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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 28, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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because you want it so much. maria: because you love what you do. tony, congratulationson the book. tony robbins, out today. and kevin and dagen, thank you. that's it for us, i'll see you tomorrow. "varney & company" starts now, stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much. what an outrage, christians targeted and slaughtered during easter. good morning, everyone. it happened in pakistan. islamic terror strikes a park crowded with children. the islamists say they deliberate deliberately targeted christians. in response, president obama administration doesn't makes any mention. and secretary kerry says it's the republican that are an embarrassment. a small gain on the opening bell. the dow is not that short of 18,000 and today you'll see some big name stocks hit record highs. wait for it.
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look at that bernie surge. in the three caucuses over the weekend, seven out of ten democrats voted for a socialist, but he's still not likely to be the nominee. here we go, it's a big new week, never a small week, is it? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ i wish we didn't have to start with this, but we're going to. terror, a taliban group carried out a suicide attack in the northeastern part of pakistan, killing more than 70 people, injuring 300 more. officials say the attack targeted christians celebrating easter. ash, the latest. ashley: at least 70 dead, over 300 injured. and as you said at the top of the show, this was deliberately picking on a park popular with christians during the easester celebration ironically, and i say ironically, most killed
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were muslims and 14 christians. and the splinter group who pledged support, says we want after as many christians as we could. stuart: it was a deliberate targeting of christians. ashley: without doubt. stuart: by the way, no mention of targeting christians or islamic terror from the obama administration. former presidential candidate mike huckabee is now, mike, governor, if you were the president, what would your reaction have been? >> outrage, anger, frustration. and also, we would be very clear that you can't deny that there is a targeted attack against christians and by the way, a targeted attack against moderate muslims. one of the things that's going on in pakistan right now is part of the uprising that we're seeing in the streets not only in lahore, but also in is isl
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islamabad. there w there was riots in the streets and the result is that this is unacceptable to the radicals. they want absolute strict adherence. what do they do? they blow up a bunch of innocent group in a park they're not good at it. their target was christians, but most the people they killed were muslims. stuart: the president appeared to double down on his stance on immigration, roll that tape. >> as we move forward this this fight, we have to wield another weapon alongside our air strikes, our military and our counterterrorism work and our diplomacy and that's the power of our example. our openness to refugees fleeing ice sill's violence our determination to win the balances against a distorted view of young muslims to their
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cost-- >> governor, he almost spelled it out and he wants to admit more refugees. >> that worked brilliantly in europe. this is a president that wants us to look more like europe, more bombings, more suicide attacks. do we not learn anything from brussels and paris? for god's sake, the fact that europe is overrun by muslim refugees and the result is disastrous not only attacks on women-- >> what you've just side qualifies you as a bigot. if you place-- ments you know what i'd rather be a live-- >> i'm sorry, but you are a bigot. i mean, you will be labeled a bigot for saying what you just said. >> yeah, you know, maybe so, stuart, but better a live bigot than a dead idiot who doesn't understand and continually naively says that oh, we can just open these borders and if we're so nice, they'll be nice to us.
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stuart, this is the reason this president is lost and continuing to lose the battle against radical islam because he thinks if we're nice, and that if we let them in, and more of them and show a wonderful example, and maybe put a chocolate on their pillows, maybe they'll be nice to us. they're not going to be nice to us. they want to kill us and he still doesn't understand that and i'm just utterly frustrated that he wants to go the way of europe. what a disaster. stuart: i just wish we did not have to start easter monday's program on two issues like this, but those are the issues and governor, we thank you for being with us. governor huckabee, thank you. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: donald trump's response to the president as message on migrants, trump says the president is-- it's disgraceful, that's what he said, he said that early this morning, we'll play you the full sound bite about a half hour from now. i want to get to the latest on
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brussels. another subject i wish we didn't have to cover. belgium authorities releasing moving images. you saw the still shot and now the moving image, man in the hat. more than a dozen raids, and what are the suspects? >> some have been taken in and released, but this terror network clearly is much wider and deeper than first thought. that, by the way, that man is identified by local media as fais faisal, a free-lance video, doing free-lance report and a migrant rights campaigner and here we see him casually, what strikes me how casually they're strolling. stuart: he is the handler. >> and they had five suitcases and could only get three in the car and upset they had to leave two behind and those we know
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now were filled from explosives. stuart: still on the subject we wish we didn't have to cover. secretary john kerry defending the president's response to the brussels attacks and calling the republican's response embarrassing. roll the tape. >> every leader i meet, they ask about what is happening in america, they cannot believe it. i think it is fair to say that they're shocked, they don't know where it's taking the united states of america. it upsets people's sense of equilibrium about our steadiness and reliability and to some degree, some of the questions they're posed to me, it's clear to me what's happening is an embarrassment to our country. stuart: mary kissel is here. calm me down, mary. >> it's incredible, isn't it? so, for secretary john kerry, nothing that the obama administration did in the last seven years, our withdrawal from the world in the global
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disorder that has ensued is his responsibilitior this president's responsibility. that's an outrageous statement by the secretary of state. the same secretary of state that backed the iran deal, gave 150 billion to the sponsor of terror. backed putin into a chemical weapons deal and didn't get the all of the chemical weapons out. talking about the palestinian conflict while isis was in iraq. he's trying to distract attention from the obama presidency and withdrawal from the world has meant for our security and the security of our allies. ashley: he did take james taylor to the charlie hebdo attack and you've got a friend. >> and he thinks about climate change. stuart: you didn't quite calm me down. i'm going to be calm now because many' going to get to the markets coming off the
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first losing week in six weeks. that was last week. we're going to open a little higher this week, not much, but a little higher. we're 500 points away from 18k. how about that? too early to say we're on 18k watch, but we are. oil is just uppnder $40 a barre. donald trump says we should not be buying saudi oil until they begin to fight isis. the price of average 2.03 nationwide and listen to this, ash, i'm weeping. ashley: i know you are. stuart: it jumped 29 cents in the last month. how about that? >> 17 to 19 cents. stuart: i'm trying to get in a good mood and-- and cheapest state in the land is new jersey, a buck 80.
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game stop is opening lower, lower sales for game consoles, not good for their business. and the ceo of game stop on this program about a half hour from now and now this, bernie sanders is sweeping the west, won alaska, washington state, hawaii, please roll the tape. >> i will not deny for one second that we still remain the underdogs, but we have come a long, long way. you will have to concede, in the last ten months. we do have a path toward victory. stuart: that would be true, america has come a long, long way. art laffer is with us. did you ever think we'd come as far as this? you ever thought you'd see the day when seven out of ten democrats in those states over the weekend voted for an acclaimed socialist? did you ever see that? >> these were caucuses, at least two were caucuses. we've seen that, eugene, and
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gus hall, ralph nader, and upton sinclair, whenever you get a rotten economy like we've had, you've had splinter groups. stuart: with a it a minute, art. come op, i know you're trying to put hee in a good mood. it's not working, telling you now. >> lets me try harder. bernie sanders is no splinter group. >> yes, he is. stuart: no, he's not. he's not a splinter group. >> he's not going to be the nominee and, yes, he is really is splinter group. there's a group that really appeals for radical change when we have an economy as bad as we've had for ten years, 15 years, and it's just going to continue until we get a new president in, better economics, good prosperity, and then we're going to see it. stuart: put me in a good mood. we had a socialist professor of economics late last week, he said if bernie sanders is the president and he puts in place
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his massive spending plan, we'll have growth m america's economy of 5% and you say? >> i say this is nonsense, but let me just say that we had a professor at stanford who was one of my favorite professors, paul boren who wrote a book, an american marxist, in fact, i know the model pretty well and the guy is just plain wrong. a poor country can't spend itself into wealth and it doesn't happen and they're following john lennon's song mantel, imagine , imagine people sharing the world. bernie sanders you've got to think of as a splinter. >> you were wonderful until the
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last center. bernie sanders is attracting students and young people and crystal said it takes a ph.d. to not understand the obvious. and the socialist professor is proof. stuart: thank you, art laffer, everybody. he's back in our good books. [laughter] next, still on awful subject, christianity under attack. and ralph peters outraged that the white house is not taking a stand. ralph peters is next. and right wing protesters water con noned by police. europe in my opinion, very close to communal fighting. more varney in a moment.
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>> oh, look at this, new images from brussels showing right wing protesters, they were carrying anti-isis and
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anti-terror signs, but they were at the memorial in brussels where the attack happened. they were met by riot police, water canons. joining us now, ralph peters. there's something going on in europe and i want to get a grip on it. i think that communal fighting is very close. an example of it, it almost broke out right there. >> if you're talking about widespread communal fighting? no, absolutely not. i disagree with you. if you're talking about repeated incidents like we saw in brussels, yes, because the bureaucrats and the politicians in europe are not responding to the legitimate concerns of the people and therefore, you get the extremists exploiting that. this is push level stuff, early brown shirts. i don't worry about the near term, mid terms, you may be right. stuart: i would suggest maybe belgium is breaking up, split between the flems and the
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walloons and population relatively hostile to the country. i would say belgium is on the verge of breaking up. >> the flemings and the wall loons, they throw mayonnaise at each other, they are certainly deep splits. the problem in europe, i worry less about those black shirt thugs in brussels, the football hooligans can tell you about them. stuart: i can. >> i worry much more about the german elections and coming wave of elections because the inactivity and unwillingness of europe's leaders to recognize the extent and daily impact of the problem is driving the growth of the far right. stuart: and then you've got president obama suggesting that we can lead by example and let more muslim refugees into the
9:19 am
country. again, it seems to me that the elites leadership is just not responding to the valid concerns of the people. >> well, what outrages me is he's anxious to let in muslim refugees, we do have many alternatives, many muslim countries could take them in, but he will not do anything about the christian refugees. we just saw the horrible bombing in lahore. even on easter, he could not bring himself to say the word christian and the christian refugees don't have other places to go, even in europe if there are going to be asylum centers, they're attacked by the violent muslims and harassed. my god, this administration was bullied and utterly forced into admitting that christians suffered genocide and diluted it and everyone is suffering. the christians are the persecuted party. stuart: appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. stuart: he called me lou, made
9:20 am
my day, good friend. and the national enquirer runs a piece on ted cruz, cruz blames trump. >> these are complete madeup lies and garbage, it's indicative just how low donald trump will go.
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>> all right. there is a report in the national enquirer which claims political operatives are looking into rumors that ted cruz had multiple extramarital affairs. here is how cruz responded on fox news sunday. roll tape. >> this story is garbage, it's tabloid smear and it came from donald trump and his help-- henchmen. they had a parting of ways. >> these are complete made up lies and garbage it's indicative of how low donald trump will go. stuart: this is what donald trump had to say about it all and abc's this week and here is the quo, the national enquirer did a story, it was their story, it wasn't my story, it was about ted cruz. i have no idea whether it was right or not. they actually have a very good record of being right, but i have absolutely no idea.
9:25 am
well. >> unbelievable. stuart: that's interesting denial, isn't it? mary kissel might i put it to you the winners here are the democrats? >> you're absolutely right. that's the big take away from the story and it could help ted cruz. we've seen a lot of late deciders in recent elections going to cruz. wisconsin is an important state and also early polls out of california. as for donald trump, he wants this kind of exchange because it takes attention away from his policies. and what his policies would mean for our economy and for security. stuart: he became a grandfather. ashley: number eight. stuart: number eight and it's a little boy. i've got nine. look at this, the dow jones average is getting close to 18,000 again. our question, will it happen this week or next week? there's a loaded question. i'm told we've got fancy graphics if we hit 18,000. facebook's virtual reality
9:26 am
oculus hits the market today. it promises to change how we see things on the internet. facebook stock close to an all-time high. we'll be back. here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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stuart: we will start this week on the stock market about 20 seconds from now. we have consumer spending up 0.1%. that is not much of an increase. a very modest gain. we are up 10 points. let's see how it all works out in the end. elizabeth macdonald is here. i want to start with that now. roughly 500 points from 18,000. 18 k this week or next week? >> next week. i will sit back and go with mid- next week. stuart: wednesday about 10:00 o'clock eastern time,
9:31 am
perhaps. >> i do not think that it will be either one of those. it is nothing that i can get really excited about. we are not getting up there for the right reasons. we could get up there. at the end of the day, we need to see more economic act entity. >> you think that this rally is just hollow. >> yes, i do. you look at the numbers that we got last week or the numbers that we got today, we are ripping our cover off. i do not think that what we have done so far has been that great at all. a market up 6% already so far. >> 17555. i want to show you some of the big names. down 13% this year.
9:32 am
netflix down 14% this calendar year. of a fraction today. down 3% this year. of a fraction this morning. how about apple. working on a bug with the iphone. if you go to your mail or certain other applications in your phone or your ipad and you try to click on the link, it crashes. it crashes your whole phone. it is hard to back out of it. issuing a fix in the next couple of days. a rollout for apple. stuart: what we just put on the screen is the new phone, i think. we just showed you the new one.
9:33 am
>> older devices as well. i want to take a look at facebook stock. the news on them is today they launched the oculus rift. you play charades. a crash helmet. a motorcycle. $600 is what it will cost you. it is the next big thing. it comes with 30 virtual reality games. one hundred id ended the year. you are putting yourself in a whole new dimension.
9:34 am
>> i misspoke earlier. the all-time high for facebook is $117 per share. very close. microsoft. looking into buying yahoo nicole, the story, please. >> yahoo! services. search services. the whole thing, basically. microsoft to the downside at this moment. steve ballmer back in 2008. $45 billion. here we are again now. we will see what happens. stuart: i do own some microsoft. i love to see it at $54 a share.
9:35 am
nicole: it has been up six and a half percent. stuart: i will take it. i have more on microsoft. sending out racist and sexist tweets automatically. microsoft has apologized. i think they may have shut it down. ashley: an artificial intelligence program that they launched last week. interacting with users. growing and learn as it interacted more. this would be really funny. going to the dark side. something that the engineers, i guess they could do that. stuart: they have to shut it down. >> that people interact with it -- >> silicon valley. stuart: what is his background?
9:36 am
why are you laughing? turning down artificial intelligence. why are you laughing? >> we talked about it for a long time. twitter, if there is ever any question, this is your answer. >> is microsoft going to hit $60 a share? fitzgerald? >> microsoft had a long history under ballmer. i do not think it will hit on that merit. stuart: scott, i will try you.
9:37 am
>> hanging out with the wrong people. [laughter] i think that steve is right. the rest of the market will take it up there. stuart: i have to move on. game stop. down 5%. liz, did you put it on that stock? >> they predicted five to 10% downward motion. when you think about it, people are playing directly on their tablets or phones. they do not need the handhelds anymore. stuart: get do not go to a store to buy a videogame. >> that is exactly right. look at the stock action. stuart: we have the ceo of game
9:38 am
stop on this program. about 10 minutes from now. tune in for that. stuart: mcdonald's. >> excellent. >> test driving all day in oklahoma. now expanding into five more states in the south. people walk all babies get. also changing their slogan to -- i will tell you something. stems source sales up. stuart: that is good. i like the slogan. i could definitely get behind that one. >> millennial's across the country can sleep in later. [laughter]
9:39 am
stuart: he is laughing again. what is so funny now? >> i'm thinking about all the millennial's at my office stopping at mcdonald's on their way in. stuart: donald trump. we should not be buying saudi arabian oil until they start fighting isis. i do not think that has any impact on the price of oil today. do you? >> no. i will not say it is good or bad for business. volatile for business. as far as oil goes, will not be able to really get this thing going. oil is not going anywhere.
9:40 am
statewide to $15 an hour by the year 2022. it would be the first state to do so. keith, what do you think of that? it seems like a great idea. what they really want is higher prices. higher wages. stuart: what do you make of this? anybody? ashley: it hurts jobs in the long run. up front it sounds wonderful. stuart: i went to newark airport recently. they don't do waitstaff, you just order on a tablet. >> all i can say is be careful what you wish for. only a conscientious. the rest were the kiosks like
9:41 am
you were getting on an airplane. there's not even a person checking them anymore. be careful what you wish for. stuart: thank you, everybody. we did okay. check the big board. we are almost dead flat. next, remember, the stock market will have its biggest crash in 2016. this year. he says we are right on schedule. he will join us next. chaos that an easter egg. we will cover it all. believe me. this is "varney & company." ♪
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>> i cannot believe that he is saying it. it is inconceivable that he is saying it. open borders. you almost say that it is disgraceful. we need protection. more muslim refugees to come into america. in terms of security. open-door policy.
9:46 am
he goes on to talk about nato. suggesting we get away. i do not mind nato, per se. the days of the soviet union. they have no coordination. i know more about brussels. stuart: donald trump who is labeled the better get suggests a temporary hold. i don't think so. 2002, a popular finance author, this year in 2016. baby boomers are now beginning to cash out on their pension plans. right on schedule for that crash .
9:47 am
they first band the baby boomers. hitting 70 and a half this year. they must start cashing out their pension plans. that is your premise? >> right. 2002. i hope that it was wrong. this is 2016. the reason they have to start withdrawing is the government needs the flash. the money went into the 401(k). now the government wants to pull that out. the worst stock market crash in history. there is not that many baby
9:48 am
boomers. not all of them have to liquidate assets simultaneously. is that really enough? the whole context. the whole thing. in january of 2016, i think trillions of dollars are wiped off. i hope that i am wrong. most ambassadors are not sophisticated in the 401(k). capital gains only occur when prices go up. if prices do not go up, then they have to go someplace else. you just said this morning, we are approaching 18,000 again.
9:49 am
>> okay. what are you doing with your money? >> capital gains and cash flow. i would say, look, renting out three. at least you have cash flow. you could rent out college student. >> are you out of stock? >> i was out this summer. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. a very interesting perspective on the market. game stop. running into some trouble. you can download it. that means troubles for game stop. we have the ceo coming on in
9:50 am
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the supreme court will not hear former governor on his appeal of corruption. convicted of numerous charges. fourteen years in prison. pandora, that stock is down big. the founder taking over as ceo. investors don't like it. how about game stop. that stock is way down today. not as much as it has been. the trend appears to be that people are buying games directly from their xbox and playstation. come on in. that will be paul raines. ceo of game stop. that is a trend.
9:55 am
isn't that a fundamental problem? 2015. surely, it is download stock. >> there is some of that. we actually sell a lot of that in our own stores. digital revenues last year. we understand that trend. of course, video gaming, we have constantly tried to develop new businesses. billion-dollar digital business. the sales and possibility contribution of our game stop branded stores is 16% last year. that is not a company that is in
9:56 am
dire consequence. >> you are in deep trouble. the trend overall seems to be a way from bricks and mortar which is what you are pretty much firmly based in. i just want to digress for a minute. game stock playing a role in that. >> oh, yeah. game stop will be the dominant player in virtual reality. part of it is because we have two way on our publishing partners. virtual reality will be very significant part of the future. i think that there is an article in the journal today. there will be a lot of that in the future of gaming, yes.
9:57 am
we are not just a brick-and-mortar store. lots of websites. there are a lot of things going on in our business. >> we are reassured. thank you very much for joining us. you have reassured us. you have set us straight about gaming. president obama. political polarized nation. it is not his fault. blaming the media. next on that one. police in brussels fire at right wing protesters. "varney & company." "varney & company." two minutes away. ♪ tirement
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in almost 10 on the almost in california where they can with $15 an hour minimum wage voluntarivoluntari ly. how is that for a monday morning wake up call. california and east coast. we are in doubt 18,000 watched the holding onto a slim late early this monday morning. president obama says that willingness to bring refugees into this country is a great weapon against isis. wait until you hear governor mike huckabee's answer that one. meanwhile, more chaos in european right-wing anti-immigrant protesters met in brussels over the weekend. yes, chaos. ernie sander sweeps the weekends primaries seven in 10 democrats and a socialist as their candidate. hillary clinton still has a strong leg in the race. our two starts now. ♪
10:01 am
stuart: you will be labeled a bigot for saying what you just said. >> you know, maybe so, stuart. but better a live in the dead who doesn't understand and naïvely says that we can just open the borders and if they're and if they're so nice they will be nice to less. this is the reason the president has lost and is continuing to lose the battle against radical islam. stuart: there you have it. mike huckabee responded to president up on the latest golf to bring in david marr must refugees into america. >> the president saying that is the best way to boost onto isis. the dreadful attack on the christian and pakistan of the late 72 people. 29 of them children. the best way to do that is grew up in the borders and throw out our arms and say come on down to the refugees as it hurts governor huckabee's pain
10:02 am
strategies these day lives to get them a dead trim the lesson here is the need to do something. stuart: i want to follow senate story we hate to bring you on an easter monday morning. but nonetheless it has disappeared the terror in pakistan. a taliban group carried out an attack at a park. they targeted christians celebrated easter. more than 70 dead. i'm not sure the precise number. 300 injured. the obama team didn't mention christian, didn't mention of islamic terror. there's no mention of the religious aspect to this whatsoever. liz: still waiting on that. and an amusement park yesterday 72 people killed. half of them children. when the taliban a splinter group of purposely targeted christians. at the issue here what issue here what is going on the suicide bombers and pack man. this has happened before.
10:03 am
30 pounds of explosive gentleman was wearing and enemies part. treasure this dreadful average in the president does the president is not the islamic terror. ashley: he just says we stand with pack and peered stuart: shiver a lot and all. no mention of christianity, islam being under attack. to the markets, please. we are less than 500 points away from now. 18,000 a very slim lead. we are up 11 points. the price of oil we have to bring it back because date stock prices as recently, just under $40 a barrel. if you are predicting lower sales for console was down 5% now down 2%. the ceo is on the show moment ago. pandora way down. 9% drop there. the founder is taking over as ceo. down 9%. president obama calling out the media for reinforced and part of
10:04 am
shape. maybe it does pose howard kurtz is here. this is a speech which the president is going to make this evening as an award ceremony i believe. he's going to call it the media saying it is this partisanship in your smiling. >> president has been in the sun for a long time. there is more partisanship. there are more people who seek out websites, for example that agree with their point of view. but where he kind of misses the point is he has the biggest megaphone in the world and his sometimes into fault into blaming the media, sometimes he specifically named fox news race had trouble getting things done. stuart: i would say the vast majority of the media, the majority of the media sees his point of view, support the president, is mildly left of center. where my going on?
10:05 am
elect barack obama hasn't gotten much done more particularly he seems to be completely failing when it comes to terrorism and isis. it doesn't matter. a president has to lead and he can't plan cheerleaders to get it done cares if living on the international page. now we've been talking about some people following the twitter line. twitter is a place where lots of opinions explode and that's the nice thing about it. >> it seems to be partially negative opinion. secretary of state john kerry is defending the president's response to the belgian terror attacks and he is calling the republicans embarrassing. i just want to roll that tape. >> every leader amy come as they ask about what is happening. they cannot leave it. i think it is fair to say that they are shocked.
10:06 am
they don't know where it's taking united states of america has said that says people sense of equilibrium some about her steadiness and reliability and to some degree i must say to you, and some of the questions the way they opposed it clear what is happening is an embarrassment to our country. stuart: an embarrassment to our country. >> john kerry, the 2004 candidate is taking a whack at donald trump's. that's what happens in the election season and a half since two echo hillary clinton has talked about for some world leaders have expressed concerns to her about the campaign and about trump. unless there is a diplomat, a little more as a democrat. stuart: synonym for president obama. in for hillary clinton who helps to succeed. stuart: while you're in york, you grazed the show from d.c., but now you're in the big apple sitting next to me. >> i couldn't resist the chance
10:07 am
to sit next to you. also i'm not number later. >> number one media guide. i call that show ambush being [laughter] see later, howard. thank you to bernie sanders sleep in the west over the weekend. he has one leg in alaska, washington state and hawaii. polls show hillary clinton is the candidate who could eat trump. how about that. what he think of this? first of all, deal with bernie sanders. now it's a search and a half. seven out of 10 democrats voted in those three states wanted a socialist. but that all about? >> it's a big deal. it's a really big deal. but it's estimated loudly as various energy elsewhere besides hillary clinton. it's really important.
10:08 am
hillary clinton is going to be the candidate. there's no question about that. what i'm seeing right now it's hillary clinton can't draw momentum. she can't get energy behind her. she's a candidate whose messaging as we can afford to let this happen. it's a very negative term. she sang at donald trump is the candidate finger in her messaging is not positive. whether we like it or not, donald trump is trying to country and hope out of paper lava had hosted a long time. people are misunderstanding what people hear from donald trump and bernie sanders as well. stuart: trounces the guy who's bringing people to the republican party on that side of the ledger. hillary clinton is not bringing in new people to the democratic at all. and yet she is supposedly the one who could eat trump. >> writenow if you look at the polls that's correct. anyone who dismisses trump against hillary clinton does so at their own peril, very much like when donald trump entered
10:09 am
the polls back in june, everybody dismissed them out of pocket. he entered the polls, low digits. once he started from the jeb bush was like but dismisses guide and look what happened to jeb bush. as soon as donald trump has the other candidate, low-energy chat, little marco, mining tab. and then he gets his supporters energized and whether it are mentioned above come out. where there's energy that dates. and there is energy behind donald trump any people don't understand. what kinds of things like john kerry talking about this is a disgrace, people are embarrassed. don't be embarrassed if the american people. understand that the behind it. hillary clinton does understand that. she's discussed by this people. these are the american people that she should be trying to win over. stuart: it seems that the democrats nominate hillary and
10:10 am
odds are are that they will, they elect a candidate who's not inspired to come out in any great number to go. that is a problem that democrats i would've thought. that is to the thing is if you look at her story, there's two messages appeared fighting for you and i'm with her. when i talk to supporters i said in these families are, what does that mean? stuart: fair question. i'm not sure. >> people don't know what it is. tree into a much move on briefly. a personal item about donald trump yet he's got a new family matter. his daughter i thought ashley: number three for her. his eighth-grade chance. theodore james. there is a picture there. maybe a future president. teddy james. liz: how do you break like it? stuart: i'm not a brick.
10:11 am
i'm an american. why are you laughing? did you know that i'm now an american citizen? >> i did know. congratulations. >> you can leave now. stuart: a victory for the minimum wage movement. it could be a real problem for businesses in california. ideal for a statewide minimum wage for $15 an hour by the year 2022. fadiman is this morning. police fired water cannon on a protester. europe on the verge of chaos. more "varney" after this. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back?
10:12 am
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10:14 am
stuart: the chinese company, an insurance company have raised their offer. they are going to for $10 billion business that does not. start would be parent company of sheraton, westin.
10:15 am
a big umbrella in the hotel business. revlon job after naming its new ceo. that is accompanied biggest percentage loss in three years. that is 10% down. they just named a new ceo. brussels, belgian authorities released in the spring of footage showing than new image of the three attackers. a guy on the right, the man in the hat now with the moving video. ashley: it's interesting that casualty we know it happens after this was taken. the person on the right in the hat was misidentified in those days immediately after the bombing. local media as saying his name is as lush as. ashe -- that is the person that is the leader of migrants right. stuart: migrant rights campaigner. where does that leave angela
10:16 am
merkel? ashley: obviously is the most wanted men out there in the netherlands now as well as the search for the terror network goes further. they really want this guy. his picture is everywhere over europe right now. train for europe is in lot done working better in borders and that is why people are very upset and taking a protesting right now. stuart: precisely. thieves from brussels. the memorial site in brussels. under the far right protesters showed up here at police used water cannons to break up a crowd. an ugly, violent game. from the u.s. ambassador to turkey and iraq james jeffrey, frequent guest on the program. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. stuart: looking from here europe is in chaos. they are very close to communal fighting. am i going too far?
10:17 am
>> you may be going too far, but chaos is what is happening. other causes from russia and ukraine to the wave of over a million refugees from syria because of ice is in the syrian government. what is happening in their own streets and chris like brussels and paris is really cooking europeans. some go to the ripe ncc. that puts pressure on governments. that antagonize not minorities, most of them are not violent and lead to a downward spiral. we are very worried. stuart: would he make a president obama in his radio address on saturday morning just to be complete by example, but more into the united state. but that a reasonably good government policy. but he make of this pavement? >> first of all, that's not politically doable right now so it's dead on arrival. secondly, where he has a point as america has a different way of integrating people from the islamic world of africa or asia
10:18 am
or anyplace else. i've lived in europe for nine years. their entire culture and societies not set up to assimilate other people. we have seen that time and time again and that's one of the problems. this is not something a news conference by obama is going to change. stuart: you're very familiar with the situation. i wonder if you could answer a question often asked in may. that is why do we care if europe is breaking up and is in chaos, what does it mean to us in america? please answer that question? >> certainly 100 years of his reign two world wars and tens of thousands of nuclear weapons around the world indicate the rest of the world. in europe we have in the e.u., in nato and other places like switzerland is total of 600 million people twice their population with a gdp, gross national economic addict of about the same size and an equal sized military force without
10:19 am
historical relations with for a century. if we want to play in this world and keep it not only here, when it allies and none are more important than europeans. this is a tragedy and we want to do more. don't start with smashing faces now which we've been saying for over two years as the administration contacts its campaign. stuart: that's where popular just because you go straight to the heart of the matter. we love that stuff. mr. ambassador, thank you or a motion to. >> thank you for having me on. stuart: the governor or a jab says he is going to detail what is known as the religious freedom bill. >> yeah, this created quite a controversy. it was also caught the anti-bill protecting people on religious grounds in providing service is to people they didn't want to come at being required to perform ceremonies for same-sex mac situations.
10:20 am
this created threat to boycott. the production team said we are going to get out of here. you sign this bill. and also fighting hard for the super bowl. they thought this also could hurt them if the bill passed. so because of all of that and the governor was saying i can't find an instance of that in the state that requires the bill. i'd rather let the first amendment and the protection. but he said not going to happen. stuart: do you remember lois lerner? she's the official start of the iris targeting scandal. conservative groups targeted by the irs just wanted during the quarter. but is that all about? gerri willis next. ♪
10:21 am
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10:24 am
stuart: conservative groups corporate or in their case against the irs. this is all about the alleged targeting of two-party groups. gerri willis has details. i know this. >> you and i talked about it. are we about to find out who was targeted? >> guest: two weeks from now the irs has to turn over the name of on the list. that is going to be really interesting. they have been dragged by the court. stuart: what did the judge say? >> isn't a three-judge panel. they are responding unanimously. among the serious allegations to federal court can address the executive agency is targeted to distance based on their political views. no citizen, republican or democrat comes osha's to libertarian should be targeted or have to fear being targeted on those grounds. these judges are in direct
10:25 am
sympathy with the tea partiers. it sounds like they believe they've been harmed here. cluster member despite what the president to comment this is settled settled fact that he iris targeted these groups because the treasury actor general said as much in their own report. stuart: well, they've dragged about two years. this particular case is three years old. for three years they've dragged it out. there's don't want it to judges and not say enough is enough. we want to know who you're targeting. give us the list. >> that's right. norcal, the group in question here turned over 3000 pages of documentation to the irs. they asked that the iris give them the names of the irs employees who made the decision. irs doesn't do much for you but can't be bothered with that. the judges are livid. watch out for a livid judge. they're obese and just at the end of the day.
10:26 am
thanks for bringing us the update. thank you. one week from tomorrow, wisconsin both in both primaries in both party primaries. up next, a former governor for thompson supports john kasich. i will ask him. his kasich the gop kingmaker? he might be. and i'm a university student is fighting for free speech on the campus. assist in its campaign about pro-trump short messages. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find
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10:29 am
stuart: we have breaking news. an update on the belgium tax. one of them was freed? ashley: the guy on the right.
10:30 am
a freelance journalist. my grant rights campaign. the least they they took him in. they were going to charge him with terrorist murder. no evidence. >> they took that guy in. just recently? >> they say his dna does not match what they have from the airport. >> wait a minute. they cannot link him. even though he was there. >> may be that this not. they are having a very, very difficult time. the only thing they know for sure are those that blew themselves up. >> a very hard time.
10:31 am
stuart: all right. something positive. look at this, please. clinging onto a very small 19-point gain. holding right below $40 a barrel. here is some really bad news. $2.03 a gallon. it is up $0.39 from just one month ago. one week from tomorrow. a primary in wisconsin. our next guest, his home state. scott, i am trying to get the right form of address here. welcome to the program. good to have you with us. i cannot be overly familiar right from the get go. you know how it is. you are a kasich five.
10:32 am
he is a king maker. he is sitting in a pretty good seat. >> well, the seat he is going for is a seat in the white house. he has many supporters who believe he is the unifier. the best person to serve as president of the united states. >> his strategies were lies on him going to the convention in cleveland and organizing the delegates around him. >> stuart, it used that two things. you just answered as well. 54% of the rest of the votes. yes, the strategy for many
10:33 am
people is to go into the convention. a lot of money is being put in. including in the state of wisconsin right now. stuart: the latest polls that i have seen show that trump is still in the lead in wisconsin. >> the one that i have seen, again, a lot of money coming in telling people to vote for cruz. to be able to stop trump. very close between trump and cruz. very much of a split in wisconsin. a very strong republican suburban area. very negative towards trial. wirral areas. they tend to be more supportive of cruz. stuart: do you think the
10:34 am
republican party can win if it is not donald trump? it is trump who is bringing in new voters to the republican party. i do not take any other candidate is. >> look at the polling. the person who is the unifier brings people together who does really well head to head and that is john kasich. nine-point lead. stuart: he is not bringing in reagan democrats. it is trump that is doing that. >> he is bringing in voters. look at the negative did people who would absolutely not vote for him. if you want to have the direction of the united states bringing people together, being strong, i will also bring up
10:35 am
something else. i know you have done a fair amount of work and discussions on the county. put together by retired that nationally. john kasich is the only one that reduces the national debt in a 10 year period. stuart: if donald trump is the nominee, would you support him? >> i would have to see if you move to the middle and become a unifier. you cannot win the way he is right now. stuart: governor, former governor of wisconsin, thank you so much for joining us. >> appreciate it, sir. stuart: get back to what we were calling campus lunacy. students there were upset because donald trump's name had been written in chalk around the
10:36 am
campus. some students said the message made them scared. caused them pain. all right. your group held a rally in support of free speech over the weekend. i want to know. how many students were prepared to turn out. >> we had roughly 200 students show up over the course of the day & our petition. being very ambiguous about the policies. considered harassment. we've think that the policy is absolutely crazy. people are over react into this. stuart: well said. the function of the university is for intelligent people to rub up against each other and exchange ideas and opinions. what emery is trying to do the
10:37 am
exact opposite. >> that is absolutely right. it needs to be a debate ground. conflict bad ideas. people who are protesting tromping thing we cannot have this because it is too offensive or objectionable is not the way to go for it. if you want to talk about hard ideas, and, trump is a hard idea to talk about. should not be getting university funding to celebrate the conclusion in spite of the fact that there are high day ideas in front of us. >> those youngsters, they do not encounter other people's opinions. i do not think that those people are ready for university. that would be my opinion.
10:38 am
>> the majority of the student that i have spoke to are equally as outraged as we are. they feel threatened to go out of class. that is a handful. death threats because of what they protested about. the students that ain't trumpet the reasonable why they cannot go to class is such a slim minority. people think it is actually -- we all have this debate going on. no one really wants a silent speech. stuart: good. thank you for joining us. >> great to speak with you. stuart: here is the latest buzz on apple. they may be overhauling the iphone next year. what exactly, overhauling the iphone. >> and analyst in asia says that
10:39 am
overhauling may be a larger iphone wireless charging glass encasing. this would be for the next one. the iphone seven. this cheer is not expected to be very different. stuart: glass-enclosed or. >> that is what apple is reportedly looking out. if you are laying down, if you see your phone from the side, you can actually see the display. it is going backwards a little bit. the iphones did not used to get this metal casing as before. it is a little bit different. they reason people should care is iphone sales have been growing at their slowest rate since ever. this order could be the first
10:40 am
decline year-over-year in terms of apple sales. stuart: some of our viewers may be confused. we see president obama on the south lawn of the white house. it is that a role contest. it is not a contest. it is the egg roll. it is that the white house. right now a young lady is singing. >> i believe she is singing the national anthem. >> i look up which celebrities would be there. this is one that really jumped out on me. a mobile device, so to speak. stuart: you are not teasing. >> not at all. stuart: thank you very much. we will be back in just a
10:41 am
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♪ nicole: i have your fox business brief. a great month for stocks. a little bit back and forth. the dow jones industrial average down five points. the nasdaq down. right now down nine. oil pulling back. here are some of your dow movers. home depot. dupont on the downside. microsoft. consumer stocks are doing well today. oil dropped below $39. all weighing on them by a juror market averages. we are seeing energy stocks under pressure. star wars and marriott.
10:44 am
increasing the offer to $14 billion. star wars to the upside there. more fox business coming up. ♪
10:45 am
>> let's see if we can clarify a little confusion here.
10:46 am
that is the guy dressed in that. now the police say they release that person for lack of evidence. that honor, the guy dressed in white is out. they do not know for a fact. >> he was identified. the guy on the right, we have been talking about him for a week now. apparently, he was taken in over the weekend. then realized they had no evidence. none of the dna they felt was attributed. did not match him. that person, whoever it is, is still on the loose. >> he has been released. he is the wrong guy. moving ahead to california.
10:47 am
$15. liz: here is the thing. the administration $10 an hour. it seems moderate in comparison. fully phased in. we may see the same wage hikes in new york. the unions are pushing for this. a deal could be coming. >> got it. think you. president obama doubling down on his openness to accept a muslim migrants in the middle east. >> we have to wield another weapon along our airstrikes. our counterterrorism. that is the power of our example. our openness to refugees. our determination to win the battle. a distorted view of the
10:48 am
radicalized young muslims. stuart: david webb is here now. more muslim migrants in. we can demonstrate our example that we are a fine society. >> the president has given us a false premises. our willingness to help people. what we do as a country and culture is not a question. america has to show it self to be a better example with the world. we have programs that have brought in 70,000 or so refugees. the issue is about safety and process. the example that exists, the example that they said is well played out. they targeted christians in an open area killing 70 people or more. we do not know the final count.
10:49 am
for more people died in brussels as a result of their injuries. why doesn't the president address back? stuart: i do not understand that. does not address the aspect of the bombings in brussels or in pakistan. does not address that. >> the president is ignorant of the issue. he is ignoring the real issue. it is not about what percentage it is. 10% of the world's muslims that are not radicalized. the largest army in the history of our planet. do not kid yourself. it is now an ongoing guerrilla war.
10:50 am
>> if you say a temporary ban on muslims coming to america, you become a big get. >> we are not big it's. we can give reference. no one from this country, muslim or islam is not an ethnic city. it cannot be racists. >> thank you very much indeed did we have to move on. there will be more varney after this.
10:51 am
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jeff: i am not -- i am jeff flock. bernie sanders campaigning here over the state over the weekend. alaska and washington state. senator sanders now making the point that he is the best man to beat donna tromp in the fall. showing him with a lead of 14 points over donald trump. the fox poll shows sanders again. clinton with a lead of just 11. some of those superdelegates
10:55 am
pledged to secretary clinton. bernie sanders is the man who has the best chance in the fall. following the ground game for bernie sanders throughout the day today. more varney coming right up. ♪ stuart: what would the democrats to win the most popular candidate is not their nominee? it is a dilemma. this weekends caucuses showed seven out of 10 democrats want a socialist. bernie is clearly very popular. he brings out the crowd. he brings in the money. he is not likely to be the candidate. the establishment runs the democrat party. the establishment is committed to hillary. it seems like the two parties
10:56 am
have the same problem. tromp is the republican candidate, but the establishment opposes it. which established it? which will win? i think that it is the democrats. they have paved the way for coronation. on the other side, it is the other way around. the republican establishment will have a very hard time beating donald trump. the gop will not win the election without him. despite bernie's search, hillary is the author on favorite to be going for the democrats. donald trump will be going for the republicans. clinton versus tromp in november unless hillary is indicted. you have never seen an election like this one.
10:57 am
have you? ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> news from belgium. believed to have been captured over the weekend. he has actually been turned free. >> connection to the bombings. he has just been released. he has just been identified. the freelance journalist. they bring him over the weekend. we've got him, they say. they realized his dna does not match. stuart: they do not know whether or not they got the guy in the hat. turns out, he is not back side. >> that is the trouble. they are relying on other people. that person is still on the loose in god knows where.
11:01 am
>> the former ambassador to belgium. sir, thank you very much for your reporting. exactly what happens. i want to advance this a little. we saw a real violence in brussels over the weekend. europe as a whole is close to communal violence. what say you? have i gone too far? >> i think you are going a little too far. the likelihood that brussels breaks out, there really is not a traditional right in brussels. it would be in our democrats party. i do not think that you will seek communal violence. stuart: the anti-migrant parties are well organized and gaining a
11:02 am
lot of ground. the establishment politicians look like they are in were treated. real change in your up very quickly. >> it will go from east to west. angela merkel has some issues now in germany. i think the last place you will see it is belgium or the netherlands. merkel had trouble in the elections in jersey. you may see it change. stuart: ambassador, please stayed there for a second. look at the stock market. we are up two points. that is it. the market reopens after a three-day weekend. look at that. within 500 points of 18,000. how about this. the price of oil. apple. the share price flat this
11:03 am
morning. down $0.09. that is nothing. working out a bug with the iphone. virtual reality headset. i think this looks like a motorcycle crash helmet when you put one of these things on. comes out today. it is facebook's product. okay. former governor mike huckabee. he joins us earlier on the program. discussing president obama's call to lead in more muslim immigrants. he disagrees. big time. roll tape. >> may be so, stuart. better to be alive big it then a dead idiot. we can just open these borders and if we are so nice, they will be nice to us. continuing to lose the battle
11:04 am
against radical islam. stuart: joining us, tamara holder. i said to governor huckabee, if you suggest a temporary ban on muslim immigrants, you are a bigot. and you are. i would rather be a live bigot then a dead idiot. and you say? >> watching too much chris rock. i would rather look guilty in the streets than innocent in the jail. it is funny, right? his comments are not the proper answer for america. this is not about, deep. we have to protect our american borders. discriminating against an entire religion.
11:05 am
it is preposterous. stuart: you agree with the president? >> we have an immigration problem as a whole. >> hillary. >> what do you mean? can we keep them out? stuart: muslim migrants currently flooding into your up. >> you apply for an immigration green carter however you are trying to get here. >> you cannot do it. >> how about this one.
11:06 am
secretary of state john kerry. it was the gop response that was embarrassing. tamara holder, what do you make of that? >> the gop is embarrassing right now. i think what is going on in america is a complete embarrassment. stuart: the debacle in the mideast. the debacle in theory up. calling for a temporary ban on muslim immigrants. that is embarrassing. you stick on fear. abn is not going to work. you know, americans, this is after the paris attack.
11:07 am
the migrants and flow. they are not properly vetting. >> you are a bigot. don't just let everyone come in and say we will figure it out. >> i want to move on to the democrats. alaska, whole ie, washington state. seven out of 10. you have to tell me, the democrat party. a tragic mistake. i think you will fall through the floor. this will be a terrible day. calling you a socialist. the people who love him.
11:08 am
they are not pro- socialism. they are kids without jobs. they have experienced a terrible economic decline. that is what america is feeling whether you are on the left or the right. turning into a socialist country. >> that would not be so bad. >> it one it? >> at least we would have health insurance. stuart: probably not the most popular democrat in the race at this moment. >> he is doing well in caucuses. i do not know if you will actually be able to get out. >> popular requests.
11:09 am
she has an enthusiasm problem. still with us. ripples because of this. so many people are opposed to trump. they would go for hillary to keep them out. >> we have done this before. we will do it again. we will not get excited about it. virginia is never a purple state. it is a blue state in 2008 and 12. normally, 2.2 million. what is hillary to do? taking the day off from the mall. not a lot of young hispanics.
11:10 am
who gets them to the polls. the fear of donald trump. stuart: are you ignoring the large number of democrats? hillary is not giving voice to it. >> those people voted in the 2.2 million. who came to the polls for the first time? those were for unemployed. you take that, how do you get them to the polls? people would sit home and watch soap operas. they may come to the polls to vote against donald trump. >> last week we had you reporting for us live from brussels about the attack there.
11:11 am
we told the world that you are a former american ambassador. now you are coming to america writing articles about party policies. are you a political analyst? are you a news reporter? >> i have been on about half the time. i just enjoy talking to you, stuart. >> i am a democrat. i am a realist. i view myself as an analyst. stuart: would you like to be an ambassador again? >> what i like to serve the government again? it was the most important thing i did for four years. my second largest priority was
11:12 am
countering. that was an important priority. >> you would not be an ambassador in a trump administration, i take it. stuart: you are open-minded. you should work for fox. thank you very much, indeed, sir. a store start we have been following very closely on this program. a six-year-old girl taken from a foster family she has lived with for years. because she has a drop of -- we hear the heartbreaking story next. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
stuart: welding stocks higher. pending home sales. a seven-month high. green arrows for the homebuilder. there you have it. young girl named lexi. she has a small amount of native american blood in her family tree. she is torn away from foster parents that have been trying to in doctor. joining us now. lexi's foster parents. this is a difficult time for you. i want to know. the child was taken away from you a week ago.
11:17 am
>> yes, that is correct. it has been very hard. very emotional. >> can i ask you how the other children are doing. >> they are not doing too well. we have a call about our son. he cannot go to school. >> i know that this is very difficult for you to talk about this. it is so brought into fresh. are you allowed to talk to lexi at all? >> not right now, no. >> i would hope that this is in her best interest. stuart: i will bring myself into
11:18 am
this. i have some experience of adopting children in my family. my experiences when you adopt a child, i think that you are hardwired. giving unconditional love to that child. whether they are adopted or your biological children. would you explain to our viewers that that is the case with adopted children. tell us how it happened with you. >> absolutely. i would certainly hope that that is the case with anyone who lives in foster care or adoption. if you are not able to treat them as your own child, then you are not the type of caretaker that they need. they need more than anyone, why didn't any given biological kid, they need consistency. they need love. they need to feel included. very germanic and difficult path
11:19 am
. give them that consistency and love. that they have not had in the past. stuart: would you comment on the same thing? your feelings for the child. >> a need a family. it is basically very simple. our role is to love that child. to be her daddy. to be her mommy. to not have any other distractions that would prohibit it from now. she needs to be cared for and loved. that is exactly what we did. >> some negative american blood in her family tree and this
11:20 am
could cause a problem later. >> we knew that. i think what to remember is, you know, the same answer to why we do foster care as well. these children do not know that they have native american blood did they do not know that they are foster child. they need love in they need consistency. stuart: suddenly, out of the blue, someone said, look, the parents, the biological parents want that child back and it will happen. was this a sudden revelation for you? >> there are no biological parents involved here. the biological parents are both out of the picture. for many years now. lexi was new to a second cousin in utah.
11:21 am
non-native. we have known about them for a while. we have been fighting for her to stay because of what she wanted. what she wants. who she sees as mommy and daddy and her siblings. and to have a law did tape, dictate that despite what she wants. stuart: almost a clue she to say that our thoughts and prayers are with you. in this case, it is very true. our thoughts & czar with you. we thank you very much for being on our program today. thank you. we will see you again. stuart: later this hour. one of the architects behind
11:22 am
reaganomics. taking on bernie sanders. eight years of obama nominate. you know that name. shortly dismayed by what is going on now. more varney in a moment. ♪ you both have a
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11:26 am
down 9%. maybe would have done them some good. look at that. to hillary clinton's e-mail. that signals they may be moving into the final phases. here is the question. does this mean in the middle of an election campaign, she will be questioned under oath by the fbi. >> very likely. for more interviews. hillary clinton herself. no timetable on this. maybe early may. certainly this will hang overhead for quite some time to calm. why was this set up? was it done knowing way or will
11:27 am
you claim ignorance? they want the intent. >> a crime if she is knowingly or negligent gently shared government secrets. you know, analysis about the context. the interview the top paid. stuart: the head of the democrats hardie. check this out. it is a gun. it really is. looks like a smart phone. folded up. fits in your pocket. very discreet. the man behind this smart phone gun. coming up. 11:50 a.m. ♪
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stuart: starwood hotels and its winner today. china's insurance companies raised their offer for starwood to $14 billion. investors obviously like that. a sweetened offer. remember, starwood trims include sheraton, westin and four points. big umbrella in the hotel business. revlon down big after naming a new ceo. that the company's biggest percentage loss in three years the apparently investors not
11:32 am
like the new ceo. let's get back to politics. three western states. last week a socialist professor of economics on this program is a professor of economics and it's got tenure. on this program of bernie sanders is elect the president put out a spending plan come will have 4% growth. just like the good old days of ronald reagan. look who's here. his name is george gilder. he's an economist. he's known from economics. this is the man who helped create it and it's got a new book called the scandal of money which we will get to momentarily. first off, the socialist professor -- i should say he is a professor of economics. he says will give 4% growth if we spent a ton of money. what is the thing about that? >> socialism works. zimbabwe and cuba would be
11:33 am
thriving nation today rather than pathetic basket cases. even obama has to bail out. train to great effect in. you are an economist at his position is that spend a lot of government money that's just as good as spending a lot of private sector money. what is the fault in the argument? >> the money that shows the growth is learning. it is something real. it is not something that can be achieved by a close look economy of government power. this is what -- this is the big problem of our economy today that the money has been divorced from any stable source of value. it is defined by currency trading which is now 73 times
11:34 am
bigger than all the trading of goods and services in the world put together. it has created this close look economy where main street is shoved aside where they have 62% of all the new money created by the fed going to washington, going back to the government already. most of the other money -- two thirds of the rest of the money goes to a few smart -- a few large corporations that use it not to invest in new products and goods and services and innovation, but to buy in their own shares. stuart: the federal reserve a lot of the money goes to the government. 60% goes to the government. the rest of it goes largely to large corporations which don't
11:35 am
use it to actually grow the economy or grow their business. they buy back their own stock. when we do about it? >> i believe the new economy is emerging on the internet beginning with the big coin bought chain and ingenious ways to use gold to reestablish a currency that is a global currency that can actually initiate a new boom and capitalism rather than this horrible infatuation with socialism on american campuses. stuart: music to our ears that horrible infatuation with socialism on our campus is. >> if the disease. they are all strictly overt by a pale cast of green to. stuart: pretty good one-liners. you got any more?
11:36 am
>> read the book. the scandal of money is the title of the book. has it been released already? >> this is it. you chose our show. you are one of the authors of her economics. quoted that they knock kerry president reagan. stuart: has got to tell you that you, your ideas boosted me into america's middle class because i'm president reagan came into power, the first thing he did was cut taxes across the board. was a young guy struggling in my first real job. two children, one more on the way. suddenly i got this tax break and i moved up the food chain. that is why you're on the show today. >> scandal of money. what an honor to have you on the
11:37 am
program. you can come back, okay? stay there for now. serious subject. i'm going to move on to the attack on christians in hand. within 70 people dead after an easter bombing and a part. robert jeffers is at best, the pastor of first baptist church, the mega-church in dallas, texas. the obama administration has yet to even talk about christians or muslims. they've not excepted it was the targeting of christian. look, i'm getting frustrated by this because i wanted more must go response to this worldwide attack on christians and i'm not getting it from the administration. >> you are not going to get it from this administration and here is why comes to her. for the acknowledgment to radical islamic about to make that admission.
11:38 am
i don't care whether we're talking about paris or brussels or pakistan or san bernardino. all of these attacks are one common denominator and that if they were not committed by jewish or hindus or episcopalians. they were committed by radical islamic terrorist. it time for us to acknowledge that we are never going to defeat an enemy we are unwilling to acknowledge. stuart: it seems like at the president believes he names islamic terror comment if he goes out there and says it is islam doing this, most responsible for this terror common thing he enhances the idea that it's a religious war. is that true? >> well, that's what he says. it seems like every time we have one of these attacks, the president sends his favorite role of defender in chief of islam. look, we know most muslims are not radical terrorists. their 1.5 million muslims in the
11:39 am
world. most conservative estimate a 5% are radicalized. the steward, that a 75 million radical islamic terrorists in the world. that is why we need to be on guard against this. i don't think it's any accident that the two top contenders for the gop candidacy, donald trump and ted cruz are the ones who have proposed the most radical means that dealing with and protecting our country from radical islamic terrorists. whether it turned proposing a temporary ban on muslim immigrants for ted cruz: for extra scrutiny of muslims. you know, the moderates and liberals in the gop are howling in protest against his proposals, but the majority of republicans are embracing them because they want to keep the nation safe. stuart: russia committed christians in the united states do? we can save up for ted cruz or donald trump but outside the political arena as christian,
11:40 am
what should we do? >> verse about we should be praying. we should pray for brothers and sisters in christ around the world who are being attacked. i don't believe it's isolated. i believe these attacks are coming to america as well. i can't divorce god has given us the privilege of choosing our leaders and i believe we have the obligation to choose those who will carry out the biblical mandate of government and that is to protect the innocent. stuart: robert jeffreys commit thank you for joining us and we are obliged. before a marathon -- >> this is why it's important to call this genocide. if the u.n. does decide to ride, christians being flattered or victims in the family could get refugees that is and come here to the united states. stuart: the secretary of state
11:41 am
was dragged kicking and screaming. but now he's saying the republicans are an embarrassment to america. it's a contradiction i would've thought. record voter turnout for republicans. and some democrats do not want to vote for hillary instead of casting about for the gop. a guest who can tell us why after this.
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i and nicole petallides mature thought business brief. the lows of the day. oil also off the lows. relatively. the dow jones industrial average down two. s&p 500 down one and the nasdaq down seven. take a look at the look at someone or some listeners on the s&p 500. 14 billion for starwood and outsmart the marriott offers. jumping today under pressure you can see some of the energy stocks. oil is still remain in power. pending home sales rose more than in that group, about 2%. dollar tree, macy's, start your day on fox business at 5:00 a.m. i'll be there with lauren simonetti to get used guarded. -- get you started.
11:44 am
11:45 am
stuart: you say that trump actually could elect hillary has so many people are opposed to trump that they would vote for hillary to keep them out. is that what you said? >> that's exactly it. hillary clinton was like eating meatloaf on thursday night. with data for, we'll do it again but we're not going to get excited about it. hillary clinton needs excitement. stuart: bell is an interesting way of putting it. howard got been on the lack of enthusiasm for hillary clinton
11:46 am
did, and then. direct care at franklin and marshall. you have numbers on how many democrats which side to vote specifically for donald trump. i think you've got the numbers from pennsylvania. what's the numbers? >> let's start with the aggregate for us. hundred 25,000 registered voters centers date that have gone from third-party democrat to republican. 70,000 now have gone the other way meeting republican to democrat, whether independent or third-party. that's a huge number. 170,000 people have done that. comment voter registration makes it easy. he cannot break this, sit in your living room, living room, get in line and change are voting. here is what we have found out. this is mostly from reporting from reporters in the field.
11:47 am
a substantial number of democrats have switched their party to do what we call strategic voting. that's a nice word for saying they will vote for donald trump because they think it would be easier for hillary clinton to feed him a november rate. we have another group of people switching to support a variety of candidates on the republican party. remember, this started i was 17 candidates down to three. people are switching to go i'm a democrat but i want to vote for cruz. i'm an independent one above for rubio. the largest -- stuart: i'm trying to cut through the clutter. one of the big stories we've been following as the number of democrats who switched parties because they want to vote for donald trump. that accounts for the search and trump voters. you are saying it is not quite
11:48 am
as big a number switching is typically to donald trump. they might also be switching to other candidates who's since been not doubt where they could be switching to vote for trump because hillary could be trumped easily. it's not a big switch as we thought. >> yeah, that day. there's another angle if you look at different counties, all the reporting that came out i was sick. this he's winning white blue-collar workers incomes 45, 30,000 or less. high school educations. if you look at counties in pennsylvania with a fair number of voters they seem to be proportionately high. translation, they are switching to vote for trump in my humble judgment. stuart: i'm sorry. did you see something similar in massachusetts? switching to the republicans to vote for trial.
11:49 am
>> i didn't actually look at that. i read the general reports about 20,000 people searching at one point in the names. the other point i would make and harris were as likely to go for sabotage voting. philadelphia suburbs, allentown and bethlehem, that is where the moderate republicans are who been voting democratic in lots of big elections like president, governor, u.s. senate. those changes are likely to beat hillary or bernie sanders away from the republican party. that is another trend. this is much more complicated and diverse than i think most of the reporting we're getting would indicate. stuart: terry, that is a fair point to make you i am just trying to get rid of the clutter. a lot of people think trump is attracting a lot of voters in the democrat side of the aisle. that's not necessarily to be taken at face value.
11:50 am
last word to you, sir. a good many of them are. the problem is it's hard to tell unless you somehow getting into these individual interviews. looking at the geography of it by demographics meaning where they live and where the preponderance of the demographics are, you can make generalizations that are largely true. stuart: you can come again and tell us what you are finding this individual interviews. thanks very much. appreciate it. cap, a concealable gun looks just like a smartphone and it folds up, put it in your pocket. you'll be alerted by this thing later on this year. a man who is behind shall we say, concealable gun, in a moment.
11:51 am
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stuart: already come everybody. that is the gun designed to look exactly like a smartphone when he folded up. believe me it does look like a smartphone. the man who invented this. obvious first question, why did you invent a gun that looks exactly like a smartphone? >> well, it was due to an embarrassment i had, stuart.
11:55 am
i had gotten my concealed carry permit and was carrying my pistol with the requisite jacket over the top and somehow or another got caught on the pistol and a young boy saw me in the middle of a restaurant and shouted out or if i'd really been excited laid-back guy has a god and the whole restaurant of course looked at me. there's got to be some other way to do this and that's how it came about. stuart: how many bullets doesn't fire? >> this unit is a double is a double-barreled with two shelves be at some point in the future we hope to develop a semi automatic but that's a little ways off. stuart: what is the caliber of the bullet that fires? >> this one is a 380. we've had requests for the calibers, but we want to see how it performed before we deal with those weird stuart: that will stop you. that is a large bullet. i've got a say. >> yes, i believe so as well. stuart: how much are you going to charge for this? >> retail will be $395.
11:56 am
it will just be in the 48th date to start with. we won't have international sales until next year. stuart: can i buy it online? >> you will be able to buy it online if you follow all of the nics checks and requirements that the atf and fbi have in place. you have to go and get a personal background check can do while visiting things you have to do if you had walked into a gun store. stuart: now, we were sitting around talking about this or that the plastic model we see there. in the back of our minds we are thinking, digi design is specifically to get through the metal to nhtsa point at airports? i know you're smiling, but that's what occurred last year >> and smiling because they get these questions come to play. i can tell you that's absolutely not the truth. if you think about it, just the same as anything else. metal barrels, metal inner workings that will not defeat
11:57 am
and metal detection. we are working with the department of homeland security to get them x-ray so they can properly train their folks on how to detect this should somebody put it in their luggage. obviously the intention is not to do anything sinister with this. it's just an opportunity to carry a gun. stuart: exactly. it seems to me an opportunity to carry a gun that does not look like a god and people would not know. that's what it's all about. >> i have one on me right now. if you wanted to see it's just a matter -- stuart:.say? >> this is just a plastic model, not a prototype. it just opens to be loaded by good regular barringer would be. there will be a spring-loaded safety at the bottom. it won't just pop up in. there you go. we heard the price. thanks very much for joining us. we appreciate it.
11:58 am
>> x, stuart. thanks for having me on the show. stuart: more "varney" after this.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: almost 12:00 noon eastern time. that means my time is. the crew is here. charles payne, it is yours get >> thank you remarks come as you are barney. i am charles payne and for neil cavuto. officials under cover what appears to be a large terror web in europe. in an initially believed to have been one of the airport suspects has been released or his sources originally thought he was this guide in the white cat picture. he joins us live from brussels with the latest. >> this man for the prosecutor's office only identified as charles. given because of privacy laws. the evidence is not there


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