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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 29, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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sign of our times. tony sayegh, thanks for being on the program. thanks very much, dominic tavella. dagen, us a pleasure. see you tomorrow. we have a very busy day. we continue following developments out of cyprus as well as now the capitol on lockdown. "varney & company" picks up from here. stuart, over to you. stuart: thank you very much, maria. we woke up to hijacking in process. first thought, oh, no, christians slaughtered in pakistan and now this? good morning, everyone. it was not a terror attack. it appears to be about personal issues of the lone hijacker. by the way the incident is over. with all this going on in the world it sure made you think, didn't it? are you flying today. to politics donald trump confronted. wisconsin's top radio guy charlie psychs goes after him about comments on w. the all-important election is tuesday. charlie psychs joins us in 15
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minutes. ted cruz talks about the allegations that he was as been unfaithful. cruz says "the enquirer" report is all lies. chilling report from britain's sky news. isis is targeting jewish children in turkey. kindergartens are a target. i will cause this a pause. janet yellen speaking today. investors hanging on every word. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: all right. let's get on with it. first up the man who hijack ad egypt air flight from alexandria to cairo has been arrested. nothing to do with terrorism, right, ash? >> we're not sure. it is very unclear. the egyptian government saying this individual very unstable, mental health issues. i would imagine that covers most people who hijack a plane.
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it was first reported he wanted to speak to his estranged wife in cyprus. then he warranted release of female prisoners in egypt and then wanted to speak to e.u. officials. the hijacker was arrested. apparently there were no explosives on board. this was domestic flight going from alexandria and to cairo and it turned around and landed in cyprus. everything is resolved. stuart: took you back a few years. >> you're right. when i woke up i did think, oh, no, here go again. stuart: that is what everybody thought. andrew peek is with us. you know what we said, first thought, here we go again. this folds into the nice background a constant news background of terror attacks and plots, all we get these days. >> all we get. interesting that the administration's policy from day one has been to pivot away from the middle east because they thought terrorism was not an
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existential threat. yet every major christian holiday every major breaking news story we expect a mass terrorist attack. it dominates our news cycle like it never has before. stuart: by the way, look at the screen right now. that is washington, d.c. the capitol is on lockdown. there has been a suspicious package. there is another headline, another incident that feeds into this idea that it is war. that there is a terror war going on here that i'm not sure the administration fully acknowledged that. >> no. and it doesn't want to. because it would give a lie to the entire foreign policy of the united states the past 10 years, right? if this is actually a problem, boy, it does look like it, maybe we should be paying attention to syria, maybe we should pay attention to iraq. maybe there is sense of urgency needed not being reflected in our current military. stuart: andrew, stay there. i have more for you. possible attacks on jewish children in turkey. i want to deal with that in a moment. first i want to go to politics.
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donald trump confronted by charlie psychs when he called into is top-rated wisconsin radio show -- sykes. >> mr. trump, you called into my show, did you know that i'm a hashtag never trump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> i thought it was interesting. does donald trump know what charlie sykes said about him in the past. >> i would give you credit either way on it. >> no, i understand. no, i didn't know that but i assume you're also intelligent guy. i know you're intelligent guy. >> is this your standard, if supporter of another candidate, not candidate himself does something despicable for you, personally a candidate for president of the united states to behave in that same way? i expect that from a 12-year-old boy on the playground and not somebody wanting to be abraham lincoln. >> he started it. what you said is fine. >> we're not on playground. we're running for president of the united states. >> i agree with that 100%. stuart: that was a confrontation, wasn't it.
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kat timpf is here. wisconsin votes next tuesday. if trump wins in wisconsin, it is pretty clear sailing to the nomination. that would be my opinion but i can do the math. >> right. stuart: there he is confronted and trump did not back down and apologize for his comments. >> he also didn't book down and not in hostile way. it was kind of funny at beginning. oh, i didn't know you were a #never trump guy. he started it. i get this isn't a play ground. he saw this wasn't going to be favorable interview for him. he made the decision to keep it as bland as he possibly could. stuart: what were trump's people thinking when they allowed him to call into a show with a guy who is hashtag never trump and not know it? >> i think that somebody is in trouble. somebody didn't use the google machine and figure out, it is all over the place that this guy is a never trump guy. stuart: right. >> i have no idea. whoever booked interview they
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would be in trouble with me. >> it would have never happened with ted cruz campaign. they are very slick. very much out ahead. the trump campaign, huge mistake but i thought he was very restrained. he didn't engage. he could have easily escalated very quickly. he pulled back. stuart: do you think he is trying to look more presidential or sounding more presidential. >> especially in front of his supporters he will be a loose cannon and cheer, if he is in situation like this, he begins i don't like you, he will try to keep it a little calmer. stuart: charlie sykes is on the show ten minutes from now. he is top-rated radio host in wisconsin. you better not offend that guy. don't insult him and hostile to him in wisconsin. >> i don't think he wanted to give him a sound bite to replay all day. that would be that insane and intense. stuart: well-said, kat. i have another conversation with ted cruz. he was con fronted over the story that ran in the national
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"enquirer" about his alleged affairs this is long exchange. it involves carly fiorina as well. but roll it. >> more definitely "national enquirer" piece by telling us on the record you have never been unfaithful to your wife. >> if i may -- >> no, i asked the senator that question. >> i'm going to comment that way. >> do you have first-hand knowledge of his marriage. >> i'm growing to comment. this is example of the media playing to donald trump tune. >> this is very serious question about your character. >> last question. >> if the answer is yes i've always been faithful. >> i recognize you love going into the gutter. look i'm going to give a very brief answer to your question. which is that "the national enquirer" story is complete garbage. it is total lies t was planted by donald trump's henchmen. i don't think the people of wisconsin or the people of america have any interest in tabloid trash. i'm going to focus on issues that matter. stuart: kat, here is your chance. what do you make of that exchange? >> it was very interesting that carly fiorina was not only there but answered first.
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i wonder how that was agreed upon. >> diving in front of the bullet. >> actually no. nobody cares what, what thinks about this issue as much they care about what ted cruz is going to say when he is flat-out asked. he said the story is garbage. i thought it interesting have you always been faithful to your wife. maybe the story is garbage but maybe a crazy night a while ago. stuart: don't you hate it we're discussing a spousal spat and "national enquirer" allegation. >> absolutely. stuart: that is at the top. headline about politics today and election which is in few months time. >> i don't care anybody's marriage or what is that like. in terms of ted cruz he is evangelical. he makes a lot of moral judgments on people. if he had this going on that part would bother me but the marital issues itself. >> give kudos to the reporter. you have to ask the question and he stuck with it. stuart: that reporter was very aggressive.
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>> very. >> he had a right to ask the question whether you like it or not and he stuck with it. i give him kudos. stuart: i will drop the subject. look at this. look at this. a little more than 500 points away from dow 18,000. we'll open lower, about 50 odd points. with two good rallies away from 18-k. janet yellen speaks this afternoon. she is expected to reinfce that message of caution. she should slow down the pace of interest rate hikes. we'll see what she says. comes up this afternoon. how about oil? we're about $38 a barrel as we speak, down a buck, 2 1/2%. barclays investment people, they warn that oil prices could go back to the low 30s. hmmm. oil prices could shift today depending what janet yellen says. look at this, gas, 2.04 is the national average. that is about 30 cents up from one month ago.
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we're back to gaining a cent a day. i call it a chilling report. so it is. sky news reporting that isis terrorists have advanced plans to murder jewish children in turkey, specifically targeting kindergartens and schools. andrew peek, military guy with us. nothing military about this. this is terror. >> this is tactic al qaeda in iraq which is isis's forbearer was doing a decade ago. they're trying to get the islamist government in turkey, erdogan government to crack down on the muslim community in defense of christians and in defense of jewish targets and push more of islamic community in turkey towards isis. it is basic insurgency. stuart: i thigh these people should be honest. they say they're anti-zionist or anti-israel. they're flat-out anti-jewish people. they are the new -- this is my opinion i think they're the new nazis. am i going too far again. >> absolutely not.
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i mean this is sort of the thorn in all of the ideases for a peace deal, right? if there is some sort of a two-state solution and palestinian state or you know, there is a lebanese state dominated by hezbollah, there is never going to be a point where the arab militants say, okay, well, i guess we got something. i guess we can settle down and not finish this thing in some or the of again sidal fashion -- genocidal fashion. stuart: you're right. writing is on the wall and never good. >> never. stuart: andrew peek, thank you fornash being here. next, more on donald trump. confrontation on top wisconsin radio show by a conservative host in the state. the radio show host, charlie sykes, he joins us next. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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>> is this your standard, if supporter of another candidates. >> not the candidate himself does something despicable it is okay for you personally, a candidate for president of the united states to behave in that same way?
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i expect that from a 12-year-old bully on the playground not somebody wants to be abraham lincoln. >> but he started it. stuart: that was strong stuff. that was donald trump calling into a wisconsin radio show. he did not know that the host is a never trump guy. that host is charlie sykes, the conservative voice of wisconsin and he joins us now by phone milwaukee. charlie, welcome. good to have you with us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. stuart: you pressed hard but he did not apologize or back down, did he? in fact to us he sounded he was doing his best to be calm and presidential. >> he actually was pretty calm and, no, he is not going to back down apparently because he decided, maybe that is the new brand he is just not going to apologize but the question that i asked him was one that frankly i've been playing in my head for the last six months, at what point is donald trump going to recognize this is a serious job
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and that you can not just be going to twitter to insult people, to insult disabled people, to insult women? i had a chance to ask him the question directly. stuart: that is a rise obviously, charlie, but i put it to you, trump's brand ever politics and, if i call it gutter politics, forgive the pejorative expression there, but you know, it seems to be working. we have reports this morning that john kasich has withdrawn radio ads from entire state of wisconsin, virtually pushed out by the controversy surrounding trump and ted cruz? >> actually, what john kasich is doing moving his radio ads from the major markets to the west part of the state. it is tactical decision. basically i think the significance of that is that he understands, that conservatives in wisconsin can not split their votes, otherwise trump will win. so i think what you're actually seeing here is for the first tind omekia rational strategy that says, all right, john kasich will play big in the
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areas of the western part of the state where trump is strong, but he is essentially going to be conceding southeastern wisconsin, of wisconsin to cruz. to a certain extent that is extremely good news for ted cruz and anti-trump folks. stuart: what's the sense, look, i haven't seen a poll, i don't know whether there has been a poll done in wisconsin recently. if there is i haven't seen it. >> no. stuart: what is the standing at the moment? is trump and cruz running neck-and-neck? how does it work out? >> yeah, i think in the published polls they are running neck-and-neck. but i think that is also with john kasich running strong. in about, in less than an hour governor walker will come on my radio show and he will make an endorsement. i think that will be highly influential here among republican primary voters in southeastern wisconsin and i expect him to say he is going to vote for ted cruz in the wisconsin primary, making the point, as he did when he withdrew from the presidential
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race, conservatives need to coalesce around and anti-trump candidate. stuart: this is very important, this state, wisconsin. especially for a donald trump. if trump were to win, it would really put him along far along the road to a goodell gaat count for the convention. >> you're right. look, wisconsin has been at center of american politics for several years now and i think that republican voters here are engaged. i think they are savvy. i think they understand they need to be the firewall of rationality in this republican madness and i frankly do not think that donald trump is going to win in wisconsin because his brand of, what you call gutter politics, may play elsewhere but wisconsin is different. and that is kind of the point i'm trying to make here. wisconsin has a different political culture. our culture is different but also the, our politics is
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different here. stuart: all right. charlie sykes i think you made that point. we'll be listening for governor scott walker appearing on your program in the next hour. charlie, thank you very much for you being with us today. much appreciated. >> my pleasure. stuart: thank you, sir. next case, the feds hack into the san bernanadino terrorist's iphone and they did it without apple. i say apple lost this one. millions of workers at risk of losing their health insurance. obamacare is to blame. this was not supposed to happen, was it? >> if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments.
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: all right. let me tell you this. governor scott walker of wisconsin, former governor of wisconsin will appear on neil cavuto's show after he makes his endorsement announcement, 1:30 eastern, the governor on with neil. the fbi cracks the san bernanadino iphone without the help of apple and it will not tell apple who did it or how it was done. what do we know, ash? >> we do know they use ad third party that has been unidentified. so on the one hand apple stood its ground. on the other hand we now know whoever this individual group
9:24 am
was that managed to get into the iphone brings into question apple's security. what does apple do in response? do they go back to the drawing board and make it even harder to get into the iphone but the bottom line, encrypted information, who can have access to it, that issue is still obviously not resolved. stuart: but in my opinion, apple lost this one, kat, lost it. >> yeah. they were bragging about how nobody could ever hack into this. so this is embarrassing. it was good that they stood their ground. stuart: they did. >> fbi shouldn't have been able to do that to force a company -- i was really against that the whole time. so i'm glad they stood their ground. i'm hoping nobody can hack into my little iphone. stuart: obviously somebody can. >> i know. i know. not to give anyone any ideas. there is nothing on it. stuart: whom so ever that third party is valuable person. >> yeah. stuart: which intelligence agency would not like to get ahold of that person. >> do you think feds will tell
9:25 am
apple who this is and give them details how they got into the phone? stuart: absolutely not. >> you want to be able to hack into more iphones. stuart: all right. we're moments away from the opening bell. markets i'm saying pretty much on hold. everybody is waiting to see what janet yellen says when she speaks this afternoon. and then there is isis popping up again. it is said to be planning an attack on jewish children in turkey. meanwhile president obama doubling down on his promise to bring in more mideast migrants in america. we'll talk to an undercover jihadi later on this program. the "opening bell" next. you will be label ad bigot for saying what you just said. >> maybe so, stuart, better a live big got than a dead idiot.
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e. stuart: i frankly do not think that donald trump is going to win in wisconsin because his brand of what you call gutter politics may work elsewhere, but wisconsin is different and the point i'm trying to make here, wisconsin has a different political culture. our culture is different, but also our politics is different here. stuart: that's charlie sykes big name in wisconsin radio on
9:30 am
the program, he confronted donald trump yesterday and charlie sykes believes trump will not win wisconsin. it's an important primary takes wisconsin next tuesday, that would be a clear shot to the number of delegates he needs. they're clapping before the bell ringing as they always do. 9:30 precisely, we're trading and down and expecting a loss of maybe 40, 50, 60 points when we get rolling. right now we're down 40, 38, at 17,497. joining us today, ashley webster, liz macdonald of course, tom horwitz and this show is the last place you'll hear naval gazing about the federal reserve, however, break the rule this morning. janet yellen speaks this afternoon and interest rates will be right up there as the subject. kevin kelly, first of all, i am not going to ask you what you
9:31 am
think the fed's going to do. i'm going to ask you, why are you all in cash? >> two big reasons why. we saw the end of last week, earnings were down the largest they have been since 2008 on a year over year basis. you think about bp, 7 1/2%. okay? volumes are down as well as what's led to the rise since the february lows. buybacks. over 5% compared to the regular market. so it's companies, and they're going to stop as earnings season it's coming out. >> basically, you don't see anything that's really valid in propelling the market. >> volumes are at an all-time low right now. stuart: todd horowitz, you're a sharp-edged critics. central banks, you don't like them. what do you think she's going to say this afternoon? >> i think she'll say nothing as usual. she'll double talk as typically happens. the real question i have, stuart, if you're only data dependent according to janet yellen and the rest of the
9:32 am
feds, why are this he out talking today? what are they going to talk about? all they're going to do is try it manipulate the market in one direction or another, all they've done the last seven years talk about nonsense instead of truly being data dependent on getting the economy back on track. stuart: it's true, but we will be glued. all investors and traders will be glued to this. they're reading between the lines and reading the tea leaves. it probably will move the market, too. >> it's not working because we haven't had an all-time high in ten months. they can keep talking, but it's not leading to returns in the market. stuart: how about the price of oil. earlier this morning, we were at $38 a barrel. we're now at 38.10, down a buck and change. barclays investment firm says watch out, oil is going back down to the low 30's because of supply and demand. back to you, todd, you trade this stuff.
9:33 am
do you think we'll go back down to the low 30's? >> i think that oil possibly 36, low end 34. i don't see we're going much lower than that. we've pretty much priced in all of that news that barclay's is trying to pitch out here. a lot of the investment banks are looking to buy it and push the price down. my opinion. stuart: i'm looking at energy stocks and investors in that energy stock is listening to barclay's, they're down. chest speak down 7%. and big percent losses. >> they're trading at high high multiple so you've got to steer clear of those. stuart: i wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. i'm not touching anything with a 10-foot pole right now. fbi cracked the san bernardino iphone and did it without the help of apple. they will not tell apple who did it or how they did it.
9:34 am
i say apple lost. no reaction in the stock and i say you lost it. >> they didn't lose, they fought off the government. government had to do elsewhere and apple doesn't do a dang thing. ashley: what do they do now, do they go back to the drawing board, someone,we don't know who, cracked it. stuart: the value of that person who cracked it-- . unbelievable. >> the obama administration said if the government discovers the flaw in the devices they have to tell the company that made it. >> apple could say, you have to tell us what it is. and they could say national securityments before they had to go to court, they found somebody that could supposedly hack it? >> you're a conspiracy theorist. we watch the big names starting with amazon, the stock is down 14% this year and it's up a
9:35 am
tiny fraction today. microsoft, i own some of it, a tiny fraction down 3%, it's down 3% this calendar year. google down 3% this year. and was there something strange that happened in china? >> yeah, suddenly, a brief moment of excitement. ooh, freedom is coming, guess what? not. 11:30 p.m. chinese time people could access google, could access instagram. hats and horns and cheering and shut down around 1:15 in the morning local time. reportedly google had launched new servers in the area, the chinese government didn't recognize it so people were flooding into google we can search whatever we want and it got shut down pretty rapidly two hours. ashley: a big threat to beijing. stuart: why am i not surprised? >> a little taste of freedom there. stuart: netflix choosing quality over quantity.
9:36 am
he's shrinking the catalog of videos available to you. >> the third less movies, a quarter less tv's than it had two years ago, if you go in netflix, you think ooh, i'm going to find a movie, not. what is happening though, this is possibly netflix's strategy, that in the future it could license and charge for this exclusive content that's winning a lot of awards and also charge consumers and customers more for this high quality content. so quality over quantity. stuart: that's interesting, they're setting the stage for added charges for the quality stuff. >> possibly. stuart: oh, come on. ashley: house of cards, yeah. stuart: profits of the home builder lennar, it sold more homes at higher prices. nicole, give me the stock please and tell me is the housing market looking up? nicole: this is good news from around the country. the stock is up 3%. they talked about more deliveries in the latest quarter and they see going
9:37 am
forward they're well-positioned for another year of strong profits. there was one city that brought them back and that was that hurt results, that was houston. the houston segment, which has faced all the low energy prices in recent quarters, houston got hurt and so did the housing market there. stuart: that makes sense, nicole. thanks very much, indeed. todd, you come into this, please. is the housing market, generally speaking, looking up or what? >> i don't think so, stuart. i think that the housing market is looking fairly flat. the few people that can go out and buy and have enough money from the new 3% lending policy is okay and overall, the housing market is in trouble. you can see that by looking at the rents. rents are skyrocketing, which is telling you that there's not enough houses being sold. the renters, guys on the rental properties hold a lot of cards and they can hold whatever they want. i think that's a bigger problem.
9:38 am
>> the other side of that, inventories are at a low. the people are going out there and buying and people are saving money at the gas station and putting into their own homes as well so that's why home depot is up. so people are going out there and because rents are up, people are now buying houses and they've recovered from the bust back in 2007-2008. stuart: we said the market is on hold waiting for janet yellen to speak, it's not really on hold. it's down 80, 90 points at the moment. not quite the pause that we were expecting. 17-4 on the dow at the moment. how about mcdonald's? first all day breakfast, that was a big hit and now they're testing mobile ordering. ash. ashley: a finger tip away to your mcgriddles, why not? starbucks do it, dunkin' donuts. they're going to test it, they have an app and order, and tie a rewards program to the app. ease of service and they're
9:39 am
going to test in cities, they haven't announced yet. maybe if it works well. i'm driving to mcdonald's, i want this, this and this and it's ready. >> and you can pre-order your $1.50 coffee and to go with your $1.50 gas. stuart: excuse me, it's-- it adds up. ashley: you get the loyalty program for that. stuart: one investment firm says a rebound in stock-- chipotle. ashley: they're cutting a price target 50 bucks to $4 had 00-- 400. a sales recovery by 2018 is the very best scenario and because of what they've gone through they can't look at raising prices until end of next year. the margin shrink, it's a long hole to dig themselves out of where they were.
9:40 am
how about the health insurers. remember when president obama says, you like your plan, you keep it. that's no longer the case and it seems that the congressional budget office is saying, employers will be dropping millions of-- >> because of the rising costs. they just can't offer the coverage. stuart: the government bean counters are saying this? >> that's right, and millions and millions of people will be forced off employer roles, some will go to medicaid and others falling off the employer coverage and they reckon 2, 3 million. stuart: that's an issue in this election. >> worse coverage, higher costs, it's affordable care act. stuart: and the big board, we're down 91 points. we're not just an i waiting janet yellen, we're looking at the price of oil down over a buck. webster ratio. if oil is down a dollar, the dow is down 100 points. a buck 20, buck 30.
9:41 am
>> trademark it. ashley: oh, trade marked. stuart: thanks for appearing on the program today. mr. kelly, one and all. president obama standing by his promise to take in more migrants. next, a former jihadi who is working now for us. do you remember this lady a latina business owner who supports trump. she was seen on the stage with him and now she's getting death threats. she joins us later in the hour. oh, yeah, a lot on varney. ♪ break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side, yeah ♪ the pursuit of healthier.
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>> on the d.c. shooting suspect, ashley, he did not have a conventional gun. ashley: a conventional weapon meaning it was more like a pellet gun. police were responding as he pulled it out of the bag, the visitor's center. it was not quote, unquote, a conventional weapon. stuart: a new report chilling from sky news. it claims isis has plans to murder jewish children in attacks on schools and kindergartens in turkey. joining us is the author of "undercover jihadi", you were once a jihadi and then you turned around and you're now not a jihadi, am i correct in saying that? >> that's correct. from your knowledge inside the terror operation, why is it that isis goes after children specifically in the case of turkey, jewish children, in the case of pakistan, christian
9:46 am
children. why do they target children like this? >> well, for them, you know, they understand that it hurts the adversary as they see it, which is anyone that's not them, including muslims. so for them, you know, if you're killing somebody's kids, you really couldn't hurt them any more than that. stuart: where are these people coming from? i can't imagine it, you'd go out there, deliberately murder children. give me some idea of the mindset of someone who would actually do that. >> yeah, you know, and it's not normal. i mean, most of us who live in a society like we do in the west where we don't see war every day, we don't see these things. for those people who grow up in that environment, especially a war environment, you become desensitized to violence. you see, even myself looking at the war happening in syria, i mean, pictures of dead kids and
9:47 am
limbs blown off and i mean, even somebody like me who is a little bit desensitized, but i mean, i feel it. so these people, i mean, they've lived in this environment, they embrace the environment, for especially wannabe kids who want to go from the west to join the groups who are doing these things. these are kids looking at these videos and norrishing themselves on the blood of their enemies, so to speak. stuart: that's extraordinary. i want to ask you about president obama who said recently we should set an example, and that we should allow in more muslim migrants currently coming from north africa and going to europe. am i a-- am i a isln islamophobe for say no? >> it's illegal to discriminate
9:48 am
on the basis of religion, but you could make the utilitarian argument. i was training polish special forces not too long ago and asked me the same question, we have the migrant flows, what do we do with them. poland were dealing with migrant from ukraine and chechnya and they are also right and christian and even that created problems in their country. it's less about-- the muslim side has taken on the cover, but the problem is with security vetting. that's ultimately what it comes down to, less about religion and more about-- >> what do you think we should do right now? should we let more muslim migrants come into america? >> look it, these are people that do need help. if the u.s. decides it's not in their national interest to
9:49 am
bring them up, there are other ways to help, if not giving refuge in the u.s., maybe giving support to other countries in the area that might be able to take them. you know, countries in which the culture is not such a great conflict with what they're looking at. so, that's certainly reasonable to look at. stuart: all right, mubi mubin shaikh, reformed jihadi if i can put it that way, thank you. a latino woman who joined donald trump on the stage and supports him. she runs a restaurant, death threats. she's next.
9:50 am
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> look at that, latino! i love you, darling. come on over here. get her up here! i love her. i've fallen in love. melania, i've fallen in love with her! . [laughter] >> betty rivas is the lady on the stage with donald trump and betty rivas is here right now
9:54 am
and i believe you've got the sign with you. there you go, okay. >> yes. stuart: are you still a supporter of donald trump? >> excuse me? >> do you still support donald trump? >> yes. stuart: okay. tell me about the death threats. >> about the day? >> the death threats that you've been getting. >> oh. the people mad with me because i put that in the sign latinos because the mexican people say it's the whole latinos, but i put latinos because my family is latino family. and this the reason i put latino. stuart: okay. had is making the threats, do you know? is it other hispanic people who are making threats?
9:55 am
>> yeah. stuart: against you? >> yes, hispanic people called me to my restaurant, a lot of times and says i am racist, but it's not. stuart: okay. are you getting any support? are some hispanic people saying, yes, betty, we support you, we support trump? >> oh, yes, when the rally finished, a lot of people come with me and they said thank you, betty, thank you, because i am latino and a lot of latinos support donald trump, but my reason is i go there because because i know donald trump is a celebrity and a businessman and i like it and i want to meet donald trump, but m my restaurant, a lot of
9:56 am
people say, no, don't put latinos because it's all mexican people. but it's not. stuart: well, you still support him and he certainly liked you, we will show that video for a long time to come. betty rivas, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: sure. meanwhile, donald trump is making some more news on his own on twitter this morning. what now? >> making more news, making new threats, we should say. he tweeted this out. he said, wow, cnn has nothing, but my opponents on their shows, really one-sided and unfair reporting. maybe i shouldn't do their town hall tonight, exclamation point. stuart: this is a town hall involving donald trump and on cnn. ashley: his opponents are
9:57 am
getting more air time on cnn. i'm sure he could call on air, that's how he rolls. stuart: thank you, ash. wisconsin votes one week from today. we have news from all three of the republican candidates and their campaigns this morning and we're talking to spokes american from all three in this hour and this, a british man arrested after sending out a tweet about muslims, this is all about hate speech and free speech. second hour of "varney & company" two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> looking at brookfield, wisconsin. senator ted cruz is about to hold an event there. one week from today is the wisconsin primary, which is important. it's a big day in politics and a big day in money as well. we're coughing it all. hour two "varney & company" starts now. ♪
10:00 am
i frankly do not think that donald trump is going to win in wisconsin because his brand of what you call gutter politics may play elsewhere, but wisconsin is different and that's the point i'm trying to make here is that wisconsin has a different political culture. stuart: you heard it right there. that was conservative radio host charlie sykes, he's the conservative voice of wisconsin. he was on this program in the last hour, obviously,s' not a fan of donald trump and he says wisconsin voters are put off by trump's brand of politics. trump's senior policy advisor is steven miller and he's here now. steven, why doesn't donald trump just layoff this stuff and move on to policy? >> it's great to be here today and i actually would argue that donald trump is the only campaign that actually has a clear policy vision and i'll
10:01 am
explain what i mean by that. stuart: wait a second, steven. >> go ahead. stuart: look, this has been going on for long time now. donald trump saying outrageous things and now is in this spousal spat with ted cruz. that's all we hear about. we don't hear about policy, we hear about this type of politics. and-- >> it's the media. stuart: it's not going down well in wisconsin. he might not win wisconsin. >> it's certainly all the media wants to talk about, but what mr. trump has been talking about in his campaign speeches all over the country, hour after hour are the issues and really, if you look at the republican party and the future of the g.o.p., there's three issues where the g.o.p. elites have got it wrong and have lost the voters. trade policy, immigration policy and foreign policy. what i mean by that is that on trade policy, they're pushing manufacturing jobs overseas. on immigration policy, they're replacing americans with foreign workers and on foreign policy, they're getting us involved in foreign wars that
10:02 am
are making us less safe and costing us billions, hundreds of billions of dollars and that's what the trump campaign is about. it's taking the conservative message of limited government, to personal responsibility and then adding to it those core issues that are going to appeal to working class blue collar voters. stuart: that would be appealing to wisconsin voters, but that's not what the campaign is talking about, the campaign is talking about the spousal spat with ted cruz and about women and other positions that trump has taken. why doesn't he give a policy speech? >> he gave a policy speech at the aipac, american-israeli. stuart: he did. >> your network will be covering, and the policies will be discussed. it's not mr. trump focused on what you've termed as the wife spat.
10:03 am
that's the media. that's not what donald trump is focused on or the campaign is focused on. since i can make the point donald trump has a history of placing women in executive positions. and how he values and promoting women in the workplace and giving them senior positions. stuart: he's manipulating the media and done it again today. he's threatened not to appear at cnn town hall tonight. i don't know why you're laughing because he's manipulating the media. he says he's not going to appear because his opponents get far too much air time, presumab presumably, on cnn. is he going to show up? >> he's going to do what he's going to do. i'm the policy advisor and mr. trump will do what he's going to do.
10:04 am
and it kind of proves the point that i made. networks are focusing excessively on a retweet, but not focusing on mr. trump's record on the issues or more importantly, the issues facing the country like the issues you've been facing this morning like the question of muslim migration which i know you've discussed at length. stuart: last one, i don't have any reliable polls to go on. has the trump campaign conducted any polls within wisconsin which point to his victory or defeat? can you tell us? >> well, we have' seen, of course, the public polling in which he's ahead in several polls released recently and on several issues we've seen strong polling results in the neighboring region like you saw, for instance, the results in several states in the area about muslim migration and concerns amongst the electorate about that and we believe that will be replicated in wisconsin, also. stuart: thank you very much for joining us, big important day as you know. >> glad to be here.
10:05 am
stuart: following the walker endorsement, radio host charlie sikes is back on fox business this afternoon, 1:45 eastern on cavuto. what i am ooh-- what i mean by the walker endorsement, governor walker will shortly endorse one of the three republican candidates. it's expected to be the cruz campaign that he supports, we don't know that for a fact, but he will be on fox business later on today. all right, now, let's get to the ted cruz campaign. he is about to take the stage in wisconsin. last night he was confronted and i mean confronted over that story that ran in the national enquirer about his alleged affairs. roll it. >> more definitively this national enquirer piece telling us you have not--
10:06 am
>> let me, this is an example of the media playing to donald trump's tune. >> it's a serious question about your character. if the answer is yes-- >> sir, i recognize you love going into the gutter. i'm giving a previous answer to your question. which is the national enquirer story is complete garbage, total lies planted by donald trump's henchman and i don't think that the people of wisconsin or america have interest in tabloid trash. i'm going to focus on the issues that matter. stuart: all right, cruz campaign national spokesman is with us right now. ron, why won't he come straight out and say no, i have not been unfaithful, yes, i have been faithful to heidi, why not just say it like that? >> you know, what's clear here is that with respect to this story that donald trump's people managed to finally find somebody in the national enquirer who would run it,
10:07 am
they've been trying to push that story for months and no credible news outlet would actually run that story. now that it's run in the national enquirer of all places presumably between ufo sightings and elsewhere, a program like yours decide you want to advance that further and in fact allowing your agenda to be set ultimately by donald trump who has resorted to pushing a sleazy story that no one else would ultimately cover, that actually the only person quoted in that story is a henchman of his named roger stone who, you know, peddles in this and having been the youngest member of richard nixon's reelection committee. that's the direction that donald trump tries to drag this conversation and ted cruz won't dance to that tune. i think he's right in order to keep the-- >>, but, ron, he responded. >> can is the previous speaker why he's not focusing on the issues and that's what ted cruz is trying to do. stuart: cruz was confronted by
10:08 am
the allegations in the national enquirer, he says it's all lies, it's garbage, but he didn't specifically say, no, i've been faithful. it would have been a simple thing, wouldn't it? >> i love what carly fiorina did because carly stood up and cowled out the media to sing up to donald trump's tune. estee up at the night and send out tweets. and no other candidate for any other office would be able to send a tweet out and have the media singing their tune the following day and we know why he does this, because it's a distraction. every time he gets into trouble, for example, the latest polls in wisconsin showing him dropping like a stone, we're up by five points there, your previous speaker is incorrect in that we're ahead by five, john kasich the spoiler wasn't in the race we'd
10:09 am
be up by 11 in wisconsin. it will be a good day for us in wisconsin, by the way, but senator cruz is determined to keep focused on the issues here and if you want to try to pull in that direction you're welcome to. i think what carly did was right, calling the media out to singing to donald trump's tunes, exactly what happens too often. it's unfortunate. stuart: ron, we appreciate you being with us. it's unfortunate that politics descended to such a level, but we appreciate you being here this morning. thank you. breaking news, the supreme court, this has got to do with a challenge to union fees, union dues, what's it about. ashley: the supreme court rejected a challenge to those laws that allows public sector unions to collect fees from nonunion members who don't even support the union. that law has been in place since 1977, involved california public school teachers who challenge this under a first amendme amendment--
10:10 am
on grounds of first amendment. the interesting thing here, stuart, the supreme court split on this issue 4-4. if we had antonin scalia it would have been-- >> that continues to allow them to collect fees from nonmembers liz: a person in california would say yont with a to pay dues, but the other side says you could collect a bargaining benefit you should pay dues, so this fight is going back to the supreme court. stuart: but not for a long time liz: after scalia's is named. stuart: and this is just coming in to us. scott walker, governor of wisconsin has endorsed ted cruz. that was expected. ashley: yes. stuart: but now it's happened. okay. look at this, stocks are down a little bit.
10:11 am
we were down nearly 100 and now we're down 28 points. the culprit for the selloff was the price of oil, which is still sharply lower, still down a buck at 38.26. remember the back drop to the stock market is janet yellen. she speaks this afternoon. we might have some idea as to whether or not she's going to raise interest rates aggressively in this-- later this year. we shall see. oil, again, a two-week low, worries about supply and demand. 38 bucks on oil right now. energy stocks getting hit, all of them are moving lower. some of them big time. look at that one, we've got trans ocean is down 6 1/2%. how about the home builder, lennar? it said it sold more homes at higher prices. it's the leading stock in the s&p 500, it's up 3 1/2%. donald trump needs 1,237 delegates to lock in the nomination. later this hour, a top pollster
10:12 am
who says he's going to beat that magic number. he's going to get 1,239. watch out for him on the show coming up shortly. next, new from isis, reports that they're starting jewish school children in turkey. ambassador john bolten joins us. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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10:15 am
>> breaking news. governor scott walker of wisconsin has endorsed ted cruz for president. >> he has. >> he has indeed. >> he said, by the way, it's time we elect a strong new leader and that's why i'm endorsing ted cruz, this came on the charlie sykes radio show and you interviewed charlie earlier. stuart: no big surprises. ashley: it's now official. stuart: higher profits and upbeat mccormick's. the spice people. 98 bucks a share. 3m gave its financial outlook
10:16 am
for the year, and investors are not impressed. this is one of the biggest losers of the dow 30. and 3m back at 163. the man who hijacked an egyptair flight is now under arrest and officials say it has nothing to do with terrorism. you have the latest on this, ash. >> the people on board were probably terrified, let's be honest. yes, a domestic flight, alexandria to cairo, hijacked by this individual and turned around and went to cypress although there are reports that he actually wanted to go to turkey, but the story is he wanted to talk to his ex-wife or estranged wife who happens to live in cyprus. i've got this from the egyptian foreign minister, he's not a terrorist, he's an idiot. terrorists aren't stupid, this guy is. stuart: and this was relatively innocuous. ashley: he had a fake suicide vest on
10:17 am
liz: marital problems and he's going to hijack? >> sky news announced that isis plans to target jewish children in turkey. former ambassador john bolten is with us. this, mr. ambassador is pure terror is what it is. >> it mirrors brus thes, and pakistan. and we've seen attacks directed against jewish targets in istanbul before and i think whether it's jews or christians or yeah-- a seed, what's the strategy behind the pure terroristic threat? >> i think you're showing that the reach of the terrorist
10:18 am
groups is essentially global, whether it's europe or the middle east and i think we have to look forward to it in this country as well, and that's intended to increase their bargaining power, to destabilize unfriendly regimes, especially in the region and open up for them more opportunities to affect behavior, particularly countries in western europe. i think the string of successful attacks we've seen in western europe affects isis in the territorys view that europe is the weak ling. stuart: it seems like the number of incidents is speeding um. once over two, three or four days there's some horror story from somewhere in the world. it makes us feel like this is a war. we are in a war and yet, i don't get that impression that our administration understands what's going on here and will meet that challenge. >> i think the administration and particularly the premium
10:19 am
fundamentally rejects that point of view. they think it's just inevitable like the occasional emotionally disturbed person, perhaps like the guy who hijacked the egypt airplane and you can never really eliminate that. i think the president believes when you treat it like a war and go after it when you would defend yourself in a war it promotes more terrorism. i think that's exactly backward, but-- >> that's his legacy, his legacy is not doing anything militarily or aggressive as this threat came upon us. >> and the consequence will be more acts of terrorist. don't think these are planned one at a time and people sally forth from the middle east to do this. there's reporting today and new york times, others made the same point, that thousands of terrorists have been trained by isis in syria and iraq and by other terrorist groups. they're already in europe and the united states and it shows why purely defensive mechanisms like tsa screening, as important as that is, at the
10:20 am
capital visitors center, it's not the way. and you need to go after the safe havens and destroy those, that, the president is not doing. stuart: i'm going to play a sound bite for you, mr. ambassador. this is mike huckabee reacting to president obama who is standing by his decision to stop -- to let more north african migrants into north africa. here is mike huckabee. stuart: you will be labeled a bigot for what you just said. >> maybe so, stuart, better a live bigot than a dead idiot who doesn't understand and continually naively says, oh, we can just open these borders and if we're so nice, they'll be nice to us. stuart, this is the reason this president is lost and is continuing to lose the battle against radical islam. a live bigot versus a dead idiot. >> i think the president has a
10:21 am
con sending view of the american people. and he said in review that he understands there's a war between islam and radicals and others he can't really talk about that because the people of the united states will then have a backlash against all of islam. only he can see the difference and he doesn't want to make an issue of it. that's the problem of political correctness and i think it's one reason why the candidate who can seize this issue and explain why the president's most important duty is to protect the people of the united states and not ignore these threats, can make this a winning political issue. stuart: got it, mr. ambassador. thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: a start-up that does blood tests underfire over his cholesterol testing. turns out the test might not have been as accurate as advertised. we'll tell you the full story in just a moment. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it.
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>> you're looking again at brookfield, wisconsin, we're waiting for senator ted cruz, he's about to take the stage and we just heard that governor scott walker of wisconsin has endorsed senator ted cruz. big trouble for a blood testing start-up company, independent researchers say the company's cholesterol test where you use a single drop of blood, not accurate. dr. marc siegel is here, this is big news. what's the basic problem with the single drop of blood test? >> the problem is that when you take blood from a finger you introduce all kind of other stuff, tissue and fluid from the finger and i've known for many years and previous lab studies showed you're not getting the same degree of accuracy from a finger as the vein. 9% off is not bad, but i wouldn't make a decision on that.
10:26 am
i wouldn't say instead of your salmon and crackers in the morning, i wouldn't do that with a finger stick. as a result of it, i want the real deal, i want the vein. stuart: you cannot claim that your single drop of blood finger prick test is the equivalent of a vile of blood drawn from the vein. you can't make that association. you can't say that this is as good as that from the about i go guys. you can't say that. >> they're saying it is. they're saying you didn't do the study the right way and you took blood from the same finger, sometimes too large amount from the vein. they have all kinds of things, they said somebody in the study has a conflict of interest because he's on the board of a competing company. stuart: i smell a gigantic lawsuit. >> yes, but it doesn't take away from the scientific facts, when you go to the doctor's office when they draw from a finger, it's not quite as accurate and shouldn't go on a cholesterol lowering drug as a
10:27 am
result. stuart: that's the bottom line, doctor, we hear you. dr. markc siegel. one of the top analysts says that donald trump will win the delegates that he needs barely, but he says that trump will get them. one week away from the primary in wisconsin, john kasich pulling ads and missing a big endorsement. we're talking to a kasich spokesperson next.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: quickly to the price of oil. worries about supply and demand. the price could shift later on today at the janet yellen. stuart: this afternoon.
10:31 am
the price of oil could move just like the stock market. we are one week away from primary voting there. case sick campaign trend duffy is with us right now. i have conflicting reports. first i heard that john kasich would doing all radio ads across the state. shifting to a part of the state that is more minimal to him. we can compete and congressional districts. >> though paul that i have seen put trumps at 32. ted cruz at 30. he is the kind of state that he would do well in.
10:32 am
the polls show a little bit closer. doing better in those swing districts. you will see late deciders going for john kasich. that defense of the past week, more and more video. that will give john kasich a platform to show his vision, his agenda and the way. the second or third outlet. that is when he appears as the king maker or the nominee. when we get tired. >> that absolutely is the strategy. no delegate or candidate will reach that.
10:33 am
the reason why we are positive about the kasich strategy is because poll after poll continues to show that he is the only candidate left that can beat hillary clinton. losing to clinton by double digits. pennsylvania, rhode island, elsewhere, those are the states where john kasich can do well. >> you must be disappointed. scout walker has endorsed ted cruz. >> rather have the endorsement. a lot of very high profile national security profile. the reagan security advisers. three months pass. there is a lot we don't not know about donald trump. >> john kasich.
10:34 am
your guy is in the position. >> he would simply accept that he is not going to be the presidential candidate. >> a long, long shot. going to and a convention. they believe it represents the values. the agenda. the best person to become a commander-in-chief of the united states. those are important qualities. we will see how that works out. stuart: trent duffy, thank you
10:35 am
for being with us. the delegate found that you have to get the nomination. being the republican nominee. my next guest says 1237. he will actually go a couple more than that. 1239. you are predicting he has 1239. i know you are a professor. >> stuart, that is not our projection. >> trump, continuing on the
10:36 am
current path. >> it matters enormously. what can you rule out based on our study? you can rule out his finishing hundreds of delegates behind. you can rule out is having a big margin for error finishing hundreds of delegates. stuart: what you are saying is trump is the guy to be. a lot on california. >> this will go bright or june 7. it is clear to everybody that they will have to be campaigning right until the final day. it is very possible that you will have a bother that go she nations taking place from the evening of june 7 all the way to
10:37 am
the gavel coming down at the republican convention in mid july. stuart: have you done any work on hillary versus trump matchup? we are told that hillary wants to be matched up against trump. she thinks she can beat him. maybe, trump could beat hillary. have you done any work on this? >> we have a study coming out on thursday precisely. >> let me ask you, stuart. the day before the primaries. you will probably be wrong. >> you will do this on thursday.
10:38 am
>> i will do something interesting on thursday. >> stop pulling teeth with this guy. i have been around for so long i have learned from the politicians. stuart: what a pleasure to have you on the show. you can crack a smile with the most important subjects. that is good. ten seconds left. give me a hint. >> the election right now, the election is not right now. there you go. you should have done that two minutes ago. >> i apologize. i am slow in the mornings. stuart: thank you. we will see you soon. this is fascinating. in japan. a geriatric crime wave.
10:39 am
that is about $6900. stealing a $5 sandwich. >> as soon as they are released. they go ahead and commit the same crime again. they are getting free health care. they are getting free hot meals. it is actually breaking the budget for the prison system, as you can imagine. 35% for shoplifting offenses in japan are committed by people over 60. they do not have enough money. they do not have any family. three hops and a cot in this
10:40 am
country. gmac. >> coupling over the story. that is a story and a half. stuart: okay. all-day breakfast was a big hit or mcdonald's. testing mobile ordering. no cold, tell me all about it, please. >> a very delicious sector. kicking it off here. holiday breakfast. they have tried so hard to boost. the stock is up 1%. mobile ordering. trying to join starbucks. the loyalty program. avery metcalf ayers something
10:41 am
did. stuart: i want to talk about chipolte. quite it why 0482 rebounds. what are they talking about? >> what are they say is under good 28 unit the best case scenario. that is terrible. the stock has two-year lows. i will added one last thing. kim kardashian in. the wife of john legend. mcdonald's. baby shower. i do not know what to tell you. stuart: breaking news. thank you very much, indeed. epigenetic scene in houston, texas. chop 41 stories above ground. we will tell you what happened
10:42 am
to these guys in a moment. suing the police. details. details. more varney after this.pill? ♪ cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise.
10:43 am
hey. good to meet you dennis. ♪ flaming the media for hyping the national enquirer story. >> it is not mister trump.
10:44 am
that has been the media. that is what the campaign is focused on. focusing on a retreat. more importantly, the issues facing the country. >> the bottom line here is that ted cruz did not categorically deny the affair that was rumored in the national enquirer. >> he did not call it our veggie and a bunch of lies. appointed denial. stuart: thank you very much. that is your business brief. we will return with more in a moment. ♪
10:45 am
♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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beam for these guys, kind of a scary scene in texas. houston. a power outage stalled above the platform. >> that would be the power outage. >> they're a hairy scary for those guys in that gondola. i think that that is the official name. i want to bring to your attention the story we did a few
10:47 am
days ago. he was arrested on charges of inciting racial hatred. he tweeted this. i confronted a muslim woman yesterday. i asked him to ask for a explanation for brussels. the charges were later dropped. joining us now, attorney emily. how do you feel about this? to arrest a man and charged him with inside and racial hatred. >> you are right. then amended recently in 2006. developing those individual rights. the rights to go about their daily lives unhindered. a man approaching a muslim woman. asked to explain a terror attack
10:48 am
in a different country. certainly hindering her ability and right to go on unhindered. the hitter has been interpreted to be this. it says clearly, only the attorney general can bring those charges. that was the statement after being released. describing a physical encounter with her. for those charges, attorney general prosecution services. isn't this chilling for free speech. if you feel, we use the word confront, confronted a muslim woman in the street.
10:49 am
the conversation about something else. what do you say about brussels. that would be really chilling of free speech. a muslim without being arrested for inciting racial hatred. >> i do. the key here is intent. the dividing lines between a chilling effect and having it actually try to secure those individual rights and daily lives unhindered did you have to have intent to incite hatred did you have to have intent to have abuse. ignorance is not enough to be charged with this crime. i think that that is the key we need to focus on. stuart: emily, that is over there. what about over here? do we have somewhat similar laws? >> our law system is based on the uk so we do not have such a strong similar equivalent, no.
10:50 am
we do not. what we do have is that twitter watchdog mentality. people will see things that others have posted on social media did many cases that you and i have discussed on the show. because of someone social media posting that led to someone's arrest. that, i think, is a global phenomenon. stuart: thank you very much for being with us today. always appreciate it. thank you. ted cruz moment ago took the stage. this is in brookfield, wisconsin. there is a primary bear from one week from today. listen and, briefly, please. >> you know, it is easy to talk about making america great again. you could even print out on a
10:51 am
baseball cap. the real question is, understanding the principles and values that made america great in the first place. the heart of our economy, washington, d.c. the heart of our economy is small businesses across the united states of america. [applause] you want to see the economy takeoff the mac the family of military people and some diplomats. they have been ordered out of the country. 650 people affected. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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stuart: there are reports that hillary clinton wants to go up against donald trump. according to ed klein, donald is her preferred opponent. she thinks she can beat him. think about this. strength with those two groups is overwhelming. is it?
10:56 am
all of the women. younger women voters. talking about african-americans. bernie sanders put one third of the black vote. looks like hillary is a little overconfident. he thinks that trump can win. the weakness among women. his alleged sexism. bill clinton. monica. that is a slamdunk. goldman sachs paying you. a very high state debate. hillary is very confident that she would win. no doubt that he would win.
10:57 am
we do know this. politics has become in a tame it. that is except what a hillary versus trump matchup would be. like it or not, we would be ♪ at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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stuart: right at 11:00 eastern time. wisconsin votes a week from today, and last hour the governor of wisconsin, scott walker, endorsed ted cruz. watch this. >> ted cruz is the best positioned by far to both win the nomination of the republican party and to then go on and defeat hillary clinton. we want people who are principled, common sense be conservatives who do what they say, who stick to their guns, but also people who can both win the nomination and go on to defeat hillary clinton in the fall. and for that reason, i am proud to endorse ted cruz. stuart: now, that deals a blow to fellow midwestern governor
11:01 am
john kasich. his spokesman reacting last hour. >> we'd rather have the endorsement, but kasich was endorsed by former governor tommy thompson and former governor maccallum. we've got a great raft of endorsements, including a lot of high profile national security endorsements like mike mullen, john layman today and two reagan security advisers, and that's where this race is going to go. we have three months left, there's a lot to learn. there's a lot we don't know about donald trump, and we're going to see how it stacks up. stuart: all right. joining us, melissa francis, ashley webster, liz macdonald. melissa, to you first. what do you make of the wisconsin race? >> well, nobody cares about endorsements, you'd have to be an idiot to vote for someone because someone else said you should. at the same time, it dominates the news cycle, it's the lead at 11. donald trump knows that, so he came out with who's going to manage his convention campaign,
11:02 am
bigfooting the news, like he always does. so net-net, meaningless. stuart: live, dynamic politics. i want to get to that, donald trump, he's bigfooted this. he's holding a rally tonight in paul ryan's home talktown. >> he has hired his campaign convention manager an old warhorse for the republican party. listen, he was behind gerald ford, ronald reagan, george w. bush as well as republican presidential nominee bob dole. he has been around the block once or twice x what this shows is that donald trump is getting geared up with some good people on his team for a convention fight. stuart: because he knows there's going to be a floor fight. >> oh, yes. >> chaos expected because what donald trump could fight against is they could put up a, say, paul ryan or mitt romney, donald trump could say, wait a second n. 2012 you had the rule of 40 meaning that the you win primaries, you get the nomination.
11:03 am
so why can you, how can you conceivably put up a paul ryan or mitt romney? stuart: well, that's a fair question. >> that is on the radar screen -- stuart: how do you take away the nomination from the guy who's won the most states and won the most delegates? >> right. he either gets over the threshold, or he doesn't. but what trump has signaled with this hire is he's brought in someone who knows all the rules, who can muscle to get in there and fight for him. it signals he knows there's a fight ahead, maybe he should have done it sooner, but better late than never. stuart: all right. on the democrat side, let's look there. the fbi planning on interviewing hillary and other aides in the e-mail scandal. they've got a whole bunch of -- we've heard a number of 150 agents working on this. that's not very much. >> that's unconfirmed. this does not help hillary's enthusiasm gap, that this is still hanging over her head. the fbi is coming to the conclusion of its ca. in other words, it's now going
11:04 am
to put into context with the help of these interviews all of the information accumulated. will loretta lynch stonewall and say no to any indictment, that's -- >> she's going to say no, absolutely. stuart: he will. >> they're just trying to figure out intent. was this stet up intentional -- set up intentionally or through ignorance? >> intent actually doesn't matter in this case. she's going to prove that she broke the law, the fbi is going to recommend indictment, and then justice is not going to follow through with it. stuart: how do you know that? >> it's semantics. >> there's just absolutely no way the democrats are going to indict and hobble their own. it's not going to happen. stuart: wait a second. the fbi recommends indictment -- >> yeah, and they're not going to go through it. stuart: wait a minute, the fbi will reside -- >> they'll start leaking. >> yep. >> and then hillary clinton loses regardless, whether she's indicted or not. stuart: do you agree with that?d
11:05 am
change between now and then. as of today i do feel that's what it would be, but there would be resignations, it will be leaked, the mainstream media won't care. it'll be a miscarriage of justice, and that's the way it goes with the clintons. stuart: glad you're on the show today, because that's dramatic stuff. you've got opinions. >> that's what my husband says. [laughter] stuart: now, there's a fight going on here, was between apple and the feds. now the feds have dropped their lawsuit against apple because they have gotten into the san bernardino shooter's iphone without any help from apple. and, liz, more to the point, the fbi is not going to tell apple how they did it -- >> yeah, that's right. stuart: -- or who kid it. >> they said, you know what? we may want to go into court and have this hearing, because we want to ask the fbi how exactly are you getting into our iphones? and watch this. a rule that was passed under the obama administration said if there is a flaw that the government discovers, then the government has to tell the
11:06 am
company -- meaning apple -- how hay got through via that flaw. so in other words, this is a brand reputation issue for apple. >> oh, yeah. stuart: i tell you, i say apple loses. >> i mean, this is a disaster for apple. they looked like they had all the cards, and they didn't. we all always knew that the fbi could break in. stuart: that's another statement. you knew this? >> absolutely. stuart: i didn't. >> i knew they could break in, i also thought apple already knew how to unlock it and how to break the code. they didn't have to hire someone to do it. they always know how to reverse engineer and have a back door because they were trying to prove a larger point. i mean, they were trying to establish a precedent that they could follow later. we always knew they could do it. it is kind of funny to see them stick it to apple now and say we did it, and we're not going to tell you how. >> now they're going to have to go back and redo the code? >> they were already working on that, i bet. this is innovation. stuart: you know who i would like to be? the guy who broke into the phone.
11:07 am
>> maybe it is you. you're tech-savvy. stuart: that person is exceptionally valuable to an intelligence service. >> he's probably 9 years old too. [laughter] it's probably my son. probably my son. >> 14-year-old russian kid. >> very tech-savvy. stuart: i know you remember this one. president obama said you can keep your health care and on obamacare, you can keep your doctor. well, according to congressional bean counters, otherwise known as the cbo, obamacare forced employers to cancel millions of health plans. you got an opinion on that? >> yeah, and grass grows. this was so obvious. this was simple math. when the president stood up and made these false promises, i don't know why anyone believed it. you administer people, there's going to be a cost to that premium. other people are going to have their policies canceled. maybe be honest out of the gate, we're going to charge people who have insurance more to cover the
11:08 am
people who aren't covered. at least be honest as opposed to saying we can have more stuff for free. >> and more people will have to enroll in medicaid. which will cost them nothing but the taxpayers -- >> i love how the government can't launch. health web sites without bugs in it, but they're forcing employers to abide by all of thoolz new rules. -- these news. they're shoving between 4-9 million people will lose coverage start anything 2017 over through 2026. that's a lot of people. this is not you like your plan, you can keep your plan. and they're pushed on to higher, costlier plans in the exchanges. >> between 4-9 million people. stuart: lose coverage. >> fewer people will have coverage. stuart: that's it for today's rapid-fire round. melissa, stay there -- >> i have your chair? stuart: no, but i have other subjects for you. >> fair enough. stuart: janet yellen speaks this afternoon, may give a hint about
11:09 am
the future course of interest rates. look at oil, it touched $37 a barrel earlier this morning. that's a two week low. it's down $1.38, that's a sharp drop for oil right now, and that's hitting energy stocks. the driller, transocean, is down 7.5%. moving on to the terror front. a new report from the investigative project on terrorism finds terror deaths have increased by almost 800% in the past five years. general jack keane is with us this morning. that's an extraordinary statistic. it implies that the terror threat is escalating almost daily and weekly and that we are actually in a war. what say you, sir? >> yeah, there's no doubt about that, stuart. and i think even the people who produced that report were surprised by those numbers, because they doubled from 2010 to 2012, and then they doubled again. and it is quite stunning. you know, it underscores what
11:10 am
dni p clapper said just a few weeks ago in congressional testimony, that this situation with radical islam is now a global problem, and it is getting worse. and what the investigative project on terrorism tell us is it expanded into more countries, the attacks are increasing in frequency, and also the attacks are deadlier as we've just seen, certainly, in pakistan and in belgium and spread out throughout the middle east and africa. and what's -- go ahead. stuart: how do you characterize america's response to this? >> well, i think any self-examination would come to the conclusion that the strategy we started from post-9/11 to focus individually on a particular group -- initially al-qaeda where we had some success but they have since expanded, now isis where we've had some success, but they are continuing to expand, obviously, with attacks in europe and in africa and other places -- that
11:11 am
that strategy is not working. we need to have a comprehensive approach where countries of the world come together to undermine this political and religious ideology. and until we do that, until we recognize that this is a global problem, that it is a generational problem and it's the major ideological challenge of the 21st century, we will continue to be behind this. and it's going to expand if we don't face up to the fact that radical islam is at war with western civilization, and and we have not made up our minds to respond adequately. stuart: you have a military guy. what military response would you like to see? >> well, first of all, the most significant response that's needed is to undermine the ideology which is not military, which is political and religious leaders working on that to do that in every country. militarily when we have a caliphate like we see that isis
11:12 am
has where they're holding terrain, we take that terrain away from them. and we should have done that a year ago. certainly, syria is the safe haven, and as long as they have that safe haven, then attacks are going to continue in europe, in africa, in the middle east and also in the united states. that's the lesson of 9/11. we didn't go after the al-qaeda in afghanistan when we knew they were there for years despite the attacks they made on us. the result was 9/11. and when you let them stay in those safe havens, stuart, they become more ambitious, they become more lethal, and they become more skilled. and that's the reality we're facing today. stuart: it is, indeed. general jack keane, always a pleasure. thanks very much, sir. >> good talking to you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. much more on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal coming up for you. there is something new. judge napolitano, point man on the e-mail scandal, coming up.
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: go into the supermarket,
11:16 am
and surely you have seen the spice rack run by mccormack. well, they've got an upbeat outlook for their products x that is one of the best performers in the s&p 500. new high for the spice people. now this, last hour we broke news from the supreme court. deadlocked on a union dues issue. this has to do with dues being paid by non-union members. at least that's the way i see it, but i think the judge is going to straighten me out. where have i gone wrong? >> it's a california case involving schoolteachers who were forced to join -- stuart: to join the union. >> with to join a public sector labor union and be bound by the negotiations on their behalf. teachers said we don't want to join, we don't want to pay dues, we don't want to be bound by what this union has negotiated on our behalf. we want to be hired and fired on merit and on our own. one issue is freedom of speech. you are forcing us to accept the
11:17 am
speech of others as if it was ours, and freedom of association. the state of california is forcing people to associate with people they don't want to associate with. stuart: no change in this. i mean, they will be forced to join the union, they will be forced to pay up. >> correct. the ninth circuit court of appeals which is the federal appeals court for the 15 westernmost states of the united states, has upheld what the law has been. this was an effort by the plaintiffs to change the law. the law has been state can force you to join the union, and the state can force you to pay the union deuce, but you're entitlinged to a rebate that go to overt political activity by the unions with which you disagree. these challengers were trying to say how can you force us to join an organization we don't want to join? could you imagine all of us were forced to join a labor union, and that labor union negotiated for us against our will with our employers here? stuart: no, i can't imagine
11:18 am
that. >> that's what -- labor unions were king when you were -- stuart: in britain. >> until margaret came along. stuart: oh, bless that name. next one for you, judge. the fbi reportedly preparing to interview hillary clinton's aides -- >> yes. stuart: -- over her e-mail scandal. my question is, when do they interview hillary clinton? >> a very, very dangerous phase for mrs. clinton. the fact that they are preparing to interview her aides means they are finished acquiring evidence x they are finished corroborating the evidence. so all the neutral things they look at, all the records, all the technical information, all the expert information, all the examination of what's secret and what's not secret is done. they are now bringing in her aides to see what they have to say. it's very dangerous for the aides to go in. most criminal defense lawyers will not let a person go in and talk to the fbi and talk to federal prosecutors. why? because the prosecutors and the fbi will not tell the lawyers what they have.
11:19 am
stuart: will these aides have a lawyer with them when they're interviewed by the fbi? >> yes. they have the right to refuse to be interviewed, they have a right to to be there with a lawyer. stuart: and how would it look if the principal aides to hillary clinton walk into the investigation with their lawyers and say we're not saying anything? >> well, it wouldn't happen that way. they simply wouldn't go. they're not forced to go. they would simply say they're not going to go. that's what brian pagliano did, he's her i.t. guy, and they gave him immunity. so he has explained to them the who, what, when, where, how and why of the migration of two e-mail streams -- stuart: yep. >> -- public and secret from the government servers to mrs. clinton's server. stuart: so now they ask the aides, what about this? >> yes. stuart: what about that? >> yes, yes. were you there when mrs. clinton said this? kid you hear her -- did you hear her say that? and the final phase will be, well, mrs. clinton, we have all of this ed, and we're about to
11:20 am
present it to a grand jury. would you like to give us your version or go to the grand jury tomorrow? this is a day of reck reckoning that she devoutly wishes does not come. stuart: when does it happen? the aides will be interviewed fairly soon. >> i think the interviews will either take place or not take place if they choose not to go in -- stuart: in april or may? >> next couple of weeks. yes. stuart: then mrs. hillary clinton, by the end of april maybe? >> yes, yes. now, she has said she can't wait to get in and talk to the fbi. [laughter] stuart, nobody believes that. no one being investigated by the fbi can't wait to get in there. it's the last people in the world you want to see. it's 147 fbi agents investigating her, and she can't wait to talk to them? stuart: one quick second, i want to just take 20 seconds. [laughter] melissa, you said earlier there is no way that the justice department would actually prosecute and indict -- >> it's sad but true.
11:21 am
that's my opinion. there'll probably be a recommendation, i think they have plenty of evidence. i think they laid out the case beautifully. i wouldn't dare disagree with you. at the same time, they're too political, and they're not going to hobble their own candidate. it'll be mayhem and revolt at the fbi, i agree with you. i can't wait to go to the dentist. stuart: she knows what she's talking about, and your last comment is -- >> she didn't go to the london school of economics. stuart: what does she know? >> melissa makes a very good point. if the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, and i believe it is, if it's publicly known, it's well documented, it is and it is, and the justice department for political reasons doesn't present it to a grand jury, resignations, leaked evidence, leaked copies of indictments, political catastrophe for the democrats and for --? >> hillary loses anyway in that scenario, even if they don't indict. stuart: just bringing it to a conclusion, that's all i'm trying to do here. [laughter] melissa, thank you very much.
11:22 am
oh, and, judge, thank you too. [laughter] president obama doubles down on refugees, still wants to let more of them into america. we know what governor mike huckabee thinks about that. watch this. >> you will be labeled a bigot for saying what you just said. >> yeah. you know, maybe so, stuart. but better a live bigot than a dead idiot. you both have a
11:23 am
11:24 am
11:25 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:26 am
stuart: oh, listen up to this one. breaking news on the trump campaign. reports that his campaign manager, corey lewandowski, has been arrested. >> allegedly assaulting breitbart reporter michelle fields, misdemeanor, simple battery. it happened in jupiter, florida. he essentially is alleged to have grabbed her arm, yanked her out of the way so he could catch up with donald trump. so she filed the charges, now he faces one count of simple battery. stuart: simple battery. >> it's a misdemeanor. stuart: but he's been been arrested. >> correct. stuart: i want to go back to a story we've been covering, a 6-year-old girl ripped away from her foster parents because of a law that says if a child has a drop of native american blood in her family tree, she must live with her tribe. >> this law says if a child is eligible for membership in an indian tribe, which means if
11:27 am
they have indian ancestry, the rule that courts usually apply, the best interests of the child rule that courts apply in adoption cases, foster cases, doesn't apply. >> this trial the family has to demonstrate why it's not in the best interests of the baby for the state to take it. stated differently, the state has all the presumptions and all the benefits because of the way this horrific, racially-oriented, agitated law has been written. >> we've been fighting for her to stay because, because of what she wants. what she wants, who she sees as mommy and daddy and her siblings and to have a law dictate that despite what she wants she should move away from all she's ever had. stuart: melissa, i have to tell you that our viewers have expressed extraordinary anger about this story. >> yeah. stuart: because it is a race-based adoption policy, and to us that is flat out wrong. >> it's a devastating story. i mean, i went and looked at the
11:28 am
details of it. 6-year-old child who's been living for the family for four years, third foster house she had been in, she appeared injured, she was removed from the first, this child has been through so much. i have a son exactly this age. i can't imagine the damage it would do to him mentally and emotionally for the rest of his life for him to be removed to another house. i mean, this isn't political, it's just tragic. and she's moving to a family that, you know, is a step-relative, as i understand it, but doesn't have native american blood? it's a distant relative. it seems to make no sense. but all that matters is the child's welfare and from the child's point of view, i don't see how this could possibly be the best choice. stuart: well said. it's not. it does not appear to be in the child's best interest. >> no, and that's all that matters. stuart: case closed. president obama wants to take in more refugees. this as the terror threat grows all over the world. but if you oppose the president's plan, you're a
11:29 am
racist, you're a bigot. 40 i do yo i feel about -- how do you feel about that? we'll deal with it next. hi...i'm pamela yellen.
11:30 am
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11:33 am
not guilty. he was issued a notice to appear in court. he was not arrested, their saying, so he's entering a plea of not guilty saying confident he welcome exonerated -- he will be exonerated. stuart: look at the stock market, we're down. we've been hold anything a pattern ever so slightly lower for almost all of the day. remember, please, janet yell withen speaks this amp. after she speaks, you may see some serious stock price movement depending on what she says. price of oil, $37 a barrel. that's a two week low. look at 3m. it gave its financial outlook for the year, investors not impressed. it is a dow stock, and it's down $2, that shaves about 17 points off the dow industrials. let's get back to politics. the right going after dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. former jeb bush supporter writes this: far worse is the chaos and destruction that she is leading
11:34 am
not just her party, but our country towards. radical left-wing politics that are sure to impoverish and endanger america. ed is with us right now. you know, ed, that's really strong stuff. i mean, you think that's merited? to ruin the country? really? >> you bet. you bet. if you speak to some of the people who actually live in her congressional district, who have transplanted from cuba or venezuela, they know what long-term socialism does and shortage lines and bread lines and whatever else. the bottom line is that, you know, look, why does the democratic voter only have one alternative to hillary clinton? if she loses this fbi primary and she's indicted or something tragic happens as you discussed in the previous segment, you're left with the sole alternative of senator sanders. and who is a devout socialist. why did that happen? that happened because the
11:35 am
leadership of the dnc, debbie wasserman-schultz, put her hand on the scale and said i don't want any other alternative but hillary clinton. stuart: well, she's done a very good job of that, because it seems hike the super delegate count in particular is rigged in favor of the coronation of hillary. you could say that debbie wasserman-schultz has done a very good job for hillary within the democrat party. you wouldn't deny that, surely. >> no, i wouldn't deny that, but she's not doing a good job for purposes of democracy and democratic voters. that's why you're seeing an enthusiasm gap between republican voters on one hand and democrats on the other. that's a huge gap, and that probably is going to play bigtime in november. but, stuart, remember, you're talking about 95% of the super delegates going to hillary when she's only taking about 53, 54% at the polling during these primaries. that is a huge blushment kind of insider -- establishment kind of insider tilt. that is all done by the dnc, and that's very undemocratic. stuart: i know you're on the
11:36 am
republican side of the fence, but i want you to comment on the democrat side for a second. in the event that hillary clinton is indicted or the fbi recommends indictment or she is interviewed by the fbi which is probably going to take place, what impact on her candidacy -- let's just take it further. she's interviewed by the fbi, what impact on her candidacy? it doesn't destroy it now, does it? >> no. if she's simply interviewed by the fbi and it becomes a non-event, that's one thing. if you see an indictment or you see the fbi either recommending indictment or you see the justice department not picking up the ball and you see resignations inside of the fbi in protest over the justice department not following through, then that wreaks havoc with hillary clinton's campaign. stuart: ed, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. going to move swiftly along. thanks very much. i want to get to president obama, because he is doubling
11:37 am
down on his plan to welcome muslim refugees coming into america. former presidential candidate governor mike huckabee not happy about it. roll that tape again. you will be labeled a bigot for saying what you just said. >> yeah. you know, maybe so, stuart. better a live bigot than a dead idiot. [laughter] who doesn't understand and continually naively says that, oh, we can just open these borders, and if we're so nice, they'll be nice to us. stuart, this is the reason this president has lost and is continuing to lose the battle against radical islam. stuart: all right. strong stuff right there. you heard it. julie roginsky is here, julie is on the left side of the aisle, i think i can safely say that. >> that's true. center-left. a little bit to the left of mike huckabee i would argue, just a tad. stuart: to me too. i would, i got into that discussion with governor huckabee by saying, look, if i suggest that i am in favor of a
11:38 am
temporary halt to foreign muslims coming into america, i'm labeled a bigot. >> by whom? stuart: i think the popular media would -- >> yell. stuart: there are critics of me and this network who would immediately say varney's a bigot. >> there are critics of everybody, i don't think you're a -- stuart: isn't that the charge that's been leveled against donald trump? >> he wants to do much worse than what you proposed. listen -- stuart: he wants a temporary ban. >> donald trump had a religious litmus test. he is a bigot for the reasons i just outlined. stuart: if i want a temporary ban -- >> you're not a bigot, you're just wrong, and i'll explain why. these are probably the most vetted group of people you'll ever have coming. if you look at where they have come from, the vast majority of them are american citizens who are already here. we should focus on that. stuart: that's not what we're talking about.
11:39 am
we're talking about people who come from syria, who come from iraq, who are trying to come into this country. they don't have a paper trail -- >> so you're talking about little children, like governor chris christie of new jersey wanted to ban even 3-year-olds who have no papers, even they to you are walking bombs who are going to explode themselves the minute they land at jfk airport -- stuart: a temporary ban? >> these little children? stuart, you're condemning them to death. while you have your temporary banker they are fleeing from a war-torn regime. stuart: i don't think we're condemning anybody to death. >> you think they're staying in other parts of stir ya or iraq -- syria or iraq while being persecuted and running for their lives? stuart: i think people who have made it to greece or the macedonian border or turkey. >> not necessarily. there are people who are sitting in what you want to describe, what i want to describe is pleatly non-humanitarian camps.
11:40 am
stuart: they come in, there's no risk. >> i think we are doing the best job we can of vetting these people. it takes 12-18 months to even set foot in this country. they're being completely vetted. we should be looking at people who are already here who are american citizens, french citizens, european citizens who have been completely radicalized who have every right to go among the european union and do whatever they want without papers being checked because they happen to be european citizens. stuart: i think hillary clinton should say that. explicitly say it. >> well, stuart -- stuart: come on in, we'll take you because you're under threat. >> you debating her or me? stuart: no. >> oh, well good. i'll pass that advice along to you. stuart: she wouldn't touch you with a 10-foot pole. >> she's already touched it. stuart: she would never say that after what happened in brussels and pakistan and the new threat to jewish children in turkey which we're receiving this morning, she's not going to say come on in. >> the vast majority of jewish
11:41 am
people who experienced this kind in the '30s and '40s would agree with me. we have to have a humanitarian policy when it comes to these young children. stuart: talk to hillary. >> i will. i will 100% pass it along. i'll call her right now. i've got her on the phone. thanks, stuart. stuart: be careful. >> on the phone, i've got her right now. [laughter] stuart: here's a headline from our next guest donald trump is hillary clinton's get out of jail free card. figure that one out. oh, we will, believe me, after this. ♪ ♪
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief, stocks down about 36 points, and we are 17,498. the s&p 500 down 2, the nasdaq is up 16, but don't forget it has been a great month of march so far, dow's up about 6% this month. take a look at your dow movers as we wait to hear from our fed head, janet yellen. apple, microsoft, mcdonald's lead the way while dupont and boeing are under pressure. one of the reasons we do have stocks under pressure is energy once again. and here's names such as transocean and diamond offshore
11:44 am
with down arrows to the tune of about 7 and 8%. this as oil is hovering around $38 a barrel. housing stocks moved higher, leonard did well, prices going up. that helps stocks as well. start your day every day right here on fox business at 5 a.m. lauren simonetti and i get you started, all the news you need. ♪ ♪
11:45 am
stuart: now, we've got more on that story we brought to you last hour. the government is ordering
11:46 am
american relatives of military and diplomatic personnel in turkey out of turkey. >> yeah. this is being put out by the state department and the pentagon, putting out this order. it actually involves those at a base in southeastern turkey on the syria border, southwest and western turkey, but it does not include the cities of istanbul and ankara. stuart: it speaks to a breakdown of stability in turkey. >> it does. stuart: and the terror threat. >> saying there is no specific security threat but, obviously, they're doing this for a reason. so -- >> how can they take in more refugees then under that e.u. deal that ash was just reporting? stuart: good point. they're supposed to take in more muslims coming from other country, but this is happening in turkey as we speak. >> right. stuart: back to politics. our next guest says he's been told hillary clinton is thrilled about donald trump's seemingly impending nomination. she's actually hoping that trump makes, wins the nomination so she can go up against him.
11:47 am
he thinks she will -- she thinks she will win. ed kline is the author of that book, "unlikable," and he is with us today. why does hillary believe so strongly, as you report, that she can beat donald trump. >> first of all, she's 11 points ahead of him right now, and 70% of women polled say they don't like donald trump. so her advisers say you cannot win the presidency without the women's vote. plus, donald represents in terms of the hillary camp everything that the democrats have been saying about the republicans; that they're nasty, that they're prejudiced against minorities and women. but i think most of all this -- donald could be her get out of jail free card. stuart: you mean that literally. >> if she's indicted, right? stuart: yeah? >> and she's under indictment and you go to the polls and you have to decide do i pull the lever for donald, or do i pull the lever for the indicted
11:48 am
hillary, maybe you pull the lever for the indicted hillary. stuart: maybe. that's a long shot i would have thought though. [laughter] that's very much a long shot. what's the feeling within the clinton camp and within the democrat party about this, the likelihood that hillary clinton will be interviewed by the fbi, the possibility that the fbi will recommend indictment and the other possibility that the justice department will say yes, indict her? how do they feel about this? i mean, publicly they're saying this is not going to happen, or don't worry about it, i can't wait to be interviewed by the fbi. they're not really feeling that way, are they? >> there's a big debate between hillary and bill over this issue. bill clinton, he's saying take it seriously. and hillary is saying, let 'em come on. come on, come on, it's okay with me. i've been here before, i've done this before, i've gotten through it before. it doesn't mean anything. stuart: do you think it would be
11:49 am
a serious thing if she were interviewed by the fbi and they recommend indictment? >> i think it would be huge, very serious. stuart: would it count her out of the election? would the democrats say we can't run with you, hillary? >> yeah, but hillary would say, look, i've got the delegates, i won the primaries, i'm not dropping out. stuart: okay. let's suppose it's trump versus hillary. your judgment, who wins? >> hillary. stuart: yeah? >> yes. stuart: you think she's got a strong enough set of points to the beat him? >> i think that donald is losing the black vote, the hispanic vote, the woman's vote. i think it's very hard to get elected if you lose all those votes. stuart: fascinating. it's going to be a great election. >> yes, it certainly will. [laughter] stuart: we're going to do well. ed klein, as always, thank you very much, indeed. facebook's oculus rift, how much does it cost? $600. now, if you actually get one and use it, it's going to cost you a whole lot more.
11:50 am
we'll tell you all about this new-fangled gizmo that's on sale now. ♪ ♪ the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. beautifully-misshapen. when you cook with incredible make incredible meals. get your first two meals free at
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stuart: facebook is selling the oculus rift. you know, that's the -- i always do this -- the virtual reality headset. it looks like a crash helmet on a motorbike, you know what i mean? [laughter] it costs $600, but it actually costs a whole lot more if you want to do it right. what else can -- i have to have a pretty high-end computer, don't i? >> you need a very high-end computer with a lot of processing power, and folks might be surprised to know that apple computers don't qualify to run the oculus rift. stuart: if i've got an apple desktop or mac book -- >> mac book pro -- stuart: it doesn't work? >> not enough processing power. stuart: what do i have to have? >> you have to either build your own pc or buy one with the oculus rift. they can sell for up to $3,000 paired with the oculus. so that gets quite hefty for the average american.
11:55 am
stuart: i've not tried one of these things. i want to. if i've got it on, is it wireless? can i walk around -- >> you cannot. you have, like, a 12-foot cord that you're connected to your computer, so you have some range in motion. they do recommend, the articles recommended make space for yourself so you don't knock anything over. but you are tethered still to a computer to make it operate. stuart: have you ever tried one of these things? >> i have. i played a spider-man game where you could swing from building to building. stuart: did you get seasick? i'm not joking. i'm told that i club ill if i wore one of these things. >> it is a frequent symptom that people have. i did not -- i don't think i spent enough time in it to have that experience, but people said if you spend more than a half an hour, even if you have an iron stomach, you feel a little queasy after you use it. stuart: to me, it's a huge breakthrough because it's a different way of looking at movies, of playing games. there's all kinds of other uses
11:56 am
for this thing if you've got the right equipment. i think it's a break breakthrough. i mean, i would be prepared to buy facebook stock on the basis of the oculus rift. am i crazy? >> no, you heard it here first, buying some stock today. [laughter] no, i think it is an investment that facebook made which will pay dividends in years to come, and it is a way of experiencing games and oh kinds of movies that you won't have any other way. stuart: breakthrough. here's another breakthrough, t mobile, they're going to have a data-only rate plan starting tomorrow. that's not the story. to me, the story is none of us uses our little cell phones or smartphones to make phone calls. >> no one's calling anybody anymore. >> i don't. and who leaves phone messages? you know, you just text. stuart: if anybody calls me, i don't answer. [laughter] >> i know. that reject button is very frequently what i turn to. stuart: is that typical of most people today? you text? you don't mess around with actual phone calls?
11:57 am
>> yeah. >> i take a commuter train every day, and there's too many people chatting away on their phones. >> irritating. stuart: the sound quality is awful. i remember the wonderful landlines, you could have an intimate conversation with somebody, you could hear everything. on this thing it's a public conversation, and you can't hear very much. are you with me on this? >> i am with you on that. [laughter] anybody can participate in the conversation you're having on your cell phone, just text and keep it between you and the person you're talking to. stuart if somebody was talking to yourself, it's crazy. nowadays everybody does it. [laughter] are we done? we're done. >> i guess we are. stuart: i am going to get the oculus rift. thank you very much, indeed. more varney coming up right after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
.. >> you are about to watch the moment that shows the alleged assault diatribe campaign work for a journalist at an event, a
12:00 pm
trumpet and read the campaign workers the manager of donald trump's campaign. he has been given a notice to appear in court on a charge of misdemeanor battery. this is all happening right now. donald trump says he's completely innocent. he will plead innocent. my time is up to charles payne, it is yours. neil: thank you connoisseur. welcome to "cavuto coast-to-coast." i am charles payne. all of the candidates holding events across wisconsin today. this ahead of next tuesday's primary were 42 republican delegates and 96 democratic delegate rsa. senator ted cruz a big boost from a constant governor scott walker. before we get to that, we've got breaking news. the trump campaign manager has been charged.


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