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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, everyone. at this point, at least one armed hijacker takes control of the egypt air flight from alexandria to cairo. he was reportedly wearing an explosive belt at a month is officially on board, 10 americans has been out most of the plane's passengers have been allowed to disembark. still held hostage according to egyptian officials come as seven people it was three passengers and the crew. the main suspect reportedly has dual american and egyptian citizenship. according to egyptian state news, his name is ibrahim samaha, a veterinarian medicine professor at alexandria university. the intense of a hijacking a personal matter. the president cyprus and it is not prevented to terrorism. the latest this morning as they cover this still developing story. former fbi assistant director bill gavin. we've been watching it this morning. thanks for joining us. really strange headlines here
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that this suspect wants a letter delivered to his wife. what can you tell us? >> it is a strange set of circumstances because so many things are known and unknown at this point in time. the only thing that gives me somewhat of a concern right now is the individuals who remain on the plane. i can appreciate why the crew was on the plane, and i was the three additional passengers are still on there with him. whether he selected at random. i think we really have to look at what is going on right now. the emotional crisis is going through. the egyptians said it wasn't terrorism. you have a hard time convincing a passenger on the plane it is in a terrorism act on the plane. i was going to say it the way
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they were in the front hatch, no emergency hatch to let them go off the plane. they were very, very calm coming off. they had all their luggage. it's great to see perhaps it is a personal thing. maria: sky news reported the short flight 181 took off from alexandria. at 8:00 a.m. cyprus time. the hijacker contacted the control tower in the airport or to minutes later and was given permission to land. we don't know what the conversation was, but we know he had threatened that he had an explosive belt strapped with explosives is what the hijacker said. >> that is a problem. if in fact he does have it though, the officials and egyptian alexandria to get on the plane with any kind of explosives. that's number one. number two, the other
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possibility one has to consider is he doesn't have any belt, that he made that up. those things we don't have enough concrete verified information to fund those conclusions yet. maria: we don't have enough information to come to the conclusion about that belt. >> no, we don't. i don't think so. maria: the president of cyprus saying it is not related to terrorism. obviously that is what people are worried about. he cannot soon into this to assure us of that. again, as you note, we don't know anything about the belt and whether he is wearing an explosive belt. >> i think is probably some classic sense of destroying the people on board the aircraft. but if you block on a plane, threaten the plane to hijacked the plane to go from alexandria,
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that is sent away the hijacking is a terrorist act in and of itself. maria: this morning we are covering breaking news. the egypt air hijacker has not made concrete demands just yet. we are waiting to hear more about this. three passengers on the plane still a long way at the crew. we are following this developing story. and a studio at this morning is dagen mcdowell, dominates the ballot and tony said republican a republican strategist and fox news contributor as we continue to wait for news from the officials in charge. the plane has landed in an emergency landing at the request of this hijacker. most of the people on the plane have been allowed to move out. the hijacker may have personal motives. the ex-wife was in cyprus and he has been discussing a letter he once delivered to the ex-wife.
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again, the news right now as it is a personal matter and the prime minister has said this is not terrorism related. of course this is the first issue that comes to mind in a situation like this. >> on the has the brussels this is mine. we've had issues that are featured before. the plane that took off, the russian airliner was that made it, had a bond debt and economic killing many civilians. i think the natural inclination will be to associate with this is connected to a larger terrorist act. it seems thus far we know it might be an isolated he is still a terrorist incident. maria: he's saying he's asking for political asylum. we don't know much more than that. dagen: a great deal of confusion in terms of trying to pin down the mets national identity, his background, who he is. i think your point, tony, what we had have been with the crash of a russian jetliner, you had
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the german wing copilot, lock the pilot out of the cot. and crash the plane. and that the bombing in brussels, given the level of activity we see still involving aviation takes the question of how much better is their security overseas and even here at home in terms of protecting people who are flying. >> especially given the fact he is threat to the house this explosive belt on. how is that possible that an explosive belt gets on the plane? >> chances are good. they may not be an explosive device. having said that, we know that security in egypt is not anywhere near the standard we have here. i've gone through your dozens and dozens of times and even then it's not quite a strict as it is here. they don't make us take off our shoes and things like that. we don't have around the world some of the strict rules that we have here in the united states
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to keep these e-book from getting on the plane. but the issue of terrorism, it may not be a case of terrorism, but you cannot describe somebody holding people hostage on a plane is not a terrorist. maria: that's a good point. obviously, this individual is terrorizing the people on the plane and has terrorized them. seven people on board included three passengers as we speak. the prime minister was trying to differentiate this from an act of terrorism from the groups like isis and al qaeda. we are covering developing news this morning and as we have been reporting, the egyptair plane this morning was hijacked at around 8:30 a.m. local time. they flew to cyprus after a passenger claimed that he is wearing an explosives belt gets seven people's show on board. the plane has landed and it includes three passengers. bill gavin, let's talk more
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about what authorities are doing now, knowing what we know, the kind of questions they would be asking and how they are pursuing getting seven people off the plane. we are talking with the fbi assistant director bill gavin. are you with us? >> yes, i am, maria. maria: what questions would use them are taking place right now its authority service people from the plane who are still at the hijacker right now. >> basically what is happening is the crew on board that plane want to know where the individual is. is he sitting on an i/o, laying down, indecent exposure. what is going on? has he made threats towards anybody? is he allowed? they want to know what the information in case they have to be taxable income on the plane. the set of circumstances goes in
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with the handcuffs on. maria: they obviously want to know what this person want. he's been talking about his life in a letter that he once delivered to her. no information as far as why he made the seven people on board and why he is keeping three passengers and the passengers and a staff with him on the plane right here. >> there's really no rationale at this particular point in time. i suspect in his mind but there it is some reason for doing it. nobody knows what the reason is right now. the tactical people are at the ready i am sure. but they want to negotiate is through a nonviolent termination not any more violent than a 30 bed. you can convince these people on the plane did not just been involved in a terrorist attack. they have been. maria: bill, the hijacker has been identified as a 27-year-old
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ibrahim samaha is his name. obviously, with this information, authorities can look at connections he may have entered his network is in terms of zeroing in further on exactly what his motive is. >> i can assure you the egyptian authorities there in his office. he is a professor of veterinary medicine in alexandria. they are looking at every possible thing they could look at and doing as much background as they possibly can to see if there is any to do something other than personally. >> we appreciate it. bill gavin, former assistant fbi director following the hijack situation, identified as a 27-year-old egyptian national ibrahim samaha. seven people on board included three passengers and a crew of egyptair, which of course is diverted and landed this morning in cyprus. coming up, the latest.
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maria: good morning. covering breaking news this morning. an egyptian air flight hijacked this morning en route to cairo, carrying 10 americans. 10 americans. the plane make an average of two living in cyprus for negotiations. here's hoping now. seven passengers and crew remained on board along with the hijacker who according to the plane's pilot close quotes strapped with explosives. officials not naming the hijacker so far, but we are following a report that he is a 27-year-old egyptian national with ties to cyprus. we will have the details as the situation progresses good meanwhile, presidential candidate scott walker says to endorse one of his former rivals this morning. cheryl casone of those details and other headlines. good morning to you. cheryl: there is breaking a set of wisconsin at the decision said today be enough at 10:00 a.m. eastern time on the radio show. it comes one week before the wisconsin primary.
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who walker will endorse not confirmed by the wisconsin governor indicated he was deciding between texas senator ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich. thousands of protesters targeting for owner donald trump after a holiday in janesville, wisconsin and they plan to disrupt the rally scheduled for today. also the justice department successfully found a way to unlock an iphone without any help from apple. the phone is linked to one of the attackers in the san bernardino, california terrorist attack. to develop ending a controversial battle between apple and the federal government. this news yesterday at d.c. officials said gunmen were shot by capitol police and later taken into custody after pulling out of button at the u.s. capitol visitor center in washington. the suspect 66-year-old larry dawson of tennessee in critical but stable condition. he has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer while armed.
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the incident. the incidents at the capitol complex guy in the white house yesterday that in fashion but a huge security scare for the occupied washington yesterday afternoon unfortunately. maria: obviously security the number one issue right now. we were all wondering how it's possible that somebody shows up at the capitol with a gun going under the metal detector. cheryl: a female bystander shot by police officers. the fact that security is a place that lax security in macau fire we've gotten. this is very disconcerting. maria: a lot of conversation yesterday is how it's possible he can get so close. maybe they should've had stops further her way from the capital. the double point, the people's
6:17 am
building. dagen: it seems broadly speaking, and would have been in brussels to completely separate by the next that we are not just been thinking about how we can make our security better. and seeing flaws and hold in security and buildings in our airport is that it's only an ability to act after the fact. hopefully law-enforcement and security in general around the world stepping back and saying where are the holes. you would think in this day and age, giving the islamic state attacks overseas that we would be better security in this country. maria: and of course we know at least one armed hijacker took control of an egyptian air flight from alexandria to cairo this morning at 8:30 a.m. local. this on top of the news yesterday cheryl is bringing up as far as the shooter at the capitol. no wonder the prime minister comes out first thing it says
6:18 am
this is not terrorism about p.j. that's the first thing anyone thinks. >> both cases these are mentally disturbed people who seize on this opportunity to get their own grievances that somehow. in the case of egypt, this is a domestic flight, cairo to alexandria. it's very logical case made that security is lax on this wise. a lot of information not being confirmed. whether he had a vest in the first cases in question. as much as we can say this was the lone wolf guy, someone with a personal grievance ultimately stop in the visitor center. there's multiple points of entry. the house leadership building, rayburn, a houseboat instrument senate buildings. their security is only one line or as he went through the visitor center which has at least has at least a labyrinth of security. the vulnerabilities are great the letter capital. colonel anthony schaeffer who is on fox very often brought up
6:19 am
often brought a book report yesterday which which is what decisive lead every time sunday night as happened towards understanding more and more. maria: that we are weak, europe is weak in the u.s. is potentially weak here that's unfortunate. dagen: the guy was a known suspect nabbed in the house chamber, disruptive last fall. there is a bench warrant issued for his arrest after he was returned to court in november according to reports out there. he was still out there and able to do this. so again, how much follow-up -- >> it's all part of being politically correct. they knew that the people were and even when they arrested him, they let him go. we need to be a lot strict to on these issues. maria: google take a short break. we're following the developing stories that a plane packed with people taken over by hijacker. we'll have the latest details on the demand is making its
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6:24 am
officials moments ago to retain the name of the person they believe it to hijacker. they are apologizing for earlier report, which actually named a passenger is a hijacker. they are calling the hijacker out in the top. the latest details of the situation. again, egypt's civil aviation ministry earlier said the hijacker had gotten blowing up the bulk of its low says. we are watching as the remaining seven people are on board this hijacked plane. local media then reported the motives of the hijacker. personal. he asked to contact his ex-wife who listen papers. an egyptian government spokesperson telling news channels the hijacker wanted to go to istanbul but was told by the cat and he did not have enough fuel for the journey. egyptian national ibrahim samaha
6:25 am
was on the plane and was wrongly identified as the hijacker. we want to bring print by kay bailey associates kyl bailey joining us on the phone. it's very much for joining us. cyprus has been little militant committee for a long time, for decades by its proximity to the middle east. what do you make of the situation? >> good morning, maria. first of all, the situation to the 9/11, hijacking an airplane has an uncommon words years ago someone would hijack a plane and that they would land and make demands. after 9/11, the fear is that someone is going to cause lots of jam and an matzo fatalities. it's pretty different now than it was pre-9/11. this ends didn't write here coming in now, i think it is obviously they are paying it is a domestic case or something against the ex-wife. it is not really -- i don't
6:26 am
think it is terrorist related. maria: that is what the president is saying. it is not terrorist related at this point. the airbus flight was hijacked this morning headed from alexandria in egypt to cairo the capitol. apparently we hear the hijacker wanted to go to istanbul. the captain said they did not have enough fuel. at 1:00 p.m. coming egyptair reported 49 people were released. we did see a group of passengers disembarking from the plane and remained for seven people on board right now. dagen: coyote, regardless of what you call it, the fact an individual can get on an airliner at this point in our history and say we are taking this plane to another location in a different country. that again is a giant gap in security, is it not? >> it is a gap in security. egypt is not the united states. egypt actually hired a company called controlled risk after the
6:27 am
metro bombing to reevaluate their security. but you are absolutely right. in other parts of the word such as egypt, this is the big concern. the concern primarily, you know, egypt is doing a fairly good job of passenger security screening. but there's also a bit concerned over employee security. maria: the state department is looking into whether americans were on board the flight. we do know that state department is looking into this. but the president has said this is not terrorism related. what do you make of this? >> you made this point earlier. the inconsistency of information coming out of cyprus is baffling. we don't even know whether he had explosives. we were clearly told the wrong name, the wrong identification of the suspect. we initially heard he has to go to turkey, are we now know ex-wife is in cyprus and that's
6:28 am
clearly the intended destination he had in mind. my concern is how much more we still don't know. to your point earlier, sir, you said how uncommon hijackings were in kind of the following years the 9/11. does that reinforce the idea that this may not be connected to a larger terrorist effort although still terrorism and this is the act frankly of one crazy individual. >> right now it does appear that way and that is my gut feeling as we are still in the early stages. it is one individual and it's not related to an aide says type group. in making claims come as something in regard to the ex-wife beats him to believe or go down the road is not connected to larger groups such as isis. maria: sources telling us the hijacker's name is out then moustapha, an egyptian.
6:29 am
earlier a cabinet spokesperson said that they apologize to dr. ibrahim samaha for his name being mentioned. he's a passenger on the plane. we are covering the story. kyl bailey, thank you are weighing in here. in egypt i hijacker identified as hijacked egypt air as it was headed this morning at about 8:45 a.m. local. it is now in sight race.ov we will be right back.
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breaking news, a hijacked airplane lands in cyprus. i am maria bartiroma, here's what we know, one armed hijacker took control of an egypt air flight this morning that is going from alexandria to the capital of egypt's cairo, was reportedly wearing an explosive belt. among those originally on board ten americans, still held hostage according to egyptian officials, seven people lobbying held hostage including three passengers and four crewmembers. the airbus 320 was hijacked when it was headed from alexandria, egypt, to cairo, the capital. at 1:00 p.m. egypt air reported 49 people were released, then a
6:33 am
group of passengers were seen disembarking from the plane. the latest developments as they are coming in this morning and the race for wisconsin. all the candidates in the badger state and governor scott walker is expected to make his endorsement later this morning. markets little reaction with the news of cypress this morning, european markets are trading fractionally better on session, 60 passengers, 7 crewmembers were on this plane according to egypt air earlier, it landed at the airport in the south of cyprus earlier. take a look at futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages, not a major reaction to this news but some uncertainty and pressure on markets. after we have learned local media reported the motives of the hijacker appear personal. he was asked to contact his ex-wife who lives in cyprus. we know that initially, we are told he wanted to go to istanbul but was told there was not
6:34 am
enough fuel on the plane and demanded to go to cyprus. breaking news, an egyptian air flight has been hijacked in egypt landing in cyprus. john huddy is in jerusalem with the latest the window today. >> reporter: you did highlight the main points and i will add to that civil aviation minister held a press conference earlier to clear up or try to clear up some of the conflicting information and as we obscene in the past in a fast-moving developing fluid story like this, you have a lot of conflicting reports and we have seen that. to be fair to the media some of this information came from egyptian officials and officials in cyprus so now we are starting to get a little bit more of a handle on some of the facts involved. going back to the civil aviation minister in egypt who held a press conference, he said seven
6:35 am
people remain on board this airbus 320, flight 181 egypt air flight 181. four staff, three passengers, the pilots, flight attendant, air marshal and as far as the passengers go he would not give the aviation minister would not give the identities of the passengers, would not say the nationalities of the passengers, we do know american, british citizens, dutch, belgian citizens were on the flight but we don't know, of those three people what nationalities and why it specifically those three passengers were held on board the plane whereas others, most of the others were let off the plane. we have seen the video of people disembarking, walking very calm leon the tarmac, casually to the terminal in cyprus. the hijacker again initially
6:36 am
reports came out pointing to one person, a doctor, of veterinarian medicine, that is not the guy. now egyptian officials are putting out another name, mus f mustafa a person with jewel american egyptian citizenship as initially reported or put out by egyptian officials. as far as why he hijacked the plane, he said he had an explosive belt on, demanded according to earlier reports to go to istanbul instead. the plane landed in cyprus. cyprus's president said this is not terrorism related. it may be personal and have to do with his ex-wife. we are waiting for official confirmation on that. we are working on that on our end of course. seven people remain on board
6:37 am
flight 181, egypt air flight 181, four staff, three passengers, very fluid fast-moving story. if we get any more information we will have it. marymac thank you very much, we are waiting on any news the flight is on the tarmac in cyprus airport, seven people still on board including three passengers, four crewmembers. the hijacker has claimed to have an explosive belt, diverted a commercial jet holding seven people hostage over what appears to be a personal matter involving a woman. this is from authorities. egypt air flight m s 181 was on route from the egyptian city of alexandria to cairo when one of the passengers aboard ordered the plane to land in istanbul or cyprus. want to bring in aviation security analyst mike boyd who joins us on the phone. thanks very much for joining us. your observations on this developing story.
6:38 am
>> looks again like kind of a plain vanilla hijacking with some crazy person. that doesn't mean some bad things can happen but shows the failure of egyptian airport security and we need to be aware of that. marymac failure of security for sure given the fact that he is claiming to have an explosive bolts on. how is it possible that this person is on the flight right now holding seven people with an explosive belt, the fact that he just got through security needed? >> egypt has been under scrutiny since the downing of that russian airliner a year or so ago. the reality is this was a domestic flight and as i mentioned before this enhances the idea that maybe security was very lapsed going from alexandria clearly, able to manipulate the system and it makes us all feel insecure. i mentioned before about the capital, carol schaefer
6:39 am
mentioning what isis and other terrorists learn when the steps of incidents, it is frightening when you think about how easily you can get back to this time where hijackings were more common free 9/11 as instruments of proliferating terror. daymac egypt as one of our previous guests was talking the bout, control risks late last year to beef up security or look at security at airports, have they changed anything in recent months or is it still kind of your typical consultancy going on in egypt? do you know of anything they have done to beef up security because their tourism business took such a horrible hit after the russian jetliner crashed, a double-digit decline in tourism for egypt from the previous year. >> something like this can happen at a secondary airport like alexandria. is clear they have done a very good job of talking but not very
6:40 am
good job of doing anything. this is a relatively simple screening operation that failed. whatever they said doesn't make a lot of difference. it didn't do anything. daymac right now you have got authority saying the reality is we have a hijacker on board the plane, we are not sure whether what he has are true but we are dealing with as a real threat so in other words they are questioning whether or not he has that explosives belt on that he says he is wearing. >> i would think the crew would know something, have syndication. if it was a couple pillows they would be doing something bad memories be something that would indicate he has something that can do bad things as a result of that. that is why we have the stand off. they're trying to talk him off as it were and gently get him to come down, let him know everything will be ok, 30 years in prison or something but
6:41 am
everything will be ok, come on of of the airplane, the fact that he got on is the problem. marymac thank you for weighing in. mike. aviation analyst, we're three hours into this plane having landed in cyprus this morning as we have been telling you. the breaking news of the moment the hijacker claimed to have an explosive belt, diverted a commercial jet. he is now holding seven people hostage on board the plane over what appears to be a personal matter involving a woman. this is from authorities, this is egypt air, the jet hijacked by mustafa, diverted to cyprus. the manhunt for the third out belgium airport bomber is back on after officials released a man they suspect of being the man in white from lack of evidence. we have the latest on the brussels care attack investigation as well. we will be right back.
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marymac if you are just joining us we have breaking news, an egyptian air flight has been hijacked on route to cairo carrying at least ten americans. the plain has made an emergency landing in cyprus for negotiations with the hijacker. right now seven passengers and crew remain on board along with hijacker. three passengers and four crewmembers. according to the plane's pilot baja hijacker is, quote, strapped with explosives. ted purdy of officials are tweeting the name of who they believe is the hijacker. he is safe mustafa. a passenger was wrongly identified. we are following the latest
6:46 am
development as the situation continues. we are watching that plane on the tarmac with those seven people on board. we bring you the latest as it becomes available. new developments this morning in the brussels bombing. cheryl casone in that story. chermac a manhunt for the third belgium airport bomber is back on after officials released a man they suspected of being the man in white for lack of evidence. new video shows that man casually wheeling a trolly to the departure lounge at the belgian airport, containing a large nail bomb that was the biggest of the three explosive devices which investigators revealed they may have counted gloves belong to the attack is on a bus that left the airport shortly after the bombing. also this. a massive fire hitting two high-rise towers in the united arab emirates, this video shows flames spreading up the side of the buildings near dubai, treated for breathing problems and minor injuries, three month after a large fire in a 63 story
6:47 am
hotel. finally, matt stock help was forced to shut down significant parts of its operations, the company runs ten hospitals as a virus prevents users from logging into the system and that virus has affected georgetown university hospital and other medical offices in the region. the fbi telling is aware of that incident, they looking into the nature and scope of the situation. marymac thank you. we are following a hijack situation, a hijacked plane on the runway in cyprus with a seven passengers, three passengers and four board group members still being held hostage, seven people on board. we have the latest on this horrifying standoff coming up next. the countdown to wisconsin is on, candidates making their final push for voters, we are looking at what social media is saying about the outcome. stay with us, busy morning. we have all the developing news.
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marymac we are following breaking news in aged, a flight has been hijacked on route to cairo carrying out these ten americans with the plane made an emergency landing in cyprus for negotiations with the hijacker. highjacker claiming to have an explosive belt, he diverted this commercial flight, now seven people are on board and that includes three passengers and four crew members. according to the plane's pilot the hijacker is, quote, strapped with explosives blew supreme officials are tweeting the name of the person they believe is
6:52 am
the hijacker and that is safe eldon mustafa. there apologizing to another man who was wrongly identified earlier. he was a passenger. we are covering the latest developments as the situation continues to move forward. wisconsin governor scott walker is set to announce his endorsement for the republican nomination the decision one week before the wisconsin primary. report say walker has narrowed his choice and the two candidate, ted cruz and ohio governor john kasich. joining me is political strategist and former hillary clinton pollster, good to see you, thank you for joining us. you have data this morning predicting who will win in wisconsin. >> i don't know if it will say who will win but in this social media election is all about the hits. in wisconsin it is all about trump. he is dominating all social media. he is almost two times as much conversation about donald trump
6:53 am
as ted cruz. this election has not turned into donald trump versus ted cruz, is just trump versus from. of the conversation going on is are you for trump or against trump. there's no conversation about ted cruz vegan ted cruz just talked about that he is not donald trump. the whole conversation in the state has become that. marymac that his in the case throughout this entire election season. trump has been riding the narrative. everyone is talking about his narrative. when you think about the fact that he throws a bomb, says one thing and all the candidates are talking about it. >> he is a master of modern communication which is not why he is dominating earned media to the degree he has that social media. i also think he has a finger on the pulse in a way, this is the trump appeal as explained by his supporters to the population in a regard that most politicians undecided completely failed. not only is he able to gain
6:54 am
attention because he understands how to work the media. he is a media star, he also understands the issues that galvanized and to move people. talks about them in the kind of language that gets response. >> i think to do the social media analytics, hash tag sex scandals dick ted cruz said donald trump who has been able to get through every scandal all of a sudden ted cruz at negative sentiment in wisconsin is up and the sex scandal is sticking to him. trump has his finger on the balls, he nails in issuing its sixth opponent when they wash over him in a way i have never seen. it looks like that third world election where you want to dump chavez, you want to dump trump. that is what this campaign has become and writing donald trump
6:55 am
is going to make his case for why he wants to be elected and he has a very real chance to get over that 50% threshold. that is what this -- daymac in wisconsin. but he hasn't changed his game plan at all. at some point at do you need to appear that you're capable of leading the country? ted cruz and donald trump hand in hand walked into the morass last week. >> this is a referendum of trump, not from, he has to prove he is from, and make america great again, go to policies he has been talking about and that is what this election has become. we are talking about wisconsin, in wisconsin -- >> this has gone on nationally. the more established republicans and democrats pound on him the more the general public supports donald trump. he is using the establishment of both parties, democrat and
6:56 am
republican, rank-and-file people. marymac when you look at the general peter trails behind hillary clinton. >> as i said to you when we get to the general, i am happy to talk about the general. right now we are in primary states and going one by one. >> you are saying whatever he does and says last week tour right now is irrelevant in how people feel about him come november. >> we all know. marymac i disagree with that. need your data is different than that, but i have private conversations with major republicans every day saying i don't know if i can get behind this guy. they are already having that conversation. >> if it is referendum vote he is losing the referendum when you combine with ted cruz and john kasich getting jointly. if this becomes a two man race
6:57 am
which is unlikely at this case, if john kasich was going to drop out he would have done already but does he lose the referendum? >> that is what we're looking at. all weekend i was shocked how much conversation there was about from. is a referendum vote and we will see, there's a week ago, he has to make his case. even in milwaukee and madison they're looking differently, milwaukee is looking like trump account, madison -- that is the level we have to now go in and see what is going to happen. when trump gets into this state we will see how the conversation goes that ted cruz is not making his case and the republican establishment is being disingenuous getting by candidate that voters are not stupid, they know they would not support from. marymac we will be right back with a breaking news.
6:58 am
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bend me shape me, any way you want me... shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. we are covering breaking news this morning, a hijacked airplane lands in cyprus. i am maria bartiroma. if you are just joining us, at least one armed hijacker took control of an egypt air flight which was heading from alexandria to cairo, wearing an explosive belt. ten americans, we are still looking at hostages according to egyptian officials, there are seven people being held hostage right now including three passengers and four crewmembers. we will bring you the latest
7:01 am
developments as they come in which we are following the release for wisconsin. all the candidates are in the badger state. scott walker is expected to make his endorsement later this morning. and type from protests are renting out, and demonstrators occupying a hotel outside madison, wisconsin. we will take you there live later this hour. the battle between apple and the fbi is officially over. that justice department dropping its case against the technology giant, the government has packed into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. turning to markets, little reaction to the news, european markets are mixed, the s&p 100, the cac quarante is up a fraction. in the u.s. futures point to a lower open this morning with the dow jones industrial average expected to open down 50 points, nasa and the s&p 500 in a read this morning.
7:02 am
kissimee this morning dagen mcdowell and dominic. we want to bring in steve forbes, obviously we are covering breaking news, a hijacker claimed to have an explosive belt, holding seven people hostage on the at 14. authority still as it could be a personal matter. the president him adhesive and intimate and made a point steve forbes is saying that it is not terrorism. >> it may not be terrorism but it is a huge breach of security. half the he get on the plane? he would be profiled. we would be looking at his behavior. is not terrorism per se "cavuto coast to coast" is typical of the president trying to downplay everything. that reach of security makes me feel the world is still spinning out of control. maria: do you think this will impact the presidential race?
7:03 am
>> security is on a major issue. people don't feel the government has the situation in hand, another presidential debate will be up there. what you going to do about it? maria: cyprus state television reporting hijackers asking for the release of prisoners in egypt. they were quick to come out saying this was not terrorism. we are getting these headlines that meet you question what these motives really are. dagen: not necessarily the news agencies, the reporting is all over the place. he was egyptian american, then they got the man's name wrong, at this point -- not saying anderson of news is good in these situations, we got so used to minute by minute updates about the information but to steve's point that russian jetliner crashed in the sy just last october and egypt has been
7:04 am
grappling with a dramatic drop in its tourism business and even higher control risk that end of last year to do security analysis at its major airports so i don't know how egypt recovers from this. let's hope it ends well, but this would not have happened -- maria: that is the point you made in terms of israel. how is it possible egypt late and s 181 was on route from the egyptian city of alexandria to cairo with one of the passengers on board making demands to land the plane demanding that the plane land in istanbul or cyprus according to the airline, the captain told this individual there was not enough fuel to go to istanbul and they were diverted to so -- cyprus. >> confirmed that he is making these political demands clearly you have to revisit the claim
7:05 am
that this is part of a larger terrorist motivation. you make a point reinforced by dagen mcdowell that when you look is relentless is around the world where they get it right, the fact the we don't replicate these policies, talking frankly about some sort of fair way to profiles certain behavior is in passengers of jetliners. applying to the current presidential situation, donald trump sometimes resonates with people because he seems to break through the politically correct language and get to the heart of matters through common sense. >> if you are having a casual conversation with somebody those of the words you would hear, that is what people want now because the exact opposite we get from the white house which pretends things we know are absolutely false. why don't they acknowledge what it is? why aren't they stepping up security? to say it is not existential threat the president does, people are worried about that.
7:06 am
in the case of egypt, who knows what his motivations were, they're in a virtual civil war. the more these terrorists and their allies undermine that egyptian economy, at saudi arabia is keeping the economy from collapsing, saudi arabia is under intense pressure because of the collapse of oil prices. it is a dangerous situation in the middle east. when donald trump says he will kick butt what are we waiting for? is staring us in the face. why don't we get it? maria: even though we don't have a lot of specifics in terms of what policy he would pursue people like the idea he is a tough guy who will protect america. >> and crazy things like notifying truckdrivers we are going to on your truck, please get out the we don't want too much oil to burn because it might pollute the environment,
7:07 am
people go crazy over that. >> i speak to 20 or 30 clients a day, at the scene to end -- at least he is not a politician. they like it he says -- i inert and agree with what he says but the average person on the street lights me, throws it out and is what it is, whether it comes off proper, politically correct or not. maria: wisconsin critical for these candidates, what you expecting out of wisconsin? >> scott walker will go all-out to defeat donald trump. he has never gotten over those unions so this is payback. they will do everything they can in that state and looks like they can't live off. most of the delegates, three congressional district whether they might win, statewide the board of delegates will go to ted cruz and the other five, if donald trump wins wisconsin it is over. if ted cruz wins wisconsin than
7:08 am
you have a real horse race in terms of keeping donald from getting that threshold of 1237. ma wisconsin is over, you expect him to get the number of delegates needed before the convention? >> if they can't stop donald in wisconsin, you are down to 1.5 candidates for 1-1/4 candidate opposing him, he will do well in new york and make a good showing in pennsylvania, wisconsin they have to show outside the south southwest ted cruz can win, this is a must win for him. maria: a contest to come and easy wins for trump. >> the mac favors him. the upper midwest and east coast. dagen: have been to california though. >> in terms of wisconsin, ted cruz demonstrates, outside the south southwest, he can win some congressional districts in new york, pennsylvania is an odd thing where delegates are not found, 54 are not found by who wins the primary so if ted cruz
7:09 am
does well in pennsylvania they will say trump has peaked. new york is essential but wisconsin is critical. if you are going to stop trump you got to do it there. otherwise i don't care what the matter is, game over. maria: steve forbes joining us, we are following the latest developments out of cyprus as we have been reporting, egypt air flight and as 181 on route from alexandria to cairo, one of the passengers ordered the plane to land either in istanbul or cyprus according to the airline's. i want to bring in wall street journal senior aerospace editor robert walsh from london. thanks for joining the conversation. your observations on today's happens? >> a lot of questions obviously about how this could happen, at the top of the hour egyptian airport security very much and focus the last few months, a
7:10 am
potential issue again, questions of how did i get on board and what if any weapons did he bring on board to undertake this hijacking. maria: the question around this belt he is claiming to be wearing, and explosives belt is why we are following seven people on board, still being held hostage on that flight, on the tarmac, the majority of passengers were released soon after winding but as we have been reporting, three passengers and four crewmembers were indeed on that flight. let me ask you about some of these headlines coming out in terms of what the hijacker once because there is one report that is saying he is asking for prisoners to be released and yet the president earlier came out and told us this is not terrorism related.
7:11 am
>> one of the problems is breaking situations so many conflicting reports, my gut feeling to some extent is the comment is not terrorism related. in the last few months, just a week ago to brussels, this is not the kind of terrorist attack we are thinking of when we think of groups like isis, and what the president was referring to. is he making demands, what exactly they are, there were reports coming out of the region, a political report, it is unclear, the point he was trying to make, we don't think this was an isolated type incident. maria: we are watching videos of passengers disembarking, most of the passengers disembarking from the plane and going back to the airport. as we had been reporting the
7:12 am
majority of passengers were released, leaving all but seven people on board, three passengers, four crew members still on board with the hijacker. this is an airbus 8320 which landed at 7:50 a.m. local time. we have several hours into this situation and there are seven people on board with this hijacker including three passengers. what should we be looking for in terms of news coming indications of motives. >> what we have to see now is how it settles down. the passengers were on board in a large number so now, we have a bit of a pause where things -- things are settling down. we will get a clear idea if there are any real demand and
7:13 am
then the situation will crystallize on what needs to be done in terms of negotiation, or where this goes in the next few hours but you know yourself these are silly things and we are in the early hours of this. maria: robert wallace from the wall street journal in london, we will be right back. ng to wrae a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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7:15 am
maria: scott walker about to announce his endorsement for the nomination one week before the primary.
7:16 am
jeff flock is in milwaukee with the latest from the campaign trail. jeff: coming from the historic spitzer hotel where governor john kasich is staying but the headline is scott walker this morning, almost assuredly to endorse ted cruz, no love lost between the governor and donald trump. he will do this on a radio program this morning that donald trump appeared on yesterday. the pot in a conservative radio host has been relentless in his criticism of donald trump and scott walker on that program today will endorse ted cruz in an attempt to stop the gop front runner. speaking of the gop front runner two big events for donald trump, tonight in wisconsin, first in janesville where things got started early, yesterday six protesters arrested at a holiday inn express ready staged a sit-in in protest to shut the
7:17 am
event down, 8 from rally, speaker of the house, paul wright's district. and we are 100 miles from chicago. and and will be easier -- this is a new hash tag trending on social media. african-americans, bernie cannot seem to get any traction -- >> bernie makes me white.
7:18 am
>> dropping the legal action that would force apple to break into the iphone of the san bernardino wrote shooter. this past apple, liz macdonald is there with that story. liz: a three sentence filing, we don't need apple's help, reportedly, a mysterious third party, one method theorizes a copy the memory of what was on the phone and brute force acting to that. here is what we are hearing, new developments, apple continuously said we want to find out from the government, get evidence for getting into the phone.
7:19 am
a little known rule that was passed the 2 years ago the obama administration says if the government finds a security flaw in any device or software, they have to tell the company about it and there's a specific timeframe they have to do it. apple is saying we have a constitutional right not to help the government but the government as to help us fix our security flaw. >> and pack the phone again. dagen: you won't help them fix the flaw because the need to fly in need to get into the phone because apple won't help them even in the east of a terrorist, won't held justice get into a phone. >> there's brand reputation, someone can get into the phone. and until last night, this case should never have been brought.
7:20 am
you got into the phone and this is massive security that always brand reputation, this is not over, could get worse and the fbi could continue to go into court and say we want court orders to get into these funds. dagen: apple is making their phone and a cloud, it wants to make the cloud more heavily encrusted so apple cannot -- get access to your cloud information. its phones were impenetrable even with its own health. >> they were saying we want to go to court and take evidence from the fbi and understand what they're looking at. maria: any information in terms of how they hacked into the phone? >> we only have theories, and the fbi doesn't have to share it unless apple plays hardball and lobby groups in washington d.c. siding with apple's saying you
7:21 am
can go into the government according to the obama administration rule which connected the virus tell us how to get in. maria: stress and american airlines co-pilot charge with operating an aircraft without the agenda the influence next. ♪
7:22 am
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show show me more like this.ns. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. maria: a convicted murderer back behind bars, cheryl casone has that. cheryl: john lowdive was captured without and since after being on a run for 25 hours. he is serving 18 years to life for killing the 26-year-old woman, no details on how he was able to escape. issuing at the u.s. capitol. i-man shot and wounded by
7:25 am
police, at the visitor's center. 56-year-old larry dr. oz and in tennessee said to be in critical but stable condition, he was previously known to police last october. he was arrested for disrupting health proceedings. 84 suffer a minor injury to her leg during that incident. finally this. and american airlines co-pilot suspected of being drunk on the job has been charged with operating an aircraft under the influence which an airport spokesman says the man was detains saturday had the detour at metropolitan airport. police said sobriety tests said the co-pilot was over the blood alcohol content level for operating antiaircraft, and if a regulations a pilots cannot fly and the influence of drugs leven when i was a flight attendant along time ago we were drug and alcohol tested, he thought he could get away with it. maria: how often are the drug
7:26 am
testings? cheryl: is always rent them but it could be once every six months for an individual but you never know they could get you coming on the plane or off of the police you could be out boozing it on the night before indeed legally drunk the next morning. maria: do you believe this story? dagen: said lead yes. it is incredible, random checks are not catching it. >> wasn't a couple tea estate agents going through security? dagen: a lot of times that is the best way to catch someone intoxicated, prescription medication, if somebody sees you. you shouldn't be in the cockpit. maria: we are covering a number of story lines, a hostage situation in cyprus still underway. we are following the latest as negotiators a scrambling, seven
7:27 am
people on board that plane after it was hijacked and forced to lend in cyprus lose the battle for wisconsin is heating up. governor scott walker expected to announce his endorsement later this morning. who will that be? we will take a look. back in a minute. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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7:29 am
. . maria: good morning breaking news in morning, a hijacked airplanelands in cyprus i am maria bartiromo thanks for joining us, if you are joining us, lets tell you what we know
7:30 am
right now at least one armed hijacker has taken control of egypt air flooist from alexandria to cairo. >> reportedly wearing an explosive belt -- 10 americans reportedly on flight seven people including three passengers still being held on the plane, cypriot officials say negotiations with hijacker ongoing we will bring the latest as they come in, following race for wisconsin all candidacy in the badger state, the governor, former "good day" skwot scocode sectio section to geoff aipt trump protesters ramping up demonstrators occupying the hotel outside of madison former presidential candidate herman cain will weigh in battle between apple and fbi effectively over the justice department dropped its case against apple the government tapped into iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters on its own, markets this morning,
7:31 am
little reaction to the news out of cyprus hijacked airplane european market edging mixed as you can see there with ft dax down cac quarante up, in u.s. futures are indicating a lower opening this morning, take a look, we are expecting to dow jones industrial average to open down 60 points this is basically the lows of the morning. >> breaking news right now, egyptian ire flight hijacked in egypt, landing in krooips fox news john huddy in you jerusalem with more. >> good morning. reporter: good morning, we just saw video, and i believe we have the video, so if we do, maybe we can roll it, of somebody climbing out of what appears to be the cockpit of that plane. possibly a crew member. that is not confirmed we are seeing we have seen video a couple minutes before we went live here somebody climbing out of the cockpit, of that plane. that, of course, has been
7:32 am
hijacked and that is 181 egyptair, plane, not injury exactly who that person is but clearly somebody trying to get away, from the plane. there has been a lot of convictinging reports certainly the story continues to get more bizarre, we need to be careful, because we don't want to speculate too much often what happens in fast-moving story some information is accurate some inaccurate, that has been the case here we do know that egypt civil yaifrgs minutes had a press conference earlier said seven people remain onboard that flight onboard the plane, that apparently is not -- well clearly, one person getting out of the plane now that about number has been reduced presumably by one person their initially though was he said four staff three passengers. again, whether that person if that person was staff member a flight attendant a pilot, a captain, a copilot or one of the passengers, remains
7:33 am
unclear somebody based on what we just saw the video coming in, climbed out of what appeared to be the cockpit jumped down and ran. from the plane, on the tarmac, so waiting for more information about who exactly that person is, we do know, that there were a number of foreign na nationals on flight many egyptians we know americans, brish citizens dutch, alibied belgium own that flight as well we are not sure zillion who remains, again video of somebody jumping out climbing from cockpit presumably jumping on tarmac running away, earlier, there we were getting reports about the person's name that has changed, his name now according to officials is the hijacker seif el din mustafa an egyptian national earlier we were given the wrong name
7:34 am
by egyptian officials, that it was you know, the other person's name we got turns out to be a passenger. as far as what actually transpired this flight took off from alexandria giant this morning en route to cairo midway through maria the hijacker said that he had an explosive belt on, and according to officials earlier, demanded to go to istanbul, or instead the plane landed in larnaca cyprus, whether is balance was deed lack location or not remains unconfirmed but there is also details report that came out, not long ago, from egyptian officials, cypriot officials say hijacker demanded release of female prisoners in egypt, again, it is a fast-moving story, details continue to change, but clearly somebody jvrnd out of that climbed out of the cockpit, jumped out of the tarmac, and ran away, so, the story continues to unfold
7:35 am
the drama continues, very much so maria. maria: we are watching we are watching pictures, right now, and -- authorities have identified that hijacker as you just said, and are also talking about the fact that there are still people on the plane, being held but we did see pictures of someone coming out of the cockpit three formed people running out of that -- that flight as well, we are waiting for lawmakers the authorities, to give us confirmation in terms of how it is look at the shot of them climbing out of the cockpit. >> right. and, again, this is just coming in. you you know your detailing i was not seen that video, of course, looking at it now so clearly people are trying to get out of that plane what is transpiring onboard the big question whether the. >> hacker is being overtaken
7:36 am
by people by crew by passengers that is unclear, initially we were told that seven people were onboard that flight four staff three passengers obviously people are escaping jumping out of the cockpit, what appears to be, as you just mentioned, as i am seeing, some of the people in what looks like crew forms uniformness whether or not the hijacker was overtaken by people onboard remains unclear, i said that he had an explosive belt on. that is being taken seriously, whether or not he did or does or not. is unclear. but, of course, officials will also a take that seriously, and this continues to develop obviously, based on the video and images that we are seeing. maria: absolutely thank you very much john huddy owing there there is airbus 320 had at least 81 people onboard, when it was diverted and hijacked now we are talking about a handful of people left on the plane works the
7:37 am
hijacker you have we know following pictures, we just saw someone climb out of the cockpit. we are waiting for the o authorities to tell us the names of the people who are managing to escape, the last record we have is that seven people are still held hostage on that plane with hijacker that includes, three passengers, four crew members, but does appear obviously that man just climbed out of the cockpit, and is now running from the scene, joining us right now is fbi hostage rescue team creator former commander coney colson danny as you very much for joining the conversation tell us where this investigation heads now. . on the phone: first of all, should have tried to find out where he spent last night. they want to go to his residence see if bomb making material there any indication he in fact has a bomb they want to review the security tapes when he came through security, to see what they can find out there. it is it is really good, that people are coming out, that
7:38 am
gives you hope, that either he is inattentive or decided to give whole thing up a positive thing. i am sure that counterterrorism from that point of the world pk deployed there in today is at a tactical resolution hopefully not i think he will walk out we can all o go about business i just don't see him detonating a bomb here. maria: let's talk about this explosive belt, that the hijacker is threatening that he will set off, what would be the course of action from fbi standpoint, to identify whether or not that is true? this explosive belt? without actually there can? oppon a little difficult but they can do it get a lot of information like i said, if they can search his apartment his house, to see if there is any reminants batteries wires any chemicals that could have been used to make components of the bomb if they fisomething that is the scaring i think they won't find anything the
7:39 am
other thing people through security look at security tapes, what was did he meaner what did they see go from there there are ways to resolve these things one thing we have to keep that in mind in we talk about these i did one, office he remember previous campaign, was taken hauj i did commentary on that hostage taker -- that is probably not going to happen here in future that is that is always a consideration, make comments probably talking to hijacker. >> we know the president of cyprus came out earlier, to assure the nation that in fact this was not terrorism, issue. dagen: when i look at a plane hijacking i think that is terrorism, but -- >> right. >>. on the phone: it is really not it is terrifying it is scary but not terrorism he doesn't meet defgs of a terrorist based on what he is asking for i don't think
7:40 am
remember we had a lot of hijacks under investigation the world by did he meptd or derangeed people i handled some of those nothing to do with terrorists but right about that it doesn't matter if we're going to have, have the consequences of loss of life just as important whether it is he an individual or a terrorist it really doesn't matter the way you resolve it may be different the way you negotiate it. but 3w4r50ibottom line a crime terrorism is a crime -- would it be free speech. >> you talk about getting to suspect's apartment seeing that there is bomb-making material there, looking at surveillance footage of him when he was in airport, we are very quick here in united states in terms of law enforcement, and the intelligence community but how rapidly if you know, in egypt or even in cyprus can authorities there snanthonnan great question i will tell you fbi legal attachés pretty much around the world i am sure
7:41 am
working closely with egyptian authorities fbi has a great deal of experience in these things they can move very quickly, i think severe somewhat spoiled, by the quality of law enforcement, not just fbi but local law enforcement, and in our country, in fact, other countries don't move that quickly, as aside, egyptian counter activist tooem tried to rescue egyptian airliner in 80s, killed more hostages than terrorists did burned plane to the ground it was a disaster. is to, again, we are little spoiled, we have the best and i hope people are up to it. >> we certainly do have the best thank you very much we appreciate insights danny colson from fbi there coming up next belgian police recessing a suspect in the brussels attack thought to be the third bomber, wait until you hear why they let him go. we will get that next. stay with us.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
scott set to announce endorsement for the republican nomination today the decision, of course, one week before byes primarily reports say that walker has narrowed his choice down to two candidacy, texas senator ted cruz ohio governor john kasich bring in former republican presidential candidate news correspondent herman cain good to see you again thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you good morning. >> how important is scott walker's endorsement, interesting that he is narrowing it down to two candidacy, everybody except donald trump. >> i don't think it is going to be that impact full all you have to do is look at while in the race, he never got out of the single digits, i think the impact going to be sim to jeb bush making an endorsement, and the thing is it might impact a few people, but since they didn't have and he didn't have a large following, i don't think it is going to be a big impact at all it will be a headlined for a few seconds. maria: how do you see this playing out at this point do you think trump gets nomination? >> i believe there is a chance
7:46 am
that trump will go to the convention, with 1237 delegates the amount you need in order to get the nomination on the first ballot. the anti-trump movement wants people to believe that he is going to come up short. the anti-trump movement want people to believe that there is going to be chaos at the convention they are doing everything that they can, to try and scare people from voting from voting for trump. if not working maria, so a good chance if you look at the upcoming wisconsin primary you look at the big state like new york, california, well, wisconsin trump is essentially tied, with ted cruz but has a big lead in the polls in new york, a trend, a lead in california, a trend, i think there is a good chance he might capture the necessary delegates in order to get the nomination. >> mr. caine beyond headlined of potential endorsement by scott walker isn't there value
7:47 am
particularly in his organization grassroots organization that state backing a candidate obviously a non-trump candidate, remember he ran three statewide campaigns successfully i don't want sought of a lot of opposition while i agree with you generally endorsements have not meant very much in this grass roouts state literal congressional district by congressional district in these primaries, don't you think that there can be some added weight to ted cruz if he is truly as close to donald trump in wisconsin as some polling indicates? >> i would agree with you from that perspective, you are absolutely right. because since -- since he has been successful scott walker has been success in wisconsin so many times against opposition will matter more in wisconsin than probably any other states you are absolutely right on that scomrient dagen. dagen: herman do you think, i have raised this issue i have
7:48 am
heard trainoutrage from trump supports at some point before he potentially clinches 1237 in delegates he do he is need to change posture start peeling to people maybe don't vote in primaries out on the fence whether they are getting behind him in november. >> the answer is absolutely yes. because what he is up against dagen as you know is some people in the media who are only spoon feeding the negatives of donald trump, negative impact in perception in the black community, with women, with young people, that is because his message is not getting through. so he has to change what he says the beginning of a press conference, he has got to change that did he meaner to make sure that more of the substance what he is about gets through yes for that purpose, he definitely needs to make some adjustments in that regard. maria: what about all these protesters you thought
7:49 am
thousands expected to the arrangement donald trump ahead of his rally. >> yes. maria: this evening. in wisconsin. what is your take on this mr. kaine. >> my take simply, you got the anti-trump movement that is composed of democrats, composed of establishment republicans and it has some people out there that want america to stay where it is, or go backwards. all they are doing at this point is they are trying to disrupt the trump momentum. they couldn't stop trump in florida, spending 30 million dollars in advertising, that was wasted, to try to get people to vote for somebody else they can't stop trump with -- >> for a second, the narrative once you get the nomination he will change going to have a different storiline is he capable of changing? we hear almost daily basis yet he comes back to the same narrative same story, that basically, was -- on the very first day of this run, is he
7:50 am
capable of changing. >> i think he is capable of changing keep this in mind pep ace attacked on daily basis from multipull sources would i be same pay if you are going to attack me every day i am going to counterattack that is what he is doing i don't think he is incable of changing he has not been given the opportunity to change relative to the point about all attacks from all the vary sources all the attacks, at his rallies i call it political noise they hadn't been able to stop him with claims like, where are his details and specifics he has got plenty of specifics on this is web site! but that doesn't come through. and people refuse to go and look up some of those details. maria: one of the reasons the establishment is uncomfortable they don't think he can beat hillary clinton. >> which also is a fall ofs navigator maria with all due respect. >> i have gone back and poll
7:51 am
some of these polls clinton vvrz trump there is a trend in one of them the fox news poll, it shows trump beating clinton another one shows clinton beating trump so i am sailing -- >> you think he could be victorious in general, hermherman also a a american to see you we've got breaking news. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,
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7:54 am
. maria: breaking news out of cyprus the cyprus minister of foreign affairs reporting the hostage crisis is over. the hijacker has been arrested, and those being held been let go, north korea a missile again a details right now. cheryl: we are following some big news alerts that are happening right now as well maria this morning including this, south korean military, saying the north has launched
7:55 am
a short-range missile on its east coast. flew 125 mile before crashing into land, this is response to ongoing military exercises between united states and a south korea president obama plans to meet to discuss north korea proactive action. >> manhunt for third airport bomber on after officials released the man expected being man in white for lack of evidence we showed you that video yesterday new video showing him casually wheeling a trolley through the airport last why week that contained a mail bomb that was the biggest of the three explosives devices investigators also he revealing may have founded gloves after the boggles. >>c governor jerry brown announcing a deal to raise state minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022, this is going to increase the wages of more
7:56 am
than 40% of the states workforce proposal headed to statewide referendum, expected torin approval in the state assembly not without controversy, many california businesses said they can't afford this, it will put them out of business. back to you. maria: thank you very much, we are getting breaking developments on this will hijacked plane as we reported officials sources, at egyptair are declaring the release of all hostages the arrest of the hijacker arrested, and as you can see you are looking at people climbing out of the cockpit there all of the hijackers had been released we've got more on this developing story, as we continue stay with us on this. [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
7:57 am
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so you can try it risk-free!! call or visit and use promo code freeship. that's maria: good morning, wild morning this morning, i am maria bartiromo. if you are joining us, here no i your top stories 8:00om on east coast, we are following the breaking developments out of cyprus this morning, the man who hijacked egyptair flight has reportedly been arrested, he is in police custody, the plane was supposed to go from alexandria to kooiro in last 30 minutes we saw people leaving the jet, from the stairdz and through cockpit running from the jet. we are following the races for wisconsin this morning, all candidacy are in the badger state right now, governor scott scott is expected to make his endorsement, later this morning, plus appetite trump every protesters ramping up demonstrators occupying the hotel outside of madison wisconsin we take you there
8:00 am
live. >> battle between apple and fbi over justice department dropped case against apple the government hacked into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters without apple. markets this morning expected to openly lower futures caught a lower opening for the broader averages, we are near the lows of the morning, as markets have seen some reaction to the news out of cyprus joining me this morning for the morning fox business network dagen mcdowell fox news contributor tony fayed, financial dominic with us this morning, and we've had quite the morning of breaking news, xrierps ministry foreign affairs saying the hostage crisis is over hijacker in police custody has been rested, joining me right now intelligence operator fox news correspondent lea gabrielle thank you for joining us a news packed morning this morning your observations first, on this hijacker demanding flight land in cairo.
8:01 am
>> as former navy pilot. >> going to kooiro was demanded to land in cyprus. >> reports originally they hijacker wanted to go to turkey first thing comes to mind person flying that airplane the crew wants to deescalate the situation. if you were a pilot onboard the type of aircraft you have more than at least 80 people onboard, you don't know if this person actually does have explosives on them, all that you know is what they claim, if you are not explosive expert you are not able to tell if they have that kind of material you want to deescalate put the plane down somewhere you want to get the experts who can negotiate with the person, speaking with that person, to try to deescalate get the passengers safely off the airplane, at this point looks like, that was executed. maria: i want to ask you a question. dagen: isn't it possible if you are flying egyptair jet,
8:02 am
and you are within and your destination is somewhere else in the country, could you fly to that location land how would the hijackr know where you are? >> you know it would be easier to keep the jet in the country, because you are dealing with the same nations law enforcement about officials. >> i don't know if a way that is a o good question that depends on level of sxrooez hijacker has we look at 9/11 what happened hijackers had flight training experience, and this situation, we don't know yet if hijacker made into it the cockpit as pilot you want to keep that person out of the cockpit if you possibly could, you know, now as many cases most cases there are lots locked cockpit doors high being gentlemaners can't get in keeping the pilot in control of the aircraft, it is about de-escalateing the situation do you go what you can to protect passengers if person is showing behavior would indicate they are going to blow something up, in you don't go to certain location, and they are showing
8:03 am
indications they don't believe you are going where they are telling you to go, it is about did he escalating getting plane on the ground the other mind to keep in mind more road communicating more hints to people on the ground what is going on in cockpit if you are going out of the country you have to make you know certain radio calls going to have to that would certainly flag people on the ground that something is going on being, of course, kaiksz cockpit you can let people on the ground no transponder a code plane has been hijacked information game when something like this happens you want as much information to authorities on the ground, so people experts for example u.s. -- hostage kwu team whos tainl negotiations local law enforcement deal with how large negotiating have most information so they can figure out what it is going to take for this person, who hijacked plane to let people off safely. >> plane on the ground has to make a huge difference in survivability of passengers. >>ks once that plane on the
8:04 am
ground no i we work with things once a line of communications in, we can start finding out, now an important thing to note here is we are talking about security, and airport security we don't know, at this point what this person actually had on them, as the pilot you have to assume the worst-case scenario you have to assume that there that there is threats legitimate but at this point we don't know if this person has something looks like explosives or if they actually had explosives. the material itself is what needs to be determined, and bomb experts are the ones able to do that. maria: this is coming right off brussels, obviously, few months after paris, that is why the president of cyprus came out as soon as possible telling us this was not terrorism related, however, he is making demands according to reports like let prisoners go, you know, things that would lead one to believe that he is tier rooidzi terrorizing people. >> terrorism to fwool to strike terror in the hearts of
8:05 am
people a terrorist has done their job accomplished their mission when they are making us scared to go about living our lives this way we do it normally terrorists want democrat massive explosions they want things that or going to strike terror at home so in this particular case people start talking it could be a scared terrorist somebody intended to accomplish that goal, but then came scared did iing i don't want to die start negotiated you never know what you are dealing with until experts law enforcement officials who deal with thesis type of people can get to the bottom of it. >> one earlier expert had said how rare it was to have hijackings after 9/11 presuming so many safeguard put in place how uniform are safe gurdz all reciprocalair alw them nations follow best practices what is the best practice. >> we learned 9/11 in united
8:06 am
states has become very standardized, i would think that in united states we would have safeguards that country, countries that fly into united states have to would have to be according to standards that we would require, but let me talk about something else, in talking about terrorism, i think it is important to note what the terrorists can learn from this because they will. terrorists love to strike airplanes because that is a dynamic situation, and brussels we saw them going after an airport, that highlighted what many people recognize for a long time, is the gap in security, it is the gap coming up to where you go through security. a lot could have a, now terrorists they want to blow up airplaned that are in the air, more than you know blowing up on the ground more dynamic why they go after those they take what they can get the -- you know, crowded areas like subways, and
8:07 am
airports, so this highlights that there is a gap going into security, and airports, brussels situation does, this highlights, that when somebody makes a claim, the pilot aircrew has to assess how they are going to handle that. >> the accomplished something from it, and the other thing to consider is what happens on the tarmac we have seen gaps in security on the tarmac. that we really need to consider who can get into tarmac different airports internationally planes a might fly to united states. >> of its going to say raises the issue of does the flight crew and a pilot a copilot do they have any way of knowing, if someone is lying or not, i've got a suicide belt on i am wearing a bomb, and do they -- again, are with no casualties, that is the terrific result nevertheless, this is a now a -- a known huge issue for flight crews around the world. >> you have to assume, that what they are saying is true. and you have to assume that right up to the point until where they are telling to you do something that is going to kill people, in the air or on the ground, and you troo to i
8:08 am
get people owing safely the bottom line. >> and want to just point out that it was the cypriot foreign ministers tweeted out it is over hijacker arrested, the motive behind this hijacking remains unclear but this high k gentlemaning of domestic egyptian flht was forced to divert to cyprus it is ending wul a hostages being released and hay jacker surrendering. >> we are following breaking news this morning out of egypt, the hijacker has been reportedly arrested straight ahead suspect who pulled out a weapon at u.s. capitol, visitors center yesterday afternoon also in custody, we've got that developing story as well back in a minute. eese.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
. maria: welcome back keeping you up to speed on breaking news, krooirps officials tweelth moments ago that the hostage situation is now over. the plane hijacker has been arrested, video moments ago, showing police surrounding won existing the plane with hands in the air details coming up on theatres about prime minister of egypt is sayings that authorities are going to be questioning the hijacker, to ascertain his crew motives, by the way, he also said that egyptair hijacker was egyptian, he had asked to meet with eu officials and to go to other airport, he is being questioned, right now. days after word trump in chalk at emory university the same thing happened at another major school, chrl cheryl with
8:12 am
that and headlines right now. cheryl: political headlines this morning, maria the word trump written in chalk appeared at syracuse university in new york. gop front-runner's name scrawled on each step on a set ofstairs up to dorms, last week emory university said they were scared and in pain, again controversy over the use of chalk in trump's name several universities, also this this morning, forced to shut down significant parts of its it operation company runs 10 hospitals said a virus prevented some from logging in at hospital computer virus affected georgetown university hospital and other medical offices throughout that region. be serious, final this the shooting yesterday, at u.s. capital a man was shot and wounded by police, after he pulled out a weapon a visitor center 6 6-year-old larry dawson of tennessee said in criminal stable condition.
8:13 am
>> this is an act of a single person, who was frequented the capitol grounds before and there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. >> last october dawson was arrested for disrupting house proceedings one suffered a minor injury shrapnel to the will go he was known to capitol police was there in october was there yesterday back to you. maria: thanks very much, a lot of steady dia hefty of problematic behavior also able to get a gun in sensitive area then you've got what happened in egypt you can understand that fear, is gripping people em. >> if you have somebody who is a known problem, a troubled person, and you don't take the necessary steps to prevent him from doing something like this, then what are you doing? you share responsibility.
8:14 am
>> right, i don't -- the capitol hill incident, is -- is deeply disturbing, we are waiting details what on this hijacker did but the pk the guy can ground a plane in cyprus, that was supposed to be within egypt's airspace, thank god nobody was hurt but nevertheless, again, security hole security hole security hole. >> we have not heard from president on the shooter. yesterday. and we have not heard from the president yet on the situation this morning. out of egypt tony fayed you have to believe this is one of these days that people are going to be gripped with uncertainty and fear about terrorism even though they are going out of their way to say this was out in terrorists. >> it is unnerving which you think about it we mentioned so many times this morning this is all in the -- context of brussels, these are soft targets sometimes, you know but sometimes the obvious targets u.s. capitol one of them airplane another, you know, in the case of
8:15 am
obviously, brussels it was transit -- so i think we are -- in a situation now where people are carrying on because we kind of got a little bit costumed to the fact this is happening all over the world going to loom large, i think, in this presidential contest security has now become a top issue people forget before paris security was not. >> it was a economic story. >> economic story, about fear. >> we no. >> to -- >> we had consumer spending come out the other day just anemic at best horrible, and you wondered what gas savings people have in pockets, the savings from energy, heating their homes, job environments pretty good, and why aren't people spending think about paris you think about brussels, the attack in pakistan, christian community we haven't spent a lot of time talking about. >> people, this morning, with this jet being hijacked people are afraid. when afraid they holed on to money to children, and they
8:16 am
quite down that there is a real economic effect of all this news coming out every day. >> absolutely, take a short break still to come latest out of cyprus as officials declare hostage situation over, the latest details as they come in, then battle for wisconsin is raging protesters against trump planning a dejs at 11:00 a.m. this morning going to take you a live report from badger state we come right back keep it right here "mornings with maria" back in a minute. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
8:17 am
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8:19 am
built for business. scott walker spend to announce endorsement this morning jeff flock owing in milwaukee white now good morning. reporter: they are celebrate-ing on with us behind me ted cruz, cruising
8:20 am
to victory bus donald trump may be cruising for a bruising in wisconsin yesterday on a talk show governor will go on a conservative talk show hammered scott walker expected to endorse senator cruz this morning, on that same radio program. yesterday on that show donald trump appeared what happened, the conservative talk show host called trump a jet giant fraud he said we value civility decency conservative paroles in wisconsin suggesting mr. trump does not represent that, if you think it was tough from the conservative talk show host he was on another conservative talk program yesterday, by the away, and wound up hanged up on that host, the protesters on the other side of the allergic not treati ledger not treating him well in jamesville wisconsin trump will appear at rally the protesters got started, in
8:21 am
advance six of arrested maybe 80, 09 or so protesters sit-in at the holiday inn expresses donald trump may not be elected president but did stay at headlined express today where conference center is protests rally will be he has a town hall scheduled later in milwaukee protests there as well, the democrats, competing here too. hillary clinton in town, yesterday, and today, bernie sanders gets here, today. and will bech stomping across the state the focus on republicans this morning, maria. maria: big night, big wok ahead next tuesday. >> steph flock on the ground joining us tea party community president former white house speech wrooir under george h.w. bush, thanks for joining us we want to kick off on news of the moment, the hijacked egyptian aircraft this morning
8:22 am
highlighting sclails concern over terrorism around the world how big an impact is it having on the race would you say. >> i don't think this morning is necessarily i don't think any indication jet it is a coordinated isis attack the concerns about isis are huge very legitimate. and i think, certainly within the republican primary you are seeing this, and some extent within the democratic primary. any candidate who is going to fair well has to have a plan, not just to contain but really to eradicate, horrific movement a threat in the homeland. >> the key party what the vote is there, obviously the battle for the tea party vote could have end up being decided at convention, what is your take or is the tea party going for ted cruz or donald trump or john kasich? >> that is really an exceptionalismal question because i think the tea party movement brought in tens of millions americans really into political process. and trump has really done quite well among tea party
8:23 am
voters however, among other tea party voters, they view views perhaps more purist conservative so there is a will have the really split sentiment wonder tea party movement my aspiration -- will they keep the coalition toe come out of cleveland with united tea party movement supporting ostensibly republican nominee. >> did you say that there is some tea party members who think that trump is a true conservative? . reporter: no, i i am saying trump -- there are tea party members hugely supportive of trump. maria: even though a true conservative. >> even though they are true conservatives, small government, cut taxes, adhere to the constitution but they have a very significant concern tea party movement about the -- yeah about the use of money in politics, about the -- the system
8:24 am
itself, really we are seeing a quiet revolution within the republican party, maybe not so quiet revolution. >> are you seeing that revolution from where you sit. >> absolutely, i think what you are seeing essentially is the fact for decades the republican conservative movement gained strength as repel conservatives, nhe -- pri conservatives now i want to ask you, i think this success, in november is going to be based on the ability to marry two movements the movement conservatives principled and outsiders more secular populists. tea party used to do this a little bit but there are some in the party that care about kind of conservative purity, trump is not i think legitimately a pure conservative you can say conservative patterns, maybe conservative positions on immigration, but how does
8:25 am
trump if he is the nominee, help marry two groups, because if he does it i think he will be wild successful at redid he refining realigning the republican party. >> i think it is in trump's best interests to really solidify conservative support i think if you look if you take everything trurn did until campaign points well contain i would not look at him as a conservative but if you positions since announcement last summer whether it is tax plan whether as you point out thank you border, and work visa abuses, and you know even that trade deals, something, i think, a lot of americans come to realize that not all trade is good trade, we have lost you know, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and whole industry to foreign countries, because of that. and i think you know if you go through the issues even on health care, you know -- where trump has gotten some conservative criticism he is very clear that he is going to
8:26 am
repeal obamacare, and put in place, some you know, market-based solutions to health care including removing the interstate restrictions on purchase of insurance, and expanding med saving accounts i believe every good reason for conservatives to neil not queasy as they do about trump it could be this is an 23450er7b8g merging 21st conservatism. >> ted cruz expected to get scott walker endorsement does that hurt him with tea party conservatives. >> i don't think 2016 we are seeing traditional political tools having the level of influence they traditionally had part endowments trump secured about -- endorsements this is about mobilization of the people, i think that the trump campaign, it is going to
8:27 am
be, you know can it kind of marry this grassroots populism huge enthusiasm turning out tens of thousands earns to rallies the way he tapped into emotional sentiment american people with some more traditional aspects of political campaigns, you know cruz is doing quite well, i think to extent cruz -- is because of conservative purity that he does represent, which is beyond, much of a doubt, and because of the more traditional mechanics ploying in primary states including you know get out the vote, a high level of you know, technology, and the way he is identifying voters, trump doesn't really have that, i think kind of a conscious decision on his part i do believe that it is something of a deficiency on the other handed american people see it about constructively. >> joining us we will be right back. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual, help individualize our cancer treatment?
8:28 am
now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment.
8:29 am
. . . .
8:30 am
maria: good morning. welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. your top stories just after 8:30 a.m. we're following breaking developments out of cyprus. the man who hijack ad egypt air flight has been arrested. the plan plane was suppose to go from alexandria to cairo. he divert the plane and forced it to land in cyprus. we're following the race for wisconsin.
8:31 am
anti-trump protests ramping up. demonstrators occupying a hotel outside of madison last night. more protests expected today. the late on both sides of the race coming up. the battle between apple and fbi has ended. government dropped it is case against apple. fbi broke into one of the attackers phones on its own. futures are around the lows of the morning. with 60 points decline on dow jones industrial average. janet yellen speaks at new york economic club today. that may well set tone for markets. back to our story, fox news confirmed the egypt air hijack hears been arrested. situation is quote, over. joining us retired naval aviator and fox news contributor, captain chuck nash. captain nash, thank you for weighing in this morning. >> good morning. maria: how is it possible that
8:32 am
hickeroards a flig goi om axanda toairoeari expsiveelt d ab to jack pla andringt do in crus? >> if it turns out he was wearing a explosive belt, that is yet to be determined. he could have been irwag something he said was explosive belt. maria: he was threatening. we do not know for sure it was in fact explosives. >> so it may not have been a security failure. if in fact he was wearing something that was an explosive device you can start looking at it as security failure. you recall it was just in on board a russian aircraft that blew up. so, you know, two hits on the egyptian security program would not be a good deal because egypt depends very heavily on the tourist trade and if people are afraid to travel to and from the egypt, then their economy is going to take a hit. maria: i think it already has, dagen mcdowell.
8:33 am
>> chuck, good to see you. in fact the egyptian government at end of last year hired a international consultancy, control risk, to review airport security because they were concerned about massive drop in tourism. but is there anything that you can do to prevent somebody from getting on a plane and lying saying i have explosives on me? once they're on plane in the air, what can you do? >> you got to take them seriously. and even though you step up security, you do everything you can on the ground, once you get in the air, because of the way you can mix liquids, there are a lot of different things that you could smuggle on to an airplane without too much trouble quite frankly that you have to take them seriously. what i'm interested in, dagen was he able to gain access through to the cockpit because of these threatening moves because if he was, that is even
8:34 am
greater breakdown in security. once you allow a hijacker, you don't know who is with him, if he could bluff his way into the cockpit and get the cockpit door open and there could be other people jump up from the seats and now you're in a 9/11 scenario all over again. maria: at this point we have not heard any specifics and confirmmation what is you're say, captain. we'll see if he did get that kind of access. we know he held 81 people hostage and forced plane down to cypress. many of or most of the passengers were let go except for seven people remaining. they were on that plane for hours until finally this hijacker was arrested. >> yes -- sorry. >> say real quick, i want to ask you because we were talking to lea gabrielle about this before. how standardized are security protocols on the plane and obviously in the terminal?
8:35 am
in other words the fact that we learned since 9/11 so many advances have been made to protect our airliners, one of our earlier experts said we haven't had as many hijackings as result. how standard are the these hijacks? would egypt air apply some of these best practices? >> i know they would, yes. i know your security official, homeland security and tsa go around the world and inspect flights originating there flying to the united states to make sure they meet a minimum standard. note a minimum standard. things are probably not as good in someplace, some corners of the world as they are say, in washington dulles or lax but there is a minimum standard that they inspect, and if they don't measure up they start putting pressure on them to measure up. maria: speaking of, we had the capitol, we had a shooter go
8:36 am
right into where the entrance is for the capitol building and things are back to bus today but that was also a scary moment yesterday. >> yeah. i think people have really been wire brushed over this whole security thing and they're starting to look around and be more cautious. it is getting more difficult to plan your trip to europe with a smile. you have to start taking into consideration what is going on in the world and realize that the terrorists, that is their job, right? is to instill terror and fear into people to control them. so they're not going to let up. we're going to see more and more of this. now we're moving into the summer. maria: yes. >> so the travel industry i think is going to be pressed. >> thank you very much. captain chuck nash, exactly what dominic tavella said a few years ago traveling to europe this summer. dominic, what a important point you made. last week's terror attacks in brussels bring terror to the front in the 2016 election.
8:37 am
will policy changes secure america or bring more changes? we have the. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. maria: talk about the muslim vote. where it is for the 2016 election. >> republicans are sadly not enticing muslims to come to them. with other front runners making absurd comments and policy suggestions about surveilling muslims and having us all banned from coming to the united states it is not a very positive prospect. maria: what can the muslim population do, do you think, that could actually change this kind of a perception that could actually move the needle in terms of the perception of refugees coming that we have seen such horrific situations in terms of terrorism?
8:38 am
what do you think the muslim population should do? >> well muslims are in the position position to help with the national security problems. we're on the first in the line of defense who understand the ideology and can help refute it. we're the ones who can provide counternarrative to the isis ideology. muslims are peaceful and our muslim religion is peaceful but it is being hijacked from them. we hope to help republicans and democrats alike in the national security realm. we hope muslim-americans will be the face of america going forward. maria: i'm really glad you said this and really glad you set this up. dagen, i want to get your take. have we seen enough high-profile muslims coming out and denouncing this? frankly i spoke with queen ranya, a couple of months ago. that was it, dagen. have you seen any high-profile muslims come out and denounce terrorism and this needs to stop?
8:39 am
>> not in a loud, very public way not certainly in the united states. saba, i wanted to point to that, how is the muslim community helping law enforcement now, whether it is fbi, even the ciat your communities are safe, that this country is safe? >> sure. of course, we regularly partner with law enforcement here in washington, d.c. and in a lot of major u.s. cities, but exactly, i've been condemning the terror attacks from day one. i mean a lot of muslim community organizations do speak out but our voices obviously not as loud as they should be. we hope to make them louder. we strongly as americans are concerned about the security situation because we're the first ones who get affected not just by the other extreme isthmus limbs, but just in general with the backlash after terror attack. we hope to help with the national security situation and
8:40 am
condemn the attacks in strongest possible words. maria: we appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> sure. maria: up nix the fbi hack into the san bernanadino's iphone without apple's help. what does that say about apple's ability to keep the device safe? that is the latest in the privacy battle coming next
8:41 am
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maria: welcome back. the justice department dropped legal action against apple that would have forced the company to break into the iphone of the san bernanadino shooter. the fbi took matters into its own hands. it hacked into the phone without apple's help. jo ling kent with the latest on that. >> good morning, maria. that's right the fbi dropped it is case against apple over the iphone 5c used in the shooting ending the battle for now. the justice department said the government successfully accessed data on farook's iphone and no longer requires assistance of apple. doj didn't say who unlocked the iphone who helped to do it or
8:44 am
what was found on the phone. apple responded saying from the beginning we objected to fbi's demand that apple build a backdoor because we believed it was wrong and set a dangerous precedent. this case should have never been brought. this particular case is over, privacy advocates say this is beginning after long protracted fight. there are more criminal cases involving iphones. they're waiting to be tried. privacy case on facebook whatsapp messaging service. apple is standing firm saying it will quote, continue to increase security on products as threat on data become more sophisticated. >> yeah, but if it was able not to succumb to the government's demands in this case, it is not going succumb to the government's demand in case of drug dealers and the 175 phones the manhattan d.a. has. >> they are pushing the envelope saying we'll encrypt our phone,
8:45 am
ios will be even stronger. >> the debate because it is hackable. it that is the message here. our phones are hackable. we'll stand by and say we can't help you get into our phones even in the event of terrorist case. they're impenetrable. guess what? they're not. this is this older phone. where i come from this is called getting bitten in, you know where. maria: the butt? >> yeah. >> consumers i never convinced consumers stop iphone if there instance every now and again apple cooperates with the government. and with a terrorist investigation. i know i'm kind of against public opinion because it is clearly across the board supporting apple and what their position is. maria: that is not true. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> population is -- >> this is one of the most commonsensical things. is that at least there should be a certain instance or scenario which government can cooperate
8:46 am
with private company. >> tony, if there is ever a case -- >> listen, i'm in political advertising. i know more about people want to know that i know. maria: when they know about you, how about they knowing about you? >> listen i do nothing wrong. i'm perfect. maria: not about doing anything wrong though. it is right to privacy. >> that is whole sale invasion of privacy. these are highly restricted incidents which there is evidence that can help in terrorist attack. >> so they tell us. >> really? >> dominic, so they tell us, exactly. >> are you guys questioning that? >> we don't know -- first it was one phone the government wanted. then we learned it wasn't one phone but software that would be able to get into everybody's information some that is why my red flag went up. i think what i hear you saying as well. >> if you walk it around and, if you walk around in your life constantly looking at sky for the black helicopters you should just stay indoors. because, the government has a
8:47 am
role and it is to protect the homeland, above and beyond everything else. >> we thought the heirs had a role too then they learned the irs use it is power. >> irs can come to hoist and look in door windows to see what kind of car you're driving. they have almost limitless power in terms of lying and snooping to get information. maria: that's what i'm saying. >> what we know now going forward on this debate exactly where people stand. with know where president obama stands, silicon valley, apple, everyone. going into the next debate it will be even more intense. maria: jo ling kent amazing story. hillary clinton going after the republican party for creating extremist candidates. media buzz host howie kurtz will weigh in on that next. over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on.
8:48 am
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maria: welcome back. we are 40 minutes away from the opening bell on a tuesday. look at a couple stocks on the pressure. wedbush securities cut it to underperform from neutral saying sales will not recover until late 2018 in the best scenario. s&p dow jones indices adding retailer into the s&p 500 replacing cameron international. when it is added to s&p 500 index, index managers will be forced to buy it. that is pushing the stock up. hillary clinton calling on republican not reacting to to the supreme court pick. creating the party for extremist candidates. >> the same obstructionism we've seen from republicans since the beginning of the obama administration.
8:52 am
the same disregard for the rule of law that has given rise to the extremists candidacies of donald trump and ted cruz. it is corroding our democracy and it has to stop. maria: joining us is fox news analyst and host of "mediabuzz," howard kurtz. good to see you. >> great to be here. maria: interesting she brings up rule of law, ignoring the rule of law. >> the first page in the hillary playbook. look what a bang shot she was. hugging president obama by embracing supreme court pick. reminding people that if be republicans win they get more supreme court picks and paints republican as extremists not acting on the nomination. you will hear this again and again. donald trump is representative of republican party that wants to block everything president obama does. maria: was there any pushback for saying ignoring rule of law, given the obvious elephant in the room that she completely the
8:53 am
rule of law by having a her own server in her basement. >> i think smart media analysts might point that out. that this is not the best ground for her to stand on. you're right, that is phrase everybody should have jumped on flown into the ether. >> howie, only time you can use the word extreme describing republicans mostly with democratic can diets and media. meanwhile, bernie sanders is socialist. doesn't believe in the free-market capitalism. doesn't believe in hills own economics of democratic party. maria: that is what dominic said. >> that is democrat party extreme, same old, same old playbook. republicans extreme meanwhile she is embracing socialist policies? >> there is lot less focus on bernie sanders socialist philosophy he says he supports free-market capitalism.
8:54 am
nobody think he will win the democratic nomination. very different on republican side where the republican party are ruptured over the ted cruz and donald trump and neither the establishment wanted. >> even if bernie sanders per se doesn't win the nomination. he won the argument. embracing much more sanders socialism as he would have been had he not been in the race. >> no question about that. >> on some level, they are as a party, democrats are becoming idealogically more extreme will have implications on policy donald trump's behavior, bombast, bit extreme. ted cruz on some social issues in the eyes of democrats extreme but there are still traditional republican candidates. >> donald trump i don't think fits my definition after of a republican candidate. remember how all journalists.
8:55 am
new poll out showing half of americans, of all americans support that 71% of republicans. so whether he agree or not is more more in tune with the electorate on this issue. >> president obama laying some. blame on tone of presidential campaign on part of journalists. you're part of the problem. >> this is song president obama is singing for some time. media polarizing. he has a half a point. media are much more polarizing. people seek out opinions that match their own but he has a giant megaphone. he can command the world's attention anytime. he doesn't have to complain, sometimes edges over into whining conservative media they're distorting what i have to say. hean dthats prate tize >>icturespealouder than words actually. i think some. pictures from his trip to cuba and argentina -- >> you don't like the tango? >> it said it all, didn't it. maria: it is true. you've got brussels under attack and then you see president obama
8:56 am
at a basebal game doing the wave with castro. >> americans murdered. maria: the next day him doing the tango in argentina. >> for me worse than the horrible optics the fact he devoted 51 seconds to belgium bombing. pivoted back to his prepared speech. that was tone deaf. maria: so blame the media and not take any responsibility, remember after the state of the union he said my one regret not bringing people together. do i think it has to do with executive orders and pointing fingers he republi >> anybody who says this president despite his rhetoric didn't play a role in polarizing the country isn't realizing what is going on. media plays some responsibility. but there is blame to go around. >> blaming the msm. mainstream media. >> everybody blames us. maria: we'll be right back. transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat...
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but your grandkids? how about front row seats to the best show in town? and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®. maria: welcome back. we want to bring you the breaking news on the cyprus plane hijacking. cypriot government reports that the hijacker did not have explosives on him. he was threatening he had an explosives bet on. the government is telling us that he did not in fact have explosives. in the u.s., the u.s. capitol is on lockdown for the second straight day this time because of a suspicious package. it was locked down yesterday when a shooter tried to get into the capitol. there is suspicious pack on found there today. the capitol is on lockdown.
9:00 am
sign of our times. tony sayegh, thanks for being on the program. thanks very much, dominic tavella. dagen, us a pleasure. see you tomorrow. we have a very busy day. we continue following developments out of cyprus as well as now the capitol on lockdown. "varney & company" picks up from here. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much, maria. we woke up to hijacking in process. first thought, oh, no, christians slaughtered in pakistan and now this? good morning, everyone. it was not a terror attack. it appears to be about personal issues of the lone hijacker. by the way the incident is over. with all this going on in the world it sure made you think, didn't it? are you flying today. to politics donald trump confronted. wisconsin's top radio guy charlie psychs goes after him about comments on w. the all-important election is tuesday. charlie psychs joins us in 15


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