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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 23, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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maria: thank you so much good breaking developments. hi, maria bartiromo. wednesday, march 23rd. as you heard the reported arrest in brussels this morning. a local newspaper reported the third attacker has been captured. we've got the story coming up right now. breaking up or not can or not can the results are in from arizona and utah. donald trump and hillary clinton extended arizona. ted cruz paid job in the utah caucus securing 40 delegates. we'll speak with ted cruz coming out. bernie sanders winning and utah as well as idaho. as we told you, that there is a spec arrested. more than 30 people are dead. dozens of others injured. three suspects identified in the two of them reportedly brothers. the candidates weighed in. >> you have radical islamic terrorists all over the place and it not going to be the end. it seems to be a breeding
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ground. we need a president who makes clear to the world if you are a radical islamic terrorists, if you are jihadist or day of reckoning is coming to a january 20, 2017, the world will change. we will come after you. >> live in a complex world and we need a commander-in-chief who can provide leadership that is strong, smart and above all study. maria: will take you for the live report coming up here than i will sit down with eric trump and senator ted cruz gave journalists for the special interviews. coming up, the head of the organization and senator ted cruz postdebate victories last night. president obama now in argentina after wrapping up his trip in cuba, questions have been raised about his attended at a baseball game yesterday hours after the attack in brussels. asia finished the day most of the work. investors pulled back in the wake of the terrorist attack
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ahead of the long holiday weekend at easter holiday coming up. and european markets, pretty much gains across the board at the cac is higher in paris by half of a percent. dax in germany up 1%. u.s. features searching for direction. economic data out today but as you can see at this point the dow industrial job a fraction after snapping a seven-game winning streak yesterday. fractional most of the acid in nasdaq. durable goods out this week. fox is ms. mathworks dagen mcdowell, michael bock and fox news big leninist arthur idolatry of the campus lineup this morning. executive vice president eric trump. will be with us to discuss last night's events. presidential candidate ted cruz coming up about his victory in utah and the terrorist attacks. former house speaker newt
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gingrich also joining us. you don't want to miss all this coming up at a busy program is wednesday morning. donald trump having his delegates at the big win last night in arizona pulling in over 47% of the vote in the winner take all nearly doubling ted cruz total. who's feeling much better and utah bringing in 70% of the vote, awarded him all of the available delicate and utah. slightly breeding and the vote in arizona. and utah, more than 70% of the vote there is also idaho was 70% there. peter barnes on the ground right now in tempe, arizona with the very latest. peter, good morning to you. reporter: hey, good morning. you bring over the main results. all 58 delegates. cruising utah getting off 40 delegates are. fox news last night attacked
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quite a bit about the attacks. trump going after hillary clinton. >> in the case of incompetent hillary, and you have one reason. such a fight of the president because he's got her life in his hands but that's all it is. she just can't believe this. he doesn't say it. maybe he's got his own reason. you have to ask him. >> in the meantime, cruz said dr. donald trump. >> i noted this morning that it was more than a little ironic. donald trump called for america climbed back for a major weakening or withdrawing. >> with just learned that former candidate jeb bush, former governor of florida is endorsing
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ted cruz today. thank you, maria. maria: that is big news. we will talk with ted cruz coming up in the program. peter barnes in arizona this morning. breaking his right now. a reported arrest in brussels. the local newspaper reporting the third attacker has been captured. yesterday's deadly attacks bringing 34 people dead. more than 200 others wounded. belgian police identified two suicide bombers who blew themselves up. the two men on the left at the airport as brothers, those two. the three terror suspects have been tied to the islamic state. the group had responsibility for the attacks yesterday on the brussels airport in subway station. joining me now is "the wall street journal" julian barnes. we will get right to the breaking news that the third suspect that the white outfit. he's been captured. what can you tell us?
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>> we can't confirm his capture, but this man has been thought by belgian police since monday, a day before the attacks. authorities believe he was in loft in the planning of the terrorist attacks. officials said they believe he may have been the lawmaker who made the suicide vest used in paris. and so that suggests he may well have had a role in these bombs used yesterday in brussels. maria: so he was among the bomb makers. do you no any details in of where he was captured? >> he was captured in a district of russell's according to local news media. he is an interesting case. he was being tried by belgian police for his role in a foreign fighter network of bringing people from belgium to syria to train.
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he himself was syria after february 2013 but because he was wanted to slip back into european had used a false identity and authorities believe he traveled and with the microphone last fall. he was then picked up by one of the terrorist plotters and brought to belgian. maria: you have to wonder what this means in terms of furthering that. yesterday the prime minister of elgin told us that there are more attacks on the rise in. obviously the regulators and lawmakers. dagen: about to ask julian about that very thing. they have been trained to penetrate this terror not work within brussels stretched across many brussels neighborhoods for two years. this is according to your own reported in "the wall street journal." apparently the criminal backgrounds for the two brothers who are now dead, you have
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fighters traveling to the middle east, being trained by isis and coming back into europe. is it astonishing that it's been two years and they are still singing attack after attack? >> you know, there's a very large foreign fighter problem in belgian per capita. it has the largest in europe. a small country with a lot of foreign fighters. belgian official after belgian official has identified that as a problem. the resources to track all of these people are not there. belgian officials will tell you that, we broke up this thought, that plot. but unfortunately, even though there are warnings that the attack was coming on tuesday, they were not able to prevent it. maria: what to look for next in terms of the questions being asked? what are the most important things you think the authorities want to find out? >> most important question is
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are there others out there? how big is this so? the other fighter captured on friday has not spoken. he has not cooperated with police. if it is confirmed he is caught, whether he cooperates as well. how many more are out there? >> we heard before these attacks that elgin didn't have the resources you stated to keep brussels of the rest of belgium secure. what is spelled job and perhaps the e.u. and other countries and jurisdictions doing about this now? do you think is more actions come in? what are they doing? this is a big concern to people as well. >> at the medicare is a change move slowly in europe. you know, a number of laws that belgium has been trying to
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change. there is cooperation that the european union has been trying to promote among countries. but there are obstacles, just like change is hard for the united states after 9/11. change is hard after the terrorist attack in the brussels attacks. we have to see if this could make the european union, other countries working together both faster and cooperation. dagen: julian come the use of free services. we are not there. what he talking about specifically? the intelligence gathering capability and can they fix that? >> the bottom line if you look at america and what america spends on defense, and colleges in the local level on police were, it is a far smaller number. they just do not put the same amount of resources.
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they spend more than belgian does on his security service. france has been putting more resources into that. belgium has struggled at the nature of the government structure to do that. the pressure will be on to spend more. the two not have the same resources as the united states puts in these categories. maria: what about these no go areas that obviously was able to walk around plain sight. so dangerous an flood of a terrorist that police do not go there. speed that well, i mean, that can be exaggerated, the idea of a no go area. belgium since the terrorist attacks has redoubled their efforts to do various kinds of police work and reach out. but there are insular neighborhoods here. there are. there are neighborhoods which also exist in the united states where people will not cooperate
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with police, where they might see somebody police look for and not call authorities. >> real quick. the airport itself, is it similar to what was being an american airport in terms of security procedures, brodeur check-in line and check-in bag and go into a security line. that type of environment? >> absolutely. the security at the brussels airport is at the same level you would see in the united states. the same sort of attack that took place at the brussels airport could happen at any american airport. they struck before the security checking. they struck at the ticket counters essentially. could happen in any american city. >> you can't happen in israel because they scream you before you get to the airport and unfortunately i anticipate us see that coming down the pipeline is the terror attacks.
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maria: very good point, arthur. thank you very much. what we know right now in terms of this arrest, the prime suspect, the third individual in the picture has been a rest at according to the local newspaper on this morning in the city's. the belgian newspaper reported on its website. police have been hunting him down as demand is with the suicide robbers at the brussels airport. there he is now, has been arrested. coming up, run national security and high other. the threat we face in face in all 50 states. president obama continues his travels to south america. the back lash from his decision next. vo: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain,
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maria: welcome back. moments ago i reported arrest of brussels at a local newspaper reporting the third attacker responsible for the airport bombing has been captured. this is president obama arriving in argentina last fantasy can use his trip to latin america being criticized for not returning home to the united states. cheryl casone with the details of the headlines now. good morning to you. transfer good morning, maria. before heading to argentina, president obama traveled on at this full day in argentina in
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the state to second time this message to the cuban people to address the belgian terror attacks. listen. >> thoughts and prayers are with the people of belgium. we spend in solidarity with them but these attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, elgin in bringing to justice those who are responsible and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. cheryl: while the present state of broadcast live on local television to over 50 countries and despite the terrorist attack in belgian earlier in the morning, the president decided to attend a major league install exhibition game between the tampa bay rays in the cuban national team saying during an interview with espn that the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's ordinary lives. sharon and abbas at the new york captain derek cheater as well as
6:18 am
part of the day yesterday. by the way, doing something we don't see every day. the wave alongside the cuban president, relic castro. even the president obama continued on with his itinerary, warner bros. scaled-back the premiere of the batman versus superman done a justice purveyor in london. they canceled the movie at warner bros. said in a statement are hard to go out the victims. dichotomy here. comparison. the president a baseball game during the brave, and movie studios say let's back off out of respect. maria: i don't know about you guys, but it's extraordinary. the optics do not look good. a major terror attack in brussels similar to 9/11 and there is the president a baseball game. >> okay, the one thing i agree with is they are hoping part of terrorism is to change the way we live our lives.
6:19 am
how we even get to the airport or before september 11th what i would fly internationally out get there 40 minutes before lock on the plane. after what happen i can see us having get there for hours before. trade to come on. he is speaking about terrorists from the most communist dictatorship on the planet, cuba. dagen: not just locations. he went to a baseball game and was doing the wave, wearing wearing sunglasses, doing an interview with espn reporters. for a president so concerned about his legacy commit these images will be last and the most negative way because the response to the chair that had no attacks wrong. response to the paris terror attacks. maria: hemant caster whipping it out. >> used there in cuba for a reason. baseball is a big part of the cuban culture.
6:20 am
i would see him with a little tougher talk. that would've shown more empathy. i can't blame him for being in cuba during the cuban thing if you will. maria: it's just -- dagen: he's sitting at a baseball game being in every bite espn reporters about a terror attack. where is the chip in his brain? >> you are right. you are right. maria: is quite extraordinary. let's take a sharp rate. the growing threat of isis while the fifth u.s. dates are the latest on the global war on terror. then the latest break in reports of a third suspect captured in brussels. this happening moments ago. we've got the news on the tape. we are headed to a break. countries all over the world mourned the death and said the brussels bomb and sprayed out.
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maria: welcome back to rhonda breaking news. moments ago of rest in brussels. the third attacker responsible for the airport bombing yesterday in brussels has been captured. that is the man on the bright side of the picture on the right side of your screen. as is claimed responsibility for this brutal attack yesterday as fbi director jim komi has warned his agency is currently investigating isis s. next in all of the 50 u.s. states. how would one is the best way to root out extremism and stop
6:25 am
these attacks from happening? joining us now is director of the fbi von hostile. thank you for joining us. >> sure, good morning. maria: in the fbi's investigative perpetrators in all 50 states, what specifically does that mean? what are they looking out from your standpoint? >> they are looking at online activities, social media to become the information from the community that code specific people in their sights, that they have to evaluate some of them. many of them were washed out and prove to be not a threat at all. others will give them great concern. we heard some of that echoed by the assistant director in new york yesterday saying they were going to ramp up surveillance coverage. maria: said this there is suspect being captured this morning is a huge deal. this is a sub to come in third suspect in the attacks
6:26 am
yesterday. a sense of what the fbi will be asking the individual today. >> the fbi is coordinated and throughout the day yesterday a mosque night. to understand that now for an communication surrounding every suspect in every south fact, every target. it could well be that there were dark places. there are new numbers and the fbi would be leaning forward to identify those people, understand that they are and what their intentions might be. maria: arthur aidala, this is that the technologies i've become so important that the
6:27 am
individual's phone. >> this is really get is really getting to the whole apple fbi. the bottom line is they are constantly worrying. how far do we go into insisting that our phones be searched to secure our safety. >> this terror suspect from the third man and the bob mintz airport. najim laachraoui was wanted before yesterday. he is the one they found the dna that were used in the terrorist attacks. how could they be so far behind in trying to break a the attacks. they were great deal longer than
6:28 am
that to syria and back again. >> there's a couple points that are particularly important to penetrate these networks. you need effect of human coverage, human intelligence or technical intelligence or a combination of both. if you don't have that, if you don't have human sources and that the later rest of abdeslam, and suggest they do not have the human or technical coverage to tell you what the most wanted men in europe is at any given time. that could be the case again here. arthur mentioned a piece of days. the challenge is added by a group to technologies, tight closed networks which exist in the criminal conspiracies and the job of law enforcement to
6:29 am
get in there, penetrate and to understand intent. without that, i can do be surveillance which is for research and to do. but that doesn't tell me a timetable. that doesn't tell me when you might strike or if you're not to strike at all. maria: really good insight this morning. we are going to speak to the former head of the fbi, and appeared headed clinton win in arizona and turning the focus of her victory speech to the terrorist attack in brussels. also attacking donald trump and ted cruz. after securing a much-needed win, senator ted cruz under fire for comments he made colin to patrol and secure muslim neighbor has from radicalization. the fallout next. >> new york had a proactive policing program that may or michael bloomberg champion to work while perfectly with the muslim community to prevent radicalization, to stop radical
6:30 am
islamic terrorists from carrying out terrorist before they occur. ..
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maria: good thursday morning. i am maria bartiroma. it is march 23rd. it is 6:30 on the east coast. breaking news, reported arrest in brussels. our local newspaper is reporting the third attacker has been captured. 30 people have been killed,
6:33 am
dozens injured in yesterday's blast in brussels. the results are in from arizona and utah. donald trump and hillary clinton extending their lead with victories in arizona last night. ted cruz beating donald trump in the utah caucus securing 40 delegates for ted cruz. ted cruz secure the endorsement of former presidential candidate in florida governor jeb bush. i will ask ted cruz about that endorsement when i sit down with him at 8 am eastern. asia finished the day mostly lower. investors pulled back in the wake of the terrorist attack and the easter holiday and long weekend for markets. markets are posting gains, fractional moves, looking at a 1% move for the dax index in germany. a handful of economic data out this week. dow industrials expected to open ahead of the gdp and durable goods record after they snap a
6:34 am
seven day winning streak yesterday. donald trump with a big arizona pulling in 47% of the vote in the winner take all state. he doubled ted cruz's total. ted cruz fared better in utah bringing 70% of that vote awarding him 40 available delegates in utah. on the democratic side hillary clinton added to her lead slightly bringing in 57% of the vote in arizona. bernie sanders scored a big victory in utah. more than 70% of the vote. he scored well in idaho taking 78% of the vote in idaho. joining us from washington dc is mercedes shall's. give us your take on the contest yesterday. >> the trump momentum continues. now we enter a crawl because the
6:35 am
next primary is in wisconsin april 5th. it was important for ted cruz to win utah. he is the antitrust choice. now that jeb bush came out endorsing ted cruz these are helpful signs that the establishment as well as his position, the original outsider, he is going to build a stronger coalition and stay in the game and compete. there is this reality that donald trump could fall short of the number 1000237 delegates. he is 500 delegates away from that number and it will go into a contested convention. maria: knowing what we know about last night you expect the contested convention and that is what ted cruz wants. that is his path. >> for ted cruz it was getting over the 50% threshold in utah to win those delegates. the question is how strong can
6:36 am
ted cruz compete in wisconsin, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey where he will have a tougher time with john kasich because he is holding onto establishment votes as well. with marco rubio dropping out of the race it did benefit ted cruz and he will make the argument that he is the only one mathematically viable to compete against donald trump. maria: jessica, good to see you. characterize the night on the democrat side. >> great night for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the disappointing thing, you go out and win 78% of the vote and still not chipping into her delegate lead, you are on a high but it is also depressing. the math just isn't there with him but there is enthusiasm but we need to consider that these are caucuses and they are white states and he is not doing well
6:37 am
enough with a diverse population to take the nomination. dagen: arizona was close to a head to head matchup between trump and ted cruz as we will get because john kasich was not in the state for the most part. ted cruz has argued donald trump can't get 40% of the vote. he went head to head with him in arizona and donald trump did get more than 40% of the vote. latest count, 47% of the vote and it seems to suggest a lot of marco rubio supporters didn't go for ted cruz. >> there was early voting. marco rubio although he suspended his campaign got third in arizona. for donald trump the question becomes can he get to the 50%? not in any states has he won 50% but he is clearly the front runner. it will all come to the magic number of 1,237 which he needs
6:38 am
to get to or he could be slowed down come contested convention. >> a quinnipiac poll showed the second choice for both john kasich and ted cruz supporters is donald trump. the idea that it is an anti-trump movement isn't true. they would be happy to have him as second choice. on k-6 supporters don't think he is the best for them. they are not going to break the way you want them to necessarily and it is not anti-trump the same way. dagen: ted cruz had to get 50% in utah or it would have been -- speaking of that -- there is a twitter war over those things. it is a largely mormon state. mitt romney coming out for ted cruz but that is a unique voting
6:39 am
situation. maria: hillary clinton taking home the win in arizona, but she focused on terrorism in the victory speech, talking about attacks in brussels, distancing the united states from nato. >> a lot of states will be expressing their views, counting their votes, understand this is not just a contest between different candidates. this is a contest between fundamentally different views. we live in a complex and dangerous world, and we need a commander in chief who can provide leadership that is strong, smart, and above all steady in taking on these threats. last thing we need our leaders who incite more fear. in the face of terror, america
6:40 am
doesn't panic, we don't build walls or turn our backs on our allies. maria: your take on that? >> i thought she was great. this is what hillary clinton should be doing, reminding voters and americans she was secretary of state, she was in charge of major decisions, second-in-command on them. maria: and she distanced herself from the way she operated as secretary of state? >> yes. there are a list of accomplishments she will discuss, she has held an office donald trump has been nowhere near and that is the crucial difference she will be harping on, whether you think it was a success or failure, hillary clinton is winning now based on voters who want someone with experience. >> worried about not getting the
6:41 am
nomination, would you agree? >> i think 2008 so rocked the clinton world. i don't think -- it is smart to look ahead, you are not only concerned about democratic voters but americans generally. president obama spoke for 51 seconds about the terrorist attack. your earlier segment, i am a strong supporter of the president. the wave was going too far. she was saying hold up, we take this very seriously. maria: thanks so much, see you soon. straightahead the latest on the iphone encryption site, the technology giant won the battle but may not have won the war. cheryl casone he with details. wall street we getting new life on the foxbusiness network, join
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the all-new audi a4 is here. maria: breaking news regarding the deadly bombing in brussels, cheryl casone he has the latest. cheryl: breaking news, reported arrest in brussels. the third attacker has been captured, he was seen with the two suicide bombers at the airport just before the attack that killed 30 people and injured dozens more. we are just learning there will be a news conference out of
6:46 am
brussels at 8 am eastern time. all of this happening in brussels as the state department warning americans in europe to avoid crowded places and exercise extra caution. this travel alert says terrorist groups continue to plan near-term attacks targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and transportation. major us airports and transit systems ramping up security following those terror attacks in brussels. new york city police putting more officers on the streets and subway system across the city's five burroughs. mayor bill diblasio telling reporters, quote, we are in a high state of vigilance and readiness. the justice department has postponed its court battle with apple regarding unlocking the phone used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino terror attack. they are investigating a method for getting into the phone without apple's help that might be seen as a win for apple but there could be a downside.
6:47 am
apple says since 2014, it's phones were secure. if the government can get to the phone apple has to deal with the fact that it's phones are not secure. the government said it knows about a potential gap in the software but they are not saying what it is. that is the big question for a lot of people today with iphones. maria: you have to queson whether this case in brussels makes this case that much more important. >> common sense would dictate that it does. apple has taken the populist position. i think as more lives are lost, nobody wantss to deal with this, more lives are lost, there will be more natural organic pressure on the technology companies to give in, to do what law enforcement needs to keep us
6:48 am
safe. google and all the big people pay vigilante so to speak to pay $6 million since 2010 to break into their chrome notebook to show their flaws. apple -- dagen: if a hacker brings a bug to apple, apple pays the other major technology companies pay. assuming it is a hacker. >> you will see more and more federal cases balancing privacy versus security. that is the loss of justice scalia is going to play a role on which way the court comes down in allowing the government into your pocket. maria: amazing moment in time. new travel concerns arriving after the terror attacks in brussels yesterday. royal caribbean's president joining us on how the company is affected by tragedies like this
6:49 am
and what is next. stay with us.
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maria: royal caribbean canceled a port call due to terrorism concerned as the investigation into the brussels terrorist attack intensifies, that third terrorist now captured. we are following reports that the third airport bomber has been arrested in brussels. joining us is royal caribbean president and chief operating officer adam goldstein. tell us about the cancellation of the trip to bali and what terrorist concerns have been
6:53 am
doing? >> what you can expect of companies such as ours we work with law enforcement all over the world calling on 500 courts around the world and make judgments about the information we receive and occasionally decide based on what we know that is not in the interest of the line or guests who go to a place. we made that decision as it relates -- most places are absolutely safe to go to but if we are not comfortable we are not going. maria: do you see an immediate impact to travelers behavior when you see a terrorist attack like this? does it dictate whether they take a cruise? >> it is a societal problem be given travel and tourism or cruising. we might see some impact from people living in the environment of northern europe. we saw that briefly after the terrorist attack, but the world
6:54 am
moves on, this is a world where people want to take vacations and enjoy themselves. people talk about going on with your life, making sure you have the opportunity to enjoy what you are capable of doing and that will prevail here as well. >> you mentioned a dip in demand after paris, what time frame are we talking about? >> a week or two. it doesn't mean anybody takes anything lightly. like any of us who know people in the area probably reached out yesterday and said who are you? a friend of a friend was wounded in the attack. it is not theoretical, it is very real and affecting people's lives, most people are determined to go on and have the life they want to lead and are capable of leaving. maria: how are your customers now in terms of looking?
6:55 am
>> it has been seven years since the great recession and we have made steady progress, we talked about this over the course of the year. economically the environment, we love it to be better. sequentially things get better. the guidance we gave last quarter was a positive yield development issue. >> we have seen energy prices, they have rallied, 50% of the lows, how are you managing, viewing fuel prices in terms of your bottom line? >> fuel prices continue to be very significant in terms of anything we could have anticipated. it has come off of its lows but in the scheme of costs that has been lauded in recent years i would say current fuel prices are very supportive of the --
6:56 am
maria: is cuba next? something that is a big opportunity for the industry. >> definitely an opportunity that travel agents have been excited about for a long time. think about what we do in the caribbean, we have sent cruise ships in a big circle around cuba, people would like to go. >> highly recommend -- >> interesting place. we are interested in taking people there. we would have to be in compliance with united states laws pertaining to the situation but it will be exciting. maria: what is the timing on that? >> no way to know. it is up to the cubans to give permission and they are assessing their options. maria: on the zika virus, is that done in terms of a story?
6:57 am
>> we are not aware we saw any impact on the business and it doesn't seem to be conversation to that. maria: thanks for weighing in. we will take a short break and we have breaking news, stay with us. rowe pri we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday.
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6:59 am
maria: a reported arrest in brussels. i am maria bartiroma. a newspaper reports the third attacker has been captured in
7:00 am
brussels. the other two suspect in this picture reportedly brussels. brothers. dozens injured in yesterday's terrorist blast and 30 killed. the top story of the day, results are in from arizona and utah. donald trump and hillary clinton extending their lead to victories in arizona. ted cruz beating donald trump in the utah caucus securing 40 delegates and picked up the endorsement of former presidential candidate jeb bush this morning. president obama in argentina after wrapping up his trip to cuba. questions raised about the president not returning to the united states after the attack in brussels. asia finishing lower overnight investors pulling back in the wake of the terrorist attack in the long easter holiday. markets are open posting gains, fractional moves, the dax index up numb 1%. futures searching for direction looking at a flat opening in the
7:01 am
us ahead of economic data like the gdp and durable goods numbers. dell industrial snapped a 7 day winning streak yesterday. here with me all day to break it down dagan mcdowell, michael block and arthur idell a. local newspaper reporting is a third prime suspect was seen with the two suicide bombers in this photograph at the airport just before the attack yesterday in brussels. that killed 30 people injuring dozens more. there will be a news conference at 8 am eastern, probably, to give us more information about this third attacker, donald trump with a big victory in arizona pulling 47% of the vote in the winner take all state doubling ted cruz's total. ted cruz did better in utah bringing in 70% of the vote
7:02 am
awarding all the delegates in utah. donald trump has 739 delegates to ted cruz's 465 and john kasich's 143. hillary clinton adding to her lead bringing in 57% of the vote in arizona. bernie sanders scored a big victory in utah with 70% of the vote and idaho, he got 78% of the vote. bernie sanders having a good night last night. hillary clinton in terms of delegate count, 1681 delegates for hillary clinton versus bernie sanders's 927. joining us is trump organization executive vice president eric trump. good to see you. congratulations on big victories last night. tell us about it. how was it and what did you do leading up to it in arizona that you built such a commanding lead? >> they care about border
7:03 am
security, you hit home when you see what happened in brussels yesterday, border security will be on everybody's mind, this is friend and center. math is becoming hard for other candidates. john kasich the math is impossible, ted cruz would need 90% and we are coming home, coming back to new york. after a little new york value statement we are coming home, we will get to the 1237, the man has done an unbelievable job. maria: you think you'll get 1237 before the convention. ted cruz's plan is to go for a contested convention. he thinks he will get the nomination and when the convention. >> we have been fighting from afar the entire time. we won states like florida, mississippi, arizona and nevada. these guys had their home turf advantage, they come back to new york, new jersey, connecticut, pennsylvania, california which
7:04 am
is a second home to my father. these are states we will do well in. a story that is not told, and -- ted cruz is winning caucus states. that should be ted. closed primary caucus states in the general election. >> the momentum is there, 1237 looks very attainable. what if the campaign -- a lot of talk, the establishment is banging their heads against the desk hoping it happens. how do you combat that? talk about the carrot part of that. how are you reaching out to other folks to smooth that?
7:05 am
>> a little riot in the street -- there probably would be. if he got 1250 or 1220 and was 10 million votes at of the next candidate that is not democracy. what is the republican party? a party is made up of people. 5 million more people, 10 million more people, this little boy's club, you are not our guy anymore, there would be -- >> pulling some rugs and tricks. the world isn't always fair. if your father gets 1237 it should be his. that may not happen. short of the small riots. >> the republican party would lose again. a sense of winning in the republican party, we lost the last two contests. we have to get behind a single person and going after hillary
7:06 am
clinton. she will have an army of people and be well-funded. we better pick a horse and start running with that pony. otherwise they won't be effective. dagen: your dad said several months ago, the world's policeman any longer, he questioned our presence in the middle east in asia and took it further and said we need to scale back our role in nato. rudy giuliani, close friend and supporter of your father said i disagree with that. our role in nato and relationship with those countries is so important do you think your dad might walk back what he said about nato? >> the quote was misinterpreted. he said people need to pay into nato. he said we are the only country supporting nato. there are other worlds that need to make a better stand and make a bigger stance in nato. it bothers him how much we fund compared to other countries.
7:07 am
we eat disproportionate amount of cost. why aren't other countries funding in the same way? maria: they don't have the money. >> people need to step up. maria: as we begin with the brussels terrorist attack, republican candidates across the board came out including your father speaking after the terrorist attack in brussels. how do you think that affected voter turnout last night? the one issue zeroed in that your father has been talking about that is central to his campaign, immigration. >> probably not a whole lot. look at arizona, they face it every single day. it is a main issue. yesterday reinforced it but if you are a voter you were voting for that position. if you care about illegal immigration you are probably voting for that position but in florida it means a lot.
7:08 am
the whole message is make america safe again, let's secure our borders, know who is in our country. i was watching a pundit on tv yesterday, a lot of countries have metal detectors before people go into the terminal. why not screen people before they come into the country? are we going to do that? they are awful countries that do that because they have to. they are unsafe countries. will we screen people twice, once before they go into the terminal and once -- >> that is what they do in israel. >> before you get into the perimeter it is a horrible way to live before going to a subway. i hope we are not going in that direction but the more pieces of garbage commit terrifying acts the more our government is in position -- >> or we can build a wall or figure out who is coming into
7:09 am
this country so we don't need to inconvenience everybody. i travel seven times a week. another metal detector -- and -- maria: your father talks about closing wars. this is a country of immigration, free trade is among the positives, economic growth, getting american products, securing the border, changing fundamental things that would change america. what is the pushback? >> my mom is an immigrant from czechoslovakia. she came here legally. we are a melting pot. we are a country that believes in immigration but you need to come to the country legally. we need to verify you are not a criminal or a terrorist or not going to go into laguardia or
7:10 am
jfk and blowup bombs while americans are traveling. it is so disruptive to our society. we need to know who is in the country. >> there was a slowdown in immigration in the united states from the 20s to the 60s. it is not unprecedented to put the brakes on people coming in. maria: your policy guy has made that argument, so articulate. you brought up your mother. i want to bring up this thing that is going on. not backing down from his continued feud with donald trump and started joking about donald trump's foreign-born wives. he said donald trump has several foreign wives, there really are jobs americans won't do. getting into the wives am your father was not happy with ted
7:11 am
cruz putting his wife in an ad where the super pack was. >> leave family out of it. especially wives. leave wives out of it. his wife, they know her very well, it is below the belt. i was surprised he did that. he preaches morality and this and that, i was very surprised he did that. maria: your father said be careful, going to let it out all about heidi. what does he mean? >> i don't know what he means but there is something on his mind and you don't do that. you don't -- she happens to be an amazing person. she would make an incredible first lady. she is solid as a rock. she has been an amazing mother, which is not easy when you raise a young child going through --
7:12 am
dagen: as soon as i heard that, somebody wrote that joke for mitt romney. >> i tell you who wrote it. it is move on internet garbage. it is refreshing this paragon of the republican party is using the same -- dagen: i want -- >> the topic of family, when people ask me at the new yorker about donald trump, his number one accomplishment to me -- your brother, your sister, represent us, new yorkers number one and america. dagen: i said that too, the children, your father's greatest assets. i want to know how much more you are going to be on the campaign trail. thanks for standing behind your dad after supertuesday part ii because i requested that.
7:13 am
>> my father is my best friend. he would make a great commander in chief. i want to be by his side. we are the best people to talk his character and him as a father and bring out a softer side people don't see. it is an amazing father to us, i want to be by his side. we spent years doing deals together walking across desks and he is on the campaign trail and i miss him. i want to be there for him even if it is only a token gesture of gratitude. maria: i want to ask how you are doing? you were in the middle of this, getting a threatening letter, white powder in that letter, your wife opened it. >> my wife is amazing, she comes from a home where they never lock their doors, she was from down south and she is opening powder filled anthrax letters but she is tough as rocks, it
7:14 am
comes with the territory. >> that shouldn't come with the territory. why is it this only comes in this direction? do you see trump supporters sending hillary letters, trump support is going into convention halls and disrupting rallies? do you see trump support is shutting down streets in arizona? why is it the bitterness and evilness and aggression only come one way, not the other? that is interesting. maria: it is wrong. we don't know all the people out there who are protesting and making noise but we do know that was part of it. >> crazy people out there, great being with you. maria: eric trump joining us, we will be right back. vo: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain,
7:15 am
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7:17 am
and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at maria: authorities have captured the third brussels bomber. on the right side of the picture we are following reports the others are brothers. 34 people are dead after yesterday's the bombing, 200 injured including tween 9 americans. john huddy live on the ground. >> reporter: we are in the main plasma in downtown brussels. to set the scene there are memorials set up in the middle of the crowd, there is a big one.
7:18 am
this is a smaller one, candles, flowers, lit in remembrance of those who died, 34 people and 220 injured. there was a moment of silence, it was something to take in because despite how large this crowd is you could hear a pin drop. that might be an exaggeration but it was extremely quiet. despite yesterday's attacks, they wanted to be here to show solidarity and love for all those people who lost their lives. back to the headline, as you mentioned, as far as the three suspects, there are reports that the one shown in that video with the white jacket was arrested, police arrested, his name is najim laachraoui. in that video he is on the right side wearing a white jacket.
7:19 am
police believe he was supposed to carry out a third bombing but instead left the scene and the other two attackers in the black jackets wearing black gloves on their left hands, possibly with a detonation device in those gloves carried out according to officials the suicide attacks in the airport yesterday. there was the other bombing in metro station. the two brothers, two other suspect in the video are said to be brothers. their names according to the latest reports, we are waiting for official confirmation, were apparently known to police, they have long rap sheets. authorities have been on the hunt for him, najim laachraoui
7:20 am
was tied to the other one, salah abdelslam. very fluid situation, police carried out raids overnight. security continues and back here on the ground, the memorial, the prime minister here in brussels, belgium, is calling for solidarity and calm. this is an example of that solidarity in the wake of those horrific attacks yesterday. maria: thank you very much, brussels experiencing the worst terror attack ever. more breaking news out of brussels this morning, could changes to immigration policies in europe prevent another attack like this? and looking at a live picture of brussels, mourners are gathering to remember victims of yesterday's attack, observing a moment of silence moment ago.
7:21 am
here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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7:24 am
maria: yesterday's deadly attacks in brussels rehashing the debate over the controversial policy allowing syrian migrants to flooding or to western europe. presidential candidates criticizing president obama's decision to allow refugees to come into the united states. >> we need to hold the president's ill-advised plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian/muslim refugees. >> i would close our borders to people until we figure out what is going on.
7:25 am
maria: joining me is james cal strum. the brussels terrorist attack exposing growing divisions over border patrol, security immigration in the us and around the world. what is your take on this? do you agree that we need to understand who is coming out in the face of this? >> there is a bombing and we talk about things that are lacking and everyone forgets about it and there is a bombing and we talk about these things. even with you we talk about this over and over again. the notion we would not have a clue who comes into the country, we don't have a clue. just because someone has documentation or passport doesn't mean anything, you can buy that on next to nothing. isis took over the syrian passport machines and the border is wide open.
7:26 am
you can drive dr. mack trucks all day long. maria: what is the answer on getting a handle on this? >> the fbi has done an incredible thing with the resources they have. they need more. someone was talking yesterday, the guy made the point, takes twee 10 days to follow somebody, we don't have the resources. i won't tell you what it really takes, but substantially more. you have the bureau, director comey is talking about isis in all the states and i said over and over they don't have the resources to do the job that should be done. if you don't have a clue who they are, particularly the men between 70 and 40 and you don't know who they are or attempt to
7:27 am
find out who they are and they are paying the price for that in brussels and france and england where they have 50 zones in great britain. in great britain where sharia law is the law, that is unbelievable. dagen: is that how you tackle it? you break up these communities and neighborhoods? could you talk about resources? we spend a great deal of money on defense, intelligence and law enforcement, those are socialist countries. they don't have the money to spend. is this a cycle that is unbreakable? >> let's go back to the united states. my grandparents came through ellis island. generally we assimilate, people
7:28 am
assimilate. the italians changed their names, you will be an american. maria: it was a different time. >> i know it is a different time but to bring people in, have a different culture that are not going to assimilate by choice. some might but the majority would not. here we come to our country, our constitution and they demand sharia law and those types of things. it is a round peg in a square hole. maria: if you grow up with the real law and have this mentality that women are not equal to men how are you going to come to america and decide i will go with democracy? >> you are not and you will end up in the ghettos, to coin a phrase, the young guys won't have any jobs because they don't
7:29 am
fit into having a job, don't have the education or background and don't want to do that anyway. it is very tough and we don't learn from history, we got a short memory in this country, a 30 day memory, maybe 60 day memory and don't realize these things, the same old things, the fbi needs to have the best technology, the government technology is horrible. the last estimate i saw was done by one of the think tanks in medicare and medicaid, the fraud, yearly fraud, fraud, abuse, somewhere between the 100 billion the $100,000,000,002 $50 billion. can you imagine? that is almost every year.
7:30 am
those types of thieves represent, there is not much attempt to change this. 90% of the fraud and abuse in the government, 15 agencies doing the same thing. the repetitiveness is outrageous and lack of efficiency, you can balance the budget if you could bring back half $1 trillion every month. maria: 50 areas in the uk -- >> i read that but have not gone to the uk. maria: as is the number of investigations about those, and 1000 investigations. there are at least 1000.
7:31 am
and they were not following those people. evidence that they were the type of people they should be following. at some point you run out of resources. maria: the third suspect has been captured in brussels. what are the kinds of questions to learn more about this network. >> first and foremost they want to know the methodology of how they are operating, how they move around. it is pretty obvious they get carte blanche, they get new ideas and they know about the technology of the devices, the business of someone having a glove and detonating and all this stuff and where are they getting explosives and who their associates are. that was what was so important about this nsa collection that
7:32 am
misses the point. the communications companies don't keep these records forever i understand. if you want to go back and find something two years old or something or even a month old, it is difficult to get if you can get it at all. the main purpose of them collecting the stuff is they have the database to check those records with a court order. maria: good to see you, thank you so much, we will be right back.
7:33 am
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7:35 am
right now, reported arrest in brussels there have been conflicting reports this morning on exactly who was arrested. here is what we know, someone has been detained, his identity however is not known, earlier a local paper reporting, a person was arrested, and it was in fact the third attacker, now local police prosecutors are providing an update top of the hour, more on that 30 people were killed and dozens others injured in yesterday's blast, we white for update from authorities, in the next 20 minutes to, bring you more. top story of the moment the results are in from arizona and utah donald trump, hillary clinton extending lead in victories in arizona last night senator ted cruz beating trump in utah caucus, securing the state 40 delegates, cruz also securing the endorsement of former presidential candidate and former florida governor jeb bush, big
7:36 am
endorsement this morning, for ted cruz, i will ask senator cruz about that when he sits down 58 a.m. eastern. >> asia finished mostly lower investors pulling back in wake of terrorist attacks ahead of long weekend easter holiday in europe market are open, off this morning, on the day, the best performer better than percent higher dax in germany up about 10 points right now. in u.s. futures searching for direction, no real direction, here, although things have turned a little bit more positive in the last 30 minutes, we are expecting, a higher opening, even if just fractionally that after the dow jones industrial average yesterday, a seven-day winning streak donald trump hillary clinton, padding delegate leads last night with key victories in arizona, where the delegate count stands like this, on the republican side, trump has 739 delegates to senator ted cruz's 465. and john kasich 14. on democratic sidehill hill
7:37 am
now has 1681 delegates, to vermont senator bernie sanders 927 peter do as yoo in utah breaking down the results. >> good morning, and you can see the internal divides within republican party within democratic party you look at arizona results versus utah results. for the republicans winner take all 58 delegate arizona, primary voters waited in very long lines to help trump, easily be the cruz 47 to 24. but in utah, the opposite cruz won 6 % of the vote to clinch all 40 delegates, the same thing with the democrats, clinton won big in arizona, 57 to 39. but lost big to sanders in utah, 79 to 19. sanders won idaho last night, 78 to 21. now, the utah republican caucus last night for the very first time offered the could
7:38 am
not to vote on internet to make life easy caused confusion for many couldn't find 30 digitpin numbers others didn't realize on line registration ended last week some had text problems, at one in person, republican caucus room in utah that we visiting, a debate about donald trump's merits among caucus goers lasted so long a woman stood up and said enough, we've been debating on facebook four months let's just vote one bernie sanders supporter on sidewalk here in salt lake city yesterday said something that i have not heard from any sanders supporter in any early state she said her reason for backing sanders over clinton was benghazi you hear a lot about the clintons accusing republicans making benghazi political for gain as it turns out a lot of democrats the least some in utah care about benghazi, too. maria: apparently, peter doocy on the ground in ut avenue joining us right now house homeland security committee member new york republican congressman peter
7:39 am
dining good to see you thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> first up, your reaction to last night? >> primaries, listen i am not donald trump supporter, but he is getting closer and closer to nomination, ted cruz did show, in utah you know weaknesses trump has right now going to be very difficult to stop trump. maria: congressman new quinnipiac poll this morning shows donald trump taking a commanding lead with 4 % favorability to senator ted cruz' 29% you look at democratic side clinton with 50% favorability to bernie sanders' 38%, in the face of you been obviously, terrorism plays into what donald trump has been talking about this entire campaign. >> yeah, the more you have attacks like this someone like donald trump is looked to i think that he is -- not always coherent what he says as far as terrorism but he is striking a anchored with americans see donald trump, you know, yelling allowed
7:40 am
about terrorism they see, barack obama, president barack obama at baseball game with castros, raoul castro just -- part of donald trump's rise is due to the fact that president obama does not seem to be able to respond he effectively other appropriately, when attack like this happens like paris like with -- foley be head, again yesterday almost like, something that -- >> it -- he the president looks upon as speed bumps not really the -- the dramatic moment or horrible moment the rest of the world thinks it is many americans think it is. >> congressman arthur aidala here how are you -- >> how you doing. >> great fantastic, as biggest cheerleader of safety, and in new york, do you at least when you put your head on the pillow at night knowing that more likely tonight one of two presidents of the united states, either hillary clinton or donald trump, are people
7:41 am
who get new york and understand new york, does that make you feel that you will get the funding, for new york, that we need as a number one international target for terror. >> i think one thing we agree on, i can't believe president obama tempted to cut funding dramatically for new york when it comes to homeland security, i mean, new york city long island northern new jersey main terrorist twashth in entire country maybe twier world back to cut it president would attempt to cut it by almost 50% we have over 1,000 cops new york city alone working on counterterrorism, my understanding is cities like chicago, have four, 1,000 police officers all technology, all of the other methods that have been followed by the nypd and by police as well suffolk state police cutting off funding when isis never more powerful is absolute insanity i would
7:42 am
say where strong for clinton we will get money. >> we saw president obama yesterday in cuba at the baseball game,really sort of in another world, there, while we are talking about this subject, is there anything you think the u.s. needs to be doing differently right now to actually take down isis congressman? >> well, i think we should have less restrictions as far as bombing raids in middle east, but also we have to be more preemptive at home we are going to say reality no matter how fbi encounter with apple turns out more and more encrypted apps used harder for us to use a single intelligence tapping into phone calls messages we have to have more human intelligence that means more sources on the ground, so we have to put away this political correctness we have to have, i believe, going into muslim communities having surveillance inform ofers infer are undercovers not any kind of pictures accusation reality is that is where attack is going to come from,
7:43 am
the going to mafia, italian communities went to irish-american neighbors you go where you believe crimes or terrorists is going to come from. >> the conversation we were of course a few minutes ago good to see you thanks so much. >> maria thank you. >> representative. >> peter king joining us fallout from terrorist attack in brussels one professional baseball player undergoing surgery after a horrific leg wound how the sports community is coping next. the pursuit of healthier.
7:44 am
it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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7:46 am
maria: welcome back the professional basketball player in belgium suffering series reg hip injuries yesterdayot attack in brussels, jared max with details. >> good morning, among hundreds of people injured, yesterday's terror attacks two former basketball players one a hall of famer former -- must item bo other lesser known, former college player oakland university sebastien bellin
7:47 am
now 37 years old you see him on the floor, at airport terminal required multiple surz yesterday the bloodied left leg blast the brussels airport, said to have sent him flying 65 feet. mu item bo uninjured said he was in a lounge when he heard people screaming everybody starting running he ran through terminal and tore to tarmac, brussels airport on lay over from congo to the united states because he was visiting his foundation's hospitals in his native congo face to face with terror said it was very crazy i feel very sad so many moms trying to push their two kids, three kids, to have 1,000 people in everybody running, it was very, very bad. the accounts start to come out people lived through this a lot of timed we say what are chances being cut a in terror attack. >> he was in brooklyn i was at brooklynnets game tuesday night he was courtside, waved
7:48 am
to everybody just shows you how fast, life can change, because that other kid, looked like very, very seriously. >> spent most professional career in europe, and played many years nor a team in belgium. maria: about what story, thank you jared max, donald trump takes arizona ted cruz takes utah both -- from 1237 marc to secure nomination o former house speaker newt gingrich weighs in next. stay with us. .
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
maria: we'll back donald trump with big win in arizona last night giving a stronger
7:52 am
lead in the del count trump now has 739 delegates, senator cruz with 465 after his win in utah last night governor john kasich in third place, with 143. joining us now former presidential candidate himself and former speaker of the house newt gingrich. always a pleasure sir thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. maria: let's talk about last night to second cruz pain campaign will tell you they have a path that continues to show up last night with the victory in utah, do you agree with that. >> well, i look i think utah with those a big win for ted cruz can feel good about it it was unusual win, utah is unusual state. we have -- beyond utah, the key i think is going to be wisconsin. coming up two weeks important state very diverse state agriculture industry intellectuals. i think question there is cruz and kasich both are sort of a watershed they need have to be able to stop trump in wisconsin.
7:53 am
or begins to lookive pretty hopeless, so last night, not quite a draw ted cruz did not win as many votes as many delegates as did donald trump. and the fact is that trump came one step closer to the nomination a net gain of 58 to 40. that means he actually got a bigger percent of total delegation last night than he needs based on various calculations the question becomes is there a state, where cruz and kasich can actually stop him, i think wiz is probably good a shot as they are going to get if they can't stop him in wisconsin, i don't see the rationale for the campaign going much further dagen. dagen: good to see you, after wiz, should kasich drop out? >> wisconsin should kasich drop out. >> against what happens. >>kq has legitimate right to run i think a very, very deeshl potential vice
7:54 am
presidential account there its possibility of a negotiation if you are in the room has 160 or more delegates you know you have something to negotiate with, i don't think going to be nominee i said consistently i have been on the show saying there are only two people potential nominees now that is trump and cruz nobody else is seriously a potential nominee. you could magic a world in by kasich would run the table, and you know perns new jersey connecticut but when you look at polling numbers in new york, trump is overpoweringly particular in new york, that is a huge state. maria: you have been saying that a lot actually. >> let me ask you mr. speaker did the deadly attack in brussels yesterday, have an impact at all in the voting last night? obviously, immigration, and this issue of understanding who is coming and going in this country has been donald trump maenterpiece. >> tragically i think the
7:55 am
attacked many way validates donald trump entire candidates the most amazing column i read piers morgan goes through proposals saying looking at carnage in brussel maybe he is right a remarkable interview for peers morgan to come out say tumble bhai be one guy understands this i tweeted later on i thought really remarkable tells you what is going on you have hillary clinton on a while ago on videotape saying oh, we should not have leaders who tell us to be afraid how do you watch brussels and not have some sense of fear? >> right. >> so i think she sounds almost like in a fantasy world doesn't connect to reality. maria: just to under line what a you just said a lot of people defeating o tweet out "new york times" story in end of january headlined donald trump finds new city to insult brussels.
7:56 am
>> back in january, he was talking about how radicalized brussels was becoming. >> one of trump's strengths a lot of things with trump i can find fault with, but one of his strengths, is to read the obviously a little bit like reagan in that sense looked out saw what was happening knew people who perpetrated paris atrocities many had come from brussels new maelbeek area of brussels in fact, had been heavily, infiltrated by terrorists, and he has vary friends go to and from eu in brussels business friends saying to him it is out of control, so he reports the obvious, everybody else thinks he is stupidest only guy saying it now here we are several months later going in the fact is donald trump was right. hillary clinton was totally wrong. and makes you question her connectivity to the real world. >> i know fbi doesn't wrap up investigation until they speak
7:57 am
with s suspect do you think the fbi is going to reach out to hillary clinton ask her to do an intellect you have. >> i would presume they will i think have been very thorough very professional i think some point they are going do have to never get to go closure until they talk to her, i don't know that they yet talked to huma, cheryl mils i would think before talking to hillary but clearly have been very thorough very professional. >> good to see you thanks so much. >> good to be with you. >> newt gingrich joining us there we've got senator ted cruz coming up live next mower, stamowehour. stay with us for that.
7:58 am
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maria: good wednesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. breaking news this morning, a reported arrest in brussels, there have been conflicting reports on exactly who was arrested, joining us this morning what we know someone has been detained in brussels, his identity not known yet. earlier a local brussels paper reporting that a person arrested was in fact that third attacker, in the picture local police prosecutors will be providing update mom plea will bring that live once we find out who in fact has been arrested, top story this morning results are in, from arizona and utah, donald trump and hillary clinton extending their leads with victories in arizona, senator ted cruz beating trump in utah caucus, securing that state 40 delegates, cruz secured the endorsement of former presidential candidate former florida governor jeb bush this morning endorsement from jeb
8:01 am
bush to ted cruz i will ask senator cruz about that endorsement coming up in the program when he joins me police turning to markets this morning asia finished mostly lower investors pulled back in wake of terrorist attack ahead of easter holiday long weekend for marmths coming up in europe markets open higher, in fact, you've got gains between a half percent to better than 1%, in the eurozone this morning, in u.s., futures are searching for direction although we are expecting, a fractionally better opening for at broader averages dow jones industrial average expected to open up appoints nasdaq s&p fractionally moving that is after yesterday's performance, dow snapping a 7 day winning streak yesterday. joining me all morning to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, rhino trading a purpose michael bloc fox news legal analyst are a thievery aidala amazing guests lender a lot. >>. dagen: unbelievable i love hearing from speaker gingrich such history vision what is going on jim kallstrom eric
8:02 am
trump, you name it, you got more coming up. >> ted cruz as well top story. >> no other place in mornings than "mornings with maria." >> top story reported arrest in brussels there have been convicting reports on exactly who was arrested, now, what we know is someone has been detained, the identity is not known, earlier a local paper reporting that the person arrested was the third attacker gentlemen on right side wearing white and hat local police prosecutors will be providing update momentarily we will bring that update from brussels prosecutors coming up live, stay with us on that, joining me right now former cia director james woolsey, mr. director good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> first let me get your tiek on this investigation going on in terms of these three bombers, two suicide bombers what do you believe is most more focus for authorities right now in terms of finding out, whether more attacks are
8:03 am
on the way or who else is involved? where will they zmer. >> questioning, were those did not -- themselves up may be a couple. further investigations inness muslim suburbs of brussels maelbeek a couple others, that appears to have been what was successful. because, young men in europe, and to some extent as we know in united states for example, in california, have gotten recruited either through media or through themselves. to become suicide bombers and to sign on to that set the of beliefs. maria: let me ask but those areas because this seems to be really where each is zeroing in throughout europe brussels we know that, where they obviously are practicing sharia law more than that, tleer walking around in plain sight police afraid to go into
8:04 am
these areas what needs to be done how come wooent done more if in fact we knew where terrorists were hanging out. >> well we are much better than europeans assimilating people from cultures religions backgrounds we tend not to have these types of -- neighborhoods in the u.s. not nearly as aggrieved -- to the degree innup anyway. as a result of that we have harder time i would think finding what exactly what areas to go through, with the thorness for example, that the belgium took a long time got it done went through maelbeek ended up finding one of the at least one, of the terrorists, in general search of houses and findi fingerprints so forth the main point that we can't just play defense here, you are not going to win a hokey game if you have only a goalie
8:05 am
even if a great goalie we have to go to where the terrorists are being generated and that means ideas and that means middle east we have to win in the middle east. isis, and people are not want to go hear that because they are tired of fighting in the middle east, but that is in part because we've been fighting in a kind of -- way we have not been trying to win. >> how do you win? >> well probably we have first put together a dedicated coalition when we would be willing to lead, of the number moderate sunni states such as jordan egypt, and others. we need to go into the heartland along with kurds where the isis is operating in iraq and syria, particularly. we probably need a substantial number of special forces not
8:06 am
so much because it is american boots on the ground, in terms of main military forces being used. that would presumably principally come from kurds our allieds that i described. but we do have to have plenty of people who are there, as artillery, and air attack observers targeters we need to have trains we need to do this right. we know how to fight. what we haven't been doing is getting orders to do so. >> mr. woolsey getting back to europe a moment here, you know -- some sort of failure you mentioned neighborhoods win eu talk about brussels have hotbeds for rad callism belgium, american interests american nationals what are american security personnel prat apparatus doing what is really happening. >> i think we are going to
8:07 am
have to leave a good deal of fixing of the neighborhoods to our you european friends and our contribution would i think substantially be military, with airpower, especially and special forces and the like. this is -- this arrangement they have with suburbs that they where they produce all these terrorists is -- is really not something we can do a lot to change. it is -- it is part of the fact that they don't assimilate the way we do, of in europe. and we're not perfect at this. but they are really rough neighborhoods, and united states, too, of course, but generally speaking, people come to the united states because they want to be americans they want to be part of this country and its culture. and in europe, that is often not the case they are into the multicultural by those and
8:08 am
they don't press people to become true believing at frenchmen whatever, they don't do that. >> good to have you on program mr. woolsey thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> we will see you soon james woolsey joining us straight ahead senator ted cruz will be here live. stay with us. ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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maria: welcome back top story this morning politics and have a primaries donald trump with a big victory in arizona last
8:11 am
night pulling in over 47% of the vote in the winner take all state nearly doubling ted cruz' totally, cruz much better in utah brought in nearly 7 o 0% of the vote awarding all 40 available delegates in utah donald trump has 739 to senator ted cruz' 465, and john kasich's 143. joining me right now is republican presidential candidate texas senator ted cruz good to so a you that you so much for joining us. >> good morning thank you for having me. >> congratulations on utah let me get your thoughts and you characterize what you saw last night. >> well, last night was a asterisk victory hoping to break 50% you get all delegates we ended up blowing past that saw a landslide victory 69% near 70% vote i think it is really indicative of what we're seeing nationwide, which is we are seeing republican uniting behind our campaign, utah was now the tenth state across country we beat donald trump
8:12 am
we are, the only campaign that has beaten donald trump over and over again, that has a clear path to beating him winning the nomination, and going forward defeating hillary clinton. maria: i want to ask more about that clear path i know wisconsin coming up an important one for you, this morning you've got big news from jeb bush. >> yeah. >> endorsement from jeb bush, how important was the former governor of florida endorsing you -- >> tremendously important. governor bush is a good man, and i am very grateful for his endorsement i think his endorsement is indicative of what we're seeing, which is republicans unifying coming together, you know in the last 10 days, our campaign has been supported by jeb bush, mitt romney, mike lee, mark levin you want to talk about a broad ideology strufk the entire gamut across those the spectrum, 56 to 70% of republicans nationwide recognize, donald trump is not the best candidate to go ahead
8:13 am
to headed against hillary clinton donald losses to hillary, and i beat hillary that is why we are seeing republicans coming together, and unifying what led to our landslide victory in utah, it is what puts us in a very, very strong position going forward. maria: of course, the issue around immigration has been so critical, i want to turn to brussels for a moment, because we are following reports this morning, that someone involved in yesterday's bombing has been arrested, we don't know if it is that third individual that was walked around carts in the airport yet but there were reports that this bomber in the video captured first authorities retracted your thoughts on investigation so far, and how they are approaching taking down -- >> i will say all of us thoughts and prayers are with those who are o murdered wounded in this terrorist attack in brussels, and especially with the three americans mormon missionaries wounded in this attack i think this attack really underscores
8:14 am
the threat we face from radical islamic terrorism not lone wolf not isolated attack skier facing global jihad frommis red cal islamic terrorism i think people across the country are fed up with president obama, hillary clinton the more than democratic party captive to political correctness would be the say records radical islamic terrorism indeed sfomg paris attack following san bernardino president obama predickbly goes on contiguous elect irs americans on islama phobia we need a commander in chief first priority is keeping america safe. if i am commander in chief we will utterly destroy isis going to defeat radical islamic terrorism going to end this -- this ostrich head in the stand political correctness that refuses to acknowledge our enemy to identify it do what is necessary to defeat it. >> it is the approach that really is debated so you have comments yesterday that were characterized criticized i want to get to them debate about it you said
8:15 am
time for law enforcement to quote patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods, of about they become radicalized. >> people had a problem with that patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods as if all muslims are radical. >> we need to use proactive policing we need to use national security, and intelligence, at this to stop radical islamic terrorism, you know, if you look at the city of new york under mayor bloomberg a program worked actively cooply with muslim community to go in and prevent radicalization to identify and stop radical islamic terrorist plots before carried out. now mayor de blasio in a about predictable act of political correctness canceled that program. >> took police out of areas out of about those mosquess you are are you are not benefiting anybody refusing to acknowledge what you are facing we need to be combating it, to use an analogy if you are concerned about gang violence, you naturally direct
8:16 am
law enforcement resources to neighborhoods communities where there is a high preface lance of gang violence o go in community work with community to take gang members off street i note vince of gang valu violence citizenson african-american hispanic, victimized assaulted murdered by gang violence likewise if you look at muslim communities, radical islamic terrorists don't just murder christians and jews murder fellow muslims as well we need to stop ignoring the problem, stop justifying the problem we need to focus on islamism, a political theocratic innovatively that xhancommandsea herenz murder ininfidels define everybody else subject them to sharia law we need a focused direct approach from law enforcement, from national security the military, and especially isis as long as
8:17 am
ices continues to thrive. these attacks will continue and grow and we will see more attacks in america. maria: are differentiate your position from donald trump's position i feel when donald trump first called for temporary ban from muslims entering united states everybody looked at him said this guy is nuts you can't ban all muslims yesterday you said, you know we need to immediately halt the flow of refugees from countries significant al-qaida or isis presence i feel most people agreeing with what donald trump said incredibly. >> donald uses a lot of he hot and angry rhetoric approach to every problem yell and scream and occurs doesn't have real solutions to fixing the problems. so,for example, donald has said multiple times, that he intends if he were president to be neutral, between israel and palestinians that statement reflects astonishing lack of understanding israel and palestinians are not same situation, if you look at the
8:18 am
radical islamic terrorists, in hamas that are part of the palestinian authority in unity government they are murdering citizens and no one who -- who understands the situation wants to be neutral between the idf forces protecting innocent citizens in israel and terrorists who are celebrating inciting violence compensating the terrorists, likewise. you know, two days ago, donald trump, called for effectively america withdrawing from nato one day later we saw this brussels attack obviously where nato is headquartereded wug from nato a catastrophic mistake would hand putin a massive victory handsis a massive victory don alled's foreign policy is foreign policy of weakness islation a.m. we need to stand with ill not withdrawing showing weakness donald, you know it
8:19 am
is striking that donald's foreign pill milk to left of hillary clinton and barack obama even they don't advocate withdrawing from nato yet trump wants to essentially preempttively surrender. >> i am glad you mengz that comments yesterday being dedicated criticized as well on nato let me ask you about this fight with you and donald trump over the wives, what is this all about? a super pac that supports your campaign, initially posted this picture, of donald trump's wife melania he got very upset by that donald trump responded, there is the melania tweet i mean melania picture from super pac donald trump saying on twitter be careful ted or i spill the beans on your wife, many said if you try to attack -- heidi you are more a coward than i thought you said that in response what is he trying to say about your wife. >> well look, first of all, the -- the group that sent out that that tweet about -- about donald's wife, not our super pac i don't know people we
8:20 am
have in o connection. >> you can't control that so that we can't control i never had a conversation as far as i know no won on my team ever had a conversation with them they are totally separate we do have super pacs supporting us that is not one of them it is totally separate unrelated to us but donald's approach, when he is scared when he is threatened when he is rattled, he inevbly starts yell screaming insulting people often cursing, donald is a bully how he approaches people he immediately threatened my wife. i got to say heidi is the daughter of christimissionaries. >> lived in africa heidi best friend in the world incredible mom if you want to fight stick with me heidi is way out of your league. >> she otherwise lovely we have had our shown accepted our best your tax plan got to talk about economy art hale.f.
8:21 am
says best tax plan out there why does lower taxes create jobs. >> cause and effect if you want economic growth small business the heart of our compromise i two-thirds of all new jobs from small businesses, when you do what we have done last seven years when you hammer small businesses with tax, regulation, you get the stagnation misery, and mall wi mallize we have seen when you lift small burdens taxes regulations, you see incredible economic growth my tax plan is a simply flat tax for a family of fou first 36,000 dollars you earn a you pay nothing, no income tax no payroll tax no nothing, above 36,000 dollars, everyone pays the same simple flat 10% no prolonger hedge fund billionaires paying lower effective tax rate than secretaries everyone pays same
8:22 am
the postcard on our web site with we do that abolish irs. on business side eliminate corporate income tax limit the payroll tax limit the obamacare tax we eliminate the death tax replace all with a simple 16% business flat tax, that is fair and uniform the effect will be to produce nearly 5 million jobs to raise wages for everyone, to produce economic growth and economic growth is key he to solving every other problem. >> that was great analysis we got to jump to europe a press conference, but wisconsin superimportant for you. >> tremendous. >> how you feeling ahead of wisconsin does that lead to contested convention which is what you need. >> wisconsin is in two weeks flying to wisconsin today great support on the ground, and actually, our first path is to win 123 delegates of about the convention we've got a direct path to doing so, yesterday's win in utah a big step, and as long as republicans continue to unite behind our campaign we will beat donald trump either by getting 1237 before
8:23 am
convention, or if both come into the convention with a bunch of delegates short of 1237 we win, by continuing to unite republicans donald trump losses to hillary clinton, and i beat hillary? good to have you on program. >> thank you. >> we will be watching the path break with news local police prosecutors update on brussels attacks let's listen >> -- >> [speaking in french]. >> thank you. >> [speaking in french] we are
8:24 am
listening to belgium press conference as you can see officials providing update on the brussels terrorist attack we are listening to find out exactly who was referred whether or not it was third individual we are seeing in those pictures we've got a lot to come a lot of breaking news stay with us donald trump and hillary clinton, sweeping the winner take all arizona primaries last night bernie sanders pulling off victories in utah idaho, we head to tempe arizona next live after this break, back in a minute we are looking at voter turnout.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
a manhunt is underway for the events which killed 31 people and injured 270 others. cheryl casone with the latest. cheryl: we're monitoring the press conference and prosecutors say that the police found the brussels suicide bombers will on the computer. they're searching for the man who was seen with two suspected bombers at the brussels airport and you're seeing the report, the media said the man was arrested, but now we're getting word that that arrest has reportedly been withdrawn and that's not the case. all of this happening as a back drop to the u.s. state
8:28 am
department warning americans in europe right now to avoid crowded places and also to exercise extra caution. there are the two brothers for you, as well. here is the travel alert, here is what it says, terrorists plan to plan terror attacks, targeting sports events and restaurants. the family of an american injured in the attacks, say it's the third time the 19-year-old, and there he is, has had a connection to a terrorist attack. this is mason wells. he was a block away from the finish line during the boston marathon bombing. he was in france during the attacks and brussels. we are getting that story to you. >> president obama is continuing on with the full day in argentina and continued in cuba. and only used 50 seconds to the people to address the belgium attacks.
8:29 am
>> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium and stamped in solidarity with them in these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever we can with our friend aally belgium to bring those to justice that are responsible and the world must unite. >> the president's statement broadcast to over 50 countries. despite the terrorist attack in belgium, earlier this morning, the president decided to attend a major league baseball exhibition game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team and saying in an interview the premise of terrorism is to disrupt people's lives and shared a laugh with derek jeter. and the wave. >> and a lot of developments there and of course, the president today is in argentina
8:30 am
and we'll see what he does today. >> thanks very much. party frontrunners scored big wins in the state of arizona last night. voter sentiment being swayed by the terror attacks in brussels hours before. peter barnes is on the ground with details, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria, we spent all day yesterday in a polling place here in tempe, arizona and if the issue of border security and immigration were on voters' mind, the attacks in brussels put an exclamation point on the issues for voters. we talked to several about it and here is what he had to say. >> for trump. >> in belgium this morning reaffirmed-- >> reaffirmed-- >> i don't think of it right away because of our security measures here, but i do think it's something that any candidate should take into account. >> the clintons have been in
8:31 am
politics, foreign policy since i was, you know, first able to vote and i really think that that kind of experience and being just involved with politics for that long makes them tried and true. >> and you probably also heard that the lines at the polling places here in the phoenix area and around the state were very, very long. turns out at least here in the phoenix area, voting officials cut back the number of polling places at the same time they were predicting record turnouts because of the excitement over this race, the issues involved, and all the candidates coming here as a result, a lot of folks had to wait two and three hours to get to vote. maria: peter, thank you so much. peter barnes with the latest there, joining us now is republican pollster and fox news contributor frank luntz. good to see you.
8:32 am
what about what peter was telling us, the voter turnout and weren't the ballots people were expecting. >> ridiculous, we need to call them trump democrats, they do not identify with the g.o.p. and may not call themselves conservative, but like what trump is saying and how he says it. it's about 15% of the republican primary vote. it's 6, 7% of the electorate and can make a difference. one thing you've got to understand about trump democrats when they vote for the senate and vote for the house and everything else, they're still democrats, and there is the chance that the republicans are actually nominating the person that could actually cost them the senate and even the house as a result. maria: that's big news. >> we've been doing focus groups across the country and done about 50 of them since august and listening to that anger that's also want to correct a misnomar, -- mi
8:33 am
missnomar, during the 50's and 60's, they're behind and in debt. you have parents that are paying their own college loans and their kids' college loans at the same time and don't think they'll get out of it. dagen: if you're donald trump, how do you connect with younger people, women and latinos. we talked about the scripted speech at aipac. do you need to see more of that, a controlled conversation where he's parsed a little bit or not? i don't know. >> look, he's done so well by doing the exact opposite of what people like me would have recommended to him and he's really his own advisor. he's telling the truth when he says that. the problem is what it takes to win the republican nomination is different than what it takes to win the general election because the electorate is different. it's not as ideological, it's much more character based and donald trump has to move not only is he angry, not only will he shake things up, he has to move prove he's presidential. they have to see him delivering the state of the union address.
8:34 am
maria: he has to prove he has a plan to defeat isis. the number of foreign policy sent this letter, we're questioning about the military will take orders from him. >> how easy is this? you have hillary clinton who has jumped on barack obama's agenda, basically given him a bear hug and with each of these examples of terrorism it's clear that the obama strategy isn't working. so, this should be one of the most easy elections for the republicans and yet, he is behind six or seven points in almost every survey. dagen: but policies sound like barack obama. when you list what donald trump has said the u.s. shouldn't be the world's policeman and removing ourselves from the middle east and asia and even nato from terms of funding there, it sounds like obama. >> mark my words, if there's a terrorist attack on our soil, you'll see trump's numbers go up, four, five, six points because everything he's saying is about protecting this country. it may not be helpful to
8:35 am
europe, which is frightening to all of us here, but it's about protecting this country and at least he's talking about it. maria: by the way, we were talking about an article, i know you've got to get in here, michael. an article that dagen and i keep retweeting, from the new york times in in january. and donald trump finds a new city to insult, brussels. he called it. he's talking about radicalization in brussels. it's hard to say he hasn't been spot on with issues he's raised. >> not only spot on, but he's done it in a way that the public believes him. he says what he means, and says it, and says it in plain english and intellectuals can't stand it and i enjoy it to some degree. >> everybody enjoys it. he makes it a spectator sport and you can't turn it off sometimes. the area of expertise, the 6 to
8:36 am
7 points behind m march can be made up in november. >> you name the people. he's doing worse than most republicans do in latinos. worse among women and worse among voters 18 to 29. >> but the democratic vote offsets that, right, because he's getting dems. >> the problem is doesn't offset it enough. >> your point, the g.o.p. platform, obviously is social conservativism and ted cruz, who i thought was speaking well, spoke well to that. do you think that donald sees that, will deemphasize or toned down for the general election versus now. >> i don't know how he's going to do a platform. no one has been talking about thisment he doesn't know how to run a convention and his people never put together a nationwide campaign. you're going to need a billion dollars for the republican national committee and the democrats will have it and he talks about self-funding himself. maria: he doesn't have the liquidity for that. >> and the party has to do so many of these things that he
8:37 am
has no idea, his team has no idea. you guys have to do your show in cleveland and you want to do it exactly one block away because you'll be surrounded by hell and it will be a story that you'll tell your children and your grandchildren how you got hit in the head with a tomato because you were there in cleveland. you've got to see it. it's going to be one hell of a show. maria: what will a contested convention look like? or do you think, for example, ted cruz who was sitting here a minute ago, can actually get the number of delegate votes going into the convention? >> he's half right. and by the way, the questions you asked him were perfect because it's exactly what voters want to know. he can prevent trump from getting the majority, but he can't get there himself. he is too far behind. just yesterday, the great example, yeah, he went to utah overwhelmingly, but trump still picks up more delegates in arizona. the math doesn't work and kasich is not strong enough. it might have been advantageous if rubio stayed in and collected a few delegates here and there, i'm not convinced
8:38 am
that trump gets to the number he needs before convention day. dagen: here is the problem, should he start change and running and talking to the american people as if he's the nominee now so he begins to communicate differently with people? >> i don't know if he can. the great thing about him. maria: he is who he is. >> he is who he is. dagen: he was the first presidential candidate yesterday morning to at least respond to the brussels attack and short tweet with a misspelling in it with a misspelling. maria: he took it back and spelled it right. dagen: and kasich and cruz, well parsed statements. >> it works perfectly in a primary situation. it's much different in the general election. >> let's be honest, a few months ago, everybody would have said he doesn't have the right apparatus to do. can that translate to a convention or that's a wild card and what about november. >> how can i buy the per purview rights for the debates. >> sure.
8:39 am
it's going to be nationwide, more people are going to watch it nationwide and globally than watch the super bowl. if i could get just one dollar per global viewing. dagen: i have a quick question. lying ted, little marco, how does he brand in two words hillary clinton without seeming like he's attacking her as a woman. what can he call her? >> and hillary clinton, it's not two words, he used a line which is really ugly and it's funny, but ugly, and he said publiccle and i'll say it here. maria: do it. >> i have permission. if he can't-- if she can't satisfy her husband, how can she satisfy the country? it's what-- you gave me permission. maria: that's not going to work. >>, but that's what you're going to get in the debates. you're going to get that kind of oh, my god, i can't believe he said it. maria: not the fbi investigation, not the charitable foundation? >> it's going to be-- no, he already talked abouted male anatomy. do you think he's going to hold
8:40 am
up against her? no way, that's why everyone is going to watch and how do the five v us get ownership of pay-per-view, you will not have to be-- i may not be on fox ever again. [laughter] but if we own that. maria: unbelievable, frank, always a pleasure. always fantastic and frank luntz there, up next, we'll bring you the latest in the privacy fight again apple and the fbi and what it means for the future of the technology giant. and nike's brand new self--lacing sneakers, investors aren't thrilled with the latest numbers. stay with us. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
8:41 am
i'm in charge of it all. so i've been snapping photos of my receipts and keeping track of them in and my bees.nses, best 68,000 employees ever. that's how we own it.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at hundreds of crash simulations. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience...
8:43 am create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road. the all-new glc. the suv the world has been waiting for. starting at $38,950. >> welcome back. the iphone encryption fight between apple and the fbi is over for now. the technology giant looking to have won the battle and may not have won the war. jo ling kent. jo: the war isn't close to being over. fight is on ice, but is expected to continue. the department of justice not
8:44 am
revealing which third party has been able to unlock the iphone c used in the san bernardino shooting. an israeli company has been able to help the fbi on this, but apple again not saying on this issue, but and apple lawyers in fact, told l.a. times, they never called their software unbreakable. even though the hearing is canceled for now, it may be rescheduled after what americans are thinking on this issue. a new reuters poll say they agreed or strongly agreed they trust apple to protect their data from hackers and only one in ten sket security codes, pass codes the most important feature when go out to purchase a phone. the argument is called into question about the phone. >> the whole thing, why that's why they put up the fight that they did in terms of the fbi so at that people believe that in fact, they have the privacy.
8:45 am
>> they put on a show and everyone likes to champion civil liberties, that's great, what the country is founded upon. the sources with apple, and some of the council is doing a tap dance here, rather than acting that someone would dare a break their phones, is that accurate? >> the tone of apple's counsel and the attorneys that work with them. the fbi continues to blindside them and different moves, including the sudden source that could possibly hack into their phone and stepping away from the hearing and vacating that. dagen: apple is the one that stopped working with the fbi, throwing their hands up, when they helped extract data from at least 70 phones in the past and apple just essentially stopped working with the fbi and now they're crying-- >> do we know why they do that, da ig dagen? >> they are crying foul. i can guess why, they said from a legal perspective, you can't follow through with this because of what they're asking to do with writing the special
8:46 am
software because-- >> that's what the lawyers told them. >> it's a precedent that they're going to ask to do this in the future. this is not resolved not by any stretch of the imagination unless congress acts. >> i caught up with ceo tim cook in the hallways and how he's feeling about the battle. are you worried about the battle. he's optimistic. dagen: better come out with a better phone than the 6. worry about the phone and not fighting the government. maria: all right, jo. coming up next the new york auto show coming to down showing the luxurious new cars in the market. we'll have that after this break. check that one out. but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere,
8:47 am
the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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8:50 am
welcome back, the world's luxury automakers, and jeff flock standing by with audi america, for a first on fox business interview. >> first on fox interview and a first on fox look at perhaps the sexiest car of the show. that's the r8 spider, wow, quite a car. scott, i've got to ask you first, show you up close and personal, but given this terror situation right now. >> yeah. >> you are well-positioned, but that's got to throw some fear in you about the market going forward? >> the first thing for me, you have to look at the humanity aspect before the business portion of it. we have a factory there in brussels, and i had a brother-in-law in the city who works for another company who was there so our thoughts obviously are with the people and with, obviously, the terrible situation there. and in terms of business, certainly, when there's
8:51 am
disruption like this, clearly, it's not good for business, but that's not in our thoughts. in our thoughts is the humanity. >> that's your headline. speaking of the headline of the show, maybe ben comes out here, maria and gives you a better look at this. this is a super car. the r8 has a great history and see its older brother, i guess. >> the crazy brother. >> the racing version. >> this is the one that i-- >> well, perhaps not i. >> get red-- get rid of "perhaps", this car debts its dna from the racing car. 24 hours of daytona, sam exact engine in both cars and so we have racing credibility. >> you've got to feel good about this market going forward for you to invest the kind of money in the development of this vehicle, correct?
8:52 am
>> we do and look, brands need a halo car. if you look at r8 when we launched the first generation car way back in 2007 and 2008, you look at audi then and now, this set it for audiments i asked you about terror. does the u.s. presidential race scare you at all? >> i'm not a politician, i'm a businessman. >> good for business? >> politics usually not, but either way it goes we're going to follow our business model and continue to do what we do. i'm not walking into that one. >> too sharp for me, long island boy, too sharp for me. >> he's enjoying one of the better parts of the economy and see if that's impacted by the presidential election, but the auto sector on fire, great cars there and we appreciate it. >> so far. >> thank you so much, jeff, see you later. we're watching stocks on the love this morning ahead of the open. nike set to open down 5% and that will shave about 20 points off the dow industrials when it gets started. nike under pressure this morning after earnings after
8:53 am
the close last night. they posted a 20% increase in profits, but sales growth was slower than expected and that has the stock down 5%. we're watching travel stocks, taking a hit following the terror attacks in brussels. shares of royal caribbean, trip advisor and pipeline looking mixed ahead of the hope. it's a quiet week ahead of a long holiday weekend, michael, but the gdp is out on friday and jobs number out on april 1st, as well as first quarter earnings season is about to begin. >> and before that pre-announcement season coming up. nike, had, as you mentioned profits were good and future sales looked actually okay, but you have an example here of a stock within a sector that's traded well. what i'll mention about the market here, it's looking overbought. the index is looking overbought for the first time since november. that's the first top that we had. i'll point out on the institutional investor poll was
8:54 am
out and the highest percentage on the stock market, bullish. the highest percentage in nine months, tends to be a cont contraindicat contraindicater. dagen: reading my mind, market everbought. maria: i mentioned the first two weeks of april we're going to see lots of banking earnings to kick things off. bell go unofficials just wrapped up a news conference in brussels, cheryl casone with the details now. cheryl: we've learned a few things. 31 people killed in the attack, 270 injured and that includes, we should say, nine americans. the belgian authorities are also sayings that several people possibly linked to yesterday's attack are still at large and probably still in belgium, this coming from the press conference moments ago, listen. >> the experts are still carrying out an investigation and the investigation will ten
8:55 am
for hours and maybe for even a number of days. >> okay. a number of days. and the belgian federal prosecutors uncovered a will on one of the terrorist's commuters, and confirming the two bombers were brothers. the man on the white jacket at belgian's main airport, he is at large. they have reported earlier that he was arrested and all of those reports taken back and we should say that the airport there is going to be closed at least until tomorrow night, maria, as the investigation continues in brussels. back to you. maria: was there anyone detained? they're taking back the report that this third person was actually arrested, cheryl? >> correct, they're taking ma that back, they're saying that people are on the loose and timing of the attacks, those were 37 seconds apart at the airport and shared that with us just a few moments ago and
8:56 am
saying they're still in belgium, the frightening part of this. maria: did you say they found a will? >> yes on the commuter of one of the suicide bombers that we saw. maria: so they care about their assets, a will. they don't care about life, suicide bombers, but has a will. >> we don't know what's in it. >> you're looking at the wrong guy. even though i'm a lawyer, i don't know why he has a will. maria: all right, we'll be right back. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference...
8:57 am
the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist. they say you shouldn't spoil your kids. but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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8:59 am
>> welcome back, i think it's fair to say we've learned a lot from the lienup of guests. dagen: gentlemen, do not bring the wives into it, that's my advice. maria: your bottom line. dagen: yes, don't do it. >> and our hearts go out to the tragedy in europe and that donald trump is a direct recipient or positive recipient of us protecting ourselves. maria: so you think that donald trump gets the nomination? >> i think this helps him tremendously. it brings the issue right to the forefront and there, but for the grace of god go us. maria: michael. >> i'll bring it back to economics and the markets here, the stock market rally with economic recovery, we're not out of the woods, there's a lot of woods to chop. dagen: abacus man.
9:00 am
>> 1%, and numbers have a two handle for q-1, and i think it's too high and it will come down. maria: there you go, michael block, and mark and that's why she calls you abacus man. and over to my bud stuart varney. stuart: we'll take it, thank you very much indeed. it's the day after the terror attack and the primaries. we have big developments on both fronts. good morning, everyone. three items on terror, number one, the belgians withdrew their claims to have captured the terror suspect, the guy in the hat. do they know what they're doing? two, president obama gave 51 seconds to the terror attack and went to a baseball game and did the wave. this is not going down well. and 2 million migrants last year, that's not going down well either. i have two items for you from the primaries.


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