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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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you up to speed. we know 26 people, two confirmed terrorist attacks, have been killed. let's get to stuart varney. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart: thank you, and good morning, everyone. yes, it's happenedain, a european capital city shut down by terror, in brussels, coordinated attacks at the airport and train station. there's chaos in europe again. it started with gunfire and explosions in the department, and attacks of train stations near the european parliament building and headquarters of nato. there's a mass exodus from downtown brussels, people are simply walking out. in london and paris, emergency meetings and heightened terror alerts. in new york and d.c., extra precautions on subways, trains and bridges. this terror strike affects the election here. voters go to the polls in arizona, utah, idaho. donald trump has called for a
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temporary ban on muslim immigration and repeats that today. hillary clinton calls it bigotry. president obama may address this terror attack in an address from cuba within the hour. will he call it islam terror? there's been a muted reaction on the stock markets, opening down 40, 50 points. not that much movement in gold and oil. ashley the latest. ashley: 8 a.m. local time, two bombs go off at the brussels airport. people report hearing someone shouting in arabic and then followed shortly by two explosions. the latest numbers we have and these are changing all the time, of course, as you can imagine. 11 people killed at the airport. 81 injured and then about an hour and ten minutes after that, an explosion at the metro subway station at maelbeek. the center of the extremist islamic community, at least 150
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people injured. at least 26 dead. some reports say now that death toll has risen to 34. all public transportation come to a standstill. kids told do not go outdoors, stay in school. brussels office workers told not to go. >> they're going to detonate a suspicious package. >> and they've found rifles in brussels. and belgium police conducting house searches now around the city. stuart: bottom line is, belgium, the country, has been shut down. ashley: it's under attack. stuart: that's what happened. president obama is in cuba at this point. he's going to make a speech around 10 minutes past 10:00 eastern time. we believe he may address this issue, this terror attack, at the top of his speech.
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but the optics don't look good. here he is shaking hands with a communist dictator. >> the west comes under attack. stuart: that's right. i want to bring in walid phares, newly appointed donald trump policy advisor. are you with us this morning. >> i'm with you. stuart: glad to here it sir? are there terror cells here in america like that one there? >> of course, we saw in san bernardino and we saw before that in boston and chattanooga and previous unsuccessful attacks. these are evidence there is had a network of cells and lone cells and lone wolfs. and three or four people who
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plan on their own and then they will be allegiance to isis, but, yes, we do have them here. stuart: you are a newly appointed donald trump foreign policy advisor. what would you advise him bearing in mind in the past and this morning, donald trump has called for a temporary ban on muslim immigration coming into america? >> at this point in time, the campaign doesn't want us actually to enter the fray of discussing the policies. the policies have yet to be set up. i want to say one thing is clear, need to find a way to find the jihadists, it goes along with what mr. trump has said and i have looked at for 25 years. the key that europeans are struggling for and our congress and struggling for how to identify the ideology. that's the key to everything
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else. stuart: i'm going to roll a sound bite of donald trump appearing on fox earlier this morning talking about the border. roll tape. >> president obama has taken in thousands of people, distributing all over the. the united states. we don't know how many and nobody knows where they're going and these are people that have no documentation, they have no anything. nobody knows saying about many of the people that we're bringing into our country and it's going to lead to, you know, just catastrophic problems. stuart: okay, you heard him there, any comment on that? >> well, of course, there are two key problems here and they're very clear. number one is the vetting process. the u.s. initiation doesn't have a vetting process, it was admitted by key agencies here because we don't-- we do not recognize that there's an ideology. if you don't do it, then there is no vetting process. more important is the fact that why are these refugees actually leaving syria? because of the failure of our foreign policy in syria.
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we should have a free area inside syria for millions of refugees to be settled in their own home. stuart: i want to give our viewers some understanding of the enormity of what just happened. in my opinion in europe this will give rise to a further rise in the nationalist parties throughout europe. number two, i think it makes it more likely that britain leaves the european union. and number three, i think it's the end of europe's policy of accepting mass migration of muslims into the continent and you say what? i say you may be right on all of these points, but most importantly, and this is going to be a european problem, the rise of the far right extremists groups who are going to be saying, we told you so and then now you see this jihadi activity. either the europeans are going to have to change quickly their policy or there's going to be more of this unfortunately. stuart: we appreciate you being with us, thank you very much indeed. walid phares. liz, you were looking at me there, and talking about donald
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trump, make your point liz: donald trump is referring to the visa waiver prom program. 20-- we know the wife of the san bernardino shooter came in on a visa and that's viewed as a security risk to the united states. stuart: i see trump now moving right to the center of attention again because of what's happened in europe liz: yeah. stuart: he's the guy who is talking about a temporary ban on muslims coming into america and they're voting today, a republican vote in arizona and in utah. i think this propels trump right to the front burner all over again and i think this terror now becomes the central point of the election liz: yes, it does. he's speaking plainly. make no mistake, since 2002, a dozen plots foiled against airports. number of them here in the united states, lax, jfk, even
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wichita, kansas. so the fbi is telling fox business they remain concerned about major transit hubs across the united states. stuart: we're fortunate to have with us this morning, governor gary herbert, governor of the state of utah, he's a republican and utah votes today. there is a republican primary in utah. governor, welcome to the program. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, great to be with you, stuart. stuart: i know you're a ted cruz supporter. i put it to you this event overseas makes trump perhaps a more attractive candidate? >> well, i think everybody will reassess, this is a despicable thing. we're waking up here in the west to this news of this terrorist attack and clearly, the war on terror continues. i think everybody's looking for somebody strong on national defense and the war on terror, going to face it head-on. i'm kind of a teddy roosevelt, we need to walk softly and carry a big stick and use that
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stick when appropriate. stuart: do you think that trump will win today in utah? >> no, i don't think he will. i think that the people of utah have been very much turned off by some of his rhetoric and some of the debate, he canceled on the debate we were going to have here in salt lake city. so i think that ted cruz actually is going to win today and i think that john kasich will come in second. stuart: do you think that the people of utah object to what trump called for, a temporary ban on muslims. do the people of utah see that as a nonstarter, something that he shouldn't have said, in light of what just happened in brussels? >> well, i know what we're doing here in utah, when we have ref guys, which was the topic at the time, about banning all muslim refugees, is that we actually have two people we've heard to review any refugees that come into the state to make sure that the background checks and what's been done has been appropriate by the federal government and then we help them to integrate here into the state of utah and
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make sure they don't become radicalized and are going to be good people. mormons in utah are sensitive about somebody banning somebody because of their religion. certainly we ought to screen out for terrorists, but mormons remember back in 1875 or 76 when route rutherford b. hayes said quit sending the mormons, so there's sensitivity. stuart: and the governor from utah where there's a primary today. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: now, earlier this morning, donald trump appeared on fox business and the fox news program, fox and friends. let me repeat what he said. he said we must be vigilant and you were watching this. ashley: i actually saw him on mornings with maria and a very good interview and they asked him about this u.s. waiver,
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visa waiver program. essentially allows 20 million people a year come to the u.s. for business or tourist reasons and be here for 90 days and do not need a visa. he was asked the question, citizens of 38 countries can take advantage of this visa program. they asked donald trump what you think of this. he said it's time we need to at least temporarily stop this. there are exceptions for countries like iraq and syria and iran and sudan, but it does open the door to many, many people who come here liz: and they overstay. ashley: once they get here. here is what he said. stuart: they are coming into our country by the thousands. watch out, watch what happens. i'm a pretty good prognosticator. he said we're going to have trouble, here, that's what he said liz: we've been reporting on problems with the waiver program for months and overseen by the state department who feels they have boots on the ground and they don't, hang on. there was an attack in san
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bernadinee by a woman on the program. stuart: we have with us, i believe, joining us on the phone, ambassador goodman, former u.s. ambassador-- government, i'm sorry, ambassador howard gut mman. i want you to tell our viewers what happened. you weren't at the scene of the attacks, but you were in brussels at the time of the attacks. what happened and tell us more, please, about this exodus of people walking away from downtown brussels. >> yeah, so, when i am in belgium, a week a month, our moment is maybe four blocks from the maelbeek metro station. it goes schumann and maelbeek and the department. earlier this morning, you just started hearing sirens of every sort. you look out the window and there are police cars going down the wrong way on the
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one-way street, a busy street leading right into the parliament area in the center of brussels where my home is. my home became pretty much an armed camp. two army vehicles carrying people, there were the regular police and a sight i'd never seen, which is there is 100-person squad, and they guard ambassadors and dignataries, but usually wear suits with a gun under their suit. they appeared on the corners with uzis and red arm bands. quickly, downtown brussels became an armed area, you know, totally kind of locked down and secured, but with emergency vehicles going in every direction, whether it's police, ambulances or lots of regular cars that now had blue lights where they were just trying to get officials from one place to the other. and it's a scene that i had
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kind of at that point, you didn't know quite what to do. i took my phone outside and spoke to fox most of the morning and they let me stand there 'cause all of those guys know me pretty well, but the rest of the people were stopped. but it became quickly textbook what not to happen because soon you lost phone service, i'm now against-- the first place i could get phone service and by then the tunnels had been closed and the stop lights were all on red so people trying to get out of brussels, much like the scene on 9/11 when we tried to get out of downtown washington d.c., to get our kids in the suburbs and the schools, but there was just a mass exodus at once, so the phone lines went down, the stop lights were on red and tunnels were closed and the traffic was a real problem and so, then you start seeing people hitching. i've never seen anyone hitchhike in belgium just trying to get west. stuart: mr. ambassador, i'm
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trying to give our viewers a sense of how-- not how big a deal this is, but the enormity of what's happened in europe today and trying to project forward. where does this thing go? what happens? what's the fallout in europe after this? and some of our guests on fox business today have suggested that this is the end of the mass migration of muslims into europe. that's a pretty bold statement. do you share that view? >> well, i think we will find that today is qualitatively different than before and i've been one, i'm close to the community as a speaker. and i could see the unemployed youth who have returned from syria and fighting assad and sitting around and a bunch of them picking up and going to a discoteque and causing havoc. today is different. if you were planning
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simultaneous attacks at the airport and the schumann, the stop for the eu, and it's near maelbeek, and they're shooting, that's something you could envision happening, but the attack was at suman and maelbeek on the next line up. someone was planning to send an international message. i suspect it's a plot outside of maelbeek and they started saying let's go for the eu and airport. it's not a focus. >> the european nations across the board must be worried. obviously, there is a large cell with a lot of support from locals operating in europe. that must be a source of huge concern for every european capital?
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>> it is exactly, again, if you were a new yorker or a washingtonian on september 11th, when we saw the pictures of the two towers and then you heard there was something headed to the pentagon and the question that stood in everyone's mind is what's next? is this three out of 100 things that are about to happen? this this case, three or five out of 100 that are going to happen or did we just see the end? because we didn't know this was coming either, which is why, again, i think this is broader and potentially internationally. i can tell you the belgium security forces were listening to everyone, and they were all over the safe houses and the facilities because they're looking for abdeslam. and this is something that they missed. if there had had been chatter on the wire they would have issued the standard warning, stay away from train stations and airports. we had that shortly after paris and once when i was ambassador.
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and they didn't even have that out. stuart: mr. ambassador shall it's a difficult question, but i'm going to ask it. do you think that parts of europe are close to communal violence? >> i don't believe that. i believe there is a populous movement, you saw it in poland and hungary and against merkel in germany, and in france and donald trump in americ i don't think that that so far at the level of robust debate about immigration and building walls and 24 hour seven coverage of elections. i don't think that other than maybe at some campaign rallies with a swing or two that populism is going into outright civil violence, but i think that it leads to a huge amount of concern by responsible citizens and hatred by n nonresponsible citizens.
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stuart: thank you for taking time out of your day today. perhaps we can call on you later this morning, but for now, thank you very much for appearing with us. thank you, mr. ambassador. >> my pleasure. all the best, stuart. stuart: i'm going to bring you up-to-date what's happening on the market. the answer is there's not that much happening on the markets. this is a major event in europe and it has a spillover effect in our elections here, but there's been very little. i'm not sure i should use that expression, very little on the financial market, but i'm looking at a dow that's going to drop 60 points, maybe 70 liz: yeah, pretty solid manufacturing data and we knew that european banks were struggling due to the negative interest rate scenario. >> hillary on the today show just now. ashley: yes, i can tell you what she said. stuart: it's unrealistic to say we're going to completely shut down our borders to everyone. that was from hillary clinton moments ago. ashley: the quote on the today show. stuart: the today show moments
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ago. one more point before we leave the financial markets. steven guilfoyle from the new york stock exchange, explaining why there has been such a little, such a small reaction on the markets. he says mindless mass murder of innocents is losing its shock value. ashley: that's a sad situation. in other words, folks are becoming numb to this. we did see in europe, the british pound drop, it's had impact. but so far on the u.s. markets. stuart: gold and oil at 41 a barrel liz: a muted reaction. stuart: we'll see that at the opening about 9:30. ashley: and reports there was an unexploded suicide vest at the airport and rifles, and a nuclear power plant being
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evacuated about 40 miles southwest of brussels, one of three in the country, close to german border. i would imagine that's a precaution, they had a fire at that particular power plant three months ago. we're hearing these things happen and precautions and as we've mentioned, the border pralle has been stepped up to the north and holland to the east in germany, to the west-southwest in france surrounding belgium. these borders are really tightening. stuart: they've shut it down, basically they've shut this thing down liz: here is why. experts say nearly 500 men and women have traveled from belgium back into action fighting for isis since 2012. and that's an awful lot of fighters moving in and out of belgium. isis supporters here. stuart: zuhdi jasser is with us. he's a frequent guest on our program. may i say that zuhdi is a moderate muslim, eager for participation in america society. in the american navy for 11
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years. i have to ask you this, zuhdi, there are now strident calls in america to at least temporarily ban all muslim immigration. that must be tough on guys like you. >> well, you know, listen, stuart, not only is it touch. i have families who are struggling to get out from areas that are carpet bombed and victims of chemical weapons and of isis, but i think that we should stop all immigration until we vet the ideology. being muslim is an idea and until we vet the idea of islamism, we're going to continue to be a threat. we have to get this right. you knnknow me well. and i think there's event preventing the reform that i would have happen. but as other candidates say we need to be correct, it's not about political correctness, it's we've got to be correct. if america under any country understands the religious freedom against theocracy and
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right now muslims are fighting against theocracy and if we say it's all about all muslims, you're actually going to alienate the very people who you need to solve the problem within the problems at maelbeek. and committing the acts, abdeslam is a french citizen, there for a long time. and the problem, we're finding over 90% of the attacks, those who get radicalized while living in boroughs within the communities that are not being assimilated and reformed. stuart: a lot of people have been asking why have we not seen this kind of mass attack in america, other than 9/11 and san bernardino, got it, but there's not been that kind of attack that closes down a city or a state at this point. and people are saying, that's because local muslims, american muslims are by and large cooperating with the authorities, that they're not, local muslims are not cooperating much certainly in belgium and france.
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there is a difference there, zuhdi. >> absolutely. it has to do with the trajectory and the slope. europe has a much bigger chasm between political islam and as far as being free and becoming german, becoming french, becoming dutch or ben -- belgium. my family felt american since 1966. having said that, we're heading the direction, because we're not because of political correctness, anyone who says the things i do is targeted as a bigot against muslims and islamophobic, et cetera. until we get beyond that, our trajectory is headed the same as europe, but slower because we're insulated from our first freedom which protects muslims who feel they can be american. stuart: would you like to see president obama label this as
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islamic terror when he speaks less man an hour from cuba? >> he should call it islamist terror. islamism, we need to embrace reformers who embrace liberty. stop the apologetic, and islamism, whether interest iran, isis, muslim brotherhood, saudi arabia as being the caldrons that brew these radicals across the world. stuart: last one, zuhdi, i hear a lot that we are at war, a war between the west and islam. are you going to go for that? >> that's what i've been saying, there's a war between the west and islamism. there's a war between liberty and theocracy, and yes, the immigrants who want to come here to defeat secular governance are our enemy. just like the cold war. the communists whether they're nonviolent or not were not our allies. and those who believe in the
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isis state, not only isis, but islamic state. and those who want to be in society are our greatest eye lies, and we need to thread that needle. stuart: thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: to recap we're about four minutes away from the opening of the stock market. we do not expect a major repercussions on wall street because of what happened over in belgium earlier this morning. perhaps we start last friday, the ring leader or logistics behind the attacks in paris was captured on friday. the media says he's been singing, talking telling authorities that there is another attack planned. then this morning we get that attack. maybe the attackers today were forced out to do it because they've been revealed last friday? maybe that's the case. but bombs went off, there was attack starting at the airport. ashley: airport at 8 a.m. local time and about an hour and 15
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minutes later, stu, we understand the metro station we're getting more detail now, reports saying according to the metro itself, that the bomb was on a three carriage train that was just leaving the station. the bomb was in the middle carriage and detonated and it was running along the platform before it went into the tunnel. the driver immediately stopped and managed to get people out of the front and back carriage, but those in the middle carriage were obviously-- >> reports indicate at least 20 people died in that attack in the subway, subway attack, which took place near the european union headquarters. stuart: that's the important point. if you attack brussels, you attack the administrative center of europe where the european parliament is, and where nato has headquarters. it's a fueling point, if you like for all kinds of travel in europe and it's shut down. belgium is shut down. stuart: we have three minutes to go before the stock market
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opens. let me tell you, we're not expecting major repercussions for your money. the dow industrials will open roughly 60 points down and the price of gold up roughly 5 or $6. that's it. price of oil around $41 a barrel about you there has been something of a flight to safety. when trouble breaks out over there, you tend to run for safety over here and what do you do you? if you're running to safety, you go to united states treasure bonds and people have been buying them. as you buy them go down-- >> the gold, a fear trade on. stuart: a fear trade. what's that? >> and just as an addendum. i'm sorry, my hair, having hair issues this morning. the people killed in the subway attack, 20 killed and there's been a number of people, more than 136 wounded. 17 severely wounded in the subway attack, we always want to track the casualties including those wounded as well. stuart: yeah, now we do not yet know, referring to the attack
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at the brussels airport. we don't know who a was kill. i believe roughly 15 was counts. ashley: at the airport, yes. stuart: we don't know who they were. and we're told you will a though not confirmed, that the attack took place near the american airlines check-in desk, in other words, maybe it was having america in the background there as a partial attack. were any of the dead americans? i don't know liz: don't know yet. ashley: yeah liz: and whether the president responds to na. maria:. stuart: i'm sorry? liz: whether the president responds if we find out there was an american in the attack. at 10 minutes after 10:00 eastern time. we think he may address the attack at the top of his speech. we'll bring it to you if he does say something about that, he's not changing his schedule for the rest of the day. he will in fact attend a baseball game later on today
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and the optics of this are unfortunate liz: the timing. stuart: after the president is building legacy in cuba, it's interrupted with legacy of terror in europe. the opening bell is about to ring on wall street and we're looking for reactions to what's going on in brussels earlier today. in the very, very early going, down 23 points, 33 points. the dow is around 17,600. that's not a profound reaction by any means. price of gold is up, but again, not much. we're up eight bucks. that's not a true huge flight to safety for gold. ashley: no. stuart: the dollar is up, got that. treasure bond prices up, yields down. got that. oil is around $41 per barrel. there you have gold up $9.
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>> and joining us is the man talking with charles payne. tell us what you make of this. >> as far as the market impact is concerned? >> there is no real market impact. >> there is no market impact. looking back to the terror attacks going back to the iran hoenl crisis, it's interesting back in the day for the first week, there was some sort of noticeable impact from the iranian hostage crisis, down, and beirut bombing 2%. u.s.s. cole almost 2%, but within a year of course those markets were up significantly and maybe explains, let's talk about the last four major attacks on western targets. brussels jewish museum, may 24th, 2014, dow closes up 69 points, that session and by july up over 400 points. the paris charlie hebdo attacks, last year, the market
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was up 213 points and march all tie high of 700 points. then the paris attacks, and of course, and were were down 203 points, but again, know the long after, november 13th, by december 1st we were up 600 points, over 600 points. if the same pattern emerges. maybe the same shock and recoil a little bit, but the market finds a way to come back. i think that's frankly a message, because if our markets collapse because a couple of these people could put on bomb jackets. murderers, you know, murderers commit the mass murders, then that would be a fragile economic system indeed. >> jack houwe, we're seeing the airlines. >> they're down. that's to be expected. >> sad to say, we're getting
9:33 am
better from experience putting this in its proper place. the airlines are going to trade lower, cruise ships trade lower. the reality is these two injuries are more profitable and financially healthy today than ever in my lifetime. >> are they going to be in the future? who is going to book a summer vacation in europe today. who is going to do that? >> you will have uncertain markets, but life goes on and commerce goes on around the world. today, we have massive consolidation, and fewer airlines serving profitable. and any of the companies they put up, disney trading lower and if i'm planning that summer vacation, instead of maybe the european trip, i'm going to go to the place checking my bags and going through a metal detector. i don't see it impacting a company live disney or airlines or cruise ships, trading lower today. stuart: charles, let me question your basic premise,
9:34 am
i'm saying if this attack in europe, the and i think the markets will be negative, and as the economic price to be paid by europe is apparent. >> yeah, i think one of the things with the market is that typically it's a forward looking indicator, right? that's why you get the knee jerk reaction to the down side and overall to the point, life will go on and feel like we will be afraid and still maybe take the trip somewhere. think about the cruise line and we had ebola and the passengers getting sick. and i've never seen so much bad news and then massive all time highs. >> there are only two long-term effects on the market. depends whether we see more of these kinds of attacks. we see more attacks like this, and especially attacks like here at home in the u.s.
9:35 am
and suddenly the candidate whose catch phrase is get him out of here is more attractive to people. and along with donald trump, a package deal, the potential for a harrier trade situation with mexico and china, maybe that has impact on the markets liz: what we need to address, too, whether the european unit totally falls apart because of what is going on with islamic terrorism in the region. >> i would not want to be-- little impact on apple, i wouldn't want to be the company today who is known recently for standing in the way. >> although last night there was a report that the government had outside points to perhaps crack that phone. one thing, stuart, how quickly these things are happening back to back. stuart: yes, they are, one after another. >> if the frequency continues like this weekly, we're talking a different ball game. stuart: we have with us todd horowitz as he usually does. he's in chicago at the moment. i want you to come in on this one and explain to me why we've
9:36 am
got a minus 40 points for the dow industrials, very little movement for gold or oil or treasury bonds, not much movement. why is this after we've got this horrendous terror attack in europe? >> good morning, stuart, yes, it's very sad about that attack and our prayers go out to those who are injured. the markets are not ready to go down and they're clearly telling you they're not going down because we saw from the paris attack and from paris, from brussels. the markets are strong because money is really cheap and investors, at the end of the day, it comes back down to the money and they're holding this market up. we had almost no reaction overnight. the at 2:30 this morning chicago time, the markets were down 80 points, but gold rallying a little bit and the bonds a little bit, but we have not recovered yesterday's gold selloff or yesterday's bond selloffs. the action is extremely muted because at the end, it comes back down to greed wins out
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right now. as sad as that is. the strength of the markets, i'll carry them until they selloff. stuart: it's a divorce from the news of the day and the financial market action of the day until such time as the news of the day affects the economy and various economies around the world and at that point, it's off and get back together agn and there's a relationship between the markets and the news events. that's why the frequency of it is probably the key, you know what? if you needed you don't want to go to europe this summer, you probably will go to disney instead. you know, so the money is going to be spent somewhere. we're going to try it live our lives. i don't know that americans want or will cower in their homes in their basements. stuart: i hate to be ghoulish about this, but does anybody have any idea of a group of companies which might do well, when the terror threat rises. i hate to ask the question. gun stocks. >> defense stocks. >> the problem is you don't want any part of those, gun stocks maybe turn higher. that's an ill-informed trade. in order when you look at it,
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it's disconnected from the fundamentals. you see these big booms in gun sales followed by slate evaporation of demand, it's difficult for a long-term trader. >> although the last six years, up a 1,000% with some of these stocks. ironically the worst thing for the gun stocks would be ted cruz or donald trump being elected. you know? because you would have no more urgency, necessarily, to stock up on guns because we know the 2nd amendment would be protected. there are the defense companies, lockheed martins. we'll sell a lot the armament to the middle east and china, in the south china seas. and some people don't like those, but long-term portfolio you'll do well. stuart: i want you to tell us of any flight to safety in gold, treasury bonds or the u.s. dollar. >> well, i mean, again, we're not seeing a big run here, so, the markets are clearly telling us that everything's going to be okay and to the stock
9:39 am
question, you would be a buyer of some of the stocks hit this morning because of the reason we're going to see more stability because right now, markets are very clearly comfortable where they are. they believe they'll have the money and with the operation earlier about the news. the news, if that had happened in the state, we might be-- right here on wall street they're not really concerned about over there and it happened, it was a quick shutdown. i think you'll see gold, you know, maybe going back to 1300, but gold looks like it's coming back to support. it looks like the bond is holding. there's no real panic, and the dollar. stuart: there is some impact on our politics and election. earlier today, donald trump was on fox, fox news and fox business saying that we should close the border until we figure out what's going on. ted cruz will make a statement in roughly five to 10 minutes and you will see it here on "varney & company." we did have a statement from john kasich earlier. it was a horrendous attack,
9:40 am
that's the basis of what he was saying and at 10 past 10:00 eastern time, the president will begin a speech from cuba and he may address this at the top of his remarks, he will then continue with his regular schedule for the day which includes attending a baseball game. >> he's talking at noon eastern, angela merkel, who do you think is feeling more pressure today based on her open border policy. stuart: and we'll hear from german chancellor angela americaiangela-- merkel. it's her policies that opened the flood gates that some would say that is created this-- >> brussels is probably the ultimate poster child or proxy for what see in america call too much political correctness. the maelbeek, they call it the casbah of europe. more have gone from there to
9:41 am
fight with isis than anywhere in europe. and it's a hotbed, someone who helped to master mind the paris attack for four months and only with a tip was captured liz: reports have come to update casualties. 14 killed at the airport. 20 killed at the metro station, a total of 34. let's get to the injuries. 81 injured at the airport, and 55 injured, for a total of 146 injured, total, what happened in brussels. stuart: joining us now, i believe, on the phone. i think we have congressman charlie dent, republican from pennsylvania. come in, congressman, great to see you. i'm glad you could be with us this morning. do you think that this event in europe helps donald trump? >> oh, i don't know about that. let me state, i'm a john kasich supporter, but that said, i believe that this terror attack is going to shed a new light on
9:42 am
the debate in our country with respect to apple and the iphone. the battle between the justice department and apple, whether or not that phone should be unlocked. i think a tremendous amount of pressure on apple. stuart: in terms of pr, do you think that apple is coming out on the losing side of this one, bearing in mind what happened in brussels? >> absolutely. there's a debate that needs to occur here. who should make that determination, that balance between privacy and security? is that a corporate decision or a public policy decision? i think that's something that this attack may help shine greater light on that. also the next president of the united states is going to have to, probably going to see greater authorities, with respect to surveillance. that's a continuing debate that we're going to have and i think that's essential. finally, the visa waiver program which congress tightened up the end of last year, we tightened that program up, there's going to be pressure, i heard donald trump mention that he want today restrict the visa waiver
9:43 am
program, i'd hesitate doing that, it's important for us as it is for the europeans, and tens of millions who take advantage of that. stuart: do you have any comment on president obama speaking roughly in a half hour, we don't know whether he'll address the terrorist incident. do you have any comment on what he will or should say? >> i certainly hope he does refer to this as an islamist terror attack. stuart: do you think he will? >> hard to say. he called the fort hood attack, i think they called that situation a workplace violence. i certainly hope they do call it what it is and that's been a challenge for this administration. remember when they first came in i was on the homered security committee at the time and i remember the director of homeland security janet napolitano didn't want to use the word terrorism or terrorist. that's always been a challenge in this administration. calling a terror attack exactly what it is. i'm a little concerned.
9:44 am
the president may be suspend the visit to havana and deal with this issue. stuart: do you think that donald trump's muslim ban is not so unreasonable now? >> i don't think that's a very good policy. we need moderate muslims to help us wage ideological war against islamist extremists. king abdullah of jordan, he's a key partner. are we telling him not to come to the united states? we need critical partners to defeat the radicals, ideologically. so i think we have to be careful not painting with too bro b broad a brush. stuart: charlie dent. and kt mcfarland. welcome to the program, good to be with you. >> sad to be with you on this day. i heard about your comment earlier about the attack in the brussels airport.
9:45 am
that it took place in the departure area where people could simply walk up straight to the ticket counter. and you were saying that maybe we've got to start looking at other airports to make sure that you can't just walk up in such an exposed area, exposing people to the threat of an atck like that. i put it to you, we are very vulnerable in america and i put it to you, also, that it's almost impossible to change the layout of all of our airports to take account of this particular threat. >> you know, you're absolutely right, stuart, it's not just that we're vulnerable at airports and it would be almost impossible to figure out how to change that, think of the subway system, think of the attacks in europe in the subway system. are we going to have metal detectors on every public transportation, every time you get on a bus, every time you get on a subway. what it does, this is a very adaptive enemy and global radical jihad is at war with western civilians, with europe,
9:46 am
united states, with russia even and middle east. and we're always a step behind, they think where is our soft underbelly. i think to solve this is a whole lot more than a few security check points or throw more troops in the middle east. stuart: kt. >> we've got to come with a comprehensive plan. stuart: i'm going to jump in, ted cruz is making his statement now. >> great. >> to are those attacked and murdered by islamic radical terrorists. today's attacks in brussels underscores that this is a war, this is not an isolated incident, this is not a lone wolf, this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. isis has declared jihad on europe, and on the united states of america. they have declared their intention to murder as many innocents as possible and it's
9:47 am
long past time that we had a president who will acknowledge this evil, will call it by its name, and utilize the full force and fury of the united states to defeat radical islamic terrorism, to defeat isis. until they are defeated, these attacks will continue. until isis is utterly destroyed, they will continue to carry out acts of terror, continue to murder, whether at a subway station, whether at an airport, whether in an opera house in paris, whether at a community center in san bernardino. they've targeted each and every one of us and we need a president who sets aside
9:48 am
political correct neness. in the wake of brussels, we don't need another lecture from president obama on islamophoba. we need a commander-in-chief who does everything necessary to defeat the enemy and we need to immediately halt the president's ill-advised plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. our vetting programs are woefully insufficient. this administration has no means of preventing those refugees from being isis terrorists. isis has stated its intention to infiltrate those terrorists, those refugees with terrorists coming to america to commit acts of jihad and the time for the president's political
9:49 am
correctness has passed. the first priority of the commander-in-chief should be keeping america safe. >> senator, is it time for the u.s. to close its border to all muslims as donald trump suggested? >> it's time for us to implement serious vetting and we should not be allowing anyone to come to this country that we cannot vet to make sure that they are not radical terrorism. that's part of the problem with not defining the enemy. when you don't define the enemy then you don't have screening programs designed to keep them out and i would note, if you look at the san bernardino terrorists, the female terrorist had publicly posted on social media calls to jihad and yet, the obama administration in yet another nod to political correctness refused to even look to social media. that is an example of the
9:50 am
myopia of this administration and politically driven. stuart: it's not that they can't see the-- it's not that they can't see that, it's inconsistent with their political objectives. >> donald trump said more or le less-- [inaudibl [inaudible] >> well, i will say it is striking that the day after donald trump calls for america weakening nato, withdrawing from nato, we see brussels or nato is headquartered, the subject of a radical islamic terrorist attack. donald trump is wrong that america should withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. donald trump is wrong that
9:51 am
america should retreat from europe, retreat from nato, hand putin a mainly victory and while he's at it, hand isis a major victory. >> and what should nato do? >> nato should join with the united states in utterly destroying isis and i would note that nato is ready to act in a way that our president is not. donald trump's proposal to withdraw from the world, to withdraw from nato, to withdraw from europe is sadly consistent with his statement that he intends to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. we have seen for seven years a president that cannot distinguish between our friends and our enemies, a president that cannot distinguish between the nation of israel and islamic terrorists who seek to
9:52 am
murder us and it would be a mistake to elect another president who buys into the same left-wing, moral relativism, that equates the terrorists blowing himself up and murdering innocent civilians to the brave soldiers and law enforcement officers risking everything to keep us safe. >> donald trump was asked about the visa waiver programs and not just that, but christians and atheists and whether it should be on hold for everyone and he more than implied that he would be in favor of that, would you agree. >> there's no doubt we need serious scrutiny to the visa waiver program. the attack in brussels is in many ways the fruit of a failed immigration policy in europe
9:53 am
that has allowed a massive influx of radical islamic terrorists into europe. europe is in the process of allowing policies to fundamentally threaten the safety and security of its citizens. that's a mistake. and the visa waiver program was designed for a different era when those were europe were not perceived to be threats. when europe's immigration policies allow radical terrorists to make europe their home, we absolutely need to revisit our immigration policies across the board to prevent radical islamic terrorists from coming to america. stuart: that is ted cruz making his statement after what has happened earlier today in brussels. kt mcfarlanmcfarland, i was lis
9:54 am
to what ted cruz said, he put it on president obama and halting syrian refugees and he came right out against the president on this, was he right? >> okay, i'm not sure kt can hear me. a little dead air right there. ashley: yeah. stuart: ambassador john bolten is with us on the phone, i think? ambassador, mr. ambassador. mr. ambassador, come in, please, i'm sure you just heard what ted cruz had to say and i'll repeat it, he seemed to throw it right onto president obama almost implying you've got to change policy and it's partly your fault, what say you? >> i think that senator cruz is exactly correct. let's be clear. nothing is going to happen in the next ten this tragedy, added to the tragedy in san bernardino,
9:55 am
added to the tragedy in paris in november and the tragedy at charlie hebdo back in january, added to the tragedy of garland, added to the tragedy of fort hood, added to the tragedy of the boston marron to bombing has not changed the president's view and it's not going to change the president's view. and so, i think the prospect is that we're going to be at greater risk as this threat continues to metastasize and that's the reality until the american people insist on getting something different. stuart: let's throw this over to europe for a second. woo we've had strong views expressed on the program that britain is more likely to withdraw from the european union and the extremist nationalist parties. and that turkey deal allowing visas to western europe by june is not going to happen and suggestions that angela merkel, germany's chancellor, who
9:56 am
started this whole ball rolling is politically finished. what say you, sir? >> i don't know that she's finished. i will say this, i think for decades europe has been less the sum of its parts and i think the european naval gazing and endless fascination with the european union, sheltering under the american nuclear umbrella and central force protection, has allowed europe to dramatically reduce its defense expenditures, while the united states in effect protects them as they increase their welfare costs. i think that's got to change, but, you know, we don't have a president today who is urging that. i do think that there will be an impact on the british exit referendum this summer, you know, the u.k. government, david cameron's government is already in turmoil because of the principled resignation of ian douglas smith. and i think that the part of
9:57 am
brip is in trouble, but i think that you have a government not dealing and eyeing terrorism if their borders. if we don't face up to it, i repeat, we will not for the next ten months. we're going to see brussels, sadly duplicated in the united states. stuart: that's quite a forecast, mr. ambassador. do you think that-- >> oh, i think if we're not pessimistic at this point we're not paying attention. stuart: but it hasn't happened here so far, we've got pretty good relationships with american muslims who have been turning over suspected jihadists to the authorities. we've got a pretty good relationship here which they don't have over there. >> well, i think because in the united states for centuries we've had an assimilationist tradition. we've had a successful melting pot, which the europeans have not had. but, you know, to name american institutions that are now under attack, the melting pot is
9:58 am
right at the top of the list. multiculturalism did not make america a success, assimilation did. and that very concept is now under assault. stuart: mr. ambassador, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. stuart: again, much appreciated. judge andrew napolitano is with us, listening carefully for what has been said. you think that the prosecutors, the interrogators made a mistake when they called that man on friday, and then told the world that he'd been singing. that was a mistake. >> i think it's a catastrophic mistake. could have, we have the benefit of hindsight. think about this, he's interrogated by brussels investigators, brussels imagine magistrates. and esthhe i they're revealing
9:59 am
real-time. what is this? >> it's a dog whistle. it's a sub-rosa signal to con f fed-- confederates in brussels, time to get out. >> if the ib if revealed intelligence as it was getting it during interrogation, the agents would be fired and may be prosecuted for justice. this is a catastrophic mistake in which he used them to send these signals out there. why, they even revealed that he told them he wants to sue whoever is leaking about his interrogation. he doesn't want to sue that person, by the way, such a lawsuit, i mean, to tell you, would be proper in the european union. he doesn't want to sue them for this, he's using them to get this information out there. stuart: that's original thinking. >> i appreciate that. there are a lot of other issues about the weakness of belgian police and intelligence services, not even knowing what's going on under their
10:00 am
noses. but this behavior, quite frankly, it's unprecedented, stuart. i can't think of an example in which interrogators are revealing in real-time what they're telling them to an international press corps sichlt judge, will you stay there? it's 10:00 eastern time. those of you just joining us, i want to bring everybody up to speed on what's happening earlier this morning. literally at 2:00 in the morning, local time in brussels, an attack took place at the airport in brussels. it was fairly quickly by attacks at metro stations, train stations at brussels themselves. and they were close to the european parliament and also close to the nato headquarters. the death toll as it stands currently is 34. 20 dead at the train stations, 14 dead at the airport. we do not know who those people are who have died. it was quickly followed by complete lockdown of the city of brussels.
10:01 am
to the point where trains were halted and subways halted and buses halted, too, and people started to walk en masse out of downtown brussels. quickly, the whole of belgium has been essentially closed down. the shock waves spread to france where they held emergency meetings. president hollande said it's a crisis, sped to britain where james cameron is talking about raising the terror threat alert there. worried that this event in brussels would suggest that maybe the brits should leave europe. they'll vote on it in june. and the shock waves spread over to the united states where we start to question, what does it do to our election, is donald trump strengthened by these events, after all he's called for a temporary ban on immigration. >> we understand that the railway stations in brussels will reopen at 4 p.m. local time, just under an hour from now, 11 a.m. eastern time.
10:02 am
it would be with, as you can imagine, increased military presence. >> judge napolitano still with us. what do you make of the impact here in america on our security, our investigation, our surveillance techniques over the domestic muslim population. does this change the equation? >> yes, it does change the equation. it doesn't change the law or the constitution, and you know it doesn't change my reading of the law or the constitution. but when people are afraid, it's human nature to lean more towards safety, more towards a belief that the government's arms can keep us safe, rather than towards the idea of freedom. so when these things happen, whether it's san bernardino in california or whether this awful thing in brussels this morning, you'll hear calls for more surveillance and people will probably go along with it. before we do, one should think and realize that the brussels police are unbridled in their ability to engage in
10:03 am
surveillance. they don't need an order from the fisa court, or a search warrant. they tab into any phone line they like and even they couldn't stop this with that power. stuart: they've had a state of emergency in france since the emergency attacks in paris and i believe something, somewhat similar in brussels, is that-- >> now in effect, absolutely, which gives them far ranging power to do what they want. stuart: they've had these powers for some time. ashley: yes, they have liz: collecting without warrants. stuart: every form in maelbeek-- >> that serves no power this morning. to break down doors without suspicious. stuart: congressman peter king is joining us on this day. i wonder if you'd address the situation inside america. when you see this happening overseas, you wonder, why has it not happened with more
10:04 am
frequency or severity perhaps i should say, in the united states? >> here is where i disagree with judge napolitano, we have a much more robust counterterrorism in the u.s. in new york, there have been almost 20 attacks plotted or attempted to be carried out against new york city. they were stopped because of these surveillance practices carried out by the nypd. the europeans for many years did not take this threat as seriously as we did. and in fact, they used to be uncooperative with us, looking at airlines and et cetera. in addition to that, with the europeans, they have a much more hostile muslim population in their borders and have not made any allowance for simulation into european society and no-go areas in france and britain, and we have them in belgium and 6,000 foreign fighters that have gone
10:05 am
from europe to syria, many of whom, a number of whom were coming back into europe who are trained and equipped and even more radicalized and not only are they radicalized. when they come back, it's almost like a germ. they then spread their odious gospel, odious message and radicalize more, a combination of factors. stuart: what should we do with those americans who go over to fight for isis and then come back here? we know who they are, what should we do with that? >> they are-- well, first of all, if they go and actually are fighting there, they can be subject to prostituti prostitution-- they're subject to prosecution. and only, there have been several hundred compared to 6, 7,000 that have gone from europe and we think we know who most are, not all of them. for instance, there was a young man who was killed in syria,
10:06 am
fighting for isis, i think it was last year or the year before and turned out he had made two or three trips back and forth to the united states, we were not aware of. so, it's really, it's like a needle in a haystack and we have to have cooperation, full cooperation and we have to have more surveillance operations, but again, fortunately for us, it's not yet a major problem to the extent it is in europe of foreign fighters. i mean, there, all you need is one or two to set off a bomb. stuart: politically in the united states, we have primary elections in arizona and utah, the republicans and democrats, too. do you think that this development overseas helps donald trump? >> it may, but on the other hand, if he wants to be effective and make an effective issue and i mean that in the best sense of the world, he has to start speaking with more precision, you can't say we're going to blow everybody up and
10:07 am
keep muslims out. this is such a sophisticated operation we're up against and we have to have sophisticated use against it. he has to be much more precise what he's going to do, not just kill them all or kick them all out. again, we're talking about a multi-pronged series of attacks that can come against us at any time. we have to be ready for that and we have to have more cooperation with our allies. he was making noises about leaving nato, it's essential that we work with nato, the brits, the french, the germans and all of them, the italians, spaniards, all working together on this to share information and using the information. as far as dealing with muslims, no ally is better in theees than jordan, and right behind them, this is an issue that cannot be oversimplied and does not lend itself to sound bites. stuart: congressman peter king, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: yes, sir, thank you
10:08 am
very much. to my immediate right joining us on the set in new york city, james woolsey former chief of the cia. >> director of central intelligence, i'll answer to anything. stuart: director of central intelligence, a whole lot better. you believe that this is a war, flat-out war between the west and! >> no, between the west and as zuhdi jasser said to you, between the west and islamism, particularly the radical islamism. not against all of islam, absolutely not. stuart: but we don't think of it as a war at this point, we've not addressed that, have we? >> we have to come in from recess. play time is over. we won the cold war, great. that's fine. we had a relaxing decade or so, we're now at war and we have to admit it. stuart: it's simply extraordinary the amount of power that a few terrorists have gained. they've shut down a major european capital and shut down
10:09 am
belgium, that's not the first time they've done this. >> it's not a few terrorists, it's two totalitarianism, one is iran and various proxy, the oman and-- i mean, yemen and so forth, and hezbollah, and so, one is them. the other is on the sunni side of the ledger, is isis and isis is not just a few terrorists. isis sees itself as a state, a growing state, a caliphate, a religious theocratic totalitarian empire in the middle east. it's not a very big empire yet, but it has great ambitions and that's the thing that attracts some young men, particularly, to it within islam. stuart: now, all of the candidates for the presidency have made statements this morning, including ted cruz, who spoke publicly about 10, 15 minutes ago. he seemed to throw the blame for this on president obama. is he being fair? >> well, i've been fairly
10:10 am
critical myself of president obama's policies on a lot of these matters and i think that he has tried to basically shut the conflict and the notion of conflict aside. it's bad news, it doesn't fit with what they call the narrative. the narrative is everything is fine. so it's very difficult for him and a lot of his people to talk beyond political correctness, to discuss these issues clearly and objectively. you can't fight effectively against something you can't talk about. stuart: but, he's going to speak from cuba, literally in a couple of minutes' time. we're going to take our viewers there to show our viewers what he is saying. i don't know what he's going to say. do you think he might use the expression islamic terror? >> well, i doubt it. the spirit of the castro
10:11 am
brothers is the spirit of slammist terrorism and totalitarian movements from somewhat different tradition. marxism, leninism as in cuba is a western invention and it's not a religious totalitarianism, but the religious totalitarianism of islamism is from a different totalitarian tradition, but they're both totalitarian. stuart: the optics they say are just awful. the president of the united states shaking hands with a communist dictator to cement his legacy of opening up cuba at precisely the same moment that terror strikes europe again and his legacy of terror is shining rarely clearly. the optics are awful. >> i rather agree with that, but that the white house will spin this to try to make it look as if it's all part of a happy narrative. stuart: what do you make of trump? >> well, he's a very
10:12 am
strong-willed individual with often, i think, rather simple solutions to things. i liked very much what peter king said just before the break. it's not a bad idea to put up some barriers, but you have to do it intelligently. our whole immigration is it i am is kind of fouled up because years ago, we decided to emphasis kinship in letting other people in, brothers in law and so forth, rather than competence at being, let's say a silicon valley engineer. and that decision has produced a situation where you get one individual here, he may well be i believe a to bring in a number of children, nephews, et cetera, over time and even if he's not making an extremely important contribution to the country or its economics and
10:13 am
that whole thing creates a serious problem, but i don't think the solution to that is to ban all muslims from c manying into the united states. there are some wonderful muslims. zuhdi jasser is a good example. and probably, also, and constitutional to do that. he could bar everybody coming from syria, if he wants to, but that would not be wise, but at least, probably be constitutional. stuart: the mr. -- cia-- whatever it is. >> jim is fine. stuart: you're the former director of the central intelligence agency. and that's a mark of respect. like you on the show. james, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: on the left-hand side of the screen you're looking at a live shot from havana, cuba. president obama is about to address a gathering of people in cuba, raul castro will be there. we do not know exactly what president obama will say. we believe he may at least
10:14 am
address the issue of terror in europe and what happened at the very top of his remarks. we will take you to havana and we'll see what he has to say. steven miller is with us from the trump campaign. are you there? >> yes, i'm here, thank you. stuart: steven, we have' been saying all morning that this makes trump look good because he's addressed the you shall an of immigration and specifically musl muslim immigration. >> it's not what about looks good, but this is about fundamentally, first and foremost an immigration issue. people are going to watch tv today and discuss which country ought to invade and how much money we ought to spend building a democracy here or there, but fundamentally, this is a question of who we allow into our country. the pace of muslim migration into the united states is extraordinary and we've shown
10:15 am
that we are incapable of effectively screening anding vetting those who come into the united states. i served in the senate for a number of years, senator jeff sessions before coming to work for the trump campaign. in 2013, there was a gang of eight immigration bill. i was sitting in the committee room during what's called the markup when amendments are offered. senator ted cruz offered two amendments to that legislation which would have substantially increased the muslim migration. the first was the double green card would have increased from 100,000 a year to over 200,000 a year. secondly, he introduced an amendment to quintuple visa that would have been hundreds of migrants into the united states. that's a difference between the trump and the cruz campaign.
10:16 am
i don't want to do that, it's a tragedy, it's not a tragedy, it's an outrage. we've had an outrage in europe which will have reper cautions on our politics in america. steven, one last one. i take it that at the moment, donald trump is ahead in the polls in arizona by a substantial amount, but he's not ahead in utah. he's second in utah, to ted cruz, is that an accurate statement of where the polls stand at the moment? >> well, again, as you said, there was an outrageous, heinous terrorist assault on our western brothers and sisters in belgium and that's what really matters today and the policy issues we're talking about are not about politics, they're not about personality, but they're protecting the legacy of western civilization and protecting the well-being of every single about earn in the united states. stuart: steven miller, thank you, i've got the two and a half minute warning, president obama will be speaking in a couple of minutes. before we go to him, and we will go to him to find out what
10:17 am
he's going to say about the brussels attack. carl higby is a former green beret and-- >> navy seal. stuart: navy seal. >> i think that people are seeing the strength in donald trump and the reason this exists because it's our inability to name, and mythical radical islam. it's not taking the moral high ground, that's not the way to do that. level the playing field, it's 0-0 isis. if you conduct another terrorist attack anywhere on another city, that we would reduce a city. stuart: do you think that trump would say.
10:18 am
>> i would say it. stuart: on the screen is havana, cuba, we're expecting him to address the brussels situation if i can put it like that, at the top of his remarks. we do know he will not change his schedule. later on today, he'll attend a baseball game. that's a little unusual especially-- john kasich, candidate john kasich telling the president to come home immediately. the president is approaching the podium. let's listen in and see what he's got to say. [applaus [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you very much. president castro, the people of cuba, thank you so much for the warm welcome that i have received, that my family have
10:19 am
received and that our delegation has received. it is an extraordinary honor to be here today. before i begin, please indulge me, i want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in brussels. the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality, or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around
10:20 am
the world. to the government and people of cuba, i want to thank you for the kindness that you've shown to me and michelle, malia, sasha, my mother-in-law, marion. [speaking spanish] >> in his famous -- [applaus [applause] >> we were told to expect brief remarks from the president at the top of his address to the cuban about this. it was extremely brief, it wasn't much more. he said our thoughts and players go out to the people, and we stand in solidarity, it's an outrageous attack and we will bring them to justice. he did not use the words islamic terror, in fact, he did not use the word islam at all. ashley: he said the world must
10:21 am
unite against the scourge of terrorism. stuart: there was no mention of islamic terrorism, no mention whatsoever liz: we've been having a conversation not conflating peaceful muslims with islamic terrorists since 9/11. what happens when you don't call it what it is. it's harder to establish connections that lets these networks flourish. and neighbors of the san bernardino terrorists saw suspicious activity, but didn't report it because they were afraid of being accused of bigotry. that's an issue, time and again, call it what it is. stuart: carl? >> i think what it is here, it's not the job of the victims of the western countries to define the difference between radical and mad -- moderate muslims. they need to speak out against it like some of your guests have, we're not radical islam,
10:22 am
we are moderate islam. stuart: john kasich issued a statement before. >> the president must return home immediately, says john kasich, and get to work with our allies to respond with strength against the enemies of the west. stuart: and ted cruz about 20 minutes ago also issued a statement where he said that the president should call it what it is, islamic terror liz: and the second democratic debate, hillary clinton did condemn radical jihadist ideology, but also in 2005 she did call it-- criticize islamist-- >> and we have to watch out her language changes as the campaign moves forward. stuart: i'm surprised the president spent that little amount of time. 30 seconds or left. we have belgium paralyzed. we have europe in chaos. at the late he is count we have
10:23 am
34 dead people, i believe, and this afternoon, the president is going to a baseball game. we have' got airports in london, copenhagen, russia, on high alert security in parts where there are muslim islamist terrorists. stuart: the op tchlticoptics, i it's bad here. ashley: i think it speaks volumes. stuart: i think it does. ashley: it really does. the optics are bad for obvious reasons. while this is going on in belgium and here we are patting the back of a communist di dictator whose-- >> and i would expect to hear more from kasich, cruz or donald trump whose response in the short comment the president put out in cuba. we have note not heard much from hillary clinton although
10:24 am
she appeared on the today show earlier. do you recall exactly what she said. ashley: impractical, i think, impractical to completely close the borders. it's impractical to believe and say at that we can liz: and she said i understand why people would be afraid. >> anytime the attacks happen in europe, everyone hits donald trumps, you can't close borders, what do they do? they close their borders as soon as there's attack. obviously, relevancy to closing your borders. stuart: i haven't heard-- stop me, i haven't heard a word from bernie sanders, don't want to touch this with a ten-foot pole. >> the dutch, european leaders, france, president hollande, about how do we basically break up these networks? because the recent arrests indicate a broader network, a new network is at play. ashley: they can go freely between all of those countries.
10:25 am
conveyer belt, the youth go to syria, learn how to make weapons and can with impunity set up in safe houses and they have a network of people who can forge documents and co-conspirators and the breadth and depth of these networks is beyond anything that europeans, i truly believe, have a handle on and certainly belgium has been playing catchup since the attacks on charlie hebdo. stuart: i want to talk about the potential for attacks here, we've seen the horrendous attacks in brussels. i want to talk about the potential here. michael solomon is joining us now. michael, it seems to me that you cannot harden all potential targets in america, whether they're train stations, shopping malls. you can't harden them all up. we are vulnerable, are woo he not? >> absolutely. good morning, stu. first of all, my heart goes out to the people of belgium, i
10:26 am
mean, just innocent people wanting to go about their business every day, look what happens. what you're saying is true, look at the new york city subway system and bus system. we've got thousands of people you carrying, briefcases and packages, there's no way to know who they are. people are getting on and on subway trains, thousands and thousands of them. there's no way to secure them. stuart: what you have to have then, michael, is intelligence. you've got to find out from the community what's going on in that community that poses is threat to us. you can't harden every train station, et cetera, et cetera, intelligence is the key. >> so what happens in new york, you've got mayor deblasio who takes money out of the budget for intelligence in the new york city police department. tells them they can't be looking at mosques and radical groups. it's ridiculous. the other problem is our intelligence comes from social
10:27 am
media. radical islam is using social media to express themselves all over to each other and yet, the apple case, supposed to be on the calendar today, which was removed because they asked for postponement and apple does nothing. we're asking them to get the information from one tele. we're not asking them to break security regulations. what would tim cook if apple's headquarters were bombed and found out after we opened up the phone, the information about the bombing was in the phone. how long would the board of directors say, sorry, tim, you're out of work or turn around and sue the federal government for not protecting apple. ridiculous. stuart: can you tell us the feeling within the law enforcement circles? do those people expect an attack, a significant attack in america before the election? you would have an enormous impact on the election. they probably want that kind of impact? >> i think the belgium attack
10:28 am
alone is having an impact. look at the candidates now. if there's going to be another attack, there's no way of knowing it. we don't know if this attack was because of the arrest last week, retribution or afraid he would reveal everything. what he did, he ran away from paris and wouldn't set off his suicide vest. stuart: i've got to interrupt you. >> sure. stuart: john kasich, presidential candidate republican is on the phone with us. sir, welcome to the program. governor, great to have you with us. would you respond to what president obama just said about the brussels attack? >> well, he didn't say much about it, i didn't i would have handled this differently, perhaps made a speech, but talk more about the battle against the civilized world and clearly coming bah being home to gather the leaders, you know, of the heads of state and put together teams of people to figure out
10:29 am
why we have these vulnerabilities in our counterterrorism. stuart: governor, the president is maintaining his schedule, he's not changing his schedule. >> i just, i don't agree-- i just don't agree with that. i don't agree with that. that's not an approach i would take. i think he should, you know, come home and begin to coordinate with our friends, heads of state around the world and dispatching people to figure out why we have these vulnerabilities and what to do to fix them. senator ted cruz in a statement a half hour ago, laid, the terror problem, laid a lot of it on the back of president obama suggesting that in part, it was his fault. would you respond to that? >> look, i think we've seen a lot of mistakes by the administration in the ability of the administration to deal with assad in syria, by not supporting the rebels in assad.
10:30 am
the idea that we have redlines and we walk away from them. the ability to gather a coalition of civilized world to destroy isis and of course, the migrant disaster which allowed people to flow across borders without the ability to vet who they are. i mean, all of these things are, i think, mistakes that the administration has made, and now, at this point, i think you know, the key is what do we do? it's not so much-- we can learn from the lessons of the past which have been basically, in my opinion, a weak foreign policy, an inability to gather people together, but now we've got to move forward and figure out what we can do to solve these weaknesses that the west currently have. stuart: governor, donald trump earlier today on fox news and fox business said we should close the borders till we figure out what's going on. your response to that? >> well, close the borders to
10:31 am
who? i don't know what that means. clearly, we've closed-- we've said, the governors have said we're not going to take refugee from syria, that we cannot properly vet them, but i don't know what that means. close the borders to who? to everybody? not let everybody in the united states? that's not a workable or wise way to frankly, we need the entire civilized world to work with us, and if you're going to have good human intelligence, it can't just be from people who are from the west, we're going to make sure that we have people who understand islam and understand the radical nature of elements of it to help us be able to deal and counter these things. so, this is not a time for the sweeping statements, this is a time for us to figure out why these things-- why this has happened. where is the breakdown of init he will again--
10:32 am
intelligence. and what to do. stuart: on day one of a john kasich presidency, what is the first thing you would do for terror and security. >> we wouldn't wait for the first day of the presidency, we would start after the election in terms of being able to pull together our allies and figure out how we could have a much stronger relationship, more trust, that we can beef up intelligence that we need. to be able to explain that we are going to rebuild our military as effectively and efficiently as we possibly can. i mean, these are the things that you can do to rebuild these relationships which have become patterns and get people to work together. stuart: would you take an aggressive military stand against isis and its-- >> of course, i believe that a coalition ought to be assembled of those, our friends in the arab world and of course, our friends in nato, with the united states playing a leadership role in the air and on the ground and isis must be destroyed. when you do that you begin to
10:33 am
weaken that whole radical movement. stuart: i picked up on the air and on the ground. you would have american troops on the ground, boots on the ground, firing shots in anger, going after isis? you would? >> well, i mean, in anger, i'd have them do their job. you know, have them do their job effectively, but it wouldn't just be americans, it would be people from across our coalition, including arabs. just like we had in the first gulf war. you don't want to do this alone, you want to do this as a group, that's a coalition, and when you do that, you're going to be far more effective. stuart:
10:34 am
that is when they need to be put in a room and they need to be told to work this out. stuart: governor kasich, thank you very much for taking time out of a very busy day. you heard that right there. from the presidential candidate john kasich. >> he has been making the point. he thinks president obama should come back immediately from cuba. the president laughing and waving to the crowd in cuba. stuart: on the phone now -- i do
10:35 am
not know whether you did or not. he took a pretty strong line. we are at war with radical islam. he wants to do something about it. other troops on the ground. mounting an air attack. taking a strong forceful approach to isis. he suggested it was too much to ask us to close our borders to everybody. you are responsible for that. >> i thoughts and prayers go out to all involved. the tragedy in brussels. let's be clear. this is a war on terror. going to be down in cuba.
10:36 am
calling isis the jv. this is an outright war on western civilization. we are going to put america first and keep america safe. it is donald trump. we do need a coalition. at the end of the day, we do have to defeat isis. stuart: donald trump, supporting this morning. closing our borders until we figure out what is going on. that is a pretty rod statement.
10:37 am
>> i agree with what we said before. people coming into our country. they are in fact not terrorists. i will not go so far to say that we shall close the borders for anyone coming back and forth. we should absolutely know who is coming across our borders and stop the flow of refugees. my stance has been, until the director of the fbi certifies that a group of people are in fact not terrorists, not letting these undocumented folks into this country. stuart: watch what happens. i am a pretty good prognosticator. i take it that he believes there is another attack coming.
10:38 am
>> it is a dangerous world, stuart. i think all of us are afraid of the lone ranger's. keeping our eyes open. you pointed out in new york city under mayor de blasio, some of the tools are being taken away. we just cannot defend every soft target there is. whether it is the shopping center or a train station. we have to be diligent and recognize that we are at war. we need a leader that will call out islamic terrorists for what they are. at the meeting.
10:39 am
believing mister trump was trying to win over more congressional support. did he? >> the answer is yes. you are seeing more members now getting on the trump train, if you will. doing well tonight in arizona. i think you saw last night a very disciplined donald trump. using a teleprompter. staying on script. you will see donald trump, he is now walking up the nomination. speaking to america in a way that will address those that he went off script too often. he put america first. >> trump supporter. >> a few minutes ago, we have the response of president obama. the president said they were
10:40 am
with those people in brussels and they'll jump. it was an outrageous attack. he did not use the expression islamic terror. >> three mormon missionaries from utah were seriously injured at the explosion at the brussels airport. people from the u.s. >> a church a primary election today in utah. from the church of latter-day saints. i told you what president obama had to say about this attack. speaking early enough this morning on capitol hill about the attack. roll tape. >> i would begin by condemning this morning's bombings and they'll jump.
10:41 am
our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy. in the face of these acts of terrorism, the united states we are continuing to monitor. we are also standing ready to provide assistance to our friends and allies in europe as necessary. >> that was a short heart of what ash carter had to say. he did not use the expression islamic terror anywhere. nor did president obama. since president obama spoke, we have had several people say, including john kasich, he should not be in cuba. he should have left cuba. he should be back home in
10:42 am
america. the three mormon missionaries. >> three men. shaking a kids. we have americans injured. we do not know whether any americans were killed. the three we know were seriously injured. a serious terror attack in europe which crippled the entire country and threatened the entire trinity of the continent. >> we will not change our schedule. the optics of that. pretty bad. earlier today, speaker of the house, paul ryan, he did have something to say. do we have tape on that?
10:43 am
roll tape on paul ryan. >> i think that it is fairly ironic. we were talking about staying up with our allies. standing up for freedom. the president takes a trip to cuba where he is effectively gets nothing in return. >> bring everybody up to date. an attack took place at the brussels airport. we understand that 14 people were killed there. twenty people killed there. they'll jump, east angelique, shut down and locked down. they closed that order. no response on the financial market. get rid of that really quickly. that is it.
10:44 am
gold is up six-$7. the u.s. dollar is up a little bit. we do not have a great view of financial market reaction to the terror attack in europe. he is a tenured professor. his specialty is politics. does this whole event and the reaction to it, surely it helps donald trump, doesn't it? >> looking back at paris and san bernardino. republican voters respond to a tough talking candidate, especially at times when national security is an issue. you just had governor kasich on. maybe senator kruse at some other time. i have not been able to watch all channels simultaneously. eisele donald trump everywhere
10:45 am
this morning. the news channels and the regular networks. he was talking tough. he was talking about waterboarding. the things that would appeal to many republican primary voters and caucus goers. stuart: how about hillary clinton? she did say that it is rather impractical to just close all the borders to everyone. could she be the loser, politically, in this. she was talking just yesterday about bigotry. then we have the development in brussels. now we hear much more for hillary clinton is. >> that is the general election. she will not see that from bernie sanders about this during the democratic time areas. we need to remember that general election is, what, seven and a
10:46 am
half, eight months away. i think national security will end up being the equivalent of the economy. very important issues that tend to help an important candidate. it is just too soon to say how the candidate will be positioned for the general election. >> you are prepared to say that they will be issued number one. it will not be the economy. they will be very significant issues that the average voter are carefully. how could anybody -- after perez and san bernardino. you and i both know that there is a decent chance.
10:47 am
the president spent only 30 seconds on a devout man. simply called it an outrageous attack. now, does he have a polluter go problem now? >> he will have to address it much more thoroughly. people expect that. there is a certain tolerance for presidents when they are traveling. they deal with those issues wherever they are. i do not think it will have any major impact on him. unless he does do with it on american soil. donald trump leads in the polls in the arizona primary that takes place today. >> that is absolutely true.
10:48 am
arizona, 58 of them. even a plurality. in utah, you have to win by more than 50% to get the total of 40 delegates. donald trump still nets 18 delegates more than ted cruz. >> much appreciated on a day like today. >> continuing to get more of who was at the airport when these two explosions went off. three female students were at the brussels airport at the time of the terror attacks. they are okay. >> okay. got it. thank you very much indeed. as klein is with me. a serious opponent of hillary
10:49 am
clinton. >> in all seriousness, hillary went on the today show. she said it would be extremely difficult to implement a posse of closing the borders. that was her comments. >> one of hillary's main objects has been to drive out the liberal vote in the primaries in the general election by making donald trump look very scary. what is more scary, donald trump or islamic terrorism? i think that this is a blow to her effort. my sources inside the camp say that they believe that is is
10:50 am
donald i told you so moment. stuart: really? i told you so. >> that is what he has been saying all along. stupid leaders. he is saying that it was a disaster. i think we have the soundbite to hillary clinton speaking yesterday. i like to roll that out please. literally 12 hours before the islamic attack. role hillary's tape please. >> the campaign trail this year. encouraging violence. playing coy with white
10:51 am
supremacists. calling for 12 million immigrants to be rounded up and deported. we turn away refugees because of their religion. proposing a ban on all muslims entering the united states. if you see bigotry, oppose it. if you see violence, condemn it. if you see a bully, stand up to him. >> she opposes religious bigotry. twelve hours later, you get this her rent is attack in europe. i do not date that she looks that good. >> i would say that this plays into donald's effort to present himself as the strongman. getting things done. closing mosques here in the united states. he will stop immigration from muslims.
10:52 am
he will wipe out isis. she does not say any of these things. this is definitely a tipping point in this race. >> tamara holder is with us. hillary supporter. giving you this proposition. hillary does not look so good this morning. trump looks better. >> i think that trump looks worse. the first thing is, during the interview with the washington post, he said he thinks we should pull out of nato. nato is our our life. no one is talking about that when they are talking about trump. we gave $711 million. next, france.
10:53 am
we need these people to be our allies, intelligence and friends. why would we pull out? for hillary to make a comment about not saying that donald trump wants to close mosques -- stuart: we just had a her rent is terror attack. donald trump has been saying, we must be vigilant. we must close our borders. they are coming into our country by the thousands. watch what happens. i am a pretty good prognosticator. that rings a bell in america. we are coming off this attack in europe. >> it rings a bell.
10:54 am
not really knowing again what donald trump stands for. we certainly cannot afford to do this anymore. nato is costing us a fortune. stuart: the issue is immigration. who comes into our country. >> i understand that. we also do not know who committed these problems in brussels. the issue is, terrorism and these radical muslims that are everywhere. >> i have an up date. >> russell fire officials. 212 people wounded get 30 of those critical. at least 30 dead did 11 dead at the airport, 20 dead at the subway stations.
10:55 am
>> that as well. stuart: the tally up is with us on the ground in brussels. >> correct. thank you for having me on. >> it is absolute pandemonium on the ground in brussels. >> the roads are completely locked up. people are stranded. you can hear helicopters. i think people are just a bit shocked dan not sure what to make out of all of this. >> there has been something of an exodus from downtown
10:56 am
brussels. people literally walking out of the downtown area. the city is virtually closed. shut down. is that accurate? >> riding my bike, for example. no one is able to get around quite easily at all. >> give us an impression of that you norma steve of the impact on bell john. the european parliament building is there. tell me what this means for your up. >> the metro station attacks happen -- that station is right
10:57 am
next to that you main institution. i think, you know, this entire area has been blocked down. diplomats have been injured. this, in general, for bell john, without a doubt the biggest crisis they have seen in this country since world war ii. >> this is a difficult question. i am wondering if they'll jump is close to communal violence. the tax, that kind of thing. communal violence. do you sense that belgium may be close to that. >> i can see why you are asking that. what i can say is, after police
10:58 am
snapped the fugitive on the run, suspected of the terrorist attack, they finally caught him after four months of searching for him. going towards the police and trilling objects towards them. like a ketchup bottle, for example. there is a bit of clash between the police and the people in moab beek. they do not want to be discriminated against. stuart: we appreciate it. i want to get back to the debate about trump versus hillary. who comes off how politically.
10:59 am
ed klein. let me summarize. >> is good be donald trump's i told you so moment. stuart: do you question the whole idea that trump looks good from this or wins politically from this? >> when it comes to international affairs. he does not know what he is talking about. to say that he wants us to pull out of nato. this is about having friends. this is about not having enemies and having friends in other countries. they went to brussels.
11:00 am
we need the intelligence of the entire world community. the new york city police department has the right to go into mosques. under the current mayor, de blasio, this is been wiped out. they can no longer do this. president obama looks and sounds so ridiculous. making his speech in cuba. especially in the shadows of brussels. treated badly. >> would you repeat that? [laughter]
11:01 am
being treated badly. also how silly he looks. >> also just calling for congress to lift the economic embargo. >> is he supposed to be a genie in a bottle. stuart: john kasich that he should come home and certainly change his schedule. a man is standing there shaking hands with a communistic hater. terrorizing the entire country.
11:02 am
>> i have not been the biggest proponent. talking about how we resolve this. we should not be beating up our president on where exactly the speeches. not issuing the proper response at the proper time. i think that it is disrespectful. >> you can call john kasich disrespectful. >> i think that it is a disrespectful time to attack the president at all. >> i do not personally agree with the tone of it. stuart: you don't? >> i don't. your smile just gets me every time. [laughter] >> i want to recap here. 11:02 a.m. eastern time.
11:03 am
we have had this attack in brussels. we have the aftermath. no impact on the financial markets. i think that we should state that very clearly. the price of gold is hardly up. $41 a barrel. there is a divorce between the terror attack in the financial market activity. they, too, are totally separate at this point. general michael hayden is with us. the director of the central intelligence agency. welcome to the program. good to have you with us. >> thank you, stuart. would you expect a similar attack? >> there are a couple of things. actually a bit better than this.
11:04 am
that is an advantage. we have a history of this. i am not talking about our being risk-free at all. we will see what happens, stuart. up our game. be better prepared. donald trump is again calling for a closed out border. do you think that that is possible? do you think that that would help? >> the issue in brussels.
11:05 am
a significant fraction of the bell jump population. it does not feel contact. belgium society. i do not think we have strengthened our hands to take what has been a winning hand. closing our borders to one of the great world -- why would we actually try to undercut. up to this point, actually making us more safe. >> that may be the knee-jerk reaction to american borders. trump says, close those borders. you can understand the political appeal. >> i was issuing said just a few minutes ago. there was something inherently wrong. sending out tweets limited to
11:06 am
just a few score characters as nuanced and as difficult as fighting terrorism is. an extreme outcome in europe. leaving europe in part because of this terror attack. the turks to western europe. that is pretty strong stuff. europe on the edge. you go that far?
11:07 am
>> no, i do not go that far in any of them. pushing each of those issues. just about 40 seconds. it is in the community organs in brussels. you have the responsible security. when the nation wants to go top fund terrorism, you have big european union leaning on them. regards to privacy rights and things of that nature. more this happens, though more than be viewing what happens in brussels as a burden on them. not something that is an advantage.
11:08 am
>> okay. do you think america is or the west is at war with islamic terrorism? why doesn't the president say it clearly? >> i think that we are, stuart. let me quickly clarify my remarks. there are elements here where this is certainly about islam. for god's sake, it is not about all muslims. to deny the religious base of those who will do us harm, even if most muslims seem to be an aberration of their religion, it does nothing but confuse ourselves. that is not that either. >> general michael hayden. thank you very much for joining us, sir. we do appreciate it. earlier today we had on our program, judge kasich.
11:09 am
governor of ojai ale and presidential candidate. more specifically, what president obama said about it in savanna cuba earlier today. >> the inability together a coalition to destroy isis. the migrant disaster which has allowed people to flow across these borders without the ability to bet who they are. i think that they are mistakes that the administration has made. we need the civilized world to work with us. we have people that understand islam and understand the radical nature to help us deal and counter with these things. having friends in the arab world. friends at nato. in the air and on the ground. isis must be destroyed.
11:10 am
they should have returned to america. it includes going to a baseball game. kde is with them. muslim immigration coming into america. it would be important at first. the idea on the campaign trail. we should not be allowing searing refugees into the country. a good thing that they are standing up to the administration. trying to be presidential. president obama spent 50 seconds
11:11 am
talking about this issue in brussels. he could have taken more time to talk about not only the issue of terrorism, but naming the enemy. >> terror around the world. >> rather national security. the stability of the middle east at risk. filling the vacuum. isis did. we see the administration very slowly taking on isis. i do want to say that in europe, this is not a common nation.
11:12 am
open the doors. especially in europe. expanding the cala sates. borders and sovereignty and vetting the people that come into your country. it is a global issue that we have to address. we have to get over this idea. it is a nice thing to do. pull it up go correctness has not gotten america in anywhere.
11:13 am
>> am i just being too simplistic? >> i do not like to portray a terrorist attack. when it comes to policy, americans are very critical about his lack of leadership. doing something different. beneficial to republicans rather than democrats when it comes to the election. stuart: trump is in the lead in the polls they are. a closed primary in utah are. >> between the ages of 19 and 60. >> seriously injured in the terrorist attack. three american mormons from
11:14 am
utah. i wonder if that affects the utah primary today. >> ted cruz's winning significantly in that state. if he gets over 50% of that vote, he wins it all. stuart: our first commercial break of our entire three-hour show. we will be back there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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11:17 am
>> all morning that candidates for the presidency with what happened in brussels belgium earlier today. i can tell you it was a series of terror attacks. the country is paralyzed. yes, we have also heard from donald trump. tweeting up a storm. the latest tweet was. >> let me tell you. president obama looks and sounds so ridiculous making his speech in brussels. he has been treated badly.
11:18 am
i think that that is a separate top. just saying how ridiculous he looks with the business going on in bell jump. >> the president should have come home immediately. >> immediately, he said. yes. stuart: you are the only jewish representative in the house of representatives. i think that that is accurate. is it not, sir? >> i do apologize. you heard donald trump speak yesterday. a lot of people liked what he had to say. the reception by the crowd was pretty good. today we have this terrorist incident in europe. do you feel any differently towards donald trump now then say you did 24 hours ago? >> i believe he delivered a
11:19 am
great speech on what he was trying to clarify. i think that he helped his cause. i was at the policy conference. all the feedback that i got from republicans and democrats was very positive. he was very warmly received. >> could you see supporting him if he was the republican nominee? >> not only what i be supportive , i would include everything in my power that he beat hillary clinton in november. there is way too much at stake, as we are reminded of this morning. stuart: what do you think about president obama. he spent her days seconds talking about brussels. he will include his regular schedule, which includes a baseball game. what do you think of that? >> i am not surprised. this is not just a threat to the
11:20 am
middle east. we must do all to defeat islamic terror. anyone who wants to destroy in the name of islam. this president has been completely out of touch. always at the wrong place at the wrong time when disaster strikes. disappointed. not surprised, but disappointed. stuart: what do you think of the impact that this will have? >> responding appropriately is far number one. it is very clear that the republicans are much better prepared on national security than the democrats are. we are willing to identify the threat. identifying hillary clinton. a presumptive democratic nominee. she was weak as a u.s. senator. we can as the secretary of state. when not perform any better at
11:21 am
the commander-in-chief. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. we do appreciate it, sir. wrapping up what has been happening does far. virtually, no reaction at all on the financial markets. as of right now, the dow industrials are down. gold is up $7. oil holding around $41 a barrel. there is a divorce around this outrageous terror attack. the financial markets in the united states. the two are totally separate. we will be back in a moment. ♪
11:22 am
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and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> i just went to the toilet. after five minutes i heard an explosion. i just went under the sink. the second explosion went. everything was black. when i go out, i see lots of people with black. just run out of the airport. stuart: there you have it. terror in europe. specifically, brussels. terror attacks on the train station. we just heard it coming to the washington post.
11:26 am
islamic state has claimed the responsibility for the brussels attacks. over here, there is an election today. i should say a primary election. many people are saying that donald trump looks stronger today because of his stand on muslim immigration. come on in, jan brewer. the former republican governor of the state of arizona. good to see you with us. >> good to be with you, stuart. stuart: i know that you are a trump supporter. enhancing the position in the primary and arizona today. is that correct? >> absolutely. it would be silly if people did not realize we are facing a war of terrorism. i believe that donald has expressed that continuously throughout his campaign.
11:27 am
it is just terrible to wake up this morning and hear about bell jump. it is just awful. stuart: what do you think about president obama who is in cuba? spending 30 seconds and then moves on to his regular schedule. what is your impression? >> certainly, i think, myself, a lot of other people are very disappointed in his comment. to think his remaining in cuba when the world is burning and that he does not come home and that contact the leaders and allies over in europe and determine just exactly what it is going to do, what he is going to do in regards to this situation. he is oblivious. unfortunately, he wants to desensitize people by his comments. never showing up when he is
11:28 am
needed. ignoring the subject at hand. he is a world leader. i do not think that he is leaving us very well. stuart: earlier today on fox, donald trump said we should close the borders until we figure out what is going on. hillary clinton on the today show said that that is impractical. you cannot do that. >> that is what hillary clinton and president obama have been saying for years. where has it gotten us? at this point in time, we need to have a president that would do his job and protect the people. the people that are coming across are vetted. until that time, i do not think anybody will sleep peacefully at night.
11:29 am
will they win by 20 points or more? >> we have a huge voter turnout. tonight we will celebrate. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> hardly budged. >> i have to repeat. we will be back. ♪
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
11:33 am
treated to almost all the candidates for the presidency in america have had something to say about the impact or what they would do about the terror attack which occurred earlier today in europe and seems to me attack on the left-hand side of your screen. john kasich came onto the program earlier today. he said we should go after isis, mountain air campaign about americans is on the ground. that is what he told us. donald trump was quick with a
11:34 am
series of tweed and on fox news. we should close the borders do with the drop was going on. hillary clinton was bonded to that that on the today show by saying closing the borders is not a practical idea. and then we have tended cruz who made a statement on camera, clearly name a lot of defaults, a lot of the blame on president obama for the situation. the president himself is in cuba. he spent 30 seconds addressing what he called the out rage that happened earlier today in brussels, belgium. that's the candidates had to say. not a word from bernie sanders. not that we can find at this point. i don't believe he has addressed the issue yet. joining us now is the president of the council of global security. catherine, i want to talk specifically about europe and the impact of europe has some strong views expressed on this rope her into the effect that this attack makes it more likely that they will leave europe.
11:35 am
it makes it less like he to put their people into europe, 78 million by june. the political future of angela merkel is very much in doubt. in other words, strong repercussions for europe. you agree with that? >> yes, i do. all of these are likely scenarios for the future. britain has taken a different approach for europe. this is clearly challenged them. britain has taken a different approach and so far it's worked a little bit better for them. for them to want to put distance between themselves and europe makes a lot of sense. stuart: but the migrant crisis of the million people trying to get men, defenses are growing up. now we have this opposing deal between angela merkel and the turks, whereby the turks would
11:36 am
take a few refugees come to keep them there and in return, 7,078,000,000 turks get a zip rate access to western europe by june. i can't believe that aspect of the deal will go through. >> i can't believe europeans would allow it. i don't think there will. i think there will be tremendous pushback against any kind of decision like that. and i think it threatens to really hurt her standing. stuart: what is the endgame for europe? >> well, and there is a long tough road ahead of them. i don't envy them or their intelligence and dirty services. i think i like it a lot worse for it gets better, particularly if we don't take a more at that approach in helping shut this down. what this tells us his containment is just not an option. we squeeze the bubble in iraq in a pot in belgium and france, potentially england. this problem as this has to be shut down completely.
11:37 am
stuart: katharine gorka, thank you for joining us to come on man, julian turner. i think you are red katharine gorka at myself that it is actually wintering because of what is going on. >> you know, stuart, you're just say a few minutes ago posted the top of the hour that europe is likely to split over this. you're absolutely right. we are already seeing evidence of that. france and belgium since the terrorist attacks have been squabbling about their respective risk of this to the terrorist attacks in paris. we have seen turkey pitted against the e.u. greece and germany pitted against the rest of the e.u. over refugee policies. we seem to weaken nato. we already see it everywhere in that the continent, evidence of what you're saying. stuart: we tend to think that we in america are not affected by what happens in europe. but you are right and if katharine gorka is right that the place is splintering, and
11:38 am
what are repercussions from that? the >> the negative repercussions for the united states are really incalculable. they conceptualize the 21st entry where close to geographic and historic western allies are no longer a united front. the power of the e.u. political, military is no longer what we've come to depend on over the past dozens of years. it's a very bleak and very scary picture that this administration needs to really take into account and take seriously. stuart: can address the endgame in europe? if we talk about is splintering, local europe look like after the splinter? >> what we talk about now is more of an ideological or political splintering of the nation. one great example is what we were talking about a moment ago, to deal turkey has struck with europeans in exchange for assorted reacting in e.u.
11:39 am
negotiation and in response to the fact that they've taken in millions of refugees from iraq in area. they are going to turn allowing turkey and the turks to travel visa free into the e.u. programs like that will end before they even begin. probably travel restrictions will be in creative spirit we will see a lot of repercussions for the marketing europe, things like that. stuart: gillian turner, thank you for joining us on a busy day. we appreciate it. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: jon jon -- john sununu s with us. how are you doing? i know you as someone who does not approve of donald trump. you oppose donald trump and he said so bigger is way many times on tv. i put it to you though that the events today play into donald trump's hands and he has strengthened politically in america by what's happened over there.
11:40 am
would you agree with that. >> if you give it a little more thought than just looking at the headline, you'll understand what's happening in europe is because we've had seven years of a policy of trending towards isolationism to our allies in nato and to hoping that the rest of the world can take care of the problems that american leadership. frankly, when you listen to what mr. trump has been saying about his position on nato, for example, his isolationist positions, there are obama light. it is not the way to deal with this. we need american leadership. we need to reinforce our allies to nato. we have to have pressed until leadership from this country, pushing allies in nato to understand and in europe across the board to understand they do have to farm out their policy on immigration and they do have to understand in a globalized world, unfettered access is not
11:41 am
a solution to problems, but a cause to problems. but it needs american leadership, not american retreating. that is one of the biggest concerns i have with the term president lee. stuart: mr. sununu, i'm so sorry to cut it short, but the news is happening again i've got to get a breaking development. thank you. we appreciate your appearance. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: what is happening, ashley? ashley: islamic state fighters opened fire before several of them detonated their their explosives belts as a martyrdom boehner, decimated his explosive belt in the metro station. so that is an elaboration if you like that responsibility detailing what these people did. they go on to say that they engage in a firefight or some sort before they detonated the explosive devices, which is what eyewitnesses have said.
11:42 am
we hear from bernie sanders. ashley: what are we going have from bernie sanders? we offer deepest condolences to families who lost loved ones in this barbaric attack and the people of brussels who were victims of a cowardly attack. we stand with allies to offer any necessary system in these difficult times. a brutal reminder of the international community must come together to destroy isis hear this type of barbarism cannot be allowed to continue. stuart: that is from bernie sanders very thank you. we'll be back in just a moment. more "varney" after this.
11:43 am
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11:44 am
>> and gutman. doc started under a cautionary tone this morning at 9:30 a.m. on the heels of the attacks in brussels did we have a mixed market at this moment. dow jones industrial average down 26. the s&p 500 down 1.5 although not decades 10. here's a look at some of your movers to apple and pfizer on the move as well as goldman sachs. the downside as oil has been fluctuating with positive and negative. we've been watching the airline yesterday sold out early in the morning. house, but you can still see under pressure. here's a look at the airline. thoughts are coming united, that are another travel related stocks such as carnival, priced
11:45 am
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11:46 am
at your local mercedes-benz dealer. stuart: when you get a developing array like this developing story, this typically outrage in brussels, belgium community original thinking. you need original analysis. you need someone to say something no one else has thought of. such a guest, such a guest is
11:47 am
judge andrew napolitano. my primaries is that this helps donald trump and our electoral process. do you disagree or agree? >> i think governor sununu's normally very articulate can be quite persuasive, though he didn't want to concede publicly what you said really couldn't refute it. this is where i agree with congressman peter king. it is human nature in times of fear to move towards safe the end before the exercise of freedom. i do want the government to tamper with our freedoms, but i understand that people are free choices to vote for donald trump , republicans are john kasich or ted cruz, they will vote for the person who will best keep them safe. that helps donald trump. >> my mind is exploding.
11:48 am
you just accept it on occasion. he takes precedence over privacy. >> i've accepted it is human nature to move towards security over liberty. >> sometimes one must go against the grain to maintain the privacy of liberty, but that's a minority view. the majority of odd choice safety. listen, i've not gainsay and john kasich who we know has worked here and ted cruz's national security bona fides against no one. but the image conveyed that the three of them gets trumped the edge on security. perhaps because he called this issue with respect to muslims. however repellent it may be to make a decision based on religion, he called it at a time in a manner for which he now gets credit. >> won the item was a summer program from a development in in my opinion make it more likely the bristol vote vote to leave the european union.
11:49 am
>> lsu because to understand having been educated by the socialist who run the place to put that be the end of david cameron's position as prime minister because he is taking us all on this come is he not? >> yes, yes. he's negotiated a deal to stay in. along comes this development and the argument for staying name rings a little hollow. >> agreed. the mayor of london, the lord mayor of london, boris johnson also a notorious there will be a prime candidate to succeed him. >> i think that is the case. and more conservative than kevin. >> thanks very much. breaking news. we have a suspect wanted for questioning? >> police released a photograph of the man did that to question. he's the one on the far right and a white shirt with a light-colored jackets and prior
11:50 am
to the explosions. the other two in the photograph on the far right has gotten out across brussels on all social media. prosecutors say they want to get in touch with this individual. he could have links to those who carried out the attack. stuart: i want you to come into this because you told me a few moments ago that someone wheeled in a suitcase to the departure area at brussels airport. it exploded and was full of nails. >> that is a concern in those other suitcases as well. what is happening here is fun for us and is trying to go through all of what are called the security cameras to see who they can catch leave and things are really things throughout the airport. that information is sent throughout on enforcement throughout brussels. stuart: was in on the trolley? >> that airport has been said closed-circuit televisions. they have video of the
11:51 am
individuals. stuart: everybody's on camera all the time. everywhere in europe. let's wrap it up for another break. we are down 33 points on the dow industrial site virtually no financial reaction to the outrage in europe and we will be back. this weeks btv spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax
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stuart: when you get an outrageous terror attack like the one we saw earlier today in europe, the questions and springs to mind, could the same thing happen here, either an airport or anyplace else? the answer is yes of course it could have been here. the question again is help older bull are we. come on and bill stanton for my n.y.p.d. guy who knows a thing or two about surveillance and terror protection. i put it to you that we are in fact very vulnerable because you can't harden up every train station or subway station. what you really need is more strict surveillance as a fast population. are you with me on this? >> i'm totally with you. the key to the tsa. i'll give you numbers that make no sense. 95% failure rate and penetration testing the tsa. what does that mean when you bring things to the airport, 95%
11:56 am
rate need to stop this terrorism. we are looking at mosques absolutely. >> in the days when mayor bloomberg was mayor of new york city, you could survey all then. but now with bill to blog see how, you cannot. you cannot single out muslim population. do you want to again? >> in my opinion it's a ridiculous policy. if you make a statement to say we are no longer going to serve them ask, et cetera, where the bad guys going to go and have their meetings? absolutely mosques. stuart: now you are saying is that group of people, that religion. >> let me ask you this question. they may one terrorist act, what was then one main theme amongst every act of terrorism? stuart: islamic extremists. >> are we going to politically
11:57 am
correct ourselves or are we going to talk and go after them? stuart: astride the turning point? he's the exact opposite of political correctness. >> trump the same with any americans want to hear a need to hear and all we are saying is act on actionable intelligence. trained to do what more surveillance? >> absolutely and acting upon it. stuart: do you think we're going to do this? >> no, not yet. we are still in this political correct world when people are literally dying in order to not offend and that's a dangerous place to be right now. stuart: is trump strengthened by what's happening today? >> is taking the right path with other politicians. stuart: sorry to cut it short. a big news day. we will be back with more "varney" in just a moment.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: the latest in the developing terror story in
12:00 pm
europe is this is the man on the right in that picture wearing the hat, wearing a light-colored shirt. batman is wanted for questioning. he may be linked to the attackers. that picture just released by the belgian authorities to all points away to batman. our tennis. neil, it is yours. >> thank you very much. at least 180 wounded, could you more. it all started this morning with explosives at the airport and an hour later the metro station train station is the rush-hour train was departing. we've got the latest right now with the european correspondent suzanne lynch from brussels via skype. i understand you were there when all of this first happened. is that right? >> i just ducked into one of the buildings here in the heart of the quarters. just looking down the metro station, about 300 meters from here, from the headqua


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