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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  March 28, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: almost 12:00 noon eastern time. that means my time is. the crew is here. charles payne, it is yours get >> thank you remarks come as you are barney. i am charles payne and for neil cavuto. officials under cover what appears to be a large terror web in europe. in an initially believed to have been one of the airport suspects has been released or his sources originally thought he was this guide in the white cat picture. he joins us live from brussels with the latest. >> this man for the prosecutor's office only identified as charles. given because of privacy laws. the evidence is not there the
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prosecutor's office charged him with murder in association with terrorism, attempted murder and a link to a terror organization. it's the third attacker at the brussels international airport. the man with security camera footage would be seen with the bombers pushing a bomb and running away from the airport after the explosion. once again the belgian prosecutor's office is still at large. in fact really smart video today in hopes that the public will be able to identify him and generate leads for police. also today, the death toll in the attacks did rise. the belgian health minister said could stand that 34. the people in the hospital have not been able to feel -- passed away unfortunately.
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three more people detained over the weekend are now being formally charged. the three men have been identified by prosecutors, the prosecutors do not pay and how they are connected to either the attacks in brussels for the attacks in november in paris. clearly prosecutors believe these three men have some sort of rolls and what we are learning is expansive and a terror network here in belgium. charles: kevin, any word on who the man in the way cap might be? i've seen a lot of names floating around. >> now. the prosecutor's office is not releasing any details, any information. we only know he's not been publicly identified. they did release video in hopes it would generate leads. does that mean they are running pretty cold there? we are not sure yet. we do know for sure that all these are words that the man was completely in her career. as of right now no longer behind
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bars and no longer facing us live a very serious charges. charles: before i let you go, i know belgium lowered their threat level if you will despite the fact that rates are continuing threat the continent. to your point earlier, just a tremendous -- uncovering a continuous web all around europe. isis, one of the top goals is to continue attacks. is there any sort of outrage were worried there that still the officials in charge don't get the urgency of this or maybe her next match in somehow. >> the belgian government lowered the terror alert meaning it's no longer a minute but still possible. as anti-terror raids were being cannot did. a lot of belgians were scratching their heads saying why would the government do that when clearly this terror network
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according to government officials is so much larger than first expected. we are hearing from officials that more money needs to be pumped into the intelligence community here and they really do have to do a better job within the government structure of conducting these and be more proactive. also a campaign is underway to hire more intelligence officers to try to improve what has really been decades of neglect when it comes to security services. charles: thank you rematch. really appreciate it. for our investigator bill daley on fears right now the really big terror network in europe. you know, we are hearing about the arrest in france and in the day after intelligent connected to the arrest in france. i think it goes without saying everyone suspect that that there were links between all of these
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so-called terror networks but besides now. is that what scott and people saying this is a lot more intricate and more dangerous than we thought. >> you are right. absolutely. you think since they took away some of this would've been uncovered. by sending that now we learn the extensive network. even in places in holland have been the center of summer press. but it's also interesting is the elaborate support system creating false document found literally hundreds of thousands being created under false identities. you have other people providing finance being and working from is very important. the other thing is within that community in brussels is these people moved around from various safehouses. other people gave some kind of
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benign close their eyes to what was going on and didn't report it. it is quite interesting and stunning that it still evolving at this point. thousands of people have gone to syria fighting for america over the past two years that there could be other cells as well. >> one area that would be a lot more focus on because it is the people who go to syria and get it on making experience. they go with bomb making university that combat it does have a central figures. it's wanting to have safehouses, but the ability to make these bombs, shouldn't there at least be greater surveillance even if the rest of these people show support and i go back to european countries? >> you would hope so. the porous borders in europe and also people transferred themselves from turkey into syria at various points along the borders in the region if
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people were able to comment without authorities. they don't go through the normal check points. they resent the documentation. they are going over landing coming back into europe. at this point the estimates of probably 5000 people and also charles interesting is quite another for certain a college university trained. some people have been dennis, engineers. talking about a very sophisticated group. people have the ability to learn quickly and bring that back and as we've seen here, unfortunately bring it to people all to maximize. charles: commie talk about the support system in helping isis and other terror groups grow within europe. on the other end of that has been what is the west going. one of the interest has been made of. transcending belgium is disorganized in its fight against terror. let's take a listen to what he
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has to say. >> i don't mind nato per se but it has to be a recount to do that and modernize. we deal with nato from the days of the soviet union which no longer exists. we need to the transition into terror or we need something else because we had to get countries together. you saw what happened with russell's and they had no intelligence during in their country. they have no coronation with other countries. charles: what you make of you make of that? since then there've been some defenders say that doing exactly what they're supposed to do. should it be reconfigured as a relic of the old cold war? >> there is a certain stream of thought they are that you do have this kind of morphing of what we've seen terrorism and the military side. we've seen a fight against syria and on the other hand they are taken out to the street in europe and here in the u.s. the question is what role does nato has to play in addition to what the intelligence agencies
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need to be doing over in europe. we've seen a call for more people being involved in intelligence gathering. we see in the u.s. now sent over some of our people from the fbi have gone over to help them with rudy's rings. i would probably suggest to you the fact we are now uncovered so many more people involved in this terror networks is quite surprising. the question is to roll with it between what nato has been doing fighting a military of which isis is now fighting terror. this is something they give some thought to. charles: i suspect you would need two separate entities. one that has the skill set to fight intelligence on local domestics. thanks a lot. really appreciate it. switching gears a little bit to the campaign trail a little bit of a week away from the wisconsin primary where republicans battle out the latest in the campaign. reporter: we are glad this
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afternoon and west salem, wisconsin two hours northwest of madison or to our southeastern minneapolis, minnesota. you'll find it just outside of la crosse. a left on industrial growth and we are inside reverse field or john kasich will hold a town hall about an hour from now. this is one of two different events today here in wisconsin. he'll go back later this afternoon. even though the math mathematically speaking shows the kasich cannot get to 1237 delegates needed at some point before the convention, he is still trying to make the case he is staying in wisconsin and beyond as recent polls show he's the one best suited potential in november and to take down hillary clinton. he's also making the case that did not win in ohio at donald trump would've been the winner in that state and he says republicans should coalesce around trumper cruz, the
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coalesce around him. but none will be here today, tomorrow, friday as well. they will be campaigning in and around wisconsin throughout the week as well. the two really haven't been talking about substance in the last couple days. rather, the argument, the back-and-forth continues over each other's wives of all things. images involved in each other's wives. one being an image of the nearly mama mia trump released during the election and donald trump has said he feels that ted cruz is a liar for saying he had nothing to do with it. ted cruz is upset, disgusted with donald trump are retreating an image that involves heidi cruz. so you've got the wives of all things: play for one week or another between the two candidates. they will move onto the
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substance at some point or another in wisconsin. 42 delegates in play come apart at the winner take all statewide and congressional district, why so important over the week. charles: without a doubt, substance is important. the milwaukee journal sent a reporter of how this also plays out. a lot of folks who've done the math and donald trump winning the nomination before the convention has him winning wisconsin. lately the polls haven't been in his favor in part because some of the things that have gone on. what are some of the key hurdles he's facing? >> guest: >> you know come wisconsin is a favorable state for donald trump. working-class voters of high school education, people typically very favorable. but at the same time, you had a real push to stop him here in wisconsin with conservative media, conservative talk radio includes a couple of posts,
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people like charlie sykes who both interviewed this morning. it's been a real rodeo in wisconsin duking it out in our state. charles: listen to the charlie sykes interview and it was sent to fix those. both men held their ground obviously. to your point, conservatives and i would suspect they had fired to get behind cruz before next tuesday. what is the outcome look like? >> guest: one trend that is hard to gauge his house this very unusual discussion otherwise is going to play out. i don't think it plays out particularly well for either candidate. my sense so far has been that donald trump is probably taken a little bit more in particular because again conservative talk
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radio show -- charles: what is the key issue beyond the wives of wisconsin care the most about? the >> it goes back to more than anything else we are manufacturing date. we are a state that has struggled the past 15 years. republican voters are looking to see who could jumpstart the economy bass. charles: thank you very much. of course we are going to have full coverage of the wisconsin primaries next tuesday. special coverage and a special edition of "cavuto coast-to-coast" starting at 8:00 p.m. on that day. coming up, bernie sanders got his groove back. the question isn't enough to put them over the top. here the details of the next space in the quickening of fog. -- clinton e-mail saga. at mfs investment management,
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charles: well, the sanders can gain. three big windows over the weekend.ts not to count them out. does he have the numbers to get the nomination? risk and reward host crunching those numbers. >> bernie sanders has his groove back. if you look at where your stance versus hillary clinton, you can see obviously she is still strongly and delete. 31 away when the sweet. washington state had alaska, had away. i basically asked to what he sought in idaho and utah. so there's the count right now. this does include his superdelegates. nano these numbers as well as i do. 2383 for the total. bernie sanders, one of his campaign managers in the press saying i see superdelegates a
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lot like college recruiting. you can pick up some of the convention in philadelphia in june. the bottom-line here is bernie sanders has a tough road ahead. he made 67% of the outstanding delegate. but he has done better than most people as them and it's push hillary clinton for better, for worse, further to the left. 33% of all hillary clinton needs. sanders will continue to hammer on her record as far as foreign policy goes. also ties to wall street increasingly important games. i know you've been covering what's coming up. or a liberal. probably bernie sanders, at least the county is to go to him. further along on the calendar such as new york, hillary clinton basing her campaign to be probably a tougher state. most people say wisconsin and new york are the next two big contest for him to focus on. charles, back to you.
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charles: bernie sanders has come to light about superdelegates and people feeling it's completely unfair. is there a chance he could move some to decide? >> that is why campaign strategist is out today saying they are pretty flexible. it is worth noting bill clinton is one of them. we assume the votes are going to go for his wife. but i think sanders is really trying to say the message he wants to project as i am still a mess. i cannot be dismissed as a fringe candidate. charles: thanks a lot. meanwhile, hillary clinton's e-mail saga still hanging over her campaign big time. "los angeles times" entering its final phase and the feds say they're actually ready to speak to hillary clinton herself. vince, you know, and talk about bad timing. even if she's interviewed at the fbi, the apparent couple with a terrible trustworthy numbers
12:21 pm
cannot be good for a campaign. >> note. not at all. we find out now she's got 147 fbi agents investigating e-mail practices. that's totally normal. 147 people investigating what you did as secretary of state. couple that with the fact they set up the server has immunity and that the fbi wants to bring her in for questioning. there is nothing about this that sounds routine. as far as campaign surprises, this is one way of notice coming for a while. hillary clinton and her campaign has a remarkable poker face about this here they pretend everything about this is entirely normal did nothing to see here, just a security review. the numbers suggest something very different. >> from time to time it does ruffle feathers. she does not like answering questions above in the e-mail thing. she tries to play it off about piping on the server and that kind of stuff. it's past the point of her pushing this off.
12:22 pm
the public wants to know about it. democrats are questioning trustworthiness. the big question is what the two democrats, is it better to get it out right now and try to do damage control between now and november or be a general election issue with the fbi starts the conversation later. >> braid. this is what we know. but the clinton campaign wanted to get something out the window party done it. if the whole point was to get the bad news out of the way and hope they could weather the next few, they would've party done it and that hasn't happened yet. there really are two scenarios when she is cleared by the fbi. seems unlikely for an agency rushing to get a decision with almost 150 agents examining this. or there is something bad in the end it's going to harm her. the question i have is will stop her from running for president? if we can indict me, does she stop?
12:23 pm
it's pretty clintonian to say it goes to the next stage of the investigation. >> the answer she will not stop. we will switch places and i'll answer your question. thanks a lot. appreciate it. we will have continuing coverage of the election 2016 and of course the race in wisconsin. tonight making money to expand. ted cruz holding a rally during our hour there. we'll talk about the disintegration of the gop and its wisconsin is make or break for donald trump. that's from a donald trump refusing to rule out war. not against basis, but against china. north korea just pinpointed its latest target. washington d.c. we've got the details for you coming up. i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it.
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charles: pakistan, and suicide him in killing at least 70 people during easter celebrations the taliban affiliates claiming responsibility same christians were their main target.
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donald trump isn't slowing down on china, telling "the new york times" he won't rule out a war with the country because of our countries needs. more or less when it comes to trade he wants to be in predict the ball like everything else. trump makes total sense. gordon chang. so funny to have this topic on a day when chinese insurance company is bidding up the shares of starwood, one of the biggest hotel chains in america. this of course is the lost jobs in the last decades have a lot of people worried about trade with china. on the other hand, economists say we make a huge mistake of the go to a full-blown trade war. why are they wrong? >> well, because we are already in a trade war with the chinese. it is nice to say it would be nice not to fight them. but they are fighting us. the point is there's an issue here about what the chinese are doing, which is basically increasingly predatory behavior.
12:28 pm
if you look at cybertheft alone, that's about $200 billion worth of u.s. intellectual property year the chinese are taking. we need to defend ourselves, charles. charles: do you fight cybertheft? >> welcome you fight cybertheft in a number of different ways, but she dug beside remains initially. we do not want to let the chinese know how good we are. the commission issued a report in may 2013 and the recommendation was terrorists. i think that makes a lot of sense because it is important for us to keep our powder dry on the cyberareas. >> to your point, we are in a straightforward if you will archery competition. every country has terrorists. bears are a lot higher than ours are. when we start to raise these terrorists, we know it's going to be the american consumer that takes the brunt of the head.
12:29 pm
people who shop at wal-mart should be prepared, should be bracing to pay a lot more. >> yeah, that is certainly going to be the case. there's going to be downsides of coors gave the bus about to put this in a geopolitical context. people talk about using terrorist said they don't engage in such dangerous behavior in the east china sea, south china sea and in space. so if it's an issue of trade war versus a real war, i am voting for the trade war because clearly that is the least damaging option. we have to look at this in a very broad context with regard to our relations with china because you can't separate trade versus security. they are all in turn mixed. charles: admittedly they would be the average american should understand this before reentry to them. >> of course. there's going to be a downside. we are past the point where we can say we have options that don't above cost to the united states because we are paying dearly right now.
12:30 pm
the question is what are we going to pay? who's going to bear the cost? of course we have to understand the costs going in, but we can't ignore the fact that right now the united states is bearing those costs already. true to thanks a lot, buddy. next time we'll get you in the studio. see you soon. coming up, put frances weighs in on the fight against terrorism. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction
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>> welcome back to cavuto coast to coast. facebook apologizing. the social network said it was an accident by a bug in the program. facebook users are purportedly received those text messages he had the suicide bombing killed 69 people's. the minimum wage. raising it by 2022. up from there. the minimum wage was raised on january 1 of this year. checking the price of oil right now. you can see where it is headed.
12:35 pm
despite record supply inventory. last week it closed 17%. >> thank you very much. pope francis said that we should fight isis with weapons of love. manny gomez on how that would work. and a lot of people say the idea that we have been so vulnerable shows our love. >> the head of the catholic church. trying to show the message. at the same time, that will not help defeat isis. they want to put their black flag up on the vatican and get rid of the catholic church in the west as a whole.
12:36 pm
>> you talk about the lack of a simulation. part of the blame is on your up. not making economic opportunity available. they are treating them in a way where they can only respond to violence and resentment. the map violence should never be an option. that is a great difference between europe and the u.s. and a lot of muslims come here. they become american in every sense of the word. they are culture. they have their own communities.
12:37 pm
they are communities hiding in plain view. europe can cling to its origins. they have other cultures in that same place. total disregard. they are playing defensive. they need to figure out who has penetrated. charles: at that same time, you have that parallel track. right on the planning board right now. the bigger picture, how do we get here. i read in germany, there is legislation to pledge
12:38 pm
themselves. >> it will take games like that. the same way we, immigrants come here pledge allegiance to the united states if you want to become citizens. muslims that have come into this country. more of the mainstream to give them jobs. to give them hope. >> more on the europeans. coming there from other countries. resistant to mingling in or a stimulating. >> they had set up their own communities. lending themselves to be isolated. the greater population. their culture, french, belgian, they put them away in their own type of community.
12:39 pm
including hiding these terrorists in plain view and protecting them from the authorities. >> first of all, talking about the countries outside of germany. you are looking at staggering unemployment rates. how would they have the ability to expand economic opportunities when the countries are in dire streaks to begin with. >> there is no dialogue to begin with. they have two start that dialogue. charles: should it be politicians? >> trying to put a face to a name so that if and when an attack is being planned or in neighbors things up and about being radicalized, they can put something into that.
12:40 pm
the most popular one in all of europe was angela merkel. maybe now she is clinging onto her life. so far she has not been awarded for that. >> agree. these continued attacks are not helping most politicians that are looking at the bigger picture. law enforcement has to take a look at the media. we just saw pakistan and we will see in others. the social economic teacher which is where the politicians and the governments in europe have to go into the 21st century and realize they have hundreds of thousands of these muslims that have to be brought into the fold. >> manny gomez. thanks a lot. did north korea just tell us that they are coming for us? ♪
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>> continuing to skyrocket. it teaches them how to get those loans forgiven. joining me now. someone takes out a student loan. you will try to help them or show them ways that they do not have two pay it back. >> correct. there are a lot of programs out there that allow you to take advantage of the opportunities. jeff: you have a seminar going on. eighty-five grand. i do not want to pay it. >> their country is $1.3 trillion in debt. student loan debt. because they are continuously deferring these loans, the government came up with these
12:45 pm
programs for it to go by ingram versus the loan amount. downsized adjusted gross income. able to enter the payment program. charles: a lot of these are with the federal government. a lot of the people find that to be really interesting. really rocketing after he became president. 100,000 for a job you can only make 40,000 a year. we want to make sure that you can pay it back. it skyrocketed. we will forgive that. any loan has to be repaid. it will probably be taxpayers. >> that actually is not correct. a bank loans you money, you do not give it back.
12:46 pm
>> you are paying it back. >> the balance getting bigger and bigger. charles: some of these obama programs unfair for the federal government to help bring up the student loans. they never say no. tuitions go up as well. they say, we will forgive them. actually paying for some kid that got a loan. this person is paying their taxes. taking the program to the wrong direction. >> correct. these programs are pretty much self funding. the taxpayers are not currently going to be hit by any of these forgiveness programs. they are still paying back some
12:47 pm
of the loans. there are programs that because they are in a lower income bracket, they are forgiving a portion of the student loans versus the entire debt. the mac is there any sort of help out there for these kids not to take the wrong courses? you keep repeating these lower income bracket. you would not be in the lower income bracket. go to college and do what you want to do. if you want to be a poetry major, fantastic. >> the example that you are giving the engineer, for example, he does not have a job making six figures right away. he is possibly driving a cab or going into starbucks just to have some money in their pocket.
12:48 pm
that money is not anywhere close. they came up with income driven programs which is based on your income. you are able to pay back portions. >> it will shift as these newer college grads come out. right now, the government is making a lot of money off of student loans. at some point, they will not be. going through the roof. $100 billion. should they just be completely under the picture? >> they are the ones giving the opportunity. >> businesses that did this. president obama pushed them all out of the way. >> i do not necessarily agree.
12:49 pm
the bank is giving you a $400,000 mortgage and you are paying back 30 years later. the bank is making money on you. they see that there is an issue. therefore, the federal government is stepping in and trying to reduce that deficit. charles: thanks a lot. appreciate it. calling hollywood hypocrites. did he just say the same thing about the republican party? we will ask him. he is here. ♪
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charles: all about the superheroes. batman versus superman. harsh criticism. entertainment reporter and senior editor. why these numbers are so high. critics hated it. i guess that they really do not matter anymore. >> a lot of people are saying, ebert passed away two years ago. the era of wanting to hang onto every word that the critics with say has really gone out. based on this weekend's box office numbers for this film, i think we are seeing that perhaps they may be. >> we have a lot of things in play now. you have youtube. you have all of these different entities. a way to connect with the
12:54 pm
audience that was not around back in the day. >> that is true. i think there are a lot of people that would have nev missed the match up between superman and batman. this is something that was hyped for so long. then aflac cast as batman. the outrage on social media which turned into people liking him. 250 million to make the film. i do not think that reviews would have due to word anyone i. >> that is a great point. there seems to be a certain form in hollywood. everyone knows batman and superman. you lawyer on this kind of money. millions of dollars.
12:55 pm
it is hard not to win. it is hard not to do well. >> i think it really is. actually pitted against one another. why are they fighting? what is going on? warner bros. betting on people's interest in these d.c. comic characters. ten similar films that will be rolled out over the next six years. they are really betting on fans wanting to see more of these classic comic book. >> i do not ring so. look at the success. this is d.c. comics. in a way, it is kind of a darker vision to these. they are getting to the justice league coming up.
12:56 pm
superheroes that we have not really seen. this definitely is not dying down. you will see this over the next five years. >> 100%. ♪
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12:59 pm
charles: welcome back to cousin go coast to coast. i am charles payne filling in for neil cavuto. greg paul cott has the latest. >> eight, charles. the past couple of hours it has been confirmed. the main suspect in last week's attack still remains on the loose. police releasing the beginning of this day. new surveillance video.
1:00 pm
that so-called man in the hat. we have seen it and they still version of this video. suitcase bombs inside. two others seen in this video hide when their bombs went off. he fled. police thought he was the man they arrested last week. they restarted their hunt. this says rates continue here in brussels. several people have been charged as a result of operations in belgium. at least eight suspects which iraq gerard links to the attack here in brussels, as well as lasher's attacks in paris. they have raised it to 35.
1:01 pm
for more people died overnight in intensive care. among the dead, for americans. one hundred total hospitalized. we just learned, those americans flown back to the states for further treatment. a lot of stock and reaction to the crash that we saw late here yesterday. anti-immigrant protesters and peaceful mourners. pushing everybody back. it is an extreme sign, charles, of the upset and concerned that many people have here. the handling of this whole country resulted in the conditions that allowed the stuff to happen. back to you.
1:02 pm
>> inc. a lot. really appreciate it. charlie dent in on what is the hold up. i asked all the time. why won't we declare war against isis? underscoring the urgency of the situation. >> you are right, charles. there is an emergency. imperative that congress authorize the use of military force. an authorization. there are a lot of republicans who have a broader authorization. that really is the challenge in trying to reserve.
1:03 pm
>> more recently. governor kasich. i am not sure what his plan is. having to take the lead and be prepared to have a lot more troops on the ground. >> yes. we have to do two things. to feeding isis -- not only do we have to defeat ices momentarily, we have to provide for some kind of a political infrastructure i do believe we
1:04 pm
need a much more robust commander in chief on this issue. it seems that the president continues to diminish or dismiss. the rough election of this passive american leadership. that is what has to change. will there be that kind of robust leadership? charles: when president obama says there is not an exponential threat, these terrorist attacks are not related to the military operations abroad. is he trying to make that distinction?
1:05 pm
an exponential threat. circulate to tear up into other people as well. no question about it. isis is a threat to us. hardly reassuring our friends and allies. isis is not an exponential threat. maybe not to him, but it certainly is to the people of brussels. it is to the people of paris. unraveling in large part because of failed in italy stirred. yes, they are feeling the effects. charles: ultimately, we have to destroy them militarily. thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. bernie sanders.
1:06 pm
back to back to back wins. jeff flock is there. it has to be really exciting out there. >> it is. hillary clinton has just sent out a campaign e-mail. focus on new york or pennsylvania. still a week away from the primary. celebrating the big three state victory over the weekend. fifty-five delegates to hillary clinton's 20. he does a lot better in a one-on-one matchup with donald trump then hillary clinton does. take a look at the numbers. clinton beats him only by 18. sanders by 14 over donald trump.
1:07 pm
clinton just six. of course, getting to that one-on-one matchup is a potential problem. 700 delegates. keep in mind, most of that margin are super delegates. 469. he says if he continues to rack up these winds like hearing was confident, maybe some of those super delegates will begin to think about deserting hillary clinton like they did in 2008 for barack obama. hillary clinton is here in the state today and tomorrow. bernie sanders gets here. it should be a fun week in wisconsin. charles: it should be. thanks a lot, jeff. really appreciate it. bernie sanders says he thinks that all of that could change.
1:08 pm
take a listen. >> i think that the momentum is with us. did you have super delegates that are in states where we win by 40 or 50 points. i think their own constituents will say why don't you support the people of our state. vote for sanders. charles: whether bernie sanders can persuade these delegates. >> he keeps winning. it is hard for him not to have to go to the convention. >> i think the difficult part for bernie sanders is a plot of the states will be remaining and favoring hillary clinton. that is perhaps winnable for sanders. a lot of other states. hillary clinton. new york. new jersey.
1:09 pm
these are states where they have a higher african-american population. where there are primaries. sanders has tended to do better. where there is a higher white population. having an active energized base can help. there is no doubt that sanders exceeded expectations. they will be unlikely to want to get on the wrong side. some surprising wins. doing better to this point. >> the so-called superdelegates. that is their power base. >> yes. keep in mind. pretty amazing that we are even having this conversation in early april.
1:10 pm
this was not billed as batman versus superman. godzilla versus bambi. [laughter] hillary clinton was 50, 60 points ahead in a lot of these polls. he has energized the base. weakness as a candidate and the strength of his populist liberal wall street message. >> thank you. to the race on the right. what he needs to do to get there. ♪ show me movies with explosions.
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charles: backstop, wisconsin. a key test on whether or not we will see a contested convention. >> this is really important. paul ryan is a fifth generation from the badger state. he has come out and he has said, listen, i will support whatever gop nominee it is. most of us know that donald trump is for better or for worse. as far as what trump needs to get is 53% of the remaining votes to get to that magic 1237 number. he is by far ahead of senator ted cruz. and mathematical possibilities.
1:15 pm
what is going on behind the scenes is ahead of the delegate count. months behind senator cruz. making those delegate counts. before that july convention. a lot of people saying that delegates are obliged to vote for donald trump insert in states. crews will give more support. well, that could be tricky for donald trump. >> it certainly will be. ted cruz has picked up more delegates than he had on the election. it will really be a lot of wrangling. speaker paul ryan, even though he has said no i do not want to be a candidate were considered as a candidate, in his home
1:16 pm
state, especially with the ronc, governor scott walker, there is this cheese trifecta from wisconsin. a very conservative group. >> thanks a lot. if trump wins and was confident, crushing the gop establishment. he was bleeding a lot in the polls. tightening up a whole lot. an endorsement of ted cruz by scott walker. the gop establishment agrees. >> it is. forgive the superman metaphor one more time here. the establishment is kind of like lex looser. they tried and tried. it just does not work with the superman. they break out with eight team.
1:17 pm
twenty-four breakouts for eight congressional districts. trump is likely to pick up the statewide win with 30. maybe 27 or 30. >> all the math i have seen. if that does not happen, what is the possibility or likelihood of a contested convention? >> in new york. 267 delegates up on april 26. in connecticut, delaware. he will win the vast majority of those. this race will be decided very late in the night in the state of california. trump will get over the top. by just a hair. several delegates.
1:18 pm
enough to win. this will be decided very late that night june 7. i think that trump is on track. look at last week. he has been naming the media. just by a hair. >> he is commanding the media. a lot of people feeling like, perhaps, winning this war, if you will. neither one are playing victory. not something that is necessarily helping him. let's say they go to california and it is still not there. obviously, it will be very, very close. you feel like the voice will be heard. that will be outrageous. using that to the advantage. >> absolutely. june 7. six weeks.
1:19 pm
that is a lot of time for donald trump to build momentum. to build a search. in support of his nomination. he can also go negotiate deals. john kasich or marco rubio. cutting deals through those six weeks. >> in this to be the vp. it was not necessarily out of the question that he could force with ted cruz as well. >> spending some money. buying airtime in wisconsin. how long can he get away with this? does he have to start spending money on commercials? he does not lose delegates like he did in the wee sienna. >> he did that a few weeks ago. he has a team.
1:20 pm
i am telling you, he just does not need to. the proof was in the footing. there is just no way that he will be motivated to spend his hard earned money. he is going to say go ahead. hit me right there with your negative ads. charles: later on down in mexico. >> we will have full coverage of the mexican primaries. tune into our special cavuto coast-to-coast. it begins at 8:00 p.m. just when one out. the battle of the government was over. we are learning it has just begun. making money with charles payne at 6:00 p.m. eastern.
1:21 pm
right here on fox business. ♪
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>> welcome back to cavuto coast-to-coast. millennial's are saving more than any other age group. more than 5% of their income this year. the battle for hotels is raging on. beating out marriott's bid to buy the chain. offering $14 billion. 13.6 billion proposal. popping more than 2% on this news. analysts were expecting 1.8% increase. the strong reading is the highest in several months. they are spiking on the news right now. more problems for volkswagen.
1:25 pm
5600 electric golf carts here in the united states. the vehicles have a battery problem that can cause it to stall. the recall covered all electric vehicles since november 2014. >> thank you very, very much. the attack in brussels. putting pressure on apple and other technology giants. france's voting on a new law that gets digital data overseas. the fight just beginning. >> yes. >> i will start with apple and the fbi. reaching some sort of temporary truce. >> the fbi is getting a third hardy. >> it will not go away. there is something called allowing reasonable search and seizure. a lot of europe's problems,
1:26 pm
edwards noted scare the pants off of them. they are big on privacy rights. >> germany's history, you know, certainly detailing that. france and britain, what they are talking about. internet informati. we have not seen that before. holding onto data for five years. that is the big deal. >> are there parameters? >> i have never seen any legislation that would say law-enforcement could come in and watch. >> specifically saying, if it is traffic coming in --
1:27 pm
>> yes. heading to find that. talking about prison sentences. fines against technology companies that they do not comply. great britain has a lot of people concerned. we want to catch these. the bad guys. they photographed. does that stop the bombing in the airport? >> i think a lot of people are saying technology companies need to step up to the plate. at the end of the day, more important than any thing else. this phone that we make that belongs to you, we do not have to comply with court orders. as much as tim cook and apple has made the fbi look like this great darth vader.
1:28 pm
they have been siding with privacy over in europe for quite a while. putting together a database of passenger information. for almost 10 years. >> the technology company steps in. security services in that you. law enforcement not stepping up. charles: a super bowl based on 1984. apple in the consumer versus big government who abuse their power. >> protecting the homeland. i do not know what the government is therefore. i will point to germany.
1:29 pm
they thought cooperating with this goes with the nsa. now they need it. governments need to step up themselves. technology as a scapegoat. we saw a rest in brussels, france, italy. all right. thanks a lot. >> north korea. threatening a nuclear attack. some military experts saying should have dismissed it. out of hand.] i need ♪ expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. you can't breathed. through your nose.
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charles: north korea releasing a propaganda video depicting a nuclear strike on washington, d.c. former defense department john hannah says we should take the guys seriously. which laughed them off but as their missile technology getting better and better we take them nor seriously. a strike on washington, d.c., that seem a little farfetched at this point? >> well, i don't think the regime itself is suicidal, charles. but they clearly have spent the last several years making enormous progress, developing a minute at that rised nuclear
1:34 pm
warhead they can put on an icbm that can change the entire united states homeland. the guy who heads up the command responsible for stopping missile attacks on america has said that repeatedly. so i think you got to say the guy has got the capability. he is unstable and untested enough person that you can't dismiss it lightly. we have to prepare. we need to continue to deter him and have to be able to defeat him if necessary. charles: if that is the case, why can't we assume he could be mentally unstable? this guy is a dictator. he is a tyrant. he is a jim jones. no one could say no to him. he could be off his rocker and say launch the missiles, no? >> listen, anything is possible because the fact is, that our degree of intelligence into the mind of that regime, much into the mind of this leader is extremely unbelievably limited and opaque. on the other hand we have a pretty clear idea this guy puts
1:35 pm
highest premium on simply staying in power. a lot of these threats clearly have to do with that. he has malnourished if not starving population. they need lots of diversions. in the sense of being under siege from the united states and possibly war, is a pretty good diversion for them. charles: what do we do about our allies, particularly japan? when abe was elected, it was my theory, at least my own hunch they were on the pact to getting rid of their pacifist constitution. i don't see how japan can sit by and watch the nuclear threat from north korea evolve and imperial listic threats of china with manmade islands. do we say to these countries hey, don't worry, we got your back or do we say, hey, you better start putting more skin in the game? >> i think you're right both japan and south korea, especially over the last seven years have become increasingly doubtful about that u.s. security guarranty to them.
1:36 pm
but the surist weigh if you want to have a nuclear arms race in asia because both south korea and japan are just a screwdriverrer's turn away from having the bomb is tell them, hey, america's out of here. we don't have your back and believe me, if east asia explodes into war again for the first time really in the 70 years, it is going to have a devastating effect not only on that region but on the united states as well. it is something we've really got to think twice about. charles: i understand. couple years ago when the philippines asked japan to rearm itself, considering atrocities that the japanese committed in that country that is say something about the threat from china. love your expertise. appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, charles. charles: if you don't think saudi arabia is doing enough to stop isis, trump has your answer. next the gop front-runner is planning use the power of the purse to force the saudis to fight harder against
1:37 pm
♪ by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management.
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intensely-flavored.. colorfully-diverse. beautifully-misshapen. cultivated for generations, it's the unexpected hero of any dish. when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients. step-by-step-recipes. delivered to your door. get your first two meals free >> i'm adam shapiro live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks are trading higher. volume very light especially with european trading closed for the easter holiday. one sector that seems to be performing well, those stocks tied to home building. existing home sales were 3.5% in february. wall street expecting 1.2% increase. much better response of stocks
1:39 pm
gaining off of that. installation, windows, garage doors, gutters, up 2.4%. last 52 weeks up 2.7%. energy taking a hit. oil inventories colling out later this week. we saw a big jump in oil stocks. price of oil even with weaker dollar is falling. energy stocks taking hit. more "cavuto: coast to coast" with charles payne right off this.
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
charles: donald trump says he would consider halting saudi oil purchase unless they help with the fight against isis. to energy ceo jack girard. jack, it would be an interesting twist on things going back to the '7 it-73 arab oil embargo. we'll not buy your oil even though we need it. this would have some serious consequences on both sides, wouldn't it? >> well, it would, charles. i think the more important question is to let the market take place and allow the market to operate the way it does. a very significant thing happened in the united states just in december of last year when the congress voted to lift the old oil embargo, i should say the oil restriction here in the united states to allow us to export our oil. so if we allow the market to take place and actually find its
1:42 pm
equalibrium you will find the u.s. will be able to produce even more, putting our people to work, generating revenue. we'll play a major role in the global economy. that is the way we need to approach these issues. charles: i guess we're talking two different things though, right, jack? essentially what donald trump is saying that saudi arabia is not pulling their weight especially fighting our common enemies into that region and maybe this is one thing that would nudge them into doing that. let's not forget, they have declared war on us, this sort of crazy pushing oil down to destroy the american fracking industry has largely been successful. >> if you look what is taking place today, what is happening shift of epicenter of energy is moving globally through the united states and modern technologies. fracking, hydraulic fracking, who are respondal drilling we're able to produce in more efficiently in quantities we never have. this is being market driven
1:43 pm
right now and what we don't want to do is create artificial players in the market. we need to let the market settle out. it is challenging right now for the oil and gas industry in the united states but we believe the long-term outlook is bright. hopefully at some point it will settle down and provide the benefit to consumers in form of gasoline price, lower cost for heating and cooling in their homes yet maintaining our role as world leader in oil and gas production at the same time. charles: right now saudi arabia is spending a lot of money, ended last year with a $98 billion deficit, the largest in that country's history. they're going to the market, even considering selling a big piece of their oil company. we know there are financial strains there. do you think there is a point they will bling? they are fighting in yemen. they haven't sent in ground troops and spending a whole lot of money with not a lot of success. would the counter argument to
1:44 pm
call off the crazy pyric victory and let oil go back to 50? would that be a better way to encourage them to fight because that will put more money in their covers? >> charles what is happening today, we shouldn't overlook this, if you compare where we are today versus the last 10, 20, 30 years we're in a very different place. before, in the marketplace when there was major concern and they would take actions like that it would clearly have an impact. today we're less reliant on outside forms of energy in the united states than we have ever been. i think there is many people who aren't quite confident that everybody still has the impact on the market they used to. and that's been driven primarily by free market principles right here at home where we've allowed our oil and gas development to meet the market demand, and so it's literally changed the geopolitics of the world to where the players aren't the same as they were before and the united states is becoming a much more prominent player. charles: jack girard. thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you, charles.
1:45 pm
good to visit with you. charles: same here. you know him from the big screen but wait until you hear how angry actor scott baio is with the gop establishment. you will hear it right after this. ♪ you both have a
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charles: ahead of the wisconsin primary donald trump is fending off all-out blitz by republican establishment. actor and director scott baio says the party would be better suited embracing trump and doing it right now. scott, welcome to the show. >> hey, "charles in charge," come on. charles: you know about that, huh? still looking for some residuals or something, i don't know. >> not getting them. charles: hey, listen, while i wait for that, trump waits for the establishment to come around. i'm thinking this wisconsin race
1:49 pm
is, nutshell in proxy of terms what is going on now. establishment will try anything they can to derail the trump train but you think it's a huge mistake? >> i think it's a huge mistake. just what the republican party is doing in general, charles. i just, i just wish at some point the republican party, which i don't really consider ything, irt of anymore because i wish they would attack democrats the way they attack their own. and for some reason they insist and continue to and will not stop shooting themselves in the head, not the foot, in the head. charles: well, here's the thing, scott. a lot of, fewer and fewer people admit to being in so-called establishment but those that do say what they're worried about with donald trump candidacy and presidency, he will alienate certain demographics that may not matter this election cycle but in the future could make it impossible for the gop to ever win again?
1:50 pm
>> so, if he wins this election, they're worried about the next election? charles: i think that is what they're saying? if the hispanics don't come around, if the women don't come around, if you start doing the math -- you know, listen we know that whoever is the president -- >> goofy. charles: goofy but it is the establishment and that is way they think. hey, power base, it is their money base and want to make sure the gravy train goes on forever. >> they said the same exact stuff about ronald reagan but the logic that you're saying that they're using is insane to me because if we could, if we, if we win this election in november, why, you know, worry about later later. we have to get the country going back on the right track. i mean, my god, what are we doing! we're worried about then? worry about winning now. trump seems to be only guy that has the nerve and the will to attack, whomever the democrat nominee is going to be.
1:51 pm
and instead of playing by the rules which we always do and other side doesn't, let's take the gloves off and let's do this the right way for once, which is why you mentioned earlier i said let's get behind trump. listen, i'm not anti-ted cruz guy. i like ted cruz, but i don't think cruz has the will to attack like trump is going to attack. charles: is that what it will take in november? is it going to be -- i know we're talking about more likely the clinton machine, will it take really strong attack, attack, attack to break that? >> yes. that is what it is going to take because we have, we, they, the republicans have this mentality that they don't want to get down in the dirt. it is not who we are as a party and not what the country expects and blah, blah, blah. meantime we get killed every time there is big election. so, i don't know at what point -- when you fight, you fight to win. if you keelosing, it seems to
1:52 pm
me you change your tactic as little bit but these guys don't want to seem to do it. i don't know if they're afraid to get in there. they think independents won't like them but, when the other side attacks, the independents seem to be okay with it. charles: yeah. >> so their argument to me is sort of lame. charles: we're both new york city guys. when it comes down to fighting you do what you got to do to win. i get that point. >> exactly. charles: what do you make of those, there has to be limits? for instance his beef over last week with the wives, do you think that is going too far? >> i think it is irrelevant. you -- yes, i think that is just silly stuff. and it doesn't do anything. you want to get tough, get tough on policy. get tough going after people. don't get tough on that kind of stuff. that to me -- i don't know who started what and where. i wish we would get off that and start attacking them as opposed to attacking each other. charles: scott, why do you think the establishment doesn't see all the different voters that
1:53 pm
donald trump is bringing into the party, the reagan democrats, the independents? his appeal across that divide that they have longed for so long, feels like within their grasp right now. >> i think they do see the appeal. i think for some reason they, they see the anticipate peel in terms of the numbers. i don't think they know why because i think they live in their cocoon. and they're afraid of him. i think like you said earlier, charles. their gravy train might end. so it many about as selfish thing for them as opposed to figuring out what is best for the country and what is best for the country in my opinion is to let conservatives stuff come up and argue it. and they want to go back to the old sort of middle of the road policies that i just don't think do it anymore. because if we're going to middle of the road we might as well vote democrat. charles: scott baio, really appreciate it. i know being in hollywood it is not easy for you. you take your hits doing this.
1:54 pm
you're courageous guy. >> my country comes first, charles. thank you, brother. charles: updating on irs targeting scandal because there is more information coming out about who was targeted and when they were targeted. and it doesn't look good. we'll be right back.
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
>> we have news on the alleged to party. >> that is right. guess what, they are finally getting a real hearing. be on the lookout. conservative groups that were denied. those should be calming public as soon as two weeks. they are attorney, they would
1:58 pm
have the circuit court of appeals. these lists are useful for discovering into the merits of our case. that is very interesting. answering unanimously. they are tough on the irs. listen to what they said. department of justice lawyers, the conduct of the attorneys falls outside of that. on and on. charles: what is the next leg in this? how long does it take? >> this to -- this has been years that we have been waiting for this. years later we are finally
1:59 pm
revving up. you should see some of these names rolling out. >> that is the start of it. >> on the path of justice. >> these attitudes are in consideration. >> for the republicans, a fight to 1237. where do we stand? donald trump. that is ahead. short of the nomination. is ahead of ted cruz. 772 delegates short. john k sent out of it. 109, 1094 short. mathematically out of it. still hanging in there. the next stop is wisconsin.
2:00 pm
the winner take most. you will watch all of this drama unfold next tuesday. a special coast to coast. now is the intelligence report with trish regan. >> identifying a suspect. suicide bombers at the brussels airport. those responsible for a horrific attack in pakistan. at least 70 were killed there. 300 injured. the so-called. police had a suspect in custody they thought maybe him.


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