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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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i will see you tonight. breaking this hour, everyone. an arrest warrant has been issued. that terrorist responsible for today's deadly attacks there. i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. zero wing in on these three men. you see them all right there. moments before the explosions. these are the man authorities want to talk with, if, in fact, they are still alive. the two men on the left were probably suicide bombers. he could be seen running away from the airport. looking for him.
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ongoing right now throughout belgium. european union headquarters. thirty-one people. injured at least 200. before detonating the suicide help. his belt inside the metro station. we have learned that a third bomb has been found. it was detonated. more harm then they accomplish. keep in mind, this was four days after capturing one of the paris attackers. the brussels community has been on high alert. experts believe these attacks
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may have been in the works for months. could have been intended to happen at a better date. they have moved up. continuing updating in the next hour. along with christian. a senior advisor. counterterrorism expert. i want to go first to ashley. >> you can be sure that i'll jump authorities will have hours and hours. the images. the three men. they saw these people that donate their suicide vest as well. you notice the two men on the left each wearing just one glove
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on their left hand. trish: let's bring that picture up to the viewers. he has a glove on his left. bear right hand. same to the left of him. though glove can cover the trigger advice for a suicide vest. he was seeing running from the airport. he did not detonate a bomb. did anything go from here in the metro station? was he responsible for the bombing there. it was the middle carriage. it is still unclear whether that was left and exploded. they are not sure. if they can find the guy on the right, they can believe they can get a lot of information. the belgian prosecutor, just a short time ago, between this
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attack and the paris attack. these guys are trained in theory it to do this. they know how to put these things super together. at least one of the bombs hacked. causing maximum damage. when that first bomb went off, those people that were able headed towards the front of the airport because they wanted to get out. unfortunately, adding straight for the second bomb. trish: greg powell caught. joining us live from brussels there. i imagine you have a community fair that there that is very much on edge. >> that is exactly what we are hearing. a community that has been shot.
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scared. terror is now a common occurrence here in the heart of europe. we are standing in the front of europe. we did see one just take off. that airport basically shut down by the terror attacks. a subway station about 3 miles from where we are in the center of russell's. the death toll is at least at 30. many reports say that that is higher. what we are learning now is nine americans are among those injured in the two explosions at the airport behind me. many of them are in critical condition. one is a active military service member. five of his family members also heard. whatever reason they were here for. as well as three missionaries. mormon missionaries from utah.
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heading back home. they are critically injured, as are others. a scene of chaos. people screaming. grabbing their children. the attackers screamed out some slogans in arabic and also used machine guns. equally devastating scene at the subway station. right near headquarters. perhaps a symbolic move to hit there. bullies are on a serious manhunt for at least one man that has been seen in a surveillance photograph. the other men were suicide bombers. reeking how they could hear in brussels. isis has indeed lamed
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responsibility. trish: you heard greg say that isis had claimed responsibility, as i told you earlier. this is a report coming from reuters. the claim of responsibility by islamic states for these deadly attacks is indeed authentic. i am joined by doctor gorka, ashley webster and christian. doctor gorka, you have spent your career studying these animals, quite frankly. what is it that they were hoping to accomplish today? >> they consider it to be infidels. they should be enslaved or killed. all about the symbolic value. not only homes for that you.
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the parliament with a european union. it is also brussels. the headquarters of nato. though western world. it is really an attack against the washington. brussels is the capital of the european union. trish: christian, they also have easy access to brussels. a huge radical islamic call population they are in the city. >> there is about how mom. we consider taking more and more refugees from war zones. whether it is extreme sign of caution. especially in this politically correct mindset.
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also in europe, you have the problem of undefended on controlled borders. another symbol that they are currently using to fight ices are not working. we have today to set an example of that. >> we have parents. we have san bernardino. yes. exactly he had we are not immune from this. as much as we want to say, oh, it is over there. >> and intelligence failure. four months to find this one fugitive. living right under the noses of the authorities and brussels.
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this network can send young men to serious up. learn how to put weapons. take the use of safe houses and co-conspirators. they can forge theory and passports. it has taken many european investigators by surprise. european countries, the belgium authorities. they just do not communicate between each other properly. >> yet, they are sharing borders. you know, that you between a common currency. it is making itself increasingly vulnerable. not to mention, the millions of refugees that they have taken in. muslim migrans that are moving
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to these european areas. christian, when something like this happens, obviously, the world is very much on alert. is there concern that there may be follow-on attacks in the calming days? >> i think that it comes down to local law enforcement. brussels is an eight hour flight from the east coast of the united states. they may have people over here already. trish: let me pick up on that for a moment. they may have people already here. according to your studies, there are these people here. how organized are they? how are you viewing this attack and might of our own vulnerabilities here at home.
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>> a theoretical question. we accomplished the report before san bernardino. before ices declared the palisades. ninety-eight people on u.s. soil linked to isis. specifically, just one group. the threat is real. the largest terrorist attack. europe has been routine major since september the 11th. this is absolutely a threat. we have people that are on the beefs up waiver program. trish: it will come into focus big time. you are so right. what are the policy mistakes that have been made? we now find ourselves in a
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horrible spot. we need to broaden the aperture and go after them. you should not be able to calm to america. there should be democracy. that is what we had. and then we need to look at internal security. making it easy to cooperate is people before they start killing people. >> it is not politically correct. somehow it was okay to say that someone was a communist. if you call someone an islamic extremists, our president will not even go there, ashley.
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that is a shame. pick up the phone. contact someone and say i do not like the looks of this. people flagging authorities and saying something is going on here. they have managed to bust a couple of plots. we have not seen that once indulge him in this particular area. no contact at all between the community there and the police. trish: what do you know about mullen beek and the harboring of these islamic radicals? >> it is an enclave. it is one of the muslim enclaves. ms. information about what these things really are.
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there is a high density in the population. where you will find radicals. think about it. he was not found for four months. >> i just want to update everyone again. we know that this is going on right now in brussels. police have found an islamic state. they were searching in the brussels district. not clear whether that was the mullen beek district. the harboring of terrorist act entities. >> sealing it off for many hours now. not far from mullen beek.
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they are looking for the dna. the footprint of where are these people. they believe that there are more people at large. trish: ashley, do not go anywhere. we will continue checking in on you. developing coverage of this tragic story. after this. ♪ [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
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>> making news out of l jones. we have learned that they are zeroing in on the three suspects. we have a picture of them. believed to have been the suicide honors. people pointing to their hands covered in gloves. they may have used that to hide the trigger device.
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triggering an arrest warrant for the authorities there. believe he fled the scene. fled the airport. brussels, of course has just become the hotbed of terrorism. sleepy european city. the former ambassador joining us right now. we are looking at live pictures there. i assume that this is the town picture there. they'll jump in the trouble. describe to me the scene they are now on city streets. i am right outside my house which is right next to the
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parliament. the metro station maybe seven or eight locks. there were emergency vehicles of every sort. military police in every direction. a very short time on my corner would be where to army trucks were caring military, the brussels and i'll jump police. guarding ambassadors. they normally have a gun under their co. first, you have a lot down. i drove outside of brussels. the phones were jammed and i was trying to talk to fox. they would not let me park at my house. it is in lot down. for the people of they'll jump, the way i remember d.c. years and new yorkers that 9/11.
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disbelief and fear. really melancholy. >> understandably. this has been some time. why is they'll jump facing such an issue. >> i am not like your other guest. i think that there is more than one going on. the total deaths before today has been for. that was at the jewish museum. there are and have been disaffected young people under 30. probably a 40% youth unemployment rate here it those people went originally to serious. right at the pictures came out.
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they originally went out proud. they were going to fight aside to protect sunni innocence. you take young unemployed people off the streets. >> we have heard that argument before. all about the disenfranchised. clearly, the san bernardino case. that may, to your point. contribute to overall feeling within the community. nonetheless, i'll jump confronts all of this right now. do they need to fix their borders? do they need to have better intelligence? how do they get through such a difficult time? >> i think today was different than what you saw in paris.
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it was purposely targeted. you read the isis community today. i think they send people to brussels. this is much different. this was at that you. this was at the airport. the people, i think that it has a target on its back. much the way that d.c. or new york did after 9/11. the only way that you can beat that is with intelligence. if in fact people were sent to belgium after paris to purposely follow along, it is a worldwide failure. >> caught on friday. able to spend months there. hiding out despite all the intelligence efforts. thank you. be careful. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. all the best.
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president obama. upset about they'll jump. one minute to this horrible massacre in a major speech that he gave today in cuba. details on that right after this as we continue our coverage. ♪ i know what i can expect from usaa the usaa car buying app was really helpful. all the information was laid out right there. it makes your life so much easier when you have to purchase a car, so i've been telling everybody. save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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>> welcome back. breaking right now. chemical products along with that islamic state. they are doing that right now in the neighborhood. the attacks in brussels. killing dozens of people. last injured war than 200. let's listen. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally and they'll jump.
2:29 pm
this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality. or race or faith. fighting against terrorist. >> eight grand total of 51 seconds on this issue. u.s. officials are in contact with they'll jump officials. stepping up security. the nypd is increasing its presence on the streets. i should point out that the president did attend a baseball game they are in cuba. there are a lot of questions whether to that being the right optic. what it all means for us. we have a visa waiver program. you heard us talking about that
2:30 pm
a lot on this program. 20 million people a year, anyone from they'll jump could come over here. hop skip and a jump. eight hour flight and they could be here. ambassador james wilson. the former director of the cia. more on all of these developments. good to see you. do we need to change that? we need to protect the ones we've got. the important aspect of the immigration laws. twenty-25 years ago. we change the focus. all focused on family, including, not immediate family. i come in and get another wife. two sets of children. nieces and nephews.
2:31 pm
a brother-in-law. before you know it, one person has added, especially if they can be married multiple times, has added a family to the united states. may be a good idea. maybe a bad idea. not a decision based on the fact that the individual gets to bring its immediate family. wait a minute here. how about getting the best engineers who could go to silicon valley. rather than anyone who just has any job. using our immigration policy to screen people and let them in on a permanent basis. trish: this i find troubling.
2:32 pm
theoretically, they can come here anytime they want, for the most part. >> if they had european passports. a number with a number of the countries. trish: would you change that? >> the first thing that changed is the first thing i mentioned. on the waiver, what we really need to do is be able to check people quickly. we need to have high technology. scan people's eyes. use the technology that we have rather than just list and argue. thank you very much. go on through the line. we just have not used the technology. sometimes other people are using it. trish: thank you, ambassador.
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we will have more on our continuing coverage on the terror attack in brussels next. ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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>> the death toll continuing to rise right now. thirty-one people have died. 200 people have been injured here it the presidential candidates responding. closing on our borders.
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the opponent ted cruz meanwhile is calling for changes. let's listen to donald trump. talking about this visa waiver program. we are having problems with the muslims. whether they killed the 14 people. >> i will say, it was striking. the day after donald trump calls for america weakening nato. we see brussels. we see a radical terrorist attack.
2:38 pm
america would withdraw from the world and abandon our allies. >> almost sounded like he was blaming donald trump fair. a week after donald trump said we should attack. we see this attack happening in brussels. less than a minute on the attacks during a speech in cuba. not changing his schedule at all. attending a baseball game outside of them not. good to see both of you guys. tonight, how do trump and cruz fare given these events?
2:39 pm
it is what you think. it is voting on booths. who does this did to her? >> laming another candidate. not going to go well. voters will have to come down on one side or the other. citing the fact they made that before the 9/11 attack. right before mexico. he practically called that one. he talked about brussels. the exit holes. sixty, 70, 80% i think it is.
2:40 pm
he was definitely on the news curve as we would say. he blamed donald trump. for the protest. seemingly donald trump. linking his rhetoric. will that step too far? to the front runners. in the wake of the paris attacks and in his call at the time. muslims at our borders. a lot of the republicans, a sort of strawman rhetoric.
2:41 pm
any candidate of either party. attacking another candidate for their position. look, you are right. this is too soon. already out there trying to make a little cool hay out of this. he has been a little bit too anxious to make a little cool hay out of other candidates. whether it was carson in iowa. he has just sort of been too quick to this sort of thing. trish: criticism against him. and a lot of the folks early on did not like him. i will use this direct quote. they feel that he is out for himself. this could be another example of that. anyway, we are short on time today. a lot to cover.
2:42 pm
that is, those comments are coming from joe who is a democrat. in the wake of this horrible massacre. a four-star army general. that is ♪ the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> we have the markets shrugging off. up just 11 points thereon the dow. travel companies. getting hit quite badly. some of the biggest of kleiner's that you conceived. shares of delta airlines and carnival are falling as well. taking a look at oil. pretty much to the flat side. we will be right back. we have more intel on the terror attacks in they'll jump. what we need to do to be safe here. alongside an isis flag. we will have more as we update the story. ♪ there are two billion people
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who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. >> breaking them now. major u.s. cities. u.s. officials are echoing they'll jump. at least one suitcase bomb is detonated. along with a suicide bombing.
2:47 pm
the city is in lockdown mode. trying to figure out who is responsible. one man pictured there. here with analysis. they are to have fled the scene. jack keane. a fox news analyst. people have been calling for something in europe for some time. there was some expectation. did the intelligence community do enough to support this as we look at the results of 200 injured and 31 dead?
2:48 pm
people suspected. they have did to synchronized coordinated attacks. one in brussels. for scrutiny. an side of europe they have sanctuary neighborhoods. the authority and they'll jump had indicated that there were 800 sympathizers in that neighborhood alone. that is beyond the police capacity. this is a major challenge that that europeans are facing. >> trying back and recognizing. they have to get serious.
2:49 pm
a generation that struggles. then we have isis and we have to have an operational strategy to take their safe haven away from them in syria. also building one in the be up. that will take assertiveness and aggressiveness. europeans and the middle east starving for u.s. leadership to step up and form alliances that have put together a strategy. a formation of nato. u.s. leadership is paramount here. nowhere to be found. >> a really interesting and accurate comparison. we need to stop up in the face of islamic terrorism. thank you so much. good to have you here. >> we have more developing.
2:50 pm
coming out of they'll jump right now. these raids continue. authorities thursday for the suspect believed to be on the loose. believed to have been responsible. believed to be responsible for the attacks this morning. we will be right back. ♪
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>> continuing to follow the headlines right now. the president of the united states is in cuba. he did speak briefly today. he spoke about the tragedy fair and they'll jump. continuing on with this schedule. going to a baseball game. he went.
2:54 pm
>> the baseball ways. many people have pointed out. not exactly that optic. thirty-one people at least have been killed in this attack. at least 200 people injured. they are on the hunt for possible suspects following those attacks. they have taken one person after braiding a home. they rated one home in brussels. they found an isis flag and chemicals. joining me now with more on the story retired air force general and former ambassador is back with me again. good to have both of you here again.
2:55 pm
they share border. they are not always necessarily sharing their intelligence as should be. >> it is a very difficult situation for them. home grown and imported from syria and elsewhere. until we defeat this ideology and the only way we can defeat the ideology of islam is to have moderate islam take it on. you need leaders like king abdul of jordan. you need that got and medina behind this. this is not easy. until you do it, it does not matter how much intel we have. we will never get enough. this is a fast-moving operation. they captured two days ago. these people thought.
2:56 pm
that is exactly what they did did they hit soft targets. an advantage to find them. a needle in a haystack. do you think that today's attacks were tied at all to them finding one of the men responsible for the terrorist attacks? >> they had certain aspects ready to go. they had somebody captured. they figured they would do more. >> we know that there was a third on. there was a third bomb at the airport. safely detonating it. they intended to do far more damage than they did. >> the most troubling to me is
2:57 pm
the fact that they had some chemicals. i do not know what kind of chemicals. chances are, some base chemicals. they can be in and of themselves. not that damaging. putting them together four someone else. after all, a situation where a sod was using chemical weapons against his populations. we will have to deal with me. assad ignored him. when ahead in dues the chemical weapons anyway. it was basically put gently into the hands of the russians to deal with. maybe isis felt they may pull something like that. >> they may actually do something from a chemical standpoint. it does not seem as though there has been entirely though well.
2:58 pm
he is there in cuba. on a scheduled visit. it is challenging. at the same time, i don't know if you want to be photographed in a way at baseball games. we are facing a very real threats. it feels as though this thread just keeps multiplying every single day. the president almost does not want to see at. is that a fair characterization? >> it is very fair, trish. they will not call it radical islam. until you do that, you cannot do that. that is a major default of this administration. not leading our nato allies. trish: we are calling it radical
2:59 pm
islam. >> i do not know why he is so hesitant. the spanish inquisition. not all people in massachusetts and the 17th century were involved. they sometimes have offshoots. they are extremely radical and deadly. it has happened to islam. >> i just want to share with you the crown gathering there. more people at least dead they are in these attacks. happening up old the airport in i should point out that there are massive raids going on, and they have detained one person. general, we have learned as well -- unfortunately, i'm out of time, so i'm going to have to
3:00 pm
save this for you for the next time. we've learned there were chemicals found in one of those homes that they raided. this story is ongoing. liz claman has you going, ambassador, general, thank you for joining me. liz: trisha, this situation in brussels is getting worse, not better. police have taken away one person, so another arrested. the police, as you can see, this is a live picture of the neighborhood where they are raiding and have raided neighborhoods, belgian prosecutors say they found new explosive devices along with chemical products and an islamic state flag in a new brussels raid. so this is, of course, expanding right now, not shrinking. this is the latest development as the world remains on high alert after the islamic state carried out a horrifying attack. isis now taking responsibility for carrying out the twin bombings at the brussels airport and another bombing at the metro


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