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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he hate as lot of stuff as well as loving a lot of stuff. melissa: he is passionate. unclear. we'll see. time will tell without question. david: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now deirdre: there is a massive manhunt and you way for the one terrorist lo is believed to be at large. a group of at least three killed 31 innocent citizens and injured 270 more. there are also new reports coming in that the islamic state has dispatched hundreds of fighters who are trained to kill as many people as possible in europe. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the number of injured americans from yesterday's attack in brussels is rising. there are 12 confirmed cases. several americans are still missing. secretary of state john kerry will travel to brussels this friday to formally express condolences on behalf of the u.s. with me now, mike tobin from brussels. mike, what is the latest from
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there on the manhunt? reporter: i can tell you the live scene in front of what is called the stock exchange. this is place where people have chosen to come together. they sing. they light candles. they show solidarity. unintimidated by new information from the associated press that the islamic state has dispatched hundreds of fighters across europe and that they are ready to strike. new information about individuals caught on security video seen in a freeze frame. the individual to the far left has now been identified according to sources. his name, najim laachraoui. according to sources he was "the bomb maker." he is did by his own bomb. the individual at right is yet to be identified. for whatever reason his bomb did not go off. in the center is ibrahim el bakraoui. he is dead. his brother blew himself up later at the metro station, taking 20 people with them. police knew of the bakraoui brothers.
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they had heavy rap sheets. tip from cab driver led to a tip in a neighborhood heavily populated with immigrants. they found bomb-making components, blasting caps, shrapnel. 33 pounds of a homemade explosive. they found computer from ibrahim el bakraoui that he felt police were on to him and he needed to facts. the turkish president, tayip erdogan, that his government deported bakraoui to the netherlands. they warned dutch authorities that he radicalized and he was dangerous. deirdre? deirdre: thank you so much. mike tobin joining us there from brussels. there are reports that the islamic state has dispatched hundreds of fighters trained to attack in europe. with me now the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, dr. zuhdi jasser. dr. jasser, thanks as always for being with us. >> sure. deirdre: what do you make of this basic strategy which is to attack europe in places where
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there are civilians, airports, concert halls, whatever it may be? >> the way isis sees it, deirdre, they are lives in the land of islam in syria and egypt and the middle east. the rest of the world is the land of, where they can cause chaos they will do it. hard targets are getting more difficult. they will do softer and softer targets. the bottom line, they see our weakness. here is cell one of the first times you have the same cells committing two acts of terror four months apart. they were able to hole up their activists, terrorists from the isis movement in their homes only a few doors down from where they grew up in mollenbeek. the bottom line, they see they're able to effect acts of terror in brussels and paris. the acts from 2014 that occurred. the bottom line they're seeing success after success. they will hit us while we're weak and no-holds-barred.
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deirdre: we do have more details details on the suspects of three men pushing luggage carts in the surveillance photos we all know now too well, two men are wearing these black governors. the ones that are in black black black jackets or pullovers who we believe are the suicide attackers. investigators obviously looking for this guy on the screen. he is in a white, light colored jacket. as far as the search goes, do you think that that he will be able to coordinate now, that they have seen an attack on their home soil? >> i don't know the old strategy isn't working. this guy initially was found by fingerprint. we're not hearing that he was found by intel from molenbeek. we're not hearing muslim organizations or community people within those neighborhoods are actually doing
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everything they can to help. we saw them throwing rocks and calling him a hero of the bottom line that i hope we're beginning to have a a moment muslims begin in the community to do everything possible to keep belgium secure and safe. the security apparatus, old paradigm for waiting them to get weapons, to go to the airport to have organization to their self, that last moment we start to look before that. >> the communities, into the ideology. the jihadism that is being roiled within those communities that we so far have been ignoring because our lens has been all about violent extremism instead about jihadism and islammism. deirdre: what do you make of the fact that turkey actually to your point, this guy was wanted by interpol. they brought him back to the netherlands. why is this person still walking around? >> that's a great question. because we don't have the monitoring capacity.
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we don't have numbers of folks necessary to be monitoring these communities. and because of political correctness, we've avoided the types of monitoring necessary to reveal threats that exist. it is like finding a needle in a haystack. unfortunately we're only able to find them now after an attack. after they have the clues necessary. when they find one, they then operationalize three or four others committed act within a few days after they find abdeslam. now we hear of others coming from syria because what's happening -- by the way i do want you to understand the fact that they're committing more acts also means that the operations we're doing in syria are having some impact. isis is feeling their cutoff of money. they're feeling shrinking size of the land that they have in syria. so they're beginning to do more attacks in europe. they want to break the will of the west to do anything in raqqa. deirdre: according to some statement that abdeslam actually made in that high security
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prison in bridge, he said that he when he was working with people or met people from syria, their whole point was to get france, belgium and u.k. and germany to essentially change its foreign policy and they felt like attacking civilians was a way to start that particular conversation. i want to ask you though, zuhdi, said that paris suspect abdeslam probably knew about this attack yesterday. >> what happened is you catch the guy last week. and they probably have lawyers all over the place. he has probably got lawyers saying, you are going to trial under seven years. nothing happens and you have big bombings today. if they put him through the grill, ten minutes after they capture him he would have ratted them out and stopped this horrible terror attack that took place today. deirdre: president obama made a comment. here it is. >> any approach that would
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single them out or target them for discrimination is not only wrong, and un-american but it also would be counter productive. deirdre: so that obviously is not exactly in response to what donald trump implied about torture but, what should the u.s., what should the free world do at this point, when you have people going into airports, going into subways and essentially murdering innocents, does the u.s., does the free world, need to be more aggressive in interrogation techniques? >> well, listen we can thread this needle. america is not only the most powerful country in the world, the greatest advocate of liberty and freedom and morality on the plan net. that is what i believed when i served in the navy for 11 years. i think we can do both, deirdre. we can portray strength and be strong and get information we need without violating the again navy have convention and without saying things doing what our
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enemies would do and doing what we would do. yes, we have been too soft on them. they need to fear us. america is not feared anymore. we need to be feared. perhaps we could have gotten more information. these individuals should be enemy combatants. should not be citizen who committed an active crime. he is warrior working for enemies of the west, of america. by the way, this is why they're attacking europe. they're not attacking russia is supposedly encountering isis. they're attacking moderates. they're not really with us. deirdre: piers morgan interestingly enough stuck up for trump saying when it comes to terror, that we should start listening seriously to donald trump. in fact he wrote an op-ed. i will read just a line or two. hate donald trump all you like, but at least he seems to recognize the magnitude of the threat and at least he has firm proposals to try to defeat it. now, they may not win him politically correct, person of the year award.
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how many more scenes like this morning's appalling images from brussels will we tolerate before we try a non-pc option to despeed these disgusting excuses for human beings? at t same time there is that and there is president obama who says we don't want to profile. what is the right line in the middle? >> the right line is, listen, viscerally, i get it. america is sick of losing. we're sick of being defeated. if isis had been decimated much more quickly they wouldn't have all the opportunities to do what they're doing. a slow death of isis is one of the most risky things that can happen. we need to be much more forceful. we can't be perceived as appeasing them. but having said that we just can't react viscerally. he might have some short-term solutions. i want to see long term. you can't have a short-term strategy that work unless you target the ideology and have a long term revision how you embryce reform isthmus limbs and embrace the arab awakening and not dictators of the middle east.
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there has to be a long-term strategy or else isis will come back. it came back because assad, because of russia. all these things are part of the equation of a coherent, long-term strategy. deirdre: so zuhdi, when you mention philosophy, ideology, how wise it is it to have presence, a law enforcement presence in the mosques that are believed to be preaching radical islam? >> we need to have a law enforcement presence in the pools in which these radicals swim. if they happen to be mosques, if they happen to be muslim organizations so be it. we can't say well, because they're muslim we won't put police there. our mosques are transparent. we should welcome, fbi, homeland security, to be there, not to do illegal wiretaps but should do on the ground type police work like any good cop would do on the beat in neighborhoods where there are gangs. exactly. so we should not, because of political correctness, abandon good police work. but we should do it correctly
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and not sacrifice our rights. but also, i mean listen, nypd had a monitoring program that was dismantled because of media exposure and political correctness that was wrong. deirdre: former mayor rudy giuliani told us last night that was a big mistake. dr. jasser, we'll have more to talk about. stay with us please. remind our viewers with lou dobbs, donald trump will be his guest 7:00 p.m. eastern time. please tune in for that conversation. hollywood's liberal critics lashing out over our interview with actor turned trump supporter scott baio. we'll tell you why. belgium attacks renew being focus on europe's muslim enclaves. there is a new report says we in the u.s. may be facing the exact same problem. back with more on that. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity. >> this attack in europe will continue, reality europe is different than the united states, deirdre. they have bonafide sanctuary neighborhoods where isis network like them will operate. deirdre: attacks in belgium talked about muslim conclaves. >> they all knew he was there. they didn't turn him in. there is something that is going on that's wrong. deirdre: american-islamic forum for democracy president zuhdi jasser back with me now.
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thank you for staying with me. the paris attacker hiding out in molenbeek, taking them so long to find these terrorists because after fractured municipal system. do you believe in the u.s., we have the same kind of radical islamist enclaves? >> well, i think it is a bit different. i think our trajectory of separation system much different because families like mine felt american. versus europe has a bit more difficult time assimilating it is immigrants, more racially based, less based on instilling secular democratic mind set into immigrants. having said that muslims themselves are the major problem. they're knot adopting ideology of the west. in america, i will tell you that we have a problem and we're headed in the same trajectory, not because we have physical enclaves but there is mental enclave of separationism. rejection that america is
5:18 pm
anti-muslim, is bigoted. organizations leading our community, are under siege mentality that make muslims feel under siege rather than solving it and being patriotic and wanting to help the security services. you don't hear that coming from the bandwidth of american muslim groups. instead you hear victimization, racialization of muslims. you have this enclave mentality but physically they're not enclave. there are reports that clarion project talked about here and there that exist and may be threats but bottom line, much, much less than what we see in europe. deirdre: we already had a map up, you know it well, basically france, belgium sitting on top and mollenbeek we were talking about that being an area people can hide. lieutenant colonel ralph peters was on earlier saying essentially in those areas that we actually have to stop terror by punishing the people who are harboring the terrorists. do you think that approach can work in europe?
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>> well i think they need to use their laws. our laws currently do punish those who are accomplices to crimes, accomplices to acts of war and terrorism. in phoenix we just had a trial in which an individual was for the first time convicted for supporting isis. i think the community should be held on notice if they support and facilitate, the person convicted facilitated acts by elton simpson and those acts committed in garland. we should act to convict those that are accomplices. in the neighborhood the family that held him four months should feel full force of belgium law, french law, law of the e.u., their state identity so their sovereignty can be maintained against threat of isis and insurgencies in these neighborhoods. ralph peters is right. we need to unravel these enclaves idealogically and monitor them because they're committing crimes against their states.
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deirdre: zuhdi, if you could say one thing to president obama today, here is how to fight terrorism, the threat of terrorism on american soil, what would it be? >> i would tell him, mr. president, time to abandon this countering violent extremism which we don't know what that is, which is terrorism which is an act. adopt the policy of countering violent islamism. mentality, state of mind of radicals is loyalty to political islam. the islamic state, the caliphate and we need to work with muslims who will want to reform against islamism. until our homeland security apparatus starts to adapt a policy to expose and infiltrate islamist networks, we are going to continue to participate in this whac-a-mole program. deirdre: dr. zuhdi jasser, thank you as us for the time. >> anytime. deirdre: american airlines say it will not resume flights to brussels until the weekend at the earliest. at this time there are plans to
5:21 pm
operate a flight from philadelphia to brussels on saturday, return flight on sunday. that is subject to change, pending direction from brussels airport and the appropriate authorities. actor turned trump supporter scott baio says he is ready to pay for whoopi goldberg's one-way ticket out of the u.s. we'll play our interview that has liberal hollywood pretty steamed. also ted cruz being criticized for calling a law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. a member of his campaign is with me with reaction. here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now.
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tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. deirdre: okay. so senator cruz under criticism, facing criticism for his proposal calling for law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. cruz campaign national chairman and former homeland security chief of staff is with me now. chad, thanks in advance for the
5:25 pm
time. you know this, but i'm just going to bring viewers up to speed. senator cruz lashed out against mayor de blasio, the mayor of new york city and other democrats accusing them of putting political correctness above public safety. here is what he told my colleague maria bartiromo earlier. >> this attack really underscores the threat we face from radical islamic terrorism. this was not a lone wolf. it was not an isolated attack. we are facing global jihad from isis and radical islamic terrorism and i think people across this country are fed up with president obama and hillary clinton and the modern democratic party that is so captive to political correctness that they won't even say the words radical islamic terrorism. deirdre: so, chad, senator cruz is taking a lot of criticism for this but he has a point, right? >> he does. senator cruz will never bow to
5:26 pm
political correctness in order to protect our security. i can tell you from my own experience at homeland security where i was directly involved, not in theory but in practice on counter radicalization programs if we want to prevent what is happening in europe from happening here, you need empowered visible law enforcement actively engaged with at risk communities, partnering with the local community, to prevent local attacks. state, federal, local law enforcement agencies have divisions focused on similar threats like gangs, drugs, organized crime. the tactics and techniques the senator is discussing are frankly, these are techniques that are used all over this country and i can tell you personally, having been involved with these programs the muslim community, many them are fantastically supportive of these programs because they know
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>> it's a very, very disturbing thing going on in europe and we
5:33 pm
are going to have it here, too. >> the last thing we need here is lead horse incite more fears. >> i would close up 0 you are borders until we find out what's going on. >> we cannot allow these people to come in. >> that's only in the offensive,'s dangerous. we want everybody to feel like we are together on our common defense against terrorism. >> the waterboarding would be fine. if they can expand the law i would do more than water boarding. >> we can't let a demagogue incite violence. >> i hope this election takes place fast and i hope i win and they are going back. we are not going to keep them here. deirdre: hillary clinton showing the difference between herself and businessman donald trump. ernie, great to see you back. we just played this clip of hillary clinton and donald trump.
5:34 pm
it seems like trump is someone who appeals to angry voters. but you are saying not really. >> i think angry voters do like him. but regular voters like him, too. i don't know, you know, hillary clinton when she starts campaigning, it's like my mother yelling pat me with her hands on a chalkboard. deirdre: you support trump and you are not an angry guy. you are a successful businessman and you think trump is the right person to take america forward. >> the middle east blew up under hillary's watch. she is going to continue the obama agenda. i don't get it. deirdre: bad foreign policy experience is worse than no foreign policy experience. >> nothing will change. it will only get worse. deirdre: jimmy kimmel made a funny montage. i want to get your reaction.
5:35 pm
>> i love my protesters. i love this giefer here. i love women, they love me, and i love them. i love my life. i love the military. i love the vets. i love china. i love mexico. and i love the mexican people. i love the hispanics. i love the evangelicals. i love the mormons. deirdre: poking fun in a good-may tiewrd way. you know donald trump well. you have hosted events at your home. what is it about him that we don't know? >> i think with mr. trump at this particular time, you either get him or you don't. he's been doing it long enough, i don't think there is anything he's going to say that's going to turn off the people that support him. i think he needs to get more people out there to vote and it will be okay.
5:36 pm
he is offering something none of the other candidates are. and i think people relate to that and want that. dereport authenticity. >> sure, and the strength. there is a reason why iran let the hostages go on reagan's first day. because they were scared. jimmy carter was a non-issue with them, and they were so petrified of reagan they let the hostages go. we need snob the white house that -- we need somebody in the white house who demands strength. deirdre: donald trump will be with lou dobbs this evening 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox business. scott bale calling hollywood liberals hypocritical on the show last night.
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>> i think he should head back to washington and solve a problem. you better get rid of isis fast because it's only going to get worse. >> we need a president who makes it clear if you are a jihadist your dave reckoning is coming. >> if i were president i would make it sure they know when they
5:41 pm
bleed and die in europe, a part us bleeds anodize here in america. deirdre: yesterday the president went to a baseball game in cuba with castro. former new york city their rudy giuliani slammed the president for not cutting his trip short. here he is with neil cavuto. >> suppose i went home to gracey mansion after 9/11 so it wouldn't look like a big attack on 0 this soil. this always nato ally. we have a solemn treaty with belgium that an attack on belgium is an attack on the united states of america. deirdre: president obama is in argentina today. former new york governor, former presidential candidate george pataki is with me. you saw a whole clip series there.
5:42 pm
what do you make of president obama's decision to stay on this trip? >> i don't think he made one right decision when it comes to combating isis and terrorism his whole time in office. the day before he's spending in front of a pore craft che guevarra. he had it america. and he's standing with castro, an enemy of america. just imagine what our latin american friends are thinking. he stands there with castro who has been trying to destroy america. if you are a leader, you don't just put out a little statement and stand in front of a camera. this president has confused words with action the entire time he's been in office. he thinks because he says we are going to do something, it means we actually are. >> for those who don't remember for a reason. you were government state of new york for the 9/11 attacks.
5:43 pm
i take your words more to heart than anybody else. but you were here on the ground. >> yeah. that's what you do. when there is an attack don't just go into a bunker and put out -- stand in front of a camera. you go out and take action right away. this president should have taken strong military action to act against isis in the middle east, directed our friend to go see our allies like egypt and jordan and israel on the front lines against radical islam. but no he stands with raul castro at a baseball game. deirdre: the president said i want to keep my itinerary the way it is so the terrorists are shown they will not alter my agenda. >> when reporter james foley was behead he does a 10-minute press conference and goes and glaze golf. too many people in europe in the
5:44 pm
world are afraid because of his feckless leadership against radical islam. this president likes to seem cool. he's not cool, he's detached. deirdre: you endorsed rubio. he is no longer in the race. >> that's right. deirdre: which candidate are you going to support? >> i will not support donald trump. one time after another he comes out with the most are you deck thus comments imaginable. just a day or two ago, we should withdraw from nato. the most effective organization of our allies and friend that prevented war the last 50 years. the stupid things he says day after day disqualify him from being president. i'll do everything i can to see the republicans have a president who can lead america and that's not donald trump. deirdre: you admire jeb bush
5:45 pm
supporting senator cruz. >> i think ted cruz will be infinitely better than donald trump. i think john kasich will be infinitely better than donald trump. the american people know hillary clinton is not fit. she has done nothing but lie to the american people time and again. she has probably broken the law. she was a horrific secretary of state john kerry. if we nominate donald trump we'll end up with her. >> governor, come back any time. governor pataki with me there. author an and holistic author.
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> i will charter a plane for them and they are more than happy to leave. i don't care. my country is everything to me. if they want to leave, go. it's okay. i can watch "the view" without whoopi goldberg. if she want to day here with hillary clinton, i wish the liberals who want to wall this doctrine of what the liberals are espousing, give up their nice homes and cars and give it
5:50 pm
to the government and live in a one-bedroom apartment in the i. but they don't do it. dreer they are what we used to call limousine liberals. >> they are hypocrites. deirdre: that was scott baio and celebrities who say they will leave the u.s. if donald trump wins the election. he may be rare. but he's certainly not alone. with me now, the first person from hollywood to come on the show, speak about his support for donald trump, antonio sabato jr. great to speak with you again. liberal celebrity are against trump, not a surprise. but some members of the republican national convention met today with a stop trump, the best term i can couple with. are you surprised about that? >> the only way the republican
5:51 pm
party is going to win is with donald trump. that's the only shot they have. they lost the last two times around. they made some gig mistake. he's not a politician. he's a real guy. i got to spend some time with donald and i have great respect for him. we have to keep this country going in the right direct. we lost this country in the last 7 years. our president tried to destroy this country an has done a good job about it. deirdre: cot bay oh said trump is the only candidate who will fight isis. >> if we don't name these people and attack them and eliminate them, it will just keep happening. this government doesn't want to do anything about it. we close a blind eye to it and we don't want to go after them. the constitution is not a suicide pact. we have laws here, we have
5:52 pm
immigration laws. we have rules that we all have to abide by. should we at least know who is in our country? these people are coming west and we seem to be playing footy with that. and i have an 8-year-old daughter and trump to me and ted cruz to a certain extent who say we are going to eliminate them. deirdre: do you agree even though trump doesn't have foreign policy experience that he's the best candidate to take on isis. >> the president we have now has no foreign policy. he came from nowhere and he has done nothing to make this country or the world a better place. it's been a worse place the last 7 years. we have radical islam and the president should talk about it. instead he wants to play golf and go to hawaii every other weekend. this is insanity. we can't get hillary in. there is no way. we have to get somebody who is
5:53 pm
not a politician, a businessman who is not either parties, really. he's a republican yes. but he's one of us. he's worked hard, he made a living doing something really good. he made everything he touches successful. an speaks for the people. where all these other people lie. hillary clinton has lied to the american people. people have fallen and died while she was at home in washington, d.c. having a bathtub. let's be real. let's get this guy in the white house so we can have four great years coming up. let's do that. >> i just had billionaire businessman ernie flock said the ranks are glowing hollywood who share your views. thank you for your time. the number injured in the
5:54 pm
brussels terror attack has risen. deepak chopra is with me responding to that attack and the best way forward after this. anything worth pursuing hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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deirdre: devastating terror attacks have sparked sympathy around the world. world renowned holistic expert dr. deepak chopra is with me. he just published a new book called "super genes." thank you for coming in. i want to ask you about the book. but that response to brussels.
5:58 pm
you advise congress in the past. you hold seminars. ways your advice to our leaders now? >> in the acute situation, the cull prits or murderers should be apprehended and brought to justice according to the law. in the long term you don't get rid of terrorists by killing terrorists because you don't kill the idea. to kill an idea you have to come with a better idea. that better idea is education, awareness, economic upliftment, love, compassion. joy, he can whic, creative soluo problems where people are extremely impoverished and deprived. deirdre: you said capitalism can be a vehicle for good.
5:59 pm
you are blending that view with what you are teaching at columbia university in the mba program. what do you see as hopeful in the next generation of businessmen and women. >> i ask my student what is the purpose of a business. they no longer say it's to make money. they say it's to improve the quality of life for everyone in the world. employees, customers, investors. if you take care of the needs your employees, your customers will be happy and so will your investors. deirdre: the book "super genes" wrapped together mental and physical health. >> healthy emotions and good nutrition and you can turn on the good genes. deirdre: i'll be taking notes. thank you very much for the time. he has just put out a new book called "super genes" and you
6:00 pm
just heard that long list that will help you be healthier and more profitable. thank you for joining us here on risk and reward *. my colleague charles payne is here, "making money" starts rue. charles: a new fox national poll has donald trump in the lead with 41%. trump's 3-point lead is within the margin of error. there is a big change. remember sanders had a 3-point lead just a month ago. will kasich perform best against hillary clinton? he beats her by 11 points. and hillary leads donald trump by 11 points in our poll.


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