the brussels airport. reports of another three additional explosions around the city including the metro station. breaking news this morning, brussels under attack. i am maria bartiroma, we are following a continuing story, two explosions at the brussels airport, three additional explosions around the city including at a metro station at or around 7 am and an hour later at the metro station at 8 am local time, brussels public broadcasting reporting 15 people are dead in the blast at the metro station.
7:01 am
reports have been sketchy in terms of number dead. we are hearing it is 15. flights have been suspended and the city public transportation system has been shut down. belgian prosecutors are confirming it was a suicide attack at the airport. belgium prime minister saying stay where you are. the terrorist attack alert raised to maximum. president obama has been informed of the attack. here with the latest developments dagan mcdowell. jerry baker and fox news contributor megan mccain. thanks for joining us in such an important moment. breaking news out of brussels. white house officials reporting president obama has been apprised of the brussels attack. two attacks, reports of another three additional explosions around the city including metro station. a short walk from the european union headquarters. joining us on the telephone is senator john mccain. thanks for calling in.
7:02 am
appreciate your time this morning. you were the first official to react to this development. what can you tell us as we watch people fleeing the airport to safety? >> these attacks were predictable and predicted. as we see failure of obama's policy which allowed the birth and spread devices, geographic capital, with no strategy to defeat isis and they have exploited bizarre al-assad's destruction of their people, and unprecedented flow of refugees since the end of world war ii and among those refugees they have sent young men to commit
7:03 am
acts of suicide bombing. it is ironic he is spending his time in cuba and never developed a strategy to defeat isis. a lot of it goes back to leading from behind, leaving a sustaining force after we had one in iraq. al qaeda has a geographic base. i was interested in presidential statements by donald trump that europeans are not doing enough. there will be attacks on the united states as long as a terrorist organization has a geographic base. i am sure you heard reports that they are developing chemical weapons as well.
7:04 am
since the end of world war ii, the failure of american leadership. maria: we have not heard from any leadership in america except your self. we are told the president has been apprised of the situation. he is in havana this morning. what do you make of these open borders throughout europe? from the wall street journal, talking earlier the ability to travel from country to country has been cited as a major vulnerability. >> it is a major vulnerability and a major vulnerability that anyone with a european passport can fly to the united states of america as well. that is why the director of national intelligence, general clapper, has warned of more san bernardino type attacks but there are thousands of young men who saw the refugees, a majority
7:05 am
of those are young men between the ages of 18, and 45. the leader of isis is sending some of these young men with the refugee flow and they will be planning attacks on the united states of america and further attacks in europe. as i said at the beginning of the conversation it was predictable and predicted. unfortunately people like lindsey graham and i have been correct. >> you have seen as we all have in primary after primary, exit polls in the republican presidential primary have shown a clear majority of republican voters agreeing with donald trump that the united states should at least for a while paz and not let in any muslims into
7:06 am
the united states, that has 60% support, they are voting today in the presidential primary. you don't agree with that position of donald trump that when an attack like this happens and their own security is at risk, how do you deal with what donald trump is proposing which does seem to be so popular? >> i agree and i know you do too. we have to have a screening process for people coming into this country. we are treating a symptom and not the cause. the cause is the collapse of iraq and syria and brush rl about -- bashar al-assad has killed his own people, failed to start a no-fly zone we have been calling for for years so refugees would not have to flee. getting back to your initial
7:07 am
question we have to have a screening process, no doubt about that. mister baghdady who spent time in a prison camp said see you in new york, they are sending young men there. that is the reality we are dealing with. until we take out the first time a terrorist organization had a geographic base which we have no strategy for. maria: i want to ask how this may change voting in your state. donald trump is tweeting about this. dagen: donald trump tweeted he appears to be the first presidential candidate to respond to this on twitter. do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was? not anymore. it is from a different world. the us must be vigilant and smart.
7:08 am
maria: four minutes ago, the voting is happening in your state today, arizona primary. do you think the brussels terror attack will impact voting? >> i would think in the short term maybe not so much. i don't usually respond to donald trump but he is talking about europeans are not doing enough and we should not be doing so much, america should let others lead, the same obama type rhetoric. i am sorry but the united states has to lead. the united states must lead. i disagree with the most recent comments donald trump made about the united states's role in the world. we all complain about europeans not doing enough. i do too but that doesn't change the fact the united states has to be a leader.
7:09 am
i want to emphasize, all of this began when the president of the united states got us out of iraq and didn't leave a sustaining force behind using the excuse of the status agreement, we have 3400 people back there. there is no status of forces agreement. that led to this series of eventss. another seminal moment was the red line in syria and another was when we failed to train the syrian army. bashar al-assad and the barrel bombing triggered a mass exodus of refugees which isis has taken advantage of. it is tragic. maria: you have shown incredible leadership on this. let me get your take on this news that 1600 french did police have been deployed to the belgian france border at this
7:10 am
point, the border is shut down between france and belgium. you and senator lindsey graham have said as a result of the litany of things you mentioned including the red line and walking away from our allies. our allies said they want to come and fight isis but they cannot do so until bashar al-assad is taken down. >> that is true. it also requires credible american leadership which there is none right now. either in the middle east or europe. the president of the united states said he would attack serbia because they crossed the red line and used chemical weapons and when the world's most powerful nation said it will do something and backs off of it, it has repercussions which we are feeling this morning. heard from senator ted cruz on this. we are waiting for any response.
7:11 am
in terms of the us's position, what do you recommend the us needs to do in the face of this major attack in brussels this morning? >> we have to develop a strategy in order to go and take out the terrorist base. we fight there or we will fight them here. that does not mean hundreds of thousands of american troops as the president keeps portraying. it means national force, 10,000, the other sunni nations, the saudi's, turks and others would supply most of those forces. we also have to do the same thing in iraq and retake modal, the second largest city in iraq and defeat them. americans are war weary and all those things but the facts are
7:12 am
we will fight them there or we will see more san bernardinos and brussels. that is the harsh reality of the world we are living in today. maria: i want to bring in general matthew warner, distinguished teacher of military theory at marine corps university and author of defeating jihad, to the conversation. stay with us as he enters the conversation. your thoughts on the happenings this morning? >> this is clearly a jihadist attack if you look at the modus operandi. small units use different forms, small arms, suicide vests. this is what we saw on 911, the madrid commuter attack 77 in london and the recent attacks in paris. this is the new normal for europe. it is just not nations like israel that live under this constant fear of attack, it is
7:13 am
anywhere on continental europe. maria: do you see anything from this attack that we can glean from in terms of what happens next? yesterday with the captured terrorist mastermind salah abdelslam, it is clear he told authorities more actions would come, attacks were on the horizon and today we hear the belgian prime minister say today is a black day for belgium, what we feared has happened. >> looking beyond classified reports isis has recruited 6000 westerners, 70,000 fighters in the middle east, 6000 of those from germany, france, the uk, the united states. we have confirmation from european security authorities they estimate 5000 european fighters have come back to the
7:14 am
continent and in many cases these are people who have gone to the ghettos, those areas where they have freedom of movement. this individual they just apprehended this week was hiding in the heart of the capital of europe, in belgium, in brussels, for four months, just around the corner. maria: these areas that are incredibly dangerous throughout europe. senator john mccain is with us this morning. your reaction? >> i agree, he is spot on, exactly right. the only thing i would add is as long as isis, a terrorist organization, has a geographic base, they will train, they will send and they are developing chemical weapons. they have to be taken out or you will see this constant export of
7:15 am
terror into europe and other parts of the world including the united states. >> how do you, we know there are thousands of these well-trained radicalized islamist terrorists in europe, many in the united states too, good reason to believe that. i take your point about taking the fight to syria, destroying the source. for the time being until you are able to do that you have this terror threat in our midst. how do you keep the united states, how do you keep the homeland safe when you have this threat of people coming from europe and homegrown terror here? what are we not doing to stop the united states suffering another attack like san bernardino or brussels had this morning? >> you have to step up the screening in airports.
7:16 am
you have to have a higher state of alert and inspection, knowing full well that there are people trying to get to the united states to do bad things. not so much the southern border as now as we mentioned earlier if you have a european passport all you have to do is get a plane ticket to come to the united states. we have got to realize that this threat is there and we all have to be alert. it may change in some ways the way we live. >> will you have to look at the visa waiver program so europeans can come over here? get a european passport and come to the united states with a minimum bureaucratic check? will you look again at that? >> we have to look at everything.
7:17 am
this requires reevaluation of everything. i would hate to say that program go because it is so important to trade and commerce. all the business we do in europe. i am not saying we should immediately do that but there has to be a complete examination of all the procedures we use. maria: there are currently numb 1000 investigations in the us about would be terrorists, people who travel back and forth to syria. any more info in terms of what americans need to understand about active investigations within the us of homegrown terrorists or those trying to join the isis fight? >> we have to understand radical islam that is pervasive, not just in syria and iraq but other places including egypt and other
7:18 am
parts of africa. isis is metastasizing, look at what they are doing in libya. this problem is growing other than receding. that requires us to take action to prevent them from further spreading and that is going to require american leadership. as i said before. if i were the president of the united states, i hate to use that phrase, i would be calling general david petraeus, ryan crocker, the military and diplomatic leaders because this fight is not just military issues, it has a lot to do with the spread of this radical ideology. i would develop a strategy ranging from how you take them out of raqqa to how to combat this evil that is metastasizing
7:19 am
especially among young people of the muslim faith. it is a big task and we have got to understand what we are facing. maria: final comment from you? >> what needs to be done to protect america, we had 90 people arrested or killed in the us in the last year and a half linked to isis. the way to stop a brussels type attack in america, we have to take down people on the internet that are the ideologues, the people spewing the g hardy ideology. second, we have to emphasize human intelligence, take what the nypd has done for the last 15 years until bill diblasio started to dismantle their systems and expand them on a federal scale. the nypd has done in terms of covert operatives penetrating the radical organizations and communities in their cities and states, that is how to win this war and make sure this doesn't happen on us soil.
7:20 am
maria: wonderful insights. we appreciate your time. the new york police department has said they are increasing security around new york city. i want to thank you for your time, make sure to note you are the only leader in america who has come out this morning to speak about this and offer some insights. we have yet to hear from president obama, we have yet to hear from hillary clinton. thank you very much for your insight this morning. we appreciate it very much. if you are just joining us we have breaking news, brussels is under attack. two explosions at the brussels airport, reports of three additional explosions around the city including at a metro station. the train station a short walk from the headquarters of the european union. these explosions happening at 7 am brussels time and followed an
7:21 am
hour later by explosions around the metro station at 8 am. sketchy report in terms of the number of those dead. we are being told the number is more than 10 people. as high as 23 people. we are zeroing in on the number of fatalities and we will get back to you. flights have been suspended and the city transportation system shutdown. dagan mcdowell with breaking news. dagen: brussels transit authority said the provisional toll of those killed in a metro blast is 15 killed, 55 wounded. this is coming from wall street journal reporting as well that american airlinehas said the brussels airport, those explosions did not occur in the immediate area of check in facilities at the airport. american airlines said there are no reported injuries to its employees in the brussels airport attack and one flight from brussels, two from brussels to philadelphia.
7:22 am
>> conflicting reports, figuring out these numbers, there seem to have been two main attacks, one at the airport, one at the metro station, ten or a dozen killed at the airport. metro police in brussels saying 15 killed at the metro station. there seem to be two main attacks with two death tolls, multiple explosions at each. we are narrowing this down. that seems to be what is happening. dagen: we know it was a suicide bomber at the airport wearing a suicide vest. according to catherine heritage reporting, she raises the critical question, it is the signature of the suicide vest, is it similar to those used in the paris terror attacks? that would point to some sort of coordination. aviation, airports, air travel still a critical target of
7:23 am
terrorists and increasing target we have seen with the downing of the russian jetliner. again, air travel still a critical target for terrorist attacks around the world. maria: police stepped up presence across europe, british police stepping up presence at transit hubs. megan mccain, we heard from your father who laid it out in terms of being the new normal. >> it is frustrating for those of us who knew this was coming for a long time. this administration continues, we don't call this islamic extremism, continues to call this the jv team. when i came on the show to see this happening you can't help but fear this will be here in new york city. i feel like we are not doing anything, we are not facing the
7:24 am
reality of the world that we live in. unbelievably frustrating and scary. i want any leader to tell me something, it is a real strategy. it doesn't team like anyone is presenting a strategy. >> back to donald trump, everyone wants to know what donald trump, he is the man who has come out with the most extreme thing which is we should stop all muslims until we figure out the scale of the threat from coming into the united states. that is having a lot of residence for a lot of people, polls in the primaries. every primary so far, large numbers of people supported that. this will lead to people supporting that position. >> i think so but my father said you are treating the symptom and not the cure and you have to go into the hub of isis and take them out in some way in some form or another. donald trump uses beautiful platitudes that are good for
7:25 am
soundbites. he advises himself on terrorism and international policy. how does that not scare anyone? if you are the leader of the free world and this is happening as we wake up in the morning, you are consulting your brain? puts fear in my heart. as we get closer and people pay more attention they will realize you have to come out -- he is the leading candidate he has to come out with a real strategy beyond we are going to take out the bad guys and it will be great and belgium used to be a beautiful city, that only scares me more. dagen: the response from some leaders in europe has been mind-boggling this morning. uncle merkel's chief of staff first response was these attacks are incomprehensible. if you are in government facing -- there are 5000 isis trained european citizens who come back onto the continent, your borders are open.
7:26 am
you have refugees and potential terrorists streaming into your country and your first response is to look at this and say it is incomparable? that is why angela merkel's position has been undermined given she allowed 1 million refugees to come in. >> stun guns in germany because so many being assaulted and attacked because of syrian refugees being let into the country. maria: these attacks in brussels come as republican voters are heading to the polls in arizona and utah. joining the his former trump senior advisor roger stone. thanks for joining us. how will these attacks affect today's outcome? >> they are inadvertently beneficial to donald trump. he has taken the hardest line on immigration. we know san bernardino, the attacks on the united states that were perpetrated by people who slipped through our
7:27 am
immigration system, attacks in paris were conducted by people who slipped through their immigration service. the syrian refugees are a massive problem in europe. it reinforces trump's argument that we must seal our borders and set up a system to vet those who would come here, find out who they are and why they are coming here. poll after poll shows donald trump's handling of this issue is stronger than all those career politicians who quite candidly have had 30 years to solve this problem and have done very little other than talk. maria: german interior minister saying the attack on belgium is not just on belgium but europe's freedom. what do you say about the lack of substance on the part of donald trump in terms of a response here? i understand that has been the centerpiece of his campaign
7:28 am
closing down borders temporarily to figure this out. in terms of the us's response and leadership in the face of this terrorism, what would be donald trump's plan? >> let's see what he says later this morning. are we have is a 140 character tweet from him. he name the foreign policy team including general keith kellogg, general joseph schmidt and others. the notion that he has no expert advice is false. having known trump for 40 years and how he operates, he would get his best and brightest, the country's best and brightest to go beyond foreign-policy establishment of the strike pants set who have done a bang up job of foreign-policy so far. he would have the implement -- he would make decisions. he believes isis must be crushed. maria: the french prime minister said we are at war.
7:29 am
the prime minister of belgium, several sides have concern, authorities are trying to stabilize the situaice are step security up at borders with belgium, france, luxembourg and other ones as president holland has said. all of europe has been hit as brussels has been hit. >> we have been at war for a long time. it is easy for liberals and people who don't live in the face of terrorism do not want to face it. we wake up every morning, they have to go after them the same way the united states does. we are going to fight them over here or we will fight them here in the united states. >> it is striking that the president is in cuba. that is his travel schedule. he is in cuba to celebrate what he regards as one of his great foreign-policy victories which is normalization of relations with cuba. he has done the same with air and. it is hard to escape this
7:30 am
unfortunate juxtaposition, celebrating a deal with cuba. he is celebrating that, europe is under attack. nobody planned this but without condemning the planners this looks like unfortunate timing. in terms of domestic politics it plays into the hands of those like donald trump who says they don't have a clue, they are not doing what needs to be done on the battlefield or here at home in the united states and you need someone, it only helps. maria: impossible not to point out that while hillary clinton was secretary of state ices got stronger and the narrative the obama administration has continued to play out is terrorists are on the run and that is not being played out in reality.
7:31 am
we are following breaking news out of brussels. five explosions killing several people, injuring dozens of others, two of the blasts happening at the airport in brussels, officials confirming these attacks were suicide bombing. joining us is former republican presidential candidate and donald trump supported ben carson. thank you for joining us this morning. your reaction to the terrorist attack in brussels this morning? >> not unexpected. we know there will be continued attacks and one of the things is they have a lax policy when it comes to people coming from syria and other places, and i am sure they are infiltrated. look what is going on in our country. we have a very weak border particularly the southern border but now we worry about the canadian border as well. they are just coming in and we
7:32 am
have multiple terror cells and we can expect the same thing. we have to wake up very quickly, stop being politically correct and start protecting the american people. >> this is megan mccain. neither you nor donald trump have any military experience or background. and how important is it going forward. on board with the donald trump campaign. and what is needed more than military experience is wisdom and determination and the ability to get appropriate advice and make good decisions. when you look at things happening around the world a lot
7:33 am
of people have military experience, it is judgment and what you do with consultants that you have makes a difference. maria: doctor carson? we are talking with doctor carson on the telephone after reporting deadly attacks at the brussels airport. what do you think the us needs to do? >> we need to secure the border, stop talking about going ahead and doing it. we need to reevaluate our immigration policies. one of the things i talked about earlier is we need to declare war on isis and reevaluate our immigration policy. we need to do a much better job surveying their internet communication and follow them
7:34 am
where they need to go and ask when we see something and not be afraid someone will call us islamohphobic, we need to talk to the clerics and get we know that they have gotten hands on a passport making machine, and we know, that they have promised more attacks. . on the phone: of course, they have if we don't relax 't reactt it is our fault with the syrian immigration situation, people saying we should bring tens of thousand dollars of them here otherwise we are cold hartdz weem. no. we have much better mechanisms for taking care of them over there, and -- being very careful about who we bring in when we bring people in like, you know we have the exemptions for people with european passports we don't
7:35 am
know where they have been what a they have been doing,if upper a terrorist would i just get a european passport come over dhoer what i was going to do we've got to be smarter. >> dr. carson what do you make of the fact that the president this morning, is in cuba? i guess, he is going to argentina at some point as well, we have not heard from the president. although we have been told by a white house official that he has been apprised of the attacks. . on the phone: well i think he is concerned about his legacy. and really needs to concern about the safety of the american people. you know i have never been for the --izatinormalization of relationships with cuba under these circumstances i have said wait until a ream chang raoul castro, i 84 years old going to be a regime change why give away everything before that now a tremendous amount of leverage i don't
7:36 am
understand. maria: jerry baker last time we saw major terrorist attack, of course, when we were covering the paris attacks, and before that, the clearer hebdo attacks we heard from president obama he completely missed zeitgeist of the country did not discuss what was happening in terms of people fears reality of the implications of the terrorist attack. >> oven the reaction of politicians interested to know what dr. carson this can z we must not upset people must be careful not toups muslims everybody knows this, the vast majority of muslims don't want anything to do with this kind of this kind of behavior we know that they are base full people but it cannot be denied there is a significant minority, that is unfortunately being attracted to this is in europe even united states, dr. carson i wondered what you do about that there are radicalized islamic jihadis here in the. >> you stays, we know they are
7:37 am
many of them are certify availed many arrested there must be others what do we do about the threat of home. >> first of all, you know, again, emphasize this stop being politically correct during holy landed foundation trial in 2006 in texas looking at activities the muslims, you know there were documents uncovered that demonstrated that they are trying to accomplish what they call civilization jihad basically bring us down replace us with their system, and they said one of the reasons they would be able to do that we are so politically correct trying to protect their rights while they destroy us. we just have to understand you cannot compromise the safety of the american people for political correctness.
7:38 am
and you know i hate to be so blunt about it but that is the way it is we just have to stop being silly. >> donald trump -- support has called for a ban on temporary ban an muslims entering the country a lot of people said look if you do that you are just going to your going to increase hatred of the united states around the world there, one and half billion muslimsaround the world most don't want to conduct jihad if you do this say you states is closed to muslims, what signal is that going to send to muslims around the world? >> well, i'm not sure that i would do it based on a person's religion but i think there are ways to tighten up scrutiny of people coming in here, and situations where we don't have a clear indication why they should be here. they shouldn't be here you don't base that on someone's religion. maria: dr. carson thank you so much this morning we
7:39 am
appreciate it. on the phone: thank you. >> lease out there reacting afrg real insights on devastations joining us right now reaifiator thank you so much captain nash reaction this morning to blasts tuesday in brussels a third explosion close to european union buildings we know between two attacks upwards of 30 people dead, many others injured. between these three o explosions a continuation a flare-up a firefight in a war that started in 6:30 two years before mohamed died continuous since then tide has come in gone out come in gone out come back a third time in what osama bin laden called his third jihad. so this is this has been part
7:40 am
of human history, and what percent dr. carson was just saying i think there was a lot of with thesdom there he said w have to stop pretending it is something that it isn't because like you have a cough, and turns out you have cancer, and you want to declare war on could you having. no! you've got to get to root because the root because is the radical islam try to their text this by baghdadi got his nom deguere name from father-in-law of mohamed took over when mohamed died that where is the sunni sect came from all of this goes back to religion text everything with memo merely a continualation we refuse to do that we are to euridit-- we don't want to
7:41 am
admit there is a bigger problem we want to treat symptons. dagen: there is a two part problem here you can being agree or disagree. that there is unwillingness to fight this threat. but then there is an inability to fight it increasing plea in utopia should be we worried you had prime minister of belgium s saying have a what we fared has happened if they knew there was a potential for additional terror attacks one of the architects off paris bombing on run hiding in plain sight four months. do they not have the people in europe leaders authority in europe do not have enough resources to get arms around this and prevent future attacks. >> europe like america, is importing seeds of its own destruction what we're doing is -- here is where that all came from in europe, by the way. after world war ii europe was decimated they needed cheap labor so brought in a lot of cheap labor from turkey
7:42 am
sub-saharan of a california imbecile workers to work a while and leave. then they started a family unification program all of a sudden they starting having four and five children whereas europeans the folks in the different countries there, they cut their birthrates so you have and they never segregated, th integrated, in america we are born of immigrants so we are used to dealing with new comers, europe was not, these were homogenous countries now they have said no, no we are going to be more like united states took down border controls no more difficult to drive from berlin to paris -- well now paris after paris you know berlin, to brussels, then it is to drive from detroit to new york city. once you get inside the united states, you can drive anywhere across state borders once inside euu you can drive anywhere except france they learned the hard lesson closed
7:43 am
their borders after paris attacks. >> talking about this earlier open border making europe, so vulnerable. again, we are following thapgs in belgium the belgium capital cities on lockdown, border with france has been closed, u.k. formidables, in the city told to avoid crowded places in public transport we're seeing reaction from leaders across u.s. britain stepping up security at u.k. airports in make of multiple attacks after the arelevant of. >> yesterday everything we know this was a sued attack in new york security around new york city captain nash quick you said this is you know we need to be, very straightforward, not be politically correct make sure to react but from a practical
7:44 am
standpoint what does that mean for u.s.? we know multiple explosions is between two blasts, there were two blasts the airport early tuesday and a third sploes, at a a metro station, between two attacks looking at 28 people dead, at this point. >> you need to focus your efforts, because there are not enough intelligence assets to cover everything. it is like screening and patting down 80-year-old ladies in wheelchairs going through tsa, okay? we need to focus wrong the delete is coming from, new york city was doing the great job, till mayor de blasio deconstructed some human intelligence efforts looking mosques they new radicalized in new york city keeping finger on pulse if we are that stupid we disregard the threat maybe we deserve to die that is when these guys are counting on no kidding they are counting on the fact we are going to be so stupid we are not going to stand up to a
7:45 am
threat. and if we don't, we are -- we've stopped defending our society, and our culture. >> i wondered what do you think i mean there is going to be questions i think about the law enforcement in brussels this is a neighborhood maalbeek rally to geohad it's saying where guy was hiding in plain sight after paris attacks four months we don't know where latest attackers come from but you know is this going to turn out a failure do you think of law enforcement, to deal with knowing that these people are there knowing this is a neighborhood knowing that brussels is really very mauch locus of these people want to do this kind of stuff is this going to be a -- is this going to call for lead to calls for you tougher law enforcement all over europe do you think? >> i think they were doing
7:46 am
everything they possibly could within the structure and the limits imposed by their laws and their society they were doing everything within their power to find this guy. absolutely they were. now, what is going to happen is people are going to have to reevaluate the range and depth of what is possible. and the more these atrocities occur, the more those structures are going to have to change. and we may be doing things in 10 to 20 years if we don't get a handle soon we may be doing things 10 to 20 years all would blanche at this morning if we went ahead looked what was happening in 10 to 20 years. maria: we've the number now, at 28 at least 28 people have been killed between these blasts, of course, two blasts early tuesday morning, at the brussels airport. and then a third explosion an hour later at metro station, meghan mccain with us megyn let me get your take on impact this has we can't forget the
7:47 am
other big story this morning, is the fact that arizona and utah voters will be voting today in primaries caucuses as well idaho, do you think this impacts from a political standpoint. >> i think shorter term probably does help donald trump as we were saying i can't recall i think long term he has got to get really ut how he is going to contain or defeat isis. i don't know how many more mornings we have to wake up until a tipping point not only for yooirnz but for americans as well, this is not a joke isn't something talking about this is as manig that is happening right here, right now, it is exploded isis me taft sized we had dr. ben carson on he said if donald trump turns out not staunch great president we are looking at four years a direct quote from dr. ben carson we had on this morning we wake up does it looked like we can have four bad years? i think this is the hesitation
7:48 am
with many of us still concerned about donald trump, nominations and presidency. >> in terms of of impacts on secretary hillary clinton in arizona, does this hurt secretary clinton or help housekeeper. >> i think completely helps, ben carson is boarder line delusional on anything foreign policy related. >> you i mean bernie sanders. >> excuse me yes bernie sanders. about, of course, you are talking about former secretary of state even if part of administration, had left metasticized. >> i think you are right i think it does help housekeeper in t help her in primary. >> has reputation quite tough at least on foreign policy i think again in general election trump is going to spotlight they was secretary of state four years isis problem grew from the jv team unfortunately more threatening, she was there, she you know, she is responsible she is part of that whole political establishment, that is being
7:49 am
running washington for the last country the last 25 years that has not dealt with growing sigalerts i think she itself vulnerable in the election. >> i point to what happened in polls, presidential polls, after paris, and particularly after san bernardino, where the economy was number one issue, and you had a complete switch, where it was terrorism and homeland security, and recent exit polls, in the most recent contest it was the economy jobs, was the top issue, and you watched that change. you watched that change, today. maria: sure did captain chuck nash thank you very much for weighing in this morning we appreciate your time. >> my scomleesh we will speak with you soon captain nash we are following this developing devastation out of brussels here is what we know this moment, numerous people have been killed, dozens more injured in at least five separate s explosions in the city of brussels, at airport several metro stations. belgium officials confirjing
7:50 am
explosions part of suicide bombing attack "the wall street journal" is confirming that people were o shouting arabic moments welfare airport so explosion shouts in arabic language and then the explosion, white house officials are reporting that president obama in havana cuba has been briefed on brussels attacks we have not heard from president obama at this time. police forces around the world are responding new york police department is confirming it is increasing security, at bridges tunnels mass transit hubs city landmarks around new york city, again, there were two blasts, earlier tuesday morning in brussels, two at the brussels airport, about an hour later, we had a third explosion, at the metro station, and then others, at other metro stations. we are told that upwards of 28 people have been killed, 90 others injured, at least one blast is being called suicide bombing attack he apparently a suicide vest was found. u.k. officials are responding,
7:51 am
being telling people to avoid crowded places, and public transport, britain stepping up security at u.k. aircrafts in the wake of moum attacks the border, between belgium and france has been closed british police stepping up presence at key locations including transit hubs we are told 1600 french police have been deployed, to at the belgium-france border joining us right now former navm intelligence officer joint terrorism task force heed steve rogers thank you very much for joining the conversation what can you tell us your reaction about. >> maria we are in a period of time now in history where wleef to come to grips, that we are living breathing world war ii i, this is world war until governmental than us come to grips we end up very, very serious shape it is a global war on terrorism terrorists worldwide our borders are open, we are
7:52 am
taking in refugees not doing enough to fight this war when i swoek up that is prelude for what is coming here we have said over over and over and over again, how do we stop it how do we prevent it a number of things militarily we have to be tough this idea of penrichment ick bottoming here and there doing nothing we have to launch a massive military strikes on headquarters and command hand control centers supply lines in middle east number one, number two. this idea that we're not playing by their rules, by no means am i suggesting we should torture everyone we capture but they know we are very soft here is they know that when you come here, you will get your miranda rites get a lawyer you are probably tried in siveas i have app your thank good lord in will being
7:53 am
they will use all meansness to exattract from terrorists to savelize of you got two fronts military, diplomatic final homeland security our government is cutting funding on homeland security, they are cutting funding when it comes to training, local police officer performance, and other easi agencies we've got to increase funding train cops on street to tell us who what when where and why in these neighborhoods. >> sorry yie. >> can you spla in is to me with de blasio has done that made us less safe everyone keeps referencing policies he got rid of. >> yeah he has become politically correct, i believe that under mayor giuliani you had undercover agents you had police officers working in disconcert with some of the mosque leaders to get police officers embedded in modifications see what is going on what they are saying, what kind of message are they giving to the people. from what i understand mayor de blasio stopped that. you need what we call human intelligence sources on the
7:54 am
ground, in the neighborhoods, in the modificatiosques, not ju isolated to mosques could be preached anywhere, but any place that you believe that this preaching against united states and western governments is taking place you need to put assets there, human assets, he virtually stopped that. >> what about the border i am talking about border as are in airports in particular, we were talking about this earlier, you heard some senator mccain visa waiver programs you are a european citizen you meet certain very, very minimal tests come to united states without to having apply for a visa, by the way, not just european but other countries obviously in europe a lot of these jihadis, there is it time to top that program reimpose those kind of border controls the reason i ask senator mccain said great for business you want people to come to the united states do business here spend money here open businesses here to invest here, it worked, is it
7:55 am
time though to stay that economic benefit is outweighed by security risks. >> absolutely is first responsibility of government is to protect its citizens, i look at the israeli model i remember when i went to israel years ago operation desert shielded to get into that airport to get out of that airport you went conclude check after check after check they check you up and down inside out kept country continue to keep it is as secure as possible to your point yes a changing world, this security risks far, far are more important than the business at this point, we're not going to have businesses left if we keep up. >> dade cameron has tweeted out we stand with brussels we have not harder from president obama. he, of course, is in cuba at this point, apparently headed to argentina for a trip there as well,are you surprised we have not heard from president obama. >> nah. he is in his own world i find it hard to believe he is in cuba doing what he is doing when the world is in a crisis. let me share this with you maria also, i have been here
7:56 am
many times, and we have talked about all world leaders saying i stand with you, i stand with you, i stand by your side. it is time to stand up! and to take action. you know, it is like the committee that has been formed, to -- study the committee okay? >> the world is crying out people are crying out take significant action, and take it now. >> i just want to point occupant that we are we just got a statement from john kasich put on twitter he would be by my count the second presidential candidate who has responded to terror attacks in brussels it is it is much of he is sxrefs solidarity with the people of belgium says we must redouble efforts with our allies to identify root out destroy the person traitors of such acts as evil strength alliances as way of life international system built on common values since the end of world war the seconded world war as it comes under challenge from these and other
7:57 am
actors of evil long just a minute but i just of it do you wondered if it resonates donald trump tweets out first 140 characteristics typically robust donald trump stuff john kasich a major statement, expressing great length solidarity with people around the world doesn't feel like really connecting. >> you bring up very good point, the american people, have been desensitized to all these political statements. >> they don't want to -- >> it is a good point you make. >> as we've done with best of intentions but just sounds like political correctness we stand with people of belgium not talking about eiffel tower lit in color with belgium flag greet but not dealing with -- >> better than o nothing that is what we've got from this president,again, is radio silence. >> point out he has planned to go to cuba, oumh obviously before this happened in cuba already, so, you know, then it happened you have to expect
7:58 am
phones information statements that he could be giving, at this point the way david cameron did to say we stand with brussels we have not harder from president yet. >> again i think comes to i am sure trying to figure out what is going on how to respond it is unfortunately the timing unfortunately because again he is there in cuba to take a victory lap for foreign policy because he thinks cuba opening to cuba is a great legacy maybe history will judge. >> reality keeping happening. >> unfortunately, yeah. >> not much victory, doesn't look like right place to be. >> i don't think he i think americans want fear angry validated, we've been told 8 years be politically correct as you stated. >> megyn they want action a leader to say enough is enough we're going to did he have the homeland, we are going to did he have freedom around the world like we used to. >> president bush would say get them dead or alive smoke them out one of my favorite things president bush ever said we have a president don't identify or say islamic
7:59 am
extremities. >> because i think he handled reaction to paris attacks to badly trying to figure out what exactly to have to come out some point with a statement want to make sure he doesn't -- sound like after the paris attacks. >> what is there to stay other than we stand with brussels he is in cuba. >> i guess trying to figure out probably want more details, you know, he is probably is cuba on way to argentina. >> problem is every time he speaks he he projects weakness a series problem we need leader to stand up to say enough is enough it is time to take action. maria: dagen: how did actions, actions with european partners do to prevent this in wake of paris bombings paris terror attacks the fact that authorities, saw this coming couldn't stop it is unnerving to say the least. >> belgium raided terror level to the maximum level airport bomb was a suicide attack. and we are getting new information, in terms of the
8:00 am
number of dead. steve rogers thank you very much for joining us we appreciate your time this morning. >> you are welcome. >> we are covering break brag news a terrorist attack in brussels i am maria bartiromo, explosions progressing the city of brussels tuesday killing at least 28 people at least two explosions at the airport,in brussels, reports of three additional explosions around the city, including at a metro station, was walkingdance from headquarters of the european union, brussels public broadcasters reporting 15 people are deed from the blast, at the maalbeek metro station, flights spend and now city public transportation shut down confirj a suicide attack belgium prime minister calling on people stay where they are, the country's terror alert raised to maximum, president obama, has been informed of the attack in havana only presidential candidate speaking out so far donald trump and john kasich, donald trump will be joining are us
8:01 am
8:30 a.m. eastern this morning the breaking developments, throughout the program. joining me this morning on the program, fox business network dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" editor in chief jerry baker fox news contribute meghan mccain, jerry baker journal, all earlier, rather reported that there was arabic language heard, before the blast occurred. >> yeah our reporter spoke to eye witnesses at the airport at the time where the first of blasts occurred, and they heard they didn't give any details but they said they heard shouting in arabic before i think gunfire and then, and then an explosion that is what we have been reportinging. >> one of your wroerts owing victor ja joined us earlier to give a set how once bombs wouldn't off at airport you saw the people fleeing out of the airport airport around the all flights in brussels to and from have been shut down. >> we talked about security it
8:02 am
has been tight you go to any airport in the world particularly europeness days armed military actually a paramilitary wandering argentinean lounges, downpour areas you wonderer whosht there, but, again, not well protected areas once through security metal everything else a much more protected when you first walk in it is crowded with people, down the have to go through security checks, there are usually, armed police armed military but somebody determined with a suicide bomb pretty hard to stop them. >> ashley webster in newsroom we know at least 28 people have been killed, dozens others injured new york city police say they are stepping up security, in the city what can you tell us. >> here and everywhere pick up on point of security from all accounts in an area before you get through security checks, very, very difficult to
8:03 am
protect. eye witnesses saying one bomb went off by counter, the he competitive bag gage payment area been there miles to brussels many times stood at that very counter an area before you go through the security checks, also, another explosion by a starbucks cafe very difficult to prevent. perhaps not shocking that this happened brussels has been on high alert since paris attacks quite frankly, they have been playing catchup in belgium since attacks on charlie hebdo last january over a year ago, that killed 12 people, they knew there were terror networks on the loose. of course, this comes four days after the arrest. >> maybe reaction to that maybe -- he said that he was planning another attack but how many cells are out there? we do know what is disturbing i think dagen spoke earlier how easy for people to do theatres we are getting a sense almost a convaior belt
8:04 am
diseffectuated youth muslim youth taken to syria trained how to put bombs together use a weapon come back into europe set up in a series of safe houses belgium elsewhere, six countries mentioned where there may be safe houses can start planning attacks authorities cannot seem to get a handle on it i think they are surprised by thebredth and depth of how these operations are put together, but, again, the maalbeek attack, everything shut down subways buses, the euro star euro channel, pertain no longer running between u.k., and brussels as you can imagine. and so the questions now remain who are these people were they linked to abdel salem it is very, very frustrating they love soft targets as you remember in paris a football stadium, it
8:05 am
was crowded, crowded concert hall now an airport a metro subway very soft high impact targets. maria: we were in paris following attacks in that city, as -- the end of last year you remember the feeling on the ground, there was obviously a chill in the air. do you think something similar is happening in brussels right now given the fact that the prime minister says today is a black day for belgium. >> absolutely. and, you know, really let's be honest interesting that brussels belgium really very center of all this we know s at together formulated in brussels then they drove to city of paris, maybe the guard was down a little bit they have been at high alert so long that is reminder can strike any time in any place, another thought i want to mention it was mentioned earlier in reporting that in u.k., a number of plots have been broken up, in part, because members of the muslim
8:06 am
community lettered authorities saying something doesn't seem right i feel something is going on, that is something we have not seen, in brussels, the disconnect between muslim community, maalbeek in particular and authorities not forget european authorities whether the flemish belgium the french the germany not very good smearing information helped terrorists. >> reason for different numbers in terms of people dead a difference in those killed at metro station and airport blast. >> two seem to to be two attacks perhaps with multiple explosions each site essentially ernl two separate attacks one metro station right downtown brussels close to the european commission, headquarters, and one the airport, there seem to to be you know at the very least a dozen killed at both sites. maria: where we get 28 people have been killed number here, ashley thank you very much joining us right now on the telephone is national security
8:07 am
expert former u.s. assistant secretary under president reagan. thank you very much for weighing in this morning. your observations this morning? >> well, it is -- a lot of -- not a surprise that this happened, because they obviously arrested a belgium who was in charge or -- to deal with paris attacks. these have been pointed out soft targets, and so you've been it doesn't take a great deal of planning or anything to do that. and remember that belgium belgium close to 300 people to middle east to fight with -- to fight with isis, and they sent them back, about basically, because even the fact that losing territory, in the middle east they want to show that they are not defeated. >> what do you make of the fact that yesterday when paris mastermind was captured he
8:08 am
said he wanted to sue prosecutors because -- because the media revealed that he chickened out what do you make of his comments yesterday and how they connect to the fact that this terrorist attack was in fact executed today and he told regulators lawmakers yes more attacks we have planned. >> i think --. on the phone: i think trying to say because you killed a lot of the people, you know who did the paris attacks, and now captured him, that it is not over because we don't care about how many lives we lose there is hundreds probably thousands in europe we are going to keep attacking until we clive on the to get you sought of the middle east stop fighting us so we can establish our caliphate there. dagen: one critical connect you can weigh in on this it is dagen mcdowell the suicide vests signature of the suicide vests is this sim the one
8:09 am
again a suicide bomber at the airport according to reports is it similar to those used in the paris attacks because that would indicate coordination among those attacks this is kind of thing investigators will be looking for? on the phone: no doubt about it there is no doubt about the fact isis sent a bunch of people back to europe, to hit the soft targets and just pointed out i mean, you know you are talking about a nightclub friday night a bar a soccer match, here you have -- train stations, and the airport before you check in. that they can do that. this have achieved on the they spread you know fear about it, and they are hoping that that will convince the europeans to stop aiding us in the middle east i don't think it will, but i do think that that is what they are trying to do. >> senator john mccain joined us earlier he basically made the point, that we need to go, and end this, by taking out
8:10 am
isis. and we need the help of our counterparts throughout middle east but to do that we need to see assad taken down what a is your take in terms of practical steps. s needs to be leading right now. on the phone: obviously assad, a horrible person but doesn't have anything to do with this. i mean the isis is a sunni group he is a shia, he is wanted to stay in power, remember that assad and his father fought with us in first engulf war against saddam hussein. maria: right he may not have anything to do with this but the point is in order to get the -- the coordination from our friends, in the ine mai e me east they say will join fight if only assad is taken out. >> i think again we've got a coalition of about 60 nations there we are getting good ground support from the kurdish, forces, so i really don't think you know, that i mean i no they say that, but
8:11 am
they can't contribute that much more. you know, to this to this fight. because basically, you know the iraqis are fighting isis themselves,and saudi troops would not you know in fact would create problems there because you know raqqa is mainly a shia nation, remember mainly in iraq that is where they have main headquarters the real key is that we take back mosul if we can do that then i think that that will send a signal we want for isis. >> thank you very much for weighing in we appreciate your insights. >> okay thanks for having me. >> joining us we are following breaking developments of in brussels brussels attacked by terrorists cheryl casone a look how businesses markets are reacting this morning. cheryl: numerous companies issuing statements throat the morning after the attack in brussels, delta airlines issuing a statement saying
8:12 am
flights into the brussels airport have been diverted, to amsterdam they had one aircraft in the air that plane dwoertd to amsterdam american airlines saying it is aware of the brussels aerate incident at this time all employees contractors are accounted for no reporting injuries also disputing the fact bomb went off at their counter we are trying to confirm that united airlines saying all remainings flights to and from brussels have been suspended until further notice guys we should be watching airline stocks day in the premarket, many of these fell, including united delta falling after attacks in brussels. >> facebook a safety check if you let a friend confirm they are safe, that information is
8:13 am
fed infacebook to bring new reports back quick we want to waflt gopd as well gold jumped, when reports initially came through 5:00 a.m. earn a time this attack in brussels happened. >> thank you very much we are already seeing weakness across the board in european markets we should point out, down about half a percent, to 1%, on major averages in europe if you are joining us breaking news of the day, brussels is under attack, there has been a terrorist attack, in brussels, multiple explosions rocking the city, killing at least 28 people. there were two explosions at the airport, and then, additional explosions around the city including a metro station, just blocks away from headquarters of the european union, brussels public broadcasters reporting 15 people dead from the blast, at the maalbeek metro station 13 about a dozen as jerry baker reporting at the airport.
8:14 am
the new york police department is confirming this morning that they are stepping up security, at bridges tunnels mass transit hubs city land marks president obama we are told has been adeprivpprised of situation yesterdayto yet to hear from president in cuba, joining us "wall street journal" european security report julian barns thank you for calling in i am wp your colleague jerry baker megyn mccain. >> well we have a lot of about police activity around, the city, as they are trying to head off any further attacks following up on any leads they have developed in the morning, so it is still soft lockdown situation here with elevated terror alert level closed mote pros, there have not been any more blasts, since the attack on the airport in the attack on the -- metro station, but you know we have been in a situation, where brussels authorities have been pursuing
8:15 am
a cell related to the paris attacks, for sometime. and so there are people that they believe are may still be on the loose. maria: we know that there is a maximum level of terror right now, in brussels what does that feel like about on the ground to you? on the phone: well, you know, usually, the streets are bustling at all hours as people pour into the european quarter here but that is it is much more frozen much like the trir lockdown of last november, you know, the city has ground to another halt police barricades shutting off portions of the city as the police go about their work. so very unusual feeling. >> it is jerry baker here can you give is a little just tell us a little bit about the background here the last few days, is to you had the arrest of -- on friday, they talked about other, you fugitives,
8:16 am
there is a we don't know obviously yet whether these are directly connected it seems reasonable to surmise they probably are at least in some way, but tell us if you could about what has been happening last few days with law enforcement operation, what they have been saying who looking for, and just give us sense of the buildup to this what happened this morning. on the phone: sure jerry this all began last week, a week ago today, when there was a gun battle in neighborhood of brussels called forest, one man died two people escaped, inside the apartment they islam he on how to one of the attackers who escaped he was joined by at least one syrian trained fighter, who was then captured along with him on friday. initially interrogation of
8:17 am
abselan a warning by authorities he was planning follow-on attacks now i have talked to several u.s. officials, this morning, after events, and there is a sense that they have no proof but there is a sense that the attacks today are linked to the network that authorities were closing in on. >> so dagen mcdowell. dagen: i just want to but to that point, so given what has happened in the blast several days, but between the paris terror attacks and last week, was there a heightened security presence in brussels in the whole of belgium? what those it obviously that there were more police officers in the street or not? on the phone: absolutely, now they did not raise the level to the highest level over the weekend, but while i was walking through at a central
8:18 am
district the grand place of belgium sunday i was struck by huge number of police police vans, and military that had been o self-employo deployed on even heightened security four months. we have had a lot of police but unusual bracing themselves for something. >> did they -- straight off paris attacks when the initially arrests were made raids were made brussels is extremely high state of alert i think two days correct me if i'm wrong brufldz basically shut brussels shut down probably trappings shut down people told stay in place they didn't raise to this level do you have a acceptance why they didn't why the threat was seen as so extreme then and not quite that extreme this weekend? on the phone: well, that is a great question, in part of the answer is that they came under krim, for the lockdown and from another more miner terror
8:19 am
alert over new year's holiday they canceled some events there was some criticism whether overreaction whether they had gone too far they were trying to string balance this weekend where they definitely boosted police presence without the same kind of shutting down the city as you mentioned that they did back in november. now there is going to be a lot of second guessing of that now given that these attacks have gone on, about whether they should have taken extreme measures now of course they have now -- we have a metro shutdown, we have basically the lockdown reimposed on the city. maria: we appreciate your time thank you julian barns owing this morning security reporter for "the wall street journal" in brussels i i want out of the 28 people that have been killed, that we know of, between these two blasts, in the met pro, station as well as in airport, 151 others critically and we are being
8:20 am
told boris johnson mayor of london says there might be one u.k. casualty. in that group we are following what officials are saying this morning, and they are telling their people to avoid crowded places and public transportation britain stepping up security at u.k. airport in wake of attacks joining us right now florida republican congressman mario di diaz balart. >> your reaction. >> obviously very tragedy day should be reminder that islamic fundamentals terrorism not going away it is getting stronger, the policy of witchful thinking not working we have attacks in paris now this one we also have to remember, maria that we had attacks in the homeland, whether fort hooded are a boston marathon bombing or san bernardino, and, what has been the response? the response of the united states president obama frankly part of the world is wishful
8:21 am
thinking, bringing james taylor to europe theing to sing we have a friend, is not a policy, to fight terrorism, doing 20 air strikes a day, is not going to suffice to fight this very serious threat either we take this very seriously or continue to see escalation of attacks, not only in europe, but, again, we've seen large -- half a dozen attacks recently in united states here in homeland. it takes one big one, and we have to we have to stop it before it happens, wishful thinking not a policy. we have to go after them wherever they are, wherever they are so that we can avoid this continuing to happen. maria: are you surprised we haven't heard from president obama yet i know that he is in cuba this week, but have you heard from him? >> no. president obama is hobnobbing with a dictator has american blood on his hands obviously
8:22 am
cuban blood on hands a regime used to being state department terrorism list until president obama as a gift as a consession even though they continue have to harbor terrorists fugitives from u.s. law president obama took them off state responsered activism lift again that is president seems willing to cozy up to enemies of freedom to those who sponsor terrorism to those who harbor terrorists u.s. fugitives like castro dictator ship when what he should be doing is focusing on stopping international terrorism stopping those help international terrorists like castro regime again i expect i don't know maybe secretary kerry will be in brussels now with another musician to sing to them there is a war against our as i havization fundamental islamic folks radicals wainldz war we have to take war seriously take it to them until we do that we will continue to see this type
8:23 am
of terrorist attacks. >> what do you think congressman needs to be done here in u.s. you obviously don't think u.s. is doing enough, internationally, but domesticly this reminds in brussels mouf vulnerable we are you say we have had attacks in united states clearly vulnerabilities here what do we need to do from law enforcement perspective do we need to be more aggressively surveilling communities people who could be terrorist threats do we need to do more about protecting our borders through changing our visa rules people coming into is it country? what a does u.s. need to do to keep us safe? on the phone: everything we can while still protecting individual liberties, but i think the key is this. what -- as long as we see isis, continue to expand continue to hold territ that is the cute. tool it is not what president obama says that you know recruitment tool, is -- is having folks detained in again in guantanamo, the biggest
8:24 am
recruitment tool for terrorist group all is success so you want to stop them from recruiting you want to stop them from again being able to plan terrorist attacks whether united states or in europe. you have to go after them, where they are, precisely to stop them coming here attacked homeland. maria: congressman thank you very much for joining us crank ma'am de-- >> congressman diaz ballart, we heard from kasich as well as donald trump now ted cruz is out, on twitter. dagen: a statement on facebook summarizing on twitter our hearts break for men and women of brussels this morning make no maintaining terror attacks no isolated incidents latest in string of coordinated attacks by radical islamic terrorists perpetrateds no waging war
8:25 am
against all do not accept their extreme strain of islam very strong words from ted cruz radical islam at war with us over seven years we have had a president refuses to acknowledge this reality the truth is we can never hope to defeat this evil so long as we refuse to end it that endz january 20, 201 when i am sworn in as president we will name enemy radical islamic terrorism we will defeat it again, strong words but took great detail more time than donald trump did donald trump first response first of presidential candidacy to respond roughly 7:00 a.m. east coast time, that tweet actually had a slight misspelling deleted they have to reposted it kasich followed ted cruz, but then given the in that case we have had a president very slow to respond, and even when he did respond, to these trir terror incidents there was a tone-deafness to his response, even after the paris terror attacks timing is critical
8:26 am
american people want to hear from our leader particularly those who want to lead this nation come november so if to be clear first leader came and talked to us was senator john mccann thin this morning we har from all after john mccain very clear telling us we are simply not responding or reacting to real threat at hand. joining us right now political reporter, on the ground in brussels thank you very much for joining us, i know you did not see it but you were in the airport, when the first explosions went off what can you tell us about the seen see on the ground. >> i was nots? airport i life in brulz reporter based hereafter explosions i got to airport as soon as i could i spoke to people in the airport during explosions in shock one man described bloody aapocalypse he said that he saw bodies
8:27 am
being pulled from police officers off the ground, and another man works next to american airlines where explosion went off, he worked at -- checking he said that he heard a colleague screaming run run run thought a billboard had fallen because all papers had just flown in air he hid under the luggage turnstile near desk he was able to come out, relatively safe showed clothing a bit tattered was physically blown over, and it you could see people coming with luggage, in line, out of the airport, and -- obviously experiencing one of those most -- most extreme things probably of their life. >> what is the security been like, at the brussels airport? i mean again we were talking earlier you see now these days, you know, in at the
8:28 am
departure areasb before check in before security gates do you there is a very, very usually heavily arm police military paramilitary presence most european airports i have been to you would assume after what happened on friday what happened last week alert was cleay -- elevated did you talking to people did you get a sense that there was a really significant armed military police presence there? on the phone: i didn't get that acceptance i use airport pretty regularly supposed to take a flight two days, but there isn't much security at check-in counter at it gate took the counter once checked in get a more security you take a train into the airport, into the actual building from center of town. so unless -- i -- honestly think they have a lockdown back in november, december, and then again, in january, when they canceled the new
8:29 am
year's eve celebration i was not seen that much security you around brussels. maria: go ahead. on the phone: i was not seen more security than normal when i was traveling around europe i was in over christmas i was at coliseum trying to get into a park i remember to having go through multiple layers of security to get into notre dame cathedral in paris around you are seeing more and more i live in center of brussel acoos from museum of where they were shooting i was not seen day he to day level more security in brussels than zbloorm should point out prime minister of brussels is saying there are several sites of concern so the terror level in brussels toubl the maximum level to hear prime minister say there are still sites that are of concern, the level of activity, of from a security standpoint is obviously incredibly high. >> these are reports of suicide attacks, do we know
8:30 am
that do we know that there are any other people involved who might be on run somehow? were there gurneymen are they looking for anybody do they think the person traitors blew themselves? >> that is unclear at this point. but i -- i the thing i think is sort of interesting after the terrorist attacks they locked down entire city. the city would unlock could leave we did not know why a few days later we have an attack it is like very interesting, i wonderer how they are getting intelligence, i know from reporting they were only sending 50 million dollars a year on counterterrorism that is nothing when you think about it now -- >> thank you very much owing this morning from politico in brussels, president obama we are learning will speak later this morning, live from havana we will bring the president's
8:31 am
comments live in anticipation that he may address the terror attack in brussels, so this was a planned speech but we will look to the president to see if he refers to this, i want to point out that obviously, security has been tightened on a number of sooits, but it has also been tightened on nuclear plants we are king up to speed latest out of brussels officials confirming two separator terrorist the about attacks in brussels several are of concern for attacks here is what we know, at least 15 people reported dead.
8:32 am
>> one of the most beautiful cities of the world 20 years ago. it was amazing, actually and safe. and now, it's a horror show, an absolute horror show. not just talking about today, you go to brussels is feels like an armed camp and even then they can't do much about what's happening. there's a sick problem going on, maria. maria: mr. trump, i know jerry wants to jump in and want to know from you, what needs to be done in terms of the border, mr. trump. we were discussing earlier one of the issues and vulnerabilities of europe, the
8:33 am
fact that people travel throughout with no problem. the borders are open with the exception of a handful of countries. what is your answer to this when it relates to u.s. borders right now? >> well, i think the reason mai'm leading on the republican side a lot is because many' very, very strong on border. came out strong and trade and borders and that was the initial and then the paris attack and we started talking more in terms of military, also, but we have to strengthen up our borders a lot. the southern border, we're going to build a wall and absolutely build a wall, but people are come into our country and we have no idea who they are. we have a problem because thousands of coming in from migration. the migration from syria. president obama is taking in thousands of people distributing all over the united states, we don't know how many and nobody knows where they're going and these are people that have no documentation, they have no
8:34 am
anything, nobody knows anything about many of the people that we're bringing into our country and it's going to lead to, you know, just catastrophic problems. if you look at what's going on in paris, if you look at what's going on, i mean, brussels we know, but look what's going on in germany. who would have thought this was happening and germany has been doing very poorly. i tell you, i have friends that live in germany, they want to leave. they want to get out. they say what's happening in the streets is from a different world. so, you know, these leaders are not very good leaders, you know, she's somebody i had a great deal of respect for, i have lost all respect. maria: you mean angela merkel. >> merkel, yes. >> and so do you think that, you know, you called after the paris attack for a pause of muslims coming into the united states. that got a lot of criticism as you know. >> an and a lot of support, jerry, too, tremendous support. >> in your primary, every republican primary so far, a
8:35 am
significant majority of republicans support that position i don't dispute that it's popular with republicans. one of the criticisms is that it's impractical. how do you know who is a muslim and how do you stop it. one of the problems that pointed to, people can come into this country now without a visa. a visa waiver program, doesn't meter if you're muslim or-- you don't have to go to the security checks to get a visa, is it time to stop that? >> it's time to stop that absolutely, jerry. frankly, look, we're having problems with muslims, and muslims coming into the country and we are seeing it, whether it's california where they killed the 14 people, the two young married couple, i guess possibly she radicalized him, nobody knows. maria: she was here on a wife, a fiancee visa. >> they say he wasn't
8:36 am
radicalized and they killed 14 co-workers that gave a baby showers for their baby, they were friends and they shot and killed them and plenty of wounded in the hospital. in paris, the toughest gun laws in the world and you have a situation there, 130 people just killed for no reason whatsoever, just killed. nobody, no bullets going into the opposite direction, that i can tell you, nobody had guns. >> what else would you do domestically. do we need to be much more aggressive in surveilling. this is controversial in new york with mayor deblasio scaling back the surveillance of the previous mayor and police department. >> you need surveillance and deal with the mosques, these attacks aren't done by swedish people, that i can tell you. look, we have to be smart, we have to be vigilant.
8:37 am
we have to watch closely what's going on. we have to look at the mosques and study what's going on. in the old system under new york, they were infiltrating mosques and getting great information from what people were saying and stopping attacks and let's see, now this mayor, a mayor he doesn't know what he's doing, he's doing a terrible job according to everybody, but this current mayor ended that entire program. maria: right. >> ended it entirely. that's a mistake. if you speak to the police commissioner and speak to ray kelly and people who know what they're doing, that was a tremendous loss for new york when we ended our vigilance. maria: and number one, isn't it interesting that now we understand that president obama will give a live press conference later on today, obviously, he's probably going to discuss the terrorist attack from the brutal communist
8:38 am
dictatorship of cuba. what irony that is. >> right. i wonder how many-- i wonder how many muslim cuba is taking over year and setting up a little area in cuba for the muslim population. maria: and one of his big points on the agenda is to close down guantanamo bay. let me ask you about your foreign policy advisors. yesterday you discussed some names, some specific people that you have been talking with in terms of your own foreign policy agenda. donald, have you spoken with those individuals this morning? what can you tell us about your own foreign policy agenda in the face of this? >> right, i have not spoken to them, but tell you whatever they tell me, they're advisors and highly respected as you know, you know some of them. some of them have been on your show many times. walid is an example. no matter what they say i'm for very strong borders, close our borders and make them so strong and let people into our country, but they have to be people that are going to be
8:39 am
wonderful for our country. you know, we do lottery systems and i don't think-- i think we should do it based on merit, based on their background, if they've been wonderful people where they were. we're taking people into our country we know nothing about it and the most serious version of that is what's coming in from syria. we're taking people in with zero documentation and you know, maria and jerry, i can tell that i've spoken to law enforcement, top people, no way you can tell people without documentati documentation, it's gone. it's strange, they have no documentation and no anything and yet walking in the migration line young men using cell phones. maria: and we spoke earlier we know that isis has gotten their hand on the passport machine. donald, all of this happening on the primaries in arizona and utah. does this change the conversation? does this change the sentiment for voters going into those voting booths from your
8:40 am
standpoint? how are you feeling going into these primaries? >> well, i'm feeling, very, very good. arizona i think i'm doing fantastically and utah, i was there and had a great reception and see how i do in utah. in arizona, i mean, we had 21,000 and people and we had 6,000 people and things were set up a couple of days in advance. the second one was set up like 14 hours in advance and we had 6,000 people and we would have had many more except that the agitators, i call them agitators, it's a professional organization, but they blocked the road and blocked some entrances and things like that, but actually they're very safe. despite what you read, these are very safe. what goes on there is love fesses, believe me. these are great people that, you know, the expression is make america great again. that's what we're going to do. great people. so, the arizona is going on today, the utah is going on today and i think we're going to do well, i'm leading by a lot and hope to continue that trend. >> quickly, you spoke yesterday
8:41 am
to aipac, a different speak from what you normally gave. you spoke from a teleprompter and a prepared speech and different to some extent from the message when you spoke to american jewish groups in the past. what were you trying to achieve yesterday? were you trying to reassure american jews that you're strong pro israel? >> i don't think they need too much assurance because i have been strong on israel. i detailed the speech and wanted to get it exactly right and i did it from a teleprompter and i got nice praise and honestly, jerry, it's a lot easier than doing is the way i normally do it because i have a good memory. i'll memorize facts and i'll do it and this was easier and i got tremendous notices. i wonder how the wall street journal treated me? i'll have to read it in two minutes. maria: donald. [laughter] >> and like everything we
8:42 am
publ >> it's nice to have you both on because you did one of the really good debates together. a good part. maria: thanks, donald. we appreciate it. >> a great team. maria: and both of the debates we feel that we certainly got the best out of you and the candidates. before we go, donald trump, we are following, obviously france tightening security at train stations, public transportation and new york as well. the prime minister of belgium saying what we feared has happened and today is a black day for belgium. what do you want to leave viewers were in the face of these deadly attacks happening earlier this morning in belgium? >> i think what i've been saying for the last year. we have to be very, very strong at our borders and our borders doesn't mean southern borders, airplane and even on the northern side, but we have to be very, very strong on our borders and we have to be vigilant and see if there's something going on. people have to report. this guy that they caught yesterday, he was living right in his neighborhood. he was living there with all of these people, they all knew he
8:43 am
was there, they didn't turn him in. there's something going on that's wrong, if you look at paris and places like belgium it's not a good situation. what's happening worldwide is not a good situation. we can't let it happen to our country, and it is happening, by the way, people coming in, that ushouldn't be coming into this country. maria: apparently and i guess one thousand investigations going on in the u.s., wannabe terrorists or people who want to join the fight. donald trump, we'll be watching tonight. >> thank you very much. maria: of course, we'll have live coverage of the primary tonight on the fox business of the primaries. join us tonight. if you just joined us, we're looking at the situation in brussels, under attack. at the brussels international airport two explosions reportedly by a suicide attack. the prime minister said it was a suicide attack and they found a vest.
8:44 am
and then the subway, people killed in a separate blast. and the airport is closed, the subway and the euro star train has been closed. president obama may comment on it later today and is expected to make a speech live from cuba. he is in havanna this morning. joining us is former presidential candidate and dick gephardt to join the conversation. good to see you and thanks for joining us. >> good to be here. maria: your reaction to these attacks this morning? >> well, they're horrible. obviously, this is a continuation of what we've seen in a much accelerated phase since 9/11 in the entire world and it's very worrisome and the answers to it are not easy. if they were easy, we would have done them a long time ago. it's just something that the whole developed civilized world has to deal with together and
8:45 am
we haven't done well enough. we've got to do better. maria: we just heard from donald trump and he is basically saying, look, we need to be much stronger at our borders. do you agree with what donald trump just told us? >> undoubtedly we've got to know more about anyone wanting to come into the united states. there's been legislation presented in congress with regard to the syrian refugees and others. i think that has to be stepped up. there's no doubt about it. but putting a ban on people of one religion, it's in my view, not the right way to go about it and it won't be effective. but there has to be an upgrade in the way we learn about people that are coming into the country and keeping out people that could be a danger. >> congressman, it's dagen mcdowell, but when you have a leader in this country and leadership who is seen increasingly as being ineffective and you have a terror attack in paris and then
8:46 am
san bernardino and then another m brussels despite warnings there could be more strikes in belgium, you're pushing the american people to extremes for that reason because of the lack of leadership. >> well, i think you've got to step back and understand that even if we do everything mantelable and-- imaginable and even more than we're doing and we're doing a lot because a lot of the proposed attacks have been stopped in the united states because of the work of the homeland security agency and local police forces, you can't stop all of these attacks. it's impossible. it's so easy to do this. people can make bombs, they can get rifles, they can walk into restaurant or airports and do this and so we're in a very troubled time and the answers to it are long-term and difficult and, but america
8:47 am
needs to lead. maria: isn't it more than that. >> lead these countries in europe. maria: dick, when you look at our response so far, i mean, there has been a narrative from the obama administration that the terrorists are on the run. in fact, we know that's actually not true at all. i mean, i know it's just bad timing today, but how ironic that the president will speak today later from cuba, you know, a brutal communist dictatorship and he's speaking from there about terrorism. >> i understand, maria, but you know, one of the things i said after 9/11, we can't kill all the terrorists. it just is impossible because if you just meet violence with only violence, and i'm not saying you don't use the military. we obviously are and should, but you've also got to have a strategy with the rest of the developed world to promote civil society in these
8:48 am
countries where it doesn't exist. maria: how do you do that? how do you do that? >> it's hard work. i've been on the board of the national endowment for democracy here in the united states. we help women's groups and labor groups and business groups in these countries, like tunisia, like egypt, like turkey, like afghanistan. and you know, it's hard, long work, but there's no other answer. either you get that work going on and succeeding or ultimately you're going to have to seal off the united states and in today's world, that isn't a good strategy either. so you've got to build civil society. >> congressman, jerry baker from wall street journal. do you think we're doing enough in this country to avoid the risk of something happening, just like happened in brussels? there's issues about the border which you talked about and candidates, presidential candidates are talking about a lot. there's issues about
8:49 am
surveillance and the between apple and the justice department and the phone and whether they can get it and the justice department seems to be backing off slightly. are you confident we're doing all we can from a law enforcement, from domestic security, homeland security perspective to ensure that we are protecting ourselves as best we can against another attack? >> i think we're doing an awful lot and probably we need to do more. in fact, i know we need to do more. after 9/11 we all knew that the balance between freedom and security was going to have to be changed. we were going to have to do more to give up some freedoms to have security. and i come down on the side of security. on the phone question, i think the fbi and the government is right. i mean, i understand apple's argument, but people have to be secure. it's the first job of government. and so we've got to decide a
8:50 am
lot of these things. who comes in the united states, what we know about them, who we let in. these things have to be done or the people won't be safe and fear will take over the country and will wreck everything that we hold dear. maria: congressman, one more question in terms of security. what about nuclear and what about chemical weapons? you know, yesterday we learned or in the last few weeks, that isis has gotten their hands on chemical weapons. today we understand security has been tightened on nuclear plants following intelligence. your thoughts? >> this has been our great worry ever since 9/11. we are worried about nuclear or chemical weapons in the united states. we know it would be isis' or some other group's greatest wish. the only act after 9/11 that would be dramatic enough for them to be a nuclear attack. we have to do everything in our power to make sure that does
8:51 am
not happen. i voted for the iraq war with george bush because i was convinced, wrongly now, but i was convinced that he had weapons of mass destruction in iraq and you know, we have to go to the greatest lengths to make sure that never happens. that cannot happen in the united states and government has to make sure it doesn't. maria: dick gephardt. thank you for weighing in, we appreciate your insights. joining us, morgan, the back drop of these attacks, voting in utah and arizona and for people signing to vote, they were toddlers on 9/11. >> i was the former attache.
8:52 am
and listening to you talking about the border, and that's putting a bandaid on a broken arm. it's important to have this discussion, but it's got to be part of a broader counterterrorism effort. the things that worry me about this election and who we're getting in the presidency is for the past eight years, this president has destroyed relationships with our allies, he's upset the world order. when you look at some of the things mr. trump said yesterday about nato and allies, for me, it seems he's more attracted to russia and iran in the way that obama has and talking about damaging the relationship that we've had with nato for decades. so, this is serious times and simple answers and saying close the borders, doesn't solve the problem. it should be part of the broader conversation and what do do about terrorism? absolutely. i think the american public is war weary, it's been 15 years,
8:53 am
people want simple answers and the problem is it's not going away with simple answers and that's why we're still fighting 15 years later. maria: meghan mccain, weigh in here. the terror alert for maximum. >> i lived with my father every day and whether or not he brings up syria and terrorism in most conversations and takes it home with him at night. it's easy for people to want simplistic answers, but as you said closing the borders are only going to solve a tiny piece of the problem and you're trying to attack symptom instead of the cause and it's exhausting to live in times when we're speaking in simple platitudes about such complex issues and i really, really worry about the future of this country. hillary clinton, donald trump, everyone in between. no leader that's running for the president that i have the utmost confidence can fully grasp what's going on in the
8:54 am
middle east. dagen: aren't you more optimistic than the last seven years. i think a toddler can do better than the last several years. dagen: with your dad, there was focus on al qaeda and usama bin laden was killed and the terror threat was diminished and wiped away, instead we stood by and watched the birth and growth of the islam state and as your dad said they have a geographical capital in raqqa. >> this is a network that doesn't have border, they're in raqqa and other places throughout europe. this is a network, not a country. >> what do you do? the genie is out of the bottle, i think we all agree with that. millions of refugees have gone from this region to europe and the region itself is continuing in turmoil and geopolitical struggles between saudi arabia and iran and potentially very large domestic threat here. it's there. it's out. even if we were able to shut down islamic state tomorrow. i'm sure that would be great. if we were able to do it, the
8:55 am
threat is there. what do you do? you say border control isn't enough, what are the steps you take right now? >> i think it takes a serious comprehensive foreign policy approach, clearly. i was lucky enough to go with senator mccain to the mune nic niche-- munn munich. the number one thing that the next president has to do is clearly project strength which i think that donald trump is doing, i'll give credit for that. number two, you have to forge a relationship, again, with our allies, especially the europeans with nato, and we have to fight this together. the third thing i would do, we have to start holding both iran and saudi arabia more accountable for the spread of political islam. that's being the root cause of all of this. the funding going on both side. saudi arabia and iran are in this holy war of making sunni
8:56 am
and shia mosques around the world and africa and southeast asia. it's a competition between the two of them who can build the most mosques. if you're not careful what you're funding, there can be clearly radical messages coming out of here. the fight was low no longer-- when we were in iraq and afghanistan, there were less attacks because they were fighting in iraq and afghanistan. we're no longer there and there are pourous borders. so a wall is not going to stop terrorists. is that an important discuss to be had? absolutely. it's got to be part of a comprehensive approach where you strengthen with your allies. the last thing we should talk about is abandon our nato relationship. it's mind-boggling that would be part of the discussion. >> you think of president obama in cuba, optics of that after
8:57 am
shaking hands with castro-- >> the hand in the air. >> the weirdest thing. >> he's speaking about terrorism from arguably the most brutal country and dictatorship. >> the weird thing to me, bringing his daughters and they wanted to visit it. young people don't understand, whether it's bernie sanders and socialism, whether it's, you know, children who are in high school right now may not have even been born on 9/11 or might have been babies. you know, whenever 9/11 happened. and so, i think as a nation, we have to face the hard reality that fighting terrorism is not simple. we've been doing it for 15 years and we haven't-- it's not going to be obliterated overnight. just say that i appreciate that trump projects strength and that's what people want in an american president. the arguments and the policy i think are much more nuanced-- >> i want to point out that
8:58 am
secretary kerry is determining the status of u.s. citizens, whether or not any u.s. citizens were in brussels. the mayor of london believes there was one u.k. citizen as part of the 28 dead from this terrorist attacks this morning in brussels. dagen: i wanted to point out with president obama speaking later today, we don't know what he could say. this was planned already. maria: planned coming from cuba. dagen: we will bring it to you live on fox business, but we don't know what he will say about the brussels terror attacks and to that-- >> we don't know if he'll address it. dagen: the lack of leadership, why is it important to donald trump comes out and says something on twitter, giving americans guidance and ted cruz and john kasich. and unless she's been on television, hillary clinton has not said one word. maria: it's an easy avenue to communicate with the american
8:59 am
people. right, and the american people are desperate for leadership or information about what's going on right now. so, jerry baker, we heard from donald trump, we heard from ted cruz, we heard from john kasich. we heard from john mccain, the first person that we heard from, but again, nothing from hillary clinton, nothing from barack obama. >> i can't help, but think that events like this help donald trump, you know, in the republican-- as you know, a lot of republicans were profoundly unhappy with donald trump. they're trying hard to find some way to stop him from getting the nomination and worry what he means for the conservatives in this country, for the conservative cause and you know, may be right about that, but this kind of thing makes people feel unsecure and at a time of unsecurity they look for someone projecting strength and that appears to be donald trump. maria: we're going to continue our live coverage on the fox business network and stuart varney will make it up. jerry baker, meghan mccain, good to see you ooh we'll keep
9:00 am
you up to speed. we know 26 people, two confirmed terrorist attacks, have been killed. let's get to stuart varney. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: thank you, and good morning, everyone. yes, it's happenedain, a european capital city shut down by terror, in brussels, coordinated attacks at the airport and train station. there's chaos in europe again. it started with gunfire and explosions in the department, and attacks of train stations near the european parliament building and headquarters of nato. there's a mass exodus from downtown brussels, people are simply walking out. in london and paris, emergency meetings and heightened terror alerts. in new york and d.c., extra precautions on subways, trains and bridges. this terror strike affects the election here. voters go to the polls in arizona, utah, idaho.
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injured 10 of them injured


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