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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  March 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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turned into criminal charges. making comments no nobody is bigger supporter of women than donald trump. david: going after scott walker. is popular with republicans the we'll see how it turns out. >> that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> you just saw comments there from donald trump speaking, from his plane. we want to get you right now to wisconsin. my colleague blake burman is standing by with all the pre-primary jitters. blake? reporter. here we are in janesville wisconsin. donald trump rally, soon on his plane is relative. went to rally. then of course the corey
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lewandoski news came down which you heard of speak a little bit. defending his campaign manager in face of charges from jupiter, florida, of simple battery, misdemeanor for mr. lewandoski in state of florida. for corey lewandoski. incident happened back march 8th. we'll take you back to the primary night. donald trump had one of the press conference he has been happening in florida on primary nights. afterwards when trump left, he was approached by michelle fields then a reporter from breitbart. then that incident took place. new video showing why jupiter police ended up levying charges of simple battery. appears lewandoski might just have grabbed michelle fields though trump, his campaign has said that is the not case. they're standing by lewandoski. they believe he will be exonerated. donald trump sent out a series of tweets before the comments he just made. read you off a couple, deirdre. trump first said this was his
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first reaction. quoting, wow, corey lewandoski my campaign manager and very decent man was just charged with assaulting a reporter. look at tapes, nothing there. he then went on to say, in another tweet, victory press conference was over. why is she allowed to grab me and shout questions? can i press charges? there are two sides to every story, deirdre. this one certainly fits the bill as you have got michelle fields, jupiter police on one side. donald trump and his campaign manager on other. >> blake we'll come back to you. meantime there is blake burman. thank you so much, blake. joining us there from wisconsin. so you saw donald trump on his plane speaking just a few minutes ago. he also earlier in the day defended his campaign manager. with me now, trump campaign senior advisor steven miller. steven, welcome back to the program. we're glad to have you here. you probably just heard my colleague blake burman.
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we've been covering this all afternoon. will lewandoski be at least suspended if not fired? >> well, first of all, good to be back. thank you for having me on. and i don't think that your first choice or my first choice would be having this conversation today. we would like to be talking about islamic terrorism and how to stop it, about the death of manufacturing jobs in america, and about how to change our foreign policy to keep america out of endless wars in the middle east. but i'm glad to have the opportunity to address this because there is nothing worse in this country, in our criminal justice system than when someone is falsely accused of a crime. and that is a terrible thing. and so what i would like to do if you give me the chance -- melissa: hold on, stephen. i want to give you a chance, when you say falsely accused, so we all have the same information, i want to show this new surveillance coming in from the jupiter, florida, police department. >> i'm glad that you are because it relates, i hope people will show video as i'm explaining
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what i'm about to say because this is very important. melissa: let me just say what we see here because i know you don't have it right in front of you the screen i'm seeing. we it spotlight. everybody can see donald trump there, white shirt, red tie, michelle fields right next to him. and you can see if this kind of spotlight where michelle fields is being grabbed but i want to hear what you have to say. >> thank you, thank you. and again, i'm glad to have the opportunity because this is very important. false accusation is one of the worse things you can do in our society. miss fields issued a statement to the entire world that said the following, and i'm going to read from it and you know, usually don't read from pieces paper while you're doing interviews, but i want to make sure i get words exactly right. this is what merchandise fields said to the entire world mr. lewandoski. quote, this is what she said. that mr. lewandoski, quote, yanked me down, quote,
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aggressively tried to pull me to the ground, quote, tried to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, quote. nobody watching that video can say that those statements are honest and accurate. melissa: the tweet i followed from her that she almost fell after the force of being grabbed. i think more importantly, stephen, lewandoski says he never saw her, never met her he in fact tweeted out to michelle fields you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact i never even met you. melissa: that came from his account. >> looking at video. at those quote i read, yanked me down, aggressively tried to pull me down and aggressively thrown me to the ground can say those
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are honest and accurate statements think about that for a second. what kind of person would send a statement to the entire world, claiming that they were yanked down, pulled to the ground aggressively, forcefully thrown, yanked pulled down to the ground, thrown, thrown to the ground, and nobody watching the video can say that is honest. discrediting entirely the accuser. deirdre: where do you get that? i'm curious because i follow everybody on twitter. >> that is the statement that was issued by miss fields to the media weeks ago, about the incident that she alleged. weeks ago. i am reading word for word for word from the statement. deirdre: let me ask you something though. >> this is important though. nobody watching that video, deirdre, nobody watching the video can say that that statement is accurate. discrediting her completely, discrediting her story. completely. i want to make one other point. if you're accusing somebody of quote, aggressively trying to
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pull me to the ground, trying to forcefully throw reporters to the ground, yanking me down, if you're accusing somebody of those things, and then here we are doing csi analysis on video and spotlighting slow mo, one frame to per second, this is important point. deirdre: make it because i have a couple more questions. >> no, i appreciate it. if you're i have a accusing somebody of those things and then, at back end taking a video and slowing it down and spotlighting on one frame per second in high def and zoom in if you have do all those things by definition your claim is false. by definition your claim is false. >> i'm not sure i agree with that stephen. i think it is an incident obviously has caused both sides a lot of anguish. i think, honestly if i were corey lewandoski i would have said, hey, listen i'm sorry these things get rough. we told, whatever it was that was true for him but the fact that he said, called her delusional. so when you talk about somebody's reputation, to say that a reporter is delusional, that is not exactly fair either.
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and said he never met her and never touched her. but then in fact we see that. so i do, i hear what you're saying on michelle side but i'm also saying that corey lewandoski did not represent fairly what happened. >> but of course, of course you're delusional if you sigh you were thrown to the ground, that you were yanked down, that you were aggressively, aggressively tried to pull me to the ground if none of those things happen. it is striking to me, that nobody is comparing the video to her original statement. making a criminal charge is a serious thing. deirdre: stephen i want to ask you -- >> every word matters, when you say things manifestly false in accusation that discredits you, discredits your story and profoundly unfair to mr. lewandoski to his family and most importantly unfair to the thousands of people who are levying accurate claims in real cases battery when you have someone levying a false accusation. deirdre: let me ask you, this is completely rumor, i want to
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address it head on with you. some people said that ivanka trump, trump's daughter who is well-known herself as business person, successful, a wife, a mother, actually asked her father to let lewandoski go. apparently he said no. is that true. >> i don't know anything about any of that. i am a policy advisor to the campaign. it would notropriate for me to or speculate about things. when it comes mr. trump and record on women's issues, no better way to judge a man by the family he raises. mr. trump has raised a extraordinary family and extraordinary daughter who is role model, for young girls across this country. i think that sachs absolute i wonderful thing. deirdre: she is an impressive person. i just want to ask you, stephen, as far as his appeal, exactly what you're saying to women, is this going to hurt his campaign in that way? >> no. and i do think that there are
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very serious issues we need to talk about with respect to women in it country. one of the biggest of course is the pocketbook issues. you've seen more than 3 full percentage point decline in labor force participation for women since 2009. that is tragic. that is devastating. and in wisconsin, you have seen 70,000 lost jobs to china as result of our trade policies. that is hammering women in the workforce, both who work in direct manufacturing industry and also all of other businesses reliant on manufacturing. but candidate policy, donald trump will protect women economically and look at his business and record of hiring women. if you look at his record of employing women in senior executive positions the record speaks for itself. we are excited to have the
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chance to make case for people of wisconsin and people of united states how we will rebuild our beleaguered middle class. >> mentioned senator cruz, you mentioned what he is doing. what does it mean to you, that governor scott walker endorsed senator cruz a week before wisconsin? >> well, we all know and remember mr. trump is one of the reasons why governor walker isn't in the race anymore. he was very firm in revealing the honest truth about governor walker's record and governor walker had to leave the race. and so it is not surprising that governor walker wouldn't endorse endorse -- would endorse mr. cruz. deirdre: it is trifecta. paul ryan speaker, it is his hometown and there is lot of attention -- >> the professional political class loves ted cruz. they know under cruz administration absolutely nothing will change about our trade policies, about our foreign policies, and about
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about our domestic economic policies that the political class in republican party has been pushing for years that has been hemorrhaging jobs overseas. that is really the point here, right? deirdre: yeah. >> the club for growth and all of the special interest groups who like things exactly as they are and don't want to change a thing are lining up behind ted cruz. i would just note on the critical issue of trade in wisconsin senator cruz sided with obama against the working people of wisconsin. deirdre: stephen, right now, there are protesters outside of where mr. trump is expected to begin speaking and we're just showing this to our viewers now. the fact is, there are a lot of people who have shown up there, we know people were arrested earlier at in wisconsin there, basically kind of locking down a holiday inn, if you like. how does trump take this opposition for many people is visceral. >> well, first of all if your
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goal in life never to be protested, your best bet is not say or do anything that challenges conventional wisdom or conventional power structures. by definition if you're doing something that matters in politics people will protest you. but on issues that we're pushing,'s be clear, protesters are on the extreme and we're pushing what is in the mainstream. polling show overwhelming that the american public wants trade jobs kept in america. want lower rates of immigration to boost wages. less interventionist foreign policy defends our security without dragging us into needless foreign conflicts. those are mainstream positions of american thought. those are mainstream positions discussed by families at dinner tables across this country. that is what our campaign is about. not extreme positions of special interests who believe only wealthy and powerful should have a chance at economic security. deirdre: you think coming from trump, that does not sound hypocritical?
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>> that is what makes it so credible. being in position in life where you see how the system works easy for a politician who has been in political office and nothing else to talk about the system when they never actually been in business and actually seen how businesses game the rules, how businesses rig the system in order to keep wealth at the top. so for a businessman who has seen how it works who has seen how the system is rigged. who knows where all the loopholes are, who knows where other businesses are changing rules to benefit them, that person has the most credibility, when it comes to reforming the system to work for working people. let's be clear. you are not going to fix this country, not going to fix this economy and certainly not rebuild middle class by continuing to follow same policies, same path, same strategy we've been on. mr. trump presents last chance to get our trade, immigration and foreign policy back on track. deirdre: all right, stephen. we're glad you're here.
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stephen miller, thank you for the time. >> thank you. >> donald trump about to speak at a campaign rally in janesville, wisconsin. it is hometown of speaker of the house paul ryan. speaker ryan recently commented on how ugly american politics have become. other campaigns weighing in on so-called culture of trump. congressman who endorsed senator cruz will tell me if he thinks the tone is set at the top you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep.
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violence, has no place in political campaign and no place in our democracy. it is really unfortunate development. i think it helps clarify for voters what the trump campaign is all about. deirdre: senator ted cruz condemning the culture of trump's campaign, after trump's campaign manager was charged with battery. corey lewandoski is accused grabbing the arm of a former breitbart reporter at a campaign event in florida. wisconsin congressman and supporter of senator cruz glen -- is with me now. congressman, thank you so much for the time. what do you make of these charges against lewandoski and what this says about the culture of trump's campaign? is he ultimately responsible because he sets the tone? >> well i think the important thing is the issues in the campaign. i know a lot of mainstream media keeps trying to go off on the protests or other things. i think important is to look at
5:20 pm
issues, your history of where you stand on welfare reform. history of where you stand on immigration. history where you stand on government debt. that is what people in wisconsin will base their vote on. not on some circus going on in florida. deirdre: stay with me, congressman. moments ago we do have some comments from donald trump. you gave comment from his plane and i want to focus on what you're saying which is, you want to talk about the issues. donald trump has more or less accused senator cruz of trying to steal delegates. as a supporter of senator cruz, what is your response? >> well, i don't think we're trying to steal any delegates. i'm sure if there are delegates up in the air, they may decide to go for trump, go for cruz, go back and forth. that wouldn't be surprising, something i expect candidates to do. i don't think steal is the appropriate word. deirdre: okay. not an appropriate word. this is what i wanted to ask you
5:21 pm
about, just stay with me. trump addressed battery charges against his manager. i want to play it, get your reaction, then i promise we'll move on. here it is. >> if you look at that tape hes have very, very seriously maligned. he was trying to block her. that is way i view it. she is grabbing me, asking questions. she is not supposed to ask questions. the press conference last adlong time, 45 minutes. i was leaving, she runs up and you can see in fact there are pictures, i could show you some, i actually is some in the other room, there are pictures where she is grabbing my arm and i'm going like this, trying to get her off. i think it is a very, very sad day in this country when a man can be destroyed over something like that. deirdre: as you know, donald trump has responded and is kind of a tweet storm, saying can i press charges but what does it mean for the campaign? i take your point congressman. you want to talk about the issues. you want to show what is best for america, path forward.
5:22 pm
but, isn't this campaign just a distraction to that? >> well, i think there are people who question donald trump's demeanor. i mean usually when you have a wealthy guy, they keep their wealth quiet, at least in wisconsin. they don't brag how much money they have or that sort of thing but otherwise, when i get out in wisconsin and i get all over my district, i find people, they wish that networks would focus more and more on the issues. they get tired of these sideshow type things that become a priority. i felt quite frankly the before i same way before i endorsed senator cruz. deirdre: what is most important issue to you as you gotten feedback from your constituency. what is it people you represent care most about? >> well, i think, personally, for me, and when i talk about with constituents is welfare reform. we have exploding well fire class out there. i would like to see what the can
5:23 pm
diets will do about that. i think immigration will become a very important issue in this campaign. can somebody be counted on to stop this open borders policy we've had under presidents of both parties. i think people are very concerned about the exploding didn't. are they willing to say no to the special interests or not. they are also concerned about what is going on in the middle east. those are issues people in wisconsin are going to hear what the candidates say about tonight. deirdre: congressman, thank you very much, for your time. i wrote these down, welfare reform, immigration, debt and special interests, staying in my notebook. congressman glen grothman thank you very much. >> glad to be on the show. deirdre: you're welcome back. i want to let you know, that is live shot of janesville, wisconsin. donald trump is expected to hold a rally there shortly. we'll take you there as soon as he starts speaking. we'll get you back there as soon
5:24 pm
as there is a little bit more activity. now the fbi is devoting extensive resources into the investigation how hillary clinton handles classified information. any new developments a second u.s. federal judge is granting discovery. we'll tell you what that could change for her. and donald trump support in hollywood is growing. we spoke with actors, singers models, all who support him. actress susan sarandon prefers trump over clinton? you can hear her comments for herself. >> this is not a shot at them. i don't think they have the will or nerve to attack hillary the way our nominee will be attacked. i think donald trump doesn't care. donald trump is street fighter. every time that we say we as republicans want to be above the fray and we don't want to get down and dirty, this is not how we are, we get creamed. what is the point of fighting that way. you have to fight to win. they fight to win but we don't.
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deirdre: donald trump will host a rally this evening in janesville, wisconsin. so we're going to bring you there as soon as he starts speaking by in anticipation of that event. anti-trump protesters occupied a janesville holiday inn. six were arrested earlier for trespassing. you can still knee at another location, there are, jeff, have you spoken to any of the protesters? reporter: that is janesville now, i'm in milwaukee. blake is down in janesville. that is where the trump rally will take place. here in milwaukee where town hall will be later tonight. as you can see they are ready for protests. talking about social media all day. they have shut these streets down as you can see here. police officers obviously
5:29 pm
calling, across the streets -- crawling across the streets. look down to the riverside theater, this is are with town hall will be these people attending town hall this evening. people are preparing for the worst. scenes like we're seeing in janesville they're expecting back here in milwaukee tonight. maybe even a larger crowd, given this is milwaukee. be here all night. deirdre: i was going to say, check in with you jeff flock, from milwaukee, wisconsin. we'll bring you back to janesville. here is protesters jeff was alluding to. my political power panel is here. jessica tarlov, conservative black chick editor chris wall wright. glad to have you both here. i want to ask you, crystal, first and foremost, why do you think some people are showing up in opposition to donald trump? is it just because he front-runner to take more hits or in your opinion there is another reason? >> i think because he is the front-runner and he speaks his
5:30 pm
mind. he talks bluntly. he dismisses political correctness, which everybody has gotten quite used to over the last years with president barack obama. seems like our current president apologizes for muslim terrorists. can't even utter those words. then you have somebody like donald trump that calls evil out, defense america, all of sudden that's a problem. what we need to call out he is only republican candidate, actually only candidate has protesters from the opposing party disrupting his first amendment rights and those of his supporters. it is outrageous. you don't have to like the guy. focus on your girl or guy. deirdre: all right. fair enough, fair enough. but jessica, i have to ask you, your take? >> oh, i think protesters are showing up ba donald trump is maniac. crystal, i take your point. >> but the first amendment? >> i'm all for the first amendment. listen, i'm not for disruption to the point that the rally
5:31 pm
can't go on. if i want to show up. protesting is first amendment protected as well. when you say donald trump is for protecting americans, we have leading minutes, generals, police commissioners saying that his policies would make us less safe. we have man who wants to undermine constitution taking away birthright citizenship. wants to ban muslims. deport 11 million people. >> all good things. >> this is talk after maniac. >> maniac, how is it maniac two things you pointed out, these things would make america safer. you saw what happened in belgium. >> they won't make america safer. >> they will. what happened in belgium? >> what about, your right to religious freedom what about at that crystal. >> what happened in belgium? what happened this week in india and pakistan. christians were killed on easter sunday. you don't have a problem with that. >> i have absolute problem. >> oh, okay. >> problem with that what i have a problem with you correlating what is going on in the u.s.
5:32 pm
what is going on in belgium. belgium has 6% muslim population. we have 1% muslim population. >> doesn't matter, muslims are doing bad things all over the globe. >> slandering a religion. this is why president obama will not say radical islamic terrorism because of people like you saying that this is what muslims do. it is really dangerous rhetoric. that is why you have protesters. why i do not believe donald trump can win a general election in this country. >> well -- deirdre: that will be for the party, for the process to decide. >> exactly. deirdre: jessica tarlov, crystal wright. >> sorry, crystal i do respect your opinion. >> no i respect -- deirdre: all opinions represented. >> i think it is good we can talk about it. >> absolutely. i love the color of your dress. deirdre: there we go. thank you both. president obama said some world leaders may have a negative opinion of the u.s. lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis says that is because the president meeting with people who have never understood or appreciated the
5:33 pm
u.s.'s contributions to global civility. he is my guest next. >> number one question i'm getting as i travel around the world or talk to world leaders right now what is happening in america? >>
5:34 pm
millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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>> the number one question i get as i travel around the world and talk to world leaders is what's happening in america. >> every leader i meet, they ask what's happening in america.
5:37 pm
deirdre: president obama and secretary of state john kerry both say world leaders see our presidential campaign negatively. he's also author of never submit with the ex term days of christians get worse before it gets better? so glad you are here. when you say our leaders are meeting with the wrong leaders. do you meet castro. putin? which is the more strategically or less important. >> you need to be firm with him and follow through. you don't reset and just reverse. meeting with castro was course a terrible decision. it's a communist regime, an atrocity of a country, and yet we are giving them legitimacy.
5:38 pm
we have a lot of leaders he ignored. because perhaps he disagreed with their either ideology or their politics. america has been open handed. deirdre: like who, for example? >> he went to kenya, then tried to preach to them about issues the kenyans aren't prepared. but when you go to the east in, you need to sit down and talk to mr. netanyahu. unfortunately that relationship has soured. he needs to go to places, the indian subcouldn't meant is -- subcontinent is important in terms of strategy across the world. there are a host of people our president has neglected to meet with, but he met with the muslim brotherhood, and the iranian leadership be certainly accepting their version of how
5:39 pm
things ought to be in the middle east. we have upside down foreign policy. and of course to a large degree that's because he decided to go in a way of leading from behind as he did in libya. we have seen what happened in that country much less in stir yeah and ukraine. he ought to go over there and sit down in kiev and talk to them. they are afraid of what putin is doing. there are a host things he ought to be doing. he's running out of time at this point. his legacy will be soured as a result. >> you have been serving our country for decades. is he the we willest president that you have seen as far as foreign policy goes? >> there is no doubt. civil wars in the middle east that he tried to reset when he was in cairo in june of '09. look at libya, syria, iraq, look at the travesty we have in iran.
5:40 pm
our eastern european allies from the balance particulars withr are terrified with what putin has been doing with crimea. china has intimidated the taiwanese, and the japanese are concerned. he has not done anything about north korea. if you want to believe their permanent leadership out of pyongyang. deirdre: thank you, bob mcinnis with me there. donald trump about to speak at a campaign rally in janesville, wisconsin. one of trump's aide charged with battery. we'll bring do you that event as soon as he starts speaking. we are also monitoring protests
5:41 pm
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deirdre: the high stakes showdown between the f.b.i. and am is off at least for now. a third-party hacker unlocked the san bernardino killer's iphone. the government is dropping its legal case against the tech company. there will be more fights between the tech community and the government at some point. cyber-security expert morgan write is with me. some say the u.s. government
5:45 pm
hired an israeli company to hack the phone. what do you think of the government using a third-party company? >> it's done all the time. the f.b.i. doesn't make its own radios or their own cars and guns. a lot of equipment they use for sensitive operations are built by a lot of the names that are familiar. so it 7 not unusual. a lot of the software they use to conduct their routine forensic examination comes from the private sector. i'm shocked they didn't do this the first time as opposed to this whole court issue. i'm surprised they didn't go to them fir to figure this out. deirdre: that's good and clear. it happens all the time. people are saying this is a third party. does that mean we are weaker. then they give the impression. >> you have to do this.
5:46 pm
the f.b.i. is good about creating requirements. but do you think the pentagon build their own joint strike fighter? no, it's built by lockheed martin. deirdre: going outside of the u.s. also. >> there is an issue now with some of the procurement. but with an israeli firm at least it's somebody who is friendly. so there is probably -- but apple uses cell bright to transfer data. it's a known entity to apple. it's something they should have seen coming. deirdre: silicon valley versus the u.s. government, far from finished. morgan wright joining me, cyber-security expert. we'll check in here on where donald trump is expected to be speaking soon in janesville, wisconsin.
5:47 pm
you can hear and see for yourselves. ahead of that there are numerous protesters gathered outside of where he is expected to arrive shortly. president obama says journalists are partly to blame for the tone of the portland l race, saying not enough tough questions are being asked of the candidates. tucker carlson said the press was prettyes. >> i why obama when he was campaigning. tucker carlson bringing us proot next. the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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>> the number one question i'm getting is a travel around the world or talk to world leaders right now is what is happening in america about our politics. america is the place where you
5:51 pm
can't afford completely crazy politics. you are supposed to push those in for more evidence and more access. you are supposed to challenge our assumptions and to have higher aspirations for what effective news can do. a well-informed electorate depend on you. deirdre: president obama spoke at a ceremony for journalists yesterday. he suggested the media is not asking candidate tough questions. some said president obama fielded a lot of soft balls in the runup to '08. >> have you thought of using more exclamation points? >> one of the perks of being president of the youth is you have your own bowling alley. are you ready to bowl from day one. >> coffee or tea. >> tea. >> beatles or rolling stones.
5:52 pm
>> rolling stones. >> your mom meets a dashing young kenyan and gets pregnant, that's you. >> people accuse me of being afraid to speak truth to power. i have again observerring. your dog looks like he's out of control. deirdre: tucker carlson is with me now. is president obama being hypocritical here? >> it's ludicrous. the president is mad at the press because he can't control the press. it's part of public life hen't have full dominion over and that brothers him. if he's saying the pest isn't asking significant questions. we are debating the effects of globalization, wages,
5:53 pm
immigration, are there bigger topics? no. this is such a disenginous attack and the idea the trump voters created trump of course. how could you ignore he's running for president it's not as if we can make the editorial decision for the guy running for president. deirdre: did you make something of the last two state of the unions where president obama actually did not sit down with anybody from the mainstream press. he actually went to google's youtube stars which is a sign in he sense that backs up what you are saying. >> i have been giving interviews with a blogger who blogs in a giant bowl of cereal? he's exploited the key weakness of the press, a lot of people with trespasses aren't actually
5:54 pm
journalists. he talks to them because why wouldn't you? you get to control the story line. >> he said in the gop which i heard you say is the most honest that you have seen in decade. he says the divisive rhetoric is corroding democracy. hillary clinton has criticized the gop candidate for creating extremist candidates. >> the same obstructionism that we have seen from republicans since the beginning of the obama administration. the same disregard for the rule of law that has given rise to the extremist candidacies of donald trump and ted cruz. it's corroding our democracy and it has to stop. deirdre: what do you think about the language that's acceptable from a democratic candidate versus a republican one.
5:55 pm
>> her famous last line. it has to stop. people with whom i disagree shouldn't run for president. you are seeing the same activism you see on campuses. i'm going to write off what you are saying as extremism and i'm going to declare you unable to say it. you shouldn't be allowed to say what you are saying. whatever happened to the why the of a spirited public debate. let's throit out there and see who is right. they want to call their opponent's names and tell them to shut up. deirdre: the trump campaign hired a key campaign convention manager. it's a seen it trump camp is preparing for a contested convention. as somebody who knows the system, what's your call. >> they hired a guy called paul
5:56 pm
manaford. people in washington are appalled by trump. they are going to try to take it away from him and they would like to give it to paul ryan, the speaker of the house. and i think that could happen. i think there would be massive consequences if it did. but he needs to get on this right away. and i think they are going to need to change that if they are going 20 -- going to get the nomination. reporter: senator cruz is a feuf months ahead -- is a few months ahead. speak of paying for some, senator sanders free stuff promises may have helped him sweep three states, alaska, washington and hawaii. >> we are going to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. we must strengthen and expand
5:57 pm
social security. i believe in a medicare for all single pair programs. deirdre: economist and founder of "unleash prosperity" steve moore is with me now. does senator sanders momentum show young americans are moving towards socialism? >> maybe. young people -- most young people have never had to work or support a family and pay taxes. all these ideas of free healthcare and free college education is attractive. i notice even in my own kids. once they actual lire get a job and start having to pay the bills, they have a different attitude. i don't find it troubling that's so many 23 and 24-year-olds find socialism appealing. haven't you grown up yet? >> it's a fair question, steve. i want to ask you because we
5:58 pm
played as part of that clip from senator sanders something about min million wage. we know the state of california made a big decision. they are going to move towards $15 per hour minimum wage by 2023. and doing it statewide because they are afraid between cities that businesses could move basically to approve paying their workers. what do you make of this. and with your kids in mind, the idea that minimum wage was meant to be for high school students or college students and not known the support families. what's your take? >> it's so interesting the california legislature or the people behind this initiative. that's exactly the point i have been making. businesses will migrate. they will go to other states that don't have a $15 an hour minimum wage. you have might be able to get,
5:59 pm
you know, ahead with a $15 minimum wage. where you have a lot of demand for jobs, the $15 minimum whraij destroy those starting jobs. it circles back to what we were talking about before. most of the people who make the minimum wage are under the age of 25. most of them it many the first job they ever had. you know the two industries that pay the minimum wage. restaurants and retail. those were never meant to be jobs to raise a family on. i worry you will destroy a lot of the starter jobs with people ghght labor force. deirdre: thank you, steve moore with me on california's minimum wage decision. donald trump about to speak at a campaign rally in janesville, wisconsin. this is as trump's campaign manager was charged today with a misdemeanor battery to be specific. done rr may respond to that.
6:00 pm
he may when he takes the podium there, we'll see. in any case we'll bring you there as soon as donald trump does begin speaking. i'll turn things over to my colleague charles payne whose show "making money" starts now. charles: we are monitoring the situation in wisconsin right now. there are 300 protesters gathered outside the janesville conference center where we are awaiting a donald trump town hall. there is also a protest in milwaukee. all three gop candidates will be there to participate in a town hall. ted cruz picking up a huge endorsement from governor scott walker of wisconsin. we have a political panel here to discuss. but first donald trump's top man charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly forcibly grabbing a reporter earlier this month. donald trump says his campaign na


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