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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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not time enough to name them all. have a great easter. good night from new york. kennedy: i'm watching the president polish after his dancing shoes it's a stark contrast between an american president entertaining dying finkos and people are dying in a country plagued by a common enemy. the president looks so relaxed proving as long as you are swilling with murderers, the terrorists haven't won. this is the on the dancing we should be watching.
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there were a few fellas on the campaign trail who thought the president should have gone back to washington. but he kept on his merry treasure trail all the way to argentina where he gave this speech on national security to the locals. ♪ don't cry for me argentina ♪ the truth is i never left you ♪ kennedy: margin continuans are crying because freedom is dead, in president, and you killed it. i hope you are happy. the world is shocked to learn of more islamist carnage and
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tragedythis is the only way we o associate with the president. [♪] those ladies love fitness. mr. president, you are irrelevant. you are done. you are out of here. thanks so much. donald trump says he wouldn't rule not you nuking isis. colonel ralph peters weighs in. the battle of the spouses heats up. donald trump upped the ante against ted cruz's wife. emory university offered emergency counseling for students traumatized for seeing donald trump 2016 written on the sidewalk in chalk. i need a therapist. i'm kennedy.
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president obama has been tangoing in argentina. but the armed with is singing a different tune. jedediah bila. and guy benson, town hall political editor and fox news contributor as well. welcome. three people who have been in my kitchen. he was drunk. so i'll start with you. cato said the president had the right response, just horrible optics. >> i do. i understand there will be is not a lot he can do if he goes back to washington if there is a
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terror attack in belgium. my problem is sort of some of the things he says. the wave is the bad optic. i like the limp arm. ken require was so weird. this was him paying attention, i don't want to be doing the victory sort of mexico olympics 1968. but yeah, so this optic, bad optics on the wave. bad optics going home. kennedy: what phase of his presidency is this? >> he's fully in the yolo phase. terrorist attack. i'll get back to you, click. that was a good one. it's coming around again. i actually agree with michael that i would probably not have canceled the trip and sent him home or off to brussels. kennedy: you could have done
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literally anything else. >> popping on the shades and munching on popcorn. and the dancing thing makes it look like he doesn't care. i'm not saying he doesn't care about dozens of dead people and this group that metastasized under his watch. i'm sure on some level he does care. but he's not evincing any evidence of that. kennedy: your actions speak for you, and maybe they make the best case that he doesn't care. he's completely unplugged. he's out of his mind. he's off his rocker. but isn't he happy? he looks happy. >> he's got one foot out the door. he has never been someone to come forward with a strong statement when it comes to terrorism. if you could count on him to come out and spend some time, talk about islamic extremism and
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come from a place of strength. let people know we are here to show some leadership on this issue. then was caught doing the wave, it wouldn't be so bad. but it's the combination of no strength in his words or action. with a terrible tango makes it problematic. kennedy: maybe he is -- he can't be that emotionally incompetent. but maybe he is. >> it's not new. when ferguson was burning he had a lavish brifort day party for himself. the white house said they danced into the night while the fires were burning in ferguson. james foe think, and four. >> it shows how how much, much this is happening now. think of western europe. you had one in january, the one in november, and now we have the other one.
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there was also one in denmark with the artists that were shot. if you are responding to everyone of these. the depressing thing is there are too many of them. they are happening so much -- >> i understand the president can't rush home every time. but i think wee he can make cuba his serious home for five minutes. donald trump, hillary clinton are simultaneously party frontrunners and incredibly unpopular. donald trump has a whopping 65% unfavorability rating. ted cruz within striking distance, trailing by 3 points nationally, but is it too late to stop the donald from snagging the nomination? i think if hillary and trump run against each other, they cancel each other out because they both have such high unfavorables. >> look through the fox news
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poll and comparing it to a raft of polling data the last two weeks. the real clear politics average has hillary leading him by double digits. she is unbelieve any weak, disliked, distrusted and vulnerable. and her only anti-crip nigh ants donald trump. the voters are saying let's give her the only one she can beat. >> kasich is has the best numbers and he can't get out of the primary. i know a lot of independent voters and reagan democrats listen to kasich and say i like this guy, i could vote for this guy. but he can't get out of the primaries.
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are we in that position on the trite that the person who can't get out of the primary is the one who can win the general election? ted cruz is very far right. his delivery is very preachy. i look at someone like a kasich and say he may not be a hard line conservative on every issue, but when he speaks about gay marriage and even when he's speaking and supporting traditional marriage. kennedy: i understand that. but the fact that he is a moderate doesn't bode well to get out of the primaries. people feel this is the on time and this is the only voice they have got. looking that far ahead feels like they are pawns in a game they never wanted to be part of. but let's talk about cruz for a second. he's within 3 points of donald trump. >> he's within a few points of donald trump in unfavorability ratings. they don't like him either. he's better.
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but the thing about it. cruz cannot -- this fox news follow appears to be an outlier poll. but even -- this is a national poll. we have to accept this. kennedy: we are in a primary caucus system. >> people on the never trump hashtag, i think he's an appalling individual for a number of reasons. if we are in a position where he's going to snatch the nomination, it's time to stop talking abou start look at gary johnson? kennedy: are you going to feel the yawn on? >> i'm sitting here people talking about a third party, there is a third party. i like gary johnson, but he's a horrible candidate. libertarians might one day run a candidate who is not crazy. kennedy: here is the thing about the libertarian infrastructure. someone could come in and use
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that existing -- >> the way it works is what you have to pay, $20,000 and you are a delegate? kennedy: libertarians would never put up a candidate like rand paul. >> we are seeing in every area with the exception of the democrats, a purity test. kennedy: the panel returns, a terrifying report that hundreds of isis fighters might will be be in europe ready to strike. donald trump said he will consider nuking isis. hey america, still not sure
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kennedy: belgium is a country the size of maryland. it has a disproportionately high number of jihadists compared with the rest of europe. the jihadist state has presumably trained 400 fighters who are head back to belgium. why belgium? why belgium all the places in all the areas in urine. what is it about this place? >> it's not just belgium but
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there is a concentration here. if you look at the number of western europeans traveling to syria to fight on behalf of isis the highest percent and is coming in belgium. 5% of brussels is foreign born. that number is inflated by the number of people working in the government in brings. 60% of kid born in 2006 were from muslim families. people talk about molenbeek, the unemployment rate i sky high. there is a welfare system that doesn't encourage people to work. you have this where there are 16 -- i any there are 16 different intelligence services. there is the french side, the dutch side, they don't work together. it's a total mess. kennedy: they are speaking
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different languages. the intelligence services don't comun wait in a way you would hope if you are a citizen of that country to keep you safe. do they scrap the agreement and firm up their borders? >> i don't know what they do. they created this global security catastrophe for themselves. and it's too late to go back and plug the hole, i think. the story you referenced from the associated press about isis deploying 400 fighters. these are western passported people. kennedy: oftentimes natural-born citizens in this country. >> they are westerners who have gotten trained in syria, in iraq, and elsewhere, and now they are -- i saw -- kennedy: where are they going? i assumed albania. in any case, they send them back
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to their native countries or their sort of nominal native countries in what they describe as interlocking cells. that is one very terrifying element of the story. there was a companion piece in the associated press today i believe that talks to national security experts who broke count sophistication of the brussels attack and said it was pretty easy to do. all you have to do is get the people -- kennedy: it reminded me of the boston marathon bomb percent. what do you gather from this? >> it's a scary time. because we have been talking about the refugees. it gives everyone pause. president obama likes to paint it as those who oppose something like that. you don't want women and children to come here, you are heartless. the problem is the screening process. you have all these migrants coming over. kennedy: here is where i'll push back a little bit it's actually
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not refugees. the problem here we are talking about are people born and raised in these countries. it's not people flooding in from syria who are members of isis. they are essentially unemployed and unengaged. >> if you have people here presenting a problem westbound,f you have people here presenting a problem, why would you want to open the gates to more. kennedy: someone at emory university wrote "donald trump 2016" in chalk on campus and people passed out with vapors and needed cpr. we'll talk about the shell shocked student. please stay here.
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kennedy: when asked about the possibility of using nuclear weapons against isis, donald trump said i'm not going to rule anything out. fin wasn't, i wouldn't want to tell you that. at a minimum i want them to think maybe we would use them. is that strategic ambiguity or radioactive idiocy. let's ask lieutenant colonel ralph peters. >> you must have a military background. i caught you on one of the breaks sounding like hide old drill sergeant.
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kennedy: you can't tell the kids about the language. >> it was poetry. kennedy: let's talk about these tactical nuclear weapons? is it a good idea or bad idea? >> it's a dumb idea to even raise. but none of the political wannabes have done their homework. they are all too important. but at least do your homework, guys. if you want to use a nuclear weapon on the is lackic state,, it's the kind of things people throw out there and it's goofy loose talk. when ted cruz talks about carpet bombing i get sense he thinks it's dropping carpets out of an airplane. you have got to know what the basic terms mean. kennedy: i have got all these remnants from when i raided my guest house.
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>> there was one point where i got angry. i'm pretty bammed really. but when trump was challenged about the military and him giving an you will have lawful order. he said they will obey the. no, mr. trump. our military takes an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states. they obey the lawful orders of the commander-in-chief. but if the president gives an order that conflicts with the constitution, the constitution wins hands down every time. if you want to do the homework, get your staffers to do something for you. kennedy: these are people who criticize rightfully so the president's military strategy but are not well versed in their own. very quickly, your plan that you laid out in the new york post to clean up belgium. one of them kind of rings true.
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it's about entitlements and assistance. you say in order to change the assimilation and how people live and thrive in places like belgium, you have to stop giving out a bunch of free stuff. >> that's common sense. we have a very different class of immigrants in the united states. in europe after more creative and hard working blast class. in europe they are there for the handouts or criminal opportunities. over the last generation something terrible has happened as the pc europeans looked away. the muslim slums in the brussels or paris or pam burg have become jihadi islamist colonies where the police can go but don't like to go. where they have their own rule of law. even indication of how bad it got. after salah abdeslam was busted last week, he had been hiding out for four months. he was walking in the streets
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and buying clothes in molenbeek. and no one reported him. if you want to practice, you have got to not just go after benefits for the individuals, you have got to go after the familiar there is. kennedy: heavy times need practical measures. coming up, the best time travel prank you have ever seen without [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
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kennedy: when your hot air balloon is deflating, this is the "topical storm." topic number one. improv everywhere. that sounds like my private hell.
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but it's a new york comedy group that's douses bystanders in some of the funniest shenanigans conceived by man. and they might have caught themselves with a time travel prank. >> i'm here to ask for money. i invented a time machine and i need the funding to commit. >> ladies and yes, please do not give this man any money. i'm from the future and i can tell you it's bleak. do not build a time machine. >> so, my gosh. >> this really crazy. >> we are from the future. >> we are here to tell you, do not give this man money. this is not a joke. >> do not give this man money. i'm from the future. oh, my god. kennedy: i have been working on
12:31 am
a time travel machine of my known my payments at night. you have might be worried we'll alter the time-space continuum, because the first thing i'm going to do is ask president romney for more turning. it will be great, he has perfect hair and he will probably say yes. topic number 2. "aladdin" is not just some great disney character. he's a real if he thank who tools around tel aviv on a carpet. it's a jewish holiday where people dress up to celebrate god's miracles. remember when madonna used to celebrate with guy ritchie? the short muslim cuties said
12:32 am
bon jour to the throng board. i give you le french bulldogs. kennedy: you have got maverick? where's iceman. that's right. it didn't end welt for him. it's so cues. i'm taking my french bulldog boarding. topic number 3. this is why we have common core. so americans can stay competitive with our friends and neighbors abroad. a chinese boy was videotaped salsa dancing.
12:33 am
we have lost the battle for global hegemony. look at that. bend and snap. it's pheno phenomenal. with moves like that you might as well pull your kids out of school. why waste the time and money when we'll never beat them at our own game. topic number 4. i'm sweaty just watching that. before we show this next clip. the driver is okay. in baltimore county, a young lady parking her car crashes into a concrete barrier and fell four stories before hitting the sidewalk below. that's crazy. she came away without serious injuries. that's miraculous. we obtained exclusive footage of
12:34 am
her driving instructor. it's a dog driving a moped, we talked about this yesterday. it turns out the dog's owner threw a stick on to the train so the golden retriever commandeered a moped to go find it. they are really bad at typing you how to park. and they have a death wish for you. topic number 5. monkeys are many things. but they also like to hail up on camera. you don't believe me. really? watch what happens when a submitting gideon monkey gets ahold of a gopro. >> i can't gift to him.
12:35 am
like any other groomsman at a wedding, he just took pictures of his legs. look at the selfies. that's pretty good. it's only a monday after all. for really good television you need to give film equipment to chimpanzees. >> it was your fault it was stolen. >> not wasn't. >> yes, it was. kennedy: talking chimps are amazing. all right. i don't want to get into any human resources kerfuffles. if you have weird tories you want to see in the "topical storm" you better believe want to see them as well. tweet me @kennedynationen use
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#topicalstorm. coming up -- find out what may be the nastiest jab of 2016. emory university shaken to it core when someone writes "donald trump ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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keep * for a second night in a row donald trump taking pot shots at his rival ted cruz by dragging his wife into the fight. no need to spill the beans, the i am and is worth a thousand word. ted cruz responded. >> i don't get angry often. but if you mess with my wife and mess with my kid, you have gone
12:40 am
too far. kennedy: was donald trump planning on doing this all along, attacking heidi cruz? >> i think everything is on the table when it comes to him. now he's criticizing heidi cruz's looks. he's acting like a child, ted cruz didn't start this whole thing. the initial attack donald trump was so upset about didn't come from ted cruz, and he didn't bother to look into that before he spit out this nonsense. he goes at megyn kelly and female voters. talk to us about the issue, talk about how you will help us get jobs. but shut up with this nonsense. >> i'm very reluctant to throw word like this around.
12:41 am
but frank ford said donald trump is a sexist. he spelled it out. and i'll tell you what. kennedy: the left flies a term that makes sense. the plausible deniability that i'm just retweeting somebody is no longer applicable. just retweeting word. this is that version. you are retweeting mussolini quotes and white national stuff. this is loathe some to attack ted cruz's wife's looks. kennedy: you find her attractive. >> i find them both attractive. kennedy: actually i think think is back tiger on donald trump. it won't have an impact on the polls.
12:42 am
but people feel bad for heidi cruz and they really feel for ted cruz. it's kind of sacred. you can't go after a guy many wife's looks. >> someone else did something, trump got mad by the, had no idea how thing work and went immediately with a threat to ted cruz's wife. and when that wasn't enough he comes back and calls her basically ugly. he's a bad person. when you look at the polling. the trump people will say he's winning in the polls. in the general elect which is different than a primary elect. for trump supporters web's getting destroyed, especially among women. when megyn kelly asked him the fir question in that fir debate that got him so mad about his women problems, it seems like he has been on a mission to vindicate that question week after week after week and this
12:43 am
is the latest one. kennedy: perhaps he's using that trouble to dig himself a hole he won't be able to get out of in the general. student at emory university were trauma tighted after someone wrote, donald trump 2016 in chalk on a campus sidewalk. the student government is offering emergency counseling sessions. we extend our heartfelt sympathy to the student in that particular bubble. michael when were you in atlanta and did you bring the dhawk with you. >> the kid are crying and they need counseling. i feel bad about it. any time you think it can't get more ridiculous on campus they prove us wrong. the big problem is we allow them
12:44 am
to create this situation. we create these 18-year-olds. the word they are using is violence. word are violence. chalk drawings are violence. the biggest problem i have with these whining snobs is the fact that the universities are being held hostage by them. tell the kids to go pound sand. when you have these kid doing this, what happens he time without fail is you have some guy who look like he's in a whose taken video who comes out and he's the dean and he says i'm really sorry. kennedy: holding up a newspaper. he's like the aldo morro. they have to stop giving in to these kids because it just encourages them. >> the administration is ridiculous. i'm scared for the future of the
12:45 am
country. there is a delayed adolescence going on here. you have 20-year-olds acting like 12-year-olds. these kid are saying they are in pain over this. like it could rain and that chalk -- but that where we are at. imagine if we had to send these kid off to war it's such a scary reality. kennedy: the funny thing is the person who did the snippet knew they were going to create the situation. >> kudos to the troll, whoever did it. but if you are a college student, is there no self respect? you are infantilizing yourself. they should be ridicules and shamed. it's pathetic. it's a candidate for president's name on the ground in chalk. lit rain, it will be gone. kennedy: it's raining and they
12:46 am
will be fine, it's being washed a way. a beautiful engagement. coming up, i am going to listen to someone tell me how left wing economics could be making terrorism much worse in europe. then i'll dip into my mail bag and respond. any chance you will do a one-time throw-back episode of "friend or hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go? ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at
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kennedy: analysts continue to study what makes young men cad rallize and commit acts of terrorism. empeople believe unemployment and poverty and troy beaut.
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let's across dr. bren burke from king's college. welcome back. let's talk about youth unemployment. you say in belgium that's very high. for context it's twice the rate in the united states. it's a similar level in france. these almost one in four youth across the country can't find work. if you look in certain neighborhood like the molenbeek neighborhood where we are seeing that extremist activity it's over 50%. kennedy: there is some other regulation in play? >> the bigger issuer is what labor policies are in place. the problem in belgium and france is it's extraordinarily expensive to hire an employee
12:51 am
because taxes on payroll is so high and the regulations that make it difficult for businesses to fire employees is high. so do i want to hire a young, risky employee. you can add immigrant status on top of that. you are already all night. -- you are all alienated. young people can't find work and they are marginalized whether they are immigrant or non-immigrant. ken require am not the motivating factor for terrorism. unemployment is not the motivating factor. if they got jobs they wouldn't get into that. but you say the fact that it's so hard to fire other workers, it's actually impossible to integrate if you can't get a job. >> if you almost canadian fire workers once you hired them. you think long and hard about
12:52 am
whether i want to hire somebody in the first place. i don't think unemployment is the cause of extremism. but i think it's a contributing factor. in large part european countries have been ignoring that fact and all these young people, they can't get work. they are marginalized. work is one of the main ways we socialize and integrate into society. kennedy: when you come to america you can be an american. but it seems tough to go to a place like france or belgium and say i'm a belgium. >> one of the best ways for that to happen is to work and get into environments where you are with other people. in the united states, for all
12:53 am
the problems we have it's relatively easy to get a job and get into the workforce it's not the case in belgium or france. i don't think it's any coincidence. without any other options they are turning to extremism. it's not the main cause but you can't ignore it as a factor. kennedy: maybe that's one of the reasons they are seeing so many euro muslims fighting in places like syria and iraq. it boils down to basic economics. the regulations that stifle businesses only exacerbate the problem. >> get out of the way and let people work. that's the issue heren we haven't seen people do enough of that. >> coming up, viewer mail. i'm going respond to some of your kindness messages. love the show. currently in the top 10 on my
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dvr and rising. stay here.
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kennedy: i gathered up your mail and scrambled it and made it into an omelette. mercedes asks, does anyone else find @kennedynation really annoying? yes, cynthia does. harry completes the trifecta. kennedy is the most after he
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nowing baneless idiot on fox business. debra sounds off saying best interview on fox business. dave navarro is doing a stellar job talking about why people become libertarian. chris tweets, libertarians and rock musicians? that's a big old bag of awesome. hashtag lousy show. your time of insight ended in 1983. when i was in 5th grade? that didn't make sense. kennedy: i gout for 30 seconds, though.
12:59 am
keep your skin ink free. here to read trending tweets is tom shillue. welcome, tom. >> i hope hashtag tom shillue's sweater make its into the "topical storm." ashley dugger writes, sweaters are terrible. salmon sweaters take it to another level. kennedy: thanks, tom. >> thank you. kennedy: thank you so much for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and
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