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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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the winner take most. you will watch all of this drama unfold next tuesday. a special coast to coast. now is the intelligence report with trish regan. >> identifying a suspect. suicide bombers at the brussels airport. those responsible for a horrific attack in pakistan. at least 70 were killed there. 300 injured. the so-called. police had a suspect in custody they thought maybe him.
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today, releasing him saying he is not the guy. connected to these attacks. police were forced to use water canyons and anti-immigrant protesters clashed in march. targeting christians. they were celebrating that easter holiday and a scene of unimaginable horror, at least 70 deaths far are dead. none of this has changed our presidents plans to bring in 100,000 migrants to our country. our openness to refugees is how we find isis. not working out so well in europe. he is choosing to ignore that. plus, a big weekend for bernie sanders. alaska, whole way and
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washington. keeping his campaign alive. they may push his victories now. does this mean he has a shot? plus the civil war in the republican party. california is set to save the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour. business friendly states like texas making it even harder to do business there. the cuban dictator responsible. after his historic trip. with friends like these, we have a lot to get through. terror overseas. belgian police clinging for the public's help.
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the man in white walking with the two suspected airport suicide bombers. four americans are among the dead. former state department senior advisor. christian, starting with you. they do not even know this guy's name. how disturbing is that? belgium in particular, does not have their act together. there is another factor involved here. general softness. not the one person that is missing, but another person linked to the attacks was in jail in france for cooperating with the taliban and in
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afghanistan. why that person was ever released is a big mystery. >> i have gone through the list. every single one of them had some reason for authorities to know who they were. in some way they were connected deviously. here is what i want to know. in terms of what we are able to do to prevent, more than 20 million. a lot of them could have belgium. they could come here just as easily as they could go to another country in europe. we know they want to attack us. is there some kind of reassurance that you can give me? we are doing something to identify these people even if dell jemison.
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he generates false documents. they get really high quality false documents. many of these are citizens. some of them are not refugees. >> a lot of neighborhoods. they got this guy. i am just amazed. just four months. nobody calling him out. >> it is real concerning. these guys remained in the neighborhoods where they were living. by neighbors and their communities. why is it that the belgians did
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13 great this weekend and they did not do their braids after the paris attacks. there is a real problem in europe. sharing information. across borders with these intelligence agencies. with all of that in mind, your former state department, what does that look like. we will not just allowed europeans to come here. >> putting political correctness above public safety. screening people along their ideology. that is not what donald trump wants. other candidates like ted cruz have indicated we should look at travel patterns.
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believe in combining of enacting a theocratic tourney. what was done in the rate g hot. cannot come to america. there is a real risk. >> there you go. absolutely. so well put. live from brussels rig now. joining us with more on these developments. >> hi, trish. a setback for investigators out here. there has been protocol that he has to go before a judge. the judge determined that there was not sufficient evidence.
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now, the charges he was facing were terrorist murder. attempted terrorist murder. that individual has now gone free. at the same time, investigators have released adl from just moments before the airport attack. they have highlighted this mysterious third bomber, if you will, in the white hope. whoever that third person is now in the light code and our cat, investigators do not have him in custody. that third on did not go off and it was said to be the largest of the third bombs. the death toll out here has risen. four people succumb to the injuries. ninety-six people are hospitalized. investigators have been very busy. thirteen residents as of
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yesterday. picked up an additional four people. participation in the activity of a terrorist organization. one of the rates was conducted up in rotterdam. someone who is, apparently, connected to their braids last thursday in paris. individuals. a high-level operative. rotterdam, that is investigators and weapons. they are proving to be very important. they are very shadowy network of people. they are communicating over the cell phones. we are seeing a lot of connections.
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the culture clash. playing out with some deadly results. why does president obama doubled down on his plans. he says "our openness to refugees is how we will fight isis." really? giving him a whole lot of momentum. it has a lot of folks wondering if all the superdelegates are backing hillary clinton right now. stay with us. i am back into. ♪
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trish: islands breaking out in bell john. protesters crashed the peace march. this as it becomes deadly apparent that europe does not have a handle on its borders. europe's inability. it is not stopping president obama from doubling down on his plans to stop 100,000 migrants. watch this. >> we move forward in this fight. another weapon along our airstrikes, our military, our counterterrorism work and our diplomacy. our openness to refugees are our determination to win the balance against the propaganda, and exhorted view. >> how is that openness working out in europe right now.
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opinion commentary website. coming soon. a former member of the reddish crime. good to have you here. >> talking about openness. >> it has met nothing but complete disasters. to hear the president literally suggesting that america do the same thing is really quite strange to european ears. come one, come all. what that actually meant is there is no real refugees. carried out in brussels and they'll jump. young man that abandoned their women. literally stormed into europe have pretty much taken it over. >> you are looking at some people that actually grew up. european societies. grew up in bell john.
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all that europe had to offer. it is embracing. >> pretty much since people have been over backwards trying to accommodate isis. so-called refugees genuinely or not. you have not seen a single suicide attack carried out by a child. they left children behind. they left there with them behind. they have -- >> you think about the cologne attacks. let me share with you. you have probably seen these as well. these pamphlets. to migrants. a big red x.
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trying to grab a woman on the bottom. >> encouraging them to do what they do for women. >> it makes me so unbelievably a great. the women's interest are lost. the bending over backwards to accommodate so-called refugees. i was so glad that you described them as migrants. they are coming from europe. they're coming from turkey. they are drowning little children as they do it. these are people traffickers. these are bad people. having to really already lost the battle? >> you look at these pictures that come in.
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they are all in. >> very few. the ones that are there are mostly losing their lives. keeping lifejackets for themselves. they get paid. all of the violence is coming round young men of fighting age. should be in their own countries resisting isis. what has america's example always been? it has always been plurality. that example has not changed. somehow taking a whole burst of young men out fighting age. it is absolutely ludicrous. does it need to do that now? given what we have seen? adding more fuel to the argument
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that britain does not belong in the european union. >> very much. i very much hope that it will be priggish independence day. you will not be favorable. look across the channel. look at paris. look at brussels. this is stability? we should remain in the eu. really enjoying this kind of stuff happening in new york. happening in washington. then you have donald trump saying we do not want anything delegated to isis. we do not want anything to do with them. we look forward to the new
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website in having you back on the intelligence report. the liberal state of was confident next week. putting even more pressure to bring him instead. that is next. ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> reports today in the los angeles times. hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server has been setting up interviews. expected to set up an interview with mrs. clinton herself. no dates have been announced. continued dogging her campaign. the birthplace of the progressive movement.
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critical for the democratic candidate per day sanders. jeff flock is there live from the headquarters in milwaukee was confident with the very latest. >> we had moved on from the headquarters to that campus saying. this is what it looks like. this is that bernie sanders campaign. knocking on doors. probably no more passionate volunteers that i have seen. of course, they are coming off this incredible victory over the weekend. it really has fired them up here. tremendously important. he has a shot. he has to continue to have the momentum. five out of the last six races. these two guys here, by the way,
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david and ben are volunteers from st. petersburg florida. traveling around the country. knocking on doors. doing their best for the campaign. spent some time talking to them. if the campaign is going to do well, it is people like that that will make it happen. jeff flock, thank you so much. the fbi investigation into her e-mail scandal intensifies. joining us right now. democratic strategists. steve, let's start with a lot is superdelegates say hey, we will switch sides. at this point, the campaign in
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2008, it pretty good lead. i do not think that there is any -- >> a scenario when that happens. bernie sanders continues. of course there is a way with superdelegates. look at the national polls. superdelegates, representing the nation of any state. winning in the polls. >> the democratic party really wanting a socialist? >> pick your poison. >> i think you are right. we actually imagine some kind. maybe a joe biden coming out of the woodwork.
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>> obviously, i am a big fan. a lot of it will not really happen. she has a huge lead at this point. two and a half million more have voted for her. some really odd things that have to happen. trish: what happened if the fbi doesn't testify? she is about to be interviewed here. some bad stuff continues to come out. she gets indicted, how does that change her ability to run for president? >> that is massive hypothetical. the fbi is interviewing her. they are talking about us. obviously newsworthy.
2:28 pm
it is pretty clear now. it has been a big issue going back a year now. some of the democrats won a socialist. hillary clinton is terrible. >> it just points to what a bad candidate she is. she scores a rip. leave in that category. >> a socialist from for mob. able to capture the imagination of the democratic voter. >> she is not losing. she is winning. two and a half million more votes. more ahead than what barack obama ever was in 2008. most of them had a turnout of five or 6%. a major state with a big
2:29 pm
primary. even if he wins in wisconsin this week, he will not win enough delegates to change the race. other than him just getting to superdelegates. >> what i said all along was bernie sanders no longer has an actual path to the nomination. he should question why he is in the race. he does not have a medical path. makes no sense whatsoever. these are superdelegates talking about people voting for them. bernie sanders can hold. >> backup. i do find it incredibly
2:30 pm
undemocratic to do this. they actually have superdelegates. they can change their vote pride up until the 11th hour. they have much more flexibility. they are voting on behalf of what a think is right. what they think is right for the party. typically, most often, they try to do what the voter is asking for. what the voter wants. they do not have to. if more comes out on her as we get more heat on her, do superdelegates start to say, well, maybe we better play this safe and not go with the person. >> minnesota chose a bernie. are you going the way that supposedly the other states in the nation vote?
2:31 pm
>> listen, going with the person with the most votes nationwide. even if bernie got all the superdelegates, he would still be trailing by a pretty significant number. >> at least we agree on something. thank you so much. the gop civil war is heating up. turning to next week wisconsin winner take most primary. set to make his very first trip to the state. does that mean he is running scared? see next. ♪
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trish: was confident a key battleground right now. donald trump victory. joining me right now is lake bergman and was confident. just speaking at townhall. what does kasich think his real path is now? coming out as the third-place winner. >> yes. mathematically. he cannot get to 1237. becoming the republican nominee on the first ballot. for about two hours northwest of madison. john kasich just held up,
2:36 pm
finish, rather, a town hall event here. his pitch to voters here in wisconsin today is that he feels according to the polls that he is the one best suited to take on hillary clinton. as you asked, he cannot get the 1237 on the first ballot. that would take place in a potential second or third. asking why he believes he is the best. not only just at the convention possibly, but beyond. >> a primary in a narrow way. you want to elect the president. he fares that against hillary clinton.
2:37 pm
he has an event just about an hour and a half to our north. the start of his campaign. a town called janesville. it may ring a bell. that is indeed the hometown of paul ryan. trish: thank you so much. all eyes on wisconsin. civil war breaking out right now. neither ted cruz nor donald trump can win the presidency. they are backing cruz. still allowing the party to regroup. destroying the party altogether. former governor of new hampshire. good to see you. >> happy monday.
2:38 pm
a party is extremely concerned. they are not worried about a trump pick -- victory in the process. he loses them to general. they are afraid of losing to the senate. there is also a chance they lose a lot of governors. losing about of folks that are trying to get real-life dead on the house side. there is a lot of data out there. a trump candidacy for the republicans is really a wipeout.
2:39 pm
>> gaining that much of support among most republicans. in part responsible for a shut down. never seen as a party guy. i think if they came down to trump versus cruz, a lot of us would go with cruz. seeing that convention coming together. the principles behind the republican parties. national security. support of nato. trump seems to be talking around and away from. the folks that believe in those principles is what the republican party is all about.
2:40 pm
the power is in the hands of the delegates at that convention. >> getting to 1237. you go to the brokerage convention. then you could see a paul ryan or a mitt romney or somebody else that has already been a candat what the democrats have done to themselves. trying to make a decision about what is best for the country and the party. >> he could do well. election.
2:41 pm
people have to understand that. that is by the rules and under the rules. say just because they arrived there with a little bit more than somebody else, they should be handed the nomination. >> what are you going to do about all those voters in the republican party. coming out for trump. they feel like they got robbed. >> what about the two thirds. trump getting it, they would feel like they got robbed.
2:42 pm
>> it is a tough situation. we are not happy about the process. we are not happy about the rhetoric coming out of mister trump. more appropriately in the democrat process. problems by the obama administration.
2:43 pm
we would be working toward solutions instead of arguing towards the hot rhetoric. >> governor, thank you so much. thank you, trish. have a good day. >> ripping into president obama. marking his youth and the invasion. my intel on that next. ♪ this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill?
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trish: all right. trading resuming on this monday morning. briefly having been in negative territory. i had at this week's consumer spending report. you can see all your old ending the day off. seeing their highest. jumping 3.5. sales getting a boost. thanks to the low mortgage rates. a small seasonal rise in inventory. what do you know. batman versus superman. dominating big time. 170. making it the biggest opening weekend ever. the intelligence report will be
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right back after this. ♪
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>> fidel castro had some choice words for president obama today. a trip marking the opening of nations. fidel castro wrote saying "nothing can justify
2:48 pm
premeditated attempts. hundreds killed and wounded. he went on to say that cuba has no need of gifts from the united states. this hostility from castro comes despite obama's friendliness. friendliness from this guidance and then some. a day after cuba. a whole lot more going for it. not that different he says that at the end of the day. check out my facebook page. anyway. he went on. praising the castro regime. >> i said this to president castro in cuba. you have made progress.
2:49 pm
some basic education. it is a huge improvement. medical care. the life expectancy of cubans is equivalent to the united states. they have access to healthcare. >> what is the review? it is considered a death. the benefits of communism. responding to the whole thing. i get that a u.s. is seeing a business opportunity. having the legacy.
2:50 pm
castro is not on board. cuba is still a communist country. a dictator in the seat of government. a dictator that abuses human rights. why does he so badly want to be friends? ♪ when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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trish: california expected to raise its states minimum wage which would make it the highest in the nation. the biggest victory yet. the democratic residential
2:54 pm
candidates. why a state that is losing residence right now? texas and nevada. making it even harder to do business there. steve forbes. welcome back. >> good to be with you, trish. trish: it is losing business right now. it is losing jobs. they are coming up with a minimum wage. >> obviously, it will her. entry-level people. you look at europe. france has a high minimum wage. spain has a high minimum wage. you can see in the real world what this leads to. it comes from labor. coming from government unions as well.
2:55 pm
california, outside of the valley in a few other spots is a very poor state. it will destroy jobs. >> they think that it is the right way to do. the fair thing to do. >> be unfair thing about this economy is the lack of growth. what stands in the way? it is not lack of a minimum wage. a horrific tax code. and unstable dollar. healthcare still going. >> minimum wage. you think back to the last time they raised, for example, the federal minimum wage.
2:56 pm
>> job destroyers. seven dollars. you want to raise people's wages, that is the way you do it. back in the late 1990s, almost seems like a stone age. my home state of new jersey. you could not get into fast food for under $8 an hour. trish: good to have you here. we will be right back. ♪ more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree.
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let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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trish: breaking right now, congress and the white house are on lockdown amid reports of
3:00 pm
shots being fired on capitol hill. capitol police are ordering everyone to, quote, shelter in place. we are told that these shots came from the capitol visitors' center. again, the capitolisitors center is where they originated from. we're going to continue following the story. ashley webster in for liz claman right now. ashley: all right, trish, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we are just following news of this shooting. as you just mentioned, trish, at the visitors center or is what we believe on capitol hill. as a result of that, the white house is in lockdown, people are being told to stay in place or shelter in place is the normal wording on this. as we also mentioned, the white house also put on lockdown because of this report. there's a white house briefing, the daily briefing that goes on every day, and we understand that is going on as we speak. and there you can see josh earnest talking to reporters as he does every day. again, reports are congress, the white house on lockdown after


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