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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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gasoline that is a negative. gasoline demand is up. ashley: thank you very much. they're clapping on wall street. [closing bell rings] ashley: can we get a positive outlook an dow dow? david asman, melissa francis, pick it up on "after the bell." david: stocks ending the day flat on the last trading day of the week. one of the indexes is down a tick. the other two up a tick. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." new at this hour, a major manhunt intensifies for the surviving suspect caught on camera at brussels airport. while a second attacker is believed to be on the run in connection with the subway attack. the head of europe's union, head of the european union law enforcement agency admit isis's network may be more widespread than they had feared. the state department just reporting two u.s. officials are among the missing in the wake of
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tuesday's attacks. mourners are now flocking to a makeshift memorial to pay their respects for the dozens killed, injured and missing. david: in the aftermath of the terror attacks in belgium, the u.s. state department saying a number of american still unaccounted for. adam shapiro joining us from the newsroom with the latest. adam. reporter: that's right, david. official number of american missing in the aftermath of the terrorist attack is two people. 12 are injured. they are saying it's a mass casualty event. difficult to provide specific numbers. there are four americans we highlighted as missing. among them those who remain unaccounted are a brother and sister from new york. the siblings called their family from the airport and their mother heard the explosion and sounds of broken glass just as the phone went dead. new information that authorities in belgium may have missed opportunities to prevent the at cac.
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ibrahim el bakraoui one of the dead suicide bombers in the center was deported twice by turkey. officials in turkey say they suspected el bakraoui was a militant fighter trying to join isis in syria. his first deportation was called an administrative deportation. he had broken no laws. el bakraoui requested to be sent to the netherlands in july of 2013. he returned to turk in august and was deport ad second time. turkish president erdogan said authorities in brussels ignored a warning that el bakraoui was a militant. they did know about his brothers challenge lead's criminal past. khalid el bakraoui was subject of international arrest warrant linked to the tear paris terror attacks. he was killed at the brussels subway station. police are looking for a suspect dressed in the white photographed with two suicide bombers. they're looking for second
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person who they believe assisted in the bombing of the metro station in brussels. the attacks in brussels killed 31 people, injured 31 others. terror officials say isis trained 400, possibly as many as 600 fighters to carry out attacks in europe. regarding terror attacks in europe. terror suspect salah abdeslam said he did know about the bombings in brussels. he was arrests last friday about his possible role in the paris attacks that killed 131 people. at a extradition hearing his lawyer told the court that his client wants to be extradited to france to stand trial as soon as possible. he fought extradition originally but his lawyer said he changed his mind to quote, explain himself. david: thank you. medical list. melissa: one of the sue tie bombers in brussels is believed to be a bomb-maker for paris
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attacks and key recruiter tore ice sighs. how were these warning signs missed? we have former intelligence operative. when you look at all the evidence and all things adam shapiro laid out for us so well, the fact that one of the bombers who is now dead was deported from turkey two different times do you view this as a failure? >> it is absolute definition of a intelligence failure by belgian authorities. >> what could they have done differently? >> look at situation of tairod pugh. the turks got him, sent him back here. called fbi. fbi met him at jfk, arrested him and thankfully convicted him of trying to support isis. the belgian authorities did not take this seriously. he may have been under surveillance, i'm sure he was but they clearly did not act. melissa: why do you think it is? does it have to do, a lot has
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been made in the wakes of multicultural community there, how many different languages are spoken? it is very divided country with many different police forces and all of that? do you think that will change now in the wake of what has happened or will things continue the way they are? >> it's a great question but reality there are a lot of numbers bandied about last day or two and i think we should focus on and in europe and frankly the u.s. weird heard number of neighborhood of five thousand europeans are suspected going to syria to join isis. that is a shocking number. you compare that to the united states. since september 11th, we had 6,000, since september 11th of, 20,116,000 muslim soldiers fight for us in iraq and afghanistan and do it proudly. that is juxtaposition of this society and problem europeans have. melissa: although a lot of people here in the u.s. would argue we have similar problem
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but it hasn't festered quite extent. that is discussion for another time. let me ask you before we go, how frightening that isis dispatched fighters europe to -- >> that is terribly worrisome. isis is losing ground. they have absolutely won in terms of the terror campaign. it doesn't take, takes considerably less to launch a terrorist attack as we saw in brussels and paris and even san bernanadino. they're not linked. it does not take as much as it does to hold land, to take land. i think this is really where isis is moving to. frankly it is is etive. melissa: thank you for your help. david. david: for details what it is like on the scene in brussels we go to fox news east mike tobin on the ground with the latest. hi, mike. reporter: the latest is coming through "politico," david. this is information quoting the defense attorney for salah abdeslam saying that after his arrest on friday he was only interviewed or questioned for
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one hour on saturday in the lead-up to these attacks. in part is due to the fact according to the source, quoted in this article anyaway, that he had been shot during the course of his arrest. he had just been through surgery and he was very tired. there are also unnamed sources quoted in it particular article suggesting that no one foresaw what would happen here on tuesday. so they kept the interview brief. they didn't get a lot of information out of the interview with salah abdeslam and they continued on. couple that with information about security failures and investigative failures of local authorities. there is information out today, local judge, investigating judge, with specialty of paris attacks had issued a arrest warrant for call backpack. he was come -- khalid backpack. he was never executed because he was free to attack on monday or tuesday i should say. couple that with information coming through turkish authorities that they had
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flagged ibrahim el bakraoui nothing was done with that and they went on. panel is assembled by majority coalition in parliament to execute all the of the intelligence here. david? david: mike, extraordinary thing how many intelligence failures happened over last couple months. some would fairly say these attacks could have been prevented had there not been these failures. are folks in brussels upset about this? reporter: all boiling to the surface right now. we haven't had of much opportunity to communicate with the folks in brussels. you have dissat fact unshun with the police departments. they have 14 police agencies with own separate mechanisms to gain funding. they didn't communicate with each other. there are immigrant neighborhoods to the degree police were overwhelmed by people coming into these neighborhoods. we get a picture of a handful within these police departments
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at that can speak any arabic at all. they didn't go into the neighborhoods. didn't penetrate the neighborhoods. evidence by that abdeslam didn't venture far from his home, the house where he grew up and existed there for months after the paris attacks. david: bureaucracy, political correctness seem to combine in perfect storm that led to the terrorist attacks. mike tobin in brussels. >> reporter: you got it. melissa: president obama getting a lot of heat for a tango in argentina while terrorists are at large. we'll go live to buenos aires for the latest. david: severe weather slamming several regions of the u.s. wisconsin with a state of emergency and we're live where the details of where the storms are headed next. melissa: critics of president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay are seeing their worst fears realized. what we now know about these prisoners that have been
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transferred to other countries. gee, i wonder. david: controversy in chalk igniting outrage among college campuses. you can laugh, but these guys, seriously why students say the support for donald trump is leaving them traumatized. melissa: i feel traumatized listening -- >> if you're conservative. if you believe in limited government. if you believe supporting israel. if you believe in strong military you're viewed as intolerant. the
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our rich edson is in buenos aires with the president and with details. rich? reporter: good afternoon, david. and the president has caught some flak for not stopping his trip, returning, not returning to the united states after those terror attacks earlier this week in brussels. president earlier today at wreath-laying ceremony to commemorate the 1976 coup, military coupe in this country. he promises he will release u.s. military and intelligence documents will show or not any type of u.s. involvement in that event that began 40 years ago. the president is in the southern part of the country. he is with the first family. they're in the mountainous patagonia region of the country and they will return to the united states this evening. david, you mentioned issue some folks have had surrounding some of the things the president has done on this trip, particularly after terrorist attacks in brussels. there is the tango for last evening, he was somewhat reluctant to do that.
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that lasted 30 seconds after the president attended base balt game in havana or day of or few hours after the attack and number of calls president received to return back. the answer from the white house or from the president is that when we move our schedules, when we show that we are fearful of them and don't continue on, president's justification that means that we're doing what the terrorists want us to do. what they don't want us to do is continue on. that has been the white house justification in that. he has also been asked about his isis strategy and he defended it, saying airstrikes, special operations and financial sanctions are working though he acknowledges there are difficulties in finding small groups of terrorists willing to blow themselves up. this is as secretary of state john kerry is in russia today. he met with russian president vladmir putin according to that pool report that we have got enfrom that. secretary of state acknowledged both leaders have ideas how to move forward in syria and kerry expressed hope for making faster
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and greater progress in ukraine. from here the secretary of state will travel to brussels to officially express condolences to the united states following terrorist attacks earlier this week. david, back to you. david: rich edson in buenos aires. melissa. melissa: the trump feud, cruz wife feud is getting personal and presidential i might add. the texas senator had message for gop front-runner moments ago. this is so embarrassing. >> it is not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniffling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. melissa: all right. david: it goes on and on. ted cruz managing events in and bernie sanders and hillary clinton canceling extreme weather in wisconsin. scott walker declared a state of emergency as powerful snowstorm bearing down on the badger
4:17 pm
state. rick reichmuth is tracking the storm and at least two others elsewhere. rick, what is the latest? >> one big storm brought blizzard conditions, a ton of snow and severe weather. look at some snowfall totals and really widespread. the winter, go into the mountainous area in colorado almost 2 1/2 feet here. iowa, wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, nebraska, you get the idea, a lot of people with a lot of snow. you think, hey it is spring but this isn't all that uncommon. march is fairly snowy month for a lot of folks especially the central plains and back to colorado. we still have snow around parts of wisconsin and illinois and into michigan. we might see spots in northern michigan. maybe up to another five to 8:00 inches of snow. same storm into parts of new england, primarily areas of maine. this is snow. southern side is main and severe with. snow mostly goes farther off towards the north and eventually
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warmer air filters across much of new england. temps tomorrow back into the 60s for almost everybody. and we'll see some showers and thunderstorms. you get the idea here. it is very, very warm. when you get this kind of spring storm going on where you have the snow, the southern side of it often has very significant severe weather. that is what we're going to watch tonight. this is the southern line of the storms. right now we have one tornado watch into effect until 7:00 p.m. mostly severe weather. could see tornado pop up. same goes farther towards the north up in across parts of indiana and parts of illinois. guys? david: rick, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: ted cruz coming under fire of joining the ranks of donald trump and controversial plans to thwart terror but he isn't backing down. >> i will tell you this. i will apologize to no one for how vigorous i will be as commander-in-chief destroying isis and keeping this country safe.
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david: senator cruz getting hammered in the mainstream mead yu today suggesting surveillance in muslim communities but former new york city mayor rudy giuliani coming to cruz's defense when asked today if surveillance works. take a listen. >> sure i started that policy in 1994 because the bombing in 1993 of world trade center was planned in a mosque in new jersey. >> in a public way? >> sure. you could -- >> shake was preaching. >> the sheikh was preaching. if you worked your way in got into couple private meetings you picked up plenty of information. that for example, how the blind sheikh was prosecuted and put in jail for 100 years. that is how they thwart ad plan
4:23 pm
in 1990s to blow up the brooklyn bridge. and hall lond tunnel. david: hear to weigh in a former department of homeland security consultant and stephen yates, vp assistant to national for security affairs. stephen, according to rudy surveillance works and he has notches to prove it. we foiled some terrorist attempts because of that. we prosecuted the blind sheikh because of that. so why not? >> i think it is undeniable that surveillance works. the challenge we have coming up criterion who we're going to surveil and when and how. the challenge is harder than it was in the 1990s but we have to mon for things online. people are coming and going from troublesome geographies. a lot of that targeting in some ways is more important than what the particular religious affiliation is. doesn't matter where someone is born or where they pray, someone coming to syria or isis
4:24 pm
dominated areas. david: if mosques are used to plan attacks we've got to listen in, no? >> well depends on what type of listening in you're doing. if you have a warrant and you suspect people in that mosque and you're going to go do that, yes that makes sense. david: hold on a second. that is not exactly what rudy was talking about. rudy and of course he had a policy was reversed by the current mayor of new york but he had surveillance, regular surveillance program of mosques, particularly of those suspected of harboring radicals. >> that program for many people have been ineffective. there are over 2,000 mosques in the united states. you wouldn't know where to begin surveillance practices. david: stephen, they were certainly effective getting the blind sheikh. they were also effective thwarting attack on tunnels that lead in and out of new york city. so they were effective. i would rather have them be effective and have hundreds of people alive today because of that effectiveness than think of all the mistakes they have made.
4:25 pm
>> right. david: hold on gentlemen. one at a time. stephen, first you, go ahead. >> let's acknowledge what we're facing a violent authoritarian ideology masquerading as a religion. the only way to go after that is go where they are. i think it is not that hard to find evidence of where they're going and where they're gathering. in many cases one of the reasons this worked is a lot of people from that religious community wanted surveillance. they didn't want those kind of people infiltrating and putting their own people at risk. david: mustafa, i want to say if catholic church was giving advice to parishioners how to bomb abortion clinics i'm sure media would be outraged and everyone would say we have to go into these catholic churches an investigate. it seems to be, sort of selective outrage here. >> well, i think the selective outrage is not necessarily about what senator cruz is saying in broad terms. surveillance works. it is a effective law enforcement technique.
4:26 pm
but what senator cruz is talking about is broad surveillance, going into neighborhoods. there is over 320 million americans, less than three million muslim-americans which live in all sorts of neighborhoods. there are not these clusters like you sigh in europe. when you talk about amongs i said earlier there are 2000 mosques. if you do broad surveillance it will not work. law enforcement is taking hard intelligence to follow through. david: right. combine the two, we had it here in new york. we combined the two, surveillance with intelligence and it worked. it worked very effectively thwart attacks. maybe we should bring it back. we have to leave it at that. thank you. melissa. melissa: markets closed for good friday tomorrow. here is how stocks fared last four days. despite attacks in brussels. stocks ended slightly lower. it is the first down week for stocks in the past six. david. david: might be end of gop as we know it. why members of the establishment
4:27 pm
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melissa:blican front-runner is relying on do it yourself campaign and sweeping majority of primary elections but would that be enough to beat hillary clinton in the general election? here to weigh in, fred barnes, executive editor of "the weekly standard." he is also a fox news contributor. fred, you wrote a great article about this and you kind of boiled down his problem down to something very simple, he talk as lot. he doesn't listen very much. and it is going to be hard to have a national campaign when you're the one who is kind of doing all the talking, you're not taking advice although it has worked for him so far. how do you convince him he should start listening when not listening has worked wonders? >> well, with great difficulty. it is hard to persuade him because he is one guy who decides. he is not hiring a bunch of people from the republican political consultant class. he doesn't think he needs them. but i do think he will need some of them.
4:32 pm
melissa: why, make the case? >> general election it is a bigger deal. you don't do it just state by state. right now all trump has to do is worry about wisconsin. after then the state of new york. but you have to worry about the whole country at the same time once you're a general election candidate. he has a great advance team but he just doesn't have an organization on the ground in so many places. he knows that the republican national committee isn't going to do that much for him, isn't that capable of it. so he really needs to put together a campaign. he knows smart people everywhere. once he wins the nomination there will be a lot more republicans that want to work for him. melissa: when you're the center of attention like donald trump you have a lot of people giving you advice about a bunch of different things. they don't always have your best interest at heart. looking from people in washington just trying to save their own skins, save their jobs. they have been operatives in d.c. forever. now they think we i will be out of work. how would know -- all those things are true. how would he pick out the people who would truly be helpful from
4:33 pm
those who are either, you know, have their own agenda, or are just wrong and have been all this time? >> well, one test is, whether they were for trump before he won the nomination. now there weren't many back last summer when he announced or even since he became the front-runner almost instantly after he announced in july. so he can, he can find some that way. i think he is just going to have to trust some people. you know, he doesn't tend to trust a whole lot of people. that is why you know, one of the great pieces of advice for presidential candidates is don't micromanage your campaign. well, trump micromanages everything. it seems to work so far. my view it can't work in a national campaign and so he is going to have to, he is going to have to really let some other people get involved and have to delegate some. he is not a delegatetor. melissa: one moment we saw maybe after iowa, took a pause, took a
4:34 pm
step back, realized, even said the next morning he was on a bunch of different shows, you know, i didn't have a ground game in iowa. you saw in that moment. would it take another event like that to make him realize maybe i do need a little bit of the traditional infrastructure somewhere along the way, overall i can continue to be unconventional but a few things you want to borrow from the playbook, maybe one or two things? >> you would think so. he still doesn't have a ground game in most of these states. i talked to consultant in north carolina who said, you know he won in north carolina, beat ted cruz. and that is without an, trump didn't have a ground game. melissa: right. >> didn't put ads on television and radio and still won. i just think that comes to an end. you know what he is doing now that is smart, he is starting to attract more conventional republicans than he attracted in the past. i mean certainly that speech on israel to aipac a couple daysmp.
4:35 pm
he is the guy criticized other candidates for using a teleprompter. used that pretty well. he has this list of developing of supreme court justices or people he might potentially if president nominate. melissa: what a great idea. >> for the supreme court. melissa: what a novel idea. fred barnes, i love seeing you. thanks for coming on. have a fan taste tick weekend. >> thank you, melissa, the republican establishment is sounding pretty defeatist about the idea of a trump nomination. >> we will lose in 2016 and probably will. if trump is standard-bearer not about 2016, about losing heart and soul of conservative movement. david: party elders against trump and that might backfire. 59% of the republican voters say the nominee should be the candidate with the most delegates. here to weigh in, betsy woodruff, "daily beast" political reporter. can from cafaro, ohio state senator and james people from
4:36 pm
"wall street journal." james, are you as gloomy as senator graham is? >> i think republicans win in the fall. hillary clinton very unpopular flawed candidate but part of my estimate is based on i don't think trump will end up being the nominee. david: well, betsy, part of the problem, when you listen to lindsey graham defending conservative movement, a lot of conservatives will say he is not a conservative. he and mitt romney are sort of the moderate to liberal side of the republican party rather than the conservative. so here he is standing for conservatives when a lot of people question whether he is the conservative. >> that is certainly perception. i think part of the reason lindsey graham is so concerned about trump because he comes down on far opposite end the spectrum on arguably the most important issue of this election which is immigration. remember graham was on board with the "gang of eight" back in 2013. he is argued that unless republicans reach out to immigrants, to hispanic voters that the party is demographically doomed. so farce he is concerned if trump wins, hispanics will jump
4:37 pm
ship and republican party is shot for a generation. david: he is concerned, but capri, trump begun as fred barnes just said to make that pivot. one, to traditional conservatives but also to the reagan democrats of which i would say you are one, am i wrong? >> you know, to an extent. i would say i'm more fiscally conservative and probably much more socially liberal than a traditional reagan democrat would be. david: so trump appeals to you, right? >> i mean, when you talk about the issues of trade, i've had this conversation before with you on this show, trade immigration, national security, these are things that resonate with my constituents here in northeastern ohio undoubtedly. but with regards to lindsey graham and his crusade for the heart and soul of the conservative movement i think it is less about preserving the heart and soul of the conservative movement and more about preserving the heart and soul of the establishment and i think establishment is concerned with donald trump not necessarily because they're
4:38 pm
worried he is going to lose but because they're worried they will lose control. david: interesting, interesting. let's switch a little bit our topics here. just hours after those awful attacks in brussels president obama did the wave from the stands in cuba at a baseball game and then the president did the tango at a state dinner in argentina last night as the manhunt continued in belgium. the panel is back. james the tango? what's up with that? >> well, look, i want to be clear, nothing but good things to about argentina is phenomenal. they have taken a big turn freedom, open markets and toward as better relationship with the united states, toward rule of law. they are really trying to be our -- david: getting too much in the woods. what about optics of this, as far as what the president is doing, as you said going to a baseball game with the commies and not, by the way not just, really ignoring for a time the
4:39 pm
attacks but also not raising as far as we can tell with raul castro the political prisoners in jail at the game. then going dancing, he is giving the impression this is all no big deal. that is part of his strategy. feels like we all need to not take terrorism so seriously. david: even down in argentina, betsy, the message is getting through the maybe optics don't look good. the white house is suggesting, no, no i don't want to dance. i'm wondering if that woman had to try to reach for him, unless the secret service had advance notice of it, do you think they would jumped in and prevented her from doing that? i'm suggesting this thing may have been planned even though the white house said it wasn't. >> suggestion that the president of the united states, leader of the free world was cowed by some seek any surreptitious dancer is really, really hard to buy. that is how the president always responds to terror attacks. airs on side of trying to reassure people.
4:40 pm
trying to act like they're not a big deal. had to apologize after one attack in california for not responding fast enough, for not taking it seriously enough. understandable he wouldn't want to stoke panic. but err on the side that these attacks are legitimate. david: capri, go ahead. >> president obama can be the president no matter where he is in the world obviously but i can't argue with the fact that the optics are bad. i think president obama probably figures no matter what he does he will get attacked for looking bad and do whatever he wants to do and not care of the optics. ultimately he is the leader of the free world and has to act as such. i understand where people -- >> he doesn't see himself as leader of the free world. he says the cold war is over when he goes to cuba. that is part of the problem. >> the thing i he will miss the most is air force one. >> he loves the mobile white house. david: thank you for coming in. have a good weekend.
4:41 pm
melissa: iraqi military saying operation to get iraq's second largest city from isis underway. details on the fight against the terror group. that's next. terrifying news about gitmo transfers. a pentagon leader admitting new dangers to americans. is the president's plan to close the facility too reckless? we'll talk to a retired navy seal. that is coming up. >> what i can tell you is unfortunately there have been americans that have died because of gitmo detainees. hi...i'm pamela yellen. you may have read my bestselling book "the bank on yourself revolution". over the last 25 years, i've researched more than 450 financial products. i found that one of the best-kept secrets to help you plan for your retirement is the home equity conversion mortgage. it's a line of credit for homeowners age 62 or older. and it's offered by a company you can trust- one reverse mortgage, a quicken loans company! call one reverse mortgage now to get the details. their licensed experts will tell you
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melissa: two major battles being waged in the fight against ice sighs. iraqi forces 70 miles outside of mosul, iraq's second largest city. they announced a operation to recapture the northern part of the city. meanwhile in syria, government forces have pushed into the ancient town of palmyra where islamic state militants now appear to be on the verge of collapse.
4:45 pm
we'll see. david: the administration point man on closing guantanamo bay admitted americans have been killed by released gitmo detainees. >> what i can tell you unfor fortunately there have been americans who have died because of gitmo detainees. >> how many -- david: david, i can't imagine how anyone could justify releasing anymore detainees with that information? >> i'm with you, david. i don't know how you justify it either. this is evidence of what anybody with a shred of common sense knows to be the case. even if you go with the dni, national intelligence agency says, five to 8%. 5% have committed terrorist acts. 8% are suspected of it. that is too many. don't release anybody. david: right. over longer period of time the number of suspected for
4:46 pm
confirmed cases are 30%. really extraordinary but particularly of light what is happening in brussels where we see all the instances of the terrorists who we know have either blown themselves up or committed terrorism. who were caught and released by the europeans. this is a syndrome that is worldwide, that we have to stop. >> absolutely. they have already established that they had in brussels past record of either criminal acts or associations with syria. these guys from gitmo have past records. by the way we're down to the last bad guys in gitmo. now you're at the most dangerous probably and most likely to go back. david: well, the last stage, you suggest, that the last stage of this process of releasing these guys is actually turning gitmo itself over to the cuban government. do you have any evidence to support that? >> no evidence but that takes it to the endgame. you have the recent trip to cuba which is a ground-breaking
4:47 pm
moment in history. the last time american president was there is 1928, somewhere along those lines. if you get rid of the gitmo prison, that has to be precores sore turning gitmo back over to the cuban people which i think would be a huge mistake. david: president says the gitmo is great advertising tool for terrorists, that it increases recruitment for isis which you say what. >> completely reject that whole argument. as you go down it, uss cole bombing, the world trade center bombing, 9/11, embassies in ice africa, all these pieces occurred before gitmo ever existed. even the orange jumpsuit piece is a complete fabrication to some extent that was abu ghraib. bagram. orange jumpsuits were around before just gitmo. david: david sears, former u.s. navy seal. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: we have breaking news
4:48 pm
right now, actor and comedian gary shandling has died in a hospital in los angeles. the star did not appear to be suffering from any illness making his death sudden. you may know shand link, the star of the larry sanders show. gary shandling, dead at age of 66. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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4:52 pm
going on in campuses all across the country but you expect there to be some open dialogue. you expect, you expect them to stimulate your intellectual curiosity. you expect to be some sort of debate. if you're a conservative, if you believe in limited government, if you believe in supporting israel, if you believe in strong military you're somehow viewed as intolerant. melissa: oh. where to start with this one. overnight somebody goes out and write trump 2016 in chalk. in the morning a pack of students storm the president's office, president james wagner and come over, 40 of them with their signs and they ask him to decry support for donald trump who the students say is fascist and racist. another student asked walker, wagner, the president why chalkings of swastikas on jewish house earned a quick response but this did not. the pro-trump chalk did not earn same response as swastikas. betsy, let me start with you, has the world gone insane?
4:53 pm
>> this is part of the reason people like trump because they see college students protesting and panicking needing mental health because of a word about a pug figure written in publicspas absurd. what is the opposite we can do. that is why people like him in my opinion. melissa: james, the president later issued a statement, i love this part, i immediately released emergency funds, thank god! he released money because that is the response! immediately released funds in response to support student events that would respond to trump. so the answer is to spend money instantly to have other groups go out and talk about how terrible trump is. your response. >> yeah, that president following the playbook of a lot of other college presidents who think if they write a check they could make the problem go away. they can't. by the way, i'm glad that fox business will never be declared a safe space to speak our mind here.
4:54 pm
melissa: i'm full of microaggression. >> beyond weird watching administrators scurry around to protect these children from thoughts they may disagree with. most people think that is the point of college. i would guess that you have a real market opportunity here for those schools that want to have some courage unlike the emory president and say, we still believe in the spirit of free inquiry. let students vote with their feet. >> the capri, i think i find most ironic, students come over, they're yelling stop the hate. >> right. melissa: what they're doing is shouting down the chalk person who wrote trump 2016. aren't they the ones that are kind of haters? >> well, everybody involved here needs to grow up. this is a free country. somebody said earlier, university settings are supposed to encourage free dialogue. the fact that people, yes, these students may feel what donald trump stands for is offensive. they can feel that way all day long and engage in some kind of constructive conversation with those that support donald trump.
4:55 pm
you know and have that conversation but to need emergency counseling come on, people. everybody here needs to grow up. you know, or else, give me counseling. i need emergency counseling for being on fox business. where is my counseling? i'm a democrat. where is my counseling. >> wait a second. i don't see a lot of microaggression coming your way there. betsy, it is amazing to me that the answer is instant funds for counseling. that is kind of like where it all came back to. when the president issued this letter. if i were a parent at this university i would demand all my money back immediately. no more money to this college. >> we worry so much about the ballooning cost of college tuition. maybe if we spent a tiny bit less on sending emergency parachute squads of experts dealing with students reading a name would be slightly more affordable. melissa: capri, you're a return guest so i don't know about the counseling you might need. you're back all the time. >> i'm kidding around. i feel which need a little bit
4:56 pm
of lefty. melissa: we have a lot of levity in this segment. there is plenty to laugh at. david: this next segment is not funny. fox news confirmed two brothers named as suicide bombers responsible for the deadly attacks at brussels airport were included in u.s. databases as potential terror threats and were known to u.s. counter terror officials prior to the attack. of course that information not making it over there. we'll be right back with more.
4:57 pm
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melissa: swipe the boat. tinder adding feature will match you with a 2016 presidential candidate that aligns the most with your political views. hmmm. david: dating app teaming up with rock the vote to design a 10 question policy based survey user can respond to swiping right to agree, left to disagree. the problem with this, there are a lot of problems with this, first of all people with opposite political views very
5:00 pm
often get together, mary matalin, james carville. there are a lot of examples. you don't necessarily attached to people you agree with. melissa: i think they're telling you who to go out and vote for. tinder, are they suggesting anthony weiner. david: never mind. melissa: does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: the brussels attackers were reportedly targeting a nuclear power plant. last week's arrests may have forced them to switch targets. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. two of the suicide bombers film ad daily routine of the head of belgium's nuclear research and development program. they believed the attackers planned to blackmail the man and spread a dirty bomb across a wide aa. r plan, weherridge wh the know there is a spokesperson in belgium who said yeah we can imagine these terr


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