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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 24, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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24, 6 am on the east coast. new details in the investigation into the attacks on brussels. authorities looking for a second suspect in the subway bombing. the associated press told that isis sent 400 fighters to target europe. rudy giuliani saying hillary clinton bears some responsibility for the wave of terrorism that is plaguing the world. >> hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. maria: a live report from brussels later on the program. turning to the race to the white house, polls show donald trump still has a lead over ted cruz and john kasich. looking toward the general election ted cruz and john kasich top hillary clinton. spring snow over denver. the mile high city hit with a blizzard. we will tell you where the storm is going.
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dramatic rescue caught on tape, orlando police officers seizing a woman from a burning car. you don't want to miss this. the boardroom battle at yahoo heats up, hedge fund removing the entire board of directors was what this means for marissa mayer's turnaround plan and company stock which is indicated higher. markets weakest overnight in asia, stronger dollar has investors pulling back with declines across the board. in europe mining stocks, energy stocks, and numb 1.5%, they are all lower as you can see. futures indicate a lower start to trading, dow jones industrial average indicated down 65 points, we have economic data later this morning, readings on durable goods orders and jobless claims, we bring you that data.
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dagan mcdowell, wall street we coast anthony scaramucci and morgan ortegas. we have a can't miss lineup, trump campaign chairman is with us and leave babin is with us, and carlos in studio, all that coming up. we begin with top stories, latest on the bombings in brussels. ap reporting isis has trained and deployed 400 fighters to target europe in deadly waves of attacks. the interlocking terror cells have orders to choose the time, place and method of attack at their own discretion for maximum casualties. reports of a second bomber linked to the subway bombing on the run in europe adding fuel to the fire.
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turkey is saying it has detained and deported one of the brussels suicide bombers but investigators could not link him to a terrorist cell. the chairman of the house intelligence committee says there is reason to believe the attacks in europe are targeting americans. >> if it becomes true that american airlines, united and delta, the explosive device went off there, when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy was also targeted those would be two locations where a lot of americans could be killed. maria: we bring in the ambassador to bahrain, good to see you, thanks for joining us. so many things to talk about. one of the big issues that is most troubling is that isis has trained and sent 400 fighters to
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europe to create more upset. what is your take on the latest developments? >> i hate to say it but i think what we are facing is the new normal. the fact of the matter is there is a toxic mix of radicalized youth, availability of arms, lack of governance in large spaces in the middle east and interconnected world that makes travel so much easier and finally a lack of law enforcement and security infrastructure in europe that makes it a prime target. it is horrible but you can't -- free societies cannot make themselves numb 100% safe. we will have to learn to live with it. having said that citizens should expect more from their governments. there are a number of lapss in the latest incident that show
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areas where they can improve but it will take time, money, people, training and that doesn't happen overnight so get ready for more. maria: all these things were miss, they could have been prevented. dagen: the head of europe paul said there were 5000 inhabitants of europe that were trained in islamic state terror camps. they know. i will argue with you on this that part of the problem is we need to get used to it, this is the new normal, that is part of the problem. the reason basically intelligence, security officials in europe and the leadership let this go on. it is four months and you had salah abdelslam living out in the open.
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>> a couple things, what you are not covering is all the attempts and plots they have awarded. keeping track of 400, 600 sounds easy but you need ten men for each of those guys and they don't have the people. number 3, even before isis, the frequency, complexity and breadth of terrorist networks were beyond capabilities in the united states and europe to completely shut down. since 9/11 we have had at least once a year a major mass casualty terrorist attack. let's put that in perspective. maria: i want to get your take on comments from rudy giuliani. he was talking about hillary clinton and her role in the creation of isis.
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listen to this. >> he helped create isis. hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis. >> how did she help -- we have an expert about isis? >> by being part of an administration that withdrew from iraq. maria: what about that? is that a fair statement? >> no. it is a ridiculous statement and one of the reasons american politics has gone into the gutter. you see craziness like donald trump. it is a great soundbite but doesn't withstand scrutiny. i am not part of than one side or the other. just trying to be rational about this and that is irrational. maria: how did isis get so strong? >> that is -- i am trying to figure where to start. such a huge complex issue. i would say two things.
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number one, historically isis started with al qaeda. maria: in the last five years we started really seeing the atrocities. >> in january 2011 when i was in iraq, four star general lloyd austin said to a group of business people visiting him, his recommendation was 32,500 troops and when he was asked if he didn't get that what would happen he said there would be sectarian violence and the rise of something called daesch. what do you think happens? why didn't the white house, state department and the president take that recommendation? >> if you want to start pointing fingers about where it started -- >> why did they not take that recommendation from the pentagon and the four star running that
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freedom operation? >> remember where he was when he was a two star. i was with him when he was a two star and when we had abu grabe. i am not avoiding the question. >> we made a decision to pull out because we didn't want troops there anymore. it was a political decision or based on some grounding in national security, one or the other. i am not trying to be rude but understand. >> what happened was we invaded iraq, radicalized a bunch of guys, sunni extremists with saddam hussein and other guys who came together in syria and iraq after we left and developed capabilities beyond anything that was there before. would more troops have stopped this? i doubt it.
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i don't think -- maria: you were in saudi arabia when and for how long? tell us how you see it? >> and baghdad towards the end of the surge, i was at the state department at the time, treasury attaché, had been in the region for a long time. i understand what you had to go through. to pivot the conversation, what do you think our allies in saudi arabia can do to solve this crisis and move it forward? >> i think they are doing a lot frankly. one thing saudi arabia deservedly gets blamed for is
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radicalizing young muslims outside saudi arabia. we have seen a significant dialing back of that over the last five or six years once they realize the threat at home. what bahrain and saudi arabia are doing is they are on the front lines against iraq and. it ran is responsible for using religion for purposes of state terror. there is a difference between iran and daesch because one is sunni is when is she a. deploying terror units, it ran is the architect and designer and expert of that tactic. if you want to look at where the united states should be putting
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its political and technical capability it is with saudi arabia, bahrain and united arab emirates. using them against sunni extremists as well. maria: the obama administration paid it ran $2 billion to free us prisoners after years of secret talks with claim settlement for arms deal with scrap 37 years ago. america, $2 billion on the day five us prisoners were released, obviously leading to lots of criticism, led critics to claim huge taxpayer funding, what is your take on new relations with iraq? >> i think they are misguided. i think we are going to get burned. number 3, i think we are selling our allies down the river and it is going to come back to haunt
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us. the countries of the gulf have been with us 60 years. every time we need help financially or politically or whatever, they are on our side. we return that friendship and favors with what? getting in bed with their arch enemy and a regional hegemon dedicated to overthrowing them. maria: sounds like you're disappointed by the president's foreign-policy. >> there are significant shortcomings. i also think in do credit to him, he has made some achievements. in the middle east it is a sorry record. maria: thanks for joining us this morning, see you soon. coming up next, snow in spring. colorado hit with a blizzard. the latest on the wild weather as it moves east, back in a moment.
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maria: the white house expected to charge he ran for cyberattacks against several new york banks in the new york dam. cheryl: our new friends, good morning, the obama administration is set to blame
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irani and hackers for coordinated campaign of cyberattacks from 2012 to 2013 targeting the computer system at a westchester new york dam and several large banks. some incredible images to show you. the midwestern united states getting blasted by a blizzard yesterday and into today, the forecast calling for a foot of snow in some areas with winds up to 50 miles an hour, the storm from denver, colorado all the way to green bay, wisconsin and moving east. two florida police officers saved a woman from a burning car. the deputies responding to a car accident when the car caught fire, trapping the woman inside. - cam video shows the officers run toward the car pooling the woman out safely. he rose and they are being
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called exactly that. maria: oil prices extending losses to $40 a barrel. check oil at $30 a barrel. phil flynn has the latest. phil: we saw the huge build in inventory, 9 million barrels. most of that was from imports. why is the us importing such oil when we have so much? the gulf coast is the best place to store it, they have the cheapest storage. every extra barrel of oil seems to wind up on our shores. the same time we saw us production to the lowest level of 2014, the international energy agency is warning about the energy industry, that will be a problem for another day, not today. it is about oversupply. maria: coming up next luxury sports cars and fuel-efficient hybrids, the auto show has
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something for everybody. a sneak peek at an day's new models. new developments in the jetblue flight attendant who fled the scene leaving her gucci shoes and dozens of pounds of cocaine behind. we will be right back.
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maria: hunt a answering the toyota previous line making its debut at the new york auto show with three models. joining us is the ceo and president. good to see you. thank you for joining us. tell us about the new vehicle. >> two big announcements yesterday, the first ever dedicated platform vehicle that gives you three alternatives, hybrid, plug in hybrid, battery electric, all in one platform so we are excited about that. later we introduce a new concept vehicle for our genesis brand. maria: one issue with the electric car, we have seen the
6:24 am
launches and one issue was it is not called the fueling station but a station to plug in and fuel up. you need infrastructure in place. >> it is changing as far as charging stations. a leader on fuel-cell technology and the infrastructure, they added that on quickly. maria: the demand was gasoline being as cheap as it is. >> the natural demand, naturally people by those vehicles because you pay a premium to buy them but the premium is very short based on gas prices. for sure $2 a gallon gasoline suppresses natural demand on these vehicles. >> the charger is universal.
6:25 am
if someone had another type of car, each car plugged in the same way or would that be another problem? >> the differences between them are you have got different strength chargers, some will charge quicker than others but the connection is universal. maria: i am curious what you think of the future of the industry as it relates to millennial's and young people who are using uber and share car services. >> it doesn't make me worry but it has is working hard. the industry is changing. there are 80 million millennials starting to buy vehicles which is very encouraging but they shop differently, they buy differently, their expectations for the customer experience is completely different. they are looking for an apple experience. there are going to be fewer multiple vehicle households because people are moving to the cities, kids are moving.
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maria: that is what uber is saying. uber is 1 million rides away. zipcar has doubled over the last 11 years so people are using them as an alternative, you can't park vehicles here. it changes the type of vehicles people by. you get smaller parking spots, you don't see a lot, you see small vehicles. dagen: what percentage of cars you sell are made in the united states? >> 60%. we have planneds in georgia and alabama, that number is growing. dagen: this is a huge issue for donald trump, the vast majority of cars sold here. >> already making america great again. maria: i love the technology part of the story. there is a revolution going on in the auto business.
6:27 am
>> the automobile is the largest mobile device. your personal dna is in this device. >> you worry about these delinquencies rising? >> the access to financing has driven the industry. the transaction has gone up $5000 over the last 5 years, transaction payments, you are getting a lot more car driving growth. we will be watching success. i will see you soon. fox news poll shows republican race for the white house is narrowing and john kasich is responding to calls to end his presidential bid. questions surrounding the future of yahoo seeking to remove the board of directors, details on what that means for the technology company and talking about autos when we talk to the
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6:31 am
the terror group. >> groups like isil can't defeat us. they don't produce anything. they are not an existential threat to us. maria: elaborate part chemistry from brussels. the race to the white house this morning. ms. fox news polls show donald trump has believed over his rivals ted cruz and john kasich. in the general election, and cruz and kasich top hillary clinton. a henchman looking to remove the entire race. what this means for marissa mayer's turnaround plan in the stock price which this morning is looking higher. a warning for those of you who like to take afternoon naps. why that may be bad for your heart. we'll tell you about it. we destination. a stronger dollar has investors going back to the shanghai composite down overnight. in europe and in stocks and
6:32 am
energies to explain in the broader averages. averages across europe done between one and a quarter in 2% picked the cac and the dax. u.s. features indicate a lower opening to the broader averages. the dow jones industrial average is down half a percent. later this morning briefings on initial job reports may very well set the tone for stock prices. the campaign trail republican race has narrowed. fox news polls show front runner donald trump and ted cruz neck and neck beard look at the numbers. 41% support. cruz has climbed to 38%. john kasich receiving seven teen%. that means failure to indelicate on tuesday has sparked new calls to drop out of the race as he continues to the behind the delegate count. kasich not backing down. >> there is zero chance of a dropout before wisconsin. i make calls to people and they say you are the one that can get the job done.
6:33 am
you just keep hanging in there. maria: abc radio host and supporter john phillips and radio talkshow host rick sanchez. also joining the conversation this morning as lowe's ceo and president jim kish. thank you for joining us. nice to see you. thank you for joining us. the >> thank you. maria: interesting to see john kasich pushback. what is your take on the role of the race at this point? does he want to be vp? >> well, at this point i don't know. he's a perfectly likable fellow at the mistake is one of the home state of ohio yet that doesn't seem to shake his self-confidence. every time i see on television and its john kasich saying i tend to be the nominee. well, i consider my correction call myself a bowl though. that doesn't mean i am one. i don't know what tricks are out
6:34 am
there showing the openness and left a brokered convention. my assumption and status were displayed for. he wants to be the second choice. maria: ideas here? >> is the other one in the race that only has a mesh or sanity. the other guys are basically doing something to republican parties that will set the decades as far as anyone who's not a white male is concerned. i would like to see the guys stay in as long as he ever can. considericonsideri ng the strong suit of the midwest. there haven't been a lot of primaries yet. the one in ohio you one. maria: he's got the experience and know-how in terms of the budget, in terms of the economic part of the story. is it the economy and the know-how or is it national security going back and forth? >> i've given up on trying to figure out what's driving
6:35 am
voters. for the life of me i can't figure it out. with respect to kasich statement, the candidates i like central banks with respect to devaluation. i'm not going to devalue. i'm not going to devalue. i'm devaluing. when the candidate payment comment and analysis said merrill. look at marco rubio after his florida law spirit maria: reqs point is somewhat backed up by the new calls from fox news where you have cruz and trump are the front-runners least likely to win the presidency. kasich business in a head-to-head matchup with clinton. >> that's right. the general election hasn't started yet. when the general election does begin and if the nominee is donald trump latina delegates right now, and i think those numbers will change. if you look at the graph of
6:36 am
hillary clinton's favorability numbers, right when they started to tank was in donald trump started to attack her after she called him sexist. she has a very difficult time taking a punch. when he went after her, her numbers went down. i think you'll see the same thing occurred in a general election scenario. the numbers don't mean much. >> just a question for rick. governor scott walker endorses cruz demolished the same likely in kasich loses wisconsin committee think he drops out or do you think he still facing to go to the convention? >> i think you're right. wisconsin is a real bad bellwether. he has to have a strong one second-place showing in wisconsin or sap in big trouble. as far as endorsements go, if we, if we learn anything if the old ways of doing politics don't
6:37 am
seem to work anymore and endorsements are the old way. i've got to tell you, i can't think of anybody whose endorsement this year has had any significance on the race. can you? >> it's different in wisconsin because he is a mobilization of ground troops. they put the ground force i'm with ted cruz. >> the daily call reporting antitrust protesters in new york city on saturday repaired because they they responded to a craigslist ad that paid them $16 an hour. they weren't even protesters. >> how is that surprising? it's a brilliant move by those
6:38 am
people because if you can create violence, it will shake the average american. the >> it's not a legitimate protest. you know that. maria: thoughts on the other john saltz rick sanchez? maria: i should've said john. yuko had commissary. >> sounds like trump is the only candidate that's created job so far in this case. >> you should've offered in $17 to go home or go to a starbucks. >> from now until the convention, and it is trench warfare which is the best way to see appear for a second at the fox news poll released last night, when evangelicals are basically split between trump and cruz. trump has a slightly bit thin margin of error and the national poll with trump and cruz neck and neck. i see this as an incredibly split party.
6:39 am
buried in a general election that there is no one coming together uniting the party. either tremper cruz needs to do that. maria: it looks like the kasich -- >> forget hillary. if donald trump goes up against donald doug, donald trump loses. maria: you think he definitely loses against hillary? >> 84% say they would never vote for the man. 95% of african-americans vote vote for the man. the numbers aren't there. if not, can't win. dagen: when put head-to-head comes the likability numbers are almost as bad as hillary clinton didn't. but it still gives -- you ask like he can't up his cap. >> it's an election of who will be worse. dagen: maybe if its donald trump. he does best in the matchup.
6:40 am
if he goes into the convention and says to the delegates there, i'm the one with the best shot at beating hillary. maria: this is so hard to predict. this is such an unbelievable convention. thank you. we'll see you soon. breaking overnight in brussels, the terror attacks. a second attacker in connection with the subway bombing believes to be on the run. this has been followed reports isis has as many as 400 fighters to carry out new attacks in europe. life on the ground in brussels right now. good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. at this point we are reaching comment about the second bomber. that would be significant change the ballgame if there was a second suicide attacker that carried out tuesday's attack in the metro and the bombings at the airport. the terror threat remains at its
6:41 am
highest level in brussels and as it does come the security remains an unprecedented. we are outside the mideast station. it's kind of the penn station here. they are start operates out of this terminal also the country's metro lines. you can see the massive line as people wait to get inside the terminal. they are screened out front. there are soldiers looking at the crowd, searching bags, monitoring passengers going into the terminal standing guard. there's a high-security of police presence as well. there's a number of police officers and you can see that back up here. if absent clothes. i look at the crowd will lessen the amount of people and of course then you have the backup security gets more intense ms people's bags have been checked. in new york you see it at grand central, but certainly not on
6:42 am
the level here because of course in the wake of tuesday's attacks. that said, there are new headlines about that again or the reports unconfirmed about a possible metro in the subway bomber. we are getting a clearer picture about the others involved, the three airport bombers as well. of course to her brothers and now a third remains on the red. maria, back to you. maria: john, thank you very much. a jetblue flight attendant accused of fleeing l.a. at, leaving behind 70 pounds of along with her gucci shoes. she was arrested in new york. plus, it could be shortening your life. a new study thinking shut eye to a dangerous disease ahead. wall street gets new life. a cap this program airing friday night 8:00 p.m. eastern and again saturday and sunday
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maria: welcome. hedge fund starboard value seeking traverse the entire board of directors at yahoo!. cheryl casone with a storied headlines now. cheryl: that's right with "the wall street journal" plans to announce it will nominate nine new directors to yahoo!'s board. the hedge fund threatened earlier but shake up the board if it felt it wasn't making changes fast enough. yahoo! to watch today. a jetblue flight attendant in custody after a check point she
6:47 am
will issue is about be busted because she had 70 pounds cocaine. we now know how she got from l.a. to new york by the way. the security screening was random and she dropped her gucci shoes before she ran up the check point. she's been arrested. you may think taking a nap is good for you. think again. taking a nap could increase your risk of premature death. a study done by scientists at the university of tokyo started taking long naps are being excessively tired of going to a higher disease of metabolic syndrome, heart disease. dangerous for your hard to take naps. this includes braised blood pressure, cholesterol, high blood sugar. maria, i'm rethinking my afternoon schedule after this story. back to you. maria: so am i.
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dagen: we nap every day. by the way of buyers submit -- why you submit -- it is people who need to nap in the afternoon probably are already at risk for heart disease and high blood pressure because they are not in good health because they're tired all the time. >> you guys take a nap than? dagen: i nap every single day. and i'm not ugly. maria: that's what happens when you get up at 3:00 in the morning. do you take naps? >> generally no. maria: you're too busy. we're glad you're here today. mutual funds bleeding cash in the aftermath of the pharmaceutical debacle. we will tell you about it next. crude oil prices pushing into bankruptcy. take a look at the shell
6:49 am
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maria: welcome back. we are expecting lower opening for the broader averages this morning. more fallout to tell you about italians. sequoia capital announced his plans to resign after losing more than 10% this year due to the investment in this pharmaceutical company. stock has lost a tremendous amount of value this year as you can see in the last two weeks. the daughter of kentucky fried chicken and pizza hut reportedly in talks about a possible sale of nearly 20% stake in its china business. american airlines stocks take a hit in the terror attacks in belgium. the airline company canceled all flights to and from brussels to
6:53 am
tomorrow. there are plans to operate a flight on saturday but that is subject to change. talking this morning with jim kish. the latest crude supplies climbing for six straight weeks following oil has been much of the source of the yanks were investors in this market. certain energies not let's talk about oil here. what a rally was seen in the last couple weeks. do you think this is sustainable? >> i don't know what oil prices will do in the next few weeks. i can tell you a strong police oil prices two years from now will be 50% higher than where they are currently. maria: was not one of the issues? >> all the supplies used. depletion is real. decline in product dignity, shallow wells particularly quickly. down 500,000 barrels a day from topeka. the world -- the world is
6:54 am
dramatically under investing in new productive capacity and there's no doubt in my mind that two years from now we are going to be short of oil and oil is going to have to get back to a price for oil producers will have the incentive to drill for more oil. that number that they need is about $65 a barrel. >> are you worried about any potential bankruptcies are restructuring of companies they can't make money at the current oil price in the united states? >> some companies will go paint it, but their assets will keep producing. so the question of bankruptcy is simply who's going to be that equity owner of those assets? will it be the current debt holders are will continue to be equity holders? >> that the distressed
6:55 am
opportunity over the next 24 months. >> estimate there'll be a number of distressed opportunities. >> i wanted to know about our strength in the united states with new technology and energy business. we maintain the level of strength to other foreign producers despite what we are going through right now with these distressed companies. >> absolutely. the united states has a resource base unlike any resource base around the world with respect to shell oil. shell oil is a type of thing that can come on quickly but it declines quickly as well. so we can see our oil production increase rather dramatically. my guess is that it won't increase as dramatically as it did in 11, 12, 13 and 14 when it increased a million barrels a day. the reason for that is these shell companies were dramatically outspending their
6:56 am
cash flow. the creditors are going to let that happen again. they're not going to get the money at it the way they did. >> why are they doing it? >> zero interest rates. maria: there you go. the animal spirits of exploration. >> see what happened as they stretch the frontier further than they could accomplish. >> that's right. zero interest rates cause dramatic investment in the industries, specifically and oil business and the gas business. for the life of me, i don't understand why the fed keeps interest rates at 0%. maria: you want them to raise rates. >> yes. it causes a misallocation of capital and they are trying to fight inflation, but with
6:57 am
lower -- they want to increase inflation with lower interest rates, but the reality is lower interest rate are causing business to invest in more capacity which leads to lower inflation. how do you think of books? it looks good? >> for the past six years have been growing at 2%. we will continue growing at 2%. we are seeing the core inflation. the fed is behind the ball because he tried to% inflation and a quarter or half% fed funds. that needs to go up dramatically. maria: leave it there. jim, always great to talk to you. ceo at lowe's. great to talk to you.
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maria: welcome back. thursday morning. a maria bartiromo. it is thursday, might 24th to 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a manhunt underway for a suspect in the brussels terror attack. authorities searching for a second person responsible for the subway bombing. officials told "the associated press" that isis has now sent 400 writers to target europe. all all candidates weighing in
7:01 am
all candidates weigh in and unattached and hillary clinton went after ted cruz response. >> proposing that doesn't make you sound tough. it makes you sound like you are in over your head. >> the terrorist attacks raising new questions about closing on time of day. americans have died because of released detainees in the facility. new fox news post this morning showed donald trump still in the lead over rivals ted cruz and john kasich. however, looking towards a general election, cruz and kasich are the ones that top hillary clinton. an incredible moment a firefighter walks away from the place enough that saving an american flag from the burning building. look at the shop. the ncaa tournament continues as sweet 16 gets underway. we will have a preview of how one team will take advantage of new rules of players have a chance to go pro. onto markets ago. a stronger dollar ahead of the weekend has investors pulling back it shanghai composite down.
7:02 am
weakness in europe this morning. mining and energy companies on the broader averages. cacm dax fell down by 1.5%. in the u.s. government futures indicated lower. a lower opening in the dow jones industrial average to the tune of 80 points we are expecting reading this morning on durable goods orders for the last month. we'll bring that to you when it hits the tape. he was made to break it down, and anthony scaramucci and work in our tickets. we want to get right to preach. isis has trained and deployed at least 400 fighters to target europe and the deadly wave of attacks. this is president about ignoring calls to critics to come home from his trip and continues on his trip through latin america. riches in buenos aires right now with the latest. good morning.
7:03 am
>> good morning, maria. president obama is in buenos aires. he's defending his strategy decision to continue on this trip despite calls for him to return to washington d.c. following the brussels attacks. in a joint press conference with macri yesterday, they declined to strategy. >> they don't produce anything. they are not an existential threat to us. >> the president maintains his strategy of airstrikes, financial sanctions on special operations as it will eventually work against isis birth of the knowledge it is challenging to find and identify small groups of people want to detonate a bomb, kill themselves in the middle of the crowd. the president says showing and demonstrating any type of panic
7:04 am
and altering plants is something that jesus wants us to do in their attacks. the personable commemorate the two of the victims in argentina. he then heads down south to the patagonia region here in argentina with a day trip for the first family before heading back to washington this evening. maria: thanks very much be joining us now is trump campaign national cochairman sam clovis. thanks for joining us this morning. your take on the president's response. >> actually, the optics are horrible illness. the fact he identifies isis and puts it in isolation as a single entity and thread shows his incredible lack of appreciation for what we are facing. isis is one of 46 terrorist organizations identified their state department out there based on radical islam. it is the whole issue as we look
7:05 am
at a safe and all of its branches, franchises all over the middle east analyst for north africa. then we take a look at the one with not identified and that is the muslim brotherhood if this is a much larger, much bigger and frankly a comprehensive coordinated effort on the part of a terrorist organization and i can't believe our president can't be that and refuses to acknowledge that. >> good morning. this is marketing. i consider myself a single issue voter and foreign policy and i agree with what you said. a sony cares about the world order established after world war ii and cares a lot about nato, i have to be honest i was troubled by your candidate's remarks on nato, especially while being attacked by terrorists. can you explain what president trumpeted at the nato alliance, with their trips in japan? i have to be honest and very troubled by what he said. >> again, a lot of it is the whole issue of a broader explanation is critical here and appreciate you asking,
7:06 am
marketing. one of the things we are faced with is to have a very weak economy. i was just listening to a previous guest talking about growth of 2%. the growth in gdp has been 1.3% for the last 11 years and talking about the fact the fed has done all it can as far as monetary policy goes. this goes back to the point is a fundamental issue that has to be addressed and that the economy of the united states. we cannot go out and continue to police the world if we do not have a strong economy and we cannot recapitalize military readiness that is so critical here. we can't do it. the fact of the matter is only four of the 28 nations in nato actually step up and commit themselves to 2% of gdp for defense spending. this is a real issue. >> i totally agree with you and i think that is a fantastic theoretical decision to have,
7:07 am
but not whenever you are facing people cap on the subway, get on airplanes. in theory we should be paying more for nato. i think we should be standing in solidarity. the american president needs to let allies note if you are in the foundation of your societies attacked they will stand by you. this is the most important thing we could possibly be discussing right now. >> we could be standing by them instead continue to work with them on the sharing of information and intelligence. at the end of the day, it is up to the people of belgium to protect the people of belgium. it's up to the people of england to protect the people of england. it's up to germans to protect germans. for them to rely on us or have the implication that they have to rely on us for the service tells me they are underperforming in areas they need to be looking at. we are in other areas.
7:08 am
since 1945. i couldn't agree more with you on this issue. but this calculus in template has to change. maria: that they move onto the campaign trail. ms has a new fox poll shows donald trump and senator ted cruz mackinac. trump the top spot with 21%. cruz has climbed to 30%. sean kasich 17%. is donald trump of lock to win the republican nomination or do you think now it's getting tougher? >> i don't think it should be any surprise that all that is going to get tougher. we've narrowed the field from 17 to three. the dynamics will change. a lot of it has to come down to the sentiment of the people as we go forward. the states and trajectory we are on is very favorable to us. imap is a lot easier to achieve than the other candidates. the states we have coming up, we
7:09 am
are really in a lot better position than they are. >> one of the big contest, anthony scaramucci is wisconsin. treated to a big cheese had. >> i'm on the sidelines waiting for you guys. the question i have for you. why is the establishment so freaked out by you guys, number one. number two, how did it go in washington with the establishment and where do you think that will be postconvention? >> but to answer the second question first. the meeting in washington was great. as you know, we're very frank and direct and how we deal with things. >> we haven't noticed that. >> a know it is a shocker. i think if everybody walked away with a clear picture of where we are and what we wanted to. on the larger issue, or the establishment is out over all of
7:10 am
this, it comes back to power. it is a matter of their power i'm in washington right now. what goes on inside the city. i really think their power base end quote of power is deeply threatened by this conservative populist campaign and they really think that's at the heart of all this angst on the part of the establishment. >> is that a legitimate worry for them? a mac it's a legitimate worry when you think about the fact how horribly they performed the last 30 years. the present government is smaller? no. have we seen fiscal responsibility? no. have we seen strengthening the military? that was seen on a protection? no. maria: but it stumbled trump's plan for fiscal responsibility? >> maria cummock talked about it many times on your show. one of the things we talk about
7:11 am
is the fact you can't do that with monetary policy at all. that is a responsibility in our tax plan. we are looking at projected growth of 4% for as far as the eye can see. that brings in trillions in terms of dollars of revenue not accounted for. maria: how do you pay for? >> purchased from the numbers recently that tub of people your show a lot and gone through numbers. we think we come out about $7 trillion ahead after 10 years. this is the fact that a lot of people cannot seem to get in their heads that if we are able to change the tax culture of this country, particularly if we look at taking care of corporate taxes and bring all the capital back home from overseas and have the opportunity to hire foreign direct investment and reduce
7:12 am
welfare rolls were saved money, medicaid rolls, reduce all of these other fact theresa that we have a productive society, changes the equation dramatically. maria: your corporate tax at a 15% >> 10% and every business enterprise. general electric or a mom and pop coffee shop. maria: that will be a huge catalyst. >> that has been codified the fact that half of america pays no federal income tax. we are at war with islamic terrorism. when you don't pay income tax, you are not paying a dime into the military. i don't know how it's going to explain that her have that makes any financial sense. >> i think what we are talking about here is a plan that is a
7:13 am
puzzle. we know we are not going to get everything we are asking for. you basically point. but we have to have a point of departure or we can start this discussion. this is the whole issue. does something to the wall and that day. that's what we're going to have. i had a discussion about her health care plan. these are the points we want to start with. we're not sure we have all the answers. we are not sure we have every answer. what we have is a plan. that's the whole point. if it outfits are progrowth economy, but can't do anything. we can't defend nato. we can't do our part. maria: i agree on that. you are bad. good to see you. thank you so much. we'll talk with you soon. sam's club is from the trump campaign. social media gaining the battle against the islamic state. but they are doing to rein in terrorists online.
7:14 am
then it's truly a miracle. one heroic 5-year-old saved her mother from drowning. the incredible story, not. ♪ e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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maria: welcome back up in addressing u.s. getting blasted by a blister as winter gives the country a parting gift. maria molina and the fox weather center. good morning. >> hi, good morning. tracking the storm system moving eastward a blizzard condition to parts of colorado and now bringing heavy snow across places like minnesota, wisconsin and iowa. the storm system bringing in snow across areas as far east as places like the northeast. a very expansive storm system and the concern here isn't just for snowfall accumulation but also strong wind that will be producing white out conditions and drifting snow out there. winter storm warnings in effect across parts of iowa, minnesota, wisconsin and michigan and blizzard warning across parts of green bay because of the extended period of time when we
7:18 am
have to deal with white out conditions. six to 12 inches of snow. many areas that cannot total succeeding in severe weather will be possible as well in the storm system from the great lakes down towards the gulf coast or the threat for damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes will be in place throughout the day today. let's head over to you, maria. new developments this morning and the horrific terrorist attacks in brussels. cheryl casone with the latest. >> learning so much more this morning. a massive manhunt for a subject in a terror attack. the man was seen but the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. he is to the right in the photo you're looking at. belgian media reporting a second attacker suspected of taking part at the metro station. he may be at large. security officials said isis has trained her hundred attackers and send them into europe to plot terror attacks.
7:19 am
walt disney reportedly threatening to boycott georgia. the governor sent to religious liberty bell. they will take their business elsewhere if any legislation on discriminatory practices of time into law. this has to do with businesses refusing to serve customers in same-sex marriages. some amazing video. a girl in portland, texas to shun saving her mother's life. this is all captured on home surveillance video. it shows the mom facedown in the pool had little allison noticed chemists form over to her mother, folger at the shallow end and placed her head above water. the little girl friends for help to lift of the body from the pool. they would have died if she had been underwater any longer. she was treated and released in the hospital and doing interviews with local media.
7:20 am
she is fine after all of that. she has no idea why. they can't explain it. maria: that is such a nice story with a 5-year-old girl. beautiful. cheryl, thank you. twitter takes action after this week's terrific attack. suspected terrorists now. to that old today. jo ling kent at the report. a must watch on the weekend here airing friday night 8:00 p.m. eastern and again saturday and sunday morning posted by a very young anthony scaramucci. go anthony. garrett kaminsky as well. i'll be there tonight. >> data get extra ratings. maria is on the show this week. ♪
7:21 am
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7:24 am
maria: welcome back. twitter taking action following tuesday's attack to stop terrorist activity on the website. critics say it may be too little too late. jo ling kent at the details. >> burnet, good morning. a new flurry and support of the islamic state since the brussels attack. the secure messaging not as fast as his supporters to post my messages in support of even more acts of terror. specifically the pro-terror accounts have requested a system parser's flood twitter to take the battle online. twitter has reportedly shut down thousands of accounts is the
7:25 am
brussels attack. the social media company is declining to actually confirm that to fox business that it's actually done this. i reached out to face the to ask if they shut down any accounts down any accounts but they declined to comment. they both have anti-terror policies. but it is interesting in the wake of terrorist there was a dialogue with the social media company, but in brussels there has not yet been. maria: look, you all know how i feel about this privacy issue. are we going too far now? they are not commenting on anything and now they are shutting accounts down? >> their supports accounts were shut down. i reached out to twitter and asked them, have you done this? what is the status? they declined to comment and pundits to their anti-terror policy. it's very strange because it was a good a while ago. i've also been talking to experts who track this at an
7:26 am
academic level and they've been saying you often see a flurry of activity after terrorist attacks in terms of pro-terrorist.but often has subsided as i said just more organized. so it goes off line. dagen: this makes me want to bang my head into the desk. maria: i knew you were going to have good reaction like this. dagen: despite mark stucker berg coming out with this i'm going to protect the muslim members of the community after the san bernardino terrorist attack. rather than expressing feelings and condolences to victims and their families. facebook has been a little better. they now have a propaganda unit within the company to come up with anti-terror propaganda, working with the white house. however, twitter for years has let these accounts it out there. maria: how do i know they
7:27 am
existed? dagen: because people were telling them you need to take accounts down. there were photos of people beheading two years ago. what twitter does when they get called on it, they make an effort to take accounts down. but until they get embarrassed by it they don't do it. >> actually i've been trying to understand the social media to respect to what exactly they do from a national security standpoint. i understand maybe for them at the national security privacy issue, but i also believe if you look closely at what's being done, it's important to communicate our strategy so they continue to stay by. maria: barony for american citizens. >> it's unclear. >> i hope they are not commenting because they're working with the government to do more. >> if you allow terrorists to plan attacks on any civilians,
7:28 am
you are culpable in that fact in my opinion. >> what is it going to take? that's a question. isn't it a new, something mark dramatic? dagen: is twitter word about its user numbers going down? >> to work in civilization inowd is still in denial. >> twitter and facebook and companies are treading on a careful platform because they are aware of the apple fbi site even though it's been quieted. they haven't said that. dagen: we know that's life. maria: thank you. jo ling kent. we will be right back. vo: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain,
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and remember every inmovement desk comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free!! call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's . maria: we'll back, good morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday, march 24 your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. east coast, a worldwide manhunt under way as we speak, the suspects in the brussels terrorist attack authorities reportedly searching for a second person responsible for the subway bombings officials telling th press isis sent 400 additional fights to target europe, one expert warning we should also be concerned about the terrorist group here at home. >> the jihad is already here not just in brussels it is not just in practitioneris or in middle east. it is here. maria: on to race to the
7:32 am
white house fox news polls out show donald trump still has a lead over his rival ted cruz john kasich took at numbers toward general election cruz kasich ones top hillary clinton. and incredible moment to show you a fire fighter walks from a blaze not without saving american flag. from the burning building. ncaa tournament continues, tonight as sweet 16 gets under way a preview of the games, and show you how one team is looking to take advantage of new rules that players have chance to go pro. markets weakness in asia shanghai composite down 1 and two-thirds% a stronger dollar long weekend has investors pulling back in europe weakness mining stocks energy stocks among leadership groups on way down, broader markets down, between 1 and 1 1/2 percent fat the time 100 cac quarante in paris dax in germany in u.s. you futures indicating lowe proposing for broader markets we are waking on data dow jones industrial
7:33 am
average expected down this morning about one half of one percent next hour are durable goods that typically a market mover initially jobs claims in one hour as president orange county pushes to close guantanamo bay move continues to threaten american lives, a senior defense department official, telling congress that americans have been killed, by released gitmo inmates. >> let me ask you this, we say that the 30% whatever that figure is, that have been released have returned to terrorist activities. how many lives have been lot of lost by those terrorists who went back to their terrorist activity. >> i can talk about that in classified setting, but -- >> classified? >> yes. >> oh, it is going so is it over 10? >> sir, but i can tell you is unfortunately, there have been americans that have died, because of gitmo.
7:34 am
>> joining us o former navy seal how u.s. navy seals lead and win thank you for joining us what is your take on debate we see numbers, that a number of guantanamo bay inmates have been released, and joined the fight again. >> it is just ridiculous to be talking about this the fact the president made this his personal mission, and he believes that things like a gun guantanamo bay where terrorists hate us that is clearly not the case idea you have got as recruiting tool will rilsdz we've got to have a place to hold bad people bad folks not going to be rehabilitated if releases on battlefield going to go out kill more americans. >> what do you think the answer is i mean is it -- are there places, that you would be able to house these inmates
7:35 am
away from guantanamo bay? where have they go. >> i think we have to make a tough decision to have a -- a military tribunal for folks actually try them sentence them, khalid shaky mohamed in guantanamo no i masterminded of 9/11 deserves death penalty the fact not executed i think a stain on american honor, yet so we have to figure out a way to do that make that happen, and politicians make tough decisions. >> gitmo certainly an important discussion to have but i think much more pressing much more important as fight against isis and al-qaida what is happening in syria and iraq, until we have a solution, there, i mean gitmo few people going back certainly bad thing we need a political solution, we need a military solution, in syria, do you agree? >> i do certainly but it is easy to throw that out i think what we can do, in -- in we
7:36 am
have to attack the caliphate they call themselves, is almost aic state i think you are right that when talking about where -- where power comes from claim that we are the caliphate, and there is a big draw across the world of foreign fighters to join, their cause, to -- to conduct attacks like ones we just saw in brussels, so, we have to actually take this problem on, the rematters we have to actually go here and destroy isis there. >> t policies the prident has put in place last 7 1/2 years, are irreversible from your up and down the of view if we got somebody in there different sense of national security how long would it take to reverse some of these policies. maria: that is a good question. >> i think a great question, it is difficult, i think the longer these have gone on, if we handled the isis problem two years ago would have been much easier. >> five years ago sir went to civil war if they listened to you listen to you talk about
7:37 am
the problem, developing. >> why didn't they listen, let's be there for a second they got force recommendation. maria: ideology. >> is that what it is. >> we have loip does not recognize the threat will not name the threat of radical islamic ideology calling isis j.c. team inciteing not a threat to europe. >> on the run. >> is it more inas iedous that some people believe after 911 this is due us that this is coming to us, because of our role in the world? isn't that even more dangerous? and disgusting. >> president made comments in cuba if you remember baseball game made comments how this is you know no 3459 what your political thoughts are there is there is no means of justifying this it is beyond the pale, something to that
7:38 am
effect, so, almost almost kind of validateing that they have some kind of political argument, which is -- that is just -- insane. maria: absolutely insane, important to bring up set spotlight on that i agree with you dagen. >> one thing you can do you can change from a policy perspective, right now. what would it be. >> i would have u.s. combat troops leading the fight in syria iraq i think we could very shortly clean up that -- that problem, turn it over to a local force that we would -- the local people who could stand up and prevent isis from coming on. maria: you have a special with oliver north. >> we do friday night 10 pm jeern friday night. >> i am excited to tell people, the -- the evil that isis is they can see. >> i saw firsthand. >> absolutely, how can people look at brussels? and we had somebody on this morning, and said that look at
7:39 am
brussels, and lookatrist look at the atrocities, in syria, and iraq, say this is the new normal, we just need to learn to life with it how can somebody say that? >> i think it is someone who doesn't intend to deal with problem or acknowledge the problem as we just talked about but if we get right ladders leaders to understand nature of this is enemy we 14ru89 can reverse the current situation i don't think it takes -- it certainly is not a -- something that can -- it could be handled in a matter of months i think we can do massive damage to isis and really, teal strategically rules of engagement. >> that is what general campbell said i was in afghanistan in october, the rules have manicled troops made it difficult for them to do things he thinks we need to do to wipe these guys out. maria: they good he need to get right rules, thank you. >> the authorize of stream ownership how u.s. navy seals lead and win, we will see you soon.
7:40 am
>> change your life that book i kid you not. >>. maria: breakings use overnight in brussels terrorist attack -- a second attacker in connection with subway bottoming believed on run following reports isis sent as a much as 400 fighters to carry out attacks in europe fox news on the ground in bruchlz with the latest. good morning to you. reporter:. >> yeah maria good morning, there have also been reports, that -- we're getting, that possibly officials here were warned about potential attacks possibly even a threat to the airport here that is not confirmed, also, the second bomber reports about a second bomber on the run, that carried out an attack in that metro station, that has been put out there, we have reached out to the federal prosecutors, office i said this earlier, we are waiting for a response, any type of response, about those reports whether a conmags, or some kind of comment if we get anything, we will bring it to you.
7:41 am
if there was a second bomber, if that bomber is at large, that means there are now two suspects, that would be at large, the second one, where at least the first one was one of the people one of the men who was in the cctv that airport surveillance shop that was taken three people shortly before attack at the airport. you see one man on the right, who has a white jacket on, that is the suspect, that remains at large, according to the officials. the other two on his left, were the ones that carried out the suicide attacks, one in the middle ibrihim apparently did he contained in turk by officials in june was ultimately being detained for a month deported to hollande to the netherlands, and at that point, turkish officials say they warned bell officials because he came from belgium
7:42 am
that basically they had red flagged him that he was a possible militant. >> turkish officials authorities say those warnings may have been ignored by belgium officials we're waiting for some kind of response from federal officials about that. ibrihim's brother khalid carried out the attack in the metro system behind me there has been heavy security all day as transportation cynicism remains limited as terror at there remains high. >> we will follow all that this you so much stay with us more breaking news next. the pursuit of healthier.
7:43 am
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. . maria: welcome back wildfires burn in kansas and oklahoma,cheryl casone with latest there aye a lot of weather look at this maria officials say conditions, are improving, following a wildfire, in south central committee substitute, b
7:46 am
committee substitute committee substitute began in oklahoma the kansas governor brownback declared a disaster mernl for the suspected area we continue to watch that for you today, also this apple's iphone and new ipad pro available for prebody a dozen countries including china germany united states the devices on, of course, apple store app a lot of people use, check out this, incredible patriotic picture that has gone viesral firefighter in ariz without going back to save an american flag from the burning building fire happened at recycle plant in phoenix arizona tuesday night the fire of a is contained no injuries he goes back into the buildings to save a flag, really has a lot of people this morning inspired. maria: it is inspiring, i agree thank you so much, great picture there coming up next
7:47 am
as march madness rolls on every member of the team will declare nba draft, thanks to new ncaa rule jared maximum breaks it all down next.
7:48 am
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7:50 am
welcome back march madness gains continuing one limited top team announcing a majority players will declare for the
7:51 am
nba draft, jared with the details. >> good morning, maria song isn't my old kentucky home for no reason there are more transient program in college basketball can university of kentucky won and done for countless players will use kentucky as a pit stop between high school and nba wild casts program unabashed about its replenishment, kentucky head coach calipari announced yesterday every player eligible to do so will declare for the nba draft in june, new ncaa rules allow players to essentially hedge basketball careers between staying in school, or going pro. if players declare for the nba draft they have power to withdraw and return to college, so long as they don't hire an agent and players get up to 10 days, after the pre-nba draft combine to decide whether or not enter
7:52 am
nba draft or go back to school kentucky headed basketball coach calipari posted a series of tweets yesterday on this subject because it a true win-win for the student athletes why include the word student in this statement, if there is no shame in admitting that college basketball kentucky in this case, is merely a one year stop point. is it a trade school? you wondered. maria: wow. >> college basketball, student athalleviates fantastic for recruitment the best in the country high school players know i can go one year off to nba. >> will other teams don't that sort of strategy? when you see more and more of these guys, won and done leaving for the nba it worked for them. >> every player on kentucky wildcats eligible except for two won't be -- >>. dagen: is it worse now than it used to be in terms of short termers in college. >> yes. >> not just kentucky but in general. >> yeah look at opportunities
7:53 am
to make, millions and millions of dollars, not only for yourself but for your families a lot of players turn to athletics an opportunity to get out of the really bad situation way for ncaa to allow guys that freedom they don't have to pay at college level but sure enough one or two years in college maria they let them go can start getting. >> i had tim duncan graduated from wake forest a degree in psychology played in nba almost 20 years. >> the opportunity because if it doesn't work out -- >> did you go to wake far east. dagen: did. >> brackets how with brackets looking zbroord are you watching games every night? [laughter]. >> -- i am not watching it anymore. >> -- 64 i am won and don. >> i haven't watched a single game. >> i got busted, i am done. >>, by the way, who do you think is the most -- >> who has interests -- >> i am just saying.
7:54 am
>> what major league baseball, baseball team do you think was valued as richest according to forbes. >> be able? >> yankees. >> yankees. >> yeah, 3.4 billion dollars. >> can you go down mets up in top five. >> dodger number two -- billion dollars more. >> is going to retire when his account will be updateing ex-wife for a google founder how about them apples, he -- >> is he in it for money. >> an agency william more insides in cuba. >> he was. >> yes he was. >> i will be in cuba on monday. >> you going back to cuba. >> heading the cuba. >>c good, what -- >> well there is -- they need infrastructure so we are looking at a public/private partnership try to help them. >> one thing i point out never pointed out, we need to have a
7:55 am
relation with cubans don't want chinese in there trust me you noe from a national security perspective. >> make sure you have a -- >> anthony. >> what license. >> -- anthony they need new sportscasters in cuba. >> congress is not -- >> bee ththat is a pipe demonstrator. >> take on headlined because deloitte out with a study more than 07% u.s. consumers binge watch and average of 5 episodes in one sitting, even more 35% millenials in study say they binge watch the at least once a week i am a binge watcher, "house of cards" i love it. >> i have been to "house of cards" i love that -- >> what are you doing. >> i just finished the house of cards, i watched game of thrones. >> every show of every season, you are done. >> every television show. watching. >> now that we know we don't have to nap in the afternoon there is a lot to do i will be binge watching seinfeld
7:56 am
enthusiasm but not neuroshows. >> not how's of cards. >> no episodes. >> about as many times lining ncaa michigan -- >> netflix. >> homeland i binge watch as well. >> i can't watch that lip quiver any more. >> just -- ooh. >> at least -- that was a godsend. >> you know one of the worst shows on television. >> is it really? >> one of the worst. >> you are kidding. >> no, it is the script the writing bret takingly awful. >> i only saw one episode. >> -- that is how you really feel. >> opinions. >> no problems. >> thank you for bringing this up. >> we're taking a short break on that note next is hillary
7:57 am
clinton almost has a lock on democratic nomination looking vi over seas for more monday. >> grovr norquist weighs in on that back in a minute. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. . maria: to thursday morning i am maria bartiromo pb it is thursday, march 24 your top stories right now 8:00om on east coast, a worldwide manhunt under way for suspects in the brussels terrorist attacks authorities reportedly
8:00 am
searching for a second person, responsible for the subway bombing, firms telling it be the associated press isis has sent 400 fighters to target europe, president obama weighing in on threat of isis from argentina yesterday. >> i have got a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat isil, and -- eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that has been taking place. around the world. maria: on to race to the whout new fox news poll show donald trump still has lead over ted cruz and john kasich looking do the general election, cruz and kasich are topping hillary clinton. we're following monday trail hillary clinton fund-raising it is being of trade overseas, details ahead. >> trump fever hitting college campuses, some students at every university, not taking it so well, the school offering counseling it says.
8:01 am
>> spring snow for denver lots of it mile hi city hit with a blizzard we show you where the storm is headed next on to markets we can weakness innaire o overnight stronger dla has investors pulling back shanghai composite down-1 and 2/3 percent europe training under pressure mining energy weakness weighing on broader markets ft 100 down, as well as others cac quarante in paris down almost 2% futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages as you can see the dow jones industrial average expected to open down, a about 80 points waiting on economic data this morning, and about 30 minutes we will get raegsdz on durable-goods orders forfeit last month initial jobless claims with me to break it down this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, anthony scaramucci national co-chair morgan ortegus lots to cover police continuing to investigate deadly terrorist attacks with new reports, that isis has trained and deployed at least 400 fighters to,
8:02 am
target europe, in a deadly wave of attacksed a a.m. shapiro with very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning that could be as many as 400 to 600 according to terrorism officials briefing about eshassociated press reporters officials in belgium may have missed an opportunity, to prevent tuesday's deadly terror attacks in brussels fwhoun dead suicide bombers in two dark coats in this photo deported by turkey to belgium in august last year turk about officials say attempting to joine when deported to belgium police in brussels are still look fog are the pan, in white, and reports in brussels say authorities are looking for a second person, they believe, is still alive may be linked to attack on subway station, in brussels. the attack on the airport and subway station killed 31 people, injured 300 others, investigators are trying to determine if the terror attacks are linked to arrest
8:03 am
of salah abdeslam. >> the suspect-overed refrigeratored for his role in terror attacks killed 130 people november there was a hearing in belgium of abdeslam lawyers say client will not fight extradition an compact quote wishes to leave for france quickly as possible to explain himself the hearing will take place on 31st of march a you thursday, maria. maria: thank you. we will be following that the latest there this is amazing story, that is getting worse, turning to campaign trail new fox news polls this morning show the republican race to the whout nader, front-runner donald trump in stop spot 41% of the vote, but ted cruz is right on his heels, he is now up to 38% of the vote, that is within the margin every error, americans for tax reform president grover norquist
8:04 am
thank you for joining us. >> good upon with you. >> we want to talk about the candidacy economic plans, particular tax plans we also want your take on fund-raising efforts in terms of hillary clinton's you fund-raising we understood raised almost 500,000 dollars data shows infomercial seeshth raising 459,000 dollars from u.s. residents abroad, so far in this election, more than any other candidate, she also had a lot of fund-raisers london madridets what is your take on this? >> well, interesting, because traditional republicans more republicans overseas than democrats outpacing bernie publicans, in 2016 raising money overseas she was the secretary of state. and that reminds us of challenge mixing official job
8:05 am
as secretary of state, and the clinton foundation. we now know because fenton thought to get all this data out of the state department, that, after freedom information act that about officials were sending official thank yous to people who had raised money for the clinton foundation, letting them know wink, wink, nudge, nudge you didn't just get to clinton foundation, hillary clinton secretary of state preserves what you've done, mixing the power of the government, and the clinton fund-raising machine through their foundation. is problematic what you are also seeing is people also were asked to give money directly to her campaign. maria: seems like even -- i mean that seems like it is a the worst situation then the e-mail scandal but we have not heard a lot about this, the foundation. do you think this -- comes -- becomes bigger? why haven't we heard.
8:06 am
>> they got hundreds of pages, judicial watch got hundreds of pages from foia in information so there will be more to look at, and we don't know what we have not been smart enough to ask for she hasn't exactly been transparent has been quite the opposite. this is a challenge because it keeps happening. this you know if is short of thing a problem you would think a data dump a year ago, and then tell everybody it was old news that was the old smart bill clinton approach during his presidency, they are holding it back more and more is coming out, closer and closer to -- to the election and if there isn't anything wrong, ybs hiding it. >> dagen. dagen: do you think grover this hurts her at all? are we going to have to wait to get into the head-to-head with -- the republican nominee assuming it will be donald trump given his lead at this point for it to really matter? >> well, it matters now because you already see kind of numbers when you ask about character can you trust her does she lie.
8:07 am
and those numbers are way off from where a you want to be if you are ring for president you want everybody to like ike be trust she doesn't get trusted people think she fibs whenness not just her husband the way treated hiding e-mails this sort of behavior more comes out dribs and drabs more a growing problem. maria: can you sprite i mean isn't it illegal for a foreigners to give money to a candidate i understands trying to get certain citizens abroad how tough to separate where the money is coming from? >> there are questions about when money comes in on the internet and under 200 dollars how is it reported. a great deal of money came in that way. during the obama race maybe lots of -- people wanted to send 100 dollars, but you wondered and worry that somebody would send 100,000 dollars just did 1,000 transfer, so -- there is a hole in the twhal can be
8:08 am
abused, interesting question, and i think it will probably get more look ats, during the race. >> morgan. >> good morning grover would i like to switch to economic policy discussion one of the things that struck me very surprising during this campaign, is the discussion around free trade, we're used to democrats being against trade deals against free trade and now this kroept into the republican party crept into rep party very surprising where do you stand on this. >> tariffs are taxes for more american history pry to income tax, didn't come till 1916 largest amount of money federal government got was on tariffs, 30 years before the civil war south carolina called out its militia in opposition to high tariffs the government backed down, people remember attacks, paid by american consumers, not paid by people indonesia i am
8:09 am
hopefully what i am hearing will negotiate good trade deals not labor union position which is we should not negotiate any trade deals. >> we are going to talk more about that when we speak in an hour, by the way, let me ask you this is students at emeriute graded a meeting with school president after they claimed they felt threatened by pro-trump slogans in chalk on sidewalk, now one student told bill o'reilly last night that he was baffled the president gave into demands listen to this. >> i expected -- president james wagner to come out fiercely against this to stand for, first amendment rights, to stand for the students' rights of support, one of the major one of our two major parties political candidacy front-runner and he didn't, he basically legitimized them. >> free speech crushing across universities right now, now you know, actually getting -- going against donald trump
8:10 am
supporters anybody writes anything about donald trump, and students are being told don't do it. >> this is a real challenge. the leftude if i don't like what you say i have the right toshut it down one way or the other the attack on first amendments and tolerance, all things that liberate brals 30, 40 years ago would tell you they supported that is gone on campus, and, from the left you are having this very odd position of you said something i don't like you must shut up. you know without getting into -- this is just so un-american and a college professor? he should have slapped those kids who came in told them give them a free cope of the free copy of the constitution thrown them out the door that is joke. >> the time into general election your quick take on tax plans from our candidacy, because, the truth is -- i think once the market senses attacks is coming going to be
8:11 am
a big catalyst for markets ted cruz yesterday about his tax plans i want your take on it. >> my tax plan is a simple flat tax so for a typically family of four first 36,000 dollars you earn a you pay nothing no income tax, no payroll tax no nothing. above 36,000 dollars, everyone pays the same simple flat 10% no longer do you have hedge fund billionaires paying lower effective tax rate than sects ever won pays the the same. >> would that work. >> what he said is close left out value-added tax he has in there everybody would be paying, 14, 15, 16%, from dollar one of your income, your company that hires you would be paying that not you. directly but comes in lower salaries, so there is there is a hidden tax there, that i hope if he is nominee will take out, and get rid of. but putting a vat on top of all other taxes is a flaw in
8:12 am
what otherwise is a good plan that -- that ted cruz put forward, trump 15% corporate rate would make us competitive with the whole world that is a really good idea. hillary has series of tax increases, 3 or 4 add up to a the reason that she is telling us about. gets higher death tax not as many deductions. >> business tax doesn't explain what they are about 400 billion worth there are three taxes she wants exit tax if you try to leave the country, and the will be mad at you --ed tax you if you trade stocks a tax on every trade everybody will trade in singapore london hong kong not new york or chicago. >> the -- fee dagen mentions that hold securities for years. in the -- >> yes her capital gains most massive complicated effort with many, many rates many, many rules, you can imagine,
8:13 am
how much money politicians can make selling those rules. >> yes. >> a quick question. with the right tax policy, can united states grow at 4%? >> oh, yes if you he system took business tax 15%, what to full business compensatesing you would be at 4% instead of 2% we have afrmd averaged 2% recovery of obama's, over 4% under reagan 4% under reagan 2% under obama. the difference one raised taxes one reduced tax rate. maria: there you go. >> good see you thanks so much. >> good to be with you so a see you soon grover norquist a massive hunt continues as authorities search for brussel bombing suspect the very latest from europe coming up johannesburg john kasich continues to press on with campaign even as many call for him to drop out of the race his response next keep it right here fox business
8:14 am
network. segment.
8:15 am
8:16 am
. . maria: welcome back, the u.s. expected to initially charge iran, in major cyberattacks, cheryl casone with headlines aye maria the obama administration could announce
8:17 am
as early as today that iranian hackers were behind about cyberattacks in 2012 and 201, on several u.s. banks, and new york dam the justice department error preparing indictment against a half dozen iriranians. >> a letterched by state department shows obama administration spent three years engaged in secret talks with iran, that resulted in the payment of nearly two billion dollars, to the country. the treasury department wired money to iran around same time the country released 5 americans. well now to weather a fast-moving blizzard burying denver heading east forcing denver international airport to close yesterday canceling more than 100 flights hundreds of miles of highway in colorado wyoming nebraska nebraska shut down weather threatening plain states and midwest, and final, this google wasting no time to get what apparently was a top secret version of google glass
8:18 am
back from a california pawnshop, google went to the store earlier this week on monday, actually, and the manager said they were happy to give the glasses back no discussion between google and shop about who owned the device, and also maria manager reportedly declined to say how google glass ended up in his store, of course, i googled images to see what it looked like. >> this is not released yet but basically looks like the attach to glasses over the top, it is i don't know, out there the picture. >> we don't know how it found i itself in a pawnshop. >> no, no. >> somebody needs to answer that question. >> thank you. we got to talk about this ransom u.s. paid to iran i thought we did not pay ransom they released, these prisoner we give a them two billion dollars. >> 100 billion in sanctions, that is a different story, thank you, john kasich facing pressure from party to exit the race despite trailing far behind in new of the polls ae
8:19 am
governor says on the to go stay where he is in the race tuna into wall street week friday night, airing tomorrow might exclusive interview with peak performance stringent. >> handwritten ested a level of angry as bernie we have not seen for a very, very long time i know obama really well amazing business man a great salesman i think that i don't think rivals cook him series soon enough. [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
8:20 am
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8:23 am
win delegates tuesday sparked new call to drop out of the race peter barnes in washington with details good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria john kasich rejecting calls he drop out of the race to allow for a head-to-head match between donald trump and ted cruz for the republican nomination, kasich won no delegates, in the contest in arizona, utah this week as you mentioned, but tells "new york times," that the primary map will get better for him with contests in pennsylvania new jersey and other eastern states, and wins can put him in contention. >> there is -- zero chance that we would drop out before wisconsin, because i made calls to people they say you are the one that really can get the job done. and you just keep hanging in there. >> basically, campaigning in wisconsin yesterday cruz, disagreed called kasich at a spoiler. >> john kasich has no path maltmatically impossible for
8:24 am
him to win nomination ineligible to be on ballot you have to have won a state. the only two people that will meet that test are donald trump and me. >> new national fox news poll, trump and cruz are in a statistical dead heat with kasich trailing far behind. maria. maria: thank you so much peter barnes anthony should kasich stick around for the republican convention your wake on this. >> getting pressured from wall street establishment donors in the community to stick around, i -- i heard people that talked directly to him he wants to be at the convention, in his home state nominee i think will be very, very tough if he losses wisconsin. >> he is one for 38 right now first of all -- ted cruz just said has to get state -- the only way getting 1237 is if trump and cruz dropped out before convention. >> i think she drop out i didn't say. >> no, i know -- >> going to say that is his position i think he should drop out but -- if he losses
8:25 am
wisconsin he has to drop out. >> cruz to trump even with kasich -- kasich 17%, infox news national poll cruise that close to trump it is a two person race, staying for a convention fight is if anyone deserves to get at convention other than trump it would only be cruz. >> when people talk about the two candidacy fight given what happened in arizona, doesn't bode well for ted cruz. >> a force behind rubio. >> in arizona, it was it was really a test of trump versus cruz, kasich didn't campaign at all, in arizona. and cruz didn't do that well compared to trump in that state, that is my point, cruz was there with a very incendiary add about illegal immigration trying to go ahead o to add that with trump that state didn't -- >> have in utah that tonight. >> that is a mormon issue unique issue.
8:26 am
>> --. >> the establishment does think that more players in the race -- >> establishment anymore? >> you are right about that, but there is a contingent of people working very hard to block donald trump, and they think extra candidacy in the race loser his likelihood will get to majority of those delegates. >> okay. >> up next developments in the brussels, manhunt for suspected bomber continues look athvery latest in global war against isis. stay with us. [alarm beeps] ♪
8:27 am
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maria: welcome back. there's taken on march 24th. your top stories at 8:30 a.m. and east coast. a worldwide manhunt underway for suspects in the brussels terror attacks good authorities looking for a second person responsible for the subway bombing. officials telling "the associated press" that isis had been foreign fighters to target your appeared one extra warning also be concerned about here at home. >> the jihads is already here. not just in brussels. not just in paris or the middle east. it is here. maria: fox news polls this
8:30 am
morning show donald trump has a lead over rivals pay automakers around the world i'm failing their latest models. we will speak with the ceo of nissan. straight ahead. behind the scenes video if you have a virtual reality headset, you can see it in 3-d. we will show you all of this coming up here pretty cool stuff. launching a proxy fight to replace technology companies entire yours. what this means for ceo marissa mayer's turnaround plan and the stock price looking higher. turning to the broader market in the future with the broader opening. expect it to be done 35 points. as well as the durable goods report down 2.8% on durable goods.
8:31 am
that is a fraction better than expectations. obviously good number. down to 20% jewish the jobless numbers expected at 260,000 coming in at 265,000. that number is weak. anthony scaramucci, no surprise here. not spending money. >> yes, that's true. there has been slight wage and labor pickup and a little bit better consumer spending. so one of the fed presidents giving a speech right now, very hawkish speech. from same os. but it does seem likely that we have to get ahead of possible inflation in the united states. so there will likely be a 25 basis point rate at some point this year. maria: i am betting june.
8:32 am
>> that would make sense because you don't want to go too close to the election and you don't want to go into the christmas season. >> were supposed to have four hikes this year? >> you can see a overnight rate by 75 basis point. by this time next year. we have not seen any market move. it is down to play% overall. to transfer it looks better than not, but no reaction. investigators expecting a decline about 85.0 are. back to our top story. isis has trained and deployed at least 400 fighters do not target europe in the wave of deadly attacks. according to this report from the interlocking terror cells have orders to have a method of attack at their own discretion or maximum casualties. bring an investigative management ceo with us this morning. the former cochair of new york anti-terrorism task force. good to see you.
8:33 am
thanks for joining us. what is your take on misinformation, isis and 400 fighters to europe? >> how many are already there? we know many, many others already in europe that authority been radicalized to some degree. this is a huge problem. the problem in europe is only going to get worse. this morning we're talking about. this is something that is growing unfortunately in the united states and it's a global issue. >> robber, you and i have both been to iraq and afghanistan. mr. me about what is different now from five to 10 years ago but were more engaged in iraq and afghanistan as we were fighting the enemy there. so many al qaeda fighters to fight them off. without us having a real presence in iraq and afghanistan and started leaf pores open borders in europe for these fighters to come in and to challenge aspen european
8:34 am
decisions. you and i were talking the answer to this really is for close cooperation that what you've done overseas with police departments and intelligence departments. there's no easy fix to this, correct? >> it's common sense. it's not brain surgery. i was in. i wasn't in iraq iraq war plan, and but when i worked for the justice department and the dea we had over 100 offices around the world. we worked with those offices and had a police embedded with the police think we do in mexico right now. there's three areas that need to focus on. the enforcement side which is the arrest, police said david e., drugs, ground troops. our informants on the street. all of our inner sense technology wise. and the third area for security. on the street that the airport.
8:35 am
>> as much as they can. by the time the justice department gave the lead, gets to their counterparts in europe or the middle east, wherever it may be, there's a lot of things in the way. that is one reason bill bratton said police officers and put them right in the different countries. 3:00 in the morning they can bypass bureaucracy. dagen: in europe it is an ideological problem with the leaders think it is okay to have a parallel islamic society in these neighborhoods. not just in belgium, but everywhere. it is operational. bigger than not, it is financial. we hear over and over jirgas and over jirgas never services conference is never services because they choose to be socialist societies and the money goes to basically allow people not to work rather than protecting the homeland. >> that's a good point. you know what, we need the help. this is affecting us directly in the united states pitches that were done over the years the
8:36 am
state department working with governors and allocate a certain amount of manpower, resources, training into these countries and begin to infiltrate communities. like we do here. >> is very important to understand that. >> coming from a background that funds were spent as a nation, we take an oath. we all did in government. you sacrifice certain rights when you take that oath. one of them is you can't go out and put any other u.s. troops, u.s. agents come informants, people helping the government in danger. i said we should have gone to congress with a foot of her sudden done it in a different way. maria: amazing. robert, good to see you. coming up to my first it was the wave. the president looks like he's auditioning for a part on "dancing with the stars." we will show you buy he was doing the tango yesterday. details next.
8:37 am
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should seek
8:40 am
maria: welcome back. or is fighting massive wildfires this morning. cheryl casone with the latest. transfer cheryl: good morning, maria. it is still a threat. the fire began in a border town in oklahoma. sam brownback has declared a state of disaster for the affected area. well, if you like me like your afternoon nap, listen to this. a new study shows taken a nap longer than 40 minutes could increase your risk of heart disease by raising blood pressure, cholesterol, adding extra body. if you're not more than 90
8:41 am
minutes effects are even worse. these effects afflict you and your overly tired. finiteness. president obama dancing the famous argentine tango last night at the official state dinner in argentina. first lady michelle obama t-tango with another anoth dancer right beside him. this is despite the fact he's gotten a lot of backlash but the former new york captain derek jeter and the wave he participated in the cuban president wrote castro the day before a baseball game. all this coming after a deadly terror attack in brussels. the president keeps partying on. they plan to launch 20 different vehicles with autonomous driving functions by the year 2020. ceo carlos godin also predicting that auto sales this year will blow past analyst expectations and the start this year's auto show was the new nissan gtr sports car that is on screen. they are calling it godzilla. joining me right now right here
8:42 am
instead. good to see you. this is really exciting. lunch in 20 new vehicles by 2020 and godzilla sports car. tell us about it. >> the sports car attracts a lot of attention. even though they have a small percentage of our business. we send 2500 a year over 5.5 million are sold every year. a very small percentage. but a lot of attention, a lot of emotion, a lot of motivation. that is why it's important. maria: it looks absolutely gorgeous. so his bakery trend now once again at the auto show? what are the trends going on right now? you got bigger cars, too. >> the first trend is crossover suvs. there is a lot of attention. and in your head crossovers are taking a much bigger part.
8:43 am
they autonomous car and connected cars. there's a lot of technology coming in this direction because there's so many benefits. maria: i want to talk to you about this. autonomous and driverless cars we talk about. let's talk first about a lack or cars. obviously the world's best-selling the lack or car. is this finally gaining traction? >> it is gaining traction globally. but not forget from time to time you have some slowdown, then some recovery depending on the battery range, depending on the price of the car, depending on what states will be supporting electric cars. we will have to be relentlessly supporting technology. there is absolutely no way carmakers can meet the regulation and emissions in particularly co2 without a
8:44 am
massive train and particularly without substantial power. maria: you've got to have the infrastructure in place. >> we are seeing at all across the world. we would like it to be faster, stronger. japan is implementing a charging infrastructure. france, norway, some states and cities in the united states. this is something which is asked that day. >> technology is taking over. i feel like you see a revolution in your business right now. it's my car going to be like my iphone where i have all my data and everything right there in the car? >> that's one of the reasons that companies like apple, google because they see the possibility to become a kind of her village connected mobile space. that is what the car is going to be. we are not talking about 50 years down the road. we are talking about something in the next five years. there is a lot of research, a lot of technology.
8:45 am
they are moving in this direction and have begun products. overseas will have to be particularly attentive to cybersecurity. maria: that was my next question. >> this is something making a development more cautious, and to make sure we are paying attention to a development that could be immune in a certain way to cyberattacks. but i'm very optimistic about this because there's so many benefits behind it. maria: as i have been in my car in my car and my car got stolen, i'm in trouble. >> the fact you have information to car, you can connect video conference game. in the car will drive while you are doing this because this is what autonomous cars is about. there's a lot of confusion between eponymous cars and driverless cars. driverless cars there's no driver in the car. autonomous car is you are in the car and you decide whether you want to drive and whether you don't want to drive and when you
8:46 am
don't want to drive you can do something else. you can do it in a very safe condition. maria: that makes a lot of sense and is a huge opportunity for the industry. he said the industry will sell many more cars than people are expecting. people obey fewer cars. why are you seeing such a different story than the technology guys? be not because there is no doubt i'm the shared cards are going to be increasing. but they're coming from such a low level. less than 1% of the world with 85 million every year. 1%. the fact that they're increasing from the level is going to represent a substantial part of the industry? i doubt it is one of the reasons for which i doubt it on top of the present behavior of people who want their own car, the conductivity is going to make the car a very intimate place where you have your own photos, videos, etcetera.
8:47 am
maria: the majority of cars are made in the u.s. donald trump is talking about where i'm the bad trade deals and a quite have it at all this cars to cars are in the u.s., even international automakers. 85% of the cars we sell in the united states are made in america. we don't want to take in a foreign risk. using for example again for the last three years or four years moved to 123 and to the dollar to 111 yen to the dollar as it was impossible. you cannot make a serious planning was such an issue. so the prevention for this is localizer production and that is what you're doing. doing a practically in all the regions in particular north america. maria: and nightlife.
8:48 am
you'd created a lot of jobs. >> 9000 jobs for three years. it is something which is substantial and totally logical with their own interests. maria: great story. thank you for joining us. carlos ghosn is the ceo of nissan. my next or instrument ritual reality together. why his new camera will revolutionize the space. back in a minute. ♪
8:49 am
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maria: welcome back with bystrom and video boom in popularity. innovative platforms like twitter popping up all over silicon valley. i next guest has a unique unique
8:52 am
take using a technology to build a live virtual reality experience like no other. joining us right now is founder and ceo adam blaser. good to see you. thank you for joining us. expand the product. you've given off -- what is this called? goggles. tell us how it works. >> i love a few master. we've built via streaming and these goggles google card for her. but the platform which tethers to these virtual reality cameras, a cool looking design. maria: we are shooting you on this camera right now. >> so viewers can come and live as they do right now and comment and interact with other people
8:53 am
who are in the audience. they can either swipe of the 360 degrees or press a button into the headset like this one and have a fully immersive virtual reality experience. maria: so you could be looking at an event as it's happening. >> absolutely. it really transfers to their end away like nothing else. >> so where do you want to go? >> anywhere. >> so you take these at the events and people can go through their phone. >> with a part -- of the 365 and we built a platform to facilitate the live streaming from this camera. and so, would just launch the platform a couple weeks ago. we've done some successful tests and streaming from the music
8:54 am
festival as well as south by southwest. true to you or by shooting republican events this week geared >> yes, we did three days from the aipac wall street conference and heard fred all the candidates essentially. >> is their military applications in terms of training or surveillance or things like that? >> absolutely. there's a lot of interesting applications for 360-degree virtual reality security, military training, all sorts of interesting things. anything down to baby monitor in obscurity. maria: who would be your ideal cut number is? it's not just individuals. >> that's right. the consumer facing platform to demonstrate the possibilities on the basis. so way to label the platform for other companies to use engage with their audiences.
8:55 am
and so, it is just the beginning for pr. dagen: at the consumer level, how do you make money off of it? >> we build out advertising platforms for the highest profile accounts within the platform we have a star section for the most active users of the largest audiences. maria: so there will be an ad before you're actually looking at the live streaming? >> yeah, you'll have a role targeted towards their interest. dagen: this is what i'm going to do when i puppy eyes in the morning. -- puffy eyes in the morning. maria: to have to pitch her phone in there. >> what is the significance of the monkey? >> we wanted something recognizable and different. but quite frankly thought it would be light and simple a consumer product. >> that's my spirit animal.
8:56 am
my spirit and melissa rabbit. maria: we appreciate you joining us. go check it out. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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maria: welcome back. great show today. anthony scaramucci, final thoughts? >> you are right it's going to be -- stuart: morgan. >> bernie sanders is tied nationally one of the latest polls. i think it wasn't for superdelegates, i think he may then be living in this race. they talk about a lot of about potentially republican convention. look how the democrats are doing. as with superdelegates the media would be nonstop all day not as good dagen: a divided world and
9:00 am
country chocolate always wins. >> going to be a great. that's going to be fun. he's the real celebrated chef. dagen: everything, everything. no question. >> anthony scaramucci, dagen mcdowell, morgan ortega has come a thank you for a great show. stuart, over to you. your chart or president you. or charge the president upon the deck of the night awake while you're at that. good morning, everyone. this is not going to go down well. four americans still missing in brussels. nine americans wounded and the president didn't tango in buenos aires. isis not wake her. 400 trained fighters are poised to attack in europe in a way that was shed they say with two of the brussels terrace reportedly on the loose, europe is bracing for another attack. to the


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