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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 30, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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"mornings with maria". maria: good morning. i am maria bartiroma, it is march dirtyth. top stories at 6 am on the east coast, it is a free for all on the republican side of the presidential race, candidates gearing up for tuesday's primary in wisconsin but they are all backing down from their pledge to support the eventual nominee. >> what i said is true. i am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and family. >> will you pledge to support whoever the republican nominee is? >> i don't anymore. >> if the nominee is someone i think is hurting the country and dividing the country i can't stand behind them. maria: hillary clinton looking at the general election with a new campaign ad targeting donald trump. the ad hits airwaves in new york saying america's problems cannot be solved by building walls. layoffs at boeing coming, aerospace giant cutting 4,000 jobs by june, there could be more to come.
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a bus burst into flames after a crash in los angeles. comments yesterday from janet yellen lifting stocks around the world, it will take caution when raising interest rates. in asia overnight china led the gains but a stronger yen weighed on the market in japan. we are seeing weakness there but futures indicate hire open for averages. look at this rally up 1.5 to 2% across the board in the euro zone. stocks off of the highest close of the year looking ahead to open hire, futures indicate gain after janet yellen's speech yesterday. all that coming up in the program. dagan mcdowell, jpmorgan asset management with us. good to see you, everybody,
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thanks for being here. we have a can't miss lineup. ted cruz supporter carly fiorina with us this morning and intelligence vice chairman ray kelly joining us and presidential candidate and ohio governor john kasich join us for those interviews. we begin with the campaign trail, public policy poll shows donald trump is the clear front runner in the republican race for the white house, trump has drawn support from 42% of gop primary voters with ted cruz getting 32%, john kasich getting 22% of the vote. the poll finds if john kasich were to drop out of the race, head the head matchup between donald trump and ted cruz would be much tighter with the texas senator receiving 44% to trump's 46%. all three remaining republican candidates gathered in milwaukee for town hall debate ahead of the wisconsin state primary.
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presidential hopefuls touched on a number of topics including donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, who was charged with battery over allegations he forcefully grabbed reporter michelle fields. >> she is in pain and went to the ground. when she found out there was a security camera, that story changed. >> her story has remained the same. she was knocked off balance and remain standing. >> would you mind if i read you her statement? >> shouldn't be complicated. members of campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. that shouldn't be a complicated decision. >> with all due respect that is the argument of a 5-year-old. >> you would say that. that is the problem with the country. that is the problem. exactly that thinking, i know the competition. i watch ted cruz, so phony. you have a couple people out there because you put them in
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the audience but it is so false. >> i am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and family. that is going beyond the line. our wives, our kids should be off-limits. they don't belong in the attacks. >> i got to see what happens. of the nominee is someone i think is hurting the country and dividing the country i can't stand behind them. we have a ways to go. let's see how this holds out. maria: joining us is concerned veterans for america's ceo, good to see you. what was your reaction to that that all three are saying we won't support the eventual nominee? >> the truth finally coming out. they had been saying it for so long. donald trump headed when he first started saying if i am treated fairly. he will find a reason not to be treated fairly in this process. the other candidates saying what they have been positioning behind the scenes to find a way
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to block donald trump. maria: the truth is we knew how everybody felt from the get-go but now they are saying it. dagen: i will say it has gotten personal. between ted cruz and donald trump it have gotten personal. i don't know how you repair that fissure in their relationship if there ever was a relationship to begin with but watching these candidates. maria: never a love fest. dagen: anderson cooper pressed ted cruz and didn't get the best response about tweets he put out at the end of the year but that was somewhat for show and he wanted donald trump to leave him alone which he hasn't and ted cruz hasn't left donald trump alone. in terms of the three men sitting on stage donald trump has better command because this is what he has been doing for so many years, of the discussion, better command of the audience, he seems more at ease than the
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other candidates. he calls ted cruz a phony. donald trump, whether you agree with him or not, if he does more of these eventss he can easily win the nomination. maria: when it comes to foreign policy when you look at donald trump's position on a lot of things it has materialized. the more we see these terror attacks like brussels the more people will say he was right. >> and the specific it hasn't materialized but in the contours of what we are seeing people connect with that, building a wall and defending against mass migration that had an impact in europe. they see us a couple decades behind, if we don't do something now could that be at our doorstep? some of his positions are not fleshed out at this point but in the minds of voters they are connecting to eventss of the day. dagen: what about the military? with they listen to him? there was speculation when he
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made wild comments about carpet bombing, people who are very well regarded military people said the military won't follow his orders. >> they will not follow illegal orders. the trump campaign was forced to change their position, to operate within the law is a tall order also. maria: they were related when donald trump said he would kill family members and children of terrorists which even he recognized was a bridge too far. >> the epiphany about donald trump, maybe we don't agree with the message or the message is don't make sense but a lot of people in the united states can agree are the right issues, for example the platform get america's jobs back and get us secure and protected, who will disagree with that? may be we don't like the method but what you pitch on the campaign trail as methods really
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materialize. maria: you could have co-authored my op-ed this morning because that is my point. not a fan of donald trump, i have said this but he has brought issues to light especially the middle class, jobs, the economy and immigration that voters care about, and he brought the message forward. dagen: tucker carlson said that last night, the most upset presidential campaign because we are talking about globalization. and trump was asked by one of the top three functions of the federal government, national security, national security, national security. when pressed his second was healthcare and then education. when he says healthcare it is like i don't know about the federal government's role in our healthcare system and he went on and said housing. i shouted at the tv, that is the
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most liberal talking point. the federal government's involving in housing through fannie mae and freddie mac which we own as taxpayers got us in the first place. >> should have said world peace. >> it wasn't the top 3 but it was in his top-5. >> he may be hitting on some notes voters care about, that is why people have angst about him. >> people say he will bring them over into the party. that is the word. i want to ask about hillary clinton and launching a new ad in new york targeting donald trump and his stance on immigration foreign-policy. >> new york, 20 million people strong, we don't all look the same, we don't all sound the same but when we pull together we do the biggest things in the world. when some say we can solve
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america's problems by banning people based on their religion, building walls and turning against each other, this is new york and we know better. i am hillary clinton and i approve this message. maria: your thoughts. >> a general election add with the primary coming up in new york, it is a preview of what they will try to do against a republican donald trump if they run against him. the advantage is they have never seen a candidate like him so they have to throw something that the wall but they will try to run the we are the uniter, we are the healer, barack obama was successful with that message, they will run against that sharper donald trump and this is a preview of what they will try. maria: will it play? >> don't know if she will be the candidate for the republican nomination, you get this investigation with 175 agents,
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you reported on it quite well but the mainstream media is coordinating her already. i don't know she is coming out of the democrat nomination. dagen: whether he is running against the one or not he has got to work on the female voter and michelle fields saying it doesn't help him. maria: someone made the comment 70% of women. dagen: 73% of women voters nationwide according to the wall street journal, 47% of republican women cannot see themselves supporting him. got to start working on it. >> numbers were higher in the washington post but over 50% of republican women are considering voting for someone else, anecdotal evidence, i always go
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back to my mom, people in texas who vote in every republican primary and general election always voted for a republican, never voted for a democrat, they say can you give me a third party? i don't think i can vote for donald trump. >> he is not doing himself any favors. everything he does is not something you can dismiss as something that happened yesterday in a previous life, he is insulting women, it is all on tape and they will run another loop through november. dagen: work on it. maria: the ad we saw from hillary clinton, talking about this. good to see you, thank you so much. don't miss complete coverage of the wisconsin primary. everything you need to know until the votes are cast, we continue our coverage. coming up egypt air flight that was hijacked yesterday was not
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terrorism. we have the unbelievable story coming up. apple once more information from the fed on who unlocked the san bernardino iphone. those stories coming up, stay with us. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: a hijacking that diverted an egyptian flight to cyprus end with all hostages released and the hijacker arrested. cheryl casone he with the latest on that story. cheryl: flight ms 181 that was taken over by passenger in a 6 hour standoff can be seen in the surveillance video going through airport security originally claimed to be wearing a suicide explosive belt with airline officials learned was fake. the hijacker identified himself as syed mustafa. he delivered a message to his ex-wife. this is called a photo bomb by the new york post, he is wearing a fake suicide belt as a british passenger poses for a photograph alongside him. you can't make this up.
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moving on, mark kirk becoming the first republican senator to meet with mary garland, criticizing the republican leadership's refusal to hold confirmation hearings on the long-term federal judge and praising him as one of the most eminent jurists in the country. senators will meet with president obama's supreme court nominee. this, as apple searches for answers on who helped the fbi hacked the san bernardino shooter's iphone, the israeli company providing mobile forensic software could have provided the company confirming the reports but a lot of rumors out there, i will send this back to you that they basically were able to help the fbi as many times as they wanted on the passcode. maria: the iphone never erased
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itself. it was so hard to hack into it. maria: this is really company doing it no problem. apple once the fbi to tell them how they did it and the fbi will be thrilled to handle that. >> the fbi has to tell private companies where the lot is. dagen: potentially. it was a statute put in place over a computer virus a few years ago and that could apply to the justice department, fbi, the fbi will fight it, if it needs to get into a phone in the future, why tell apple give it away to fix it if apple would not help you in the first place. maria: what if it was a real suicide belt? >> i am all for the cell phone, this is a bit much. >> anything for selfy. >> the headline was the new low for millennial's into selfys. he convinces the bomb belted
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hijacker to do a photo with him. >> that belt looks pretty -- not very well done. maria: when you are a steward on the plane with a suicide belt, you believe it. he made the front cover. less then a week -- less then a week until the republican primary, candidates making a push with the voters, john kasich will join me with his strategy. starbucks gets political, the coffee giant targeting the presidential candidates. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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maria: starbucks jumping into political discourse releasing full-page ads in the new york times and the wall street journal taking aim at the hatred and vitriol of the race to the white house. not long ago howard schultz initiated the race together program aimed at shoring discussion of race in starbucks stores. that ran into harsh criticism from customers and employees.
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joining us is starbucks president and author, what is your take? i asked you in the commercial break was this always the mentality of starbucks, to be political or have a voice? or was this encouraged by howard shultz? >> it was encouraged by howard. that is who we are, inside the company and who we are outside the company. you don't always win everything you do but without this we are not part of society. maria: do you have a horse in this race? are you supporting a candidate? >> i am a hillary clinton fan. maria: feel like starbucks in general is hillary clinton fans, democratic fans. >> i am an independent but i look at leadership and what kind of people are in the race and i don't see the kind of leadership i hope to have. closest i get is hillary. maria: isn't that the point?
6:25 am
republicans drink coffee too, do you worry you will alienate half of your audience? >> i am not speaking for starbucks. i am speaking for myself. maria: starbucks as a company has had a political voice. >> it is not a political voice. we have spoken about things that matter to us, not a particular candidate. that is what drives us. dagen: very carefully crafted, some of the nastiness, walking a very fine line but a private company is different than a public company. don't you have to worry about your shareholders and representing values of people who own the company even individual shareholders. >> you represent the values of people who work in the company. owners come and go, today and gone tomorrow. you have to be who you are, your
6:26 am
public faith should be your private face, your private face should be your public face and that is who we are. you can't always hide behind the things that make a difference. that drove us to healthcare, stock options for everybody in the company, to pay for college degrees and all the things we are trying to do which is put people up instead of put people down. it seems the discourse particularly in the political arena is not putting people up, but putting people down. >> hillary is your candidate. she is the best flawed option out there. and find her to be the least bad option. >> one human being isn't flawed. i don't expect perfection of the people who work at starbucks. hillary is the one for me
6:27 am
anyway, the most experience, at least talking the right language. i look at trump and bernie sanders and they are one and the same. one puts people down on wall street and talked about pharmaceutical companies and corporations and the other guy is talking about religion and ethnicity. maria: what is hillary talking about? >> she is calm. i like her demeanor. when you are running an organization, what matters most is calmness and thoughtfulness. promising things you can't deliver or attacking people is not what you want. maria: you wrote the magic of, a children's book. >> it is for adults. the story is simple, what you put into your life is what you get out of it. if you live your values throughout your life, in business or family, and blind ambition. maria: will you send it to
6:28 am
hillary? >> why not? >> congratulations, author of the magic up on shelves now. new calls to members of the republican establishment to begin listening to the voters or they will lose come november. morgan ortega's wrote about that and she will get into it. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore.
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maria: good morning. happy wednesday, everybody. i am maria bartiromo. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump's campaign manager treasured the incident overchel. trump standing back corey lewandowski, even suggesting going after field. ted cruz and john kasich calling for lewandowski's firing. >> either way, she was grabbing me. am i supposed to put charges? >> it shouldn't be complicated that members of the staff should not be physically assaulting the staff. >> from what i understand, the video is clear. of course i would fire him. drink your interesting comments about her husband's past infidelity. details coming up. the aerospace giant cutting more than 4000 jobs. this junior could be more to come. integrate announcing a major change to post longer videos to
6:32 am
take on rivals youtube and chad. comments yesterday. janet yellen with stocks around the world. in asia overnight, a stronger yen way down south of japan. going down one and one 3%. across-the-board gains of almost 2%. the cac in paris all hired paris all higher to the tune of about 2%. the gain of about 115-point that the dow jones industrial average. looking at the end of the quarter this week tomorrow. did the campaign trail we go. manager cory lewandowski charged with battery after grabbing a reporter during the rally this month.
6:33 am
look what happened in the pictures. police released the surveillance video of the reported altercation. donald trump standing behind his nimble type precisely should be fired. >> i don't think he knew her. if somebody hurt, i don't think he knew who she was. she was grabbing me twice. one of the great pictures as they go in the race. get away for me. who is this person? but my arm has never been the same, folks. should i press charges? i don't know, maybe i should. >> understood the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the price. the culture of the campaign had been built on attacks and in wealth and there is no place in politics for insults for personal attacks and they should be no place for physical violence. maria: concordia cofounder and that's what the conversation. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria.
6:34 am
thanks for having me. maria: when you look at the video, does look like she grabbed donald trump had >> is the classic distraction. if the candidate has been asked over and over about his campaign manager come as something is going on in the campaign yet this is the perfect example of the kind of distraction disabled to develop over anything. he's not going to be asked specific questions when it relates to policy positions or anything he should be asked of the presidential candidate. maria: what do you think about that, guys? dagen: as a general rule, don't push her hands on people. cory lewandowski is not secret service. if he was worried, that is that the secret service is therefore. maria: the video is pretty clear. he pulls her and she does not touch ms dated. maria: he only said i touched her arm, sorry. but that's not what happened. and back, lewandowski tweeted
6:35 am
about michelle field then called her delusional and said i've never met you. i actually have the exact -- maria: i don't think i saw appeared >> you are totally delusional. i've never even met you. do i think this hurts them? no. not anymore than the way the women feel now. any sort of the a positive, not negative. >> to be forked on the campaign and your neighbor might die, it's easy when there's tons of people to get in a situation like that. but they should've done,, they should have blown it off at that apology. i was trying to protect the candidate and them out the door. i've been in places where reporters are proud of. i don't think i ever shoved anyone, but you could've simply gotten rid of the situation by
6:36 am
saying i was trying to get the candidate out or maybe i showed you, sorry. dagen: it's a misdemeanor by the way. you can get charge just for touching somebody. maria: it does look like you called her. this entry villages called me hard after the incident maria: market mess with us this morning. both of you wrote this op-ed on fox titled the trump lesson. start listening, losers from your column. the new china to establish air? >> the main point is the other presidential candidates in the cycle came out and looked at this as business as usual and couldn't believe they were running against donald trump and the entire process forgot one important factor always respect and pay attention to the voter. but donald trump comes on stage
6:37 am
talking about the issues and controversies he brings in lafayette, is very affect it for him as a candidate. the other candidates came out and said why are we going up again this? but instead what they should have been doing and saying why are people voting for this? what is it about what donald trump as saying that is appealing to voters so we can build us a candidate, as a campaign that appeals to them. but it was those backing support. a bunch of angry old people supporting a guy in tea party driven. this is much more than that. >> morgan, the republican party for so-called establishment has failed to realize the most important message. it's about what the voters are
6:38 am
saying and how much are speaking. in the words of donald trump, keep losing. >> we have both endorsed personally neither candidate and we were not trump fanfare but our candidate got out, people who cared about the party and politics started hearing things like this is the one here. next year if i'll be fine. this is just a radio. this is just a tea party. matt and i were wait a minute, we are generally males who care about the party in this country and how it's governed and if we step away from this election rolling eyes and saint donald trump, you can't do that as a party. you have to learn the lessons of his candidacy. what is wrong with our policies? what's not working here? people who care about the party
6:39 am
can be quite defensive maybe in that hotbed. this is a time for introspection. we say this in the bed. despite astarte happened. maria: is the reason everybody got mad at matt romney. they said quick pushing against this massive force. that is the people. >> the establishment is completely misjudging it. but they are failing to realize this is not a great religion of the american voter towards a party. there is intelligent as a candide toet js ba to e uned stes e sering e bder. u cod ha alliancto him,ot tarty >> "new york times" yesterday had a great piece on how the republican establishment is voters. they said the teeth heard of
6:40 am
breath against obamacare. but when they started calling individuals, they actually wanted social security. they weren't interested in privatization. when you look at the middle class voters the working-classce don't have the same policy applies. our jobs are being taken by china, immigration and we've been voting faithfully probably based on social issues. but we are in a bad place. dagen: if any of the leadership had bothered to drive down the south and across the midwest won the midwest won 10 in the last 30 years they would've seen this coming and they are completely disconnected. >> here's the challenge i would recently asked in a meeting. what do you think about the future of the u.s. industry? do you think china should be allowed to dump steel and the united states? the reality of this it is much more productive for society to
6:41 am
defend a higher value at product date of manufacture basic commodity. but if you don't manufacture, of course it does take away jobs. so it's one thing to say what it is jobs back. but maybe from the economic perspective we don't want those jobs that. >> you also have to have the skill set that are vibrant for tomorrow. they've issued. matt said, good to see you. thank you so much. more can i take his come a great update. see you soon. we will take a look at the cause of the dangers blaze that left seven people injured. gop presidential candidate john should candidate john are sure you are saving grace despite calls to his party to drop out. wall street on the fox business network airing friday night 8:00 p.m. eastern, saturday and
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maria: welcome back a major collision and looping above her several people. cheryl casone at the headlines. cheryl: maria, a car smashed into a bus in los angeles that caused a huge fire. both vehicles by the charge of their airport vehicles involved in the chain reaction crash seven people injured, two of them now in critical condition in los angeles. police investigate whether the crash was caused by a street race. some good news or answer grandstand this morning.
6:46 am
the company expanded the length of video post is 60 seconds. the big increase from the limit of 15 iphone users. we will also make out of multiple clicks you can't wait to see what all of you create without one. finally, boeing will eliminate 4000 job by the middle of the year. olin says that it will cut extended recharge their voluntary layoffs. a spokesman will include hundreds of executives and managers. the seattle times reported that job cuts could reach 8000 by the end of the year which has been moving a lot of lecturing operations over to the east coast, carolinas in particular. maria: big numbers there. still to come, republican presidential candidate john kasich as he pushes ahead and pushes back the naysayers. he is standing firm in his plans are to win the nomination. >> maria, there's a better
6:47 am
chance of maybe you're from the made in trump's running mate. there is a zero chance i'll be anybody's running mate. i'm the governor of ohio. if this is a markup, i will remain governor of ohio. another thing, i will not be going back to washington. maria: the interview was so compelling governor kasich decided to mention another campaign yesterday. >> maria bartiromo -- comes a city like seven minutes. i was so compelling, 25 minute and she just kept going and going and going. inary symptoms , like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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maria: welcome back markets looking at. general motors recalling 6300 police cars in the united states. the electric power assisted steering can fail. no crashes or injuries have been reported for gm says the problem happens because police cars often run 20 hours a day and he can build up under the hood while idle. fox come striking a deal for schoonmaker sharper $3.5 billion after public negotiations. if this company make start screen phones. u.s. soda consumption at a 30 year though. demand for diet soda triggering a decline for the broader industry. overall sales of carbonated soft drinks up for the 11th consecutive year in the united states.
6:52 am
futures indicate a higher opening for broader averages had in 2016 highs yesterday. janet yellen hinted that remain cautious when it comes to raising interest rates. chief markets drive just occurred to an advisory founder howard rosenkrantz. first, your thoughts on her commentary yesterday. >> it had everything to do with the u.s. dollar in impact on the global economy. she's trying to make sure to keep a lid on oil prices. if the dollar continued to search. i think she ultimately raises rates, but she's going to take her time because she doesn't want to collapse the global economy. on the u.s. economy, everything was good. inflation, who pc inflation index was 1.7. that should give her clearance and the unemployment as well. maria: issues talking yesterday coming south of market moving. people assume i've seen since
6:53 am
she's talking about gradually moving comment that means a lot to returns anywhere else other than the stock market. >> one sort of asset class you could also conceivably go to hard assets. >> older real estate. it's interesting you said just is really a hop underneath or that there's some sort -- she ended q3. she raise rates in december. she's going to get it done but she's not going to make a policy. she's following extract and -- >> there's been a noticeable shift in how she's approached this. september in december we disregarded because it's not a big deal for the u.s. economy. we disregarded the movement because net positive for the economy.
6:54 am
nappy, but the fed did. not the narrative is shifting. what does their profitability therefore could have a direct eventually on the economy. yes we do care about that. the second thing about oil prices is she said that over the next few years, not two quarters from a few years this to be a net positive for the economy. but in the meantime i guess it will depend countries are doing. they are slashing budgets. the fiscal driver of oil-producing economies in the budget is according to our estimation 10 times as big as the fiscal drag was in 2013. i find it interesting that she is starting to shape the narrative. the good news by the assets. >> a global fireman has been very precarious. while they might have liked the windfall that consumers got here for lower oil prices at some
6:55 am
point became a negative when they got to love. she recognizes that it tries to put its top. maria: what is 2016 look like? give me the bottom line. >> we are constructed on the market yet 22 pit d. be one of the diversified. >> that's a high number for earnings. that's well above consensus. >> second-half comes back. but global diversification equity and don't forget about fixing them because fixed income of the best returning asset classes this year and the risk control you want. dagen: you by government a 1.8 in yield. >> when the markets are volatile from which they have been and will continue to be, it helps you. >> if you look at the spread by
6:56 am
the high quality are you going to the economy would be okay. you're coming off the record spread between junk and quality going back just two months. ke t fisl cris tt taing outive,ix ohe 70based points which is not warranted the health of the economy and health of the global economy is in better shape. particularly $40 oil. maria: janice yellen is looking backwards. the first quarter earnings are about to start slowing. you say you're looking for high earning. it acted to be down 7%. 9% we been talking the last couple days. the client in earnings for the firstngs are coming out. >> the reason i had the 126 earnings is because the estimates are about 118.
6:57 am
that is the number of down quite a bit which is by i i think that a lot of it has been praised to. we really have to see the guidance from the cs test is they. do they see any of the mentioned the trend? does the 5% or 75 and five at the u.s. dollar starts to amount to perhaps earnings revision. >> it will not be a drag. >> if your caterpillar at this level of the u.s. dollar, even though it down a little. now i think there's any sort of relief to the past the first-quarter. we will be right back.
6:58 am
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>> wednesday morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo. top stories straight at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast free for all their public inside the presidential race. her enough for tuesday's primary in wisconsin. now they are all walking away from their pledge to support the eventual nominee. >> i just have to follow that. if donald trump is the gop nominee, would you support him? >> let me tell you my solution to that. donald is not going to be the gop nominee.
7:01 am
>> he doesn't have to support me. i have tremendous support right now for the people. >> you are not standing the initial pledge. >> all of the shipment even answer that question. maria: hillary clinton facing a challenge in the e-mail probe. seeking more information about her private e-mail server. the fbi finding a way to get into one of the san bernardino shooter's iphone. i'm not to help them get in the club. comment from federal reserve chairman janet yellen lifted stocks across the world. she took a dovish tone meaning she would suggest a gradual rise in interest rates. in asia, china let the games. although we did see a stronger yen or the japanese yen of talks in japan in a cabbage is done. big rally across the board are talking about 1.5% to 2% gain.
7:02 am
csa look in the best of 1.9% now. in the u.s. the highest close of the year, looking ahead at a triple digit note just shy of the height of the morning. here with me to break it down, fox business dagen mcdowell, anastasia amoroso. good to see you both. we are going to talk to art laffer coming out. republican presidential candidate and ohio governor john steadman destroyed me. commissioner k2 intelligence vice chairman kelley with less than candidate ted cruz supporter currently fiorina stopping by. a lot going on this morning. last night at the cnn town hall can republican candidates back and an original pledge is to endorse the party's nominee. >> as you mention what i said is true. i'm supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my family.
7:03 am
that is going beyond the line. our wives, kids should be off-limits. they don't belong in the attack. donald is not going to be the gop nominee. >> he does not support me. >> do you continue to pledge whoever the nominee is? >> no, i don't anymore. we'll see who it is. he's essentially saying the same thing. he does enough to support me. i have tremendous support right now from the people. i am way over 2 million votes more than had. i have many more delegates than had. as i said before he was talking about his great big jury. many more delicate. i don't want him to do something that is not comfortable. >> he developed respect for people that are in the arena. but you know, i've been disturbed by some of the things
7:04 am
i've seen and i have to think about what my word as an endorsement would mean. what happens at the nominee somebody that is hurting the country and defending the country, i can't stand behind them. tricky joining us now is reagan economic adviser and chairman art laffer on separate us. good to see you. i want to talk about economic lives of these candidates on both sides of the aisle. was that the jobs number coming out this friday. 220,000 has been the average created every month. what are your expectations and how would you characterize? >> it's been the worst recovery effort for the last eight years. but you should really look at his total employment as a shared adult population takes care of participation rate as well as unemployment rate. if you look at the number goes straight down in the grouper session and builds up a little tiny bit. we are way, way off work was.
7:05 am
we are losing 1,913,000,000 jobs are here from the point when clinton left office. so it's been a type 15 years. maria: at one of these economic plants move the needle in terms of economic growth? >> burney said that the needle greatly. so what hillary's. maria: u.s.a. necessitate the economy down. >> much further down. republicans across-the-board autopsy missing., lowering tax rates, broadening the tax base, cutting government spending, free tape, minimal regulations. talking about monetary policy reform. what you just saw over here, keeping interest rates low and no-caps global flow to the mortgage market. we had the worst housing recovery. since 2006. that's way below the long-term average.
7:06 am
backlogs, all of the way down. you can't have a recovery in this country without a housing recovery. very low interest rate setting supply curve here. no one wants to them money to that. >> in addition to that company brought up all the issues that alter one other one in there which is capital expenditures. if you look at capital expenditures in the united states are virtually nonexistent relative to china. wants versus cap a pickup in 2012 for example peaks in 2014 and now declining once again. my question to you if we get the labor force participation rate with the total employment as a percent of population. we've got to get companies to invest, what are the best economic policy? what is the best mix of personal taxes versus corporate taxes? >> the one you can do immediately is corporate tax.
7:07 am
if you drop the tax rate to 15% admitted non-territorial solely american companies are taxed in america, not ireland never, that would have a huge hit. the patient amv. if you raise taxes, produced manufacturers from bk. we are propelling. >> what is the robots are doing this? >> it's obama. every other candidate is willing to do it. >> jack lew said i'm not going to change taxes. i'm going to stop incursions. of course we know what that is the american company said they can move their headquarters and get a better tax rate. >> this administration treats tax areas as criminals and people to be controlled rather than customers. these are the guys who pay the
7:08 am
bills. dagen: they need to talk about spending more. trump talks about it, but he references like last night in the town hall made out that we don't need to be spending this much money i made out that he is a tax plan were american households pay no federal income tax. he codifies that. none of these candidates really tackle social security and medicare which are interest on the debt and those entitlements. >> that's where the money is. >> they run the beginning stages of a long campaign process. social security is not the issue that republicans want. he entitlements, all of that is fair game. and then you get the issues discussed rather than all this other stuff. >> if a republican wins, we're going to get another president like president bush who never met a spending plan he didn't love. >> for the first 17 it's all
7:09 am
much better than bush does. train to trump's plan calls for a tax rate of 25%. the corporate rate of 15%. maria: they all have corporate tax rates around 10% of 15%. the >> exactly. ted cruz has 16, 10, which is a fantastic plan. maria: hillary has a different tax plan. that's why said they moved the new old long way. >> shoe with sammy bush economics. >> i know. i voted for bill clinton twice at the note and not in the party's primary believe me. he was a great president. what he did on taxes was spectacular. >> even all the way to the middle of a second term. >> he covered up the retirement of social security. he cut government spending by a shared gdp. maria: bill clinton.
7:10 am
but will hillary? >> she's exactly the opposite of bill clinton. you can't tax the economy into prosperity. you just can't. >> that is what we are doing. if you look at the highest marginal tax rate right now it's 43%. that would need light years better than that. >> that's the tax rate they collect. i did a piece that john childs which is out-of-pocket costs for filing taxes is about 30 cents of every dollar of taxes you pay. you have to bet out of pocket to get your tax audits come the lawyers cannot account for my tax returns. the tag as people pay are much higher than 43%. dagen: oliver plants complicate the tax code that much more. there are minimums for rich people, surcharges -- maria: explain that.
7:11 am
a minimum capture lets people who make more than $2 million also a surcharge on people who make more than 5 million. she raises the estate tax rate and adds a step down plan over six years for capital gains taxes which can you imagine what a nightmare? maria: you have to hold onto everything. >> i am breathless. >> it will kill the economy. it is not her day, day again. she can't have people dig into it. everyone knows better than that. >> they not the last eight years have been terrible. stimulus spending, tax increases lead us to 2%. maria: wanted to get past week?
7:12 am
1.4. >> the first quarter not looking all that much better. >> when you get the politics change can you watch the boom is country has. maria: once the markets are simply the republicans in the white house in the white house come the major rally. good to see you. i was a pleasure. art laffer. be sure to tune in this friday 8:00 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. we've got other job opportunities you want to know about. the march number this friday will be all over it. don't miss complete coverage this week of the wisconsin primary. the votes are cast tuesday night all week on the fox business network. the second judge signing off on further investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. what it means for the never-ending candle. with the government turned to to access the san bernardino shooter's iphone.
7:13 am
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maria: welcome back trouble in the air for an american airlines flight. cheryl casone what guidelines. transfer flight 61 from dallas to tokyo diverted after they were severely injured during turbulence. the plane is taken to a nearby hospital. another did and how she's doing. no passengers were hurt but american airlines is investigating the incident. a big supreme court victory for us and public reunions with his supreme court short one member after the death of antonin scalia. the book was for-for a type which keeps the system of mandatory union dues for public employees. this is the power to collect opposition groups say they are disappointed that they will try to win some other similar cases still collected the unions. more trouble for hillary clinton. the judge has ruled the conservative group should be allowed to access more e-mails sent by hillary clinton from the
7:17 am
private server. there is secret documents from the state department. they want to gain access to records about the talking point given to then ambassador to the u.n. susan rice in the wake of the bank of the attacks in 2012. it followed a similar order from a different judge. judges are backing down and supporting judicial watch is judicial watch get the documents can be even more trouble for hillary because the e-mail scandal does not go away she tries to become president. maria: what do you think they're looking for? does this validate the claim clinton broke the law? >> they look for separate related to what they all knew other than having the e-mail server and handling of classified, even top-secret documents. they are two separate issues very broadly speaking now it's
7:18 am
up to the fbi. it is set to the fbi with the end of doing that this investigation. cheryl: they want to know if hillary knew exactly what was happening before congress and give a different story. >> sheet e-mailed her daughter and it looks like a terrorist attack. they all been added at different things publicly asked to achieve. she said different things to family members of those killed. in terms of her potential indictments related to this e-mail server. wait and see. maria: by the way, the incident happened on september 11th. dagen: ray. maria: my gut tells me it was planted as a terrorist attack.
7:19 am
a total of the day out because of a september 11th. >> yeshua sang a different tory. transferred that are not to deal with that anymore, so maybe they will do with it. maria: coming up next, the fbi hacked into the san bernardino iphone. apple wants to know who they turn to. reveal how they did it. details next in sitting down with private and presidential candidate john kasich where he plans to take his campaign next. keep it right here. "mornings with maria" continues. ♪ vo: sitting at a desk all day can cause neck and back pain, high blood pressure, it even slows your ability to burn calories and lose weight.
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♪ maria: welcome back. fbi announcing they were able to hack into the san bernardino's iphone with the help of a third party company. jo ling kent knows the details in twiki. they make good money, maria. the epochal battle continues. the department of justice refuse to tell apple to exactly help to unlock the iphone privacy used by shooter said farouk. reportedly, the tech companies celebrated assisting the fbi but neither apple nor doj have confirmed that. security team is that apple is always in transition. "the new york times" reports a manager in charge of handling this government data extraction request has departed the team to work elsewhere in that apple is
7:24 am
according to anonymous sources. apple has not immediately reply to a request for comment on that. we know apple is sticking to its plan same this week we will continue to increase security of our products as the threats and attacks on data become more frequent and more sophisticated. meanwhile, watch in thecompany that stock is actually sort of the report emerged that the justice department received potentially. stock is up 13% since his stroke in february. the stock hit its high for the year moving in step with the dow and s&p yesterday. moving up one and 2%. maria: do you connect those dots? do you think that stocks are up because of the story? it's up 13%. >> it was an overhang on the apple stock. a big part of that is the market rebound that played into that for sure. maria: have the lewdly. does this hurt apple beside the
7:25 am
fbi was able to do that? >> the main point according to the security analysts yesterday and this morning, the fact they don't know who did it is a huge vulnerability because now they are going to use their legal team to figure this out. we asked the legal team what their plan is because this is a vulnerability. apple phones are no longer on how to bowl. dagen: apple was running the high horse called policy and it just fell in its noggin because the phones don't look safer they are don't look say for the united states as apple apple has been alleging. congress needs to step up and do something about the laws that govern what the fbi can do. not just fbi, the line first in the general. i don't know if they can even get their brains around what needs to be done. >> apple doubling down on the security position. they will hyper encrypt everything going forward.
7:26 am
>> what i really wonder is even though the fbi with the case, there's going to be other cases in which they may need to hack into a frown. >> i want to point out and celebrate the second-degree murder trial bear was a computer forensics expert had opened a phone using software. i don't offer with an iphone. this company name has been out there. maria: leave it to an israeli company to have that expertise. let's take a short break. it details an investigation. police identify a second subway bomber. later, one-on-one interview with presidential candidate john kasich ahead of next week's primary. we will tell you about it coming
7:27 am
out. ♪ .
7:28 am
7:29 am
. >>. . maria: good wednesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, march 30 your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on east coast. republican presidential
7:30 am
candidacy taking on in issues last night 209 town hall are terrorism and patrolling muslim neighborhoods in the united states. >> do i want to stop radical islamic terrorism? the answer isn't to go hang out in random neighborhoods it is instead to focus on communities where radicalization is a risk. >> so the fact is let's isolate whos people who are killers let's work together as a community, of civilized people to take the battle to them. >> i am talking about radical islamic terrorism,i will solve it far better than anybody else running. maria: donald trump backing his campaign manager corey lewandowski this is a video he was charged with simple battery after alleged altercation with reporter michelle fields latest on this coming snuch baseball high-tech apple teams up with major league baseball to bring the game into the 20th century, knowledgeable skoo you in massachusetts worker trapped falling intellect terrainch hours to be rescued
7:31 am
they got him out markets comments from janet yellen lifting stocks across the world yesterday, and this morning, yellen a dovish challenge take will take caution raising interest rates forward in asia overnight good gains china led move japanese yen weighing on stocks in japan nikkei down 1 and a third percent stocks higher across the board tune of 1 1/2 to % in paris, germany, and the ft inlon up 101 points there, in u.s. stocks are coming off highest close of the year yesterday. looking to open futures calling it a triple dym move dow jones industrial average expected to open up 100 points, the end of the first quarter tomorrow. on to latest, on deadly attack in brussels, "the wall street journal" is reporting, officials now suspect there is a second assailant likely took part in attack on brussels stationing revising toll from
7:32 am
attack to 2 -- 32 from 35 me double koupdz three victims error as fbi claims it provided the dutch police with information about two jihadist brothers a week before the typhooning representative thornberry chairman of the house armed services committee good to see you mr. chairman thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: your take on rising global terrorism how do you are characterize things right now. >> important not to be misled taking a village or two in iraq in syria from isis that is not the whole story isis territory is shrinking somewhat they are growing in influences in afghanistan we have seen a terror network in europe far brierg than anybody expected, so we shouldn't get, all fixated on taking a town or two in iraq or syria we need to push them there no question. but itting a bigger fight.
7:33 am
>> you see the news this morning, boeing is cutting 4,000 jobs may cut 8,000 by the end of the year, so you see the defense industry, still under pressure and debate happening we should be cutting defense spending. >> no question as a matter of fact we did cut defends 21% last for you years world not 21% safer than four years ago you have a growing threat of terrorism around the world, including really scary scenarios like getting into nuclear plants, and in europe, meanwhile, issuera china iran north korea other threats, our industrial base, is shrinking our military has shrunk to the point that they are really stretched i think nearly to the breaking point in some key areas. and about we haven't seen leadership politicleadership bo parties have some blame on this to get us out of this.
7:34 am
>> is it true defense spend lowest in many will years in terms of gp traemz, 25 billion for 2016 probable exhausting a bucket relevant to what defense priorities are can you talk to us what is the priority for defense spending, where should this additional money that i am sure you are lobbied for berallocated. >> last disease there was a downloading budget agreement passed did not increase defense but concluded stability, it may be two or three billion dollars more last year than in year so less than a 1% increase, but at least if you knew it was coming, then companies in the military and everybody could plan, for it. i think the priority now is readiness we are sending people, off to fly missions, with half the number of training hours, that military says they were supposed to have even fewer training hours than the adversaries are going to be flying against, so readiness, training maintenance kind of that
7:35 am
boring stuff you know, that but that is absolutely essentially is the top priority. >> is that fixable without more money or significantly more money. >> no you've got to have more money but of you got to have more people to fix airplanes newer airplanes to replace 1980's version we are trying to keep alive a combination of factors my point is factors have come together while we have been at war, and they have stretched the military to a point that is dangerous. >> readiness is what you are working on how do you make sure our military is ready to go fight overseas combination to main and train you got to get them new equipment you've got to have source and development into new technologies because the world is changing faster, one of the key things we are pushing right now, is acquisition reformer so i understand boring but trying to get that -- the equipmentfield faster into the hands of the war fighter faster if it takes us
7:36 am
20 years to, get a new airplane, it is going to be out of date by the time it gets there. >> did not we -- we pull out of iraq didn't we have all high-tech -- very you know, technologically advanced equipment arm menlt basically isis rolled over iraqi government isis is using our equipment. >> we had very good equipment for that mission you are right isis took lot we had left for iraqis, but -- two i think so to that, one is we spent a lot of money just fighting that war we were not updating our equipment, generally. and, secondly, the technology for what the -- that iraq fight is different than what we need for russia china iran north korea again we've got a huge spectrum of threats, and we've got to be prepared for them all. >> i was -- i guess i was referring, to the fact that when we pulled out of iraq there were so many implications. >> including isis getting our request i am not. >> your take on republican candidacy last night basically backed away from their
7:37 am
original pledge that, they would endorse whoever was the party's nominee. what do you make of that? >> they are jockeying for position, of course, and the american people are looking at this, and -- shaking their heads -- yeah. >> politics. >> but -- >> it is worse than o than we have seen somebody recently described to it me as between despair gust i think where a lot are. >> did you see paul ryan getting a mixed reception at trump rally this is in his hometown want your reaction to this, congressman. >> how did you like paul ryan how do you like him? do you like him? >> oh. >> [booing]. >> wow i was told be nice to paul ryan because really -- >> well, he is the speaker a nice guy, he called me the
7:38 am
other day he was very nice. but i am very surprised at this statement, are you all republicans? >> so paul ryan gets booed in hometown donald trump makes a big deal about it look we know that gop voters are upset, upset by that omnibus, that you mentioned earlier the budget they feel like getting rolled over, about is that what is behind the booing of paul ryan do you think? >> two things, i think, any of us could get booed in hometown some people know me too well that is probably the reaction i would get, as well. secondly, paul represents a marginal district where there are lots of democrats i think that is part of it, thirdly. >> politics. >> thirdly, yeah, you know the sort of people who come to some of these rallies you know come with a disposition. >> have ready to piet. >> they are ready to -- that is why they come. >> very lovely way of saying that, they also drive from great distances many instances, so might not have
7:39 am
been from paul ryan's district. >> isn't it true they are upset because of i mean they feel like they are there is the whole push from establishment they feel they are not being heard, that you know they are getting rolled over, that is why there is this pushback on the establishment. >> it is in both parties. >> both parties. >> it is a lot of frustration both parties, at the way the country is going especially, the economy, and jobs not going up that is true the question is what is the best way to solve it, and one of the things paul ryan focused on is to have a positive agenda for house republicans this fall, so regardless of how the presidential thing comes out you see what we're for, and we are working for example on national security to have that specific plan out there, as well as health care taxes other things. >> as part of this you've got a proposal to reform pentagon acquisitions program as you referred is to. >> absolutely more value out of the money we spend especially got to be faster more agile, because of that
7:40 am
wide array of threats, so, we are trying to change the way the pentagon does bits cut down on the profits, the paperwork the spending money on weapons systems get canceled all of that, is -- is just something we can't afford anymore. >> are you surprised at this -- sort of upset and this increased when you see the aggressiveness of russia of a china, i mean, have you seen -- and can you characterize how things changed. >> tremendously, because there is a sense of u.s. withdrawal, and you have thes weakness, so aggressors flaushl probe and see what they can get away with we are seeing with russia with china, we are seeing it with iran,north korea, even the terrorists are taking advantage of that a world a more dangerous place where u.s. is not leading. >> not just a sense this is policy. this is what the administration wants. >> yeah. >> no, you are right, and i think the president article that got so much attention
7:41 am
really reveals that. >> long new yorker piece. >> atlantic. >> the atlantic. >> i think it reveals the president's on that, but the rest of the story is or i allies around the world are trying to figure out okay are we going to be with these guys or not neutral council trying to decide what side do we come down on so it was a impact even beyond a aggressors affects our allies. >> trump nato comments, that that what about that about. maria: talk bb that trump's nato comment. >> not helpful what i don't know is how seriously countries around the world are taking some of the statements made in the presidential campaign. but clearly, nato is central to deterg duty un in europe involved in fighting terrorists in afghanistan since 2001, so nato is -- it has got needs to be improved other countries need to step up spend more on defense, we're doing too much, no
7:42 am
question. but nato is central to helping us be a more stable safe world. maria: very important insight from you thanks so much for joining us appreciate your time, republican candidacy gearing up in wisconsin ahead of state upcoming presidential primary i will talking to ohio governor john kasich next yes thinks he is the best guy for the job. >> i am running for president because you know what we got, unbelievable international situations two guys running frankly don't have experience, i have the experience. >> the governor spoke about it during a campaign event yesterday. >> -- okay -- be like -- i am compelling. [laughter]. >> 25 minutes. >> more from my interview with governor kasich coming up. stay with us.
7:43 am
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7:46 am
. maria: welcome back donald trump defending his campaign manager this morning was charging with battery of a female reporter cheryl casone with the story headlines. cheryl: maria trump aide corey lewandowski charged with a better against former news reporter michelle fields this video from march 8 shows him grabbing at her walking near gop front-runner trump cape out yesterday defending lewandowski says in his opinion, watching the video she had something in her hand, lewandowski may have been acting to protect him, also this this morning, a man freed from a collapsed tren inch halifax eastern massachusetts yesterday 56-year-old man worked for a contractor became trapped in the trench this is 8 feet deep trench, trapped more than an hour but was ask rescued. >> sleeping with efficiency
7:47 am
usually means bottom of the hudson river, but airbnb a different take option a bedroom inside a shark tank aquarium in paris spend night surrounded by 35 sharks. >> i had to bring in a. >> who wants to sleep with sharks. >> sleeping with efficienfishes? >> i wonder how that option is doing. >> for you, i promise. >> let us noe. >> you were talking about corey lewandowski a lot of debate about the video what happened, right. >> what do you think. >> look at video again let our viewers decide what happened here, because the video there she is michelle fields talking to trump. then gets pulled back by lewandowski, don't touch, people. >> only seeing her hand, her phone --
7:48 am
>> there is something that is the weapon the pen. >> he is trump said, she had a pen in her hand secretly service is not liking they don't know what it is whether a little bomb, but corey lewandowski not secret service that is why the secret service there is keep hands to yourself that is what i will say, a broader, broadlyly speaking in this country we have profound growing lack of personal responsibility. you take ownership for your actions we talk about it on the left all the time, people want all debts forgiven it is part of that so if you touch somebody, own it, that is all i am saying whether him or anybody else. >> this is unique, to the trump rally this is not happening at hillary clinton's rallies bernie sanders ted cruz or anybody else so why always happens at trump rally. >> you are right. >> take somebody -- >> and that is -- campaign manager. >> who donald trump is sticking by. >> not going --
7:49 am
>> i will stick with people i sort of like, but voo doesn't really support -- what lewandowski is saying. >> did they -- >> to be continued. >> thank you cheryl. >> don't miss one-on-one interview with republican presidential candidate in ohio governor john kasich i talk to him at 8:20 this morning about how his policy preparing for next week 30s wisconsin primary. >> straight ahead major league baseball adding a team member next. (gasp) shark diving!
7:50 am
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maria: apple strikes a deal with major league baseball, to provide ipads for every team in the mlb. >> jared with details. >> good morning, maria, who is this guy coming into pitch we never seen him before what do charts say beginning sunday first pitch gets thrown 2016 baseball season marine corps and koochdz will have access to statistics and video like never before, on agreement has been reached, between major league baseball, and apple, that will provide 12.9 inch apple ipad pros to every team an app mlb dugout installed on ipads that will allow coaches and managers, to see an ray of information, prooefl smartphones psc had been band in did you goouts not any more no longer will decision makers need to excuse themselves to go watch video clips, to help
7:54 am
strategize, apple says, we're not just plooifrg binders with tablets we are actually helping them do things that weren't possible before for instance players wanted video of pictures hitters from earlier games, had to run back to the locker rooms, baseball is aware it has an age problem, one year ago, espn research found the median age of those watching on tv 55. up 41%, from 10 years easterly, as one analyst told the "the wall street journal," one of the biggest reasons that the beats head phones are particular athletics wear them baseball has age problem, there has been a huge drop-off in youth participation, in baseball, and maybe this mentality if it gets baseball regeneral arrived, regeneral renovated. >> day heingen nfl use mining sovi tablets. >> the problem with microsoft
7:55 am
the tablets nfl several the commentators on air call them i hadn'tpads they are not microsoft paid four hundred million dollars, for this deal, with nfl in 2013, and then earlier. >> anything -- >> -- band-aid give me a band-aid i know. >> microsoft they had problems during afc championship between patriots broncos a time activity problem but if taken let's on sidelines not about yuf ufbl it was not a tablet problem but nevertheless went bad. >> rugged paneling on outside, i think of it in terms of we have our smart phones out here for breaking news how much our business changed think about before a teleprompter how lives got made easier in baseball strategy. >> what took so long. >> that is my question i mentioned that it was actually banned to use video access video, for a while why the
7:56 am
case. >> thankfully now quicker, but people say maybe the speeds of the game better for today's generation what if it slows it douse down managers have to say hold on go back look at that i don't know about this pause the game longer. >> the game would be faster. >> lose power can't get a signal. >> that is trouble. >> it happens, you noe. >> we know. >> dialup noise the modem. >> any sports, though baseball is more stat driven right so -- >> yes very much so really, geeks love baseball all the numbers. >> old geeks plaenlt. >> not your grandfather's game any more there you go, thank you so much, next we have an exciting lineup we will speak with republican presidential candidate ohio governor john kasich former nypdp commissioner k2 commission ray kelly. >> ted cruz carly fiorina coming up you don't want to miss it keep it radio it here. ♪
7:57 am
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maria: good morning i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, march 30 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on east coast it is a free-for-all on republican side of the presidential race candidacy gearing up for tuesday's primary in wisconsin, but now, they are all backing away from their pledge to support the nominee. >> and as mentioned when i said is true i am not in the habitat of supporting someone
8:00 am
who attack my wife attacks my family. >> do you continue to blej who ever he -- >> i don't know who nominee is. >> i don't, the nominee is somebody that i think is really hurting the country dividing the country, i can't stand behind them. >> all of that coming up plus more from campaign trail ohio governor republican candidate john kasich along with ted cruz supporter, hand former qud herself carly fiorina joining us coming up, new terrorists threats in united states a pro-isis group releasing the names of new jersey police officers. former nypd commissioner ray kelly on that. >> bringing in big bucks first year on the job -- getting 100 million dollars pay package, at google how about that? how would you like morning coffee with buzz star intukz look to go make your breakfast details coming up markets, comments from federal reserve k chair janet yellen yesterday one of lifted stocks futures pointing to a goodpaper opening of training dow jones industrial average expected to open 1400 points at this
8:01 am
point, joining me this morning to daybreak it down dagen mcdowell, gu.p morgan asset management anastasia amoroso, fox news contributor monica crowley? ladies today haven't seen you thanks for joining us. >> you too. >> kick off with top story candidacy facing off town hall last night cruz warned what making donald trump the nominee could mean to the party. >> let me tell you my solution to that. [laughter] donald is not gonna be the gop nominee we're going to be. >> i think no morenating donald trump would be a train wreck, i think it would hand the general election to hillary clinton. >> he doesn't have to support me, i am not asking for his support, i -- >> do you want. >> i want the people's support. >> do you continue to pledge who ever the nominee is. >> no, i don't look. >> you don't. >> no, we will see who it is. >> joining us gop presidential candidate tee ted supporter carly fiorina right now, good
8:02 am
to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria nice to be with you. >> were you surprised carly last night all basically backed away from -- from supporting the eventually nominee do you think breaking that pledge will hurt them in the general election? >> well, first of all nothing donald trump does surprises me and changes his mind all the time, so it was just matter of time before he would change his mind on this. now suddenly he doesn't look like so about inevitable does he i have said from week donald trump entered the race, he doesn't represent me, and he doesn't represent my party. and i continue to feel that way, so frankly no, i am not surprised. >> let me ask you we were having a debate earlier on the set about social issues versus economic issues i ran into a lot of people feel tall way to the right when it comes to economic fiscal issues, but when it comes to social issues like a woman's right to
8:03 am
choose, like gay rights, there are many republicans who are sort of center and center right on those issues, all of a sudden with the support that you are seeing, for folks like ted cruz, from the support that you are seeing, about for folks like donald trump even from at the evangelicals it is interesting to me i want to know how you feel about that feels those issues social issues have dropped down in importance, do you see it that way? >> actually i don't, maria i think what is going on here is first of all, there are many people who support donald trump who support his position. i mean he supported partially birth abortion he has never spoken religious liberty agrees with democrats on health care more than he agrees with republicans. on the other hand having been out there a lot, i can tell you that most people are waking up to how extreme the democrat party is for example on subject of abortion, hillary clinton supports about partially birth abortion, most men and most women do not.
8:04 am
hillary clinton supports a child can be aborted any time up until the moment it is born, literally. 4i8 hill supports no parental notification for a13-year-old girl that is extreme most americans don't support that o most americans now many americans say okay. the marriage issue is settled they also think it is wrong, that people are being denied their religious liberty and their ability to practice their refugligion as fit they ae horrified the fact federal is suing little scissors of the poor over obamacare remain very important issues, and economic issues are alwaysimpore concerned about jobs futures, importantly the jobs in the futures of their kids and grandkids. >> why we talk so much about tax respectful plans on table for candidacy let me ask you to close the lep on this issue in terms of supporting the nominee i know you are not a
8:05 am
supporter of donald trump obviously, you are supporting ted cruz but if trump becomes nominee will you support him? >> he does not represent me. and he does not represent my party. period. and i will spend all of my energy, making sure that he is not our nominee. ch. >> got had a dagen mcdowell. >> carly i want to ask you this about the -- just the personality. trump is himself and nobody can replicate that, watching those -- the town hall last night, with cruz, and trump and kasich, cruz instrumentals because he sounds overrehere'sed, and over prepared. what look guidance can you give him to being make him more relateble not ingest as relate aboutble as trump is. >> i disagree, i just disagree, i think trump is a big act i think always has been. and everyone, for example, here is the biggest act of all. donald trump says he is going
8:06 am
to challenge the system. donald trump is the system. donald trump has taken advantage of the system his entire life. he is the er o side of the coin to hillary clinton, hillary clinton has made her millions, selling access and influence from the inside. and donald trump is made his billions buying people like hillary clinton off. he is the system. he will not challenge it he will preserve it protect it and will take advantage of it i think everything he says is sort of poll testified, by the way, he changes what he said when he gets himself in a corner when it becomes clear, that let's just look at last week for example. we have a major terrorist attack in the heart of europe. we have terrorist threats the rest attacks here in the united states what does donald trump do? he attacks heidi cruz. honestly i don't find that relatable. >> heidi cruz came on a this program incredibly successful
8:07 am
has been successful before, you know, being campaign with her husband, it was i think it did take away from i don't know how you feel about this monica youly but people were upset to see the wives come into this. >> it was such a huge mistake i think on part of donald trump carly good morning. it is monica i just wanted to ask you -- >> good morning hi monica. >> i want to address donald trump's main argument now that he racked up series primary he is realigning the moment of realigning the republican party, attractinging new people young people people never voted before. how do you counter act that with more traditional candidate like senator cruz. >> ted cruz wins with young weem not donald trump ted cruz wins with women not donald trump i think you will see that margin grow now that donald trump's characteristic has been revealed he clearly has a problem with strong women, let's just say it. i also think, that donald
8:08 am
trump has won in open primaries, that is where democrats and independents can cross over, sorry, but i actually think it is republicans job to choose the republican nominee. not democrats and independents but the other thing i would say more to your point. the more people learn about donald trump, the less he wins. that is a fact so in arizona for example, he won. but he won at the beginning of that long early voting period. he didn't win at the end. >> and so, i think what you are starting to see now is donald trump has in fact begun to peak, because as i say the more people see, the less they like him. so let's see how this turns out because we've got a long way to go, actually. we've got a lot of delegates yet to award, and we will see who is growing the party we will see who is winning these nominations these contests, donald trump is not going to be our will no to me. >> so you think wisconsin is
8:09 am
going to be a victor ious your ted cruz what about some northeastern kests coming up connecticut new york new jersey. pennsylvania? is ted cruz going to resonate there? >> well, you know, let me just say michigan was a place where for example john kasich was supposed to wonder. or at least he was supposed to come in second he inmatresonaten northeast third behind ted cruz i think ted cruz going to do well in wisconsin as people get to know ted cruz they understand he has not changed his position he is consistent, he is substantive he has offered very detailed policy proposals look i voted for him long before i had a conversation with him about endorsing him, and i voted for him, because he has a track record of being a constitutional conservative that is important because constitutional conservatives
8:10 am
understand the problem is too much power. too much economic power too much political power in the hands of too few that isa the problem republicans presided over that i looked at his policy positions his tax proposal will work to reignite economic growth is the proposal to roll back regulations will work he has a snifbl proposal how we're going to rebuild military frankly i don't hear proposals from donald trump, john kasich cannot possibly win. >> we hear from kasich coming up he will push back on that, of course, the democrat side of the race we understand the investigation for hillary clinton about to get bigger we will see about that always a pleasure to talk with you thank you so much. >> thanks so much for having me maria thanks ladies have a greet day. >> don't miss our coverage of the wisconsin primary all week concluding next tuesday, april 5 as votes are cast, tune in right here we will have live coverage on the fox business network isis issuing threats
8:11 am
to new jersey state police officers, former new york city police commissioner ray kelly will weigh in one-on-one interview with republican presidential candidate john kasich so compelling he was late for the rally after speaking with me keep it right here on "mornings with maria" back in a minute. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything.
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maria: welcome back man hijacked egyptair plane is headed to jail after diverting a flight to cyprus cheryl casone with more on that the headlines what a story. cheryl: it is maria, okay to have to photo looked at other on shows the man two diverted that plane 55 onboard from alexandria, a victory sign, as a he goes to jail for 8 days, you can see him in this surveillance video going through airport security threatened to blow up plane with suicide explosive belt, that turned out to be fake he gave himself up after forcing jet to land in cyprus could deliver a message to ex-wife, yeah. also got this for you this morning, a very unusual 911 call received in connecticut where a woman describes big problem with pizza order. >> listen. >> i order a small pizza, and
8:15 am
bacon -- and bring me a half a hamburger so i put it back they didn't want to -- take it back -- said -- something. >> pizza chef -- >> yeah, called 911, the dispatcher told her woman would have an officer get this outside the pizza place she wouldn't stop complaining about her oed. >> did they arrest her i hope they arrested her using resources dedicated to saving lives give me a break. >> i am going to find out also i want to show you this i frankly love this story for objects reasons do you want booze with starbucks? >> boozy starbucks? [laughter] >> i want a boozy starbucks -- >> listen to this if you go to japan they have got a spin-off starbucks evenings serve alcohol with cheese and tarts one drink at starbucks
8:16 am
evenings a wine for geno like a frappuccino. >> i love this blue berry wine northern japanese salad ingredients 8 bucks. >> coffee. >> what are you drinking this morning? >> dagen has something in cup. >> thank you cheryl, is almost aic state releasing large number of past and precedent police officers they could go after they say, former nypd commissioner willaway in next race to white house tight earnings per share up kasich, republican presidential candidate looks ahead to next week's by primary. we'll be right back. ♪
8:17 am
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reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. . maria: welcome back isis releasing a 39 page list identifying past and present new jersey police officers, answer potential targets for attacks, the "new york post" reporting o multiple threatening statements toward the officers, saying quote, there is no system safe your protection w me right now former nypd commissioner vigilance my life serving america protects it empire as he good to see you thank you for joining us very troubling to me that isis is releasing the names of nypd and new jersey police officers, as targets, what is -- >> a cause of concern this is part of the terror game to make people frightened, i hope
8:21 am
a very in-depth investigation goes forward with fbi looking at this, must have been a leek someplace i think most officers from new jersey transit, so that should be the focus at least initially. >> are we doing enough, what needs to be done in new york, i mean after what we saw happen in brussels, o at any heels of paris, the focus became okay, is america next. >> you can only do so much this is open society, open city 10 mill people here on business day you have to have commerce going forward i think police department is doing all it can reasonably do the federal agencies are doing it no guarantees we live in a dangerous world, obviously. see what happened in belgium. >> what about belgium you said i guess it was on p.d. show belgium was easy target. >> why? >> belgium for a while sort of of disfun shunnal in 2010, 2011 didn't have elected government for a year and a
8:22 am
half. police department is disjointed in brussels itself there were 19 sort of villages each with own police department, now there are six. they don't communicate very well. and they are definitely understaffed atth federal level they have been deluged with terrorists or wanna bees don't have resources. >> when you look at resources in new york mayor de blasio basically cut down on resources for the nypd isn't that right to. >> know hired 13 more. >> what did he pull back on he gets -- criticized for that. >> eliminated demographics unit under belief they hadn't done any hadn't generated leads that was never the purpose of the demographics unit it was to look at demographics of the city, this the most diverse city in the world they complained about that we said like derek jeter
8:23 am
not scoring a touchdown that is not what unit was about they continue to say that that was done i guess to make people happy, and muslim communities, but, other than that i am not certain that anything has been cut. >> what do you think needs to be done, with this whole debate about terrorists coming in and they are many cases muslim, you know, ted cruz said we need to be monitoring sexually neighborhoods obviously, donald trump says we need to have a ban, what is your take in terms of getting our arms around terrorists entering this country i think there are 1,000 investigations right now going on. >> jim is an investigation, all 50 states, i think we are doing what we can we've been very, very successful you know we had terrible events, in san bernardino, but really, that was first major terrorist attack we've had since 911. so you are not going to get everybody not able to stop every event, that is it be harsher reality in the world in which we life. >> san bernardino, were you
8:24 am
surprised fbi dropped its case now, and basically saying look apple, we don't need your help in breaking open this phone, we already hacked the phone we have data we need. >> it is a little surprising. >> it was odd -- >> it doesn't solve this matter it kicks the can down the ready there are going to be other phones this case has to go forward. ultimately. i think we need congress to weigh in we need a lot the people have to weigh in and say what they want, to have done, i don't think anyone man or any one organization, should be able to say we're going to put information out of the lawful reach of government simple not in purview of tim cook or apple to do that so that is why i think we need legislation to address this issue. >> we had cyrus vance on manhattan d.a. couple weeks ago he basically said there are more than a dozen phones in manhattan d.a. office they need to be cracked open, because there are drug dealing situations, armed robbery, investigations, going on, and
8:25 am
even murder. >> you can make cogent arguments on both sides at the end of the day security has to prevail i just don't think as i say, that apple -- continues to advertise that they are new iterations are going to get stronger stronger as far as encryption is concerned. . so, something has to be done i think it has to be a law obviously, could go forward in court but right now, it is -- it is on hold. >> when general haden joined us he said congress needs to weigh in but be cafe what you wish for we could get a law basically winds out anybody's privacy. >> yeah. i think that is what people are concerned about, but i think ultimately at the end of the day the people have to speak here, that is why, you would have thought that fbi and apple could have handled confidentiality no, they somebody wanted to case fog forward i don't know if fbi or apple, apple took a strong stand here when in fact they
8:26 am
even helped fbi quite a while. >> you said on this show in the past cyberis probably one with of the biggest threats we as if he as a country as city, a. >> jim clapper director of national intelligence said that is the biggest threat, a major threat against our infrastructure, true cyber on a major scale is really what concerns him, not a plane flying into a billed he is a. >> i had person traitors could be anywhere in the world. >> anywhere in the world only going to get more complex more demanding, on us. >> commissioner good to see. >> you good to see. >> you thank you for joining us commissioner ray kelly presidential presidential candidate john kasich one-on-one how he plans to take wisconsin less than a week to go until that primary you won't want to miss it. back in a minute.
8:27 am
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like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> welcome back, happy wednesday, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's wednesday, march 30th, your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. candidates are gearing up for tuesday's primary in wisconsin. ohio governor john kasich not thinking about winning the state. he's looking ahead to the east coast states and a possible contested convention. turns out marco rubio is as well. the florida senator reportedly trying to keep the delegates he won while running. this coming after the candidates backed down from the pledge to support the eventually nominee. more on john kasich's convention strategy coming up in the program. markets this morning looking higher, futures indicating a gain of about 90 points at the
8:30 am
opening of trading this morning. we a few minutes ago to the the march adp jobs number and private sector added 200,000 jobs to the economy in the month of march and that's slightly better than expected. the big number comes out this friday from the labor department. republican candidate john kasich sticking to the issues in the town hall betting on contested convention, in order to secure the nomination in july. and i'm sitting down with john kasich who is still in the race largely due to a victory in his home state of ohio. joining me is governor john kasich. thank you for joining us. i want to begin with wisconsin, we know how important wisconsin is for your campaign and frankly all the candidates. what kind of things have you been doing to try and get votes. we've been doing town halls and this was never the state that
8:31 am
was going to be-- we're here to get some delegates and that's exactly what we're going to get. we're not competing to win state-wide, it's a different place, but then we move to pennsylvania and new york, and we'll be in huge and connecticut and rhode island and in pennsylvania i'm basically running even with donald trump right now, it's more the kind of state that i can do well in. so, here, we're going to try to pick up delegates and that's the whole ball game. continue to build and get delegates and, you know, move into the convention, because you know, we're going to have an open convention, there's very little doubt about that now. you know, the convention is an extension of the political process. look, we've had ten contested conventions, the republican party has, and here is what you'll find interesting. of the ten conventions that were held only three times did the frontrunner be picked. in other words, seven out of ten times, they picked somebody other than the person that had the most delegates because when you get to a convention, maria,
8:32 am
you will have very sophisticated political people, whether they're state senators or former congressmen or political party activists and they're going to look at two things, who can win in the fall and i'm the only one that polls winning in the fall. last poll i'm up 11 points on hillary and a crazy idea, but they'll actually try to figure out who's the experience and record to be a good president. maria: there are people in the g.o.p. that say you're acting self-serving. it's clear you don't have a path to the nomination and you're saying in the race and ruining the attempts by some to take down donald trump. any support you have likely goes to cruz if you is it ep down. unless you step out of the race you'll divide the support between trump and cruz. how do you answer that? >> there are a lot of assumptions there, first of all, if i had a he g-- i'd gotten out of the race, everybody told me to get out and get behind rubio. if i'd gotten out, trump would have been in because he would
8:33 am
have won ohio. any vote for cruz is vote for trump. cruz can't win in the east, two guys who are running that don't have the experience, i've had the experience, articulating in in terms of brussels and i've had the economic experience, you know how slow the economy has been. i've been able to turn economies around working with people to provide jobs and economic security. why would i not continue, maria. maria: people know you've got the goods to get it done. >> the other thing, maria, remember this, i'm beating hillary clinton in every single poll. i mean, these guys are losing to hillary clinton. you know, the wall street journal pointed out last week, they said how is it that the two republican candidates are doing-- are more unpopular than hillary clinton? i'm the only one that has a positive rating. maria: fair point. >> so we ought to be focusing on who wins in the fall, not
8:34 am
just who wins the nomination, win the nomination, lose the election, what's the point. maria: and connecticut, pennsylvania, new york. >> rhode island, these are places where i'm going to do very well. maria: how does your approach differ in the northeast than what we've seen so far in the campaign, governor? >> well, let's talk about the northeast. i many will beat trump in vermont because they're more-- there are conservative voters who have a moderate approach to things, that's why. for the first time in the last three weeks, people are beginning to understand who i am, and it's been a long road to here, okay? and think about it, there's only three of us left and i'm the last governor. we used to say that it's important that we had governors and people who had experience and i also heard it said, by the way, we looked at barack obama and said how do we pick a first term senator who had no experience, i don't know if you've read donald trump's opinions on foreign policy and the use of nuclear wednesday against isis and dismantling nato, i mean, maria, we're picking the president. these are important times in
8:35 am
world history. maria: let me ask you about being a governor. yesterday or we were talking about ted cruz getting an endorsement from governor walker. what's your take on scott walker endorsing ted cruz? how important is that? is that a blow to your campaign? >> no, we knew what walker was going to do and secondly, look, endorsements don't mean that much. the guy or woman watching the show isn't saying, i better vote for them. i have tommy thompson, the four time governor appearing on my behalf, appearing on every television show appearing on my account. does that count of course it
8:36 am
does, but they don't invest political capital. most politicians are interested in one thing, themselves. maria: and you're not. [laughter] >> like tv hosts. maria: you're a politician and not putting yourself in that category? >> oh, i'm a politician and when i endorse, most the time, i don't do that much. i just put my name out there, people want my name, i'll endorse them, but the real things that matter is the ground game, the thing that really matters is the infrastructure and you build and do you raise enough money to get on television. that's the stuff that really matters. i'm not discounting endorsements, i'd like to have everybody endorse me. maria: there's been talk this week about you changing radio ads and changing your allocation of dollars. >> sure. maria: that sparked some talk about are you running out of money, is this about money? how are you going to hold out. >> no, no, maria, it's about investing where you think you can do well. now, you know, you're a financial expert. you've got to-- if you think you've got some
8:37 am
things that are smart, you invest. you know, if you have too much large cap and not enough small cap, guess what you change your allocation, don't you. maria: absolutely. >> i even understand this stuff, maria. maria: you're very good. what's your take about the g.o.p. potentially losing congressional control, governor? a lot of operatives now are saying if ted cruz or donald trump are at the top of the ticket, they'll lose the seat and senate because of losses in ohio, pennsylvania and wisconsin. do you think that's a real concern? >> absolutely. look, part of the thing is, i'm trying to stick up for the republican party. i mean, i'm trying to redefine and frankly the image and philosophy of reagan and even teddy roosevelt which is balancing budgets, creating economic growth, expanding the playing field, appealing to people who are independents and conservatives, to i think it's
8:38 am
possible that people who are in the tight rases races in pennsylvania, kelly ayotte and tied running against us, they could lose? absolutely, they can lose, that's why i'm still in this race, i don't want the republican party to shrivel and die. maria: you make a lot of important points here and let me tell you, some people feel that donald trump brings in what you're just talking about, he brings in democrats to the party, he brings in center right and center lefts to the party. so, that's why they're saying, look, you haven't seen the jabs between kasich and trump. maybe kasich wants to be his running mate. >> maria, there's a better chance of my being your running mate than trump's running mate. there is a zero chance i will be anybody's running mate. i'm the governor of ohio. maria: that's right. >> if this doesn't work out, i will remain as governor of ohio. maria: i want to talk to you about your foreign policy. given this new string of scares that we have all been witnessing, from brussels and
8:39 am
paris to the scares in the u.s., the capital, why are we seeing the terrorists ramp up now, do you think, again? do you think they see an opening to create havoc, while america is fighting among itself over this election? >> well, i think, maria, they-- frankly, we don't know, but it appears as though as the circle was being tightened around these people in brussels, a number of this em decided to launch their attacks, but these attacks look like they're going to be coming in more or less a consistent way unless we stop it. look, i mean, let's face it, in brussels, they stumbled over themselves. there's too much bureaucracy and too much political correctness. europe has not been able to get its act together which is why i felt as though nato should be strengthened from a military organization to init he will against and policing agency across borders. secondly, we cannot afford to alienate the entire muslim
8:40 am
population worldwide. we need them to be involved in intelligence gathering, in the effort of human intelligence so they can point out who the radicals are and we can act against them. this is a war between civilization and those who are killers, murderers in the name of their, you know, completely whack-job philosophy. maria: you've been very clear in terms of denouncing donald trump's idea on banning muslims from the countries, but also criticized ted cruz's idea of patrolling muslim neighborhoods. how do we get our arms around the terrorism and top the terrorism from coming to this country, the vetting prospect is weak and isis has tools like a passport making machine? >> here is the thing, maria, in terms of here at home, it is intelligence and it's human intelligence. the other thing i want to point
8:41 am
out to you is, if you want to find out what's happening in the muslim community, it's probably wise to go to somebody who is a muslim. i don't think you'd gather that much information in the muslim community, maria, if i sent you out as smart as you are, i don't think you'd find out. we need cooperation. everybody, you know, the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of muslims, they're as appalled at what they're seeing, people who call themselves muslims do, as we are. so, i mean, this notion that, you know, a religious test whether you come into the countries or police your neighborhood, it's simply bad, bad thinking. maria: what is your plan in terms of syrian refugees. >> they shouldn't come in now, we can't vet them. we can't vet them. they should not come in. maria: what's the most important priority right now in terms of creating jobs and getting economic growth back to higher and sustainable levels? is it tax cuts, regulatory
8:42 am
reform? what's most important in terms of moving the needle here? >> guts. the willingness to ignore politics and just get these things done. look, the bottom line is innovation and changing that's programs and chipping, welfare, health care for the poor, back to the state, focusing the federal government on what it needs to do. maria: do you expect to get tax reform in year one of your presidency? >> i think it's very hard to do because the people who benefit don't say anything and the people whose tax laws get changed yell the loudest, but it's important that we lower the rates because small businesses, as you know, pass their income through on the individual rate, but i think we can get the corporate tax rate down for sure because you just lower it and nobody gets hurt. maria: governor, good to talk with you, thanks so much. all right, maria, thank you. maria: our thanks to governor kasich who joined me late yesterday right here.
8:43 am
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>> okay, a 15-year-old girl pepper sprayed outside of another chaotic trump event. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: we're getting this video and i want you to take a look at this.
8:47 am
okay. the janesville, wisconsin trump event went out of control yesterday. according to authorities, this is orange pepper spray that blasted that 15-year-old girl in the face after she shoved a man who was among dozens of protest supporters packed into a rally. they were shouting "all lives matter", they believe the pepper sprayer was a gray haired man who wore a make america great hat. and she was given medical treatment and we had the video and i wanted to bring that to you. you mentioned the google package worth more than $100 million last year, according to company filings. most of that amount is in the form of company stocks that won't fully vest until next year. the cash salary for the year was actually $652,000 and change, still not a bad salary. kanye west's new album is a
8:48 am
huge hit. "life with pablo" was streamed on the jay-z streaming. he was on "saturday night live." finally, i've got to get this to you. a baby giraffe was born over the weekend. maria: oh. cheryl: i know, isn't he cute. maria: really cute. cheryl: the santa barbara zoo had him. he's over six feet tall. i had to bring that to you, how cute is he? so cute. animal videos, you know me. maria: i love it. that's a good one, cheryl, thank you. cheryl: you bet. maria: cheryl, we will get back to you. apple's newest iphone hits the stores tomorrow. how it will impact the stocks straight ahead. and lululemon, how the yoga company hits the markets next.
8:49 am
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>> welcome back, we are just about 40 minutes away from the opening bell for a wednesday. take a look at stocks on the move this morning. apple, the number one winner on the dow in the premarket. the stock was upgraded to an outperform rating from cowan and company. the company is set to begin shipping the new smaller iphone se tomorrow. shares of lululemon catching a bid. up 6% ahead of the open. profits at the yoga retailer rose 6%, that was above expectations, take a look at shake shack down 11% and this morning would be higher.
8:53 am
long bow raising from a buy to a neutral saying the chain has potential to succeed nationwide and we're looking at a higher look at the broader averages. and anastasia, we've got the adp report out 30 minutes or so ago, it was better than expected. 200,000 jobs created in the month of march. what's your take? >> that's right, a little better than expected. i think it's a good indicator going to friday's payrolls, maria, you were talking earlier in the show how the trend in payrolls has been a steady one, 200,000 plus, seems we're going to hold that. it confirms janet yellen's stance yesterday on the domestic front we don't have a whole lot to worry about. on the international front we do and that's why she ultimately will deter the next rate inthese. maria: does that mean we'll get a good jobs number on friday, the expectations call for the same number. dagen: 205 it,i think --
8:54 am
205,000, i think it will come in, do you want to own treasures here? i think that the presidential campaigns have a huge impact on psychology and there's no certainty yet in who is going to be running in november. >> on either side. >> and the rhetoric there is, the more uncertainty, the more everybody needs to stock up on the wine. >> starbucks. >> the caffeine. dagen: smooth out the edges. maria: you said on both sides, you're not sure if hillary is going to be the one. >> there are a couple of dynamics on the democratic side. bernie sanders a giving hillary a much closer race. if you take out the super delegates that already committed to hillary, but are essentially unbound. if you remove the super delegates it's a close race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, remember the fbi investigation is entering the critical final stages and interviewing people around her,
8:55 am
top aides, cheryl mills, sullivan, maybe one or two others, but most investigations save the target for last, so, they're not going to make a criminal referral or any kind of referral actually without interviewing her. maria: unless she says, no, i don't want to do this interview because my lawyer told me i don't want to incriminate myself. >> which would be huge. maria: and taking a break, and on the swivel chair here in the u.s., in japan it's no laughing matter, the sixth year in a row the chair grand prix held in kyoto. they were bouncing at fast speeds for at least two hours. would that be fun for us? you think? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ highway to the danger zone ♪ ♪ gone a take it right into the danger zone ♪ ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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♪ come on, baby, let's get away ♪ ♪ let's save our troubles for another day ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, a big show tomorrow and today. monica crowley. >> next tuesday is the big wisconsin primary, a lot of delegates at stake. ted cruz is giving donald trump a run for his money.
8:59 am
look for senator cruz to pull that out. maria: you think it's going to happen. and then he's got to deal with the northeastern states. >> that's right. maria: final thoughts. >> i think that the market is pushing ahead. the fed is not raising rates and that's actually best for the bond market. so i like the long duration high quality corporate bonds as well as high yield here. maria: so you like the economy bumping along the bottom. it's not great, but at least keeps rates where they are? >> that's right, because it's a fixed income market. maria: dagen. dagen: advice for myself whether you're a protester or campaign manager don't put your hands on other people. maria: keep your hands to yourself. at corey lewandowski is learning. dagen: i don't think it goes anywhere. maria: you don't think the investigation goes anywhere. dagen: i don't think it hurts him. it's a misdemeanor, a charge that applies when no harm is done. >> legally it's a tough thing to prosecute and prove, i think
9:00 am
both sides made their point. maria: leave it there, monica crowley, anastasia, dagen mcdowell, thank you. the ladies running the show today. big show tomorrow. do join us. "varney & company" starts now. stuart: i'm a guy, can i get a look in here? thanks, maria. [laughter] the headline this morning is not politics. no, we've got something to make you smile. there will be another solid stock market rally 29 minutes from now, yeah. the trumpets. good morning, everybody. look, the world is on fire, the economy is slowing, profits are down, but the dow industrial average is on a role. only a few points from an all-time high. thanks, janet yellen, what a terrific stock market booster she is. all right, now to politics. the republicans are totally split. all three candidates thinking twice about their pledges of support for the nominee, no matter who it is. they're thinking again about that. and donald trump stands by his


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