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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 23, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> 1%, and numbers have a two handle for q-1, and i think it's too high and it will come down. maria: there you go, michael block, and mark and that's why she calls you abacus man. and over to my bud stuart varney. stuart: we'll take it, thank you very much indeed. it's the day after the terror attack and the primaries. we have big developments on both fronts. good morning, everyone. three items on terror, number one, the belgians withdrew their claims to have captured the terror suspect, the guy in the hat. do they know what they're doing? two, president obama gave 51 seconds to the terror attack and went to a baseball game and did the wave. this is not going down well. and 2 million migrants last year, that's not going down well either. i have two items for you from the primaries. number one, bernie sanders won
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two out of three and he won more delegates than hillary last night. donald trump won big in arizona, but he lost big in utah, he came in third. i have one item for you from wall street, the big yawn, it continues. virtually no reaction to world events. the dow starts out 700 points shy of its record high. we've got it all. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ how about this? the first thing this morning, a report that the guy in the hat, the guy on the right had been captured. there's confusion about that, but belgian officials have announced details, some of the details about the attack, about the two men pushing the baggage cart and the so-called dead man trigger, so-called gloves on the hands.
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ashley: the more we know the more confusing it is. the man on the right is wanted, najim laachraoui. and the brothers in the picture. brahim el bakraoui he's responsible for the bombs at the airport, but his brother, khalid, is responsible for the metro coming. i've got to say that belgian media getting it consistently wrong. two brothers were involved, one at the airport and one at the metro, and one at least on the run. the belgian authorities are completely overwhelmed. stuart: the taxi driver took them-- >> 7 a.m. yesterday. stuart: suspicious behavior? >> yes, wouldn't allow him to go anywhere near their luggage and continued to guard them carefully and he found it odd, dropped them off at the airport. stuart: so he takes them to the airport, drops them off.
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the bombs go off and the taxi driver figures, wait a minute, maybe i took those guys. the police go to the apartment where he picked them up. bomb making equipment, dna, fingerprints blockaging to the bombers and laptop they hope will give more. >> really the story this morning is the incompetence and confusion and the fact that the belgian authorities are flat-out overwhelmed by this. ashley: the city itself has 19 mayors and six separate police departments, that gives you a sense of the confusion. stuart: yes, it does. thanks, ash. meanwhile, a 51 second response from president obama on the brussels attack yesterday and then he did the wave at the baseball game in communist cuba, raul castro by his side. colonel oliver north is with us. i'm going out on a limb here, i am going to suggest that barack obama ignored the terror attack because in part, he is responsible for what's happened in europe.
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look, i'm out on a limb, that's a strong opinion i'm expressing, what say you? >> no, i think you're right. the fact is isis wouldn't even exist, but for the bugout in december 11 out of iraq, 10,000 troops pulled out literally in 30 days and the pink lines he drew in the sand during the syrian-- well, that's what it is, during the syrian civil war and revolution. look, isis could not have lived, would not have survived had he not done those things. so, yes, he's indirectly responsible for all of these attacks. but stuart, the m-o for radical islamist terrorists no matter their trade name is one, to attack soft target for mass murder of unarmed citizens and children. it's not a sophisticated operation like 9-11-01. they're going to rely on local cells for reconnaissance, going after schools, metros, trains, airports, entertainment and
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sports venues and those are the targets and they know that in europe. certainly they've known it since par ris. stuart: am i a fear monger if i say, you know, it looks an awful like that's coming here in the relatively near future. am i a fear monger for saying that? >> no, look it, it's already here. consider the targets for the bombing at the boston marathon, and the targets out in the-- and the target out in san bernardino, by the way, that's a focal point of what we do in the special that's coming up on friday. these attacks are going after the same type of targets that they're going after in europe and that's exactly what i'm saying. look it, let me give you my seven-point plan for how you can protect american citizens. number one, no longer rely on signals intelligence because encryption as we know from the whole fight between apple and the fbi, encryption and throw away phones. i wrote about this a year ago
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in this book, in counterfeit lies, how they're going to do this stuff. stuart: oliver, i've got to interrupt you for a second. i'm really, really short on time. do you have the rest of your points on the special this friday night? >> yes. stuart: thank you. >> all of these points are on this special, you've got it. stuart: glad to hear, i'll tell our audience when they can see it so they can check out your points in details at that time. it's war stories, fighting isis, friday, march 25th, 10:00 eastern time on the fox news channel. we're going to be there. ollie, i'm sorry to leave you short like this, i've got to go. i call you ollie these days and i called you general, colonel and now ollie. >> i'll forgive you if you give me the pay raise. [laughter] >> we'll see you friday night. thanks a lot. >> you got it. stuart: don't look now, but look at this, a buck 99 is the average for gasoline. we'll probably be at $2 this time tomorrow. we don't like that.
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how about the price of oil, $40 a barrel this morning, it's down 74 cents. 40.70 right now. you know, it's been a muted response from the financial markets to the terror attack in europe and what's going on around the world. if you look the a the futures this morning, we're going to be down maybe 30 points at the opening break. the dow, by the way, yesterday, snapped a seven-day win streak, but we're still just 700 points away from the all-time record high. let's get back to politics. jeb bush endorses ted cruz for president. bush says that cruz is an antidote to the divisiveness and vulgarity of donald trump, those were and are jeb's words. meanwhile, trump wins the ear-- arizona primary and won big, but in utah cruz won big. let's go to this, your guy came
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in third, i don't think he's come in third anyplace else. >> it's difficult elections in the closed caucus primaries like that. there have been a lot of reports of strange things happening, stacks of ballots handed out to the crowd, no i.d.'s checked and we've seen strange things in that utah caucus and of course the mitt romney factor. i think we've finally found the people that mitt romney's approach really has pandered to and they took to it very well. so, i think that-- >> hold on a second, jeff, you've got to face it. utah is 64% mormon and the mormons are a religious minority and mormons don't like the attacks on religious minorities, put it like that, that donald trump has waged in this campaign. i think that's why he came in third. you'd agree with that, wouldn't you? >> no, i don't agree with na specifically. i think that, really, more it's just the fact of, you know, we do see that group vote as a
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block and mitt romney now calls utah home and i think he has a base there and he went very actively around the state and went and talked to that base. so i think utah is going to learn what the rest of the country learned in 2012, which is simply that mitt happens. stuart: okay, you got that in. that was a talking point. should have seen that coming. [laughter] next um for-- next up for you, i want you to hear what hillary clinton said about donald trump and ted cruz. >> the last thing we need, my friends, are leaders who incite more fear, in the face of terror, america doesn't panic, we don't build walls or turn our backs on our allies. what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it's dangerous. stuart: okay, now, she is sharpening her attack on trump and pointing to divisiveness
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and how do you take that? you're a trump supporter. >> to me it sounds like give a terrorist a hug and they won't do anything more. i disagree with that, i think we should control our borders and know who is coming to our country and a better with an i to protect the citizen than to bring them all in and give them a hug. stuart: big win in arizona and you're the chair of trump's campaign right there. thank you, we'll see you soon. >> thanks. stuart: and focus on bernie sanders, why not? he won two out of three last night and by the way, won more delegates than hillary last night. liz peak is here, i thought he was down and out and gone, but, no, he's still very much there. >> the liberal media is incredibly invested in the success of hillary clinton and what we're seeing is a complete disregard of bernie sanders. if you read the new york times this morning, you wouldn't know he'd won a single state much less a single delegate. why is that? because bernie sanders, the
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longer he's in the race he's pushing hillary hard to the left. that's a problem. only 26% of the countries identifies them selves as liberal and the moniker that she assumed. they're not impressed by the hard left stance on things like immigration and energy policy where hillary now says no more production on federal lands. this is an appalling stance for her to take and by the way, taken positions like that on keystone, all kinds of decisions that the american people don't agree with. >> so the democrats don't like pulling way left and-- look, the difference in time between the convention and election is not going to give hillary much time to tack back to the center, which is a problem for her. stuart: two out of three, bernie wins. >> who talks about it? nobody. stuart: nobody, except us of course. >> exactly.
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stuart: this may be painful. an x-ray image from the terror attack in belgium, an x-ray of one of the victim's i don't know what, it's punctured the man's or the person's lung, that is taken at the hospital. that's this morning's picture of terror, repulsive, isn't it? donald trump responded to attacks and he says torture could have been used to prevent them. more varney after this.
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>> what happened is you catch the guy last week and they probably have lawyers all over the place, he's probably got lawyers, you know, saying you're going to go to trial around several years and nothing happens and then you have the big bombing incident. if they would have put him through the grill ten minutes after they catch him, he probably would have ratted them out and maybe stopped this horrible terror attack that took place today. stuart: all right, that was donald trump on hannity last
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night saying enhanced interrogation would probably have saved lives of the joining us now former navy seal, the man who shot bin laden, rob, is donald trump right? >>'s right in one aspect, stuart, where once you get them, the best time to interrogate a suspect is as soon as you grab him, as soon as they're rolled up. and rolled up or arrested and i've done it hundreds of times to hundreds of terrorism, suspected terrorists, right when you get them there's shock and awe of being arrested. he's right there. as far as the torture thing, torture does not work, waterboarding does. enhanced interrogation-- >> you're the distinction between old-fashioned torture and waterboarding, a difference of the two? >> you wouldn't guess with some people coddling the terrorists, but between the-- a lot of people especially on the left are complaining that we keep people awake so long
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they hallucinate or keep them so long, they start to shake and they did that to our men and women in school, survival and escape. it's not torture, making you uncomfortable and stop thinking. waterboarding is something you can walk away from. torture is by barrick, that's something that isis does, tragging them behind the car for hours, or bringing out the power tools. waterboarding and enhanced interrogation does work. it's a way to get intelligence. and some say we should do worse than this because they deserve it. i agree with that, but the point of interrogation is get to intelligence and targets. stuart: look, we're passing judgment on belgian authorities this morning and saying they've dropped the ball on this, that they are essentially incompetent and certainly overwhelmed with the threat they're facing.
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do you share that judgment? >> i think that they are a bit overwhelmed. incompetent is a tough word to use for me. i'm not there, i don't know b what they're doing. i guarantee the law enforcement there wants to do the best to protect their people. it's hard to say with something like that because you've got to figure a lot of these terrorists grow up right there in brussels and know what they're doing. like, they've been, how long have they been on lockdown. looking at this for a long time and they only have to be wrong one time and that's what happened. stuart: listen to this, rob, from a belgian security, counterterrorism official. we don't have the infrastructure to properly investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals suspected of terrorism and open hundreds of files and investigations we havement we're overwhelmed. it's literally an impossible situation and honestly it's very grave. that's the extent of the threat they're facing and they can't do what they need to do. >> it's what they need to do because of-- it's worse over there as far as
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political correctness, that's the problem and the handcuffs we're putting on law enforcement. like i said a second ago. i wouldn't call them incompetent, but they're overwhelmed. a lot of stuff there is because we're so worried about offending em this. and in new york, you can't see the stop and frisk thing, you can't send informants into mosque because you'll oath people and doing the same thing over there. and as far as we heard people saying they want to patrol the streets of some neighborhoods. some of that is okay, but we're so worried about offending people, you saw the picture of the guy with the nail or whatever in his chest. i mean, he's probably pretty offended he got blown up trying to fly someone. stuart: all right, rob, we get the point, so to speak. rob o'neill, everyone, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, stuart, appreciate it. stuart: all right, question, do you remember this woman? a latina who supports donald trump there out in the open. she went up on stage with him at a rally.
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now she's getting death threats. you both have a
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything.
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i love her. you've fallen in love, melania, i've fallen in love with her. stuart: do you remember it? of course you do. now, that lady jumped on the stage with donald trump and she's getting death threats? >> she is, she's betty rivas, she runs a restaurant in tucson. she's receiving hate mail and lambasted on facebook and threatening to boycott her restaurant and accused of racism. stuart: i think we're in a period of trump shaming. if you voice support for donald trump, they're trying to shut you up. >> he's turning over the constructs they've put together for decades. correctsness of speech and behavior.
9:25 am
he threatenings the status quo and the liberal elites cannot stand that. yes, they're in high alarm and alert and they're going to shut him down. ashley: we had a lady on this very program from florida who had a trump sign in her yard and woke up the next morning there were dreadful things spray painted on her house and threatening her life and that's-- >> trump shaming. >> they talk about him being the vulgar person, amazing. stuart: gas is now at the highest level of a year, buck 99 and small change. maybe maybe some. how about nike, a big dow stock and you'll see it sharp when the markets open. and the market basically shrugging off the terror attacks. the market just yawns. we'll discuss why as well. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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>> this is brussels right now. a makeshift memorial has been set up. the mayors of brussels and paris are in the crowd. i've heard some comment from europe this morning that they're getting a little tired of memorials. and would like to go on the attack as opposed to endlessly defense. that's another story and we'll
9:30 am
save it till later. in a moment you'll see the opening bell on wall street and we'll start trading this wednesday morning. remember now, we're coming off the brussels attacks yesterday. the market is very, very little because of those attacks, we're likely to see the market open ever so slightly lower this morning, in precisely one second. here we go, 9:30 eastern time we are off and running, we should be down, okay, we're up two points. we should be down roughly 40, 50 points by the time we really get rolling this morning, let's see what happens. i'm going to bring you some of the travel stocks that took a hit yesterday morning. this is them now. they took a hit because of the belgium attacks, royal caribbean, priceline, american airlines, marriott. they took a hit yesterday. i'm not going to call this a rebound by any means, i'm going to call that stability. now we're down 22 points for the dow industrials. come in ashley webster, liz
9:31 am
macdonald and john layfield, i'm going to say that europe is falling to pieces, but it's had no impact on our money here, explain this, john. >> i think it's falling to pieces. they're talking about the bric, the solvency with banks especially in italy. we don't have that here because the fed raising rates now looks like they're going to keep rates low, the u.s. equity market is the place to be. stuart: there's no impact here. >> very little. it has to do mainly with the feds. the feds are going to keep the interest rates low. stuart: dan, why no response from our financial markets to the disaster in europe? >> well, i think you have two things, first off, it's not domestic, it's not just here in the u.s., and more importantly, the terror attacks we've seen over the course of the past couple of years, haven't had major impact on the markets in the collective investors are looking at it and saying, okay, we do have another attack, it's terrible, but it's not going to
9:32 am
have a big impact, overall impact on our economy or our markets right now. >> i think you're right. it's another yawn and we're now down 40 points, that's it. 17-5 is where we are. do take a look at nike. this, of course, is a dow stock. they reported higher profits, but lower sales and the stock is down 4 1/2%. i think that's hurting the dow. john, would you buy nike at 61? >> no, i own under amour, i think they've done a great job with stephen curry and jordan spieth, phenomenal and i think they're beating nike. >> you wouldn't buy it? >> i like nike, but wouldn't buy it here. >> dan, does this mean anything? is nike some kind of economic indicator that we should be all paying attention to? >> i think it indicates some slowing near and things haven't been as aggressive on the buy side as we've seen. because of the fact that nike increased on lower sales, their sales will come up. not right now as the previous guest said, i think i'd like to buy it in the mid 50's.
9:33 am
>> under amour is down and jordan spieth, under amour. >> they do and here comes the athlete. ashley: i think that nike is hurt overseas by a strong dollar, but to john's point, under amour doing terrifically. stuart: and nike is taking fair points off the dow, i'm going to say it's a flat opening overall except for nike. how about gas? buck 99, the national average and we could be at $2 a gallon by tomorrow. dan stes , you trade over there. >> it's causing the price of a barrel to go up. if we see a change and i think it's likely we will. we've seen it in the past and it will happen in the future. we'll see relief. i don't think we're going to see the $30 barrels, but probably between 35 and 45,
9:34 am
looking between a buck 75 and 2.50 for the near term. stuart: the buck 75 and 2.50. i'll take the 1.75. chipotle more freebies. they want to get you back in liz: you go on the chipotle website and you have to watch two photos to guess the differences between the photos. i lost. i still could get free guacamole and chips anyway. so what chipotle is saying in the fine print, submarine there, like the size of pharmaceutic pharmaceutical font type. you have to accept our marketing messages visa text or e-mails. but they lost 40% of market since august. stuart: 478. >> and darden owns the greatest italian food in the world, just kidding. and beating chipotle. stuart: that's much better
9:35 am
there, i wonder if darden and cheesecake factory are taking the slack? >> could be. they've not gotten to the source of the norovirus and the e. coli virus. double digit sales since december. stuart: i like that cheesecake. >> i like cheesecake. stuart: there you go. >> and the negative press on these guys is terrible. and if anything else happens, these guys are in a lot of trouble. stuart: i've lost my shirt in two areas as an investor. airlines, remember people express. ashley: the boston market. stuart: boston market. [laughter] i didn't move fast liz: you're like the peter lynch of the network. stuart: don't take investment advice from me. i never offer it anyway. microsoft works out. mcdonald's, i buy a small black coffee on the way to my farm and it's 53 cents out the door 'cause many' a senior, so i get
9:36 am
53 cents, black coffee out the door and get to the house, what's with the stock. what program is it? >> what they call a reward programs. it's essentially, it would be you get points so for your 50 cents coffee every day it's going to take you a while to rack up decent points. they're running to the these things kind of work and by the way, they'll have an expiration point on these things. >> you would have had a million points by now, don't you think? >> he could have taken us to thanksgiving dinner. stuart: look how healthy i am. look at priceline, don't look at me. look at priceline. one of its divisions has struck a deal with cuba for americans. e mack, that's all about what? >> it's you go on the site and you can get hotel or rooms available. pretty shortly, it's coming up. it's only in havana where you can get the hotel rooms and this, which is taking on air bnb right now
9:37 am
squarely. they reserve the right to retain your information for five years. and by the way, you can only travel for religious or educational purposes, still restrictions on travelling to cuba. stuart: got to remember all the restrictions, liz: right, exactly. stuart: morgan stanley has great expectations for wynn, the gaming stock. nicole, explain, please. nicole: it's interesting, only a few days after mccclarey was shorting the stock. they have upside potential because of the wynn palace casino that's not open in macao, they think it's a cash making machine going forward. we know that macao is doing better and they think it's for wynn. stuart: all right, down a fraction there this morning. nicole, thank you.
9:38 am
look at apple, please, big announcement, they've got the cheaper iphone on the market, i've not seen them lower the price of an iphone before. they're at 106. john layfield, do you like it at 106? >> they've got 300 billion and cash out of a market cap. i think it's a fantastic company. the problem is, too bad that steve jobs loss to the world. he's such a in innovator and since he's been-- >> do you think they're back on the 106 and-- >> i think bigger than s&p per year, but i don't see them getting back up. i own it as a value stock right now, the worst thing you can say for a tech company. stuart: it really is, apple? if they spread some of that money around with a dividend, a nice sizable dividend. i think you can take a look at it. >> i think you could. it's safe right now to buy the stock and i'm happy with it, rather go out with beats and
9:39 am
buy something with the money. stuart: what's this about an israeli company helping to unlock the iphone from san bernardino. >> a subsidiary of a japanese company, suncor, this is a company that sells forensic systems to the military and law enforceme enforcement. the fbi may be relying on the israeli company to work on the iphone of the san bernardino terrorist. stuart: very interesting. and i have time for this, congratulations are in order to john layfield. he's received an award for working with at-risk children. i didn't know you had such a heart, layfield, but you want to explain this? >> about six years ago i started up a program in bermuda working with at-risk kids and last night speaking at the espn
9:40 am
leadership dern using sport for change around the world. this is outside of bermuda, this operating, i know you live there. >> a group out of new york, and it has about 3,000 inner city kids and raised the graduation rates in phenomenal amounts in certain schools so we work with a lot of different groups. stuart: i shouldn't have said you're a refugee, awesome for you to do that, but i think you're a good man and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: all right, check that big board. we're ten minutes into the trading session and we're down just 44 points as pretty much expected. some of that loss because of nike. president obama just 51 seconds in response to the brussels terror attacks, then he went to a baseball game, ignoring calls for him to come home from cuba. more varney in a moment. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you?
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>> all right. we're down 50 points on the dow industrials, 13 city minutes into the trading session down 50ment look at nike. that's a drag on the dow 'cause it's a dow stock. nike is pulling down other athletic sportswear retailers. it's got a poor outlook, down goose under amour and lululemon as well. president obama stayed in cuba and many said that he should return home, including governor john kasich who said that on our program yesterday. listen. >> i think he should come home and begin to coordinate with our friends around the world and figuring out why we have the vulnerabilities and what to do to fix them. stuart: the president didn't come home, in fact flew on to
9:45 am
argentina where he is now. what we did get was a 51 seconds mention at the beginning of the speech, a mention of the terror attack and then the present went on to a baseball game and seen doing the wave at that baseball game. there he is. congressman brian babin is with us, republican from texas. congressman, your thoughts on the president and his speech yesterday and his being in cuba. >> i think it's a disgrace, stua stuart, to have one of our allies, belgium to be attacked and have 30-some odd killed and over 100 wounded for him to give 51 seconds of lip service to that and not bother to fly home and develop some strategy and plans that he should have had months and months ago, if not years ago to defeat isis. he's down there with raul castro, a communist dictator,
9:46 am
listening to demands to give back guantanamo and it's terrible for us to have leadership that's frankly awol while we have terrorism, sir. stuart: why did he give just 51 seconds as a mention of the terror attack. he could have given five or ten minutes about what happened, why it happened, what he's going to do about it. he could have done that. why didn't he, do you think? >> you know what? i cannot -- i've long ago decided i cannot get into his mind to figure out what motivates this man. he obviously has no real love for america as the number one power in the world, where it should be. and as slid so horribly over the last seven years under his lack of leadership and this weak foreign policy that we've seen now that isis, he called the jv team and now they're all
9:47 am
over the world, including the united states. we had one-- we had a refugee arrested in my district just a few weeks back that was planning on blowing up a major shopping center in houston, texas. so, i don't know what motivates him. i can tell you one thing though, he needs a strategy to defeat these people and he needs to back our allies in europe up. stuart: you know, congressman, i don't think we heard much about the gentleman arrested in your district, plotting to blow up a shopping mall and who was also a refugee. we didn't hear about that, why not? >> oh, yes-- well, it was news. they arrested one in houston, they arrested one in sacramento, the with un-- one in sacramento had gone to train and the one in houston collaborating together and arrested by the fbi and
9:48 am
planning to blow up shopping centers. it just goes to show you, stuart, i introduced a bill almost a year ago to stop the refugee influx because it's so dangerous. the fbi said they cannot vet these people and homeland security said the same thing, yet, we have not seen that happen in the u.s. congress and and our federal government. stuart: that's shocking congressman, to me, that really is, but i understand that you're 39 years old again today. happy birthday, mr. congressman, great to have you on the show. >> thank you, stuart, god bless you. stuart: thank you, sir, god bless you, too. all right, and this, this is serious stuff. got to say it. a pair of siblings from new york still missing in belgium. what happened to them, liz? the moment when they disappeared, what was going on liz: that's right, brother and sister, sasha and alexander,
9:49 am
they were on phone with their mother, saying we are here going to be travelling home and reportedly american airways. the mother apparently heard the bomb go off, the lines went dead. they have been, the family has been worried sick ever since and taken to social media if you've heard anything about our children and our friends, please let us know immediately. stuart: repeat their names, alexander and sasha pinchowski. stuart: all right, liz, we'll watch. much more on the belgium terror attack. the picture of suspects taken from the security cameras. the question for our judge napolitano, were the belgian authorities looking at the pictures in real-time? could they have prevented the attacks if they were looking at them? the judge is next. right now, there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, we use the microsoft cloud to provide banking to the millions and millions of people who need it that don't have access to it. with the microsoft cloud,
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9:53 am
>> everybody, we have breaking news from brussels. ashley: authorities have now found 33 points of tatp what's that? as tone peroxide. it's made with sufficietuff you buy at the store. 33 pounds is a huge amount and this powder is extremely, the instability is very, very high
9:54 am
on this, so, you know, just gives you a sense, you know, how far and how deep does this network go and how well armed are there? and the more you discover the more frightening it becomes. stuart: look at the picture, we've seen frequently, the three suspects from the belgium attack and taken from an airport security camera. judge napolitano is here. obviously the question, judge, is if that was happening in real-time, were the belgian authorities watching that? because it's a videotape. >> right. stuart: if they were watching, why didn't they stop what's going on? >> it's the $64,000 question. there are cameras all over that airport just like at airports in the united states, just like outside this building on the street corner. is the purpose of these cameras to assist the police to catch the guilty after the crime has been committed or is the purpose of these cameras to alert the police that a crime might be coming and they can do something to stop it? look at that screen, if you look at that picture again, put
9:55 am
it up. that's a still taken from a five-minute video. stuart: there it is. >> it shows those guys with their left hands gloved. those of us who know this for a living, know the significance of the left hand glove and squeezing of the cart. if they let go of the cart, tackled or shot, the bomb goes off. the guy is wearing a mask. shouldn't belgian security have said, two guys with gloved hands squeezing, and another guy with a mask. are they watching this in real-time or on a computer chip at somebody's desk. stuart: i've got a report from belgium officials who say we're overwhelmed and don't have the ability to monitor-- >> your point is that it's government at fault here. if it was private enterprise running those cameras and
9:56 am
watching that video, they would have been caught. >> when government fails it gets aborted, bigger budget, hires or people. if a business were to fail it would suffer catastrophic gi and a financial incentive. watch the monitor, watch the monitor in real-time, tell us what you see that's suspicious and we'll act on it. which is better the government or private enterprise. stuart: i'm with you all the way, but would a private company take the contract knowing that if they did miss something they would lose their shirts, they'd go out of business and might end up in jail? who would take that contract. >> it would have to be some sort of insurance and reinsurance and enormous fee to be paid, but that would permit an open society to remain and bad guys to be stopped. stuart: your bottom line is that private enterprise does it better than government every single time. >> i think you agree with me on that, mr. london school of economics. [laughter] > >> on that exam, never would
9:57 am
have graduated. stuart: probably right -- that's not true. >> i'm not as socialist as making it out to be. stuart: is certainly was in my day, communist central in my day. thank you, judge, that was good. next hour, the police officer who was in charge during the boston marathon terror attack. he's going to tell us his story and we'll ask him, how do you prevent another radical islamist attack and here, also, we're calling it trump shaming. you say you support donald trump and people attack you, call you a bigot, call you a racist. we have a trump spokesperson the top of the 11:00 hour. that would be two hours away. watch the show-- no, one hour away. stay tuned for hour two. got that? [laughter]
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: let's get right out it. breaking as we brought you moments ago. police in brussels i think it is
10:00 am
have found a large cache of explosives. ashley: inside a home in brussels. dirty three pounds of essentially acetone peroxide. this is the preferred material used by these terrorists. it is highly on cable material, but very effective unfortunately and easily put together with products you can get in the stores. 33 pounds is a huge amount. just shows you the depth and extent to which these attacks are being planned. what is right and that they have a sense of who we have everyone in the network. is there another cell operating right now? straight to the guy in the hat on the right had been arrested. ashley: now they're not so sure. they don't know who he is. they thought he was the master bomb maker. now they're not so sure. trade to the guys on the left originally recalled brothers peer ashley: now they say they are
10:01 am
not brothers. liz: the gentleman on the right that terrorist is wearing a mask. stuart: i think they are overwhelmed. they cannot cope with it. i think this is a further example of europe falling to pieces. we have more evidence, more suggestions there towards that. we have now found that there are 2 million largely muslim migrants who have gone into germany last year. not 1 million. no, 2 million went into germany last year. europe is in crisis. join us now from american enterprise scholar former master i keep on this theme. i think europe is finished. i think they are dividing as we speak and heading downhill. and you say what? >> well, the european union is in grave danger. i have said for sometime i think
10:02 am
the eeo has made europe less than the sum of its parts. this fixation, and ideological fixation not on free trade eliminated in the continental barriers to trade, but the notion of the nationstates into european super state has been a mistake from the get-go. that is what is causing the trouble in substantial measure in one reason why possible britain will decide to leave the european union. the point you make of this enormous pressure being put by the refugee flows out of the middle east, it's going to get worse over the summer. sailing season across the mediterranean. this is not a dimension that nobody contemplated five or 10 years ago and it's having. we don't focus on the united states, but it's a mistake to let these untold millions of refugees and is growing daily.
10:03 am
stuart: so what is the impact on us? call it what you will. what is the fallout for us here in america? >> in the near term it increases the likelihood of refugees from the middle east or americans who have gone into isis control territory or to other terrorist groups and have been trained in terrorist techniques inculcated in the ideology are preparing strikes in the united states. i think that risk is that anyway calculated. number two over the longer term i think europe is weakening in fundamental ways. i think that is bad for the united states. we need a strong europe with independent countries. what is happening is europe's resolve to resist these kinds of threats has been decreasing precisely at a time when russian power in eastern and central europe is growing, with the instability of the middle east is increasing the risk of
10:04 am
conflict writing europe's backyard. the europeans don't seem to know what to do about it. stuart: that it's a good end to the conversation. they don't seem to know what to do about it.nd fractured. ambassador bolton, thank you for joining us. how about these quotes from two grits. first, former prime minister tony blair. flabby liberalism is to blame for europe's migrant crisis. and here's another one from prime minister blair. i'm a supporter but there's been a long period of time when we have allowed the concept of multiculturalism to be abused. who would've thought you would've heard that from prime minister tony blair. and this gentleman here is known while on this program. here he is speaking on the topic of islamic terror. here's the quote. hate donald trump all you like, but at least he seems to recognize the magnitude of the threat and at least he is firm proposals for how to try to defeat it.
10:05 am
i wasn't expecting that from peers. liz: it's refreshing. they have turned the left into a crucible for terrorism. they coddle dictators and murderers while they criticize democracies. the terrorists are now showing a hedger like resistance. we have to stand up for democracy and freedom. we say the moderate muslims join us. we're going to risk alienating moderate muslims. we stand up. ashley: these are people i generally don't agree with. tony blair saying we are in a situation where we have to fight back. too guilty to tackle the spread of extremism which is a very strong point he makes and he does use the expression of flabby liberalism for tony blair. trippi is right on the money. what he says about dealing with isis and strong leadership couldn't be more appropriate than right now when he says the
10:06 am
global leadership is basically suffering from paralysis. basically talking about how awful these bombings are, how waffle isis is by doing absolutely nothing. at least trump has a plan. stuart: pearce morgan is the guy who came over here on a computer network called americans. now he's gone back to britain. ashley: he did. this is an interview with trump on his british television show. is that i went in there wanted to argue with him and found myself nodding in agreement basically the entire interview. somebody think of that? stuart: i wonder if they have trump shaming in britain. big word, please. we are down 50 points. 52.93. mandy is a big drag on the dow. it is a dow stock down about 5%. that is why in part to dow was up 50 points.
10:07 am
oil inventories. in other words, how much was not in storage. numbers than a half-hour. that could affect the oil market, which right now is $40 a barrel. that reelection. bernie sanders has got to say had a big night last night. he won two out of three contests. look at the vote tally in utah. sanders had 52,000 votes. clinton 12,000. how about that for a margin of victory? i've victory? antony kay williams is with us. i was make the mistake of thinking you are a leftist and i pronounce it left us with contempt. are you as surprised as i am at bernie's showing last night? >> now, i wasn't surprised at all. first of all he does better in caucus type settings. that is just something that is more friendly to a bernie sanders candidacy. it was a good night for him. >> is more to it. look, here's the good news. he won a few more delegates than
10:08 am
hillary last night. he can take this now moving forward with the momentum. the bad news if you look at the numbers, stuart, he is still behind quite a bit. if you look at the superdelegate and version numbers he's behind tremendously. please take the superdelegate out of it and it's only a pledged delegate behind hillary clinton. it's the same margin we have between cruz and donald trump. stuart: you sound disappointed as if your bernie sanders supporter. >> anybody but hillary? >> maybe not anybody. i'm very consistent and clear. i'm not a supporter of secretary clinton. stuart: from my point of view, i don't see how bernie could get the nomination because of delicate superdelegate. i see momentum. >> icy momentum and he is doing well enough to go to the convention. he's doing well enough to get there and continue his argument.
10:09 am
he needs a movement of progressivism. stuart: he drags her further and further to the left. >> yeah, and shamelessly. stuart: anybody but hillary. explain yourself. a few reasons, but i'm very resentful of the fact for many people who look to the left predominantly. and i blamed debbie wasserman schultz and the rest of the dnc from the beginning, stacking the deck in favor of secretary clinton that was there was no real choice and i think that's very sad. stuart: debbie wasserman schultz is chair of the dnc. do you think she stacked? >> well, they're sterile arguments on the writer must come at the notion of the political establishment not giving people coming in outcome of viable choice. that's frustrating to me as someone who believes every american deserves a choice.
10:10 am
stuart: your mother is watching. >> my mother is always watching. stuart: what do you say when anybody is saying anybody but hillary clinton. >> she is saying go trump. stuart: will let you off the hook. >> such a gentleman. stuart: what are the chances of this, one of the mormon missionaries in belgium was also at the boston marathon bombing and in paris during year's terrorist act. we will tell you his story in a moment.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
stuart: it's a pretty flat market. wall street shrug and not a terror attack in the divisions in your head most of it is by nine become a dow stock down 5%. among the injured in yesterday's terror attack were three american mormon missionaries, one has a habit of being at the
10:14 am
wrong place in the right time. 19-year-old mason wells was in the brussels airport yesterday and he was badly injured. he is going to survive. he suffered serious injuries including her degree burns to his face and hands. it turns out this young man was also just a block away from the finish line at the boston marathon when that bomb went off. he was also in paris during the attacks last year. three-time idaho price of situations and he was there. he was okay in paris, not right in the immediate area the attacks but it does seem to me he has a habit of being in the places. very extraordinary. he's going to be okay. stuart: republican congressman chris stuart is with us. i believe you have been a missionary yourself.
10:15 am
and you represent these three people who were injured in brussels. i wonder if i can go straight to the heart of my question here, which is what you make of president obama speaking for just 51 seconds on this attack? your constituents were in the hospital in brussels. >> well, i would ask you if anyone is surprised because it is very consistent with this president's attitude and i would say his cavalier attitude towards these types of issues. let's review what we know about this. we know that the president's policy can destroy isis. we are literally engaged in a 100 year war if we allow his policies to continue. as a result of that, we know that we've got foreign fighters infiltrating all through europe. many of them can under the guise of your gucci. in europe has done a terrible job of integrating the muslim communities in areas within many
10:16 am
cities of europe that have no local or federal law enforcement are peasants. knowing those three things, are we very surprised at the result of what we saw yesterday is tragic, but frankly it makes me angry. it makes me furious we're not doing more. turin to use it on the house intelligence community so you know what's going on here. this is a statement from a belgian counterterrorism official who was familiar with what's going on, the investigation there. but on other people to watch anything else and frank and we don't have the infrastructure to properly investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals suspected of terror link as well as pursue hundreds of open files and investigations. congressmen, they are overwhelmed. they simply cannot cope. are you aware of this mess over there? >> absolutely. honestly they have dug themselves in such a hole. you and i have talked about this
10:17 am
before. they have dug themselves in such a holds an enormous enormous challenge to change that. on the other and you can't take the attitude of saying we are overwhelmed, sorry. that's just not acceptable. you've got to be a protector of citizens. i just think again you have a huge challenge ahead. i would say instead of talking about how we protect change stations and airports, why are we talking about how we destroy the enemy? why don't we talk about how we can effect a change and so we don't have to worry about in every single target which is nearly impossible to do. stuart: we had another quote from an american official with the situation. it takes literally dozens of agents to follow once aspect 24/7. in other words, total surveillance needs dozens of well-trained agents to do it. i am not sure we've got the people we require in america to carry out the level of surveillance that we want.
10:18 am
>> well, i think that is probably true. especially if you are not surveyed one individual, but hundreds or maybe more than that, which once again this is like the republicans going back to a conversation last fall saying we need to be much, much more careful in who we allow in this war-torn areas. do they know who they are? do we understand their background? do we know for certain if they are a threat? stuart: congressmen, any ordinary person stands up and says we can't allow the admin. you are branded as a bigot, a racist and islamists. that is what you've got to take if you make that kind of stand. >> tell me about it. that said i've been encountering again and again over the last several months. it's easy for me to stand up and say we have a responsibility to protect american citizens and we were not in a blanket way same
10:19 am
we want to know who you are. we want to know your background. we want to certify what your interests are, who your associated with. that's very different and i don't know how anyone can say that not a reasonable thing to do. stuart: well said. chris stuart, republican of utah, thank you for joining us. best wishes to other constituents, please. >> thank you. i'll pass that on. true to the police officer who was in charge are the boston marathon bombing tells us his story. i want his comment on what donald trump says, which is hit them fast and hit them hard.
10:20 am
10:21 am
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10:23 am
has gone down. that is the chain reaction here. by the way, because of all of this, the mining stocks are down just a little. 4% down on eldorado gold. i want to downshift from today's today's heavy-duty news so to speak. jeff flock is with us. he's at the auto show looking at what he calls cool new cars. your hallmark is show me cool. >> i thought i would do something you do something with bite, but unfortunately the events are all taken, so we will go with this for example. the vote is 400. next to that if you see that one right there, look at the rear spoiler on that. take a look at that. this next one over here is a speicher. the dutch manufacturer. they are only making 50 of those.
10:24 am
look at the wing on that theme. $355,000. these two you may have heard that one. if you like the fastest streetcar production car ever built right there. and then if you look here, this is something called the brochure. this months of birth of modern price of $2 million. stuart: okay, do you agree with me that it's either a uri drove down the street in any of those cool cars would look ridiculous? >> we looked much better with me and my truck and you and your man. stuart: absolutely right. we will back to you throughout the day for more cool cars and good stuff from the auto show. a few moments ago, joe biden in brussels.
10:25 am
is that right? >> used visiting the embassy there, talking to reporters briefly afterwards insane that quote, the u.s. is prepared to provide anything we have says the vice president, to help algebra veil in the fight. >> he did not fly to brussels specifically to be there after the attack. he's there for another prearranged. darius signing the book at the embassy. i'm sorry. i have to correct myself. he's not in brussels. i apologize that's my fault. he is in d.c. signing of the period after the break, the police officer in charge during the boston marathon bombing tells us his dramatic story of how it relates to the brussels bombing. don't let dust and allergies get between you
10:26 am
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10:29 am
speed to the dow is the red a little tiny bit. making lifetime highs. who would have thought that they got lots would be close to all-time highs. quickly on politics. bernie sanders picked up more delegates than hillary last night. bernie has momentum. david webb is here. fox news contributor. i was not expecting to see bernie do so well. two out of three. >> he is when it comes out of the math. he has caucuses. it is peer pressure. you get your people out there.
10:30 am
you have energy and momentum. >> quite the surprise last night. he won a couple of them by wide margins. taking this to the conventions. he will pull hillary even further. >> listen to what he said this past weekend. i have to clarify. they should not get subsidies. how do you know. clearly being pulled to the left. has no chance. >> i will ask you to hold on for one second. up 9.36 million barrels. oil is down in price. challenging $40 a barrel. let's explain
10:31 am
9 million barrels more in the oil supply chain. >> correct. stuart: supplied up. >> three times more than suspect it. >> down re-% already. stuart: stalks coming down a little bit. your ratio is not quite on track as it should be. down $0.37 for the dow industrials. back to david webb who has left the studio. >> easter weekend is coming. look at what people will be doing. a lot of driving. nice weather. it will be a big uptick. >> down 300 dirty 2000.
10:32 am
the news of the rustles the -- the brussels attack. even though americans would be engineered. fifty-one seconds to continue. you see have now. he shook hands. he did the wave. you are a conservative kind of guy. what is your response to this? >> he should have given more time when it came to this. he could have maybe said something to the president did do you or do you not contend this? carrying on business as usual. i do not agree with him being in cuba. it could have been combined with
10:33 am
a stronger statement. by the way, a coordinatedttack that may have been worsef they would have gotten luggage on the plains where they were checked in. >> you see the world the way that he sees fit. i have a neighbor from belgium. i have a neighbor from sweden. we were talking yesterday. literally seeing a change in front of their eyes. the permission from the muslim to go to the neighborhoods. this is a cultural change. this is a difference between two civilizations. >> i think that the president was in cuba to create his legacy. >> look at isis.
10:34 am
bernie sanders says isis has less territory than they did years ago. taking territory. meanwhile, they are growing. if you add up the total number of operators, contractors, we have 5000 plus over there now. >> i will be on the air. we call it might take. president obama has some responsibility for what happens in europe. a migrant wave that is hitting europe geared i think that the president has some responsibility for that. >> i am with you. set a tone. set a policy. this is a global problem. >> you know what you are talking about. you know what you are talking about.
10:35 am
>> a very worried group of people. not seeing the assimilation. separation. someone tried to blame this on the lack of jobs in brussels. it is ridiculous. points to the failures of european leaders. u.s. european command issues a warning for travel. >> think about it. u.s. european command. what does that tell you about how our government operate. kind of a provisional warning. today, it has gotten stronger. thank you very much, indeed did the manhunt is on. i want you to meet the man that led the chase for the sun there. daniel and key. he is with us now.
10:36 am
am i right in saying, sir, you are involved in the chase of the brothers. you were in that chase, i think we had. >> yes, sir, i was. i was there with law enforcement or out our community. >> donald trump suggests in a recent interview, just yesterday, he suggest that when you get this kind of incident, you should hit them fast and hit them hard. is that your experience? >> we kept after the terrorists. we kept all of our resources. we brought it to a close. getting those guys to justice as quickly as possible. i have great trust and confidence.
10:37 am
i think he is allowed to do his job. we need to deal with these issues. >> you know the joint chief of staff. what you are talking about is going after isis on his home territory with our military geared. >> i think that it is military from around the globe. the whole world stood up against those with evil intent. we have a lot of partners out across the globe. we should be getting together. >> can we protect what i would call soft targets in america. subway stations. train stations. shopping malls. we cannot really protect them all. >> you can take measures to make sure that you are doing everything you can. are they properly staffed?
10:38 am
do they have access control programs. unintended people to walking onto their property. a way in which to be there. there are systems. electronic cameras. responding during or after crisis. we need to engage the entire population. the own safety. we appreciate you being on the show today, sir. thank you very much, indeed. breaking news. one of the terrorists from yesterday's attack. one of the brothers who investigators believed set off the bomb in central brussels.
10:39 am
it turns out they believe he rented the flat where the fingerprints were found. captured last friday. the logistics expert of the paris attacks. now we are starting to bring this group together. it is interesting that his fingerprints were found that the same place that yesterday's bombers were tracked to. in other words, trying to get a sense of how big this is. how far out does it go. >> still do not know how many are responsible. there could be many more. it is a large group firmly embedded in a local community. >> absolutely. >> a pair of siblings from new york still missing and they'll jump.
10:40 am
on the phone to their mom in the brussels airport where the bomb went off. >> yes. off. hearing glass shattering and then the lines went dead. they have seen their children. >> there is no facebook posting. >> it is just awful. donald trump. he won arizona. more latinos coming out in support of it. >> i love her. i have fallen in love with her.
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides. down 51 points right now. the dow jones industrial average. also to the downside. eight of the 10 tech shares are lower. here is a look at some of the
10:43 am
dow movers. mcdonald's moved to a lifetime high. the industrial average less than expected in the third quarter. down about 20 dow points. energy stocks. the big loser. oil is selling off over a dollar. the energy department has turned. all down arrows for energy. these acts in brussels yesterday. to the downside today. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> bear in mind that we had reported a few minutes ago a huge increase in the supply of oil. 9 million extra barrels of it. donald trump put in a very good showing in arizona. he won big. look at the vote tally. big win by trump. rachel compost duffy is with us right now. >> leave it in.
10:46 am
it is an organization for free markets. not making independence and economic liberty. >> i do not think you can tell me how much support donald trump got yesterday from latinos. >> we are still waiting to get reliable exit polls on that. >> to hispanic. i do not know if that is, it you know, means anything. >> i do not know if you support trump or not. make the case. >> i do not have a position on this. i could see the events of yesterday could impact. maybe somebody that is weary. maybe pulling the trigger for him. think about it. central america. mexico. things are dangerous.
10:47 am
that is what is writhing many of them north. obviously, you know, listen. red moms. blue bombs. hispanic moms. asian moms. we all care about security when it comes to our kids. it looks like no one is charge. it could draw some people towards trump. >> supporting the republican party. a lot of latinos in that camp. >> not that many. 35% with george bush. low, mid 20s with mitt romney. there has been an effort to try and increase that. that has not been helpful.
10:48 am
economics. no pun intended. this idea of the american success story. he could, in the general, move over a little bit. it is hard to tell if you will be able to undo the damage. >> if you stand up in public and say i am donald trump, you are either a racist or a bigot. getting it death threats. >> it is horrible. the left tries to define who we are. you must not be -- >> shutting you up, essentially. >> this woman has every right.
10:49 am
our cultural heritage has nothing to do with our economic needs. shehat is something that trump is speaking to. i think that this kind of shaming has two ends. >> i have no position. >> thank you very much. up next, the rise of terror in europe. president obama shares some of the blame for it. my take on that, next. ♪ you both have a
10:50 am
10:51 am
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10:53 am
>> i am in washington. we are awaiting remarks from president obama in argentina. president obama has been criticized for what some say is an underwhelming response to the bombing in brussels.
10:54 am
he attended a previously scheduled baseball game between the cuban national team and tampa y the president defended his response. >> you want to be respectful and understand the gravity of the situation. the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people's ordinary lives. >> it is set to take place about one hour from now. he will undoubtedly be asked about brussels. >> plenty of blame to spread out for europe's terror crisis. there is a direct line from his failures in the mideast to outrage in brussels.
10:55 am
president obama aide nor his top advisers. despite his repeated use of poison gas. useful in third into armed camps. 4 million people left. they began the trek to hear up. the president had also retreated from iraq. in came isis. this is no jv team. they organized a functioning state.
10:56 am
10:57 am
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10:59 am
11:00 am
11:01 am
stuart: the way trump grabs the audience on every single location. >> crews has money. crews can do more. >> on trade, for example, the sales tax. you want your weekly pill and you are yearly bills that target
11:02 am
and walmart to golf about $5000? >> steve forbes, not a trump guy. >> i want a real debate. stuart: there has been a development. they is a bomb making factory. 30 pounds. that is acetone peroxide used to make these bombs. they found a suitcase full of nails. it really was a bomb making factory. also used for other materials.
11:03 am
four want of a better term. amounts of products. >> ready to do a lot more. what would have been out there. >> one of the bombs was in a suitcase at the airport yesterday did not go off. the third one did not go off, thank goodness. >> i want to stay on europe. between terror and migrants. dare i say falling to pieces. new numbers this morning from the german statistical office. not 1 million migrants that went to germany last year. no, it was 2 million. >> europe is falling apart. a lack of leadership. telling him what to do.
11:04 am
you do not have millions of people trying to find a place. that would solve that problem. in terms of europe itself, back in the 60s, i was in germany. you see turks coming to work in german factories. germany is stagnant today. not by european standards. by human standards. this just make the crisis worse. they do not know how to get their economies growing. ronald reagan, he told us and showed us how to do it. they have all forgotten it. stuart: tax cuts and growth in the economy. a lot of the problems. we talk about muslims. we talk about terror. >> american leadership did the
11:05 am
american economy. >> give them a job that will stimulate faster. who knows. >> jobs are available. >> we are not doing that. i do not see it there. i do not see it here. stuart: what do you make of president obama. he is in cuba. he spends 51 seconds referring to the events in brussels. >> let's do hypothetical. the u.s. and at major american city. spend just 51 seconds on it. he would have been back here right in the middle of it. big deal. it is a disgrace. >> shame on him.
11:06 am
>> that picture could not have been more perfect of an example of his leadership or lack thereof. waving to the crowd. economies that have been created in brussels. >> dictators and murderers. pointing out that up until last year, she was with dead as a state sponsor of terrorism. that changed in may of last year. >> though women in white. demanding free speech. that is the latest. >> you remember. anyone who reads history.
11:07 am
>> i want to move to politics. donald trump one very big in arizona. senator ted cruz one very big in utah. donald trump came and third. in the utah primary yesterday. what happened with this? stuart: you mentioned third in ut iowa. arizona was the key. that was the one. much more delegates. as of today, on the delegate count, 39. 12:37 p.m. he is getting there. about 53% of the outstanding delegates to get to the finish line. 143. 117% of the remaining delegates. stuart: donald trump is on
11:08 am
track. >> 53%. take a look at the democrats for a second. it was caucuses. >> arizona. bernie sanders, he won big last night and two other races. idaho and utah. he actually came away on the night with more delegates than hillary. >> you are bright. the grand total, 9274 bernie sanders. it was needed to win the nomination. >> today's socialist is doing so well in the run-up to the election. >> the best argument for school choice that we have seen. [laughter] stuart: thank you very much indeed. to donald trump. we are calling trump shaming.
11:09 am
if you support him, the left tries to shame you. shut you up. we had one of the supporters on the show. she says she has been harassed for putting up trump signs on her lawn. roll that tape. >> they shall feel the burn. black lives matter. then i had this one, i was going to put a sign and he said you are going to die. i just could not believe it. so much hatred. just a couple signs. >> we heard that one. katrina is with us. >> good to see you. thank you. p mac is trump shaming drive support underground. people are unwilling to express
11:10 am
themselves. not much you could do about it. >> no, there isn't. it is an intimidation tack that. i think we see that all over the place right now. this is how the left operates. if they call you a racist or they call you a bigot, that will set the tone. just how bad society has become. this politically correct environment geared we think politicians, who are afraid to stand up for what they believe in for fear of these types of tax experience. stuart: i watch donald trump very, very carefully. it seems to me that he goes right after the politically correct brigade. donald trump's number one enemy. >> it is the first amendment.
11:11 am
that is fixed ackley what he does. sometimes, the truth is a little bit shocking. mr. trump is speaking the truth about a lot of issues that are important. looking at the economy tanking. looking at the average american. punished. something has got to give. we cannot continue down this path. donald trump is the only candidate to do whatever it takes. >> donald trump finished in utah. you could not get them off. could you? >> well, no. it is difficult with these caucuses. it is basically writing a note down on a post-it and sticking it in the box. stuart: nice way of getting out of that one. we would love to hear from you.
11:12 am
thank you for joining us. >> ted cruz came out. he wants to control muslim neighborhoods. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: senator ted cruz came out with his plan for dealing with immigration and surveillance of muslims. roll tape. >> if you have a neighborhood where there is a high level of gang act to video, you target the gang members to get them off the streets. >> muslim neighborhoods. not radicals in particular.
11:16 am
>> i am talking about an area where there is a higher incidence of radical terror. stuart: we have a republic on with the muslim republican coalition. what do you make of the suggestion? >> there is no place for it in washington, d.c. where i can identify it. i am not sure which place they are talking about. we are the first on the line of defense for fighting against terrorism. i think gop's presidential candidates ought to not make policy suggestions. >> what kind of surveillance. >> none. we are american citizens. why would you want to infringe on my rights. unless you have a reasonable
11:17 am
suspicion. then we have law-enforcement due process. get a war and. against any particular person that you are interested in. there is no fourth. >> i believe that it is approximately hundreds of cases. muslims and americans have broken the law and attempted to attack us. is it logical that we could surveillance that community in one way or another. you are talking about millions of muslims. i am not sure which muslims are particularly radical in your view. stuart: planet we listen to what is going on in a mosque? preaching hate in some way or in encouraging violence. can't we look at that and listen to it? is that out of bounds?
11:18 am
>> sure. we have done that since 9/11. i do not think that we have identified any mosques that do that. under suspicion by law enforcement. they should definitely be monitored. bat is not how we were to be able to fight terrorism. >> okay. you do not care for what ted cruz has said about this. >> is john kasich your guy? >> i am really disappointed. yesterday, they displayed their ignorance. why are they not talking to any muslims about islam? we will learn about islam from muslims. why are non-muslims talking about islam?
11:19 am
they are people who hate islam. they should definitely reach out to muslims. they have not responded to our invite. >> i have one last one for you. if i express anger at muslims were coming to this country and slaughtering americans, am i and islam of global? >> no. i am angry of those people to. you have to separate the religion from the crime. there is nothing in islam that justifies their criminal behavior. stuart: okay. thank you very much for appearing on the show. we appreciate it. come back soon. >> thank you for having me. governor john kasich. he responded to what opener cruz
11:20 am
has been saying. liz, what did he say. >> muslims keeping an eye on you. we do need to make change to surveillance on radical muslims and radical islamic terrorists. the congressmen have congressman have consulted with muslims in the past. >> how do you point out to is a radical and who is not. how do you find out who is and islam is? you have surveillance. >> having a conversation since 9/11. you do not alienate the muslim community. you do go after who wants to murder. stuart: liz, thank you. a big change to a widely used prescription painkiller. this is a big story. we will deal with it next. ♪
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: developments are coming thick and fast. now we have russia chiming in. >> very interesting their take on what has happened. blame it on western complacency. also, a lapse of security
11:25 am
services. i like this quote from one site. europeans have failed to realize what millions of migrants need. now, they have paid the price for being reckless. >> atrium of commander. >> two weeks ago, you cannot find any other reason. they managed to create refugees on the move. >> it is europe's resolve. holding with a loss of 40 or 50. lifetime highs.
11:26 am
changing to widely used prescription pain killers. you have to have a warning log. highlighting the risk of addiction, abuse, overdose and death. >> addict did to these painkillers. no we do not. a warning label. >> i think that is what the fda is thinking. brussels tries to pick up the pieces from that terror attack that killed dirty people. president obama did the wave in cuba. more on that in a moment.
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: some state officials that we've got an inflation problem. up goes the dollar, down come commodities and outcomes gold good would you look at that appeared $28 lower the price of
11:31 am
gold. the higher dollar and inflation concern also the gold mining stocks. all of them down big-time. 7%. ashley: normally higher inflation means gold. at the opposite world. stuart: you are right. >> is this a new ratio? >> i'm working on it. the oil ratio. trent is special guest is a filmmaker who has been on the streets of europe talking and muslim communities in the middle of all the terrorist attack and what unfolded thereafter. horovitz is with us. he's been on the program and is backed. you've got important information. what is the attitude of this muslim communities in france and belgium towards may i say the outside world. with the attitude? >> i spent a lot of time walking through the streets of france and belgium. first of all, the very specific
11:32 am
demographic split among the islamic community the islamic communities. but i mean this field are first-generation, essentially immigrants who came across france and belgium are looking for a better life for themselves, kids, families. they want education for their children. whatever normal immigrant wants. the problem is when you see what is going on with the kids, second-generation, third-generation, you see a different attitude it specifically you have a very scary adherence to certain radicalism and what i was asking about terror attacks, they went from indifference that last two in most cases support. stuart: they supported their people, killing frenchmen by the hundred. they supported this?
11:33 am
>> particularly if they thought something was boston, they were absolutely done. this is an uno. having said that, the pew research to be very fascinating fascinating -- stuart: he was there and they said this directly to you? >> on camera. stuart: was he speaking french? >> most of french. i do not speak french. on principle i don't speak french. stuart: they would say this to you on camera. what are you going to do with this material? we created a video for fox news on that. we were this at the time and it was shocking. stuart: i interrupted you. you are about to tell me about a pew poll on attitudes. >> a pew poll across the world and the united states and europe and the arab world. what i found was that there is -- there was an immaturity, but if you look at the
11:34 am
demographic split, you get more radical and terrorism. that is also the united states. the rest of the arab world was significantly here among people under 30 are sold. stuart: may ask a personal question? are you jewish? >> i am. and never come back dean interviews? >> i try to keep my yarmulke. stuart: seriously, do they know? what do you think would have been had they revealed >> i think in some of the funds that would have been a real problem for me. it would have been very dangerous. stuart: was that when the attitude was worse. >> i would say forget the anti-judeo think for a second. going back to an important point attitude on terrorism, is a
11:35 am
connection and that is a mistake people make. in fact, most terrorists are middle class. not necessarily lower class. the attitude that most of the terrorists and most of these radicals come from the poor is a fallacy. stuart: we keep hearing these kids have got no jobs. stuart: ami horowitz, come back anytime you like. the attack and belgium is going on. president obama was in cuba. the address the attack for 51 seconds at the top of his speech to the cuban people. they said he did the way. leslie marshall is with us this morning. you're a democrat. about 20 minutes ago i put on the air and editorial and i suggested that what is going on in europe at the moment, the migrant crisis in the terrorist
11:36 am
is in part the responsibility of president obama. i know you don't agree with me. let me spell out my case. president obama retreated from syria. they crossed the red line it didn't do anything about it. 4 million migrants that the country enough to go to europe. then he evacuated and left iraq. incomes isis and isis is no threat to the world. part of the responsibility for what is happening over there is president obama's responsibility. tell me where i'm going wrong. the >> first of all, the reason people are fleeing syria would've taken place regardless who is president, whether there is a red line and i agree he should have been more forceful with regard to syria. however, we can't look at the real responsibility here. when you have the leader of the nation and chemical warfare and its people, and what would you do? then you have isis forcing -- taking young women, taking
11:37 am
people and holding them hostage. people that don't want to live like that. even with ground troops. what is happening interior bright now. stuart: he post on the redline on the redline until serb forces appeared to back u.s. from iraq in 19 isis. those things happen. the original fault is president obama's foreign policy. and he failed -- he failed completely to even address the idea of safe zones, which we could've established for a no-fly zone. he would not do it. it is president obama. >> i don't agree. when you look at isis, a breakout from al qaeda, one could argue we invaded a sovereign nation of iraq that started that. one could argue this power-hungry people will be there again regardless of whether we are in iraq, if we left iraq. we are looking at a situation in this country that has two problems in syria. you have its leader and you have
11:38 am
one of the things everyone agrees on. the sunni muslims have to be the one to take at isis. they can't have the united states -- the american flag leading the way. yes it is. stuart: we are talking about responsibility -- >> these people are angry like you said, second or third generation people who feel disenfranchised by their educated or not. stuart: why did they call them? >> he wanted to profile america if you will. when you listen to military experts, they have all said regardless of ideology, we can get rid of isis. that is not the issue. it's a bigger picture. how do we get rid of those being radicalized in self radicalized. idea get rid of the mindset of what is happening throughout the world on the internet. >> you will accept no responsibility on the part of the president whatsoever for what's going on in europe right now.
11:39 am
nothing to do with us. >> i don't say it has nothing to do with this, but i don't put blame on the actions of murderers who took the bus to 30 people on our president and quite frankly when i put it on the blame of the president if he was a republican either. stuart: this started with the failure present a promise of these in iraq and in syria. that is where it started. >> to me, if we say the president failed, what are we saying about our military and the nation that we have set accomplished. >> get in there and tell them in 10 seconds flat. they all say it. >> you believe -- you believe -- you believe we should carpet tom -- stuart: i am just telling you the facts. sorry, i had >> what would president obama has done that would've stopped what happened?
11:40 am
stuart: he could've stopped the regime used chemical weapons on its own people. he could've established a stunted area. it would've stopped them. he could've stopped isis. he could've nipped it in the bud but he described about the jv team. can't do that. he's a failure. his foreign policy has failed in its responsibility for what is happening in europe. last point. i was 15 seconds. when you make of the 51 seconds that the president devoted to the terror attack in europe? are you happy with that? >> guest: first of all i don't want to do this george bush thing, but we seem to be hung up on how much time -- stuart: 51 seconds. >> i don't think that the one seconds is enough to talk about the demise of people, but would you expect them to do? our nation wasn't attacked yet. one of our allies was attacked.
11:41 am
stuart: exactly. and he gives 51 seconds to it. >> 51 seconds. he had comes out and has to say something quickly as any nationstate or does. how much time is enough? what action is enough? stuart: totally wrong yet again, but thanks for being here. he sent me a container of tiffany colón. >> now we are talking about this on the air. stuart: thank you very much. leslie marshall, you are all right. you can come again. up next, a very emotional story. a child taken away from her family because of her heritage. the judge on that next. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf.
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parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. >> i am nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average down 45 points right now. 17,536. the nasdaq down. all the major avenues lower for the week as well. here's a comment with your s&p movers. right now all the details. right now what is it doing? it is up 1%. a new lifetime high bear. they were under pressure with a stronger dollar. a chart to show you the dramatic this is the latest energy inventory report in the oil stocks as well have been selling off. look into the housing stocks.
11:44 am
earlier this week home sales were under pressure. retail winners and losers. nike is waiting on for a locker next-line is driving record. geared clips a food truck,you ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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stuart: one hour and 15 minutes ago. we learned an extra 9 million barrels of oil in storage. that means a big increase in
11:46 am
supply. condos are priced at $1.36 lower. just holding a four-day period the dow was down 58. office depot was a winner. though trying to merge with staples. that stock has been all over the place. right now dead flat. we have to warn you that what we're about to show you is emotional. a six-year-old girl who was just over 1% native american removed from the foster parents trying to adopt her because of a very old law. again, please, this is an emotional video. [inaudible conversations] >> you cannot film her. she's a foster child. leave her alone. stuart: the child had been with the foster family for years.
11:47 am
she's six years old. all rights, judge napolitano is here. that is outrageous and that was based on race, wasn't it? >> it's also profoundly unconstitutional for them to make a decision based on race. in 1978, a carter era statute signed into law by jimmy carter says if a baby that has any native american blood in him or her is placed in the foster care of non-native americans, there is a presumption that the baby belongs back with the native americans. this baby, 1.5% native american. i have difficulty discussing percentage of racial stock. this is america. in 2016. this is the worst part of our history and is being revived because of this statute and its enforcement of federal and state authorities in california.
11:48 am
the baby was removed from the native american family. the father had a criminal record. the mother was a drug user. the baby showed up with a black eye. placed at this wonderful middle-class, middle american foster family in california. suddenly they decide they want the baby back. the fed saying the state of california that status with them and hold a trial. at the trial, normally you want to take a baby away from a child where they've been for four years. you have to demonstrate why that is in the best interest of the baby. this trial, the family has to demonstrate why it is not in the best interest of the baby for the state to take it. stated differently, the state has all the presumption that all the benefit because of the way this horrific racially oriented agitated law has been written. now they've got to appeal this. you're telling me that it's in the best interest of the child? most people say don't do picture of her.
11:49 am
those are the bureaucrats outside the state of california that stole this baby. from a happy household. ashley: what are the chances the judge watched that. >> uncharted solute very slim. you have to have a judge with the character to declare the statute unconstitutional. the way the statute as written, the government always wins with even a drop of native american. stuart: that's incredible. >> we don't know where, but we know it is going to be with the native american family of the same tribe from which the baby's natural parents came. stuart: i want to end this discussion because i'm getting upset. there are adopted children and my family. the idea that anything like this would ever take place is just so bad. i'm not sure i could deal with it. >> i hope this is to make a way for the government making other decisions on race. we fought a civil war to remove race from the government are minute.
11:50 am
now it's back. stuart: where is the left? >> but i tell you. the left promoted this statute in the interest of maintaining the integrity of native american families. the list grew and its statute that jimmy carter that jimmy carter was a long with. they should be as outraged as we traditionally sarver what's happening. stuart: i want to hold you over until after the break because they want to get more that you brought us earlier on the program about the surveillance cameras in brussels. who should be operating them? you had a very good story to tell us. after the break, everybody. the judge will not go away. don't let dust and allergies get between you
11:51 am
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11:55 am
screen. that is taken from a videotape at brussels airport. that's the two bombers and another suspect. but here's my question. if that was by videotape, why wouldn't the authorities watch it and prevent the attack when they see these guys put the dead hand triggers and all that. >> the intelligence community tells us that is a still photo from about 45 minutes of the video, meaning 45 minutes of an opportunity for a trained security person to see them on a screen in real time, literally as they are moving. this screen is in the airport. they are in the airport. when the whole concept of these cameras came about -- you and i disagree. most people disagree with me. they were sold to us on the idea that they would keep us safe, not that they will make the police job easier, but they will keep us safe. the police job i argue when they have those cameras is to stop
11:56 am
these things before they have been, not to use the cameras to help them catch people after they have been. was someone watching the screen? apparently not. was a trained person watching the screen? the tight gray. once the grip is released, for any reason the bomb goes off. apparently no one was watching because the government does not suffer adverse consequences other than political in this tragedy happened. just go up, buy more toys, hire more people, get more surveillance cameras in these things happen over and over again. stuart: your belief is that should've been a private enterprise. a private company should be responsible for catching a crime in the process. >> the company would suffer serious adverse consequences when someone failed to do and take action on something like that. >> which would sign a contract
11:57 am
that says if we make a mistake, we are dead ducks. we have finished. >> i am sure that a genius like you could construct an attractive deal for such a secure -- >> i would construct an extremely expensive insurance company which covered me in the event of the loss. >> to we won a police state? no. do a free and open society? can we stop these 100%? no. but we can minimize them and minimize their effect. if we do the right thing. if these cameras for the purpose for which they are installed. stuart: the government never get the right. >> rarely. stuart: you are good. thanks so much, judge. more "varney" coming to you in just a moment.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: senator ted cruz can you
12:00 pm
see him now speaking in manhattan to the women's national republican club. he is making his statement right now. this is new york city. my time regrettably it's a period i will make way for neil cavuto. it is yours, sir. >> thank you area, very much. the president continues. he is now in argentina with the president and the newly elected president. this is on the 40th anniversary of the last major coup in argentina and still not going down well who associate a lot of murder at the behest of u.s. generals. that is their view. that will likely come up around the country. barack obama had nothing to do. but you know, grudges die slowly. argentina is in the middle of rebuilding itself, but we are focusing on the statements afterwards, particularly criticism that has come of the president. they say he should be more


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