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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 24, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> going to be a great. that's going to be fun. he's the real celebrated chef. dagen: everything, everything. no question. >> anthony scaramucci, dagen mcdowell, morgan ortega has come a thank you for a great show. stuart, over to you. your chart or president you. or charge the president upon the deck of the night awake while you're at that. good morning, everyone. this is not going to go down well. four americans still missing in brussels. nine americans wounded and the president didn't tango in buenos aires. isis not wake her. 400 trained fighters are poised to attack in europe in a way that was shed they say with two of the brussels terrace reportedly on the loose, europe is bracing for another attack. to the polls.
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john kasich and ted cruz beat hillary clinton in head-to-head matchups. donald trump loses. most of the poll was taken before the terror attack in brussels. we'll call this what it is. cubist lunacy. signs in emory university. vote for trump. some students frightened by this. be more sensitive to the university president. this is the sensitive life. we really do come. "varney & company" about you. -- about to begin. ♪ >> it is important to recognize that this is my number one priority. i've got a lot of things that are good but my top priority is
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to defeat as this was due in. a president obama dancing hours after he said fighting isis is his number one priority. scrambling at the very last moment. >> this is ridiculous. i don't like is set up like this. here's a question. if it's the president's number one priority to defeat a sense, why are we expect is secondly, is it a little jarring to you to see our president in a foreign country dancing the tango hours after we've had a death across belgium and europe. >> which questions would you
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like it? stuart: why do we expect more attacks? >> well, this is an issue across the world. this isn't just an issue in united states and we have to do with intelligence. we can't get out of nato and have to work with our allies. that is all there is to it. it's a serious issue across the world. so it not about being a muslim or not. it is about extremists in every country whether they are in the united states or canada or mexico or south america. stuart: the number one priority was fighting climate change. that's what i thought. >> he also said isis was the jv team. he says things he doesn't realize they're going to come back to bite him. that being said, and he has done a good job for the most part in protecting america.
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stuart:.image. i think it's a jarring image. dancing the tango before that in the baseball game. europe is than the optics are not good. i don't think he necessarily needs to listen to the resident trump and president cruz on what to do and to come back home and whether or not that's the right decision. he had tightened there. obama can't be everywhere, right? stuart: are you going to scramble at the last minute? >> every answer right now is a losing answer. the tango thing is a little weird. he wasn't clubbing. stuart: that's good. a little weird is a pretty good answer. >> what is he supposed to do? say now, i'm not dancing. stuart: tamarac, stay there. i have a lot more for you.
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we are staying on terror, by the way. isis has trained at least 400 fighters to him at a wave of terror. and they are with us this hour. am i okay to say that europe is expecting another attack and it might be imminent? i think i'm right there. >> yup, it's part of a pattern. we appears three times last year. the big attack in december, the train from amsterdam to paris. copenhagen, a number of jihadist's baking. this is a problem completely out of control. there is also just the cultural problems with uncontrolled muslim immigration. stuart: this is the status. as of right now, europe is on hoax to put it mildly, expect another attack. i want you to listen to what former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says last night about hillary and responsibility for
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isis. >> she helped create isis. hillary clinton are part of an administration that withdrew from iraq by being part of an administration into the ground in the shiites to make a choice. by not intervening in syria at the proper time, by being part of an administration that drew 12 lines in the sand. stuart: you are a state department guy. hillary clinton was secretary of state. issue partly to blame? >> she is. another thing left off the list which is libya. she was the one who brought modern libya really to its birth. she was the one who wanted to intervene. she was the one who ran the intervention. the administration has a talking point that isis has less territory than a couple months ago in syria and iraq. if you look globally, they have a beachhead in libya, their new
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hinterland. hillary's fingerprints are all over this. stuart: wal-mart item i want to get to you. you read ted cruz advisor at this moment i believe. yesterday ted cruz was talking about patrolling muslim areas. that is something i do not understand and is being widely hated as a rotten idea. and you say? >> is actually something the new york police department did under michael bloomberg this is the idea we are not going to wade for a paris attacker brussels attack were going to do policing. this is actually working with muslim community leaders to help them identify and get a handle. stuart: you stop patrolling muslim area with a fairly heavy police presence and pretty soon you are an occupying force. that would cut off cooperation with muslims.
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>> to look at ideology and travel patterns so it's not test. they are trying to detect jihadist behavior, sentiments, planets, et cetera. not anti-muslim. this is helping muslims identify and defeat the bad apples who are trying to their religion with this tyrannical ideology that supports violence against everyone. stuart: thanks for joining us this thursday morning. appreciate it. let's go to the market because there's going to be some financial action. this is how the dow is going to open up. down roughly 100 points plus. that would be on pace for a three state to a losing session. just about 17,000. more of that in a few minutes. about the price of oil, $38 a barrel this morning. that is worrying a lot of people. a huge amount of oil was 532 million barrels. that is called a supply. down goes the price.
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gas still going up. doesn't it make you weep? i left it on the way down. i hated on the way out. $2.1 on the national average. nobody feels sorry for me. last time gas was above december 30th of last year and is now 33 state. there is still dirty three state where gases below $2 on average. new jersey where i buy my gas. the state average $1.70. there's always a good site to these. ashley: always. liz: not send it to be proud of. stuart: serious stuff. this is outrageous. in britain, a man has been arrested for a tweet that he said. he is charged with hatred on social media. take me through what to do.
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ashley: i confronted a muslim woman yesterday. i asked her to explain brussels. she said nothing to do with me. a mealymouthed reply. he was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and social media. the comment has been widely read today. he said he confronted the woman because she was wearing an islamic headscarf. stuart: so what is the offense? to confront a woman, question her publicly on the street or to post about it. ashley: to post a comment. stuart: that's a crime? they have hate crimes in britain? ashley: they do and they are very strict on it. the police showed up at us up at his front projector into custody. stuart: tamara holder is still here. button for punishment. >> arch liberals. i think it's a little aggressive. if you are going to arrest him, are you going to arrest every
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single in as well because technically that is a crime. to patrol and police social media, we should start at the top in donald trump should be arrested for the things he said. stuart: i just don't think this should be in a position on free speech. ashley: no, not at all. who will call me what i can say? what the devil is going on here? >> i agree. it is a little aggressive. but at the same time, we are in a time right now where we do need to be a little more sensitive about we say in social media. ashley: they can speak with free abandon. >> i would love for them to do that because then we could find out where they are and arrest them. stuart: a isis maintains on social media. what is wrong with that? >> a lot of reason why is because we are looking for then
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and we are using them with their communication for intelligence. stuart: are you glad you came on the show? >> now, i'm not. i'd rather be home in bed. stuart: now this. i'm calling up in the sea. campus lunacy. someone wrote, boat trump in chalk on the quad at emory university. the students complained about threatening speech in the university president agreed. we are going to deal with it, i promise. plus this is denver. that is what you are looking now. 30 inches. digging up this morning. hopefully watching "varney & company." good morning, colorado. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back.
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stuart: be some of the trumpets, really for confetti balloons because fox business network led by this program beat cnbc on tuesday for the entire business
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day and then the age group. you tuned in for a third major breaking news on the brussels terror attacks. and we thank you very much indeed, seriously. we are live tomorrow by the way. it is good friday. they are now. where lies. keep your right here here. please been thank you. something i am going to say is sheer lunacy. students at emory university upset afraid after trump supporters wrote his name in chalk, chalk on campus. it is not going well. tell me what you think. >> this is just one of those moments in american history right now. i think it is so frustrating because there have been reports that students have written things like bernie sanders with chalk on that campus. also, black wives matter movement and it wasn't a big deal at that point when this
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event did that. it is just ridiculous. it is okay to do that. but if you write trump or something for republicans that's an issue. we see this across college campuses right now in the country. i feel like it's a scary moment for society. stuart: it is the way the left shuts up those people who have a different opinion. they call them names, bigots, racists, whatever it is, shut them down. that's what's going on. >> exactly. it's sad because you see things like the university of missouri over racial dispute with essentially how the president hostage.e the shutting down of someone as esteemed as condoleezza rice and the prevention of someone like that to serve the country so well, not being able to speak on college campuses. college campuses should serve as a marketplace or varying ideas. it doesn't have to be your radio or what you believe.
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there should read dissenting opinions and opinions on all sides and allow for college students who are adults to make determinations on around and come to their own conclusions. it's really traveling the coddling going on on college campuses. >> listen to this. one of the young students at emory university. one of those who wants his first amendment right to be it. just listen to this young man. roll tape. >> i expected president james wagner to come out fiercely against this, to stand for first amendment rights, to stand for the students write to support one of our two major parties and political candidates the front runner. he did it. he basically legitimize them. they are very upset until this is triggering. they feel that this is racist against them. one even said this is a violent action. stuart: i think the pressure should now be on campus administrators to standup comic at about the until these
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youngsters to grow up. am i being offensive? >> no, i agree. this is absolutely ridiculous. whoever the student was, all they wrote was trump 2016. this is utterly ridiculous that somehow this is sending a negative message within a negative connotation. it is simply expressing political ideas and political thought. you look at even a student at west glenn university who had published a conservative op-ed about black wives matter, a student paper that's been around for 150 years. they voted to cut a name for the paper. this is ridiculous and sending the wrong message. stuart: it gets worse and worse. give me a back bone, somebody, please. >> life is tough and students need to be tougher than not in the real world. stuart: thank you very much indeed. a new feud between donald trump and ted cruz. the spouses are involved.
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however, did cruz use the line from a michael douglas movie when he responded to trump? we will play the tape in a moment. [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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trump. he fired back to spill the beans on ted cruz wife, heidi. cruz then went further defending his wife, heidi, i'm cnn. watch this. >> at donald once again in a character guy, he's better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. stuart: what you just heard sounds a lot like a line from the michael douglas movie the american president. listen to this. >> you better stick with me. it's way out of your league. stuart: quite the match there. tamara holder with us. pretty close. i don't think that this kind of spousal bickering -- i think it pathetic. i don't think it has any role in the election and i'm disgusted by it. >> and tested, too. i agree. it is tragic whether donald trump is involved in this
9:25 am
anti-cruise super pac, he did this. and it is disgusting because what are you hinting that? what are her issues? is it her mental health issues? stuart: we are getting into it. >> the. >> the thing is that is absolutely wrong and it goes to show that donald trump will do anything to get down and dirty. ashley: here we go. stuart: he started it. say something outrageous, knowing that trump would respond in kind and then picking on insane asylum is all. which is what you just did. >> trump should be the bigger, better presidential person. ashley: the original was his wife in a pose from 2000 she was doing a modeling assignment decide you want this in the white house or this person? stuart: to the markets. on track for a third day of losses had quite a big loss when
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the market opens down 100 points. this is interesting. if that's virtual reality will be released to the public at the adult entertainment industry otherwise known as getting ready for it. it's already making big investments. the opening bell is next. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house,
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... >> all right, the opening bell ringing, we're going to start trading in a couple of seconds and we're going to be down approximately 100 points when we get fully rolling. before we get to the intense market action, ashley, you've got breaking news. ashley: more from the belgium prosecutor saying the suicide bomber, khalid el bakraoui was wanted on an arrest warrant in the paris attacks. until then the authorities said he had a criminal record, but no indication of jihadi and terrorism. it shows confusion and not right hand not knowing what the left is doing.
9:31 am
stuart: we're down in the early going, but nothing to do with the new stories and details emerging on the terror attacks. ashley: right. stuart: this looks like we could be in the third day in a row that the stock market could drop and the price of oil is dropping, there's a relationship there, oil down, stocks down and i think that gold is down a couple of bucks. let's bring in ashley where somebod somebody-- ashley and larry. oil is going down and stocks are going down. >> yes. for me it's the flip-flop on the federal reserve. janet yellen had low and slow and bullard with a-- >> who is he? >> james bullard. and dollar is up and commodities down. stuart: it's a circle, isn't it? vicious circle. [laughter] a long way for it. oil this morning is around $38
9:32 am
a barrel. now, this, in part, is a dollar story. it's also a supply story. we told you earlier that there are 532 million barrels of oil in storage, i believe, all of that is in america. so, larry levin, come on in. same old-same old question. do you think we'll get back to $30 a barrel? >> it looks like the market spiked above 40 and coming back down. technically speaking that's a negative find for oil prices. the stock market has been up seven days in a row until it had the potential to be down three days in a row, so i think both could have a little bit after pullback and i think you might see $35 and $34 and see it back towards 40. stuart: okay, larry, we have ashley webster with us. now, he invented the webster oil stock. ashley: several weeks and economists and myself sitting down over charts. stuart: and you were right. ashley: it's working. it ratio is oil down a buck per
9:33 am
barrel, the dow down 100 points. ashley: the opposite way, too, up a buck, up 100. stuart: right now we've got the oil down a buck, buck 42 and the dow down 101 points. david dietze, that relationship, that ratio, coupling of the two markets, that's not going away. >> that's a prop for traders, we need to break that relationship. lower oil prices should be good for america, it puts money in consumer's pockets. stuart: but all kinds of bankruptcisies erupt all over the world for drillers and-- you get oil back to $30 a barrel you'll see real trouble. >> no question. we're up 55% since mid february. a little pullback is hoping they consolidate and move higher. stuart: an unflappable david dietze is with us. don't look now, i've got two big tech names we talk about all the time and they are both down double digits this calendar year. look at amazon. okay?
9:34 am
down a fraction today, but this year, it's down 15%. that's a big drop. how about netflix? let's see where it is today? it's up a fraction, a couple of cents, that's it, that's down a buck and it's down 12% this year. and e-mack, one at a time. amazon, netflix, what's the problem? >> amazon is facing competition. the majority of its revenue comes from cloud services, meaning people, and companies put their consumers you have in the cloud. amazon, majority of the revenue comes from that and apple is moving to potentially google and price cutting war and amazon enters into a price cutting war on big driver of its sales. stuart: netflix? >> netflix, rocketing costs. both the companies have very high costs that are swamping their bottom lines. stuart: good analysis and now we know what's going on. the other side of the coin, the biggest gainers, and the biggest dow stock gainers of the year start with verizon.
9:35 am
it's up 14% this year and down 20 cents this morning, a big gain for the year. united health, that's up 10% on the year, down a fraction this morning, but up 10% for the year and how about wal-mart? who would have thunk? that is up today, 12 cents and it's up on the year as well. now this, the parent of the apparel maker, calvin klein, a big winner. explain it, nicole. nicole: we have a couple of winners. parent of calvin klein, and tommy hilfiger, a move to the upside despite they face the currency headwinds, it's a winner and and did well with the two brands in particular. i want to bring your attention to tivo and rovi, patented for digital devices and they're in talks.
9:36 am
under the deal, teivo shareholders would receive a combination of cash and stock. and the device is being talked about. stuart: everybody knows tivo, not everybody uses it and you now they're merging. good story, thank you, nicole. how about disney, they are threatening to take their movie production out of the state of georgia. all right, ashley, explain. ashley: this is in response to georgia quite possibly parting what is an anti-gay bill that could be law soon. that bill offers protection to faith-based groups that don't want to provide services that they say violates their beliefs. ie, same-sex marriage. disney says we'll take away our production.
9:37 am
stuart: movie production. ashley: yes, the disney clothes and-- >> they can still go to disney world and espn. it's an interesting pr move. google is looking for a buyer for their robot division, boston dynamics, they developed it and now they want to sell it. they look like dogs running through the park, et cetera, et cetera. why are they selling this division liz: google, alphabet doesn't want to be a military contractor. stuart: wait a minute, there are military applications for the robots. and google doesn't want anything to do with the defense department? liz: google said that at the outset when they bought boston dynamics in 2013. the robotic dogs, cheetah that can run 29 miles per hour. google is backing out and they don't want--
9:38 am
they backed out of a defense department contest to see who has the best robot. stuart: and apple won't open up the iphone to the fbi, whose side are they on and google won't become a defense contractor, whose side are they on liz: they were potentially getting multi-million dollar contracts coming in. stuart: gee, what might be the best for the country, may we humbly ask. sarcasm, an awful thing to say. look at exxon. that company must allow a vote on climb change. meantime, the rockefeller fund is dumping fossil fuel. rockefeller was an oil magnate liz: he ran the company. stuart: of course, he did, standard oil and now the rockefellers are getting out of oil. ashley: standard oil the forerunn forerunner. stuart: have i got it right.
9:39 am
ashley: no, no, you were fired up. and criticized for misleading the public about climate change. there's no for exploring for hydrocarbons and exxon putting this out. they're divesting from the company when they're funding a conspiracy against them liz: politicians are weighing in, after the paris climate change, companies like exxon have to step up and do things like that. stuart: larry levin, hiding away there in chicago, you're not going to get out of this. what do you make of the rockefelle rockefellers divesting themself from oil and climate change? >> i feel they're not making the money where they want to be making probably with oil and getting out of that. and probably in a zillion other businesses back in the early 1900's or late 1800's, rockefeller was all about oil and controlled the entire country's space in oil. you know?
9:40 am
and maybe not a dumb thing to do, i'm not privy to what their numbers are and they're smart of what they're doing and they want to be out of oil. stuart: you've got it totally wrong. they're greenies, they hate oil, that's it. that's what happens when you're third and fourth generation with lots of money. become real soft and ultra liberal. don't ever establish a family foundation, you have no idea what your heirs are going to do with it. >> very true. [laughter] >> what a day this is. let's mover on to porn if i. ashley: why not? >> porn sites are getting ready for facebook's oculus, that's the health thing. ash. ashley: yeah. stuart: the porn industry, they had a big say over the years in dictating media format. ashley: the old vhs tape. wherever porn goes, they say the rest of the tech world follows and certainly the internet. virtual reality is the next big thing. 35% of all data transferred on the internet is pornography. stuart: now, you can watch it
9:41 am
in, you know-- >> yes. stuart: virtually watch it, i suppose. ashley: yes, you can. wrap around, so to speak liz: words escape me. [laughter] >> very dangerous ground. anything to add, dietze. >> it's interesting because zuckerberg of course tried to keep facebook away from porn, although i believe he has an ownership interest in oculus. interesting to see how that balances out liz: how many wives are going to buy this for their husbands for christmas? >> hey, watch this. we've come back a little bit. we were down 110 and now down a mere 80 points. next, i am going to call it again. campus lunacy. those students at emory university afraid of signs in chalk, vote for trump. guess who is on that one? judge andrew napolitano. ♪
9:42 am
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>> isis says they're going to deploy 400 fighters across europe to carry out attacks. rudy guiliani, former mayor of new york city, says hillary clinton is partly to blame. listen to this. >> she helped create isis. i mean, hillary clinton could be considered a founding member of isis by being part of an administration that withdrew from iraq, by being part of an administration that let maliki run iraq. >> into the ground. >> into the ground and you forced the shiites to make a choice by not intervening in
9:46 am
syria at the proper time. by being part of an administration that drew 12 lines in the sand. stuart: judge napolitano, you're our point man on hillary clinton. >> you know, it's a little hyperbol hyperbolic, it sounds like he is about to endorse trdonald trump. and you look back to the the army whose members became isis. there's responsibility in both administrations. stuart: he has a point. >> of course, he has a point. she is inexorably tied to the foreign policy failures of the obama administration and exacerbated by her attempts to hide it with the secret e-mail server. stuart: i want your take on emory university. we've been pounding the tape on this. let me tell you about this, there were chalk messages, i believe, on the sidewalk of the quad of emory university and the messages said trump in
9:47 am
2016, or vote trump. >> right. stuart: some students said that is threatening. that is hate speech. we need counseling to deal with it and you say? >> well, there's a couple of levels of analysis here. first of all, it might be defacing property, but they have to address it, viewpoint neutral. stuart: irrelevant. ashley: if it is private property, but it accepts federal funds, and it's located in the city of atlanta, which has a nondiscrimination policy in its law, based upon viewpoint, stated differently, it's the same as if it were public property, therefore, the school cannot discriminate against anyone. trespassing, outsider or student, on the basis of their political views, it absolutely cannot. what would they do if instead of saying trump 2016, it said hillary 2016 or bernie 2016? it's hard to believe they would
9:48 am
consider that hate speech. stuart: nothing would happen. >> aside from defacing the property, it's only chalk and comes off in the rain and students do it all the time, they are absolutely profoundly wrong and running into a serious civil rights issue if they engage in viewpoint discrimination. stuart: i want to see the administrator of that university, the president of that university stand up for our first amendment rights. >> he has not. he has stood up for the opposite, the concept of son soreship. he is suggested like the old soviet union that there's something wrong with the kids and need counseling because they're for donald trump. stuart: no, no, the people who need counseling are the student frightened by the trump chalk marks. they're the ones who need counseling, not the guys who put it down there. >> in other words, the president of the university, the word trump is a legitimate tool of terror and these people have been victimized by it. this guy does not belong in the
9:49 am
american political system at all. stuart: he doesn't. what are we going to do about this? what am i going to do about it? i could write a column, rant and rave and hope to move the dial. i am sensitive to all efforts to censor speech whether by public individuals as an open space on university campuses. he is absolutely wrong and if he presses this, if he punishes those students, you'll see a very, very serious federal litigation. stuart: please. >> for once on the side of the playoffs and the lawyers? >> on occasion i could do that. [laughter], all right, judge, we'll see you later. a look at the big board, we're down roughly 100 points. to be precise, down 95. coming up, a man in london approaches a muslim woman on the street and he asks her to explain the attack in brussels. the police have arrested him for hate speech. next, a leading member of the
9:50 am
muslim community here in america on why he should be released. more varney in a moment.
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9:54 am
rovi, tivo most of us know and use, up 18%. to europe, please, not please, a man in britain, that guy, arrested on charges of inciting racial hatred. he admitted to confronting a muslim woman over the brussels terror attack in london and then he put it on twitter. here is what he wrote. i confronted a muslim woman yesterday in south london and asked her to explain brussels. she said nothing to do with me, a mealmelamealy-mouthed reply. and that's what he put on twitter and a frequent visitor to the program, and i'll describe as a moderate muslim. >> absolutely. stuart: what do you think should happen to the gentleman in england, a different country, a different set of laws, what do you think should happen to him? >> well, free speech, whether
9:55 am
you're born in u.k., and god wouldn't give him the ability to converse if it wasn't free speech. it's a birth right and he spoke, and why he felt. he was wrong, but he felt he was right. his free speech and free assembly should not be compromised. he should be released. however, it's our duty to keep safety, our citizens, safety, and the source of such hate, mitigate it however, we cannot compromise our free speech. this guy doyle should be released and no consequence to him. stuart: oh, mike, you're all right. we're glad you're on the show, that's exactly the way i feel. i was born and raised in england, i'm an american citizen now, but i feel exactly the same way you do. let's turn the corner here a second.
9:56 am
surprising this is the united states of america and someone goes up to a muslim woman with a veil in public, in the united states, and says, what do you think about brussels and she replies, nothing to do with me and then the person who asked the question puts it on facebook or twitter. how would you feel about it, not the legality of it, but how would you feel about it? >> well, it's happening, mr. trump is saying that every day, and we, as muslims, have to learn to deal with the free speech. it's difficult, but in the long run, it triumphs, free speech triumphs over everything else, but if this woman was a man, could have punched in his face and there there are more people and each one of them could have created a mess and put it in the hands of the police and difficult to handle that situation. for that even what the british police did, is a right thing. they made a point and now have to release them.
9:57 am
stuart, i admire about you in last november you will not use the ugly phrase muslim terrorist, because muslims are not terrorists, there are terrorists among them, let me explain why. stuart: i'm running out of time, but if i say islamic terrorist or the islamists who are terrorists, you're okay with that? >> no. islam has nothing do with terrorism. terrorism are bad people no matter what religion they wear, they're bad people and, stuart, i'm going to write a detail of a full report on it in the next hour. stuart: i'm sorry to leave you so quickly, thank you very much. >> free speech. stuart: yes, free speech. first and foremost. you've got it. as belgium mourns 400 trained isis fighters reportedly spread throughout europe ready to attack. president obama doing the tango in buenos aires, we'll tell, but that in a moment. and restaurant owners who carry
9:58 am
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>> we're coming back a little bit. we were down 110 and now 72 points. it looks like we could be down for the third straight day. the price of oil, has something to do with the decline. down as we speak. we have president obama dancing the tango in argentina. this is 48 hours after dozens were killed in a terror attack in belgium. that's what you're waking up to in california right now. "varney & company," here we go. ♪ >> all right, we've got the stories for you coming up. and first, attorney general loretta lynch is about to hold a news conference.
10:01 am
this is all about iran hacking a dam in new york city? >> yes, it goes back to 2013, it's a small dam 20 miles north of manhattan and apparently this hack enabled the people to take somewhat control of the system. or at least have a snoop around. the actual controls themselves were not compromised. this was at a time when iranian hackers were also targeting banks. they're going to name and shame today, but the chance of them being extradited back from iran, good luck. stuart: the people in iran did this. they are in iran as we speak. >> yes. stuart: this is loretta lynch saying they did it. ashley: the concern is this is a very small dam, of course they could get into-- >> reports in israel, too, that hackers are from iran allegedly took over the administrative control-- not control the administrative computers for the utilities in israel and that happened as well. >> i wonder if she'll deal with that as well. probably not liz: probably not.
10:02 am
stuart: check the big board, down 74 points this moment, and price of oil is below $40 a barrel. we're swimming in the stuff and clearly oversupply and that's not people worried. gas, ouch, $2.01 a gallon. that's the national average, however, 33 states where the average for regular is still below $2 a gallon and those are the states. to brussels, search for terrorists and there are more of them. ashley: we've seen the pictures of the three individuals, far right with the hat on has not been identified. we thought he was an individual and still don't know who he is. there's also belief there was a second bomber in the metro station, carrying a big bag and didn't get on the train and there was also reports of cars
10:03 am
shadowing the explosions with four men inside. and following the events from a car seen at both scenes of the explosions. it's sinister and theottom line, the terror network is deeper and wider than they realize and trying to get their hands around it. stuart: and the number of people on the lookout six, seven or more liz: do you how search when it's prohibited on the times. stuart: good point. liz. isis trained 400 fighters and sent them to europe to unload a wave of terror attacks. chris with us with the absolute for the study of war. chris, is this propaganda, is this isis just chucking it, we've got 400 people we're going to kill you all or a statement of fact, reality?
10:04 am
is there such a threat? >> there's absolutely such a threat. the number of fighters home grown who have gone to afghanistan, iraq, yemen, syria, libya, at least 10,000 since 9/11 have traveled down range, some of them have stayed there, some died there, but awful lot returned, and 400 is a reasonable number, might be i rememb remember-- might be higher and some lower and-- hold on, that's an added detail here, these 400 are people with european, western european passports, that's what you're saying? >> yeah, absolutely. look-- >> and they didn't come in necessarily with the migrant wave. those were people with syrian and lebanese passport, et cetera, et cetera. this is a separate group that didn't come in with the migrants. >> they might have come back with the migrants. the point is they went down range, libya, syria, iraq, they
10:05 am
got radicalized there and snuck back in. and not all of them snuck back with the migrant wave. and if someone leaves belgium and the belgian national police don't know what the individual has been doing for five years, they can't arrest them on suspicious suspicion of terrorism, there has to be a legal precept. the problem is they go down range and fall off the radar, we don't know what they're doing. i think that europe's biggest problem, they spend the majority of the cold war preblthed by the american umbrella. they don't know how to deal with the this asymmetrics. >> europe remains under dire threat. they are expecting another attack. i can't say momentarily, but i can say imminently and be accurate, can't i? >> absolutely, yes. there's no doubt at all. there are at least 700 terrorists inside europe who are waiting for their time and place to attack. i have no doubt at all that
10:06 am
that number is bradley speaking accurate and the belgian police appear to be overwhelmed by the numbers they're dealing with and the message with with i they're attacking. stuart: officials are admitting that guantanamo bay transfers have killed americans. just watch this. >> sir, what i can tell you is unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo. >> how many americans have to die, how many people in brussels or paris, have to die? >> that's a fair question, isn't it? how many people have to die before we stop releasing terrorists that we-- and terrorists, we know who they are and letting them go. how much longer is this going on for? >> this problem is completely predictable and preventible. the problem is we're trying to deal with terrorists within the context of a criminal justice system that simply won't work. we've got guys there, we know they're terrorists and terrorist sympathizer and active members of terror cells, but don't have civilian grade
10:07 am
constitutional type evidence to convict them. so what do you do with them. stuart: that's the point, isn't it? that's the point. if you give them a lawyer or put them into the civil litigation system, that's utterly useless. >> completely useless, i mean, useless and significant experience with the somali pirates, no way to gather evidence on those guys and convict them. the one guy we got when we have a battle group, three navy ships and a couple of guys off that. there are 5,000 known somali pirates. we cannot have them within the criminal justice system. stuart: i have remember the pirates, i bet those guys end up with the green card. >> it's unfortunate, but i don't know the specifics, at one point there were 5,000 somali pirates and our campaign against them simply could not use the criminal justice system, there's not that to
10:08 am
deal with that type of personal with the lack of forensic evidence we would normally have in a civilian court system. stuart: all right, chris, thanks as always for joining us. >> thank you, see you next time. stuart: new fox news poll reveals the man to beat hillary clinton could be john kasich. ted cruz, not trump. former fiorina deputy campaign manager is with us. sarah, kasich, wait a minute, you're a former carly fiorina advisor and now you're with cruz, correct? >> i don't work with ted cruz, i'm still with carlie. stuart: and carly supports cruz. >> right. stuart: is ted cruz one to beat hillary clinton? >> i think that kennedy cruz is the last conservative.
10:09 am
they need a standard bearer to go in and change the status quo. you have donald trump part of the establishment that caused the problem and john kasich who is some version of democrat light, plus, nobody really knows who he is, he hasn't been a major player in this election so far. stuart: i take it that ted cruz's best option is to go to the convention, he won't get 1237 delegates on the first ballot, but he's probably hoping for 1237 delegates on the second ballot when they've done a little horse trading backwards and forward and figure out who might win. is that the strategy? >> i think at this point the likelihood of anyone getting to 1237 is pretty low, but as you said, on that second ballot, i think you're going to have a lot of folks who were bound on the first ballot to other candidates, see ted cruz as the best option moving forward. unfortunately, for john kasich, there are rules that prevent him from even being on that
10:10 am
ballot because he won't have done well enough in enough states getting there. stuart: okay, now, what do you make, if ted cruz super pac which started this spousal dispute. >> no, it won't. stuart: yes, it was. >> it was not a ted cruz super pac. >> it was by liz mayer, and-- >> did ted cruz know anything about it. >> no, even if it was a ted cruz super pac, he wouldn't have known about it, and i think what had a small thing it is for donald trump to attack heidi cruz's looks. stuart: and candidates going after each other's spouses, i think that's kind of low end. i would be sharply critical of the super pac, it's an anti-trump super pac, you're quite right, critical of them
10:11 am
for doing it in the first place. >> i don't think there's an excuse for what the super pac did to melania as well. but, a, donald trump has blamed ted cruz, and it's okay for him to attack heidi cruz, which is just so disgusting, frankly, and beneath the office of the president. stuart: it may well have been a deliberate ploy on the anti-trump people to goad trump to saying something outrageous and portrayed, it's trump's fault in the first place. >> no. stuart: a tot -- a tit-for-tat. >> and donald trump hoping to do this, here we are in the media cycle, when donald trump is shoved in a corner, he attacks women. stuart: better get the anti-trump people to see reason, may i suggest. sarah, thank you for joining us, always appreciate it. >> always. stuart: thanks so much.
10:12 am
let's do something completely different. steph curry reign mvp is an under amour guy, and an interesting reason why he chose under amour over nike.ith nike 2013. apparently changed when they invited him to a pitch meeting. they got his name wrong, one said say, stephen, how are you? his father was there and said they never corrected that and then they did a power point presentation and had the name of another player on it kevin durant. didn't bother taking off the other's name and the father said at that point i stopped paying attention. no idea at that time he was going to be what he was, but my god, they blew it. stuart: that's not like them. they're the most professional detail. didn't treat him with respect.
10:13 am
stuart: we may revisit this. this may be a game changing medical break through. researchers say they have completely eliminated a hiv-like virus from two monkeys, could be the first step in a cure for the aids virus. the doctor is in after this.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> down 81 points on the big board. have a look at the dow 30, all of them. how they split pretty evenly and greenies are up and the reps are down. and gold three bucks lower 1222. how about general dynamics, they're the standout stocks, it's 4% of the big drop. why? deutsche bank has cut its rating on it to a hold. i guess many people interpret that as sell that thing, apparently that's what people
10:17 am
are doing. let's get to campus lunacy. students say they are upset and afraid after trump supporters wrote his name and "vote trump" in chalk on campus. the horror! liz, calm me down liz: i'll calm you down. you know, the students are demanding counseling and safe spaces and these are students are color. however, there was an editorial posted to the campus newspaper, what if the tables were turned and the trump supporters on the campus were feeling threatened. this editorial writer is saying freedom of speech works both ways, it's not the role of the university to dictate to students. stuart: i think the authorities should have some backbone, it's ridiculous liz: the parents should question it, paying $tens of thousands of dollars in annual tuition costs and the students are not taught the sanctity of
10:18 am
free speech, the constitutional right to it. stuart: they need a safe space so they're not intruded on. ashley: cry babies. stuart: what have the colleges come to. and we're talking with emory university student, he says the university president is trampling on students' free speech rights. 11:00 in the morning, that young man on the show. a cure, repeat cure for hiv. they' they have eliminated hiv-like viruses from monkeys. cure, on the treatment or cure, is it possibly a cure? >> possibly a cure. it seems it's a game-changing approach. usually we take drugs that stop the hiv virus from replicating. we stop it from spreading as much from going from cell to cell. in this case, they took antibodies which are proteins that target the hiv virus for destruction. so instead of slowing it down, they're stopping it.
10:19 am
now, they took monkeys, which is one half step away from humans and what they did, they took them when they were delivering babies and the reason that's important, we still have 200,000 cases a year worldwide of hiv that spreads from mother to infant because of birth and breast-feeding. it's an easy time to spread hiv. in this case, they spread hiv to the infant and turned around and gave him the antibodies and bang, it disappeared. stuart: so, again, it's targeting minuscule targeting of the virus itself, go right at it to kill it as opposed to contain it. that's what's going on? >> absolutely. and very well-stated by you. it's a war going on in the bloodstream. we've talked about it with cancer, here it is with hiv with a virus, we use a protein to target a foreign invader, a virus, and our immune system kicks in and knocks it out. what is exciting about it, it disappeared. stuart: disappeared. that's the definition of a cure. >> that's right.
10:20 am
and we're going to see it in humans next and i predict it will work. stuart: wow, doctor, good news this morning. >> it's going to be exciting and you'll see a drug company pick it up. stuart: good stuff. >> good to see you. stuart: the state department issuing a travel warning through europe through the spring. is that going to stop people travelling? i'm going to say yes, it is, to europe, absolutely it is. we're going to deal with it after the break.
10:21 am
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> free speech, whether you're born in the u.k., india, china, brazil is a god-given right. god wouldn't give us the ability to converse if he can't believe in free speech. it's a birth right, and inalienable right. he was wrong, but felt his free
10:24 am
speech and free assembly should not be compromised. stuart: you heard it there, a frequent guest on the program and we call him our moderate muslim and reacting to this story and this man, that man. he's been arrested in britain, charged with inciting racial hatred after tweeting this. watch this. i confronted a muslim woman yesterday in croixeden, south london, i asked her to explain brussels. she said nothing to do with me. a mealy-mouthed reply. that's what he put on twitter. ashley: mealy-mouth meaning not truthful. there are hate speech laws in the united kingdom what is said on social media. this is seen as being aggressive and targeting saying you're not going to tell me the truth what really happened in brussels. you were wearing a muslim head
10:25 am
scarf, all of this put together, they arrested them liz: there's no law against being-- you're allowed to be offended in a free speech world and the lady questioned, she could have said, she could have had a good free speech conversation with him about it. stuart: i'm wondering about someone on the street, but that was not the crime. the crime was writing about it on social media liz: i understand that. so, they could of a debate on twitter. twitter is supposed to be the town? are for free speech. stuart: how about this one. the state department has ordered a travel warning for europe. don't go, that's the simple message and dramatic. don't go. gerri willis is on the story. do you know if there have been any cancellations? >> i spoke to the american society of travel agents, they're not seeing widespread cancellations not yet. look, here is what could happen just as after paris, flight
10:26 am
bookings dropped 101%. stuart: how could you do that, drop 101%? >> that's the math i saw. how tells pulling back from the city and i think that we'll see the same thing of thing today and this is the very time that people are making plans, it's the beginning of the season for travelling to europe. 111.8 million americans, this could have an impact. stuart: 11.8 million people went there on leisure travel. >> leisure. stuart: 11 million. >> thomas cook says already this year, travel to europe by americans is down because of just all the kind of roiling of bad news coming out of europe. so people are already wary. so given that state of mind right now, you've got to think this is going to have a big impact. stuart: i think the travel warning from the state department hits very hard, soon. >> i was going to read it quickly.
10:27 am
it's kind of funny, don't have a good time if you go. u.s. citizens should exercise vigilant in public places or using mass transportation, be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded places and exercise caution at religious holidays or festivals or event. is that know the very reason you go on vacation in the first place? >> avoid crowded places and tourists, that's all you get when you're a tourist is crowded places. stuart: that's an important story, gerri. donald trump campaign, our next guest, newt gingrich joins us after this. >> there's something bad going on until we find out what it is so we can correct it, you go to brussels. i was in brussels 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything so beautiful. it's like living in a hell hole right now. thanks for doing this, dad.
10:28 am
so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. .... speed to.
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stuart: take a look at the big board. we're down 85 planes. how about the price of a general dynamics stock. hold it. a lot of people think that means sell it. look at staples. it is a winner. office depot merger. up 7%. donald trump predict did what may happen. here he is back in january talking to our own maria bartiromo. >> there is something going on, maria.
10:32 am
go to different places. there is something going on. it is not good. there has to be some a simulation. there is no a simulation. you go to brussels. i was in brussels a long time ago. it was like living in a hellhole right now. welcome back. the terror attack in brussels is good. it helps it. >> he has been warning that we have to take much stronger stance than we have taken. it validates all of that.
10:33 am
sailing to react. it makes america even angrier. having asked a muslim woman. the europeans, like hillary clinton & sanders, they are not bringing themselves to confront reality. >> what do you make of the establishment membership of the republican party? trying to get around donald trump. trump is the only guy who is bringing in other people to the republican party. they want to side with ted cruz.
10:34 am
it is totally legitimat he is a front the front runner, but it is not locked down. that is what america should the all about. people saying that they will form a third hardy. they have never voted for trump. not supporting the republican nominee. not support the republican nominee. we designed the entire u.s. supreme court. >> it seems to me like this is a pretty good opportunity for the establishment. as opposed to just shouting at him and kicking him out. engage the man. what is wrong with that? >> i think that that is probably what would happen. remember, trump is a genuine outsider.
10:35 am
he has not been around doing the right wings. he has not read the right books. no one thought that it was possible for him to become the front runner. here he is first-time candidate dominating the scene. has a substantial lead. >> a lot more sense in the long run. who knows who is going to end up being his allies. dennis: i am very sorry we cut it short with you. one of those busy news days. you know how it is. here is another look at president obama. dancing the tango. forty-eight arrows at the terrorist attacks in belgium. some say not good.
10:36 am
brad sherman. democrat from california. good to see you again. >> good to be with you. you called me a hater because i was very much opposed to some of president obama's policies. am i a hater if i suggested is a jarring image. >> i did not refer to you as a hater. i did say that many of the president's opponents have come to hate him. we should be here talking about what our policy is. instead, we can whip up a plate of cold food fight over what the president did this hour. that hour. a row it people went and did their job the next day.
10:37 am
whatever their job was. reaching out to latin america. if we ignore the rest of the world on every day, on which we are concerned about fundamental terrorism, 365 days. >> i would rather talk about policy. >> i know. i understand that. the president said, isis is not an exit stench [to the united states. he said that. i think he has a fair point. we are all worried sick i isis. europe is locked down. we are expecting attacks in america. going around the terror threat. you say, i think the president is being attacked for saying that.
10:38 am
the fact is, he has never said it was not a major problem. they think that this is the only problems we face. the work would conjure up the idea that the isis blake would be flying over the capital. that is obviously silly. the word major with the word exit stench all. >> the president saying it is our number one authority. it does not often seem like that, congressman. >> i would say that that is our number one policy in the middle east. i am not in a position to say whether increasing wages nationwide is more important. those are kind of two separate
10:39 am
categories. what we ought to be doing is changing our reasons of engagement. because we are arming the right rubbles and syria, we insist that they say they will not fight against the side did we have dozens of fighters on the front line. we say that we are bombing isis. only when we think that there is zero chance of a civilian casualty. it is not a serious campaign. >> towards agreement. >> i think that that is pretty good. >> i will give you the sector report. checking the price of oil. the price of oil is back well below. we are at 38 at this moment. two reasons for that did the value of the dollar has gone
10:40 am
straight up. we are swimming in crude oil. that is an oversupply. down goes the price. there you have it. i will give you more bad news. this time on gas prices. i do find it unfortunate that the price of gas has gone to $2.01. look at this map, please. are you on this map? averaging below $2 a gallon. >> fleeting they are. look at that. >> new jersey. >> the cheapest state in the land. >> the staff at a restaurant in utah. carrying guns right out in the open. ignore that kilts.
10:41 am
it is the guns we are focusing on. we are talking to the owners. less than 3% of adults in america meet the criteria. less than 3%. we will explain in a moment. ♪
10:42 am
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10:43 am
you have not seen that kind of streak in six weeks. down 70 points right now. the s&p 500 down eight. the nasdaq down seven. the dow movers. they include caterpillar. as well as walmart. jpmorgan, nike. financials the worst sector of the day. financials all under pressure. some of these stocks have really been hit hard. a price target cut. pandora. jumping on talks. ♪
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10:45 am
>> america in 2016. this is the worst part of our history. it is being revised. federal and state authorities in california. >> talking about a six-year-old girl taken away from her foster parents. she has a drop of native american blood in her. it is emotional.
10:46 am
we want you to know that. [inaudible] >> the child screaming. separated from parents. there is a law in america. talking with the lawyer fighting that while. 1:45 p.m. eastern. this program. today. >> developing a therapy for eye diseases. >> our next guest, the co-owners of a restaurant in utah. the couple and their four
10:47 am
children where kilts and they carry guns. all while waiting on tables. welcome to the show. tony and monica, we are not really interested in the kilts. it is the guns that we are interested in. monica, to you first. why does your wait staff and your family members pack heat in full display in a restaurant. >> well, the reason we decided was more just to start conversation with our customers. [laughter] support the second amendment. it is a pretty normal thing in utah. not as big of a deal as it may seem to other people. stuart: let me ask you this. are you seriously protect doing
10:48 am
your staff and your customers because you feel a threat from folks shooting the place up? >> no, not at all. when we was started this out, we were just getting our conceals. most businesses do that in utah. i don't know about other states. most businesses have a firearm. you do not generally need them during the day. while you are waiting for your permit, you are not allowed to conceal. she does has a little smith & wesson. she had it on her side did she had a lot of comments from women. that is kind of why she kept doing it, too. they were very interested what do i need to know or how do i go about the process? >> since you started it, has business gone up or down? [laughter]
10:49 am
>> it is surprising that we are getting all the attention now. we have done it for almost a year. business has been increasing the last week. it has been insane and crazy because of the press. it is welcome. it is a little overwhelming for our little family. it has been very positive. people feel safe. >> i have to really quick questions. we have 30 seconds. number one, what is with the kilts? tony, what is with the kilts? >> my grandma was scottish. my son said we need to wear kilts and be scottish so that is what we decided to do. >> what do you pack? thirty-eight, 40 fives? >> smith & wesson, 9-millimeter. [laughter]
10:50 am
>> you will be a the loosed with business after this. >> thank you. [laughter] stuart: we will be back in just a moment. running out of time. ♪ because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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chance of working even though it does not offer the satisfaction, i guess, of a headline. order immediate resolution. i think that it is important to recognize that this is my number one priority. i have a lot of a on my plate. my top priority is to deceit. to illuminate this barbaric terrorism that has been taking place around the world. stuart: the president went to cuba to build his legacy.
10:55 am
it did not go well. he arrived in savanna. it went downhill from there. our president chopin's. the women in white of merged from palm sunday services. all they wanted was to release a political presence. the world look on. then came news of the brussels terror attack. the president virtually ignored it. he spent 51 seconds on it. it was a passionless 51 seconds. terror had interrupted his legacy. he chose to ignore it. and argentina, he was forced to interrupt. fighting isis is his top right or t, he said. what has he actually done?
10:56 am
he tangled the night away. if anything, this foreign trip turned out to be a legacy destroyer. it gains stature from the presidential visit. what kind of legacy is that? that is the legacy of global terror. he has some responsibility here. his failed policies led directly to the rise of isis and euros migrant crisis. he will not admit it. this week, we are being confronted with the jarring images of blood spread. free speech demonstrators drug off to prison. it has not been a good week for legacy building. ♪ don't let dust and allergies get between you
10:57 am
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>> college campuses should serve
11:00 am
as a marketplace. it does not have to be your idea. it should be the senses opinions. adults making this on their own. i think it is really troubling of the coddling that is going on on college campuses. >> this particular example, students, they are upset because someone wrote donald trump's name and chalk all around the campus. the messages made them scared. they caused pain. josh goodman is with us. okay. >> thank you for having me. >> you are welcome, sir. hold on. some of them are saying that they felt pain after seeing donald trump's name written in
11:01 am
chalk. what was the response of the college president? >> basically conceded to the demand. he promoted their ideology. what they are trying to do. what they are trying to do is stomp on the first amendment rights. you see kids promoting different types of colleges. there is no uproar. pretty disappointing that the president did that. >> i am not sure why they can throw pain at donald trump. all types of rallies. pro- palestinian rallies. they end up being anti-semitic stages. similar plaque lives matter protest.
11:02 am
i feel like it is all the same group. >> when you went up to emory, when you started out with, were you expecting this? >> you hear about the liberal bias going on. you expect there to be some open dialogue. you expect there to be some sort of debate. if you are a conservative, if you believe in limited government, you are somehow viewed as intolerant. >> this is the left. trying to shut you up. you have an opinion that differs from theirs. they do not want to hear anyone else's opinion. >> that is not why you came to this country. it was sounded on different ideas. a country that we promote
11:03 am
different ideologies. different discussions. stuart: what are you going to do about this? >> i appreciate you making the platform. people do not really know what is going on on college campuses right now. if you do, they try to silence you. >> okay. thank you very much for joining us. get out on that platform and stomp around a bit. let's get to the markets. we are down 60 points. i am not sure if that is accurate. 173 is where we are. price of oil. $38 a barrel. tivo, a winner. why would that be? >> there is talk of a merger.
11:04 am
up 20.3%. now, this. president obama's response to the attack in brussels. the "wall street journal" dan henninger, ashley webster and monica crowley. your article today eels with president obama's response to the brussels outrage. you do not think much to his response to the brussels outrage, do you? >> we are seeing a callous towards human life. we should not overestimate terrorism. if we just stay cool, things will be okay. moving away from barack obama. the person the focus should be on is hillary rodham clinton. she was barack obama's secretary of state.
11:05 am
she is joined at the hip with obama. i think the republican candidates ought to be looking at her and saying do you find barack obama's response unacceptable? >> she, hillary rodham clinton created isis. in part responsible for the creation of isis. >> a strong enough political effect. leadership on this issue. is hillary clinton going to lead the way barack obama has been. >> hillary clinton is walking a very fine line. retaining the base. the secretary of state helping
11:06 am
carry out the president's opinion. creating the void into which isis fell. >> i do have to correct something really fast. moments ago, we mistakingly showed you the dow futures board. here it is. without 47 points. okay. next one. to monica. your latest column today. occupied. millions of muslim migrants. that is strong stuff. >> the civilization old g hot. we are all very focused. it is immediate. it is life and death. throughout the western world. the project.
11:07 am
the essence. opening the borders. some points in europe. >> good solid cheap labor. >> i am not saying it is safe plot. there is a part that is the threat through migration. this is a different form of the g hot. the republican candidates have been very specific of talking about how to encounter this. no one is talking about the broader civilization. stuart: i say that europe is finished. i am coming on strong with this.
11:08 am
>> reading about the belgium bureaucracy made it possible to catch these guys. all of these migrants were coming into europe. forming a common migration policy. they were incapable of doing it. >> next case. a british man has been cited. he tweeted out his questions to a muslim woman. listen to what america together said about this earlier show. >> born in uk, india, china, the ability to converse. he was wrong. he should be relieved.
11:09 am
stuart: there is a guy in britain. he confronted a muslim woman on the street. she replied, it's got nothing to do with me. that man wrote it up on twitter. saying he confronted the muslim woman. arrested for inciting hatred. >> outrageous. what he experienced and by the way he passed, in paris. that is about the global enforcement of sharia. not limited to libya or saudi arabia. this is the push to have it enforced. it is what he was suggested to by the laws and britain. cannot say anything negative about it. >> this is why we have a first amendment in the united states.
11:10 am
those people on campuses today would arrest someone like him if they could. they would arrest us if we could if we did not have a first amendment. stuart: in canada, i would be kicked out of the country. >> tony blair. addressing that earlier. flabby liberalism. even suggest inc. issues with both the culture is him. i think that he is absolutely spot on. >> that is it. >> politics. next subject. faring against each of the gop candidates. >> is this interesting.
11:11 am
against john kasich she loses. fifty-one to 40%. donald trump did she is up 49238%. that whole was taken before. just a little bit during. >> what are you laughing at? >> what is wrong with this picture? bernie sanders is up 17 over trump. the heads to heads are fascinating. john kasich is running or beating hillary clinton. back to your trump point. arguing on this program repeatedly. trump has to do something in public to begin closing this.
11:12 am
people cannot keep saying we will fix it in the general election. better numbers in the head to heads. >> his first project is to lock it down. trump just lock down their basis. trump conservative base simply does not trump how he may govern as president. would he be conservative? would he be liberal? nobody knows. >> pretty much his appeal. >> it has him even with trump in pennsylvania. >> ouch. trump 33. kasich 30. >> breaking minnows on "varney & company." that is it for today's rounds. thank you. appreciate it. isis says it has 400 trained fighters inside your up. sleeper cells, basically.
11:13 am
poised to attack. >> fighters and guns from europe. gone downrange. afghanistan, iraq, yemen, syria, libya. they have traveled downrange. some of them have stayed there. some of them have died there. i think it is a reasonable number ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
>> strange fighters. andrew peake is with us. knowing what he is talking about. if i was an isis guy, that is the first thing i would say. is that what it is? propaganda? or is it real? >> you remember the report.
11:17 am
isis actually does things. they say that they will carry out attacks. they will blow something up. >> do you think that at this moment, europe is under threat. is that the situation that europe faces as we speak? >> yes. the biggest most frightening thing for me is they knew that there would be retaliatory efforts after the capture. they knew that. they were carrying out dozens of raids. somebody still got through. more than somebody. three people. the radical islamic underground. very good. not clear at all what europeans can do to stop them. >> the latest, they are looking
11:18 am
at five more people. >> six more people. >> a big terror cell. co-conspirators. that is the situation europe faces. here is another one for you. a defense department official. add mitt did after a hearing that prisoners that were released in guantánamo bay have gone on to kill americans. he went on to say that the risk of closing, the risk of keeping it open is greater than letting these people go. i do not understand that logic. >> the administration is only interested in regards to quan thanh amo.
11:19 am
i mean that is harsh to say. quan thanh -- such a low recruiting tool. stuart: you leave it open and it recruits more terrorists. >> it is ridiculous. compared to all of the other things out there. it is like number 800 at this point. >> is there anything that can be done about it but sure mark i guess congress could stop their release, i guess. >> it all comes down to ash carter. the secretary of defense. he is the one that asked to signoff on whether prisoners are too dangerous to be released. people like chuck hagel have pushed back very hard on that certification. congress needs to get ash carter. congress needs to get ash carter on the witness stand, testifying
11:20 am
in front of them and go case-by-case to see who will be released and who was on the chopping block. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. stuart: check our big word again. we are now down 56. if we closed lower today, it will be the fourth straight day of losses. up next. going all in on virtual reality. when corn adopts technology. the trend has been set. this is a big deal. fascinating story. ♪
11:21 am
11:22 am
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11:24 am
>> this one is hard to believe. police in florida arrested a 12-year-old girl for pinching the rear end of a male classmate. she was charged with misdemeanor battery. >> the mother of the boy says that his battery. in come the cops. arrest the girl. in handcuffs. take her away. >> the victim's family said they will charge her. the mother said the mother of
11:25 am
the son said yes charger. temporary placed in juvenile detention. will be dismissed if she passes a drug test. >> the mug shot taken. the whole thing. stuart: this reminds me of the emory story. students were afraid because someone has written trump 2016. extraordinary extremism. >> overreaction. >> thank you. >> we are done with this. corn site. corn hub says it is getting in the virtual reality movement. corn hub.
11:26 am
it is like a movement. it wraps around. all you can see. jo ling kent is here. [laughter] >> so, what you need to know is a virtual reality channel. allowing their content to be viewed. what you see here is 183600-degree videos. you would be a will to see different parts of the video. what is interesting, this is 180th. technically, it is not as full on virtual reality video. that would be expensive to produce. this would be a mover.
11:27 am
a lot of people come to that contest. corn of. on vhs. people downloading content. stuart: more people watch corn then amazon, netflix. >> more than them combined. >> 50% of all internet traffic. >> i think so. virtual reality is here. >> rudy giuliani says hillary
11:28 am
clinton has a lot to do with the rise of isis. you can decide for yourself. ♪ blew an amp.but good nights.
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11:32 am
this is the first openly player. ashley: he was in the 2014 draft and he was not being taken. according to the reporter said they were concerned with how that would look. they are not getting drafted. and didn't do with the rams at the time. the st. louis rams that you draft him and not have to take part in the hard knocks is that hbo does where he gets really into the team's facilities and kind of documents what they do
11:33 am
it day by day basis are the rams didn't want to get involved in the spirit they said you draft him. he was drafted 249th out of 256 players feared he lasted about four weeks at the rams. he got picked up by the raiders, dallas cowboys on the spot for seven weeks and he was cut. i'm hearing that, he did something today basically saying i'm not surprised at all. that was michael sam peered stuart: interesting story. ashley: this reporter claims is exactly how it went down. sure to check out the big were down 63 points. we been pretty much down or much of the morning. if we closed lower today will be the fourth straight day of losses. how about this video. just a day after the deadly attack in brussels, president obama in argentina didn't in the t-tango in state dinner. that's last night.
11:34 am
buenos aires. republican congressman mike kelley from pennsylvania is with us now. i have been saying for a today's program that is a jarring image. i'm the one said the president dancing the tango, on the other side the mourners lining up in brussels, belgium. >> 90% of likely showing up here minute show what people might care. when you don't show up, people know you don't care. in the world right now it's out there. in december we had two meetings. we got the whole world together with a summit on climate change, but then we had the horrible terrorist attack. let's have a summit on handling global terrorism. and the world together. you are the leader of the free world. baseball is a pastime. if you're not working, you can do that. he's not didn't do it. if he did that, he would be acknowledging that terror is a major part of this administration and the development of terror is a big
11:35 am
part of what's been happening for the past seven years. he cannot admit to that. i would really mess up his legacy. >> you have to be vigilant. it's a global concern but more importantly a local concern. if you see something, say something. the other. i've got 10 grandchildren. to say that are not to worry about anything because i'm sure we are safe. they thought they were safe. you know it's for the present? it is okay to quit, but if you click on the leave. this is a president and this is not surprising. this is consistent behavior of a president is in denial about what's happening in the world. that's not the president of the united states pleading, my goodness who will it be? stuart: do you think president obama lost ground politically because he attended a baseball game in cuba right after the attack in brussels? he dances the tango last night. it's not a political loss for the president or you could see
11:36 am
it the other way around and say the president is doing viable business for america. he's doing what he went out there to do. >> when you lose leadership, when he back away from who it is you are, and what is tivo was then come in the united states, the greatest offender in the world to as an attack on human rights. who shows up. you don't go to a ballgame. you don't go dancing. you don't go golfing. when there's a crisis at home, and you bring the rest of the world but you are going to help us, too. stuart: you sound fired up about it. >> uni sought out on the screen this morning, were you shocked into silence or what? >> i've never shocked by the president's behavior. we've all grown used to it. what i'm shocked because there's not an outrage to say you know what, if you don't want to do the job, stop. just leave now. it's not so much about me not liking the president.
11:37 am
it's about me not liking what happened to the united states. our friends and allies have turned to wave that you can't go to the united states. if you can't go to america, when there's the bully on the playground come you always go to your strongest friend. and you win. when you sit back and it's not a problem, don't worry about a coming of the things to themselves and the work their way out but it won't be positive. this president is to stand up in late. he's got a few months left in office. i was the strongest leader at a time in the country needed me most is when the country needed us most and when the world look to us for leadership. stuart: mike kelley, congressman, republican from pennsylvania banging the table. thank you indeed. rudy giuliani talks about an extreme comment here. rudy giuliani called that hillary clinton, says she qualifies as a founding member of isis. watch this. >> she helped create isis. hillary clinton could be considered a founding member by
11:38 am
being part of an administration that withdrew from iraq by being part of an administration that let maliki run iraq into the ground. >> so you force the shiites to make a choice by not intervening in syria at the proper time, by being part of an administration that drew 12 lines in the sand. stuart: while now come a democrat strategist with us by the name of doug schoen, frequent guest of the program. what do you make of what rudy giuliani said? >> that's a gross exaggeration you can certainly fall the obama administration terror policies. but to call her a founding member of isis is a gross exaggeration in light of bush's said yesterday, which type about reading for hvac, greater scrutiny and greater commitment. stuart: desi is something of a point? was hillary clinton very much involved in the libya debacle which is now an isis virtual
11:39 am
stronghold. it was hillary clinton involved in the syria policy as i recall when he retreated from the red line, open up syria and others were million refugees flooding into europe. there is some responsibility. >> i must tell you the big mistake was following the stabilization force of 10,000 out of iraq, which is what i think mayor giuliani was referring to. that timmy was a major mistake of secretary clinton and president obama and the real challenge you will face will be distancing herself from this administration and what i predict stuart will be an increasingly unpopular policy on terror. stuart: on whose part? the administration policy? >> yes. we've had too many incidents. the president's response both substantially and i'm the spherical wave was just plain wrong. i want to make another point.
11:40 am
if we make this overtly partisan and we don't do what representative kelley pull together as a nation and a family of nations. isis will win because when they come and they are coming, they are not going to ask nationality, party identification, ideology. stuart: but the president is not bringing us together. this coalition he's got a main isis hasn't done very much. he says it's number one priority is to feeding isis, but it doesn't look like that. >> i think he will share with me criticism of donald trump who wants to withdraw from europe, who doesn't believe any to engage with nato and believes vladimir putin at their friend, bush there are mistakes on both sides. you would agree with me would you not to forget together in a bipartisan basis with a better chance to defeat isis. you would agree with that, wouldn't you? stuart: gas. >> thank you.
11:41 am
stuart: you cannot get everyone together if you speak from a position of i'm not sure i want to go there. >> certainly not what i'm suggesting this morning. i don't think it is what you stand for and i think you are agreeing that overt partisanship is distracted at this moment. you would agree with that. stuart: overt partisanship. >> about the scourge of isis who want to kill us. stuart: what is wrong with saying that? not when we are divided, and emboldens empowers them. the split between democrats and republicans beating each other up, they been us more vulnerable because they don't stand together. stuart: the democrats get together and say we're going to beat them. >> hillary did say that yesterday. i don't know she's going to do. >> but you did read her speech. stuart: do she tells her she's going to do? >> yes, enhanced charity, work
11:42 am
with europe. stuart: day -- they say work with era. the platitude. come on. >> i think the sound policies you would agree would have to be implemented. would you support troops on the ground as i would? stuart: i would support some troops on the ground. >> i believe is a democrat when he defend whatever number of troops is necessary to kill them off. stuart: you better ask the last of the democratic party. >> i've told them frequently. i'm sorry. but the producers -- >> i understand. stuart: up next, a very emotional story. a child who has a tiny amount of native american blood in her forcibly ripped away from her foster family because of the indian child welfare act. up next, the lawyer who was fighting that law to prevent painful things like this.
11:43 am
>> you cannot film her. she's a foster child. [engines revving] you can't have a hero, if you don't have a villain. the world needs villains [tires screeching] and villains need cars. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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11:45 am
the dow jones industrial average down 62 points. 17,439. the nasdaq down 12. at the moment we've seen all 10. here's a look at the winners and losers. a twisted cord helping tables on office deep with their takeover. a real winner today. doing well after the earnings. tommy hilfiger under its belt. other winners and losers they are. but terrell said that under pressure. strong u.s. dollar has been the trend of late and that is material such to. copper and gold under pressure. the home trend better than dead.
11:46 am
11:47 am
stuart: this is a very difficult story. a young girl with a small amount of native american blood dripped from her foster family because of the indian children welfare act. that is a law that requires native american children to be placed with members of their tribe. here is that emotional video again. rowley. [inaudible conversations] you can't film her. you cannot film her. she's a foster child. you are violating the law of the
11:48 am
department. stuart: the child screaming ashes dragged away from the parents she is known for years. timothy sander is here with us. an attorney who is fighting this law. my first reaction was disgust when i saw that video. my second reaction is surely this is a race-based law and it's unconstitutional. >> yes, that's exact to read. this law says that establishes a separate and unable legal system that applies only to children with even a single drop of american indian blood in their veins. stuart: and yet it was implemented and used in this case to the detriment of the child. >> that's right. that very often happens. if the child is eligible for membership in an indian tribe, which they have any indian ancestry, the role of the courts usually applied in the best interest of the child ruled that of course applied in adoption cases, foster cases doesn't apply. instead it sets up a different set of rules that says the child
11:49 am
must be placed with members of the tribe. it also makes it more difficult to remove from an abusive family if the child has indian blood because you have to prove a higher standard going on been any other race. it says that the whole twilight zone that applies to children of this race or that is why are challenging the constitutionality in a case pending right now in federal court in arizona. stuart: i'm just thinking out loud. supposing a black family adopted a black child, but the black child has 2% or 3% white lead in the child, up from my parents, grabbed a child, take it away. i don't think you could do that in america regardless of which allows you to do that because that would be blatantly absurd and outrageous and you wouldn't get away with it. but in this case, american indians, you can. >> that's right. there's a federal law called the
11:50 am
multitude that mclaughlin makes it illegal to deny or delay an option proceeding on the basis of race. the law has an explicit exception for children subject to the indian child welfare act which means that the only group of children in the country that it illegal to discriminate against on the basis of race in adoption proceedings be a denny's to be emphasized. we often forget it. all indian children are citizens that the united states and they are entitled to equal treatment before the law under the constitution. stuart: at the 22nd thought. how my before this is adjudicated? >> it's hard to say. the family has asked for an emergency petition of the california supreme court appeared in the case and litigating, we are waiting to hear whether the judge will take the federal government's request to throw our case out. if that happens of course we will appeal the south dakota supreme court. separate but equal has been unconstitutional or 50 years and can't stand any longer. stuart: this is not an isolated
11:51 am
case. this has happened before and it's still going on. i'm out of time. sorry about that. come back and tell us how you're doing with this case, please. a british man pleads out about his encounter with a muslim woman says he asked about the brussels attack. he's arrested for hate each. back in a moment. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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stuart: a british man arrested for inciting racial hatred over a tweet. matt doyle, here is what he treated. i confronted a muslim woman yesterday. i asked her to explain brussels. she said nothing to do with me. it was a mealymouthed reply. come on man. act for america founder. this man, mr. doyle was arrested for writing about it, not confronting the muslim woman in the street. i say this despite a free-speech issue. india? >> this is exactly a free-speech issue. europe started the slippery slope a long time ago about speaking out to offend any muslims. they are now afraid of their shadow. this is why we in america have to be very careful with this because now we are introducing a free-speech defense sacked.
11:56 am
america has been allowed to pass this law in over five states. people who want more information about this go to act for we are building a firewall to protect the country. >> but this wouldn't be allowed in america. i confronted a muslim woman in history. russell said it's nothing to do with me. you could not be prosecuted in america or could you? >> not yet. but we are starting to head down the road because a lot of people right now are afraid to say something. as a matter fact, the united nations is trying to make it a hate speech. this is by the united nation basically will ban people from criticizing islam. this is a serious issue is the lesson is to wake up now before it's too late and confront it and make sure we protect ourselves and stuart: i think an american college campuses we have arrived at the position where you cannot date something as innocuous as i
11:57 am
asked a muslim woman on this read about brussels. on american college campuses, we've arrived at that position and nobody's happy about that. >> that is where it usually sparks. those sewers is today are going to be the news anchors for tomorrow. they are going to be the bomb makers, opinion shakers, editors. what's happening in america should be of great concern to many vitriolic american. stuart: tanks for joining us. i know is very short. you go right at it. free speech above everything. >> exactly. stuart: really. i'm an american citizen. did i come here to have my freedom of speech restricted? do you think someone will tell me what i'm allowed to say? we are out of time, but we will be back in a moment.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
stuart: alright, actually. free speech in britain, chad ripped from parents, president of the tango in buenos aires. which is the most interesting story today? >> the top two. the british man arrested. whatever happened to it. free speech, please. time is. it is yours. >> no problem. i'll see you again soon. this is his show. i am charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. two days after the death explosion ripped through the brussels airport in the mattress nation. the feature story joins us right now with the latest details on the suspects. kevin. >> charles, the foreign minister has offered the resignation in the wake of tuesday's terror attack. belgian prime minister is refusing resignation. now the city has had a few


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