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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  March 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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save this for you for the next time. we've learned there were chemicals found in one of those homes that they raided. this story is ongoing. liz claman has you going, ambassador, general, thank you for joining me. liz: trisha, this situation in brussels is getting worse, not better. police have taken away one person, so another arrested. the police, as you can see, this is a live picture of the neighborhood where they are raiding and have raided neighborhoods, belgian prosecutors say they found new explosive devices along with chemical products and an islamic state flag in a new brussels raid. so this is, of course, expanding right now, not shrinking. this is the latest development as the world remains on high alert after the islamic state carried out a horrifying attack. isis now taking responsibility for carrying out the twin bombings at the brussels airport and another bombing at the metro station in the heart of the
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european union. at this moment we know this: nine americans have been identified as being injured in the attacks. these three mormon in missionars from utah along with six members of an american serviceman's family. the total dead, 31. 31 innocents killed, hundreds of others injured. this is the inside of the brussels airport. some flights immediately were diverted, but others were too close including a delta flight from atlanta to brussels. it was able to land safely, it was immediately surrounded by security and protected. security boosted everywhere, though, at global airports along with train stations including those added here in new york city's bus and train stations, bridges, tunnels as well as times square. the police have descended. the tragic events overseas becoming an instant hot button topic on the campaign trail as voters in three more states hit the polls in today's arizona primary along with caucuses both
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in idaho and utah. former governors judded greg and evan bayh here with us. with belgium's open borders, a huge security problem, obviously. what europe needs to learn from israel. the former israeli ambassador to the u.n. is here, ambassador dan gillerman. and congressman darrell issa is on the house floor, he will react to today's terror attacks and last night's stunning news that the fbi abruptly canceled its herring with apple today -- hearing with apple today. the fbi now saying we don't need your help to crack open the phone of the san bernardino terrorist. we were down more than 83 points, looking for the eighth straight session of gains. we're less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪
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liz: hearts are breaking with the breaking news. this is a live picture of three cities in europe all showing solidarity. they are lighting up their monuments at this hour. the eiffel tower in paris, the brandenburg gate in berlin and the trevi fountain in rome to honor the victims of today's attacks, 31 of them. and live at the metro station in brussels, 11 killed as tragedy initially struck in brussels this morning. the u.s. financial markets spasmed and then recovered. you can see these crowds gathering right now in a suburb of belgium, and you can see to the right that white sign, it says i am brussels which is, obviously, all too sadly familiar with je suis charlie from a year ago december and the paris attacks where 130 were killed just last november. so as we look, we can see that the markets are slightly lower here, but the dow pretty much
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shook off an 83 point loss, has fallen negative again. the nasdaq is posting a gain of about 16, the s&p flat. the ceo of the brussels airport has announced it will remain closed through wednesday. travel stocks are stumbling and tumbling, particularly the airlines. only jetblue is moving slightly high her, or it's more regional. several flights from the u.s. to brussels, we should mention, were diverted following the explosion which started at 8 a.m. local business time. breaking right now, new video now obtained of the terror attack from inside the brussels airport. this stunning and extremely upsetting, and you can see there is thethere's no all of a suddee with it because most likely this was cc-tv, closed circuit television. but then, of course, the cell phone video comes in, and you can see people screaming, a lot of smoke and dust. again, 31 wounded, hundreds more -- people began running and screaming from the airport.
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total terror. and the u.s. embassy is warning americans in the city to so-called shelter in place, stay where you are, lock the doors. brussels in a state of panic. you're seeing these hundreds run because they were terrified that the european capital, again on lockdown, has heightened security threats. lockdown because just four days ago europe's most wanted, one of the masterminds of the paris attacks, had been arrested. wounded but alive. fox business' adam shapiro joining us with the latest which, as we said, have shut down brussels' airport until wednesday. >> reporter: that's right. nine americans among the injured following the attacks offense airport and that subway station in brussels. the defense department tells fox among the injured are an american service member and five members of his family. a defense department official tells fox news some are critical. investigators are now looking for the man you see dressed in white in this photograph. it is believed that the two men
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dressed in darker clothing were among the suicide bombers. the first bomb exploded at the airport around eight this morning. it was followed by a second explosion which witnesses say caused part of the ceiling to collapse. and you can see that here. about an hour later, another bomb detonated during rush hour at that subway station near the european union headquarters. the combined terror attacks have killed at least 31 people, and now the number ininjured stands at more than 230. the terror group, isis, has claimed respondent, post -- responsibility, posting a statement on the web site saying extremists opened fire in the airport, and several of them detonated suicide belts. security officers found a third bomb at the airport, and in their own words, neutralized the device before it could cause any more mayhem. it was just last friday that police in brussels arrested wanted terrorist saleh abdeslam for his role in the deadly november terror attack that
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killed 130 people in paris. investigators say abdeslam told them he had created a new network and was planning new attacks. now, they're not saying if this attack is linked to abdeslam, but as you said at the top of the broadcast, liz, authorities are still conducting raids. they have found an explosive device containing nails in a raid in a home in brussels, they've also found, as you said, an islamic state nag. and they say -- flag. and they say the islamic state responsible for the attacks still being verified. that's the latest. liz: adam schaap e row, thank you very much. you're looking at a moment of silence at the house of representatives. let's listen in. paul ryan, speaker of the house concluding a moment of silence for the 31 killed and hundreds
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injured in brussels. as the shock wears off and the dust settles, a traumatized europe that cannot protect itself now deciding to end what was expected to create a stronger europe. looking at this video of what happened in brussels airport, it leads everybody to question the so open borders which were actually first created back in 1985 where anyone within those 26 european union countries could travel freely without stopping at checkpoints. this most recent attack mean the death of open borders? former u.s. assistant secretary of state bob hormats with us now. first of all, bob, that becomes the question. because the man who was arrested four days ago, one of the masterminds at the powers attacks -- paris attacks, just easily drove through and got back to belgium. >> yes. i think there is one question whether they can, in fact, close the borders now that they've left them open. these borders are, as you know,
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very, very open now. closing them would be very complicated. there's another question. belgium really is quite different from some of the other places. belgium has a higher percentage of fighters in the middle east, in syria and iraq but mostly syria, a percentage as opposed to other countries. it has a lot of people there given the small size of the country. the thing that really is interesting, many of the people in belgium are moroccans. they're not really from that area at all. there's a big moroccan population. the other thing that seems to be the case from people i know who have studied this very carefully is that a lot of these fighters, these foreign fighters in syria, they have very good contacts with the people back home. and many people back home who may not have come across the borders who may be indigenous jihadis get inspired by e-mails from those people who are out there fighting on the front and decide that they, too, want to
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play an active jihadist role and kill people. liz: but when you combine porous borders in europe with a heavily concentrated muslim population in that neighborhood of brussels -- >> right, yes. liz: -- and then you add to it somehow these weapons are getting through. we can take a look at the picture of the suspects. it was captured on the airport cameras. everybody look at their left hands, we've circled them, those are the gloves that people believe were used to hold onto the so-called, you know, the trigger, the trigger and the detonator, okay? for those bombs. you have three guys walking up with bombs and ca lash any covers in their luggage. they didn't get through security, but they just blew it up right there. how can that happen when europe was supposed to be on high alert? >> it, it puzzles me and really saddens me that the intelligence services that should be very vigilant, particularly now, were able to miss this. it also demonstrates how cunning
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and how sophisticated some of these people are to be able to get weapons in europe. not the easiest thing in the world. and to have those weapons and bring them as close as they did into the airport. liz: let me do this. if we can roll the video that was from inside the airport just as the bombs went off, there were shouts in arabic -- according to witnesses -- first shouts in arabic and then the twin explosions, ostensibly set off by the two men who were holding the luggage carts and dressed alike. and then you can see the big flash of the attack. >> right. liz: these guys were able to get at least inside the door, into the so-called departing lounge. okay, if we can show the video of the actual explosion, that would be great, because i think that really indicates -- and then the aftermath, bob. >> the chaos, the terror. liz: the total chaos, but you had baby strollers -- >> oh, i know. liz: you can see here, they were in the far part of this departure lounge, and people just running and screaming, and that is where 20 of the victims
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lost their lives. >> well, it may come to the point that it came to in japan in the airport. as you may recall years ago, you had to go through a checkpoint to get to the airport. there were checkpoints along the road, and you had to have your car inspected, and you had to be inspected. that, the japanese don't do that anymore, but that was one way the japanese avoided this kind of thing happening. they know how to do it. it's doable. it takes more time because, of course, the cars back up before they're inspected. but that, if they are able to bring things into the airport and kill large numbers of people, having some access point -- liz: from the beginning. >> -- before they get to the airport may be what is needed. i'm to not advocating it, but it certainly ought to be studied. it worked quite well in japan. liz: it also works in israel too. okay, we've got the closing bell ringing in 48 minutes.
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this happened, post-terror attack back in november, and it's happening again. with the dow down only 24 points, it's certain sectors that are specifically being affected in the wake of the brussels attacks. overall as we mentioned, the markets muted in their reaction. why is that? we're going to take you live to the floor of the new york stock exchange where traders say they know why. and as we mentioned, the one nation with much more experience at dealing with attacks like today's in belgium, it's a country that's surrounded by enemy nations and under constant threat. what can the world learn from israel? and how israel has kept that country alive. the former israeli ambassador to the united nations, dan gillerman, live next on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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airport, 20 in the train station. and you're looking at just outside that metro stop where, as we mentioned, nearly two dozen people were killed. just a horrific situation that began unfolding at eight a.m. brussels time. brussels, six hours ahead right now. so you're talking about a real rush hour commute. when the news of the homicide bombings in brussels broke, the world began watching, worrying and wondering, and that included those down at the new york stock exchange. take a look at what one trader immediately wrote in a morning note: so sad that the mindless mass murder of innocents is losing its shock value. what did he mean by that? joining us now is our friend, steven guilfoyle, joining us live from the floor of the new york stock exchange who also serves in our u.s. military. steve, great to see you. thank you, sarge. you know, it's almost as if we're inoured to this when you -- inured to this when you talk about the market reaction.
3:19 pm
is that what you meant? >> well, yes, but i also meant how people feel. unfortunately, people are becoming calloused over to the mass loss of life, the mass innocent loss of life because of these murderous guys that go about this every few months it seems like somewhere. somebody gets hit. liz: yeah. and, you know, you see the explosion in the airport, innocents just on their way to travel wherever they were going, and now we see this is a very hot situation still. they have already found, in the last hour, an isis flag, chemicals and a bomb that was packed with nails, steven. and yet our markets are giving a big, oh, we're down 51 points, you know? as a business channel, fox business has been very committed to building the coverage around the news, not the news around whatever we think is important. this is what we see right now. it's pretty much mixed picture, but nothing too dramatic. charlie gasparino's going to be up in just a few moments to talk about the market was closed for
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1-7b days after 9/11. 17 days after 9/11. >> well, the market was closed until september 17th after 9/11, so we missed four business days, and, you know, that's a completely different ball game. you actually had two major buildings, i think seven actual buildings were knocked down, thousands of people were killed, and that's a different ball game. here you see, even when you guys discovered that bag with the flag and with the chemical, the market was still above 2052 which is our technical level. we are a few points lower but, technically, we're in a different range right now. liz: do you think that's -- so that's an interesting point you just brought up. so since the newer discovery in just the last couple of hours of this bomb that was packed with nails, this is incredibly widespread. and anybody who thinks it isn't is wrong. if they think that just because these two guys blew themselves up in the airport makes this all finished, what a mistake that would be. you can see these suspects here, and in their hands are those gloves on the left side.
3:21 pm
those are probably covering what are so-called dead man's triggers, hiding the detonators of the suicide vests. but, steven, as you look at this, wall street goes on and life goes on. >> oh, life goes on. i mean, you have to be vigilant, but how vigilant can you be? you still have to do your job, you still have to commute, you still have to go to church negotiation to the mall, you still have to do the right things to lead your family the right way. so you can't give in to these guys, you can never, ever, ever give in to these guys. you must lead your life and oppose them when the time comes. liz: amen. stephen guilfoyle down at the new york stock exchange, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. liz: prime minister netanyahu closing out the aipac conference this morning, aipac, of course, the big, bipartisan lobby for israel. and he said this latest link in the ugly chain of attacks we're seeing around the world is a symptom of vicious violence that must be stopped. >> the chain of attacks from paris to san bernardino to
3:22 pm
istanbul to the ivory coast and now to brussels and the daily attacks in israel, this is one continuous assault on all of us. in all these cases, the terrorists have no resolvable grievances. liz: this is something israel has known for decades x it's worked to perfect protecting its borders, it's been remarkably successful on that front, so what can the world, what must the world learn from israel? let's bring in formerword to the u.n. and a -- ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor, dan gillerman. how do terrorists coordinate attacks at the airport with clash any cover rifles and all kinds of suicide vests in a city that's supposedly on lockdown? hat i'm as surprised as you are. i mean, i thought that the
3:23 pm
horrible attacks we saw in paris just a few months ago would be a wake-up call to europe. but it seems that brussels, which is to a great extent one of the targets especially after the arrest of one of the perpetrators in paris a few days ago, was totally unprepared. liz: yeah. >> and i think that part of the reason is that europe and, you know, is a very open society, a very liberal society -- liz: does that have to change? because it certainly isn't that way in israel, ambassador. what is the number one thing that the world can learn from how israel does it? >> well, i think the number one thing, and israel too is a liberal, democratic society. but at the same time, it's a country that has fought for its life since the day it was born 67 years ago. and the first and the last attack at israel's ben-gurion airport was in 1972, over 40 years ago.
3:24 pm
liz: right. >> i since then israel has realized the threat of these kinds of attacks, whether it's airplane hijacking or at the airport and has really perfected a method of sophisticated security which makes sure that this kind of thing cannot and will not happen in israel. you know, i watched -- liz: the migrant crisis, sir, before we go, do you see the migrant crisis as, i guess, a humanitarian tragedy or a real threat? because some of these people are sneaking in with these huge numbers of migrants. >> there's no doubt that it's a huge tragedy and a world tragedy, but it's also a very, very big threat. and you, you know, i've said it before with great sadness. while it may not be true that all muslims are terrorists, it is a horrible truth that all terrorists are muslim. and when you watch those two people at brussels airport, i assure you there's no way they would get into israel's airport dressed like that, looking like
3:25 pm
that with those gloves, with those suitcases. they would be stopped long before. because we have the whole perimeter of the airport covered. you cannot even enter the terminal without a security check. and i must tell you that whether it's in the u.s. or in europe when i undergo those ridiculous checks where they make you take your shoes off, this is fighting the last war. it's not fighting the future war. and unless europe -- and i think also other countries -- wake up to the reality that we're fighting terror and we have to identify it and fight it in every possible way, we will unfortunately see more of these attacks and be heartbroken as we all are today. liz: heartbroken. ambassador dan gillerman, former board to the u.n. from tel aviv, thank you so much for joining us. we're coming right back. the pursuit of healthier.
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liz: we now have breaking news. u.s. homeland security secretary jeh johnson is saying at present
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the u.s. has no intelligence on any specific credible intelligence or any plot to conduct attacks that are specifically similar to the brussels attacks that happened this morning. well just hours after those attacks at brussels airport and train station, public transit hubs here in the u.s. were immediately put on high alert. even more so with security beefed up at locations. new york police department has increased presence of officers all across the city from subways to major tourist attractions because folks, we're in leading up to a holiday weekend. throngs are expected from everything from the easter parade to new york city to church services. fox news's rick leventhal in times square. rick, what are you seeing out there? reporter: as you said, liz, new york city is always on high alert every time there is major incident overseas the nypd counterterrorism unit kicks into high gear and deploying officers to high traffic, high target
3:31 pm
areas including to the subway station in times square. the counter terrorist command activated soon after the brussels attack and hundreds of officers deployed to penn station and grand central station. they are specially trained officers with long guns and radar detectors and k-9s to sniff out explosives. they are being supplemented by state police and national guard. the national guard activated by governor and port authority and the world trade center site. nypd stepped up monitoring and surveillance 24/7 of individuals who are already on law enforcement's radar having possible terrorist ties of the all this while the agency works closely with the fbi. >> we remind the public not to let fear become disabling. turn it into healthy awareness, folks. counterterrorism is what you pay
3:32 pm
us to do. if you see something, please let us know so we can investigate it reporter: and the stepped up enforcement that is happening here in new york is also happening in other major cities including washington, d.c. and los angeles. liz, as us mentioned, we're hearing no credible threats or actionable intelligence at this time to lead authorities to believe there might be a d.o.e. domestic terror assault. liz: rick leventhal in times square. brussels terror attack making its way into campaign rhetoric as three more states get ready to cast their votes in caucuses an primaries. presidential candidates rushing to name what they see as problems. two former governors good friends of the program are here live to tell us which candidate might get a boost because of the latest tragedy overseas. this is "county down." >> they make europe their home,
3:33 pm
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liz: take you live now book to brussels, belgium, just very close to the metro station where a bomb went off this morning killing 20. a huge crowd has gathered to pay its respects. you have the signs that say, i am brussels right there with lots of candles, balloons, people mourning a loss. not just 31 people killed but loss of freedom which belgium is
3:38 pm
basically under siege. police issued a warrant for the man in the hat who was caught in the closed-circuit picture in the airport. pushing a luggage trolley which were laid renn we now know -- laden with kalashnikov rifles and bombs. they didn't care about killing themselves, they cared about killing others. the gloves on left hand are what they call dead man trigger gloves, hide detonators on their bodies. country with a major terror threat handed to our next president. five remaining candidates on both sides condemned the attacks. issue of immigration dominated conversation. republican front-runner donald trump going so far we should do away immediately with the visa waiver program. he spoke on fox business this morning. >> we have to close our borders, make them so strong.
3:39 pm
and let people into our country but they have to be people that are going to be wonderful for our country. we're taking in people into our country we know nothing about it. the most serious version is what is coming in from syria. liz: ahead of three major primaries in utah, idaho and arizona, a border state. we have judd gregg and former governor and senator from indiana, evan bayh. welcome to you, governor gregg, obviously seems like an easy call. donald trump who has constantly said to close the borders, put up walls, benefits from something like that. am i reading that correctly? you as kasich supporter might see it differently? >> well i think the tone of his language is inappropriate. you know, we've had a real horrific act occur in brussels and it is time we should be pulling together and state our
3:40 pm
support for people of europe and for the people of belgium specifically. we should be talking about how we unite with them in an effort to try to find these terrorists before they attack us. my sense is that his suggestion yesterday, i think it was that we leave nato has just the opposite impact on that type of an effort. and yes, immigration is a huge issue. people coming to this country must be properly screened. but right now, to be saying that in way he is saying it, i just don't think it is presidential at all. liz: governor bayh, listening to hillary clinton speak at aipac lobby in the united states, said you have to side with israel on all of this. israel is not at center of what happened in brussels but certainly is on the periphery. as isis despises democracy, israel is the only democratic nation in the middle east and needs to be best friend of united states. do you think hillary clinton
3:41 pm
will be hard on terror, harder than any republican candidates? >> liz, i do. it is good to be with you and my frie and prayers go out to all families of the victims in brussels today. i do, liz. the reason i feel confident about that, she was the senator from new york when the 9/11 tragedy occurred. she went to ground zero there. she met with families of victims. she has seen first-hand the cost our society and others bear with we're not vigilant enough. i traveled with her from iraq to pakistan and afghanistan. i met with the presidents there. she is experienced. yes i think she will be very tough and stand with israel because that is part of her dna. liz: you know, governor gregg, the president is getting some criticism. he's in cuba. he has not canceled his trip but there were 11 americans who were wounded in brussels. there is shot of him doing the wave.
3:42 pm
you could call it a cheap shot and it does not pass the smell test at a time when you have murdered individuals. should he come back? what should he be doing? or do you describe to the ronald reagan way where he didn't always come jumping back when something horrible happened to show that the terrorists don't control us, we control them? >> you know this is a difficult call for me because i can't believe he is in cuba to begin with basically giving stature to a dictatorship that has been a family dictatorship for 50 years that run as communist government that has stolen from their people for 50 years. and he is down there claiming they are a just and honorable government. so i think he should come back because he shouldn't have gone. there is the issue of, do you carry on? yes, you do carry on. obviously george w. bush took a huge personal risk and threw out the ball at yankee stadium. it made the country feel better n this instance he has to at
3:43 pm
least go to brussels. he didn't go to paris after the attack in paris. he needs to go to brussels after this attack. liz: we have to go. do you agree with that, evan? >> i agree he needs to go to brussels to show our allies we have solidarity. we'll only defeat isis if we're all together. liz: we do appreciate it. thanks. >> thank you. liz: of course fox business is the source of all your 2016 race results. we have neil cavuto in the chair tonight. fox business all-stars getting things started, 8:00 p.m. eastern. you have to watch the returns from idaho, utah and all important state of arizona. we're coming right back. the dow down 29 points.
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>> there's no way they would get into the israel's airport
3:48 pm
dressed like that, looking like that, with those gloves and those suitcases. they would be stopped long before because we have the whole perimeter of airport covered. you can not even enter the terminal without a security check. liz: that was former raise -- israeli ambassador dan gillerman speaking with us, says you have to adopt tough security plans well before the entrance to the airport which is how the three terrorists were able to get inside of the doors without going through security to wreak total and utter havoc at brussels airport this is live picture of downtown brussels, belgium where a huge crowd gathered, showing respects and just trying to wrap their minds around how something like this could happen. joining us right in front of our cameras, republican congressman darrell issa. as he gets hooked up there is
3:49 pm
breaking news. homeland security secretary jeh johnson now saying there are no credible threats, revealing precautionary measures have been taken. tsa will employ additional securities to major security areas, transit stations and airport as well. jeh johnson says there are a number of security measures taking right now, folks, not suitable for public disclosure. so they're keeping that under wraps without specifically saying that they're stepping up security. they are stepping up security. bring in republican congressman darrell issa of california. your reaction, sir to all that happened and what the u.s. is doing? >> well, what the u.s. is doing is defensive and that's important at a time like this but what we haven't been doing enough of and clearly need to is taking the fight to the enemy, cutting off supply chains, coordination. in or the words we need a plan
3:50 pm
to win against isis where they breed new recruits, where they raise their money and where they plan. that is being syria and parts of iraq and more and more areas like the sinai. that is the area we haven't been doing, the area including nato and belgium and united states need to start doing. because it is less expensive to attack them where they live than to wait for them to attack us at time and place of their choosing. liz: congressman, quickly on one political question. i really want to know about the terrorist phones and what we might have learned had we access to that, donald trump saying we should leave nato. do you agree with that? >> i think he is expressing the frustration many people have that nato members are not paying their fair share. we spend over 4% of our large economy on defense while they spend less than 2. some of them only aspire to get to two. so we do need nato including belgium, to belly-up to the bar
3:51 pm
and contribute their fair share in a real way to what is now become more and more their war, their defense. but having said that i think that, i don't know donald trump, but i believe that if he were properly questioned he would say yes, if we can a get a fair deal they pull their fair share we should be in it but as presently set up we bear most of the burden and they get most of the benefit. liz: let's get to the issue somewhat related to terror attacks we've seen and are seeing at least here in the u.s. in your home state of california and san bernardino. apple pretty much cut the shock of entire situation last night, when the fbi canceled the hearing that was to be today. they said you know what, apple? we figured out how to crack those terrorist iphones. we don't need you and we can figure this out ourselves. you've been critical of the way the fbi has actually handled the strategy to get this phone open. does that make you comfortable
3:52 pm
the fbi said it clear, we don't have to force apple to do something they need to do? >> i wish i could agree with you. they will continue to force companies to pass out their encryption secrets but having said that i feel good we've been vindicated although the fbi testified under oath they exhausted all their great strengths and billions of dollars of funding, reality, private sector individual, many of them actually, came forward with likely fixes, one of which the fbi is now exploring. there was an ability to brute force the phone and two months were squandered where they say woe is me, we can't do it where fbi and others to with billions of dollars to actually do this i'm happy a private individual came for and likely to show you can brute force it. liz: i'm sorry, can i interrupt you there? >> sure. liz: people wondering who cracked the iphone. you're saying from what you
3:53 pm
know, a private individual? was it a so-called white hackers? somebody in the tech world said i got this i can figure it out? >> we understand it is. comes from outside of government. let's understand, there were many, many came forward with things that had not been tried or considered by fbi. remember under oath the director actually indicated he hadn't even asked for the source code. in other words he hadn't handed over what others could do to see if he can easily do it. the important thing which take from this, this goes back to the attacks, nsa, cia, many other clandestine agencies are well-funded, need to be well-funded to make sure they develop tools to get to the enemy's communication. and they need to do it without the enemy knowing it. this case, actually very public case is counterproductive to the work that clandestine agencies do. this is the reason people like secretary gates, secretary leon panetta, both former cia and defense came out against what
3:54 pm
the fbi was trying to do. they know you have to do this behind closed doors. liz: the fbi, necessity is mother of invention. they figured it out. we'll see, still to be played out. congressman darrell issa, thank you so much. we're coming right back. >> thank you. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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liz: with the dow jones industrials off 35 points, after the lows of more than 80 points to the downside. we bring you this, breaking news. privately held exchange called bats will go public as long-awaited ipo is appears ready after the company's very public ipo collapse. they tried this once before, charlie. >> on their own exchange, electronic exchange. if you need an anecdote why the markets are blowing of terrorism, it is serious people for society, i get that but markets are very muted.
3:58 pm
one anecdote, bats, despite what is going on, will do the ipo, coming in april barring last minute glitch or change in the market. they are planning, the ceo is planning to offer this in april. why is this important? it is important number one, ipo market has almost shut down. it is coming back. markets are recovering, and not even a terrorist attack can take the market off its current run. they are saying we have a lot of confidence in the market. this stock exchange will compete with new york stock exchange with nasdaq and customers. deals primarily with electronic trading like the stuff michael lewis hate. those are the type of guys trade through this whoo we'll see likely, what they are telling market participants in april they're planning to do this ipo, the end of april, may bleed over into may. likely right now the schedule is april. liz: this is a good life lesson because, look, bats had pretty ugly situation. you know it? you pick yourself up. i like it for them. >> that's a great point but the
3:59 pm
other point is the market. this market is pretty resilient in the face of a lot of headwinds. terrorism is one headwind. recent market turbulence is another headwind. ipo market is coming back. bats will be a test case for all that whether stocks can survive in this very turbulent environment. they think they can. chris concannon, pretty solid guy. knows the markets. used to work at virtue. this will be a test case for this market. liz: as we look at brussels at crowds that are gathering, dusk has fallen, and it is very dark day in brussels history as everybody putting up signs that say, i am brussels. charlie, thank you very much. >> okay. liz: dow seven session winning streak set to come to an end. not a surprise considering you have a situation today the markets absorbed the terror attacks in belgium.
4:00 pm
31 people losing their lives. dow breaks the winning streak. [ing bell rings] here is david asman and melissa francis for the closing bell. neil: nasdaq pulling out a lead despite terror attacks. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." new at this hour. voting is underway in arizona. republicans have 9delegates up for grabs right now. vigil is being held in brussels, dozens killed when two explosions rocked their capitol city. belgium is on lockdown as a manhunt for suspects continues. david: happening during holy week. perhaps that is not a coincidence. for latest what we know right now, let's go straight to our own adam shapiro in thne


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